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Facing hair fall after child delivery? Try Homeopathy

Hair fall after child delivery is a big concern for women. Medically it is known as postpartum hair loss or Telogen Effluvium. It is a temporary condition and quite normal. It mostly occurs two-four months after delivery and in most cases lasts for about six months. In majority of the cases, hair fullness returns around the child’s first birthday. If it doesn’t happen, then it’s time to go to a physician to find out other contributing factors behind the hair loss followed by proper diagnosis and treatment. Postpartum hair loss occurs from hormone changes during and after pregnancy. Level of hormone estrogen increases in the body in the last trimester (last three months) of pregnancy which makes hair grow thicker and become voluminous. However, after childbirth, there is a sudden decrease in estrogen levels. This leads to increased shedding of hair a few months after childbirth.

Stages of hair growth

Stages of hair growth

Hair grows out from follicles (an opening on the surface of skin from which hair strand grows). The shedding and growing of hair is a constant process and the cycle of hair growth is divided into three phases. The first is the anagen phase in which active hair growth occurs and 80 % to 90 % of hair is in this phase at a given time. This phase ranges from 2 to 6 yrs. Second phase is the catagen phase in which the shrinking of hair follicles occurs. The last is the telogen phase (resting phase) which has duration of around 3 months in which the hair falls out. When there is a drop in the hormones associated with pregnancy, there is rapid entering of excessive hair from the growth phase into the telogen phase which leads to hair loss a few months after child birth.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is a great choice of safe and effective treatment option when it comes to treat hair fall after delivery. Homeopathic remedies work naturally to treat hair fall with zero side effects. They have given excellent clinical results in innumerable such cases. They firstly halt further progression of hair loss. Next, they help to aid hair regrowth. There is a long list of homeopathic medicines to treat hair fall after delivery. The most suitable medicine is selected as per every individual case based on symptom presentation. The potency, dose and repetition of medicine also varies from case to case. Therefore, it is advised to always consult a homeopathic physician before using any of these medicines. He/she will evaluate the case and prescribe the most suitable remedy.

Top Homeopathic Medicines For Preventing Hair Loss After Delivery

There are numerous homeopathic medicines to deal with hair fall after delivery prescribed as per their characteristic features. Among these the top three recommended medicines include: Sepia, Natrum Mur and Lycopodium.

1. Sepia – Top Medicine

Sepia is a top recommended medicine for managing hair fall after delivery which has given excellent results. The scalp is usually dry in cases requiring this medicine. The roots of the hair may be sensitive to touch. There may be pimples on the forehead along the hair margins. In some cases, headache may be felt along with the above features. It is also the best choice of medicine for dealing with certain other complaints after delivery like depression occurring in some women after childbirth (postpartum depression), piles, vaginal discharge and breast inflammation (mastitis).

2. Natrum Mur – For Excessive Hair Fall Even On Touching Scalp

Natrum Mur is yet another important medicine that gives highly promising results in cases of hair fall after delivery. Females needing it may have hair fall even on touching the scalp. Hair fall mainly occurs from the front or the sides of the scalp where it is required. There may be white dandruff on the scalp. It can be attended with scalp itching. The scalp is oily or greasy to touch. Itchy eruptions along the hairline may be present. Episodes of intense headache may occur along with it. Complaint of anemia may be reported as well.

3. Lycopodium – For Hair Fall Mainly From Top Of Scalp

Lycopodium is the next prominent medicine to deal with cases of hair fall after delivery. Women needing it mainly experience hair fall from the top portion of the scalp (vertex) initially, followed by hair fall from the sides of the scalp (temporal region). Besides, the scalp may be itchy. Burning sensation on the scalp may attend. Dandruff with an offensive smell from the scalp may be present.

4. Calcarea Carb – For Hair Fall From Side Of Scalp

Another effective medicine for treating hair fall after delivery is Calcarea Carb. It is the most suitable when hair fall is occurring more from the sides. Hair fall is excessive while combing. Hair is dry in most cases. The scalp may be sensitive to touch. Sometimes yellowish white scaly dandruff may be present on the scalp. Excessive sweating on the scalp may be experienced along with the above complaints.

5. Phosphorus – For Excessive Hair Fall In Bunches

Phosphorus is highly valuable to manage cases where hair fall is excessive and the hair falls out in bunches. Hair loss mostly occurs from the front area of the scalp. Hair is usually dry with flaky dandruff on the scalp. Scalp is itchy as well. Itching worsens from scratching. It may be accompanied by burning sensation on the scalp.

6. Fluoric Acid – For Hair Loss In Spots

This medicine works well when hair loss occurs from well – defined spots on the scalp. Hair is dry and brittle leading to easy breaking off of hair. Scaly eruptions on the head and itching may be present.

7. Phosphoric Acid – For Greasy Hair Falling Out

This medicine is useful when the hair is greasy and falling out. There may be itching on the scalp. There may be premature greying of hair as well in some cases. It is also one of the best medicines when hair fall occurs from grief, sorrow or depression.

8. Silicea – With Excessive Sweating On Scalp

Silicea is very beneficial when along with hair fall there is excessive sweating on the scalp. The sweat smells foul. Coldness on the scalp may be present. The scalp may be sensitive to touch making combing difficult.

9. Carbo Veg – For Marked Hair Loss From Back Portion Of Scalp

Use of this medicine can be considered when hair fall is the most marked from the back side of the scalp (occipital area). There is excessive itching in the scalp especially towards the evening. Scalp is also very sensitive to pressure.

10. Cantharis – For Hair Fall On Combing

When hair fall is majorly occurring when combing hair, Cantharis is the best choice of medicine. Along with hair fall, scaly dandruff on the scalp may be noted. A burning sensation may be felt on the sides of the head.

11. Nitric Acid – For Hair Fall Majorly From Top Of Scalp

Nitric Acid is well indicated when hair loss is mainly occurring from the top of the scalp. Besides, there may be headache. Eruptions can also appear on the scalp with a splinter like pain or pain on touch.

12. Sulphur – For Dry, Rough Hair Falling Out

Sulphur is considered in cases where hair is dry, rough and falls easily. Washing hair worsens the complaint. Scalp itches violently in the evening. Scratching the scalp causes intense burning. Scalp is sore to touch. Itchy, painful pimples may be present on the scalp.

13. Hepar Sulph – To Manage Hair Fall With Painful Pimples On Scalp

Hepar Sulph is indicated for cases of hair fall with painful pimples on the scalp. There may be excessive sweating with foul smell on the scalp. The scalp may be sensitive to combing. There may be burning and itching on the scalp in the morning after waking up.



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  1. Hi..I m suffering from excessive hairfall after delivery. My baby is 4 months old now and this hairfall problem has started with the fourth month after delivery. I m scared to wash my hair as it worsens the hair becomes entangled and then comes out in bunches. Also, i feel that my hair has become quite dry and sometimes dandruff appears when i take a lil longer to wash my hair..Please help.

  2. Hi, I’m 6 weeks postpartum and wanting to try homeopathy for
    A range of ailments. Postpartum hair loss, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm at times and also something to aid digestion particularly constipation and weight loss

    Many thanks

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