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Homeopathic Remedies for Genital Herpes

 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Genital Herpes
Eruptions with itching, burning sensation and pain in genital parts in both males and females is an indication of Genital Herpes. It is a common sexually transmitted infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Two types of Herples Simplex Virus or HSV  are linked with Genital Herpes. While HSV2 is specific for causing Genital Herpes and is transmitted through sexual contact, HSV1 is the main cause behind fever blisters around the mouth which lead to Genital Herpes through the orogenital route. The disease presents itself as vesicular eruptions on genital parts with itching, burning, and pain. Soon the vesicles ooze water or blood and turn into ulcers, followed by crusting and healing. In females, the eruptions appear on vulva, pubis, and clitoris. In males, the eruptions appear on the penis, inner thigh, and scrotum. Buttocks and anus can also be afflicted with Genital Herpes in both males and females. The general symptoms of fever and body aches may appear in a patient, as does discharge from the vagina or penis. Female patients can also experience pain while urinating.. The Homeopathic remedies for Genital Herpes are made from natural substances which slow the frequency and intenstity of Genital Herpes before extracting this viral infection from its root.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes in both males and females can be treated by homeopathy, which is completely safe with zero side effects which work toward eradicating the disease from its root. With natural homeopathic medicines, the frequency and intensity of Genital Herpes eruptions wither slowly till the disease is diminished in its whole essence. The results are gained through the use of Homeopathic remedies, which are totally harmless.

1. Natrum Mur: For Genital Herpes in males, females

Natrum Mur is one of the top natural medicines for the treatment of Genital Herpes. In males, the eruptions for using Natrum Mur are found on scrotum, glans penis (rounded head of penis) and thighs. The eruptions in males are accompanied by itching and stinging pains. Natrum Mur is also the best remedy for Genital Herpes in females when the eruptions are present on vulva with inflammation and itching. There is an acrid white discharge from vagina, with itching and burning. The itching in eruptions for using Natrum Mur in Genital Herpes is worse in a warm room and washing with cold water brings relief in most of the cases. In both males and females, the falling of hair from genitals is a prominent symptom along with the eruptions.

2. Petroleum: For Herpes with Itching and Burning

Petroleum is a natural remedy of great help when the eruptions in males are present dominantly on scrotum and inner thigh. Itching and burning in eruptions are felt to an extreme degree. The eruptions may ooze fluid or are dry with marked redness. Petroleum is also the ideal medicine for controlling the itching in male herpes when night is the worst time of aggravation. In females, the eruptions are present on external genitals with marked soreness, itching and burning. The eruptions even extend to perineum and thighs. Even in females, the itching is heightened at night and it may even disturb sleep. In both males and females, there is intense offensive perspiration on genitals along with other symptoms.

3. Hepar Sulph: For ulcerative stage of Genital Herpes

Hepar Sulph is the top natural remedy for Genital Herpes where ulcer is orogenital. The ulcers result in a marked burning and stinging pain. Ulcers show extreme sensitivity with utmost pain excited by a little touch. Bleeding from ulcers is also treated best with Hepar Sulph. In both sexes, the ulcers may extend from genitals to thighs. Pustular eruption containing pus may be present in a few cases surrounding the ulcers. Fever may also appear. Perspiration with sour smell is noted in most cases and extreme sensitivity to cold air is a symptom not to be ignored.

4. For Genital Herpes in Males

Apart from remedies mentioned above, the other useful natural medicines for male Genital Herpes are Croton Tig, Graphites and Nitric Acid. Croton Tig is very beneficial if there is intense itching and burning in the eruptions, with utmost sensitiveness. The patient fears scratching because it leads to pain and extreme burning. The patient then very gently rubs the eruptions for relief from itching. The vesicles may also show oozing or crusting. The stinging, smarting and exceedingly burning pains are marked. Graphites is a useful remedy when the vesicular eruptions witness typical glutinous, sticky discharges. Nitric Acid is mainly used when vesicles discharge offensive fluid. Marked itching, burning, stinging and splinter-like pains show their presence to an extreme degree.

5. For Genital Herpes in Females

Kreosote and Merc Sol are natural remedies of great help in the treatment of Genital Herpes in females. Kreosote is the ideal medicine when the worst corroding itching is present in vulvae with eruptions. There is swelling of the external genitalia with burning even extending to thighs. Shooting and smarting pains are felt in eruptions, at times accompanied by acrid burning vaginal discharge. Merc Sol is the ideal remedy if the itching in eruptions gets worse when touched by urine. The genitals are raw, excoriated and swollen. Burning and sensitivity is marked. Merc Sol is a remedy that is also very beneficial when ulcers with bloody or corroding discharges dominate. Itching, pricking pains, and burning are felt by the patients.

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  1. Stone Williams says:

    I suffered hsv2 for 6yrs because of my addiction to porn, this faithful day I sex this tall Asian stripper by the name Yon on her red blood, with condom no breakage the next day I started noticing this discomfort on my testis and thigh I couldn’t bear it I went for test which came out hsv2 +ve then I know I’m in. I struggled I did everything humanly possible to get a cure for over five years with no reasonable solution. Last year I started introducing more natural stuffs to my system then became more interested in nature. I realised that everything natural has a purpose and God made them to serve a purpose. I repented and asked God for forgiveness because he alone can deliver me of this impurity. I searched blogs, websites, more on God and nature. Early this year I met this herbal DR Utu contact on how he have successfully cured people of their diseases problems, I copied his contacts to give him a trial, I’m determined to be cured, Nature is broad so I know there must be a cure somewhere no matter what it cost or what I will see. Lo and behold he was my last. He prepared and sent me herbs which within two days of use I started noticing rapid change in my system after days of used he asked me how I was doing and I replied pretty well, weeks later he said go for test. I can’t wait to confirm this herbalist claim I did test the following day I did the second test to clear doubts and still hsv2 -ve. I can’t keep silent when many are out there believing there is no cure. To confirm this cure for your self contact DR UTU on his direct digit whatsapp . +2347032718477 you can still email him on drutuherbalcure@gmail. com
    There are many people out there who never know of this just as I share do same, If you are HSV lucky for you to see this. Don’t keep quite. Be of good conscience also help a sufferer reach him by sharing this.

  2. Hi Dr Sharma,

    Do you have a suggested dose and number of time to take the Natrum Mur to fight the HSV2 virus? Also do you have a recommended distributor for this? Is there anything else you recommend if the infection is only 8 weeks in since initial contact?

  3. Dr sahab
    I have harpes simplex virus hsv1 1IgG serum result 53.60 positive, so doctor called me this is herpes & I am taking medicine zovirax. Any permanent solution for this..pls help me

  4. Head of the penis in red colour, swelling, burning when urination. heat over genetel pain

  5. Padmaja Reddy says:

    Hello Doctor , I am facing with hsv and using acivir 500 MG. It has been cured but again started . What to do ? I am 39yrs old female . Suggest me how can I cure this disease ? Is it a permanent disease ? Shall I use the homeo medicine as suggested Natrum Nur , hyper sulph etc. Kindly guide me what to done to get it cured

  6. Hello doctor
    What is the best homeopathy treatment for genital herpes? How good is natmur?

  7. Kaushik pradhan says:

    I have hsv1 positive, so doctor called me this is herpes & I am taking medicine zovirax. Any permanent solution for this.

  8. mujhe 6 month se hsv 2 hai my age 44 may Kya dawa ok pl reply

  9. .mujhe 6 month se hsv 2 hai my age 44 may Kya dawa ok pl reply

  10. NARESB KAIM says:

    Sir ,
    I am 34 years old,unmarried male.I am suffering from hsv1 & 2 from last two years.I hv tken acyclovir 800 mg treatmentin last 3years which is antiviral but the symptoms are coming within 15 to 20 days.I hv redish blisters appearing In penish only. And some times in morning I found a sticky white layer on the head of from some days my penish skin also cracking and its giving pain.I m massaging oil but no result.
    Please sir I m very much depressed from last three years please suggest me any permanent treatment

  11. Hello doctor I just got contacted of oral herpes last week now i have a blister on my lip and fewer and body ache took some over the counter medicine , what can I do to cure this problem . I’m 36 years old please help

  12. I’m aged 32 and will be getting married shortly. I’ve genital herpes for the past 2 yrs. Sometimes itching is high, otherwise it’s under control. Now my worry is will this be transmitted to my would be husband? Will it effect my future baby?

    Please reply, doctor. Thank you.

    • Hi dr sharma my husband has genital herpes for many years. Blisters keep coming back every three months.Please tell what should he take?

      • Hi dr sharma my husband has genital herpes for many years. Blisters keep coming back every three months.Please tell what should he take?

  13. Shraddha says:

    I had unprotected sex with a stranger and it has been 2 months. Within the first 2 weeks I developed small tiny lesions in the entrance of my vagina. Upon scratching on unintentionally it burst. But this was cleared within a week as I took extra care of my vagina keeping it dry and cleaning it periodically during the day.
    It has not reoccurred since. I was also getting watery discharge which has reduced with time.

  14. Hello Dr.Sharma recently I am 32 years old and recentely married and now had been daigonised with Hsv1 what should be my next step plz help me in this regard..

  15. S P Jolly says:

    I am 73 yrs old man facing problem of red spots & wetness on rounded head of penis for the last 4 yrs ,also feeling pain & burning in urethra while passing of urine.I have prostate also & taking its medicine.I am not feeling any itching or stinging pain on penis.Doctor here has diagnosed it as genital herpes. Please advise tretment to cure it.

  16. how much potency of heper sulph, natrum mure should be used for treament of herpes

  17. Sir, I think I am having HSV-2 . I am getting baubles on the tunge , lips. I observed smooth/shining skin on penis. getting hitching/burning sensation . What is the remedy and what power is to be used. Please suggest me…………….

  18. MOHAMMED ABDUL says:

    Dear, Dr, sharma , my name is abdul from flodida FL, USA, I have HSV 1 & 2 virus detect in blood, also i have cronic sinus infection with discharge 35 years , what is my medicine for me please ,

  19. Susie Dimella says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I’m reading all this and I believe that I have a severe case of genital herpes. I have not been sexually active in ten years or more and that doesn’t bother me but what does bother me is that for some reason it has become more severe, painful and unbearable. I do not want to take the medicine usually prescribed for this virus. I’m going to turn 57 this year and I desparetly need help. Please
    Thank you

  20. Rachel Ezeala says:

    My sister was diagnosed with Ureaplasma & Mycoplasma… Is there Any homaeopathic options for her?

    • Alok pradhan says:

      Sir ,
      I am 28 years old,unmarried male.I am suffering from hsv1 & 2 from last two years.I hv tken acyclovir treatment which is antiviral but the symptoms are coming within 15 to 20 days.I hv redish blisters appearing In penish only. And some times in morning I found a sticky white layer on the head of from some days my penish skin also cracking and its giving pain.I m massaging oil but no result.
      Please sir I m very much depressed from last three years please suggest me any treatment

  21. Hi Dr sharma… friend has genital herpes type1 IGG positive frm 5 yrs, took 1 yr allopathy meds, no outbreaks frm 2 yrs, he want herpes test to become negative, wat meds he shud take in homeopathy. I have heard in homeopathy herpes positive can b made nega6… Reply plz….thank u

  22. I m at 65 suffering from HSV 1 IgG @14.70 (CLIA) for last Two months having Red spots around glan of penis giving sensation mild pain, itching burning continuously. Kindly suggest best treatment to remove virus from root.


  23. Shivam gupta says:

    I have genital herpes but since July 2017 I am having white spots on my lips too. My throat also remains dry with feeling to spit mucus and also a little difficulty in swallowing.
    Kindly help

  24. Ginetical herpice your

  25. Ginetical herpice

  26. Dear Sir,

    Can cure hsv Type-1, 2 permanent

  27. Dear Dr.Sharma.
    Many thanks for the suggestion of some homeo medicin like Natrum mur, Petroleum, Hepar sulph etc. I have been Diogenes Genetal Herpes patient for last 30 years and out break every 3 to 4 month. I like to try one or more medicine of the listed five. Would you please kindly suggest which one should I start and doses .Looking forward for help and will be grateful for the last day of my life.

  28. Rajagopal.A. says:

    Dear Dr,I am suffering from hsv1&hsv2 infection since 1981.My age is 67 years,I have muscle,nerve,foot,finger pain,bone pain,morning stiffness all over the body ,burning sensation while urinating,pain inside the buttucks and thighs with burning pain,shoulder,hip pain,this pain will be more at the time of out breakes.Every 3or4 months I will have out breakes.Please prescribe good homeo medicine. Regards,Rajagopal.

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