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5 Best Homeopathic Remedies for Gall Stones and Gall Bladder pain

homeopathic remedies for gall stones
A sudden pain in the upper right part or the center of abdomen indicates the presence of gallstones. The right shoulder can hurt too. Gallstones are hard deposits of digestive fluid that can form in the gallbladder. The gallbladder is a small organ on the right side of the abdomen with digestive fluid called bile that’s released into the small intestine. Gallstones can vary in size. Homeopathy provides a wide range of effective medicines to treat gall stones. The Homeopathic remedies for gall stones are made of natural substances and have no side effects. The best remedy for the patient is prescribed after taking note of the gall stone symptoms in each individual.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Gall Stones

1. Chelidonium: Best Remedy for Gall Stones with Pain

Natural medicine Chelidonium is the top natural medicine for gallbladder stones pain. This medicine offers the best treatment for pain due to gall stones and jaundice when there is obstruction of the bile ducts. The most important symptom for using Chelidonium is pain under the right shoulder blade. In jaundice, this medicine can be used when the skin is yellow, urine is dark in colour and stool is clay-coloured. During jaundice, the tongue becomes yellow and flabby. Nausea and vomiting also occur. The patient requiring Chelidonium may show a desire for very hot drinks along with the above symptoms. It is also a very beneficial remedy for gall bladder complaints that occur during pregnancy.

2. Lycopodium: For Gall Stones with Gastric Symptoms

Lycopodium is a natural treatment for gallstones pain when they are accompanied by gastric symptoms like acidity, gas in abdomenor bloated abdomen. The patient complains of distension of abdomen from eating even a very small quantity of food. The gas rolls in abdomen and passes out with difficulty. The patient mainly complains of acidity that gets worse from taking starchy and flatulent food. The patient may also complain of a reduced appetite and fullness feeling in abdomen on eating even a little. There’s also an unusual craving for sweets and hot drinks along with the gastric symptoms.

3. Calcarea Carb: For Gall Stones in Obese Patients

Calcarea Carb is another top natural medicine for gall stones that is always selected constitutionally. This remedy is very beneficial for obese patients with a fatty and flabby constitution. The abdomen contains excess of fat with its hardness and distension. The other constitutional symptoms include profuse sweating on head and sensitivity to cold air. There’s also an unusual craving for boiled eggs or strange things like chalk, pencils and lime. The patient dislikes hot food and likes cold drinks. Calcarea Carb can also be used to relieve sour belching and sour vomiting due to gall stones.

4. Carduus Marianus: For Inflamed Gall Bladder

Carduus Marianus is the best natural remedy when the gall bladder is inflamed. There is pain in the right upper abdomen in gall bladder region, which is accompanied by nausea and vomiting of burning fluid. Carduus Marianus can also be used to treat jaundice in gall stones.

5. Phosphorus: For Gall Stones with Sour Belching, Vomiting

Phosphorus is a natural treatment for gall stones in patients who complain of sour belching and vomiting after eating. The patient likes cold drinks, ice creams, chicken and fish in diet. This medicine is used for the treatment of jaundice when the stool is very offensive with great weakness.

Other Important Remedies

1. Best remedies for gall stones with acute pain

China is the ideal natural remedy for acute pain in gall bladder when the whole abdomen is bloated with an excess of gas. Vomiting of undigested food may also occur. Chelidonium is a very beneficial natural remedy when the pain is below the right shoulder in the scapulae. Berberis Vulgaris is of great help for treating sharp, stitching pains in the gall bladder. The pain may get worse from applying pressure. Colocynth, on the other hand, is the ideal remedy when the pain is of a cutting, shooting nature and gets better by applying pressure.

2. Top Medicines for Gas in Abdomen

Lycopodium is a very beneficial natural medicine for excess gas in the abdomen, especially the lower region. The abdomen is bloated even after light eating. Mainly starchy food and flatulent food like cabbage worsen the problem. China is the ideal remedy when the whole abdomen is full of gas with painful distension. Walking may provide slight relief from distension. Carbo Veg is of great help when the gas is present mainly in the upper region of the abdomen. The abdomen is heavy, tense and distended. Passage of a little gas provides a slight relief from distension.

3. Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla and Robinia: For Acidity due to Gall Stones

Acidity or dyspepsia includes burning in stomach, sour or burning type of belching, nausea, vomiting and bloated abdomen. Natural medicine Nux Vomica is prescribed for patients complaining of acidity after eating. Such patients complain of sour burps, nausea and weight in stomach after eating. When the intake of coffee, spicy food or alcoholic drinks raises the dyspeptic symptoms, Nux Vomica yields excellent results. Pulsatilla is the top herbal remedy for gallstones when eating of excessive fried or fatty food like butter or cream leads to acidity. Robinia, meanwhile, is used for treatment of burning type of burps with excessive gas in the abdomen. Sour vomiting may also occur.

4. Arsenic Album and Ipecac: For Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting usually occur along with the colic due to gall stones or when the gall bladder gets inflamed. Arsenic Album is very beneficial when the vomiting occurs immediately after eating or drinking anything. Burning type of pains in the abdomen usually accompany. Ipecac gives very good results when there is persistent nausea and vomiting.

5. For Acute Cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder)

In acute Cholecystitis, there is a severe pain in gall bladder region (right upper abdomen), mid part of upper abdomen (epigastrium) or below the right shoulder in scapula. The severe pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loose stools or fever. Natural medicines Chelidonium, Belladonna and Cardus Marianus are considered very efficient treatment of gallstones in such cases.

6. For Stones in Common Bile Duct

The presence of stones in common bile duct leads to its obstruction and that is a very critical condition. Obstructive jaundice, fever, vomiting and abdomen pain are the main symptoms of gall stones in common bile duct. Chelidonium, Fel Tauri, Myrica, Cardus Marianus and Chionanthus are of great help in treating such cases. However, as the condition may lead to critical consequences, it is important to have a surgeon’s opinion to note the severity of the condition and whether it can be treated with medicines or requires surgical intervention.

7. For Gastric Troubles after Surgical Removal of Gall Bladder (Cholecystectomy)

Even after surgical removal of gall bladder, a few patients experience gastric troubles like acidity, gas in the abdomen with bloated feeling. The best natural medicines to deal with such cases are Raphanus, Natrum Phos and Carbo Veg. Raphanus can be used with much efficiency for treating excessive gas in abdomen after removal of gall bladder. The gas neither moves upwards or downwards, resulting in a bloated abdomen. Natrum Phos is the best remedy to treat sour belchings and sour vomiting with much acidity in the stomach. Carbo Veg is the ideal remedy for burning in the stomach with distension of the abdomen due to the accumulation of gas. The digestion is very weak and slow in such patients.

8. Best Medicines for Gall Bladder Polyp

Polyp refers to an abnormal growth in the gall bladder arising from the mucous membrane lining from gall bladder. It usually does not give rise to any symptom and accidentally comes to notice during the ultrasound for some other abdomen complaint. Calcarea Carb is very beneficial in treating gall bladder polyp. Calcarea Carb has the innate ability to remove polyp growths not only from the gallbladder but also from other parts like the nose.

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  1. Aayush Ghildiyal says:

    Sir pichle six months se mujhe gallbladder ki problem hai mere gallbladder mein 13 mm ka stone paya gaya or mein is samay berberis vulgaris ka use kar Raha hu qya yah sahi hai ya phir koi or medicine lene hai please advise me on this mobile no/ email

  2. Rachel Gibson says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am wondering about having my gallbladder removed because I have gallstones, and moderate discomfort mostly when I lie down…I also have a constant nagging pain at tye top of my spine between my shoulder blades which apparently can be caused by an inflamed gallbladder. I wonder if you think homeopathy could help me to get rid of the stones & the inflammation??!

  3. S K Anand says:

    Sir 9 mm stone is gall bladder. Can ig be managed by homeopathy treatment?

  4. Khalid Pervaiz says:

    Hi I have 2.6 cm gall stone in my gall bladder
    Plz suggest proper medicine for this… Thanks

  5. Muddssar Shahzad says:

    Very Helpful article.Thank you very much for your information and helping people.

  6. VIJAY YADAV says:

    मै विजय यादव उम्र 65 वर्ष दिन हो या रात सोते ही सपनें दिखाई देने लगते हैं । ऐसे सपने जो हमने कभी सोचाभी न था । कृपया इलाज बताऐं

  7. Vishnucharan Jaiswal says:

    My Son has Gall bladder ulcers problems with inflammation and gastric issues. May kindly advise remedy and medicine. Gall Bladder specialist advised to take our it. Son don’t want surgical treatment but liquid/ tablets from Homoeopath specialist

  8. Hello sir my wife have gall bladder stone of 9mm in neck of gall blader can u suggest some medicne ….

    • Michelle Kindig says:

      I have sphincter of Oddi dysfunction as well as factor five Leiden autoimmune disorder which they got inconclusive results back for lupus but in order to retest would put me at too high of a risk because of need to take me off the blood thinners for a week to do so and I clot immediately. I have had multiple PE as well ass clots in both burns and arteries, I have a ivc filter that should have been removed after a week but wasn’t and is now attatched to my artery, I have mesh that is no longer where it is supposed to be , no longer holding up my bladder, I have endometriosis which has connected to many organs , I had removed many times but each time created more scar tissue, I get both kidney stones gall stones liver stones and stones in the duct in my face. My right coronary artery is occluded 85%. From surgery needing to be done again. I have had atleast 6 of the top major hospitals in the US try to find answers to make life more manageable, but there is not a cure. I have had many well meaning people try to come up with answers. I normally stay to myself because I have already been through every test known to man and so many doctors as well as nutrition professionals and homeopathic people have me try one thing after the next. On top of all of these things I have had many Tia ‘s and one major stroke, I have nerve damage in my chest and hip . My lower back has degenerative disc disease. Which also causes a lot of pain. I’m sure I am forgetting something but that gives you the general idea.

  9. SCSinghal says:

    Dr Sharma. According to latest U/S l sm now having two stone in my gallbladder One is8mm &other is of 4mm. First time the stone was deducted in the year 2014 at that time there was only one stone of 4mm. I have no symptoms till now but is afraid that there may occur emergency any time. Pl advice? Regards. S C Singhal

  10. Dr Jamshed Khan says:

    Contact me for gall bladder stone in homoeopathy treatment. I m senior physician Dr Jamshed khan MD homiopath from allahabad. Contact me 9839715758 indian patients

  11. Sarkunaraj says:

    Doctor I am suffering gall bladder stone in 9 mm some of alopathy doctor says remove gallbladder .can you suggest only removal stone only possible or any curable medicine. please give me thank you

  12. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    thank you for this article. It is too late to have a chat after a frustrating day for me.

    I have had abdominal pain for about 2 years, believe ever since covi-d a, since learned can begin in the gut.
    Had an ulcer from chldhood to about 30 years old. Wrong treatment.
    Pain felt same so worked on that.
    Not gone totally but better,allowing me to realize pain upper right elow rib cage.

    Friend suggested GD, to drink organic apple juice s/ 2Tbls ACV.
    After 2nd glass ncredible pain relief.

    Since have been using Tudca hoping to soften to be expelled. Thenlearned to eat beans thru the day. Still pale stool,
    Concerned a flush may get one stuck.

    MANY decades ago interested in homeopathy, but felt it overwhelming. Have used arica for back pain [failed back surgery mistake] off and on for years
    But this–this has me worried, ignorant.

    Mother and sister both had GB removed.Trying to avoid of course.
    Found no one here to help me.

    Lady at vitamin store knows some, yet…… Do not know where to begin and must be soon.

    Thank you,, thank you. Be well
    Oh boy, just saw comments, but no replies. Am I able to hope for a reply
    So this is not private conversation then?

  13. Vikas Barathe says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I am suffering gallbladder stone. as per Ultrasonic report there are multiple stone and the largest one is 5mm by 15mm. Can you please guide and suggest me the Medicine.

  14. Dr. Sharma,
    Five days ago I presented in ER with upper abdominal pains under center of sternum & both ribs so severe I was screaming for them to give me some help. Two hours later I got a shot of dilota as I’m allergic to morpheme. They drew blood and later did a sonogram then admitted me saying they want to remove my gall Blatter they THINK I may have stones & I did have inflammation . I refused and have had no pain except following day but it only lasted 25 mins but I went to ER because when pain started it’s unbearable but it stopped & I left before being seen. I drank a milk shake and 5 hours later woke up and it shot out my mouth. Other than that no problems. I had dark iron for few days. Stools normal color urine normal color now, no jaundice, no shoulder/back pains no acid reflux, gas, smelly breath or any other symptoms other than fever 98 during attack. I’m totally not eating anything I would normally manly cheese, salami, butter, Mayo, yogurt, cereal, meat , ice cream (except fish) no processed foods or bread or sugar now. I want to HEAL whatever caused such pain can you suggest something?

  15. Anil Kumar says:

    Request for tele/ physical appointment for gall stones treatment

  16. Mrs Abdullah says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I am suffering gallbladder stone. as per Ultrasonic report there are multiple stone and the largest one is 5mm by 5mm. I want to take homeo Medicine but the problem is that i am pregnant (2nd trimester). Can you please guide and suggest me the Medicine which not effect my baby..


  17. I am suffering from GB stone as per USG report.but pain on right side stomach is coming only in night during sleeping.l have started Dr.rajeev clinic homeopathy prescribed medicine.pls suggest me about food which helps me for better results.can I take lemon during medicine course.

  18. Hello Dr Sharma

    I am a 56 year old female whose had gallstones and sludge for about 7 years now. Soon after I was diagnosed I started doing gallbladder flushes for a few years, then stopped in 2017 as I was feeling better. My recent ultrasound showed stones and sludge and it appeared hydropic – I was a little apprehensive about doing a flush but I did do one about 1 week ago and got lots of sludge and stones out. Right now I am trying to slowly get my digestion back in order but have had mild pain under my right shoulder blade about twice within the week after the flush. Of course my doctor recommends surgery, but I really dont want to have surgery if I can avoid it. Kindly advise your thoughts on this and what you suggest as well as what foods I should stay away from. Thank you

  19. Sandeep Misra says:

    My father age about 75yrs having obstruction in neck of gallbladder about11.4 mm doctors advise for surgery but his efficiency factor of heart is only 33 persent . Gallbladder is so thick and found there pus also.please advise treatment.

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