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Premature Grey Hair? 6 Homeopathic Remedies that Work

Homeopathic Remedies for Grey Hair Hair, it is said, is everything. Well, that may be sort of far-fetched but early greying of hair can be very disturbing for people. Greying of hair before the age of 35 years is referred to as premature greying. It has seen an increase over the past several years, and the main reasons could be stress or anxiety, improper diet, overuse of shampoos and conditioners or, of course, it could be in your genes. There have been cases of children as young as 8-10 years of age reporting greying of hair. The premature greying of hair can be successfully treated with Homeopathic medicines. The Homeopathic remedies for premature greying of hair are made of natural substances and are free from any side effects. The Homeopathic medicines act in the most gentle and natural way to halt the process of greying of hair.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Premature Greying Of Hair

The top medicines for premature greying of hair are Phosphoric acid, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Phosphorous, Silicea, and Vinca Minor.

1. Phosphoric Acid: Best Remedy for Greying of hair from Grief

Phosphoric Acid is the top natural medicine for the treatment of premature greying of hair resulting from grief and depression. It can be accompanied by thinning or falling out of hair. The patient feels very hopeless, sad and becomes indifferent to all affairs of life. Extreme exhaustion and weakness are symptoms in all the persons requiring this Homeopathic medicine. The weakness is noted in both physical and mental planes. Phosphoric Acid helps both in making the patient come out of grief and restoring the pigmentation of hair that has been destroyed by the effects of grief.

2. Lycopodium: For Premature Greying in Spots

Lycopodium is an excellent remedy for halting the process of greying of hair when the de-pigmentation of hair occurs in spots. Lycopodium acts in the most natural and harmless manner to halt the greying of hair. The patient may show an increased craving for sweets and hot drinks. All the patients for whom Lycopodium can be of great help usually suffer from gastric troubles like constipation and gas in the abdomen.

3. Natrum Mur: For Greying of Hair of Anemic or Weak Persons

Natrum Mur is a natural medicine of great help for the treatment of grey hair mainly in weak and anemic (deficient blood) persons. This Homeopathic medicine helps to improve the general health of the patient and raise the immunity to combat the greying of hair. The persons who can greatly benefit from remedy Natrum Mur may also suffer from severe headaches, which get worse in the heat of sun. There may also be an unusual craving for salt in excess.

4. Phosphorus: For Greying Hair

Phosphorus is an excellent remedy for treating grey hair. This medicine acts wonderfully to prevent further greying of hair. The greying of hair may be accompanied by hair fall or dandruff. The scalp is itchy. Peculiar desires in eating like cold drinks, juice and ice creams standout for using this Homeopathic medicine.

5. Silicea: For Premature Greying with Improper Digestion

Silicea is a very beneficial natural medicine for treating grey hair when the digestive power, mainly absorption power of intestines, is improper and weak. Due to weak absorption, the nutrients from food are not properly absorbed and utilized. Deficiency in the nutrients leads to many troubles and greying of hair is one outcome of that. Silicea helps in improving the absorptive quality of intestines. As a result, the nutrients are available in proper amounts to maintain the natural color of hair. The persons requiring Silicea usually have increased sweating on scalp. The feet may also have sweat with bad odor. Sensitivity to cold air is an important feature confirming the use of this Homeopathic medicine for grey hair.

6. Vinca Minor: For Greying of Hair in Spots

Vinca Minor is a natural medicine of great help for halting the greying of hair. This medicine is the best remedy when the hair has fallen in spots and replaced by grey hair. Vinca Minor acts naturally in pigmenting such hair without any side effects. This medicine is also used for the treatment of eruptions on the scalp with discharges resulting in sticking of hair together.

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  1. Kuldeep yadav says:

    Safed balo ke liye medicine

  2. संदीप says:

    नमस्कार डा० शर्मा, मेरे पुत्र के सिर में कुछ बाल सफेद हो गए हैं उसकी आयु है लगभग 11 वर्ष, उसकी सेहत ठीक है, उसे खाने में मीठा और नमकीन दोनो ही पसंद है, चॉकलेट भी खाता है कभी कभी, उसके दांतों में भी कीड़े लगे हैं, उसे गैस भी बहुत बनती है, पिछले कुछ महीनो में उसके regular shampoo कि जगह कई अलग अलग शैंपू प्रयोग किए हैं कहीं शैंपू बदलने के कारण तो सफेद नहीं हुए बालों में शुद्ध नारियल तेल का प्रयोग करते हैं। कृपया मेरी और मेरे बच्चे की सहायता करें।

    • सुधीर कुमार says:

      मेरे 12 साल के बच्चे कै बाल सफेद हो रहे हों ।
      कोई कारगर उपाय बताएं।

  3. Sir ,meri beti 11 years ki ha n Kai saal pehle uske ser per ek do white hair the Jo do teen saalo se bad Gaye ha mene Kai homeopathic medicine ke per koi fayda nahi hua .lycopodium 30, n vinka minor Q kafi time Tak di but no result,pls help n suggest the best medicine meri beti ko meetha bahut pasand ha

    • बृजेश कुमार says:

      मेरे बाल और दाढ़ी बहुत तेज़ी से सफेद हो रहे है उम्र 35 साल है बाल पतले भी हो रहे है और झड़ भी रहा है। मैं बहुत ही परेसान हू। कृपया मार्गदर्शन करें।

  4. Sandy Bjorkman says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. My daughter who is 12 has got a few grey hairs in the front where her hair parts. She seems down, sad, I think she’s overwhelmed at school, she has 13+ exams coming up and battling to remember information. I’ve noticed some flaking skin on her scalp. She likes salty food but wouldn’t say it’s a craving and chocolates, however she’s not allowed a lot of either. She eats well, chicken, fish, meat, potatoes, vegetables, fruit etc. I think she has a balanced diet. She’s concerned that a lot of hair is coming out on her brush but I didn’t think it was abnormal amounts. She does a lot of sport, netball in particular and is very fit. Which homeopathic remedy do you suggest?


    Sir ji mere bal safed hone lga gye lagbhag 20% bal safed ho chuke h ab inko kale kase kiye Jaye upay bataiye

  6. Hi doctor,

    I am 34 years and I have premature greying of hair. It is increasing and I want to stop greying of hair.

  7. Mansi Bisht says:

    Hi sir my 14 yr old son is having grey hair here and there and I can see it’s increasing
    How can get a cure for this?

  8. DEV CHOUDHARY says:

    मैं देव राजस्थान से हूं मेरे सिर के बाद तो एकदम काले है परंतु दाढ़ी के 70% बाल सफेद हो गये है।

    कृपया उचित समाधान बताएं।

  9. Rizwan Ansari says:

    My name is Rizwan from uttrakhand India, Age is 37 years. The problem is my hair 40 to 50% become almost white and also beard. If any medicine to suggest me. I am very thankful.

  10. Ajit Singh says:

    Sir I am 34, more than 30% hair on head and beard turn to white, how can i reverse my white hair into black

  11. And please also prescribed v12 and vitamin d medicine

  12. Hey , I am Reena my age 32 I have grey hair and hair fall 50% and also thyroid problem and pcod, is there any solution for this problem

  13. basavesh says:

    hai , iam basavesh my age 27 now
    i have grey hair sperading beard and head 30% anything soulation there

    • Hi i am 30 years old , and my beard and chest hairs are greying insanely … what should I do to atleast Halt it , if it can’t be recovered back to black.

  14. Harshit Gupta says:

    Hallo Doctor, My son aged 26 years, facing the problem of greying of hair including his beard. His all the blood report is ok, excluding the low Vitamin D level, and High TSH level
    Pl advise.

  15. I and husband had greying since at the age of 28 ,26 lm worried about my children’s all are facing the same problems now. Please Dr. Recommend medicines .

  16. Shalini says:

    Hello doctor
    I am 28 years old female. I am suffering from premature greying of hair for almost 1 and half years. I have hair fall too and feel weak all the time. I also have joint pain. Kindly suggest some suitable medicine.

  17. Amar kumar singha says:

    My daughter is a 13 yrs old but now her hair becomes white and now 20 -30 hairs became white already till now, what to do?

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