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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Gall Stones and Gall Bladder pain

Homeopathic Remedies For Gall Stones and Gall Bladder Pain

Homeopathic Remedies for Gall Stone

Homeopathic Remedies for Gall Stone

A sudden pain in the upper right part or the centre of abdomen indicates the presence of gallstones. The right shoulder can hurt too. Gallstones are harddeposits of digestive fluid that can form in the gallbladder. Gallbladder is a small organ on the right side of the abdomen with digestive fluid called bile that’s released into the small intestine. Gallstones can vary in size. Homeopathy provides a wide range of efficient medicines to treat gall stones. The Homeopathic remedies for gall stones are made of natural substances and have no side effects. The best Homeopathic remedy for the patient is prescribed after taking note of the gall stone symptoms in each individual.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Gall Stones

Chelidonium: Best Homeopathic remedy for gall stones with pain

Natural Homeopathic medicine Chelidonium is the top natural medicine for gallbladder stones pain. This Homeopathic medicine offers the best treatment for pain due to gall stones and jaundice when there is obstruction of the bile ducts. The most important symptom for using Chelidonium is pain under the right shoulder blade. In jaundice, this Homeopathic medicine can be used when the skin is yellow, urine is dark in colourand stool is clay-coloured. During jaundice, the tongue becomes yellow and flabby. Nausea and vomiting also occur. The patient requiring Homeopathic medicine Chelidonium may show a desire for very hot drinks along with the above symptoms. It is also a very beneficial Homeopathic remedy for gall bladder complaints that occurduring pregnancy.

Lycopodium: Homeopathic medicine for gall stones with gastric symptoms

Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium is a natural treatment for gallstones pain when they are accompanied by gastric symptoms like acidity, gas in abdomenor bloated abdomen. The patient complains of distension of abdomen from eating even a very small quantity of food. The gas rolls in abdomen and passes out with difficulty. The patient mainly complains of acidity that gets worse from taking starchy and flatulent food. The patient may also complain of a reduced appetite and fullness feeling in abdomen on eating even a little. There’s also an unusual craving for sweets and hot drinks along with the gastric symptoms.

Calcarea Carb: Homeopathic medicine for gall stones in obese patients

Calcarea Carb is another top naturalHomeopathic medicine for gall stones that is always selected constitutionally. This Homeopathic remedy is very beneficial for obese patients with a fatty and flabby constitution. The abdomen contains excess of fat with its hardness and distension. The other constitutional symptoms include profuse sweating on head and sensitivity to cold air. There’s also an unusual craving for boiled eggs or strange things like chalk, pencils and lime. The patient dislikes hot food and likes cold drinks. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carb can also be used to relieve sour belching and sour vomiting due to gall stones.

Carduus Marianus: Homeopathic medicine for inflamed gall bladder

Carduus Marianus is the best naturalHomeopathic remedy when the gall bladder is inflamed. There is pain in the right upper abdomen in gall bladder region, which is accompanied by nausea and vomiting of burning fluid. Carduus Marianus can also be used to treat jaundice in gall stones.

Phosphorus: Homeopathic medicine for gall stones with sour belching, vomiting

Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is a natural homeopathic treatment for gall stones  in patients who complain of sour belching and vomiting after eating. The patient likes cold drinks, ice creams, chicken and fish in diet. This Homeopathic medicine is used for treatment of jaundice when the stool is very offensive with great weakness.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Gall Stones

Best Homeopathic remedies for gall stones with acute pain

Chinais the ideal natural Homeopathic remedy for acute pain in gall bladder when the whole abdomen is bloated with excess of gas. Vomiting of undigested food may also occur. Homeopathic medicine Chelidonium is a very beneficial natural remedy when the pain is below the right shoulder in the scapulae. Homeopathic medicine Berberis Vulgaris is of great help for treating sharp, stitching pains in the gall bladder. The pain may get worse from applying pressure. Colocynth, on the other hand, is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when the pain is of a cutting, shooting natureand gets better by applying pressure.

Top Homeopathic medicines for gas in abdomen in patients suffering from gall stones

Lycopodium is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic medicine for excess gas in abdomen, especially the lower region. The abdomen is bloated even after light eating. Mainly starchy food and flatulent food like cabbage worsenthe problem. Homeopathic medicine China is the ideal remedy when the whole abdomen is full of gas with a painful distension. Walking may providea slight relief from distension. Homeopathic medicine Carbo Veg is of great help when the gas is present mainly in the upper region of abdomen. The abdomen is heavy, tenseand distended. Passage of a little gas providesa slight relief from distension.

Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla and Robinia: Homeopathic medicines for acidity due to gall stones

Acidity or dyspepsia includes burning in stomach, sour or burning type of belching, nausea, vomiting and bloated abdomen. Natural Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is prescribed for patients complaining of acidity after eating. Such patients complain of sour burps, nausea and weight in stomach after eating. When the intake of coffee, spicy food or alcoholic drinks raises the dyspeptic symptoms, Nux Vomica yields excellent results. Natural Homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla is the top herbal remedy for gallstones when eating of excessive fried or fatty food like butter or cream leads to acidity. Homeopathic medicine Robinia, meanwhile, is used for treatment of burning type of burps with excessive gas in abdomen. Sour vomiting may also occur.

Arsenic Album and Ipecac: Homeopathic medicines for nausea and vomiting in patients of gall stones

Nausea and vomiting usually occur along with the colic due to gall stones or when the gall bladder gets inflamed. Natural Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is very beneficial when the vomiting occurs immediately after eating or drinking anything. Burning type of pains in abdomen usually accompany. Homeopathic medicine Ipecac gives very good results when there is persistent nausea and vomiting.

Homeopathic medicines for acute Cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder)

In acute Cholecystitis, there is a severe pain in gall bladder region (right upper abdomen), mid part of upper abdomen (epigastrium) or below the right shoulder in scapula. The severe pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loose stools or fever. Natural medicines Chelidonium, Belladona and Cardus Marianus are considered very efficient homeopathic treatment of gallstones in such cases.

Homeopathic medicines for stones in common bile duct

The presence of stones in common bile duct leads to its obstruction and that is a very critical condition. Obstructive jaundice, fever, vomiting and abdomen pain are the main symptoms of gall stones in common bile duct. NaturalHomeopathic medicines Chelidonium, Fel Tauri, Myrica, Cardus Marianus and Chionanthus are of great help in treating such cases. However, as the condition may lead to critical consequences, it is important to have a surgeon’s opinion to note the severity of the condition and whether it can be treated with medicines or requires surgical intervention.

Homeopathic medicines for gastric troubles after surgical removal of gall bladder (Cholecystectomy)

Even after surgical removal of gall bladder,a few patients experience gastric troubles like acidity, gas in abdomen with bloated feeling. The best natural Homeopathic medicines to deal with such cases are Raphanus, Natrum Phos and Carbo Veg. Homeopathic medicine Raphanus can be used with much efficiency for treating excessive gas in abdomen after removal of gall bladder. The gas neither moves upwards or downwards, resulting in a bloated abdomen. Homeopathic medicine Natrum Phos is the best remedy to treat sour belchings and sour vomiting with much acidity in stomach. Carbo Veg is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for burning in stomach with distension of abdomen due to accumulation of gas. The digestion is very weak and slow in such patients.

Best Homeopathic medicines for gall bladder polyp

Polyp refers to an abnormal growth in the gall bladder arising from the mucuous membrane lining from gall bladder. It usually does not give rise to any symptom and accidentally comes to notice during the ultrasound for some other abdomen complaint. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carb is very beneficial in treating gall bladder polyp. Calcarea Carb has the innate ability to remove polyp growths not only from the gallbladder but also from other parts like the nose.


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  1. Sunit kr bhattacharya says:

    During sonography, a polyp of 1.2×.89cm detected on the outer wall of gall bladder. Can it be treated by homopathy

  2. Please suggest 8mm Gallstone removal homeopathic treatment. How much time will it take to get Gallstones fully dissolved & totally recovery.

  3. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I’m 4 weeks pregnant. I have a gallstones of largest size 4mm. I’m taking homeopathic medicines (chionanthus, cholestrinum 3x,cardus 200) from one month. Is it safe to take these medicines during pregnancy? Can u please reply me for this.

    Thank you.

  4. Nilam Kumari Mishra says:

    Sir amar gallstone 5mm ache ki homoeopathy medicine theke cure hoye jave koto din lagbe ki ki khawa avoid korte hobe pl. apni amak advice din

  5. Dear Dr. Shrama,
    Hope you will be fine and doing well. My wife has detected with the gallstones. Is the homeopathy medicine can dissolve the gallstones r these are just for pain relieving for a time being. Also, if there is a possibility of dissolving the gallstones with homeopathic medicine can you recommend a best one which can be used during pregnancy. Thank you


    Hello Dr.sir my name is jitender kumar and my age is 60 yr.i am living in naraingarh distt. ambala.i have gall stone problem .i have performed gall bladder cleanse.though it has given me pain relief but in sonography my gall bladder is fully packed with sludge and is contracted. my case is approx three year old.every time Dr advised me to go for operation .i want to consult you before going for surgery.please suggest me if i can come to your clinic along with my report .please advise me

  7. shankarlal Singh says:

    I have multiple stones in my gall bladder max siz is 17*8mm. Please guide is it possible to melt with this medicine.

  8. Nilam Kumari Mishra says:

    Mughe 5.1mm ka multiple gallstone 4months ho gaya mai homoeopathy medicine le rahi hun per page se chota ho gaya hai vase koi bises trouble kuch nahi hai per constipation rahta hai ap kuch diet k bare me and medicine k bare advice den.

  9. Hi Dr Sharma

    Pls advise if Berberis Vulgaris & Sanguinaria Canadensis is suitable for gallbladder polyps, and which potency is suitable to take ? Mother Tincture? 30CH, 60CH, 200CH?

    • Nilam Kumari Mishra says:

      Mughe 5.1mm ka multiple gallstone 4months ho gaya mai homoeopathy medicine le rahi hun per page se chota ho gaya hai vase koi bises trouble kuch nahi hai per constipation rahta hai ap kuch diet k bare me and medicine k bare advice den.

  10. Amarjeet chaurasia says:

    Sir,I have no gall bladder but before a few days I have known that 5.9mm stone is in my biliay tree,I feel no acute pain in my abdonmal and my liver has become fatty. I am suffering from baldness especially amidst part.

  11. Prof. Amandeep kaur says:

    Which homeopathic medicine can dissolve gall stones?

  12. Mary Mottram says:

    My liver function test came back very high. However the scan revealed it was normal. I have a gallstones which gives me some pain but it’s not too bad and intermittent. The doctor has attributed the liver function result to this.
    Other issues are that I am very overweight. Always tired. Very irritable. Bad breath that won’t go away. Dry mouth. Bad taste in my mouth. Some days I feel really exhausted. Sugar addiction. Can you recommend any homeopathic remedies

  13. Jasna Jasmin says:

    l have multiple stones in my gall bladder. I have pain in abdomen and vomiting. According to the recently conducted LFT my sgot is 324:and sgpt is 271. Can homeopathy cure my problem . Now I have pain in left upper abdomen too.

  14. Swapan Kumar Samanta says:

    My father has 1.2cm CBD stone,age 61 years . It is possible to tret homeopathy medicine?

  15. Gallbladder inflammation . ultrasound.please advise.age 75

  16. I am Abhimanyu, 46 years old. abdominal Sonography reveals that there are multiple calculi seen in gall bladder lumen. Largest measures- 10.8 mm, Posterior shadowing present.

    In left kidney calculus of size-12.3 mm seen in lower calyx left kidney. Is there any homeopathy treatment for this? kindly let me know.

  17. I have 7 mm stone in gallbladder, is there any medication and how long would it take to dissolve, or removed.

  18. ASHUTOSH KUMAR says:

    My mother has 20 mm stone in gallbladder. Is it possible to tret with homeopaty medicine. THERE IS ALSO SIST FOUND NEAR LIVER.

  19. Dinesh Dwivedi says:

    I am victim of gellstones . size 5mm to 7mm no. about 70-80. with mild pain up to today . can homeopathic treatment remove them ?

  20. Sir, i have a single gallstone measuring 12mm , i do suffer gastric issues, burning burps or sout burps after eating fatty or spicy food, abdomen bloating. Some pain in left side which is on and off. Please suggest me appropriate medicine dosage. Thanks!

  21. V K mishra says:

    My wife has detected with two stones in gall bladder measuring 8.0 & 9.5 mm in size. Will you suggest any effective medicine to avoid the removal of gall bladder as advised in Allopathic .

  22. Tapas Mondal says:

    I have gall bladder polyp of 6mm. how to remove?

    Pls respond to montapas at gmail dot com

  23. Aniruddha. Basu says:

    Pls. Refer few medicine for gall stone 12mm and also for gas & acidity .

  24. Aniruddha. Basu says:

    Is it possible to get rid of gall stone 12mm by homoeo pathy treatment really .

    • I am Abhimanyu, 46 years old. abdominal Sonography reveals that there are multiple calculi seen in gall bladder lumen. Largest measures- 10.8 mm, Posterior shadowing present.

      In left kidney calculus of size-12.3 mm seen in lower calyx left kidney. Is there any homeopathy treatment for this? kindly let me know.

  25. Sreedhar says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Good evening!

    My father has 9 to 14 mm stone in gallbladder. In private diagnosis it came out as 9 mm and government diagnosis it came as 14 mm.

    At present, we are trying homeopathic treatment to see if it works. Based on my research online, I do feel like surgery is required..Again, I am not a medical person…

    We are planning to have another scan at the end of 3rd month of using homeopathic medicine to see progress. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of the liquids that the doctor gave to mix it in warm water and drink.

    Could please suggest what we need to do moving forward.

  26. Chittaranjan says:

    I have a gallblader polyp age 40 please help me sir?

  27. Jitender Kumar says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    My wife facing gall bladder stone problem stone size 13mm. Is they have any 100%treatment in homeopathy bcz of we are going to operation on 21 jun.

    Jitender Kumar

    • Hi, I have 11month baby. And I am feeding mother also. Age 32.I have multiple stone in gallbladder size 8mm to 12mm. Is there curable in home without surgery.

    • Narayanan says:

      Ji me also same problem, pls call me on 9176621881 for suggestions

  28. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you very much for your article.
    Yours truly,
    Serguei Asnes

  29. Sourabh adlakha says:

    Hi Sir

    I have 12 mm gallstone and acute acidity problem due to this please suggest the medicine for both problems

  30. Chaitanya says:


    I have gallstones. I am experiencing severe pain in upper abdomen and slightly radiating to back omce in 3 to 6 months. Upper abdomen becomes fully bloated and it lasts for 3 to 4 hrs. It reduces after taking some antacid and pain killer.

    Please suggest me homeo treatment.

  31. Mearaj Zia says:


    My wife aged about 30 years has a stone in GALL BLLADER of 5-6 MM each are seen in the lumen.

    Can you provide me the homeopathy medicine which can cure this stone.. Is it possible to it can be removing through homeopathic medicine? Or surgery is need for it.

    Waiting eagerly for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    Mohammad Mearaj Zia

  32. Hi
    My mother aged about 55 years has a stone in GALLBLADDER of 16MM.
    Can you provide me the homeopathy medicine which can cure this stone .
    Waiting eagerly for your reply.
    Thanks & Regards

  33. Michelle English says:

    Pain in upper rt abdomen. No gallstones on u/s.

    Urine is pale yellow, stool is dark brown, belching waxes & wanes. Sharp, stabbing pains for acute period, always at nite, not necessarily after high-fat ingestion, followed by very productive BM which leaves a feeling of relief & almost euphoria.

    Occurs every few mos. do feel like organ in affected area is ‘swollen’ from the inside.

    HIDA scan is next but do NOT want GB removed!!!

  34. Vijai bahadur singh says:

    A6years old girl found6.5mm gallstone.please advice homeo medicine the girl have feeble body

  35. Tapas Mondal says:

    I habe gb popup of 5 mm . Will calcutta cab help to remove this.. please let me know the dose.

    With regards

  36. Mohammad Asif says:

    sir namastte, I have 3mm gallbladder pollyp from 2 years and also suffering pain under right below the abdominal . now i am also troubling from excess gas coming out of the body. sir please suggest me what should i do?Is it possiblle it can be removing through homeopathic medicine?or surgery is need for it?I have already started homeopic medicine from 7days,how much time can i take this medicine?

    • Tapas Mondal says:

      Got any remedy.
      Pls respond to montapas at gmail dot com

      • Puspa Ghoshal says:

        I am 50 yers old. After USG it is found that a 12mm stone is present in gallbladder. No vomiting, no pain but suffering from gas, irregular stool and always feel uneasy in the belly. Please suggest the medicine and dose that can solve my problem.

        • Sir I am 50 yr old lady after usg multiple stone seen in gall bladder now no pain but gas problem, feels no hungry, stomach heaviness , pain in lower portion of both legs still persist please suggest me homeo treatment. Will it be dissolved fully . Thanks with regards

  37. RK Chowdhury says:

    Sir,. Multiple gallstone found during USG for other symptom viz. Prostrate testing. Kindly advise medicine for dissolve of stones. At present no pain is observed barring little inflammation.



    Penis foreskin pain during urinal dur ti a red blood spot insiden foresk8n


    Red blood spot in inside bv prince foreskin.
    Itching, burning pain during urinal.pls prescribe. Medicine
    Age 56

  40. RAJESH LAL says:

    On having acute pain in my stomach I underwent an ultrasound test. The test revealed that I have an infection in the gall bladder. The impression is -Acute cholecystitis. The small echogenic lesion is either a calculus or organised sludge which is causing the pain.
    There were also right renal calculi of 9.9 x 9.0 cm and 4.5 x 3.8 cm.
    Kindly advice for the gall bladder problem.
    Thank you
    Rajesh Lal

  41. ahmad hassan says:

    Dear Sir, I have 1.4 cm stone in gallbladder from 5-6 month. Today, again I did ultrasound test. the report shows 1.0 cm stone impacted in neck of the gall bladders measuring.
    I used homeopathic medicine ( Chionanthus Q) for One month.

    The request is plz suggest me further treatment and medicines.
    Thanking you in anticipation.


    Ahmad Hassan

  42. Dear sir/madam,my mother has multiple gallstones of of 5mm in the lumen area.Can homeopathic medicine dissolve it

  43. Vijender Singh says:

    R/ Doctor Sahab,

    I am vijender Singh,M ,41 years from karnal , haryana.
    I have been suffering from abdominal pain from last three/four years. Last year in August I got ultrasound and mri with ct scan done.
    There were sighted fatty liver grade 1 and hypodense and hyperdense cysts on liver walls.
    Polyp of 6mm was also sighted in GB

    PET Scan showed no trace of abnormal cancerous cells .

    Repeated ultrasound showed 8 mm stone in GB and 65 mm polyp in Feb 18,

    Did last ultrasound on 14/4/18 and the polyp is same size but GB stone has become of size 9mm.

    There is problem in bowls also. In the morning I have to go to toilet minimum 2 times and sometimes 3 times also. Again in the evening I have to go toilet.
    There is problem of Gas also which is normally passed many times a day and sometimes it smells very foul.

    Could you please advise what treatment could be taken for these problems ???

    And regards

  44. Shaukat Javed says:

    Gall bladder : partially distended .walls are normal in thickness.multiple calculi of 4mm to 6mm size seen in gall bladder.collective size approximately 3mm . Moderate amount of sludge seen in gall bladder. No mass seen in it. ABC/intrhepatic biliary channnels are not dilated.

  45. Dr kajal kumar Biswas says:

    I have huge patient. please advice me infuture………………..

  46. Kashmiri lal says:

    My wife is having multiple stones in gallbladder. Please write any homeopathic medicine for its cure. She has also pain in her abdomen

  47. Atul jaiswal says:

    Hello sir

    My father is 70 yrs old having stone in gallbladder of 15.4 mm.
    Please suggest if there is any treatment in homeopathy for this or have to do surgery

  48. Michelle says:

    Hello, I have had spasms on the right side. Had a ultra sound done and Dr. is saying I have Gallbladder disease . It shows I passed a gallstone he doesn’t see any more in there but he says there is a thick sludge. I’m trying to find out what I can do to get rid of that to heal my gallbladder without having to have surgery . Any ideas to heal it naturally? I have been eating a very very low fat diet with beets fruit, veggies chicken, turkey and fish for 4 days now.Thank you

  49. Vijai bahadur singh says:

    A daughter of 6years age detected7.5mm calculi gall bladder stone .She has feeblebody Kindly advice homeo medicine

  50. Hello Doc …
    I have 8mm gallblader sludge with 7mmto 10mm thick wall of acute choelcyst ….plz tellme if there any treatment in homeopathy

  51. Hello, I have sludge in gallbladder that is causing irritation on my upper abdomen. I feel bloated and passing gas frequently. From an sonogram there is no trace of stones but sludge seems causing an irritation. Bowel movement is fine with no clay no r discolored stools. Have no pain in the right shoulder but sometimes pain is feel in my back around the level of liver.
    Which homeopathy treatment do you recommend?

  52. ramakrishna says:

    Hi sir, my name is Ramakrishna, my wife age is 34 and she as 9mm gal stone in the gal bladder

    we came to know about this when she delivered a 2nd baby which was twins, at the beginning she suffered a lot with a pain but gradually it is decreased and now there is no pain, however some times she reports a pain and with out any medicines used again it goes back

    so wanted to know whether will it can be cured by medicine or is that surgery mandate

    Please let us know,


    I have 3 mm size stone in Gall bladder, can it be removed without surgery through homeopathy

  54. ANEESHA kohli says:

    Dear Sir mera son 5 years 3 months ka , he got gallbladder stone, it shows presence of a mobile calculas measuring 5.2 mm, one more tiny calculus is seen within the GB. The pancreas is normal. Sir iska homeopathy treatment hai kya? Please aap mujhe bataiye, Thank you

  55. Deepak Jindal says:

    I am 36 yrs old male and have symptoms of lycopodium. My father also had kidney and gall stone. I have both gall bladder stone and kidney stone. I was using berberis vulgaris Q for 5 years for kidney stone but now recently gall stone is also developed .. i have bearable pain at the centre of chest which increases after eating food.The pain does not moves to right shoulder. Cabbage.cauliflower.lady finger.troubles me a lot.
    Spicy any oily food troubles me a lot.. i have cholestrol problem also.. i like fried food a lot..

    Kindly suggest exact medicine to dissolve the gall stone..

  56. mridul bora says:

    hello sir

    two day back i have done ucg shows 2 stone 8-9mm how can remove witout operation

  57. Varun singla says:

    Dear sir,
    Two days back I had a pain in my right side lower ..i ultrasound and found two stones 4 me and 6 me in right kidney.. One 3 mm in left and 3 in full bladder size 2,4, and 8 mm…what would you suggest sir

  58. Type 1 bile duct obstruction . Gall bladder remove in nov. 17 adrenocarcinoma and in present condition bilirubin 20.5
    Sgpt. 84
    Sgot 117
    Alkaline phosphate. 1600

  59. sommer k amos says:


  60. My wife is suffering with multiple Gallstones, sizes between 10 cm to 5 cm. We are giving her berberis vulgaris.
    Although it helps in reducing pain and discomfort but she is not doing good. Neither we are sure for where stones can be dissolved and flushed.
    Please guide us what should we do?

  61. Iam 16weeks pregnant and I had 10mm gallstone in my gallbladder .Pl suggest can i use homeopathic medicine during pregnancy.and pl tell me any side effects to be or baby.

  62. Hello doc,
    I have been advised R7 and fel tauri for my 12 mm gallstone.
    Its been 4 months and the stone size is same.
    Please advise if I should continue with medicine or is there any other way out without surgery.

  63. PRIYA BHATIA says:

    Hello doc,
    I have been advised R7 and fel tauri for my 12 mm gallstone.
    Its been 4 months and the stone size is same.
    Please advise if I should continue with medicine or is there any other way out without surgery.

  64. manukumar sagar says:

    sir namastte, I have 3mm gallbladder pollyp from 2 years and also suffering pain under right below the abdominal . now i am also troubling from excess gas coming out of the body. sir please suggest me what should i do?Is it possiblle it can be removing through homeopathic medicine?or surgery is need for it?I have already started homeopic medicine from 7days,how much time can i take this medicine?

  65. Dear sir,
    I did ultrasound scan and my report is (GALLBLADDER ) COLLAPSED
    and i have history of diabetes, Bp and chronic acidity
    And stones in gall bladder.
    My stomuch is always bloating and getting worse after eating. pain in shoulder blade. Pls kindly suggest me medicine.
    Thanks ,

  66. Subhadip Biswas says:

    My baby boy is 8 month old. From last mid of December he is suffering from cold & cough. I contacted with my doctor & he gave some medicine. The problem was solved but after completion of dose within few days again the same problem arises. This process continues day by day & then I changed the doctor on mid of February. The 2nd doctor gave a urine culture & after seeing the report he gave a USG for lower abdomen. It is found a 5.4 mm stone in gall-bladder. It is written in report ” Gall-bladder is contracted with thickedn wall (wall thickness being 1.1 mm). Evidence of small calculus. Size measures 5.4 mm with acoustic shadow is seen within its lumen. No obvious mass lesion seen.”
    Please suggest me now what to do. I don’t want any operation for my baby,so I need homeopathic treatment.

  67. PRIYA BHATIA says:

    Hello doc,
    I have a 14 mm gallstone. Please advise if it can be removed without surgery.

    Symptoms are cramps on left side of stomach.
    Acidity. Heart burn. Chronic constipation.

  68. Mrs. Sarmistha Banerjee says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good morning,

    Thanks for having the scope to get your advice in respect of Gall Bladder pain, having stones. Please be intimated that my wife, Mrs. Sarmistha Banerjee (Mob-9474621951) is aged about 48 Yrs. is the concern lady, residing at 81/9 North Srirampur Garia, Kolkata-700084, W.B. After USG, calculi of 14 mm size is mentioned with oily Gal Bladder as per USG Report. “” “” is our E-mail. It will be helpful if we get any advice/suggestion to proceed for Homeopathy treatment.

    With kind regards,
    RP Bandopadhyay,

  69. kamal prabha says:

    There is a 10 mm stone in CBD with stent instu. The stone is not removed. Doctors adviced to open surgery and remove the gallblader. I am not mentally prapere for surgery, Can it be avoided. kindly guide

  70. Meeta Agarwal says:


  71. I have multiple gall bladder stones of size varying from 4-10mm. I have no pain. Please suggest what’s need to be done.

  72. Piyush Verma says:

    Hi Team ,

    I am suffering with pain in my Stomach from last 2 year . I did went to my doctor and she suggested me to go for Ultrasound. Below are the reports results . Attaching the reports as well :

    Ultra sound :
    Markedly gas distended bowel loops are seen .

    Gall Bladder is well distended . A well define non mobile modular isoechoic lesion mesuring 3.0mm is seen attached to the GB fundal wall s/0 GB fundal polyp /

    A well define tiny cystic area measuring 8*7 mm is seen in continuity with defect in anterior fundal GB wall s/0 GB diverticulum. A tiny echogenic area measuring 4.00 mm is seen within this cystic area suggest possibility of sludge particle / polyp.

    CBO is normal. Portal vein is normal in calibre.

    Pancrease : Visualised part of pancreas appears normal .Rest hidden by bowel gas shadows.

    Can you please suggest what should i do ? and is there anything to fear about ?

  73. Muhammad Ilyas Malik says:

    Dear Doctor saheb
    My age is 56 i have multipal stones size 3 mm to 10 mm
    In galbladder and feeling pain once during 2 – 3 months
    Kindly advise best medicen for removal of stones

  74. KUNTAL SAHA says:

    Respected Dr. Saheb,

    My son aged 17 years developed ocasionally abdomen pain . He has a tendency of fatty liver, his amylaze and lypage blood test is normal , cholesterol high measured 236
    His height is 5ft 7 inch, and weight 92 kgs after USG it is reported that multiple tiny calculi in lumen is seen but no measurement of the calculi have been mentioned.

    Since my son is going to appear H.S. final exam commencing in the month of March 2018, as well as due to his under age we the family member are not agreed for going to surgery.

    kindly suggest a good homeopathy medicine for him

    with regards ,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Father of Suradip saha


    Dear Doctor,
    I have two gall bladder stones of size 8mm without any symptoms. I have no pain or any other related problems. Kindly suggest a homeo medicine to dissolve the stones.

  76. Jahiruddin Mondal says:

    Dear Sir,
    My 25 years old daughter Juktamukhi Mondal have been suffering from acidity and gastric problem since Jan 2017. Yesterday it is found a multiple shadow and a caliculi (gallbladder stone) size 0.95 cm.
    Please suggest me.
    Juddin Mondal
    B.oalpur,Rajgram, Birbhum, West Bengal, Pin-73122.

  77. AGHALYA SURESH says:

    I m aghalya. 32 yrs old. 4 yrs back during second delivery on ush abdomen it was diagnosed gall bladder stones .Multiple stones largest is 9 mm. In 2018 jan on usg abdomen it is same but largest was 12 mm.i want medicine for dissolving gall bladder stones without surgery. Pls suggest me the medicine.

  78. SHAILAJA RAO says:


    My name is Shailaja and am 49 years old. I have 17mm gallstones but am having no pain whatsoever but a gastroenterologist suggested laparoscopic cholecystactomy. But am apprehensive so please suggest dissolution of gallstones without surgery.

    Thanking You Sir


  79. Nasreen mookhy says:

    I have to stones in gall stones
    One stone ~23 mm and the other 10 mm in lumen… I had no pain before but now it’s paining a little..I don’t want to go for operation. Please suggest me some nice medicine..

  80. Satyajit Banerjee says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am Satyajit from Lucknow. I am having gallbladder stone sixe 10mm. Please suggest that if homeopathy treatment is available

  81. My mother is having stone in gall bladder. Is there any solution for same, without operation???

  82. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am 47 yrs old and have acidity problem due to grade 1 hiatus hernia and have been taking esomeprazole for last 15 years. Recently ,I have been diagnosed with Gall bladder stone and the Ultrasound sonography report says ” 8.6 mm sized echogenic focus is noted in gallbladder lumen with after acoustic shodowing suggests gall bladder calculus.’

    I have symptoms of bloated tummy almost all the time . Hepatologist has advised surgical removal of gall bladder . However , I understand Homeopathy has medicines for removing the gall bladder stones.

    I would be gateful if you could advise me homeopathy medicines that would cure my problem.

    Many thanks and regards

  83. R ec en t u l tr a sound report shows stones in my gallbladder. One stone is 1.3 mm. Is it possible to cure this with homeopathic treatment & will there be any complications & also how much time does it take for complete treatment. Shall be grateful for you guidance sir. Thanks & regards.

    • Prasannakumar says:

      My son is having gall bladder stone of 6mm and below size. He is 14 years of age. He is having severe pain in the abdomen. Is there any treatment available in Homoepathy.

  84. 8.9mmcalculus is seen at lower pole of the left kidney, no hydronephrosis fatty liver

  85. Ajay Marathe says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am Ajay Marathe from Indore – age 50 years having 7 mm gallstone noticed in sonography done for acidity issue since Dec’17 .

    all other things are normal in ultra sonography while Liver function test done 2 times in 10 days interval through SRL Diagnostics shows following results :
    All other enzymes / SGPT/SGOT/GGT /ALP etc are absolutely normal well within limits .
    First time total Billurubin level was 1.99 & Direct billurubine was 0.67 which has reduced down to total billurubine to 1.67 & Direct billurubine to 0.5 after taking Live- 52 tablets for 10 days .
    I am having mild pain some times in right side below ribs also having acidity issue .
    my urine colour is white & stools colour is also normal .
    request to suggest medicine for this .
    Is there any possibility of some major disease there which I am reading through Internet about direct billurubin level increase .
    I am doing an extensive exercise & running in morning at 5 O çlock & not feeling any sort of weakness

    Ajay Marathe

  86. HI,

    I am 55 yrs young Lady. Had gall bladder stone issue abt 3 years back and was treated with homeopathy medicine.
    Now the issue has arisen again. Pls help me with Dos and Don’ts and suggest homeo medicines pls
    Thanking you in advance

  87. Hi Dr,, my age is 36…i have galbladder stones 10 to 12mm.. multiple stones…sometimes pain was very sevior…..can you pls tell me,,galbladder stone was removed orr not…without surgery

  88. Veeresh KN says:

    I suffering abdomin pain from 1 month, gall bladder is adequantely distended, wall is thickened and edematous, thickness measures 6mm, calculus noted at the neck measuring 13mm. no obsious pericholecystic callection.
    kindly suggest and advice me

    • R ec en t u l tr a sound report shows stones in my gallbladder. One stone is 1.3 mm. Is it possible to cure this with homeopathic treatment & will there be any complications & also how much time does it take for complete treatment. Shall be grateful for you guidance sir. Thanks & regards.

  89. Cynthia Wellington says:

    Hi Doctor Sharma
    Was given cat scan last Monday and diagnosed with shingles. Another cat scan on Friday before Christmas says I have transverse colon diverticulitis. Pain still not abating after 7 days of pureed soup and smoothies only. I have recurring metastatic breast cancer. Cannot be operated on. No gall bladder removal is possible. I believe I have choliocystitis.
    Started on apple cider vinegar and apple juice this am. Hoping pain will begin to abate. There is a swollen tube I can feel going from gallbladder to liver. I believe bile is blocked by gallstones. Either way have u any suggestions.
    I also am brewing milk thistle,licorice,dandelion root, and burdock tea…with tumeric to ease inflamation. Thank you for your time

  90. Hello sir I am 28 yes old.i am having 2mm polyps gall stone..Tell ra medicine to revcover.smms

  91. Hello Sir,

    I am 43 yrs old, wt.73 Kg, height 5.3″. This year in April month Gallstones were found and there after consulted Ayurvedic, Homepathic & English as well.

    As pre latest report, I have three stones of average 6-8mm & rest small multiple stones.

    I am continuously facing gas, acidity, inflammation & bloating stomach.

    Offen gets pain in back shoulder blade side.

    Many doctors claim for the removal, but till today no significant improvement could be seen.

    Now I want to know the actual fact, enabling us to act accordingly

  92. Kamal Chakraborty says:

    Galbladder stone 1.08cm can cure with homeopathy medicine.

  93. Varsha N Bhagwat says:

    Hi Dr. myself Varsha Bhagwat 35 yrs old from Chattisgarh having multiple gallbladder stones of 3mm size.
    I want to know is their any medicine that can cure it with homeopathic treatment or surgery is the option. Plz advise

  94. Saurabh singh says:

    Sir my name is Saurabh singh 27 yrs old I have a gallstone of 11 mm. My dr suggest me to remove the gallbladder and I don’t want to get the Operate.
    Sir, Please tell me how remove the stone from gallbadder with Homeopathy Medicine.

    • Drsanjay singh says:

      Please take medicine golballder stone three month 1. Lycopodium 30 twoice two drop 2. R 7 recwese coy 10drops three timemce3.carduas .q 10 dropstree timemce

  95. Salapakshi kiran says:

    My name is wife has gallstones in gallbladder.dr suggest to remove gallbladder.we r not interested to remove that.we want to take homeotreatment.please suggest me for course details and diet chart.

  96. Hi dr…I am 34 year old female.recently diagnosed with c holelithiasis.i have severe acidity with dysphagia and itching all over body.I would like to enquire whether there is any treatment other than surgery..I am worried please help me

  97. Mrs. Sanyukta says:

    I (age 58) have gall bladder stone of 10 mm in size. 15 years back also I had developed the same but was removed by Homeo transmission therapy when I was at Patna. Now I am at Dehradun
    Again I have developed gall bladder stone. When I noticed continious pain, bloating and gas I contacted the Dr who recommeded surgery after seing the ultra sound report.

    I donot wish to for surgery.

    Now I donot have pain since I have changed my eating habits but sometimes my stomach Bloats and gastric problem persists.

    Kindly suggest me treatment to remove stone.

  98. J.P. SHANTHI says:

    sir i have fatty liver grde 2 and gall blader multiple stones, 1 stone is 1cm in the neck of the gall blader. what is the treatment for fully cured from homeopathy, or immidiate gall blader surgery please give the permanant solution.

  99. Gautam Das says:

    My wife is in 17th week of pregnancy and has been diagnosed with small gall stones detected with ultrasound. She experienced pain in her upper right side of abdomen and had to be hospitalized. Doctors reffered her to a surgeon who said that laprocopy is the only solution and 2nd trimester is the safest time to perform surgery.
    Please suggest any alternative other than surgery. Is it safe to undergo surgery during this time of pregnancy. Wife is not experiencing any pain now as she has controlled her diet and has eliminated all fatty food, she is eating dalia, apples, pears lemons etc.

  100. Gallbladder Stone

  101. Shaily goel says:

    Sir I have gall bladder stone can it be dissolved with homeopathy

  102. sir, I have a stone of 21 mm in my gall bladder. due to it, i m suffering from gas and acidic problem. I m 298 year old. Is it can be dissolved without operation by homeopathy medicines.

    • sir, I have a stone of 21 mm in my gall bladder. due to it, i m suffering from gas and acidic problem. I m 28 year old. Is it can be dissolved without operation by homeopathy medicines.

  103. Sir, I have asymptomatic gallstone of 23mm . Earlier it was 25 mm but after taking berberis vol and R7 size reduced to 23mm, then doctor to discontinue medicine. Again I started beberis and took for 3 months. No change is seen USG.
    Please suggest some medicine or operation is the only option.
    I have mild hepatomegally too.

  104. Hello Dr. Shatma Ji,

    I would like to know about the treatment of gallstone of 12mm for a kid age 7yrs.

    Have consulted docotors and they are suggesting gallbladder removal operation.
    Request you to please let us know if this can be treated without operation.


  105. sir, My age is 50yrs and I am feeling constant pain on d lower back.Also I feel gas tendencies causing pain in mid abdomen very often.This symptom developed since last 2 months.Recently I conducted all tests.It was found that there is a GB STONE OF SIZE 15mm.I donot want to get operated.Pl suggest me Homoeopathy medicine for speedy recovery and dissolving the GB STONE.
    I will be grateful to u for ur noble act.
    Anticipating a quick reply from ur end.

  106. Namaskar Sir,
    Meri umar 42 yrs hai. Mere gallbladder me 24 mm ka stone hai. Mujhe kabj aur gas ka bhi shikayat rahti hai. Kya homeopath medicine se mera gallbladder stone dissolved ho jayega? Ya operation karana Hoga.
    Agar homeopath medicine se thik ho Sakta hai to plz medicine ka naam bataye. (I am from Ranchi, Jharkhand)

  107. Raja Arif Khan says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am from Pakistan. My wife has 12 mm size gallbladder stone with severe pain & no appetite.prescribed best homeopathy treatment. Her age is 34 years.

  108. Tarannum manjul says:

    Dr Sharma, my mother is 65 years old. She has been detected with kidney stones (9 mm and 7 mm) and gall bladder stones (13 mm 9 mm). Can homeopathy treat her since we do not want to go for surgery at her age. She also is a sugar patient.

  109. Good morning doctor, I had an inquiry related to my gall stones since I was 5month pregnant my doctor found stones in my gall, before 2 amd half year I had no problems from stones now a days I had sudden pain in my right side of abdomen and I am treated and having medicines time to time , now stones are developed as some 5mm, 8mm, 6mm, 7mm, 13mm, is my situation a critical do I have to do operation is this a last option for? Feed me a good suggestion make me comfort I am worried.

  110. pratima gorai says:

    I am suffering gallbladder ultersound report say that 12mm stone. but now no problem. how i remove it by homeopathy medecine.

  111. Sudip singh says:

    Gollbladar मैं 18mm ston है। कैसे ठीक होगा। opration के लायक नाही है दवा का नाम बताये।

  112. Sunil Tripathi says:

    Dr Sharma
    My wife has 11 mm size gallbladar stone but no any pain or other problem there any treatment to remove by homeopathy treatment
    Or I go for surgery.kindly suggest

    • H.Dr.Muhammad Naeem says:

      Dr good morning,I am H.Dr.Muhammad Naeem from Pakistan, Since long I gives Homoeo; medicines to the patient who was the patient of gall stone(0.6mm) after seen the U/S.
      1.Carduus-/Cale Carb-/Lachesis-/China-/Thuja( for 15dyas) after one month the patient sent to me U/S and there was no stone seen in the gall stone.
      However, A same patient is under treatment and 4.3mm stone is in his gallbladder,what kind of potency may be applied in this case.Please suggest if you like.

      • H.Dr.Muhammad Naeem says:

        Dr good morning,I am H.Dr.Muhammad Naeem from Pakistan, Since long I gives Homoeo; medicines to the patient who was the patient of gall stone(0.6mm) after seen the U/S. Firstly given one teaspoon Haney with olive oil daily in early morning.
        1.Carduus-/Cale Carb-/Lachesis-/China-/Thuja( for 15dyas) after one month the patient sent to me U/S and there was no stone seen in the gall stone.
        However, A same patient is under treatment and 4.3mm stone is in his gallbladder,what kind of potency may be applied in this case.Please suggest if you like.

  113. Does homeo works for 14.5mm stone in Gallbladder

  114. Ritika mahajan says:

    I am having acute cholecystitis… And a calculi of 1.8cm in the neck region of gall bladder with pain in the back of shoulder and in the right side of chest.. Allopathy doctors said there is no other option than to remove it surgically.. My age is 28,unmarried female.. I am also hypothyroidism patient taking 50mcg eltroxin daily. My weight is 54.9 and my height is 4’11”.Please suggest me any other alternative for my problem.

  115. Sir,

    My son is 17 years old having multiple small calculi measure 2-3 mm are seen within the llumen. Echogenic sludge is seen. How can he be treated by homeopathic treatment.

  116. Ruchi Mishra says:

    sir I have 0.25 cm polyp in gallbladder plz suggest me what I do nd plz suggest me any homeopathy medicine.

  117. Sushma singh says:

    Hello.. I am a kidney patient.. I am on Dialysis thrice a week.. I have multiple gall bladder stones. I want to ask if they can be removed without surgery.. pls advice

  118. Sir,
    I am female age 81 and have multiple gall stone of 2-3mm. I have pain in right soldier and abdomen. Constant burning sensation in sole of my feet and also in my urinary organ. Everything is tasting bitter even a glass of water and I am feeling nausea. Clay colored stool. I go to toilet many times a day to discharge stool. I feel constipated. After getting my Kidney function test done, I got to know my creatinine (1.40 mg/DL), uric acid (6.60 mg/DL), a:g (.86 mg/DL) and potassium (5.42 mg/DL) are a little out of the set bar.

    Kindly suggest medicine.

    Thank you.
    Urmila Prasad

  119. R/sir
    I am female age 38 have gall stone of 14mm. &. 20 mm. Fatty liver also. Since long time suffering from constipation acidity flatulence in upper of abdomen. No pain in stomach till now due to gall stone. Severe menstrual pain for 1 day every month. I have two child from sygerion. Kindly suggest me a homeo medicine to get rid of these problems. Thanking you
    With Regards

  120. Sir,
    My mother has multiple stones of size 10-15 mm in gall bladder. She is also suffering from grade 2 fatty liver.

    Is there any homeopathic medicine for these problems.

    • Niranjan singh says:

      Mere usg report mein likha hai * gall bladder is contracted . Anterior wall is marginally thickened.posterior wall and lumen of gallbladder is obscured by few(8-12mm) mass lession detected.
      One and half years SE hai ,gas aur acidity rehta hai . Operation ke liye ghar wale paresan kar rahe hai main nahi lagbhag sab test karwa liye hai jo bhi jaruri hai operation ke liye .ek bar apki rai chahiye “please help” apka advice mere liye sarvopari rahega .

  121. I have silent gall stones 7mm..3mm and 4mm.. Please suggest medicines to dissolve them without surgery

  122. Very simple is there any medicine, groups of medicines or homeopathic or ayurveda treatment to dissolve and remove 29mm gallstone without surgery.

  123. I have stone in Gallbladder of approx 14.1 mm. Is it possible to remove the stone without surgery with homeopathic medicine.Till now i have no symptoms of stones at all.I have no pain yet.

  124. Mritunjay kumar says:

    I am suffering from gallbladder stone

    • H.Dr.Muhammad Naeem says:

      Dr good morning,I am H.Dr.Muhammad Naeem from Pakistan, Since long I gives Homoeo; medicines to the patient who was the patient of gall stone(0.6mm) after seen the U/S.
      1.Carduus-/Cale Carb-/Lachesis-/China-/Thuja( for 15dyas) after one month the patient sent to me U/S and there was no stone seen in the gall stone.
      However, A same patient is under treatment and 4.3mm stone is in his gallbladder,what kind of potency may be applied in this case.Please suggest if you like.

  125. Indranil Dey says:

    Is it so effective. My wife is experience 5 stones in GB and she took homeopathic treatment but not cured. Now treating Dr. Advice her for operation. Size of stones are 12 mm to 15 mm. Please advise.

  126. gall bladder neck ,stone size 7 can I remove.plz reply

  127. Radhakrishnan Subramanian says:

    Do we have medicine for gall bladder polyps in homeopathy

    • Sir I have a benign gallbladder polyp of 8mm n is being treated by homeopathic doctor giving me chelidonium majus for treatment n other two medicine of homeopathic. As such I want to plan for baby too does this medicine can be harmful for concieving or being pregnant. Do suggest me as I m trying since 2 months n not being successful is the reason is this medicine. Plz suggest me.

  128. A. K. CHANDIRAMANI says:

    Dear Sir
    I have 3 to 4 little POLYPS of size smaller than 3mm in the Gall Bladder, with Mild Thickening of the GB (just Detected thru USG).
    What would be the homeopathic remedy (Remedies) for this condition.

    Please also let me know whether with the treatment recommended, the POLYPS would go away, as also the Thickening of the Gall Bladder.

    Would highly Appreciate your prompt reply.

    With Best Regards

  129. qazi masood ali says:

    Sir my name is qazi masood ali from pakistan.sir I m suffering from disease of gall bladder stone 15 mm.dr suggested me for oprtae but I m nt willing.plz dr sb suggest me some medicine to gt ride of stone.I ll b very thank full to you best regards qazi masood ali pakistan

  130. Avadhesh Thakur says:

    Dear sir
    Mera gallstone jo 13mm ka hai, kya homeopathic medicine se thik ho sakta hai ? To kripya dava ka nam batane ka kast karenge . Aapka Aabhari ….. !

  131. Anil Kumar Sahay says:

    after removal of gall bladder due to rapture I experience gas specially in left side of mind as soon as gas moves upward pain in nerve in left side of neck starts which results heavy pain in left side of brain. lemon is very useful for me after taking lemon gas moves downward and pain is reduced after release of gas. I have used carbo veg it is beneficial up to some extent suggest a suitable medicine

  132. ABHISHEK PANDEY says:

    My mother have 13mm gallbladder stone , but some problems is occurred due to which she is on high risk for operation .

    She didn’t feel any pain or something but we just need to know about some homeopathic treatment for removal of gallbladder stone without operation .

    Waiting for your kind response .

    Thanks & Regards

  133. Dear Sir,
    My mother 45 years old having gallbladder stones of 20mm and 11mm. She is suffering from lots of pain. Can it b removed permanently with homeopathy without operation. If it is possible please tell me i m waiting your answer.
    It’s request please ans fast.

  134. Ahmed Waqas says:

    I am Waqas from Lahore Pakistan. My daughter aged 11 years is suffering from stone in Gallbladder. The size of the stone is 10 mm. She felt severe pain in February 2017, she was under the treatment of allopathic doctor. However she feel no pain sofar (to Date) how ever stone is still in Gallbladder. You are requested to advice / prescribe homeopath medicine for removal of stone. An early reply is requested. Thank You.

  135. I am Shilpa of 34 years old.I have a gallstone 15*12mm & kidney stone 4mm..I m taking berberis velgeris 4 times per day since 3months. Today gall stone is decreased by 1*1mm. but kidney stone is still of 4mm. There is no pain or any other problem of that stones…Only I have acute pain in right shoulder . It accidently come to notice by ultrasound. Please suggest me for the proper medicine .

  136. Jaideep Mahani says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Require your guidance on homeopathy medicine and dosage for a case:
    My grandfather (87 yrs) has a problem of obstructive jaundice, fever during late evening hours, occasional vomiting. His gall bladder has been removed 10 years ago. Stones are in common bile duct and very near to junction of pancreas. Size of stones in CBD are same since 1 year.

  137. R K PRASAD says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was diagnosed with 2 gallstones of 10mm & 8mm sizes in 2008 and taking Carduas Marianus, althogh I had not got any severe pain uptill now. Alopathic Drs advising for removal of GB. Since one month I am filling pain in right back side..
    Please advice me accordingly..

    Er. R K Prasad

    • Note. I am not a doctor. I am suffering from gall stone of 14″mm in Dec 16. Doctors advised me for surgery. Then i take Chelidonium200 ten drops, berberi tincture, and daily. It started dissolving of stone. I am happy

    • bikash mahato says:

      i am suffering from gall stone 20mm approx please sugest me for treatment

  138. Mere husband k gallbladder main dtone hai ho hme treatment chahiye ki vo bina surgery kiye nikl jaaye

  139. Mini Mathew says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    Good morning,
    I am 49yrs. old(female) , having a silent solitary mobile calculus 11mm in gall bladder , found during a routine yearly medical check. it is known to me since 2012.i am a senior heathcare professional (occupational health).Would like to know a homeopathic remedy without surgery.
    I am now worried after discussing with general surgeons, who say can lead to Ca gall bladder.
    Pls. suggest should i go for cholecystectomy. i do not have any other illness at present.
    Thanks & Regards

  140. I have a gallstone of 18mm how i remove this gallstone without operation

  141. Aadhilaxmi says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Sister have stone in gall bladder, we want a permanent solution from this..plz help me out of this situation. And She had a one year baby



    Very Good Morning Dr.Sharma,
    I have one of friend she having Gall Stones so how she took the medicines without surgical removal.
    only for the medicine.

  143. my mother underwent cholecystectomy seven years before. but she is still feeling pain and tenderness in her abdomen alongwith indigestion and acidity. a recent USG shows doubtful common bile duct obstruction. Kindly suggest homoeo remedy for her.

  144. Dr Tribhuwan Singh says:

    Hi Sir
    I M Dr Tribhuwan Singh from Bareilly UP. My wife is suffering from acute cholesystis and multiple gall bladder stones 3-5 mm size…
    I am not sure what to go for… Either surgical removal or medicinal treatment for stones.. kindly suggest me a positive treatment plan for the above mentioned problem..
    Dr Tribhuwan Singh

    • Jayanta Biswas says:

      Dear Sir

      My wife 33 yrs old has suffering gallbladder stones for sometimes . Ultrasound report are as follows

      Gall Bladder :

      Hugely distended gall bladder is noted with slight thickening (4.1mm) of it’s wall. Multiple calculi (3.7 – 5.2 mm) are seen in the gallbladder lumen with acoustic shadowing.

      The liver is mildly enlarged in the size and hyperchoice.

      Common Duct:
      Normal dimension (2.4mm) of the common bile duct is seen. No intraluminal echogenicity is noted.

      Portal vein:
      The lumen is free. It measure 10.8 mm. No abnormal collateral seen.


      Pancreas slightly bulky and hypoechoic with peripancreatic fat infiltration .

      Spleen :
      Normal dimension of the spleen is seen ( 10.0cm). It shows normal echotexture.

      Last week she was admitted in hospital for pain and bomiting . Now she was realeased by hospital and takes medicine rerularly in medical supervision . But Dr says to romove the gal baladder by surgery .

      Kindly advice if it is possible to clean or remove the stones by homeopathic medical treatment .

      If possible, kindly advise what is the process and which medicine should to take.

      Duly respect I am waiting to hear your positive reply.

      Jayanta biswas
      West Bengal 8927375886

  145. deep singh says:

    I have 6.5 mm stone in my gall bladder….I don’t want to remove my gall bladder.and I want permanent solution from this..plz help me out of this situation.
    Deep Singh

  146. deep singh says:

    I have 6.5 mm stone in my gall bladder….I don’t want to remove my gall bladder.and I want permanent solution from this..plz help me out of this situation…
    Deep Singh.

  147. deep singh says:

    I have 6.5 mm stone in my gall bladder….I don’t want to remove my gall bladder.and I want permanent solution from this..plz help me out of this situation…
    Deep Singh

  148. deep singh says:

    I have 6.5 mm stone in my gall bladder….I don’t want to remove my gall bladder.and I want permanent solution from this..plz help me out of this situation…
    Deep Singh

  149. deep singh says:

    I have 6.5 mm stone in my gall bladder….I don’t want to remove my gall bladder.and I want permanent solution from this..plz help me out of this situation…
    Deep Singh

  150. Sir my gall bladder 11mm and 8mm two stone what I can do it prescribe the medicine

  151. I have Gallstone 11mm last one year. it was come after pregnancy. I had pain several time . I take Ayurveda and Homeopathic medicine both for remove the gallstone without surgery. But last 04 months I had pain every month and it is continue upto 8-9 hours.
    pl. suggest me what can I do? I does not want to remove the gallbladder.

  152. 19mm gallbladder stone can be treated by oral medicine please reply sir.

    • Sonika Singhvi says:

      I have gallbladder stome of 19mm.
      Is it possible to remove it without operation.
      Any homeopathic treatment for this?

  153. Aida Carvalho says:

    I am 48 years old. Just diagnosed gallbladder sludge. I have no heart issues, no thyroid issues, no blood pressure issues, no diabetes. How can I get rid of that?

  154. Bipin kumar says:

    My son aged 11 yrs is suffring from gall stone of 5-6 mm size with 2 Nos. He suffring from abdomen pain upper of nabhi at evening everyday. What treatment I have taken? Cane stone removed?

  155. Surendra Saxena says:

    I got ultrasound for pain in right back. It is a gallstone 5 mm size. Can it be resolved.

    • Tata. Subbarayudu says:

      Sir my son aged 33 is having 4mm gallstones in the neckof his gallbladder. Though no problem as of now. We are very much afraid of their position and worried. He obese at 120 kg and diabetic has Thyroid problem. Both diabetes and thyro parameters are normal.kindly advice.

  156. Satish chauhan says:

    my wife is having gallbladder stone of 14 mm .
    is to possible to treat and remove the gallbladder stone through homeopathic medicines.

    age 44 yrs


  157. Sir i am suffering from 8mm stone on my gallbladder can u suggest me it can remove or dissolve by homeopathy medicine… Please answer me.

    With regards

  158. s k singh says:

    Hi sir,

    I’m having multiple Gallbladder stones 14mm & 14.9mm cacluli. Please advise me homepathic medicine for and I’m 54 yrs old plz sir can u suggest any homeopathy
    Medicine for rempoval of stone

  159. Satish chauhan says:

    my wife has 12 mm stones in gallbladder.
    is it possible for homeopathic treatment or shall we go for surgery.

    patient age 44 yrs . we are living in Chennai.


  160. Aurobindo Bhattacharya says:

    Sir, I am suffering from gallbladder stone of size 5mm.Symptoms are 1) Whole abdomen is full of gas.2) Feeling uneasynes left upper part of abdomen.
    Please suggest medicine and what food not to eat.

    • G.Deepthi says:

      Hi sir,

      I’m having multiple Gallbladder stones and I’m 29 yrs old plz sir can u suggest any homeopathy
      Medicine doctor.

  161. Mimi poddar saha says:

    Hi. My wife has multiple 3-4 mm are noted with in lumen gall stone.she is now 27 years old .

    Is there any homeopathic medicine that can help her?


  162. Rajender Bisht says:

    Morning sir

    My daughter who is 14 years old having gall stone of 17 mm. Is it curable in homeopathy ? Kindly help with your advise.

    Regards Rajender Bisht 9810053583

  163. Arun Pareek says:

    My mother is 86 years & have a 3mm calculus in distal CBD. The Total bilirubin 2.7 (20.6.17) & 4.27 (23.6.2017) .ERCP was done but no hole was found to complete the procedure.
    Is there any medicine in Homeopathic for removal of obstruction in CBD & cure jaundice.

  164. ashik iqbal says:

    Sir mother who is 50 years old is having gallbladde stone and she has been told to operate….for an operation..and my mom scared of operation so is there any other way to solve this problem plzz sir..reply me i am in trouble

  165. Dr. Sharma,

    I am 40 yrs old female having a gallbladder stone of 10mm. I suffer from sever boating something. 2 days before i was admitted at ICU for severe gastro problem. The doctor suggested immediate surgical removal of the stone. The report says: Gall bladder is grossly distended and echogenic focus (calculus 10mm)with psoterior shadowing seen GB neck region. Gall bladder cavity also showing echoegnic debric materials. Rest everything it said to be normal.
    IMPRESSION: collilithiasis with gall bladder bebris with features of acute cholicystitis.
    I am on a 5 day mediation now.
    Can you suggest homeopathy can remove the gallbladder stone of 10mm

  166. I am suffering from gall bladder stone since 2015. I had few homeo medicine and Ayurveda kashayam and also alopathy. Now I have stomac pain, heart burn, constipation. Pls tell me which medicine I can use

    Antony, Indi

  167. Dr. Sharma,

    I have 8mm max size gallbladder stone n multiple stones n Dr. Asked to go for surgery. Would you be able to help n how to get homoeopathy medicine .
    How it can cure.Homeopathic remedies for gall stones with acute pain

  168. B.janardhan says:

    Sir,Thanks for your services. Please let me know the homeopathic medicine for desolving gall stones and how to use? I am having 9mm size of silent gall stone.
    with regards


  169. Tapas Mondal says:

    I had a acute stomach pain at my upper right abdomen one month earlier. I did usg and found a polyp of 4.5 mm. May I know is it harmful to me? What is the remedy of this. Btw I am 43 yrs old.

  170. R.Krishnamurthy A-13 ramanamaharshi street,Kuvempunager, Mysuru -570023 says:

    Very often I getting back pain which includes right and left side of the lower abdomin.After having echo test it is found that I have stones in gal bladder.because of this pain I am not feeling comfortable to sleep and and also I cannot stand for long time.Even nowdays I am getting constipation problem.Can you please suggest me how to come out of this problem.
    My details are given below.
    Krishnamurthy .R. Age 70 yrs weight after getting this problem 58kgs fro 65

  171. Rajneesh Sharma says:

    Sir I am 50 year old man. I have 15mm stone in gallbladdar and swelling and pain in sholders, back, abdominal

    Conclusion of ultrasound

    1- Cholelithiasis with acute cholecystitis.

  172. Musa Ahmed says:

    Hello sir ..
    I am musa ahmed , 32 years old and from delhi . yesterday only i got diagnosed through ultrasound of a 22mm stone in my gallbladder which is not painful..
    I Dont want surgery..
    I am taking lycopodium30 3times a day as it is helping me to release gas which is a big problem ..

    Can this stone be dissolved through homeopathy…??
    Plz advice ..

  173. D.V. PAMNANI says:


    Sir, can I know there is treatment in Homeopathy. How much time it will take for removal by taking Homeopath medicines as Homeo is safe for a human being.

  174. Hello Sir

    I m Arifa from sgr, I have cholethasis stones in gall blader ..i dnt want any surgery ..Is this necessary or not …sir plz give me suggestion vt i do ..

  175. Rajendra says:

    I have 25mm stone in gallbladder, can it be removed by homeopathic treatment

  176. I have adenomYomatosis
    Of gallbloddar

  177. Dr ajmal islamabad says:

    Dear sir
    Gall Stones in me 5mm on ultra sound and lever enlarge pl help me and advise remedy age 45 wight 104 kg length 6 feet
    occupation teaching

    dr ajmal

  178. Brenda Wright says:

    I have a small gallstone. It creates pain along the top of my abdomen, which travels into my stomach – sometimes severe. Cider vinegar and apple juice helps alleviate the pain. I alternate between constipation and diarrhoea. I suffer bloating, gas and nausea. Food always feels as if it is sitting on top of my stomach rather than being digested. My energy is low as is my mood – anxiety being my main issue. Am I right in thinking lycopodium would be the remedy for me and if so, would that be in the 30c or 6c.
    Many thanks

  179. Ashok karol says:

    Hello Sir,
    My father has many stones of multiple sizes in the gall bladder. His age is 54 years and He don’t want any surgery . Please suggest the best homeopathic treatment without any surgery.

    Thank you.

  180. lacky pal says:

    Dear sir,my name is lacky my age is 21 and suddenly i know about tha i have s stone in my gall bladder which size is 7 mm .and i dont want any surgery ,pls tell me the treatment,without any surgery.

  181. Bipin kumar says:

    Sir my mother is suffering from diabetes as well as 22mm gallstone in lumen . Give suggestion what we have to do now…. 22mn pointed out by ultrasound.

  182. jitender says:

    gallstone of size 21mm . age 65 years, what precaution of food with R7 and choleterinum 3x

  183. om prakash says:

    sir my grand son aged 3 1/2 years has three stone of size 4.9,4.1,2.3 mm in gall bladder. otherwise he is normal. it come in notice when we go for ultra sound for other purposes. so far we have started cal.carb.

    Pl. give better advise—parents them self are alopathy doctor.

  184. Rahul dev singh says:

    Dear Sir, I’m having 2 stones of size 15mm each. And these stones are silent with no symptoms or pain.Is there any treatment for the same.please advice.

    With regards
    Rahul dev

  185. Pawan Mathur says:

    Dear Sir

    In Left kidney a calculus about 3.8mm seen in lower pole of caly. Mild ydronephrosis seen.
    Please suggest some medicines.

  186. Sanjeev Gera says:

    I have very small size stones in gall bladder, nos are many but unknown.
    Ultrasound reports says many in nos but tiny in size.
    Two times in last 5 months encountered the pain due to that which last for 2-3 hours and taken painkillers injections to get relief.
    While in pain in both occasions, felt acidity, gastic and vomiting as well.

    Please suggest suitable homeopathic medicine.

  187. Ajimuddin dewan says:

    Sir plz halp me …..muje gallbaladar huwa he bohut pain hota he …kiya koru…up bataiye….thik hone ka kus medison dijiye……

  188. respected Sir,
    Please let me know which medicine to take for this

  189. val ybalez says:

    Dear Sir, Pls help me …i have multiple polyps in my gallbladder the larger size is lessthan 5mm

  190. carmen mercado says:

    What is the best homeopathic to dissolve gallbladder stones?

  191. avtar singh ludhiana says:

    hello sir, my wife have 17mm silent stone in gallblader stone. she 55yr old. plz advice how that removed by homeopathy medicen.

    • Rachna lohiya says:

      Hello sir i m patient of rumeotied arthritis as well as 18 mm stone in gall bludder my arthritis remedies allopathic going on but for stone i want your remady

  192. Minty singh says:

    Respected Sir..I have three silent gall stones two 8mm and one 9mm in my gallbladder.. I am female age 55 years..How can these stones dissolved without any surgery.. Is silent stones harmful in gall bladder..Please advice..Regards

  193. Lubna haque says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I have 3 stones in gallbladder which I found by usg report on 3rd of April 17.. the large stop e size is 11 mm…i do have gas. Bloating bit I digestion and 24 hrs mild pain I whole abdomen…

    Please do advice how to solve this problem without surgery …


  194. May Blancaflor says:

    Hi. My father has .8cm gall stone. He us 74 yrs old. The ddoctor advised for surgery but my father doesnt want to be operated.

    Is there any homeopathic medicine that can help him?

    Thank you.

  195. I have 13mm gallstone so how could be remove without surgery

  196. Avijit Sasmal says:

    Single large gall bladder stone of 13mm in size has been found in my wife’s gall bladder. She has been suffering from vomiting, light pain, gastritis. She is also a diabetic type2 patient under treatment. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine to dissolve stone without surgery.
    Thanking you,
    Avijit Sasmal

  197. Have 2.8 cm gallstone.
    Don’t want the surgery.

    Pl advice, I’m overweight.

  198. PRIYA BHATIA says:

    Hello doctor
    I have a 12 mm gallstone.
    Also all the symptoms of it like chronic acridity
    Heart burn bile reflux vomiting bloating nausea constipation loss of appetite
    Shortness of breath is new addition in last 15 days.
    Please let me know if gallstone can be dissolved via homeopathy. And how long does it take to dissolve it as i am suffering with this since January last year.

  199. y.v.sivareddy says:

    I have gallstones biggest 14mm and multiple s stones can you suggest my stones remove treatment with out operation . My age 34 homeopathy treatment in how many days course suggest help me sir

    Y V sivareddy
    Guntur district

  200. Mrs Naveed says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    i have gall stones can you suggest me the remedy that remove my stones with out surgery.

    Mrs Naveed

  201. chirag singh says:

    I have stone in my right sided kidney 7mm big.
    Can it be passed out with homeopathic treatment and medication, if yes please suggest me the medicine
    which I should take to pass out the stone through urine. I have tried almost everything except getting operated(surgery). It will be very kind of you to reply on this query as soon as possible.

  202. Neeraj Sharma says:

    Good evening Dr.
    My grand mother is 68 years old , she has gallbladder stone around 1 – 3 mm ,
    is it possible to remove stone without operation ?

    • chandra mohan dubey says:

      Echogenic focus measuring 8.7mm casting distal acoustic shadow is seen in gall bladder lumen

  203. C D Maheshwari says:

    In ultra sound report neumerous tiny calculi are seen in tis lumen measuring approx. 2.00 mm in size. No mass is seen. CBD is normal in diameter.

    Please suggest homeopathic remedy for gall bladder stone removal. As such I have no problem. I am having high cholesterol from last several years. There is heptic syst in lever and liver is enlarged but cyst is hemangioma.

  204. Dhananjay says:

    Dear sir
    My wife is 27 years old in usg report it was found she has gall bladder stone largest 6 mm In size. She has no pain but she is suffer from vomiting. She has asthama. So i want to avoid surgical removal is there any treatment in homeopathy plz sugest me.


  205. Dear sir
    My mother 62 years old in usg report it was found she has gall bladder stone largest 6 mm In size. She has no pain but she is suffer from vomiting. She has asthama. So i want to avoid surgical removal is there any treatment in homeopathy plz sugest me.

  206. Poonam Singh says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    My father has detected stone in Gall Bladder.He has no pain yet but the size of stone is 12mm.
    so i wanted to know if stone can be removed without surgery?

  207. Pawan Sharma says:

    My daughter age 18 yrs old have multiple gallstones, largest 8.5 mm. she has much pain in right abdomen& below . sir, is it any remedy in homeopath that gallbladder will free from stones. If stones dissolves in gallbladder by homeopathic medicines then where goes the dissolved matter. What should I do sir, please., surgery or homeopathic treatment.

    • Vaibhav vhasamane says:

      Oawan sharna ji gall bladder stone homeopathy treatment we dissolve hota he…trust on ur doctor…go n get a treatment of homeopathy…god bless you

  208. seema Kamal says:


    I have 17 mm. gall bladder stone at neck of it, suffering from sever pain in rt. back & coming frant in middle of chest, abdomen is very distended and filing the gas type. Please suggest me better option of treatment . Surgery & Homeopathy can help .

  209. Balancer kaur says:

    Gall bladder severely contracted.mild fever with body aches…

  210. I’m having 16mm stones in GB and multiples stones too…It can be cure by homeopathy without surgery????

  211. I have 23mm & 3mm gallstones. can these remove by medicine.

  212. I am 57 Recently during ultrasound a 12.5 mm gall stone seen. please advise if it can be dissolved by homeopathic medicine. Thanks

  213. 11mm Galston treatment age 36 year

    • Pawan Kumar says:

      My wife having 11-12 mm gall stone . Is it possible to remove it without any surgery… please advise

  214. Henry Salma says:

    I am in philippines, diagnosed with stone 1 cm x 2 cm back in September 2016. pain in right chest ribs, sour belching, bloating. Do you hve remedy to dissolve stones. Thank you sir.

  215. I have stonegall I HV using homeopathic medicine do u tel me how much days I completely heal

  216. Rajendra Bele says:

    Dear Sir
    I am 41 years old
    I suffer frequently from a headache and savior vomiting
    My sonography report has mentioned following observation
    several small calculi measuring 4-5 mm noted in body with echogenic sludge
    Please advise
    to curing of the disease without surgery.


    my wife (F/35) to diagnosis microlithiasis in GB ,n nausea,only longlitunal pain abdomen, with gastric problem , I am also medical practinioner,what medicine you have suggest sir, please advise me

  218. muhammad ismail says:

    Dr shb. My son age 15 year. They have 8.8 left side stone plc advise me medcsions

  219. In Previous reports my gallstone was 14mm,then 16mm and now it is 22.8mm. Actually i am treating my other health issue (fibroid & cyst) with homeopathy thats why doing scan again and again to get report of reducing the same and i am getting result but about gallstone dr. told me to operate it. Today i am going through some non-surgical treatment and i got your reference. Hoping you will give me better sugestion to treat my 22mm gallstone without any surgery. Thanks.

    • Mallika Biswas says:

      Hi doctor, I am 62 yrs old, in USG report it was found I hv multiple gallstone largest is 10 mm in size. I hv asthama and blood sugar so I want to avoid surgical removal. Is there any treatment in homeopathy to dissolve the stone?

      • Sanjay Kumar Saw says:

        sir please advice me what is the medicine i used remove for 2 nos gall bluder stone,size is 6mm & 9mm .my age is 33 yrs.

  220. Rajendra Kumar Verma says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 48 years old, Recently i have been diagnosed with multiple gall bladder stone size of 3.1 mm. I don’t want to go for any kind of surgery.

    Kindly advice me which homeopathic medicine should i take to get rid of the stone.


  221. Sujeet singh says:

    I sujeet Singh having multi gallbladder stone. There is treatment in homeopathy. Stone size 6mm.

  222. Respected Dr. Sharma,
    Since 2008 I am having thorasic pain and abdominal pain. It starts when I lye down on my back or trying to sleep, pain wakes me after 3 to 4 hours of sleep. Its burning, inflammatory pain in the mid back as well as upper middle abdomen. Sometimes pain is between shoulder blades. Since this pain started 9 years ago I get rashes when there is itching. I get constipated and gas with most food. I avoid oily, fatty food, take lot of fiber, drink upto 3 litres of water but still gets constipated and gas.
    I had full abdominal Ultrasound, Blood test, upper endoscopy but it was normal. I get yellow and yellowish green stones in stool.
    Some Dr said it’s mild gastritis, heart burn, ankolysing spondylitis, fibromylgia. Tried various medicines but still pain comes back and affects sleep. I feel bloated most of the time. I feel i am full and therefore dont feel hungry. When there is some movement in abdomen with sound as if liquid is moving the pain in abdomen gets mild. Your opinion will be highly appreciated.

  223. l s solanki says:

    12 mm stone

  224. Can CBD STONE REMOVE WITHOUT SURGERY????? Or its not possible without surgery. Stone size is 8.5 mm.

  225. Ishu sharma says:

    Hi Doc
    Can 20mm of gall bladder stone is possible to dissolve with homeopathy.?

  226. Hi doctor ,
    My hubby is suffering from gallstone and there is thickness of 7mm of his gallbladder wall.surgeon had adviced removal of gallbladder aftr six week but one homeopathic docter said she can cure without surgery size of gallstone would reduce from 13mm to 7 or less without any harm but medication should be continued for long it fine,should we trust her

  227. Sunil Vasant Khilare says:

    Myself Sunil Vasant Khilare, My Gallbladder have been Removed,(15.02.2015) Now There is Little Pain on My Right Hand side. Can You Please Help me out from this Pain.

    Sunil Khilare

  228. Hi Dr Sharma,Hope you are fine,our whole family is very fond of your informative articles on homeopathy.I am fifty years old hypothyroid obese woman.I have diagnosed with gallbladder single 2cm stone and fatty liver. I have been a patient of ibs too since many years .But no gallstones pain so far,please recommend patent medicine and dosage advise.
    With profound respect

  229. Raj Kumar Verma says:

    Hi Doctor,
    Just two day back found the that my wife has gallbladder stone size of 1.56cm (single stone) and seen impacted at neck. Wall is not thickened and gallbladder fossa is normal. I want to just know that can it desolved thru medicine or she needs to go thru the surgery? We are also going thru the gynecological treatment for parenthood. Please guide us.

  230. Hello Doctor.
    Recently my father underwent ERCP and a stent has been put in his bile duct. Please let me know if the stent can be there permanently or if it has to be removed. Is the problem curable in homeopathy without surgery. Please advise.

  231. N.H.V.K.nawarathna says:

    Hello doctor
    My mother is 52 years old and she has gall stones since 2015.she dont like to do a surgery.the size of stones are small than 0.5 cm .please tell us the medicines for the disease.

  232. Hello Doctor,
    i am having Gallbladder stone 5 X 6 mm size. my age is 39. currently i am taking homeopathy medicine. it will be curable without surgery. please give your suggestion

  233. Dear Sir,

    the multiple stones in my gall bladder and large size is 15 MM.
    Please suggest me best medicine and i dont go for surgery.

    I will be very greatful to you for the same.

  234. Yogesh Pahuja says:

    My dad’s age is 52 and have witnessed Gall bladder stones with 21mm size. Please suggest if this can be treated in Homeopathy nad let me know so that i can send across the USG report. Thanks.

  235. I have been having gall stones for 20 years. It started with many small stones now got consolidated. Now there are a few with 10 mm dia. Of late, I have been feeling occasional pain, not severe though. Last week I had loose motion with sour feeling, which was over in two days. My aim is to take homoepathic medicine so that the stones get liquidated in may be six months. I would be grateful to you for advice.

    My total cholestorol count is generally just above 200 and ratio is always below 4.

    Off and on, I have taken 5 drops of Berberis Vulgaris Q but that somehow gives me a mild depressed feeling. I am 75 and am in reasonably good health with no major problems. I had gone through depression for a month nearly 3 years ago and then had a severe seizure attack after that. I am taking Fritoleve 750 – one tab in the morning and 1 at night. Afternoon, I take 1 Ecospirin 75.

  236. Surjyatopa Roy says:


    Recently i have been diagnosed with gall bladder stone of 14 mm. I don’t want to go for any kind of surgery.
    Kindly tell which homeopathic medicine should i take to get rid of the stone.

  237. Subhasish Das says:

    Hello sir,I am Subhasish.I have recently diagnosed that I have fatty liver grade 2 and gallbladder polyp 3 mm. Now I have taken homeopathy treatment but my questions is that their is any side effect of these homeopathic medicine

  238. Shahin praveen says:

    Gall blader ke stone ko kaise bina operation ke kaise remove kre one stone size is 0.34mm

  239. RAJIV RANJAN says:

    Gall bladder is contracted. Show multiple shadow echogenic foci. Pl suggest me.

  240. Rajesh singh says:

    My wife age-36 years suffering form gall bladder stone
    (14mm) Please suggest me treatment. I want avoid surgery . so please suggest medicine.

  241. Dear Doctor,

    Is “Berberis Vulgaris” is helpful to reduce gallbladder stone. My aunt is having stone in her bladder. Dr. Want to operate but she dnt want to operate. So kindly suggest. Is above medicine is helpful.

  242. Ashwini Kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    My wife is suffering from gallblader of 12.2mm. her age is 32. I want a treatment without operation so please advise best medicine and oblige.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Ashwini Srivastava

  243. Dear Sir,

    I have a stone in my gallblader of 24.5mm with severe pain. CBD is normal. Cholilithiasis is found in the ultrasound report. I feel severe pain when i take tea and cold drink. Dr suggested operation but i want a treatment without operation so please advise best medicine and oblige.
    Thanking you in advance.

    • K Chandrashekar says:

      Dear sir,
      I underwent recently Abdomino-pelvic ultrasongraphy test.
      The test report says,
      1.Calcification is noted in the right lobe of liver. No evidence of intrahepatic biliary ductal dilatation. Hepatic and portal vein radicals are normal.

      2. Gall bladder is contracted and shows multiple hyperechogenic foci. CBD is of normal calibre.

      I dont have severe pain but dull pain after taking food.
      please advise me the best medicine as I have strong belief in Homeopathy medicine.

      Thanking u
      In sincerity,
      K Chandrashekar

    • Harish kumar luhani says:

      Hello sir i have a ston in my galblader 17mm with no pain i am 40 year old and my weight is 118 kg i am suffering from high blood pressure also please tell me medicine to dissolve gallstone thanks

      • Sir

        Recently i have been diagnosed with gall bladder stone of 9. mm. I don’t want to go for any kind of surgery.
        Kindly tell which homeopathic medicine should i take to get rid of the stone

  244. Dear sir,
    My wife age-34 years, suffrring from gall bladder stone (15 m.m). Please suggest me treatment. I want to avoid surgery, because my both childs also born by surgery. So Please suggest me

    thaking you

  245. Naresh prasad karan says:

    Dr.sir, my wife have gallbaldder stone got to know about this last month .sometime it pain harder , 7.4 mm full of calcul at porta with echfree lumen. Is it any homeopathy medicine that will cure the stone of gallbaldder.plz suggesst medicine( she is also sugaer patiant).

  246. Hi ! My wife is in 9th month of pregnancy and she is having gallbladder stone. Is it safe to take homeopathy medicine, if yes which medicine should she take which also relief pain? Plz suggest.



  247. Murali Krishna says:

    December 24, 2016 at 9:23 am
    Dear SIR
    My wife has gallblader stone of 19 mm, pls advise medice in ur homeopeth treatment to cure. she has no pain. I am very thankfull for ur advise&treatment.

    With regards,

  248. Dahood ahmed says:

    Sir my mother has a gallstone,she is afraid from surgery .If any type of treatment possible without surgery then plz help me.i am very thankful to you.

  249. Sir , please tell me the name of homompetic medicine for remove gallbladder stone. Without surgery. Size 4mm to 13.2 mm. Thank you

  250. S.K.Chakraborty says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,
    Doctor I have a golblader stone size-13.34 mm,I am not interested for surgical operation.Pl give me suggestions & prescribe me the name of homeopathic medicine.



  251. praveen kumar kapoor says:

    My wife has gallblader stonepls advise medice in ur homeopeth treatment for cureshe has some time pain alsoi shall be very thankfull for ur advise&treatment follow for time????
    With regards
    praveen kapoor
    238a barra 6 kanpur
    She don”t wanT to go for surgey pls advise

  252. Praveen N Hongal says:

    helo sir
    my self is praveen n hongal from karnataka my son is just 3 years old and he had Gall bladder stones of
    5-6mm doctoter is giving “UDACAMENT”syroup for two times a daily.Please give the any treatement for u r side and what kind of food we should give.please give me the suggestions.

    thanking you Praveen Hongal

  253. Kazi ashif Ali says:

    My mother is 65 years of age with good health. My height is 5′ 5″ & weight is 69 kgs, High Blood presser. and we came to know that she has 2 stones in big size at gall bladder . In ultrasound (sonography) Measures about 4.5 ´ 2.5 cm. Wall is thick and irregular. Lumen is fully filed by thick debits and some small calculi.
    Multiple tiny cysts seen attached to wall of gall bladder wall.
    The doctor has given allopathic medicines for 14 days and relief. Dr. has also suggested to operation to take out the stone. But my mother does not want to operate. She wants to take homeopathic medicine.
    Is it possible by taking homeopathic medicine to to dissolve the gallstone without operation .
    She already taking homeopathic medicine Digitalis 200 & Crategus Ox mother for heart diseases.
    Pls. advice.
    With Thanks & Regards
    Kazi Ashif Ali

  254. syed md mahmud ul mustakim hussain says:

    I am suffering in galldladder from 3 month ago. There is pain in my upper abdomen with fully gas. Sir please give me good advice as soon as possible.

  255. Renu Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    one of my family member is suffering from acute abdomen pain. she has been diagnosed with the following :-

    gall bladder is distended tender & shows thickened walls. Echogenic sludge are seen in its lumen.

    She is 4 months pregnant too.

    Is there any treatment of the above in homeopathy. We do not wish to opt for surgery.

    Kindly suggest.

    Renu Sharma

  256. sumit kumar maitra says:

    Dr sharma
    i am sk maitra ,having gall stone 25mm size ,in 2013 it was 10mm now it is increase in size . i am talking chelodonium majus Q and cardus marinus Q mix with cold water after meal and dinner .
    rest of the time talking lyco 200 two times and berberis Q ,since one year no affect to break the stone and out from the gall bllader . please suggest me this medicine is ok .awating your response .My age 52 yrs
    sk maitra

  257. Dear Sir,
    My wife aged 28 had ceaser case couple of months back. Multiple gallstones with 4.8 mm largest one has been detected. Suffering from pain in right shoulder and upper abdomen often at night. Doctors are advising to go for micro surgery. But she is doing breast feeding as we have just 2 months old kid. Pls advice what to do. We are not in favour of surgery at this moment.
    Thanks & Regards
    Amit Ghosh

  258. Resp. sir,
    Burning type Back pain , some time slite abdomen pain , no any other problem.
    In ultrasound (sonography) 12 mm calculus found in gall bladder. .pl. give guidence without operation.

  259. Anisul Alam says:

    Hi Doctor I am Anisul and my age is 48 . I habe two gall bladder stones of 13 mm and 14mm. I bave taken lycopodium 200 for 3 days and Ber – Vul for 20 days after that I have taken lycopodium 1000 for 2 days and Cal-Carb 200 is still running and also Ber-Vul . Please give me some advise to cure my gallstones.

  260. Ashok Kumar Kaura says:

    Please read as berberis vulgaris in my previous comments.

  261. Ashok Kumar Kaura says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am male of 65 years of age with good health.My height is 5′ 10″ & weight is 79 kgs. During general health check up multiple gallstone with max. size of 12 mm have been deducted in May 2016. My Dr. have given Kerberos Vulgaris & Cholesterinnum 3 X.After taking medicine for four months, I got soniography & found multiple gallstone with max. Size 14 mm.
    I am having diabetes on border line & B. P. in the range of 140- 80 with alopatic medicine.
    Till today I do not have any problem from gallstone .
    Please suggest suitable homeopathic medicine to dissolve the gallstone.
    Ashok Kumar Kaura

    • Thomas Samuel says:

      I have fatty liver grade1, calculi in gallbladder multiple, largest one 1.1cm, severe gas,constipation and burning sensation in anus after passing stool, slight pain in right upper abdomen. Taken Berberis vulgaris, Lycopodium for 3 months , USB shows no change. Kindly advice.

  262. Arun paswan says:

    In my left ureter 6.7 mms calculus . So I what kind of homeopathy medicine can use.

  263. Gall bladder stone with pain on the shoulder and chest

  264. Debasish Das says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I am suffering from chalocystitis and my gastroenterologist refer me for removal of gal bladder…
    As per diagnosis and scan report I have multiple stones and 1.2 cm is the largest one and its been 9 months running and currently not on any medication…
    I don’t feel any pain,vomiting or any discomfort but some sensation is there and sometime formation of gas do happen…
    Can you help me if there is any way to get rid of gallstones in homeopathy..

    • Sir my mom is suffering from 8.2 mm of gall bladder stone r small stones also in kidney…detected in USG of abdomen..but my mom have no pain in the gall bladder stone….but weakness & vertigo is present……can it be possible 2 remove 8.2 mm of stone by homeopathic Medicine

      • BASUDEO MAHATO says:

        Dear sir,
        My mother having gall bladder stones of 7.9 mm, her age is around 67 years with 55 kg weight. she had a pain in her stomach,then after usg it was detectected with gall bladder stone..Is it possible to remove the stone with homoeopathic medicine, she is also a patient of gastric, Please advice . Thanking you.

    • Er. Rajendra Prasad Sangal says:

      Dr.sir, I am 80 years old, & have gall-bladder stones got to know about this last more than 10 years, its size is 15 mm & less, now fullfilling of calculy at porta with no other problem. Is there any homeopathy medicine that will cure the stone of gall-bladder & clear the canal please suggest medicine( I am also a sugar patient since last about 20 years although negligible & also there was heart enjio-graphy carried out wherein three blockages found being treated with Ayurvedic medicines).
      Er R.P.Sangal Mob 09412050783
      45/1, Khurbura Mohalla, Bindal Road, Dehradun.

  265. Dear sir,
    I have the gall stone of size 12.5 mm, but i do not have pain, rather i have gas & acidity problem.
    Kindly suggest the medicine.

  266. Babu Dutta says:

    My mother age is 52 and she has 22mm gol blader stone how can treate men his

  267. Respected Dr. Sharmaji, my wife is 55 yrs. old, And she is suffering from gall bladder Stone from last 6 yrs. that we came to know by CT Scan repot. There are several Stones in her gall bladder. 10 mm stones=3 nos. 8 mm stones=4 nos. Remaining stones are 6, 4, 3 mm. and so on. She cont Eat, Walk, Sit properly. All of a sudden she starts to Croll on floor by shouting. Because of non bearably pain, untolerable burning in stomach near diaform And at back simaltaniously. Vomiting is also there.These are all the problems she had. What is the remidies for all these problems. Please do something for her good health. what to eat and what not to eat food restriction. Please advise me early. Thanking you sir.

  268. naeem haider says:

    sir my mother has 14mm gall blader stone.she is 78 year of age.she is very weak too.her stomuk is also very disturb.can 14 mm stone be removed.reply pis

    • Jagannath RN says:

      My wife is having a gall stone if 9mm, she goes through pain quite often in the lower abdomen
      Can it be cured in the natural way without surgery

  269. Debabrata Chowdhury says:

    my wife during gall stone for few month . stone 1.2mm. if possible remove without surgery.
    at that time she dependent two medicine. 1. Chelidonium mother and 2. Berberis.

    • Manoj Kumar Singh says:

      I am having multiple size of gall stones in gallbladder and size is 25 mm random. It was detect in Nov’2015.
      Sir, can u suggest the homeomedicine fo this.

  270. I have a gall bladder polyp 3 mm it can be removed by homeopathy without surgery suggest me

  271. Namaste sir,i got a 4 to 5 mm polyp in my gb.what should i do now.please help me ,i am very worried and pain and gas beneath right side ribs and feeling some burning sensation also.

  272. Ashis Kumar Baikar says:

    Dear sirsir
    I am suffering from gallgallstone last 7 to 8 month and after ct scanscan I got to knowknow that sizef stonestone is 7-8 mm.plz guide me how my pain is relief and stone is desolve and tell me the medichines

    • Akshay Kumar says:

      Sir I am suffering from gall stone with multiple and large one of them is 5.5mm sir please advice me how to remove my stone

  273. Arun Parhalkar says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from gallstone since last 4 5 months and after sonography report we got to know that size of stone is 19mm and 3mm. Time being i am taking ayurvedic treatment since 2 months. But in latest sonography i observed that it is increasing consistently. Please suggest me solution.

  274. I have 13mm 3 gall bladder stone and 6 mm one gall bladder stone plz tell me solution for withe operation

  275. Pradip BARICK says:

    Plese suggest medicine for gall bladder stone remedy.

  276. Ram Ravindra says:

    Dissolve my gallstone of 10mm.

  277. My sister has been diagnosed with 7.9mm stone in gall bladder. Please suggest some remedy to dissolve it

  278. Dr. Amar Kanti Jana says:

    My 7 years old son has a 4.8mm size gallstone. please help to dissolve the stone. thanks.

  279. PRASHANT TYAGI says:

    A large calculus seen size 11mm in the lumen of gall bladder please tell me treatments.

  280. Ram Prasad PANIGRAHI says:

    Hello sir my father (72 age) has a problem with multiple calculas measuring 11.5mm seen in distal CBD
    he is facing sevier pain some days
    Please suggest any medicine

  281. Hi Dr. Sharma – I have been experiencing occasional gallstone symptoms with have 2 gallstones found in my ultrasound (11mm and 8mm). Are these stones to large to dissolve with Homepathic Medicine?
    Also, does Homeopathic medicine reduce or eliminate my symptoms while going thru the program to dissolve the stones?

  282. my mother gallstone 24mm plz tell medicine for it

  283. Deepak Kumar SHARMA says:

    Resp Sir,
    My son is about 8 years old, he has galstome of 6mm, so please advice us how to cure for this and recommend best remedy to remove the galstone

    • Prem kumar badnathdham says:

      Respect sir, my mother is 60 year old. She has galstone of 6mm so please recommend best remedy to remove the galstone

  284. Shilpa bothra says:

    I have 16mm stone in the gall bladder.kindly recommend me best medicine to dissolve the stone

  285. Hi Dr. Sharma. What homeopathic product (s) would u recommend to dissolve my symptomatic gallstones that are 11mm x 2 in size. Thanks.

  286. My brother have gall bladder stone. Please,tell medicine for it.

  287. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have 16 mm gallbladder stone . please suggest thebestt medicine in homeopathy.

  288. Rubina Mahmood says:

    My mum hv hot many stone in her gallbladder with v severe pain n vomiting. .which medicines wll b the best 4 her R which potency plz

  289. Arvind Kumar says:

    I have a 15mm size of gallstone. Kindly suggest me the dosages and potency of your fist one medicine i.e. Chelidonium. I am suffering from right abdomen pain and gastric problem because of this. I will be thankful for this help.

  290. Birju.chowdhary says:

    My gallbladder size 0.93cm and my abdomen up region gass and pain and my body fatty weight 79kg hight 5″fit how cane possible without oparetion removed my stone

  291. My wife has small stone in mouth of gallbladder doctor recommended operation but I want to know can it be removed by any medicine in homeopathic.kindly advise. Thnx rgds.

  292. Dipti prasad says:

    sir, I am Dipti Prasad 24 year old, I have solitary calculus of 12mm casting distal acoustic shadow.
    sir i have gas in abdomen and sometimes feel like a vomiting for a 15 days. After that I know about 12mm stone in my gall bladder by Altra sound. Please suggest me best possible Remedy for it as soon as possible.

    • Birju.chowdhary says:

      My gallbladder size 0.93cm and my abdomen up region gass and pain and my body fatty weight 79kg hight 5″fit how cane possible without oparetion removed my stone

  293. Dipti prasad says:

    Sir I have a stone in gall bladder of size 12mm. Please suggest me any homoeopathy remedy for it as soon as possible.

  294. sk kalimuddin says:

    My waif galdblader stone saiz 2mm please sir medicine

  295. madu mishra says:

    sir 8mm stone in my gall blader please guide me

  296. Can we take Berberis vulgaris mother tincture for gall bladder stone?

  297. I need the address where I can contact in person my wife is having a 3 mm stone in gallbladder and I don’t want sergery. I am from Bangalore

  298. Laura Ofeno says:

    I have been having extreme pain in my left neck and shoulder area radiating up to behind the ear and the jaw area. At first it was assumed to be caused by a pinching of a nerve by a bulging disk around C5 and C6. After nearly 3 months of allopathic treatment (pain medicine), chiropractic treatment, 10 rounds of laser treatments and 2 sessions of acupuncture, an MRI was ordered. Chiropractor said that what is showing should not be causing such extreme pain. He asked me about my gall bladder and I indicated that it had been removed 24 years prior. Once I said that, he felt very sure that the pain is stemming from that, running right along the bladder/liver meridian. I have had limited help from taking Arnica 30x, but I was wondering if there are other remedies that might help.

  299. Dear Sir,
    14mm gallstone found in my mother(age 48yrs) gallbladder. can it be cured without surgery…if yes then please guide me how n where to start treatement.

    • anil kumar gupta says:

      Dear Dr….My friend have 3 11mm..gall stone..can it be cured without surgery…if yes then please guide me how n where to start treatement.

  300. Dear Dr….i have 25 mm.11mm..gall stone..can it be cured without surgery…if yes then please guide me how n where to start treatement…

  301. Ravindra Pratap Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    May I know that one year old child could effected by the calculi in lumen of GB and if yes ,what homeopathic medicine may apply.

    Ravindra Pratap Singh

  302. Dear Dr Sharma,

    On 15th August, I had severe pain in my abdomen and back for about 10 hours. I took pain killers and anti acids like gellusil liquid.Then the pain subsided. My family doctor was out of station that day and being independence day. The next day a sonography was done of my abdomen and stones in the gall bladder was detected and report said ” gall bladder- distended shows normal thickness, A 15 mm calculus in the lumen CBD measures 5 mm. Rt Kidney – normal in size and echo pattern. A 8 mm calculus seen in lower pole of kidney.. Impression: Cholelithiasis with rt kidney calculus. I done want to have laparoscopy and remove gall bladder. Can you treat my problems through Homeopathy. What will be the duration ? I am 67 years old, with normal health and blood pressure ( 130/70)

    • Kajal contractor says:

      Dr.Sharma i have gallbladder polyps like 2.5mm & 2.8mm detected yesterday.My homoeopathy medicine just started.i want to know that how much time take to cure it? & It will become cancerous or not? I have fibroids too.pls reply me as early as possible.

  303. Dear sir
    I m suffering from gallbladder stone size 15mm since 1 year.i do not want operation ..plz suggest best homeopathy medicine……
    Thanking u

  304. Rajesh menon says:

    Dear Doctor
    I have a Gall stone measuring 10mm. No pain or such symptoms. Generally have gas issue nothing else. Discovered this during a routine ultrasound scan
    I do not want to go for surgery. Could you advise on Homeo medicines to dissolve fall stone and suggestive rememdies


    Rajesh Menon


    Dear Sir ,
    During medical examination/ultrasound , found one stone in gallbladder . Presently feeling no problem. Kindly advice homeopathic medicine to dissolve stone in gallbladder .

    Thanks & regards
    Rajendra Agnihotry

  306. Harminder singh says:

    Dear sir

    i am suffering from gall bladder stone 2014 scan 11.5 mm and scan 5-9- 16 25.1 mm i take medicine given by doctor pls. suggest me what can i do

  307. Dear Sr

    I am suffering from gall bladder stone size 5 mm since 2 years. I continued berberies vulgaris 10 drops morning and evening. Whether this treatment is good, Can I get full recovery from this medicine and how long take this medicine. Today I have pain arakku chuttum (adivayar). Pls suggest and advise me

    antony, Kochi

  308. My gallstones size 8.4mm plz help best homeopathy medicine….?

  309. Hi Dr.sharma,
    i have multiple gallstones and 0.4cm diameter of bile duct and i have gastric problems and my age is 43 and my question is ‘within how many days the gallstones are dissolve by using homeopathy?’

  310. jayasree menon says:

    To Dr Sharma your information about gall bladder stone is very beneficial for many people .thank you so much.

    • hay respected Dr. Sharma
      I have one stone 2-3 mm in gall bladder. gastric problem due to not clear Stomach. i also suger and PB patient. I am 70 years old lady. I am taking Ayurvedic medician. can it be treated without surgery.

  311. Jyotsana verma says:

    Hi dr.sharm
    I have multiple gallstones with gastric problems and the largest one is of 10 mm stone
    Can it be treated without surgery.



  313. Manish Joshi says:

    multiple gall bladder calculi with thick sludge and over-distended gall bladder with a few calculi in neck region and an impacted 7mm calculus in cystic duct. Mild prominence of CBD, however, no evident intra-ductal calculus seen. Liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, urinary bladder are normal. no ascites or lymphadenopathy.
    Please suggest whether treatment is possible through homeopathy or surgery is recommended.

  314. PARDEEP SINGH says:

    what are the foods avoided for gallblader stone homopathy treatment. Please do write in details.

  315. Gopalakrishnan CS says:

    Dear Dr Sharma ,

    I am diagnosed to have Gallbladder inflammation and gallstones , after a CT scan of my abdomen in a multispeciality hospital in the US , as I had complained of long duration pain in the abdomen during 2 nights within a fortnight . I am given antibiotics at the moment and advised to undergo gallbladder removal surgery , after the antibiotics are completed .
    Is there any homeopathy cure for this problem ?
    Please advise . I shall return to India by mid Sept . and hopefully till then there is no gallbladder attack.

  316. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My niece who is 4 months pregnant (first time) and over weight (excessively in the last few years) has been in the hospital more than not the last three months due to dehydration from vomiting. Coming from a family of believing only what medical doctors tell her, they now believe this is the effect of gall stones and not just the pregnancy. Out of desperation they have called me, knowing I am a naturalist. Reading the information on homepathy remedy for gall stones, I was thinking of putting together either Arsenic Album and Ipecac and Phosphorus, do you think this would be helpful and okay together?
    Appreciate any advise,

  317. Abhishek Fondekar says:

    I have got 17 mm gall bladder stone it is curable bye your medecine

    • Debasis Maity says:

      My age is 36 yrs male. I have a silent gall stone of 14 mm… It is not paining.. No symtom showing..but last 2 yrs before size was 11 mm. Now size is 14 mm.. I want to avoid to do surgery.. Can you please tell me, homeopathic treatment will be benefited for me or not ???

  318. Tejal Rana says:


    My friend is diagnosed with gallstones. The largest stone is of 1.6cm and there are three other stones . There is a 1.2 cm stone in the neck of the gallbladder. Can you treat this with homeopathy medicines.

  319. Shailender says:

    Hello sir I have gall bladder stones of 13 mm &. 8mm, is it possible to remove them without surgery

  320. Sir please please please please please ek request h ap sei mere papa gal stone h 3,4 hei
    3.6 mm ki h unko Dard bht hota h bht zyada sir please please please ap btaye without operation Yeh kese thk hogi. Please Koi homeopathic k btaye please please allow

  321. somnath chakraborty says:

    Hello sir mere maa jo ki 80years ki hy unhe gall bllader ston hy16.1mm hy kya homepathi treatment se yeh cure ho jayega.

    • Mohiuddin Khan says:

      I am 36 year old. I have gallstone of 15 mm. I am 80kg. It causes indigestion & gas.sir please suggest my medicine

  322. vipin kumar says:

    sir good afternoon my self vipin kumar and i am an advocate live in meerut. my wife (smt.renu gupta) is suffering from gallbladder stone size 14 mm and also suffering from gastric she is not taking any medicine. dr said for operation. pls tell me about this size stone if it remove without operation. sir pls suggest me best medicine. thanks

  323. Hello doctor,Maine recent ultrasound karvaya hai CBD ke aage likha hai measures 8mm nd shows few 1-2 echogenic calculi in its lumen.largest of size 7 mm.gallbladder ke aage likha hai partially distended nd shows multiple calculi of size 6-8 mm in its lumen.freely mobile wall thickness normal.maine allopathic doctor se consult kiya to unhone kaha Ki CBD Mein Jo stone hai wo risky hai jaldi se jaldi operate karvao.kya mujhe operate karvana chahiye.kitna risk hai or kitni emergency hai??

  324. Hello sir my mother is 65 year old having gall bladder stone of 14.4 mm .is it possible to cure without operation

  325. naziya shaheen ali says:

    hlloo..i have gallstones after my second scaning report shows the multiple tiny i take the homeo medicine for 3 qstion is ..howmany time taken for remove gallstones?

  326. j p tripathi says:

    I have 11mm stone in my gallblader should I go for surgery or will it be managed homeopathically.

  327. Meri beti 3.5 years hein uske( 5.2 ,4.7,3.1 )mm Ka 3 gall stones hein Jisse uske Bahut pain hota hein air WO Kuch kha bhi nahi pati…vomiting krti hein…pls provide us some suggestion..

  328. Hi im pregnant 5 and half months I found out I have a gallstone in my gallbladder I have had pain for 5 days now I can not handle it anymore can you help me.

  329. Saurabh Priyadarshi says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am Saurabh Priyadarshi age 35 years,having multiple stones size varying from 8.9 mm to 6.7 mm.There is stone in the left kidney measures 2.1 mm.My SGPT is slightly above the range its 60 and lever is mild fatty.Please do suggest me as 2 years earlier also there was a stone in my right kidney and was operated.This issue of occurrence again and again,Is it possible that without surgery i can sail through this situation.

  330. Dear Dr
    I am Antony from cochin, Kerala, 55 years. I have G B stone size 6 mm determined by ultra sound scan. Dr advised me to remove through surgery. My cousine Homeo Doctor advised me dont take surgery for this. He is instructed me contact Dr Sharma who is better Dr in this pathology. I have weight only 70 kilo and height 170 cms and slim body, having little fatty liver. SGOT and SPGT is absolutely normal. Kindly help me which medicine I should use for this to completely recover. Please do reply by return mail to show my cousine Doctor

  331. pradeep verma says:

    Dear sir,
    My mother has injured to Gallblader stone many times. And homoeopathic medicine also uses but no relief.
    Please suggest good homoeopathic medicine for gallblader stone.

  332. javaid iqbal says:

    Sir I have 12 mm stone in my gall bladder,diagnosed in my ultra sound.sometimes I feel a little pain in my right kidney place. I have gas trouble in my stomach.early in the morning I can not take my break fast because I don’t, feel hunger .after two hours when I get hungry then I take my break fast.besides I feel healthy.l want that this stone should be dissolved soon.plz prescribe me medicine and preventive measures.thnx


    My mother age 73 is suffering for gallbladder stones… it possible to removes the stones without surgery?

  334. satyaveer singh yadav says:

    After gallbladder homeopathy tonic syrup

  335. biswajit mandal says:

    gall blader stone size 11 mm and now have jaundice stool normal urine only morning slight yeallo slight pain in right abdomen .

  336. Tejal Rana says:


    i was having pain in upper abdomen area since last 6m . i now did a sonography and came to know i have stones in gallblader. The largest stone is of 1.6 cm. It is tge bile duct. Other stones are also there inside the gallblader. Doctors are suggesting gallblader removal. Please help me as i dont want to do surgery. Is there a way this can be cured without surgery.

  337. Ratna das says:

    Hello doctor Sharma,I have more than 20 gallstones and now suffering from acute pain in abdomen and back.Doctor suggested for surgery. I don’t want my Gall bladder to b it possible to cure this condition in homeopathy. Results are 100 percent or there r chances for no success

  338. Biswajit ray says:

    can we remove dust stone in gall bladder by homoeo pathic treatment

  339. Rabindra Kumar says:

    Sir, i m 30 yrs old. 15.4mm size two stones are in my gall bladder. Please advise me that that can e removed by medication . I dant want to operate to remove that. Please reply me sir as early as possible.

  340. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am a 53 year old woman, about 60 lbs overweight with a history of endometriosis. I have been having gallbladder area discomfort on and off for about seven years. I have had all the sonograms and contrast tests done and the only thing out of the ordinary is that on fasting my gall bladder was still showing up as contracted. I have had the full series of tests three times, the last time being about ten months ago. I have little or no nausea, no vomiting and would not even consider it pain but more like discomfort. However, having had Endo my whole adult life, I do not gauge pain well though and find my threshold is very high.

    I am a student of Homeopathy and have had three years of formal training but find I cannot seem to get a well formed total picture of myself. When I do my totality of symptoms I wind up further away from a remedy. I know that I am not in as much pain and in as serious a condition as many here but seven years of this discomfort and feeling of being generally unwell several times a month is getting to be old. I was hoping for some guidance please.

    Kindest Regards,
    Sandra Hebner

  341. Baisakhi Barua says:

    Dear, sir.
    My husband recently get know that he had stone in gallbladder by ultrasound. The size of the stone is measures 1.69 cm . Dr. Suggest to operate the gallstone. I want to know can it be cure without surgery ? plse reply.

  342. Dear sir .kindly advice calc. Carb dosage and duration of medicine for gallblader polyps

  343. Debaprasad Ghosh says:

    Hair fall since 2012. Hormonal problem/imbalance/disorders has been observed. Cysts in tiny size in uterus has also been detected in ultrasonography. Irregular monthly period seen. My daughter is now 22 years. Is there any homeopathic medicine Sir to cure such problems.

  344. NeerajkumarDas says:

    Sir I am having asingle polyp in gallblader wall I have been watching last 15 years admesuring 6×8mm please advice me.

  345. rakesh negi says:

    Hello dr dharma
    Iam diagnosed by us a cholelithiasis measuring 12.5two month before now I am taking homoeopathic medicine Berber is vulgaris q hydrangia q lyco 200 calculi biliari 200 China 30 kindli advise and comment I am 60 yr old abdomen was full of gas and debris in t

  346. Hello Sir,
    My Name is Ritik Srivastava, I’m a 19 Years Old Boy..
    Weighting 68 Kg
    Measuring 173 Cm
    BMI 23
    Few Gallstones are developed in My Gallbladder of Maximum size 2mm
    in an area of ~1.5Cm

    My Eating habbits Ice-creams, Coldrinks, Chicken, Egg, Muttons… etc

    Please Tell Me a Homeopathic Remedy.. and All Possible ways.. I Can Get Rid of It Without Surgery.


  347. Ravinder singh says:

    R/sir , myself Ravinder suffering from gall stones size 14mm, single stone. I am taking medicine from my homoepathic doctor since last one month and he prescribed me cheledonium, fel tauri and some other medicines. Is this medicines are good and curable ,how much time did it take to effect on gall stone. May i continue this or go for surgery. I am 36 yrs old .kindly suggest me the food which cause gall stones.

  348. Fulra rani das says:

    My mother age 48 has been suffering from advanced gallbladder carcinoma .jaundice,pain,ascities,itching is present. No surgery is done. I want to know about homeopathic treatment for remedies.

  349. bijay kant says:

    my g.b. is removed 5 yr back .now I am suffering from bilious diarrhea .and bilious taste in night in sleep

  350. Sachin Tomar says:

    My name is Sachin, 26 years of age, I am from Delhi. I have multiple stones in gallbladder, maximum size of 16 mm. I don’t have pain in it. I have consulted allopathic doctors, they are suggesting for surgery of gallbladder removal.
    I would like to ask, Is there any treatment in homeopathy, for gallbladder stones without removing gallbladder.
    Waiting for your reply..

  351. Hi,
    I m 28years old having a stone of 5mm in gallbladder.
    Please suggest some homeopathy medicine. As well as some pain killer in homeopathy so that I can get well soon.
    I will be thankful to you.

    • Hi,
      I m 42years old having a polyps of 5mm in gallbladder.
      Please suggest some homeopathy medicine. As well as some pain killer in homeopathy so that I can get well soon.
      I will be thankful to you.

  352. Debjani Roy Choudhary says:

    Patient Name Dipankar Roy Choudhary age 62 . He is a colon cancer patient. Now he is OK. Recently sever pain right side after that we go to hospital and USG done. Found gallbladder acute cholecystitis problem and thickness of wall 3.2 mm. Any homeopathic medicine for pain relief n cure. Kindly u prescribe some medicine.

    • Debjani Roy Choudhary says:

      Patient Name Dipankar Roy Choudhary age 62 . He is a colon cancer patient. Now he is OK. Recently sever pain right side after that we go to hospital and USG done. Found gallbladder acute cholecystitis problem and thickness of wall 3.2 mm. Any homeopathic medicine for pain relief n cure. Kindly u prescribe some medicine.

  353. waqar ahmed abbasi says:

    i am suffering in infection of gall bladder , please suggest the best drop of me…

  354. Anita Khanna says:


  355. sanjeev agarwal says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am suffering from gall bladder stone, I have only one stone having 9mm, I am not suffering from any pain, but I am feeling whole day heavy abdomen, and facing problem for passing stool everyday, also feeling heaviness in chest and lungs, and feeling tiredness and feverish, so please tell me perfect medicine for me in homeopathic,


  356. Suvir Bansal says:

    Hello Sir,

    My wife has been detected with ” Infiltration of Liver and multiple Polyp detection of size 1-2 mm in Gall Bladder” during a regular checkup when I had undergone for an ultrasound.

    She does not have any deficiencies or any health problem and am physically fit and fine. The reason I wanted your consultation is because I am extremely worried about detection of these polyps that arrived as a surprise to me. She had been feeling a bit heaviness in my lower abdomen but after 2 – 3 days, when she consumed a lot of water, no pain and no heaviness is experienced currently.

    Please advise and I would be grateful and obliged.

    Suvir Bansal

  357. Nikhat Saeed says:

    Pain in upper right side in stomach, in sonography stone fiund, , also always felt gas in stomach, acidity felt. Please suggest Hoemyopathic medicine nausea felt something

  358. akther hussain says:

    My gall badder was removed after severe pain two years ago however I have too much of gas comming out with sound and my stomoch is bloated.

    if I take Natrum Phos will my bloated stomach reduce and the gas comming out reduce

  359. vinod kar says:

    My wife have gallbladder stone. Today i bought some homoeopathy medicine for treatment. Can they help ful
    1. Clean stone drops SBL
    2. Berberis vulgaris Q
    Dr. Reckeweg
    3. Belladonna 200

    Plz reply dr.
    Vinod kumar

  360. Manju Yadav says:

    I have small multiple gall bladder stones.whether it can be removed or not with homeopathy.

  361. Alok Rastogi says:

    Dear sir,is it possible to remove gall bladder stone without surgery.

  362. Alok Rastogi says:

    Hello sir

  363. RAJA ARIF says:

    I am having kidney stones in gallbladder because which have loose motion oftenly please advise any good medicines for gallbladder and loose motions

    • Raja Arif says:

      I have stones in my gall bladder size is 1.2mm X 4.0cm collectively. Usually I have no problem because of these stones accept loose motions once in the morning. I feel little bit gastric. Please advise any good medicine that helps removing gallbladder without surgery

  364. Zulfiqar Ali says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Hope you are in your good helath.

    Sir, My ultrasound shows that 2-3 calculs gb cacity size 1.67 . But I have no pain, no problems. I have disussed with my doctor who said that these are silence stones and do not need to operate.
    But I am using homeo medicine cholelithosis tables 3 x 3 daily. But I have no improvement and not resolve and not out.

    Kindly advise which is the best homeo medicines for resolving of these calculs stones in glad bladder.

    Zulfiqar Ali
    Morgah Rawalpindi Pakistan
    Mob. 0333 5343470

  365. Ashok Kumar Kaura says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am 65 years old with good health having B.P. & Diabetes on border line & well controlled by medicines. Last week after sonography multiple gallstone with maximum size of 12 mm has deducted. I have tried to remove with ayurvedic treatment but very few quantity came out in the toilet.
    Homeopathic Dr. recommend medicine”Berbers Vulgaris ” mother Tincher 8 to 10 drops four times a day in watm wayer for two months.
    Kindly suggest,

    Ashok Kumar Kaura.

  366. S a k jeelani says:

    Respected sir
    I am having a 6 mm stone in my gallbladder
    Is there any treatment in homeo for that to avoid
    I am diabetic in control
    Pl suggest me what to do
    Thank you very much
    Jeelani(visakhapatnam) Andhra Pradesh
    My contacts number is 9866033073 I am 60
    Years old

  367. zulqarnain haider says:

    Sir mujay Right side kidney stone he jo kay 13*20mm ki he sir koi achi se medicine recommend ki jay ok Allah Hafiz

  368. Shahid Miyan says:

    Sir my wife 27 years old she have 10mm stone in gall bleder so please tell me best homeopathy medicine name remove the stone without surgery sir please reply me

  369. Harpreet says:

    Hi Dr I have a gall stone , no pain but , gas problem ! I want to start homeopathy medicine which medicine I should take ! I am 41 years old man! Harpreet

  370. Ravinder says:

    Dr Sharma I have a gall stone , no pain but I do gave lot of belching , gas problem ! I want to start homeopathy medicine which medicine I should take ! I am 65 years old lady ! Ravinder

  371. Rakesh Kumar says:

    My wife aged 38 years has been detected a 12 mm size gallstone in USG about 15 days back . She has mild pain in right ribs and little bit vomiting tendency. Can it be get treated without surgery, if yes then what medication is required and what all precautions should be taken? Please reply.

    • d.d.shinde says:

      my son has gallblade stone of size4-5 mm and pain on right side abdomin bellow rib side sometimes omiting and geting pain pl suggest homiopathy medcine his age is 43 yrs.

  372. sumant sahoo says:

    My wife is suffering from acute cholecystits and having severe pain in upper abdomen region and upper back side with breathing problem.

  373. Rameah c gupta says:

    Q the u s g reveals that my gall bladder shows an echogenic focus of approx 3.8 mm in neck echogenic focus of 1.8 mm is seen adhering to wallln body region.please suggest me the treatment.

  374. I have gall stone , was detected in sonography some 3 years back. However, i dont experience any symptom pain , digestive problems, vommitting nothing, but its there.
    I would like to get it treated before it start causing problem.

  375. I gallstone problem 5mm size whole stomach very pain and gastrik problem pl ad madition and stone removal

  376. Dear Sir,
    My mother who is 84 years old.The USG reveals that she got 13.1mm 2calculi in CHD and 11.1mm calculas in CBD.She is also having chronic constipation, despypsia and nausea for a period of 6 months.
    Kindly advise me the homeopathic medicines for this.

    Thanking You
    Sincerely Yours

  377. gurdev singh says:

    respected sir
    my name is gurdev singh from tarn taran my wife is 29 years old gall bladder 2 stones 4mm & 4.5mm plz help us

  378. Ranjeet kumar says:

    Sir my daughter mum lumen call blader stone please help me

  379. Parveen madaan says:

    My daughter(24 yrs)suffering from gall bladder stone can it be cured in homeopathy without operating n removing gall bladder

    • Parveen madaan says:

      My daughter(24 yrs)suffering from gall bladder stone can it be cured in homeopathy without operating n removing gall bladder there are multiple stones n bladder is full Also there is swelling in pancrias

  380. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Good Morning Dr.,

    I am suffering from Gall bladder multiple calculi.
    Ultrasound reveals evidence of multiple Calculus in gall bladder .No other abnormality detected.
    May i take the medicine Lycopodium & how much dose.

  381. durga prasad says:


    Please advice if my situation is curable with homepathy.

    Calculus of 5mm noted in middle and lower poles of Right Kidney.
    Calculus of 6mm noted in lower pole of Right Kidney.
    Dilated collecting system note on Left Side.
    Left ureter is dilated.
    Calculus of 11 mm noted in upper 1/3 of left Ureter.
    Calculi of 7 mm noted in lower pole of left Kidney.

  382. Henrietta sebastian says:

    I have a gallstone 4mm stuck at my gb wall, I get vomiting sensation, acidity, is the any cure for this gall stone. I want to remove this stone naturally. Docters are saying to get operated. But I dont want to. Plz help me get rid of this stone naturally.

  383. Dipak Manna says:

    My son,8 years,suffering from stomach pain,USG done , found 5.4mm stoein GB.
    Pls suggest me ,its possible to recover in Homeopathic.

    Dipak Manna

  384. Parveen madaan says:

    Pencrtitisis in severe condition due to gall blader stones can it be cured in homeopathy without operation n in how much time.

  385. All my stones came out naturally with medicines only without any operation or surgery.
    Thanks to doctor
    Whats app your reports on 9266522522 and get a solution without surgery

  386. Doctor sir
    My sister age 28 ke
    Gallbladder stone multiple in size .64cm
    Please give me advise homyopathic medicene

    • Rakesh Patel says:

      Ultrasound reveals evidence of multiple (about 5 -7)adherent gall stones measuring 3 to 5 mm.No other abnormality detected.
      Please let me know whether the above gall stones can be dissolved? How long will the treatment take?What will be the cost?

    • Call 9266522522 for successful & guaranteed treatment of gall bladder stone problem without any surgery or operation.
      Yes it is possible with guarantee

    • Henrietta sebastian says:

      I have a gallstone 4mm stuck at my gb wall, I get vomiting sensation, acidity, is the any cure for this gall stone. I want to remove this stone naturally. Docters are saying to get operated. But I dont want to. Plz help me get rid of this stone naturally.

  387. D.V.N.SARMA says:

    Recent Ultrasound report says :
    Distended, A mobile echogenic calculus measuring 12 mm in size is seen. Normal gall Bader wall thickness..
    Liver. Normal
    Pancras Normal
    Spleen. Normal
    Rt & Lt Kidneys normal
    UB Distended, normal
    I’m healthy otherwise so far no ailments. Good athlete’s body. Doing walking etc. Anything can be done for dissolving this “”STONE” WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS. Please guide

    • Arunav Khare says:

      Ultrasound reveals evidence of multiple (about 5 -7)adherent gall stones measuring 3 to 5 mm.No other abnormality detected.
      Please let me know whether the above gall stones can be dissolved? How long will the treatment take?What will be the cost?

  388. Can 6mm gal stone can be remove and how? Patient has pain in abdomain and also have fatty leaver .he has gastric problem after eating any fried thing ,taking tea or coffe and always complains for constipation.please suggest medicines . He is 45 years old.and occasionally takes drink(alcoh)

  389. Amit kumar says:

    my wife is suffering from gall bladder stone diseses after the new child born by the operation till dec 2016. sugest any treatment in homeopathic for gall bladder stone remove by without operation.

  390. SATISH VAIDYA says:

    my sister having glad bladder stone since last six months some time its paining in stomatch

    can u tell me the homeopathy medicine for that she is 61 years old

    satish vaidya

    • VIKASH KUAMR says:

      Sir my mother Rani devi 62 years old ,has 6.6mm stone in gall bladder found during ultrasound,can it be treated without surgical operation.

  391. Dear doctor, I am from Karachi Pakistan & 52 year old in my gall bladder multiple stones please advise medicine. Thanks.

  392. Prabal gupta says:

    I have 3 stones in galbladder size is around 15-16 mm each. Have continuous pain in stomatch and blotting tummy. Kindly suggest medicine to get the of pain and stones.

  393. jassi sharma says:

    Helo Sir my name Jassi Sharma , I am 27 year boy . My problem , gallstones . Any Homeopathic medicines clean the gallstone.

  394. mujhe gallblader main 6mm ki pathri h iss ko removed ho jaye koi solution btaye

    • partha sarathi says:

      Doctor Sb
      In ultra sound 6.6 mm stones found in GB kindly suggest homeopathy medicine. No symptoms
      Thank you

  395. Noor Alam says:

    My wife age 30 years dignosed multiple gallstone size 12 & 16 mm and always feeling light pain some time sevior
    Doctor suggested for imidiate surgery .

    Kindly advice me

    Best regards,
    Noor Alam

  396. Muhammad Ali says:

    I have a female patient age 56 years old. Her ultra scan report show 16 mm stone in gall bladder. Often minor pain in gallbladder region and no any symptoms i explain you. I request you please tell the name of Homeopathic medicine as soon as possible.

    • syed muktadir says:

      hello doctor
      My mother has 27mm stone in her gall bladder. could u please tell me whether or not it will be removed by homeopathic medicine.


  397. Hello doctor,
    My brother is that recently detected with gall bladder stone after he had a severe pain in stomach and back. The size of stone is diagnosed to be approx 2 mm to 8 mm.One of our family homeopathic doctor has said that it can be removed with the help of medicine. Please let me know if this is possible. Is it possible to remove gall stones with homeopathic medicine.


  398. Dilruba Hossain says:

    Dear Doctor,

    4 weeks ago I have been suffered from gol attack two times. I diagnosed and found 20 mm gall stone with so many tiny stones. Now I am taking calceria carb, barbaris one week, hydrastis one week, mentha one week , after this chelodenium I will take. After completion of this then I go back to again barbaris to chelidenium. I am 37 years old . I am not interested to do Leprodcopy. Please advice about my medicine intake. Is it okay from you?

    Thanks & best regards


  399. Mrs.T.Rehman says:

    Hello doctor
    I have recently been discovered that I had 8mm long gallbladder polyp.I have no symptoms.kindly can u tell me the medicine .

  400. Dear Sir,

    Last year when I have done sonography polyps 1.3cm found in gall bladder…
    Could you please revert me with an appropriate suggestion..

    Thank you,


  401. sofiun nesa says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am suffering acute calculus cholecystitis. Last february find out my gallstone. Its size 2.6 cm. On this time I had suffered vomiting and abdomen pain. Now there is no pain or vomiting. I take madicine in alapathy. can it possible to complete cure without surgery in homeopathy. Please sir suggest me.

  402. suffering from multiple gallstone having largest size is 14.6 mm. Initially it was 13.2 mm on that time I have taken berberis vulgeris upto 3 to 4 month. now it becomes 14.6 mm. I want only medicine for treatement. stone is completly painless and one more thing my mother also had gall bladder stone.

    suggest me

  403. kalyana sundaram says:

    Sir gallbladder polyps how to treatment plz sir

  404. Nadeem Asghar says:

    Dear Dr Sb
    I have two stone in gall bladder which is 2mm and 4mm and i dont have any pain for that and i have one stone in kiddney so please advices that there is any medicine to remove these store from my body

    Thanks & regards

  405. H C Wadhawan says:

    Dear Dr Vikas,

    Recently, I got swear abdomen pain. On the advice of consulting doctor, Ultrasound was done & a 13 mm stone has been deducted in my gallbladder. The consulting doctor has advised for operation.

    Can you advise for homeopathic treatment. I can meet you also at your convenience.

    H C Wadhawan
    Mob No: 9872345522

  406. Hi Doctor
    i am from mumbai, a retired senior citizen. Sonography shows gall stones of 2 to 3 mm size of late. it used to be sludge in the duct for 3 to 4 years before. There is no pain or discomfort now.
    Upper abdominal fullness/acidity is an 40 yr old complaint but Endoscopy has shown no abnormality.
    i am 65 year old male, active life style, walks 5 to 6 kms a day for 4 to 5 days a week, taking diabetic, BP, cholesterol medicines since 5 to 8 yrs, non veg mostly fish or white meat and regular habits.
    Weight, diabetes, BP etc are all under Good control, regular checkup etc.
    Weight reduced by 7 kg in 2011. Maintains at 69/70 kg since 3 yrs, BMI 24. Fatty liver seen in sonography since 2011.
    Can you suggest homeo medicines for Gall stones? i prefer to avoid surgery, if posbl.

  407. jayakrishnan.P.T says:

    sir, I have two gallstones 15MM,17MM. I have random pain and acidity problem after taking food as chappathy,porotta etc. can you desolve this stones without surgery. I have no pain in shoulder,but have sufferring hard pain in both foots. Please give me your valuable advice

    Thanking you

  408. Samiran Sarkar says:

    I have been suffering from pain in the upper right ribs. Feeling severe pain after taking meal which is lasts 1 hr. No fever, vomiting. What is the cause. Thanks.

  409. sir
    i have 5mm gallblader polyp. i have no pain. i want to solve this problem with homeopathy treatment.please give me advice.

    • mahendra says:

      mere GB me polyps h….Jiska size 5.2 × 4.3 h. ..
      so sir plz koi achi treatment btaiye, jis se polyps khatam ho jaye

  410. alok mondal says:

    Sir Alok Mondal.I have gallbladder Stone.I want to treatment to you.

  411. Please note that on 2nd april after ultrasound detected therein some small size of stone sizes 3mm to 4mm in my gallbladder I am interested to go homeopathy treatment please advice and your suggestion.

    • some gallstones found in ultrasound about 3 years back.Ihave no problem since then.please sggest how to dissolve them to avoid any problem in future.

  412. Deepankar Roy says:

    mere gall bladder mein 16mm ka stone hai, aur kuchh calculi paayi gayi hai, kya bina surgery ke is stone ko khatam kiya ja sakta hai.. aisi koi dawai hai aapke paas, pls tell me at 9811874908

  413. My wife have gall bladder stones of 8 mm in size for last two years. She is taking cucumber, beet root ,apple and pepper mint juice for treatment as advised by a traditional medicine specialist.But it have no cure. Now i want to try some homeopathic medicines to get rid of it. If the homeopathic remedies are eliminating stones from gall bladder than pl advise it could not than pl tell me i will go for surgery.
    Kind regards

  414. Aarti Ghorpade says:

    Hello sir,
    I have very severe pain n I have 4 to 5 stones of 6 to 8mm in my gallbladder so what homoeopathic medicine should I take, my homeopathic Dr gave me berberis medicine so what shall o do.

  415. Sreenath, india says:

    My wife has gall stone problem, we rin India, kindly suggest treatment, thanking you sir.

    • ghulam farid says:

      A.A. Sir, my wife has gal bladder stone and report is as under:-
      There are multiple stones inside the lumen ranging in size from 4mm to 17 mm and giving clean distal acoustic shadow. Wall thickness is mildly increased.
      Cholelithiases— multiple stones in the gal bladders.

      By the advised of Homeo Doctor used Tab: Cholestrinium 3X for about one year but fruitless

  416. ranjit dey says:

    i have gallbladder stone,18 mm size,but no symptom yet,what should i do?

  417. om Prakash sahoo says:

    Dear sir,

    My mother ( 57) suffering from pancreatic and gall bladder stone of 4mm, I want to make treatment and want to dissolve it without any surgery . please help me for the further treatment

  418. Y.U.Reddy says:

    I have developed a Gal stone in my gallbladder the size of the deposition 8 mm. Can it be curable
    with homeopathic medicines and how many days it takes to cure.


    Y. U. Reddy.

  419. Naeem Bajwa says:

    Dear Mr Dr Sharma.
    I am suffering from gallbladder stone in neck of the gallbladder. It’s size is and gallbladder is filled with sand.I am using Burbers q and chalidenium q 15 drops three times a day after meal. Since 45 days. But still when I eat any meal I feel light pain in stomach as well as in gallbladder. I am too using appel juice before breakfast. Kindly advise me what to do. Regards Naeem Bajwa

    • Mohammad Essa says:

      My wife age 30 years dignosed multiple gallstone size 12 & 16 mm and always feeling light pain some time sevior
      Doctor suggested for imidiate surgery .

      Kindly advice me

      Best regards,

  420. N.Nandini says:

    Hello Dr.

    My brother is diagonised with Multiple (4) small polyps in the Gall bladdar, largest measuring – 8mm and also a Fatty Liver. His age is 43. He is a teetotaler.

    Kidly suggest the suitable solution for the above problem asap.

    Thanks & Regards,

  421. Tushar Kant Dhal says:

    my son who is 14 years old is suffering from glad bladder stone of 10 mm . i want to make traetment and want to dissolve it without any surgery . please help me for the further treatment

    tushar kant dhal

  422. Tushar Kant Dhal says:

    My son is suffering from gall bladder stone of 10 mm in size . I want to cure it dissolve it by medicine . I dont want to go for surgery . My son age is 14 years old .

  423. I have a thicked wall 5-6 mm norma size gallbladder shows about 2-3 stones 5-6 mm inside it lumen..Please i nid your advise f i will go for surgery or it can cure with the medicines. …

  424. hari krishna gupta says:

    hello sir my wife have gallbllader stone aprrox 17 mm please suggest homoeopathy medicine

  425. baijunair says:

    Hi sir

    My name is Baiju. I am working in Hongkong.My family also with me . 2 days back for the visa purpose my wife had a medical check up and in the medical report we have found she had the gallblader polyps 6mm. is it serious?

    we are very much worried because this is new info for us. Pls advice us whether its serious or not. what is the treatment for this

    need surgery for this or not

    kindly awaiting ur reply

  426. Hi Sir,

    I have a Polyp on my Gall blader of size 5 mm. Please suggest me a treatment for this.


  427. faysal Ahmed says:

    please send dose and power.


  428. Jogaikar hanumant says:

    Gallstone problem

  429. Smita pardeshi says:

    M having a pain in stomach sins last 1 weak & I have done a sonography.
    There is calculus of 5.2 mm
    But it’s paning so much what shud I do

  430. shubhendu adhikari says:

    Sir. I m suffering fm gas problem since 2013. But last year Oct 2015, doctor found gall stone of 12 mm in my gall bladder. Dr. Adviced me to operate out. But i dont want to operate. In this stage what u adiced.

  431. narendra kumar mishra says:

    dear sir
    meri umra 47 ki hai mujhe gallbladder stone size ka hai.

    mai operation nahi karwana chahta hu. pls mujhe bina operation ke iska ilaj batane ki kripa karen.




  433. peter thanam koil says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Thank you very much for the valuable information. Recently a abdomen scan was taken to my wife, it is observed that gall stones are seen in bile duct. Kindly advise us for homeopathic treatment with out surgery.
    Thanks and Regards.

  434. SRIMANTA MANNA says:

    My wife 1 st issue , and fourth month running but suddenly feel pain in galblader, after USG we see that small bailey stone are store in galblader. In that situation can i take help in Homeopathic medicine with daily course of alopathic medicine for decresing of galblader pain. Homeopathic medicine effect in baby or mother .
    Please suggest me.



  435. Rajeev Roshan says:

    I am 25 years old and suffering from gallstones of caring sizes 10.1 8.1,8 etc .
    I do not want to get operated as it may cause something wrong .Is their any treatment of gallstones in homeopathic .
    Please suggest me .

  436. Boby Saxena says:

    I am writing to you for my wife (age 49) who is suffering from the below below ailiment . Her USG had been performed yesterday along with Pathological tests. Pathology report is ok except ESR which is little high. She is also suffering from Osteo artaritis for the last 20+ years & taking 10mg of steroid daily. Presently she is suffering from the below ailiment.
    natural cure for gallstones when they are accompanied by gastric symptoms like acidity, gas in abdomenor bloated abdomen. The patient complains of distension of abdomen from eating even a very small quantity of food. The gas rolls in abdomen and passes out with difficulty. The patient mainly complains of acidity that gets worse from taking starchy and flatulent food. The patient may also complain of a reduced appetite and fullness feeling in abdomen on eating even a little

  437. Rupama Saikia says:

    sir, myself rupama saikia of 43 years old woman. I am feeling very pain in upper abdomen for a few month. today I check up with consultant and examined USG of whole abdomen and result of impression is that cholelithiasis. A calculus(14 mm x 7mm) is seen in the gall bladder.

    please advice me.

  438. Hi,

    My son is 14 years and he has been having chronic jaundise , a few times vomiting and pain in the upper abdomen for over two months now, he has been diagonised with hepatitis A and after a an ultra sound has been made and a city scan a 1.4cm gall stones was seen in the gall bladder. Please advise

  439. pragya prabha says:

    I’m suffering from gallstones… I’m a student of 2nd year… I’m using homeopathic medicine but still there is no any relief…

  440. Manani Kumari says:

    Sir, I am 28 yrs old unmarried female. I recently knew about a 2mm stone in my gall bladder when I diagnosed with ultrasound. Doctor suggested me surgery. I feel hardness in right side of abdomen. I feel some pain while standing, sitting and bending. I am not able to sleep left sided. I also feel pain in back. I am a student preparing for civil services. I am struggling. I don’t want to go through surgery. I am very anxious . Can homeopathy have a permanent treatment for gallstones? Please suggest me..

  441. Aman mukherjee says:

    My GB stone size 20.2mm. Have medicine for this. How to remove it. Age 31year- male.

  442. Aman mukherjee says:

    My GB stone size 20.2mm. Have medicine for this. How to remove it.

    • Sankar chatterjee says:

      My wife age.52. After USG Gall bladder is partially contracted. Multiple tiny calculi are seen in its lumen with posterior shadow. No pericholecystic fluid collection present. Pl advise surgery are necessary ? Any homeo treatment…

  443. I am 3 month pregnant my gallbladder stone of 5 mm I have very pain please suggest me

  444. Gallbladder stone


    Piyali Acharyya is my 3.6 years daughter. she suffered in 4 mm gall blader stone. ugc dt 05.02.16, please help me how she relief from the problem. at present hemopathy treatment running. Please suggest me the best medicine of hemopathy for remove the stone from gall blader.

  446. Nishu Yadav says:

    I am 3 month pregnant yesterday I got my first ultrasound done my baby growth is good but another ultrasound showed 20 mm one big stone in my gallbladder

    My gynaecologist suggested moriliv tablet 300 mg twice in a day along with folic acid once in a day.
    Is it safe to take in pregnancy I don’t want to harm my baby it’s my 1st pregnancy and my age is 31 n I belong to dehradun.

    Please help as vomit almost everyday and yellow fluid comes out and having pain in left shoulder near to spine.

  447. my son age 13 years has gallbladder stone of about 4mm. please suggest treatment. I live in delhi

  448. Sir I have a stone in gall bladder in size of 14.8mm . i want surgery as last option . can i be treated ? how much time will take ?. I felt acute pain and vomit in past week regularly. i have taken antibiotic and pain killer medicine. Pls suggest

  449. kangkan Konwar says:

    To Dr Sharma
    sir I have been suffering from gall bladder stones of 17 mm calculus…. But there is no pain till now in my stomach… I would like to know if there is any cure for these gall stones without surgery… plz reply sir

  450. Nilesh Amberkar says:

    Sir, I am facing gall stone problem. I would like to take your medicine. As there is no homeopathy doctor in our village.

  451. pushpaveni NC says:

    Recently I have been diagnosed with a gall stone of size 10 mm . Can remove by using homeo medicine. I do not want surgery. Bit pain is there now . what do you suggest?

  452. biswajit das says:

    Recently I have been diagnosed with a gall stone of size 15.7 mm (1.57 cm). Can the size be reduced by using homeo medicine. I do not want surgery. I have a slight problem of gas & acidity due to the gall stone. No pain as such till now. what do you suggest?

  453. paresh pradhan says:

    Firstly when i did ultrasound then the stone was detected around 16mm then i took cardus mar homeopathetic medicine along wid some other.. it worked and my size reduced to 10mm…then i didnt took it…and now i am having 14mm size..
    What shd i do??
    Suggest me some other good medicines which would cre my stone..
    Thank you…

  454. Dear Dr
    This is to inform you that my mother age is 50 yr. Have a 5.4mm stone in gallblader.we want remove this stone without surgery or alopathic treatment. I request to you kindly suggest that which homeopathic medicine will start and what to do or dont.

  455. BIKRAMJIT ROY says:



    MR. BIKRAMJITROY, 09830592014.

  456. Hi, my wife is pregnant and going through her start of 8th month. During ultrasound it was found 1.4cm stone in her gallbladder and it is not impacted or you can say it is not stuck in the neck of gallbladder.
    What medicine in homeopathy she should take to dissolve it. She is afraid to go through a surgery and also afraid that it should not pass through since she is pregnant.
    Thanks and regards,

    • I am having tiny multiple stone in my gallbladder . I am having 1.5 month daughter. Dr is tell me to do operation. N I am nt ready for it so u plz help me what should I do

      • I am having tiny multiple stone in my gallbladder . I am having 1.5 month daughter. Dr is tellg me to do operation. N I am nt ready for it so u plz help me what should I do? My age is 26yr

  457. ABDUL RAHMAN says:

    Dear Dr.
    My wife is suffering from gall bladder accompanied with fever. Fever comes with shivering cold. I have given her Dr. Reckwerg’s R-7 medicine. The pain has reduced but fever is there.

    Scan results shows sludge and multi-stones. one big stone is of 1.4cm

    Request for your advice



  458. b.s.bhatnagar says:

    my ultrasonography revealed mild hepatomegaly with fatty changes affecting liver(grade1)& gall bladder calculus(11mm).I am also a chronic patient of exess gas & acute constipaion.The phisician has prescribed me Jondila forte syp. Can gall bladder stone of 11mm be dissolved ? if so up to when? Is there other medicine to dissolveit?

    • narender singh karnal haryana says:

      sir,in usg.15mm stone in gall bladder,fatty liver grade-1, kidney stone . what should i do. pls write treatment of homeopathy.thnx

  459. Dear Doctor,

    I am having single stone in gall bladder measuring 6.3mm and few stones in CBD measuring 5-8 mm. Can these be removed. Previously two time i had sludge which was removed by homeoptahy.

    Please give your opinion.


  460. Baikuntha Khanal says:

    good afternoon
    I am baikuntha age of 26. i have 12 mm gal stone in my gal bladder. i want to remove without surgery so plz let me know what are the process or medicine ?


  461. dilip basnet says:

    What is benifit of lycopodium?

  462. My wife has 12mm galbladderstone found recently with 64 SGOT and SPOT value What is the remedy without surgery

  463. Dr.
    I am NAFEES from PAKISTAN. I have 2 gall stone only 16.00CM nad 15cm. I am man. Age 40years. Give me a suggestion on homeopathy medicine.

  464. Rajesh Kumar Singh says:

    My age is 44. After some infection and pain went to hospital and in ultrasound found multiple stone in golbladder max size is 15.5 mm. What is best the best treatment with 100% sure.

  465. bhavna gupta says:

    How much time it takes to get rid of gall bladder stones with homeopathy.

  466. asish kumar says:

    sir, i have 12mm of gallstone sir what i do for get rif of it .,from few month i’m using berberis vulgaris in mother tincher form. please tell me some idea to get rid from gallstone without operation.

  467. I have a 28mm stone in my gall bladder,, as such now i have no pain.. I m 41yrs old female. Shud i start with homeopathy medicine. Plz let me know.



    My gallstone size is 11.5mm, can is curable through homiopathy

  469. S.N.SHRIVASTAVA says:

    My granddaughter age 14 years is suffering from gall bladder stone size 10 mm. I have already given her Berberis vulgaris Q for 2 months but no fruitful result has come yet. The size of stone is still the same. Please advise me what should I do now.

  470. Deepak dwivedi says:

    My 6 year old son suffering from 7mm gallbladder stone .please advise me homeopathy medicine if any.

  471. I found 2 stones in gall bladder…
    One is 4 mm and other is 7 mm
    What is the treatment for it…

  472. joel halder says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering Gall bladder stone, My doctor find out it and suggest me to surgery department.
    My problem was full of gas of abdomen, waight high, presser up and down for this stone.

    So, I am requesting you If you can help me to provide medicine for removal of Gallbladder stone.


  473. archana yadav age 32 year says:

    sir mujhe 10 mm ka gall bladdar stone h jiski vajah se mujhe gas bahut banti h and kamar me pain rahta h.sir GB stone ko nikalne ki medicine batye .mahan krapa hogi.

  474. Dear Dr. Sharma ,

    I am from Dhaka Bangladesh . My two & half year old daughter is suffering Gall Stones ( Size 17 mm ) & Higher Amylase ( it was 700 in beginging & now come down to 230 ) . Pls let me know if you offer offer any treatment for this .

    B.Rgds/ Moin

  475. Jayanta Banerjee says:

    I have small gall bladder small multiple polyps after diagnosed USG and also feel uncomfortable in the lower abdomen. I have Gastric problem also. please prescribe Medicine and treatment natural remedies.

  476. ABHAYA SARIN says:

    Dear Sir,
    My vet has advised homeopathic treatment for my female dog who is 13 yrs old and has been diagnosed with one stone in bladder and some grainular deposits as well.
    What medicine and what potency works best in such cases?
    I will be grateful if you can guide me to have a second opinion.

    Thank you, Sincerly yours,
    A Sarin

  477. Dear Sir,
    I am from Bangladesh. My father age 80 yeas few day he was suffering hole stomach pain , fever . Today we check his Gall balder by Altronso gram and found lot of stone in gall balder with Jaundice .

    Please give me name of the perfect Homeopathy medicine . For curs gall balder stone.

  478. I am suffering from gall bladder stone size 5 mm since 2015 feb and doctor advised me to remove through sturgery. I am interested it. Pls advise me which medicine is better without operation and also having fatty liver, constipation, abdomen pain. Pls advise me and help me Doctor

  479. Dr.
    I am jharna from Bangladesh. I have gall stone only 7mm.. I am woman. Age 27years. Give me a suggestion on homeopathy medicine.

  480. shreedhar rao says:

    good day sir,
    Myself shreedhar

    I have a gall stone of 10.3 mm found in my gall bladder i feel very difficult to digest food,burning sensation in throat sometimes feel pain at the right side of my stomach.please suggest me with homeopathic medicine ……

    • sir gapd mg
      Pls advise me what to do as i am having 5 to 6 stone in CBD area. Also having acute pain .vomiting yellow colour,
      can i go for homeopathi or surgery
      Thanks& Regards

  481. Hello dr
    I m latif from pakistan
    Today dr ask to my wife for ultrasound
    So we made it
    Then dr found that some calculi in galblader size is 3 to 4 cm she had a swear pain and gass problems and weakness
    Which medicine you recommend for herself
    Please guide

  482. Dear Dr Sharma,
    Your article is very helpful. I need your advice for getting the stone removed from the bile duct. It is a 10 mm stone blocked the bile duct. The surgeon tried to remove the stone through ERCP. The patient is my mother-in-law aged 94 years. Because of breathing problems and dropping down of the BP the doctor could not remove the stone and stopped the procedure after fixing a plastic stent in the duct. She was under treatment for two weeks because she suffered pain on ribs inflammation on liver , kidneys etc.

    Pl tell me whether she can use the homeo medicines
    for the removal of stone. Is it necessary to remove the stent? Usually how long it takes to disappear the stone
    If she use the homeo medicines?
    Regards and thanks

  483. Nitesh Kumar says:

    Hello Doctor, My mother is having Gall bladder stones diagonosed 2 months back when she had stomach pain but also was diagonosed with jaundice ( 3 bilirubin) but Jaundice is cured now & back to normal. She doesnt have any pain now.
    Report as of today of sonography says –
    Gallbladder physiologically distended E/O multiple calculli seen, measuring 2 to 3 mm in sixe & 4-5 in number. CBD is not dilated ,3.9 mm. Wall thickness is normal.No evidence of pericholecystic fluid.
    Rest all is normal
    impression – cholelithiasis, Mild Hepatomegaly with Fatty liver grade 1.

    Question is – If she doesnt have pain , aged 65 years( Diabetic) , can stone be removed with medicine ?? If yes, please suggest..

    Thanks & regards.

  484. Abhishek Ranjan says:

    Hello Dr.
    My report is saying that…
    Gall Bladder:Distended.Few calculi measuring from 4-5 mm noted within lumen.Wall thickness is normal.
    Please advice me medicine for the removal of this problem.
    I am currently in bangalore.
    Thank you

    • sir gapd mg
      Pls advise me what to do as i am having 5 to 6 stone in CBD area. Also having acute pain .vomiting yellow colour,
      can i go for homeopathi or surgery
      Thanks& Regards

  485. arti gupta bhardwaj says:

    Dr.dharma my gall bladder was removed six years ago after which iface problems of diarrhea, flatulence . can I get out of this situation, I am a vegetarian and take very controlled diet,I am 47.

  486. upinder bagga says:

    Sir,my baby is just 4year old.he has 7mm gallstone .plz help me to remove it without surgery

  487. Chulbul Pandey says:

    My mother has stone in gall bladder . Size of Stone is 12 M.M. Can I suggest her Chelidonium. I read about Chelidonium. It may cure Gall Bladder stone. Is it Right ??? Pls, help me.

  488. Prem Kumar chandram says:

    stone size approx- 10-12 mm

    • rita singh says:

      Been discoveted with big gall bladdar stones n the gastroentologist says the GB has to be removed….i have pain which is simetimes dull n at other times sharp in the abdomen….plz in the mean time advice some medicine 4 the pain n discomfort…thanks

  489. Prem Kumar chandram says:

    my father has last 10 year old gall bladder stone. his age is 65 year,

    Plz. any medicine in homeopathy.

  490. Anil kumar gupta says:

    Dear doctor,
    As per ultrasound report in my gallbladder multi stone size 5 mm due to this in 6 month I face seveior pain in stomach with vomating and gas problem, (first time in june month and second time in current month ) one thing is commen in both I have eatan DOSA . Now I want your help in homeopathay medician please advise.
    I am also suffering with ASTHMA , ENLARGE PROSTATE 31 GM AND SKIN DISEASE.
    Anil kumar gupta
    Age 58 years.

  491. D.chakraborty says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma

    While surfing net I found this site ! We live at kolkata .My wife diagnosed gall stone 1.70cm single calculus with posterior acoustic shadow .she was taking homeopath and ayuvedic medicine for many months but no improvement .She is absolutely against surgery .please help. Is there really any medicine for gall stone in homeopath. She is having some pain and acidity problem. Her uterus is bulky (9.63cm x 7.42cm x 6.10 cm). Ectopic Lt kidney is seen in Lt iliac fossa. She is 39 years. Your urgent advice really appreciated. Regards.Dev

  492. Parasurama Krishnamoorthy says:

    I have diagnosed few stones with maximum size 6 mm. I have no pain or symptoms. Urigilogist who found by scan advise to go for Endoscope after getting opinion from a Cardilogist as my AR valve is severely calcified. To avoid risk I have decided to go for Homeo treatment through a BHMS, MD ( Homeo ). Pl advise me whether I can go ahead. Thanks

  493. amar sharma says:

    sir, i have a galstione 15mm but as such till date i have niot experienced galbladder pain but slight inflamatioinwas there which is niot thereniow. i some timeexperience slight constant pain inthe centre of upper abdomen mainly at night which persists foir 3 hoiurs and then after passing gas I am normal. I am taking alopathy medicin mebiz sr, noiramax formy stomach infection besides homeiopathic medicines. All doctors are suggesting me to surgical removal of my gallblader. Though there is slight reduction in gall stone due toihomeo and ayruvedic medicines. I am little reluctant to go for surgery as I would like to eradicate my stomach problem of my chemical formulationoif my byle as suggested y my hoimepathic doctor.I have been told that BERBERIS VULGARIS can helpme. I feel in my case LYCOPODIUM is moist suitable as I always have bloated stomach after my dinner and problemin gas and some times acidity also.

    I need your valuable advise.


    Amar Sharma.

    • Parasurama Krishnamoorthy says:

      I have been diagnosed few stones with maximum size 6 mm. I have no pain or symptoms. Urigilogist who found by scan advise to go for Endoscope after getting opinion from a Cardilogist as my AR valve is severely calcified. To avoid risk I have decided to go for Homeo treatment through a BHMS, MD ( Homeo ). Pl advise me whether I can go ahead. Thanks

  494. Hi Dr. Sharma

    My daughter 5 year has gall belder stone ( 2 stome of 4 mm ) . She has slight pain while eating food.
    is homeopathy can help us to resolve this.

  495. mamta Billore says:

    My Son is 11 year old and he is suffring problem of gall stone . stone size is 4mm ( 2) please help me .

  496. monika bhatia says:

    Hello Doctor , my son is 8 yr old .he has a gallstone of 3mm in the neck of gallbladder.please tell me any medice .Thankyou

  497. Ashish sharma says:

    My daughter has gall blades stone size is 9.5 mm and her age is 8 years old is there any medicine for this tell me.

  498. Shashi Mohan Das says:

    Sir, Namaste,
    I have 9.5 mm of single gall stone. In the report remarks as cholecystits. how to remove or destroyed its sir, please reply me…………….

  499. Sir my wife have 10.7mm stone in gallbladder and13 mm sludge also please advise probably treatment

  500. Harsh kumar says:

    My sister in law ,age 66 years has been detected one 20 mm gall stone non pain full ,Dr. Saheb pls suggest best treatment to avoid any surgery . Her weight is 80 kg height 5’2″. Can this stone be dissolve or expelled through bile duct . pls advice,Sir

  501. Sir
    Recently My wife’s gall bladder’s ultra sound as detected ecogenic focus measuring 33mm with posterior acoustic shadowing s/o calculus in lumen.
    Two three days ago suddenly in the night she started vomitting and now she is complaining pain in the stomach and some gastric problem.please advise her medicine to dissolve the stone and for pain relief.
    With regard

  502. MD MUSTAK AHMED says:

    Presently I have been detected with gallstone. On JAN,2015 it was reported(USG) to be multiple stones with average size of 0.57 cm. On NOV,2015 the USG report detects multiple stones largest one with 1.67 cm. In general no outside symptoms like pain etc is there except minor gas and acidity problem occasionally. Presently I am taking natural treatment with Apple juice/lemon juice and Apple Cider Vinegar. Already my physician has advised to go for gallbladder removal. Already I am under homeopathy treatment under
    Dr Prasanta Banerjee Homeo Institution, Kolkata since one week. Is is possible to dissolve the stone with homeopathy without gallbladder removal?

    • Shashi kant says:

      Sir I am 33 years old, and having a calculus 12.6mm in gallbladder. Is there any medicine to dissolve it.

  503. Fazal e Rabbi says:

    Hi Dr Sahib I have pain gallbladder stoon 15mm telling me what can be done? Daygnos homoeo pathic medicine???

  504. Sumeet Chauhan says:

    Respected Doctor

    I have been diagnosed to be affected with gallstone though I have no pain or any other ailments. The same was detected during ultrasound report in the month of Oct 2007 reporting to be single stone 11 mm. During this period no medicine has been taken by me. Surgeon has advised to remove the Gallbladder itself.
    Is it must? Can homeopathy can do something to dissolve the same without

  505. Preeti sharma says:

    Hi Dr.sharma
    I Preeti sharma (optometrist) wants to consult you for my gall bladder is since around 5 months I don’t have any symptoms related to this…
    Please guide me whether I require any surgical intervention or homeopathic treatment will work.

  506. MD MUSTAK AHMED says:

    Respected Doctor

    I have been diagnosed to be affected with gallstone though I have no pain or any other ailments. The same was detected during USG in the month of JAN:2015 reporting to be multiple stone with average size of 0.67 cm. During this period no medicine has been taken by me except consumption of organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Almost all the parameters in respect to Liver, Kidney and Prostrate has improved remarkably but the Gallstone which again on USG on 27th Nov,2015 reported to be multiple stones with the largest one to be 1.62 cm though no physical problem is still there. Surgeon has advised to remove the Gallbladder itself.
    Is it must? Can homeopathy can do something to dissolve the same without surgery? if needed I can upload both the USG reports

    • Juanita Santos says:

      Dear Dr. My son had been hospitalized for acute pancreatitis with portal vein thrombosis in July 15 for a month. There is much improvement as per the color doppler done yesterday. However he had a pain in Nov which showed in the USG and the color doppler done yesterday that there is a slugh in his GB. Please guide me if homeopathy can cure this completely as the doc I consulted recommended removal of the GB . He is also currently on warfarin 3 mg daily and his INR is between 2 and 3 when last taken.

  507. Dear doctor, I have gall bladder stone of 2.9 mm.. . Doctor has advised removal of gall bladder.. . Also my homeo doctor has advised the same as there is no curative treatment in homeopathy for gall bladder stone…. lately in a gap of one or two days gall bladder severe pain attack occurs.. Which goes only after pain killer tablets or injection. . Please suggest..
    Regards ashu
    Age 34 female

  508. I am suffering from Gall Stone. 4-5 stone in gall bladder maximum size 7.8 mm in ultrasound.
    I am 38 years old female. Doctor has suggest operation. Pain in upper abdomen after meal and bloating.
    Please suggest me for further treatment.


  509. Dear Doctor,

    i am 36 year old male. i have gall bladder polyps since 5 years and i taken homeopathic medicine for 4 years by Dr., now polyp size is 10 mm kindly help me is it possible gall bladder polyp permanent cure doctor.

    Thank you,


    M. Nizar

  510. R.Gopalaswami says:

    I am an 80 year old male. A 17 mm gallbladder stone was detected in Feb 2013 during ultrasound abdomen. Once again a few days back, the same test showed the gall bladder stone has grown to 21 mm. The medical specialist advised no surgery due to age.
    All my other systems are normal, no diabetes, nor blood pressure issues. Only a case of peripheral neuropathy in the feet and legs; and now the doctors says I may be having gastric reflux problems since last 1 month
    Can you please help with homeopathic medicine?
    Air Cmde (Retd)

    • I sincerely request all the people here who have posted reg treatment for gallstones to PLSSSS TRY HOMEO FOR SURE.

      I have an 8mm, a 17.5 mm n other multiple stones in gall bladder n the 8mm one that is particularly at the neck of bile duct is causing me immense pain and I am taking homeo for it, believe me it will help, don’t rush into surgery unless it’s an emergency. Pls do try homeo.

      I wish everyone here a speedy and complete riddance from gall stones forever. I pray for myself and all others here too.


  511. Mukul Mondal says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    My mother is suffering very bad pain in whole abdomen since last month. She is 50 yrs old and not much but she is fatty.
    It’s very difficult to control when she is faceing like this pain.

    Blood test and USG Is tested. Dr. Says that blood test is OK and BP is also fine. But Gall bladder stone have found in USG report.

    Pls suggest me what should I do in this situation. Is it possible to remove all stone without any operation?
    Pls reply me as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mukul Mondal


  512. Dear sir,

    My wife is suffering from multi gallstones in her gallbladder. Doctor has suggest operation but i want to know that is there any treatment in home which really work 100%, please reply.

  513. Dear Doctor,

    My Sister is suffering from multi gallstones in his gallblader. Doctor has suggest Operation but i want to know that is there any treatment in Home which really work 100%, please reply.

  514. Dear Sir,
    one stone about 9mm in size has been detected in my gall bladder I am also suffering with acute right upper abdomen pain with gastritis. Kindly suggest me the best homeo remedy to cure it.
    Thanks and regards

    • Sondip Nath says:

      Dear sir, my wife is suffering from gallstones in her has suggested operations but I want to know that is there any treatment in homeopathy which really work 100% please reply

  515. Hello doctor ,
    I am 32 yr old married having two kids by cesarian
    Recently diagnose 14mm gaal bladder stone
    Pl suggest remedy
    Tanushree Delhi

  516. Dear Dr. sharma,
    my elder sister has a gall stone problem and also colorectal cancer. because of gall stone problem. doctors couldn’t treat cancer. gall bladder full of multiple stones whatever she drink comes outside…
    what medicine or treatment would you suggest.
    waiting for your reply.

  517. Sir I have 2 Golstone one is 15mm and the other one is 14mm can it would be treated in homeopathic and how long does it take to come out.
    Kindly reply
    Best regards,
    Arif latif

  518. Pawan Kalia says:

    Sir my wife aged 55 is having multiple small gall stones. It is difficult to comment on the exact size and number of stones, probably 50-100 in numbers. No GB wall edema or pericholecstic fluid collection or any other sonographic evidence of acute cholecystitis is seen at present. CBD is not dilated. Whearas pancreas, spleen, both kidneys, urinary bladder, uterus is normal in shape and size. No ascitis and no abdominal lymphadenopathy seen.
    What treatment or Medicine would you suggest.
    Pawan Kalia

  519. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have 6 mm stone in my gall bladder, Please prescribe medicines for me, My age is 38 years. Waiting for your reply

  520. Hi I refused surgery -a stone stuck in duct – after a cleanse -insisted on a test and now have 2 gallstones–none in duct

    what now to rid the 2 and no more attacks

  521. Dr. John Abugiri Awuni says:

    I am certified Homeopath, Naturopath, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Anatomist, Nurse and Alternative Medicine Advocate in Ghana-West Africa. I have been following you online on how you treat patients with Homeopathy. I am really proud of you and would like to congratulates you for your good works. In fact Homeopathic remedies as well as Alternative Medicine Circumvent and Obviate us from every diseases. Thank you and more grease to your elbow. God richly bless you.

  522. madhumita shome says:

    Sir, I am 58 yrs old, recently during annual medical checkup my USG whole abdomen shows multiple gall stones,one is 14 mm. Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment is possible?

  523. Ravi Patel says:

    Hi my father suffer from multiple gall bladder stone,no other complaints,except sometimes gas trouble,and prostrate enlarge

  524. Mahabubul Mazid says:

    cist on left breast of a 41 years unmarried girl. no pain on the cist.

  525. Priyanka roy says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am 21 years old,i have been recognized with gall bladder stones this year on the month of February.I have two stones of 10 mm and 12 mm and other small calculi according to the USG report.Since then i have been suffering from intense abdomen pain,nausea,vomiting,gas problems specially at midnight almost everyday.I have been suffering a lot these months.I don’t want to go for an operation.Is there any homeopathic medicine to dissolve stones or i should go for surgery?And also please suggest any medicine that could give me relief from this pain.Please suggest as soon an possible.

    Thanks and regards,

    • devendra singh says:

      i have 15 mm stone in gall bladder .
      plz suggest me how it can be removed or dissolved by using homeopathic medicines.

      plz do the need ful.

  526. Hello dr sharma,

    My mother has 23mm gall stone and she has fever, pain in lower abdomen and back pain also, vomitting, pain in shoulders at sometimes and gastric, please tell me what should we do? Should i take any homeopathic medicine for this or we should do surgery for remove the stone?

    • S. ANIL KUMAR says:

      SIR. My name s.ANILKUMAR at the age of 48 years.I have taken MRCP .MRCP is done using the 3D SSFSE technique.
      GALL BLADDER :Normally distended. Multiple hypointense intra luminal filling defects of size 6-7mm noted in GB . No wall thickening / Peri cholecystic inflammation.
      so, I have any homeopathic medicine for this reason or we should do surgery for remove the stone?

  527. Rajnish Pandey says:

    Hi Dr.
    Greetings for the day

    I Rajnish Pandey would like to inform you that my wife is suffering from Gall Bladder stone which cause immense Gas formation is being noticed in her upper and lower abdomen and this has turned our life into a hell as we do have 2 small kids with us
    therefore, please let us know what do we do with it i.e. how to get rid of this problem

    Thanks & regards
    Rajnish Pandey

  528. Alekha Jena says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a gallstone patient. I feel pain occasionally once/twice a year. The ultrasound report says there are multiple stones in the gallbladder. I don’t want a surgery. Can it be cured by homeopathic medicine? I would request you to guide me.


    Alekha Jena
    Mobile: 9810263163

  529. i have pain in upper abdomen and the pain moves back to the center of shoulder.this type of pain is asymptotic and repetative in nature. after usg it is found that i have stones in gallbladder. size upto 5mm.please suggest me some medicine or diet.

  530. kandimuthu says:

    sir kindly suggest me medicine for gall stones size 14mm

  531. My age 60 year. Before one year 14mm calculus my gallblader. One year homeopathy treatment by Dr. But today ultrasound report is nothing normal.gall stone as it is14mm. Pl tell me which homeopathy medicine taken further treatment. Thanks

  532. Mohammad Rafi says:

    Hi Sir,

    My Mom having gall stones in bladder, we went hospital for treatment but my mom age is 64 years almost . The the doctor said surgery is not possible for this age. He given tablets PAN 40mg, she taking daily morning before food. Pain reduced in abdomen but sometimes it will come now a days she is facing more pain in right shoulder, that tablet also not working. Can we go for homeopathic treatment with out side effects. Please help me out to reduce right shoulder pain. Please help me sir.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mohammad Rafi

  533. Ateeq Ahmad says:

    Dear sir, my sister is suffering from gall stone of size 12mm and 2-3 in number. is their are any homeopathic medicine which can dissolve the gall stone. Please advice me regarding the same and give your valuable suggestion.

    Thanks & Regards

    Ateeq Ahmad
    New Delhi

  534. Satyajit bhattacharyya says:

    Sir after usg of my whole abdomen, dr. Observed i am suffering from gall bladder now i i donot feel any symptoms for gall bladder stone.actually i am suffering from hydronephrosis desease .bt now i am get better after taking some medicines which is prescribed from sergeon
    My question can i get relive from gall bladder stone surly after treatmen with homeopathic without any surgery? Now no size is mentioned in the usg report.pls inform which medicines r best for my gall bladder stone?though now no any types of symptoms like vomiting, pain in abdomen and right back pain.
    Now only i am taking udiliv300 tablets 2 times.
    Pls help me..9733589513

  535. Harmel Singh Dhillon says:

    Sir no pain and other symptoms stone is 12 mm in gallbladder tried colestrinium chenapodium berveris val and lycopodium of no results can you please tell me what to do thanks

  536. Bhaswati das says:

    My son (age 16) has 3 small gall stones( largest is 4.3 mm). He sometimes feels pain in chest, after some time it goes automatically. I don’t want to operate. Please help us. What medicine he would intake and the dose of the medicine? Thank U.

  537. nasir afzaal says:

    My wife ammara started pain upper abdomin left side and back side and shoulder.nousia womiting her weight is started after birth of child slowly slowly, but one week before it started un bear able pain.helopathic dr. Recommended urso 250mg cap a day. But i dont believe helopathic. So please advice her best medicin to desolve the stone

  538. Ajay kumar says:

    Sir I live in sultanpur u p state. my 5 year female baby she has a two 8mm. 5.2mm in gall bladder what i do plz suggest medicone

  539. chhatis pd yadav says:

    I have 23mm gallstone plz suggest homeopathic medicine

    • Zeana Mujeeb says:

      Doctor. Am 27 year old. Female. I have two little daughters I was diagnosed with gall bladder stone . Its size is 11 mm. I have no stomach pain or vomiting. I have little pain below the right shoulder. Can my gall stone will be cured if I take homeopathy medicine. I don’t want to do surgery to remove my gall bladder. Please give your valuable advices sir .

      • RANJAY.KUMAR says:

        Dt 6/8/16
        I am 44yrs old. In sonography 3 stones size 11.5,9.5,7 mm was found in gall blader. Two times pain occurred in right side in stomach in middle part (in between kamar& give me advice & appropriate homeopathy medicine.
        I have taken hameopathy medicine. The size of largest stone reduced from 15.5 to11.5 mm.I have taken medicine from one year to one before
        With regards
        Ranjay kumar
        Raigarh (C G)

  540. I have been diagnosed with 5.1 cm gallstones.with acidity n gastro problem.please advise medicine n dose .and tell me how can I get ur medicine.I live in Pakistan.

  541. Sir,.
    I have gall bladder stone of there any homeopathic treatment to remove or dissolve stone.

  542. Gourab Ghosh says:

    I am 28 years old man. A calculus of 13-14mm is found in the neck of my gall bladder. I do not want to get my gall bladder removed. Is there any perfect homoepathy treatment? shall be grateful if u advise me on this issue.



    • i am 48 years old. a calculus of 9 mm is found in gallbladder. is there any perfect homopathy treatment? shall be grateful if u advise me on this issue


  543. Is there a permanent remedy for gall bladder stone

  544. preeti singh says:

    I have been diagnosed having Gall bladder stone of 2-4 mm and grade 3 fatty infilteration of liver. I m 30 year old. Plz advise some treatment . It can be removed through medicine.

  545. preeti singh says:

    I have been diagnosed having Gall bladder stone of 2-4 mm and grade 3 fatty infilteration of liver. Plz advise some treatment . It can be removed through medicine.

  546. Raghunandan Singh says:

    I have been diagnosed having gal bladder stone measuring 8.7 MM . kindly advice dose and medicine.


  547. i am 41 years.small stone is found in my gall bladder. i do not want to get my gall bladder removed. is there any perfect homoepathy treatment? shall be grateful if u advise me on this issue.


  548. HARISH KUMAR says:

    i am 61 years. two stents were inserted wheni had a severe heart on 30/08/2010. yeterday i in my gaultra sonography and 7mm stone is found in my gall bladder. i do not want to get my gall bladder removed. is there any perfect homoepathy treatment? shall be grateful if u advise me on this issue.

    • Sachiin Raval says:

      Sir, my father has just gone thru bypass surgery. He also has diabetes. But everything in control. But few days after he had this accute pain on right abdomen with symptoms of fever and perspiration., couldn’t eat anything, even after having some food he felt vomiting. With right shoulder pain. Doctors after doing ctscan, said the gall bladder is dry and slightly inflamated. Pain goes for sometime and comes back. Doctors say if it would have been detected before surgery they would have removed the gall bladder. But since thier is slight self healing in the bladder, they told us to wait for some time also the surgery has been done fewdays back.
      What are the chances of his gall bladder survival. What medicine can be given along with surgery medicines.
      What diet should be suggested Pls let me know.
      Awaiting a positive response from your side.

  549. Hi dr! I’m looking for a way to fix my nerve pain in my feet due to diabetes 2. (In addition to a healthy diet, proper nutrition and exercise) ice also just been diagnosed with gall stones.

    Thank you!

  550. Gunjan Pandey says:

    I am 26 years old girl. Last month 4-6mm multipal calculi detected in my gallbladder. Doctor advised me for laproscopic surgery,but homepathy doctor given me advice for taking berberis vulgaris. Can thishomeopathy medicine will remove gallstone. Please sir suggest me. I m waiting your reply

  551. gallblader stone medicine

  552. My mother aged 78 years has recently detected 12-2 mm stone in gall bladder. What is the homeopathy treatment. Please suggest the names of medicines.

  553. Dr Vijay Kumar says:

    Hello sir I am a Dr Vijay Govt.Service.My son age 10 yr male suffer gallstone about 4mm.Please suggest me if it is curable without surgery in Homeopathy.Thank you sir. Dr Vijay.

  554. Sir there is a polyp in anterior position of my gall bladder.ll u plz tell me which potency of calcarea carb is beneficial for me….

  555. Laxmikant Gavali says:

    Sir I have 2 stone one is 7mm and other small from last 1 pains.But last month experience shoulder pain got relief from physiotherapy and exercise.
    I am taking Dr.wrickwig R7 from last 1 year.
    No other medicine.
    Sometime bloating of stomach and indigestion. Pl reply for further remedies.3 time sonography done.
    Still stone present.

  556. Dear Sir,
    My mother age 70 suffering from gall stones with gas and pain
    In abdomen. Kindly suggest suitable medicine.
    I would be grateful to you for your help.
    Dr. Dutta

  557. I ve 2 Gallstones of 10 Mm & 9 mm I m taking berberis vulgaries & Chelidonium Majus from last 2 Months . I feel burning sensation in my nack all the time. How can it ll go. And these medicines are enough or i ve to take some other plz advice me the proper medicine for these gallstones they ll clear or not plz ans.

  558. My father aged 51 yrs,has a gall stone which was detected in CT scan and doctor suggested to do surgery ,so he got admitted in kmc hospital manipal and surgery was done,but while operation doctors stopped the operation because bleeding started in the liver bed so Dr stopped operation they failed to remove the stone and they suggested him to go for homeopathic treatment, what to do next ,whether this treatment is possible r not and whether it is successful or not???plz plz reply me

  559. Remya k nair says:

    My ultrasound scan showed multiple gall bladder polyps (4 nos), largest being 5mm. This was discovered while undergoing scan for checking my pcod issue.
    Cud u pls suggest medicines for removing gallbladder polyps without surgery? Also i am vitamin D deficient. Is there any co-relation among polyps, pcod nd vit D deficiency?
    Awaiting ur reply

  560. Tushar Pandit says:

    I am having 15 mm gall stone detected in sonography .Can it be cure by homeopathic medicins.

  561. Sunil pandit says:

    My wife has a stone in the gall bladder size 28mm X 40 mm . Pain occurs in inerval of 2-3 months . Can this curable by homoeopahy medicines .

  562. My mother, aged about 60 yrs , is having stone in gall bladder. I would like to know whether it can be treated by the homeopathy medicine. Whether size of stone matters for treating it with homeopathy.
    With kind regards
    D k singh

  563. I’m 35, female. Recently, my ultrasound revealed I have multiple gall bladder polyps. My doctor advise me to take ”CHOLELITHOLYTICS/HEPATIC PROTECTORS” medicines, 3 times a day for 3 months. Does this help dissolves polyps? Thanks..

  564. Hello. I’m 35, female. Recently, my ultrasound revealed I have multiple gall bladder polyps. My doctor advise me to take ”CHOLELITHOLYTICS/HEPATIC PROTECTORS” medicines, 3 times a day for 3 months. Does this help dissolves polyps? Thanks..

  565. My wife has a 27mm stone in gallbladder. Can it may be remove without operation. if so, advice the best remedy. with regards.

  566. NAVYA CHHABRA says:

    MY CONTACT NO. 9717916768

    • My wife is having 21mm stone in gallbladder near neck of gallbladder . Kindly confirm whether it can be cured by homeopathic medicines . If so please advise the best remedy . With Regards ARUN KUMAR

  567. Respecred sir , my father , age 52 , has a stone in gall blader (size 4 mm )and kidney. Its come to noticed before 1 month after consulting the doctor and do altrasound after pain in stomach. So i want to know there are any other treatment or medicine to cure this problem without surgery or not. Doctor suggest to surgery but we do not want to surgery so please advice me.

  568. Lalit Arora says:

    I am detected multiple stone up to 7mm in gallbladder,pls tell me the medicine.


  569. jagannath Biswal says:

    Sir,I am a male of 35 years. I am physically fit and I’m not having any sort of disease. I do not take tobacco.
    I am patient of gall stone since 1 and half year. Now the stone size is 35mm. Now i am not feeling any pain.
    Is there any medicine in homeopathy to clear the stone.?

  570. My one and half year old son named Farhan Khan have multiple calculi in his gall bladder measuring size of 4mm. I have known about gallstone around when my son 6 month old by ultrasound test. At that time, his bad cholestrol is slightly high, and good cholestrol hdl is low at the age of 6 month. I do repeat ultrasound every 6 month for my son to know his calculi size and i found it remains the same. At present size of multiple calculi is 4mm.


    Mob – 9968193412

  571. Dear wife age 52.has 23mm size gall stone with no pathologocal symptoms.kindly suggest the treatment…thanking you. Dr zia cheema MD.

  572. sir aoa my mother 57 year gall stones of size 1.1 cm. pls tell the medicine procedure, cost to
    dissolve it

    thanks sir

  573. sir aoa my mother 57 year gall stones of size 1.1 cm. pls tell the medicine procedure, cost to
    dissolve it

  574. manoj kumar says:

    dear sir-: my wife have a two stone 7mm & 12 mm in gall blader. pl. suggest right homyopathi medicine or other medicine remove stone without surgery.
    mob.-: 9810784945

  575. sadhna devrani says:

    Respected Dr.
    My son is 25 years old just before 5 days ago i came to know by his ultrasound that he had gallstone . sir he is going to Germany for his Ms. degree pls tell me what medicine you will prefer him to take . sometimes he had shiver stomach .
    , Sir pls mention me some medicine which help him for his pain and help to remove gallstone the gallblader walls are not thik till now .

    Waiting for your kind replay
    Sadhna Devrani

  576. BVN Prasad says:

    can gallblader stone cured in homeopathy

  577. Mehnaz Ali says:

    Hi! Three months ago i reached hospital with acute stomach pain but after examination i have diagnosed with galstone of 9.5mm.
    From then n onwards i have been experiencing many episodes of pain under my right shoulder….doctor told me its a well-distended galbladr so u should remove it by laproscopy.
    I m feeling nausea but no chill no fever.
    .n my craving for hot tea has been increased.
    Will homeopathy help in my treatment plz.

    • Asif Sohail says:

      Dr my wife is suffring in g.b stone dr advice to cholostectomy. Symptoms sever pain in right scapola start with nausia and vomit. Mostly spear after eating with flatulence. Dr plz send me some medisn for my dear wife because I m not agree to cholostectomy. Thnx

  578. dear sir
    My mother is 50yrs and we came to know that she has 2 stones in big size at gall bladder and also infection is there. The doctor has given elopathic mediciines for 5 days and after 3 days she is 50% relief. Dr. has also suggest to operate to take out the stone. but my mother do not want to operate. she want to take homeopathic medicine and want to take out without operation. is it possible by taking homeopathic medicine. pls. advice.
    With Thanks & Regards

  579. Percy A Mistry says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am having gall bladder stones, but hav no pain nor symptoms of acidity. Sometimes I have slight problem of indigestion.
    My USG report on Gall bladder is as follows: The gall bladder is contracted. An echogenic rim is seen in the gall bladder fossa with dense posterior shadowing secondary to multiple closely located calculi ranging from 3 to 6mm within its lumen forming a Wall Echo Shadow (WES) complex.
    What treatment would you suggest to remove/dissolve
    the gallbladder stones? Please advice

  580. sadanand balsaver says:

    I have one 7 mom calculus in right kidney and so does my wife who also has similar one in her gall bladder. However all are non obstructive.

    Lycopodium is best suited as per above details on your site. Please advise dosage and duration of treatment. Thanks.

  581. komal agarwal says:

    Hello sir,I m detected with 7.7mm gall stone.A sis in overy is also detected.kindly suggest me to go for surgery or some medicine.

  582. P,K,Thampy says:

    I am 71 good health experianced severe pain inthe right abdomen. ultra sound scan showed gall bladder stne & .93 cm (2 stones) Can it be treated with homeo avoiding srgery

  583. anup patra says:

    sir, i am 44 years old . I am sports man strong healthy and no any other desease. I am suffering from gallstone size 15 mm/1.5 cm pain in upper abdomen and back. stool release in the morning only one time but hard and loose at a time and after 30 munites again stool release as loose motion. this is my problem . i like hot food, sweet and favour summer season. no smoke no drug no drinks . I am a teacher. please advice me.

  584. ashim kumar mondal says:

    i am gollbloder patence,i want homiopathy tretment.where i treatment?

  585. Sudesh Lal Arora says:

    I hv been gone through angioplasty 15 days back &
    In main artery got stunt & by pass 14 years back , hv diabeties & hi BP , I have multiple
    Stones in my gall bladder & cannot
    Operate due to weekess as I am 73 years old , I want to get relief from stones in gall bladder as I am suffering from feeling of vomiting ,
    Uneasyness , gas , indigestion , dry throat , not want to eat food , feeling life no good

  586. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Abdomen ka right side heavy rahta hai.kabhi kabhi pain hot a hai.lunch karna ke bad abdomen tight ho jata hai.dakar adhik hota hai.latrin clear nahi hota hai.face lightly swelling hai.urine me jawano nahi suggest appropriate medicine.
    Mob 9472984002

  587. sahil dhingra says:

    Gallbladder stone and urine pass every ten minutes pls treatment

  588. praveen goyal says:

    my son have 11mm stone in gall bladder its treatment is posible in homeopathy

  589. deepti aggarwal says:

    i m four month pregnant and i am suffering from stone in galbladder please prescribed me any medicine in homeopathy from which my baby and me do not suffer any kind of difficulty and there is pain in my chest and indigestion also .

  590. hello sir good morning how are you sir? sir if can advice me some of the below mentioned problem I would be so thankful, actually the gall bladder has been caught stone small to small pieces as I know that after x ray according doctor he had told that gallstone has been so far I would like to ask with you can we remove the stone from gall bladder instead of doing any operation or should do operation , please sir kindly advice me regarding this type disease, because it, happened to my wife and just 6 month ago she had been delivery by segering delivery so now again if necessary have to do operation it,s problem for the baby mother that,s why I wanted to know it from you as soon as possible ,

  591. Prathapan says:

    Sir I have 39 yrs old , nd have 3.3 mm polyp in gall bladder how to treat with homeopathy.

  592. Tiaa Barry says:

    Hi I was recently told I have gallbladder polyps. I really do not want to have my gallbladder removed. I did read on your site Calcarea Carb is the best treatment for this. Can I please get the right dose/potency to take when I purchase this?

  593. nihar debnath says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    My son Anirban has 3 gallstones. The max. size is 10mm. Plz tell how it can be dissolved with homeopathy. He is an 3rd Engineering Student of NIT. Plz advice what to do.
    Nihar Debnath

  594. DR.,
    I hv gall Stones of 2-3 mm. At least six r seen in sonography.Bile duct is 5mm, gall bladder is 3mm thick. I get colic pain at times unbearable.I hv gases and pass wind, I hv been advised surgery laproscopic one, I also hv BP 150/90 or 160/100. I m obese 96 kgs, liver is fatty liver grade1, apart from this booming sonography shld all other organs to be normal. My questions to u is – can gall Stones dissolve by homeopathy, what if it becomes small and gets stuck in pancreatic or bile duct in process of passing out, how much time does it take for medicines to cure?, will cardusmar q and belladonna help. It has been advised to me by a friend who is a homeopath


  595. I have been resently dianosed with multiple stones in my gallbllader collectively measured 2.6cm. I wish to getrid from this diseas through homeopathiyc medicine.hope you will reply ò6
    soon .derstand my state.keeping in viee my son is of four months and on mother feed.

    I hope you will reply soon

    Thanks and Regards

  596. send me the detial of the treatment and medicen

  597. Dr. Deepak Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    one stone about 9mm in size has been detected in my gall bladder I am also suffering with acute right upper abdomen pain with gastritis. Kindly suggest me the best homeo remedy to cure it.
    Thanks and regards

  598. rohithkarunakar says:

    My wife age is 50 got gallstones the scanning report is given, each measuring 6-7mm on dated29-07-2014, then we scanning report on dated , each measuring 3-7 mm we take homeo treatment pl tell them full curing or normal food taking curing.


  599. Akhoi Ch. says:

    I was confirmed 1mm gallstone. sometimes very pain backside blade. I also use thy
    rox tabled.

  600. Purnima Bora says:

    I am suffering from gallstones and a 3mm stone is in my cbd. I wam having jaundice due to this.
    Can I go for the Olive oil treatment for gall stones at home during jaundice
    Thanking you, regards

  601. cloyd sevilla says:

    Hello! recently i was diagnosed having gallbladder polyp 8mm size.. i want to try this calcarea carb… i dont know where to buy from the philippines… will you help me please?!

  602. Sylvester Gomes says:

    Doctor Shaab,


    I am having a 9-cm stone, in my gallbladder, after doing an ultra sound, (4 months back report), then I started taking a treatment of Homeopathic and continuously I took the medicine for four months.
    After four months I did another ultra sound and the report says:

    1. Liver is mildly enlarged in size, measures 16.2 cm and shows grade I fatty changes. No focal lesion seen. Intrahepatic biliary radicles and venous channels are normal.
    2. Gallbladder is partially distended an shows multiple calculi with mobile sludge particles. CBD is not dilated.

    Mild hepatomegaly with grade I fatty liver.
    Cholelithiasis with mobile sludge.

    Please suggest, as i do not want to go for surgery.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sylvester Gomes.
    May 30th. 2015 at 06.52 pm

  603. Sir ,
    My wife age 31 resently had been diagnosed with glall bladder stone she had also gain weight.
    Kindly advise for the best solution and diet that can be taken to avoid sugery and come out healthy.

    Thank you.

  604. sikander kumar says:

    Dear Sir, I am sikander my wife age 22 is having multiple calculus stones small size which is not in measure. I don’t want to go for surgery(lap). I have treated with few homeopathic medicine like 1. Caclrea Carb 2. cholestrinium-Bio 3. china 4. belladona 5. Berberis bulgeris. last 2 months but she is also having pain time to time. Please help me and suggest best medicine which is dissolve the stone as soon as possibel.

    please consider to me.
    sikander 99999947795

  605. Hi,

    What is the best potency, dosage and timing/duration of dosage for using calcarea carbonica get rid of a 0.6cm gallbladder polyp (without stones)? Are there other homeopathics for these polyps? Are lycopodium and chelidonium helpful if there are no stones present?

  606. sabin gole says:

    when I start urine it time burn the urnine my penis sir.just start plz sir help me

  607. sabin tamang says:

    when I start urine it time burn the urnine my penis sir.just start plz sir help me

  608. Ahmed Bux says:

    Gallbladder polyps measuring 3.2 mm . I want to know homeopathic treatment

  609. Priyanka Pant says:

    Hello sir ,

    i m suffering with gall bladder stone problem for last one year , the pain is started frequently from last month on the top centre of my stomach due to gastric problem. and i have done ultra sound today there is two stones of .15 mm each (report says : gall bladder is well distended with normal sall thickness. two calculi seen within the luman of approx .15 mm each, one of them calculus is seen impacted in neck of gall bladder . CBD appears normal) . can it be cure by any homoeopathic medicine?sw

    Kindly advice .

  610. shekhar kaushik says:

    dear sir,
    my wife age 30 have two stones of 10-12mm in gallbladder she has also taken homeopathis treatment from last one month pl. tell is homeopathy is helpful to remove stone and pl. suggest about the right medicines.

  611. pushpa nath says:

    Iam detected4to6mm polyplip in gallbladder.some time I feel there is inflamationor .Iam 44 years.please suggest me is it really curable by homeopathy and how much time and money it will be take..gastric problem is there.

  612. Debarun Ganguly says:

    Sir I have 3mm polyp in gall bladder how to treat with homeopathy.

  613. Avijit Banerjee says:

    My father is 82 years old.Recently he had full Diagnostic check up for Senior Citizen.In USG Report it was found that Gallbladdar stones were there (conclusion & inference only) but there were no prior symptoms like pain in upper part of abdomen etc.The General Physian referred him to a Surgeon.Now considering his age I don’t want to take the risk of Surgery if suggested.For that reason I didn’t consult any Surgeon.Request you to suggest Homeopathic medicine for the Gallbladdar Stones to melt without surgery.

  614. varinder kumar mehta says:

    Gud evening dr sharma I m suffering from abdominal pain from last one and half year sir I have taken all medicine from allopathic and ayurvedic which prescribed by gastro doctor they diagnose after the checkup there is noting serios bt the pain still has not gone after that I got the ultrasound three time bt I got my report normal its all about six months before today I got my fresh ultrasound in that report doctor diagnosed gallbladder polups sir plz tell me can homeopathy medicine fully cure my problem I m waiting ur suggestions thank u

  615. govind singh says:

    Iam govind my age 30year old
    plz tell medican des……..

    My mb 9536123626

  616. madhu,jardosh says:

    Good afternoon, I have been having pain in my rt upper abdomen under rib cage with burning all over abdomen. My gall bladder was removed 28 yrs.’ ago, I had cats can done & showed lesion on liver, after I eat I get bloated feeling & pain get worse. If you kindly suggest any homoeopathic remedy & potency will sure appreciate it



  618. Am edmundo and am from Spain and i have suffered a lot of illness but since the day i contacted Dr my condition has changed for good with his powerful remedy.

    You can contact him through

    Phone number

  619. zahir hussain says:

    Respected sharma sir
    I am suff

  620. Sir,I am a male of 32 years. I am physically fit and I’m not having any sort of disease. I do not take tobacco.Sir, my problem is that – During foreplay I get an erection, but after few minutes, I feel that the erection is not that strong and is getting less. However, when i do “intercourse” after getting “erected”, within few seconds, the erection is “Totally Lost”. After this loss of erection, it is very difficult to get back my erection. This loss of erection happens all times, whether intercourse is after 2 minutes of foreplay, 3 minutes, or 5 minuteSir,I am a male of 32 years. I am physically fit and I’m not having any sort of disease. I do not take tobacco.Sir, my problem is that – During foreplay I get an erection, but after few minutes, I feel that the erection is not that strong and is getting less. However, when i do “intercourse” after getting “erected”, within few seconds, the erection is “Totally Lost”. After this loss of erection, it is very difficult to get back my erection. This loss of erection happens all times, whether intercourse is after 2 minutes of foreplay, 3 minutes, or 5 minute

  621. Sangita Mishra says:

    I am detected 02 gall stones of size 9.5 mm. Pls tell the medicine, procedure, cost to dissolve it



    • sadhna devrani says:

      Respected Dr.
      My son is 25 years old just before 5 days ago i came to know by his ultrasound that he had gallstone . sir he is going to Germany for his Ms. degree pls tell me what medicine you will prefer him to take . sometimes he had shiver stomach .
      , Sir pls mention me some medicine which help him for his pain and help to remove gallstone the gallblader walls are not thik till now .

      Waiting for your kind replay
      Sadhna Devrani
      My mo. no.9837824178

    • Urmila rani says:

      Dear sir,

      I have multiple gallstones of sized between 10-15 MM from last 6 Months. Can it be cured with homeopathy ? Please reply

      • geetanjali says:

        My mother has 14 MM stone in the mouth of gall bladder

        • dipesh shrestha says:

          helo Dr. my son age of 3 and half has suffering from stones in gall blader of 5mm. so please guide me to remove without operation. Please sir, i am waiting for ur reply.

          • Monalisa sharma says:

            Sir plz help me I have gallstones of size 13mm impact on neck of the gallbladder 3 months earlier the condition ws different sudden the size of the stone has increased plz help me sir my age is 30 and I don’t want operation

        • Can gallbladder stone of 7x5mm be cured with homeo medicine?

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