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Top 7 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma Treatment

homeopathic remedies for glaucoma
The first sign of any eye disorder is blurred vision or not being able to see correctly. Glaucoma is a much more serious eye disorder, with several accompanying symptoms. It’s an eye disorder characterised by raised intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. In other words, there is a build-up of pressure inside the eyes and this pressure can damage the optic nerve, which transmits images to the brain.

Glaucoma is of two types. Closed Angle (acute) Glaucoma is painful and progresses rapidly, in contrast to Open Angle (chronic) Glaucoma. The Open Angle Glaucoma leads to a gradual loss of vision.  The symptoms of Closed Angle Glaucoma are blurred vision, halos around light, headache, pain in eyes, nausea or vomiting. A family history of Glaucoma, Myopia and Diabetes Mellitus are the risk factors associated with Glaucoma. Injury to eye may also lead to Glaucoma. Medicines sourced from natural substances provide an effective treatment for Glaucoma. The Homeopathic remedies for Glaucoma are completely safe, and have no side effects.


Glaucoma is an eye disorder characterised by raised intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. The raised intraocular pressure is the result of an imbalance between the production and drainage of the aqueous humour or eye fluid. Glaucoma occurs when the eye pressure increases as the eye fluid or aqueous humour is not circulating normally in the front part of the eye. This fluid normally flows out of the eye, but if this channel is blocked, the fluid builds up, causing Glaucoma.

Closed Angle Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle that permits the flow of aqueous humour is narrowed. Open Angle (chronic) Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle is anatomically normal. Closed Angle glaucoma is painful and progresses rapidly in contrast to Open Angle Glaucoma, which is slow in progression.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma

The top remedies for Glaucoma are Phosphorus, Comocladia, BelladonnA, Osmium, Physostigma, Prunus Spinosa, Cedron

1. Phosphorus: For Glaucoma with optic nerve damage

On the list of top remedies for Glaucoma, Phosphorus tops the list. It is also indicated for Glaucoma when the optic nerve is damaged (atrophied). The main symptom guiding the use of this remedy is tiredness of eyes all the time. The eyes seem very tired even when they are not engaged in much work. The eyes seem to be exhausted. Along with the fatigue of eyes, the vision is blurred and the patient feels that every object is under the cover of dust when he or she looks at it. Halos around light is also an important symptom. Another key symptom is the slightly improved vision by shading the eyes with hands. By doing this, the objects that look blurred seem somewhat clear. Phosphorus helps in improving the eyesight and the fatigue of eyes.

2. Comocladia: For Sensation of Fullness in Eyes

Amongst the remedies for Glaucoma with pain, Comocladia is indicated in patients, who experience a fullness sensation in eyes. The fullness is mostly accompanied by pain in eyes. The eyes feel very enlarged. The eye pain gets worse by warmth and such a person feels relief in pain and eye fullness in open air.

3. Belladonna: For Glaucoma with acute symptoms

Belladonna is the best for acute symptoms in a patient of Glaucoma. The main symptoms include sudden increase in dimness of vision. The eyes appear red. This is accompanied by a severe pain in eyes and head. The pain is very violent in character. Nausea and vomiting may also occur.

4. Osmium: For Improving Dim Vision

Osmium is of great help in improving dim vision. The intraocular pressure is raised in persons needing Osmium. The important symptom listed by the patient is the display of various changeable colours of an object when looked at from different angles like a rainbow (iridescent vision). The patient may also have an intolerance to light.

5. Physostigma: For Glaucoma following Injury

For an effective treatment of Glaucoma following injury, Physostigma is the best natural remedy. The symptoms may be dim vision, blurring of vision or partial blindness. Along with dim vision, the patient may suffer from pain in eyes. The pain is usually worse after using the eyes. Patients of Glaucoma with myopic condition also respond well to this medicine.

6. Prunus Spinosa: For Sudden Pain in Right Eye

Prunus Spinosa is the ideal natural medicine for treatment of sudden pain in right eye as a result of Glaucoma. Prunus Spinosa works mainly for right eye pain. Pain in eye is so acute and violent that it results in a bursting sensation in the eyeball.

7. Cedron: For Severe Pain in Left Eye

In contrast to Prunus Spinosa, the action of natural medicine Cedron is centered on the left eye of a Glaucoma patient. Cedron is the ideal remedy for severe, violent pain in the eye, especially left eye. The onset of pain may show certain periodicity in its occurence. The pain may show radiation to the nose.

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  1. J p Narayan says:

    What potency be used in glaucoma condition in case of Physostigma or prunes

  2. Patti Nicklaus says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, we have an EMERGENCY! My friend, who rescues animals has someone caring for a five-month-old kitten with bad glaucoma in both eyes. They are planning on removing both eyes. One still has a little vision left and I’m begging them to try to save the eyes before they do the surgery. Is there any way you can help? Thank you so much!!! Sincerely, Patti Nicklaus

  3. My 90 yr old father injured his eye in the ’60s while in the military. Last year he lost basically all vision in that (left) eye. The ophthalmologist diagnosed him with cataracts and severe glaucoma in April 2021. I was told it was macula degeneration but today I accompanied him to his doctor and learned it is severe glaucoma.

    Two days ago he had cataract surgery to replace the left lens. Yesterday the doctor said the pressure was high and pressed on a suture to release some fluid. Dad’s vision is not improved and the ophthalmologist has basically said there’s no real hope of improvement.

    Dad is a BIG believer in nutrients and takes approximately 126 a day. He rotates what he takes throughout the year on the theory that historically we got nutrients from our food based on what was available each season.

    Although Dad is nearly 91 he is in great shape. All of his doctors brag on his health. But I am afraid if he loses his sight, he may lose his will to live. Dad’s only ‘hobby’ in life has been reading and studying. But if his loses his ability to do that, coupled with my mother’s passing in Nov 2021, he may become extremely depressed. He met my Mom when he was 18 and she was 16. He told her on their first date that he was going to marry her and he did.

    I know this is a lot of information that probably isn’t relevant but I want you to know his history. He is using 3 kinds of eye drops from the doctor and wild lettuce and white willow bark for pain. His eyes become painful after he reads awhile and although his vision in his left eye has been bad for years, last year he lost what vision he had overnight.

    • Hi, I have just started taking Phosphorus homeopathy remedy for Glucoma.
      Can you please advise how often and the dosage I should be taking.

      Many thanks

  4. dorothy hildebrand says:

    hi, have just been recently diagnosed with glaucoma. pressure in right eye at 30 and left eye 19. my corneas are 70% thicker than normal too. i have been told that i have the beginnings of age related macular and the beginning of a cataract in my right eye.
    i have been prescribed pharmaceutical eye drops but wish to also use a homeopathic remedy for all the above issues.
    from reading the above information i believe i have the open angle glaucoma.
    please reply asap.
    thank you

  5. Areti Kypraiou says:

    Hello Dr Sharma.
    Ihave decided to write to you to ask you if you could possibly help me.
    In April I had a serious eye injury. My eye volve was cut and stitched and me lense and iris were destroyed. During the surgery, I had silicon placed at the place of the lense. In September I had the silicon removed and a lense placed and some days later we found out firstly that me optical nerve had been seriously damaged and the remaining eyesight is 1/10 and secondly that I have very high eye pressure. (we already knew that but we hoped that it was due to the silicon) Unfortunately it weasn’t. More parts of the eye are destroyed so the pressure is aroynd 22 to 31 even when I take acetazolamide and various eye drops. If the situation continues, I will lose me whole sight.
    Do you think that homeopathy would help me?
    Thank in advance
    Sincerely yours,

  6. Lonnie Hill says:

    I have open angle glaucoma in left eye , trying to keep the pressure down, how much phosphorus 30 cc and Osmium should I take ? Thanks Lonnie

  7. Pradeep Kumar Soni says:

    Close angle Glucoma ke sare symptoms h to koun si dwaye de, kya phasphorous, comocledia,osmium ek sath de skte h ?

  8. Patel Safvan says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma
    Muje Aaje 15 saal pehle Aankh Me lokhand Ka Sariya Laga Tha.Tab se muje dekhne me vision blurry ho gaya hai.aur cornea per Nissan bhi ho gaya hai.lekin mam muje 2 mahine pehle glaucoma ho gaya usi aankh me aur pressure 1 hi raat me badh gaya aur 46 ho gaya fir badh Kar 60 ho gaya fir dawai se 50 tak aa gaya aur lesar treatment ke baad ab 1.5 months se 30 ho gaya hai.lekin sir muje aankh me redness,eye pain,headache abhi bhi ho raha hai.Aur Corneal ulcer tha vo thik ho gaya hai aesa doctor ka kehna hai.lekin sir muje aankh me cornea per bahut chubh raha hai plz sir meri help kijiye.

  9. Sandeep R Karwa says:

    I have eye pressure of 15 after taking a eye drop Travisight-T once in night, one drop on both eyes. Without this medicine my eye pressure rises to 22 whereas Eye Doctors suggest that it should be kept below 20.

    Secondly my Glaucoma is in boderline (No Glaucoma as yet but boderline case) and Eye doctors have suggested Glaucoma test every 1.5 years .

    I would like you to recommend medicine for REDUCING Eye Pressure and PREVENTION of Glaucoma.

    I am prepared to pay the Consultation charges.


    GOD’s sincerly
    Sandeep R Karwa

  10. Hi Dr Sharma,
    Eye pressure is high and I haven’t been able to reduce it….love Homeopathy.
    Do you know any Homeopathic Ophthamalogists?
    Thanks for any advice you can share.

  11. Shakuntla Singh says:

    I have glaucoma for last 15 years. With medicine it was controlled. For last few months eyesight reduced. Out side looks cloudy. Doctors are recovering surgery. Lost sight will not come it will knot reduced.Ayer surgery.I am 85 years old. Please advise me.I will be great full, thanks.

  12. Dear Dr. Sharma
    My optometrist has found that I have pretty high intraocular pressure. about 35 in each eye. She is giving me a couple months to recheck me so I thought I would try some natural things. Very little seems to be written on possible Glaucoma. I do not really have any other symptoms, except maybe feeling like something is in the corner of my eye…I do tend to rub my eyes but don’t really know why.. I do find when I am outside I can see better if I have a brimmed hat or my hand over my eyes…I am 68 years old. Just wondering which remedy to try since the only symptom I have is the pressure. Thank you

  13. James Lamm says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My son has swelling of both optic nerves following hydrocephalus shunt revision surgery and is experiencing severe vision loss. A blurriness, and inablity to focus on letters, and loss of peripheral vision.

    the Opthamologists say there is nothing they can do. Is there some homeopathic remedies we can try?
    Thank you.

  14. Hari Sharma says:

    my wife has right eye problem after catarct surgery, her vision is affected severely include blurry but color is preserved. Left eye works well. could you suggest some treatment for sharp vision. Doctors say she has eye infarct. At the moment her blood pressure and sugar is under control. Serum creatinine is high.
    We live in Sweden.

  15. Hello sir
    I am suffering from glaucoma in left eye which was diagnosed 15 days back.
    Also suffer from depression which is chronic
    Can homeopathy help me with these health issues.

  16. Hello,
    Thanks for your recommendations.
    Is there a formula or formulas that have all of these remedies in it?
    Please advise…thanks.

  17. Madhusudan Kilambi says:

    I am a glaucoma patient with Visual fields affected in the LE. may pl. suggest how to stop further progression.

  18. Sylvia Hicks says:

    I have early stage glaucoma (6% loss of peripheral vision). I have had 2 treatments of selective laser trabeculoplasty in the left eye and one so far in the right. The pressure reduced in the left from 30 to 22. It apparently takes 6 weeks for the full effect to be known. The Dr wants me to also put drops in my eyes until I can have cataract surgery and a shunt inserted. I want to avoid drops and wondered, if I took Phosphorus homeopathically, what potency I would take and how often? I am homeoopath.

  19. Himani Sengupta says:

    Mother had a left eye cataract operation successfully in Nov 2020. In April she started complaining that she can not see through the left eye. The ophthalmologist checked and found IOP 44 in LE. while RE was 14.
    Did a minor procedure (Surgery). Now the IOP of the left eye is 12 while the Right eye is 14.

    Can she take homeopathy for the left eye which has hardly 10% vision?
    please guide and help
    AGE 77 NO BP, No Sugar, No other diseases.

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