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Gastroenteritis and Homeopathy

564373360_f01f36a4dc_m Rain in a hot weather, poor water quality and an undependable sanitation system with our improper eating habits, make Indians more prone to communicable diseases like gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis is a general term for a group of conditions that are usually caused by infection and produce symptoms such as the loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, mild-to-severe diarrhea, cramps and discomfort in the abdomen.

Electrolytes, particularly sodium and potassium, are lost along with body fluids. Although merely inconvenient to a healthy adult, an electrolyte imbalance can cause life-threatening dehydration in the case of those who are sick, particularly, the very young, and the elderly. Micro-organisms spread in water and food are usually the cause of infections. Infections also can be transmitted from one person to another, especially if someone with diarrhea doesn?t thoroughly wash his or her hands after a bowel movement.

Is gastroenteritis a serious problem? For most people, it is not. People who get viral gastroenteritis almost always recover completely without any long-term problems. Gastroenteritis is a serious illness for persons who are unable to drink enough fluids to replace what they lose through vomiting or diarrhea.

Do?s and don?ts

The most important thing to be done in treating gastroenteritis in children and adults is to prevent a severe loss of fluids (dehydration). This treatment should begin at home. Keep oral rehydration solution (ORS) at home at all times and use it when symptoms first occur. ORS is available at chemist shops without a prescription.

Follow the written directions on the ORS package, and use clean or boiled water.

People can reduce their chances of getting infected by frequent hand-washing, prompt disinfecting of contaminated surfaces with household chlorine bleach-based cleaners, and prompt washing of soiled clothing. If food or water is thought to be contaminated, it should be avoided.

In rainy weather avoid eating at places where sanitation and hygiene are compromised. Also avoid eating foods that usually have a high risk of carrying infectants like golgappas, chat, etc.

Homeopathic first aid

Besides the oral rehydration therapy, one should immediately start homeopathic treatment. Initial treatment can be done at home.

Camphor. This homeopathic medicine is very helpful in treating gastroenteritis and can easily abort an attack if used early. A dose of 30c potency can be used every half an hour till relief starts.

Arsenic Album is useful when there are symptoms like vomiting, restlessness, thirst for small quantities of water and extreme weakness.

Veratrum album can be taken in an acute situation where the discharges ? vomiting, diarrhoea, etc ? are very profuse associated with deathly pallor on the face.

Ipecac is the medicine when vomiting is excessive and nausea is not relieved by vomiting.

When to panic

In advanced cases where excessive discharges lead to a state of disturbed electrolyte balance and cramps have started occurring in the body the patient should be immediately shifted to a hospital.

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  1. Sagar swain says:


  2. Kalpana Mishra says:

    My father has a severe gastro problem .After having his meals his abdomen bloats
    I want him to be treated with homeopathic treatment

  3. Radha S Sarao says:

    I require a cure for gastroenteritis for my pet dog.He has been given a course of antibiotics ,but the problem keeps recurring.Acidity and vomiting bile sometimes,and not eating well.Sometimes not eating at all

  4. shalini says:

    Dr. Sharma, My daughter is 24 years old and is prone to gastroenteritis. She loves spicy and oily food; however, she avoids the same. Despite this, if she takes food outside, she often falls sick and is unable to recover for a long while. She had been under homeopathic treatment for a long time as a child; however, she often suffers from gastroenteritis now. Please suggest a remedy both as a preventive and a remedy in case she gets it again.
    Please help!!

  5. my dad is suffering from subacute enteritis since 2 year…. no relief from allopathy treatment….

  6. Rajinder Singh says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am suffering from gas and acidity with chest pain and pain abdomen in epigasteric region. And heaviness in chest. I am always having feeling to pass gas. I took allopathic treatment for acidity and gas for last three months. But no relief. Pl. Suggest me treatment. Thanks RAJINDER SINGH.

  7. Good information.

  8. Ramya Narayana says:

    Dear Dr. My dad is suffering from IBS irritable bowel syndrome from 3 years. Even after allopathy medication no improvement.
    Will homeopathy treatment help in this regard. Kindly advise.

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Dear doctor
    My partner is very ill. He has no appetite has lost so much weight he is now anorexic.
    His symptoms are feeling sick/ nausea all of the time , unable to eat , weight loss aches and pains and
    Very loud noises in tummy / splashing sounds dripping sounds.
    He has had cameras put down into stomach and it showed diverticulum and duodenitis.
    Also a haitus hernia. Moderate duodenitis and atrophic GASTRITIS.
    He is so very very ill and is loosing so much weight. He feels sick to stomach all the time
    And is only managing to hold down a small weight gain milkshake each day but is still loosing weight and feeling sick. He burps a lot and has wind offen. I think he has picked up a virus ? He’s been ill like this 2 years! But is getting weaker and worse.
    What medicenes do you recommend ? So far he’s been given no medications at all. He has also had a heart attack 2 years ago around time all this started.
    I’m so very worried about him how can we kill off any virus or infection ?
    (I’m new to homeopathic medicenes but am thinking of tring some ) So far I have tried collodial silver no improvement and ginger for nausea no good either . To get him better I feel we need to fight the infection?
    What would u recommend ?
    Thankyou kindly for any reply u may give
    Kind regards

  10. Anuj agrawal says:

    Hello doctor
    I am suffering from chronic bad breath and various other symptoms like frequent urination, hard stool with urge to do more at times. Further there is hair loss and i have lost 60% of my hair with many patches in the head.

    I m 33 years old and likes to eat out at times. .drink very less. Also regular to exercise but drink Less water on many days.
    Pls suggest a good homeopathy to cover these symptoms.

  11. I feel pain in right upper abdomen and fullness and pain in stomach after meal from last two weeks. I have also gas trouble and constipation. I feel tasteless and lack of hunger. Please prescribe a medicine?

  12. sahil bumbet says:

    Hello dr
    I am sahil bumber from punjab. I am suffering with hiatal hernia from last so many years. Having Hyper acidity,gastritis, constipation .

  13. rajendra jain says:

    My wife aged 50 yearsis suffering from gastro and heavy belching, uneasyness, flatulence constipation neck me jalan for d last 15 years. She use to take omej pantocid similar medicines gets temprory relief. Reqest for advice.

  14. Purshotam Behl says:

    Dear Sharma ji,
    Please advise me about , the medicine for Gastroenteritis for my dog , in very sever stage , leaking of stool , black and brown , with vomiting at every intake , and even bleeding instead of stool ,I shall be very thankful for any intimidate relief.
    Your’s Truely,
    Purshotam Behl

  15. I don’t seem to have ‘typical’ symptoms, have a lot of pain, no vomiting or di’rea, can eat, though less appetite, can’t seem to get relief, constant pain. 5th day now, very sore, heavy stomach, don’t know what to do with myself! Any suggestions?

  16. Penny Auctions says:

    It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Kathy Crane says:

    I got Gastroenteritis while on holiday in Malta twelve years ago & since then over the years i have increasing problems with dairy intolerance & it has got so bad now i am going to hospital for tests to see if i have lactose intolerance, which i am sure i have, if i eat something that contains the slightest amount of dairy within ten minutes i have to run for the toilet.
    Please can you suggest something for me.
    It is so hard for me as i am still working full time. I am nearly sixty years old.

    • Purshotam Behl says:

      Dear Sharma ji,
      Please advise me about , the medicine for Gastroenteritis for my dog , in very sever stage , leaking of stool , black and brown , with vomiting at every intake , and even bleeding instead of stool ,I shall be very thankful for any intimidate relief.
      Your’s Truely,
      Purshotam Behl

  18. Prashant Mane says:

    I get viral gastroenteritis frequently. Please advise me.

    • M L Bhardwaj says:

      S.No. Year Diagnosed Ailments Medicines Current Medicine Status Hospital Remarks
      1 1990 Diabetes Huminsulin 50:50 16 Unit morning & 14 Unit Evening Continued AIIMS BDS
      2 1990 Hypertension Enace-D , Symvotin 5 Continued AIIMS ODS
      3 2007 Prostrate TURP Biopsy – Localised Amyloidosis in U.B. Sir Gangaram
      4 2007 Amyloidosis U.B. Colchicine 0.5mg Continued Apollo, Sarita Vihar Twice a week
      5 2009 U.B. Lesion/Surgically Removed Colchicine 0.5mg Continued Apollo, Sarita Vihar Twice a week
      6 2011 Leucoplakia R.S. Vocal Cord- Surgically removed-Hyperkeratosis of upper epithelium with imflammation Apollo, Sarita Vihar
      7 2011 Urology Contiflo Icon Continued Apollo, Sarita Vihar ODS
      8 Jan’12 Gastroentrities Metrogyl, Unienzyme, Vigylac Stopped Kailash Hospital G.N.
      9 Apr’12 Recurrent Diarrhoea Bifilac, Morease, Pantonil L, Isabgol Stopped Dr Khanna, JP

  19. A.V Gopalam says:

    IAm 78 nyerars old .From the last 2 months iam feeling very heavy in Stomach..,and passing gas .My bowl moments are not regular for the last 5 years . One of my friend gave me the Homeo medicine Gastro Pep. After taking 3 doses(5ml) each time , now iam having Loose motions (5 times in a period of 20 hours). feeling little relief and light in the stomach. Is that is a good medicine ? what is the solution ? please help me . Iam diabetic for the last 38 years.and i got BypSS SURGERY 11 yeras back.recently I got diagnosed with cancer.Iam under medication and responding positively, Of all these now my main problem is heavyness in my stomach .So please let me know the solution.

  20. manutosh says:

    how does nux vom 30/200 help in gastric problems?

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