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Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies for Healing Fractures Fast

Homeopathic Remedies For Healing Fractures Faster

Homeopathic Remedies For Healing Fractures Faster

Broken bones are more common than they seem. An average person is expected to have at least two fractures in a lifetime. A fracture is any crack or breaks in the bone that disrupts the continuity of the bone. Human bones are by nature strong and rigid and do not break easily due to external pressure. A fracture happens when a physical force (that is greater than the bone itself) is exerted on the bone. It can lead to a complete or partial breaking of the bone. The most common fractures are fractures of the clavicle (collarbone), ankle, hip, ulna, and radius. Homeopathic medicine for fractures boost the proliferation (rapid increase) of osteoblast cells (bone forming cells) and helps speed up the bone-healing process.

Heal Broken Bones Fast with Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines for fracture help in the formation of healthy callus, and they also boost the activity of proliferation of the osteoblast cells (bone forming cells). Certain medicines also help speed up the process of laying a new bone. These medicines are made of natural substances and can treat fractures effectively, without any side effects. These are usually used once the broken bone has been set in proper alignment. They then work to optimize the natural healing process of the body for a quicker, stronger bone healing.
Some of the best homeopathic medicines for fractures include Symphutum Officinale, Arnica Montana, Calcarea Phos, Silicea and Calendula Officinalis. These are natural remedies for the pain of broken bones.
Homeopathic remedies for fracture help in reducing the pain and swelling at the site of the fracture. In fractures where there is slow bone healing, homeopathic remedies like a dosage of Symphytum works well.

Homeopathic Medicine for Fractures

Symphytum Officinale – Top Homeopathic Remedy for Bone Healing

One of the best homeopathic medicine for fractures is Symphytum Officinale. Also known as knit-bone, it is widely recommended as the first line of treatment of fractures. Symphytum Officinale is a natural and highly effective homeopathic medicine that boosts the activity of fibroblasts cells and helps in healing the fractured bone. It also helps with the production of callous and treats irritability and pricking pains at the point of the fracture site. It is also a suitable homeopathic medicine for hairline fractures.
Symphytum is a healing herb that is used in different potencies to help accelerate the healing of a broken bone. As a natural substance, it causes no side-effects and is used to treat fractures that cause immense pain.

Homeopathic Medicine for Fractures where there is Excessive Pain

Arnica Montana is a homeopathic medicine for fractures which cause immense swelling and pain at the site of the fracture. The affected site is sore to touch and bruised. Fractures that occur from a fall or those caused as a result of an injury by a blunt instrument are treated with Arnica. This medicine is also used to treat old bone injuries.

Homeopathic Treatment for Fractures that Heal Slowly

Calcarea Phos is a homeopathic medicine for fractures that are slow to heal. It is used to treat remote fractures and helps hasten the bone repair process in cases where the bone has not joined for a long time. Calcarea Phos provides calcium and phosphate, two elements required for quick union of the bone. It also promotes the formation of callus.

Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Bone Fractures and Brittle Bones

Silicea is a homeopathic medicine for fractures of brittle bones that get fractured often. Silicea strengthens weak bones and prevents them from getting fractured frequently. It is commonly used to treat and manage osteoporosis and other bone problems such as caries, necrosis, and exostosis.

Homeopathic Cure for Fractures: Compound and Suppurating

Calendula Officinalis is a homeopathic medicine for fractures where the skin covering the fractured site becomes raw, red and inflamed. There may be a copious discharge of pus along with stinging pains. This medicine is used to treat compound fractures (where the broken bone pierces the skin) and also to prevent gangrene.

Causes of Fractures

Most of the fractures result from trauma, falls and accidents. In the case of athletes, fractures are caused by repeated stress and strains on the bones. These are known as stress factors. Children and older adults are also prone to fractures due to their age. There are growth plates (epiphyseal plates) present in a child’s bones located at the ends of long bones. These help with the length-wise growth of bones. Furthermore, a child’s bones are surrounded by the periosteum (thick fibrous sheath) which helps increase the thickness of the bones. These components make a child’s bones more ‘bendable,’ meaning that a bone bends a lot before breaking.
In adults, the periosteum is much thinner, and so the bones don’t bend under pressure and tend to break.
Older adults get fractures more often than young people because, with age, their bones become weak and brittle. Joint problems also lead to a high risk of falling and breaking bones. Apart from this, some medical conditions predispose a person to recurrent fractures. Certain types of cancers, osteoporosis, endocrine disorders, osteogenesis imperfecta (a genetic disorder where the bones are brittle, fragile and break easily).

Fractures: Risk Factors

Lifestyle factors like consuming excessive alcohol, smoking, and taking steroids also tend to make the bones brittle and are prominent risk factors that predispose a person towards fractures.

Link between Smoking and Fractures 

Due to the impact it has on the hormonal levels, smoking is a risk factor for fractures. Research conducted decades ago still stands; smoking is a risk factor for bone loss.

Link between Alcohol and Fractures 

Consuming excessive alcohol is known to influence the bone mass and bone structure and mass. Research indicates that chronic drinking can increase the risk of bone loss and fractures, even after the person quits drinking. Excessive alcohol also affects the metabolism of vitamin D in the body.

Link between Steroids and Fractures 

Chronic disorders like Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and ulcerative colitis are linked to bone loss since they need frequent doses of steroids for management. People with chronic inflammatory bowel disease also have low bone density, since such issues reduce the ability of the GIT to absorb calcium.

Corticosteroids are commonly prescribed to treat chronic inflammatory conditions like IBS (inflammatory bowel disease), rheumatoid arthritis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Frequent doses of these steroids lead to side effects like hindering the absorption of calcium in the GIT (gastrointestinal tract) and increasing the loss of calcium through urine. It is a research-based fact that corticosteroids induce accelerated bone loss.

Recurring Fractures 

Low-impact fractures in the past can double the risk of another fracture. Vertebral fractures in the spine can accurately predict future fractures and need to be monitored carefully.

Chronic Conditions and Fractures 

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the cells and tissues around the joints, causing severe bone loss and damage to the joints. Certain steroids used for pain relief again trigger bone loss, and reduced physical activity as a consequence of the disease can further accelerate the risk of fractures.

Diabetes is another risk factor for fractures, although the exact causes behind this are not known. It is thought that high blood sugar levels can adversely affect the bone quality due to metabolic changes.

Types of Fractures

Fractures are of different types. They are classified according to the severity, and whether the bone fragments are separated or joined together.

Open or Compound Fracture – A compound fracture is the one in which the bone breaks apart entirely and the ends of the fractured bones tear the skin, creating a wound. Open fractures are serious because they carry a risk of infection.

Closed or Simple Fracture – A simple fracture is a fracture in which the overlying skin remains intact and the broken bone does not tear through the skin.

Pathological Fracture – A pathological fracture arises from a weak bone, and there is an underlying disease or medical condition that causes the bones to be weak.

Complete Fracture – A fracture where the fragments of the broken bone separate completely is known as a compound fracture.

Incomplete fracture – A fracture where bone fragments remain partially joined is an incomplete fracture.

Hairline Fracture – A hairline fracture is the one where a thin crack appears on the bone, but it is not broken into fragments. The pain of a hairline fracture tends to intensify when the injured bone is strained. This restricts the amount of weight a person can put on the area around the hairline fracture.
Some common symptoms of a hairline fracture are tenderness, swelling and bruising.

Greenstick Fracture – A greenstick fracture is a fracture where the bone gets cracked and bent, but it does not break into separate pieces.

Single Fracture – A fracture where the bone breaks into two pieces at one place is known as a single fracture

Comminuted fracture – A fracture where the bone breaks into three or more pieces is known as a comminuted fracture.

Compression or Crush fracture – A fracture that occurs in the bones of the spine, often caused by osteoporosis, is known as a compression fracture.

Stress fracture – A stress fracture is common in athletes, and the bone breaks due to repeated stress and strains. Stress fractures are essentially tiny cracks in a bone caused by a repetitive force. Conditions like osteoporosis also can also cause stress fractures due to the weakening of the bones.

Transverse Fracture – When the line of the fracture line is perpendicular to the shaft of bone, it is known as a transverse fracture.

Longitudinal Fracture – A fracture where the bone breaks along its length is known as a longitudinal fracture

Oblique Fracture – An oblique fracture is a slanted break that occurs diagonally along the long axis of the bone.

Symptoms of a Fracture

Fractures are painful, and they usually come with swelling around the site where the bone is broken.
The main symptoms of a fracture include:

  • intense pain and swelling at the site of the fractured bone.
  • worsening of pain upon touching and moving the injured area.
  • redness and bruising at the injured site.
  • inability to move the affected area.
  • inability to put weight on the affected area.
  • bleeding in a case of an open fracture.
  • dizziness, nausea, paleness in case of a long bone fracture.

How do fractures heal?

A broken bone starts repairing soon after a fracture. Immediately after a fracture, a blood clot (hematoma) forms around the broken bone. It acts as a temporary plug that fills the gap between the broken ends of the bone. Inside this clot, phagocytes (cells that protect the body) begin to clean the bone fragments and kill any germs that may have entered from the point of the bone breakage. This is followed by a proliferation of the chondroblast and fibroblast cells that transform the hematoma into a fibrocartilaginous tissue known as a soft callus. The soft-callus stage of the healing tissue lasts from the fourth day of the fracture to approximately three weeks. In the next step of the healing process, osteoblast cells begin to increase and create new bone cells that convert the soft callus into a hard bone callus. This stage of hard callus formation starts around weeks after the fracture and lasts for 6 – 12 weeks.
Following this, the process of bone remodeling begins, and the osteoclast cells break and absorb the extra bone. The bone remodeling process is long and can vary from 3 years to 9 years duration.

Tips to Manage a Healing Fracture

Broken bones tend to take a long time to heal, and homeopathic treatment for fracture can help speed up the healing process. Some precautions that should be taken to help heal a fracture quickly include:

  • Avoiding direct heat on the site of the fracture for pain relief till the cast has been set properly.
  • Managing everyday movements carefully to prevent further injury. For example, crutches should be used carefully.
  • The broken limb should not be moved too much, and adequate rest should be taken.
  • Lifting heavy objects or driving should be avoided till the fracture has healed completely.
  • Usually, the skin under a cast gets itchy, and it is a very common tendency to poke blunt objects inside it for relief. This should be prevented, as it can accidentally cause damage.
  • The cast should not be allowed to get wet, as a damp cast tends to soften and does not provide adequate support. Damp plaster can also irritate the skin. While bathing or showering, the area can be kept watertight by wrapping the limb in a plastic bag.
  • In case of swelling, loss of movement in toes or fingers, blueness, feeling of pins and needles, or increased pain, a doctor should be consulted.

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  1. Mohammed Atheruddin Asif says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am 45yewr male living in Saudi Arabia. I have been diagnosed with osteochondritis dissicans in Ankle( it is a talar bone lesion suspended). I had symptoms of sudden pain while walking.
    Kindly advise


  2. Hi , this is Srinivas, my father age is 76years two days back fall down and met with “comminuted fracture right proximal femur (Intertrochanteric ), just last year he has undergone surgery for pace maker , had stunts, he is highly diabetic.
    at moment seems surgery is the option, I would like to know is it viable option keeping his current age and medical condition.

    Please advice or suggest of quick healing the hip fracture without surgery.

    thankyou in advance.

  3. Nancy Mantell says:

    Hi there. This is Nancy Mantell. It’s been quite some time since we had spoken and I think I may be missing an email detailing payments for both 6/12 months. Also, needed to have precise details for what I’d be taking and exactly what they aim to achieve. I remember some of it. For instance the calcium I take now calcium citrate. Does yours help naturally with bone rebuilding? Have been on the generic form of fosamax, alendronate sodium 70 mg. Once wily. I do remember you said to take it for a year alongside your prescription. My ortho had said my Med. Is to prevent further bone loss. Also I am healing nicely, however, I’ve had one more fracture where I feel it in the left buttock and he says it is still in the related area and that Osteo med takes a while to take effect.
    I am fairly mobile and can work and do most things. Walking is
    Biggest challenge. Around the house ok. He said no walking for exercise (as if) wish I could. I Really Hope that I can Resume my Walking and Dancing. Is it reasonable to expect this? And will I have to modify some of my yoga poses. As I do the sun salutation and shoulder stand. I hear it’s not good if you have osteoporosis b
    Please if you can address each concern I’d appreciate. Feeling slightly less optimistic since I’ve had a
    New fracture for apparently no discernible reason. But still hopeful that I can resume and enjoy my previous activities. I am trying to cut back on Ecigs vaping and to stop. I think I probably get more nicotine than I did when actually smoking. Could
    This be the cause of my fractures.
    Hope you get my texts. My email I can receive but can’t send out at the moment.
    In addition, to the new fracture that the ortho knows about. I feel almost like I am back to square one or the beginning. The older fractures are healing but this new one is giving me pain and not walking as good as I was. Also what I did not mention. I carried a case of water in the house from my car. I think I probably just aggravated things but I do feel it a little in upper left hip. I didn’t want to go back to ortho as this happened only days after just seeing him. Finances had prevented me from getting
    Remedies from you. It
    Has already been since July and I was doing better but now feel like I am almost starting over. Thanks
    You can either text me back or I can receive emails just not send them. It’s

  4. Barbara North says:

    Dear Sir, I am 76 years old and have osteoporosis. I have had several fractures in my older years. I am interested in a homeopathic remedy that would strengthen my bones, something I could take on a regular basis? Silicea or symph?

  5. Chingisha SHAIK says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 54. Due to accident my clevicle bone fractured.kindly advice for quick healing.

  6. Amod kumar Verna says:

    Hairline crack of left ankle.

  7. Yugal Kishore Kumar says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma Jee,
    I am 65 yrs old. I am suffering from knee joint due to accident from bike some months ago. I treating from AIIMS at present. But dr. says that fracture is old so nothing treatment given for healing to fractured femoral bone after seeing MRI Report. I am not a sugar patient. MRI Report is as:
    IMPRESSION: OA changes with significant collection within the joint. Old non united fracture lateral femoral condyle extending upto the articular surface with subtle marrow edema. Hyperintense signal with the lateral meniscus with displaced vertical tear of the body and interior horn-likely displaced flap/ radial tear. ACL shows Hyperintense signal with slightly altered alignment but no obvious discontinuity-sprain/ partial tear. Intact PCL and collateral ligaments.Bone contusion in patella. Suggested correlation with other relevant investigations.
    So kindly advise me further what I do. May be
    Treatment of the same trouble with homoeopathy system.
    Yugal Kishore Singh

  8. My 68-year old mother fell 6 days ago and fractured her inferior and superior pubic rami. She has osteoporosis as well. How can we help her manage pain and heal well?

    • Barbara North says:

      Dear Sir, I am 76 years old and have osteoporosis. I have had several fractures in my older years. I am interested in a homeopathic remedy that would strengthen my bones, something I could take on a regular basis? Silicea or symph?

  9. Jorja Vesty says:

    I think I may have a broken hand

  10. Cilla Whatcott says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I am a homeopath in the USA. My son was ht by a car and suffered multiple fractures to metatarsals 3, 4, 5. The breaks are very close to the joint and he’s having an MRI to determine injury to the Lis Frank joint. If bones are in line I will give symphytum, but I’m wondering what your recommendation would be for the best ligament healing. Ruta? I appreciate any advice you are willing to offer.
    Dr Cilla

    • My daughter 36 years old had a fall and had her ankle twisted. She had fracture of Fibula. She got operated, Open reduction and Internal Fixation was done 3 weeks back. Pease suggest homeopathic medicine to hasten the bone healing and reducing the pain so that she can walk as soon as possible and resume her routine activities.
      Thanking you.

  11. Vikram Korrapati says:

    r….I had been suffering with a wrist fracture called”undisplaced distal radius of type 4″in franklyen classification …..would you please me advise some homeopathic medicine for it…..

  12. Vikram Korrapati says:

    Sir….I had been suffering with a wrist fracture called”undisplaced distal radius of type 4″in franklyen classification …..would you please me advise some homeopathic medicine for it…..

  13. Syed Tauseef says:

    I met with an accident on March 25 and was operated on hip with screw.i want to heal fracture soon and want to walk there anything which can be done.

  14. Piyush Parmar says:

    I had knee bone and ligaments injury ago 8 months advice me to heal naturally . Current condition- Can’t seat crossed leg, Can’t Walk Fast, Can’t Run, pain, swelling ankle, Stairs up down Problem, instability, Buckling Fear while climbing Stairs up down & Stiffness in morning little.

    Latest MRI CONCLUSION on 22/02/2018

    1)Mildly dilplaced Avulsion fracture of tibia at PCL attachment site with marrow edema around.2)Marrow edema also noted in lateral tibial condyle and intercondylarregion of tibia and femur.3) Mild Joint Effusion.4)As compared to previous MRI report marrow edema is reduced with resolution of ligament edema. Advice clinical correlation.

  15. My son met wth an accident 6 days bk and fractured jawbone he is operated.what med shld be given

  16. NIRANJAN SINHA says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My knee was fractured in a accident. After successful operation, now it is OK. It was hair crack in three supporting bones, where doctors fix four ‘plates’. There is no pain in joint, now..

    Do advice homeopathic medicine for quick recovery, I will be thankful to you.


  17. Himanshu kulshrestha says:

    What will be the best homeopathic medicine for quick healing of fracture in shoulder. What should be the right potency for the patient of around 40 years

  18. Sir please suggest a medicine for pain relief in vertebral compression fracture.

  19. Sir I have stress fracture in l5 from last 1 yr n just few days back I got to know I have fracture n IAM a sportsmen so I have to recover fast so that I can back to my field pls prescribe me already I have symphytum officinale 200 but iam not using my freind suggest me to take how to use n how much to use and what all other medicine to take along with pls guide me sir

  20. siva rama krishna v says:

    I had a Multi fractured tibia and its not healed since 10 years I didnt opt for a surgery and the surgeon that time of allopathy told me that I can go for bed rest for 6 moths but no improvement only I cvan see a minor improvement. Now when i seek a doctor he asked me to go through a surgery where in they will put some needles and operate, kindly suggest

  21. Dear Doctor
    Today I fell down in bathroom and my both wrist got fractured and I am having extreme pain as such I cannot move my arm.. The portion below has become stiff. I got the both hand plastered today in Hospital. Can you please prescribe a homeopathic medicine for fast recovery
    With Regards
    M. Ali

  22. Rana Sarfraz Akhtar says:

    I fell on floor on 9oct and orthopedic doc has casted for 5weeks suggest any homeo med for early recovery and making strong bones….it was wrisr hair line fracture…thnx

  23. Jenna Singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    Please advise me the homeopathic remedy for a torn meniscus & broken patella with chipped bones.Was advised knee replacement but I don’t trust conventional medicine.I was advised by a friend to have Symphytum ,Rhustox & Ruta.Ive bought them in pellets form.Please advise if it’s correct & the dosage,thanks.

    Kind Regards

  24. Dear Dr.,
    Mother 74, fell down on 9th Oct.,2017 and is complaing pain in right shoulder and back abdomen right side. While getting up from bed or trying to lie is worst painful.
    Anything she eats she vomits.
    She feels as right arm is not working and getting SUNN.
    Left eye shrinks maybe due to Low BP.
    Plz suggest some instant pain reliever.
    Awaiting ur valuable prescription.

  25. Hi Doctor,

    My Mom have high tibilal osteotmy. Is there any solution in homeopath.

  26. Hello Sir

    A 73 year old msn got a proximal humerus fracture with displacemwnt.Can homeopathy help join the bones instead of a surgery ?


  27. Dr mn mishra says:

    Hello dr sharma..
    H/o..fall in bathroom 13 days back
    C/o pain & swelling which subsided with hot fomentation, lime+haldi & anti.inflammatory medicines
    O/E..X-ray reveals patellar # with intact periosteum.outlines not apart.
    ….. Pt is moving nd bending the knee 75percent,
    & using Reunion,Boneheal,vit d3 ,anti..inflam,
    Obviously any intervention has been avoided for wait nd watch..
    ……Dear, whats ur opinion about the use of
    “Symphytum officinale” mother tinct..
    I should use or not…if yes ..dose..??
    Thanx in advance.

  28. Tammy majchrzak says:

    Hip problems. Femur spur, hip old fracture left (all left side) pulling in left side head, neck, upper back. Painful when walking all pulling left side. Hip out of alignment. Awaiting specialist appointment. Deep pain lower left hip groun area.

  29. Jayanta Mukherjee says:

    I am physically disable person. I have problem of diabetic and BP and desentry. Now I am great suffering of frequent hungry. I am just puzzled about this. I do not understand what can I do & what will be next. Pl Dr. Solve my problem.

  30. Sir I am 52 yr old mam, met compressed fracture in L2-L3 Four years ago…Some time feel much pain…Pl suggest homeopathic medicine..

    • Asim Chatterjee says:

      Sir, my mother is 84 years old. 12 days ago she fell down in home. X ray report says that she got a fracture in left femur neck. She can’t walk now. As such there is no pain. But when she tries to stretch her left leg, she is feeling great pain. Please inform me what is the homeopathic treatment of this injury.

  31. Dear Sir,

    Good morning…

    I am suffering from acidity/gas/synus problem from last 7-8 years. Iam 43 Yrs old and mt wt. is 65 Kg, B.P remain normal.

    I got fracture in my left leg just above ankel (lower 3rd) before three month but still bkoken bone is not jointed .

    Please suggest for quick recvery


    • Sudipto nath says:

      Sir I met a road accident 2 yrs back and got my humerus fractured inspire of having operation thrice the fracture is still nonunited I am Diabetic and hypertensive take allopathic Medicine can you suggest for healing of the nonunited fracture

  32. Dipti Parida. says:

    I met a small accident five years ago on my right leg .The affected area is from ankle area to upwards of leg, up to knee joint . No crack found on bone (X-rays) on this area. Now the pain occurred internally , no pain feel during finger press on affected area.. I try allopathic medicine but not recovered. Day by day the pain feel regularly .
    Kindly suggest a medicine , so that I will be happy for my next life. I am 40 years old now. Thank u sir.

  33. G prasad gupta says:

    In my left leg below knee I have been diagnosed as having periosteal reaction which might have ovccure as a result of some past age is 72.can I be cured by homeopathy.

  34. Santosh kumar says:

    Hi Dr,
    I met with an accident and broke my left leg fibula and tibia bones. I am taking arnica and SYMPHYTUM from past 2 months . What else you recommend me to do for fast healing of my bone any other homeopathy medicine .


    My wife, 65 yrs, had a fall on the stairs about three weeks back. Blood clotting , initially about 5 x 3 inches, is very slowly disappearing, but still persists on the left arm below the shoulder end. X-ray radiograph shows vertical hair line crack. She has been administered a course of strong antibiotic, along with a blood thinner and a pain killer for five days as prescribed by an orthopaedic surgeon. The hand is rested in a sling. She has to do some domestic work, but she feels pains afterwards. can you suggest appropriate homeopathic medicine (in appropriate strength and dose) for a quick and perment relief from the ailments?

  36. Hi
    I have lisfranc injury with fractured bone. Doctor said no surgery is needed. Can you recommend? Thank uou

  37. Anita Kumar says:

    Hair bone fracture just above the ankle,one month ago,I m taking symphytum Q 10 drops thrice a day,how much time I have to continue to take symphytum & what other medicines I have to take to remove swelling and tingling pain

  38. Dear sir,
    well explain the fracture bone,i attend many patient ,i recommend mostly in symphytum,cp,arnica then patient say about peculiar symptoms which one and i select more one remeady ,i got and counseling for such patient,but no more patients are not extend this remeady sir.thank you

  39. Dear sir
    Three months ago I lifted kitchen marble slab and got pain in my right upper arm and shoulder from next day the pain is in a certain position only or when I try to fully lift my right arm Cray does not show any fracture there are no bruise or swelling
    I am 60 yrs living in Rawalpindi Pakistan
    If you can recommend any homeopathic medicine

  40. Tim Mac Coe says:

    So at the behest of a friend I popped about six pellets of symphytum officiniale for for each of five days. Then I read this stuff could damage the liver and that. I might not have taken it the right way any. It did speed up recovery of my broken leg, though. But I’m worried.

  41. Rajesh Singh says:

    My mother is 80 years old non-dibatic lady. she got fractured in her left femur bone in Oct. 2014, and she was operated same time and an implant placed in it. After operation she start walking with the help of walker and also have continuous odurless secretion with brownish in colour from her leg where operation done.
    I again consulted to treating doctor, he told that their is bacterial infection in implant, and secretion is still continue, some time it stop for a day or two. We regularly do dressing in her leg. Some time she feels a pains. Now doctor told me that she is too weak and infection can be treated by removing the implant and a cement shall be filled in it. After treating the bactarial infection the implant shall be put again, but my mother is not in position to take this treatment due to her weakness
    Sir please let me know, if any treatment available in homeopaths to treat my mother, I shall be highly obliged

  42. NARENDRA jaim says:

    Gud morning sir I am male 50 with diabetes and also taking thyroid medicine I met with accident and left ankle fractured I am on cast plaster medical malleous PL suggest homepathy medicine for union or joint of the bone

    • diabetes is not one disease, but many conditions, due to damage to the all important pituitary gland. it is one of the most corrosive of diseases, due to the virus b4 attacking the brain/ pituitary gland.
      there is no one cure…………………..but scores of cures. my MP was given Nicholas Soames was given incontrovertible evidence of the cause / cures for diabetes………………………he turned it into a business!!! He ought to be facing grave criminal charges against these physically ill people.

  43. meenakshi surti says:

    namaste dr. saab,

    my father his age 90 and 3 months back he had hip fracture , due to this he is unable to straighten his leg also he cant stand or walk at all he is bed ridden .
    I have already showed his x-ray report to orthopedic dr. and he advised for bone replacement or some plaster after putting which he can not turn or move at all for 2 months so we decided not to opt for both.

    But now my problem is that stiffness in his knee which is a big trouble for him kindly suggest some medecine or if it ccan be solve by some physio therepy.

  44. shishukant says:

    shoulder dislocation than operated

  45. Nalin mishra says:

    After fracture in my knee or near finger of right leg, I had a plaster for two months. After removing the plaster I did not bend my knee. I am taking exercises. Old suggest me medicine . I am 50 years old.

  46. Pratik patel says:

    I meet with accident 5 month back near elbow down in lefthand it was crack still unable lift more 15 KGS and still I feeling pain please share some medicine for crack heel and pain relief sir

    Thanks sir

  47. Harish Chaudhary says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have hairline fracture in my right foot thumb. Kindly suggest some homeopathic treatment.



  48. Resp Sir
    My son aged 7 fell from bed last night and got his left elbow fractured. X ray shows a line fracture . The arm has some swelling and it pains. The doc has recommended simple plaster for 42 days I want to go for homeopathic treatment. What should I do? Kindly advise.

  49. shahadat hossain rasel says:

    dear sir my bone broken of little finger means disloction of pip joint after operation my little finger got stiff and it swelling so i cant remedy any way plz helf me which homeo medicine i used to get ride of it…….

  50. Mrs M Watson says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am 73 years of age and on Christmas eve I missed the last two or three stairs whilst descending backwards because of heel pain resulting in two pelvic fractures. I am still in sever pain after being prescribed various medications. As I understand the referral pain I am experiencing is normal I am now extremely anxious that my pain isn’t any easier. Normally I swim for an hour once a week, every week in lovely warm water, and walk at least 4/5 miles a week and more if possible. As I consider myself very fit I cannot understand why I am not more mobile. Can you please help with any herbal pain relief or advice.

  51. Vijay pratap says:

    Sir, I’ve got a minor bike slip couple of months ago and had a slight shoulder sprain which pains up when I moved my shoulder, I used to go gym but since then I didn’t done any exercise for one and half months and the pain was started to ease up. I’ve started gym exercises again but the pain is again coming back, I haven’t see any doctor yet, is there any serious complication with this, I don’t have any major problem in moving my shoulder, I believe in homoeopathy more than any other treatment, do I need a homeopathy treatment or it will heal up with
    the time

  52. Surendra kr Gupta says:

    My mother whose age is about 65 years. My mother had sleeped before 02 months ago. and her hips fractor. Dr. Said her age is not suitable for operation. He give injection for pain. But not any useful the injection.
    If any cure of this fractor. And pain. Please suggest me. Thanking you

  53. Sudhansu kumar says:

    My father age 84 years .he fell down his femur neck fracture or displaced .when I go for surgery Dr told his physical condition is not well and opreation operation is high risky .my father also suffering from heart dieses .so I refused from opration due to high .
    Sir plz suggest me any chance of homeopathy treatment for is wellness not proper type but adjustable .

  54. Nishant Rastogi says:

    My mother had a fall on 30122016 , stable compression of L2 vertebrae n dislocation of tail bone , having acute pain esp on sitting or getting up
    We want homeo treatment , will like to visit you , we live in vasudhara enclave delhi 96 hindon apartments flat no. C-406

  55. My mother aged 74 years , had an car accident and her humerus bone was borken (Mid Shaft), The palter cast has been done. one month has been passed. she also has osteoporosis. The calcium and Vit D3 supplements are not suoted to her stomach. Kindly refer homeo medicine that help her cure fast in joining bone and treating her best.

  56. Hemeopathy medicine for air crack in arm near shoulder for my mother aged 65 years injured due to fall

  57. Javed Akhtar says:

    Had a by pass on 28th Nov. Central bone was cut to have access to make proper supply of blood to the heart. At the end sergen bind the rib cage with wire. I need early bondage of the rib cage. Please suggest the homeo medicine.

  58. Collar bone fracture

  59. Renuka diwan says:

    Hello I have tripped 0n 25th November there is an oblique crack fracture lateral malleolus of left ankle..soft tissue swelling noted over lateral malleolus due to haematoma other fracture dislocation or bony lesion seen…no abnormal soft tissue calcification seen in or Around left ankle ……….Please suggest hemeopathy medicine

  60. Qurratul-Ain says:

    Hope u doing well.
    I have posterior horn of the medial meniscus due to grade II ligaments tear in my left knee and anterior cruciate swollen due to partial tear.
    I had two week plaster in left knee now second knee also paining like ligament tear. Right now i am using braces for both knees. Dr are advising for surgery. In this situation could i use symphytum 200 to heal the ligaments of my knees? Pls advice.

  61. Broken tibia bone which medicine is good for healing after surgery please suggest .

  62. Clavical broker 30/10/2016.How to recvd it.Already running with advice to me

  63. Mahesh chandra tripathi says:

    Respected Dr Sharma ji Namaskar My right colerbone is broken on 27 th oct 2016 please recommend in homeopathic medicine& suggestions

  64. Ved Prakash says:

    Sir, एक accident में मोटरसाइकिल को सँभालते सँभालते मेरी right hand की elbow का ligament में खिंचाव आ गया है और मांसपेशियों में fracture (internal) हो गया है।
    1-10 months before
    2-elbow के नीचे जलन जैसा दर्द रहता है
    3-मांसपेशियां दो जगह से tight हैं
    4-जहाँ से fold होता है वह से एक नस मोटी हो गई है और दर्द भी करता है ।
    Sir, pl. help me

  65. vishvas ashturkar says:

    Hello dr. my wife age is 33 and she sleep in bathroom and her right hip broken in July 2015 & operation done within 12 hours but still not completely union. So please guide me what can I do for here hip recovery.

  66. I twisted my left ankle on 7 Oct i had swelling slight bluish colouration and very senstive to touch.and a day later on the 8 Oct ortho told me I have a fracture in my malleloi left.I’min a cast for 4 weeks.I have been taking Arnica200 and Symphytum 200 from 12 Oct.These two homeopathic medicines have been given by my uncle who is not a trained doc but has been reading and who has helped a Homeo doc.I am 51 years lady.I’m insulin dependent diabetic ,thyroid patient.I am a teacher by profession .I need to get back fast and fit.I’m looking for a lasting cure not some temperarory way.I also feel I must have hurt my other leg too since its also aching and getting swelling.

  67. Shobha singh says:

    Good morning Dr. –My wife age 70 years received a minor fracture in her right leg tarsal bones inner side of the ankle when somebody pulled het shoulder back cautioning her not to step out from the lift on a wrong floor in the first week of July 2016. Initially we thought of a sprain.latter on xray revealed a already healed fracture. Pain and swelling is not subsiding.Kindly suggest some homeopathic treatment to remove pain and swelling .Pain kill oils are not giving any result. Allopa

    thy treatment was not given as it gave reaction on the skin.kindly reply. S singh

  68. Anita Balakrishnan says:

    I have 5th metatarsal crack fracture in my left foot and i am on cast for a week. I cannot put any weight on my foot. This is 6th day and there is pain only when i put weight on my foot in the injured area.

    What should be my further course of treatment to be able to walk without any aid.

  69. My daughter is 7 years old she fall frm jumping castle and doctors digonsed left tibia undisplaced fracture plz guide ma homeopatic drops for recovery of bones she is having plaster


    Hairline fracture in knee /right leg pl suggest medicine

  71. Sandra Gomez says:

    Hello doctor,

    My hand got jammed in the public bus causing me tremendous pain. Now there is a dent under my wrist and a bump-like swelling which is hard to the touch. The skin on my hand has turned red from blood clothing, I have been applying Arnica Ointment and also taking Arnica globules. The swelling has not gone down and its been 3 weeks now. I am worried there could be a hairline fracture under my wrist although I can move my hand and do my daily chores. I have not yet done an X-Ray please advice.

    Thank you – Sandra

  72. Suresh Dalwadi says:

    Hello sir
    My wife is 58 years old. She is suffering from tib-fib fracture. It hepend on Dec 2014. She had surgary and involved nail being placed in Tibia. Tiltoday she not get recovery and get tomuch PAIN in the lage. Befor 4 days i get CT Scane of her leg and get report that she have a fracture that is classified as hypertrophic nonunion Doctor recomand for reoperat and boun grafting. But we are not ready for reoperat
    Please sir you had any recommendation regarding helping the bons to heal more quickly and she get relif fom paln.
    Please reply me i wait for your reply
    Thanks in advance

  73. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Please advice for the cure of pain swelling and redness around the screws in tibia having a rod in fractured leg. it has become 9 years to fracture. Fracture has become fully recovered but screws are creating such problems.


  75. Ajay chauhan says:

    I have tinititus in my left ear. What should I do.

  76. Ranganath V says:

    Dear Dr.: My father is 89-years-old man with history of osteoarthritis and 2 months ago he fell down and injured his left hip joint. Pain is less but he couldn’t able to stand walk. No fracture from injury.
    Can he take Symphytum? In what dosage he should take? Externally or internally?
    Please advise.

  77. Mangal Tripathi says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My Mother is 78 Yrs old, Today Morning she feel down while going for bathroom. Showed an Orthopaedic here, he advised for Immediate Surgery with risk factor. With my wisdom, I dont think its good to go for surgery at this age. What do you advise, I am in Pune. Is Symphytum 200x is good Choice with Calcarea Phos 200x ? In the Morning I gave her Arnice 200x 3 times. Also Belladona 200x, 2 times. Please advise !

    • my mother had afall in may 12th.there was afracture in her shoulder.doctors have operated her shoulder and aplate was operative pain is there she is doing physiotherapy from 2 months.but the stifness is not reducing much and the pain is also there while doing physiotherapy.she is 74 yesrs.improvement is less because her muscles are weak.the bone has joined now.she also had afracture in the same hand few years back.and aoperation was done earlier also .kindly write which medicine she should take for reducing the pain and stifness .thanking you

      • my mother had afall in may 12th.there was afracture in her shoulder.doctors have operated her shoulder and aplate was operative pain is there she is doing physiotherapy from 2 months.but the stifness is not reducing much and the pain is also there while doing physiotherapy.she is 74 yesrs.improvement is less because her muscles are weak.the bone has joined now.she also had afracture in the same hand few years back.and aoperation was done earlier also .kindly write which medicine she should take for reducing the pain and stifness .thanking you

  78. Hello,
    I am a 23 year old woman, that is suffering from a tib-fib fracture. It happened in December 2015 and I had surgery that involved a nail being placed in the Tibia. I have now been told that I have a fracture that is classified as ‘non-union.’
    I recently had a small slip which caused immense pain, I took arnica and rubbed arnica based oil on the tender area, which has since improved.
    I was wondering if you had any recommendations regarding helping the bones to heal more quickly?


  79. Sherry Sherrow says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I just wrote about my shoulder. I’m a young 75 years, not 79. Hit wrong key. Probably doesn’t matter.

  80. Sherry Sherrow says:

    my shoulder separated when I slammed into a handrail. Broken socket bone as joint came apart. unable to get 3rd band on part of bone to hold. Two were successful. Should hold. Third would not hold as bone too soft. Of course had to fix rotator cuff as well. Doc said he did two surgeries. Accident on June 18; surgery on July 29.
    I want to stay off Oxycodon Acetaminophen,which I used right after surgery a couple of nights, as much as possible, so have been using Advil for pain. Some days not as bad as others W/pain. Today not so good. I am a young 79 year old woman. I heard Symphytum was good for healing. Calcarea Phos? Silicea? Others? Small toe bound together -knocked it way out of joint 3 times. Sheath gone. (One should be smart enough to wear shoes)
    How much of what? How many days, weeks, forever? What not to consume w/Hom meds? Thank you

  81. Shekinah says:

    I have a depression in maxilla prominence and depression in maxilla sinus , is there a need of surgery

  82. Saima naaz says:

    Respected Dr Sharma ,
    Actually my brother having age of 27 years suffered from road accident last week.doctors diagnosed RTA open fracture. Which is type 3 a # 1 patella. They performed surgery and place k wire in knee. And suggested 3 month bed rest.
    Kindly please suggest homeopath medicine for him . So that his wound heel up and he will get well soon.
    I will be very thankful to you
    Hope for the best
    Saima naaz

  83. GAUTAM KAKKAR says:

    Respected Sir,

    Iam suffering from broken Femur Shaft as well as broken femur neck. Femur neck has now been healed in eight months since my accident through a plate in femur neck. but femur shaft is not heling after my latest operation in january 2016. They inserted a rod but the bone has not shown calcification till last month. now a bit calcification has started as visible in xray. Someone referred me calcarea phos 30 s(3-4 tabs) 3-4 times daily and 1M Symphytum (10 drops) 3-4 times daily. is it the correct dose or anything else could be added just to enhance the recovery?
    sir, kindly guide me regarding this. i would ever remain thankful to you ..
    Gautam Kakkar

  84. April DeLorenzo says:

    always have been natural and now at 61 need hip replacement. Feeling a bit at odds w traditional med community. What homeopathics can I take to assist in healing myself. Any info is greatly appreciated. Can’t believe this is happening but I am hypermobile in all joints and it must be the years of ballet and gymnastics and the ability to pop out my hip in my youth… Who knew I would age???? lol In my mind I’m 39 .. thanks doc and many blessings. Peace.

  85. Arpan Chakraborty says:

    Dear Dr.,
    I am Arpan from Kolkata and my age is 23. One month ago I had fallen from a height of 10 feet and got a hard hit beside my left eye. As a result of that my orbital bone has got a fracture and the fractured bone is sticking out under the skin (bony prominance). Is there any homeopathic treatment to get rid of this bony prominance? Please Dr., help me.

  86. Sunil Manocha says:

    Dear Dr.Sahib,
    I am Sunil from Amritsar. My age is 61,height 5ft 10 in and wt about 80 kg.2 months back on 15 March 2016 ,I met with an accident and Femur broken into 2 pieces.Operated on next day long PFN (put rod) and nailing done.Only one tablet a day of Calcium Citrate maleate prescribed with vit D3.
    Is there any effective medicine in homeopathy for speedy recovery and for filling the space between the 2 pieces of bones.I want your sincere advice in this regard.


  87. Ravinder Vij says:

    Dr Sb, I met eith an accident and my Femur was broken into two pieces. Got operated and Nailing was done, but the Space between the two pieces have not been filled up and even after the lapse of 10 months, there is minor touching from one side and the union have been delayed for long.Dr hv advised to wait, there might UNION have been initiated a little from one side. Can Homoepsthic medicines help.

  88. Abhay Sharma says:

    Hello dr my doctor says my left chest middle down is injured and when doctor get my report he’s says fractue Of Rt clavicle seen and tomorrow he’s treat my injury by injection sock extra watar plz suggest me what sould I do

  89. Kailash Jha. says:

    Dear Sir,
    while driving scooter my vehicle skidded on the road causing impact in my bones at various spots viz- near my two knees and near the root of my thumbs 4 weeks back. Initially for four five days I took Arnica 200. I got relief from pain to a greater extent an swelling is also gone. The medicine was over and I couldn’t get it due to some reason. I still have pains in bones at affected spots.
    I request you to please prescribe some medicine.
    Kailash Jha.

  90. Kailash jha. says:

    Dear sir,
    while driving activa, though in slow motion it skided because of dust on the road resulting injury to the skin near my knee elbow and at the root of my left thumb. I started applying calanduls Q on my injured skin and taking 10 drops of it twice daily. I started taking arnica 200 pills also. As a result the swelling on the internally hit spot is totally gone. The wound of the skin is almost cured but the bones of the affected spots are still aching. The accident took place a fortnight back. My age is 70.
    I request you to suggest medicine.
    Kailash Jha.

  91. Rachna Jain says:

    I’m 49 yrs old female, gaining weight, no thyroid , no diabetes, go for walk n gym , 75 KGS, height is 166 cms

  92. Himanshu Kumar Sengupta says:

    Respected Doctor,

    My present age is 62 years. I met with an accident on 28-12-2014 and my left leg was run over by the front wheel of a truck. There was an external fixation followed by regular dressings and finally a plastic surgery to cover the skin by taking skin from my thai. The fracture took place in my tibia & fibula just 2” upper side of my ankle joint. A synthetic cast was done in April 2015 and I was discharged from hospital. In November’2015 the cast was removed. The X-Rays shows that only 1/3 rd area of Tibia fracture is healed along with the fibula but 2//3rd area has developed a non-union symptom.

    Now apart from allopathic medicines I have continuously consumed twice a day Symphytum-30C and biochemic- Calcarea Phos and Ferum Phos later I changed Symphytum-30C into Symphytum-200C. But till date the non union persists and not able to understand where I did the mistake.

    Your kind advise will highly be solicited.

  93. Himanshu Kumar Sengupta says:

    Respected Doctor,

    I met with an accident on 28-12-2014 and my left leg was run over by the front wheel of a truck. There was an external fixation followed by regular dressings and finally a plastic surgery to cover the skin by taking skin from my thai. The fracture took place in my tibia & fibula just 2” upper side of my ankle joint. A synthetic cast was done in April 2015 and I was discharged from hospital. In November’2015 the cast was removed. The X-Rays shows that only 1/3 rd area of Tibia fracture is healed along with the fibula but 2//3rd area has developed a non-union symptom.

    Now apart from allopathic medicines I have continuously consumed twice a day Symphytum-30C and biochemic- Calcarea Phos and Ferum Phos later I changed Symphytum-30C into Symphytum-200C. But till date the non union persists and not able to understand where I did the mistake.

    Your kind advise will highly be solicited.

  94. prathap kumar says:

    I am 72 years old. I had a scooter accident about 25 years ago. My right hand shoulder cervical bone is fractured near the right end. No treatment was taken and even today the gap is there. I had pain initially and later only sometimes I was getting pain.
    About 1 year ago I had a fall from a ladder and there was pain in the center of upper arm (humerus) for few months.
    I can attend to all the household jobs without any problem. But about 3 months I taught badminton play to my grandson and then on wards I have pain in the shoulder on the extreme right side and in the center of upper arm of the right hand.
    I request you to give me suggestion of what medicine I have to take for curing of the above problem and reducing the pain.

  95. Barendra Nath Roy says:

    I am living in Bangladesh .my wife ullasini Roy age 64years, A patient of osteoporosis Also with osteoarthritis. her BMD score is -2.9. She is over weight about 9kg. light red eyed,recently her cervical bone C4 fall into compress Fracture & C3 overlap anterior over C4 , as a result she does not move .Her pain run up, to both arms ,Particularly left upper&lower jaws When he lie down on bed. her MRI shows block color from back side. her pain increase with cloudy weather,
    pl make arepatory of the patient.

  96. Subhrakanti Chakraborti says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am writing on behalf of my wife. She is suffering from Muscle Spasm(As per MRI report) in her neck. Orthopedic surgeons are calling it straightening of spine at neck location. As a layman in medical science what I understood is according to doctors , the gap between two bones in her neck has increased and that’s why she is having pain and continuous giddiness. They have recommended her Physiotherapy. What I want to know is there any permanent solution of this problem in Homeopathy. Once I came to know about a medicine called Symphytum. I want to know from you for what purpose this medicine is used or can it cure my wife’s problem? My all concern is to see her pain free.

  97. sayantani sinha mathur says:

    Hi Doc,

    Wish u a happy republic day!!

    i am writing to you from Mumbai. On 4th of Jan, 2016 my mother, aged 71, had an accident as she tubled down the stairs at a movie theatre in Kolkata. She was immediately hospitalised and patella surgery was done on the 5th of Jan, tuesday. She was discharged on the 11th of Jan. Since then she is in bed, but going to the bathroom with a walker and brace and crepe bandage on. Her wounds are taking time to heal. The patella surgery took place on her right knee. And now she is also suffering from high fever. She resides in Kolkata. Please suggest a quick and effective remedy for quicker healing of her wound.

    Kindly treat this as urgent.


    s Mathur
    M: 9930830377

  98. Mian AMJAD ali says:

    My tibia &febola broke badly. Now dr applied outer fixation . pl suggest some medicine for early union. Thanks a lot sir.


    Respected Sir,

    I am 49 years old weight 74 kg height 5′ 9″ and now suffering from feet pain/pinching around lower part of feet/swealing under/lower feet when shoe is in leg and then when i remove shoe then I feel comfort from swealing and pinching of feet.

    I am taking silicea 200/calc floor 200/symphytum 200/rhux tox 200 and improving … How long I would continue…. and for constipation I take plumb met 200/lycopodium…

    I have hypothyroid but under control taking thyroidinium 3x.

    Please advise Sir….

    Best Regards,

  100. Chowdhury Uzzwal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I got fracture in my left hand and radius and ulna was broken seriously 2 years ago. I got an operation by which the bones were joined by plates and screws. But unfortunately radius was found disjoined again. Now doctor wants to join this bone through an operation again. According to him, the gap of the broken bone will be joined by another bone transplanted from my hip. WHAT CAN I DO NOW ??? PLEASE REPLY IF ANY HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT YOU HAVE FOR REMEDY .

  101. Chowdhury Uzzwal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I got fracture in my left hand and radius and ulna was broken seriously 2 years ago. I got an operation by which the bones were joined by plates and screws. But unfortunately radius was found disjoined again. Now doctor wants to join this bone through an operation again. According to him, the gap of the broken bone will be joined by another bone transplanted from my hip. WHAT CAN I DO NOW ??? PLEASE REPLY IF ANY HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT.

  102. Hi Dr,

    My mom is around 68 years and 6 months back she had fracture in her hip and she is current at complete bed rest . she can’t walk or even stand with any support.

    Can you let me know if there is any way to improve her atleast to walk by holding the walker or any other treatment

  103. Sandeep kaur says:

    Dear Sir

    My Son is 4 years old he got fracture on his collar bone by falling from the bed
    Please suggest the appropriate medicine


    • Satish Kulkarni says:

      I have developed a hairline fractue of my left side clavicle bone due to a is painful. Pl advise

      • jaimal Sandhu says:

        I have shoulder injury breaking bone. I have mother tincture of symphyum. what is the dose and how many times a day. thanking u

  104. Rajesh kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    My son is 14 yrs old and due to accedent his femer bone was fractured and was operated with using plates and bone grafting but after 3 months of operation the complete union of bone is not occured as seen in x ray report so wjat medecine you suggest for fast healing of bone?

  105. yesterday in motorbike accident my right knee patella lower pole is fractured but not loose, heavy pain and swalloen. allopathic doctor done cylinder pop for 8 weeks. and medicine, for antibiotic and dicolenac . any homeopathic medicine can recover quickly

  106. s,sambamurthy says:


    my mother aged 85 years fell down 3 months back and got her hip bone broken. as she has calcium defecit and all the bones are in a very weak condition the orthopaedic surgeon suggested not to go for surgery because durung operation the other bone may break. so we got her back home. she is suffering with great pain as no operation is done.

    I request your kindself to suggest me in the matter with any homoeo treatment.

    with kind regards


  107. Ashok Agnihotri says:

    Respected Sir,

    2 days back my wife got slipped in the floor while walk only because of sudden turn of step and she fell down. She has severe pain in knee and base portion of feet with little swelling. In the recent X-ray no crack noticed. Request you to pls suggest good remedy with dose oblige . She is 57 yr old and a diabetic patient too.

    thanks, Regards

  108. Pramiila Singh says:

    Dear Dr.

    My Mother age is 70+ pain in her knees or joints .

    Pls suggest the good homeopath medicine.
    My son age 25 has hair fall problem so tell some good medicine also.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pramiila Singh

  109. bablu purkait says:

    dear sir
    my father age 86 . hip joint broken . hard problem stomach problem. no latrin easaly .high pressar.
    please has been share good homeopath medacine

    • Sanjeev Kumar says:

      Sir, My left clavicle bone is fractured since 05 months.It has not joined at all.But I don’t feel any pain in that area.As I am in the armed forces, I have to prove my fitness every now and than.I don’t want to go for surgery .Kindly suggest the medication

  110. Dr. Bimaljot Singh says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma. I m a surgeon. I met eith some accident caz of which left elbow was crushed. Plating screwing done. Ulnar osteotomy had to be done to enter fracture site. Which now after 8 weeks of surgery is notgetting United . Kindly advice. I have started symphytum alone 5 to 10 drops 3 to 4 times aday. Please suggest fr better and early union so that it does not go to non union. Thanks and regards. Dr. Bimaljot Singh

  111. Habibur Rahman says:

    I have a skin problem foot there have come to water tipe of eczema
    Right now I take hydro mother tincture

    I want know there have any said efect ?

  112. Balkirat Singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    Sir I am suffering from a non union of the fracture in the tibia and fibula four inches above the ankle, I had this fracture in 2008 but as of 2015 it had still not healed. There is a rod and plate employed in the leg, due to which I am able to walk, but I can neither run nor I can walk for long durations. I had undergone multiple surgeries, including the bone grafting, but still the fracture has still not healed. I would be grateful, if you can suggest a homeopathic medicine that can help in healing.

  113. Goutam Kumar Bhardvaz says:

    Sir, I had clavicle fracture on right side 1 month 10 days before. I used sling for 10 days and after that I used clavicle brace till now. As per x- ray on 22nd day of fracture, bone is slightly misplaced/non union.
    Please suggest any medicine which may help to unite broken sides and fasten the healing process.
    I am currently taking CissQ & Calcium tablets twicw a day. Please suggest asap.

  114. 16 yr old my daughter , broken arm and pelvic bone fracture due to hit by speedy tempo from back to the honda activa,which my daughter was driving. rod implanted in arm and pelvic bone set by close reduction.kindly suggest medicine

  115. subhendu satapathy says:

    Dear Sir,

    I had an accident on 28th June right arm color bone & foot heal bone of right leg fractured.Plaster done on leg but still not able to touch the leg.leg. Pls suggest any treatment of Homeopathy.I am 40 years old working professional in Future Group….


  116. omik lahiri says:

    hllo doc, i have slight tuberosity onb my left shoulder having a slight pain. doc said that it need not to operate. i hve to take rest for 3 weeks. please suggest any homopathy medicine to improve soon.. please help me.

  117. swamy Dharmanand says:

    Dr, sharmaji please kindly help to me. Two months before
    my left hand middle finger is hairline fracture take x-ray . this time more pain. Please suggest any medicen
    Age – 45


    Hello Doctor Sahib, Please let me know from where I can get the Symphytum Mother Tinture in 500ml / 1000ml Bottle.

  119. K.Nithish kumar reddy says:

    my brother got fracture in his toes
    he need to attend ,under 14 district selections tomorrow this is very important for his career.
    before when he was taken to doctor he said its fracture and he did cement bandaid for 3 weeks actually he said it should be for 5weeks but it is necessary so we took it out after 3 weeks and now he was getting more pain in all sides of the toe bones but where as before it was only one side and for little part he got pain
    but now it is too difficult fr him to walk or run
    please……..tell atleast one temporary solution fr it until match after that again we will go to doctor for treatment
    please tell one solution

  120. Jatinder kumar says:

    I m 37 yr old and suffered with the compression of t 12 and l1 vertebrae. There is no standing, sitting and walking moments. Near hip and Thai not looking the weight of upper body. Which medicine can I use for this. My doctor ask me for bed test for six weeks. Now I completed the 4 weeks. Please sir give me your precious guideline

  121. Nirmalnewton says:

    I m 53yrs old women I had a humorous head fracture i m on dialysis I need treatment for my fracture is m in terrible pain

  122. manju chahal says:

    My husband got a fracture in rib. Is there any homeopathy remides to heal it .

  123. Mohmed Nadim says:

    Sir, I have left knee minimally displaced fracture at tibia fracture due which severe bone marrow edema is there and Grade I ACL Sprain. Seeking your advise. Thank You – Nadim

  124. praveen lambhate says:

    sir pranam, my mother is 80 yrs of age, her right elbo is dislocated due fall so please sujest the medicine for quick improvment.

  125. Surdeep Pasricha says:

    I hv. got fracture in right shoulder n three weeks have passed n Dr. has tied immovelizer..still hv. Pain..kindly mention some medicine..I am 56 years mail n otherwise normal..


    Dr S, Thanks to dignify Homeopathy taking as profession. i 56 old. 6 weeks ago I fell down from 8 feets high & left heel bone fructured but stable. Dr made pluster plus medicines. After 4 weeks heeling not found & Dr extended for another month. Continued with pluster, rest & calciun+vitamins. No pain as no waight but stiching pain sometimes. No heeling of fructure yet. calc phos 3x .5 oz for 15 days, but no progress. Today I took arnica 1m. Am I take Symphytum or Calc phos 30?

  127. manish shukla says:

    doctor I have got fracture of lower pole of patella 12days ago. I have got cylinder cast
    can homeopathic medicines fasten the healing.suggest me best medicines

  128. Charles IFEBUZO says:

    i have an old fracture that has that has fractured three times after sugeries .
    Can there be a homeopathic solution .

    Charles I febuzo

  129. sushil kumar vyas says:

    my wife gape in both hand thumb bone. if any medicene homeopathy

  130. Harjit singh says:

    Hello sir
    I am 57 years old and suffering from 3 hairline fractures in and Dislocation of Hip Joint and my right leg is affected by it and length of leg is also shortened by the effect and the vital question is that should I take Symphytum (mother tincture) medicine what are the advantages of it and is there any side effects of medicine and please also suggest me that should I undergo any surgery I.e., THR(Total Hip Replacement) please sir I would be waiting for your life saving reply. As I have been being Mis guided by many highly calibre of Doctors

  131. Harjit singh says:

    Hello sir
    I am 57 years old and suffering from 3 hairline fractures in and Dislocation of Hip Joint and my right leg is affected by it and length of leg is also shortened by the effect and the vital question is that should I take Symphytum (mother tincture) medicine what are the advantages of it and is there any side effects of medicine and please also suggest me that should I undergo any surgery I.e., THR(Total Hip Replacement) please sir I would be waiting for your life saving reply. As I have been being Mis guided by many highly calibre of Doctors
    Thank you

  132. my aunt is 70 years ,two months back had a fracture on leg,the fracture got healed but she is experiencing swelling with difficulty to walk,lasix was prescribed to her but there is no relief.please help

  133. Sir got dislocation of shoulder due to which got a fracture of humerus ,in sling for 6 week, dr. Say no need for surgery it will heal itself. I am having a lot of pain. Can u please suggest any medicine. Thank u.

  134. uma shankar singh says:

    Dear sir
    My mother age 59 yrs is suffering from hip fracture since october she allready passes 45 days bed rest now she can walk but still complaining about hip pain. Please suggest me for homeopathy treatment for my mothers hip fracture healing.
    thanks abd regards
    uma shankar

  135. Sir,
    In 1911, my rt. pattela was badly multiple fractured. It was operated with K-wire. But in August 2011. one place of the circular K-wire was broken and felt pain and found pattela was not completly united.Then I have taken Cal. Phos and Symphtum regularly. In december2012, it became united. In August 2013, again I faced an accident and another side of the K-wire broken. But the 8 shaped K-wire is O.K. Now I feel mild pain and again pettela is looking united one place. Please advice what I have to do right this time and stage? My knee is full movebale and I can bent my knee and sit on floor. Ican use indian pan slightly tighy feeling rt knee.

  136. Dera doctor , I had been having a pain on the right thumb.and as per the doctors advice when I got the x-ray done the report showed a mild fracture on the terminal larynx. I will be highly obliged if u can suggest some medicine for reducing the pain that I am having at times.

  137. RAFI AHMED says:

    sir, I had an accident 15 days ago resulting in a fracture of 9th rib bone on the right side . on advice of an allopathy doctor i took painkillers and calcium tablets. the pain still persist . please advice homeopathic medicines .

  138. Sir i had a fall due to an accident by a drunken omni hit at the back of my scooty i had deep abrasions on rt side and pain in chest rib and back rt side. no diagnosis of fracture. even after a month i m unable to atllolon back

  139. Dr, I am 45yr male I met an accident and got fracture in my rt leg and collar bone, I was admited civil hospital.They applied two time POP first for 12days and then for 21days and put a sling on collar bone.Dr, I am on bed since 52 days but my fracture points have not healed yet .Please advise me some homoeo medicine to heal my fractures.I am taking calc phos 6x now.

  140. Pritam Damor says:

    I m homeopathic student ..I want to study more detail in homeopathic therapeutic ..then what to do? ?

  141. Cheryl travers says:

    Hi there
    Who and what do you recommend as good references for homeopathy for farm animals

  142. mo parmar says:

    Hi Doctor
    I am 66 years old and I live in Canada. About 18 month ago I broke my left clavicle. I was told no treatment was required as the bone will heal it self. Which did not happen. Six months after that I was operated on the doctors took a bone graft from my hip and put a plate in. The plate is in place and all is well but the bone has not joined. It has been six months since I was operated on. Now I am told that I have a Non Union Fracture. The doctors told me there is nothing more that they can do. Doctor is there anything Homeopathic treatment can do for me?

    Thank you


  143. I had a Motorcycle fall 15 days ago and in the process fractured my 2 to 9th rib and there was a clavicle fracture too. My brother advised me to take symphytum mother tinchure (German) Kindly advise me if it is safe to consume the above along with my allopathic medicine, if so please let me know the dealers where this is available in Bangalore.

  144. Cisco Aironet says:

    Just desire to say your article is as astounding. The clearness in your put up is just cool and i can think you’re a professional in this subject. Fine along with your permission allow me to seize your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thank you 1,000,000 and please carry on the gratifying work.

  145. delay in femure facture healing ,already consume cal-phos for 45 days but no significant result.pls suggest

  146. bharti pathak says:

    I broke my humerus 4 month before . I can’t put my arm up. Please suggest me any medicine. Thanks


    Sir,I’VE heard that the efficacy of homeopathic medicine is reduced with the intake of rice,onion etc. It is true?

  148. DILLIP SENAPATI says:

    My right hip is stiff with limited mobility after surgical operation 25 years back. Now It’s quite painful during movements, especially in humid conditions. Would u plz. tell me which homeopathic medicine is appropriate to the symptom.

    Thanking u

  149. delendra bisen says:

    I am 33 yrs old.i have got fracthure of tibia & fibula 3 month ago.there are 2 fracthurs in tibia of left side which has fixed with the support of nail & scruwe but the fibula has not done any support.i have taken symphytum 30 and calcium support still havent got any recovery.plz advise me homoeopathic remady for the recovery and to prevent the rt. angulation of my left leg.please……………

  150. Mrs Alpana Bajpai says:

    I broke my humerus 7mths back and was operated upon. A titanium rod was put. But even after so ma ny months the bone has not healed 15 days back i have started taking Symphytum mother tincture 10 drops 3 times a day.Is dosage correct.? Is there any other medicine that i can take? I am 50 yrs old. Pl. guide.

  151. M.Chidananda Rao says:

    My daughter suffer from ”united fracture left inferior pubic ramour” known fron naomal X-ray. Physician’s comment is satisfactory alignment. Which was not sever hence not felt immidiately. At present problems are pain dwhile sitting, walking etc.. The effected place is having swelling and pain at times.
    Please advise the mode of treatment and homeo medicines and dos & donts

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