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Top 7 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma Treatment

homeopathic remedies for glaucoma
The first sign of any eye disorder is blurred vision or not being able to see correctly. Glaucoma is a much more serious eye disorder, with several accompanying symptoms. It’s an eye disorder characterised by raised intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. In other words, there is a build-up of pressure inside the eyes and this pressure can damage the optic nerve, which transmits images to the brain.

Glaucoma is of two types. Closed Angle (acute) Glaucoma is painful and progresses rapidly, in contrast to Open Angle (chronic) Glaucoma. The Open Angle Glaucoma leads to a gradual loss of vision.  The symptoms of Closed Angle Glaucoma are blurred vision, halos around light, headache, pain in eyes, nausea or vomiting. A family history of Glaucoma, Myopia and Diabetes Mellitus are the risk factors associated with Glaucoma. Injury to eye may also lead to Glaucoma. Medicines sourced from natural substances provide an effective treatment for Glaucoma. The Homeopathic remedies for Glaucoma are completely safe, and have no side effects.


Glaucoma is an eye disorder characterised by raised intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. The raised intraocular pressure is the result of an imbalance between the production and drainage of the aqueous humour or eye fluid. Glaucoma occurs when the eye pressure increases as the eye fluid or aqueous humour is not circulating normally in the front part of the eye. This fluid normally flows out of the eye, but if this channel is blocked, the fluid builds up, causing Glaucoma.

Closed Angle Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle that permits the flow of aqueous humour is narrowed. Open Angle (chronic) Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle is anatomically normal. Closed Angle glaucoma is painful and progresses rapidly in contrast to Open Angle Glaucoma, which is slow in progression.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma

The top remedies for Glaucoma are Phosphorus, Comocladia, BelladonnA, Osmium, Physostigma, Prunus Spinosa, Cedron

1. Phosphorus: For Glaucoma with optic nerve damage

On the list of top remedies for Glaucoma, Phosphorus tops the list. It is also indicated for Glaucoma when the optic nerve is damaged (atrophied). The main symptom guiding the use of this remedy is tiredness of eyes all the time. The eyes seem very tired even when they are not engaged in much work. The eyes seem to be exhausted. Along with the fatigue of eyes, the vision is blurred and the patient feels that every object is under the cover of dust when he or she looks at it. Halos around light is also an important symptom. Another key symptom is the slightly improved vision by shading the eyes with hands. By doing this, the objects that look blurred seem somewhat clear. Phosphorus helps in improving the eyesight and the fatigue of eyes.

2. Comocladia: For Sensation of Fullness in Eyes

Amongst the remedies for Glaucoma with pain, Comocladia is indicated in patients, who experience a fullness sensation in eyes. The fullness is mostly accompanied by pain in eyes. The eyes feel very enlarged. The eye pain gets worse by warmth and such a person feels relief in pain and eye fullness in open air.

3. Belladonna: For Glaucoma with acute symptoms

Belladonna is the best for acute symptoms in a patient of Glaucoma. The main symptoms include sudden increase in dimness of vision. The eyes appear red. This is accompanied by a severe pain in eyes and head. The pain is very violent in character. Nausea and vomiting may also occur.

4. Osmium: For Improving Dim Vision

Osmium is of great help in improving dim vision. The intraocular pressure is raised in persons needing Osmium. The important symptom listed by the patient is the display of various changeable colours of an object when looked at from different angles like a rainbow (iridescent vision). The patient may also have an intolerance to light.

5. Physostigma: For Glaucoma following Injury

For an effective treatment of Glaucoma following injury, Physostigma is the best natural remedy. The symptoms may be dim vision, blurring of vision or partial blindness. Along with dim vision, the patient may suffer from pain in eyes. The pain is usually worse after using the eyes. Patients of Glaucoma with myopic condition also respond well to this medicine.

6. Prunus Spinosa: For Sudden Pain in Right Eye

Prunus Spinosa is the ideal natural medicine for treatment of sudden pain in right eye as a result of Glaucoma. Prunus Spinosa works mainly for right eye pain. Pain in eye is so acute and violent that it results in a bursting sensation in the eyeball.

7. Cedron: For Severe Pain in Left Eye

In contrast to Prunus Spinosa, the action of natural medicine Cedron is centered on the left eye of a Glaucoma patient. Cedron is the ideal remedy for severe, violent pain in the eye, especially left eye. The onset of pain may show certain periodicity in its occurence. The pain may show radiation to the nose.

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  1. satvinder says:

    what is the best medicine for high pressure in eyes

  2. Fàhim AHMAd says:

    Doctor sahab meri aankh mein glycoma hai kya h********** mein iska koi ilaj sambhav hai

  3. Annie piaia says:

    Dear dr sharia,

    I have high eyes pressures caused by a kenelog steroid shot, the shot was put in my eye in December 2018 to treat cme! My pressures are running 33! I’m hoping the steroid will leave the eye!

    What can I take for the high pressures? All the tests show no glaucoma yet!

  4. Oliver mc cooey says:

    Hi Doctor

    About two years ago I was diagnosed with glaucoma in my left eye. The pressure in both my eyes falls within the normal range. The specialist said he would treat me for low eye pressure even though I registered normal. I didn’t start taking drops . I don’t have pain in my eyes but my left eye vision has deteriorated a lot. I would appreciate your suggestions.

    Thank you

    Oliver Mc Cooey

  5. Edward L Ohanian says:

    Dr Sharma: Thank you for your useful blog.
    My question is: The numerous adaptogens offered thru Herb merchandisers, i.e. Reishi, Ashwagandha, maitake mushrooms etc are those as good in their dinamized version (homeopathic) ?
    Thank you for your answer
    Kind regards,

  6. Hello,I have a returning chronic eye infection with thin clear exudate but gets brown staining and a little reddish at times.I developed a brownish spot in the front of my left eye after I hit it accidentally by running into the glass doesn’t stain on eye examination drops.Can you suggest any remedy please??

  7. S.Panday says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter was born with glaucoma. She had surgery at one year old to relieve pressure in her eye. She is currently on daily eye drops. Could you please suggest what she may take for this condition.

  8. Donna Trott says:

    Would appreciate knowing how to take these medications. Would like to switch from pharmacy preparations if possible

  9. Shoshana Rovina Caplin-Bregman says:

    I was diagnosed with onset glaucoma a couple of years ago. Recently my eye doctor decided to send me to our hospital outpatient clinic, where they found a raised ocular pressure (but it is not clear to me whether it is closed angle or open angle. The pressure now is 23/21, which is actually lower than it was last February. I do not have any symptoms of closed angle, and the doctors at the hospital didn’t show any panic, so I assume it is open angle. They have prescribed Travatrost drops. I am very willing first to use homoeopathy, rather than getting tied up in a conventional medicine which may have very unpleasant side-effects. Can you advise me? I intend to return for a doctor’s check up in about one month.

    many thanks

  10. Dr abaid khalid khalid says:

    I am having glaucoma with optic disc cupping of 0.9 bilateral using treatment but with not much tight control of IOP . Kindly suggest me homeopathy treatment to improve vision and control of IOP. Thx

  11. Philip Bello says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma:

    I have been a glaucoma suspect for 10 years, but the last annual checup showed that my iop was in the 30 range, which is higher than the year before in the low 20’s. I did drink 2 cups of strong coffee before my exam this year, and it was in the morning hours, so I believe this may have affected my reading.

    Also, I have thicker corneas that are about 590. And I have had regractive surgeries in the past (RK and PRK). My vision is excellent, and I have not lost any peripheral vision nor do I have any pain.

    But I am concerned with lowering my iop. Do youo have any suggestions?

    Thank you for your kind help.

    Philip Bello

  12. KVAP Subbarao says:

    Sir, I am diabetic for last 23 years. Also hypertensive for last 16 years. My father was also chronic diabetic and suffered with Glaucoma and lost his vision. Ofcourse now with glasses my vision is comfortable. However, Can I use any medicines precautionaryly for glaucoma. Now I am 50 yr old.

  13. HI DR SHARMA ,


  14. Rajat Verma says:

    I have a labrador dog 6 years of age. He is suffering from glaucoma in both the eyes with enlarged eyes and pain every 3rd or 4th day. He has lost his vision completely 12 days back.
    I have started giving phosphorus 200 with belladona 200. Will this remedy give him relax and reduce the built up eye pressure??
    Please reply soon.

  15. Mrityunjay Singh says:

    As late diagnosis of glaucoma, my mother lost her eye’s sight… She also facing lots of headache in very extreme position approximately every day… As i think she is suffering from the last stage of this problem if any… Kindly suggest me some best homopathic remedy if any…

  16. It is the case of my elder brother who lost complete sight due to late diagnosis of Glaucoma. Due to total loss of sight it seems to a case of atrophy of optic nerve. I earnestly need your help.

    • Charles ifebuzo 1+ says:

      I need help . I duffer from glaucoma . At the moment treating with dye drops . And anti oxidant .

      Will Like To Try homeopathy

  17. Alopathy doctor said yesterday that glaucoma 99% vision loss of one eye of my mother couldn’t be possible. 70% of other can be treated. please help me.

  18. Bruce Powell says:

    Have pseudoexfoliation in left eye. Doctor kept giving me drops that were beta blockers. Stopped drugs year or more ago. Take lutein, zeaxanthin.
    Left eye know is losing perifial vision. becoming cloudy.
    am 67 years old in good shape.

  19. William C Smith says:

    I have Glaucoma

    • Good Morning

      I am a 39 years old female/married . south asia background my right eye pressure has gone up to 20 in 3 months and left eye is 18. Optic nervc looked little big in right sight. right eye looked tired and fatigue all time these days…headace in right sight….recently 3 months back got a prescription glasses for full time. Gluocoma runs in our family from father side. My father has a Glucoma and lost his right eyesight.
      I also have PCOS and my two kids were premature one was 31 week and 2nd one is 34 week. Please kindly tell me good medicine

  20. Pappu jaiswal says:

    Mere dahani eye ki nush sukh gai hai ,jisase ankho ke aage kuhasa dikhta hai ,likin dr ke yaha bord par lage sbse chhote word ko bhi mai padh leta hu .lekin jach me optic nerv sukhane ki bat samane aai hai ,mujhe samajh me nahi aaraha
    Ki mai kaya karu .gorkhpur me 8 dr se dika chuka hi

  21. Bucumi A. Netto says:

    My best greetings Dr Sharma,
    Kindly help me to find a way if restoring my sight. I noticed that I have glaucoma since 2010, 8 years ago. I have been trying to attend diffrent clinics and hispitals in Zambia to no avail and am very worried witb my sight because I am unable to read anynore witbout glasses a thing I hate from the bottom of my heart. I keep on changing reading glasses yearly. I don’t feel the pain but my sight is deteriorating gradually feeling like something is covering ny eyes.
    What can I do even to stop this decay.
    Thank and anxiously waiting to hear from you. By the way am 51 years old. male.

  22. Sadguna Reddy says:

    Hello sir..this is regarding my my father’s glaucoma problem. He lost sight in one eye and another is partially there any medicine to cure it

  23. Diabetes BP insulin taking 10+10 units M+E.left eye cataract operation over .right eye due .pressure is more in both eyes.more pain and burning inrteyeand lesspain inlft eye but burning .clear vision is not there in left eye .vision is clear in RT eye .Headache also uneasyness in face .eyes straining after continuous usage of eyes .

  24. Anup kumar Das says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My brother age 47 years having juvenile open angle Glucoma and remained under allopathic medicine and subsequent operation left 5yrs back & recently right eye which lost vision great extent .Now both eye having high IOP 26-28mmhg. Please advise to control OPP and improve vision . Thanks & regards, Anup Das

  25. Sulabha Asarpota says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. My husband has been diagnosed with HIGH IOP and has been prescribed 2 types of drops for sometime. We are looking for natural remedies and also what changes if any in diet are required to reduce this pressure. Can you help us?

  26. Dr. NCDAS says:

    Gradually reducing acuity of vision of right eye , slight heaviness rt. eye, very gradually say, 5-6 yrs. Father had glaucoma leading to complete blindness. Youngest brother is detected to have it on rt. eye, recently operated. Intraocular pressure today is 23(lt) 26(rt.). My age now is 88yrs.9months.

  27. yogendra kumar katiyar says:

    My Left eye Optical narbz damage due to ingery in childwood & this time my age is 36 ,Pl suggest

  28. Pranay Kumar Sen says:

    Suffering from right eye glaucoma for last 10 years and under allopathic treatment. I am 73 yrs old having high BP, high Sugar under 4 time insulin for about 20 yrs. 2 yrs ago cataract operated in right eye but almost lost vision in this eye! Drs advised that cornea transplant will not improve vision. Recently severe and unbearable pain has started in right eye! Dr. Fixed one BCL but it’s not a permanent solution and every month this BCL to be changed! But it’s effectiveness will gradually reduce!! Dr. suggest Anterior Stromal Puncture but in such case vision may completely lost!!
    Please advise whether there is any treatment and medicine for curement or reduce the pain in eye!!

  29. Deborah says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I have Glaucoma I understand an Eye Drop I was put on , Can also cause Glaucoma , I have had many eye surgeries in the past , It is in my Right Eye , Left eye has a touch of Glaucoma now , Looking for something more natural or a home remedy to help take down the pain and pressure now .
    You talk about 1 thing for the right eye and another for the Left eye . Might I ask why this is . Can 1 not be used on Both Eyes , Please do explain this to me . And I just moved to another Province here . Not sure how to find this .
    Sorry I have No Credit Cards

    • K. Tameno says:

      Dr. Sharma:

      I have been treated by an ophthalmologist for over a year for glaucoma. She has tried many eye drops to reduce the eye pressure and most of them have undesirable side effect on me .I am wondering if there is homeopathic remedies that reduces the eye pressure, and can you tell me what they are?

      Thank you for your help.

  30. Hi

    My Dad developed acute closed angle glaucoma which led to loss of vision in right eye.
    Could you please let us known if homeopathy be of My help to regain it or can we operate .

  31. Shelah Bhajan says:

    dear Dr Sharma, I did get a response to my first letter for help with glaucoma. I trust I’ll receive an answer to this request. I am 79years old. I have been diagnosed with glaucoma since 2006. At first the doctor could not decide what type of Glaucoma it is. After I changed the doctor in 2008 I was told that it is open angular Glaucoma With pressure ranging between 15 / 16 in either eye. I was on cosopt and Alphagan.1% eyedrops. This year another eye care doctor put me on Cosopt alone as the Alphagan.1% was irritating my eye with redness and increased pressure and also it was making me sleepy up during the day. The pressure ranges between 11/12. I am seeing less and would appreciate some advice about treatment and diet. I am a vegetarian, but I have started eating eating eggs and sardines and salmon.
    Thank you for your reply.

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