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Homeopathic Medicines for H.Pylori Infection

What is H.pylori?

H.pylori is a bacterium fully named Helicobacter pylori. H.pylori causes stomach infection and is a major cause of gastritis and peptic ulcers. H.pylori infection is also a risk factor for stomach cancer. The infection is contracted through contaminated food and water. It is transmitted through direct contact with vomit, saliva and other body fluids of the infected person. The symptoms of H.pylori infection include pain in the abdomen, burning in abdomen, nausea, vomiting, belching and bloated abdomen.

Homeopathy as Natural Alternative Treatment for H.pylori

Homeopathy is a wonderful science that treats H pylori with natural and safe medicines. In H.pylori infection, Homeopathy is a best alternative treatment option as Homeopathic medicines are very competent in treating this kind of infection. They stimulate the disease fighting mechanism of the body to fight the H.pylori infection. As the healing system of the body is strengthened, the disease is completely eradicated. Homeopathy works especially well in the initial stages of H.pylori infection by providing symptomatic relief as well as preventing further progression of the infection. However, even in cases where pathological changes in the gastric tract such as gastric ulcers and gastritis appear, Homeopathic medicines have a good scope of healing the H.pylori infection.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for H.Pylori

The top recommended Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection are Nux Vomica, Arsenic Album, Graphites and Phosphorus. Nux Vomica is well indicated for abdominal pain from H.pylori infection. Arsenic Album is prescribed majorly for burning abdominal pains for Helicobacter pylori infection while Graphites offers best Homeopathic treatment for H.pylori causing gastric ulcers. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is useful for gastritis problem from H.pylori infection.

Homeopathic Medicines for H.Pylori Infection

Nux Vomica and Colocynth – Best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with marked abdomen pain

Nux Vomica is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with marked pain in the abdomen. Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen are common and the abdomen feels distended with gas. Passing stool brings momentary relief from pain. Colocynth is another of the effective Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with abdomen pain. It is best indicated when the infection is characterised by agonizing, cutting pains in the abdomen. Pain of colicky, gripping nature is also treated well with Colocynth. Pressure and bending double relieves pain.

Carbo Veg and Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with burning in abdomen

Carbo Veg and Arsenic Album are effective Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with burning in abdomen. Carbo Veg is most helpful where burning pain in abdomen is accompanied by distension of abdomen with flatus. Sour belching also appears prominently in such cases where Carbo Veg would prove the most suitable among Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection. Arsenic Album is a suitable prescription when burning in abdomen is accompanied by marked anxiety. The burning is very severe as if from coals of fire. Nausea and vomiting may also appear.

Ipecac and Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with intense nausea and vomiting

Homeopathic medicines to deal with nausea and vomiting from H.pylori infection include Ipecac and Arsenic Album. Ipecac is prescribed when nausea is present all the time. Vomiting of white glairy mucus or food appears, but the nausea is not relieved even after vomiting. Ipecac is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with symptoms of this kind. Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is a good choice when nausea and vomiting appear after eating or drinking. Vomiting contains bile, mucus or food. The sight or smell of food can also triggers nausea and vomiting in such cases.

Antimonium Crudum and Natrum Phos – Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with belching

The most effective Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with belching are Antimonium Crudum and Natrum Phos. Antimonium Crudum is used when belching is constant. Belching in such cases tastes mainly of eaten food. Dyspepsia and vomiting may also be present. Natrum Phos is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori with belching of sour, acrid nature. Water brash may appear along with belching. Intense acidity and flatulence is also marked.

Lycopodium and China – Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with bloated abdomen

Homeopathic medicines Lycopodium and China are highly recommended Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection with a bloated abdomen. Lycopodium is helpful when abdomen gets bloated soon after eating. Little eating leads to a distended abdomen in such cases and the bloatedness is marked in the lower abdomen. This is often attended with dyspepsia, gas and eructations. Homeopathic medicine China is selected when the entire abdomen is distended with gas. Colic abdomen appears from flatus. Walking slightly relieves the symptoms. China will be the most effective Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori of this type.

Iris Versicolor and Phosphorus – Best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori infection leading to gastritis

For gastritis from H.pylori infection, the most effective Homeopathic medicines are Iris Versicolor and Phosphorus. Iris is selected when burning in abdomen is marked. Nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite are other symptoms of this condition where Iris works as one of the best Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is also helpful for gastritis from Helicobacter pylori infection. Phosphorus is needed when there is marked pain and burning in the stomach. The pain gets worse from even touching. The burning extends to the throat and intestines. Cold food relives the gastric complaints.

Argentum Nitricum, Kali Bichrome, and Graphites – Top Homeopathic treatment for H.pylori infection with peptic ulcers

Natural medicines Argentum Nitricum, Kali Bichrome, and Graphites offer the best Homeopathic treatment for H.pylori infection that leads to peptic ulcers. Argentum Nitricum is most prominently suited for treating gastric ulcers in this condition. The main symptom is pain in the stomach radiating to other parts of abdomen. The pain is mainly of stitching, gnawing and burning nature. Kali Bichrome and Graphites are two other wonderful Homeopathic medicines for H.pylori with peptic ulcers. They are prescribed when gastric symptoms include burning pains in abdomen, belching and nausea. All these symptoms get better with eating.

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  1. Burning in upper abdomen & heartburn ,feel extremely hungry early morning ,but can’t eat much, ,fullness on eating, feel good by burping ,farting , constipated ,if this is bacterial H.pylori please suggest homeo medicine,white toung ,fade up of allopathy medicine

  2. Pawan Sharma says:

    I m sufferimg from GERD from past 2 years,recently during endoscopy,i have tested positive with H.pylori.
    Result of endoscopy was Antral and Corporal gastritis.
    I cant take allopathy medicine.
    Plz suggest something in homeopathy or Ayurveda.

  3. Ashfaque khanzada says:

    How are you Dr. Sharma?
    Hope you are doing well and Good.

    Dr. Sb I am suffering from heart burning, gastritis and food reflux in night when I sleep means GERD problems since last 6 years ago have diagnosed H.pylori. I got 45 days complete treatment with double antibiotics and got PPIs as well. But still gastritis chest pain GERD there is no relief . Kindly suggest best treatment in homeopathy Please.


    Ashfaque khanzada from Pakistan

  4. Sahana khatun says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    1 year ago I have been diagnosed with antral erosion with H.pylori positive… I have taken 14 days kit followed with the medicine for 2 months..then I was well but after 2 months I got bowel syndrome like after 1 hour of lunch suddenly get pain in stomach and have to go toilet immediately…then I have taken homeopathy treatment for 6 months but still I have bowels problem, acidity, tongue and throat sourness, chest discomfort, pain in back and I have rapid weight loss for 10 kg….after treatment also my weight is not improving…

    I did is normal.. erosion gone… but still I have all these problem… may be because of H pylori…..

    Please suggest medicine and doses….

    Thank you

  5. Pharmapedia Pakistan says:

    Outclass Treatment….I m suffering this disease

  6. Hi Doctor Sharma,

    I have been suffering from H.Pylori for more than one year, I have done the stool sample test and taking the triple therapy antibiotics but is not helpful.

    Right now, I feel my stomach rumbling and making noises, I Suffer from gastric ulcer, with stomach pains, back pain, and load beaching and gases after food.

    I feel tingling sensation in my bladder, in my legs and in my chest. I feel bloated after food and the gasses come to my chest and make me breathless and uncomfortable 🥵

    I feel cold and feverish even when the house is hot.

  7. excellent

  8. Amlan k bhattacharjee says:

    Sir my name is amlan bhattacharjee.I hve testef h pylori positive for the second time.Once in 2015 and then in2020 november.This time my acidity is tremedous with even burning of moustache.I am taking h pylori medicine but the acidity is not going down.I hve also been diagnosed as hving antreahypermia .Can u suggest some homeopathic medicines

  9. Sardar zamir says:

    I am sardar zamir from Pakistan
    I have h.pylori positive in UBT test.
    I am also feeling continue pain in small intestine from last one year.
    I have taken antibiotic pylira medicine but pain is still there.
    Can you suggest me any best hoemo medicine for gestric ulser plz

  10. Rasul Hoque says:

    Namaskar, h. Pylori infection was found in my wife while investigating cause for her recurrent anemia. She was treated twice with double antibiotic and became negative. After some time both of us were investigated and found positive. After antibiotic treatment, we were negative and after some time we were again positive. Symptoms in both of us are anemia and gastritis (belching and bloating). No abdomen pain or ulcers.

    I have found on the net that there is effective homeo treatment for h. pylori infection. I would appreciate if you kindly prescribe us some effective homeo medicines.

  11. Sunil sehgal says:

    I am suffering from h pylori for 5 years please suggest me for effective homeopathic medicine.

  12. R n Mallik says:

    Sir my wife is having h pylori With erosal antral gastris. She is taking Kali brich and robinia q and acidon whether these medicines are ok PL suggest best medicine whether we can add carbo veg to above. She is having burning sensation less appetite bleaching after drinking wet loss etc

  13. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I’m Amna from Pakistan.
    I’ve been suffering from acid reflux problem for 4 years . I have taken a lot of medicines to cure this . But all in vain . Recently I’m done with an allopathic treatment to kill this bacteria .. my h.pylori test was positive .. but after doing the treatment of allopathic .. I’m still facing high intensity of acidity , inflammation , burning .. and because of this I’m not able to eat properly .. my hunger is normal at all .. but this acid reflux is just killing me .. kindly tell me if I go for homoeopathic medicines is it curable ? And how long will it take ?

  14. Adnan khan says:

    I ask a question that how many time to treat the H pylori mean number of days.

  15. I m 58 years . positive h pylori .I m healthy 86 kg weight.any food plan and homeo much time it will take.

  16. Iftikhar Ahmed says:

    I have positive h pylori, please guide diet plan and homeopathic medicines for treatment. Please treat how much time it will take to treat through homeopathic. My age is 50 years.

  17. A K Singh says:

    I am suffering form acidity, bloating, heavy constipation, due to this BP goes high and night sleep disturbed.I don’t know if I have H pylori.
    Kindly suggest medicines.
    My age is 74 and 2 years back operated out gall bladder.

  18. Malik Farooq says:

    I have positive H Pylori. I have been suffering from it for the two years & taken allopathic medicine. Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine (Which are available in market) as some one told me that homeopathy has good and permanent treatment for H Pylori. Thanks.

  19. Suman Kumar says:

    In H pylori infection , Nux vomica 30 can be used for how much period.

  20. Prem kumar says:

    Hyplori with IBS is naturally cured with

    Dgl.and mastic gum
    rubinia 30 hemopathic .
    Avoid fried spicy and refined sugar
    Take preo and probiatic

    Don’t take too much allopathic and antibiotic it kills all gud bacteria in gut

  21. Prem kumar says:

    Hyplori with IBS is naturally cured with

    Dgl.and mastic gum
    rubinua 30 hemepathic .
    Avoid fried spicy and refined sugar
    Take preo and probiatic

    Don’t take too much allopathic and antibiotic it kills all gud bacteria in gut

  22. My age is 26, female, I m suffering from H pylori, from the last 2 years, symptoms r gastritis, often remain constipation, burning, and weight loss, gas problems, pains in abdomen

    • Prem kumar says:

      Hyplori with IBS is naturally cured with

      Dgl.and mastic gum
      rubinua 30 hemepathic .
      Avoid fried spicy and refined sugar
      Take preo and probiatic

      Don’t take too much allopathic and antibiotic it kills all gud bacteria in gut

      • Prem kumar says:

        Hyplori with IBS is naturally cured with

        Dgl.and mastic gum
        rubinia 30 hemopathic .
        Avoid fried spicy and refined sugar
        Take preo and probiatic

        Don’t take too much allopathic and antibiotic it kills all gud bacteria in gut

  23. What strength of lycopodium for h pylori. How often and how long?
    Thank you,

  24. Hello Dr. Sharma I am having h pylori infection since from last 1 year and I can’t take antibiotics as i am resistant to that so I want some homeopathic treatments for my symptoms such as acidity, indigestion, left chest pain so what shall I do for that can you please reply me.
    Thank you

  25. Hi, my mother is 88 years old and has been suffering for countless years, at one time a Dr. in Miami Florida gave her parsley and oregano…which worked well. and another Dr gave some homeopathic that almost completely solved her condition but didn’t followed up. Can you please recommend your best choice thank you.

  26. Dear Dr Sharma what is the dosage for china medicine for h Pylori and for how many days and times please

  27. Hello Dr.Sharma!

    Thank you for listing these remedies. I’m suffering
    with Hpylori. Gastritis,GERD, dyspepsia. Nothing helped
    So far. I’m trying narrowness phosphorus 6x and
    Animonium crud. Would you kindly let me know
    what else should I be taking to get rid of this bacteria!

    Thank you in advance
    Sincerely Viera


  29. Hi Dr Sharma, I wish to purchase a homeopathic medication for my mother who is 70 she has recurring hpylori infections even after several courses of antibiotics!

    She recently had an endoscopy which showed she had fungus in her throat and clo positive!

    She gets frequent tummy aches after eating
    Acid reflux
    Sour bleaching
    Voice goes, throat dry, coughing
    She also has hital hernia, diverticulitis

    Please advice me on what to buy, I don’t want her to haveva antibiotics again!


  30. Anchidin Mihaela says:

    Buna seara ! Femeie 33 ani ,gastroduodenita cu helicobacter pylori. Alăptez ,am urmat doua cure de antibiotice. Am ulcere bucale si faringita cronica cu stafilococ auriu. Va rog sa imi recomandati ceva pentru aceste afecțiuni. Mulțumesc

  31. Nexta sangma says:

    Hi, Dr , I have a problems from h pylori , I had treatment from allopathic , the antibiotic ruined my life and many side effect comes up , so choice conventional treatment from hemeopathy , I had endoscopy last yrs on 23 .o4 2018 result is deudenum erosion appeared , I to had colonoscopy the result is normal , no ulcer or bleeding but small hermoiids appeared , no stomach pain naturally , pain when press by fingers , bloating right side when empty or full , burning whole stomach its radiate to throat sometimes when lying at bed at night , weakness alltimes ,distress, and anaemia , because of antibiotics or h pylori dont know , am just taking iron tabs from allopathy where DR give me . Am not retesting whether there is h pylori or not ,after 2 months I suppose to test it again and its turned to positives then I take meds from hemeopathy , is there any meds to cure effectively or without any side affect from hemeopathy ? please answer . Thanking you

  32. Sanjay kumar says:

    Mere stomach me gastric ulser baya hai sath hi h pylori becteria positive hai .stomach me chest ke left side me her vaqt pain rahta hai.esa lagta hai jasse koi ghav type me kuch hai. Khana ya koi bhi item khate vaqt kai bhi khasi se hoti hai.vomating nahi hoti. Stool me blood bhi nahi hai per kafi medicine khana kai bad bhi aram nahi hai plz medicine bataiye

  33. Fakhar Shamim says:

    I am H. PYLORI patient. I have already taken all medicines and I felt well but some few days I am feeling very hard in my stomach and sometime stomachache.. so kindly suggest me good homeo medicines which I can easily purchase in Karachi Pakistan

  34. Haneef ullah says:

    Dear sir, in 2016 while i was going on the way i feel that i fall my whole muscles become stiffs. it happened suddenly i lose half of my weight at that time. but doctor advise me widal test and ASO titer and CBC. only my widal test is positive the rest of the test was normal. i feel the same symptoms but little bet weak than previous one. when i do exercise are hard work i feel tired and my blood pressure become lowererd. when i do the typidot test both become positive. and it still come poistive but i had no fever at all. my blood pressure are lowerd due to stomach. my H pylori are also poistive. i cannot do hard work my blood pressure are lowered when my H pylori become positive.

  35. Somia Ansari says:

    Hi doctor
    I am suffering from bloating and extremely loud burping especially empty stomach this is very embarrassing can you suggest something for me i shall be grateful to you

  36. kamal uddin says:

    sharma sahab h.pylori 2.72 hai or stool may negative aaraha hai 06 months se masla hai homeo treatment ko 20 din hue hai kiya kehte hai aap may jab tak theek hojaunga

  37. Nasir Mohammad says:

    9 February 2019

    Current age: 64 1/2 years
    Height: 1.8 meters
    Weight: 78 Kgs
    Male. married

    Since age of 42, need to urinate urgently
    Early Symptoms:
    Urgent Urination mostly in cold weather (even while wearing very warm clothes). In the beginning I thought it was due to cold weather.

    At age 45 started to go to the bathroom in middle of night
    GP doctors performed Ultrasound.
    Started to give me enlarged prostate medications

    At age 54, started seeing Urologist. Performed all kinds of tests, BLADDER NEVER GETS COMPLETELY EMPTY. Drs gave me more stronger prostate medicines. Resulted in side effects like very thirsty, feeling of thorns in throat, etc.

    At age 55+, a visiting specialist urologist from USA diagnosed that my prostate enlargement is only 25%, my need of urgent urination is related to irritable bladder. He advised me to stop taking prostate medication and avoid the following:
    Soda Drinks (Coke, etc)
    Alcohol (which I don’t take anyway)

    By following that, I improved a lot.

    Slowly, I started to drink light tea (2 cups per day). Need for urgent urination started again. I found out that stress is a major cause. If I am stressed, sometimes I go for urination every 10 minutes.

    At age 54, started to have high blood pressure. Job was very stressful but Drs said its hereditary and age related. Gave me anti-high blood pressure medicines for 7 years.

    In 2015, at age 61, lost my job and returned to Canada. Without the job I felt so relieved from stress that the high blood pressure went away.

    For the past 3 years, I am not taking any high blood pressure medicines. My GP agrees, no need for medicines.

    Over the past 10 years, have reduced salt intake in cooked food. Do not sprinkle salt to my eggs or anything. Do not take sugar in my tea or coffee. Low in eating sweets.


    Around 2011 – Symptoms – Visits to Pakistan, food poison, feeling of fever in early morning or evening.

    Blood test positive for H.Pylori.

    Follow-up tests kept coming positive.

    Since then, Drs have given me very high potency antobiotics 2 more times, but no cure.

    Latest Symptoms – feeling of slight fever in the morning or evening.

    No other symptoms like acidity, ulcers, etc. Twice, I had endoscopy and colonoscopy tests with negative results, except a polyp that was removed by the Dr.

    Latest H.Pylori Urea Breath Test in Dec. 2018 has turned positive. My Dr has again prescribed the latest Antibiotics for 2 weeks, but I am reluctant to keep taking antibiotics.


    H.Pylori positive, no symptoms except occasional feeling of slight fever in morning or evening.

    Urgency to urinate and decreased libido, walking for more than 20 minutes cause urgent urination, stress, sound of running water while washing dishes cause urgent urination.

  38. ipsita Mishra says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, i need your urgent help from chest burning. my doc did endoscopy and found rut test is positive. He gave me medicines antibiotics but thats creating severe chest burning in my body.
    Could you please suggest me any homeopathy medication for this.
    I was taking argentium nitricum before food and china 200 after food. i got some relief and sttoped medicine for some days , but again i am getting same problem. If i will take china also my burning is not reducing.

    Could you please suggest me in this?

  39. Itungo Joram says:

    Good Morning Dr. Sharma, i have terrible H.Pylori with peptic ulcers, how can i get treatment

  40. Hello doctor. positive H pylori . mouth odor (bitter or metallic taste in mouth). a lot of burping after taking food and even when stomac is empty. passes alot of gas. some time difficulty in sleeping. some time pain in different parts of body. cannot eat heavy / oily foods at suggest best medicine for me. thx

    • Hello,
      Same problem with me. If you are ok now can u guide me what to do.
      My whatsapp number
      +971 – 56 – 25 26 300

  41. Rashid Hussain says:

    Salam sir my age is 36 i am suffering stomoc acidity problem since 15 year only gastric and acidity problem not pain my h.pylori test is +ve so plz sir send full course name in homeo pathic madicin thanks alot.

  42. Hi I would like to know if the mouth odor associated with H Pylori goes away with any one of the homeopathic meds you spoke of?
    Also the brain fog ? Thank you

  43. Abdul wakil says:

    My H. Pylori trst is +ive ratio 178. Plz tell the medicin. Can i use Nux vomica?

  44. Nancy Shannon says:

    68 year old women with 45 year history of ulcerative colitis and now microscopic colitis. Ecoli and CDiff in March 2017. Just diagnosed with hpylori. Reluctant to take antibiotics. Looking for homeopathic alternatives.

    • Good morning sir
      Iam suffering with bloating problem they have given me one course of antibiotic for my gut bacteria infection. But still I feel bloating some time burning stool not burping very uncomfortable first I thought may be my sugar level increase but it is ok iam diabetic 2 I take metformin
      Pls suggest me I have taken one dose of nuxvomica 200 just now

  45. Manish sharma says:

    My name is m sharma. I am infected from h pilori .main 6 years pahle pet me jalan our dard se paresan tha Maine gastrologist ko dikhaya dudeniem me sujan thi. H pilori positive tha. Treatment pura kiya. Koi problem ni thi Ab mujhe pet phulna, bad breath, throte infection ki problem hai sayad h pilori phir Se problem badha raha hai. Mujhe best medicine bataeye.

  46. Sarim Kashmiri says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,Good after noon.

    I am a doctor and a patient has come to me with a burning pain in right lower abdomen. The pain, when it is at peak, extends to right hip and also the patient feels that his ight leg has become heavier and complains that it becomes difficult to walk af he experiences some painin hir right buttock.

    During his treatment by the allpaths, he was guided that he was under mental stress due to his financial problems. He was given treatment accordingly but he afforded temporary relif.

    His M R I showed nothing wrong. I hve got hs blood testing as I suspected H . Pylri according to his symtoms of burning , mental anxiety and also he felt better when ge was in company of his friend or mentally busy .No eructations, no vomiting , appetite normal, thirst normal.

    I need your help if on the humanitarian grounds you could help me in prescribing for him.I am treating him without charging him.—-Thanks a lot for reading this case and helping a human being.

  47. Khalid Khan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma..
    I am infected with H Pylori infection. Now i have nausea.burning.and undigestive food and mucus in my stool and feel tired.Please i need your help and sugested best medicine.

    • T S Ramakrishnan says:

      I am aged 74 years. I am suffering with hyper acidity and chronic Gastritis for the past 50 years. In those days I was given antacids, ranitidine, stolid etc. Nowadays I am given Pantoprazol, Gelusil etc. and have also taken triple therapy with antibiotics for H pylori on the presumption of H pylori. No improvement except temporary relief.
      Now, I came across a Homeopathic medicine called NIXOCID made by SBL. I am taking this from today. Seems to be some relief. Can I continue this medicine. Please advise me.

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,
      I had the Ureah Breath Test and positive for H.Pylori Bacteria. Symptoms are burning in stomach, after eating and middle of night during sleep and also with full bladder.
      What homeopathic remedies and dosage and for how long of treatment.
      Thank you for your soonest response 💜😊

  48. Bernita Elliott says:

    Hi have h pylori. Burning up in to throat, bad nausea, headache, tired, anxiety, weird feeling in head, kind of dizzy. Can you help. Thanks so much.

  49. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am infected with Helicobacter Pylori since december 2017.
    I took 2 times the antibiotic tratment, but I am not cured.
    I have nausea all day long, before and after eating, and I feel very tired ☹
    Please advice me on what homeopatic medicine to use in order to cure.
    Thanks a lot
    All the best

  50. M saleem says:

    I am 30year old and effected by h pylori.
    Symptoms are as follow.
    Blotting specially heavy pressure on ears.
    Weak digestive system.
    Irritating. Burning throat
    Shouting and feeling that i will be die in closed space, like in lift, closed room, and in aeroplane.

    Already taken.
    Noxvomica 30 6 drops 3 times in day
    China 30 6 drops 3 times in a day

    Kindly advise proper remedy to cure him 100%.

  51. Jasvinder singh says:

    Dr.i am 41years old and suff.with h pylori.i feel that my foodpipe has some blockeg plz tell me the right treat.

  52. Muhammad Adnan Abbas says:

    Dear Doctor,
    One of my friend effected by h pylori.
    Symptoms are as follow.
    Blotting specially heavy pressure on ears.
    Weak digestive system.
    Shouting and feeling that he will die in closed space, like in lift, closed room, and in aeroplane.

    Already taken.
    Noxvomica 30 6 drops 3 times in day
    China 30 6 drops 3 times in a day
    Phosphorus 30 6 drop in night
    His problems 80% had been cure by using these remedies.

    Kindly advise proper remedy to cure him 100%.

    • Susana Jennings says:

      I was diagnosed with Pylori bacteria by a blood test, I think I had this bacteria for a long time, sometimes when I am stressed I think that start acting up, but this time the symptoms was getting worse. I feel tired, light headed with a feeling of heaviness on my forehead, no so much heartburn but when I have it I take apple cider vinager and helps, and also I feel a little nauseated, not all the time. I tried the triple antibiotics treatment but it was killing me. I am a vegetarian and I eat very healthy, I just want to get rid of this bacteria once and for all. What kind of homeopathic medicine treatment do you suggest? I need your help

  53. nausheen says:

    My mom has h pylori bacteria,please tell me.wich medicine i can use for hee,recently she has done knee replacement surgery she can’t eat or digest food she is so weak

  54. Barkha Jain says:

    I had endoscopy in December which showed antral gastritis. The biopsy was positive for H.Pylori for which I was prescribed antibiotics which I finished the course. But I keep getting nausea very often. Which homeopathy can work?

  55. Hi Dharma

    Please help me. One and years ago my scope result was perfectly ok. Now gastritis in atrum. In October Discomfort on my face, hiperemia in conjuctiva, whizing in Ears when going bed, arithmia. İn January gas trap in right upper abdomen, Discomfort, bloating, not much acid, pinching on abdomen. I thought they were all realeted pancreas or gallblader but no, it is Sneeky helicobacter pylori.😡lost Mom ftom stomach cancer. Please help me.

  56. Mery papa ko h pylori postive 122 hai plz kuch achi si medicn btay chest me pain hota armd me stomach me jallan

  57. Mujy 1year sy h pylori + hy
    Or weather jb change hota hy to asthma hota hy 15to30days

  58. Dear Dr Sharma,

    My mom has been diagnosed with helicobactor high ly positive. Ahe has constant dry cough, acidity pain in kenns and legs and also full body. Please help as in want ti save her from antibiotics as she is already 69.



  59. I have h pilori i take allopathic medicines but my body is not suit

  60. Puspa bista says:

    I am suffering from helicobacter pylori .. i am in severe can i relieve from this kind of disease???burning in stomach pain .at the same time i am suffered from backache…

  61. I have H.Pylori, my age is 30, I was diagnosed with it in 2017, doctors said I have transverse colon, IBS gastritis, I have slight discomfort in my stomach, I don’t eat spicy nor chilly in my food. I have done the h.pylori course of orally taking the antibiotics 4 times and to the present day the h.pylori still remains.

  62. मालती मिश्र says:

    मैं मालती मिश्र उम्र 73 H pylori 1.27 की पेशेंट हूँ।कि म्हणो से मेरे ऊपर के पेट मे लगभग हर बक्त हल्का दर्द,पेट फूला हुआ ,भरा हुआ, सुर कभी कभी डकार आती है शेड के नीचे सुर पेय में बहुत बार भयंकर जलन होती है।भूक लगती है और पेट भी क्लीन हो जाता है।6 महीने पहले लोवर पेट का बड़ा ऑपरेशन हुआ।इंटेस्टाइन उलझ गए थी।
    वो अब ठीक हसि पर इस बीमाती से बहुत परेशान हूँ मदद करें।

    • Dileep janghela says:

      Plzz mem Aap is no per coll kariye 09827503549

    • Prem kumar says:

      Hyplori with IBS is naturally cured with

      Dgl.and mastic gum
      rubinia 30 hemopathic .
      Avoid fried spicy and refined sugar
      Take preo and probiatic

      Don’t take too much allopathic and antibiotic it kills all gud bacteria in gut

  63. Hello sir,
    I am diagnosed with h phylori infection and peptic ulcer.i have taken allopathy treatment..but infection symptoms are still present in the abdominal area of stomach..and symtoms of nausea and acidity still present.. sir please guide me..

  64. sadiq Ahmed says:

    Sir hello,
    I am suffering from h.pylori since long. Endoscopy have also been done. Lots of English mesicine used but in vain. Kindly suggest some homeo medicine plz.
    Sadiq Ahmed
    From Pakistan Army.

  65. Monique Braithwaite says:

    I have 2 children with H pylori. When they move their bowels its painful, they have rapid heartbeat, burning sensations in their stomach, and suffer from chronic allergies. Their bowel fluctuates from runny to hard. What should I get them and how often should they take it?

  66. Khalid Rashad Khan says:

    Dear Dr. sharma,

    I am 77 years. I have been getting hyper acidity for the last 30 years. After taking food whether oily spicy or even simple food I start getting hyper acidity after an hour of taking food. I get continuous bloating. Etching in stomach some times becomes very severe. One doctor advised me to take zanitec after every meal and that gave me real relief but it was for some time. now I can not live without Zanitec – 150 mg. after every meal.

    Recently I got H- Pylori test which confirmed that I have pylori bacteria. To have additional confirmation doctor advised me for the stool test. He said that I should not take Zanitec for 15 days and then give the stool but I can not live without Zanitec and hence I could not give stool for test.

    I was reading the homeopathic treatment for H- Pylori on internet and I got your reference hence I am addressing you.

    I shall be thankful if you guide me the right homeopathic medicine. I may add that I do not have constipation. I do not have any stomach pain. I have only acidity, belching and bloating even when I take tea, coffee, fruits etc. I shall be anxiously awaiting your reply. May God bless you.

    Thanks and regards,

    K. R. Khan

  67. Ram Krishna Pathak says:

    Pain in heels of left leg,mild pain remains while walking,if pressed with hard object pain can be felt.
    Taken runs tox 200 for 4 days two tines per day but no relief.

    Mild black colouration of two cheeks ( colouration as if like maps)

    few months ago diagnosed with gastritis with h pylori
    Taken alopath for latrine is not completed in one sitting, at between 4 to 7pm there is a great urge to pass stool wife mild sweet pain while doing latrine which vanishes when latrine is over.but still feeling persists that the lower abdomen abdomen is not emptied.
    I am diabetic and hypo thyroid patient aged 41years

    Please advice remedy

    Regards pathak

  68. zahid akhtar says:

    AOA dr,
    I have psoriasis on my head, genital area, both hand finger, thumb and nail. I take h pylori test.On result I have positive plz tell me homeo treatment for h pylori for psoriasis.

  69. Can homeopathy medicine be advisable along with alopathic treatment and is it works more effective.?j.

  70. Hello dr.

    My son is 8 yrs old and diagnosed with H.pylori. positive in blood test.
    I am afraid to give him antibiotics.
    Can it cure through homeopathy medicines completely.

  71. Neetu madnani says:

    Sir i have hpylori since past 5 yrs have taken antibiotic twice but no help i have severe gastric and bloating can u suggest any medicine to get rid of this bacteria (h pylori) thanku regards

  72. chandan kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a problem of gastristis and h pylori bacterial infection. I often vomit clear water in the morning and feel less hunger and taking little food I feel my stomach is full. Often swallowed food comes in the mouth. I always belch and feel gas is choaked in the body which comes out like a burst. I had already strike two times by jaundice ago 6 year. I consulted a physician and took the medicine pantaprazole sodium and livosulpride for 5 months and my sour belching problem has been short out but gas and belching is creating so much problem to me and sometime I also feel short breath.
    So sir please be kind enough suggest me appropriate homeopathic medicine to me.

    Thanking you
    Chandan Kumar

  73. Shaik Mynuddin says:

    Dear Sir

    am Suffering from H pylori Infection since One year. my life getting miserable. Chest pain, Anxiety and fear of Heart attack, and Diarrhea. is there any solution for this in homeopathy pls help me sir

    • Shaik Mynuddin says:

      Dear Sir

      am Suffering from H pylori Infection since One year. my life getting miserable. Chest pain, Anxiety and fear of Heart attack, and Diarrhea. is there any solution for this in homeopathy pls help me sir

  74. Jennifer Cochran says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and gastritis last spring. She was given a PPI for a short duration. It seemed to help, as she hasn’t had a flare up in several months. She is now back to having flare ups where she wakes in the middle of the night or morning feeling nausea, stomach pain and vomiting. She was tested for H. Pylori but was negative. I don’t know if there is a connection bit when she has a flare up, she either has an outbreak of angular cheitis or peroiral dermititis. I just don’t know what to do for her because she is in such discomfort and pain. Do you have suggestions on what we could do to eliminate this problem. I can give more info if needed about her life style or symptoms. Any info you have is much appreciated. My daughter is 6 years old by the way.

  75. Prince kunar says:

    Good morning
    I am suffering from h pylori and hituts hernia my doctor advice me to take sompraz hp kit for 14 days
    I take that medicene and felling good but after 15 days the symptoms will occurs again.
    Sir please advice me to cure this disease in homopathic

  76. Raheel Javed says:

    h pylori positive IGG, acidity with use of tea, coffee, egg and after 3-4 ,hours of food since 13 y. also cholestrol is 238 as normal limit is less than 200. pain in legs and knees during standing after sitting. Age 45 y.

  77. M. Nasir Ansari says:

    Hi, my name is Nasir I’m suffering H-pylori infection for the last 2 years ago I did 3 times different antibiotic therapy but the bacteria is still here is there is any homeopathic medicine which remove this bacteria so please let me know. Thanks

  78. Shiva thacker says:

    Can nux vomica and lycopodium cure h.pylori fully?

  79. Hi I have been diagnosed with H-pylori is there any thing you cn do to help me


      A homeopathic medicine is avilable by name h pylori in geroge homeopathic pune.
      I have this medicine I will send you sample of bottle on your watsup I have also taken many time antibiotics but after some time it is usless and creat other problems.
      My watsup no is 7666446963.

  80. Hi, is it possible to get rid off from h.pylori bacteria from homeopathy treatment?


      A homeopathic medicine is avilable by name h pylori in geroge homeopathic pune.
      I have this medicine I will send you sample of bottle on your watsup I have also taken many time antibiotics but after some time it is usless and creat other problems.
      My watsup no is 7666446963.

  81. naresh kumar says:

    Pls mujhe Salah de Mai kya Karu .Delhi Appolo Dr. ne H.Pylori,lmfection ,gerd,Antral Gastric Hiatus hurniya disease bataya may 2017 me bataya. Abhi mujhe pet se aaon tatha mere pet me dard rahta hai toilet ek bar jata hoon.


      H pylori infections ke liy koi ELOPETHIC dawa na len is ka koi faida nahi 14 days ke bad check karo phir bhi h pylori hai to phir 14 days main 3 bar cours kar chuka hun h pylori ka sub se accha ilaj hai body se acid ko khatm karna kiunke yeh bectria sirf acid mein hi rah sakta hai.
      Medicine in homeopathic. Gorge homeopethic pune
      Medicine Name H pylori
      Unani medicine Name
      Mastagi take from any gandhi and fill 500 mg capsule and take 2 capsul empty stomach in morning and 2 capsule in evening but mastagi should be original.
      Donot get jawarish mastagi from any company because all of these company are made duplicate medicine.
      And also take two spoon of honey in morning and evening

    • Dileep Janghela says:

      aapka no do ya mere no per coll karo 9827503549

  82. Mr D C Bhowmik , 59 says:

    Dear sir, in last month i have done endoscopy and colonoscopy in the appolo hospital kolkata. All other things are norml but RUT is positive.Hospital advice to take 14 days antibiotics. I and home physician not interested as no ulcer found. My present problem is burning in abdomen mild to moderate along with nausea and dyspepsia.iam suffering very much. Please help me giving your valuable suggestions regarding H pylori medicine. .

  83. dileep janghela says:

    sir mujhe pichle 2 year se gerd iske baad dudinitis ki proble h mujhe pylori becteria theek ho jaata h phir ho jaata h me pichle 2 year se alopethic medicine kha raha hu mujhe h pyolori becteria phir ho gya h mujhe bhookh bhi nhi lagti or stool bhi baar baar jaana padta h me kya karu sir bahut paresaan hu plz help karo

  84. Kundan Kumar says:

    I have H.pylori bacteria positive with hiatus hernia, pangastritis ,GERD,duodenitis aur terminal ileitis, proctitis, problem hai ki stomach me BHuk Ka feeling nhi hota hai aur na hi properly absorption and weak digestion jiske Karan weakness bahut jyada hai

  85. Kamran noshad says:

    Hi doctor dharma.hope problem is hpylori .my symptoms are pain in stomach and right side of stomach. Nausea.badbreath in morning and after eating I feel gastric pressure on my head and my eyes pain and tears comes out…tiredness and sleepy sleepy feelings…. I took 7 days alopathic medicine triple therapy four months before but no improvement…. I become very upset to read about this problem… I want natural treatment bez alopathic treatment z temporary and this bacteria appears again..
    Kindly suggest me what I should do…prescribe me if easy.. I m in upset condition.. Hope reply…
    Thnx kamran

  86. Dr Sharma, I have had h pylori for years. I took the triple therapy but it came back. I have over the past 5 years done every alternative therapy possible: Siberian pine oil, Matula tea, manukau honey, pylori plex, and the list goes on and on. My symptoms are excessive gas that is really stinky. I don’t want to eat or be with people because I do not know if what I eat may trigger it. I am an anxious person that has dealt with retirement, back injury, hip injury, and shingles over the past 5 years also. All these stresses make it worse. I use to teach dance all week and outdoor adventures to the extreme. Now I have to be slow and cautious. I am fearful and depressed. Have been taking withania to help. I am 66 and down to 100 lbs . Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. My alternative doctor wants to give me silver IVs but I am not sure about that. Thank you so much

  87. Anil Chaudhary says:

    My wife is suffering from h pylori infection from last one year.last four months she is taking alopathic treatment. When the treatment stoped it’s remains we are continue with alopathic or homiopathic which one is best pls suggest.

  88. deeepak sharma says:

    Dr . sharma My name is Deepak sharma i have H pyloria and suffering since last year..i need to know if you can cure me and tell me how long and how much it will cost… i live In st.maarten caribbean west indies…

  89. Should I stop using herbs. When I begin homeopathy for H-pylori with stomach ulcers

  90. Hi! I underwent endoscopy and was told I had H. Pylori and ulcers. I’ve felt bloated for a very long time like years and years ago maybe 10 years or more. I’ve also been burping alot. I was told I had gerd which was causing the excessive burping. But now after the endoscopy and some reading I think the burping is caused by the H. Pylori. I have some basic mother tinctures of homeopathic remedies 200ch, 30 ch and 6ch. I have remedies such as Nux Vom, ars, Graphite, Kali Bich etc. What would you suggest I take?

  91. jagjit singh says:

    I am 44 years old I am suffering from h pylori from last 26 years .I am suffering from sevier gastritis ulcer , everytime fm gas and acid ,moodupset due to this . please help me

    • Kundan Kumar says:

      I have hiatus hernia with H.pyloro bacteria positive and also have pangastritis, duodenitis and terminal ileitis, proctitis plz help me sir , economically I too much very poor plz prescribed best medicine plz plz plz sir plz I m requesting

  92. My wife have Helicobacter pylori 8.00 Positive…please advise or suggest medicine… she feel after meal vomiting and feel very hard on stomach ,motion etc.

  93. Matadeen Kanwer says:

    I am diagnose for H Pylori in January by endoscopy and subsequently taken antibiotic treatment for two weeks and felt satisfactory after treatment but now I again started feeling same symptoms so I want to take Homeopathic treatment to treat this permanently please suggest which medicine I shall take

    • I have tested positive for Helicobacter pylori IgG with value 113.9 and Helicobacter pylori IgA with value 1.4.I am 67 yrs old. Rest all vital parameters are normal. Kindly suggest treatment for me.

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