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Homeopathic treatment of Acidity

459534827_9e36307cd3_m If it is very common(more than twice a week) for you to suffer from the symptoms of hyperacidity.(heartburn or feeling of pain and/or burning in the chest or throat) it is possible that it cold be more than just the so called acidity. You could be suffering from GERD (Gastro esophageal reflux disease).


What is GERD?

Under normal circumstances the stomach tries to digest the food by breaking it down into simple substances by using hydrochloric acid and other enzymes, this food is passed on to the intestines for further digestion but in patients with GERD the acidic contents of the stomach regularly reflux back into the esophagus( the food pipe), causing inflammation and damage. GERD can be a chronic and if left untreated, it can lead to a more serious condition known as erosive esophagitis. Complications of erosive esophagitis may include narrowing or ulceration of the esophagus

How to recognize GERD

When the contents from the stomach touch the lining of the esophagus, they cause a burning sensation in the chest or throat called heartburn. At times the gastric fluid may even reach the mouth. In some cases there may be a difficulty in swallowing ,hoarseness of voice, cough and asthma as their presenting Symptoms ..

What causes gerd?

As the chewed food reaches, the lower end of the esophagus which comprises of a circular band of muscle around the bottom part of your esophagus ? it relaxes and allows the food and liquid to flow down into the stomach. Gastro esophageal reflux disease, or GERD, occurs when this end of oesophagus does not close properly and stomach contents leak back, or reflux, into the esophagus. The condition may be due to an abnormal mechanical working of the oesophagus (where it enters the stomach) as under normal circumstances it squeezes itself together to act as a shut-off valve to keep stomach contents out. Sometimes, GERD is due to too much acid being produced by the stomach. It can occur in some people when the stomach does not empty quickly enough and becomes overfilled with digestion contents.

Few factors that cause the lower end to relax more frequently are Fatty foods, Chocolate, caffeine, onions, spicy foods, mint and some medications, Alcohol, Large meals, lying down soon after eating. Other factors that may contribute to GERD include alcohol use overweight, pregnancy and smoking.

How can homoeopathy help?

Although GERD can limit daily activities and productivity, it is rarely life-threatening. With an understanding of the causes and proper homoeopathic treatment most people will find relief. Natrum phos a homoeopathic medicine is very beneficial when there is excess of acid being manufactured and the gerd can be attributed to it. Nux Vomica is very affective in people where improper eating habits are responsible for the reflux disorder. Nux is also indicated in GERD by alcohol. Robinia is indicated in reflux disorder in children and Iris is very effective when symptoms of reflux are accompanied by headache.


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  1. Diganta Sarkar says:

    Hi Doc,

    Hope you are doing well.

    The reason of writing this piece of query is because of my poor health condition which has degraded my quality of life. It has almost been a year that I am suffering from LPR and now I am at a point where I have lost all hope . I am 32 years old and never ever thought that I would be affected by such a disease which seems to have no sure. I have been on PPI’s and Probiotics for 6 months but they failed to yield any positive results on me.

    Apart from constant feeling of something stuck in throat I also have throat pain now which sometimes gets very worse and I am really worried about it.

    Could you please help me to overcome this disease and if its incurable than please suggest me some kind of medicine which can help me to make my situation better?

    I have already tried changing my lifestyle and have good control on my diet but things are not responding as they suppose to and I am in despair now.

    Please help!


  2. Hi there,

    I have dysmotility with retrograde passage of contrast in the thoracic oesophagus.
    Could you please recommend something for this problem.


  3. Desmond says:

    Dear doctor
    How does bc25 work in our body to treat hyperacidity. Is it curative or symptomatic.
    Is ayurvedic SOOKTYN more holistic in curing hyperacidity and more related problems of the gut.

    Thank you

  4. Mrs Vijay Bhalla says:

    Dear Sir i have problem of mucus generation it may be cause due to not proper digation result is i am loosing wait and loosing my skin please advise best

  5. Hiya ive been diagnosed with LPR reflux
    I was wondering if there is some advice you could give me to help me with this awful condition

  6. S.R.Sehgal says:

    My son aged 48 years is diagnosed for GERD. He has dry cough, difficult to swallow food etc. I have read your article on Internet, kindly suggest if Netrum pros and Nux Vomica are useful to cure it, We brought BC 25 ( German) Is it ok. Thanks
    Kindly reply.

  7. i am 75 and first notice my food wasn:t digesting and causing nausea and vomiting about three years ago. now i am afraid to eat from fear of being so sick. I also have asthma copd which worsesens. I am sick everyday no energy can;t do the things i was able to do four months ago I have gotten that weak and tired. the medicine didn;t help the dr. gave me mylanta made me vomit. I am so tired of being sick and tired, To add to this i have sinuitis and bronchitis which makes it hard to breathe. Please Is there something I can do to feel better,

  8. vatsal prakash says:

    i was taking pentaprazole regularly but one day 8 months back some sensation in stomach is started, feeling nausea and headache then dizziness.
    i done the check up i got typhoid. after curing typhoid same sensation nausea headache and dizziness is started again. All the blood reports ultrasound report and even endoscopy is normal.
    i consulted to gastroentrologist he said its a acid reflux and gave me medicine. i tried many doctors but none of the medicine worked for me.
    plz suggest what i should do now.
    Any phone number so than i can contact you.

  9. I write in hindi sir muze ineffective esophageal motility disorder ki samsya hai kya iske liye homeopathy koi illaz hai please reply

  10. Dr.Sharma,

    My 4 month old baby is suffering from GERD since birth, currently on Zantac twice daily from about 2 months, from past 5 days her Reflux symptoms came back and she is crying with every feeding, she doesn’t spit due to reflux, but arches and refuses to eat.Please advice me the dosafe on Nat phos 6x and any other medication needed to given along with Nat Phos. I would really appreciate your response to my email.

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  12. shyam prasad says:

    whenever i eat something heavy my heartbeat becomes fast, nausea, vometing, headache, dizziness, coated tongue. it started 17 days ago after eating meat in dinner. im taking homeopathic medicine adven’s gas-o-plus prescribed by a homeopathic doctor tree times a day.i want to get rid of this problem permanently so help me plz.

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  14. Sir igot very serious GERD what can I do in my Bodibuilding workout can u help me lam 52yrs old

  15. For 21/2 yrs chronic bad breath feces ordor stuffy nose on one side difficult swallowing tingling on the upper side of neck right below jaw bone thick slimy clear phlem when I brush teeth and stuck in throat constantly coughing it up when I pass a bowel it doesn’t feel like everything has emptied constantly passing gas and a bloating feeling this year symptoms increased to burning sensation in the throat abdominal pain cramps like lower region menustral cycle regular and normal each month varies constant itchy ear was both now switch to one side same side that my nose is clogged and where I feel like a ball is stuck in my throat constant headaches faint feeling trouble breathing mostly when laying down tired all day body aches feelings of choking ESP.when yelling also feel as though my tongue is bigger can u please help me

  16. I wanted to see if BC25 is ok to h ave in pregnancy. I am in the second trimester, and have started having acid reflux problems. Can I have it ?

    Thank you

  17. jaffer hussain says:

    sir i am suffering from teeth pain,it started when i took shilajith a
    aurved medicine.the all teeths r paining,it is difficult for me to chieve.i took nux,calc carb,sulp but no relief, pains r coming and going plese suggest.

  18. Pitambar says:

    I am suffering from gerd diseses

  19. AMIT RAIKWAR says:

    Problem : Severe acidity from the past 15 years with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and the stomach appears to have been bloated. Once in every days I feel like vomiting to relieve my stomach. For this I take water and all the acid comes out after 10 to 20 mins of taking water. The fluid coming out is acidic that it causes a sore throat for me.
    When the acidity is high, I dont get deep sleep, I feel as if I am still awake with eyes closed, I get dreams continuously and inspite of sleeping for 8 hours I feel that I couldnot sleep properly.
    I also get headaches in the evenings because of acidity and once vomited everything would be fine. If I delay the vomits by a day or so, I get YELLOW color fluid vomit which is very very acidic. The vomits are atleast half a mug ful.
    I dont have pain in the stomach, but I can feel there is another heart beat like thing in the stomach which I can feel constantly and in the nights I can feel my forehead/brain nervers stressed, If I put my finger just above my ears I can feel my nerves constantly expanding and contracting.

    Reasons that I think could be:
    – I have moved to a new job where the nature of responsibilities are high and I can see that the acidity is high when I am stressed out more.
    – I am also driving to office which takes me 45 mins and the traffic is so bad that I get stressed even more.

    – When I eat sweets, acidity increases. Previosuly I didnot have a liking toward sweets, but from the time I started having acidity problem, I seem to have a liking for sweets.

    About me:
    – I am 33, male, 6′, 62 kgs
    – I am not a alcoholic or a smoker. I dont take Coffee, tea also. Once a while I take milk. I drink around 3 lts of water every day.
    – I dont have any water during meals. If I take 2 or 3 sips also, I feel discomfort after the meals, I can feel the refluxes. Previously, before this problem started I used to take two glasses of water during meals with out any problems. Now even a sip is a strict no.
    – Cool drinks is a strict no for me, if I take cool drinks or icecreams I can expect acidity the next morning.
    – I usually feel the acidity more in the evenings (and the urge to vomit). Sometimes I also feel it in the nights and the next day mornings are drowsy. I dont feel like getting up from my seat and moving around
    – In the evenings when I have acidity I feel irritated and get anger with a slight provocation.
    – My nights are worse when I acidity is severe, I dont get a deep sleep.
    – Urine and stool are normal

    Diagnosis underwent (around 6 months back):
    – Endoscopy : Result – negative
    – Ultrasound scanning: Result – negative
    – The allopathic doctor told me based on the above tests that I dont have any ulcers but my digestive system is very poor.The allpathic doctor prescribed pantocid dsr in the mornings for one month. I continued that and during that month – I was kind of ok, but not 100% cured. after that month, the problem started again.

    Homeopathy treatment:
    – I consulted a homeo doctor near my house and continue medicines for around 3 weeks with no result
    – Then I consulted another doctor in homeopathy but I have no relief if I take sweets, I get sour/acidic vomits immediately next day.

    I dont overeat, but have 4 hours gap between my breakfast and lunch and around 7 hours gap between lunch and dinner. I take some snacks between my lunch and dinner.

    Please advise me what medication to be taken.

    Thank you very much,

  20. Anil Kumar Gupta says:

    Thanks to Homeopathy. I was suffering from Hyper Acidity since last 2 year. I used omeprazole 20 mg every morning. But problem was still there. Then I go for Homeophaty treatment. (A) Carbo Veg 30 – 6 drop before food 3 times for 2 month. (B) BC-25, 6 tab after food for 2 montgh. (C) Lycopodium- ( 5 drop at night alternate day for 7 days then, 5 drop at every 3 days for 7 days, then 5 drop at every 5 days for 15 days, then 5 drop at every week for 2-3 week). I am very much OK since 3 month. Thanks God.

  21. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from gastritis and GERD for many years. Sometimes it is too painful to bear. It seems that there is something hard between the shuolders. Neitehr I can stand nor sit. Every medicine work for the timebing than the sitution comes back. I have left all the species, drinks, chilli free. Now I have appetite and taste for feed. Please advise me.

  22. i have a large uterine fibroid anaemia but no problems with the cycle
    since august 2010 i have been suffering from hoarseness of voice with burning sensation in throat hyperacidity bowels not clearing properly
    i used to take 10 drops of fraxinus americana twice daily
    please suggest iam a school teacher by profession and have to take large no of classes

  23. Kindly suggest for GERD remedy in homeopathy. I am taking Omeprazole since long time and have to take the same after 2-3 days. I am a tobacco chewer and want to get rid of the symptom. Kindly suggest

    • Ravi kumar routh says:

      Badly suffering from GERD AND PSORIASIS.

  24. Dear Dr Vikas,
    I am suffering from hyper acedity from last 4-5 years and recenly I did all my test like enscopy, oeso manomatry and eso PH metry. All these test are positive and found LES (Lower Esophagus sphitler ) not functing as expected. The PH value is 10 which is higher side. The eso manometry test shows lower motility of esophagus. Dr has suggested me a surgary for this problem. I am doing the Urine thearphy from last 1.5 month but still it has no effect. I had take the homeopathic medicine like Nux Vomica, Kali Mur and Natrum Phos for 1 month but it aso has no impact at all.

    Kindly please suggest your opinon.

  25. Prof Dr Ungku Mohd Noor Mahmood. says:

    Yes Ars Alb is good for low body resistance to infection, esp flu due to low immunity..u may also take influenzinum alternately. I used during H1N1 epidemic in Malaysia to those exposed with good result.
    To wondering i think the said Dr was busy so plze get advise from other source.

  26. R B MANDAL says:

    At Bhubaneswar (India), now a days swine flu cases are alarming and a number of people died. arsenic alb 1m is being prescribed as preventive medicine for the case. please comment.

  27. Ishan Chakraborty says:

    I am a 20 years old boy,I have been suffering from GERD from previous 2years .Taking pantoprazole.Is it curable?Can any one help me?hello subha you said that you are fine now.You please tell me,about your treatment & Doctor name.Any one who was cured please help me.If you have any information,you can ring me at 09475835599 or send me message I will call you back.thanks.

  28. Wondering says:

    I am wondering why there are only questions and no answers from this doctor? Is this a site provided to vent everyone’s anxiety and pains. This article is written in 2007 but the questions are till 2010.

    If answers cannot be provided, then there should be no room for questions either…

  29. Kindly suggest for GERD remedy in homeopathy. I am taking Omeprazole since long time and have to take the same after 2-3 days. I am a tobacco chewer and want to get rid of the symptom. Kindly suggest

  30. Hello dr,

    i m 27 yr old and i m facing acidity and gastric problem….due to which i m feeling like giddiness….Initially i use to face this problem once in a year….but these days i am facing giddiness every alternate week…please advice with some medicine….

  31. Sir
    I have been diagnosed as GERD but my only problem is bad breath and sour taste in my mouth. Pls help me what homeopathic medicine it should take?
    This problem is persisting since 2 years. I have been following nearly all rules for controlling my acid but the bad breath does not go away and I have also notices that on empty stomach I the bad breath problem is worse.

  32. rajubuddha says:

    dear dr

    this is raju with acid refulx got after my accident in January month of this year one plastic surgery and Neuro surgery,i revovered with all my damafges in accident
    but this my problem currently.i had good belief on homeopathy but i am using one englesh medicine Epsolin suggested by my neuro surgery doctor,i took endoscopy also in that my esophagus had 5mm contract than it supposed as well bit of mucus gdamage ,please suggest me Dr

  33. Krishna Joshi ,

    it is not acid reflux. “she is highly irritable and has little patience.”–this has nothing to do with health.

    follow my suggestion as given above.u will be cured as I am now.

  34. dear dr,
    i am 29 yrs of doctor said that i am suffering from gastritis and gerd from the past 2yrs.actually i am into bodybuilding and used to compete at state levels.but after this problem its very much hard for me to do my workouts and fullfil my diet requirements.i have lost my appetite and i have lost my muscles by 10kgs.when i take medicine its fine but when i am off from the medicine than again i get this problem.i fell lithargic throughout the day.its really effecting my health and my work.please suggest me what to do.

  35. Krishna Joshi says:

    My Wife has been diagnosed with nodules on her vocal cord (Leukoplakia?). ENT specialist says it happened due to the acid reflux she is having? We are totally confused as she does not have any symptoms of Acid reflux. However her throat seems red (Observed by the doctor). She herself does not have any symptoms. However she is highly irritable and has little patience. Any suggestions on medicine for acid reflux and also the nodules on the vocal chords. Doctor has suggested surgery?

  36. Иван says:

    Без особого преувеличения можно сказать, что пост тему раскрыл на все 100 процентов. 🙂

  37. kahkasha says:

    i ‘m having acidity, right side abdomen pain, i cannot tolerate heat, i feel exausted,and tired,i checked thyroid it is normal. hb is 11.3, and sugar level random is 116, sometime i feel shakiness also, sometimes something is irritating in my left side throat , i feel tingle in stomach also pls suggest a remedy

  38. anyone wants to get cured pls call me

  39. my acidity has complete disappeared.

    I AM CURED!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!

  40. my acidity is slowly going!! feel great now!!

  41. Avtar Singh Gill ..u have to live a life of discipline…good timely food ..less tension..less anger…and regular timely sleep…sleep o0nly at night 10 pm to 5 am …do nott sleep during proper food achar and oily food…good food only.

  42. Avtar Singh Gill says:

    I feel bitter taste every morning & am using pillow, from a few days ago. I do not use drug ,etc,at all. Thank you.

  43. Avtar Singh Gill says:

    Dear Sir,
    I feel bitter taste in the morning,every day.I am using Pillow,now( I was not using a few days ago).I do not use any drug or alcohol Teetotlar). What do you recommend to avoid bitter taste, please?

    Yours sincerely

    Avtar Singh Gill

  44. amit i just managed to decrease acidity…take medicine regularly every day at a fixed time only..take pantoprazole20 every morning with domperidone10 ..take food only at fixed times….4 times a day…take only light food during the intervals..following food is should not be taken..
    1 choclate
    2 red chilli
    3 cold drinks
    4orange and lemon
    5 tomato
    6 excess garlic
    7 red meat
    8 fried potatos
    9 fried eggs
    10 no smoking and no alchohol at all
    11 pepper
    too much oil and malsala in food and no tea ,no cofee ,no bread,no milk please.

    following food is recommended:
    1 papaya
    2 fruit and vegetables
    3 rice
    4 fish can be taken for protein intake
    5 curd
    6 water
    7 black salt

    sleep at a fixed time in night and get up at fixed time in morning
    do morning walk for 1 hour every day with deep breathing
    do not keep awake at night
    do not take tension meantall stress
    always try to laugh

    u have do this for continuous 2 years
    thenu will be 60 % cured
    rest u can cure by homeopathy.
    only taking homeo medicines and not obeying any rules will never help .

  45. Sanjay Bhatt says:

    I am suffering from erosive duodinitis and esophagitis for the last four years but in every year, i suffered this problem. i want homeopathic treatment

  46. hey subha,how did ur acidity decrease????…plzz let meknow some treatment….

  47. hey manish…the symtoms u r having is not of acidity….since u r very weak just check ur haemoglobin reports….ur haemoglobin ontent may be low or u might be anaemic…..

  48. my acidity has decreased.


    if u take omneprazole for a life time u will die.
    ur acdity should come down within 2 years.
    it generally takes 5 tears to heal 80 %.(average statistics)

  50. manish it is not acidity

  51. I am 26 yrs old. I am suffering from peculiar symptoms since past 8 to 9 years. Whenever I suffer from it, i do no feel like eating anything for days, teeth become yellow, get bad taste in my mouth,warm & bad breath, my tongue becomes white in clour & i feel sleepy whole day even though i would have slept well last night.It does get cured after few months but returns back shortly. I have consulted many gastroenterologists but to no use. One of the dentist suggested its acidity & it got cured by famotidine 20 mg thrice a day around 4 years back but now it does not get cured even with pantoprazole 40 mg daily for months. I do not have any infection in mouth or stomach. I have already done H.pylori tests, endoscopy, sonography but all were normal. I do not have any ulcers. My blood reports are normal. Also I do not feel any pain in my stomach or heartburn. I sometimes feel a burning sensation in my stomach.My weight has been around 45 kgs since several years as because of this i cannot eat normally for several days. Is it really acidity that i am suffering from??
    Whenever I get cured after few months i can eat lot & am very normal. I am frustrated as I cannot work properly. Can you please let me know the reason for my suffering & a permanent cure for it. Also can you please specify if I am actually suffering from Acidity or something else.
    Thanks a lot a lot

  52. I am having acute problem of acidity. As a temporary solution I do Kunjal Kriya every week i.e. I drink one jug of water and take water out. This gives relief but I want permanent solution from this problem, Could you please suggest some remedy

  53. I had duedenal ulcer last yr. i suffer from hyperacity/acidity even if i eat anythng little spicy or hot. my job is very stressful. i hv bp sinc last 1 yr dur to heavy stress in my job. i am 5 feet 3 inches. weighs 64. i tried hard but can’t reduce weight. gone thru total hysterectomy.acidity/hyperacidity problems r very frequent. i know i think a lot on any subject. even though try had , can’t stop thinking. help me for hyperacidity

  54. BHAGYESH BHATT says:


  55. i am having acidity for last 1 year.I am having extra acid secretion in my stomach.
    can you please tell me kindly whether this problem is curable or not or how long it takes in years to bring the acid level to normal.Does the acid level ever comes back to normal?? has it ever happened to anyone?? I am taking allopathic medicines.recently i have started homeopath with arsenic alb.
    i always maintain regular meals.i never smoke or drink.My sleep pattern is normal.
    i regular do exercise.How long does it take in years with proper medication of homeopath and food and sleep and exercises ,for the abnormal acid level to come back to normal?..Throughout the internet i have seen people complaining about extra acid level.But never i have seen anyone saying acid level got decreased afer some years.Does the acid level ever come back to normal?? Has it ever happened to anyone??

  56. Rajesh Agrawal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 29 years old and facing acidity problem heartburn or feeling of pain and/or burning in the chest or throat for last 2 years as i have been leaving out from my native place for last 8 years for job so always take outside food and not fixed place to eat. Please suggest me the solution what i can do to totally finish this problem i am ready to do all the activity would be given by you


  58. i am 29 i have sick 7 years for GERD. dont have soletion this pain need some helpl to me what i can do

  59. dear Dr.
    i am feeling fear of death every time.
    but when i have trouble in my stomach or gastric then this fear is reaches very high level.
    then my hands and foots are not working. i feel very weakness and my head is not in working position.
    i m feeling every time that my breath is going.
    please tell me what is the main reason of this diseas and give me full treatement to me by which i can get full control on my self.
    please help me.

  60. I am a diabetic for 12 years.My b.s. level is mostly only little above norma For the past one year i am suffering from acidity and heartburn, I was adviced a course of PARIT for 3 months .then I improved. But The wandering pain recurs now and then accompanied by giddiness too. Suddenly it disappears . Can you suggest a Homeo medicine for this ailment.

  61. I would strongly recommend Ars Alb 1m or higher twice a day on an empty stomach.

  62. i have hyperacidity kindly treatment in homeopath

    • I have a personal medical problem for which you may have a solution.

      For about three years Iam suffering with LPR (Laryngopharyngeal reflux) which is also called as Silent reflux. My symptoms are post nasal drip, frequent throat clearing,lots of phlem in the throat, some times cough ,sometimes feels like seed stuck ain my throat. I dont have any abdominal discomfort or heart burn or chest discomfort.Iam taking PPI’s but still I am experiencing problems. Between 2pm to 8 pm I suffer with severe flautulance and some times the gas smells very bad. I want to try the homeopathy route.

      I changed all my food habits. I dont smoke,consume alcohol ,no fatty foods.I lost about 40 lbs recently. Eventhough I changed my life style habits dramatically, still Iam suffering with this problem quite often.I hope you may suggest me some protocol to treat this problem so that I can order those medications .
      I ve gone through pretty much every testing. I ve gone through upper gi endoscopy twice, colonoscopy once, esophageal ph testing, barium swollow testing, modified barium swallow testing. to start with i was prescribed nexium and after few months i brought it down to prilosec. Even while I was on prilosec i still feel the discomfort in the throat while eating food as well as for 1-2 hrs after eating food. Then my gastroenterologist performed ph monitering while I was on prilosec once a day .To my surprise the results came out as negetive I mean to say that the ph in my esophagus is normal.If there is no acid back up into the esophagus I dont know why I am feeling my discomfort in the Throat.It is just discomfort not difficulty swallowing or lump in the throat.

      • Hi brother me too feeling the same thing… are you feeling now….even I have diagnosed LPR..please help me iam a singer and suffering from 3 months

  63. Dr.sripriya says:

    Acidity is the one of the far most cause for the gerd if u refer to kent repertory most of the symptoms related to acidity will have the medicine Acid nitricum I have come acros many patients who had symptoms due to acidity has been bettere by Acid nitricum 30 and Natru phos 30 alternatly given best of its results.

Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines.