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Homeopathic Medicines for H.Pylori Infection

What is H.pylori?

H.pylori is a bacterium fully named Helicobacter pylori. H.pylori causes stomach infection and is a major cause of gastritis and peptic ulcers. H.pylori infection is also a risk factor for stomach cancer. The infection is contracted through contaminated food and water. It is transmitted through direct contact with vomit, saliva and other body fluids of the infected person. The symptoms of H.pylori infection include pain in the abdomen, burning in abdomen, nausea, vomiting, belching and bloated abdomen.

Homeopathy as Natural Alternative Treatment for H.pylori

Homeopathy is a wonderful science that treats H pylori with natural and safe medicines. In H.pylori infection, Homeopathy is a best alternative treatment option as Homeopathic medicines are very competent in treating this kind of infection. They stimulate the disease fighting mechanism of the body to fight the H.pylori infection. As the healing system of the body is strengthened, the disease is completely eradicated. Homeopathy works especially well in the initial stages of H.pylori infection by providing symptomatic relief as well as preventing further progression of the infection. However, even in cases where pathological changes in the gastric tract such as gastric ulcers and gastritis appear, Homeopathic medicines have a good scope of healing the H.pylori infection.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for H.Pylori

The top recommended Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection are Nux Vomica, Arsenic Album, Graphites and Phosphorus. Nux Vomica is well indicated for abdominal pain from H.pylori infection. Arsenic Album is prescribed majorly for burning abdominal pains for Helicobacter pylori infection while Graphites offers best Homeopathic treatment for H.pylori causing gastric ulcers. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is useful for gastritis problem from H.pylori infection.

Homeopathic Medicines for H.Pylori Infection

Nux Vomica and Colocynth – Best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with marked abdomen pain

Nux Vomica is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with marked pain in the abdomen. Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen are common and the abdomen feels distended with gas. Passing stool brings momentary relief from pain. Colocynth is another of the effective Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with abdomen pain. It is best indicated when the infection is characterised by agonizing, cutting pains in the abdomen. Pain of colicky, gripping nature is also treated well with Colocynth. Pressure and bending double relieves pain.

Carbo Veg and Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with burning in abdomen

Carbo Veg and Arsenic Album are effective Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with burning in abdomen. Carbo Veg is most helpful where burning pain in abdomen is accompanied by distension of abdomen with flatus. Sour belching also appears prominently in such cases where Carbo Veg would prove the most suitable among Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection. Arsenic Album is a suitable prescription when burning in abdomen is accompanied by marked anxiety. The burning is very severe as if from coals of fire. Nausea and vomiting may also appear.

Ipecac and Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with intense nausea and vomiting

Homeopathic medicines to deal with nausea and vomiting from H.pylori infection include Ipecac and Arsenic Album. Ipecac is prescribed when nausea is present all the time. Vomiting of white glairy mucus or food appears, but the nausea is not relieved even after vomiting. Ipecac is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with symptoms of this kind. Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is a good choice when nausea and vomiting appear after eating or drinking. Vomiting contains bile, mucus or food. The sight or smell of food can also triggers nausea and vomiting in such cases.

Antimonium Crudum and Natrum Phos – Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with belching

The most effective Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with belching are Antimonium Crudum and Natrum Phos. Antimonium Crudum is used when belching is constant. Belching in such cases tastes mainly of eaten food. Dyspepsia and vomiting may also be present. Natrum Phos is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori with belching of sour, acrid nature. Water brash may appear along with belching. Intense acidity and flatulence is also marked.

Lycopodium and China – Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with bloated abdomen

Homeopathic medicines Lycopodium and China are highly recommended Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with a bloated abdomen. Lycopodium is helpful when abdomen gets bloated soon after eating. Little eating leads to a distended abdomen in such cases and the bloatedness is marked in the lower abdomen. This is often attended with dyspepsia, gas and eructations. Homeopathic medicine China is selected when the entire abdomen is distended with gas. Colic abdomen appears from flatus. Walking slightly relieves the symptoms. China will be the most effective Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori of this type.

Iris Versicolor and Phosphorus – Best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection leading to gastritis

For gastritis from H.pylori infection, the most effective Homeopathic medicines are Iris Versicolor and Phosphorus. Iris is selected when burning in abdomen is marked. Nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite are other symptoms of this condition where Iris works as one of the best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is also helpful for gastritis from Helicobacter pylori infection. Phosphorus is needed when there is marked pain and burning in the stomach. The pain gets worse from even touching. The burning extends to the throat and intestines. Cold food relives the gastric complaints.

Argentum Nitricum, Kali Bichrome, and Graphites – Top Homeopathic treatment for H.pylori infection with peptic ulcers

Natural medicines Argentum Nitricum, Kali Bichrome, and Graphites offer the best Homeopathic treatment for H.pylori infection that leads to peptic ulcers. Argentum Nitricum is most prominently suited for treating gastric ulcers in this condition. The main symptom is pain in the stomach radiating to other parts of abdomen. The pain is mainly of stitching, gnawing and burning nature. Kali Bichrome and Graphites are two other wonderful Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori with peptic ulcers. They are prescribed when gastric symptoms include burning pains in abdomen, belching and nausea. All these symptoms get better with eating.

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  1. Hi, is it possible to get rid off from h.pylori bacteria from homeopathy treatment?

  2. naresh kumar says:

    Pls mujhe Salah de Mai kya Karu .Delhi Appolo Dr. ne H.Pylori,lmfection ,gerd,Antral Gastric Hiatus hurniya disease bataya may 2017 me bataya. Abhi mujhe pet se aaon tatha mere pet me dard rahta hai toilet ek bar jata hoon.

  3. Mr D C Bhowmik , 59 says:

    Dear sir, in last month i have done endoscopy and colonoscopy in the appolo hospital kolkata. All other things are norml but RUT is positive.Hospital advice to take 14 days antibiotics. I and home physician not interested as no ulcer found. My present problem is burning in abdomen mild to moderate along with nausea and dyspepsia.iam suffering very much. Please help me giving your valuable suggestions regarding H pylori medicine. .

  4. dileep janghela says:

    sir mujhe pichle 2 year se gerd iske baad dudinitis ki proble h mujhe pylori becteria theek ho jaata h phir ho jaata h me pichle 2 year se alopethic medicine kha raha hu mujhe h pyolori becteria phir ho gya h mujhe bhookh bhi nhi lagti or stool bhi baar baar jaana padta h me kya karu sir bahut paresaan hu plz help karo

  5. Kundan Kumar says:

    I have H.pylori bacteria positive with hiatus hernia, pangastritis ,GERD,duodenitis aur terminal ileitis, proctitis, problem hai ki stomach me BHuk Ka feeling nhi hota hai aur na hi properly absorption and weak digestion jiske Karan weakness bahut jyada hai

  6. Kamran noshad says:

    Hi doctor dharma.hope problem is hpylori .my symptoms are pain in stomach and right side of stomach. Nausea.badbreath in morning and after eating I feel gastric pressure on my head and my eyes pain and tears comes out…tiredness and sleepy sleepy feelings…. I took 7 days alopathic medicine triple therapy four months before but no improvement…. I become very upset to read about this problem… I want natural treatment bez alopathic treatment z temporary and this bacteria appears again..
    Kindly suggest me what I should do…prescribe me if easy.. I m in upset condition.. Hope reply…
    Thnx kamran

  7. Dr Sharma, I have had h pylori for years. I took the triple therapy but it came back. I have over the past 5 years done every alternative therapy possible: Siberian pine oil, Matula tea, manukau honey, pylori plex, and the list goes on and on. My symptoms are excessive gas that is really stinky. I don’t want to eat or be with people because I do not know if what I eat may trigger it. I am an anxious person that has dealt with retirement, back injury, hip injury, and shingles over the past 5 years also. All these stresses make it worse. I use to teach dance all week and outdoor adventures to the extreme. Now I have to be slow and cautious. I am fearful and depressed. Have been taking withania to help. I am 66 and down to 100 lbs . Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. My alternative doctor wants to give me silver IVs but I am not sure about that. Thank you so much

  8. Anil Chaudhary says:

    My wife is suffering from h pylori infection from last one year.last four months she is taking alopathic treatment. When the treatment stoped it’s remains we are continue with alopathic or homiopathic which one is best pls suggest.

  9. deeepak sharma says:

    Dr . sharma My name is Deepak sharma i have H pyloria and suffering since last year..i need to know if you can cure me and tell me how long and how much it will cost… i live In st.maarten caribbean west indies…

  10. Should I stop using herbs. When I begin homeopathy for H-pylori with stomach ulcers

  11. Hi! I underwent endoscopy and was told I had H. Pylori and ulcers. I’ve felt bloated for a very long time like years and years ago maybe 10 years or more. I’ve also been burping alot. I was told I had gerd which was causing the excessive burping. But now after the endoscopy and some reading I think the burping is caused by the H. Pylori. I have some basic mother tinctures of homeopathic remedies 200ch, 30 ch and 6ch. I have remedies such as Nux Vom, ars, Graphite, Kali Bich etc. What would you suggest I take?

  12. jagjit singh says:

    I am 44 years old I am suffering from h pylori from last 26 years .I am suffering from sevier gastritis ulcer , everytime fm gas and acid ,moodupset due to this . please help me

    • Kundan Kumar says:

      I have hiatus hernia with H.pyloro bacteria positive and also have pangastritis, duodenitis and terminal ileitis, proctitis plz help me sir , economically I too much very poor plz prescribed best medicine plz plz plz sir plz I m requesting

  13. My wife have Helicobacter pylori 8.00 Positive…please advise or suggest medicine… she feel after meal vomiting and feel very hard on stomach ,motion etc.

  14. Matadeen Kanwer says:

    I am diagnose for H Pylori in January by endoscopy and subsequently taken antibiotic treatment for two weeks and felt satisfactory after treatment but now I again started feeling same symptoms so I want to take Homeopathic treatment to treat this permanently please suggest which medicine I shall take

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