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Homeopathic Medicines For GERD, Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) develops when there is a frequent backwash of the stomach acid into the esophagus. Acid reflux or heartburn refers to the burning sensation felt behind the sternum (retrosternal burning) due to the backflow of stomach acid into the food pipe.  Homeopathic medicine for acid reflux and GERD helps treat the condition and manage the symptoms effectively. The top three homeopathic medicines for treating GERD, acid reflux, heartburn are Robinia, Iris Versicolor, and Natrum Phos.

Gerd if left untreated can lead to a more serious complication called Erosive esophagitis; which in turn can lead to ulceration, bleeding and narrowing of the food pipe.

The Main Cause of Heartburn

To understand GERD, one will have to first understand how our esophagus (food pipe) and stomach handle food and acid. As the food reaches the lower end of the food pipe, a circular muscle (the LES or lower esophageal sphincter) present around the food pipe opens up and allows the food to enter the stomach. Once it enters the stomach, this muscle closes the lower end of the food pipe. This actually behaves like a one-way valve stopping the food and the acid in the stomach from moving back into the esophagus. In Gerd, this valve relaxes abnormally or weakens, so the stomach acid flows back up into your esophagus very frequently, causing repeated attacks of heartburn.

GERD: Symptoms

– Heartburn, which is a burning sensation in the chest behind the breastbone. It gets worse after eating, on lying down and on bending.
– Burning in the throat
– Chest pain
– Sour, bitter belching or waterbrash (sudden flow of saliva due to indigestion) from regurgitation of food or sour liquid
– Sour taste in the mouth
– Difficulty in swallowing
– Sensation of a lump in the throat
– Bad breath
– Feeling of Abdominal bloating
– Cough
– Laryngitis
– Worsening of asthmatic complaint

Homeopathic Remedies for Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and GERD

The conventional treatment for GERD involves the use of antacids, which work by changing the pH of the stomach acid to make it less acidic. This helps decrease the irritation caused by the acid to the stomach, esophagus or the duodenum.
Use of antacids for an extended duration can cause side effects like gas, belching, constipation, diarrhea, and swelling of the hands, feet, and ankles. Antacids also interfere with nutrient absorption. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), which are used to reduce the production of stomach acid are known to deplete vitamin B12 in the body. This can further affect the nervous system, cause fatigue, shortness of breath, and loss of vision.
The amount of antacids used, and the duration of their use can affect the electrolyte balance in the body. Any changes in the levels of different electrolytes (like calcium, potassium or sodium) can adversely affect the muscle and nerve function.
Further, aluminum-based antacids can weaken the bones by flushing out salts like phosphate and calcium.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, works gently to minimize the symptoms of GERD and treats the root cause of the problem. Homeopathy can be of great help to those who do not show much improvement even after lifestyle modifications. The top homeopathic medicines that are used to treat GERD are:

Robinia – Top Homeopathic Medicine for Acid Reflux and GERD

Robinia is a top listed homeopathic medicine for treating GERD. Robinia is prepared from a plant named ‘yellow locust.’ The natural order of this plant is Leguminosae. The key indication to use this medicine in GERD is intense heartburn, constant sour belching, and sour vomiting due to regurgitation of acid from the stomach. The symptoms of heartburn and acidity tend to get worse at night time, on lying down and can cause sleeplessness.

Key indications for using Robinia for GERD:

-Intense heartburn
– Sour belching and vomiting
– Heartburn and acidity worse at night

Iris Versicolor – Homeopathic Medicine for Acid Reflux with Sour, Bitter Belching

Iris Versicolor is a natural homeopathic medicine for treating GERD. It is prepared from a plant commonly named ‘blue flag.’ The natural order of this plant is Iridaceae. Sour, bitter belching is the key feature to use this medicine. Vomiting of sour bitter fluid that burns the throat, vomiting with weakness, a smarting, burning sensation in the throat, and heartburn are the key symptoms. There may be burning distress and pains in the epigastric region (the part above the stomach) at frequent intervals. Constant nausea may be present with these symptoms.
There is excessive indigestion, and the food is vomited after an hour or so eating a meal. Iris Versicolor is also a well indicated homeopathic medicine for a headache arising with acidity.

Key indications for using Iris Versicolor:

– Sour bitter belching
– Sour bitter vomiting
– Heartburn; burning in throat

Natrum Phos – Homeopathic Medicine for Acid Reflux with Heartburn and Difficulty Swallowing

Natrum Phos is another prominently indicated homeopathic medicine for GERD treatment. It is useful when heartburn is attended with difficulty swallowing. Other symptoms include sour belching, waterbrash, and vomiting of sour fluid or cheesy, curdled masses. A lump sensation in the throat may also be present, along with a loss of appetite.

Key indications for using Natrum Phos for GERD:

– Heartburn and difficulty in swallowing
– Vomiting of sour, cheesy or curdled matter

Other Important Homeopathic Medicines for GERD

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Medicine for Acid Reflux with Burning Pain in Throat

Arsenic Album is a homeopathic medicine for GERD that is accompanied by a burning pain in the throat. The burning gets worse upon swallowing. Swallowing is difficult and painful. Other symptoms include regurgitation of acrid matter, water brash, heartburn, intense nausea, and weakness. Arsenic Album is also a well indicated homeopathic medicine for inflammation of the esophagus (esophagitis).

Calcarea Carb – Homeopathic medicine for Acid Reflux with Sour Taste in Mouth

Calcarea Carb is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for GERD where there is a sour taste in the mouth. There is a regurgitation of sour substances with the flow of sour, watery fluid from the mouth. Foul odor from the mouth may be present with nausea. Sour, bitter belches, vomiting of sour, bitter slime (of food eaten), and heartburn are some other symptoms that may be present. The burning from the food pipe extends to the throat. Along with this, continued loud belching may appear especially after eating; with a cough and nausea.

Carbo Veg – Homeopathic Medicine for Acid Reflux with Bloating and Heartburn

Carbo Veg is an excellent homeopathic medicine for GERD treatment. It is useful when there is bloating along with heartburn. Sour, offensive belching that gets worse after drinking or eating, a burning sensation in the throat and difficulty in swallowing are other symptoms. Even the simplest of food tend to trigger the condition.

Nux Vomica – Homeopathic Medicine for Acid Reflux with Cough

Nux Vomica is a highly effective homeopathic medicine for GERD accompanied with a cough. Nux Vomica is one of the best indicated homeopathic medicines for a gastric cough that gets worse at night time and prevents sleep. Vomiting usually appears from coughing. The throat is sore and raw, and swallowing may be painful. Burning in the throat, especially at night time is present. There is a regurgitation of food with heartburn and sour belching.

Phosphorus – Homeopathic Medicine for Acid Reflux with Laryngitis (Hoarse Voice)

Phosphorus is a homeopathic medicine for GERD where there is hoarseness of voice. The hoarseness may be worse during the evening. A hard, dry, racking cough may appear. Gastric symptoms like heartburn, sour belching, sour taste in the mouth, vomiting of food or sour, acidic liquid may also be present.

Pulsatilla Nigricans – Homeopathic Medicine for Acid Reflux from Fatty Food

Pulsatilla Nigricans is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared from a plant named ‘windflower.’ The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. It is used in cases of GERD where consumption of fatty food worsens the complaint. Greasy, fatty food like creams, pastries, and ice creams trigger the acid reflux. The symptoms include heartburn and water brash. Belching of food, bitter taste in mouth, nausea and a sensation of having a lump in the throat may be present.

Sulphuric Acid – Homeopathic Medicine for Acid Reflux with Sour Belching

Sulphuric Acid is a homeopathic medicine for GERD where intensely sour belching is present. Heartburn, sour vomiting and nausea are other symptoms. The sour vomiting mostly appears after eating.

Risk Factors: GERD


Obesity and being overweight are risk factors that contribute to the development of GERD. The reason is that the excess fat in the abdomen compresses the stomach and raises its internal pressure. This increased pressure leads to backing up of stomach acid contents to the food pipe. This is known as acid reflux. Even a small increase in the body weight of a person is likely to increase the risk of GERD. Overweight and obese people are three times more at risk to develop GERD as compared to people who are at a healthy weight. The severity of symptoms of GERD and the risk of developing associated complications is also more pronounced in overweight and obese people.

Hiatus hernia

People having hiatus hernia are at risk of developing GERD. Hiatus hernia is the bulging of the upper part of the stomach through the hiatus opening in the diaphragm (muscle partition between chest and abdomen). Hiatus hernia leads to weakening of the LES that allows easy reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus.


Smokers are at high risk to develop GERD. This is because nicotine present in tobacco tends to relax the lower esophageal sphincter. This allows reflux of acid contents to rise into the food pipe.


The risk of GERD and heartburn is high in pregnant women. There are two reasons for this. One is that the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy tend to cause relaxation of esophageal muscles and LES. Second is that the growing fetus tends to put pressure on the stomach. Both these factors cause pushing of the stomach acid into the esophagus. The heartburn usually develops in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Type of Exercise

Strenuous exercise right after eating a meal is not advised. Those who indulge in heavy exercise with a focus on the core muscles of the abdomen are at an increased risk of developing GERD. Certain activities can decrease the blood flow to the gastrointestinal area, causing the gastric fluids to get collected. (1) This can further lead to irritation and inflammation.
Exercises that involve hanging upside down or bending are some examples that can worsen GERD symptoms. People also tend to gulp air during high-impact workouts. This can relax the lower esophageal sphincter, forcing the stomach acid into the esophagus. Eating immediately before a workout also increases the risk of acid reflux.

Some high-impact exercises that can cause heartburn are:

– weightlifting
– cycling
– sprinting
– gymnastics
– running
– skipping

Factors that can Trigger or Worsen GERD Symptoms

Food: Fatty foods, fried food, chocolates, spicy food, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and citrus fruits are known to worsen GERD symptoms.

Medications such as NSAID’s, antibiotics (such as tetracycline), pain relievers (such as ibuprofen and aspirin), birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy steroids, antidepressants like amitriptyline, asthma medication like beta-adrenergic agonists or bronchodilators, iron supplements, and quinidine (a heart medication) are some medications that tend to worsen the symptoms of GERD and cause acid reflux.


Carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks: These are often sweetened and contain excessive air which can cause gas, contributing to GERD.

Late night eating

– Eating food in large quantity

– Immediately lying down after eating food




Classification of GERD

GERD is classified into two types. Erosive reflux disease (ERD) and non-erosive reflux disease (NERD). This classification is not based on the symptoms, but rather on the findings derived from an endoscopy.
In case of erosive reflux disease, the stomach acid damages the esophageal mucosa.
In non-erosive reflux disease, the esophageal mucosa is not damaged by acid reflux.

The Link between Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Acid reflux causes heartburn because of underlying irritation and inflammation in the food pipe from stomach acid. Several layers of tissue line the stomach. These are mucosa (inner lining), submucosa (it covers the mucosa), muscularis propria (next layer to submucosa and serosa). Stomach stores food temporarily for approximately 2 hours; the acid and enzymes help break down the food and digest it. There are specialized cells in the mucosa layer that produce hydrochloric acid (HCl) and digestive enzymes to enable the digestion of food.
The stomach can hold this acid without being damaged since the goblet cells in the mucosa secrete large quantities of protective mucus. This helps protect the stomach lining from being corroded by the stomach acid.
However, the lining of the esophagus does not share this protective feature, and the throat is not designed to handle such acidic contents. Therefore, when reflux of stomach acid goes into the esophagus, it damages, irritates, and inflames the food pipe. This is the reason for the burning sensation felt behind the sternum, known as heartburn.

Complications / Long-term Effects of GERD

Long-standing uncontrolled or untreated GERD carries a risk of developing certain complications. These include inflammation of the esophagus (esophagitis), Barret’s esophagus, Ulcers/erosions in the esophagus, stricture of the esophagus from a scar.

Inflammation of the Esophagus (Esophagitis)

The esophagus is a tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. Frequent back up of acid into the throat leads to its inflammation. If inflammation is left untreated, it carries a chance of forming ulcers in the esophagus and scarring that leads to the formation of a stricture. Its symptoms are difficulty in swallowing, painful swallowing, burning behind the sternum (heartburn), nausea and vomiting.

Stricture of Esophagus

Stricture of esophagus means narrowing of the esophagus. A stricture forms as a result of the damage to the lining of the esophagus (from the acid contents of the stomach). As a result, there is inflammation and the development of scar tissue, which leads to narrowing and obstruction of the esophagus. The symptoms arising in esophageal stricture include:

– difficulty in swallowing
– chest pain
– regurgitation of food or liquids
– heartburn
– a sensation of having something stuck in the chest after eating
– unintended weight loss

Complications of esophageal stricture: Choking or difficulty in breathing due to the lodging of solid food in the esophagus, dehydration, malnutrition, pulmonary aspiration causing aspiration pneumonia.

Ulcers/Erosions in Esophagus

Long-term backing up of stomach acid can damage the lining of the esophagus causing ulcers. These can lead to difficult/painful swallowing, heartburn, pain behind the sternum, and there may be bleeding.

Barret’s Esophagus

Barret’s esophagus is a serious complication of GERD. In this condition, the squamous type of cells present in the lining of the esophagus change from squamous type to columnar epithelial type. Back up of acidic stomach contents into the esophagus lead to damage of esophageal tissue. During the process of healing this damage, the original kind of cells naturally present can change form. People with Barret’s esophagus are at risk to develop esophageal cancer. The symptoms of Barret’s esophagus include heartburn, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and chest pain (although rare).

Investigations in GERD

GERD is primarily diagnosed with the help of an upper endoscopy. An endoscopy helps rule out a hiatus hernia and the complications of GERD, like inflammation, ulcers in the esophagus.
A biopsy of the tissue from the esophagus may be conducted in case of suspected Barrett’s esophagus.

Acid reflux and GERD in Infants

Acid reflux is very common among infants. Spitting up of milk is a part of their daily activities and can occur several times in a day. It is usually not a reason for concern as long as the baby has a healthy weight and has no respiratory difficulty. It usually resolves on its own at around 18 months of age. Rarely is acid reflux indicative of GERD in the case of infants. Frequent vomiting, feeding refusal, weight loss, difficulty feeding, high irritability, and long-term wheezing are few indications of GERD in infants. An evaluation by a pediatrician is essential to rule out whether it is normal reflux or GERD.

Managing Acid Reflux and GERD

Some tips that can help minimize acid reflux and manage GERD include:

Drink More Water

Increasing the consumption of water helps reduce the symptoms of GERD and also improves overall digestion. This is because in most cases, water replaces other drinks that may include alcohol, sweetened beverages or caffeine.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smokers have a drastically higher risk of developing GERD and other inflammatory conditions as compared to non-smokers.
Alcohol can also trigger GERD, and lead to the development of symptoms like increasing inflammation and stress, weight gain, and dehydration. It is also known to worsen symptoms like nausea, bloating, gas and sleep issues.

Eat Small, Regular Meals

Instead of the usual 3-large meals a day, it is preferable to eat 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day to facilitate better digestion. Also, food must be eaten slowly and chewed thoroughly before swallowing. Eating mindfully also helps prevent overeating (which can cause an increased release of stomach acid). While drinking a beverage, one must take small sips instead of gulping down large amounts of fluid, since that can trap gas in the stomach.


GERD tends to be more common in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise. Those who have a poor nutritional diet or are overweight are more susceptible to developing GERD. Exercise helps improve physiological functions like digestion, circulation, and maintain body weight. It also helps reduce inflammation and enhance the quality of sleep.


Certain medications like NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and hormone replacement drugs can contribute towards the development of GERD. Their use should be minimized and discontinued (after consulting a physician) if they contribute towards the symptoms of GERD.

Early Dinner

Exercising before bedtime or lying down soon after dinner can worsen the symptoms of GERD. The last meal of the day should ideally be consumed 2-3 hours before bedtime, and the system should be relaxed before it is time to sleep. Doing so helps ease digestion.

Avoid Overeating

It is important to eat small, easily digestible meals and not burden the digestive system with a large amount of food in a single sitting. This helps prevent acid reflux as well as gastrointestinal disorders.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

It is essential to maintain a healthy body weight to reduce the chances of developing GERD.


Wearing restrictive clothing that put pressure on the stomach should be avoided. Loose, comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement helps keep the digestive system functioning properly.

Raised Head Position

Keeping the head slightly elevated while sleeping helps reduce acid reflux. The head should ideally be 6 to 8 inches higher than the feet while sleeping. The upper body needs to be uniformly raised.

Stress Management

Stress can disturb digestion due to the production of stress hormones. Stress can further cause a person to turn to alcohol, smoking, bad eating habits and more.
It is important to manage stress and find time for relaxation. Light exercise, indulging in hobbies and getting adequate rest are important factors that help reduce the chances of developing GERD.

GERD: Foods to Eat

Whole foods that are prepared fresh and do not have too many added preservatives or chemicals are generally good for health, and more so for those dealing with GERD. A plant-based diet that is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, water content, and fiber can help manage the problem, and also treat it. Some examples of foods that help address GERD include:

Fresh vegetables of different colors like green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, peas, cucumber, carrots, etc.

Fermented products like apple-cider vinegar can help balance the stomach acid and reduce the tendency of acid reflux.

Foods that have a high amount of fiber, like whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits.

Foods that contain healthy fats, like coconut milk, olive oil, coconut oil, almonds, flaxseeds and chia seeds.

Low-fat, lean proteins like wild fish and soaked beans.

Probiotics like yogurt or fermented vegetables also increase the healthy gut bacteria in the system, thereby aiding digestion.

GERD: Foods to Avoid 

Animal products and dairy products, in general, are difficult to digest and should be limited or avoided by people dealing with GERD.

Caffeinated drinks like energy drinks and coffee or tea.

Carbonated drinks

Allergy-causing foods or foods that lead to a sensitivity in the body, like gluten, certain nuts, or synthetic ingredients.

Fatty foods like processed meat, cereals, cheese and fast food.

Alcoholic drinks like wine, beer, or liquor are difficult to digest and can worsen the symptoms of GERD, especially if consumed too close to bedtime.

Overly spicy foods.

Foods that are high in sodium, like chips, salted products, etc.

Tomatoes and tomato-based products are also known to worsen the symptoms of GERD in some people.

Chocolates contain a substance called methylxanthine, which is known to relax the smooth muscles in the lower esophageal sphincter, thereby increasing the chances of acid reflux.


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  1. Dr D V Amla says:

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    I shall highly appreciate you for suggesting homeopathy medicine please.
    kind regards.

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    However I have mild pain near right kidney at the back and sometimes below the heart and backside. While taking bath some time there is uneasiness in the upper portion of the stomach
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      • Hello Sivaprasad, along with China and Lycopodium, medicines like Asafoetida and Raphanus may also be considered in your case. A thorough consultation with a homeopath is required to determine the potency and dosage of the medicines. The correct remedies can help resolve your problem over a period of time.

    • Hello, since you have mentioned a number of concerns, a proper case analysis is required to determine the constitutional homeopathic remedy. This can help treat most of your symptoms at a given time. For best results, frequent follow-ups with a homeopath are needed.


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    • Hello Amar, homeopathic remedies like Carbo Veg, Lycopodium, Rubinia, and Natrum Phos are gastric remedies that work well in most cases of acidity-related complaints. You may start homeopathic treatment for long-term relief along with allopathic medicines (as required).

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  21. I am suffering from acid reflux.. One antacid a day like pan d.or omaze gives full relief…no problem…or else acid enters food pipe and heart burn starts especially in the evng time…I also feel hungry between meals and and dawn time..i cant sleep horizontal at night..suffering for long time..pls help me doctor…I m a poor guy from India.. Pls show me some light..I m tired of hrt burn…pls advice a good medicine available in India… Watng fr ur reply


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    • Sir I have Gerd problem for last 7 to 8 yrs.My age is 29 yrs.early morning womiting,sore throat and cough coming my mouth.due to heavy Gerd palpitation problem start .not mood to eating food any time and now a days this problem increases and I also wheat allergy problem now I stop eating gluten food so pls tell me proper medicine and this problem is curable or not pls I am in very problem

  33. I have upper osaphagus pain just in the middle of my chest but its not heart that i got checked. Just below my neck. It is basically when i am empty stomach.

  34. Rajesh Bothra says:

    GERD problem. Acid reflux only controlled by Proton Pump inhibitor twice daily since last 2yrs. I want to manage & permanent cure with Homeopathy. Please suggest.

    • Rubina Mehra says:

      I have too many acids in my stomach and have been treated for helecobacter piroli but since a year or so anything I eat or drink causes burping. Loud belching and burping which is becoming embarrassed. Even a modification of rating habbits has not helped. Please advise

  35. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I need to ask help. I live in South Africa, I do see a homeopath but I am worried it is not working.
    I get terrible pains in my chest, it moves from one to the other side, then sits in the middle, moves down.
    Then I get headaches, back ache, aches everywhere basically, and anxious and stress myself into thinking it might be a heartattack which ECG has shown up clear. I do need to stop smoking which I am trying to, and My digestion system has taken a turn for the worse from all the medicines I have been given over the last two years and put on weight to make it worse. I have asthma and now apparently under my tremendous stress I now have anxiety. I so need help I am at my wit ends. The doctors are constantly telling me I am just over stressed and tooo much anxiety. I have tested my cholesterol, my ECG was clear and thyroid also came back clear

  36. My daughter-in-law has just got pregnancy (married in June,2917). Her height is 4’11” and weight is 45kg. She was usually taking 4 chapatis in a day. After pregnancy she has low digestion and acidity due to which she is not able to eat even 3 chapatis in a day. She takes about 1.25 lt liquid in a day. Can you suggest some homeopathic medicine so that she could get relief from hyper acidity and eat little more.

  37. J J Kushwaha says:

    I am suffering from slow digestion, gas, constipation (some part of stool remains behind ) white harmorrhoid and psoriasis for last 15 years.
    15 years back I had taken fish and milk which caused dry stools constipation and gastric pains one doctor suggested opium 30 and CV 1M and after a month the problem was almost cured, but after one month I had again taken milk and meat which caused above symptoms. Pls suggest

  38. Kuldeep shukla says:

    Hello sir,
    This is regarding my son whose age is 5 years. For the past four months , I am seeing he is having reflux of food ( small amount) immidiately after taking food. He doesn’t complain about any pain or heart burn. But for every meal I think he reflux back for 3 to 4 times.. he is taking allopathy medicine for past 1 month having some improvements. Kindly give your valuable suggestions regarding the same. Thanks in advance.

    • I throw up almost everything I eat I manage by prilosec but suffer and don’t see end to tunntl any suggestions

    • If your son doesn’t show improvement , Please do other tests like barium swallow to rule out other conditions like achalasia. I have recently been diagnosed with it.

  39. Rinni dey says:

    Hello doctor,
    I need some suggestions from u my father had ulcer but its cured now but now he is suffering from GRED from past 2years. He tried allopathy ,Ayurveda but got no result now he is taking homeopathy medicine like Nux vomica,Caledoniam but still having acidity problem especially at night.will he continue those medicine or will take some other. Please reply.

  40. Mathur, KSND says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am Mathur, aged 61 years. I have been suffering from GERD for the last 13 years. I tried
    Allopathy, Ayurveda and presently using Homeo. But, no change. It comes for every month almost.

  41. Chandra Shekhar Singh Rana says:

    I am suffering from Grade 4 GERD. Is there any treatment in Homeopathy. Is it a serious condition or can be treated through medicine. Can i take homeopathy medicine and allopathy medicine both at the same time. Currently i am taking allopathy treatment for the last 1.5 months. Kindly also suggest the dietry and lifestyle changes that can be helpful in the treatment of GERD 4. Please advice.

  42. Neeru Sehdev says:

    Hello sir,

    I I hve acid refulx. Bec burning on my uppar middle chest and lower throat area. And I also feels somthing stuck on back of my throat. It also makes clear white sticky mucus. . Today early morning while brushing I also vomet yellow watery acid. Please please help. Me out. Thanks

  43. Chetan Kunkolienkar says:

    I am having Lax LES GERD recently diagonosed. Getting severe heart burn and slight heart pain , also naucia . What do i do ? Is it curable ? Is heartburn is a common symptom?

  44. Sabrina gomes says:

    Sse my son is feeling weird sensatiin at that time he complsins his head is heavy and forhead pains and his full body becomes weak,yesterday this same thing happened at 3 in the afternoon and 10.30 in the night today also the same thing why is it happening

    • vishal kalambate says:

      Sir, I am vishal kalambate I am suffering from antral gastritis from last 5 months. Most of aliphatic medicine are tried but ti ia not help me, Is it good to have homeopathic treatment on it. Kindly give advice.

    • Nina Tepass says:

      I have not been well since I lost my mother and my husband who I nursed at home for several months before he passed away. I have developed severe gerd symptoms which present with pain behind the sternum with severe acid reflux. Worse bending over or lying down, however lately I feel it all the time.. I have had all the medical tests which came back negative. I refuse to take medical drugs as I feel that I need to know the cause. I have taken ignatia for grief, nux vomica for digestive issues to no avail. I was thinking of taking Arsenicum for acid reflux and also for great fear at night.
      thanks and god bless

  45. ASIT BARAN PAUL says:

    swelling in the pancreas , water in the lunghs about 100 to 150 ml and swelling at the ancle region

  46. Sir i have heart burn. When i drink tea , coffee i have dizziness with vomiting sensation. I feel excessive hungryness. When i drink ragi kanchi instead of tea i have stomach irritation and loose motion. I have hypothyroidism. I feel so tired in empty stomach in morning. So i drink tea. After 10 minutes drinking tea i feel neverness, sweating, severe hunger, dizziness etc . what do i do sir.

  47. Hello sir , I have allergy rhintis and nasal polyps ..
    From last few months doctor given me calcarea carb 200 powder dose every month and in pills form 7-8 medicine combination given me in 30c potency ,,
    Lemna + teucrium + lycopodium + sabadilla + calc phos + and two more medicine in combination..
    Is it okay for my problem . I have sneezing,watery discharge , nose blockage issue , worse in 5am to 11am

  48. sushma arora says:

    sir i, sushma arora,am 49 yrs old.from 2 yrs i am suffering from dburning in throat. done endoscopy in may 2016 . diagnosed gerd, antral gastritis and hiatal hernia. history of kidney stone 9.8mm got removed through operation in 2013. have chronic cervicitis. had have hair colour allergy in 2015. herpes on left arm in 2015. blood test done today i.e 7/5/17 my hb 10.30, sugar normal lft andj kft normal. urine ph 5. vit d 52, vit b 12 211. vit b 12 taken in injection form 8 months back. loosen weight abt 14 kg from last two yearnow stable at 45-46. taking pantacid not daily but 12-15 days in a month. so]ometime get relief sometime not. usually get awken between 3-4 am after feeling burning in throat . after getting up drink water walk and get some reliet. is there permanent cure for gerd, antral gastritis and hiatal hernia. may it be long course.

  49. Vikash kumar says:

    I have been suffering from gerd( food reflux into mouth after 3-4-5 hours after eating for the last 8 years. Is immediate recovery possible in homeopathy .
    In how many days i can feel the benefit after taking medicine. I do not feel acid heart burn. Only problem is that i get watery discharge from mouth after taking food. I feel that my esophagus is full of food and it reverts back for 3-4 hours after taking food. I feel suffocated after taking food.

  50. Raj patel says:

    Sir I have been suffering from GERD and dry mouth burning sensation in stomach for last 6 year please help me and how can I get your treatment

  51. Malikana Mulala says:

    I ve a problem wen eating fatty foods, citrus drinks, carbonated drinks, and biscuits, at the hospital, they can keep on checking tht maybe I ve heart problem,.but the x ray shows tht the heart is ok. I usually ve a pain in my chest. And I went to herbal clinic where you i used their machine, they say I ve a lot of fats near my heart. So I waz told to be taking asprin, though wen I tek it I feel the problem becomes even worse on my chest. So Doctor wat do u think cud be the problem?


  53. Sandeep chaurasia says:

    I have ileul ulcer and nose allergy back pain

  54. Hello sir i hav gerd for more than 5 years my gerd is mild but i ger acid reflux all day even a after a sip of water my les valve ger relax when i keep stand up bent down sit down without back support or walk and i dont get reflux when i lie down if i lie down suddenly after eating i dont get reflux then i stand up i get reflux i think les valve is weak when i stand up or sit is there any medicine to cure it or i should go for stretta procedure?

  55. Pramod kumar Giri says:

    I have heartburn poblem. what I do?

  56. Bianca chandnani says:

    My 4months baby is suffering from reflux

  57. my right side nose pain increases and decreases due to acidity what medicine can i take in homeopathy.

  58. Mrs. jesmine says:

    Sir , My name is jesmine . I am from Bangladesh . I am 42 years old . i have thre kids. . No Pragnancy . I am filling stomach burning, i tested ECG,ULTRASOUND ,X-RAY,ENDOSCOPY AND DIABATIES TEST.NO finding bad symptom Only after breakfast sugar 15. doctor suggest 1 medicine for diabaties and gastrology suggest esomoprazol 40mg x2, ridon x3 times daily .last three month only i take rice boil with water .not another things .what can i do for me .pls suggest… me and medicine advice homeopathy

  59. suvrojyoti DEBNATH says:

    This is Suvrojyoti, from West Bengal. I have been suffering from unknown candid on the right side of upper esophagous. That’s why did not feel any heart burn. This is not actually GERD. It happend due to a strip on right side of upper eaophagus. Due to cold and cough Five years ago, I could not speak clearly but I had to sought, I feel pain on right chest. The vibration from vocal cord made a strip on upper esophagous. Not the strip cured not the psychological issues solve. I gradually developed unknown candid on my right esophagous. Can you help me?

  60. Hi dr,
    My husband has very bad reflux/ heartburn.
    He has severe attacks and has tried every script and non script medicine to ease the pain. He vomits a lot each day. A yellow acid substance that burns him so much. I think he may have GERD. Is this curable? What can he do to fix it? What doctor specialises in this area? It has caused him so much stress and depression. We need help!!

  61. Kandarp Bhatt says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Kandarp Bhatt Age 37 from Ahmedabad.After eating food I use to drink water after 1 hour and after that sometimes Acidity Happen. If I eat outside once a week It happen and food comes up. As I have the Marketing Job so I use to travel outside of Ahmedabad.
    Also I have Kidney A tone Problem for which I am taking Homeopathic Medicine ClearStone.
    What should I do to avoidthis type of situation.
    Guide for the same.
    Awaiting for your Response at the earliest.

    Kandarp Bhatt
    M – 9879606319

  62. walter metrick says:

    I do not know if I have an ulcer or GERD. I do not wish to take over the counter or other medication as I have read it causes more damage. It will reduce my ability to absorb B-12. I am 60. I used to be a heavy drinker and smoker, though I no longer do both. I am approximately 40 pounds overweight. I drink a lot of coffee and usually have an apple fritter for breakfast. My healthy eating habits are only in spurts. What can i take or do for this problem?

  63. Thank you Dr

  64. Steve Mandel says:

    I have a esophagus spincter muscle that won’t close. Have me on 49mg of purple pill that helps .but get dizzy and eyes water and nose runs when eating or swallowing anything. Tough to take. What do you think this could be. Also on meds for anxiety. Steve

    • MOHAMMAD Haroon says:

      Dear sir
      My name is Haroon. I live in afghanistan sir I have Gerd problem about ten years my throat is not getting well because of Gerd problem sir plz advise me with some medic to treat my sickness sir I do not have enough money to come to india for treatment so plz plz help me

    • Palash Das says:

      My name is Palash Das, 32. I am suffering from hyperacidity from last almost 15 years.i have tried different types of medicine, but not getting any permanent solution. Every time I eat, the food comes up with stomach acid all over the day. I don’t smoke,no tea no cigarettes no alcohol, only when I take pantacid/pantapazole I feel good at least for 4 days, but after that same again. endoscopy is done several times, severe gastitis found. Now I am taking robinia 200 after meal 3 times 10 drop.not so much improvement. I am very worried, please help.

  65. Dear sir i want to ask some question. If anyone take medicen which donot allow to digest the drink in the body of the person but he used eno when he take drink then it will be digest or not.

  66. Shakil Ahmed says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am living in Kolkata, West Bengal. My age is 47 years and weight is 94kg. My height is 5’10”. How can can i lose my extra weight. If you have any medication please provide me.

  67. Debanjan Chatterjee says:

    I am 25 , male, non obese from India without any history of any complicated disease / gerd/ heartburn / acidity except hereditary asthma.Almost one year (February 2016) ago i started having shoulder pain mostly due to injury while doing exercises. I was prescribed low dose of anti inflammatory drugs for about 2 weeks with Rantac.But that is what the damage did.I started having severe heart burn, pain in chest with asthma which lasted for about two months.But surprisingly no doctor could ascertain what exactly was causing it they mainly focused on treating the symptoms but not the underlying cause.Then i started researching about it over the internet.I came across terms like gerd, esophagal spasm & barrets esophagus which indeed shocked me making me realise that i was in a threat of developing esophageal cancer.I also came accross the fact that anti inflammatory meds could cause hyperacidy over prolonged use.So without making a second thought i stopped all the medications for somewhere i felt that its the drugs that is doing the damage.Yes i was correct i was slowly healing but it took about 2 months to be completely off the symptoms.But unfortunately i developed diffuse esophageal spasm in the end.Today after about 1 year i feel much better about those spasms that i had started suffering but I’m not completely cured of it.I am also very concerned about the state of my esophagus because even after suffering for a prolong gerd episode no doctor suggested for an endoscopy.My question is am i at risk of esophageal cancer? I dont suffer frm acidity anymore but always feel some slight movements of esophagus which i doubt is esophageal spasm prevailing.Is there any cure of it? Please help I’m very tensed.

  68. Atieno Gladys says:

    when I eat anything I feel a heartburn then stomach and am frequently visiting the toilet like a pregnant woman but am not then ma anus was itching now it is paining and feel like it is burning first I had I stomachache and stomach pain .what can be the deseas

  69. PULAK NAIYA says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’hv been on alopathy medication for last 4 yrs, I’hv been given omeprazole, pantoprazole, esomeprazole with levosulphide medicines for that duration. I’hv done three times ultrasonography for whole abdomen, several blood tests, all results were OK. But still my IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME OR GERD issues are not resolved at I can’t live a day without omeprazole 20mg or pantoprazole 40mg.
    I’hv a sleeping disorder like if I wake up at midnight, I can’t get to sleep easily after that.
    Even I do not eat spicy, oily, street, junk food at all.
    I am 25 now, height 5ft 10inches, weight 60kg.
    Please suggest me with homeopathy treatment to get rid of those alopathy medicines as well as to live a good life(COMPLETE CURE FROM IBS OR GERD) without medicines.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pulak Naiya

  70. I have soretroat for more than 4months now and also gastric is disturbing me.constepation also.

  71. Ayushi Ghosh says:

    Respected Doctor,
    I am 22 years and have been diagonised with Gerd. It started 6 months ago when suddenly one day i had to be hospitalised for having acute breathing problems and nausea after having food from outside. Later it was found after right treatment and endoscopy that i have Gerd.
    I have been taking medicines for 3 months now. For the first two months i had two medicines, twice daily. Now the medication has been reduced to one medicine, once everyday. I do not have caffeine or chocolate, or tomato products or alcohol. I do not smoke. I have changed my lifestyle. Yet sometimes the symptoms come back. I am young and right now living too cautiously. Wat can i do to recover.
    In Anticipation
    Ayushi Ghosh

  72. Shuchi gupta says:

    Hello doctor my name is shuchi and iam 34 years in 2014 i had hepatitis a and after allopathic treatment i was all right but after than my stomach became sensitive and i was not able to eat heavy food so i went to gastroentrologist he pescribed levozeo and rablet but due to its side effect my prolactin increase and i went into depression so i was on mitrazipine for seven month now i stopped the antidepressant but after that now i am unable to eat apicy food and whenever i eat heavy food my stonach become heavy gassy burning sensation in the stomach ,burning in teeth,vomit feeling ,indigestion i just want to know will i be cured completely by homeopathy

  73. Mohamed Ali Farid says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 68 yrs male & had Gerd some 5 yrs back together with Angina and done CABG ( bypass surgery ) after which I was normal. Recently I am down with severe Gerd 3 to 4 flare ups a day.Since the ECG does not show blockages and am due for further tests for heart like MPIT ,etc. The allopathic medicines taken in the last 2 weeks have not helped to control my GERD . Kindly advise as what I need to do & take as i get these attacks on walking a few hundred metres & causes much pain & anxiety .
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Ali Farid

  74. loose+motion+with+mucus,associated+with+constipation,uneasiness,bloating+feeling,diabetes+type+2+patient,fullness and gastric i am 59 yr old bp diabeties 2 with enlarged prostats and uric acid
    Please suggest medicin

  75. loose+motion+with+mucus,associated+with+constipation,uneasiness,bloating+feeling,diabetes+type+2+patient,fullness,gastric suggest medicin

  76. Khushbu singh says:

    Sir i am suffering from GERD since 2 year before . I was gone in allopathic treatment but after that my problem is still now.
    so please give me suggest for permanent cure.

  77. hi dear doctor I have burning pain in my chest and I am having sore throat all the time I have been under treatment for last one year giving me different types of medication it doesn’t help me can you please advice me what to do to get rid of this thanks

  78. Satyagopal Dey says:

    Respected Dr.Babu,

    Am 68+. Reside in HOOGHLY, West Bengal. Last two yrs. I have had to cook at home for my family due to my wife’s illness attacked Brain Stroke in April 2016. She is unable to cook for loss of memory still yet to regain. Further she has high blood pressure & sugar.




    Hooghly- 712103
    Phone (Mob): 8420971877

  79. Dear sir, please help me iam suffering with antraul erosions in the stomach i am suffering with that stomach burning and heavy bubbls and bitter taste in throat how can cure it pls help me

  80. jitendra dixit says:

    hallo sir i am jitendra Dixit live in agra.
    my mother has difficulty in sallowing the food and heart burn. doctor said she has dysphagia.
    so please consult me.

  81. Hello Doctor,

    Iam suffering from heart burn mostly near center of chest . Got checked ECG,2d ECHO and stress test all comes normal for heart.ALso taking omeprazole for more than 3 month but no helpful.
    Having these issue mostly in evening and after rest or sleeping its cure.

    PLease suggest some medicine which helpful

    • Hello doctor
      A am also suffering from hart mostly left side near hart im also got chekd ECG ,ECHO and stress test all comes normal for hart. I fill this problem 20 days old please help me and suggest medicine please plese

    • Tasneem Faqir says:

      HI Dr Sharma
      I am 47 years old and have been suffering from gastrits and hyplori. Which was diagnosed 6 years agoo and ever since i have been on Nexium 20mg twice a day..
      The medicine is making me ill i have muscle and joint pains and feel tired.

      I would like to come of this medicine please advice how i could do this

      thank you


  82. Hello doctor. Being 5 years iam suffering from heart burn, during this 5 years I given endoscopy 4times, 2 times doctor seen h-pyloria infection and treated with hp kit. Not sure why this infection is re occurring and day by day my heart burn problem getting worse. I have been in the medication with pantaprozal/ravoprozal being 5 years. I don’t see any improvement with allopathy medicine. Being few months noticed white layer on my tongue. Recently doctor saying that the heart burn problem is due to GERD. Please help me whether the hemeo can cure my problem. If so please suggest how can I get the medicines.

  83. Dr Doctor, I have been suffering from GERD for last 08 months. Since then I am taking allopathic treatment but nothing improves my condition. I have been following strict lifestyle as per Doctor’s advice. Still my problem get worsen day by day. I am residing in Kolkata. Can you help me to suggest Homeopathic solutions regarding this.

  84. arshad kamal says:

    I am suffering from pain in upper abdomen . and also much acidity .please sir give me any treatment in homeopath…

  85. pradnya manoj lokhande says:

    Iam suffering from severe hyper acidity problem since last fifteen years but till date I am not cure. I an weakened very much and not able to eat foods as much as required . Treatment from many doctors taken but all in van. Pls suggest can I may come out of it and live a normal life. Pls reply

    • Sir i’ve been suffering from hyperacidity and acid reflux for last 6 year I have taken lot of medicines but not got completely rwlief. Is it totally curable and how can I approach u

    • Raj patel says:

      Sir i’ve been suffering from hyperacidity and acid reflux for last 6 year I have taken lot of medicines but not got completely rwlief. Is it totally curable and how can I approach u

  86. Dear Dr.sharma, today i took the endoscopy,we noticed there is small herina near food pipe below in the stomach regarding that can’t able to have good food and some time heart there any treatment abt this issues and one more think it’s affected my gall bladder.


  87. Susmita saha says:

    Sir i am having a cold minty feeling very often in the right side of my throat. Its very irritating and am getting depressed. I recently had an ear operation 1 month back due to otitis media. Is this cold sensation a temporary side effect or this? Or something else. Please help sir.

  88. Sir when i eat certain foods with colors n spicy especially in hotels unhygine i am getting pain on chest and upper back pain and left hand vomiting sensation losting for 1 day.but the home made food is not causing any problem

  89. Dear sir,

    Hbsag postive myine what treatment going to give permently need clear become nagative

  90. Pankaj Sisodia says:

    Namstey, I M Pankaj sisdia , have been suffering this GERD problem for Five year , i consulted many doctors but all was vain . Now I got fed up taking medicine regularly for five year , recently i went to a doctor he told me surgery like ARMS /GERD but i want to recover this problem without surgery . Can you help me

  91. Dear Sir, my son is 5 year 9 month old, he has frequent stomach and phlegm doctor says it is gerd. Is there homeopathy treatment to care this?
    Thanks, yeshoda

  92. ASHESH SHARMA says:

    I have GERD type of condition since two months with cold and cough.

  93. I have acidity last 6 mnth

  94. Deepak singla says:

    Mujhe food khane ke bad heavy lagta hai aur bhookh bhi kam lagti hai pet jaldi khrab ho jata hai constipation ki problem nahi hai

  95. Hello Doctor,

    I have a severe throat and heart burn and suffer from Hiatus Hernia cannot take food properly. Doctor advised me with antacids and later for surgery. But I cannot handle this. Please help me.

  96. Isabella Daniel says:

    I have acid burn, sourness of mouth, severe pain in upper abdomen, white coating of tongue. I have heart burn which I severe. Nothing gives me relief. With allopathy. I have done endoscopy. They say no problem . I have GERD.

  97. sandhya vishnoi says:

    hello doctor ,
    my name is sandhya and i am suffering from GERD ,exxesive acide reflux,bloating ,heavyness in my chest some time condition become worst ,and i cant take proper breath feel palpitation in that condition i have only one choice ,rush to a i am very much worry about my condition ,but the test are normal this condition loosse my confidence some time i cant sleep at night becouse of this episode.i have change my lifestyle but no positive effect i have seen please guide me,please help me if you can.

  98. Michael Sreepuram says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am Michael ,from last one month i am having extreme weakness when i get up dizziness and heavyness in head , heart burn and i am feeling like i am getting attack like this anxiety problem …at night i dontget good sleep i get hyper nervousness and panic attak..I am getting nervousness in day time also.
    I had made all tests recently it was all clear.

    • I started taking homeopathic medicine for my GERD and ACID Reflux, and also I have hernia. does homeopathic medicine works, I am diagnosed with asteo, doctor said he will prescribe medicine. All I wanted to know does homeopathic medicine works.

      • I have burning sensation in throat , it looks like it’s gerd . Generally I have acidity and heart burn for last 10-12 years . Got endoscopy done and found gerd last years . I get relief from pantocid L but I don’t want to continue this medicine I long run . Pls suggest .

  99. Priyank Pande says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am feeling burning sensation near chest while eating and also feeling acid while burping.
    I am 26 years old and work as a software developer.
    Past 6 months I am not doing any kind of exercises.
    I consulted one of the allopathic doctor after that it stopped for 1-2 weeks but now again its happening!
    Sir, Please suggest me how to stop it.

  100. Dear sir,
    I am 30 year old i am having hyper Acidity form
    Last 3-4 yrs took all kind of treatment but it occurred again please suggest .

  101. Khaij ahamed says:

    Assalamoalikum sir. Sir my name is khaij ahamed. Sir i m staying in dubai. I have been suffering aphthous ulceration in ileum last one year. And i m taking so many medicine . No medicine is not working for me. Always pain in the stomach. Paticularly right side in the stomach. So i want to ask u sir homeopathic medicine will work for me? Please answer me please please sir .

    • Khaij ahamed says:

      Assalamoalikum sir. Sir my name is khaij ahamed. Sir i m staying in dubai. I have been suffering aphthous ulceration in ileum last one year. And i m taking so many medicine . No medicine is not working for me. Always pain in the stomach. Paticularly right side in the stomach. So i want to ask u sir homeopathic medicine will work for me? Please answer me please please sir .

  102. Dear Sir
    I am suffering from Acid reflex/Gerd during last ten yrs pls
    Suggest some treatment.

  103. nand kishore g says:

    Respected sir recently I did endoscopi ,resulted that I am suffering from antral gastrities as well as with fatty liver I want to cure my complete gerd problem with homeo medicines

  104. Hi doctor Sharma,
    I am having GERD for last 1 year. I feel pain in my chest , anxiety and it feels like something remain in the food pipe and continuous burping. Initially I had allopathic medicines to deal with t and it was working. But when I stopped those medicines it is coming back. Last month I visited a homeopathic doctor and he prescribed me with carbo vegetabilis 3x. But it is not helping me in a great way. Please suggest me what should I do.

  105. hi doctor sharma
    this is umer from pakistan , i am having GERD for 2 months , due to which my lifestyle has totally changed , i feel pressure in my chest , anxiety and it feels like something remain in the food pipe and after some time i feel little burping and at night when i go to sleep when i lay on bed straight it feels like pressure due to which it is hard to sleep straight , i am using nexum(1+1) and itp od(1) medicines while homeo treatment is carbo-pep , digilex of blossom and Basilicum (german) of lehning , plz advise me

  106. Dear Dr Sharma
    I have LPReflux with erosive lower oesophagitis (. ) and dudenitis (. ) . I get pain in the left side of stomach , area in one with navel and the pain radiates towards back. This pain is mostly observed upon waking in the morning. After eating and getting bro activities it goes or slid down. Also happens during the daytime.
    I have acute heartburn problem and am facing slight difficulty in swallowing solid foods. This gets better if I have very controlled boiled food.
    Also I have been diagnosed with multi nodules in my thyroid. The largest being 10x8mm.
    Can you treat me?

  107. Phindile says:

    Good Dr..since 2015 oct. i started having a burning sensetion which was very pain and i wenf one of local clinic which they did nt reslove my problem and they referred me to the bigger hospital . And they used What is called G-scope to examme me..the Doctor told me its just an inflamation in my intestine.
    I given A capsules that is writtem C-2 and antibiotic 50)g for a 7days. After week i felt better but againm something I notice was a terrible stabbing pain in rectum or anus..And i currently using Lansoprazole….and when think deep pr angru is whe i feel tje most this burming.

    36 year old

  108. ARINDAM GHOSE says:

    i have got hyper acidity problem.I have done my endoscopy in which stomach erosion in the body and fundus. i have done ultrasound in which they said size increase and parenchymal echotexture is increased that meanse HEPATOMEGALY WITH GR 1 FATTY INFILTERATION. NOW MY HEART and stomach and food pipe is burnig so . what madiceans should i take to cure it permanently.

  109. kanan sood says:

    I have had h pylori bacteria diagnosed in my stomach few months back.I have taken the course but still I am not OK…after seven or ten days passed I get irritation at my throat as u have tonsils too..and also I have ulcers in food pipe in endoscopy report…I suffer from severe headaches due to gastric problems and throat irritation all the time speciallynas soon as weekend comes..kindly telle whatbtobdi.I am 29 yes old married. I am not getting which medicine I should adopt and for how much time.

  110. in empty stomach even if i eat half chapati i use Belch with heavy soung ??
    Why is it show

  111. gloria bragg says:

    hiatal hernia cure please diet and advice urgently need please gloria bragg uk

  112. i m suffering from heart burn weight loss n appetite loss please. give me advise of which tablet i take

  113. i m suffering from heart burn weight loss n appetite loss please. give me advise

  114. I am suffering for GERD problem since 6 month not finding a solution can you help me please

  115. Hi im john had acid reflux and gurd for years but over the last few months its got really bad feeling like im chocking up allnite and have burning in the throat and difficulty swollowing and it wrecking my life i wud like your help as my doctors carnt help me and tablets not working for me thanks john

  116. i have lax cardia and h pylori bacteria , i took antibiotics . but it dint go , still i have same stomach problem , please what can i do?? will you please suggest me, is there any permanent solution.

  117. Sue F Cloutman says:

    I have had GERD for several years and in spite of several changes to diet and over the counter meds it has progressively gotten worse. I now suffer from the belching and regurgitating but the worst is a constant thick, acidity mucous in my mouth. I sip water constantly. If I get stomach pain, ginger tea helps. Stress and anxiety definitely increase the symptoms.

    I’ve had an endoscopy and sinus CAT scan which all showed nothing. Omeprazole did nothing. I’ve seen naturopaths, dietician all of whole had “cures” but none worked.

    I’m hoping you can help with Homeopathy. It has helped me with many other things. Thank you

  118. Kinnar Jhaveri says:

    I just got diagnosed with Grade 2 Esophagitis via an Endoscopy… I had a biopsy at the time an it came our positive for H.Pylori infection. The doctor recommended triple antibiotic therapy and I have not yet started it. I have Gastritis from 15 years on and off and Acidity from last 2-3 years. I have some abdomen burning and heart burn every 3-4 months and it goes away in a day or two. This time its paining from 6 days at the Lower Easophageal sphincter that is where there are red spots on the Endoscopy seen for inflammation of grade 2. Can there be a treatment for this case in Homeopathy than I will definitely avoid Anti biotics. Thanks.

  119. RANJEET KUMAR says:


  120. Lakshmana rao mugu says:

    Left side chest burns and some times shortness breath, and burning in side the chest left side. Some time my left hand also pain. I already treat my heart normal and ecg report abnormal please tell me my probulam

  121. Amit Dixit says:


    Several times during the day and specially during the night, I have to face reflux. The acid flows upward which creates severe burning sensation in chest and throat. Most of the times it happens after taking food or eatables. I am neither smoker nor alcoholic. After going through the symptoms of GERD, I could say that I am suffering from the same for last several years. I would really be thankful if I could get my self treated. Thanking you.

  122. manu yogi says:

    h paylory positive ! am sick of acid,the ges dont be pass,there is too muchgas,ges is caused by gastric flowers,is verry heavy on the stomach,abdonal pain is not caused by ges onlythe stomach swells,stomach is not clear.

  123. Dear Dr,

    I am Antony from Kochi, Kerala having 55 years. I had gall bladder stone in Feb 2016 and admitted nearby hospital for this treatment. After few treatment, again take ultra scan and found there is no Calculi in GB. Now I have severe heart burning, heavy constipation, stomack little pain, very weak in body and burning into food pipe. Now I taken some ayurveda medicine but not relief. Kindly advise me sir whether this controled by homedo medicine? also whether chance to create GB stone again. Pls advise sir

  124. Dear Dr,

    I am Antony from Kochi, Kerala having 55 years. I had gall bladder stone in Feb 2016 and admitted nearby hospital for this treatment. After few treatment, again take ultra scan and found there is no Calculi in GB. Now I have severe heart burning, heavy constipation, stomack little pain, very weak in body and burning into food pipe. Now I taken some ayurveda medicine but not relief. Kindly advise me sir whether this controled by homedo medicine? also whether chance to create GB stone again. Pls advise sir

  125. Abhishake kamboj says:

    Dear sir, i am suffering from hyperacidiy, heartburn, burning in my throat area for last 3 to 4 years. I get huge pain. Please help me in this regard. Please help sir. I am from delhi. I can visit your clinic.

  126. Hello dr i am 35 years old male suffering from laxles and partly hiatal hernia … sometimes i skip eating timings which agrivate nausia vomiting sensesion ,spasm in esophagea and stoamach. I am trying change my life style …. but till then any medicine from homeopathy

  127. Bharathi says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Am a 32 year old male. I have been suffering from acid reflux since past 6 yrs and tried all allopathy doctors. But the remedy was only temporary. I used to have anatacids (omeez & PAN-D)with me and take it whenever it is severe. But this problem not getting to rnd point and is bothering me. Pls help me to get rid of this once for all.

  128. barbara schoelerman says:

    hello I had an egd and colonoscopy done on april 28 2016 it came out negative for both I suffer from acid reflux also been diagnosed wiith ibs which I have under control ever sing the egd was done I am still having problems swallowing he widened my throat to 54 I take omeprazole 20 milligrams 2 times a day I also was told I had a hiatal hernia the dr said it was not a problem so why amm I still having problems with food getting stuck I am very frustrated and need an answer thank you Barbara schoelerman

  129. Rahul Koli says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have hyper acidity since 20 days, like heart burn. And now i have problem for nose packed. I am not getting properly breathing from my nose, Pl tell me your advice.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rahul Koli

  130. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Vikrant, 32 years male. I live in Gurgaon, India. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and hiatas hernia 3 years back and since then I have been on PPI nexium. For the past few months, I have started facing the side effects of this medicine. I just want to know if my condition can be permanently cured using homeopathy medicine. Also if I start taking any homeopathy medicine, do I have to continue with the PPI for sometime.
    Look forward to your response, please help and guide.

  131. Jyothsna says:

    Hi sir
    I am from hyderabad.
    I am suffering from GERD.
    I was prescribed by PPI. I am using it from past 2 months.
    But it is not yet cured and i am scaring about the side effects.
    Is it possible to cure with homeopathic medicine permenently?
    Please let me know your details so i can contact you.

  132. kulvant singh suman says:

    Dear sir ,

    i am 31 yrs old i have never face the situation of GERD in my life till 30 yrs but before 5 months it has started suddenly and after eating food i am unable to pass the gas from the body. sometimes it feels very heavy at chest area and with very much difficulty i could able to pass the belching from the mouth.
    i have shown to doctors too they have mentioned the remedial medicines. i feel relaxed also for some days but again it has started.
    i would like to know the solution of this GERD how i can cure it.
    plz suggest

  133. Hello!
    I am suffering from chronic cough for the last 5 years. It gets worst when I get flu or sick and it takes 3-4 weeks for me to get well as I am coughing 24 hours during my sickness.
    I normally get sick in the month of Mar – to June . I am living in toronto , Canada. I am female , and 51 year old.
    Even after my sickeness , my cough just does not go.
    Now , I am able to sleep at night , but coughing all day. It gets worst after eating, anxiety, talking, laughing. Feels saliva all the time and want to spit after every half hour.
    I also get sweat on forehead and face and at night.
    I am taking bryonia , pulsatia and arsenic album…Not helping much.
    Am taking orange blue puffers at moring and night.
    My symptoms looks like silent reflux…Have taken probiotic …feels better.
    For the last 16 months , am not taking milk, yogurt , icecream cold drinks cold water.
    Am vegeterian and does not eat meat, chicken, fish …occassionally eggs…

    Am fed up as not even a day goes by when I don’t cough.
    Please advise

  134. Mrs. Lorraine Perdia says:

    Dr. Sharma. Please can you help me? I am a 79 year old woman that has been suffering for years with horrific chest & jaw pain with reflux. I take the highest amount of meds allowed & even though I follow a diet of no acidic fruits (nothing tomato based at all) no chocolate, no caffeine & really none of the other foods mentioned I still suffer so badly with reflux much too often. I feel maybe stress is causing most of this? We lost our Son to cancer a while back & saw him suffer so badly. Then I lost my only sibling. My husband has read a book on reflux & checks everything I eat to make sure it’s ok. We find that during an attack whole grain bread helps some. Once in a while I have a glass of red wine, but never the week of an attack. I try to cook healthy as my husband is a health nut & we have always eaten good food, not fast food. I eat oatmeal & toast most mornings. Eat our main meal at lunch & have our bed raised up with blocks & never lay down after eating. I drink skim milk or water, decaf coffee once a day & no soda or juices. I never get heartburn, only jaw pain & squeezing chest pain. I have no heart problems, have been checked over & over for that. When I get those bad pains they last for hours. Sometimes they keep coming back off & on for days. I do not smoke but do have problems swallowing. What can you suggest?

  135. When and where can I have the appointment

  136. narayan jhaveri says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    Greeting from NY ,I am 73 yr old leaving for 50 yrs in NY .My wife is Pediatrician .
    I am Diabetics but well control .
    My problem is GERD I went for Upper GI and my Dr. says you have GERD .
    He has prescribe “OMEPRAZOLE 40mg ,most fo my friends DR.says no take 20 mg fine and take one day and skip ,take again when burns
    Ant way my internist says prolong use of medicine will cause “Ketone acidoses a condition that cause Lever damage .
    your kind help medicine and what to do will be greatly appreciated

  137. i am suffering from chronic acid reflex with burping belching with persistent chest pain. also heartburn. Getting weight loss and weakness through the day . i am 48 yera old and working in office for 10 to 7pm.

  138. Anne Elizabeth says:

    I get burning sensation when I take nat phos 6x is this normal

  139. pijush purkait says:

    Let me know to relieve the liver pain control best of homeopathic medicine …..

  140. Aryan Nath says:

    Sir Iam a B.H.M.S 1st year student . I stay alone in a rented house so theres always a tendency comes to masturbate. Due to this from few days Iam having reddish colouration of urine. So I thought to search it on the net … Today early in the morning I was having chest pain and pain in the upper part of stomach. And I vomited 2 times … I visited this page and found a satisfaction with this page … So sir which medicine shall I take for this complications… Please reply …

  141. Luv Sharma says:

    Dear Sir
    Since from last few months i am having symptoms of weakness in morning, cervical pondylitis pain & GERD problem due to which ulcers also there in mouth. Also there i feel problem of Vertigo while standing or going to upstairs or in congested area. in high stress at congestion area or height areas or at restaurants or public places i fee discomfort & pain in pain & chest & also mental fear arises.
    Are all the above symtoms are interrealted or something you can diagnose. Also i got fear while travelling in car or bus or any public transport. i start breathing fast & pain in body starts.
    Kindly provide me some suggestions or good treatment
    Thanking you

  142. jugal verma says:

    I am 28 feeling a burning sensation all day in upper and lower portion of my left chest and sometimes burning sensation in my stomach for last 6 months. Doctors diagoned me that nothing is bad every thing is ok thy checked my blood samples and xray, ecg and any chest disease symptoms but nothing thy diagnosed . I donot feel any reflux in my throat nothing is bad besides that continous burning sensation all day this sensation makes me worry and i am now in depression what to do . I m hving my exams but im not able to concentrate due to this . Please sir reply what should i do to get rid plzz

  143. Mandar Sharda says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharma. For the past two months I am under stress. Earlier whenever I used to take meals, I had to go for passing stool. Stool passes with too much gas. For the past one month, I have lost my appetite. My stomach remains filled. Always feels burping. Does not want to eat. Pl suggest some medicine

  144. Mary Ferro says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. I have been suffering for the last 5 months with Gerd. I have no heartburn, no chest pain, no indigestion, just an acid taste in my mouth. I have started nas phos 6 – a lady from my health food store told me to take it – 4 pills three times a day. I have been taking it for a week. I just had an upper gi and it showed I had inflammation in my esophagus – I would believe its from the acid. Can you advise what I should do? Thank you

  145. Arunachalam says:

    I am aged 83 and no taking adequate food fearing for bulge of Hernia which results in bowel not moving and pnly emanates. I feel uneasy with bulge and it is reducible when sleeping. I am scared to go for operation. How to get bowel moving – to take good food all the three times or little food every three hours. Bloati ng and flatulence can be eliminated take Y-Lax homeopahic one after every meal and two in the night before bedtime. Pl confirm whether Y-Lax will relieve gas, bloating and flatulence. equest early reply. Many thanks Doctor

  146. Hi sir iam srujan and my age is 30
    Sir two months back I suffered from urticaria for that I have consulted allopathy physician he prescribed me to use of medrol 4 mg and Levocitrizin
    When I started using those medicine
    Heart burn started and it is up to throat
    And suffering from gas trouble
    Sir kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine

  147. Sekh Ziauddin says:

    I am 44,wt-75,hieght-164 cm, suffering gas,acidity for 1 year, sometime irritable bowl. Colonoscopy report normal, endoscopy report some erosion in stomach & evidence of hiatus hernia. now suffering from heartburn,throat burn,sores in throat,chick,behind lip & feeling something present in throat.

  148. sir i am suffering a problem of constipation and also having a problem of gastro esophagal reflux disease please give me solution

  149. wakora dabo says:

    hay doctor i have bowl on my stomach since when i was about 25 years old it start and always affect having heart burn head ache gastric pain how can i be treated

  150. RAJ KUMAR MEHTA says:

    I have gerd problem from 2.5 years. i have taken all allopathy,aurvedic and homeopathy medicines. but i cant get any major relife. my upper abdomen,chest have burning some times and more gas produce some time in upper abdomen some time in chest, some time in apposit chest in back . some time i feel indigestion mouth dirty taste ,some time feel sour test of mouth. every time i feel disyness ,i feel i will fell down , some time feel bomting, when gas pass then feel well for some time. some time feel pain in abdomen. now suggest me what i will do.

    • Sushmita Mallick says:

      I am 53 years old and weigh 66kg.Of late I am experiencing heart burn and often wake up from sleep.Please suggest the medicine which can bring some relief.
      Thank you.

  151. maharudra shinde says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have gastric problem from 2 months, upper side of abdomen is full and i am feeling uneasy andupset
    i am filling some part of the stomach is upword direction when i press there gas is out from the mouth and the bad test in the throat.

    DR. Directed GERD BUT They not told me say only this is happen only for digestion system problem or cyclogical

  152. sudip dey says:

    For cure gerd.plz help me

  153. sudip dey says:

    For cure gerd.

  154. Syed abrar qadri says:

    Sir i am suffering from hyperacidity burning sensetation in stomach mouth and feeling of stone sometimes near chest region also back pain sir please suggest how can i get rid

  155. Kamaldeep Singh says:

    Hi Dr.
    i am having acidity problem from along time (3-4 years). i have taken all kinds of medicine, visited too many doctors but not get rid of it. i have also taken capsules at empty stomach, even tried gelusil and many more. the problem is at the time im taking medicine the acidity does not appears but after completing course of medicine it again arises.
    im helpless , tried all doctors but no use.
    i stop having chily in my vegetable, no tea, no coffee, no fried eatables but still no use.

    kindly help.
    Kamaldeep Singh

  156. Subhash Chand says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am 44 years old male and suffering from GERD /Acid Reflux since 6 months. I have consult with many doctors performed endoscopy and having differing kind of medicine for cure it but results are not in my favor. I am still feeling indigestion, loss of appetite, chest and food pipe pain. Along with all symptoms am also feeling faints and energy less.
    Please suggest me how i can get rid of this disease.


    With Regards

    Subhash Chand

  157. Smt. Shakuntala Devi says:

    sir,with regards i want to know that which homeopathy medicine can cure sudden chest and throat burning of & how will i take that dose

  158. Soma singh says:

    Sir my wife suffering from pain in food pipe when she get tablet,tab are like stop inside the vains. To day endoscopy done but there is nothing that is normal.there for you are requested please guide me about homeo path medicine to cure the same ,an orgent reply is requested please. Thanks with regard. Soma Singh.rtd subedar

  159. arfin alam says:

    sir. I m suffering from eracutation and heaviness in stomach
    stool dispersed
    stool is not solid it is like liquid cowdung emptiness in stomach after eating specially in night burning sensation in intestine slight.easiness after era citation taking. cintapro 1mg daily 1 tablet .if leave problem arises . tried robinia q. nux comica natrum phos 6x. no benefit. please suggest also have depressiom

  160. sir,with regards i want to know that which homeopathy medicine can cure sudden attact of acidity & how will i take that dose?

  161. vijay Nakhasi says:

    feeling frequent heart burn in chest , sometimes radiating to left side, sometimes right side N sometimes upper back .Often anxities get caused what is it . experiencing it intermittently for the last more than three years . at present taking telemisartan, mataprolol for Bp , urimax D in the evening for prostrate N Becoshule Z . no fatigue , feeling good apatite

  162. b r arora says:

    Whilr walking half k meter I have heavyness /pain in centre of chest This is only after taking food even glass of water beause my belly/pet if heavy/full After walking more and takinf few miniutes rest I do not have any problem while returning/covering same distance Dr says I should go for Angiography but I know the result Dr will do/put stutnts Pl advice any branded Hemopetic Med to get relief in Gass/Acidty

    B R ARORA 9015095744

  163. Please help me. I am suffering with bile reflux the last couple of months. I had the camera down the throat done. And my results came back as inflammation bile reflux. I am taking ppi for it but it’s not working. Everytime I eat I get a burning discomfort in the chest area. I feel like acid is swimming in my chest all the time. I’m eating a strict bland diet. No alcohol no caffeine no fats at all. I’m afraid to eat now. I’m getting really sad all the time. I just want to feel normal again. Please help. -:(

  164. vinay kumar sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from the symptoms like Huge discomfort in chest, upper abdomen and pain in the ribs around.UGI show LES LAX . The too much burning senstion in the food pipe and discomfort. I am using the medication(Pantop 40+ domastal 25mg) for that but which did not give any relief. One more thing i need to tell that too much of non stop burping which does not have any taste. So kindly give me the proper and perfect solution on the above problem, it will be most helpful for me.

  165. Nazeer Ahamad Shaik says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from the symptoms like Huge discomfort in chest, upper abdomen and pain in the ribs around. The too much burning senstion in the food pipe and discomfort. I am using the medication(Pantop 40) for that but which did not give any relief. One more thing i need to tell that too much of non stop burping which does not have any taste. So kindly give me the proper and perfect solution on the above problem, it will be most helpful for me.

    Nazeer Ahamad Shaik

  166. I am suffering in severe stomach problems like pain, acidity and poor digestive system water falling. Kindly advise me best medicine as im suffering from last 15 years.

  167. Deepti Psndey says:

    I have acidity problem since 3 month and didnt ge any releief till now. Now i am taking homepathic 2 syrup from last week but didnot satisfy the result. I am feeling vomiting type and poor digestve system from 2 days. dont have any gas problem.I feel vomiting in every morning and night even at the time of brush also..I consult alopathic also but medicine didnot work.. Heatburn also causes all the time after eating food. I need immediate solution of this as it effect my life cylcle. My weight is continous decreasing.

    • Namesake sir . ma 35 sall ka mail hu .last 5 months mujha chest ma pain hota ha mana Dr sa concert keya or endoscopy karai . jis ma Dr na .diagnosed keya Gard . mujha subhay shyam vomiting lagi rahati ha . jis ka karan ma dipration ma hu . Mara 3 months ma 10 kg weight kam ho gaya ha. Mujha kuch kamm karna ka man nahi karta. Bass lata he rahata hu.plz help doctor.

  168. Muhammad Jamshed says:

    Hope you will be fine. I am suffering in severe stomach problems like pain, acidity and poor digestive system. Kindly advise me best medicine as im suffering from last 5 years.

  169. Dear Sir,
    My name is harish. Iam suffering from acidty problems. I got treatment from one of the Best hospital in Delhi.I go through endoscopic,got an H1 pyrolic late I went through the process.
    Having 15days sompraz hp, now the condition are if iam having antacids with empty stomach then I feel comfortable all day but when in a day iam leaving it’s coming back again hyper acidity.
    Please help me out.

  170. Anuj Tomar says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My Name is Anuj Tomar. I think i am suffering from GERD problem. I am explaining my disease symptoms here . Major problem is in swallowing the food. When i eat the food, it stuck in the lower esaphogaus. I have to take smalls bit of food with the warm water. Second think i face the pain in my food pipe. I am suffering with this from July 2015.

  171. 45 yrs old. chronice acidity problem. stomach shifting pain. left shoulder aches after meals. no vomit
    usually constipated with tight motion. anxiety for sick health. dark patches on face for 10 years. high bp

  172. Hi dr,I am having dull pain in right lower abdomen…feeling of incomplete evacuation,GERD,hyperacidity,burping specially after meals,gas,narrow loose stool..pain in left side chest,pain in arms and shoulder and knees and cracking popping sound during movement of arms and leg,tingling in arms n legs…

  173. Gursharanjit Singh says:

    Dear Sr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from GERD. The initial symptoms involved the congestion the chest and difficultly in breaking followed by cough. I has prescribed Proton Pump inhibitors like: Esomeprazole. I took the medicines over a period of 5 months continuously. Now i feel better but still i feel congestion in my chest and slight cough.

    I am having the query that whether is it possible cure the problem completely by Homeopathy as allopathy is having only Proton Pump inhibitors which on prolonged use cause the deficiency of Magnesium in Body which ends up with a lot of other problems like, Restless Leg Syndrome, Migraine, Upset Stomach, Painful eyes and stretch over face. I have stopped taking PPEs but i am facing all the above mentioned side effects.

    Request you to give your valuable suggestion.

  174. Dear,,,sir…
    I have a one of the most problem….this is acidity…..last 2 year i take many oily and spicy food..allways i eating jung food…when i feel sickness for this eating food i can’t eating this food…but heartburn and pain is the most problem for me…when i eat oily food this time heartburn and pain serious prblem for me…just some of food when i eating suddenly this prblem is very painful for me….this time i eat medicine omeprajol,,,,seclo,,jeldrin bt nothing to do this medicine…
    Sir please say how to solve this prblem? And how i solved this problem?

  175. Premnath Angurala says:

    I am 66 yrs old and suffering from growth in oesophagus for the last 5 months a result of which I feel difficulty in passing solid food into my stomach through food pipe. Biopsy revealed sqamous carcinoma cell growth. I am a diabetic patient and taking 2 allopathic medicine daily for the same. I have also high blood pressure complaint which is manageable with a allopathic tablet after twice a day. Besides, I have UTI infection and feeling burning pains in my left kidney. In my abdomen, there is great rumbling and sound can be heard. In case I do not get eructation (Dakar) I feel uneasy. I mostly like warm things, food. Kindly suggest if my disease could be curable with Homeopathy.

  176. Burghardsoxz says:

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  177. Soumyadip Sikdar says:

    Am having yellow mucus stools in the morning ,am also having a kind of lump feeling in the throat which usually comes after taking meals.there’s also pain in my stomach and sometimes cramping pain in the chest area.continuous burping has become a regular phenomenon nowdays.a doctor told me it’s gerd and am 21 now.I really am pretty afraid.can you tell me which stage is it cause am having it for a month now.and whether homeopathy can prevent this or not

    • soumyadip sikdar says:

      This gerd am having it for 2 months now .it doesn’t interfere with my sleeping or eating.Is it curable completely with homeopathy.Am also having sudden pain in my abdomen.

  178. Sir, I am 35 years old, now I am unable to walk a distances, feeling burning in between both chest, when doing any work, on taking rest for a while I get relax from during come in normal condition. A gas comes out my mouth, please give suggestions

  179. Susmitha Ashok says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I am 30 year old housewife with two kids. Since about six months I am having pricking pain in the chest with no burning sensation. I got myself checked for heart problem and endoscopy for probable ulcer. They turned out to be negative. Whenever I have heavy food like Pizza, sprouts, pickles, etc I end up having this severe pricking pain in the chest. I am told that this is due to low acid levels.

    Please suggest suitable homeopathic remedy to cure this problem.

    Susmitha Ashok

  180. Sir
    My 10 months daughter always feel vomitish and her potty colour is almost greenish.and she avoids solid food and mik so that she is not gaining weight pz suggest me

  181. I am facing GERD since two years and taking homeopathic medicine nixcocid and BC25 but not getting relief if I stop alopathic medicine it should not be tolerable so suggest some other homeopathic medicine .

  182. G.Srinivasulu says:

    Sir, Good morning. I have been suffering with throat infection, cough and phlem and irritation on throat oftenly. Doctors told that it is due Acid reflux. Kindly suggest medicion. My age is 58 yrs.

  183. abdul raziq says:

    hello sir how are u ??
    my problem is that i have acidity and i am just fed up of it … please kindly suggest me some thing which completely removes my acidity and digestion problem… i want to eat fatty food and all other stuff like i eat before but i cant i want you to suggest me pills or herbal for permanently remove this..
    i will be waiting for yours reply

  184. Abdul Haseeb Khan says:

    I am facing GERD problem since two year getting regular allopathic treatment since two years it’s give me relief at regular treatment but as I stop after some time the same problem started please recommend medicine while using anacordium 200 effect less now using BC 25 and nixcocid effect less tell better homeopathic medicine

  185. Srinivas Rao T. says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have studied the above matter, it was very clear that causes of acidity and heartburn. Actually I am using Homeopathy from long period, now its better. But if I stop, again acidity and heartburn starts with very few days. I don’t know the medicine name, Our Dr. xxxxxxx(BHMS) gives small packets or small bottle to use. I have problem with food, when I eat dosa, idli, nimbu rice, tamarind rice(pulihora), chapathi, puri, vada, etc…. heartburn starts. If I eat curd rice in the morning heart burn is common, I take water usually to drink. In lunch dhal, sambar, pulusu, masala, fry and any other curries same heart burn. At night I stopped eating heavy food, if I not eat acidity and heartburn starts. Can you please suggest me mother tincher which cure very effectively on acidity and heartburn. Iris, Arsenic album, Robinia, Nux Vomica, Natrum Phos in this which to be used. If I eat any heavy food its feels un easy then I do vomthing then I feel relax. Suggest me best medicine, waiting for your mail.

    Thank you
    Srinivas Rao T.

  186. Sir, I am having ulcer problem at the end of food pipe. write now I am taking elopethic treatment and taking medicines from November’2015. But I am still having pain in upper part of abdomen. Ulcer diagnosed by endoscopy. I am now fed up taking medicines. I have lost around 6 kg weight. I never took alcohol and not habit of smoking. I am taking normal food not spicy. I am taking half cup of tea in morning and evening. I need you advise on it. Regards

  187. Arvind Tripathi says:

    Sir ;main 3year se hyperacidity se paresan hoon.sirf moong ki dal aur roti he kha pata hoon koi khatta ya meetha nahi kha sakta.aankhon mein dard skin mein khujlahat hoti hai. Peshab bhi adhik hota hai.artica urenas le raha hoon.please koi dawa batayen. meri age 40 years hai. Pairo me chintiyo me chalne jaisa hota hai dawa liya .pata chala ki h pylori bacteria hota hai .kya he bacteria ho gaya hai.

  188. carmen reyes says:

    Hi I had a question my son is 15 and feels like he has to burp but can’t he feels like something running up his chest to he’s throat what could this b

  189. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from Burning throat Belches since 1 year.

    It all started after i got unemployed and started putting fat around my stomach.

    Recently, i started getting sour or bitter belches also.

    Please advice for permanent cure.


    • DHARMESH POPAT says:




  190. ALOK SINHA says:


    for the last four days, i am suffering from heartburn and acute acidity. i am 61 years of age. till date

    i never suffered acidity or heartburn. all the time i feel like burning in the upper side of chest in right side

    particularity. please suggest medicines to reduce the burning effect on my chest.


  191. respected sir,
    since last 8 to 12 months i am suffering heart burn problem. I am diabetic aged 51 yrs. my sugar level has gone high before two week ago now it is in control. in my case , when i am walking little bit buring in chest gets started. i cant walk. when i seat or sleep it never occurs.

    please give me some advise to control this problem.

    with regards

  192. Acidty bhaut jayda h

  193. Taniya Dutta says:

    My mother complains of a stomach ache a sharp abdominal pain at night after few hours of dinner but she gets to normal in morning .so what can be the possible disease n what can be its consequences …please help.

  194. HI Doctor,Im Ranee from malaysia.Im suffering form hearburnt few weeks.I do consult the doctor and they give me medicine such as “GANATON, OMELON, RABEPRAZOLE AND GAVISCON.But my burning did not stop.I feel uncomfortable and unable sleep at night.Please help me
    I do not know how to cure this problem and sometime i feel whole stomach burning.Please help

  195. Sonali Moitra says:

    My daughter, 14 years old, is suffering from acid reflux followed by heart palpitation for last one year. During the last one year she has suffered 5/6 times from this problem mainly in the school hours. Most of the times symptoms occur when stresses are combined with physical exhaustion. She was treated with pulsetilla 200 and later with calceria arc 30 during symptoms. Normally every time she gets relief after vomiting and experiences a sharp momentary pain from upper abdomen to backside before relieving from the palpitation. during the problem she is unable to do anything other than lying in the bed due to the heart palpitation.

    Dr., I will be grateful if you please suggest me the treatment.

  196. I am suffering from gastritis and IBS for last 3 months. Is it completely curable with homeopathy treatment?

  197. Ramakrishna says:

    Dear sir my allergies antibiotics tablets usr two tablet use burninig sensation in foot finger harms and heart burn so one year same problem continue this problem what causes please help me sir

  198. Hello doctor,my wife she nine month pregnant but these last few days she suffer a frequent heartburn which get me worried. Some drugs were writing by some doctor which she has taking like Relcer,antacid,gestide but at night it get worst and i’m much afraid bcos of her pregnancy. Please help me,wat should I do now.

  199. sudip kumar bose says:

    Hello I am suffering from constipation and acidity. Some burning in chest and sour fluids com in throat.

    I eat normal light diet not spicy.

    I need homeopathy remedy for acidity permanently. Please help me.

  200. Angela Fiore says:

    Hello, I am writing to know if there is a remedy to control bile flow- I suffer from bile reflux and this is causing inflammation/erosion on my throat and oesophagus. As well as gastritis as result of bile in my stomach. So I would be grateful if you could let me know a remedy to help with healing of the throat and keeping the bile under control. I do not respond to medications. My diet is also restricted ( no processed foods, mainly organic). I have many food allergies that I’m trying to keep under control. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • S.Moghaddas says:

      Hi, I am suffering acid ref flux, that cause attacks of cough during day and night. During the night I have to put pillows up in away to sleep in a sitting position although I still cough, but helps a bit. The medicines I take helps but does not stop the coughs. X-ray does not show any chest complications. My tongue is very clear dark pink and my throat feels very sensitive. Foods like rice, sweets and spices aggravate the condition. I am 55 and with slimy ( not fat not bony) appearance with no particular craving. please give me a Homeopathic remedy suggestion. Thanks

  201. Purushothama N Chakravarthula says:

    Sir, I am Purushothama. I lives in Manikonda. I have been suffering from GERD for 15 years. I have been using antacids (Razo-D, Rabonic-DSR and etc.) for 12 years. I also consulted Dr.Pavuluri Krishna Chowdari for homeopathy treatment. I used homeo medicines more than 6 months. But I did not get positive results. Please give me your suggestions on this.

    Purushothama N Chakravarthula

  202. I m having problem of heart burn at night when I sleep its so high that I wake up and then I use an alopathic medicine risek that calm down for 7 days but after that again the condition of indigestion and acid reflux repeats. Kindly let me know the homeopathic medicine for this disease for long lasting treatment.

  203. Prabhakar Paul says:


  204. sir
    I am 33 years old and my problem is that when I take tea in morning after some time of it i feel burning and heaviness in chest due to which it feels difficulty in speaking and fear etc.pls suggest me homeopathic medicine I will be very thankful..

  205. ranjeet uttamrao dambare says:

    Dear sir,
    Mera naam Ranjeet Dambare hai aur mai nagpur shaher ka rehne wala hu. Meri age aaj 35 saal ki hai mai married hu aur mujhe 2.5 saal ka beta hai. Isi wajah se apni bimari se bahot pareshan rehta hu.
    Kaafi saalo se mai cigrattes piya karta tha magar 2 saal pehle ki baat hai mai regular kaafi jyada lagbhag 15 – 20 cigarette per day pi raha tha khane ka koi time table nahi tha aise hi ek din Maine shyaam 4 baje ke kareeb bharpait khana khaya aur ghumne chal pada ek shop se ek chai aur cigarette li air peene laga achanak badhazmi jaisa laga.seene mai halka sa Dard huwa aur ghabrahat hone lagi dimaag mein laga ki kahi heart attack toh nahi hai mai for an Nazdiki hospital mai ja pahucha waha junior Dr. Ne mera ECG nikala aur bataya ke minor attack aaya hai. 5 Dino tak admit rakha TMT test kiya Jo negativeaaya. Uske baad Maine kaafi doctors ko apni reports dikhayi sabne yahi kaha ke mujhe heart attack nahi aaya tha suspicious tha. Nagpur ke physician Dr.golhar ne bataya ke jis insaan ko ek baar attack aa Jaye aur uski ECG mein variation rehta hai chahe woh Kitni hi baar ECG kyu NA nikale. Yaha take toh thik tha magar tab se lekar aaj tak mujhe kaafi taqlif hai maslan khana khao ya khalo phir bhi bahot gas banti hai pait phule jaise tight ho jata hai,pair she lekar peeth aur seene mein surf left side mein silak maare jaisa hota hai, pait she gale tak jalan lagti hai,
    Gale mein kaafi chaale rehte hai jiski wajah se mai Zara bhi tikha nahi kha pata. Kabhi kabhi sharir ki nase lag jaati hai jisse behad dard hota hai. Sir kaafi detail mein likha hai bahot pareshan hu nagpur mein kaafi doctors ko bataya attack aane she pehle acidity ke liye 2 mahine tak homeopathy clinic se bhi dawa ki magar kuch bhi aaram nahi mila. Aap se umeed kar raha hu plz sahi illaz bataye ya raasta dikhaye. Aaj ki date mein mujhe koi shouk nahi hai.

  206. Naveen Bansal says:

    sir I am suffering from heartburn problem last twenty years. I take four lanzol 30 capsuls from last twenty years before breakfast now I think I have some big problem please tell me about that..

  207. Ankush Tiwari says:

    I am suffering from Stomach problem from last five year.After eating food (Specially in Night) huge burping started.There is pain in upper side of stomach and it seems like that gas is stored in upar side stomach. Excessive burping for whole night.Condition is critical when lie.Please suggest me proper medicine

  208. Diptanu Podder says:

    Hi Doctor,

    Hope you doing good!!

    Doctor my mother aged 59 years is suffering from severing burning sensation in lower abdomen and acidity. Couple of years ago after doing endoscopy ,it was found that she has metaplasia and hpylori for which she took loads of medicine after she was fine . Offlate she is complaining about lower abdomen pain and burning sensation. She is also having GERD for which other doctors has pescribed few medicines and excercise. For her colonoscopy, Urea Breath test, Hydrogen Breath test was done for which report was normal. So can you please suggest what next to be done and can you please advise what food she should take as offlate whatever she is taking is turning into acidity. I know GERD doesnot have much medicines apart from life style change else worst scenerio once should go for surgery.

    It will be great hep if you can advise any homeopathy so that burning sensation can be cured.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Diptanu Podder

  209. Aloke Kundu says:

    I have high acidity problem hurt burning every time.allways having acidity in a ful day. after drinking water getting acidity after getting meel happening acidity hurt burning. at the time of sleeping acidity is heppening.

  210. I have a constant irritation in my throat making me want to clear my throat..please advise as to how it can be relieved.


  211. Hi Sir,

    I am Malar age xx. I have been suffering from heat burns and have been diagonised as below
    Garde III reflux escophagitis,
    Hiatus hernia present
    Gastric mucosal prolapse present.

    Also i am diagonised with Gallbladder stones

    Multiple Calculi, each measuring – 3 to 5 mm noted in lumen of gall bladder.

    Currently i am in diet food avoiding oil and spices and taking medication via allopathy.

    I want to shift to Homeopathy. Can you please advice me doc ?

  212. rajesh sardhara says:

    i’ve laryngitis and GERD. i am taking homeopathy medicine since last 3 years.
    but still suffering.

    i fill like something in my throat and i have to clear my throat. even PP and H2 blockers are not working and B12 problems started after long time medication.

    Pl, suggest me


  213. Sir me reflux esophagus gread1 se 1 year se paresan hu . Bahut treatment kiya per koi relex nahi mila .six please sugg. Me

  214. Greatings!
    Iam suffering from acidity since last year with throat burn . On tongue also feel burning when i eat something. Ihave tried so many medicines but donot get relief . Pl.suggest something that works on my problem.

  215. narendra bhatt says:

    I have lost of gas and acidity problem
    when I was hungry suddenly my chest is pain and I was eat something than pain is normal
    what I do sir please help me
    my age 26 years

  216. Amsavenibalasundaram says:

    Sir i have some problems in my throat and burning sensation. Some thing stick in my throat. Some time cold came. Please help me sir. I have 3months old baby.

  217. Sir i am ulcer patient frm many years but frm last two months i am facing acidity reflux i have taken elopathy treatment for two months for the disease of pharyngytus. Now i am better but still facing continuous heartburn after every meals. Plz suggest something that works for my problem.
    With thanx
    Asad ali

  218. Shambhu kumar yadav says:

    Sir mai gastrict aur nose ki allergy se paresan rahta hoon. Lagabhag 8 yrs se . Please iska treatment bataiye.

  219. Sir, I have problem in GERD .
    I have fell heartburn and adbomen pain anytime
    i am ill before 5years ..
    help me sir

    • Sir i am ulcer patient frm many years but frm last two months i am facing acidity reflux i have taken elopathy treatment for two months for the disease of pharyngytus. Now i am better but still facing continuous heartburn after every meals. Plz suggest something that works for my problem.
      With thanx
      Asad ali

  220. I am 58 yr old male and bye pass operated in year 2012 I have heaviness in my centre part of chest since last two years and feeling that whatever I eats remain in the food plpe for long time due to which heaviness is felt. Kindly diagnosed and advise.

  221. Dear Dr
    I have been suffering acid reflux and acidity problem since 10 years .I have used several medicine in unani and homeopathic for short time.I am writing my symptoms as under…
    I feel burning in the stomach
    Now a days i am feeling burning in the chest
    Left and right both side.
    When i take some cold thing i feel some feeling in the right of the middle chest.
    I need to clear my throat again and again but not always.
    I am also suffering from sinussitus problem.
    Can you please prescribe some good homeopathic medicine to stop acid reflux and cure if any damage in the esophagus and also medicine for sinus problem

  222. Abid Ali Raza says:

    i have no vomiting and acid in my mouth only heart and near Esophageal Reflux and my back burn if i any hot food and medicine use. i feel sick and feer and hot my body .I am somokers.

  223. Abid Ali Raza says:

    i have no vomiting and acid in my mouth only heart and near Esophageal Reflux and my back burn if i any hot food and medicine use. I am somokers.

  224. Abid Ali Raza says:

    i have no vomiting and acid in my mouth only heart and near Esophageal Reflux and my back burn if i any hot food and medicine use

  225. hi doctor my doctor has told me I have gerd I feel right upper abdomen burn,gas,burpingand indigestion for about 8 years, is there cure in homeopathy and what are the medicine

  226. Hi dr my problem is lax ge junction . can this treated by medision permanently

  227. sir i have stomach chest and mid-back burn for 2 years so what should i do

  228. Hello Dr,

    I myself Arnab, read through your blog and seems to be one reliable homeopathy doctor in the field of gastritis I am facing a problem of gastritis for a last few months. The main problem is while I am taking some food which has so (6 months) me ingredients like like chilis or some spices, I feel a burning sensation in my throat. I was diagnosed by a Gastroenterologist and he treat me for almost 3 months. It gave me relief for almost 2 months but after that it again started. So thought that it should be treated with Homeopathy now, as I have lot of faith on this.

    Please Suggest.


  229. shahbaz khan says:


    I have been suffering from acute acidity and heartburn for about three to four years. It becomes so acute that i feel pain in chest area.

    I have been using OTC medicine for the same and get temporary relief but the problem again occurs.

    I want a final and permanent solution problem for the same.

    Kindly help.


  230. Elizabeth lawson says:

    For months now i have a yellowish type absest on my left side of throat and it hasnt went away and its starting too get umcomfortable. I have acid reflux and too my tonsils have been taken out. I can send a pic if you want.

  231. niranjan kanar says:

    i am on Plavix, Asprin and Metformin and thus suffering from acute GERD
    any relief med


    I am suffering from GERD for many years . Whenever I get disturbed I am prescribed PAN DSR and after having the medicine for 10 days or 15 days I feel comfortable. But it is not get treated. Now I take Zintac300 everyday but if i have any fried food or if sometimes a little larger portion of food ( which is not large even to a 70 year old man) I have problems. I have slow digestion, acid reflux and hence a disturbed sleep.

    Can you advise me for complete cure of this disease with homeopathy medicine?

  233. harshvardhan says:

    My son is 10 months old & is having always cold & chest congestion due to this have admitted 2 times in ICU. As per doctors one of the reason of recurring chest infection can be GERD . His growth is also delayed milestone as he is not able to sit & crawl properly till now.

    Pl guide.

    New delhi

  234. Ajay singh says:

    Hello sir, I am suffering herturn continuous from last 10 years and I am having pantodac40 on daily basis from lat 4 years but now it’s not working.
    Kindly suggest how to cure it permanent

  235. Yogendra Kumar Upadhyay says:

    I am suffer these symptems to long times times upper abdomen pain and gastritis, lower abdomen problome ( pet ka bhaari rahna,pet ka saaf na hona stress rahna, jhujhlahat hona bhool Jana, likhne me dikkat hona, kandho me akdan hona aur meethi meethi card hona sir ke baye side me sansnahat hona etc.) front side pain in head, pain in ghutna could in Talua . not good feeling, nose blocking normal cold place
    Pls suggest me sir.

  236. Respected Doctor,
    I am suffering with GERD from 2012 ,reflux was too intense and frequent in those days but now i am not facing this problem,but more often i get throat conjestion..Pharangitis..and because of this i feel internal fever i feel sick..i think there is silent acid reflux at night time when i sleep…
    I am very much upset with this problem.Please tell me Sir if there is permanent cure for GERD.Can LES start functioning the way when i was living without GERD.
    Waiting for your kind response eagerly

  237. Mohammed Salim says:

    My father is suffering by chest burnig everyday in time evening or knight.Now my father cannot walk some foot step.age is 76 year old.

  238. Hello Doc,

    I am 29 year old guy .. i have faced gas issue, bolted feeling in stomach and gas pain after meals earliers but from last 2 and half month i am suffering with continous uncomfortable burnning feeling. I have got checked and they have told it was due to stomach infaction. after completing the antibiotics cource the pain is still there.

    Pleae suggest some thought as i am getting anxiety and stree due to this pain and not able to live my life at ful. Pleae advice!


    • Dear Doc, I am a patient of sever acid reflux patient suffering for 3/4 years. I am doing my homeopathy medicines for it for past 3 years but nothing is to get effect. I am a very high tempered and get angry and hipper very soon for which I feel its wrong but cant cantrol at all. I do my meditation but seemed even God had closed its ears to hear any ones complain or there is no god at all. I am dangling between THEIST and ATHEISTIC and get too scared to leave alone. I recently saw on net to have nux vomica and started to have that is that fine or shall i add on more to it kindly consider ASAP.

  239. rajesh kumar says:

    dear sir,

    self is suffering from GERD Problem , Lax GE Junction and dudonites recently diagnosed through endoscopy.

    one year back also I had suffered due to excessive gas / heart burning.

    Lot of Homeopathy and alopathy medicines I had taken but problem is not resolved. please suggest me correct medicine for relief and curenss. please help me.

    Rajesh Kumar
    Age – 31 Yrs.

  240. My daughter aged 15 years is suffering from GERD problem, recently diognised endoscopically..We would like to go for homeopathy medicine..please advice..

  241. varma. sonal says:

    I have problem of oesphogitis. from 4 year. heart burning in throat. suggest me what to do

  242. Deepak Yadav says:

    Sir always I feel stomach Gas, Acid, Bloating, burning pain in the upper abdominal and chest area, nausea, last 8 years and constipation, please suggest me how to do

    deepak yadav

  243. Hello sir,
    I am 40 year old and I am suffering excessive gas formation after meal. I have to release gas from mouth otherwise fell chest pain. Allopathic doctor certified this illness as GERD. Please suggest homeopathic medicine of any standard make.

  244. my wife is suffering from hiatus hernia.she is also having GERD.SHE IS UNDER HOMEO TREATMENT .BUT FOR LAST ONE WEEK SH HAS TO TAKE ONE PAN 40. IN EMPTY STOMACH.

  245. I am having stomach bleching.Every now and then air sound coming out from my throat.Any treatment in homeopathy.My age is 58 and a diabetes and high blood pressure.

  246. yogesh tyagi says:

    dear sir
    i am male ,43,wt-70,ht-6’6″, government servant, married &having 2 kids . place of living -delhi. i have hyper-acidity since 2002. 2 times endoscopy done , nothing found. treated in escorts -delhi. but still not treated. regularly taking 2 tabs of topcid- 20. every day early morning it starts and it persists whole day. heavyness in stomach, sometimes heart burn. if topcid not taken then pain in stomach. reflux ,sour mouth. alcoholic (once in a week-2-3 pegs), no smoking.
    please suggest

  247. Sure wilfred says:

    I am an old patient of acidity aged 58/104kg/5.11″. Recently diagnosed with fatty liver n acid reflux.presently suffering severe gas formation in the morning with a feeling of choking sensation in the throat.why is this I am anxious to know?

  248. hi ,
    i am suffering from frequent heart burn which is unbearable and it is consistent for the complete day .
    as of now i am using english medicine and wants to shift to homeopathy,please advice.

  249. R SUNDARARAMAN says:

    what are the permanent remedies for this gerd problem as i am having dry mouth ,uneasiness at the

    centre of the throat uneasiness at food pipe etc alopathy doctors said it is acid reflux problem and gave medicines for one month.but still i am having this problem

  250. hello sir

    my name is ajaykumar, i am suffering from lax les reflux eshopagatities . please suggest me the best medicies sir.

  251. Please nauseas dizzy throwing up bile after gallbladder removal pain under left breast in rib cage and in between shoulder blades tight feeling under rib cage.

  252. Baba Muhammed says:

    I am suffering from heart burn, hyperacidity and cough with blood. What’s your advice sir.

  253. md zakir Hossain says:

    I am suffering from acidity and anxiety disorder.

  254. mother ko gas ki problem 15-20 years se hai,but last 2 sal se acid reflux vomit ke sath kabhi-2 mahine mai 1 bar aur kabhi- 2-3 bar ho jaata hai. kuchha bhi khane ya pani bhi vomit ho jati hai. halat bahut kharab ho jati hai. immediate first aid koi ho to please bataye kyonki ush time medicine bhi vomit mai nikal jati hai

  255. Ratnesh.kumar says:

  256. Dr.J.L.Varshney says:

    I am suffering from severe esophagitis and haital hernia. What are the best medicines
    available in homoeopathy. Kindly let me know the preventive measures to be taken.
    Thanks and regards.

    • HELLO SIR,


    • Hi did your esphogitisis problem got solved? If yes how you cured it.

  257. Hello Sir,

    I am suffering from GERD for the last four months. i am using pantocid-D, but not getting permanent relief. pls help.

    I have gone through the blood and urine tests and everything is fine and I don’t have habits like smoking and alcohal drinking.

    However I have few family tensions so please advise the best remedy.

    Thank you.


  258. MARY GOMEZ GARCIA says:

    I have pain in abdomen NOW going on 5 months every day consistently, I have gone to my GI doctor in which they found absolutely nothing, I have had ultrasounds for gallbladder (which is fine), Nuclear Scan of the bladder (found nothing), had a cat scan done of abdomen (found nothing), I had a colonoscopy and EGD last year (everything was fine), it wasn’t until this May 2015 that I started having the constant pain (spasms they call it), so I am on LIBREX, and take MIRALAX, but again I am having the constant pain that is totally unbearable, I am at my last resort and asked to get a 2nd opinion from Dr. Kumar (he’s one of the BEST Dr’s here in Austin), I here. He is in the same office as my Dr. Utts, but
    Dr. Utts seemed to have not given me an answer, but to stay on a diet, in which I am NOT over weighty
    at times (mayb 3 or 4 times), when I washed my hair or turned a certain way, I could totally feel like my intestines twist and I have to await a bit until I can get back up or in the proper movement. Again the pain is ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE (going on 5 months), please I pray you can assist me .

  259. Hi Dr Sharma, i am suffering from gerd since last 8 months’ have gone under endoscopy but all is good. I am taking certain PPI but no relief. Pls let me know if u hv a solution n how much time it will take to come over?

  260. mohammed hussain says:

    hello dr sharma nice to share u my problem since 15 years i am suffering from left shoulder blade pain and also suffering hyper gases problem please suggest me medicene

  261. Shailendra rawat says:

    mere chest me rat bhout acid banti ha iske.karan me 1 sal se bhot pareshan hu . plz muje isse relif kese melega bataiye..

  262. My daughter is 16 and has had the issue of small bits of food coming up in her throat after a few hours of eating. She also suffers from bloating, has and belching.

  263. Pratibha Sharma says:

    Dear dr Sharma,

    I am fed up with the acidity problem , kindly
    I am 37 year old women with 50 kg wt. for last
    many yrs I had problem of acute acidity. Around
    1 and half yr back dr advised me to have endoscopy and diagnosed hitus hernia and esophagus ulcer. From that day I am on nexium
    Taking one or two tablets of 20,40,60 mg as per
    Requirement . If I donot take, I can’t sleep.
    I take precaution in eating food, avoid fried and
    Spicy food, take papaya empty stomach daily, still
    No relief. I have also tried homeopathy medicine
    Without any result.
    Kindly advice as I want to get rid of medication I
    Am taking as they have side effects.
    I will be grateful to u , if u can help me.

  264. Respected sir namaskar i am suffering from gastric burn and some time i feel smell of pus but no acid reflux. there is wound in in pharynx with tonsillar abscess in left side,reoccurent pain in neck in back side radiating in both hands, reoccurent cold with running nose with watery fluid severly in one after one nose.i also feel burning during toilet. there is great loss in weight,irritable mind disturb sleep, woke up in night with burnig stomach sensation also follicular pharyngitis,gretly impaired digestion often constipation .i can take only pulses and bred 12 hourly,.between in take food serley increases my symptoms. please help me thank you sir. iam suffering near about 13 year. age 37y

  265. Hello sir,
    My mother-in-law has a peculiar problem. She burps or belching frequently. If there is any pain in some part of the body eg: legs are paining, when pressed there she gets burp loudly and slowly she gets relief from pain. This pain gets transferred to someother part andwhen pressed she gets burp. Recently she got endoscopy done but there is nothing abnormal.What is her problem and do homeo has any remedy for this?

  266. srinivasulu.K says:

    Respected sir….I am suffering from GERD for lasting 7 years and endoscopy was done result was moderate esophagitis grade c…sir please advise any medication for me…great full you sir…thanking you sir

  267. Bilal Mohamad Shaikh says:

    Sir I am suffering from GERD since last 2yrs and I am taking Razo D for the last 2 years but still I have been suffering from the disease even after taking Razo D regularly…. So please help me sir…….


    hi doctor how are you.
    I am orphan please help me little bit I am too much confused I just get heartburn like something touching my heart mostly at night time. stretch in my stomach . feeling burning in 3 place little sometime and sometime there is no burn like.
    I cannot walk enough now and before I get sick I can even walk 5,6 hours frequently but now I cannot I don’t know why I eat 3 to 4 chappati with salan but did not get enough energy .
    is depression may be causes of this thing.?

  269. My brother had ulcers & vomitings few days back & doctor did endoscopy & biopsy,after this they asked us that he had gap between foodpipe & ball & they said that it will heal after taking 1month of medicine.After 4-5 days of endoscopy he has sign of fever,headche,nasal is there any risk or not.plz reply me soon.I look forward for ur reply.

  270. Hello sir I m 40 yr old n I m suffering from acidity. Kuchh khao to chest heartburn hota hai naa khao to bhi hartburn hota hai.kabhi kabhi heartburn nahi hota hai to abdominal pain hota hai,chest pain hota hai,pet bhaari ho jata hai.cough jyada form hota hai.kuchh khane k baad agar walk kar lo to heartburn hota hai,jhuk jao to heartburn hota hai.plz suggest me any effective medicine

  271. meenakshi gupta says:

    Hi my age 65+ and i am from gorakhpur up Throat burn regular very frequent difficulty in swallowing food headache last one year take antacid but no relief pls advice some medicine

  272. ganpati choudhary says:


    me jab morning me walk karta hu to halka sa right site chest pain hota hai jab me aaram karta hu to nahi mahsoos hota hai tea & breakfast lene ke bad chest paint nahi hota hai some times feeling chest pain & mouth se dhakar yani uper se gas nikalta hai morning & evening jyta so kya karan hai. Me sirf tobacco kabhi kabhi used karta hu.
    Stool bhi clear nahi hota hai.
    Pl. give me advice & proper medicine guideline


    G. Choudahry

  273. jai pathuri says:

    I have been diagnosed with hiatal hernia 1 year back..i was suffering from vomitting, burping, bloating,feeling full after eating, inability to pass gas. I took allopathy medicines for that namely : nexium and levosulpiride. I feel betr when i m on medicibes..but when i dont take them my symptoms are back. I have been using dem for an year now..becayse of using dem as there side effect my prolactin levels increased alot and my testosterone levels are low now. I have vitamin deficiencies. My endo asked me to stop both of dem are dey are increasing my prolactin level. I am even hypothyroid. Using thyronorm 25mcg. Used vitamin tablets and my levels of vitamins are good now. So i want to ask you if homeopathy can help me with hiatal hernia symptoms mentioned above . Amd will they increase my prolactin levels like allopathy medicines??

  274. Ritesh Ahuja says:

    I m suffering from Gerd since a year i m taking reekool 40L i m having chest pain and vomiting i m getting temporary relief pls suggest me

  275. Mustafa Elahi says:

    I have been suffering from severe gastric reflux for last 7-8 years. Gas spreads lungs which causes problem breathing , I feel that lungs not getting oxygen properly due to gas . I can call if you allow me. Is there any treatment. Best regards. Mustafa Elahi ,from Bangladesh, mobile phone # 0088 01755587628

  276. sunil kumar says:

    i m suffering from acidity from last one year and also feel heaviness onn chest and feel so weak in between i m also suffering from jaundice what to do

  277. Nitu Phukan says:

    I am suffering from RUT H pylori positive in the upper duodenal is it bacterial infection. Is it dangerous . Now I am suffering from severe heart burn even I taken pantocid once in a day but no relief. Is it any danger. Please reply me in my mail address.

  278. vipanthapar says:

    I m suffering with acid reflux what medicine I should take to rElie.

  279. billal hossain says:

    dear sir,
    I have one problem like one month. the problem is felling food is stuck in my throat and little pain burn and I have little chest pain also. I have seen doctor and he has given me only gastric tablets for two month and I am taking but nothing happen. so pls can u give advice what shall I do now or what kind of medicine I can take. I am very worrying about this. is it any ulcer or cancer? pls can u let know. I will be very thank full to u.

  280. Satish Dewajwar says:

    I am suffering with HEARTBURN ; GERD problems since last 2 years, so i like to know effective and appropriate hoeomeopathic medicine on GERD to complete cure very fast…….I am from Nagpur, Maharashra, India……..

  281. shanmuganathan.c says:

    dear Sir,

    I am shanmugam and working in Saudi Arabia 8 years. last 12 months I am suffering chest pain and same pain in chest backside. some time I could not control the pain. last one month I have continuously pain day/night. I consult many hospital in Saudi but not cure may pain but increase only. I checked EGC, TMT test, ECHO test everything and report is normal. so what is the problem this I don’t know. please give me a advice sir regarding this issue. when I was in india I don’t have any problem sir

    your reply highly appreciated sir.
    if any further treatment I can come to Chennai your hospital ..

    thanking you
    Ph: 00966531931985

  282. Aswathy nair says:

    Dr,i’m 19 years old and past 1 year i m suffering from acidity ,i can’t eat food and if i eat it will cause to stomach pain…i can’t study due to disease and i’m very sad& feared so pls help me to release from this disease

  283. Preetham Sharma says:

    Sir i was suffering from gastrc i took nat puls 6x 3in the morning and 3after meals. But to my surprise by evening i started sweating too much and i stopped taking. It is 5th daythat my sweat problém 70%gone but still 30% sweat i get occasionally. Usually mine is a cool body.Most often i end up with a feeling that my usual body temperature is lost.Can i get back my natural rhythm?And how much time will it také?Please offer remedy kindly sir.

  284. bharat.samtani says:

    I’ m M / 62 , a retired professional , having acute acidity , heartburn & GERD , since last 10 yrs and I hv been consuming antacids , which gives me relief temporarily .
    Recently th acidity has increased to such an extent , that it has given me a sore throat and has also weakened my teeth .
    Except this problem , my health is O.K. and I hv no other problem , B.P , diabetes etc .
    Pl. Advice me accordingly .


  285. Hello sir,
    It has been a long time now am experiencing heartburn and chest pain most often after brush in the morning,when am hungry or eaten an well satisfied,or when am thirsty or laying down.
    Sir i will apreciate you listing the medicine that i will take to cure me from this ill health,and also precaution i should take to avoid reoccurring of the situation,
    Thank you.looking forward for your reply.

  286. Bhusan Laskar says:

    I have been suffering abdominal pain for last 10 years with mucus. I have done two times colonoscopy, two times endoscopy and various types of blood test. the report is gastritis. Now i am suffering from heart burn for last 6 months. I was smoking lightly (2/3 cigarettes a day ) but I leave smoking since 14 October 2014 (8 months). I drink twice or thrice in a year .i.e. important occasion only with 100/120 ml of whiskey. Please give some advise sir with diet chart.

  287. Abhay kumar sinha says:

    Heart burn/ chest pain during walking or physical work and stop/relief pain on rest.I m hypertensive last 18 yes.
    Pl advice and what is ready.

  288. AJAYKUMAR says:

    sir, my name is ajaykumar , i have a problem of “LAX Z LES ESHOPAGHAL REFLUX DISEASE” what type of midicines i will follow plz tell me the ans sir.

  289. Umar safiyanu says:

    Heart burn and at thesame wen prostrating liquid will be running through the nose

  290. ARUMUGHAM says:


  291. N.R.Nagarajan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Last 2 months i have GERD, Almost complete after take Halobathy tablet , but if i use any spicy food it will start again and small pain in vocal card and there area also dry. I need to permanently cure so please suggest best Homeopathy medicine.

  292. BB Sharma says:

    I am suffering from hiatal hernia and esophagitis grade B. Pl tell me if it can be cured

  293. Nigel Augustin says:

    My mom is 84 has had the disease for years with complaints of bitter mouth more recently. She also recently suffered a stroke on Feb 15, has difficulty swallowing and as a result feed with a ng tube. Her symptoms for GERG is so revealing.

  294. VIKRAM GUPTA says:

    Hellow Dr
    i am suffering from acidety from last so many years , as i am taking caboveg but now i shift to romina
    i am also suffering from high b p , and autherities ( spondolo aurtho pathy ) for that iam also taking telmisarton 40 80 mg in a day and 1gm of sufasalazine delayed -release tablet daily and repaprojol and donperidon capsul in the morning these are all alopethic medicines
    please sugest the homeopathy teretments

  295. vijay tandle says:

    I am 48yrs & I have hyperacidity since 2 yrs which homeopathy medicine I can took

  296. nisha bhardwaj says:

    Sir i hve 2 mch problm of acidity.pls give me the idea 4 reducing 4m the base

  297. Pallavi Ghoshal says:


    My brother Is suffering from pancreatitis and food pibe block nd twist. After long treatment of empathy. .he is not getting relief. As par sitiscan reports he need to do operations of water bulb in pancreas and food pibe. Some times he feels pain in lower abdomin.

    So plz prescribe us some homeo medicine. .coz his physical condition is not permit him to do operation. Plz help us

    Pallavi Ghoshal

  298. U.S.Phani Kumar says:

    I am suffering for acidity since last 10 years, tried many modes of medicines, not cured, kindly help me by suggesting good homeo.

  299. Mohd sharif says:

    My father is 42 years old. He is having chest pain. We consulted many doctors . after taking many kind of heart related test and lever related test. Doctors said that he is okay. And they found no problem.
    But he is suffering from it past 6 month and loosing weight continuously.
    Any solution ??

  300. Roderick Voss says:

    I keep having this coughing every day I have tried zantac omeprazole and prilosec and elevate my bed apple cider vinegar. Nothing works for long. What can I do?

  301. jashanjot singh says:

    My mother is 82 year old she has narrow food pipe.she has also problem of altar and mucus rest in throat. Food doesn’t pass through food pipe. Kindly suggest homeopathy treatment

  302. Nazneen Ariff says:

    Dear DR,

    I am 59yrs old woman. I been suffering with vericose veins since my first pregnancy, so doctor’s prescribed me with ‘Dafflon’ after taking this my vericose was ok, beside i do have occasionally knee pain if i stand for a longer period or sit for a longer period. I am a principal at a language center.

    Last month suddenly my big toes started swelling and i was having slight fever too. It was difficult for me to walk, went to the doctor, my blood was tested. I was really surprised as the doctor told me i got ‘Gout’ a type of artritis and asked me not to eat too much of red meat or protein rich foods, i laughed as i don’t eat meat at all, doctor please advice me may be according to my knowledge it is due to over dose of ‘Dafflon’. I don’t know? but if i get vericose pain what should i do? at the moment doctor has given me’Ibuprofine’ for my gout, i take it only when i get pain or swelling. Please reply me.

    Nazneen, Malaysia

  303. sivaramaraghu says:

    sir, good morning,
    I have developed first chronic constipation this is the root cause of all the diseases then I started pussing
    out forcibly while in toilet this lead piles, later on I underwent minor operation for piles but not cured
    with this pressure applied all the time while passing stool , swollen veins and vericose veins problem

    later on Acid Reflux severe heart and throat burning which cannot leave me to sleep . Due to this GERD
    I have developed severe joint Pains which is another problem,

    I have used many Homoepathic and Ayurvedic medincine but neither cured my problem nor releived.

    Sir , with some hope with you , I may get permanent cure.


    Siva Rama Raghu -age 55, 09948334671
    my address- 9-1-43/17, Prashanath Nagar,
    Langar House, Hyderabad-500 008,(T.S.),India.

  304. S Syamsundar says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am having burning sensation and food comming into the mouth due to GERD and later it was diagnosed as hiatus hernia by endoscopy. I am fed up of taking various allopathic antacids (both tablets & gel), H2 receptors and various pph combinations now for decades and they have their downside effects over long term use. I am also put on drugs for hypertension, blood-thinner like clopigedral, cholostrol medicine , urimax d for bhp & urine tract infections. I am also taking encoro chronate 300 once daily for my seizure attack in 2008. I am facing various side effects due to all these medicines. I am 73+ old. Can there be remidy for all these ailments? Could you suggest some thing? Can I meet yuy in person?
    Pl reply for all.
    S Syamsundar.

  305. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 46 years old. I have a acidity problem for last 8 years or more. When I feel uncomfortable in the morning I used to vomit and lots of yellow water comes out. After that I feel much better. But 2 months ago I feel violent tickling in the throat makes me cough. That ticking comes every 3 to 4 hours. Then I have to clear my throat. After 2 minutes I feel relax. But at night there is no tickling. Some times acid comes in the throat when I sleep at midnight. Now I have been taking Natrum Phos 6X and Wyethia 30 three times for last 1 month. Now I am much better. But symptoms sometimes return and goes. When I speak a little my throat irritates. Kindly give your comments if I continue with this medicine or any other and how long.


    S K Dey

  306. devashish says:

    I need some critical inputs from you regarding my IBS. Over a period this problem has aggravated despite the medicines you had prescribed

    Please note that all my reports of Lipid profile/Liver function etc has come back to Normal range.However I need to get Rid of the severity of IBS

    At the moment I am taking the following medicines-

    Before B/F-Pentocid-L

    after B/F
    Nebistar SA-1
    Liv 52-1

    cardacse 2,5 mg

    Night after dinner
    Feliz S plus (sleep is by & large okay with this)
    Rosuvas-10 mg

    Please note as spoken to your 1-2 years back,I am having similar symptoms again.They are as follows–

    After B/F the problem is most severe @ 12:00 to 1:00PM. The whole stomach get filled with gas and the stomach balloons like hell and don’t feel hungry for Lunch till I forcefully take out the stool (this is despite the fact that I already have 2-3 motion pre and post B/F).Secondly there is a hard stool formation which lies at the end colon and it is very difficult to take it out and this also blocks the expulsion of gases formed.So in short the whole system is choked inside with gases and stool,without complete deification.The problem is so severe that the pressure of the gases rises to the shoulder and neck region and creates severe sprain/strains and I feel like scratching my Head/ hairs and neck/shoulder back etc to get some relief. This also lead to heaviness at top of the eyes and forces me to sleep after Lunch for at least an hour to get relieved from the severity.

    Please suggest some alternate good Long term medicines so that at the 1st place the gases do not form after B/F and if formed they passes out.Wright now since the hard stool is lying at colon it does not allow the gases to go down hence it travels upwards and puts pressure upwards towards head/neck/shoulders which is unbearable and I get biting feeling all over the body.I am surprised that despite the hard rock stool,there is Loose motion also sometimes alternately.So in short the whole bowel system has to be rectified in terms of digestion and bowel movements etc.

    Would you suggest any tests or operations at this stage so that I completely get of of this problem…??

    Please help urgently.

  307. Akanksha Gupta says:

    Hello Sir
    My husband is suffering from ‘Hiatal Hernia’ due to which he is facing ‘GERD’ related problems.
    There is bitter taste in mouth every morning and pain in food pipe from last 2 days.
    We have already stopped taking fried foods.HE dont smoke or take alcohol.
    We have elevated our bed and he is using bed wedge also but still , he is facing lot of acid problems.
    He has headache most of the times in evening.
    He is little overweight.(Weight : 106 kg , height : 6 feet 2 inches)

    Please suggest , how this can be cured.

    Thanks Akanksha

  308. Md.Naveed uddin says:

    Sir as iam suffering from gerd from past 1 year iam taking tablets but not getting permanent relief pls help me sir how to come out pls suggest me any syrup or tablets thanq very much sir

  309. Dogra Kumar says:

    Is there safe treatment of pan gestirits having h.pylori bacteria positive in homeopathy?

  310. meenakshi sharma says:

    Hi doctor. Um suffering from Gerd from last 2 months taken so many medicines but no relief pls help me cause it is really very troubling at night all the time i feel something stuck inside my troat pls help me with right medicines i will be very thankful.

  311. Sir, i am suffering from GERD for the last 5yrs and have been taking Sompraz 20 since then. Now my situation is such that i cannot eat food without having sompraz in the morning. If i miss the medicine and eat i have severe acidity problem along with acute indigestion. Please suggest how to get rid of sompraz 20 ?

  312. Mark Hartmann says:

    Hi, I have been prescribes lansaprole which doesn’t always work. My symptoms are stabbing burning in chest area, burning sensation at heart, burning and heat sensations raising from the stomach up to the neck or throat.

  313. Leigh Auton says:

    I have recently taken three weeks of a string antibiotic called zyvox. My esophagus is very irritated and burns now. I have gerd even before the strong antibiotics. Ppi. Carafate do nothing much. Please advise.
    Thank you.
    Leigh Auton

  314. KRISHNA VKB says:

    Dear Dr.,
    I have severe acid reflux which has resulted in affecting my esophagus,larynx and throat giving me pain and irritation in spite of taking 2 40mg antacid tablets in a day. The irritation I get in the larynx and throat and even chest with epigastric pain with severe bloating rises even to the neck and head. I have also chronic constipation with the result I cannot expel the gas freely which adds to the discomfort. Can you suggest a remedy for this ailment?

  315. brijesh kala says:

    acidity problemand for last three days also feeling heartburn problem kindly suggesthomeo treatment.

  316. zeba naaz says:

    Hi sir I am 24years old I have 2 children’s . when I drink water It goes left side of my kidney I want to know why.

  317. jia butt says:

    Hi doctor my name is problem is when I eat food or drink .they stuck in my lower food pipe.pain constantly in chest n back.when I eat food my head mouth.neck eyes got pain.I take lots of medicine but not relief. plz help me .I am very upset about h plory tast is negative.

  318. Tarique anwar says:

    Sir i have aserious type of gastric problem .i want to explain u in hindi.sir mein 2 saal se ye gastric ki problem se gujar raha hoon .meine bahut sare docters ko bho dikhya par unke medicenes kuch din kaam karte hain aur phir kaam karna band kar dette hain.docters ne endoscopy bhi kiya par woh kahte hain ki aap ko gastric ki problem hai.sir kya hota hai na ke mere stomach mein bahut gas bhar jati hai jiske wajah se itni ghabrahat hoti hai ke jase lagta hai ke mein mar jaoonga,bahut hi uncomfartable feel hoti hai.last meine hydrebad mein dikhya tha ,wahan pe bhi unhone kaha ki aap ko gastric ki problem hai.aur unhone mughe razo20 aur ganaton od khane se pehle khane ke liye kaha tha.meine kuch roj liya per pet mein jalan aur ghabrahat tho khatam hi nahi hui,isliye meine woh medicine chod kar ab razo20 aur libretex le raha hoon par ishse bhi puri tarah rahat nahi milpati.kya mughe batayenge ki ish sitution mein main kua karoon ,kya alopaty continue rakhoon ya phir homopathy ke through iska ilaj karoon.sir agar homopathy mein iska ilaj hai tho plz aap mughe bataye.i am waiting for ur reply sir.

  319. divya choudhary says:

    Hello I am divya choudhary I am suffering from GERD problem from last one year please contact me

  320. Hi.i had gall bladder removed 2 years back.and I’m suffering from severe acidity that burns my stomach and the area where gall bladder was.i took every kind of medicine. But in after researching so much.i found that I have bile reflux problem.nousea, constipation and sometimes diarrhea. I’m fed up from all this. My left side sometimes get numb and left shoulder severe and relaxes when there is no acid.plz give suggestions.

  321. Madan Bangaru says:

    Hello dr,
    I am 37 yes old, vegetarian, 5.8 ft, 74 kg, non smoker, non drinker. Suffering from whitesh sticky, gluey mucus forming back of my throat since 1 year. Some times the mucus comes like a thread from my mouth.

    I feel tired, no energy, suffocation when ever there is mucus in my throat. Chest pain in middle some times
    Have cholesterol also. 224.

    Went to number of dr s for treatment GERD
    English medicines, Homeo, Ayurvedic, acupuncture, nothing cured.

    My hopes are faded. Still writing to you with a little hope to live better and lead a normal life.

  322. Doctor , my upper chest part is paining .. First i used to think that a i had lifted some weight it might have caused my chest to get it the same reason as what I’m thinking or is it not? Also I’m getting frequent long burps with or without eating food..I’m a lot worried ,wht should I do?

  323. SYED TAUSEEF says:


  324. Udayakumar says:

    Dear sir I have been suffering from gerd for 4 years . I have taken all medicine not yet cured . now I am trying homeopathy but not yet feel good result. My question is will I get relief from that or not because I lost confidence. I also feel, will it end up with cancer or any other big problems. Pls advise me . I changed my life style also completely. Now what should I do. Please help me sir

  325. hi
    i msuffering from Gerd for about one year
    endoscopy reports hitua hernia esophagitis and gastritis …swelling in stomach
    iwas using alopathic medicine like PPI BUT not getting relief
    i always fell pain in my center of chest plus alot of burning in chest up to throat.
    what remidy u will sugest
    my dr said that my hernia will be resolved after regular exercise and i am doing
    is there any homeopathic remedy that can give me complete relief from this problm

  326. Raghunathprasad says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma Sir,
    I am suffering from upper pain stomach in the center, this is causing me as dizziness when I go to toilet and pass, before motion also I am getting dizziness and after the lunch and dinner. when it is burning I am getting dizziness and dimness in the eyes and pain in throat and throat burning, imbalance of walking, back muscles paining and no strength in the legs, foots ankles are paining. I have gone to General physician, civil surgeon,Nuerologist,interventional cardiologist and gastroenterologist even though I am not recovered please advise me because I am getting anxiety with that disease that what happens me in next few seconds. I am a salaried person and having two children and burden son to the family.
    Sir please do the needful and favour to me what precautions and which treatment should I go so that I can recover permanent relief from these type of disease, please Sir.
    Thanking you in Advance


  327. Sir.
    I m 35 year person. I have problem of indigestion, heart burn. I have defeat. I take many medicine but no permanent solution. I m habitual for tobacco powder to clean teeth.
    Sir. Pls.pls. help me
    I used lycopodium, nux vomica etc. Should I use German medicine instead of India co.

  328. syed tabrez says:

    Hello sir,I was diagnosed GERD in 2013,I was on alopathy medicine for 6 months,but I didn’t find any difference.Later I consulted local homeopathy doctor and I felt some change,but again after some time I got the same problem of hiccups and sticking of food in esophagus.Every time when I feel tensed and stressed I get this problem.What is the solution and medicine for this problem.Even now I have the problem of sticking of food in esophagus.Waiting for your reply.


    Sir, I have suffering from sour stomach,vomiting & sour tounge since 18 years. I take various pils of homeopathy from various doctors but there is no sufficient satisfactory result. please help me.

  330. sanjib mishra says:

    I am not any heart burning . only geting sever pain in chest by filling there is full of air in oesophagus or food canal and back side pain, throat pain and sever back headche
    Kindly refer some homepathy medicine as I will get relax from the hale.
    Thank YOu

  331. Joseph Panke says:

    Doctor I’m having acid erosion due to high doses of ibuprophen for chronic back problems. Is here something that I can take to reverse the adverse effects that anti-inflamatories are having on my esophagus and deodundrum. I just had an egd & the attending surgeon said the drugs are severely affecting my esophagus and deodudrum from erosion. In previous egds I had been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. Please advise on homeopathic medicines to control this erosion. Right now I’m presenly taking meloxicam which in several days clears up the osteoarthritus which really bothers me.severely at times.

  332. Subrata Pramanick. says:

    I am suffering from duodinal ulcer for the last 50 years. I am now 74 cannot move out of my house due to to disability. Now I have to take one PAN 40 on the morning and one PAN20 at bedtime. Could you please recommend a mother tincture for getting relief of my problem. As I cannot take mor allopathic medicine I am taking Sabal Serrulata for my prostrate problem and am fine for the last six months.

    Subrata Pramanick.

  333. sir two years back when I was in Banglore I was having gas n indigestion problem…I moved to Delhi …everything gets normal automatically… but again m in Banglore having same problem…why it is so….is it due to atmosphere or some other reason

  334. I m suffering for gerd I also do endoscopy and found it I
    take medicine can i get well soon to these medicine. 1-remizol d. 2-agropos. 3- lesuride. 4-aziresp-5. If you suggest any suggestions.

  335. Deepak Jain says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering from GERD with Hital Hernia for last 8 years. My teeth have also turned pale due to this. I have undergone alopathic treatment but seen not much imporvement. I have very frequent regurgitation. Especially when I eat salad or some hard food. Now I am thinking of laproscopic surgery. Please suggest.

    Deepak Jain
    New Delhi

  336. Noor Magray says:

    Suffering from GERD for the last 7 years,tried various pph blockers but of little help.Endoscopy done 2 years back all was fine.Presently on Rabeprazole and Levosulpiride tab which i take early in the morning.Presently i am getting heartburn and bitter taste in mouth.Please advice

  337. marleen martin says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I was put on 40mg omeprazole. I was diagnosed with gastritis/bile reflux. I had so many side effects being on the stomach tablet and had done much research on it that I decided to come off after 6 weeks. This has left me with acid reflux, which i did not have before.
    I have had a lot of stress this past 12 months having lost 2 family members within 3 months of each other. I am also post menapausal, feeling anxious. weepy. My husband has depression and has been on anti depressants for some years. At this moment I am taking arsenicum album which I came across on line. I am also on some herbal remedies.
    Please would you recommend an homeopathic remedy to suit my needs.
    Thank you. Regards

  338. Hello Dr. Sharma. I was wondering whether GERD and insomnia are connected. I am from Nepal.

  339. Dipali pandit says:

    Sir, my mom suffering solid chest pain last six month. Two times we done endoscopy there is no any major problem inside according to three doctor but she feel chest pain very badly. i am try every way but in vain. she K tone factor is 2 plus due to diebetis . last 18 years she has that problem. what ever she eat comes out through vomiting .

    Please suggest us how to control it sir.


    Suyog pandit

    ( son)

  340. 3 year ago i had a probl3m regarding swelling in my one tastes but by taking auervadic medicine, the problem was solved but now a days i feel that my penis size is going down day by day… is it a big problem…. pls give me a appropriate solution

  341. tabasum nazir says:

    respected sir..i am 28 years old and suffering from stomach problem from 6 years,as i am also a patient of arthritis and am on stomach problem get worst day by day?even i cant take any thing without tablet early in morning..what ever i eat and drink,it get vommit out with sour acidic water..please help me with ur suggestions.
    i always take pantop DSR,or even ranidom tablet early in the morning

  342. tabasum nazir says:

    respected sir..i am 28 years old and suffering from stomach problem from 6 years,as i am also a patient of arthritis and am on stomach problem get worst day by day?even i cant take any thing without tablet early in morning..what ever i eat and drink,it get vommit out with sour acidic water..please help me with ur suggestions

  343. sadananda.v says:

    I am suffering from GERD for the last 1year pls suggest which medicine i have to take

  344. sadananda.v says:

    I am suffering from GERD for the last i year pls suggest which medicine i have to take

  345. Hi
    My mom is suffering from cancer which causes bile vomits… Any suggestion on how natural things can help reducing bile production… And reflux

  346. ASHUTOSH GARG says:

    Sir I am suffering from Lax Les and small hiatus hernia …and due to which I have lost 15 kg of weight in a year 2014 .I am suffering from pain in stomach and epigastric pain…plz suggest me what to do

  347. Saravanaselvan.S says:

    It has been an year I have been battling with a very weird problem which I never come across in my 31 years. Yes, I am a 32 years old male. I will try to make my long story short:
    1. Jan 2014: I had a little burning (as if wounded) at one specific point in upper esophagus. Then did an endoscopy, found an inflammation associated with “Candida” and reflux esophagitis.
    2. I was treated for candida using fluconozole and was put under PPI: lanzaprozole (twice a day) for almost 3 months.
    3. Got a better relief though I had little tightness while eating and bearble chest pain but these were quite bearable and manageable.
    4.Then started the big trouble, I started getting unbearable symptoms like nausea, unpleasant sense spanning from my throat, esophagus (as if inflammed, really unpleasant in esophagus) and till stomach (sometimes little pain in upper left stomach, cramping sense), etc.,Other symptoms like food struck in my food pipe. The best part is it is non stop constant unpleasant sensation (which never goes away).
    4. Had complete heath checkup+2 back to back endoscopy : results: No immune deficiency (including HIV), 2nd endoscopy again showed candida (mild) 3rd one showed no candida. Normal esophagus. Result is just GERD.
    5. Now, with the conclusion of GERD, I have been taking: PPI: Sompraz 40 mg twice day, Cintapro (Pro kinetic) 3 times a day, Antacid liquid post food (for almost more than 10 days now).
    6.Regardless of the medication, NO much relief of symptoms and the bad part is the nausea is getting worsened these days along with bitter tongue and unpleasant sense in stomach which makes me really really scared. It looks like I am struck with some incurable disease and I cannot imagine the rest of my life with these persisting round the clock symptoms.
    Right now I am working in USA (got those medicines from India), am in a very confused and worried state. Kindly give me a hope that this problem will be solved please…
    Please suggest me a solution Do I need to travel to India quitting my job here? Is there any serious problem going on as medicines are not responding to the problem ?
    Please help me!

  348. Nupur Das says:

    I am sufferings from pain chest .Eractation wind gives relif but ihave burning sensation on lt side on upper part of chest.pls help

  349. HI Dr SHARMA
    I have a typical problem which happens only at night.

    At a particular time that is around 4 am i get up for urination and after that there is heart burn and feel lot of acdity symptoms from stomach to mouth.
    Then I sit for about half an hour or so and have a feeling of all the things going down.
    Then things seams to get ok and i go to sleep with a extra pilow to make my body slightly slanting.
    This increases if i take spicy food anf alchohol.
    Symptoms of gerd is there. But happens only in night. Day no problem
    Pl recommend a medicine

  350. pallavi pn says:

    Hi sir my daughter 10 years has dranked acide by un nowing before 3 months has affacted to food pipe.Post acid ingestion with lower 1/3 rd 5times dilataton has over.even now she cant eat properly.wn eating in middle she will be & water will nt go.Do u have any medice r pricasion to this problem.pls reply sir

  351. saransh dhanvik says:

    sir i have been suffering from gerd desease for 2 years i have been diagonsed with gerd desease,i have taken too many medicine but there is no relief please tell me what should i do now..

  352. Ashok kumar says:

    I am suffering from gerd/ heartburn. Pl advise me suitable homeopathic medicine to treat the desease. Thanks

  353. Anup Kumar says:

    i am suffering from GERD for last 2 years. I do not have any sort pain anywhere in body. I also do not have throat or heartburn. My coughing starts after food and stays for a while. It does not happen at nights. I do not drink or smoke but I am diabetic totally under control. I want to consult you. I am 40 years old.


  354. Dear Dr. Vikas,

    I am 44 years and have been suffering from GERD since 2000 and was managing it but lately the heartburn is aggravating and digestion in the night is slowing.

    It is difficult to digest dinner even if it is taken couple of hours before going to bed.

    I need a permanent cure to his problem, please provide the way forward.



  355. Dear Dr. Vikas,

    I have been suffering from GERD since 2001 and was managing it but lately the heartburn is aggravating and digestion in the night is slowing.

    It is difficult to digest dinner even if it is taken couple of hours before going to bed.

    I need a permanent cure to his problem, please provide the way forward.



  356. S.K.Kapoor says:

    From last few months i feel burning in food pipe, throat and pain in arms while walking I am diabetic and taking medicine I am also taking medicine for blood diluting, Castrol , In last year i got suggestion from my USA friend t take Apple Vinegar + lemon juice, + Ginger juie and garlic + honey I am also taking this but still feeling burning and pain while walking.
    Last year I was diagnosed Alsar in Stomach and was treated for that . Is there any medicine in homeopathy for this ? If so pl advise

  357. mandeep singh says:

    what is time period of curing permanently duodenitis with light diet nd with Homeopathy?nd is it permanently cured?

  358. Avinash mehra says:

    Sir I am suffering from severe acidity concern specially during sleeping. Feels heat burn in chest and acid coming up in mouth at midnight from last 6-8 months. Visited doctor and got endoscopy and barium test done which came fine. Now from last one month also started a problem of water and sometimes even minute food particles started coming out from nose during sleep.
    Please help and suggest.

  359. Santosh Tiwari says:

    SIR I AM SUFFERING FROM PILL INDUCEED ESOPHAGUS. KINDLY SUGGEST WHAT SHOULD I Do currently taking gasatrioc medicines. Pls help me with medicines

  360. Harpreet Singh says:

    Is it possible to treat stuttering in children through homeopathy?

  361. grade2 reflux oesophagitis

  362. dr l.c.patil says:

    Dear Dr Sharmaji I am diagosed as having hiatus hernia with oesophagitis , gastritis.
    I am suffering from chest pain occasionaly burning chest,inestigated for heart, turned out no heart problem please guide me homeopathy medicine.

  363. abhishek singh says:

    Hello sir,
    my age is 23 i have been suffering from mild pain in neck , shoulders , hip and almost middle back,even lying on bed doesn’t ease my pain i am suffering since 2 years.
    Another problem i am suffering is gastritis ,always feel as my stomach’s full ,i do not like to eat my meal .please sir help me to get a healthy life .
    abhishek singh

  364. kaleem shaikh says:

    I want a suggestion if a person dies on the spot after death why his face become black n his stomach become fat

  365. hello sir, i m 24 old male.
    i have a stomach problem…the symptoms are whenever i eat my meals then after 15-20 minutes my heart is beating fast and m also feeling shortness of breath after that i m feeling that the eaten meal is not digested properly n also feeling acidity…
    plz suggest me some remedial medicines ..

  366. im suffering from gerd for the past three years. i took allopathic medications which settled my symptoms for about a year. now again i have severe heart burns, irritation and pain near my throat, sleepless nights.. is ther cure for gerd in homeopathy? if so pls help me find out good homeopathic medicine.. i will be really thankful

  367. My father is 71 years old.. from last two months he is feeling chest tightness when he goes for evening walk or during night at times… it lasts for five minutes… he will be back to normal when gas goes out.. he has lot of gastric problem. I got even the ECG done.. but the report turned out to be negative and doctor has put him to tablets to treat gastric..please suggest good medicines for him to overcome this chest tightness

  368. mohan kathayat says:

    I am diagnosed lax cardia .heavy burning some time nausea restless weaknesses. Please advise treatment

  369. Dear Doctor,
    I am diagnosed as having IBS and GERD with Hiatus Hernia. I had lot of refluxes flatulence and Heartburn (burning in food pipe near joining point of ribs above naval area. Previously I also had allergy like symptom at the upper part of the body very frequently. I passed stools 3 – 4 times a day. I took China 30, 4 dops with 2 TSF twoice a day which worked for me wonderfully for the last one year or so. However now it does not work so effectively. I am back with Flatulence, rumbling of stomach, Heartburn, Insomnia. Sometimes the allergy like symptom is also seen at midnight however only this problem is relieved with China off 30. I am too tense.

    Kindly help me out.

    With regards

    S K RAY

  370. manisha garg says:

    My daughter is 11 years old. She complains of soreness in throat, belching, sometimes pain in stomach, dry cough, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. This occurs regularly that is around once a month. Asthma medicines do not give her relief. Are these GERD symptoms? If so, then could you please suggest some medicine for it.

  371. Jagadish Susarla says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from GERD for the last 7-8 years. Now it is under control through lifestyle and diet changes . The only medication is Cap.Lansprozole 30 mg OD early morning on empty stomach. With this line of treatment there is no recurrence of GERD.
    Will there be any long term effects of taking Cap. Lansprozole , and if so what to expect ?
    I am suffering from skin hypersensitivity on my back(only) due to which I find it difficult to sleep on my back. There are no visible lesions on my skin on the back , but it feels hot to touch.This is restricted to my back skin only.
    Now my question is whether this is related to my taking Lansprozole ?
    What remedial measures do you suggest for this condition ?
    Thanking you,
    Jagadish Susarla

  372. Hello doctor
    My mom is suffering from acidity since 1 and half years. We tried many and excellent specialists, lots of mmedicines but no use. Also v tried ayurvedic treatment. But no expected results. She has a proper diet with no fry foods and spices. She gets very stressed due to this. Because of her even I can’t pay attention to anything. I really need your help doctor.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  373. Hello Doctor,

    Age – 38 yrs

    I am severely suffering from GERD from last 3 months with heavy cough and plump is coming for every cough. Cough is very severely. Gastric problem I have from last 5-6 years but from last 3 months only severity increased. I took endoscopy but no criticality found. But Acid formulation is very high and every 2 hrs I take food but no use its just gets digest and cough starts which is unbearable.I am following good diet only. Used all kind of allopathy still no relaxation.

  374. Rajesh Dwivedi says:

    I’m having gastric problems since past 2 years, past 2-3 months however have become very much difficult to bear with . I feel like pain in the chest and and other parts of the abdomen and choking sensation in the throat and food pipe after eating. Gas and the acidity are also frequent.
    Please help.

  375. Swmao daimari says:

    Dear sir i have been suffering from stomach ulcer since last three months …I m taking sucralfate and pantoprazole but there is no improvement..therefore can i take homapathy me sir

  376. shashikant says:

    Hi sir
    i m suffering from from acid reflux for 4 yrs i took medicine but not permanant cure so plz advice me sir ..thanks n regards

  377. DEVASISH ROY says:



  378. hello doctor,
    i am having regular daily heartburn since last two months . I am not getting any benifit even after taking Rabiprazole L daily morning.

  379. Steffi thompson says:

    I have a 1 1/2 month old baby who was born at 33 weeks and 3 days. She is suffering from grade 3 GERD and there is no relief from allopathic medicine she makes wheezing sounds and vomits and belches and burps and coughs and her chest sounds congested. Her paediatrician has recommended surgery. Please recommend me a good homeopathy doctor in Goa as I reside there. And is it necessary to operate on such a small baby.And is homeopathy more effective to treat GERD.

  380. sir…i would like to know whether reflux can totally cured in homeopathy?

  381. Sanjay Saha says:

    I am 24years suffering from Hyper Acidity for the last
    5 year. i am using medicine , but
    not getting permanent relief. Sir,Please help me to cure acidity.

    Sanjay Saha

  382. durga singh says:

    i am suffering from acid burn in left chest due to which sometimes my b p rises also some timeshedeach in frontal side also

  383. I am feeling heaviness in chest area after meal. when lying on bed it increases

  384. Sir, i have gerd ,I am 26 years old .very chest pain , acidity in the evening, I have been taking pantoprazole tablet, it relief only from acidity,i want permanent solution . Please sir help me.past 1year i am in this problem.

  385. My question is when i take food imedately i hv reflexces n i feel something is in my throat .. I m taking rabeprazole .bt i feel dat medicine is nt helping me.. I hv dis pblm frm last three months

  386. sunitha Raj says:


    I am a patient of esophagitis. Last October its diagnosed, Erosive esophegatis. One year taken the treatment in PSRI, New Delhi. Then my doctor advised to stop the medicine i.e. November 2014. Now a days I am having the old problem. addomine pain, burning sensation etc. 3 days before Gone to Homeopathy doctor. Now I am taking medicines. Sir, I am totally down on this. Sir, pls. advise. I fell weakness, joint pain etc. this is because of this or some thing else.

  387. MEENU TANDON says:

    I am suffering from GERD due to this breathlessness and in night as i understand heart burn. In night after i m in sound sleep i felt saffocation, sourness and i cant explain what i feel but cant bearable. I have consult from doctors and i m taking sucralfate suspension. you are requested to suggest is i m getting the write medicine or what i have to do

  388. varinder singh says:

    Sir i m 27 suffering from gerd les lax for the past 1 and half year, i’ll try all medicine know for past 10 days i got pain in above navel its severe , doc what can i do pls help me i m hopeless.

  389. I have gerd. During day time I feel gassy,especially after meals. In the night very mild burning feeling in the stomach. The stomach and abdomen. Is there any permanent cure for gerd in homeopathy?

    Please suggest me in this regard


  390. suresh kumar says:

    I am having very bad GERD,burning sensation of the throat and stomach and now on Nexium daily,is there any homeopathy medicene you can recommend me ,thank you

  391. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 50 yrs old women and going through the change. I feel extremely thirsty all night and have hot flushes. I feel like I am sitting in the oven. I don’t sweat. I have a feeling like I have had burning coal in my throat and neck. I was always cold before this change. I really can’t sleep. I feel very hot and then I take quilt off then I feel cold. I feel extremely thirsty at night. I have severe back problem and I feel better with the heat ( hot water bottle) on my back. But the heat of the bottle gives burning sensation to all over my body. I am feeling very restless. I prefer to stay in cold than warm places. I am also having constant heaviness in head like heavy head ache. I am a true believer of homeopathy. I tried to take pulsitilla and natrum mur but I have no relief. Please suggest me what medicine I should take for this problem.
    I hope you will help me. Many thanks and regards

  392. Respected Sir,

    My son 12 years old he his suffering form hitus hernia+ gerd from 2 years, immediate vomiting after eating (within 2 minutes) chest pain, stomach pain & headache we are using Razo D, Gaviscon syrup & perinoram 10 mg

    Sir pl. suggest me I want your help.

  393. BIJU KOMBANALIL says:

    Dear Doctor,I am Biju Kombanalil,suffering with the bad effects of GERD,my problem is that the gastric juices from the stomach are entering in to the lungs and that creating astma.Iam typing this message at 2.45 am as iam feeling a bad reflux and astma at this time.Now i am forced to use salmeteroland fluticasoneprpionate inhalation for getting sleep and relief.I know this is not a good medicine and not at all a permenant solution but i am forced by the conditions.

    Doctor actually i am searching for some homeo medicine and a good doctor in our area.Ia m residing at ERNAKULAM ,kERALA.Can you suggest me some names of doctor and medicines.

  394. sriman srichandan says:

    i am facing GERD. Need to be cure

  395. Sir I am suffering from acidity problem since from seven years now my age is 25. I have undergone both English and homeopathic treatment, during the English treatment during the procedure the problem will not occur and it will continue later… This is a very big problem to me as I am suffering from this daily. So as a doctor what can you suggest me

  396. Hello Dr sharma. Am sufferring from pangastritis for almost 2 years, don’t have any way to overcome that. Kindly help me, and suggest me any permanent solution.

  397. shahzad agha says:

    hello yes dr sharma my stomach burring when i eat food which one good for me please tel me thinks

  398. Hi I am 29 yrs old ha’ve an habit of masturbation every day I have and frequent cold cough problems since childhood now since last one year I am having problems with wheezing accompanied by breathless ness is it due to anxiety related to masturbation ayurveda says excess masturbation is bad some times there is a felling of bloated ness pls help….

  399. Sir,
    Mujhe operation karwaye 10days ho gya hai. Sir mai apse ye janna chahta hu ki mai operation ke baad kaam ya khel sakta hu ya mujhe kitne din tak rest karna hoga kya mujhe karna kya nhi karna hai please tell me sir. Thanks

  400. Nitin Tukaram Mahajan says:

    chatit jaljal,ambat thekar apachan etc. badhakoshtata

  401. vikas tiwari says:

    Respected sir,
    i have diagnosted with gerd la grade A and i am on esomprazole 40g twice a day, levosulpride 25 mg thrice a day , etizola and paroxitine with all these i feel better but when i stop taking this my problem of heartburn, dizziness problem in swallowing comes again so please help me what can i do

  402. ratnesh kumar says:

    suggest me for fundal gastrititis and ask me best homeopathic medicine

  403. jagdeep jeer singh says:


    My name is jagdeep Singh I have a very bad acidity problem , if I take PPI blocker I feel good but once I complete the course and stop taking these medicine imdiately acid start triggers and it’s happening from last 3 months continuesly

  404. Olatunji Samuel says:

    Sir, please I’m having a burning sensation in my whole stomach and during the day have a tight chest that makes it difficult for me to breath. What am I experiencing sir. Looking forward to a favourable answer. Thanks

  405. BS TRipathi says:

    Dear Dr.

    I suffring from GERD from last 2~3 years I can’t sleep in night coz of acidity please suggest me medicines for the permanent cure.


  406. Ronterry Lavuna says:

    Hi Doctor, I vomit yellow bitter stuff inthe morning, and I feel pain on my left side of the stomach, go through constipation and feel dizzy most of the time, I also have mouth soars that are painful and boils that turn red and leave marks either after or before my periods Went to the doctor and she said its hormonal imbalance, what do I do to treat these coz my hubby and I are trying to get pregnant but we can’t with all these complications. Please help.

  407. My daughter is just born and now she is only 20 days old. She has problem of gerd as she spits lots of milk after feed though she gets proper burp after each feed and keeping her 30 min upright.My older daughter had the same illness and she got cured after 6 months,we tried many allopathic medicine like domstal,zantac,lanzol etc but nothing worked for us and at last we left all the,l don’t want my younger daughter suffer with same problems, kindly suggest.Looking forward for your positive response.

  408. hashmi ansari says:

    hello sir

    For last 7 years I am suffering from stomach problem. I consult with many doctors.My endoscopy diagnosed that I was suffering from hiatus hernia. Dr.prescribed me antibiotics for 30 days.Now I have a problem of acidity for last 11 months.I am taking alopathic medicine (tab.Rabonik plus and Nuanxit)daily which has proscribed by doctor.If I skip 1or 2 time medicine I feel acidity, uneasiness in breathing and many other problems. So kindly give me some advise.

  409. sitam joshi says:

    Hello doctor, I am suffering from gastric problem since almost 20 years. Now I am suffering a lot because of heart burn shortness of breath chest pain.sometime I have throat pain and mouth ulcer too.Please kindly advise me what is the homeopsthy treatment for this. I am 40 yes old.

  410. Vanakam Doctor ,

    i frequently having stomach bloating ,wind ,burps , sometimes heartburn , chest area piercing pain.

  411. mrs laila shaikh says:

    I have acidity problem due to which i suffer terrible headache and vomiting sensation and in the morning my mouth is bitter pl suggest what to do i m tired of othet medicines .

  412. sir my name is anil i am 29 year old . I am suffering from GERD as dr. told me. i health condition is that difficult to swellow , cough , feel burn in stomach , and chest. It happed with me from last 1 year . I do regular chack up and taking medicion but no reliefe. please help me
    thankful to you .

  413. Hello, my 10 year old daughter has been suffering from severe acid reflux, heart burn, and indigestion. She says her chest hurts 24/7 and it burns frequently. She gets no relief and it’s been a month. She has also missed a lot of school. We’ve tried many things and nothing helps alleviate it. What remedy would you recommend? We can control the burning with ginger but the chest pain that feels like a brick stuck in her chest is what I’d like to treat the most. Thank you!

  414. Nischal Tickoo says:

    Dear Dr,

    It all started with dryness of throat and tongue. While the dryness of tongue has subsided, I have developed geographical tongue which does not go away, ENT confirmed LPR, Endoscopy confirmed mild Esophagitis and GE junction is platulous. Since then, I have very strange symptoms and consistent throat pain which only goes away for 2-3 days and then comes back.
    I am on antacids and was on Cintapro but stopped it due to constipation. Nexium also causing antacid.
    What is the life span of a GERD patient and can it really be cured or one has to live with it .


  415. hi,
    sir I am 20 yrs old suffering from gas,acidity and constipation from last 3 yrs.After taking meal my stomach becomes so much weighted and gas started and sometimes pain also.Stool is not cleared in morning.I am facing so much problem.So plz advice me some best medicine to get relief .

  416. lekhraj singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have gastric and acide problems last one year, i have checked in hospital and test indosocopy also doctor say i stomach see in rasis and acide effect on my heart and back in left side

    so sir please suggest where iam check.

  417. Sameer Shaikh says:

    I feel like something had choke my throat and feel intense pressure in my throat,dr diagnose it a throat gas,please help me with homeopathic medicine.I’m a pharmacist by profession.

  418. Bimla Ranjan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have read your article on GERD and I am suffering from it for past over 35 years. My condition is not improving and in my case I get continuos burps which doesn’t allow me to sleep. At times, I cannot sleep even for a minute for the whole night.

    Currently I am taking medicine of Lesupride twice a day.

    Is there a permanent solution to this condition or I need to live with it?

    I will appreciate if you can suggest something for me.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Bimla Ranjan

  419. udai zutshi says:

    acid reflux , had liver enlargement, also slight diabetic , age 60 yrs , Thanks

  420. Thanks for giving very simple explanation of why and how GERD happens.Y’day only I got Endoscopy done which showed ‘lax LES’,but otherwise all normal.I am given SOMPRAZ L for a month.According to ur guidelines,do you say that GEDR can be permently cured?Is it by not secreting acid in the stomach with Homeo medicine,or by bringing LES valve to behave normally with homeo medicine?
    Pl clarify ,then I will decide to go in for homeo treatment

    Thanks again

  421. Good morning Dr. Sharma;

    I am going to have a half lifting in 10 days and I was recommended to take Homeopathic Arnica 200 CK 500 pellets 3 times a day. to avoid bruising and speed up the healing process.
    I started 2 days ago but every time I take it I get an upset stomach so i want to make sure that I prevent the bruising and inflammation but I am afraid that the arnica could be hurting me.

    Should a lower the doses or maybe only take it a couple of days before and after the surgery

    I am very confused. Please help me.

    Thank you


  422. r k sharma says:

    hi doctor, how r u. my father had thyroid surgery in 2003 since then he he is having severe acidity problem with pain and burning sensation in stomach and neck. allopathic medicine do help but the problem recurs. he is also suffering from high BP n mild bronchitis and neck spondilytis. while taking medicines for BP he is managing other two with excercises. of late he is complaining of pain in neck and stomach with burning sensation. allopathic medicine r not of any help. he hs cm under depression, suspecting it to be cancer. cn u help. he wants speedy relief. thnx n regards r k sharma

  423. Dinesh Prasad Singh says:

    After taking food 2 – 4hrs heart burnig . This burning felt up to right side of ear. No sour felling. Right side slight pain but appendix is normal in test. Sinking filling of stomac. Nurological weakness some times vertigo. Instatine pain sensations. Big instatine is painfull. Liver normal. Some times back pain slight and neck too. Gal blader is removed 2 Years back. Unesyness and GABRAHT IN stomac. Please help me as I am fedup with allopathy treatment which gives temprorary relieve only. Many MANY THANKS

  424. Dev Sharma says:

    I am suffering from GERD more than a year. I took antacid for a long time but no permanent cure happened. Nothing found in Upper endoscopy and sonography also. even i have controlled my diet and doing regular excercise also but still i feel burning sensation in my throat. Please help.

  425. santanu basak says:

    I am suffering from
    GERD for the last one year l have taken alopathic treatment
    but not geting
    permanent relief.
    pl help

  426. I am male 30yr old have gerd last 5 yr and now i have very serious condition also i have frequent uriniation burning senstion penis and erectile dyfuction with gerd plese suggest me what kind of dises it and which medicine i take

  427. Suresh Chandra Bajpai says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 70 year old man suffering from stomach digestive problems,
    some times all of a sudden loose motions start and it becomes very difficult for me to judge whether the only wind will pass out or the stool will come out with it and some times a little mucus comes out with it. Please guide and suggest possible medicines. Thanks.

  428. Dr. Gopal Singh Latwal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I have been diagnosed distal esophigitis with sever gastritis. I want to know some best remedies in homeopathy.


  429. Good morning.i have been suffering from recurrent episodes of hyper acidity for many years.right now I am suffering from severe hyper acidity for the last 3months. I had responded well to homeopathy before. I am a nervous,worrying kind of a person and prone to eating wrong foods.i had great relief with nuxvomica before.there is heart burn,pain in the back because of rawness inside .kindly let me know what medicine I should take.thanks

  430. Tung Nguyen says:

    Dr. Dharma,
    I got serious heartburn for years, met several western doctors in USA, but still have same problems. When The heartburn occurs , will cause my bowel movement burnt and itchy. Then I got to stop eat solid foods, just rice broth for few days ,temporary ok for a while.,then come back. Do you have any special drugs to rescue me? I am kind of give up with my doctors here. They just want to charge my insurance . They do more business than treating patient. There are no mercy!

  431. greta aarons says:

    My daughter has been suffering from acid-peptic & gastritis issue since 1 year. Now with homeopathy she is much better but any trigger factor sets it off . Iron supplement brings on acidity so she stopped it. She us on 25mg Thyronorm fr subclinical hypothyroidism to be continued for atleast a year. Just praying & hoping homeopathy removes all traces of this problem. She is only 22 years & training to be an interior designer. Mentally she feels stressed.

  432. Hello Dr.

    I am suffering from severe gas problems(dignosed as GERD). uncomfortness in chest, breating difficulties, heartburn, dizzyness while walking and talking. Please suggest me good treatment.
    I also have type 2 diabetics(under controll with my regular medicine)


  433. charul jain says:

    Helo sir….
    I am mother suffer from gasteric problem due to that she has pain in legs,back side,at ribs.give home,remedy..

  434. Ganesh prabhu says:

    Dear sir.
    I have sinus gastric acidity and motion problem. Suppose if I take any food.immeaditely omitting can i solve for all these problems?
    Pls give the answer.

  435. Dear sir,
    one and half years back I took endoscopy for my stomach because of acidity but in endoscopy everything is fine .but now also my stomach toomuch problem.some times toomuch paining.some times back pain also.what is the reason.

  436. Rahul Tripathi says:

    Hi ,

    I am suffering from HyperAcidity(According to doctors) from 3 years .I take Ayurvedic medicine like avipittkar churn etc
    regularly.But i am not feeling well .Every time i feel like vomiting and irritation also.In morning time it is too much that i can’t face.Kuch dino se to sar bhi dard karne laga hai 24 hours.Whole body suffer from pain.
    I want to ask you what exactly the main disorder in my system.Please suggest that i can live my life happly due to this my carrier is going down also.


  437. hello
    my self raj verma i am 32 year old i am suffuring with GERD since last 2 month i am taking too much allopathic medicin with the cunsltation of doctor but i am not gatting relief please suggest me .

  438. sweta choudhaty says:

    Sir I am suffering from esophagitis gd2 and antral gastrics I have taken aallow pathy medicine razo d levogastrol and fibril powder for three month than rabonik plus 3month than pantocid l for 1year plz mujhe an homeopathy medicine Lena has plz sir help me jab medicine Lena chod deti hu to bahut acidity hote hai plz. Kuch premanant treatment batiya I am waiting for your answer I am 35 year old

  439. Dr,my wife suffering from heardbran,chest pain,soulder pain,joint pain hand fingerjoint pain more gas genrate in stomuch filling every time since 6 year,pl.get me best suggest and best madicine for m wife treatment.kindly help me.

  440. Brij bhushan says:

    sir , mujh ko one din me five bar latrin ati h , aur ye problem mucj ko one year se h, after two year much ko tb ho gya tha per jab hamni two month bad others doctors ko dichaya x ray karaya to ptachala ke tb nhi h , per sir mujh jalde jalde cough and cold ho ta ratha h , aur dinar ke ba dale ulalte and cough hotah sir please help me

  441. kiran kumar says:

    sir, My name is kiran kumar from india,andhra pradesh. i am suffering from BILE REFLUX GASTRITIS. Recently 25 day’s back i started treatment . i found my problem in upper endoscopy. please help me sir. I hope you can suggest medicen.

  442. lalit garg says:

    Doctor my mother is suffering from food pipe cancer ,drs.says it is not operable.

    Can it posdible in homeopathy to cure her disease permanentaly

  443. Maximillian Cosmas says:

    Please Dr. Sharma, i am experiencing heartburn,frequent bowel flactulence,frequent pungent urination and bloating of abdomen especially after meal.Please what am i suffering from and which drug can you prescribe for me. Thanks

  444. Sir,my age is 46,i am a bachlor, lot of mucous is forming i have to spit frequently.i am having piles problem,sometimes i feel mild pain in the chest,having nasal congestion using nasal drops(zoamet) if i go out in the sunlight headache comes.words mingle while talking. I am using spactecles

  445. Dear Doctor

    About two months ago, I had a diarrhoea attack where I was prescribed Cifran by my physician and then followed by oxyflaxocin for UTI which were both cured. After a couple of days, I had a burning sensation in the sides of my stomach and it felt that there was a release of heat which caused severe burning in the stomach leading to back pain and burning randomly at different parts of the body even the eyes. I have visited several gastroenterologists who are unable to get a handle on the problem but confirm there are no digestive issues as there are no symptoms other than the burning which happens towards evening and peaks at night causing extreme distress along with muscle pain all over the body randomly especially in the back. I have gone through a course of Sompraz D – 1 week, sompraz – l, 1 week and then nexpro rd 20 for about 1 month along with rifagut 550 5 days and rifagut 400 for 3 days. I stopped medication yesterday and the problem returned which was very mild during medication period. I do not want to continue medication as allopaths are not able to diagnose the problem….Please help….Regards

  446. dharmesh patel says:

    i am suffering from haitus hernia since 4 years . i face great pain near heart area as well as face great difficulty in breathing , along with heart burn some times .
    kindly suggest best ,permanent & fast relief treatment

  447. I find that there is gas in my upper abdomen if I have my stomach empty for more than two hours and this gas pressure is felt at the middle of chest upper abdomen and the pressure rises to the esophaagus and I find irritation in the throat. There is also neck pain, headache and sttomache.The pressure of the gas sesems to be so much that it does not help lettingitout by berping or as flatus and I will be in great distress. What is the remedy? And what are the causes?

  448. chakravarthi says:

    Sir,My Grand mother age around 80 years.she is having heart blockage and enlarge problems.taking English medicines for the same.Now her condition is very serious,having conti pain around ribs and heart due to insufficient oxygen supply.Doctors said they cant save. my request is,is there any medicine in homeo to reduce pain?could you please help Sir
    Thank you

  449. chakravarthi says:

    Sir,My grand mother age around 80.Having heart blockage and enlarged.Doctors said not possible to save.currently she is having pains around ribs and chest due to body not receiving proper oxygen.doing very quick breathing.I am not expecting any medicine to reduce,but is there any medicine to reduce pain?could you please suggest sir.
    Thank you

  450. Monojit ghosh says:

    Dera sir

    i have a problem of acidity since last five years but now last three month its increase what i eating its having acidity am taking razo 20 but its make me temporary relief but after taking razo 20 its create lower ab domain irritation and am doing endoscopy the report showing erosive gastritis sir please let me know the treatment can homeopath resolve my problem

  451. Hi Sir ,

    This is Ratnakar from Kakinada , I have been using homeopathy medicines for long time for acidity problem but I am not cured , getting burning on stomach and on throat heavily. Now for every 3 days I am using one omee tablet to get relief from burning sensation and to eat meals properly , but I know its not good take omee tablet for every 3 days and that too its not perminant cure. I would like to know whether homeopathy will cure my disease completely or not .

    Please let me know your review.


  452. Saima Bashir says:

    Sir i am suffring from hatial hernea and am having acute acidity since ladt 4 months can homopathy help me.Sir i will be vety greatful if you help me

  453. ANSHU CHOUDHARI says:

    Sir i m suffering from gastritis and duodinitis.i often feel acid in my mouth and grawning pain in upper stomach.can homeopathy parmanent cure this problem from roots .

  454. Sir,
    I have ben suffering from Grade II esophagitis and GERD for last 1.5 years I constantly feel pain at my upper central abdomen I have stopped taking garam masala oily food and chilies for 1.5.years.At present I am taking pantoprazole 40 mg daily at morning.Can the damage occured at my esophagus be cured.Kindly suggest me the medications for treating my desease as it has made my life hell like.Thanks a lot.

  455. problem in swallowing food at the age of 70. It still remains in my throat.

  456. geeta sharma says:

    Can homeopathic relief my large hiatus herina how month it take

  457. Dear Dr,
    I have the problem of discomfort in chest after eating food,at times pulse rate is high. All heart tests were normal except increase in heart rate. Kindly advice the suitable treatment for me.

  458. Jerylin James says:

    I am a 40 yr old female and am suffering from esophageal irritation. Food seems to bloat the stomach and in 10 minutes of having food I feel there’s gas trapped in the food pipe which tries to come out in the form of burps bringing in acids into the food pipe and causing the esophagus to be irritated. This specially happens at night and after a meal that has some spice. I usually keep my diet simple at nights even avoiding rice, cabbage, cauliflower and other such food as that seems to cause much bloat. Its the trapped gas that throws back acids into food pipe with belching causing esophageal irritation and often times this turns painful with the entire upper stomach area causing pain and irritation. Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine.

  459. Bibhu mandal says:

    After doing endoscopy found with 38 cm lax les.would it be serious?my age is 22. Is it possible to cure by homeopathic treatment? Please help.

  460. debesh kanungo says:

    I take pantocid L. But the day my food taking is disturbed by taking 6 cups of tea and beetle 4 to 5 a day & bowel movement is not clear I feel imbalance in evening then fear gets into my mind then fell exhaustion as if i will fall down and faint or wuill die. This feeling subsidises after I go to toilet & then I take food but that panic goes after 5 minutes.But weakness remains even after sleeping for an hour or two.

    The time I get panic is horrible so that fear stays coz of apprehension & worries.I was walking before 9 months but not now,last week started walking.I am lethargic too.
    please advise

  461. Hi doctor I am 24 year old girl, I always had gas issue in my stomach from past 1 week I am feeling as something is stuck inside my throat little burning and sever gas..went to a physician he said it may be acid reflux he gave me antiacid syrup and vitamin b co
    Plex but did not help…please guide me I still feel choked up.

    Thanks a lot

  462. Hello Dr. myself vikas chopra from distt karnal hr. says:

    Dear Dr. I am suffering from hyper acidity and uric acid problem. I used homeopathic medicines. Urtica urnes u.q for uric acid and a medicine use for acidity from last 4 month But not relief at all plz sir tell me any permanent age is 30 years.i shall be thankful to you.

  463. Dr.swati.unnithan says:

    Dear sir i am 25yr old sufferin frm a gastric problm.every mornin i wake up i feel nauseatin n abdomen remains bloated due to gas.n whn i try to eat smthin thn there is forcible expulsion of gas n i vomit out the whole food.eructations dont cm n gas wnt pass iam unable to eat N my health getin deteriorated.i hv got done my endoscopy everythin is normal.i am facin this prob. Since 5yrs n so i am losin my weight.i hv tried nux30,asafoetida30,n many othrs..sir plzzz help me out in findin my solution.

  464. Hi Sir,

    I suffered from heart burn for one and half year. I am going regularly to Gasteroentrogy specialist. Doctor did my endoscopy in last year. Antral Gastritis had been found in endoscopy in last year. I am taking Sompraz-L from last one years in morning and sometimes in evening also. But my condition is still not improving. When i getup in the morning it seems if acid reaches into my throat. Sometimes I feel choking and dry throat that looks like an emergency situation. Doctor is saying if you are feeling such situation then take 2 tsp of Gaviscon. Medicine is giving me only temporary relief from sysmptoms. I am taking homeopathy medicine with alleopathy medicine for last 3 months. I don’t know if it improves any thing in my body. Please help as i am feeling very depressed.


  465. Jaya Prakash says:

    I am suffering from gerd and chronic pancreatitis apart from having high blood pressure dibetise and cholostrol problem. Sir please prescribe some homeopathic medicine for me

  466. Neena Verma says:

    Dear Doctor, i think i am having a problem of Refux acid as i have dry cough but it does not come out. While talking everytime, i have to clear my throat. Now i have stareted taking Razo d empty stomach in the morning foe 6 weeks prescribed by a doctor. i would be very grateful if you suggest me proper treatment for the same or the medicine am taking would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!

    Best Regards

  467. Hi Doc,

    I had HPylori infection with erossive garsritis along with esophagities.
    Now all the infection and the inflamation is cured and healed, now I have the symptoms of GERD (LAX LES) which was confirmed after the endoscopy of the stomach. Is there any treatment or cure for the same?


  468. Nirrmala viswanathan says:

    Dear sir,
    I am a 58 years old and I have my gall bladder removed 24 years back from then on I am having gastric issues now and then of course everything has been treated by homeopathic medicines without any issues now for the past 2 months I am having acidity problem throat burning and stomach burning especially when I lie down and get up . Can you help by giving the relevant homeopathic medicines
    Thanking you

  469. geeta sharma says:

    Sir I have large hiatus hernia I taking rablet it tablet and homeopathic. Two week I am taking medicine. My age 30, seven month of my marriage.sir can this problem is solve, there is any complication in for conceive

  470. kirti chandra says:

    I had shown to doctors of hydrabad at asoan institute of gastronology……they told that I have fundal gastritis. They give medicine, I relief me for some time but after few months I am having same problem. Little pain in upper abdomen. Is this problem cannot be removed perfectly so that it never comes back again…..sir plz help me I am suffering from 2 yers but also this is not getting well befor that I had shone to many doctors also other doctors thkla tha I am suffring from h.plylori .some told that I hav gerd reflux……I dont know whT to do… sir plz help me…I shall be very thankful to u.

  471. HARISH KUMAR says:

    Sir I am suffering from acidity and heartburn from last 2 years I am felling pain in my chest after eating food or in empty stomach plese suggest me some medicine or syrup for permanent relief thank you.

  472. I have sour taste of saliva from half an year. Have any medicine in homeopathy? Pls advise

  473. Rajneesh Kumar Tyagi says:

    Is there any effective treatment for IBS ?

  474. anjali waghmare says:

    can homeopathy permonantly cure acid reflux… because im suffering from it science 10 to 11 years and right now i am just 30…
    so plz tell me somthing…

  475. Raheela Aslam says:

    Hi Dr.,
    I had an ulcer problem from last 5 years know before 3 months i passed from a severe situation after that i felt shocking pain moving from stomach to my neck and now continiously after eating any food i feel burning sensation in my throat especially.Is that a GERD problem started with me. What’s homeo remedy?Plz suggest.

  476. Puneet Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother is in cough problem in few months, I have check-up all tests different hospital/nursing home doctors. can u suggest me any cough suryp for my mother.
    puneet sharma

  477. talat qamry says:

    dear dr !
    will you plz reply. since long I have a problem of passing gas with noise. with time it accompanies the symptoms of feeling hunger all the time even immediately after meal and specially after urination or passing motion. when I start eating I loss my appetite. my throat is always dry and I run to quench my thirst. in other words I am always hungry and thirsty. cool and soft foods are soothing. sometime I have nausea.
    please suggest me any safe medication because I am 7-8 weeks pregnant and I have a very bad history of early miscarriages.
    thanks a lot

  478. Respected Sir, I am a 24 year old and from last 10-12days I feel a continuous pain sometimes in abdomen and mostly just below the chest cavity.Also I am losing almost total apetite due to this condition and there is also improper digestion from a very long rime.

  479. Shankha Banerjee says:

    Digestion disorder, acidity, acid reflux with slight burning feeling in throat (especially in empty stomach), dryness of mouth, Prefer open air, afraid of being alone, No feeling of thirst. Like Fried food.

    Please suggest homeopathic medicine to overcome acidity and Reflux problem.



  480. naveen gupta says:

    stomack fire after meal,stuck food in throat,pain throat,hoarsness,burrning throat and toung during meal.
    burning sensation chest and throat after meal.

  481. krishnavenibommu says:

    Sir suffering left side pains,burning in midchest,,left upper arm,neck,shoulder,from one month ,ecg done,echo,done both r normal n why this pain?

  482. Hello Doctor..
    I am Prabhu from bangalore, I am suffering from gerd, i got my endoscopy done & the report says “Grade A Esophagitis” & i am on esomeprazole 40mg from last two months. During this medication period I am feeling better, but when I lie down on the bed I get burning sensation in the lower chest region & when i getup and sit back straight the burning sensation disappears. This is spoiling my night sleep & bothering me a lot. Doctor is there a way I can completely get rid of gerd through homeopathy medicine.

  483. m sharique says:

    Hi ,,, i am 29 yr old unmarred i suffering from weakness of penis ,thin & little bend .penis’s hole some crack ,some time pain in there & low confidence .
    i read about lycopodium-tribulus & some many more remedies but not sure to take some one because doses does not mention .

    please give some remedies & some medicin with doses.

  484. I don’t realy know wat am suffering from but i have EIA-EXERCISE INDUCED ASTHMA which have just stoped recently.i have more occasions of heart burn and it hurts badly allmost every day of my life recently i started noticing that i couldnt cope with hunger anymore whenever am hungry i get this discomfort and sometimes pain in the stomach but the discomfort goes all over my body including my head doc please whats wrong with me i vent met a doctor yet.

  485. Asraf karamatali says:

    I suffer from gerd for over three year now with weight loss and internal bleeding
    only now I stop nexium but I still having the problem when I eat the wrong food
    please advice me what to do.


  486. Extreme acidity and acid reflux, plz suggest medicine

  487. reena gopal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a 40 yrs yrs ago had a laparoscopy to remove gallbladder due to stones.Since the i am suffering from a sour taste in my mouth,heartburn and occasional pain in my right upper chest. I was on omepren and rabeloc which have helped enormously.Nevertheless as soon as i stop the ppi the symptoms return back.I have stopped consuming all diary products,fats and all triggers.

  488. Sir

    I am suffering with chronic cough for nearly 1-2 yrs. This is more after liquids than solids. Cough is more on bending down, A/C exposure, taking liquids, talking for a while. My BMI is normal…I have high BP and I am on medications. BP now is ok. My doctors have asked me to take small meals / avoid AC alltoghether- but my work environment has centralised AC and I cant avoid it. In the night i feel my throat goed dry and I get cough. There is priking sensation in the throat followed by severe bouts of cough….it ia non productive dry cough. Kindly advice me on homeopathy drugs to cure the problem. Thanking you.

  489. I get acid and food coming up specially after eating oily & citrus fruits. I am frequently feeling of hunger but feel heavy and drowsy after meals. Pls. suggest

  490. Shrimanti Ghosh Moulik says:

    Hello, doctor….
    I am from kolkata, west bengal, India. My age is 26. My B.P. is 110/70 generally. I am slim, no diabetes, No hormonal problem, allergy in sulfer drugs.
    My problem is: I am suffering from GERD from last 7months. After going through allopathy treatment for 7 months, no improvement is seen. When I am taking medicine, I am feeling good, but when not taking, or taking lower dose medicine, I feel problem. I changed my lifestyle and food habits. I do not take any spicy food, alchohol. But my problem is not solved.
    Doctor, now I want to know remedy for my problem (gerd). Is there any treatment in homeopathy for this? How much is it effective? And how long may it take to cure? Eagerly waiting for your reply……

  491. zubair-ahmed says:

    I have gastric , constipation, heavy stomach after meal, diagnose me for remove these problems

  492. Dear sir my name is precious and am a nigerian…. I having been having this hot sensation on my stomach,its burning and sometimes it makes me cry… Pls I need help sir pls

  493. ramakrishna says:

    Hi Sir,

    Desease: Hyperemia with discrete erosions seen in lower end
    Grade A Reflux Oesophagitis

  494. i m suffered in group 1 easophagatis…. it s curable or not curable dieases…..can u cure this diease through homeopathy

  495. Tanmoy Das says:

    Sir, my mom aged 43 years,is currently having a pain in her lower left side of the chest below the breast. I consulted a doctor on phone and he prescribed me the rablet-d capsule. which after giving my mom the pain had gone. the pain again occured after two days and again i gave her the capsule and she again became fine. so i just want to know . is this the problem occuring from GERD .. and should i continue the use of the rablet-d capsule

  496. i have been suffering from acid reflux for last 1 year taking medicine but no relief but yester day my test report showed that the reason for acid reflux is my excess thyroid now doctor advised me to take thyroxin for life time. i want is there any permanent relief from thyroidism?

  497. Jasvinder Kaur says:

    My husband is having stomuch ulcer since 1year,& he is taking homeopathic medicine.but still he have pain wen he eat sometimes from outside..I wanted to know proper diet for him,em what shud he eat & what he shudnt eat.

  498. amit barodia says:

    sir mere wifejiski age 34yr. hai aur woh jobkarti hai hiatus hernia setwo months se pidit hai use chest pain, abdominal pain jo ki kisi nishchit jagah par nahi hota aur use aisa mehsus hota hai jaise food digest nahi hua hai aur uska motions bhi saf nahi hota hai.sir maine abhi gestrology specialist se unka treatment karya tha par utna aram nahi hai aur unka kehna hai ki aapko hamesha medisin lene hogi.sir kya homeopathy se isme relife mil sakta hai. please help me.

  499. m.pravallika says:

    hai sir,
    my daughter age 16months had suffering from hiatus hernia gerd. from 5th month. main problem, she is facing with gerd by continous vomitings for 2 days when i use domistal drops and jr.lanjol also there is no use. again for 20 days or 1month she will suffered with same vomitings for that time if she takes water it will be vomited. even in empty stomach also she will do severe vomitings and in yellowish colour. so please say is any treatment in homeo for this type of severe vomitings.

  500. Valsala Jayarajan says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering from stomach problems. When Endoscopy done in a famous hospital here the conclusion is ‘ Functional Dyspepsia with proximal gastrtis and non erosive GERD. Connected to this stomach problems may b there shoulder pain and back pain also severe. I have taken too much anti inflammatory tablets for pain and fibrositis. Please find a homeo medicine for my cure.

  501. deepak diyali says:

    Respected sir

    I m suffering from acidity last 2 month I will try everything
    Still not good
    Help me sir

  502. How to solve this problem?

  503. suvro ghosh says:

    hi iam suvro ghosh live in bangladesh .i have suffered abdomen deasese since 3years .i was treated by allopathy doctor . There are can not digonese any deasease .but i was felling so much problem in my whole stool is not clear like disorder and sour watar bleching and some time if i eat spicy food iam fellin my food atuck in my throut and my stool was not hard my like desorder i think my stool when be normal and hard without gas or sour watar this time i fellin queat.plz halp me by suggest best homeopaty medicine for deasease

  504. Nitesh kumar says:

    hi sir i am 24 years old thort sake of sex are you really come to mind is sex Upset stomach is greatly reduced weight has been very full body pain is weakness.sir plz help me

  505. mohanaraju says:

    sir am affected with dispepsia and i have this for one and a half year but nt yet you hav mentioned above my acid comes back to the oesophagus from stomach with some sound .hw can i treat thios and wat is the it completely curable?

  506. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Peace and greetings from me.

    I am Rose K. aged 42 and a Kenyan citizen.

    Dr. I have had a burning in the stomach, bitter taste in the mouth, abdominal pain for more than five years. I have visited some local County hospital which have been diagnosed through blood, stool and urine tastes. i was found to be having ulcer but it has not been identified to me which type of ulcer i have. medication prescribed to me has been Essos/ESO kits which i have taken but the situation is even worsening. right now i am taking ESOCIP plus an antacid but there is no improvement.

    Write now when i eat food i don’t feel that i have eaten. I am hungry and the stomach is always empty. i dont take any beer nor do i smoke. I am really suffering Dr. please i have been forced to look for some solutions on the internet but thank God i have found you please Dr. help me!!!


    ROSE K. T.

  507. I.V.Lakshmi Prasad says:


    Good morning and hearty namaskaramas

    Recently I heard that cartilage regeneration medicine was prepared. Sir, few years back i.e, 2 years back I suffered with right knee pain and i consulted Orothopadic doctor – taken x-ray and told that due lack of cartilagenous fluid.

    I request your goodself where I purchase cartilagenous regeneration medicine and how to buy the same

    I think I have wasted your valuable time, a line in reply is highly solicited for which act of kindness I shall be ever grateful to your sir

    Thanking you

    Lakshmi prasad

  508. tanweer mazhari says:

    I suffer from chronic acid problems. It was diagnosed as GERD and IBS. Whenever I have a problem I feel uneasiness in the upper respiratory tract and get sore throat. Relief comes only when I pass stool. I also feel emptiness in the stomach due to excessive secretion of acid. Please suggest a cure.

  509. iqbal singh says:

    i am having problem of GERD from last 8 to 9 year. i am 31 year old. please suggest me best medicine in homeopathy . thanks

  510. saif khan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m facing the problems mentioned below:
    Symptoms of GERD in which I suffered:
    Weight loss or poor weight gain
    Difficulty swallowing
    respiratory problems
    Cough or wheezing
    Dental problems due to the effect of the stomach acid on the tooth’s enamel
    Feeling full almost immediately after eating
    Can you please help me to solve this problem.


  512. c.p.vivionth says:

    My son vivionth 8 months old suffering from severe gerd problem. Is there any solution to overcome from this problem hence he vomits even seeing any food items. Please help me and iam from India. Please suggest me which kind of treatment is best.

  513. Sahil Goyal says:

    I am suffering with Migrane which is now almost 8 years old and I feel severe headache and then vomiting afterwords I have to sleep for few hours and then slowly it disappears.
    This comes when either I am empty stomach, or I have eaten something which creat gas formation. Milk and banana are 100% avoided as they creat problem. Sun light also creat headache and thus migrane
    I have taken Glonine, Iris Virsic and many other homeopathic medicine but unable to get 100% relief. Iris has improved once a lot.
    Kindly suggest some medicine,


  514. Hi I’m 31 yrs old I have achalasia for the last 3 yrs difficulty in swallowing solids and liquid both.If you have any medicine for that pls assist me.

  515. Hi I have been diagnose with GERD . Can I eat boil channa. And is there a cure for this GERD?

  516. suresh kumar says:

    i am suffering from GERD for several years,now getting worse can you reccommend some homeopathy midicene

  517. Purbita Roy says:

    I m suffering from gerd for 4 yrs , from last month my ppi drugs are not working anymore. Is there any homeopathic remedy for treating this condition.

  518. .m l joshi says:

    Muje 10 years se gerd ki problem hai
    Acid reflux lotof 6time andoscopy report normel
    Dr kehte hai gerd/ibs problem hai nexpro rd40 mlg le raha hu
    Mobivirein 135 mlg 1 weak li lekin skin alergy ho gai abhi stope kar di hai

  519. helo sir when i was in clas 9 i started masterbating for d 1st tyme n i faced no side effects !!! But now after 4 years now i face a lot of problems like heartburn n ol !!! so i went to a doctor to get medicine n get relief !!! he gave me some tests like endoscopy n some blood tests n i did all the tests !!! and then he prescribed me medicines !!! i had those medicines n i got cured bt again when i did mastrbate my past problems retrned again !!! Again i visited the doctor n he changed the medicines n havin thos medicines i got cured again bt as i mastrbated again after 1 month my past problems returned !!! why is it so sir !!! i mastrbate vry rarely nwdaez bt i face so much problem

  520. my mother is having a problem of having a gas may be …..because she feels heart burn heavy abdomen , constipation and pain in body mainly in heels

  521. Pinky Ajwani says:

    Can homeopathy treatment cure gerd.
    Iam taking from one month but no relief

  522. joseph k kamunge says:

    too much bile in the stomach ( I have tried many ant-acid but no cure )

  523. Sahiba Basir says:

    Im a mother of 18yr old daughter. She had consumed corrosive liquid 6 months ago.due to formation of strictures and narrowing of the esophagus 4 dilatations have been done but still she can swallow only liquids and soups.i would like to know if there is any treatment in homeopathy to clear the esophagal strictures
    Thank you.

  524. janarthanan says:

    please tell me whether homeopathy can cure gerd

  525. ATUL GHATMALE says:

    Sir, I have problem of acidity in last two and three months, After taking meal irritation in throt, pain in left side in hand and heart area, constipation and pain in left leg’s sole please help

  526. I am suffering from heartburn this is coupled with left arm pain and upper back pain on my left side plz help

  527. abadhesh kumar says:

    i am abadhesh kumar and my age is 23 years . I have problem of hyperacidity from last 18 months . I took medicine given by alopathic doctor continuosly but it not cure it totaly . From last six month i suffer from loose motion also . What can i do for both hyperacidity and loose motion ? Please suggest me….

  528. Neema Patel says:

    I Am Suffering Chronic And Erosive GastritiS Dudonities, From Last Two Years. Please Advice .

  529. Shagu Shaikh says:

    My husband is having severe acidity problem. He has carbo veg 200 but now does not have any releif.plz let me know if there is any other msg

  530. Dear Dr Sharma

    Good Day to you

    IAm Sreejit Reginold Age 43 and chronic bachelor . In 2000 I had a miraculous Brain Surgery and after that i got rid of the Intractable Epilepsy which ruined My life but I started to become more Obese .

    And now iam moerbid Obese BMI is 40 weight is 112 Kg !!!!!

    Iam currently in THE UAE and once i came in dubai in 2011 situation has become worse

    Is there a safe and effective treatment in Ho,meopathy to get rid of the Chronic condition .I was Health boy ever since my birth but started putting on weight after my graduation which was almost 23 years ago but those were controlled ones now the situation has become chronic

    Need your expert opinion

  531. Hind babiker hamza says:

    I am on doses of medicines for neck pain which caused me severe pain and uncomfortable feeling in my gastro, am in a heavy dose of medicine for the GERD, want to ask what is permenant cure for this

  532. Have bn having eating problem for quite long.heartburn,exces gas in my stomach.have bn taking medicine without recovering.plz advice me what to do

  533. PrahladKumar says:

    Respected Dr.
    I feel tention at left side of lower portion of spectrom . When a Dakar comes from the mouth I feel some relief ! I am wory about my Dear Heart . Kindly give advices to get rid of thease problem !

  534. I have problem on stomach I got pain frequently after I go bed at any time after it attack me it takes 1-2 hour to be lower I do see the doctor but it’s not working can I have some help from homeophathic or not

  535. sanjeev bhargava says:

    hello sir ,
    my name is sanjeev bhargava live in bhopal ( m.p) my mother has suffering acid reflux . hmna bahut sara docters ko mother ko dikha chuka but un ko koi relife nahi lag raha ha ya problem un ko long time sa ha ( approx 2 years ) but alethopatic treatment sa koi banefit nahi ho raha ha so please sir aap hmko advice da please ka hm mother ko kya treatment da homeopathy ma . jis sa un ko relife mil jaya problem sa .

  536. I have burning sensation in the body tell me the medicien says:

    I have burning sensation and gas trevel whole body have any home remedy

  537. i am suffering from obesity my height is 5’5 and weight is approx 70, i need to reduce my tummy and side belly

  538. Hi sir I hop you fine I have a problem acid problem can you help me tx

  539. Manuj Saikia says:

    sir i feel pain in my left heart said Dr told me it,s acidity and ges problam allredy i take some medicin but i can,t feel good so i need your halp.


  540. Urvik Patel says:

    Severe Headache due to Gastritis

  541. i feel my food pipe filled with acid after waking in the morning. i also feel pain in my rectum in left side.i remain tense.what is the cure for my problem

  542. Guruvansh Singh says:

    डाक्टर साहब, सादर नमस्कार,
    ऊपर लिखे गए कुछ symptoms मुझ में भी मौजूद हैं. मैं जब भी खाने का पहला कौर निगलता हूं तो मुझे हिचकी लग जाती है. एक घूंट पानी पीने के बाद बाकी का खाना बिना हिचकी के खाया जा सकता है. अगर पानी न पिऊं तो हिचकी लगी रहती है और ऐसा महसूस होता है जैसे खाना फ़ंस-फ़ंसकर नीचे जा रहा है. मुझे इसके अलावा कुछ और भी समस्याएं हैं, जैसे:

    १) ऐलर्जी (नाक और छींकों की), बिना बात के नाक बहना, छींके आना;
    २) आंखों में ऐलर्जिक कन्जन्क्टीवाइटस बचपन से है;
    ३) अलसरेटिव कोलाइटस, हर शौच के पहले आंव आता है, और sticky motions आते हैं, ज़्यादातर;
    ४) महीने में एक बार कुछ दिनों के लिए ऐसा होता है कि हर खाने के बाद शौच जाना पडता है और sticky motions आते हैं जिसकी वजह से टांगें दर्द रहती हैं;
    ५) पाइल्स का आपरेशन करवाया था, पर पंद्रह दिनों के बाद फ़िर से पाइल्स हो गईं. फ़िर किसी के कहने पर हर शौच के बाद मैंने ऊंगलियों से तेल की मालिश करनी शुरू की, तब से हैरत-अंगेज़ रूप से आराम है. पर पेट हमेशा अपसेट रहता है, गैस डिस्चार्ज होती रहती है.

    मेहरबान करके मुझे कुछ उपाय बताऐं ताकि मैं आराम से खा पी सकूं और चैन से जीवन काट सकूं. मुझे कोई शराब का ऐब नहीं है. पर मुझे बर्गर; समोसे; ब्रेड पकोडे; तली-मसालेदार चीज़ें और तेज़ खाना बेहद पंसद है. हां मैं यह ध्यान रखता हूं कि यह सब चीज़ें घर में बनी हों.

  543. Sorin Dan says:

    Dear Mr. Dr. Sharma

    I am from Romania and I am looking for an alternative therapy to cancer.
    Homeopathy has solutions for cancer? If I send you the results of medical tests, you could show me a treatment protocol?
    Thank you very much.

  544. mrs baig says:

    I am 44 years old,overweight and hypertension patient.i am suffering from Gerd from last 2 years.pls suggest me a medicine.thanx

  545. Rohieed ullah wafa.Afghanistan says:

    Dear Doctor.
    Frist of all Hello.
    I have problem with my stomach since 2 years .
    2 years ago i had H.pylore Bactria in my stomach and i started taking medications from doctors every time they give me some Omeprazol with some of the liquds for my gas becuse my stomach was full of Gas i used to take pills for almost 2 years now from diffrent doctors in afghanistan still now i feeling bad than the last year i dont know what to do in the medical tests the doctors told me that u dont have any Ulcer and any injury in your stomcah but it make my life hard i can’t eat good i can’t sleep good even i can’t workout in the GYM when ever i am eating then my stomach is starting gas i mean i have a gastric stomach after food whenever i wake up in the morning my stomach is sour i mean my mouth is full of acid and water and i am felling vometing i am tired to see the afghan doctors any more please show me the way to solve this problem Thanks Sir i am waiting for respond.

  546. sumandeep says:

    treatment for gastroesophal junction

  547. kitbor warbah says:

    Hi my name is kitbor warbah from shillong. I have been suffering from heartburn and other digestive disorder for over 5 years now. Now it really affects me , I don’t feel like eating, severe constipation, bloating,bad breath, stomach rumbling, feeling full after eating etc.

    I really appreciate Doc. if you atleast suggest me some medicine or exercise.

    Thank you.

  548. Jennifer says:

    My son’s age is 19 and he is suffering from uneasiness, nausea and urinating frequently.

    At times wetting his underwear a little unconsciously .

    He has this feeling and is feeling very low about it.

    Kindly advise.

  549. My daughter about 5 year is having tendency to vomits all apftersleeping wphether it eis da orgt .This is started,when she was6mon

  550. Christopher Gabell says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My name is Christopher 45 years old indian working in Dubai. Last nov’13 I had come in for Grade A acidity reflux esophagus, after I had done an endoscopy. I was prescribed pantodac L for 3 months. I was continuously taking the tablet every morning before food. After 3 months the medicine was over. on the fifth day I developed like burping and belching and tightness in my upper abdomen area. I went back to india to meet the doctor, this time he had given me esomoprazole. I was taken the tablet I was fine, but again after some days the symptoms was the same. Again I went back to india, this time the doctor gave me pantodac 40 mg in the morning and laciloc in the night, while I was taking these tablets, I started developing nausea like cough with phelm coming up. Every day this started for me. Then I came back to Dubai and went to another doctor, he changed the medicines and gave me omeprazole and fix it both acidity tablets in the morning and night before food. But my condition became more bad I was suffering from nausea like coughing and bringing out white thick saliva. My stomach tightness too was still there. Then I decided to stop all these medicines, its now 11 days over, all the nausea feeling has stopped, but now I developed cough, and when I cough I bring out some greenish saliva bits. Sometimes I feel tight ness in my upper area of the abdomen. Right now I stopped eating too much spice and oil foods, stopped outside food, I am taking amla pitta mishran in the morning and night before food. I am also eating 4 to 5 smaller meals. I have my dinner at 8pm and I sleep after 2 hours. Will homeopathy medicines heal me of this acidity reflux (GERD) esophagus, and heal my throat completely. How long should I take this homeopathy medicines. What will be diet be?

  551. shilpi banerjee says:

    How homeopathy cures Gerd???

    • geeta sharma says:

      I have 31 old having large hiatus hernia I am taking homeopathy and rablet tablet how many months the homeopathic to cure

      • geeta sharma says:

        There is any problem in cause in pregancy. Can I try for pregancy no problem cause I have large hiatus hernia which help

  552. jagmohan says:

    sir i m suffering hurtburn n some time chest pain n bps n gas within 2 -3 months.pls give me advice

  553. Ranabir Biswas says:

    Heart burning Problem,& Some time very low pain in wright side of cheast,Gas problem

  554. Mr. Chandan Talukdar says:

    Sir, I’m 28 years old male.For the past 1 months I am suffering from GERD. Doctors treated me with giving Nexpro-40 & Libra-Tex medicine and told me that if by taking this medicine not able to cure then may need to do surjery. So please help me out from this disease.

  555. Good morning Dr. Sharma …. I’m having gas I can feel it move then I having episodes of coughing uncontrollably it’s getting to the point now where I’m spitting up this clear liquid it.. it happens when I’m sitting up.. before or after I eat after or drink water….in the middle of the night and if I lay down for bed I am coughing uncontrollably and I was wondering maybe you take on this re occuring situation

  556. Muhammad Raees says:

    Dear Dr. Sb,

    I have been in acid reflux for the last two years. I live in UK. My age is 35. Kindly suggest some medicines.
    Shall be very thankful

    Thanks & Regards ,
    Muhammad Raees

  557. sir in past 30 years i had 3 times bad experince of acid reflux without any heart burn. And i noticed that after contineous tension this happened all the three times. common smptomps were – 1. chocking sensation in throat as if breathing getting obstructed .
    Agrrevation by- lying down , darkness, closed spaces ,low roof closed areas , alloofness in running train,picture halls , Closed restarents,summer heat etc

    Relief by – contineous walking ,Good light ,company, keeping head high when lying down
    i am feeling not clear in throat . Stomoch upsets every month inspite of simple food – taking nat sulph 6x -3tablets plus nat phos 2 tablets once or twice makes it normal but problem persist twice thrice in a month since last 1 year.

    my wt is 58kg,ht 5FT 5 INCH ,DIEBETIES well controlled -18 year old ( 90 fasting &120 pp sugar)

    Hot constitution,likes open air , generall less thirsty but these days taking water many times intermitantly. Morning walk – daily habit . SLEEP 3/4 HRS after dinner and 1.5 hrs after lunch ( time pass -retired now)

    how to get rid of this stomuch upset problem and reflux problem trobling for last 3 momths


  558. Due to constant mild pain just below my ribs I had to undergo endoscopy and the results showed erosion at the lower end of the esophagus. I am not sure whether I really have GERD or not or may be I don’t want to believe. My only symptom is pain and nothing else. I want to know if Homeopathy can help me to cure my condition that is to heal the erosion and if its GERD then strengthen the Lower Esophageal sphincter. Thank you for giving me your valuable time.

  559. kirit chhaya says:

    Sir my age is 27 and I have serious problem in my mouth. I cant eat any type of food which contain any type of spicy elements. This problem I faced for 1 and half year. when I am eating My tongue’s both side are burning. I drunk much water to control this pain but it is burning for lon time .plz give me any guidance about my condition and what kind of treatment I need.

  560. anupam gupta says:

    greeting of the day sir, i have chronic acidity over the years say around 15-20 years. i use to have acidity,vomits,headaches,heartburn etc. i got treated with allopathy medicines like omezaparole,ranatidine etc. along with domperidone tablets along with this i have ibs also. i started taking ayurvedic drugs around 2 years back but still i do have to take allopathy when in distress like anxiety,heartburn etc. recently i started taking sulphur 30 drops two in the morning and one in the night. it has though subdidued the symtoms but still i have episodes like heartburn,sinking sensation etc. the amount of gas produced in my body is too much and when it goes around it causes anxiety,pain in stomach,back etc. i have lost weight also over the years say 6-8 kgs. i do have lot of losses in business and is very much worry about my health. please help regards.

  561. sajal agrawal says:

    i m suffering from hyperacidity and gas to two years ,plz help me

  562. sajal agrawal says:

    from Agra

  563. dr.rajesh saini says:

    Sir.i m a BAMS doctor & running my clinic at rohtak .last 4years i m suffering from severe acidity .I can’t eat any vegetable which have a single chilly .Others eatable things cannot creat any trouble to me .Endoscopy is normal.please provide me your contact no. Thanks

  564. Sir i m suffering more saliva in mouth and also thyroid both since 2012. When i was in 12th standard (17 yrs ) due to more street food i suffered jaundice and fever almost 18 days and at that time my weight reduce to 66 kg from 71 kg-75 kg. and then from jan 2012 i kept myself busy with my board preparation and from then i start gaining weight …in between jan 2012- jul 2012 i gained almost 22 kgs and now i have lost 3.5 kg in last 45 days from 98 kg to 94.5 kg and just because of these gained weight and saliva problem i have been lost my confidence …please help me sir ….i m waiting for your reply !!

  565. shaikh hisam says:

    dr,i am suffering from gastric troubles.i am 60 yr old female wt-52kg.every food i eat turn in gas,i m having loud belching and very few flatus,unsatisfactory stool,i feel gas travel through my whole body pain in muscles of back leg and in hand n chest on rubbing or pressing back leg muscles it get relieved through mouth loud belching.kindly guide me about diet what should i take or what doughter is 3rd yr bhms student but she hesitate me to prescribe and she does not believe me that when i say gas travel in my body.plz prescribe me indicated medicine

  566. I Have Acid Reflux( Heart Burn, Indigetion, Smell in Nose, Cough, Mouth Ulcer and i have made Endoscopy in Its result Few Errors in Lower Eshophogus(Grade1 Eshophogaties) Please help me , because i have made lot of madecine

  567. Mrs. arnua says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ji, Ram Ram, my wife aruna is 49 yrs. of age our food habits are very simple vegetarian. the problem of esophagitis developed only becuse of her erratic time she is teacher goes at 7.30 am and generally could not eat anything when she comes from school at 30m after noon then she used to take food. Last year Dr. told that saliva is not being developed thats why mouth gets dry that also increased esophagities. Now with difficulty she used to drink she has been taking coconut water, daliya/small pieces of wheet in milk,, i.e. liquid food but immediately after taking such food the problem is she has frequent spitting and severe headachetop of the head from left to right or right to left. She has been given Arsenic Alb. in addition to arsenic what medicine can be given to her to sop spitting and relief in headache. She is thin not faty, about 5 ft 2 inch being teacher she has to speak in the classroom. kindly advise by return mail with hearties kind regards. I am asosicated with a sharma family very religous for the last 30 years fully devoted to ma bhagwati and I have great regard for you too.

    surinder husband of aruna

  568. i was detected mild esophegitics few year back- endescopy result . smptoms were – 1. chocking sensation in throat as if difficult in breating at night while sleeping , while in closed spaces like pictur hall , train compartment low ceiling areas etc , darkness, lonliness used to agrrevate problem , wanted to move/ walk in open air prefably continusally when under such attacks .

    now again 3rd time i am under same attack for last 3 months ,as i know the problem form past i am managing better but still i am under fear and want to get it cured .

  569. kamlesh says:

    DR , i have stomach pain , an acidity problem, and a little pain in my heart, and problem occurring doing toilet….

  570. Muhammad Yousaf says:

    Sir i am suffering from 7 months in tightness of esophageal tightness and pain the my throat outsider vains dry mouth please send best medicine exercises or other treatment i shall be very thankful to you for it

  571. Md Shabbir khan says:

    hi Sir,

    I have been suffering with GERD for last 5 years.
    I am feeling strong chest congestion and pain. I also feel stomach pain and burning.
    Now a days when my chest start paining I feel anxiety and my palpitation increases.
    please help me to get rid of this problem.

    Thanx in advace,.

  572. Dr Moeen A; Khawaja MD.lahore Pakistan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma : is there any homoeopathic medicine which act on breast malik to dry it within a week thanks Dr Moeen

  573. Hello Doctor, This is Abhishek, 27yr old. From may years I have Gastric, Acidity and Heart burn problem.

    Firstly, 3 years back I vomitd and at the end small amount of blood came with the vomit.

    Second time, 1.5 years back I vomited again due to over drinking and at the end 5ml of blood came with vomit.

    Third time, lask week I was over drunk and vomitd again, this time at the last 10-15ml of dark blood came with vomit.

    Each time I consulted doctor, he told its due to acidity or ulcers and gave me antacides, this time he gave me Pentacide DSR, to take daily morning before breakfast, So I am continuing with the prescriptions. Please tell that this is correct and due to acidity only or different, what diagnosis I have to go with and provide any permanent solution. I am a occasional drinker and working, so the have irregular eating.

    No medical history, facing acidity and gas problems from 4-5 years, and taking antacids. From past 3 years I vomited 3 times and observed blood in last with vomit. The amount of blood is also increasing. So need help, thanks for your time

  574. Sahil Bumber says:

    Hello doctor
    I am Sahil Bumber from Punjab. I am 32 years old.I am suffering with 3cm hiatal hernia, Antral Gastritis tested on 5 june 2005 through endoscopy. I am taking medicine from last 14 years in morning. Sir, I want to know, is it cureable by homeopathay medicines.

  575. Anup Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am from India but working in Nigeria. I shall contact you for details when I visit India in August. For last 1 year I had unusual cough without cold or flu or mucus. However, now my GI endoscopy report talks about GERD. I would like to look at the option of Homeopathy. I am 40 and I am diabetic but in control.

    Kindly suggest as I am very health conscious and like working out.


  576. Jagmohan Anand says:

    I am male 78 years of age living in Delhi with my wife.Retired as very senios sales executive.Studied in the UK.Have regular but moderate drinker but prone to developing acidity.For some time now I am having little difficulty in swallowing food.May be narrowing of food pipe.I need to take care of acidity and most particularly opening of food pipe.Can you pl suggest remedy?



  577. Dear Sir,
    I have a problem of Gastric..

  578. Premvir Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    My wife is having trouble sore from 1st and 2nd month. I have treated quite place. But have had no benefit. While on drugs is closed until angina. When finished drugs 2 and 3 weeks after the pain starts. It returned no cure. In the body, causing fever, fatigue, sore throat, have great difficulty in eating. MY wife age 26 years.

  579. vijay kumar says:

    sir my wife take medicine quitipin -300 in night he is suffer from depression problem what is the subistute of this medicine in homeopathic please suggest me name of the homeopathic tablet

  580. Subhash Bhishikar says:

    I am 68 years old. I am having acidity, constipation and gases problem for last few years.
    Acidity is not severe. It occurs only when I eat bread, idli, dosa, tamarind, spicy and oily food.
    Constipation is mild.
    Gases are very regular throughout the day and also during night.
    If I do not treat acidity in time, then gases don’t pass causing severe pain in the stomach. Gases in such condition pass only after using hot water bag.

    Can you suggest any homeopathy medicines.

  581. puneet kumar sharma says:

    Hello sir,
    I also have the problem of GERD. please reply me how to cure this problem.

  582. Age 29
    weight: 55kg
    Having stomach problems as below
    Constipation long lasting
    Flatulenc gas influx below the chest
    Lot of pain in entire body due to gas mass production
    I am facing this since my child hood
    I am from Pakistan
    Plz help me

  583. Dear Dr Sharma

    I am very interested in a Homeopathy remedy to treat my Barretts Oesophagus, I had a Fundoplication operation 7 years ago and they repaired my hiatus hernia at the same time, I have not needed to take Nexium since the operation though now I am getting days when I feel the acid in my mouth and stomach which is worrying, I would appreciate your advise. Thanking you.

    Kind regards

  584. jagjit singh says:

    I am suffering from gastroparesis and gerd for 6 years.i have taken allopathy treatment. But i have still these problems. I want to take homeopathy i listen recently it gives relief from my problem.

  585. T.Ranjithkumar says:

    Sir, i’m of 24 years of age, suffering from gas problem. i am unable to sit beside of my cliques in my office, and i could not go to anyone and there is no free motion to me …

    already i had i took treatment, but there is no use,

    Plz suggest me

  586. Chiranjit Ganguly says:

    I have to problem acidity,gas and constipation over last 10 years,so please this remedy

  587. sridhar kumar pradhan says:

    Hi I just want to know is there any home remedy for dry cough and gas or acidity

  588. Nilu Singha says:

    I am suffering from stomach pain after breakfast,and i am suffering from diabetes for the last 3 years.

    Please suggest some solution.

  589. satyajit chandra das says:

    I am I am living Calcutta for problem GRD about 7years running.about 7 lac Bangladeshi tk cost for treatment.but I am not fully cured. My age 27 running. I am son of poor father died on 9the Feb 2008.I have one brother one sister and my mother.pls pls pls help me . My contact no-09831268941

  590. Hello I am 33 year old ,I have been using Pantocid twice daily for a 3 month as per DR Suggestion ,if i stop the medicine , i am getting stomach pain and indigestion and hear burn , can you advice me , continue the tablet is there any side effects .some time BP also increased 100-160 .

  591. i am 24 year old boy ….recently i m suffering from heart burn …..after breakfast and meal i suffer…..i have taken arsenic .nuxvom.and natrum phos for 20 days at that time i got relief but again it us happining…..please suggest me parmanent solution of it ….i use to take outside food n live in a hostel…..

  592. gourisankar pal says:

    am suffering gastric
    problem for last 8
    months, iam always
    feeling sour test in
    mouth& throat,
    feeling pain in my
    throat. sometime feeling dry cough. what shoud I do now.

  593. rajinder kumar sharma says:


    I sent you a mail today. Some information is submitted as under :

    My age is 50 years. No medication is taken for heartburn which started about 10 days back. I wish to take homeopathy treatment only as well as precaution to be taken to avoid that problem.


    Rajinder Kr Sharma

  594. Rajinder Kumar Sharma says:

    I have noticed heartburn in the last 10 days first time. My problem is that after taking meal, my stomach is flatulent and I feel heaviness in the stomach. No sourness or vomiting. No constipation. Used to go for stool two time in a day which gives bad odour.

    I am purely vegetarian, non-alcoholic, non-smoking and is taking simple food. I prefer to each oily items except made at home. No other food liking from outside. I used onion and garlic in our vegetables. Kindly help me what I should eat and also prescribe homeopathic medicine.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Rajinder Kr Sharma

  595. ab rouf dar says:

    I am from jammu & kashmir. I am 31 plus years old. My problem is that after eating food i feel as the food is at throat,acidity,gases many other stomach problem. I showed my self to the doctor who advised me for endoscopy. The endoscopy showed every thing allright. And my doctor told me that this is called gerd. What is the best medicine and treatment for the problem, so that i may get rid outof this.

  596. SUSMITA DAS says:

    i have got trmendous acidity last 20 years but some how i was mannaging with alopathy i am 51 years old look like 40 years. from last eight months after having food i like to vomit and mental stress
    has been started i tate pan 40 and ativan for sleep.what to do. my fasting sugar 83

  597. Birnchi Mahato says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 46 year old.

    Since 2 months I have been suffering from cough.

    Cough comes some time between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. or, 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. and continues for 15 to 20 minutes ,
    cough starts with irritation of throat.
    in every cough some white sputum and saliva come out, during cough some times I do vomit , water from eyes comes out. Nothing can give relief during cough. I get relief only after coming out the sputum and saliva.

    It comes two days intervals either in am or in p.m.

    Other characteristics:
    # Soon after getting up from bed and walk on the floor in the morning I get tendency to go for latrine.
    # I like to eat Bitter gourd, Mutton,

    I did not get any relief by using Kali Bichrom-200 and then Natrum sulf 200

    Kindly suggest me what medicine should I use.

    Thank you Doctor,


  598. satish Chouhan says:

    Dear Sir,
    My elder brother who is suffering from migraine from last 12 years.
    he is used to allopathy or conventional medicine but they did not work.
    now he has stopped to taking any allopathy medicine.
    he is 40 year old.
    he is shopkeeper with high mental load.
    his migraine normally trigger by mental stress.
    he has left side migraine.
    he is non smoker and non alcoholic.
    he is physically fit.
    we had also taken MRI scan but it is normal.
    pl suggest homeopathy medicine for migraine.
    Thanking you very much

  599. belinda dlima says:

    my sister who is 35yrs but look like a 10yrs girl has vomoting problem since past 10yrs she does not get her period but vomot every month for 3-5 days and not able to take water or food we have done so many test but does not show any thing the test are ok she stop eating sour pungent also get the vomoting now also she vomot is there her face go down and then if she feel better she try to have soup while she vomot she get chest pain her vomot is like all cuff like green, yellow, white how can u help her sir pl.

  600. sir ji,last year ek bar chest me thoda pain huwa tha aur dkaar lene me problem hoti thi,fir doctor ne endoscopy ki aur btaya ki valve thoda weak hai food pipe ka,toh fir mujhe s-cucid-o suspension syrup di thi….baad me mai thik ho gya,bt jb kbhi heavy food kha leta hu toh problem fir se ho jati hai…..dkaar leta hu toh stress lgana padta hai…khul k dkaar nhi aati…plz tell me dr. saab,aisa koi upaaye btaye ki valve hai wo strong ho jaye aur khul k dkaar aaye,stress na lgana pde…aur subah mai kapal-bhati krta hu ,benefit bahut mil ra hai…par mai chahta hu ki jar se mit jaye ye problem…plz dr. saab,suggest me ,wht I do….????Aapka bahut aabhari rhunga mai…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  601. chiniah emma says:

    hi thks for your help i have got gerd since sept2013 i have taken the ppi treatment and also done a gastroscopy which the doctor said that there is nothing but still am suffering from sore throat and acidity what treatment you suggesst me to take am fed up all the medication thks you waiting for your reply

  602. Hi doctor Sharma,
    I am patient of gerd (acid reflux)with small hiatus hernia 3 cm.Had been tried all kind of medicine and test. Found out acid rate is really high.please tell me any treatment or medicine which can help me out.
    I am 44 years old woman,5feet tall, weight 110 pounds and lives in United States.

  603. dear sir

    i am suffering from laryngealpharygl relfux (silent reflux for last 7 yrs ) ,does not feel buring sensation in chest , but feel loss of voice and cracking of voice after every meal.pls suggest my life geeting ruined

  604. sir,
    i m of 21 yrs and suffering from belly button infection for more than six months , i have also used saline water which stop infection to come out from belly .
    sir please suggest some oral homeopathic medicines for this infection . now the main problem is that the area around the belly button is dark reddish.

    thank you.

  605. pinky khan says:

    Hi dr sharma.
    My age is a female.
    i suffer from severe acidity everyday.i eat tablet rantac for relieve when i get very uncormoftable .every two or three days i take rantac and drink eno for relief.Now i am pregnant 4 months.and i would like to avoid rantac and very irritable with hearburn the whole day and night.i try drinking milk.icecream.i tried kokum juice but nothing helps.i try to avoid spicy foods.but i get acidity with anything i eat.even fruits.
    Plz suggest me some name of homepathic medicine which i can get relief

  606. sreelakshmi.g says:

    I have the Problem of GRED. wht kind of medine ill get in Homeyopathi.Could you please suggest and i stay in Hyderabad. Please adivce which homeopathic clinic i can go ?

  607. chanchal singh says:

    1. Always feel gas in my abdomen.
    2. Headache started after lunch.
    3. Pain start in body

  608. Shaikh Zubair Ahmed says:

    I am suffering from acidity since long time. In the morning when i get up i feel aciditic and sometime vomiting. i am also anxious and gets upset on small issues. i have lost confidence too.
    at around 11 am appr i feel like eating something and there is fullness in stomach.

  609. RAJEEV KUMAR says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I Rajeev Kumar a native of Hamirpur HP. My Mother Kamla Devi has been suffered from heart attack problems for two years. Her Treatment is held at PGI Chandigarh.Two stent have been inserted in her body to open blocking of blood circulation.She has given allopathic medicines to take for 4 months. Now she has serious cough problem and sharp pain in the chest during night. In day time she has no problem like cough ,chest pain. Kindly provide us solution. please reply

  610. vishnu mishra says:

    Hi I am vishnu mishra frm ajmer rajasthan I am having hyperacidity from last few years .last nignt 22-3-2014 was worst night for me There was a hyperacidity attack on me I am not able to lying dowm even mot able to pass gas also bitter vomiting. At last I take two cloves then I got some relife plz help me I m still suffering from hyperacidity.for instant relief I take a medicine name histac evt from ranbaxy

  611. Dinesh Arora says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    May I know about the possible homeopathic medicine for my Mother(74 yrs) who is suffering form
    severe heart burn and hyperacidity from last 4years despite of taking a pill of Ranitidine or Pentaprozoal every day. She is also taking antihypertensive, blood thinner, anticholestral drugs every day, post by-pass surgery done in 2009.


  612. Alamgir Wilson says:

    I am suffering from acute gas problem with burning and passing of gas in large quantity. Kindly suggest me medicine

  613. s.papia chakraborty says:

    Hello sir, my daughter is 4 and half years old and have been suffering frequent bouts of hiccups burping excessive saliva and air bubbles. She has problems with bowel movements also please let me know if homeo can help her in treating

  614. pankaj kothari says:

    my grand father is causing with urine infection , and he is a heart patient what things which he can eat without chillies and sour.

  615. mukund kothari says:

    my grand father is causing with urine infection , and he is a heart patient what things which he can eat without chillies and sour.

  616. I m 40 years male suffering from Gerd for last 4 years and has been taking parit 20 and ganaton 50 for last 3 years .But no permanent cure and always feel very sleepy .Please let me know the homeopathic medicine.

  617. haris ali says:

    hi sir i have a problem of stomach for a long time sometime my stomach work properly but sometime not.i want to eat food but when i start to eat i feel a heat in my stomach and feel pain.and feel to take bath.please recomend me a medicine …i am from pakistan take care bye.

  618. H pylori postive Doc suggested hp kit one per day , how can homeopathy help
    To reduce

  619. H pylori postive Doc suggested hp kit one per day , how can homeopathy help

  620. Ami batth says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am 34 year female suffering from GERD. Is it treatable??

  621. Doctor for the past 3 months i m suffering from heart burn and stomach burn which led to hyper acidity during Jan 2nd week. I was given lesuride injection and Rabonik plus, Sompraz IT tablets. Then after tat was ok for 15 days, again 2weeks back got pain and food infection with burn, tingling sensation from leg to head,so the same medication was followed.Now 2days back got milk secretion and my gynae saw my Prolactin and thyroid test to be normal. Wat can i do, i taking homeopathy medicine also. Kindly help me

  622. willis were says:

    i have been having frequent heartburns.i feel something move up and down from stomach to the mouth and vise vasa.its four months now since the problem started.what could be the problem?and how can i go about it.its willis from kenya.

  623. I am suffering from GERD and heart & chest pain. I have also suffering from frequent acidity problem.
    Pls suggest me remedy.


    Tel 9342435093

  624. usha sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am facing a problem of gastritis from longer time, my stomach is bloating, tightness in stomach, feeling bitter vomiting sensation and belching frequently. lots of hair fall. once if I lie down or sit down I feel very much uncomfortable in standing up. no proper sleep and also very depressed.
    kindly help me for the above problems.

  625. BIPIN KUMAR says:

    Good afternun. I am 42 yrs old. Recently I am noticing that my hairfall is at tremendous speed. leading to thining lining and crown pattern baldness developing. Physics good, weight 79kg. Lack of sleep. appetite good. Foaming in Urnine. Urine test showing sometime protein+ some time nil. No diabetic. Please suggest the remedy for hair fall.

  626. sir,
    I want to know after taking homeo medicine how will i come to know it is getting cured.

  627. Dear doctor ,
    Good mor, I am sasikumar from tamilnadu , but I am now working in abroad .

    My problem is. When I am food eat after one hour stomach problem coming , bring to food return mouth , that taste sour and some time bitter taste , like a vomit feeling also coming , some night time am sleeping well while suddenly acidity coming , this one one week continue coming,

    I think my house weekly one time chappathi eat , but here daily chappati and potato dal eat very suffer , pl help me doctor .


  628. saroj kumar mohanty says:

    In 2004 I was diagnosed with food pipe ulcer and doctor prescribed Omiprazole-20 mg two times a day and Flagyl 3 times a day but he told it can nver be cured will come back very often. After some time I started Ayurvedic medicine but recently there is pain while i eat at my back side and also i feel little pressur on my chest and throat while i eat. I also feel pain under my right shoulder. i am very much concerned . Pl. advise and can Homeopathy cure it.

  629. nithin reddy says:

    Hello sir my mom is suffering from acidity problem from past 1 year and from last 1 week she is having more indigestion problem and guideness sore throat so can u suggest me how homeopathy treatment can help to solve the issue

  630. My son 43yrs old was habituated smoking forabout 15years since 3-4 yrs he was having high B.P recently he got heartburn ,left shoulder and leg also he felt numbness in his shoulder and leg,2 days back he has been done angioplasty in Appolo hospital,but he still have the same problem now please advise which remedy can be applied?

    Thanking you

  631. yogesh kumar says:

    Respected Sir
    I am suffering from followings disease
    1) High blood pressure
    2) Acid reflex ,Acidity, Heart burn pain in stomach with anus also
    3) Headache pain in back head
    4) Asthma
    yogesh kumar

  632. food cannot pass cough chast & hand pain left side urin&stool normal

  633. Kavita Chhabra says:

    Dr. i m having this problem heartburn recent 2 years. so now dr sugest me to take HP Kit. Now i m taking this one. Is it a side effect ? or wht medican u remond me please help?


    Dr sahab I am suffering from ACID Reflux and Lax . is there any permanent treatment in homeopathy. If Yes pl let me know.


  635. aashish kumar says:

    i am suffering from anxiety from last one year even face panic attacks.for last one year i am taking impramine and betablockers.intersted to know about treatmnt in ayurveda for anxiety to reduce side effect and over dependence on medicine

  636. i m suffering from ibs,constipation,gastric and headache.i m also loosing my weight by this.can you tell me how i can get permanent relief from this?

  637. Fazal Rahim Awan says:

    Dear Sir, I am 63 years of age. I have problem of acidity after eating spicy foods for the 2 months. kindly advise me medicines. I also have the problem of constipation.

  638. Aalia Latief says:

    I’ve been having gastric problem for many years but its controllable with homeopathy remedies. However, recently I was given a medicine to stop bleeding when I had my prolong menstruation and it trigger my gastric pain. It becomes worse now as it causes heartburn and sometimes irregular heartbeat. I’m very sensitive to the food that I take and often late meal cause severe pain in my stomach. After taking food I feel weak and nauseate.

  639. aurang zeb khan says:

    Hello sir how r you. pray for ur good health and success. i have acidity problem for the last 25 hears. i can’t eat even two chapaties (roties-breads) i am a teacher by profession. my tests show that i have no ulcer. but heart burn and unappetite are my main problems. pl be gracious enough and guide me

  640. My name is confidence,am frm Nigeria. Doctor for the past two weeks now,I have been experiencing something hung in my throat and it will be doing as if I want to vomit after intake of anything. Pls doctor I need ur help because it is making me uncomfortable.


    Dr. Sahab i am suffering from GERD and Lax of LES. Is there any cure in homeopathy. Pl. Send me about this.

  642. hello sir, actually my daughter(8 years) is suffering from acid reflux problem. she is poor to gain weight and saliva drip at night from her mouth ,loss of appetite pain in stomach.sir, will you please suggested me any medicine.

  643. tierdness and fatigue all the time body ache and headaches sometimes after eating sometimes before .after eating or drinking water feel ill with slight fever like and body ache increases sleepiness and acidity dont feel like geting up and doing anything find difficulty in climbing stairs stomach bloats uo lots of gas inflamation in bowels painful gas movement in lower abdomen fatigue at times dipression or anger sometimes hleplessness feel suspicious of people which was not so before pain in lower back and legs all the time history of fibroids and hyperthyroid.cant eat out or drink water until boiled get frequent loose motions sometimes constipation too.most of time keep feeling a kind of unwell feeling which i cant explain in words food and water taste slightly bitter or wierd at times food is normal but will become so spicy all of sudden that mouth burns.cant do much activity as i feel tierd but when i sit for 10 minutes feel good then can wor for 10 to 20 minutes had b12 and d3 shortage have taken docter prescribed deses symptoms of pain are less but others persist.head feels foggy memory is weak when it was best at one time.sometimes urine is very frequent while other times normal.
    have stopped medicines for thyroid as they were causing problems.
    see if you can help me and improve my life.
    age 51

  644. aparna banerjee says:

    gas problem .

  645. I m 34yrs old i m suffering from hiatus hernia since 4 years . Can this be curable with homeopathically if yes, then how plz help to sort out my problem

  646. dr meray stomach may ulcer hay aur muscle pain bi hota hay aur meray food pipe bi dela hoga ya hay aur mein ne alloppthic ka bohut treatment karwaya lakin koi farq nahi parta aur mein kana bilkul nahi kasaqti ho li haza app se mein request karti ho app mujhe koi advice dei .

  647. maddi raghunadha reddy says:

    my age 48 running no bad habits smoke drink i eating with out oil foods only i eat boiled foods only am pure vegetarian but i eat some times green chilies and black piper more and i drink coffee and teas i drink daily 3.5 liters water using salt normal and i took calcium tablets daily 2 1200mg and omegaH3 multivitamin tablets for day one and i took C vitamin 1000mg with rose hips last 3 days back i came my home at that time i have vibration left chest upper rib area continues 2 hours than feeling left chest area rib down stomach an easy feeling few there burning than 2nd day feel low rib are burning than upper rib area burned 3rd day controlled that time i eat apples few minutes after controlled am stop the tea coffee sugars and calcium tablets with out salt without spice foods and fruits using am not going doctor

  648. MP Gangwar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have serious GERD problem. Now I even get pain & irritation while taking items like hot milk, tea etc. What I understand from Literature available that it is a structural problem then how homeopathic medicine can work in this condition. Valve can not be repaired without surgery so how I should deal with it. What treatment I should try. Life style changes helps a little. I have taken allopathic treatment and they suggested that I should take 1 tab of Neksium 40 daily but that will have its own side effect if taken for years. Please advise me if homeopathy has any solution.

  649. I am suffering from palpitation problem. This started after my first delivery. I had some problems with my stitch and I was on Augmentin 1000 mg. After some 6 months i developed these problems. During my periods time it will worsens. Along with this i feel bloating of my stomach, heart burn, chest tightness . Consumption of fried and spicy food and vegetables like cabbage, brinjal will worsens the problems. Please help me and all my blood and ECG, TMT are very normal. I am 85 kg and 5.2 my height. please diagnose my problem and give some prescription.

  650. m raghunadha reddy says:

    i not having bad habits for smoking and liquors am using vitamin C 1000mg and multivitamins am pure vegeterian eating spice foods black piper and green chillis use without oil foods and eating boiled foods last 5 years same i taken like this 3 days back left chest upper shoulder near vibration came contineu 2 hours than left chest rib area irratateing some sound tak tak feeling like this some time s coming what is this any cure this is fist time

  651. m raghunadha reddy says:

    i not having bad habits for smoking and liquors am using vitamin C1000mg and multivitamins am pure vegeterian eating spice foods black piper and green chillis use without oil foods and eating boiled foods last 5 years same i taken like this 3 days back left chest upper shoulder near vibration came continew 2 hours than left chest rib area irratateing some sound tak tak feeling like this some time s coming what is this any cure this is fist time

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  653. A V RAMARAO says:


    Iam having the problem; Mid Esophageal Stricture at 28 cms. Will you sugest any medicine.

    with Regards


  654. janardan nayak, says:

    dear sir,
    mujhe last 1o saal se mere saath problems chal raha hai. Avi tak mujhe solution nehi mil paa raha hai. mujhe 1- Hiatus hernia with erosive gastris 2- Ileal ulcer 3- Loss of appetite, 4- insomnia, 5- white/greying hair, moustache, beard, 6- Loss of confident 7- heaviness in back & shoulder, 8- less count of sperm etc. mea age 35 year and mein un-married huin. kya mein cure ho paunga. mein bahut depress and harassment feel kar raha huin.

  655. Dear sharma,
    I belongs to Pakistan and living in Saudi from last 18 months already i have a knowledge about the homoeopathic philosophy i believe homoeopathy is the only natural way of treatment for the human being. from last 10 years i used to take homoeopathic medicine with single remedy for my every problem. But now i suffering from elevated acidity level, heat burn, acid reflux, from last 8 months and i am not taking English medicine because the idealogical contradiction allophonic. i am in severe condition so kindly reply me and bring me out from a negative state of mind.

  656. G Venkata Sridhar says:



    I am 29 yrs old male. For the past 2 years, I am suffering from GERD/ACID REFLUX.
    I am from Andhra Pradesh.
    Will i get the permanent remedy by using homeopathy medicines.
    please suggest me the best medicine to recover quickly.

    Thanks & Regards
    G Venkata Sridhar

  657. Rashmi Verma says:

    Hi ,

    I am 57 year old lady , i am suffering from acidity from past many years. I have history of stomach ulcer but now my problem is peptic ulcer due to which iam have frequent pain in food pipe after my meals at night.

    Doctors has prescribe me Neksium 40mg &Librax which iam taking from past two years ,but still i suffer from acute pain. Pls. advise..

  658. I have ulcers feel body gets warm look pale abdominal pains from time to time chest pain fatigue I have taken antibiotics probiotics as I feel frustrated and its getting worse.thanking u sumaya from south africa

  659. Vijayakumar G says:

    I have GERD. I recently had a endoscope done and the doctor diagonized me as a severe acid reflux. He has put me on Nexpro L in the morning and pard 20 in th evening. I have slight breathing difficulty and the ears gets clogged. i have to forcefuly blow out holding my nose to clear the ear. has homeopathy has a cure ?

  660. Meena Sharma says:

    My Son is five years old. His date of birth is 07.07.2008 He was born with bilateral hydronehrosis due to VUR and to treat VUR he underwent fulguration in February 2012 since then dibbling is there, so I need to make him wear diapers. Till now there is discomfort, however his physical growth is very poor. His body weight is 12.50 Kg only other wise he is quiet active but his immune system is very weak.HIs creatine level in latest test in this month is 1.96 and Urea level has come out to be 1.77

    Can you let me know how homeopathy an help me in this situation

  661. Hi Dr. Sahab

    I am suffering from acid reflux since long time. At present I am is on allopathic treatment But no cure is cmpletely . Is there any permanent and gurented treatment in homeopathy. If yes pleas let me know. Some people says the homeopathy medicine prepared in alcohal which is not suitable for acid reflux patients.

  662. Anil Kumar singh says:

    I m anil singh 30 years from mumbai n working with bank.I suffering from GERD problem since last 3 years continuosly. Taken many allopathic medication but not permanently cured n releif. I am very hopeless now. Kindly suggest me permanent treatment for this problem.

  663. Hi Doctor,
    I am suffering from IBS (Bsically Constipation). Not feeling light after fresh.
    Also having reflux and Throat irritation and Mouth soreness from past 3 years.
    Heaviness in Abdomen.
    Please suggest me.

  664. I am a 22 years old male…I have been suffering from epigastric pain after meal since 1.5 yrs ago.I took PPI for about 8mnths.but it was simply as a symptomatic relief.8mnths later,On endoscopy,it was diagnosed gastro-duodenal erosion.Then i was prescribed for H.pylori eradication therapy.First therapy failed.Then second was started 5 months ago.According to my doctor it was the latest medication for h.pylori eradication.I completed a course.then continued taking ppi for 2mnths.But still problem remained same.whenever i stop taking ppi,same symptoms aroused.Now GERD also have begun to detoriate this condition…….Doctor said…just to continue up with PPI…..But i have heared ,although ppi is a safe drug,its long term use have serious adverse effect….
    I would like to have a best suggestion from you doctor.What should i do now?

  665. Rene Martinez says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I have been experiencing Heart burn since September of 2013. I am currently on omeprazole 40mg once a day. I am a smoker about 15 ciggarettes a day. I am in good shape but currently don’t exercise because of the fear of heart burn. I would like to know what you recommend I use to cure my GERD. I do have it overall controlled but somedays I feel as if I have a ball in my throat. I ENT confirmed that I have nothing and also gave me a barium swallow test in December to confirm this. I would like to know what you recommend I take. I live in the United States in Minnesota.

  666. AMARJEET SINGH says:


  667. Alekh Nayak says:

    Dear sir,
    i had diagnosed with antral gastritis and gerd 4 months back and I was cured by pantocid hp for 14 days and razo d followed by for six months. Now after 4 months, my stomach gets bigger and having burning sensation in the stomach, and it feels like full and big stomach.
    So shall i continue with allopathy or should i go to homeopathy..


  668. I have heart burning sensation with a feeling of vomiting. And I also have loose motions

  669. Mohit sharma says:

    My mother was having allopathy treatment for her spinal pain . But had to stop those medicines since they adversely affected her stomach. She has severe burning sensation in stomach while eating any spicy thing or hot food. Feels heaviness in stomach. Having digene and others such medicines prescribed by allopathy docs is not helping.
    I read your article in your blog.
    Could you please suggest and advise an effective treatment for my mother.

  670. chintika Shah says:


    I’ve some dryness, itchiness, redness and small boils in my mouth everywhere. (roof of the mouth, base and lips) Also have some pain outside the mouth ( underneath the jaw bone area). Tried many homeopathy doctors but didn’t work.
    Could you please help me. Thanks in advance.

  671. eknath bodkhe says:

    I am suffering from oesophagatis phase prescribed medicine called pantocid for 15 days.two times a day.will it cure.

  672. Deepak Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Am suffering from severe Gas+Acidity, Fatty Liver and Cholestrol as well.
    In past 2006, i suffered a road accident after that surgery i diagnosed with HBsAg +positive,
    as an infection.

    Due to some financial losses am going through extreme stressed lifestyle like muscles spasms on left shoulder and back caff muscles and daily intake of liquor.

    Kindly help me in getting out of this.

    Deepak Sharma
    Mobile + 91 8826710000

  673. Vikas kumar singh says:

    Burning sensation in neck for 2.5yrs, endoscopic report: LA GRADE-A GERD, arthritic pain in right knee since1.5yrs.
    Age: 24yrs.

  674. heartburn bohat zada hoti hai koi bhi chaz kahne ke bad …….. smoking bhi karta hun koi achi medicine


  675. Shyam Ji Srivastava says:

    Respected Doc Saheb,
    I am 55 plus residing in KANPUR (UP) INDIA. my problem is that my penis is going to bend during erection however i ave no pain etc. Can i get any medicine from you in homeopathic.
    Thanks n Regards
    Shyam Ji Srivastava

  676. From few days i feel toomuch anxiety i have started taking anxiety tablets can homeopathy help me to solve my problem.

  677. Hie Doctor i first experience a burning feeling on my neck juston top of the voice box then followed by itching of my throat, chest and hands, Then my stomach is very painful burning on the left side and lower abdormen, i feeling like my stomach is Bloating, with smelling burning and itching stools, im experiencing defficulties in breathing and im always feeling tired want to rest my eyes and ears sometimes itch, i always pass gas via the Anus even without eating, also i feel like i drink coke everytime , m very stressed its now 9weeks since , they gave me, moxillin, Hyosol, ulcer tablets it keeps paining pliz help, sometimes i feel like im breathing dry air my stomach is always burning and bloating with a groaning sound also pain around the west like abnormina cramps, mostly wen im sleaping i feel pain in my stomach and burning in the chest causing to use the mouth to breath my chest will be heavy and paining pliz help, Maxwell in Johannesburg

  678. Ananya Mishra says:

    eSofgus operation that was 2 years before my Papa was operated when it was spread too much in the body but just before 2 months his legs were paralised. prior to their legs come in X-ray report that spinal cancer failed in nerve It has.He suffering in CS Stomach … Now what we should?

  679. Gurpreet singh oberoi says:

    I have acid reflex gastro esophagus diease for last three month when had done my endoscopy pn 28 sep . Docter had given rekool and then on second visit at pune parit 20 folvite&domestal .
    I am from india did homeopathy medicine do the favour for me.Day by day my symptoms are getting worse.weight is gettimg loss for 3 to 4 kg in 3 months.I am 33 year old now docter has diagnosed anxiety and depression .so what can ido the treatment of homopathy.I have turned to balanced heathy diet and quit all breavages spicy foods tomato based foods cirtus fruit etc

  680. i am having gerd problem forrs 15 yrs in cold climate it is getting worsen with pain in the chest

  681. syed munir alam says:

    I suffer from extreme flatulence in my abdomin for last 14 year the adverse effects are palpitation rapid heartbeat which relaxes after belching. But the episodes of such attacks have become frequent now.

    Several times went through ecg and once echo in the condition of palpitations which proved heart as normal.

    Have used homeomedicine like nux likopodium carbo beg etc but not helped me to overcome the problem.

    7 years back took aconite which help me in overcoming the symtoms of fear and palpitation to a great extent.

    In elopathy magesium trisilicate tablets help me in recovering from palpitation immediately as it helps me belching which reduces pressure on vagus nurve and hearbeat.

    Now a days the attack is severe as I feel extreme pressure on my right side upper abdomin bowl is irritable tongue is quoted white I feel smell of food I eat in belches. Walking and stepping up aggrevates palpitation.

    Few week back the color of stool changed and smellef like cury.

    One thing I would like to mention here that my pysician also screened me to observe gall stones. Which proved stones of less then 2mm but presently painless.

    Please suggest remedy as I am very disturbed as right diagnosis of my problem has not been made.

  682. hi Dr. my daughter who is 10 months old now and she is suffering from reflux since her birth and now her weight is not growing at all from past 3 months and m worried for her symptoms are getting severe day by day plss suggest something as she was born underweight thanks.

  683. Amit sharma says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 32 yrs old and Suffering from chronic hyperacidity from more than 10 yrs . iam taking ocid -20 regularly but it gives temporarily relief for 1-2 days. I take alcohol 4-5 times in a month and do not smoke. I have doubt that it may be due to H. pyolori infection because noe I am feeling burning sensation in stomach and some times weakness. plz suggest.
    Amit sharma

  684. dr, i have been having this gerd problem for months now
    i dont smoke i’m nt fat and i’m not pregnant but i have ulcer
    please help me out

  685. sonia sharma says:

    namaskar doctor saab…
    meri problem yeh hai ki mere ko jaise hi bhook lagti hai agar khana nahin mela toh headache start ho jata hai. bhut hi pain hota hai head mein. next morning pani pene ke baad brush karte hue kafi soar water niklta hai mein na bhi vomit karna chauo par pressure se nikal aata hai. please meri help kare. meine homoeo medicine li thi aur takriban one year theek bhi rahi. par ab toh haalat kharab ho rahi hai. spicy food toh khati nahin hu. baahar ka khana bhi avoid hi karti hu……..
    with regards

  686. pavan kumar says:

    sir i had tooo much gas problem gas comming out from mouth and heart burning and digestive problem i am using nexpro l cap but it i cant feel relax pls show me any way

  687. Muhammad Saleem Qureshi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am Saleem Qureshi from Multan Pakistan, my urinary track is at the end of bladder and start of pinus thats why my urinary flow is not as in routine. Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine. I shall be very grateful to you. Regards.

  688. subin philip raju says:

    sir am from india and am havin GERD for the last y or 7 taking nexpro rd 40 and pantocid plain….but usually after taking alcohol or smoking my condition will turn worse….please do reply….sir

  689. S Papia Chakraborty says:

    Sir, i am a mother of a 4 year old girl who is a low birth weight baby and since last one year every weak my child gets a short bouts of hiccup a day and along with that she does not get regular bowels and the amount of bowel is also less. she also have an 9mm asd in her heart i am cluless what do i do please help me sir

  690. saroj bhunia says:

    Dear sir,
    Good morning!!
    i shall really be obliged for your valuable suggestion for my case.
    i have been experimented by 2 doctors yet & tablets for 2 weeks:
    Reason- Having indigestion, heartbearn & loose stools (only in morning but at night moderate or hard stools).
    iam very depressed how to sole this, now daily iam taking ANTACID tablet after meal to avoid excessice gas & loose tools in Morning.
    Please please help for suggestion the medication..

    saroj bhunia


    Sir iam suffering with Heart burn Problem.i feel the burning sensation when i sleep towards my left side on the bed and after taking enough of curd even.plz suggest me how to get rid of this issue

  692. mari purchase says:

    dear dr, my doctor prescribed pantocid 40 tablets for heartberan. pls advice me is the correct medicine to take and what is the side effects and for how long can it be cused. I suffer from heartburn but do not want to take the tablet without researching it. many thanks. Mari

  693. I am suffering reflux symptoms regularly hence i consulted a Gastroenterologist . He done upper GI Endoscopy and his diagnosis are , Hiatus Hernia, Moderate refulx oesophagitis, Pan gastritis.He recommended some medicines, Espanz-40mg, Ganaon-50 Mg, Pexomox-500 mg, macrox-150mg, Providoc and i am taking now. But he said, this problem cannot cure permanently and it should be controlled only with diet. Whether it is curable in hemeopathy medicine? . Kindly give your opinion please.

    B. Rajmohan

  694. Sir,I am suffering from hyper acidity from last 14 yrs..i am taking homeopathy medicine but till there is no improvement…pls advice me..

  695. Thiyagarajan.K says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have been taking treatment for acid reflux for the past 4 months and it has shown some improvement in my health, but i am still in course of taking medicines for long period and i wanted to cure it permanently and carry on my life without any medicines and alertness for GERD.

    Below I have explained the issues i have faced with my health and treatments taken.

    1) Initially i had a breathing problem along with heart and stomach burn. There was also pain in chest and stomach. Mucus would be coming out after eating any food and any amount. The cough was untolerable and i had clear my throat for 10-15 mins after eating.

    2) Then i went to a allopathic doctor and told my complications. He diagnosed me and told that I am having wheezing problem and the stomach pain and heart burns are due to acidity. He told me to avoid citric fruits, banana, spicy foods, brinjal, tomato etc., But the treatment was primarily carried out for wheezing.

    3) The wheezing has been cured for me now, but the heart burns and the acidity hasn’t left completely. The mucus formation irritates me not to eat anything. Then I went again to the doctor he then told me that I am having GERD and gave some tablets. The symptoms has been reduced after taking tablets but not cured permanently.

    Is there a permanent cure for GERD ? Please help me to solve the problem sir.

  696. Kathleen Mason (Mrs.) says:

    Please advise whether Nux Vomica 30 is likely to control symptoms of acid reflux? This has for years been “dealt” with by taking PPIs from omeprazole through the various types of PPI through to Esomeprazole.

  697. Amit Chaubey says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 27 years Old man. I works in UAE in an Aluminium scrap recycling plant.
    Sir, Prior to UAE. I were working in Thailand, there I started feeling huge acidity and pain in lower part of chest. I went for endoscopy as suggested by the doctor and was diagnosed by Duodenitis Ulcers. The doctor prescribed me Nexium & Antacid. I continued the course for 6 months without any stoppage in taking medicines.But when I stopped taking the medicine, the pain in lower chest was not there but the acidity was felt.
    Then I came to India and met an doctor in Noida and informed about my situation.He prescribed me Nexpro RD-40 for 6 months, by the time I have shifted to UAE, left my job in Thailand thinking that the food style may not be suiting me.
    But again after taking the medicine Nexpro RD 40 for 6 months, when I have stopped taking this medicine I am again feeling huge acidity.
    Sir, hope you can understand my situation. I am very much worried about my health, is soomething wrong with my health?
    I will highly appreciate your instructions and information on this.

    Thanks & regards,
    Amit Chaubey

  698. Mrs Gulshan suleman says:

    Am suffering from GERD and gas problem. Pl help me

  699. pradeep patil says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 38 years old suffering from high acidity & heart burn problem & gastric problem
    that time my bp is high please tell me homeopathy medicine

  700. Hello 26yrs old female having GERD since last two years associated with heartburn palpitations anxiety burning sensation in throat acidic feeling in mouth n foodpipe since two days, I hv consulted many docs before but all of dem gve me ppi’s antacids n suggested me to do endoscopy but I dun wana do dat itz so painful n um frequently taking these medcines but they only gve me temporary relief um fed up with dis now please help me out I wana get rid of this problem um so upset I cannot take any kind of food please help me

  701. Karan J. Thaker says:

    Dear, Dr. Sharma
    I,Karan wants to ask you that what is the alternative of the drug Ganaton OD (which is recently banned in US and UK) .Also, my father is suffering from psuedo obstruction since two years.
    Is there any treatment for it?
    I wish you will help me

  702. Dr. Sharma,
    I have some acidity problems. My stomach does not allow me to eat pizza. But I still eat twice a week. I am vegetarian and there is nothing left for me to eat. I don’t have any craving to eat any non veg food. Anything has preservative or yeast in it causes me acidity. I have to take a pill every day. one or two antacid pills daily. Is there any medication available in the homeopathy can cure my acidity. How much will be per month? Are you able to send it in the mail? Do you accept credit card payment?
    Thank you,

  703. Bala chandharan.K says:

    Respected sir,
    During 2010 & 2011 i had late night dinner due to the working style and went for bed immediately after the dinner, resulted in esophagus Grade I and used ruzo 20 mg for just one month and changed dinner time before 8 p.m. and 3 hrs after dinner i used to go for bed, now everything fine, but my body weight comes down from 85 to 71. All my old friends and relatives are shocking of my skeleton look, before esophagus Grade I, my body looked like very good built like gym body, now nearly 15 kgs are down i looked like very lean and thin, but i am feeling well. How can i improve my body up to certain level ? Please suggest. Is there any side effect after using ruzo 20 mg for one month? or is there any problem with esophagus grade I related to the body condition?
    Please reply this.
    K.Bala chandharan

  704. Gurdev Singh says:

    I (75) alongwith my mother 98 came to USA and Canada to participate in World Senior Games where we became World Championsl. In Canada too we both got Gold medals. Here in Surrey I have been tested positive for H.Pylory. One of my friends also a doctor feels that Breath test can test bacteria in the small intestine and if overcrowing by bad bacteria can create gas problem. I have to take part in so many competitions here and I have lost 10 pounds of weight here. Please let me know what medication should I take to get rid of this problem.

  705. To all gerd sufferers,

    This problem cannot be cured by allopathy or homeoptahy.I have tried everything and nothing can sure this.only solution is surgery to fix LES valve.A new technology has come up LINUX reflux surgery in US which can solve this Problem.Medanta Medicity has done 1 trial and is successfull.Dont waste your money in for surgery.

  706. Sarika Galot says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. Iwas diagnosed with chronic inflammation of the esophagus 2 yrs ago due to a long could of anti inflammatory medication taken for almost 3 yrs. I was given lanzoprazole for a month which helped then. Now the burning in my chest up to my throat. Kindly advise.

  707. please suggest me which is the best medicine for heart burn , neck burn and what process to take the medicine. when i dhaker that time my neck burn very much. and i have reflux from ten yers. and my stomach also pain sometime, fatty lever, and Bactria found in the test report. all this report from Apollo hospital , kolkata. please help me. thank you.

  708. Rajan singh says:

    Sir my height is 5.6 n my age is 20 n want 5.10 sir it is possible or not.. Pls reply soon

  709. prabhjot singh says:

    regular heartburn,nausea,anxiety pls help

  710. Balkar sihngh says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am balkar singh from Gurgaon, I am suffering from hurt burn/acidity since long time and I have taken all the home remedy and doctor treatment as well, but still suffering from this problem, I am taking pantop D, and Pantop -40, ragularly if skip even a single day i feel very uncomfortable I cannot tell you what pain I feel I would request you to please suggest.

    Thank YOu
    Balkar Singh

  711. Acid reflux is the problem,
    tablets I take are 10mg propranolol and 25mg losartan potassium would this last tablet cause acid as it seems worse after taking it. only been on it for 3wks

  712. Mrs Rubina Khawar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am diabetic and on Insulin but controlled . I have hyper acidity and GERD and also a constant cough . My tongue also burns at the tip . I have tried ZANTAz and NEXIUM and its all temporary . Pls advise me very urgently
    God Bless u

  713. VIVEK VERMA says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am having serious Acidity , Constipation, Gas rising up in the heat and stomach pain for last 5 years. This aggravates during anxiety , physical and mental stress. I have also suffer from vomiting daily after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please advise the Homeopathic medicine for the above.


  714. Rajesh Malhotra says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My son ,age 19 yrs, suffering from gas problem for last two years . Tried all type of medicine including Ayurvedic but in vain .
    Please advice

  715. hello sir,
    I m suffering from stone type very tiny pimples or acne….
    I think its neither pimples nor acne but its looks like pimple….
    m using betnovate N ….
    plzzzz suggest me medicines

  716. UMESH GUPTA says:


  717. Sir, I have got my endoscopy done and they took small biopsy . The RUT test was positive . I was told that I am infected with H Pylori. Is there any sure shot treatment in homeopath?

  718. Ive been feeling like this for 2 weeks now are there an over the counter drug I can take for this?

  719. Syed naved pervez says:

    I use paraxyl cr 25mg since 2 years now i am feel headace and giddy very much.some times i feel lose of confidence what should i do

  720. diler singh says:

    hi.Dr.Sharma.I am from london i have been having this acid problem for five month i been to my doctor they give the medicine but didnt throat always dry i don t know what to do please help THANKS

  721. neetu manglani says:

    Hello Sir,
    I was previously suffering from gastritis but recently the symptoms become more acute. Now I am observing that after eating a simple food acid reflex in my mouth and causing a blockage in food pipe at neck region. I am not able able take any type of food.
    Kindly suggest any medicine or treatment required.

  722. k m kalied 47 says:

    sir while sleeping my stomach getting gas some thing pushing towards head blood pushing edge of the body and geting joint pain mouth become dry and getting tired in the morning motion problem motion passage burning like acid infection harip in tamil 2 year iam suffering iam not getting good sleep recently urin passage burning test endes cope exray calnia scope scan blood test no problem 15 year gas problem now iam taking ayer vadic medcene that make food passage burning medicene name chiruvilwadi kashyam mouth skin become not good

  723. Dear Sir,

    My age 30, 5.10h & 80 weight. Im facing uric acid problem from past six months, doctor advice me to avoid all protein food and drink plenty of water and instructed to eat vegetables and fresh fruit juice and fresh fruits.

    Could you please advice me the full instruction and natural remedies to cure the uric acid and gout problem so that i can reduce my level of uric permanently.

    Waiting for your answer sir….

  724. Hi,
    I am 32 years old, I am eating out side food from 10 years and i use to smoke and drink regularly.
    I am having indigestion problem rarely. But before 6 months i got a severe pain in left side of chest and left arm. i w was diagnosed by cardiac. all testes have been done including treadmill.. they have given me gastro tablets which i have to swallow every early morning for 15 days….. i used them for 5 days. and made a quit.. right now i am getting pain again from left shoulder to neck and unbearable pain in chest in nite times.. Even Iam not sleeping properly ( As i got a feeling that my hear will stop) and even not concentrating on work and sit dull from morning to evening from past six months i have severe drinking and smoking till now… i had a regular habitual of Nixocid and Livonip… but still iam getting the same from 2 days i am having fever with loose stool ( min of 6 ) please suggest……. now i am not having fever .

  725. my daughter is suffering from abdominal harnial ,she is 5y 8m old .i don’want to operate the harnia .so pls guide me ,how to recovery and subside the problem by homoeopathy.

  726. hi , my son has gerd , and due to vomit he lost 17 kgs , will nat phos lmake him lose more weight

  727. Hello Sir.I am from Chennai.I have been diagonosed with grade A erosive esophagitis.Although I had symptoms of GERD earlier,it was overlooked.I am taking Pantocid 40 but still I dont have much relief with the symptoms of acid reflux.I am actually unable to eat anything because of burning throat and lower parts of the throat.Can i get help in homeopathy

  728. prabhjot singh says:

    suffering from gerd

  729. My son after eating , keeps burping, and is very uneasy till he does not thro w up, had endoscopy all normal , kindly help as he can’t keep the food down

  730. Please help me in rhinitis.

  731. Subramanian. V says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am having GERD issue for the past 3 years. I have been suggested with Sompraz-L. If I stop taking the medicine, I experience issues while sleeping and eating (trouble swallowing and acid reflux while in bed). I would like to have a permanent cure for the problem. Request you to suggest suitable medicine.

  732. I have GERD and dysphagia and due which throat is slightly narrowed. Doctors are suggesting opening the stricture with the help of a balloon like thing inflated inside with endoscopy to open it up. Is there any alternative in homoeopathy? Should I go for the procedure?
    Please advise.
    Thank you

  733. vinod sharma says:

    i have 3 cm hiatus hernia found last year and grade I x 4 esophageal varies. One year experience mix some time litle pain upper part. GERD and some time uneasyness.

    I tried alopathy, ayurvedic and yoga. Canit cured through homeopathy medicine

    Vinod Sharma

  734. Satish Kumar Ramisetty says:

    Respected Doctor,
    Please suggest me a homeopathy doctor in hyderabad for treatment of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease

  735. Arvind Patil says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 30 years old, diagnosed with sliding hiatus hernia of 3-4 cm in feb 2012 and also mild lever enlargement. But for about 6 months I did not face reflux problem but now I am facing the reflux problem more often in throat,backside and feel stickyness in throat.I am obese and also daily I go for walking and do some exercises along with taking omeprazole tablet.
    I read somewhere that in homeopathy disorder of hiatus hernias can be cured effectively with some drugs.
    So kindly please help me sir and prescribe me some medicines and also necessary lifestyle changes help me cure this disorder as I am afraid a lot because I prepare for IAS Exam and I am unable to study properly.
    Please kindly help me sir and also please give me appointment at your clinic.

  736. N.KRISHNAMURTHY says:

    Dr. I am lot of acidity and stomach pain since past 5years some times i use to take rantac tablet especially in the midnight i am getting pain and burning sensation in my stomach and in the chest and back pain is coming due to this it can be cure permanetly in homeopathy i can consult at homeo world in bangalore i am not able to take sufficient food also some times getting stomach pain please advice for good remedy from this problems

  737. HI DOCTOR,

  738. subash rasaily says:

    hellow sir, i thirty seven old man, for 5 years i am suffering from gas, giddiness, heartburn, sometimes mild pain in right testicle and right side abdomen. I have treated from the begining but still the same, the medical report says that there is colostorolisis, slightly jundice is there .

  739. Manu ranjan says:

    Hi sir
    i am suffering from GERD so i want to get your to overcome this please suggest me . and fix appointment.

    Thanks-manu ranjan

  740. Hi,

    I am suffering from gred. I get frequent heart burns and if i walk a bit after having dinner the gas gets out of my mouth, otherwise i cant sleep. I am not sure if this means GERD or not.

    Please suggest.

  741. I suffer from sudden pain in the mid chest and left stomach, I’ve done ECG it shows normal some says gastric and others say acidity, but i want to know how to overcome this problem with some home remedies. If i ate masala items it start pains.

  742. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been facing the above issue since long and for that one dr made me under go apendicitis surgury also , Have done sono grapgy every six month and reports are clean. i have heitus hernia very minor . Now I am facing huge breathing problem and 400-500 buprs i get, along too much gas in my stomach . I have taken all medication given by dr like ulgelA, librax, ganoton, pantocid and flatuna for continuous 1 month but NO RELIEF atall. Please help what i should do , I will not get cure ever at all?. I am muslim girl and into sales where i cnt avoid onion garlic , but i have stopped coffee ,tea, cold drinks , oily food, i do yoga , i walk 30 mins daily. Please help whats the remedy.

  743. Dear doctor.

    I have been suffering from acidity problem for last one and half years. I am taking pantadac 40mg for past 4 months. Of late if I dont take this tablet, I get loose motion and excess gas problem. That affects all my routine work. If homeopathy medicine will cure me, I will be very grateful. Im expecting your reply.
    Thank you.


  744. Aman Dhillon says:

    Hello,I’m suffering from Acid reflux and always food backs up (food stuck in throat and esophagus). I’m 39 years old.Dr.said digestion slow down happen around 40yrs of age.he suggested me only Rantidine.please help me.

  745. Sir
    My name is sana and from many days i am suffering from acidity (with continous heartburn) so can you suggest me good remedy for this problem.
    with regards
    sana jan

  746. Kishor Niroula says:

    Dear sir
    I am Kishor Niroula (Sharma) from Ilam Nepal. I have gastric problem and want to have your valuable suggestion hoping that you won’t feel bored to assist me.

    before 18 months I was admitted in hospital because of certain stomach pain and bloody stool when doctor dignosed it resulted that I was suffering from Dudena ulcer at that time H.pylori also was positive. doctor treated me and gave me clarithromycin, rab20, peptozyme and heptozyme . I recovered but again before 4 month I suffered from gastric a lot. when I examined blood it showed H.pylori positive. dr gave me clarithromycin-500 for 14 days and after that he gave me agthiro and sysnindazole for 5 days afrer taking those medicines I am feeling well and quality of stool also improved but since then I am feeling something like a knot r loaf of something between chest and upper abdomen and feeling a pressed throat. what it can be? what should I do? is it serous or do I need to worry?
    Sir I would be very much thankful to you if you be positive to help me.

    Kishor Niroula
    Ilam, Nepal

  747. shondalon Foster says:

    I have this burning under my left breast and in the upper part of my back and shoulder blades.. Omesalpro is not working, I have gone gluten free , I don’t know what else to do.

  748. Hi Sir,

    My age is 27. In feb 2013, I felt pain while swallowing. i came to my family doctor and he told me that it happens because of hyper acidity. he prescribed me pantocid-DSR. After a week i got full relief from pain while swallowing. I took the medicine for 2 months but still i feel heartburn and when i touch my chest hard then i feel some pain.

    Sir please suggest me.

    Thanks in advance,

  749. Shrinivas says:

    I suffer from severe acidity heart burning,constipation,with mild blood pressure & taking treatment. But not satisfied but still suffering form high acidity & constipation problems.
    permanent solution please.

    Hubli, Karnataka

  750. Dear sir,

    I am diagnosed gerd initially treated with allopathy gaviscon ,other tablets ,having pain in the troat area .
    i have avoided spicy food ,heavy meals ,tomatos, onions my age is 31 suggest me how to over come the problem is it curable perminently through homeopathy. are the problem repeats through out the life

  751. sulakhan singh says:

    hello sir, I’m suffering from gerd for last 15 yrs. now I’m 39. last yr. I had endoscopy & Dr. told me that I had shrinkage in foodpipe yet. I hadn’t noticed it at that time, but now this problem has increased. I feel LAN-30 difficulty in breathing as well as swallowing. chronic constipation is also there. I have to take LAN-30 empty stomach daily as no other medicine ( ayurvedic or homeopathic helps). please help.

  752. Before two years i had problem of E.h.
    ultrasound and barium test was nomal.
    But i faced stomach ache problem.and sometime my problem related with tension also.
    Doctor told me i am suffering from IBS.
    i am taking homopathic medicine from sep 2012.
    What food i take and what should i do so i can feel good.
    Is this ulsar problem or what?

  753. hannah from kenya says:

    im having a pain behind my left breast and i feel like im swollen on my left side h.pelori is positive taking pantacids 20 having now thick saliva choking cough in the throat please advice for the treatment or what to do


    Sir i am suffering from cronic dyspepsia w.e.f 2006. since 2006 i am is on allopathic treatment of Escorts Hospital. in 2011 i was feeling better and stopped all the medicine . Now in the month of April it started again. Now the problem become worshed. During movement Also I am feeling pain. and changed my total lifestyle. Now m taking rebeprazole 20mg two times a day. and B12 and Vitamin D injectons. but not OK. Is there any perfect treatment available in homeopathy , if yes plese let me no.
    lalata prasad sharma

  755. priyasri says:

    hi iam 35 yrs old female i have heart burningsymptoms &always there is a pain in front and back of chest ,oftenburp,very hard to swallow liquid or solid food .please give me a
    remedy. is there tretment in homeopathy.

  756. waseem sidiqi says:

    Hi sir my name is waseem I am 27 years before one year I was having burning sensation near back doctor did my endoscopy it was normal but he told u have mild acid reflux he give me mediicines I was ok fr one year now it came back very worst again doctor give me medicine but I dont have much relief pain near back its burning sometimes near neck also

  757. Sir,
    I have heartburn/acidity a few years ago. During night, at once I awake and my whole throat and also nose is full up with acid of stomach. Now this problem not exist.
    A new problem is catching me since last six to eight months. That is I have too much YAWNING some times and who so ever come near me or even think about me is also getting YAWN frequently.
    I am also suffering with breathing problem as I am unable to breath fully.

    Please do favor for me and suggest me some medicine in Homoeopathy.

  758. Hello Doctor,
    I’m diagnosed with esophagitis level A.
    Have taken the allopathic meds for more than 6 months. Have altered food habits, eating times and have regular exercise, still very less effect. I also found that the acidic trigger is closely connected with my mental conditions. Getting in an argument, or any such typical situation triggers it and immediately i start feeling little breathless.
    Getting a good homeopathic doctor in nearby area is difficult for me, but there is a homeopathic shop. So can you suggest me good medicine for long term treatment and cure?
    Thanks in advance.

  759. Acidity, burning pain in the stomach and chest area from last few years, gallbladder removed 7 year back, taking ocid 20 after 2-3 days. GERD symptoms seen.

    kindly help me to cure it.

  760. meenakshi malviya says:

    left side heart pains n left hand pains. acidity.

  761. anju kundu says:

    hello doc.
    my daughter is 12+ and hv stomach pain…nd acidity…kindly advise medicine

  762. Jayantanath Banerjee says:

    Doctor said I have GERD ( Acid Reflux).I am in medication slightly improved but not upto mark.Now I have been given Pantocid – L one tab in the morning.Whenever I eat after sometime uneasy feelings starts.Sometimes it delayed but starts. If I take slight heavy food sometimes within very short period ueasy feeling in chest starts with mild burning sensation. So I am afraid of taking any slight spicy food & also mutton/chicken/egg. In early in the morning I feels uneasy feelings in my chest. Is it curable in Homepathy? What medicine may I take? Is it possible to take Homeopathy simultaneously with Alopathy to get rid off permanently?

  763. Hello Doctor,
    I am surviving with GERD for last three years. My condition is getting down n down day by day. My symptoms are severe chest pain(24 hrs), heartburn, painful belching, anxiety. Sir, i got depressed and my weight reached upto 48 kg from 62 Kg. Can homeopathy cure my problem. Please tell me some way to get rid of this problem.

  764. Dear Doctor Sharma,

    I am from Romania, and here doctors do not know a lot about GERD on babies. My 3months daughter was diagnosed with silent pathological GERD. We started on Nexium and Motilium, but after 2 weeks we couldn’t see any improvement (still a lot of pains, acid on throat, refuse of bottle, she cant release gases), so we went to see a homeopath doctor. She prescribed Nux vomica and Calcium Veg. passed one week and she is still in pain.
    Please help us. I killing me to see my princess crying, screaming because of pain.

    Thank you in advance

  765. Jatin Kalra says:

    Doctor please advice me I am having this trouble for same time now from morning to night i feel this burning sensation in my easoplagus please advice some homeopathy medicine

  766. KanchanRoy says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My son of 1 year 10 months suffers from GRED sometimes. This is triggered because of sour fruits, sweets etc. Can you please tell me some Homeopathy medicine so that I can use in case such issue comes up.

  767. hi, I have am on allopathy medicine for hypothyroid and blood pressure since 3yrs. I also had an attack of gastritis which took about 6 months to cure fully. everything was ok . I visited canada for 4 months and as soon as i touched indian soil i have this burning sensation at the back of my throat .I have tried all home remedies but to no avail I do not want to take antacids anymore. Moreover this happens more at night than daytime kindly advice ASAP.Thre is no vomiting or no reflux in the mouth only burning at the back of throat and sometimes dryness in the throat area

    • manjeetsingh katiyar says:

      sir i have a problem of sour cough in throat ,and light pain bellow chest and burning in throat and constipitation stomach,and head feels like heavy.i have tried ayurvedic and allopathy treatment but no relief for please give me suggestion

    • manjeetsingh katiyar says:

      sir i have a problem of sour cough in throat ,and light pain bellow chest and burning in throat and constipation
      stomach,and head feels like heavy.i have tried ayurvedic and allopathy treatment but no relief for please give me suggestion

  768. Guddu kumar says:

    Sir i am 18 years old mujhe gass pass karne me presani hoti h or stool bhi babut jyada dry niklta h sometime 2-3 din lag jate h sir main 3 month se is presani se gujar rha hu plz sir treatment btaiye

  769. Munish saini says:

    Greetings for the day……

    My name is munish and i am 27 years old and doing job in mumbai .

    I have GERD from last one year and when i had endoscopy last year i was even diagonesd with grade a esophigitis .

    I have take antiacids nexpro 40 for around three months and changes my lifestyle as me tioned in your article.

    I was diagonesd in may last year and it is cured in decemeber last year.but after that i continue my normal food habits . And again started achohal and smoking occiansional. And i used to be a heavy smoker and used to drink alot.

    I know that due allthese bad habits i have suffering from GERD.

    I have quit finally but wanted to cure this thing once for all.

    Just wanted your help.

    One more qouestion can it become cancer

  770. Dear Mr.Sharma,

    I am writing to inform you that I am suffering from acid refluxe from last 15 years(10 years before I had operaton for appendicitis and pile) .my age is 35 ,now every second day I am suffering from episodes of refluxe and even feeling pain in back of chest due to inflammation in oesophagus.I tried almost all brands of proton pump inhibitor..utill I used to take pantaprozole 40mg ,remained normal but side effects like constipation are there.It is quite difficult to take permanetly proton pump inhibitors and also they are expensive here in sharjah(UAE).Some time mood lifts are there.Doctors also recommend me as prediabetic as my HIB test was weight is 104 kg which is maintained from last three years because I did lot of life style changes but unable to decrease.Please help me in prescribing any homeopathy or other treatment.


  771. Dipak Biswas says:

    For the last 2 months i have the following problem:

    After taking food stomach become heavy.
    Heart burning followed.
    I am taking R5 & R7 though sevierity is less but still it is there.
    I am following low spicy food.

    please suggect medicine so there is no reoccurence.

    I am 59. male.

  772. I had bloated feeling every evening and I use to feel that stomach is almost full. Later h pylori was diagnosed . Then I took a course of medicine pantocid hp for 15 days.

    Now also I feel bloted . I am taking sompraz d 40. Is there any homeo medicine, to take care of this. Thnx regards rajeev

  773. Karan Singh Tamatta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    1. Previously I used to have choking while sleeping since 15yrs
    2. Sometime when I have drinks I used to have choking sensation in the throat & subsides
    3. Then since 2 yrs. back I used to have severy chest paint for 30 t0 45 minute after I have
    drinks it occurs when I have drinks only so I left drinking
    4. Now since from 6 month slowy slowy I have throat problem that is (a) Feeling like something got stuck in the throat & constanly I have to clear it (b) Now since one month it is little bit uncomfortable while swallowing food

    Dr. please guide me & what it is


  774. nirmal singh says:

    I mr singh suffering from GERD for the last many years .I am also heart patient.
    my age is 68 years.

  775. d.madhavi says:

    i am seriosouly suffering with anxiety problem past 15 years i manage all daily routine well but full of preoccupied disturbed fickling mind only .my problem is from past five years i started constant burning sensation of vagina in vestibular region ,anal burning and now constant burning sensation in throat.i got all the tests done for all my problems in asian institute of gastro entrology with a negative result .suggest a homeo remedy for my problem please.

  776. Dear Doctor,

    for last couple of years, i had this problem of having too much burping after the meals. i thought it to be because of metabolism in the stomach. but last month, i had severe dryness in mouth along with a bad taste and severe headache frequently. when i went to see the doctor, he suggested me these medicine tab: scipride half an hour before the 2 meals and a tablet novipraz after half an hour of the dinner. having taken these medicine for 2 weeks, the condition improved a little bit but once i stopped taking medicine the condition has become the same. now i am again taking these pills. kindly suggest the appropriate medicine and a permanent solution as i a student and this condition is hindering me in concentrating on my studies.

    please note that i m a smoker. i ususally smoke 5 to 7 cigarettes and take two cups of tea in whole day.


  777. Hi,

    Sir My mother is facing problem of GERD and and daily basis around 11.30 when he is about to go to bed or lay down on bed,sudden pain starts around chest and back and stomach swallowing also starts.doctors have started sompaz hp kit for 14days,but she recently get operated for urine blockage,just wanted to know if this medicine harmful and is this have any side effects for blocking urine passage.

  778. G.V.Ramana says:

    Respected Dr. Sir,

    I m suffering severe GERD from the last one year, main issue after eating something the reflex is acting,that time pain, to cure this what can i do, its a curable on or not, please advice me for this. I am using the medicine Nexpro RD 40 Capsule & Rantac 150 mg tablets, daily each one tablet.

    kindly advice any Homeopathy medicines.

    With regards,

    Cell No. 09505721378

  779. Mithlesh says:

    Sir, I was suffering from intestinal infection and was treated by an allopathic treatment. I am 80+ lady with lean n thin body. Now I feel heartburn n severe burning sensation on shoulders, back and legs. Please refer any homeopathic or biochem medicines for me. Thanks

  780. vikash gupta says:

    i want to know benefite of sompraz l. so pls give me answer about this. because i have been suffering from poor dizestion

  781. Joydeep Pal says:

    Dr Sharma

    Warm greetings!

    I have been suffering from Gerd since two years . However all medications and life style changes like no coffee ,tea ,small frequent meals,no alcohol etc have proved futile. I also do a bit of weight training exercise. Kindly advise the remedy for this at the earliest as due to this medical problem. Please advice some homeopathy treatment.
    Best Regards


  782. ranjit kaur says:

    Sir i am a 36 years old lady. my breast is too loose and not in shape. how homopathy can shape and tight my breast and how much time is required for this. reply me as soon as possible. thanks

  783. Dharmendra kumar says:

    Dr. sharma
    i am a 27 years aged male, i am suffering from gastric problem since from the last four years and i had tried a some different types of medicine but i know the cause is eating habbits so i had keep maintain of my diet also, home remedies and yogas but it doesn’t works out more for me.
    Now from one months the pain has been raises in stomach left side to the part of hydrocyle and and grow up in my left leg (knee) and in my back lower waist also.
    My digestion is also not good, i have to go 3-4 times bathroom in the morning.
    i am suffering from severe pain, by profession i am a mechanical engineer so i havn’t too much of time and for that now i only take pain relief tablets.
    please suggest me the best medicine that is easily available to me.
    i am waiting for your response please mail me on my e-mail id-
    thanks in advance

  784. syed ali says:

    hai sir wich medicine ok for gas tahnk u

  785. ss srivatsa says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a high bp patient (140-145/90-100) and I am on allopathy medication as well as on homeopathiy. (Allopathy – Eslo 5 mg. Nebistar – 5 mg., Satins clavix AS) [homeo-Arnica 30 & crategus mother tincture). A stent was also placed.

    a) After walking for about 100 meters feeling breathlessness and especially in the evening before dinner. When Aconite 30 used it becomes ok in about 20 to 30 mins.
    b) Braething problem after lunch is more in comparison to after dinner and some times more even after dinner.
    May I request u to kindly help me please.
    With regards,
    SS Srivatsa

  786. Arvind Goel says:

    Hello Sir, I am 38 years old male my acidity & gastric problem last few years my weight is 83 kg , height 162cm, BP Or Diebities No.Please Sir send good advice to me. Thanks With REGARDS : Arvind Goel , Agra .

  787. paul louzado says:

    I am 75 years old male I have extreme acid reflux presently. I had suffered the same 3 years back and I got rid of it after strict diet and taking Pan d half hour before meals. I would like to switch to homeopathy.

  788. Yashaswini Sharan says:

    Dr., I am 40 yrs old female. For the past 8 months I am suffering from GERD. This is coupled by anxiety and palpitation. I have been taking Razo20 but it gives me only temporary relief. I have turned to bland diet to quite an extent. Kindly help.

    • Ganesh Yadav says:

      I am 50 year old suffering from GERD/Reflux oesophagatitis, mild enlarged prostrate, gas and increase in billubrin. GERD/hyper acidity and indigestion and constipation is for more than 12 years. Kindly suggest permanent cure. I had taken all type of medicine including homeopathic and aurvedic.

  789. Ambika Nand Mahato says:

    i am suffering from GERD. i want to go for permanent treatment of it. pls help me how i can meet you physically in india.

  790. satish mehrotra says:

    since my byepass surgery in 2003 i havebeen taking clavix 75mg
    causing heartburn and b
    urning for the last 2years. Please guie me and prescribe

  791. ramesh khade says:

    i am suffuring from gout.the uric acid crystal are deposited in the joints.tell me how can i will cure?

  792. dinesh kumar singh says:

    i m from kanpur, i have a problem of severe gastirits…i have installed ro at my home…tds of ro is 45…but still my problem persisit…what should i do….

  793. RAMAL SINGH BIRDI says:

    Hello dr. Sharma……….I am Ramal Singh Birdi from Siliguri in Darjeeling District of West Bengal , India……I am suffering from heartburn ,gas, belching and feel pain on the lower food and having a difficult time. I have treated for GERD with allopathic medicine but after few days of relief it recurs . I am really looking to get homeopathic meds to get rid of this problem permenently. My age is 39 yrs male and eat veg n non veg….and seldom drinking habits now a days.


  794. Muhammad Amjad Siddiqui says:

    I often have acute pain in upper abdominal at a single spot and across to the back. The time is irrelevant, it starts at any time and is relieved by diagesic or distilgesic tablet two at a time. I am having this problem for more than eight years. Duration between problem was several months but from two months back its happening more frequently. I am having allopathic medicine Acireg 40, Optifam 20, Paraxyl CR 12.5 and Laxoberon Liquid. My doctor diagnosed as acidity. I am also a cardiac patient and have had MI 1994.

    Is there any remedy/treatment/medicines for this problem in homoeopath. Please reply.


  795. My Name is Mahesh from India & 34 years old. Just few months back I came to know that I have the issue of acid reflux problem. I would like to know is acid reflux can be cured or I should say could jump start esophagus valve 100% back to work by homeopathy medicines.

    Kindly recomend me

    Thanking you


  796. Poonam pathania says:

    I am suffering from hyper acidity which medicine will be effective. I am from Shimla Himachal Pradesh India


  798. My mother 75 years old she using high blood perassure using a medician walfrian and alfapreal know she had blood test in urian geting protian. I just want know which homepathy medician they can stop protian. She had same problem before I give the homepathy medician but I forget the name

  799. sir iam suffering gred last 3 man ths iam taking somparz l so please give me your homeopati solutation

  800. Pawan Kumar Joshi says:

    For the past few months my mother has been suffering from bloated stomach and reflux. After having Gastroendoscopy the Doctor found that she has a hiatus hernia and GERD. During past two months she has been feeling dreadful, stomach swollen to point of bursting with pain & burning in chest and breathlessness. She was given Nexpro (Esomeprazole and Levosulpride) which do not work. She feels like death can only relieve her. I cant say what type of hiatus hernia it is – i.e. sliding or rolling. Can Homeopathy provide any relief or cure.

  801. prashant kumar says:

    Respected sir
    I am a patient of gerd,because I have problems in my oesophagus ,means there are multiple erosions find at my je junction after doing endoscopy.and also my colon is spastic in nature so I m suffering from dyspepsia,anovexia and hard constipation with 24hrs gastric,nausea and vomiting tendency.i saw a no of doctors and currently I m taking medicine nexpro 40mg,motilium10mg which is replaced by livogastrol by doctor and a granules laxopeg.the no of dozes of medicines are nexpro 40mg 120tablets,motilium presently taken10tablets and it’s ongoing and laxopeg taken before taking bed at night. overall I couln’d get effected by these medicines and the problem is same as on starting stage,earlier 5months.sir I m tired and feeling mentally and physically irritated so please as a 2nd god help me to eliminate these diseases .I will be thankful to you if you understand a problem of 20years young boy.

  802. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am having chest pains, belching, burning sensation in chest and stomach almost for the past one and half year. In December, 2011 when chest pains begin i consulted one heart specialist and he said that i have high BP and so he suggested Seloken which i am still having daily 25 mg. But the chest pain, belching, burning sensation are still there. I have also consulted a homeopathic doctor and he too gave some medicines but the problem is still as it is. Belching will increase in evenings and sometimes will also feels slight giddiness. I also have IBS for past 6 years.

    Kindly suggest what shall i take?

    With Kind Regards,

  803. sajjad ahmad Kochai says:

    Hi,i am facing this problem last six year.Now reacently i have started HOMOPHATIC medicine whould it be cure or not please advice and reply back

  804. Sant Kumar says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I just want to know Can GERD be cured by Homeopetich medicine ? I have this Problem from last 20 year .

  805. syed munir alam says:

    Hi doc i am suffering from tachycardia (palpitation) for the 12 years and is diagnosed to be caused by abdominal gases traped and triggering vagus nerve. It disappears for months and comes again. I have undergone medical test viz ecg echo and ett. All were ok. The palpitation remains for few minutes and then normalises after belching. This time its the severe one as at one accasion it remained for few hours. I have leftalopathic medicine and now using lycopodium. Asafoteda and carbo veg for last 4 days. But what ever i eat creates gases and awakes me at night with nightmares and racing heart and occasoonaly during day after passing stool and walking briskly. My tongue is showing white colour and i continuously feel gas in my stomach. Plz advise cure as i am in severe depression.

  806. Hello dr. Varma,

    My son is 5 years old. He diagnosed GERD at the age of 1 year old. Until this period he is suffering he took OTC medication Prevacid. Now stop taking medicine….. He s not gaining weight. Is there any permanent cure to treat GERD in homeopathic treatment?


  807. sujeet Kumar says:

    Last few months slow and steady chest pain occurring at right side of the chest. Some times i feel heaviness on the chest and stress on the mind. what the reason may happen there and what should i do for the said fact.

    Thanks & regards


  808. Acid Reflux Sufferer says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’m 27 from Canada. I have been suffering from Acid Reflux for the past one year. I take Tecta, 40mg daily but still face problems. I feel burning sensation after eating meal (sometimes even raw fruits and vegetable cause stomach burning). Apart from this, i have gas problem, i feel bloated, chest presure, and even pain in chest and back. I also have kidney stone but my major concern is the burning sensation and want to get rid of it. Please advise me something.

  809. Aneesh.G says:

    I m suffering severe gerd from the last three years,main issue after eating something the reflex is acting,that time pain occuring on my middle chest and left side nipple area,to cure this what can i do,its a curable on or not,please advice me for this

  810. tarun kumar says:

    dear sir,
    past 2 years i am suffering from Gerd problems. And i have undergone for endoscopy which showed result as Gerd grade 2 with las lex errison. And afterthat treated with maditions. But i still not get yet complete relief. Please guide me how can i get complete releif from GERD.

  811. WINS JOEL .T says:

    sir i am 33 years old. now my family doctor detected GERD iin me throuh endoscopic test. he has given sompraz D 40 Capsules for last one year. Now without capsule i can adjust 4 days only otherwise acid reflection wil repeat and hearn burning also . It wil occur morning after the tiffen with in the 1:30 hrs only. afternoon evening night no problem .please suggest ideas and treatment for my disaese. Thank u for ur listening.

  812. Faridah Akmal says:

    Good day Dr Sharma,

    I am having acid reflux,thats what the doctor says.And now I am having some uneasiness in my throat,I feel like there is something there but no pain.When I am eating I feel better no blockage or anything but when I look in the mirror its a bit like yellowish on my behind of mouth near the throat and my throat easily feels dry .

    May I know whats happening?Can I take Nux Vomica and whats the dosage?
    Thank you

  813. Dhurba kumar says:

    Hi 4years ago i get H pylory infection in abdomen.long time doctor not abale to foend out proble so untel that time i suffer from gastratic since 3year i dont have h pylori even mostely time lower abdomen or let side of stomach
    i fell burning,pain an all stomach upset.not onely this much i fell discomfert at left side of stomach of stomach like some thing rounding inside stomach.because of thes problem im realy not felling well even mentally which is good idea to get ride from thes problem?

  814. Ashok R Maurya says:

    I am suffering from GERD 2 with Lax hiatus disease

    Can this be treated by root through homeopathy

    Pls Reply

  815. i am having burning sensation in my neck and chest for past one month

  816. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have recently got an episode of acid reflux…prior to that I only occasionally suffered from acidity. I tried taking Nexium 40 mg but it worsened my symptoms. Then i was switched to Zantac which has provided some relief. I tried to stop taking Zantac after 5 days…but got a bout of bad indigestion…constipation and continuous burping…and slight nausea! Then my doc advised me to continue taking Zantac for another week…

    I am wondering if I can get a long term relief from Acid Reflux through homeopathy. I want to treat this problem in a more natural way. Please advise.

    Thank you,


  817. Kumar Ghanendra says:

    Im suffering from gerd, indigetion hardly about to 4 years , now my intetinal gone to concentration problem..plz help me

  818. I have Haitus Harnea of 2 cm as per Medical Report. I have sever acidity problem and I have to take one tablet of rebeprzole daily after dinner to control acidity. If I donot take medicine then I suffer with acute acidity and indigisation. I am taking this medicine for the last 4-5 years continuesly.

    For dinner I have to take rice and vege soop only as rooti and pulses do not digest for dinner. I have turned quite weak and lost weight also.

    Is there any parmanent treatment for this. Please advice.

  819. Dear sir i am suffering from gerd.Problem was started near about 10 year before. At that time it was only heart burn are less hunger and slow digesting of food.With the passage of time this problem getting serious.I started elopathic treatment like Omeprazole for two years but result was zero.I recently get endoscopy and biopsy.Problem found it was Barret esophagus 4 cm of Barret tissues in esophagus.Doctors also told that you have cealic decease and stop eating wheet.Now i start a homeopathic treatment with G54 and G58.Here is some relux of pain but loss of hunger is still present.Please guide me thank you.

  820. i have gas truble i feel very bad in 4 to8 pm i have taken lyco china hydras Q tere is SOL in my liver in 8th segment

  821. feeling exhausted as well as stress for over a year, besides the regular symptons, lost a lot of weight

  822. I am having problem of burping, sour taste in the mouth,sour liquid comes in mouth, many times I feel deposit of some food at the end the throat,have to clear the throat, difficulty in swallowing the saliva, when ever the wind passes from the mouth I feel some relief, if this does’t happen I feel restlessness, many times burning in the stomach but no pain in the stomach,while going through the NET I feel it may be GERD I have taken allopathy medicines but some times I get relief and some times not
    Please advice me what to do

  823. Denise Melillo says:

    Dearest Dr. Sharma,

    A few years ago I was diagonesed with Leaky Gut/Dysbiosis and GERD. I have been trying to resolve these issues with yet still no luck. I have recently stumbled upon the GAPS diet which I have just begun in the hopes of resolving the leaky gut which I believe is causing the GERD. I have a constant bitter taste in my mouth which progressively gets worse as the day goes on. I don’t have any significant burning but do have belching after eating. Sometimes, I also have a “racing” heart sensation after I eat. I would love to find a Gastro in NJ who had a more homeopathic approach to my issues. Any advice of help is so greatly appreciated.
    Denise Melillo

  824. i have suffered hyperacidity since last 20 year.symtoms are acute pain upper part of abdomain, not toerable tnds me to hospitalise yearly at mid night.when i was in 12th class due to future security i scored good marks in it.aftrer B.Tech i prepared ias & qualified 2 but due to this pain i could nt succeded. now up pes srevices, due to stress in work place this again creating problems. appro.yearly hospitalise. i got checkup in Sir gangram hosp.also treated ATT for instine.but could nt suggest me & cure this disease.with regard.

  825. since 9 months am suffering from, 1)constipation, 2)IBS, 3)weight loss up to
    > 8 kgs, & 4) Back nosil drip, due to this, always some thick liquid flows
    > from nose back side through esophagus, and esophagus is filled with full of
    > thick saliva with flume mix with colour, due to this iam unable to eat with
    > out vomiting, every morning and night. if i dint vomit then i always
    > feeling vomiting sensation in my chest,and through out the day feeling
    > reflux in esophagus, need to split for every 10 minutes, thick saliva from
    > mouth.

  826. Respected sir,,,

    i have problem in my digestive system……I am suffering from hyper acidity for last 4 years……now a days it is in unbearable condition in my daily life…..simulteniously I have a few another problems such as heart burn, chest pain,solder pain,head ache ,wind formation in upper abdomen portion etc.those which related to hyper acidity. And one thing which should be attached that I have a very bad habit to do mustarbation myself for a long time …my age is 26 my height is 5’7” and body weight is 70 kgs…bp normal study… the way….thirsty and apetite is not bad….but not so good also…sir pls help & suggest me that what can i do to cure myself as soon as possible…..thanking you …..SOUMYA.

  827. hi, i am suffering from GERD problem for past 5 months … i am taking ganaton , razo and relac tablet as medicine it cure little bit… can any one tell the way to cure GERD permanently…

  828. I have a bad too bad acid reflux over 2 years now I tak dexilant or too many medson

  829. chandra sekhar says:

    i am suffering with ACHALASIA CARDIA since one year. Not able to swallow the food properly, more discomforbale with liquids. baloon dilation done four months back. no significant imporovement. now able to take items like rice and dal with less spicy and oil.not able to take enough food. since then suffering with reflux problem. liquid intake after the evening hours is coming out as reflux during night times after mid night hours. please suggest any medicine

  830. parminder.kaur says:

    i am 46 year old.i have GERD problem from last four years. & costipation from my childhood. i am taking allopathic treatment from last 4year but it help me temporery. i am fed up from allopathic treatment .please help me & suggest which homeopathy medicine make me healthy. i am taking pendom od , itomis & rentac tablets daily in morning but doctor can not say how long i will take this medicine. please help me & give me permanent solution.

  831. dr.please tell permanent remedies for heartburn acidity and prescribed the medicine for me,as iam suffering from it w and then.

  832. Vasant Bhuta says:

    no thanks

  833. Vasant Bhuta says:

    I am getting frequent chest burning and breathing problem specially after meals. Pl. advise.

  834. Rakesh toor says:

    I have gerd hear burn

  835. Sanjay sinha says:

    Sir i am suffering from acute acid formation. The main problem occurs in my head, it becomes heavy, guidiness occurs , vision becomes unsettled and i start feeling very weak and highly confused then gradually wind starts passing and after 2/3 hours i recover from that state I also got Ultra sound which says Fatty Infiltration in lever My Endoscopy says Small Superficial Ulcer on the Dudenam cap Presently i am on CELVIT capsule for my superficial ulcer and RABEPRAZOLE tabs. prescribed by my Doctor at Asian Institute of Gastroenterology Hyderabad. Please advise

  836. Ravindra purohit. says:

    Dear sir i am being treated by my family doctor who is BHMS.
    this is 12th day of my treatment. but i cant see any recovery in my gerd symptomps.i take care of mine how long this will take to recover.pls rply.

  837. gerd acidity gas especially above stomach loud burping nauseous feeling constipation gas entrapped difficult to get rid of allopathic treatment not very effective. entrapped gas bloating makes life miserable causes lot of anxiety depression

  838. zulfiqar ali Imran says:

    hello sir
    i have a respiratory problem along with GERD because i have to work a lot with my students in bending condition. often i have to face respiratory poblem or flu with water dripping from noze or PND.please suggest bet medicine
    zulfiqar ali imran
    OPF sheikhupura

  839. Deep Shikhar Kulshreshtha says:

    when I eat egg,pineapple,almond,paan,coconut,riped mango,a severe pain start in my stomach and the intensity of pain depends on the quantity taken. and saliva formation start and bomiting start, as soon everything comes out from stomach immedietly I feel perfect. so please let me know the causes and remedy. thanks.Deep

  840. Sudeep bhati says:

    Sir i am 34 years old iam facing gerd since 1999.i have taken all possible treatment but not get i think no treatment is i am taking homeopathy since two months by dr batra clinic but i have no improvement.please suggest me what i do now.

  841. Sudeep bhati says:

    Sir. I am facing problem of gerd since 1998 i have taken allopathy ayurvedic now i am taking homepathy by dr.batra clinic.but i am not getting relief..i am 34 years old.

  842. Hi Doctor sharma
    I am 65 ,very healthy , last six month i have heart burn , as long i take medication , tectac , i am ok as long i stop i have burning in throat , is any thing can be done

  843. suffering from gerd for the past 9 years.gerd with grade1 esophagatis
    it is a permanent ailment.muscles are aching.not feel as fit.always living with heartburn pain.please help me.

  844. taking before breakfast sompraz l and before dinner sompraz 20 is correct

  845. nuzhat shaikh says:

    hello DR,
    I am nuzhat shaikh i am 30yrs old and unmarried Dr I have so much problem

    Dr 15 days I got so much gastric problem that my stomach is also have

    swelling problem and got hyper acidity I cannot get heavy and spice food

    even chicken also because after eating that next day I got vomiting and

    loose-motion also Dr my head is also paining everyday I got sinus also

    my body and muscular is also paining or body swellings every day I can

    not do anything house hold work because every times I feel tried and

    Dr my weight is also gaining now weight is 70 kg and height 5.3 inc

    because of that I am not married I am not eating so much but my weight

    is gaining I have taken so much medicine from big Dr but I can not

    relief so please doctor give me some medicine so that my weight get

    loose and my others problems will also care

    PLEAse HELp ME


  846. nuzhat shaikh says:

    hello DR,
    I am nuzhat shaikh i am 30yrs old and unmarried Dr I have so much problem

    Dr 15 days I got so much gastric problem that my stomach is also have

    swelling problem and got hyper acidity I cannot get heavy and spice food

    even chicken also because after eating that next day I got vomiting and

    loose-motion also Dr my head is also paining everyday I got sinus also

    my body and muscular is also paining or body swellings every day I can

    not do anything house hold work because every times I feel tried and

    Dr my weight is also gaining now weight is 70 kg and height 5.3 inc

    because of that I am not married I am not eating so much but my weight

    is gaining I have taken so much medicine from big Dr but I can not

    relief so please doctor give me some medicine so that my weight get

    loose and my others problems will also care


  847. Dear Sir ,

    Two yrs back i got some throat problem due to sinus after having courses of Antibiotics for three months could not be able to get rid of the same problem , After that my stomach starts get irretate like heat in stomach , Gas bloating and incomplete stool evacuation and stool come out in sometimes in small peices but not thin , iowent to endoscopy of Upper G.I. diagonesed by Sliding hitus hernia Grade 1 and H Plori Positive , doctor recommend me to take again 15 days course of antibiotics , I took it and my condition goes more and more worse then before , Now iam diagonesed by IBS , Please tell could you treat mhy problem ??

    Please help


  848. Hi
    I have been suffering with GERD for last 3 years.
    I feel like some thing is chocked with burning sensation in my breast bone area.When it is at its peak I feel breathless and sometime start a bit coughing.
    But Now a days when I start speaking loudly and blowing it gives pain in my chest.I would like to know that is it also because of GERD.

    when I take Carbo veg 200 it gives relief to me.
    After taking carboveg 200 i start taking dhakar and feel better.

    How can i get rid of this GERD problem permanently.

  849. Indrani Sen says:

    I have hyper-acidity and suffer from loose-motion and vomiting. It happens all of a sudden, mostly at night or early in the morning.. I have coeliac disease so I take gluten free diet.. But still , I ‘m suffering from this disease.. I’ve also been losing my weight.

  850. prashant says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from GERD since past 4-5 years. Symptoms are heartburn in the evening typically after 3 hours taking meal and sometimes in the noon before meal. Initially i went for Allopathy for 2 years but the problem again surfaced when i left medicines. Kindly suggest me where can i see you or if it is not possible kindly tell me the medicines i should take.
    My details are:
    Name: Prashant Maurya
    Age: 30 Years
    Location: Ghaziabad, NCR region
    Habbits:No Smoking, drinking rarely once in a month

  851. mansi mehta says:

    Sir,i have been diagonsed with H.Pylori and gasritis problem 3 years back.i got my endoscopy done because of problems related with my stomach.the problem with me is that sometimes i feel lot of heat in my upper abdomen and things start getting worse after that vomitings and indigestion are always happen with clear yellow sour water in the end.constipation also started with that. i tried lots of allopathic and homeopathic medicines but effects very less.apart from that severe headeche also started with that which doctors diagonsed as gastric migrane.pls help

  852. ferngesteuert helikopter hubschrauber says:

    As I site possessor I believe the content material here is rattling fantastic , appreciate it for your hard work. You should keep it up forever! Best of luck.

  853. Sir,
    I have a feeling of something stuck in the throat. Its really irritating me a lot. I have this feeling throughout the day even in the midnight. I am taking pantacid dsr medication for past 1 month, Am getting good relief if i am under medication, If i stop it for a day then again the probelm starts, Pls give me a solution to come out of this problem,

  854. Subramanian says:

    I get heartburn in evenings and night.
    Mostly after eating fatty, or carbohydrate or oil fried snacks, peanuts, or caffeine ( Coffee / tea ), onion, garlic dosed foods, mint mixed foods.
    This leads to dry spasmodic and irritating cough.
    Also feeling heat and dryness in throat.
    It also triggers asthma which is under control otherwise.
    Generally getting a sour taste in the throat after eating carbohydrate or sweets.
    Pls adv suitable medicine.
    I have taken Nux vom or pulsatilla or Nat Phos earlier for short treatment under adv from homeopath.

    during endoscopy there is a proven reflux in esophagus.
    Thnx for the consideration and time spent.
    Bst Rgds

  855. Priyanka Pandey says:

    Hello Sir,
    My husband is 37 years old.He is diabetic since 2006.He is suffering from heart problem (heart muscles have weaken thereby reduced EF ie 30 after implanting CRT D,synchronization).This year he suffered from chest infection which was cured in 25 days,then he had problem in stomach-to which after endoscopy doctor diagnosed as gastroenteritis with small ulcer.He was taking Rifagut 400 mg,Sompraz L,Digestomen P.Rifagut was stopped after 20 days but other two medicines were continued for another one month but still he feels to vomit before or after breakfast sometimes.Please help how cn I stop his acid formation and turns him absolutely healthy so that he can eat without thinking.
    Please help me

    Yours sincerely,
    Priyanka Pandey

  856. Hi i been having severe stomach problems for over a year.I first was treated for hpolyri.then severe heartburn,reflux,constipation,ibs.then treated recently for cdiff.I have tried every ppi on market.I just want some releif.

  857. Savita Chawla says:

    hi Doctor Sharma
    this is savita chawla i am suffering from acidity and gastric problems since a long time kindly suggest me something for the same

  858. my problem is burning speciall in early morning wake up , once i take a water it will relax after hr.please suggest me

  859. Hi All,
    Try this for acidity and gas. Works very very well. The below preparation is to be had on empty stmoach every morning

    1. Peel and put 250gm of Lauki (Bottle Gourd) in mixer
    2. Pour half glass of Luke warm water in the mixer
    3. Cut and put 1 Amla (Indian gooseberry) in the mixer. Seed of Amla to be removed.
    4. Put 2-4 leaves of Tulsi (Holy Basil) mixer
    5. Put 2-3 pinches of powered Kali Mirch (Black Pepper)
    6. Run the mixer for 4-5 mins.

    Take out the mixture and drink it(Do not filter it. Just have it). It might not be tasty but the affect it will have will be awesome.

    Though this is very very safe, as with any new medicine, if you notice any contradictions, stop this immediately

  860. Candy Shoot - Bubble Shooter says:

    This article has been saved like a favorite :), I like your website!

  861. Hello!
    My son who is 6 yrs old now has had reflux for quiet a while now.I watch his diet and avoid the trigger foods. It is better with diet control but still not gone.which homeopath should I give him for his Gerd symptoms? Sometimes he will throw up and keep coughing the whole day and keeps burping.please help.

  862. K. Sunitha says:

    Hello doctor,

    It has been almost 4 years since I was diagnosed with GERD and gastritis. Since then I have been on PPI (proton pump inhibitors). It gives me relief as long as I am taking those, it comes back if I stop the medication. Recently when I made a trip to India, I consulted a homeopathy doctor and he prescribed me Gastro Aid syrup. I want to know how long I ‘m supposed to take this syrup. Should I take this forever or until my symptoms get better? Am I going to get better permanently by taking this syrup? Can you please suggest me something in tablet form. Please help me.

    Thank you.

  863. mohammd ilyas says:

    i am sufering gerd since 8 years i take for solution one esomioperzole 40mg one motillium and one motival after brakefast for 4years.please sugest me permenet solution with homeopathy.Thanks

  864. mohammd ilyas says:

    i am sufering gerd since 8years for solution i take esomeoperazol 40mg mottilium and one time aday for three years.please sugest me permenant solution with homeopathy.Thanks

  865. Hi Sir,
    This is for my brother aged 25 years. The first instance of his trouble started when he vomitted breast milk. He was taken to several hospitals and almost all doctor’s said – there is no problem. His problem was – Once in a week, he vomits, his burps are smelly, stomach bloats heavily, belching. Till the age of 23 he had this problem and one of the doctor prescribed Razo 20 and Ganaton 50 which he says – Gave him Immense relief and for 2 years I never saw him much with his usual trouble. Based on biopsy, it has been confirmed that he does not have Hirschprungs which docs thought would be causing stomach distention. However, he worked in Kuwait for 8 months fell ill recently and had a temporary colostomy done because of Pseudomembraneous Colitis..He is picking up health now..The reason I have written such a history is – Few days before we started observing that the waterish Curd (as in buttermilk) prepared at home is something which he always Vomits. Milk is tolerated by him – No issues at all. What could be the cause of rejecting fermented stuff but not Milk? Can you point out which bacteria may be the troublesome so that we can eliminate all such stuff from his diet – After eliminating this stuff, he has not Vomitted.

  866. pintu kapri says:

    i am 35yrs old.ihave constant bilirubin level:1.5to1.89. LFT is normal. No hep.B. Ihave suffer from stomach gradualy goes to left side of the belly. I have frequently mucous in stool.kindly give me suggestion and remidy.

  867. Nazli Anjum says:

    I am 50 years of age.From last 3 years i am suffering from Acid thing which is more more bothering to me ,burning in throat and mouth and lips ,low burning in stomach and chest..I saw Doctors several times,they did my Endoscopy in 2009 ,every thing is fine, after endoscopy i was good for 1 year and i did”nt take any madicine regularly but after 1 year it started again 3 months before continously everyday.3 years before i have H-Pylori than i used madications for this than Doc did my endoscopy it was negetive.i uses lot of Acid reflex madications over the counter but i am not feeling well.Now i am very much worried ,please help me for this burning sensation. I am also constipated and thyroid patient.Please Help me.

  868. S Jagannathan says:

    I am a male and 69 years old. I am living in Bangalore, India. Since last one month I am suffering from acid reflex(GERD) problem with dry cough. On this I consulted an Alleopathic Doctor who prescribed Ranitidine 150 mg one tab twice a day. I am taking this medicine as advised but the problem is still persisting. Becuase of acid reflex I am also having soreness of throat and dry cough. Once ealier I had developed this problem which lasted for nearly 3 weeks but was treated by an Alleopathic Doctor. Again after a lapse of 2 years I have developed this problem. This time it is prolonging despite taking medicines and not getting any relief.
    While browsing the internet I visited your website and found the write up about the Acid Reflex/Gerd Problem, its causes, symtoms and the treatment.
    I would appreciate if you could advice me as to the course of treatment for my present problem.

    I am also having alleopathic medicines for BPH(Bladder Outlet Obstruction) which is causing frequent urination and Oro-facial dyskinesia i.e. involuntary movements of facial muscles, right side waist/shoulder. It is under control with the alleopathic medicines I am taking.

    Please advice me on treatment of my GERD and associated dry cough.

    S Jagannathan

  869. Miriam Fozia Rahman says:

    My mother is 50 years old has problems while she eats anything! Earlier it was diagnosed food pipe swelling and later another ultrasound report said it’s a wound or ulcer in food pipe. It is also an increase in pain along with discomfort. What do u suggest? Been over a month now, that it is not healing for her? What precautions / medicines / food / juices she should take?!

    At present she follows her calcium tablet and thryoid medicine as a routine. Please suggest. Thanks!

  870. Riaz Tahir says:

    dear doctor,
    i am suffering frrom gerd for the last 3years my endoscopy gave barrets esophagussince than i am on nexum20 or 40 as needed.i want to know if there is any curable treatment in homeopathy and what medication i use.

  871. Hi, I have been suffering from GERD for the last 5 months. The doctor prescribed me Sompraz L once a day early morning fasting. It provided great relief to me however after 6 weeks when i withdrew this medicine, symptoms started coming back. I visted one of the ayurvedic doctors in Delhi and he gave me the following medicines, Kamadudha rasa, Sutshekhar rasa and amalpit mishran, the combination of these medicines has worked wonders for me. i am able to cure almost 50% of my problem. With Ayurveda you have to avoid a lot of food items especially Rajma, White chana, Maa ki daal, spices – Red chillies, green chillies, curd, fermented food, citrus fruits, soyabean, Rice, cheese etc. The best way to control the symptoms is to eat a very light dinner and that too not after 7:30PM. Go to bed atleast 3-4 hrs after having dinner. Dont drink a lot of water after dionner. I tried pomegrante juice which has also helped me to reduce acid in the stomache.

  872. S K CHOWDHURY says:


    I have heart burn, acidity and excessive gas for more than 15 years. Here doctors detected as GERD with erosion near LES. Also I am suffering from anxiety. I am also suffering with constant pain left-beside navel and palpitation. I am on medication for both of them.


  873. I have heart burn and acidity for more than 20 years. Here doctors detected as GERD. Also I am suffering from diabeties. I am on medication for both of them.
    I am tired of Alopathy I would be greatful if you advice me what homeopathy medication can help me from these sympthoms.

  874. i am suffering in gastric problem. i am patient of constipation by birth. now i am gastric problem from 2005. after meal, my problem heartburn, anxiety, food up in mouth, do not relief after meal, lazy, do not interest in work, do not eat proper food.
    at night gastric up in mouth and my wounded from gastric. i am start new day with lazy and depression with body and mind. some doctor say u are in IBS or GERD problem. so please help me in this problem.

  875. Sir, i am 42 yr, 6 feet tall, weight 77kg, fit, exercise regularly, short tempered, perfectionist in a stressful job. I have been suffering from reflux for over 10 years. I dont drink alcohol or smoke. Had an endoscopy done in 2004 diagnosis was gerd, hiatus hernia, hp positive, gastritis. Since then have had a lot of omeprazoles and hp kit three times. Six months ago, i experienced very severe symptoms like problem in breathing at night, like asthama, severe sinusitis, problems in swallowing (occasional), sudden feeling as if heart rate had slowed down and body was kind of switching off. All other medical tests for ecg bp diabetes etc were normal. I went to dr ajay bhalla sr gastro at fortis noida. He told me that heart rate related feelings were anxiety attacks trigerred by gerd, advised standard lifestyle changes and diet changes he prescribes esomeprazole 40 bd and domperidone dt10 for a month followed by half the dose for a month. Now the anxiety attacks have stopped though at times i feel i am on the verge of one. Breathlessness is occasional, sinusitis feelings though reduced, they come at times, mild burning sometimes in the stomach. My lifestyle for last three months has been :- diet: simple vegetarian no spices 3 small meals light snacks in between, none of the banned stuff like chocolates, coffee, fried, citrus, masalas, tomatoes, aerated drinks, alcohol and smoking was never there, though i havent stopped onoions. Have dinner by 7:30pm, so no lying down after that. Elevated head of my bed by 8 inches, dont do any exercise where the head is lower than legs to avoid reflux……….. And am trying meditation, trying to change to a relaxed personality (and failing badly) So been a good guy…….. But still symptoms start the moment i stopped esomeprazole !! So i visited a homeo dr called dr thind in patiala. He said homeo is very effective and that he will have me eating normal food and even drinking alcohol ( even though i dont want to) with his meds. I dont know what he has given me, but its two diff types of sweetones tds on alternate days and one set of lots of sweetones once daily ( i have reduced omeprazole to 40 mg alt days as advised by him, willsoon stop it fully hopefully. After 12 days i think its working though i do get mild burning sometimes at night. Do you think a cure is possible through homeopathy? Or am i imagining

  876. santosh kar says:

    i am suffering from gerd in day timebasically after lunch.stool is clear.pls suggest medicine.

  877. MD IQBAL says:

    i am suffering from heartburn ,neck & shoulder pain as well as abdomen pain ( shifting ) . i am consulting from gastro surgen but no responding well . i a m suffering from last 36 months please help me

  878. I have a GERD problem and need to get rid of it. It is under control but some time aggravate. Could you please let me know any remedy in Homeopathy?

  879. Mrs.Sumathi Moorthy says:

    Good Morning doctor!
    My father has no blood sugar,pressure or anything.But nowadays when he eats vomits and even he use to say he cannot swallow rice etc.According to the doctor’s report his food pipe has narrowed.I like to know doctor what is the remedy for this,also I like to know will this affects his other veins too.If you want more details pls let me know,I’ll scan and send th details.
    Awaiting for your very valuable reply.

    Thanking you

  880. vidyut shah says:

    chronic gastritis & hiatus tell us best treatment for above problem

  881. sanjeev agrawal says:

    anti anxiety and depression, is ignetia30 is good instead of pexidep or zosert 50 in day working hrs. iam 53 confirm about admistration of dose

  882. a k prasad says:

    i think i suffer from gerd plese advice medicine and related advice .i am 67 male and under gone bupass surgery and angioplasty .

  883. Muhammad Tariq says:

    Sir, I am 24 years old and i have found that i got a swelling in between the upper most packs of my Abdomen over the midline. Since the first day i have observed a little recovery in it. with it i am feeling a little weakness and secondly sometimes i feel pain at the point just below the rib cage where it connects with abdomen. and this pain is also at the same point in the back. also this pain shifts to my lower abdomin as well. plz reply as soon as possible. Thankyou in Anticipation.

  884. Dear Dr. Sharma.

    Could you advise medicine for GERD in newborn premature baby?

  885. I am suffering from Gerd for the past 3 months.My Total Blood count ,Amalyse Test,Liver Test are normal.The doctor prescribed me Pantacid but no relief.Right now i am taking Racipher D.But still I suffer from Heartburn.Should i go in for an endoscopy.Since my blood count is normal I am totally clueless about my problem.I do not have stomache pain.My motion is normal and also not getting disturbed during night time.Kindly advise.

  886. ashutosh tiwari says:

    I suffer with gas problem 2-3 times in 1 fortnight, due this i have feel headache also.
    please suggest veg diet plan & treatment.
    i never diegest milk products & caret & some other foods.

  887. Dear Sir,

    I have a problem like heartburn, stomach pain, upper abdominal pain can u please help me in this regard.


  888. Rajkumar Tulshyan says:

    I am suffering from abnormal formation of gas for last two-three years.For last two months I also have the problem of heartburn,throat burn,pain in upper abdominal and at the back. Feeling uneasy and discomfort. I feel relaxed when the gas is passed out. I am on homeopathy treatment by Dr.Makkar,Chandigarh. He is sending me the medicine but not able to name it because no name is mentioned on the bottle. Indigestion is another problem that I am facing. I am 54 years, 6ft having 91kg weight. Soft spoken,short tempered,emotional,kind hearted,. I amalso suffering from rehinitis and allergic sinusitis. Kindly help me for a permanent cure. I am taking alchohol everyday.

  889. To All the Suffers of GERD like me, Finally the cure is here!

    The root cause of GERD is “Intestinal Gas” caused by Malabsorption of excess carbohydrates and its that very gas which pushes the weak LES muscle in the susceptible people.

    Go for a Low -carb diet and get relief immediately like thousands of others have got!

  890. This is a request from Mr. Amir Hyder; 42 years of age, Pakistani national, residing in Dubai for an opinion from the Consultant Gastroenterologist at AKUH, Karachi. He works as a supplier of IT related products.

    Since last 3 – 4 months he has complaints of bitter taste in mouth, vomiting, vague upper abdominal pain and general feeling of ill health. A/c to him the bitter taste and sour water regurg is more on an empty stomach.
    It started when he underwent a tooth extraction after which he was advised some antibiotic like Rovamycin, becodar, Anginova, and Femozyme forte, R Omiz.
    He has mentioned a weight loss of 4 – 5kg in last 2 months.

    At present along with GI upset he also has complaints of small red patches in the oral cavity due to which he is unable to eat any food with spice in it as it aggravates these lesions. These lesions do not produce any pain otherwise but only with spices. A/c to the patient there has been a decrease in these lesions noted with some multivitamins advised earlier Now only relieving factor being avoiding all types of spices.
    He had been a chronic smoker and only recently has stopped smoking. Also has complaints of painful defecation especially after having some spicy meal – never noticed any change in stool color or passage of blood.

    He had his LFT done in khi which have not shown any significant abnormality. His TSH level is 2.719 uIU/L (range 0.4 -4.6)

    Mr. Hyder has a family history of high BP pressure. Father expired in 1986 due to heart failure.

    The Consultants in UAE have advised him for endoscopy. As he is unsure of the diagnosis and suspicious b/c of the oral lesions and weight loss he has requested for an opinion from the consultants at AKUH regarding the management and diagnosis of his condition.
    Now last 2 months i have started homeopathic also from the local Dr.Nayan but so far no any cure,we don’t know the med which he given, exp only one netrum phos 6X

  891. i am 20 year old and i get vomits immediately wn i eat ;;i have tis roblem frm past sixmonths cn i cure tis wit the help of homeopathy treatment…is tis a symtom of acitidy…nd i also feel my food being staying in foodpipe itself..lz help me

  892. sir im shankar. age 22. two years back i had left hepatico jejunostomy. after the operation im suffering frm severe acidity. im taking pantaprazole every dayy for releaf. doctor said u dudenum leanth decreased in operation so u got this complication. sir i want to try homeopathy. is there any good medicine for me?

  893. My name is shekara i have gastric problem buring in my chest frequently since 4 years.Please give me the suggestion for the problem.9620390040

  894. My name is shekara i have gastric problem buring in my chest frequently since 4 years.Please give me the suggestion for the problem

  895. Dr.
    I am suffering form gastroreflux for the last six months and have been on medicine. Nexium 20, librax and zantag 150. While i was taking that i felt better but the moemnt i stopped it i got the feeling of disconfort in by stomach, tightness in my lower chest and throat. Burining in by lower chest also. Is there a permanent cure for this. i don’t want to use the above medicines as they have side effects. I have seasonal (winter) cronic coughing and slight alopeshia. I got the reflux problem in Feb 2010 after taking medicine for my cronic cough, they gave me inhailers and medicine for asthama, which stopped the cough but made me sick with reflux. is there a permanent cure for reflux.

  896. Hi i am 28 yrs old and suffering from gerd. I am taking pantoperozole dsr medication in the moring. Can you please suggest me the homepatheic cure for this. What diet should i take to cure this and what things should i avoid?

  897. sheikh rasheed says:

    sir ,
    Iam suffering past 6 month with gerd , iam taking the mediceine parit 20 in the morning now having this medicine it is not affecting the stomach still the main continuing when everiam having the food i getting the lower part of the chest iam getting pain there and it will for hours , so i requesting to pls help or sugge st to get rid of gerd disease

  898. Francis Garcia says:

    Hello im 19 years old and ive been suffering from GERD or Acid Reflux since I was 16. I dont know exactly how it started but I do know that I probably inherited it from my grandmother. Ive tried everything. Ive tried Prilosec and im now taking Aciphex. The thing is I dont think im getting any better and I am seriously losing weight fast. I feel like whatever I eat I cant taste it. Like I have to force myself to eat just so I wont be hungry. But how can I eat if when I get hungry I feel the acid building up? I feel especially horrible in the morning. As soon as I wake up I feel like throwing up and burping a lot. So the only thing that has worked for me and I know its bad is Marijuana. When I smoke it I get an appetite and I can actually taste the food. But I dont want to rely on weed my whole life. My doctor said smoking is one thing that causes it but if I dont smoke I cant eat. What do I do doctor? I feel like im dying and my doctor said that she doesnt recommend a Endoscopy becuase im still young and she dont think ill have any ulcers or serious problems. But I know theres something wrong with me. Sometimes I wonder if its all in my head now cause im just used to be being like this for 3 years.

  899. I have been diagnosed with GERD. I have chest discomfort, gas, constipation. Palpitation problem is also there. When I get up from bed, sometimes slight nausea is there. But it does not last long. Gas releases through mouth. Problem aggravates with empty stomach. I feel lethargic. I have taken Carboveg 200 since last two weeks. But not much relief. Please suggest homoeopathy remedy.

  900. I am have gastric problem n there is an acute pain in the back and leg muscles and if i massage those parts the gas releases through my mouth….. well this sounds ugly but this is what i am really suffering from please help me.
    thank you

  901. shrikant sharma says:

    Sir, I am 40 yrs man having heartburn for last 3 years. Initially it lasted for 2-3 days continously and after taking antaacid i.e. zantac etc. i got relif but now it is for continous and I am taking Cyra-D (rabeprazole with Domipradone) daily i got relived but if i dont take this i getblem. After lunch I take nap for 15-25 min after that I feel to eat sweet. I am sure it is GERD and will go for barrium swallow radigraph to confirm the stage of haital hernia. I have started taking Nat Phos 6X 4 tab after three meals and Arnica 30 4 drops twice. This is started for last two days. Pl advice if any thing to add and will I be able to get rid of PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors) i.e. Rabaprozole etc.

  902. Familyhead says:

    I am 50 year old man with digestive problems for many many years.I have bowel movements several times a day.After every meal I have it. I wake up in the middle of the night with lower abdominal pain and have bowel soon as I wake up in the morning I have it again. After breakfast I have it again.Whenever I go to the bathroom I cannot just pass urine I have to do bowel also.It comes little every time with pain and effort.My tongue is yellowish thickly coated.I get sores on my lips or inside the mouth occasionally.By nature I am very calm person. I don’t have temper. I am generally a level-headed person who does not get angry easily.I like cold weather more.I don’t like spicy food.I am active man who likes to do physical work.Recently I feel more tired. I am 5 ft 9, and weigh 165 pounds. My weight has remain unchanged for the last 15 years.
    I have taken following medicines so far:
    Nux V 30, 200, 1000, cm
    Lyco 30,200
    Sulphur 200
    C.C 200
    Aloe 30, 1000
    Argentinium 30, 200
    KP 200
    Gelsimium 30
    Mer Sul 30, 200
    Arsenic 30
    Carbo vege 30
    Acid phos 200
    Ignatia 30
    Nar Mur 30
    Heper Sulph 200

  903. CK Bajpai says:

    I have I suspect GERD and hunger pang. Most of the time it is stomach pain but some times come hunger pain. In this even after eating either fruit, Salad or even Roti acute hunger pain is there.

    Regular Doctors have given up. They gave me antacid which made things worse. My diabetes is under control. Medicine I take are for diabetes, BP, prostate, and Statins.

    Can you help with Homeopathy?

    CK Bajpai

  904. Ajaykumar says:

    I have acidity problem.generally i do not get proper sleep, I am awake by 2am to 4 am and later on tossing in bed or very light sleep.I get up at 5 to 5.30.I have heavy breakfast at 7am but still get hunger pains and weak feeling by 10 to 11am.I have no feeling for vomiting or thirstlessness or dry throat.I have back pain ,pain in calves neck and left arm.I am not able to sit straight and work for long time consistently on anything.When the acidity is more i have severe headache on the front side and on both sides.I generally have cold and the mucous always discharges from the rear side.I also dig my nose always.I am 38 years old and having acidity from 15 years of age.
    Can you advise me in this regard.

  905. Sir,
    Am feeling severe pain in my chest and neck some times dizziness and feeling weak. This problem am feeling since last 3 years. I have consulted cardiologist and undergone ECG,Thread Mill test,BP,cholestrol,echo cardiogram all result come out normal.After that i consulted a gastro entrologyst he adviced me to go for endoscopy,i did that he taken biopsy also the final result come out enerything is ok and biopsy result was gastitis. Since then iam continuing medicine omperozole tablet (OMIDOM).No change fron the situation.Pls anyone can help me how to come out of this completely now am 33Years.

  906. Ritesh Nawani says:

    Dear sir / mam,

    I don’t know how to explain, but I will try.
    I am suffering from irritable bowel, fatigue, feverish feel, pain in prostate, I went to a urologist, He told me that I am suffering from prostatitis, He gave me doxy 1 for 15 days , but it started swelling my lips after 7 days. so I stopped it, then after I went to a gastrologist, he done my colonoscopy, then he told me that I am suffering from piles, then after he gave me daflon.. I felt good after that. but after 15days, I had the junk food, then I went to another gastrolkogist, he done my endoscopy GI ( upper ), and told me that I am having swelling in my small intestine. Now he gave me pantocid hp for 7 days, and levoflax , so I want to ask how many times i need to take this antibiotics, because I have been taking these antibiotics from last 5 months. now I feel scared to take these medicines. please reply ASAP

  907. I am suffering from Esophaegeal Ulcers, GERD, Hiatus Hernia & positive pyoria. So what to do. stopped drinking for now… Have you got something special medication for this irritating disease… I have had plenty of prazoles ome, rabe, pant, levo,with domperodone… but are of no use, only temp relief… regular zinetac 300 reduced earlier twice a day but now pantocid HP is refraining my heartburn….

    looking for permanen solution……

  908. I have heartburn and acidity since 2 – 3 months. When I am moving after meal then feel heartburn, after stoped 2-3 minuts and again start to move then feel relax, but after some time again… but at last after 4-5 times stopped then fully relax for that time. please advise me homeopathy medicine. Thanks

  909. acidity since last 4months

  910. Last 3 Month i am suffereing from Heartburn ,neck & shoulder pain with Acidity problem. I am married with 27 Yrs old. Already taken Homeopathy medicine i.e R7,R5 Natrum Phos., also taken Allopathy medication. But still suffering same probelm. Please suggest some medication.

  911. Hi , I have been diagnosed with GERD , and a hernia .. It has taken me a few months to figur out the triggers for GERD , each body is different and reacts differently . Although some food like spicey hot foods, chocolate .. things we are not supposed to eat while having GERD . I ahev been able to continue eating those foods, however two weeks ago I eliminated green tea from my diet , which I was drinkling 6- 7 cups day , the maximum in a week should be 3 green teas . so this was my trigger , green tea casued too much acid in my stomach. I have limited myself to one cup of green tea a day ,or every other day . I never realized the affects of caffeine until I went off of it .. However I feel fully recovered and I am no longer on GERD meds that seemed to affect me badly , the GERD meds , made me feel like my bones were shrinking in my chest , it was painful . So now all I take with each meal is a co enzyme – non prescrption , can be found in health stores, or grocery stores -, which is working in a great way , better than the GERD meds . Hope this helped. I know suffering with GERD is scarey , and painful . cheers. wishing you all the best of healthy living.

  912. Dear Sir,
    My age-25, weight-47kg,
    I have diagnosed with a bile reflux ( through endoscopy ) and i am having a pain in right abdomen from past 2 years. Some times i am getting heart burn also. I have constant weight of around 47kg from past 5 years. Please suggest me a medecine. Please help.

  913. Dear Sir,
    Age – 37 years. height-5’7″ weight- 78kg
    I am suffering from Heartburn ,neck & shoulder pain (mild spondolytis)as well as abdomen pain (stomach pain, heaviness) for last 4 months. i amtaking Pentoacid IT 150 but got no permanent relief . Please help.

  914. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Heartburn ,neck & shoulder pain as well as abdomen pain (stomach pain, heaviness) for last 4 months. i amtaking Pentoacid IT 150 but no permanent relief . Please help.

  915. Sir
    I have heart burn and acidity for more than 30 years. Here doctors detected as GERD. Also I am suffering from diabeties. I am on medication for both of them.
    I am tired of Alopathy I would be greatful if you advice me what homeopathy medication can help me from these sympthoms.

  916. rahul guglani says:

    I have gerd with h pylori positive , can u guide me for something to help it.

  917. dear Dr,
    Have been suffeing with severe GERD and Gas problem. I have severe constipation also. Have been taking Pantaprazole BD. Can you please suggest some medicine to me. I am 55 years old and do light exercises everyday.

  918. satyanarayana says:

    I am suffering from gerd since 3 weeks, at night the reflux comes out from nose. Now I am facing severe cough along with mucus oozing out when cough is aggressive, right top eyelid twitching regularly. Can you tell me some homoepathic remedy or any other solution to this.

  919. kiran panjwani says:

    date: 23-08-09
    I suffer from reflux oesophagititus since 15 years, doctors have advised for surgery called leproscopic fundoplication. is there permenent treatment for this disease without surgery in homeopathy.

  920. To all,
    i just managed to decrease acidity…take medicine regularly every day at a fixed time only..take pantoprazole20 every morning with domperidone10 ..take food only at fixed times….4 times a day…take only light food during the intervals..following food is should not be taken..
    1 choclate
    2 red chilli
    3 cold drinks
    4orange and lemon
    5 tomato
    6 excess garlic
    7 red meat
    8 fried potatos
    9 fried eggs
    10 no smoking and no alchohol at all
    11 pepper
    too much oil and malsala in food and no tea ,no cofee ,no bread,no milk please.

    following food is recommended:
    1 papaya
    2 fruit and vegetables
    3 rice
    4 fish can be taken for protein intake
    5 curd
    6 water
    7 black salt

    sleep at a fixed time in night and get up at fixed time in morning
    do morning walk for 1 hour every day with deep breathing
    do not keep awake at night
    do not take tension mental stress
    always try to laugh

    u have do this for continuous 2 years
    then u will be 60 % cured
    rest u can cure by homeopathy.
    only taking homeo medicines and not obeying any rules will never help .
    All those of u who has barrets esophagus: please note that this can only be confirmed properly through biopsy of cells of the food pipe and not though simple endoscopy.barrets esophagus is not a good is a precondition of esophagus cancer.pls be serious if u have it.

  921. Raju Sarkar says:

    hi!! I am Raju Sarkar….i am suffering from Esophagitis…pain in abdomain..heartburn…stomach becomes empty so first..i have taken allopathy for 1 yrs..but does not work properly..
    But i am going to join in TCS…i want a healthy life..plzz say wht the appropriate homeopathic medicines should i take???

  922. Hi, I am 21 year old. I am suffering from stomach problem for last two years. I have sour belching, sour stomach, epigastric and right hypochondriac pain. I had an endoscopy 3 time but they said don’t worry. It was chronic gastritis with negative H pylori. But I started taking the medicine for chronic gastritis and H pylori (combination of three medicines). Still I am not feeling well . Same proble. I am so stressed. Even I am suffering from insomnia. I am having hard time. So please please help me…..

  923. I am having heartburn from last 8-9 months. I took some medicines [Razo D] and went through endoscopy, it was kind of GERD 1 level. I felt OK for 2 months but it again came back, now from last 3 months, I am kind of feeling sever heartburn even I am taking these medicines regularly.. Please let me know if i need to do something

  924. Глеб says:

    В очередной раз спасибо, хорошие что есть такие люди как вы, которые дают на самом деле полезные советы:)

  925. krishna M.L says:


    I am 44 years old and i am suffering from cidity since 4-5 years.I had done endoscopy 4 years ago but they confirmed that light ulcerations on the esophagus and diognised as GERD 1.

    My phycian advised not to worry too much and to control the same by food and used to control.But since 6 months I am getting wheezing after my lunch and will get minimised if I take a dose of Nux.I some times get my ears blocked and checked witht he ENT and advised it may be due to allergies caused by the weather.

    I am a regular user of homeo medicines and my dr had given a first three months course and after using this I started reducing weight almost 1 kg per week and now reduced from 84 to 76 KGs in 3 months. I had been checked for all relevant tests by a physician for diabetic profile ( 4.1 ), ESR (3 mm) and Thyroid , Lever tests and all are in well in control except teh urine tests confirms pH is 5 .I am not feeling week but continue in loosing weight so I am worried .

    Please advise if I am in any wrog direction.

    Krishna M.L

  926. I have been diagnosed GERD about two years ago and have been on Rabeprazole/Dom or Itopride in combination and at times it looks normal but last one month , I have “heartburn” sensation in the chest upto the throat and bloating occassionally , constipation from time to time, pl recommend suitable homeopathy , in fact I have sinusitis and piles for which I had homeopathy treatment in the past and helped a lot

  927. I am Vinod , 38 years of old. 2 years before my acidity started , at first during morning tooth brushing ( end) omitting old salava from the stomach. I have been suffering from this problem for more than a year now. There is heartburn and the mild burning sensation above the Esophageal. Poor digestion and a choking feeling on my throat on sometimes , especially afernoon. Sometimes I feel as if Im having asthma ,intermitent cough, sometimes feeling gas strucks oin between esophaseol and neck and sometimes everthing seem normal as a very healthy man.. Sometimes I feel breathless. I visited a doctor a year ago and taken English medicine ,I felt better but after sometime it has come back. I trully need some homeopathy medicine to help me overcome this. . Kindly advice. Thank you. takes out old saliva from the stomach. NOW FROM LAST ONE YEAR ONWARDS and gas problem .

  928. I am having acidity problem for the past 2 months . iam having burning sensation in my stomach. I was on ompermazole for 2 mnths. nothing is working. kindly if you could advice me. Thank you

  929. vinay shrivastava` says:

    my age is 23. i am suffering from chest pain like burn with vomiting. is that GERD? MY Digestion is also not good. kindly tell me solution.

  930. respected sir,
    i am satish i have gastric problem i cant sleep at night if i eat any thing it get worries wit