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Top 7 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma

Top 7 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma Treatment

Top 7 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma Treatment

The first sign of any eye disorder is blurred vision or not being able to see correctly. Glaucoma is a much more serious eye disorder, with several accompanying symptoms. It’s an eye disorder characterised by raised intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. In other words, there is a build-up of pressure inside the eyes and this pressure can damage the optic nerve, which transmits images to the brain.

Glaucoma is of two types. Closed Angle (acute) Glaucoma is painful and progresses rapidly, in contrast to Open Angle (chronic) Glaucoma. The Open Angle Glaucoma leads to a gradual loss of vision.  The symptoms of Closed Angle Glaucoma are blurred vision, halos around light, headache, pain in eyes, nausea or vomiting. A family history of Glaucoma, Myopia and Diabetes Mellitus are the risk factors associated with Glaucoma. Injury to eye may also lead to Glaucoma. Homeopathic medicines, sourced from natural substances, provide an effective treatment for Glaucoma. The Homeopathic remedies for Glaucoma are completely safe, and have no side effects.


Glaucoma is an eye disorder characterised by raised intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. The raised intraocular pressure is the result of an imbalance between the production and drainage of the aqueous humour or eye fluid. Glaucoma occurs when the eye pressure increases as the eye fluid or aqueous humour is not circulating normally in the front part of the eye. This fluid normally flows out of the eye, but if this channel is blocked, the fluid builds up, causing Glaucoma.

Closed Angle Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle that permits the flow of aqueous humour is narrowed. Open Angle (chronic) Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle is anatomically normal. Closed Angle glaucoma is painful and progresses rapidly in contrast to Open Angle Glaucoma, which is slow in progression.

Top natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma

The top Homeopathic remedies for Glaucoma are Phosphorus, Comocladia, BelladonnA, Osmium, Physostigma,Prunus Spinosa, Cedron

Phosphorus: Best Homeopathic remedy for Glaucoma with optic nerve damage

On the list of top homeopathic remedies for Glaucoma ,Phosphorus tops the list .It is also indicated for Glaucoma when the optic nerve is damaged (atrophied). The main symptom guiding the use of this Homeopathic remedy is tiredness of eyes all the time. The eyes seem very tired even when they are not engaged in much work. The eyes seem to be exhausted. Along with the fatigue of eyes, the vision is blurred and the patient feels that every object is under the cover of dust when he or she looks at it. Halos around light is also an important symptom. Another key symptom is the slightly improved vision by shading the eyes with hands. By doing this, the objects that look blurred seem somewhat clear. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus helps in improving the eyesight and the fatigue of eyes.

Comocladia: Homeopathic medicine for Glaucoma with fullness sensation in eyes

Amongst the homeopathic remedies for Glaucoma with pain , Comocladia is indicated in patients, who experience a fullness sensation in eyes. The fullness is mostly accompanied by pain in eyes. The eyes feel very enlarged. The eye pain gets worse by warmth and such a person feels relief in pain and eye fullness in open air.

Belladonna: Top Homeopathic medicine for Glaucoma with acute symptoms

Belladonna is the best for acute symptoms in a patient of Glaucoma. The main symptoms include sudden increase in dimness of vision. The eyes appear red. This is accompanied by a severe pain in eyes and head. The pain is very violent in character. Nausea and vomiting may also occur.

Osmium: Natural Homeopathic remedy for improving dim vision

Homeopathic medicine Osmium is of great help in improving dim vision. The intraocular pressure is raised in persons needing Osmium. The important symptom listed by the patient is the display of various changeable colours of an object when looked at from different angles like a rainbow (iridescent vision). The patient may also have intolerance to light.

Physostigma: Homeopathic treatment for Glaucoma following injury

For an effective Homeopathic treatment of Glaucoma following injury, Physostigma is the best natural remedy. The symptoms may be dim vision, blurring of vision or partial blindness. Along with dim vision, the patient may suffer from pain in eyes. The pain is usually worse after using the eyes. Patients of Glaucoma with myopic condition also respond well to this Homeopathic medicine.

Prunus Spinosa: Homeopathic medicine for sudden pain in right eye of Glaucoma patient

Prunus Spinosa is the ideal natural Homeopathic medicine for treatment of sudden pain in right eye as a result of Glaucoma. Prunus Spinosa works mainly for right eye pain. Pain in eye is so acute and violent that it results in a bursting sensation in the eyeball.

Cedron: Homeopathic remedy for severe pain in left eye of Glaucoma patient

In contrast to Prunus Spinosa, the action of natural Homeopathic medicine Cedron is centered on the left eye of a Glaucoma patient. Cedron is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for severe, violent pain in the eye, especially left eye. The onset of pain may show certain periodicity in its occurence. The pain may show radiation to the nose.

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  2. Rajat Verma says:

    I have a labrador dog 6 years of age. He is suffering from glaucoma in both the eyes with enlarged eyes and pain every 3rd or 4th day. He has lost his vision completely 12 days back.
    I have started giving phosphorus 200 with belladona 200. Will this remedy give him relax and reduce the built up eye pressure??
    Please reply soon.

  3. Mrityunjay Singh says:

    As late diagnosis of glaucoma, my mother lost her eye’s sight… She also facing lots of headache in very extreme position approximately every day… As i think she is suffering from the last stage of this problem if any… Kindly suggest me some best homopathic remedy if any…

  4. It is the case of my elder brother who lost complete sight due to late diagnosis of Glaucoma. Due to total loss of sight it seems to a case of atrophy of optic nerve. I earnestly need your help.

  5. Alopathy doctor said yesterday that glaucoma 99% vision loss of one eye of my mother couldn’t be possible. 70% of other can be treated. please help me.

  6. Bruce Powell says:

    Have pseudoexfoliation in left eye. Doctor kept giving me drops that were beta blockers. Stopped drugs year or more ago. Take lutein, zeaxanthin.
    Left eye know is losing perifial vision. becoming cloudy.
    am 67 years old in good shape.

  7. William C Smith says:

    I have Glaucoma

  8. Pappu jaiswal says:

    Mere dahani eye ki nush sukh gai hai ,jisase ankho ke aage kuhasa dikhta hai ,likin dr ke yaha bord par lage sbse chhote word ko bhi mai padh leta hu .lekin jach me optic nerv sukhane ki bat samane aai hai ,mujhe samajh me nahi aaraha
    Ki mai kaya karu .gorkhpur me 8 dr se dika chuka hi

  9. Bucumi A. Netto says:

    My best greetings Dr Sharma,
    Kindly help me to find a way if restoring my sight. I noticed that I have glaucoma since 2010, 8 years ago. I have been trying to attend diffrent clinics and hispitals in Zambia to no avail and am very worried witb my sight because I am unable to read anynore witbout glasses a thing I hate from the bottom of my heart. I keep on changing reading glasses yearly. I don’t feel the pain but my sight is deteriorating gradually feeling like something is covering ny eyes.
    What can I do even to stop this decay.
    Thank and anxiously waiting to hear from you. By the way am 51 years old. male.

  10. Bhupinder Singh says:

    Respected Dr.SHARMA ji, I have black spots in my both eyes and also have glaze eyesight, my no is is very high and wearing thick glasses. Moreover my age near 65 years. Please suggest homeopathic medicines and eye drops to reduce my lens no. It would be great pleasure for me.

  11. Sadguna Reddy says:

    Hello sir..this is regarding my my father’s glaucoma problem. He lost sight in one eye and another is partially there any medicine to cure it

  12. Diabetes BP insulin taking 10+10 units M+E.left eye cataract operation over .right eye due .pressure is more in both eyes.more pain and burning inrteyeand lesspain inlft eye but burning .clear vision is not there in left eye .vision is clear in RT eye .Headache also uneasyness in face .eyes straining after continuous usage of eyes .

  13. Anup kumar Das says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My brother age 47 years having juvenile open angle Glucoma and remained under allopathic medicine and subsequent operation left 5yrs back & recently right eye which lost vision great extent .Now both eye having high IOP 26-28mmhg. Please advise to control OPP and improve vision . Thanks & regards, Anup Das

  14. Sulabha Asarpota says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. My husband has been diagnosed with HIGH IOP and has been prescribed 2 types of drops for sometime. We are looking for natural remedies and also what changes if any in diet are required to reduce this pressure. Can you help us?

  15. Dr. NCDAS says:

    Gradually reducing acuity of vision of right eye , slight heaviness rt. eye, very gradually say, 5-6 yrs. Father had glaucoma leading to complete blindness. Youngest brother is detected to have it on rt. eye, recently operated. Intraocular pressure today is 23(lt) 26(rt.). My age now is 88yrs.9months.

  16. yogendra kumar katiyar says:

    My Left eye Optical narbz damage due to ingery in childwood & this time my age is 36 ,Pl suggest

  17. Pranay Kumar Sen says:

    Suffering from right eye glaucoma for last 10 years and under allopathic treatment. I am 73 yrs old having high BP, high Sugar under 4 time insulin for about 20 yrs. 2 yrs ago cataract operated in right eye but almost lost vision in this eye! Drs advised that cornea transplant will not improve vision. Recently severe and unbearable pain has started in right eye! Dr. Fixed one BCL but it’s not a permanent solution and every month this BCL to be changed! But it’s effectiveness will gradually reduce!! Dr. suggest Anterior Stromal Puncture but in such case vision may completely lost!!
    Please advise whether there is any treatment and medicine for curement or reduce the pain in eye!!

  18. Najam Ul islam says:

    I have an optic neuritis one and half years back,and lost the left eye vision. But after taking heavy steroids in shape of i/v and oral some part of vision restored. But now the problem is that according to my treating eye consultant I am in danger of glaucoma in my right eye. Please tell me if the homeopathic treatment is suitable to me for treating both optic neuretis and glaucoma. I am a Pakistani and resides in Karachi. Please reply mess soon as you can and oblige.

    Cell no. 03002317895

  19. Deborah says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I have Glaucoma I understand an Eye Drop I was put on , Can also cause Glaucoma , I have had many eye surgeries in the past , It is in my Right Eye , Left eye has a touch of Glaucoma now , Looking for something more natural or a home remedy to help take down the pain and pressure now .
    You talk about 1 thing for the right eye and another for the Left eye . Might I ask why this is . Can 1 not be used on Both Eyes , Please do explain this to me . And I just moved to another Province here . Not sure how to find this .
    Sorry I have No Credit Cards

  20. Hi

    My Dad developed acute closed angle glaucoma which led to loss of vision in right eye.
    Could you please let us known if homeopathy be of My help to regain it or can we operate .

  21. Shelah Bhajan says:

    dear Dr Sharma, I did get a response to my first letter for help with glaucoma. I trust I’ll receive an answer to this request. I am 79years old. I have been diagnosed with glaucoma since 2006. At first the doctor could not decide what type of Glaucoma it is. After I changed the doctor in 2008 I was told that it is open angular Glaucoma With pressure ranging between 15 / 16 in either eye. I was on cosopt and Alphagan.1% eyedrops. This year another eye care doctor put me on Cosopt alone as the Alphagan.1% was irritating my eye with redness and increased pressure and also it was making me sleepy up during the day. The pressure ranges between 11/12. I am seeing less and would appreciate some advice about treatment and diet. I am a vegetarian, but I have started eating eating eggs and sardines and salmon.
    Thank you for your reply.

  22. Faizan hamayun says:

    Also main side effect i am suffering is low blood pressure and abnormal heart rate

  23. Faizan hamayun says:

    Hello ;
    I am Faizan Hamayun
    I am suffering from glaucoma from 4 years using alphagan meditim aloepathy drops
    But now i am suffering from high pressure 18 in both eyes my left eye is not seeing well letters half cutted and blured.Which i feel from day one
    Now a days i am using osmium 30 single time a day and euprashia 30 twice a day
    After one week of check up the pressure increase from 12 to 18
    What u recommend.

  24. Mary Pavlik says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Is there any homeopathic treatment for pseudoexfoliation causing glaucoma? I have borderline glaucoma from pseudoexfoliation.

    Thank you.

    Mary Pavlik

  25. Dear DR.Sharma!
    My grandson has uveitis for more than 8 years . Now he is 10 years old. Presently the pressure in his right and left eye is very low and he is losing his vision. Please, how you can help us ,we live in Canada. Please, guy can loose completely his vision.

  26. Good Day Dr Sharma

    I have advance Glaucoma in left eye and have been on various eye drops since last 12 years starting from Xalatan, Timolon, Dua Trop and currently on Azopt 3 times with Travatan at bed time in left eye.

    My IOP is around 26-28 mmhg , and which is very high when wake up in morning around 34mmHG.

    Doctors are asking for surgery for which I have phobia since it may involve many risks and complications afterwards and for which Doctors are not sure.

    Can you please advise me any Homeo drop or treatment to control my IOP in left eye to avoid surgery . Do you have any medicine to control my Glaucoma if not cure?

    I have used Osmium 6 alongwith eye drops for several years in past, it worked for 3-4 years for controlling IOP but stopped working since 1 year and I have stopped using that.

    I shall be obliged if you spare your time to advise me and I shall pay your consultation fees via RTGS as I am in Canada.

  27. akintade imevbore says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 65 year old male sufferer of Glucoma for 20 years. I’ also had severe trauma to my right eye twice. First one occurred in 1986 whilst playing tennis. Trying to return a short ball standing in front of the net, the ball bounced off the too of the top of the net and struck fully in the eye. The second incident occurred in 2001 when I got dealt a blow by attacking armed robbers. I have as a result of these incidences lost a bit of my peripheral vision in my right eye.
    I also recently underwent a cataract removal operation to my right eye just recently in December 2017.
    I would very much appreciate it if you can help me through this homoepatic treatment of yours.
    Thank you

  28. Pearl Washington says:

    I am suffering from the lesser of the two glaucoma problems in both eyes; and numerous medical drops have been prescribed, of which I cannot tolerate the side effects. I am desperately searching for a homeopathic alternative. Is there an eye drop or supplement available that can address my issue?

    • Katrina Fekete says:

      My mother has been diagnosed as having low pressure glaucoma. She has been put on drops that apparently have the least side effects but has reacted terribly to them. We are scared to try any other drugs and would like to hopefully try natural treatment.

  29. I have been getting avastin injection: first in the r eye for about 6 years, now left 1 year. I need magnification to read, everything has a fuzziness and a lessening of brightness. Last month I had a pressure reading of 18 in the left eye 24 in the right. Optic nerve appears healthy and no other problems. I do not want to start prescription drops. What homeopathic remedy do you recommend. Perfhaps I should take one for macular degeneration as well.

  30. Good evening sir, my sister has acute glucoma and she lost her vision completely in her left eye , and doctors told her that there is no chance to get her vision because optic nurse is completely damaged, and she needs to protect her right eye, in homeo is there any chance to reverse her sight by using homeo medicine

  31. Anna Reinberg says:

    I have narrow or closed angle glaucoma. After cataract surgery 9 years ago my left eye started losing vision fast, i have a very little space left to see out of it. The optic nerve in right eye was accidently damaged
    during surgery, vision blurry since. What homeopathic would help me? pressure 13 left, 16 right.

  32. Vaizurs Ramadas says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am having Glaucoma in Left eye and optic nerve was damaged above 90% and right eye also having Glaucoma i.e., just started. left eye is heavy red and right eye is little bit reg. left eye getting more pain than right eye. surrounding of the eyes are heavy pain. What are the homeopathic medicines to use and how it helps and how many days will taken complete cure this glaucoma

    Patient name: Vaizurs Ramadas Contact No. 8121016810

    • claire sosna says:

      I have glaucoma in both eyes and partial loss of vision in my left eye. What can you recommend to reverse Ithe optic nerve damage t o my left eye and what homeopathic medicine is available to reduce eye pressure am in Mumbai till the 28th and my mobile number is 7506301395. Could I see you or could you prescribe some homeopathic treatment. Would much appreciate your help. Claire

  33. Hello myself hitesh my father having a glucoma so which drop are nice for a pressure they have minimum 14 to 22 pressure kindly request to know me a nice drops

  34. I have been diagnosed with open angle Glaucoma. Pressure in both eyes remains normal. Left eye vision is 30%, right eye 94%. Pl suggest remedy
    Thanks and regards
    D P Bhasin

    • Laurie A. Byington says:

      I am 55 years old and just diagnosted with high pressure in both eyes. Numbers are about 20-22??? I believe. They are suggesting drops. I am worried about side effects of drops. prostaglandin is the drop he recommends. What are your recommendations.
      P.S. He did not say there are 2 kinds of glaucoma but he did say mine is slow progressing and no nerve damage. I am a healthy active older person. I am a vegan and take very good care of my health.

  35. Hello,

    Can you please suggest doctor to refer for Homeopathic treatment of higher intraocular pressure( 24 mmmhg) ?

    Once you suggest doctor, we can contact accordingly.


  36. Hello Dr.Sharma
    I am 74 years old and when I was in my twenties I caught the mumps and as a result I seem to have caused a sore on my retina which I was unaware of for quite some time. I was told the sore heaald itself leaving a scar on the retina.I

  37. Hello doctor
    Is there any side effect of using Hemopethic medicine for eye gluacuma
    Especially when I already did surgery in my right eyes which has glaucoma only in right eyes

  38. Sudarshan Shukla says:

    After installing lens for cataract in the left eye I lost my vision and started glaucoma pains the pressure used to be 50 but brought down with the help of allopathic and also physotigma to 20 but some times the painincrwasws suddenly.

  39. J.S.Paintal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am diagnosed with glaucoma. First it was diagnosed in left eye,which was operated in March 16.Vision is blurred in left eye.
    Pressure in left eye is 30mm of Hg,and in right eye its 32mm of Hg.without medication.Now I have been suggested to use
    Latanoprost Eyedrops to reduce Eye pressure.I have high BP for about 30 years which is kept under control with medicines.

    Will you kindly suggest suitable homoeopathic medicine for glaucoma.

    Best regards,


  40. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I was born with glaucoma. I have a sensation of fullness in the eyes. My eye pressure is mederate and currently I don’t take any medication. Which potency of COMOCLADIA DENTATA do you suggest for my case? Thank you for your response.

    Best regards from Germany

  41. Shankar Mugalakhod says:

    My dad has this problem last 15 years now he is blind
    No Bp and sugar his age is 63 years .any possible to recover the eye visin .

  42. aakasheyehospital says:

    Thank you for sharing a great information about Glaucoma.

  43. Dr. Sharma, I just got diagnosed with enlarged optical nerves on both eyes as well as intraocular pressure on the high end of normal(20/20) concern of possible glaucoma in both eyes
    eyes are tiered when reading without glasses blued vision near clear when looking far. Also a feeling of going cross eyed when reading. which remedy would be beneficial in my case

  44. Faizan hamayun says:

    I have been diagnosed with open angle glaucoma around 1 year passed now I am using alopathy alphagan drops
    These days I have tried physostigma but it causes me low blood pressure and unstable heart rate
    Any other tonic you will recommend

  45. Prakash Rai says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am having glaucoma due to that my eye pressure also increase can you please suggest homeopathy medicine and eye drops?presently I am using Dorzox T eye drops to reduce pressure

  46. p.sakunthala says:

    i am having pain on my right eye( age 65) due to pressure. Dr. told that nothing is now for worry. he advised me to come back after 6 months. But he is not giving any medicine for existing bulge due to glaucoma . kindly advise me if any medicine is available in homeopathy .

  47. Gonzalo A. Marino says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Back in 2002 I had a stroke that affected my left eyer peripheral vision now I am being told that the stroke afected the optic nerve. What would you recomend I take to the onstart of Glaucoma do to that stroke ?

  48. I was told by my eye dr that my iop is borderline hi and he was adamant abt rxing eye dad had glaucoma so he said he was certain I was heading into glaucoma. I mentioned treating it holistically at that point he became almost belligerant and said then I would most definately lose my eye sight. Because that treatment is ineffective. I have sibo and am being treated by a functional med dr for that. My eye dr says there is no connection betwn that and iop. When my functional de says it can effect your eye sifht due to leaky gut that spills toxins all over your bidy prior to being treated by him my viaion waa blurry sometime noq it isnt. I am just wondering if I should listen to my eye dr..he didnt listen to me. I do think sibo can raise iop just wanting your advice

  49. Jansi Stella mary says:

    Dear sir
    My name is Jansi. My son name is Terans. He is 11 years old. He was affected by glaucoma when he was 6 months baby. We went for hospital lot but no use on it. One of his eyes went inside in another eye he has low vision. So kindly help me what we have to do for my son to get vision.

  50. Dear Dr Sharma

    My wife, who is a senior citizen, got her right eye operated for cataract last Dec. It resulted in some infection and her vision was very hazy post operation. In Feb this year, the Doctor suggested that we go for a lazer surgery to get rid of the haze. Post this, her iop increased to 24 and the Doctor suggested eye drops. Currently, she is using Brinzox-T and her pressure is normal. However, we would like to get the normal pressure without having to apply eye drops for ever. Can you suggest any medicine in homeopathy please?

    Thanks and regards.

  51. Kirti tandon says:

    My daughter aged 10 having glaucoma since 3 years and right eye surgery done but still the pressures are high .please suggest

  52. Name- savita Age- 32 years diseases-hole in optic disc due to this no object seen in right side eye .kindly help homeo medicine in this regard . Thanking you.

  53. I had been a smoker and regular AC chamber to AC car life. I had problems with red eyes and pain and tiredness though seeing doctor and eye checking did not help as inspire of lesse vision in left eyes I was given 6/6 with both eyes , courtesy my right eye.
    Few months back eye powers increased from 1.5 to 3.5 now in right and left has also cup power in addition. Site vision test produced near normal results. Rad without glasses. With application of Bidin LS . The pain is in control though I feel the cough gives head ache and pain .

    Should Phosphorus help me at what strength and dose.

    Thanks for reading and waiting your advice.

  54. marion cunningham says:

    got my eyes tested, and my vision field was perfect, but the pressure was 26..I was put on travatan eye drops one in each eye at night…my vision is blurred constantly,and my eyes are dry and gritty…today I got blind spots and stars at my side vision…I do not like these drops..can you suggest anything to help me.

  55. Hello
    Have had a corneal transplant 20 years ago.I wake up with cloudiness the eye. The opthalmologist has prescibed xalacom to slightly lower the pressure in my eye as this drastically reduces cloudinessn in the moernings in the cornea.What drops can I take that are not chemicals as want to go the homeopathic way.

  56. My wife is suffering from glucoma both eyes. Please told me treatment of glucoma in homeopathic.

  57. P. Chakraborty says:

    Self is suffering from glaucoma for last 20 years . I undergone 4 operation trab with cnc for both my two eyes 2 times each. Presently using Ganfort (once at night) and Dorjox( three times bd). I am very disheartened about my eyes as presure still moving 16 to 21. Can you help me sir?

  58. Subhash Mudgal says:

    My right eye was operated for ratina &recovery
    For vision was appreciable approved,I am 68 years
    Follow up for lasted for 2 months by concerned
    Doctor with almost 04 nos of medicines every day,but suddenly the improved vision became
    Doctor checked & declared Glucoma developed with pressure 50&above

    Now s chain of medicines again started with a very little hope by consultant Doctor/s
    Please inform if there is hope in homoeopathy
    Pressure angle is now 16/18 but vision gone for fine prints
    Subhash Mudgal



  61. My both eyes are affected. To see an object I have to see beside it. If i focus on the object, it dis-appears. There is no pain in eyes. I feel un comfortable to see the sky in clear day. Sometimes a blue shiny spot seems to be flying before my eyes for two seconds. In ffa test a small black spot is lying in the center of retina.
    Please help me cure the disease.

  62. Sir the medicines that are mentioned, are they to be taken as pills or drops??

  63. Mrs.Bhavna sharma says:

    Namaskar,Dr Sharma ,my father has wide angle in both his eyes,kindly refer some medicine for it.He is 75 yrs of age ,and had been operated some yrs back .I would be thankful to you.

  64. Shashi mishra says:

    My name is shashi ,i am 47 years.Ihave some eye drop to control eye pressure from one year and than my prussere is under control 12-13. .Please advice me ,is necessary any other test of eye and in my case any help homeopathy medicine

    • shashi mishra says:

      My name is shashi.i am 47 years.I have some eye drop to control eye pressure from one year and than my pressure is under control 12-14, Please advice necessary any other test of eyes and in my case any help homeopaith medicines

  65. R K Agrawal says:

    I want to take treatment for Glaucoma developing in my eyes. Pl. intimate suitable eye drop & other medicine. Thanks.

    • sir, i am 55 yrs old,during my routine eye inspection my iop test was 20 and 21, as per allopathic doctor nothing to worry .sir what is ur advice ,do I need to take any medication
      gps dhir

  66. Parminder Kaur says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    It is brought to your Concern That my Grandmother aged about 76 has undergone 2 cataract surgeries in her left eye but still her eyesight is very less although she was able to see before her 2nd surgery for black cataract . Do you have any remedy in Homeopathy And if Yes, Please help us in her difficult situation.

  67. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 36 years old and have been diagnosed with glaucoma and some blind spots found in my left eye. I am very worried and concerned about my condition. Treatment my doctor suggested me was one drop of travatan every day but i want some treatment/cure other than allopathy. Please, suggest me some homeopathic remedy for my problem.



  68. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 36 years old and have been diagnosed with glaucoma and some blind spots found in my left eye. I am very worried and concerned about my condition. Treatment my doctor suggested me was one drop of travatan every day but i want some treatment/cure other than allopathy. Please, suggest me some home remedy for my problem.



  69. h.lal sharma says:

    Sir since last one year my glass power are changed .now after changing the glasses even there is problem of clear vision of long side in night i feel spectrum arond the light .it increases acording to light intencity. My age is me throuth the homeo medicine.

  70. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have narrow angles and was scheduled for an iridotomy this week but had to reschedule due getting over a sinus infection which has left me with a horrible dry cough. I need to get rid of the cough before I can have the iridotomy but I
    am finding it very difficult to treat because I cannot take anything such as cough Syrups, antihistamines, decongestants or codeine because they are all contraindicated in people with narrow angles. I cannot take anything that can potentially dilate my pupils or caused increased eye pressure. In addition, I cannot use any herbs that may have blood thinning effects one week prior to the iridotomy which has been rescheduled for one week from today. I was thinking of trying the Boireke & Tafel cough syrup but I’m unclear if any of its components can have pupil dilation or blood thinning effects. Any feedback you can provide would be most helpful. Thank you!

  71. RAJ PAUL MAHASHA says:

    Dr sharma ji, Namskaar. I got eye oprate as glaucoma after two eyes oprate as cataract. now i got BIMAT LS and accular ls and combigan.
    MY history is I am 75 years old man .Have hypertension taking 160 mg daily and amlopidine 5 mg
    For diabetes I am taking glemipride 1mg daily
    NOTE hypertension and diabetes are normal.I am full fit and I can work 8-10 hors day.My left eye pressure near 20-22.Right eye pressure 15-16


    How r u.Please suggest homepathic medicine for my father.His interacular pressure is high and optic nerve is a bit danaged.

    Hassan Farhan Minhas

  73. Satyendra kumar says:

    Open angle glucoma

    • Seetharamaiah Ch says:

      Sir I was diagnosed open Angle glaucoma for both eyes.But my left eye nerves damaged in an its vision is low.The doctor advised me to take Lumigon 0.01%eye drops for both eyes everyday.Please suggest me in this regard.Thank you

  74. I am 59 yrs old . i have been suffering from glaucoma for 4 to 5 yrs. There is a slight discharge of puss & there are crust on my eyes after I wake up from my sleep. There is lot of collection in my eyes. When I go out in the sun ,If I do any work water will be flowing from my eyes. I have dimness of vision. Sometimes there is pain in both of my eyes and high pressure also. Right eye has only 10 % vision. The other is only 70%. I’m a diabetic too.

  75. hi i had chronic conjunctivitis couple of years ago . now my eyes vry dry and tired

  76. Ramakrishnan says:

    Sir, I am having dim vision in my left eye. I visited the Eye Specialist in very good hospital in Delhi. After checking he said that he feels that there is minor stage of glaucoma and I have to undergo treatment may be small operation. Since I feel that Homocopathic medicine can cure any diseases with confidence I am writing to you for help. I am a Senior Citizen in the age of 67. Please help. Your kind help and speedy advise in this regard will highly be appreciated. Thanks – Ramakrishnan

  77. Dear Sir.I m glucome patient .can you suggest medicine to control eye pressure.regards

    • Rajesh Mehta says:

      Iam Rajesh mehta , ihave eye pressure on both eyes of 25 I want medicine for reduce eye pressure my age is 51 n& there is headech no other problem

  78. Riesa Harris says:

    I was diagnosed with open angle glaucoma of left eye in 2016 and was prescribed eye drops. Lumigan was one which I could not afford on an ongoing basis. My new opth. wrote a prescription for a generic brand but I really don’t think it’s good for my overall well-being. I have used natural medicines for mostly all health complaints and now want to use them for glaucoma. Actually, I started using eye wash from Dr. Christopher ( I am a graduate of his School of Natural Healing), but my ocular pressure rose within those six weeks although it did not increase the optic nerve damage thank goodness. I am 67 years young and would like to know if homeopathic treatments have helped people maintain whatever is left of the optic nerve. Mine is severe. Thank you.

  79. N. S. Sawant says:

    Glauced for my both the eyes, glaucoma is found in both the eyes, however the pressure in right eye is high. I am advised to put drops in both the eyes. Last more than two years I am putting Azopt, Brimo and Genteal during morning and in night Azopt, Brimo, GANFORT AND THEN Genteal in night. Even after this pressure in rt eye is high. It reaches to 24 . I have started taking Osmium 6 in the morning. At the begining it dropped to 16. but during subsequent tests at the intervals of one or two months it showed at the level of 18-20. The doctor has advised to go for operation. I want homeopathic remedy without side effect. Please advise me in this regard. I am female at age of 65 years, no diabetis, no blood pressure but I am taking Ciplar 10 one tab daily at night for controlling migraine for last 25 years. My weight is around 55 kg.

  80. j k sathyamurthy says:

    dear sir,
    I have the problem in both eyes it means less vision .
    but in left eye vision is less
    so if there is any tips please forward me

  81. Raghuram says:

    My dad is 78yrs age and is suffering from Glaucoma for past 7yrs. he was been operated (laser) 2-3times for both his eye. His current field visibility test result shows left eye with 5% and right eye with 15%. His pressures are close to 20 in both eyes. He donot have any other health complications like BP, Sugar, etc.

    Wish to know whether any improvement can be done for him


  82. nikesh kumar says:

    I am nikesh kumar, age about 44 years. My left year pressure is around 21. Dr. Check and treated for glaucoma. My left eye vision loses about 15 persent. On Dr. Suggestions i use eye drops morning and evening to release eye fluid, to lowering eye presser. I see black cloudy sports in my eye on light. What is the treatment in homeopath?


    • nikesh kumar says:

      I am suffering from glaucoma. Using eye drop to release eye fluid to lowering eye presser. I see black cloudy sport in my eye in light. I loses my 15 present left eye vision as Dr. check and reported. I want homeopathy treatment for this. Plz suggest me.

      Nikesh kumar

  83. Sally Boom says:

    I know this is a strange question, but I am writing about my older dog (age 13) who overnight got cloudy eyes and weeping in both her eyes. The vet said it is glaucoma and possibly diabetes. Do you have a remedy or two I could give her, please, and what dose. Many thanks.

  84. Mei chalat tangjang meri maa 7 year sei asa betha hua hai phele treatment kya tha par kuch improve nahi hua to kya wo ab thik ho sakta hai. Pls kuch upai djye.

  85. Nilesh Patel says:

    In last week my mother have detected GLUCOMA .
    I want to know that can we treat her with Allopathy and Homeopathy at same duration time?
    Our doctor has suggested now eye drops.
    Plz. Give me guideline how would be we start treatment for her?

  86. Manohar Lal Patel says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am Manohar Lal Patel and having a problem of gluecoma in right eye. Its difficult for me to see in nights due to blurred vision and shadows around light.I wish to start allopathy drung called ‘Dorzox. Kindly provide me guidence on homeopathy medicine for it.

    Thanks n regards.

    Manohar Lal Patel

  87. Narender Mehra says:

    I have lost my left eye vision due to glaucoma even though I underwent three trab.any suggestions to regain my visio

    Narender Mehra

  88. m r Sayyed says:

    Meri eye bye born week h right eye SE bilkul na k ba4abar dikhta h or left eye me -18 ka glass lag rha h. Pls help

  89. Alka Mehta says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am Alka Mehta and having a problem of gluecoma.Its difficult for me to see in nights due to blurred vision and shadows around light.I started allopathy drung called ‘Dorzox_T but left it due to sude effect.Kindly provide me guidence on homeopathy medicine for it.

    Thanks n regards.


  90. Ravi Mohan says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,
    My father age 72, is suffering from glaucoma. In 2011 he went for Lasik Laser surgery, but gradually his eye sight is decreasing. Few months back visited Shankar Nethralaya, Chennai, but didn’t find any improvement.
    Is there any medicine in homeopathic, he seriously need some help immediately.
    I request you to please reply this mail.

    • panchal s says:

      My mother is 72 and have glucoma in left eye and have no vision. Doctors are using drops ect but now a days some times tears comes throuh eye and nose with some irruption etc . Please suggest homeo medicine. Can i use osmium 200 ?

  91. Izabella Alexander says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My mother is 69 and suffering from glaucoma in both eyes, with serious nerve atrophy and deteriorating sight in both eyes. She underwent laser treatment and is scheduled for surgical treatment. Her drug therapy doesn’t seem to work well and pressure is still high in the right eye, however she suffers tremendous side effects from eye drops. Please advise what kind of homeopathic treatment is suitable in her case, we are eager to try everything to preserve her eyes, I believe we can achieve a lot and stop the process!

  92. Dr.K.S.Govindarajan says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 65 years old. I have been using Homeopathy remedies for the past 40 years and got excellent results for myself and for my family. For the past one year I have been suffering from blurred vision in my left eye. I am using spectacle for long time. I have been working with computers and laptops for more than 20 years as I am a computer professional and teaching faculty. 6 months before I went to an eye specialist to check my eyes. The eye doctor shocked me by telling me that I have developed Glaucoma in my left eye due to pressure and nervous damage. There is cateract also in my left eye. He asked me to check my blood sugar level. It was 290 at that time. I never checked my blood sugar level before that. Because I was using only Homoeopathy medicines for long time. I got shocked. He told me that first I have to reduce the blood sugar level. Then only he can treat my eyes for Glaucoma. He gave eye drops and medicines for blood sugar. I used the eye drops and medicine for blood sugar. for 2 months. I did not get any relief. Some body suggested Ayurvedic medicines. That also I tried for 2 months. But my blood sugar level fluctuate between 160 to 260. I am not eating any sugar items and not using suagar for tea.. Now It is very difficult for me to do my regular day to day work and work with my laptop. My right eye is fine. I am doing all the work with the help of my right eye only. I have the symptoms of Phosphorus, Osmium, Physostigma. Please kindly suggest me can I take these three remedies in alternative. Or please suggest me some other Alternative homeo cure for my problems
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Dr.K.S.Govindarajan (PhD)

  93. Sally Freeman says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    Will any of these remedies actually CURE gluacoma & alleviate the need for surgery, please?

  94. vidhi singhal says:


    My daughter 16 years old suffering with the problem of JRA, UVITIS since the child hood. She also flared with cataract in both eyes and get operated. Now she also suffering with Glaucoma her eye pressure is more even we are using all drops as prescribed by daughter. She has morning problem of headache particularly in the morning.

    Looking some alternative medicines by which pressures of her eye can be reduced to keep her eye healthy for longer run also wants to stop the Dimox tablet.


    Vinay Gupta F/O Vidhi

  95. RAJ SINGHAL says:

    This is RAJ SINGHAL I am 74 years old man.I have a little diabetes.Miabetes between 115 to 145.Now I take GLIMEPRIDE 1 mg once.Now I check in my digital machine found today115..I had glaucoma in both eyes oprate done ,in 1992.After cataract oprate done 2014 & 2016..Now I feel smoking eyes.Eye exam with two doctors ,they suggest me to YAG laser sergery.
    Is there any treatment in homeopathy medicine.Please advice me
    Thans lot in advance for your time

  96. charanjit bagga says:

    by mistake my wife had given 10 tabs of steroid to my dog. actually he had an infection in his throat , a fish thorn had got stuck in his throat.
    the result was to much pressure in the eyes, and the eyes got red and bulged out of the sockets. and loss of vision.

    please suggest some medicine , we treat the dog as our kid. pleaase

  97. Dr Bhupinder singh says:

    Hello dr Sharma I am 43year old I have 23right eye & 18 iop with no pain tell me what I do

  98. J. Fiorentino says:

    I have been suffering from glaucoma through high IOP readings, for more than 20 years. When I was 55 I suffered retinal detachment in my R eye and 10 years later in my left eye.
    I currently put in 4 types of eye-drops, twice a day, to battle high IOP, viz. Timolol, Trusopt, Travatan and Alphagan.
    I heard that Homeopathy treatment would cure my IOP and subsequently do away with the eye-drops. And hoping to stop any damage to my optic nerve.
    Can you please help?

  99. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I’m writing for my daughter who lost her vision because of a rare disorder called Coat’s Disease when she was 2 yrs old. Now at 17, she’s experiencing tremendous pain in that sightless eye(left) because of high eye pressure- above 40. Doctors have put her on the drops and are increasing the potency and are even suggesting surgery. It is her important year(A levels) that will determine her university. She studied hard and is in the top school. Now this problem has left us all feeling despondent. Please help.

  100. I have lost my left eye vision due to glaucoma even though I underwent three trab.any suggestions to regain my vision.

  101. Kelli Chairez says:

    Dear doctor my 30 year old nephew is a diabetic. He has had problems with his eyes for the last year or two. He has severe left eye pain has been treated with shots and medicine and nothing is working the doctor says the pressure in his eye is at 78 and is recommending removing his eye so he is scheduling surgery to take his eye out is there anything else he can try

  102. Daniel Ahmed says:

    I have done faco for cataract a few years ago . Continues to use eye drops Travatan for eye pressure. But from the last two month my left eye vision is becoming weak and objects are not clearly seen. Hence I want to go for homeopathic treatment .Please give me advice.

    • Meenakshi Varma says:

      I am 68 years old female,a doctor ()by profession,still actively practicing and operating.Iam suffering from close angle glaucoma for last 14 years.It is in both eyes, the pressure had been more in the right eye.In last two years there is marked detioration in the vision in right eye with optic nerve damage which has been confirmed by field of vision .Rt eye cataract has also been replaced with IOL
      Laser treatment has also been done 6 years ago.

      Please suggest homeopathic remedies. Thanks a very

  103. sundari r says:

    I was suggested to to Yag peripheral iridotomy by aravind Eye Hospital, tirunelveli. I want to the know any treatment is in homeopathy. My friend and advised be to take belladonna 30 i drum for 5 days. It is sufficient in said of surgery. I have small eye pain and even after sleeping I have miner eye pain. Nothing else.


    I am 58 years old and suffering from glucoma in both eyes. with measuring IOP on 03/03/2017 right eye-32 & left eye-24 but Dr. prescribed a drop from 03.03.17 & used 7 days then measuring IOP on 11/03/17 by right eye 20 & left eye 18 advised Dr. running the drop for ever.
    Sir i want to know what is the normal of IOP ? & have any treatment of Glucoma in Homeopathy?

    • P.OMPRAKASH says:

      Dear Doctor ,

      I was diagnosed with glaucoma in the right eye . suggested for eye drops for two weeks , with laser surgery. and followed by surgery . i took eye drops and laser surgery .but no improvement . i am afraid of surgery . would like to get treat in natural-way thru homeopathy . i request you to suggest homeopathy medicine for glaucoma for which i am grateful to you . i am 66 years old

      Thank you

  105. Tanuja Sharma says:

    Dear Doctor my husband diagnosed with glucoma and the elopathy Doctor told me that there is no treatment for Glucoma. Please tell me there is any treatment of glucoma in homeopathy.

    Thanks & Regards
    Tanuja Sharma

  106. fulkumari says:

    Respected sir, i am fulkumari,age 60,glucoma treated with lumigan and dorzox T,but slightly IOP increase. so doctor sugested for opareation.and tablet diamox for one month then performed please advice me what will be beater……operation or not.

  107. Meenakshi Singh says:

    DR. my father have 15 years history of Type II diabetes. Cataract of both eyes operated 5 years ago. Open heart surgery can also be done 2 years ago. Now he is facing problem of glaucoma in eyes can glaucoma be treated. Please help me. Or give suggestion..

  108. pradeep kumar says:

    do u have complete treatment of gloucoma?

  109. I have been diagnosed with poag glaucoma. My doc says that around 80 percent damage has been done to my eyes. Which he has not explained further. My symptoms are, pain in one or both eyes, mostly right one, little bit blurred vision especially when I go out in the open things seem to be covered in some type of haze. E.g. I can’t see the grass colour clearly as it should be seen. Some times there’s lot of itching in the eyes. I m myopic since the age of 5 or 6. Both eyes are minus 9.plz advise. I don’t want to lose my vision any further. Thanks may God bless u. Ameen.

  110. sheraz ahmad says:

    Dear dr. Sharma,
    I hope you will be in good health.
    I am a Homeopathic Physician from Pakistan.
    from the last 3 months my both eyes affected by Glaucoma.
    I am 45 and also a diabetic patient from the last 10th years.
    my eyes symptom is same as mentioned about Phosphorus.
    halo as candlelight .
    Some time I think for optic nerve damage Hypericum will be suitable but this remedy is not mentioned to help in optic nerve damage in our Materia medica.
    So please guide me and help me too for my eyes problem.
    Is Glaucoma can be completely cure by Homeopathic treatment?
    Please help me.
    Thank you,
    Dr. Sheraz Ahmad

  111. I had secondary glaucoma,uveitis and complicated cataract in my left Eye.I underwent three trab and cataract surgery for left eye,but pressure didn’t come down.I gradually lost my vision in the left eye.Now I have open angle glaucoma in the right eye.Doctor is insisting for laser yag iridotomy. But I am little disturbed what to do whether it will be successful or not .like am in dilemma. Please suggest what to do.

  112. Irene Gibson says:

    I was diagnosed with glaucoma almost 2 years ago. I have been using Trusorp and Latanoprost eye drops which do not appear to be helping. I’ve had laser treatment without success. I was prescribed Acetazolamide which I refused to take as I am very much against drugs and have always treaTed all my ailments with natural remedies. The medical profession have offered to remove the cataract in my right eye ( which is the only eye affected at present ) to see if it will reduce the I O P which is 40 at present. This is a very aggressive type of glaucoma and I am getting really scared as my sight of my right eye is deteriorating. Iam 77 years old, very fit and keep good health. I’m desperate, Can you please help

  113. I have treatment of pituitary adenoma on 29-02-2016. i take thyroid medicine and for prolactin medicine. from two weak came blood cells from nose and moth balgam at time awake in morning. please suggest me what are doing and what perception and medicine .

  114. Hello sir,
    My dad is a diabetic patient ,he was having a little problem in vision,pain and all so he went for check up and GLAUCOMA is diagnosed so will you please help which homoeopathic medicine will work for this problem…as in this disease it is said that it may cause further problem in vision…his age is 42

  115. Sarah Carey says:

    Dr Sharma, could you let me know what is the best homeopathic treatment for Open glaucoma . I am allergic to all eyes drops prescribed and even the laser treatment did not work

  116. Suresh Java says:

    Dear Dr Sharma….I am 77yrs old. Two years back i.e in Jan 2015 I felt that I am having blurred vision of my LEFT EYE. In June 2015 I consulted the Ophthalmologist , he diagnosed it as Glaucoma. In Sep that year I consultedGurunanak eye hospital, delhi. The eye pressures were left eye..18& right eye 14. My retina was examined& finally I was told it is neuritis.Iwas advised forDorzox drpps 3times aday
    Almost aftet 10months when I revisited that Gurunsnk eye hodpital,I have been told it is Glaucoma& am advised to useDorzox in both eyes&Travatan in Left before the bed time.A homeopath has advised meGlautract..17&Cineraria Maritima. Myheight is 5ft 6″ wt.. 74 kg, this is in case you wish to know my physical blt .I wd be hihly greatful for your kind help& guidance.Regards.

  117. Eye doctor said your nerve is soiled or bigger so go to the Ophthalmologist to have it checked and they may give some medicine. Is there a medicine that is for controlling symptoms or make it go away. If a check is needed then the medicine as it is free from side effects, I request you to suggest a medicine or medicines to use.
    I’d appreciate it.


  118. i am naveen ,suffering from glaucoma since one year and my age is 21 .i got injured by the tennis ball now iam using the medicines regularly eye drops i.e Dorzox and briomlol now my eye is controlled .please is there any treatment for permanent reduce of medicines

  119. Rajesh Kumar Garg says:

    Sir my wife aged 50 is having UVEA, Glucoma since last 20 years. in 1999 she was given sterooid course. after that eye has been quiet. She is to use eye drop for IOC. recently she has catarct in right eye which has been operated. But now she has almost no vision in right eye dr say optic nerve are more than 95% damaged. Left eye is affected but ok till now.
    Her scelera has become very thin & white portion appears blue.
    Sir what can we do for her?

  120. Neena Rajpal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Neena Rajpal and I am 42 years old. Due to medical history I am a patient of glaucoma and lost my left eye vision (damaged optic nerve) but still my left eye has a above 40 tension (pressure) and it was operated more then 6 times and due to this my eye ball become so soft to bear another surgery.

    My present problem is i am having a catract alongwith high pressure.

    Sir, if any remedy is available in Homeopathic, please let me know…

    Neena Rajpal

  121. Good afternoon
    This is Josephine Can you tell me what to use for eye pressure or redness
    I look forward to your response

  122. kailash chandra sahoo says:

    Sir,recently i got my eyes tested and the doctors suspect glaucoma. The cupping in the eye makes them to think so. She has not prescribed any medicine and wants to observe the development after 6 months. My eyes have cup to disc ratio of 6:1. Eye pressure is normal. I am really scared about it. Please let me know if glaucoma can be cured by homeopathy.

  123. Hello,
    My father (52) suffers from glaucoma in one eye after he sustained an injury years ago. The pressure isn’t going down and he’s on pharmaceutical drugs (drops & pills) his doctor says he may need surgery, but as a strong belliever in homeopathy and a skeptic of allopathy I’m wondering how I can acquire these remedies and what dosage to help him avoid surgery. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  124. akinfe alex says:

    Good day sir….I am Alex. Pls sir my brother of 14 years old has glaucoma, he has been experiencing vision loss since when he was 5 but my family though it was just a minor case.He can read from a far distance before but right now he can’t see anything..He can only recognize lights.Doctor just diagnose him few years back like 4 years.please sir can my brother be saved..I will be gald if you relpy

  125. Muhammad ali says:

    I use wislait drops for control glucoma.Kindly advice me if there is remedies in homeopsthy

  126. Garment Singh says:

    Good morning Doctor
    My wife aged abt 42 is suffering from glaucoma in his right eye. By birth there is a little vision in his right eye. Since last abt 10 months her treatment is going on for glaucoma. Sometimes she got several pain in eyes, redness, swelling and wattery in his right eye. Her Eye pressure is 64. Doctor prescribed eye drops(1) Combigan, (2) Homide (3) Milflodex (4) Brinzox. Kindly suggest and help me to recover for that.

  127. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I am waiting for your reply and at least help from homeopathy for maintaining IOP as well as relief from symptoms like pain, burning, inflammation and redness.

    One very important question – are patients of advanced glaucoma benefitting from your treatment ? Can you also post some responses and experiences of homeopathy so that other patients get confidence and hope .


  128. suffering from glaucoma since three years and using allopathy medicine instead want to use homeopathic medicine for glaucoma.kindly prescribe an homeopathic medicine for glaucoma.

  129. MD Sayan safik says:

    At the age of six months my son was attacked with congenital cataract &operated two eyes in Madurai in 2003.&wearing glass +15 power after 4year he has been suffering with glaucoma & using drop dorzoxT and lumigan0.03percent but when stop the medicine pressure both eyes are 34 or 36;now he is15years old please give me the slution


  131. joe mc phillips says:

    I have field vision from/glaucoma I am using eye drops from my doctor needs help with field vision problem regards Joe.

  132. ANUPAM BISWAS says:

    sir, I am Anupam Biswas,age 34.I am in trouble with glaucoma on both eyes since 2013. The preasure of my left eye is 21& on right eye is 25 & I have a chronic pain on my right eye since 2013 & my right eye sight have already damaged 80%, & most of the time I feel a blockage on my both eyebrow and I am using combigan& bemat LS but I did not get any good result. If u have any good suggestion for me please tell me as soon as it possible.

  133. murli manohar prasad singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ,
    My glaucoma has been detected yesterday in eye-7 hospital . It is in advance stage in left eye and right eye also shows damage in vision . There is tension only 14-15 and there is no pain and blurring of vision at present . Kindly Suggest proper medicine ,

    • William J. Strandwitz, PhD says:

      Wide angle galucoma
      What form of phosphorus (calc, nat, mag, etc) and what potency do you recommend.

  134. Jitender Jeet says:

    Dear Sir,

    My father is one eyed man. He is 83 years old. He has glaucoma in this eye. So it is very difficult for him to see. His eye sight is decreasing day by day. We have done all Elopathy.
    So is there any medicine for glaucoma which can help him. If there any medicine please suggest and from where we can buy it.

  135. Subhasish Dey says:

    Today doctor told me theat I have glaucoma in both eyes asked me to use drops. I am 55 years old. Is there any homeopathic medicine.

  136. Akshay gaikwsd says:

    sir i hav glaucoma in both eyes cause of excessive took in steroid my age 26 & going tratment NIO pune now pressure normsl but wats about lost vision in rit side any homeo medicine restore my lost vision

  137. Hello Doctor,
    My father is a patient of open angle glaucoma since last 13 years , his right eye having lost 70-80% vision when diagnosed 13 years back. The left eye too had glaucoma but good vision till last month. Suddenly the vision has gone to a great extent. He was regularly taking treatment with multiple eye drops prescribed and confirmed by LV Prasad eye institute. Now he has lot of distress like burning, redness and swelling and watering of eyes which he never had so many years.
    There is blurring, dim vision even in lighted rooms, and lot of drowsiness and nervous weakness due to the drops.
    Please advise since there is great tension and fear in him and he does not get any sleep at night. He can see little at times, but not clearly. His IOP is still around 21-23.

    If the homeopathic medication could lower the IOP and allow him to save and retain his current vision so he could see constantly throughout the day, I would be grateful for the advice.
    Shuchi Patra

  138. Praveen B Mohabe says:

    Sir, there is trouble in left eye. Eye Pressure found about 23 for left and 18 for right. Feeling of some object on left eye also itching and watering is there. Dr. diagnosis is start of Glaucoma . please suggest Homeopathy Medicines with power to be taken for above problem.

  139. It’s frankly disgusting that you are misleading people into using a medication that has no evidence of efficacy for a disease which can make them blind if not treated correctly and swiftly!

    If you have glaucoma you need proper treatment – homeopathy will do nothing and has never been show to do anything!

  140. Sir my daughter losses eye vision in 2005 when she was just 05 years old due to shunt blocked. She has also under gone managing mucocele surgery when she was just 03 days old. Is there any medicine to recovered her eyes vision.

  141. I also have Glaucoma and although taking drops , my eye pressure is worse. I would like to take homeopathy remedies for glaucoma . On the Internet I found address of Dr. Meir Snaider may be helpful.

  142. Dinesh Rana says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I am dinesh rana. My mother is suffering from accute glaucoma. unki dono ankhon me lense lage hua hai. wo sugar ki patient bhi hai. please suggest me the right treatment for glaucoma so that she can see the world.

    Dinesh Rana

  143. Shanpo Potter says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I welcome the opportunity to consult with you. I am a young 66 year old female who in 2015 was diagnosed with glaucoma. I have had one laser surgery (which I was opposed to) yet had it done anyways as I felt pressured in scared tactics. After 2 sessions – 2 weeks apart from each other the surgery was a success and brought down my pressure. This now being 2016 I acquired in September nasal polyps which after trying all natural alternatives was able to after 38 days sucessfully eradicated them with Teucrium Marum. I now have a stye in my right eye which I have been warm bathing 4 times per day with Calendula, Chamomile, Chickweed, Red Raspberry Leaf and Eyebright combination. This is day 2 of bathing and there is a vast improvement. Would Staphysagria along with silica help as I will be travelling in the next 2 weeks. ALSO with my glaucoma could I take and would it help keep my pressure stay at a regular low level , Phosphorus. Added note here I do not have high blood pressure and take very good care of myself. Whether or not glaucoma is hereditary or not my mother had glaucoma as well as macular degeneration.

    Thank you for your attention and blessings

  144. I have been followed for Gluacoma for twenty years by various eye Drs as there is a genetic family history. I do not have high blood pressure in fact it is low I enjoy exercise and eat a healthy diet. With more modern testing and following my optic nerve and measures the dr finally prescribed drops for Gluacoma. I am 58 I am very anti any medication and don’t enjoy the side effects of red eyes and eye stain and all the possible future long term side effects I also don’t like the propeline glycol ingredient I wouldn’t even let my daughter use deodorant with that ingredient plus I think sorbitol

  145. Suresh Chandra Gupta says:

    My father age 75 years is suffering from glaucoma. His eyes pressure of right eyes fluctuate . At this time allopathic drops are using. Doctor says that has nerves becomes very weak. vision is falling slowly-slowly.

    Please help me and suggest the suitable homeopathic medicine for him .
    I shall be highly obliged .
    Thanking you.

    • VINOD JOSHI says:

      my brother is suffering from glucoma . already one eye is lost another eye has vision6/36 with IOP 25/26 on a average . please suggest

  146. Teena Gregory says:

    My dog has recently had her left eye removed due to iOS of 35 and pain. The right eye is blue and she is on a medication – eye drops but she has big eyes due to her breed and it runs down her face. I also cannot pull her bottom lid down now for ointment which has occurred within the last couple months. Please help, she will have to be put asleep if her rt. Eye fails. The first two hrs on drops put her eye to 12. Two weeks later only to 24.

  147. priyank gupta says:

    sir i have glaucoma since 7 years and i operated my left eye 4 years before now i am using eye drops on right eye and also using spacts but slowly slowly i am loosing my eye sight..
    plz help me..

  148. Pressure in both eyes. Cannot tolerate COMBIGAN which made me sick. Cateract on right eye but some light. I really need help as I cannot take those prescriptions.

  149. Sir
    My Name Is Jalaluddin 37 years old. We have Glaucoma both eye but right eye have iop remain 56 no pain, when the pressure is 20 my vision is 6/6 there is no probleme. We use daily combigan, pilocorpin and dimox tab.When we have not sleep in night my right iop 56, and left eye iop remain 20 withe use daily combigain drop. right eye have lesure before 6 days. Please give me right way thank you.

  150. banshilal parihar says:


  151. Junaid Ahmad says:

    Dr Sb,

    recently dr diagnose glaucoma in left eye to my mrs, she can see just see hand moment, her eye pressure is 60.

    kindly suggests homeopathic medicine for her

  152. Madhu Bhargava says:

    Mine is a case of open angle glaucoma for last more than 20 years. So far it is being controlled by allopathic medicines – eyedrops- viz. Travaton and Dorzox -T. Recently, minor damage is detected in optic nerve of right eye. Kindly suggest some homepathic medicines which can arrest the damage from advancing further.

  153. dear doctor my daughter pressure of eye is very high she suffered from congenital disease now picked up well for intraocular pressure kindly advice medicine

  154. Hai sir my father is a glaucoma..His eye vision is less sir….how to control the eye pressures and how to increase eye vision due to diet……what are the ways to cure….

  155. Josephine starr says:

    I got snow blindness in jan 2016. Dr said iritis. Drops i had to use had ingredients im allergic to, my eyes got worse. I stopped the drops, eyes getting better, but dr says i go blind um without them. I have not lost peripheral vision. I only have blurry in inside lower corner of right eye. I have astigmatism. Ive not had new glasses for 12 yrs, couldn’t afford them. Some days i can see sharp o.k. right eye as well as clear across the top of the eye. My peripheralto outside is good, reaches to right angle of face. I have ehlers danlos syndrome. So injuries take a really long time tho heal. Broke foot. Displaced fracture. Did not heal for 5 months. Had to use ultrasound tatters tho make my body realize it needed to heal the bone. I can not take cortison. Drops o for iritis contained cortisone. Made my eyes worse. Just like cortisone always does. I have primaryimmunedisfunction. Little tono immunesystem to fight infrctions. YET.. This spot of blur I my lower left edge of my right eye had been there since feb 2000. Since the snow blindness, no pain. No glasses that correct the astigmatism. For most things i can see better Wii turnout the glasses, except very small things up close, teeny priny, or faces from a distance. Which drops for me?? I also take hypericum for nerve damagein hand.

  156. Chandan kumar says:

    Increase of eye bp and eye burn and dryness fault.

  157. Durga Desai says:

    I am 45 years of age and diagnosed with open angle glaucoma. I have been told that my left optic nerve is badly damaged. My peripheral sight has reduced. Can u suggest any homeo medicine so that the optic nerve damage can be reversed?

    • Regards to dr sharma
      Someone in the house has just discovered pressure in both the eyes plus has been experiencing tiredness in both the eyes .recently had an one inch long worm floater in the right eye but within hours it became a dot only the vision of the left eye seems to be less than before either the no has changed or there is some other problem

  158. Dave Rushworth for Julienne says:

    My wife has had cataract operations on both eyes and is now permanently on eye drops to control glaucoma eye pressure. The Bitoptic S and, alternately, Travatan eye drops cause eye inflammation and bodily fatigue. Have you any suggestions for homeopathic or other alternative treatment?

  159. shashi Patil says:

    Sir,My father is a glucoma patients from last 20 years he lost his vision he is 82 years is any medicine in homeopathy

  160. H/Dr M Tariq says:

    Dr sb I m suffering eye sight weak last 20 years during studio my fatigue soon after short rest feeling conftble using optic lens no 4.50 on other problum like or fog plz advise me medicn fr improve eye sight

  161. DIPTESH NANDI says:

    Dear sir,

    My mother is suffering from Primary open angled glaucoma, her age is 62 years. As per the medical reports there is 70% damage to both the eye but her vision is almost normal. Although doctor has recommended eye drops and suggested to be in lifelong treatment.
    Can homeopathic treatment recover some of the damages ?


    Diptesh Nandi

  162. Dr. Sharma,

    My husband has had glaucoma for a few years and after reading to him the descriptions of the remedies
    you have listed above his symptoms seem to match phosphorus the best.
    What dosage do you recommend to take?

    Thank you,


  163. Narayan Moghe says:

    Dr, Sharma.
    I am suffering from glaucoma after the catrac operation of left eye in 2000. I lost my left eye due bleeding and cryo . Since then the pressure in right eye started going up in spite of using eye drops. At the moment I am using Azopt, combigun, and Lumigun drops .My pressure is 16in right eye and 26 in left eye which has no vision at all. These drops I am using for last four years. I feel I should use phosphorus as per your write up. Pl. let me have your advice
    Thanking you and awaiting your reply.

  164. Jitender Jeet says:

    Dear Sir, my father is suffering from glaucoma. He is one eyed man. His eyesight has already gone. I would like to know from you that is there any cure for him.

  165. Priyank Gupta says:

    i am Priyank aged 23 years. i have glaucoma for a long time because of hitted a stone in my left eye but now i have lost 70% left eye site. can i get back my vision of left eye and i in my right side the images getting doubled. kindly let me know is it cure able or not.

    • rahul yerawar says:

      respected sir,
      my brother having problem of glaucoma in right from last 4 years and his left eye damaged in accident so please do needful for him because his age is just 30 years and he is married having a son .
      so he is mentally disturb and every time he thinking about his future so we trying best allopathy treatment in best hospital like l v prasad Hyderabad .
      so please please do needful for him and please contact us.
      thank you

      • Sir
        My Name Is Jalaluddin 37 years old. We have Glaucoma both eye but right eye have iop remain 56 no pain, when the pressure is 20 my vision is 6/6 there is no probleme. We use daily combigan, pilocorpin and dimox tab.When we have not sleep in night my right iop 56, and left eye iop remain 20 withe use daily combigain drop. right eye have lesure before 6 days. Please give me right way thank you.

  166. nasir haleem khan says:

    i am nasir aged 51 years. i have glaucoma for a long time but now i have lost left eye site and my right eye is also now effecting rapidly. can i get back my vision of left eye and i in my right side the images getting doubled. kindly let me know is it cure able or not.

  167. Ashok K Dhingra says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have open ANGLE glucoma more in my right eye than left . I had my laser treatment about 5years back and since then iop is under control say about 12 in both eyes. I use BRIMOLOL in the morning 7am and Lumigan 0.1 in the night.. Field tests indicate no further desecration..
    I want to stop allopathic eye drops and shift to homeopathic.
    Could you suggest the best homeopathic medicine.. One Dr prescribed me GLAUTARACT.

  168. Vasanthi says:

    My husband is a diabetic. Every year he checks up his eyes nothing was wrong. This tym dr told he got high eye pressure. 27/27. Dr told for dilate drops sometymes shows this & told to come after three weeks to check without dialating. She checked & told it has come down to 23/23 but still high. No nerve damage. No glaucoma. Only the eye pressure. She suggested for Bimatoprost 0.01% eye drops. But he doesn’t like to use it bcoz of the side effects. Then went to our homeo dr. He gave 5 pkts powder to take once in 5 days. After 3 packets taken he told to check the eyes. Two pkts taken. Now he can feel some times bubbles & black dots But other things normal like earlier. Is it a big problem? Pl answer. If so trying to continue allopathy medecine. Pl answer.

  169. Vasanthi says:

    My husband is got diabetic. Every year he checks his eyes nothing was wrong. This tym dr told he got high eye pressure. 27/27. Dr told for dial acting drops sometymes shows this & told to come after three weeks to check without dialating. She checked & told it has come down to 23/23 but still high. No nerve damage. No glaucoma. Only the eye pressure. She suggested for Bimatoprost 0.01% eye drops. But he doesn’t like to use it bcoz of the side effects. Then went to our homeo dr. He gave 5 pkts powder to take once in 5 days. After 3 packets taken he told to check the eyes. Two pkts taken. Now he can feel some times bubbles & black dots But other things normal like earlier. Is it a big problem? Pl answer. If so trying to continue allopathy medecine. Pl answer.

  170. Panagiotis says:

    Dear honourable doctor,

    i suffer from cluster headaches attacks in the right side of my head and especially in my eye.The pain is something i never felt before and it drives me mad for almost one hour every day during my sleep at night. The pain wakes me up and that causes terrible problems in the quality of my sleep and my life generally. My homeopathy doctor prescribed me Prunus Spinoza but almost one month now i can’t say that i found any cure or any relief during this headache attack.

  171. Sunil Kumar says:

    I am suffering from eye floaters and goaucoma and double vision in right eye.And I underwent surgery cataract 6 yrs ago and retinal detachment surgery 2 yrs ago in left eye. Vision in left eye= 6/18 with power glass and right eye vision=6/6.

  172. B S Shah says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am 47 yrs old an i am suffering from narrow angle glaucoma.

    i also have a strong family history of narrow angle glaucoma on her maternal side (my mother, 2 aunts(maasi) .
    i am undergoing menopausal symptoms since one year.

    Since the last 4 years i have been under the care of an Glucoma specialist and is currently on Xalatan once at night and Iobet 2 times/day. Her IOP is apparently well controlled but, i am showing progressive visual field and RFNL changes with a significant arcuate defect in the right eye.
    Can homeopathy treat it and arrest further vision loss? also can it reverse the damage?
    what medication should i take?
    Please advise.

  173. Swami shanti dev says:

    Dear honourable doctor,
    Swami Shanti Dev writing from Maharajganj Siwan Bihar.Nearly 3 years back my left eye was affected by some bleeding and since then 4 or 5 injections have been given.Blurred vision still persists
    Now the IOP of the left eye is 23 a little above the normal. I am 67.
    Now,You are requested to advise me on the problem.
    It would be better if your honour advise some homeo
    medicine/s so that I could buy and use.

  174. hello sir
    as I suffering from increased IOP R 36 L 30 since 2010 no vision loss field test o k pls suggest homeopathy drug for the same

  175. Elijah Oduro Quainoo says:

    Dr my grand father suffered from same problem before death, my father is now suffering from it.Am now 40yrs and l Ben experiencing slightly blurre sight.pleas what do I do

  176. urfat Tanzeem says:


  177. I am suffering from Open Angle Glaucoma in my left eye, which occurred perhaps due to eye injury thirty year back. I was diagnosed Glaucoma in left eye ten years back and have ben using medicine like Xalatan, Travcom etc. etc. which keep changing after one year average. My visual field has also progressed in the last 2 years after being under control for first 8 years. I do not want any surgery.
    Can you please suggest any Homeo Pathy Medicine for controlling my IOP which is 26 in left eye and 18 in right.

  178. RAM KUMAR GOEL says:

    In 2009 Doctor col Gautam with Dr. Kapil Vohra had diagnosed Glaucoma ,Dr. Grewal of Chandigarh NEGATIVED IT. PGI CHANDIGARH ALSO STOPPED IOTIM IN 2012. Thereafter Dr.Majhi HOD of
    Glaucoma MM Medical College and Hospital MULLANA (AMBALA) diagnosed OPEN ENDED
    Glaucoma and started IOTIM in 2014. Now they have changed medicine as BIMATOPROST costing
    Rs/450/- for 3ML to be used once daily at bed time.(yet to start) IOP remains a bit higher.
    I donot feel problem in driving car/scooter or reading. I am 62 now.
    Do not much work on computer or reading books.

  179. RAM KUMAR GOEL says:

    In 2009 Doctor col Gautam with Dr. Kapil Vohra had diagnosed Glaucoma ,Dr. Grewal of Chandigarh NEGATIVED IT. PGI CHANDIGARH ALSO STOPPED IOTIM IN 2012. Thereafter Dr.Majhi HOD of
    Glaucoma MM Medical College and Hospital MULLANA (AMBALA) diagnosed OPEN ENDED
    Glaucoma and started IOTIM in 2014. Now they have changed medicine as BIMATOPROST costing
    Rs/450/- for 3ML to be used once daily at bed time.(yet to start) IOP remains a bit higher.
    I donot feel problem in driving car/scooter or reading. I am 62 now.
    Do not much work on computer or reading books.

  180. Pl.tell me remedies of Glucuma.

  181. Having complaint in the left eye for about two years this is serious immediately after I leave bed in morning ,AND I see tiny black spots. Cannot read an hour without acute pain in eye socket .age 58 had now history of this complaint in the past .Had no change in eye side function at/around 40
    Pl suggest remady

  182. Erica Engelbrecht says:

    Good Day Dr Sharma,

    My husband has a pressure count for his eye’s of 26.

    Our homeopath has given him Mucokeyl Augentrpohen (Eye Drops) 5x (D5) 5ml which kept the eye pressure under contol.

    We can no longer get this medicine because of import regulation in South Africa.

    I would appreciate it if you could recommend a good remedy in order for him to have a normal eye pressure.

    Kind Regards
    Erica Engelbrecht

  183. Ernestine Pakote harases says:

    Dr I’m have been diagnosed with gluacoma, and being given combigan eye drops. but it seems it slow, as my eyes doesn’t pain but has poor vision. and the left eye drain fluid. Sometimes see like snow passing by or dusty.which Homeaphatic remedy will be best for my eyes. Please help. I am from Namibia,

  184. Souvik Pal says:


    My age is 22 . I am far sighted since birth. My current vision L-9.50 and R-10.5. I have retinal lattices in my right eye. I see small light particles moving around while looking something during exam stress. Please advice your suggestion to treat my situation.

    Thanking You,

    Souvik Pal.

  185. Neeraj Mathur says:

    Sir, I have had my cataract operation done on 8th Feb. in left eye. I am 67 yrs old. Male,hale & hearty,non diabetic & my BP 80/120 since long. Post surgery ,first week was fine but my vision has again got little smoky.My eye pressure was high but now almost normal in both the eyes after using eye drops as recommended by Doc’: . Sir,can u please recommend me some Homeopathic medicine to cure glaucoma in both the eyes. Right eye is o.k. I am a bit worried now dur to my vision problem .

  186. Sajid meher mohammed says:

    hello sir,
    I am writing this on behalf of my brother who is suffering from macular degeneration in one eye .
    He has is laser cataract done 8 years back but since past 6 months he was diagonised with advance optic nerve damage and glaucoma in both the eyes at LV Prasad eye institute,Hyderabad.
    I have already mailed it to you but i dint recieve any reply .
    I have searched in the google about homeopathy treatments in India and got to know about your program..
    Hoping for the reply soon..
    Thank you

  187. Neeraj Mathur. says:

    Sir, I have had a cataract surgery done a month back, & IOL lens left eye.I still have blurr vision ^ Doc’s say my eye pressure is high & I on two types of eye drops. First week after surgery,I was on the top of the world,seeing very clear ly, but no so after that. slight blurr right eye is o.k.
    Will u Sir,in the name of God,please help me. I have great great beleif & faith in Homeopathy. My Bhuaji.
    Sir will u please help me now. Mrs Shanti Mathur,after retiring from Miranda House ,Delhi,was an ace Homeopathic person dong it as her hobby. & the whole biradri was in good shape.but we lost her a few years back.??

  188. ramesh Kumar says:

    Dear Dr. Could you advise alternate medicines or by Homeopathic treatment for Glaucoma.
    My wife aged 45 years was diagnosed with cataract and while operation she developed Glaucoma.
    She is emotional and much caring one.
    Please advise which of the Homeopathic medicine will be better for his . Her Right Eye IOP is 35 .
    She is under Allopathic treatment.

    • Ramesh Kumar says:

      Dear Dr. Could you advise alternate medicines or by Homeopathic treatment for Glaucoma.
      My wife aged 45 years was diagnosed with cataract and while operation she developed Glaucoma.
      She is emotional and much caring one.
      Please advise which of the Homeopathic medicine will be better for his . Her Right Eye IOP is 35 .
      She is under Allopathic treatment.

  189. Mrs. Anjum Akmal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with Normal Tension Glaucoma. I’m 60 years old. I had no evident symptoms of glaucoma. It was diagnosed when I went for my regular eye check.
    Could you please suggest me some homeopathic remedy that I can start taking. I also want to know if this is curable and how much time will it take to cure by homeopathic medicine.
    I’ve already started taking eye drops prescribed by the eye specialist.
    Many thanks.
    Anjum Akmal

  190. Mera age 23 years. Mere 2 eye par glucoma problem hai. Main right eye par kuch dekh nahi pa raha hoon. Please help me… Is glucoma problem ko permanent khatam karne ke liye mujhe kiya karna parega?

  191. I am aged 69 years and I am getting baldness from forehead to the top of skull with some microbes biting. they run through the hair from bottom to top like lice. now I lost up to 95 % of hair on my scalp. I request you to advice some appropriate medicines thanking you

  192. Dilipkumar Bhatia says:

    Dear dr I have developed an open angle glaucoma with optic nerve damaged I have been putting drops under supervision of dr Mehta Colaba Mumbai but would like to go with Homopathy is there cure or prevention in Homopathy pl do guide and what should I do to start Homopathy reply

  193. Arvind T. Parulekar says:

    I am 74 yrs. old , having operated for cataract fo both eyes. since last two years Glaucoma has been detected in my left eye due to high eye presure. I am using eye drops- Travarton, Combigan & Brinolal to control eye pressure ( daily one drop each) but these are very costly medicnes.
    Can you suggest me better proven Homeopathic treatment.Some one has suggested me CALC.FLUOR 12X & FERR PHOS 12X daily 4 pills each. can this will be useful . Doea it have any side effect.
    Pl advise .
    With Best Regards,
    Arvind Parulekar

  194. Anjali Bansal says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,
    I am 52 years old having family history of glaucoma.My father aged 87has glaucoma nd i too have been diagnosed to have onset of glaucoma.I wish to avoid allopathic medicines since theyr tested on animals.Homeopathy in contrast is ethical nd does not pollute the environment.
    Could u plz suggest some remedy.
    I have high myopia (-9) but no diabetes nd normal blood pressure.

  195. Ashwani Kumar Mehta says:

    Doctor sir
    Sir i am retired Indian Naval Sailor age 66 yrs . Recently i was feeling the sensation of some thing struck in my eye . After various tests Doctor prescribed it is Discs Suspect with Sup. Arcuate Scoterna / high false negtive and advised me with eye drop Latanoprost/ Ganfort which is to be continued for life and review after three months .
    Sir for normal viewing my eye sight with glasses is 6/6, DVA 6/9 and never has any eye problems except feeling sensation of some thing struck in my eyes
    I will be thankful to advise me Homeopathic medicine since I have more believe in Homeopathy
    Thanks Sir
    Ashwani Kumar Mehta

  196. Hello,

    I’m 28 year old eye and I have pigmentary glaucoma. Eye pressure in both eyes is normal (15 -18). I use eye drops to reduce eye pressure. As disease was found early, there still no vision loss or optic nerve damage. Though, I have constant pain in my eyes, their always feels tired. There is also lot’s of floaters in my eyes. I can’t use contact lenses anymore, because eyes are always dry. Is there any homeopathic medicine that can help me?

  197. Suchitra Pal says:

    Dear Doctor, Two days back I had an eye check up following a mild infection in left eye, and eye pressure was 21 in RE and 22 in LE. I use glasses and contact lenses for myopia, -4, -4.5. Dr. C.P. Khandelwal, Eye Surgeon says I am a Glaucoma suspect. Is there any Homeopathic medicine to reduce eye pressure ?

  198. SANT KUMAR YADAV says:

    left eye gaucoma problem persist. I use alopathy medicine DORZOX and BRIMOCOM both schedule H drug by cipla company. The vision is blurred and the patient feels that every object is under the cover of dust when he or she looks at it. Halos around light is also an important symptom. My right also feels tired.

  199. Pratibha Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to ask about my 1 ur old baby who is having conginatal glaucoma in both the eyes since his birth. Do you have any treatment for him. Thanks

  200. Hi,
    I’ve been diagnosed with beginning Glacoma in my left eye. The right eye is “suspicious” for Glacoma.
    The eye pressures are normal range. The corneas are thin. Also have severe Myopia (am legally blind without glasses). Doctor also said have beginning cataracts. I’m 64. I’m very concerned as the eye medications have side effects & I already have other health issues.

    Is there a Homeopathic remedy for my eyes you would suggest?

    Thank you sincerely.

  201. aamir sagab says:

    Sir do u confirm have heredomacular deganrestion retina treatment. Plz call me 07209515112.

  202. Sir I am 62 yr old I am suffering glocouma in right eye.and caterate in left eye and operated sir I want to any medicine for this kindly reply.

    • Sir, I am 43 years old. I have Glaucoma in my left eye since 1998. At present I am using a combination of eye drops viz Lumigan Bimatoprost o.01% once at night in the effected eye and Soft drops liquigel twicely in the both eye. I have been given to under stand that there are some homeo medicine for glaucoma which can be used orally/inrernally and with diet. please suggest and reply

  203. Prem Chand Jain says:

    I am 66 year old. I have Glaucoma in left eye & Cataract in both eye. Since last 6 year I am using Eye Drop Latocom to control eye pressure & is under control i.e 12.
    Kindly suggest me treatment.
    P.C. Jain

  204. glaucoma from birth, now 50, male, slight vision in left eye, no sight in right eye, regularly uses combigan eye drops, want to stop this medicine as it has side effects, recently felt right eye pain, redness, head ache etc.

  205. I want to learn more about treating glaucoma with homeopathy instead of allopathic drops and surgery. Besides a few articles online, where do I find more direction?

  206. Dipakchandra B Desai says:

    Dear Sir
    i am having I O P in both the eyes regularly using Le toss prass RT Eye drop since long
    Right Eye is more acute then left
    i am also going remove cataract from both the eye in Jan.2016

    Kindly Recommend Homeopathic medicine or herbal which can reduce and cure my eye pressure

    so far no damage is observe by ophthalmologist

    With Regards

  207. ashokkumargupta says:

    i am diabetic patient since 10 year but always live in control average fasting and after meal diabetes live me 135 to 150 and after meal 150 to 200 never live more than this . I also glaucoma patient presser live 14 in all average eye. but deep cup is there as per doctor advise. optic nerve pressure is there.
    advise me how to take medicine and able to cure glaucoma.
    ashok kumar gupta

  208. Hi Dr. Sharma I need some clarifications on glaucoma if a person is effected by that disease he/she in last stage vision is presently low left eye 10 feet and right eye 2 feet distance they able to see at this stage what is the perfect medicine to take.
    Please respond

  209. subrata chakraborty says:

    I am 53 years old . Recently after routine examination of my both eyes ,intraoccular pressure of both eyes have been detected above 30 . I need your suggestion in this regard taking homeopathic medicine to avoid the bad effect of glaucoma in future.

    • I am having glaucoma in my right eye andthe pressure is 28 in right eye and 18 in left eye. I am unable to use right eye at all and I am on different eye drops. Confirm if there is any treatment in homeopathy. I am 69 years old.

  210. Acharya dev says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    with high regards to need your advice for my eye problem issue.
    Doctor i am 43 year old Male. few days back i went to Optho doctor for check my eye side No. as i am having eye glasses minus 3 from since my child hood from 1984 and no. remain same from last 29 years.
    Eye specialist Dr. also cheked my IOP and found very high around 34-40 and gave me IOPAR capsule medicen and told for further examination and so on. Dr. suspect for Glaucoma but find negative history of it.
    I believe once we take allopathy there is no permanent solution and the effect of synthetic medicine is not reliable.
    Dr. My believe in Homoeopathy is stronger then other pathy Pl Guide Doctor some homoeopathy medicine and the dose too and how long i take the course
    I will recheck my eye pressure and update for your advice too.

  211. Subhendu Kar says:

    My father Age 78 yrs. Phasing Glaucoma decease in both eyes.
    Can you pls. sujest medicine to remove from Glaucoma.

  212. Hello Dr.

    My left eyes affected with Glaucoma and Dr advised for surgery and got surgery of my right eyes in Oct-14 and feeling good from right eyes.

    advise me eye drops for my right side eyes which undergone surgery as sometimes tears come from my right eyes

    and also advise for left side which also affecting with Glaucoma, for eye drops as i want to avoid the surgery.

  213. Mrs Abha Agarwal says:

    I had gone for an eye checkup.
    It was revealed that my Left Eye pressure was 22 and right eye pressure is 17.
    Doctor has suggested repeat check after 3 months.

    I also have left migraine Pain .
    Can some Homoeopathic Medicine suggested for the above situation to reduce Pressure and Migraine.

    • bardan singh narjinari says:

      I am suffering from glaucoma since 2008 .dr.prescribed me to use combigan eyedrops twice a day and gave some med also . but since than there is no improvement at all rather my vission is dimnishing .please advise me homeo med .my eyes give blurring and i use to see hallo in the light.
      Thank u
      with regards

  214. Naveen Arora says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am Naveen, am suffering from glaucoma and had
    mu laser surgery done in August 15. I have been using eye drops as prescribed. As per my symptoms I shall take phosphorus and belladonna. Please guide me with the dosage and for how long it is to be continued. Only for my information can this damage be removed / reversed.

  215. P SATISH KUMAR says:

    Dear sir,
    I have a vision problem with my right eye. I cannot see with my right eye, but when i close my left eye i can see with my right eye but the vision is so blur. I can see the color difference and read big letters. when i consulted the doctors they said, the nerve which has to send the vision signals to the brain is not grown as the usual. Its a congenital thing, they cannot do any thing for that. It has to be like that. Is there any possibility that my right eye vision problem can be cured.


  216. Sarwat khalid says:

    Sir kia Mae Roman Urdu mae Apni kaifiyat likh sukti hon?

  217. shamsher singh says:

    my age is 43 and the eye preausher rise up to 28 know docter prescraeb brimocome eye drop please giuide me about homeopathic may i use homeopathy meadicin please tell the name and power of meadicien


    dear sir,

    My mother’s 55 years old & right side eyes in effected glaucoma.
    plz. ask me any treatment in homeopathy.


  219. Self is suffering from pigmentary glaucoma.tall and thin figure. Myopic with bifocal glass. Calm in nature of 46 history of father. With cholesterol and uric acid. Feel fatigue in. Eyes.operated for two times in both eyes. Kindly advise me with suitable med.

  220. Dr Sharma,
    Do you have any experience with treating homeopathically low pressure (10 mmhg) glaucoma – an hereditary form?
    Woman is menopausal borderline hypothyroid of Nat mur constitiution, left eye is worse , painless glaucoma no symptoms no redness etc , only from VFT – have given remedy but slow progress in left eye visual field test over 12 months.
    Thanks for any advice from your experience.,

  221. Naveen Arora says:

    Hi, Doctor my left Eye & left side of the same eye has a different kind of heaviness and if I spread my eyes it feels good. Around 3mnths back I had my laser done as the doctors suggested in both the eyes. As per my symptoms, how shall I take Phosphorus as med.

  222. Iam suffaring glaucoma

  223. i am 52 years old doctor and i was using glasses at age of 12 years . I had high myopia right eye -7 and left eye -6 . I got lasik surgery in 2004 and vision became better. i developed cataract in right eye and got operated in Dec 2008 and in left eye in 2011 and got operated. My right eye is more weak and there is cupping of disc and i am using Combigan in both eyes for 5 years and Xalatan eye drops in right eye for one month. My basic cause of eye problems is High Myopia. Please suggest me good homeopathic treatment so that i do not develop Glaucoma Thanks and Regards

  224. Vinay Singhal says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please suggest a good medicine for Glaucoma

    Thanks & Regards
    Vinay Singhal

    • H K Maheshwari says:

      i am 69 yrs., suffering from glaucoma in right eye. right eye has been operated for caatract and macular hole. using Travacom and dorzox drop. please suggest homeopathic medicine.

  225. sangeeta sharma says:

    my wife is diabetic. in her recent eye examination doctor has
    diagnosed very little sign of Glaucoma & simply suggested
    to control sugar levels. kindly suggest homeopathic medicine
    Thanks & regards

    Suresh sharma

  226. VR BHATNAGAR says:

    I am 61,M,was having high Myopia from the age of 10 yrs of age. Both eyes (LE:2004 and RE:2005)Cataract operated by Phaco method. Diagnosed Glaucoma in both eyes in 2005, using eye drops and eye pressure is under control. Now I have developed Secondary cataract in both eyes. Vision is reduced due to opacity in capsule of lens. You may comments.

    Thanking you in anticipation
    VR BHATNAGAR, Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
    9427937065 (M)

  227. dr arif memon says:

    my mother have blurred vision in both eye..but more in left eye .
    she heve iron deficeincy anemia (plummer vinson syndrom)
    13/8/2015 abdo hystrectomy done
    today we checked her eye pressure
    right eye=21
    left eye=22
    give me solution dr..
    i m also homeopath( interny)

  228. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with acute narrow angle glaucoma and although I have no symptoms, I would like to know if there is a remedy I can take as a precaution to avoid an occurrence?

    Thank you for your help.

  229. Sir my eye is in a accident doctor says secondary glaucoma my right eye irritated and red and some black spot are sow

  230. David Chen says:

    Need help on getting eye drops for my glaucoma? Your office location in San Jose, and San Francisco, California!?

  231. Mohammed Shareef says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have recently been diagnosed Glaucoma in my right eye which has no vision following a cataract removal operation 15 years ago. An eye specialist has prescribed DREXDON and ALPHAGAN EYE DROPS which I have used for one month now with not much relief but severe side effects. Kindly advise the best homeopathic treatment for my Glaucoma. If I use Phosphorus or Belladonna, please advise in what potency and frequency. Can I stop using Alphagan eye drops? Thank you indeed for your help.

  232. Uttam kumar ojha says:

    Dear Doctor

    I hve an open angel glaucoma in both eyes detected for last 2 yrs , used allopathic drops consultated with by opthalmogist but my iop of both eyes is not below 30 till days. Today Dr. Anil srivastav of Raj eye Hospital, Gkp ( U.P.) advised me for operation & requested not take much more time for operation. At present my age is 30 yrs & doing job in private sector, unmarried. It is keen request u to kindly sgts me is there any medicine for my case.

    Thnx & rgds
    Uttam ojha

  233. Harvir Grewal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have been diabatic since I was 5 years old and taking insulin since then. I’m 47 years of age now and I have been suffering from diabatic retinopathy for the last almost 25 years and completely blind. I received some laser treatment when I was in India which didn’t help so I lost my career in Engineering and couldn’t keep up with my studies. Right now I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my left eye. The eye stays red all the time, very sensitive and concentrated water flowing out of it and then I feel bit of relief from pain and it happens again in few minutes. The eye is wet all the time. I was perscribed Trusopt by the opthomologist years ago but I never used it because of the side effects. I was controlling the IOP with “Alome Belome” breathing exercise which worked quite good but not any more. It helps for few minutes and the pressure builds up again. I used Sulphur200 for few days (every third day) andalso Argentus Nit+Kali Vik+Merk Sol which helped me to relief of ssandy eye and stones like feeling but not with the IOP. Then I used Eupracia2000 but no help. Right now I started using Phosphorus 30 and the Ruta Grav for two days but no impact. I have ordered Osmium 6x as well and hopefully get it soon. Can you please advise me of any help you can do for me? Thanks.

    Surrey, BC, Canada

    • Vikani Mkhize says:

      I am 64 years old unemployed have been diabetic for 20 years. I have poor vision right eye was operated ten years ago to remove cataract. The implant shift a few weeks ago. The left eye was never operaed because of pressure. Now my eye sight is bda the doctor wants to operate the left one. I have glucauma I am told it can’t be cure nor reversed. I have severe erection dysfunctional as a result of diabetes. I had an operation 30 years ago on my right ear due to perforated eardrum my hearing is bad I use one ear the left one. Please advise

  234. Md Belal says:

    I am bangladeshi but I work in u a e.can u delivered Medicine in u a e for my health problem.

  235. Dear Dr. Dharma , I have been Dx with glaucoma and cataracts. My doctor wants to operate on my cataracts in both eyes before he tackles the glaucoma. I am in love with metal instructments being inserted in my eyes but my vision is getting very difficult. I see the coordinator on Tuesday to schedule surgery. But a friend of mine told me to try the homeopathic way first. 1. Dx history of glaucoma, being treated OS. Only, 2. recommend cataract surgrey evaluation. 3. BvA op 20/50 + OS 20/60+ 3. APD OS . That was my Dr. Dx. To the surgeon. I trust the surgeon but I have a good results with other aliments using the homeopathic route. I do have insurance. Your reply wr suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  236. DR P R Gandhi says:

    How to treat lymphangitis ?
    Lymphagitis has affected left leg with loss of skin elasticity, burning.
    I have administered Apis, Merc I R but got very little response.
    Redness over the area has only vanished; other complaint remains.
    Patient has this complaint from last 1 month.

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