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Balding and Losing Hair ? …Homeopathy the Best Bet

Homeopathic Remedies for Hair loss We all have some emotional relationship with our hair. Whether we wear it long or short, a certain amount of time every day goes into grooming the hair. It is through the course of this everyday habit that people first notice hair fall and other changes in

the scalp and hair. Thinning hair is often worrisome since its the first step (among many) that can lead to permanent hair loss and eventual baldness. Homeopathy for hair fall includes treatments that help prevent hair fall, and also maintain the quality of hair still growing.
For example, Lycopodium is a homeopathic medicine for hair fall that gives excellent results. It helps in hair growth and works very well in cases of male pattern balding. Hair regrowth with homeopathy works well when the underlying causes of hair fall have been correctly identified. Once the hair cycle falls into place, and the growth stage normalizes, hair fall ceases to be a problem. The best homeopathic medicine for hair growth is chosen according to the symptoms and pattern of the hair fall.

The thing about hair fall is, it happens everyday! An average adult head would have about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. Out of these, it is normal to lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. The problem of hair loss and thinning begins when the cycle of hair growth does not keep pace with the cycle of hair loss. As long as the hair continues to regrow at the same speed as it falls (naturally), hair loss is not an issue.

In order to understand the causes of hair loss and thinning of hair, it is important to look into the life cycle of hair.

The many stages of hair 

Normal phases of hair growth: There are different phases of hair growth including anagen, catagen and telogen phase. After completion of the last stage, the entire cycle is repeated. Every single hair undergoes these three phases of growth independent of the other hair on the scalp.

Anagen phase (growth phase) – It lasts for 3 to 5 yrs. This is the active phase where hair root divides at a high pace and results in hair growth. At a given time around 85% of hairs are in this phase.

Catagen (regression phase) – Around 1- 3 % of the hair are in this phase at a given time. Approximately last 10 – 20 days where the hair stops growing.

Telogen phase (resting/shedding phase) – At a given time approximately 10% of the hair are in this phase. It lasts mostly around three months, after which the hair falls out.

In case of male pattern baldness the anagen phase i.e. the growth phase is shortened, while the duration of the shedding phase remains the same. As a result, less hair grows at a given time in this short time span (as compared to normal hair growth) while more hair continues to shed at the same time.

There are many factors that can lead to hair fall – they can be genetic, or be related to health issues. The most common types of hair loss, along with the suitable homeopathic treatments, are identified here in the following sequence:

A. What is Male Pattern Balding
B. What is Female Pattern Balding
C. General Factors
D. Scalp Diseases that lead to Hair Loss

A. What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male balding is a surprisingly common problem, and yet men tend to feel isolated when suffering through it. According to statistics, 40% of the men undergo noticeable hair loss by the age of 35. By the time they’re 80, they would have lost almost 80% of their hair. Homeopathy for hair loss works by strengthening the hair follicle and moderating the effects of the hormones associated with hair loss.
In young males, male pattern baldness typically begins from the frontal area and the crown. With age, it progresses towards the back of the head.
Anybody with a genetic predisposition towards baldness typically experiences a change in the hair-growth cycle, mostly caused due to the action of the hormone dihydrotestosterone. The hair falls out naturally, but the new hair that is supposed to grow is thinner, shorter and has a lighter pigmentation. This means that although the hair continues to grow from the root, it is too thin to be sustained. The rate of new hair growing out as compared to the rate with which it falls is the main sign of male pattern baldness.

Are you heading towards early hair loss?

With the given statistics, it is a fact that every other male will suffer early hair loss and male balding. Signs of early hair loss in men can be visible as early as the age of 18. Some common early warning signs of male pattern baldness include:

  • receding hairline from the forehead and temples
  • bald patch on top of the scalp
  • reduced density of hair
  • thinning of hair
  • itching on the scalp

What are the main reasons for Male Pattern Baldness?

Changing Hormone Levels (Androgens)

Male pattern baldness is linked with male sex hormones or androgens including testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Androgens help in the development of male sex organs and other male characteristics including deepening of the voice, increasing muscle/bone mass, sperm production, controlling sex drive and growth of body hair including facial hair growth. The change in levels of these hormones results in shrinking of hair follicles and shortening of the growth phase of hair (anagen phase). These two factors result in hair loss.

Shrinking of Hair Follicles

Hair follicles are a pouch or sac found under the skin, from which a hair grows. A person on an average has 1,50000 hair follicles on the scalp. In case of male pattern baldness due to shrinking of hair follicles either short, thin hair grows, or a stage where no hair grows at all is reached.

Shortening of the growth phase of hair (anagen phase)


The Pattern of Hair Loss in Men 

Hair fall in men usually follows any one of the two patterns:

Receding: It is a very common condition where the hairline starts receding from the forehead, or the front of the head and the sides, along the temples. The hair gradually starts thinning out, giving the illusion of a larger forehead.

Vertex Thinning: The hair all over the head, and mainly around the crown starts thinning out. New hair grows, but thinly.

So what are the factors that contribute to this steady loss of hair? 

Male pattern balding is the result of many inter-dependent factors. They can be hereditary or be associated with lifestyle choices. In some cases, underlying health conditions can indirectly cause hair loss.

You get it from your mother … True or False? 

It is common knowledge that male pattern baldness is inherited from the mother. This is true because the baldness gene is present on the X chromosome (the female chromosome), so it is the woman who passes it on. This hereditary factor is dominant on the maternal side, which means that even if the father has a head full of hair, the son may experience male pattern baldness at a young age. This is especially so if the mother’s brother has a receding hairline.
However, the male pattern baldness gene gets passed down from both sides of the family and it may skip generations. Even within the same generation, one male child may have thick hair while the other may suffer from a receding hairline.

It runs in the family. 

Numerous studies have proved that the degree of relationship in terms of family history also increases the severity of baldness. For example, a person whose father or sibling (first-degree relative) experiences baldness is more likely to undergo moderate-to-severe baldness himself as compared to someone who had more distant relatives experiencing baldness. The former are 13 times more likely to have baldness as compared to those with no family history.

Could you be smoking your hair away? 

According to a research, the prevalence of baldness increases with age. In terms of smoking, a comparison between people who had ‘never smoked’ and the ones who were current smokers or had quit, gave interesting results. Current smokers, or those who had quit, were almost twice as likely to experience moderate to severe hair loss. Further, a comparison between current smokers (who smoked less than 20 cigarettes a day) and those who smoked but had quit, were not at an increased risk of baldness.
The intensity of smoking, therefore, is also related to the likelihood of baldness.
Smoking has adverse effects on many systems within the body. It leads to poor circulation of oxygen and essential nutrients through the blood, which leads to reduced hair and scalp health. Also, chemicals found in tobacco are toxic and can damage the hair follicles.

Drinking is no better … 

Male pattern baldness and the consumption of alcohol are closely linked factors. The main reasons why alcohol harms the body and aggravates baldness are:

  • Alcohol leads to the consumption of empty calories. The person drinking alcohol may feel too full to eat a proper, nutritious meal. This leads to a lack of nutrition in the body, which can aggravate baldness.
  • Lack of a well-balanced diet can lead to the deficiency of vitamins like B1 (thiamine), which is essential for hair growth.
  • Alcohol also contributes to hair loss by damaging the stomach lining as well as the liver, which leads to an increase in the production of acid in the digestive system. This makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients properly.
    Excessive drinking leads to a diuretic effect due to which the levels of magnesium and potassium in the body can drop. The body is then unable to sustain healthy functions, including hair growth.

The only time alcohol is helps the hair is when we drench the hair with beer during a wash. Keeping the hair drenched in beer for a minute or so before rinsing it out helps strengthen the hair.

Steroids: What works on the body might not be working on your hair

Anabolic steroids are a group of synthetic and natural steroid hormones that are used to promote muscle strength and growth. Testosterone, for example, is a natural anabolic steroid.
The relation between steroids and hairloss is linked through hormones. The hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the primary hormones linked to male pattern baldness. Steroids accelerate the production of DHT. When the amount of DHT increases in the system, it leads to hair loss. It should be noted that balding due to the use of an anabolic steroid happens if a male is already genetically predisposed towards balding. Steroids only speed up the process.
The hormone DHT binds to the receptors in the hair follicles, causing them to shrink, weaken and die (a process known as miniaturization). In contrast, DHT acts as an essential hormone that is responsible for hair growth in other areas of the body, like the back and chest.
It can thus be concluded that men who do not have a genetic predisposition towards hair loss may not go bald by using steroids but can experience a milder form of hair loss. Topical treatment with DHT blockers for hair loss is often used in such cases.

Prostate Related Issues

As the second most common type of cancer in males, prostate cancer is a leading cause of male pattern baldness. The link here is the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is made from testosterone by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. This hormone is present in the hair follicles, skin and the prostate. The sensitivity of the hair follicles to this hormone is the main cause of hair loss. Although they are separate conditions, male pattern baldness and prostate cancer are linked by the DHT hormone. DHT stimulates the growth of prostate cells, contributing to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate cancer in older men. With age, the DHT levels rise, and an accumulation of this hormone leads to an enlarged prostate.
Testosterone and prostate enlargement, male pattern baldness, and prostate cancer are all hormone-dependent. Androgenetic alopecia treatment in homeopathy involves moderating the effect of these hormones.

Homeopathy for Male Pattern Baldness

Homeopathic remedy for baldness is a more conservative form of treatment as compared to conventional treatments. Conventional treatment involves the use of drugs like minoxidil and finasteride and other methods like a hair transplant.
Minoxidil works by stimulating the hair follicles and is said to help grow new hair, but it can have side effects like unwanted body hair, irregular heartbeat, allergic drug reactions like a rash, swelling of the throat, face, or tongue and dizziness.
Finasteride is a drug used to treat inflammation in the prostate glands by reducing the production of DTH, which also helps decrease the rate of hair loss. Its side effects include allergic reactions like hives, swelling on the face and difficulty in breathing. Impotence and loss of interest in sexual activity are some more severe side effects. These (if developed) tend to continue even after stopping the medicine.
Is homeopathic treatment effective in men? Homeopathic treatment for hair loss works by targeting the root cause – whether it is a hormonal problem or a disease. There are no side effects of homeopathic medicines for male balding, which makes them an effective option.

Top Three Homeopathic Medicines for Male Pattern Baldness

Lycopodium Clavatum – Top Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Regrowth

Lycopodium Clavatum is a natural homeopathic medicine for treating male pattern baldness. It is prepared from a plant named club moss. This plant is of natural order Lycopodiaceae.
This is a homeopathic medicine for fast hair regrowth in male pattern baldness. In most cases, there is hair loss from the sides of the scalp (temple region). Along with that, dandruff may be present with a bad smell from the scalp. The scalp may be itchy and a burning sensation can also be present.

Baryta Carb – Homeopathic Medicine for Male Pattern Baldness with Hair Loss from Top of Scalp

Baryta Carb is a homeopathic medicine used for male pattern baldness where hair loss is mostly visible on the crown or top of the scalp (vertex). The scalp may be sensitive to touch, along with a crawling sensation.

Silicea – Homeopathic Medicine for Male Pattern Baldness in Young Males

Silicea is useful homeopathic medicines for male pattern baldness in very young males, where the males tend to experience hair loss very early in their life. Severe itching and prickling of the scalp, excessive sweating on the scalp (that smells sour and offensive) is also present. Another important feature is the sensation of coldness felt on the scalp.

Managing Male Pattern Baldness

Managing male pattern baldness requires a preventative approach. If you’re wondering whether male pattern balding is reversible or not, the answer is – it depends. It depends on the underlying cause of hair fall that can be treated with the help of homeopathy.
However, hair loss can be slowed down without using any drastic methods. Some of these include:
Washing hair with gentle movements and lukewarm water, and drying them carefully to maintain the remaining hair.
Getting an adequate amount of sleep and reducing stress is essential since the concentration of growth hormones in the body is the highest during sleep.
Embracing hair loss as a part of genetics, aging and life, in general, can help escape the stigma that surrounds the problem. It is a natural part of life and should be embraced as is. Examples of male pattern balding are plentiful, and many celebrities are living proof that this is nature’s way of life.
Reversing male pattern baldness is subject to individual factors. Generalized treatments may work on some people, while others see no concrete or long-lasting results. Hair transplants are becoming an increasingly common method of managing baldness and works as a good alternative in severe cases.

B. What is Female Pattern Baldness?

Also known as androgenetic alopecia, female pattern baldness is very similar to male pattern baldness. The main difference between male and female pattern baldness is the pattern of hair loss. In females, thinning of hair (and not a receding hairline) is observed. Women carry a very little chance of going completely bald as compared to males. However, 40% of the women experience visible hair loss by the time they touch the age of 40 years. Thinning of hair begins between the age of 25 to 35 years. 90% of female baldness is directly linked to genetics, although there are other contributing factors. Since many factors can cause hair fall in women, it is difficult to diagnose, and treat the exact problem.
Female hair loss treatment with homeopathy offers a conservative course of medicines that work gradually over time to fix the problem from the root. Conventional treatment includes the use of drugs like minoxidil and androgen-blockers, but unless the root cause of the hair fall is identified, these treatments only act as placebos.

Are you heading towards female pattern baldness?

The early key indication to recognize female pattern baldness is the gradual loss of hair from the parting line of the hair on the scalp. Found around the area of the center of the scalp, most females begin losing hair from their parting line. This progresses to the widening of the parting line, followed by general diffused hair thinning on the scalp. There are very little chances of complete baldness, but excessive thinning of hair throughout the scalp is generally observed.

Female pattern baldness can be divided into three grades. In the first grade, there is slight thinning of hair around the part line. In the second grade, the parting line gets widened with increased thinning of hair around it. In the third grade, there is diffused hair thinning throughout the scalp. Spots of the scalp may also be visible in this case.

What causes Female Pattern Baldness?

In females, the leading cause of baldness is the shrinking of the hair follicles. This shrinking leads to the production of short and thin hair, along with a shortening of the hair growth phase.
No specific cause has been determined as yet, although the androgens (hormones) are thought to play a role.
In rare cases, tumors (benign, non-cancerous) of the pituitary gland or ovaries or adrenals that secrete androgens also can lead to female pattern hair loss.
The major contributing factor towards female pattern baldness is a genetic predisposition (history of hair loss on either side of the family). It’s more commonly seen in middle-aged women and after menopause.
Female pattern baldness in the 20s is usually related to heredity, lifestyle or stress.

Homeopathic Medicines for Hair Fall in Females

Sepia Succus – Top Homeopathic Medicine for Female Pattern Baldness

Sepia Succus is a homeopathic medicine used to treat female pattern baldness and hair fall. A common symptom for this medicine is a history of long-standing headaches. In menopausal age, Sepia Succus has been successfully used to treat female pattern baldness. The women may complain of hot flushes followed by chills and perspiration. Bearing down pains in the uterus at menopause along with hair loss may be present. Some mental symptoms that point towards this medicine include irritability and indifferent behavior towards family members.

Natrum Mur – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Loss in Women

Natrum Mur is a homeopathic medicine for hair fall in women who lose hair on the slightest touch. They may also be anemic. This medicine is usually prescribed to women experiencing hair loss after childbirth. Along with hair loss, severe headache after the delivery of a child may be present. The headache tends to get worse in the heat of the sun, and there may be inordinate craving for salty things.

Managing Female Pattern Balding

Any treatment that focusses on female pattern balding is usually aimed towards slowing down the rate of hair loss. Seldom do these treatments focus on promoting hair regrowth.
The biggest issue with hair loss in females is that of self-confidence. A new hairstyle, or using scarves and wigs is one way to deal with a very natural condition. Apart from using homeopathic treatment for hair fall, accepting the problem as a part of life is a good way forward.

C. Hair fall from Scalp Conditions

Many scalp conditions can lead to or contribute towards hair loss. Some of the major scalp conditions associated with hair fall include tinea capitis, lichen planus, eczema of the scalp (seborrheic dermatitis), scalp folliculitis and dandruff.

Fungal Infection of Scalp (Tinea Capitis)

Tinea capitis is a contagious infection of the scalp. It spreads from person to person contact or by sharing objects like towels, combs, hair brushes. Its main features are itchy, scaly patches on the scalp. These patches tend to enlarge gradually. Blisters may also appear with oozing of fluid. The hair in the affected area gets brittle, and they break off. So, bald patches on the scalp tend to come on.

Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is an autoimmune condition affecting skin, hair and mucous membranes. It leads to flat-topped purple colored papules on the skin. In cases where lichen planus involves scalp discoloration, hair loss is also noted.

Eczema of the Scalp (Seborrheic dermatitis)

Eczema of the scalp is known as seborrheic dermatitis. It is an oily, inflammatory condition along with flakiness/dandruff that mainly affects the scalp. Itching and burning of varying degrees may appear. The flakes tend to clog the hair follicles and hinder hair growth. The hair may stick to the oily flakes and tend to fall off on scratching. Hair loss, therefore, becomes an associated condition with seborrheic dermatitis. Apart from the scalp, other areas like the face, eyelashes, ears, and chest also get affected.

Scalp folliculitis

Inflammation and infection of hair follicles of the scalp are termed as scalp folliculitis. It may be a result of a bacterial infection, fungal infection or due to overproduction of sebum that clogs the hair follicles on the scalp. The features of scalp folliculitis include pimples or pustular eruptions on the scalp. There may be yellowish or clear fluid oozing from these eruptions. Itching, burning, and pain attends is accompanied by hair loss.


Dandruff is a scalp condition wherein with flakiness on the scalp is present along with itching. Dandruff does not cause hair fall directly, but the itching and the attended scratching of the scalp lead to hair fall.

Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Loss from Scalp Conditions

Graphites Naturalis – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Loss from Fungal Infection (tinea capitis)

Graphites Naturalis is a homeopathic medicine for hair loss that occurs as a result of a fungal infection of the scalp. Scaly, itchy spots on the scalp appear, accompanied by hair fall. Intolerable itching on the scalp, soreness on the scalp as well as a burning sensation may be present.

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall from Lichen Planus

Arsenic Album is a homeopathic medicine for hair fall that occurs as a result of the autoimmune disease lichen planus. Rough, bald patches on the scalp may appear, along with itching and burning. The scalp may also be sensitive to touch.

Kali Sulph – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall from Seborrheic Dermatitis

Kali Sulph is a homeopathic medicine for hair fall that occurs due to seborrheic dermatitis. The dandruff flakes are yellow in color, very moist, and sticky. The scalp may be itchy and this gets worse in warm conditions.

Mezereum – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall due to Folliculitis

Mezereum is a homeopathic medicine for hair loss in cases where the hair gets destroyed due to folliculitis of the scalp. Symptoms like thick crusty eruptions on the scalp, a discharge of thick offensive pus, matting of hair, breeding of germs, and the gradual eating away of the hair due to discharges lead to hair loss.

Thuja Occidentalis – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall and Dandruff

Thuja Occidentalis is a homeopathic medicine for hair fall and dandruff. This medicine is prepared from the plant named Arborvitae, of the coniferae order. This medicine is used to treat cases where the dandruff is white, hair is dry with split ends and falls out easily. It helps treat dandruff as well as associated hair fall.

D. General Causes of Hair Fall

Hairfall can also be a result of some health issues that are common in everyday life. Emotional or mental stress, change of environment, the quality of bathing water and diet in general can contribute towards hair fall.

Thyroid – thyroid problems cause hair loss in severe and prolonged cases. Since thyroid and alopecia areata are both autoimmune diseases, one can trigger the other. Hair fall due to thyroid can be treated once the underlying hormonal imbalance is fixed, although it can take some time for the hair to grow back.

Hormonal changes including those that occur after childbirth, during menopause, hypothyroidism, PCOS.

Recovery from acute fevers like typhoid and erysipelas leads to diffused hair loss.

Emotional trauma like constant stress or grief due to loss of a family member/close friend.

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. In this condition, the immune cells of the body mistake the hair cells as a foreign body and start destroying them. The associated hair loss occurs in patches/spots. It is a common cause of hair fall in people under 20 years of age and is commonly found in people with autoimmune thyroid problems.

Drugs (like the ones used to treat high blood pressure, joint pains, cancer, or depression) can also cause hair fall as a side effect. For example, anagen effluvium refers to a condition of hair loss due to chemotherapy in a cancer patient. Chemotherapy drugs used as a part of cancer treatment damage hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

Physical trauma/injury to the head can also lead to hair fall in some cases.

General diseases like diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, or AIDS tend to cause hair fall due to decreased immunity and nutrition in the body.

Certain hairstyles like tight braids or ponytails where the hair is tightly pulled back can lead to traction alopecia. Indiscriminate use of hair colors and heating tools can damage the hair and lead to hair fall.

Trichotillomania is a mental disorder in which the affected person voluntarily pulls out his/her hair out of the scalp.

Nutritional deficiencies due to a poor diet, or some other underlying health condition that prevents the absorption of nutrients can also cause hair fall.

Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall

Phosphorus – Top Homeopathic Medicine for excessive Hair Fall

Phosphorus is a homeopathic medicine for hair fall wherein the hair falls out excessively in bunches. The hair may be dry, and premature greying of hair may also be present. Dandruff and excessive itching are some other symptoms.

Wiesbaden Aqua – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Regrowth

Wiesbaden is a homeopathic medicine for hair regrowth. It is a natural homeopathic medicine sourced from springs of Wiesbaden in Prussia. This medicine is known to aid the quick growth of hair, and it also helps make the hair dense and darker in color.

Fluoricum Acidum – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Loss in Spots

Fluoricum acidum is a homeopathic medicine for hair loss that occurs in spots (alopecia areata). It is mainly used to treat hair loss in people with a hot temperament who constantly needs to be in a cool environment. The cases of alopecia areata as a result of typhoid fever are also treated with this medicine.

Vinca Minor – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall with Itching

Vinca Minor is a homeopathic medicine for alopecia areata prepared from a plant named lesser periwinkle. This plant belongs to family Apocynaceae. The medicine is used to treat bald spots on the scalp covered with short, wooly hair. Int4ense itching that gets worse at night may also be present.

Phosphoric Acid – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall from Grief

Phosphoric Acid is a homeopathic medicine for hair loss that occurs as a result of grief and sorrow. Early graying of the hair, hair fall occurring after a fever, sadness, and an aversion to talking are the symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Calcarea Carb – Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall due to Hypothyroid

Calcarea Carb is a homeopathic medicine for hair fall that occurs due to hypothyroid. The hair may come out upon combing, and the majority of the hair fall happens from the side of the scalp or crown area. Along with this, yellowish-white scales may be present on the scalp. The scalp may be predisposed to excessive perspiration. A tendency to gain weight and intolerance towards cold are other symptoms.

Thallium Met – Homeopathic Medicine for Rapid Hair Fall

Homeopathic medicine Thallium Met works well in cases where rapid hair fall is present. The hair fall may be general or in spots and usually occurs after the person goes through acute, exhausting diseases.



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    • Dear Dr. Sharma, i have BPH and kidney disease. Is there a remedy that you can suggest. I was hoping to use Silicea, but the instruction advised against it because of my kidney condition. Luckily my condition is under control as long as i continue to take my medication. Can you suggest an alternative and equally effective remedy. Thank you.


    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I know about the wonderful healing power of homoeopathy and I generally manage to help myself, because Dr Irene Buchanan was my mentor and she trained me well.
    However, I still struggle a bit as I don’t really have the knowledge I should have about the manifestations of dis-ease in the human body.
    For instance. Dr Buchanan warned me not to treat a person for heart disease, when the origin of the heart disease was in the defective kidneys, She said it is imperative to treat the kidneys first then. Yet I need a doctor’s diagnosis to be able to determine the original root cause of a disease.
    Please also, mention the potency that yields the best results in the falling out of hair remedies you have kindly listed.
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    Botin tab and prakash maka oilfrom last 1 month but l am not getting a good result should I stop or have passion

  16. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am 20+ and is suffering from various hair problems. One of the most important concern is hairline receding or baldness. My hair texture is fine, but due to severe hair fall i am getting the issue of baldness also my scalp is visible. Can you please suggest me the homeopathic medicines to resolve my issue. I will be thankful to you!!!

  17. Dear Dr.Sharma

    This is regarding hair loss suffered by my mother ,age 71 years and having Diabetes (controlled level treated with insulin and no thyroid issue ) past 1 year she is loosing hair rapidly , she tried lot of herbal oil but nothing work’s,
    i suggest you help me with homeo prescription for her.your suggestion and reply highly appreciated


    Pramod Nair

    • Hello Dr. , I m 61 yrs old and diabetic (have medicine but in control and having medicine for heart deases) excessive hair fall caused baldness and thin hair. I lost my confidence and feel shy in society.. please help me….

  18. Sanjeev w says:

    I have decreased hairline in forehead. Which Homeopathic medicine will help me to get very thick new hair in decreased hairline ?
    Reply via

  19. Reshma Verma says:

    I’ve been having excessive hair loss, and have very little hair left. I have PCOS (therefore insulin resistant), with high levels of cortisol and overweight. No amount of dirt or exercise had been able to reduce my eight, but now I’m also losing to much hair.

    What should I take?

  20. Mrs Gillian Boardman says:

    Please could you advice me I am a 69 year old female hair thinning on the top of scalp and on the crown. My natural hair colour is white I dye my hair. When the dye starts yo fade and grow out my hair is terrible thin and looks like am am going bald.vI started the menapause at 50 years old. Have Vern to my GP for blood test all normal. The Gp looked at my scalp said my gaur is going thinner. My father became bald at an early age also his two sisters lossed a lot of hair as they got older. I have had a lot of stress but my hair has been thinning for a fair few years. I still get menapause some hot flushes and when doing jobs I become very warm or execise or dance become very warm and my scalp gets very warm and my hair will start to frizz when warm. Some of my hair strinds are shorter they look like they are split but I just think it’s to with my problem. I am a nervous person I do have trouble sleeping at times. Have had done anxious over the years. With a person being ill in my family.I have tried viviscal didn’t work. I am getting very destressed about. It’s make me panic could you please tell me if there is a homeopathic remedy that might help.

  21. Sonja Dill says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I have just been diagnosed with ccca alopecia. My doctor suggested shots in the scalp. Is there an alternative that’s natural and less painful? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  22. Bhagwan Patil says:

    Dear Madam,

    Thanks for your kind information which you have provided on this website.

    I am 33 year old and facing baldness from last 6 year.
    But now a days I am taking Jaborandi Q externally and Jaborandi 6ch internally.

    My hair loss has stopped and but new hair not growing…

    So please suggest medicine…

    Bhagwan Patil.

  23. Lakshmi. P. P says:

    Doctor, my son is suffering from severe hair fall. He is 25,and he has already tried Minoxidil and finasteride. The dermatologist told it is male pattern baldness. Now he has stopped using those drugs because of their side effects. He has used those medications for one and a half years. Now he’s losing hair at a fast rate and even his scalp is visible. Is there any homeopathic medicine to stimulate hair growth?

  24. Hello sir,
    I am 29 years of age suffring from hair fall problem since last 5-6 years, i lost 70% hair . now i have very thin hair. i have one more hairs problem dendruff, pls suggest

    • Mrs Datt says:

      My son is 28yrs for last 8months he is losing excess hair, which according to a dermatologist is male pattern balding. His hair have also. Become very rough and thin. He has slightly wavy hair. He has problem of dandruff for many years. Tried different methods but the dandruff persists. Otherwise he is healthy and takes home cooked food and no junk food. He is non veg so takes eggs regularly, chicken and lots of paneer and nuts. His father has full hair even at 60.
      So what could be the reason this condition and please suggest a remedy.

  25. Hello Sir. I am 40 suffering from severe hair fall and baldness at vertex . I am taking Lycopodium 200, Weisbaden 200, Selenium 200. Should I take Baryta carb, Flouric acid or any other medicines along with these?

    • My scalp is so oily and suffering from hair fall. Lossing more hair from crown area.. Some pimple and pus also oozing from pimlpe on scalp. My age is 27 and it is happening since 8 year

  26. Hairfall has been became most common and is affecting almost half of the whole population. Mostly we can see dandruff in both men and women. In men especially baldness has been the major problems. Hairfall can be cured through homeopathy because using homeopathic medicines does not lead to side effects. Homeocare International is successful in offering effective homeopathy treatment for hairloss.

  27. Hello Dr. My mother is 86 has been suffering from an itchy scalp for many years, she had TBI about two years ago and now her itch has gotten worse, has hair loss and started drooling ( not sure if there is a connection). The hair loss is not in patches, it’s just falling out! A lot of hair when she washes her hair, hair on her clothes and floor and when she combs her hair. With this she has an excessive itchy scalp! No pus, no redness, no dandruff just severe itching that gets worse at night/ in bed/ when stressed. About 25 years ago she used old hair dye that started this. She uses no hair products, only shampoo that I make using natural ingredients. I have used mezereum until a few weeks ago which helps but she has been on it for almost a year. I have used other homeopathic medicines that help short term but she has not healed from these maladies. Your wisdom and thoughtful care that you offer through your site is invaluable! Thank you very much.

  28. Sneha Bhattacharya says:

    Hello sir my name is Sneha Bhattacharya,Ibam 24 yrs old andI have suffering hairfall problem since 1 or 2 months. I am overwight though but still now I haven’t been reported with thyroid,thankfully. Also I am not into junk food. Tried every medicine but couldn’t stop the hairfall problem. I have a bit of dandruff problem,but only during winters. Can you please suggest some homeopathy medicines to treat my hairfall problem

  29. After a month in the hospital this past summer for gall bladder issues that then turned into other things, my sister has lost a lot of hair. She is 61 y/o. She was put on Cardizem for a-fib, which she believes caused her hair loss. She’s always had long, beautiful dark hair, with not much grey. Never has dyed it. She now has parts of her scalp showing. She’s rather high-strung, and obsessed about it, which I think makes it worse. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  30. My husband is 80 years old and in general good health. He’s been balding (excessive thinning on top) for many years, but several times he’s had hair falling out in patches. Recently he had another patch, about an inch and a half in diameter, on the back side where his hair is pretty thick. Eventually, the hair grew back there, but PURE WHITE (his hair is normally black, although he has some gray hair mixed in with the white now). I haven’t seen this symptom listed anywhere–hair falling out in a patch and then growing back in white (and generally thinner than the surrounding hair). He has had an enlarged thyroid for many years and used to respond well to the remedy Sulphur, but now it no longer seems to help.

    Thank you for your opinion and any suggestions you can offer.

  31. Hi. I have lots of hair.fall all over and am going through menopause. I’m eating a low carb diet. Am low weight and am under a ton is stress…abnormally high amount. Also, I have extremely greasy hair..always have but it’s even worse how. Is there one issue that trumps the others when dealing with hair.fall?

  32. Hi Sir,
    My Mother is having so much hair falls. While combing she has much hair loss ,she is 59 . Can you suggest any medicine for it. No dandruff , But she will sweat so much. Every 1-2 hour she will be sweating.


  33. dr nirav dave says:

    sir your study and work really salute

    I am dr dave Gujarat
    I am giving lecture at anand college

    one request
    plz guide me regarding material preparation for lectures
    in therapeutics homoeo material medica

  34. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am 41, I have oily scalp, oily dandraff, itching scalp and loosing hair badly. Please advice remedy.

  35. Hello Doctor,

    I have got dandruff from very long time and my hair has become very thin, also I am loosing a lot of hair.

    Please help!

  36. SAYANTANI DEY says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am Sayantani Dey and 26 years of age…I have not suffered from any skin disease or any other disorders. But everytime I comb my hair, bunches oh hair comes out and my hair has become very less and also thin. Can you suggest me some homeopathy medicine for hair loss and hair regrowth???

  37. I am loosing hair from front side and having white dandruff.i am 37 years old and I am getting grey hair in the places where I lost is also thinning particularly on left side.Please suggest me what to do.

  38. felicia e moore says:

    I have been using a lisinopril 10 mg blood pressure I see my hair thinning, Im using Rosemary oil and will start using biotin. any other suggestions please help

  39. Rakesh vema says:

    How to improve hair density.

  40. saugata das says:

    i 43 years old male..i am not bald but my hairs are getting thinner..please help..

  41. which shampoo or soap to use for hair to make new hair grow again

  42. Ashish agrawal says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 36 years old. I had TYPHOID in 2008, since then I am loosing my hair. Almost all hair from scalp has lost now. Can I regain hair through homeopathic treatment. Please give helpful suggestions. THANKS.

  43. Anu Kanuri says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,

    I am a 48 year old female and have been experiencing hair loss for a long time. My hair falls out a lot when I shower and brush; also my biggest issue is that I have female bald pattern hair loss on the top of my head. I was told it is Alopecia. Can you suggest some Homeopathy medicine for this condition please?

  44. BR Kamboj says:

    I am 26 years old and suffer from reduction in density of hair on front to centre of head in oval shape one may say . I suffered from viral and typhoid a few years back ( almost 7 years back ), since then I do not feel enervated and health has not come to required level . For the last two years hair started reducing , got long term trt from Batras but no avail . There is lot of dandruff whitis in colour in the hair and not going even after long term trt from batra,s. My cholestrol level is a bit high.

  45. allen paul says:

    doctor i am 21 6.3ft tall 70kg i have hairfall problem my family has baldeness i am at its starting stage can u help me

  46. I am 26 years old. I am female. My hairline is being reduced gradually. So balding in frontal area is shining. I look very bad. Moreover, hair is being lossed upon touching. My bed, bathroom are full of my hair. Because they shed easily. My height is 5.35 and weight 50. I am I’ll health. My temperament is hot. I am suffering from balding and reducing hairline for 1.5 years. My appearance is getting worsen. I have take all types of vitamin and mineral supplement. My TSH, testosterone and prolactin growth hormone are normal. My menstruation is regular. But I have been diagnosed with a right ovarian cyst of 2.5 mm about 3 months ago. But doctor said it wouldn’t be problem if your menstruation is regular. But now my problem is hair. I am getting worsen. Please sir, give me solution.

  47. Ankur bhargava says:

    Hi sir

    I’m writing to discuss my hair problem with you.
    I have lost hair from middle of head.
    Would like to know can I get my hair back ?

  48. Sonali Menon says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Sonali Menon, 53yrs old.
    I colour my hair with so called semi organic hair colour INDUS once in 6 weeks.
    Of late I have been having extreme hair loss.
    Need a solution to this as I do not wish to go bald.


  49. Hi,
    I am experiencing hair loss after a mild case of shingles on my scalp. The hair loss across my entire scalp. Could Lycopodium Clavatum help?

    Thank you!

  50. T.sarggun says:

    I need a homeopathic medicine that can regrow my hair I had a little baldness ….do any medicine
    For external (homeopathic,)

  51. Patrick South says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, from reading your page I would say that I have Androgenetic Alopecia type of baldness.

    What are the options for homeopathic treatment for me? I am 37 years of age and thinning a lot on top and receding quite badly.

    Please advise?

  52. Nandhitha says:

    Hi Dr. I am 34 yr old working women. I have a drastic hair fall which is reduced my hair volume. Even my eyebrows are thinning now. There is lot of work pressure also. As per the blood check I am slightly low at feritin levels .
    Hair thickness is also very less. Pls help me to come out of this issue.

  53. I don’t see a recommendation above for hair loss due to chemotherapy. Can you make a suggestion or two? I am a white skinned chestnut haired female, wavy Celtic hair has remained in good health into my early 60s, I am full bodied, temperature runs about 97 degrees and I am more sensitive to heat than cold. 3 cycles in to chemo for breast cancer, 3 months still to go, doing well and using a cold cap to minimize the amount of medication that goes to the scalp but still losing bit more hair than I am used to. Other chemo side effects are modest – dry mouth, a touch of abrasion inside the mouth, tiredness for a few days after the infusion, no nausea or other issues, a day or two of hot red skin blotches mid-chemo cycle that answer well to a dose or two of Urtica 6x. Have started Lycopodium 6c and 30c twice a day to help retain the hair I have, hoping to minimize the loss.

    • Linda McLean says:

      I too would like any information regarding saving my hair during chemo treatments which begin in two days.

  54. Vaishnavi says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 20 yrs old and my hairs are falling from roots. Approx 50-100 stands daily or even more what should I do.

  55. I am 12 years old. Since last year my hair is falling severely. I am having Zincovit tablet and Ostocalcium tablet. I am applying Tugain medicine too. It has not yet showed the result. Due to continous hairfall will I need to shave my hair. I will be waiting for your reply.
    Thank You.

  56. S.B.Kumar says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 50 years old and strted to have hair fall n it is happening in a pattern -i see a W in the front and top enter a small circke of balness (starting only).

    Please advice me something.
    I have very shallow roots, my father and grandfather had Andorogenic Alopecial.

  57. Irma P Johnson says:

    my hair will grow than fall it is very thin on top i have long locks on the side and in the back , but i need help to get my hair back , I have vitiligo all over my legs and it is starting on upper parts of my body I need some help.

  58. I am a 57 year old female I have a very oily scalp for at least a year now, but it keeps getting more and more greasy. Since Menopause 10 years ago I have some curly hair, it was always straight.

    I had a basal cell removed from my nose 5 weeks ago with a skin graft and received 5 shoots to numb it, because I could feel it. I was bleeding quite a bit. (I took a Arnica C30 after the surgery).

    Ever since my single hairs are falling out all over the head. I have thin blonde, I lost at least half of it. …..It falls out worse when I wash it.

    I been slightly depressed and I don’t like to things the way I used to. I don’t experience happiness. I am very forgetful.

    I awake frequently at night and urinate several times during the night. Sometimes I awake with heart palpations. I feel tired during the day.

    I have graving for sweets, especially chocolate, bread, eggs, cheese.

    Thank you

  59. Hi… I am 34 yrs old n have bald hair issue…. My hair is dry, curly n looks very dull… . During hair was I lose approx 40 to 50 hair…. Since my hair is curly I come them only once in a day…

    I apply oil daily at night n after hair wash I use imxia xl serum to strengthen the hair… But there is no result… Of what I am doing…

    Badly worried as the scrap visibility in front has increased very badly….

    Family – only me n my younger brother has similar issue of hair… Rest all have healthy hair

    I used to have PCOD for many years, now that is cured …

    Please advice me some medicine / serum / oil that can help me to get rid of thinning hair from front… Help in having healthier hair….

  60. my hair getting thinning and fore side already blad how to regenerate hair on that place.and how to stop hair fall

  61. P.JAGADEESH BABU says:


  62. Hi I am a 24 year old female ..since the past 8 months I have been experiences tremendous hairfall with thinning on top of the hair which has led to a wider parting line and scantiness at the top of the crown with thinning. Please can you suggest a cure

  63. I’m a hypothyroid patient since 8 years
    I’m experiencing hair loss from the top of my head
    I was taking r89 earlier with scalptone tablets
    I took them for about 3 months
    But there wasn’t much improvement
    So my doctor gave me folli plus
    Now I have noticed some improvement in hair fall
    But the I don’t see any hair regrowth
    Is the medicine okay
    Should I continue with it or should I go back to r89
    I have been taking folliplus since a month now

  64. Good evenig Dr.
    I am 22 years old now and having severe hair fall..will a specifics helps to cure this??

  65. Good evening Dr. Sharma,
    I’m writing on behalf of my significant other who is unfortunately experiencing sudden hair loss within the past few months, it has slowly become more apparent. It doesn’t seem to run in his family and he’s a pretty healthy guy. We’ve tried using products from lush which specializes in what i think a more natural approach, it’s a shampoo bar that is a clove bud oil base and includes cinnamon leaf oil as well. So far, we haven’t seen much improvement and has caused him to start having dandruff which he never really had in the past. What i wanted to ask is if there could be any other natural way to help his hair grow as well as, help with the new found problem of dandruff. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time in advance.

  66. Ajita Misra says:

    Sir I suffered from trichotillomania for almost 20 years . Right now my age is 36 years. At present I do not have the habit of pulling my hair, but I have a big bald area at the center of my scalp. The hair growth in this area is scanty and hair are thin in texture. Kindly guide me if homeopathic medicine can help in re growth of my hair.

  67. Baby Varghese says:

    Doctor, I’m 52 year old women . I got beautiful thick hair but I get hair loss and have tried everything to stop it. it coming out in clumps. please do help me to get rid off it.

  68. Rizwan khan says:

    Hi dr. Sharma
    I m 28 years old guy I m suffering from hair fall since 5 hair i have dandruff & itching on scalp & if i m not do shampoo every day then the oil came on my scalp …
    Kindly advice me what homeopathy medicine should i need to take…

  69. I am 18 Years old and suffering from hairfall and baldness. I think it is hereditary and in 2 or 3 years I will totally bald plz help.

  70. Dear sir/mam

    I am 32years old and suffering from hair falling since 2006, now I have almost bald scalp .
    I have tried many oils to regain hair, but all waste.

    Please suggest suitable homeopathic medicine with it’s dosage and usage.

  71. Vishakha Arora says:

    Hello doctor, I am 25 years old and suffering from severe hair loss from last 1 year. In between i used medicated shampoo by which it was stopped, but now again the same problem is seen. The hair loss is too much that bald patches can be seen on scalp. Please suggest any medicine that can help in hair loss and for regrowth of hair.

  72. Mehboob Ahmed Raza says:

    Very nice explaination about hair baldness and its cure by the Dr. Sharma. It will definetely be helpful for those who are upset by their hair baldness and especially will add in the knowledge of homeopathic practioners.

  73. Asak
    Dr sahib mere sir ke baal 2salon se geray ja rahe hain me ne sab kuch kar ke dekh lia, skin oily ha lekin oil na lagaon to bal dry hojatey hain, sir me bohot zyada itching bhi hoti ha comb bhi nahi karta hu baal girne ki waja se, please help me my age is 39.

    • Sir,
      I am 30 years old Men, and last 2-3 years i am loosing my hair very rapidly, i have dandruff problem. Day by day my hair’s are getting thin and also hair’s are fallen.
      So please suggest me for regrowth my hair in bald region and for dandruff.

  74. Hello sir,
    I am Swarupa 30-year-old man. I am losing my hair and have dandruff also. please suggest me.

  75. Sir,
    I am 40 years old Men, and last 3-4 years i am loosing my hair very rapidly, i have dandruff problem. My middle portion of head is circular bald and it’s slow increases.

    Please suggest homeopathy remedies.

  76. Alta Coetzee says:

    My hair is thinning on top left side of my head and one spot at the back. My hair is also very brittle and dry. My grandmother had the same problem. So i think my problem migjt be heredetory. Could you help me plrase?

  77. Anirban Bhattacharya says:

    I have hyperthyroidism and am taking thyrox 137.5. Now i have dandruff also and strted getting thinning of hair around vertex part in a circular patch at the back of head. Can you give me a remedy. Also I would like consultation f that is possible in kolkata.

  78. Adria Henderson says:

    I have several possible reasons for my female hair loss: blood pressure meds, meds taken for rheumatoid arthritis and borderline hypothyroidism. Other than eliminating all the meds at once (the ultimate goal for me), how can I determine if any one of these factors is causing the hair loss? Are there homeopathic remedies to replace the meds I’m currently taking? Thank you.

  79. Khushbu mali says:

    I hav curly hair and after cutting hair they dont grow plz help me to know how can i grow my hairs long

  80. Geetanjali Menon says:


    I am 47 yrs old female… I hv thyroid and pre menopause going on…
    I am suffering from hair loss. Please suggest the best homeopathy medicine to stop hair loss.


  81. Hi, I’m 27 years old healthy men who is facing hair loss perticularly in scalp area, I’ve consulted few doctors they said my baldness fall between 3 and 4 .
    I fall paleo diet
    I do not take any protein supplements
    I would like to know which medicine will help me to grow hair?
    Thank you

  82. Hello Dr Sharma,
    Me (35) & my husband (39) facing hairloss for past few years. There is no specific cause i can think of. We have started taking multivitamins, that helped my husband but not me. Still it is there for him too. We want to get rid of it because it made our hair very thin & inducing baldness. I wonder if homeopathy can help us.
    We live in South Carolina, USA and families live in India. Please advice.

  83. Sir can I give lycopodium 30c to my husband for one month for baldness

    • Saleha sajjan says:

      hello sir,
      my husband is 30 yr old….nd started having baltness
      it’s heredity problem…should I give him lycopodium to prevent baltness??
      Lycopodium 30c…with any other medicine…??

  84. Kaushal Gupt says:

    Hello sir,
    I have a blepheratis, symptoms are crust on the roots of eyelids, itching eyelids and mucus in eyes
    Initially I tried allopathy after trying the ointment given for one year, I came to know it is not permanent cure,
    Hence I switched to homeopathy and he prescribed me ( KALI SULPHURICUM 6x ) GERMAN dosages three times.
    So sir I only want to know your advice also regarding this medicine
    Is this medicine is ample for the permanent cure of blepheratis.

  85. I am 39 years old. I was suffering from breast cancer 4 years before. After treatment of this disease my hairs become very thin and light. And my eyebrows hair are not grow yet. Please tell me any medicine for this

  86. sadaf ziad says:

    hello i m sadaf. my hair are falling from scalps from 2 years .i faced some tension and stressful phase .due to this phase my hair started falling .there is no dandruff in my hair no allergy .my h.b is 9.4. kindly suggest me some homeo medicine to stop hair fall and baldness.

  87. Prem Lata sharma says:

    Dear sir, iam prem Lata sharma female age 62 years having problem of hair fall from last 3 months continuously in bunches.Iam worried about frequent hair fall in fact I used all home remedies to stop hair fall and vitamin e but no relief . Now very little hair left on my head pls help me doctor to stop hair fall .iam diabetic and BP patient using medicines from last 5 years.i hope you will revert me by a positive solution permanently.

  88. AWADHESH GUPTA says:

    Dear sir

    I am 35 years old. I am suffering from great hair fall problem from last 1 year. I have very thin hair in my head as well as in beard. density of hair is reducing very fast. I am doing job in a private company where every month target pressure. I also have dandruff in my hair. please guide me to prevent hair loss and for thickness of hair.


    Dear Sir,
    This is Hemendra from Haridwar. I am suffering from Hair loss. It started at the age of 15. I also have dandruff on my scalp. Now m 32 years of age. Hair loss is occurring at the top n front of the scalp. M a sensitive person, a bit under confident, doesn’t get angry a lot. Earlier I had used scalptone for better results, but had stopped using it long ago. Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine for me.

  90. My hair is falling from the root for last 3 years i applied many medicines externaly but not stopped
    I think there is any internally problem therefor i failed in it by external medicines

  91. Even best advice for all treatment, for patches, spot which my patients were get good result within week. thank to the Drhomeo and team.

  92. HILLOL BARUA says:

    I’m HILLOL from Bangladesh. I’ve been facing Hair fall problem for about 12 yrs and for this left and right side of the front side of my head is totally become bald for these periods. So which homeopathy medicine should b required for me???

  93. Cynthia Gomez says:

    In the past 5 months, I have had thinning hair all over but in the past 2 months, the front of my scalp is looking “bald”. I am through menopause, am hispanic, short and stocky in build, suffer from insomnia and am starting to have join aches all over my body. Is there anything that I can do? I was told that rubbing Rosemary Essential Oil into my scalp might help? Please advise. Thank you in advance.

  94. Sir my age is 25 and I am suffering from hair loss from last 3-4 years. In my scalp when sweating occurs then sweat turns into wax. I have consulted to many doctors but not got any fruitful result. So please help me out with this Disease .

    • Hello..I am 17 male. Actually I am suffering from hairloss from last 2 years. First I ignored that thinking it normally hairfall. But now it is increased. I daily lose 30 approx. Hair while I comb it. The main hairloss is from the sides(corners) in the frontal portion. Isn’t there any way to stop hairfall and balness and regaining the lost hair?

  95. sir meri hair bhot gir rhae hae so plz mujae koae madcine bataen

  96. Shirsat sandip sahebrao says:

    Sir I am 33 years old .My hair loss from 4_5 years.
    Before that I suffered from typhoid.

    Excess heat in body.especialy .Palm , stomach.

    I also suffer from skin diseases..Fungus infection..,in marathi called as sible…And it has itching.
    From 10,12 years ..It is on both hands,and stomach ,back side

    My hair loss ed totally ..Day by day ..
    Please guide me ..And tell some remedy and medicine for that.

    • R chowdhury says:

      Hairloss at crown of head and front of head.
      Sugest me medicine for quick result with dosage.

      Thank you

  97. Hello there I’m 51 year old women I eat healthily exercise but I get hairloss and have tried everything to stop it ….. I still get periods to a fashion I go from beautiful thick hair to it coming out in clumps …. and it’s devastating ….. I’ve looked at a few remedies sepia pulsatilla nat mur and borax any help would be greatly received J xxx

  98. My age 18 year I am using jaborandi oil and liquid and arnica shampoo but my hair fall not control

  99. JEYAPRAKASH.S says:

    I have been loosing hair since last 3-4 years. My scalp is visible now. I am 39 years old man . I have been to many Dermatologists but no success so far. Dermatologists suggested that I am suffereing from Androgenetic Alopecia Cayou please advise if there is any cure for male pattern hair loss in Homeopathy and get back hair density.Please note i am living a stress oreinted life too and doing a sitting job.please suggest

  100. sir,
    I am losing my hair specially on top portion of head including front top & centre is found that a coating of dandruff white in colour & not in dry condition has coated on scalp.can I use homeopathy jaborandi am looking & ceanothus a. please prescribe.I have rough skin

  101. prasad chandran nair says:

    My wife have a heavy hair fall while she takes bath she always use coconut still there is no effect in hair fall . Please prescribe a homeo medicine

  102. My son is of age 13yrs. He was continually suffering from dandruff and hair loss for about one year. Now patches are growing in his head. Kindly prescribe me medicine for him. His skin is oily.

  103. i was given thryoidinum 1m 2 doses a month for hairfall that i am facing since 2 years without any medical or gentic condition. alongwith it i am taking vit d ampule weekly and fefol vit since 3 months.
    should i increase the dose of thyroidinum?? and how much time will it take to work??

  104. Hi. I have excessive hair loss. I am anemic as well. I also have lots of dandruff

  105. Lakhman khillo says:

    9776003439 I fail my hair day by day call me please

  106. I’m 38years old and losing hair day by day.
    PL suggest me some treatment

  107. I am a menopausal woman, with most likely heredity being the reason for the hair loss. What can I do homepathically ?

  108. vicky singh says:

    I am experiencing lot of thinning of hair on the sides of my forehead . falling hair and itchy skin.It feels if this will continue i will go bald soon . can you recommend any homeopathy medicine.

  109. Nitin Kumar Jain says:


    I am suffering from hair loss. Please suggest the best homeopathy medicine to stop hair loss.


  110. Raghwendra singh says:

    Sir, 4 sal se mere bal bahut tut rhe h.. v shape me hair line ho gya h.. density bhi km ho gyi h.. meri age 28 yr hai.. mera ye pblm genetic h.. plzz sir kuch help kijiye.. koi effective medicine, oil, shampoo btaiye.. bahut kuch try kr chuka hu but koi faida ni hua.. plzzz help me…

  111. Poonam deshwal says:

    Sir mujhe bht hair fall ki problem h last 4years pls suggest me KY Karu pls reply.

  112. Banita Sahu says:

    Sir I have suffering from heavy hair full problem due to dandruff & also baldness. I am 24 years old plz suggest me good medicine for hair fall, dandruff & for hair regrowth.

    • Sultan ahamad says:

      Sir I have suffering from heavy hair full problem due to dandruff & also baldness. I am 24 years old plz suggest me good medicine for hair fall, dandruff & for hair regrowth.

  113. Hello,

    Looking for treatment for Hair Loss.
    Since one year i am facing hair fall
    Need Doctor’s Advise either online or thru visiting any nearest but good one.

  114. Dear sir/ mam
    my age is 27 male and i m suffering from hair loss 2 to 3 year which leads to thin hair on top and very very thin almost nil hair on vertex any one suggest me Adel 9 , 10-10 drops three time is this help me in regrow of hair at vertex and at top

  115. Dear sir I am 30 years old ,mother of 2 kids 7and3 years.i am suffering from hair fall since 5years hair is becoming thin and white my forehead is becoming wider then before almost I have lost 50%of hair. Which medicine should I try for the same.

  116. Great Swagatika Sahu says:

    At the early age(9) white air appeared.Too thick and hard hair then. At 12 suffered from hepatitis. At 14 weakness prevailed ,once got fainted.At 20 got affected from full body skin disease(arti,) . Anemia started at 21 and hair fall and baldness started. Two times serious fever then after.
    Now she is 24 ,5th yr MBBS,AT BARHAMPUR ODISHA purely vegetarian, high moral thinking,memory flailing, cries for hair loss spe on fire head and scaulf
    Lyco, acid ph, bary car has been administered. Sir ‘ll advice.

  117. Bela Vasileva says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I’ve been battling with hair loss since I was 14. I’m 40 now. But up until 3-4 years ago after a period of hair loss (that would usually start in June-July and finish in mid-December) I would regain my full bed of hair by February-March , as if nothing had happened, even though towards the end of the hair los period my scalp would be visible. But for the past 3-4 years my hair loss does not follow the same pattern, it’s completely random and I don’t lose as much hair but at the same time my hair does not regrow. I have considerable thinning on the top of my head and I have used a whole plethora of supplements, homeopathic remedies and before washing my hair I always apply some oil or serum to battle the problem. I was prescribed Sepia LM as a constitutional remedy but it does not help my hair loss, even though it has successfully treated my other symptoms. My hormonal levels are within the norm, my iron levels too. I regularly take vitamin B and eat a healthy diet, not vegetarian. I recently saw a trichologist and she diagnosed me with telogen effluvium and androgenic hair loss and suggested minoxidil. I still hope there is another remedy that could tackle my problems. That’s why I’m writing to you.
    I would appreciate your reply. Thank you very much, Bela

  118. vidyapati dwivedi says:

    Hii sir
    this is vidyapati dwivedi 28 years old .sir I have suffering from excessive hair lose problem since 3 years .my hairs are thin,scalp is itiching all the day.i tried many herbal oils but getting no results.dear sir I am very disoppinted .I have lost 50% my hairs.
    The main problems are -itching my scalp every time ,falling aprox 50 to 60 hairs every day,my forehead is getting bald day by day.
    please solve my problem sir.i am waiting for your suggetions..kindly suggest me some homyopathic medicines
    therefore I can get my hairs back again..

    thanks and regards
    vidyapati dwivedi.

  119. Anshu luthra says:

    Hi sir ,
    This is Anshu , I am 29 yr old and I am suffering from excessive hair fall since 4 years now , there comes a phase when my hair get dense on its own and then again it becomes very thin ..I am very tensed as I am now left with 20% of what I had before ..please suggest

  120. Drishti kalra says:

    Hi I need one help frm 7-8 months I m suffering from dis problem hair fall nd hair thinning nd no more volume left in my hairs I want to knw what should I do to get rid of dis problem I want day my hair fall should stop nothng else I want plz help me for dis problem I seriously dun knw what to do know m so help less plz help me asap…

    • Hello Dr Sharma,
      My name is Nivi and I am a resident of Canada. I am 20 years old. As soon as I have entered into 20 , my hair have become so thin and also I have the problem of dandruff for the last 6 years or more. I also sometimes feel itchy sensation on my scalp whenever there is heat around me in the environment. I have full faith in homeopathic treatment and mostly on Indian doctors because here in Canada doctors are very careless and greedy. I am totally dependent on you and I request you to please suggest me a homeopathic medicine with no side effects.
      Thank you

  121. I have alopecia areata, the hair on my front is receded, and the demartologist says the hair folicles are dead.
    Can there be any hope for treatmeant? My hair in general is not thick and can not grow longer. By the way I am at the moment using all kinds of herbs and supplements with a hope of restoring my hair. This is giving me more stress, as I am spending a lot on this problem. I am 60 years old. I have the skin disease of
    Neurofibromatosis .

  122. Shweta sharma says:

    Hair fall problem

  123. upasna pandey says:

    Dr Sharma,
    My 16 year old daughter recently had a prolonged atypical dengue fever which resulted in anaemia and platelet drop, she was hospitalized for 23 days for the treatment. this is almost two months back. She is experiencing extreme loss of hair which has become super dry and thin.
    I have been advised the use of tugain 2, patchex and aloban. I have not started the treatment yet. Please advise if there is a way to resolve the hair fall issue in homeopathy and if yes, please advise if there is a credible praticitioner in Noida please. Please treat this as an URGENT request please.

  124. Kiran kumar says:

    Hello sir I’m 24 years old I’m suffering from seb capitis from past two years I used medicines but no result. I lost almost my hair may u suggest any homeopathic medicine. Thank u sir

  125. Amandeep kour says:

    Hloo Dr Sharma.
    I am amandeep .sir aftr marriage i have moved to kolkata for higher studies and in kolkata amount of iron is more.
    Sir i am enable to understand why i am having huge hairloss, is this due to water .? Till 2 to 3 months i had less fall but now last 20 days its afraidable.please help me sir .what should i do. Which oil should i use. Which homeopathy medicine should i prefer?
    Pls sir help me .Hope you will recommnd me.
    Thank you

  126. PRAMOD DESHMUKH says:

    male pattern baldness

  127. Garima Das says:

    I am 20. My hair started thinning from the hairline region and has now spread throughout the scalp. It is so thin that my scalp is clearly visible at places. The hair strand that grows is thinner than the earlier strands. This is quite depressing. It is happening since 4 years. I was reported of suffering from PCOS and have irregular menstruation. Please help me. What should I do?.

  128. I m 30 .my hair totally gone before 8years.I think its genetic.but my elder brother has hair at age 40.can I get my hair back in homeopathy. Plz contact 9438557103

  129. mam, i am 16 yrs old , i am a suffering huge hair loss due to dandruff. what should i do??/

  130. 12 years before I experienced first hair fall due to bad water.And it continues although change of water.I am now 30 with a 3 years child.It seem to me I will be blad.Nothing works to me even minoxidil.I have dandruff also.

  131. Mukesh Jaiswar says:

    lossing hair,bladness.required medicine (reason :- dandruff, stress, tension ). just now started.

  132. Karyn Martin says:

    Dear Dr,

    I’m 53years and my hair has falling out in chucks I believe due to stress and poor nutrition. I notice this when I was in my mid 40’s now the crown of my head is very thin hair. I have tried many home Remedies
    Can you suggest what type of treatment or remedy that can help regrow my hair back.
    Thank you

  133. asiya channa says:

    Hello Dr. Im 19 years old and im suffering from telogen efflluivim plz suggest me any remdies plz iam badly lose my hairs…

  134. Sir , I m suffering with hair loss problem . First I thought it is due to rainy reason but it is October going to be over . No use . Infact a cute hair loss . Pls suggest some remedy . My youngest baby is 6 yrs old . I m 37 yrs old.

  135. Sir i am very much worried for my hairloss . Actually its been happenig from 4 to 5 years and my age is just 24 and the middle portion of my head is copletely bald and i have less density of hair on other sides also due to hairfall . So i actually want to know that is my hairfall curable through homeopath . Can my hairs grow back back ? Help me out sir i am i am very much confused over it .. i have gone for several products like oil s and etc but nothing worked out instead the hairfall became more vast .. so please let me know sir should i go for homeopathy and how much time will it take to cure it ?

  136. Is there anything I can do to get my hair to grow back. My hair has been balding and it is embarrassing and I want my hair to grow back. Is there something I can do to get it back. I was told by a dermatologist that it was a form of alopecia and I was a scalp treatment but it wasn’t doing anything. It has been several years now and I need help.

  137. Tarun Kumar Bhunia says:

    I have been suffering from severe male pattern baldness for more than 15 years. Is there any remedy in homeopathy? Please answer.

  138. Hello sir,
    I am 35 yr old, I hv lost my hair a lot. Very less hair left on top of my head.I don’t hv any health problem. Please suggest me some remedy, & will new hair come on my scalp again?

  139. Dr Sharna,
    My mom has diabetes and heart conditions. She is 73 and losing her hair. Which is best treatment?

  140. kanhu Charan Mishra says:

    I am 24 years old… my hair fall is excess at the time of combing hair a bunch of hair falled. I n the morning my bed is full of hairs.. and my girlfriend have the same problem and her front head become bald. her hairs also become thin day to day.. please tell me some homeopathy medicine and its power both for me and my girlfriend… If lycopodium clavatum will be best.. please tell its power. and if other best alternatives available prescribe..

    • I’m 18 years old.I’m lossing my hair as small small spots.its slightly increasing day by day.Can homeopathy help me in growth of my hair

  141. Smita Shah says:

    I hv lost my hair a lot. Very less hair left on top of my head.I don’t hv any health problem. I m running 44 of my age. Please suggest me some remedy, & will new hair come on my scalp again?

  142. Akhilesh Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am suffering from baldness in the centre of head.
    It may be a genetic cause in my case.
    Kindly suggest some solution and medicine
    Akhilesh Sharma

  143. MUSHTAQ SHEAKH says:


  144. I have hypothyroidism since 10 years. It is accompanied by anemia which i try to control with diet and tablets. Taking thyroid medication also ..but hairfall doesnt stop.Now started using quilib lotion by galderma which has started regrowth of hair ..but i want some homeopathic internal medicine to make my hair dense and long as it was at 30 yrs of my age .now i am 44 years old ..please help

  145. Md junaid alam says:

    Sir I suffering from baldness and hairfallng .I wanna to solution and also gain new hair on my vacant area’head’
    So please give me solution

    • Harish chandra says:

      Sir am suffering from hairfalling last to year
      I counsulted a homeopethic dr.
      He provided me
      Arnica hair oil and shampu
      Give me solution that product is best for me or not

  146. Mr S Ganguly says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Since you have suggested Lycopodium clavatum for hair loss, please can provide the dosage which should be used to treat hairloss and baldness?

  147. Hello,

    I am also a chronic Leukemia patient with CML and started to have hair loss and a very thin fluffy hair. I would like your advice, which homeopathic treatment should I use to not interfere with my medicine. I am on Imatinib life-long treatment (doctors say). Thank you!

  148. ashok Kumar says:

    hair loss and dandruff problem
    please treatment

  149. Arpita Chatterjee says:

    I am 33 yrs old woman,my hair is falling excessively every day,I even scared to comb my hair,I have oily scalp and sticky dandruff,my hair is getting thin and I am afraid that if this hairfall continues for few days my head would be bald,plz suggest me some medicine, I don’t have any serious problems like high pressure, thyroid, etc

    • Dhara bhimani says:

      I am 25 yrs old woman,my hair is falling excessively every day,I even scared to comb my hair,I have oily scalp and sticky dandruff,my hair is getting thin and I am afraid that if this hairfall continues for few days my head would be bald,plz suggest me some medicine, I don’t have any serious problems like high pressure, thyroid, etc

  150. Hello doc.I have been with PCOS after thinning of hair on the scalp.What do you suggest for the hair thinning???Thank you very much
    Age 37

  151. Hi Doctor, I m Sachin. My age is 33 years. Recently I consulting from one of a famous hair specialist doctors clinic. After consulting they told me that I m in 4th stage of baldness and we can’t regrowth the hair at this stage but we maintain the remaining hair through homeopathy medicines. And they ask me a treatment for 3years. Now I have doubt that is it really any treatment takes 3 years. Plz suggest me

  152. Upama Biswas says:

    Hi Doctor, my name is Upama. I am 27 years old. Recenly(before 1month) 2 areas in my scalp become bald. Its like round shape without hair. Hair loss occurs from two particular areas as well as from the whole scalp. I have checked my tsh level its 10.3- hypothyroid. Please help me out from this. Being a teacher i have to continue my job alson

  153. Hi sir my name sagara shetty iam 36 year old my big problem my 80 percent hair falled iam in full tense my scalp became oil and hair also without putting oil can u please suggest homopatic medicene

  154. Hi Doctor, My name is Rajat and I have less hair density on my scalp. Also the hair is thin and hair loss happens after every hair wash. There has been history of Alopecia in my family. So, I guess same is reflecting in me. Can you suggest a medicine for quick hair regrowth and hair loss prevention also the online website if any to buy those medicines.


  155. Hi Doctor my name is Fransinah and am 45 yrs of age,im suffering from hair loss,baldiness pls help it’s been 3/5 yrs I can’t take it ani more am always covering my symptoms are: m always feeling cold and painful in the scare especially bald on the top of my head it’s like needle pick.can you help pls am in SA.Northwest.

  156. Farhan Ashraf says:

    sir mai sbl ki jaborandi oil or use kar rha hu bat vo sir mari bal moti nahi ho rhai hai but hair loss ho na band ho gai hai ma is tal ko lagi vai 8 -10 days ho rhi hai

  157. I have thinning of hair, my hair is very weak and falls even when I touch it. After giving birth to two boys I lost alot of hair. Now my son is 25 years but still my hair fall is very bad. I also have iron deficiency for many years. I suffer from stomach indigestion and gas problem. Please advice me. My hair fall is too much, and my hair volume is now very scanty. I’m 50 years of age. Waiting for your reply anxiously.
    Thank you in anticipation.

  158. Sir i am suffering from hairfall the which is fall is very short and. Other long

  159. Hair loss problem…I can not use any type off shampoo. So fungus come out in sculp and dandruff also.. I am livining in shillong…cold area..
    Pl hlp me for this treatement. I am in defence govt staff.

  160. Aslam.o.alikum

  161. Imran Siddiqui says:

    Hello sir,

    After reading this i got to know that i have “alopecia areata” issue, in my forehead in front side on both corner have hair patches.

    so what treatment should i go for as i am having my marriage scheduled on DEC and i want my hairs to be got better before that.

  162. sandeep gadkari says:

    My age is 35 My hair has become very thin almost bald patches at centre How homeopathic medicine can help to regrowth hair

    • Namaste Doctor garu,
      I am 40 yr old, I have pcod problem and got treated with metformin 500mg and in 2015 I successfully delivered a baby girl. Earlier I have son and between I got two miscarriages now he is 11 yr old. The difference is 9 yrs between my son and daughter. After my delivery I got normal period and is regular so i didn’t use any medicine. But since last 6 months my period was late for 15- 20 days but next month it will come by exact time. So I can’t say that it was totally irregular.
      The problem was my hair which is becoming thinner on the scalp. I am very much afraid of that and when I visited skin specialist in Bangalore she told that it was female patten baldness no treatment for that she gave proanagen medicine for 3 months and I am using now.
      But I don’t see any growth in my hair especially in the middle of the scalp.
      I live United States in Oklahoma City. Since last 5 yrs we r staying in Seattle Washington state and last month we moved here to Oklahoma. United States.
      Please advice some Homeo medicine which I can get it here in Sprouts shop.

  163. mukesh chouhan says:

    Sir my name is mukesh i just 22 yrs baal daily by daily jhadte ja rahe hai

  164. Hello,
    Kindly provide contact details with address

  165. Togarana Sai Vandana says:

    Hello doctor I am Vandana. My age is 20 . I have receding hairline and thinning hair by day it’s receding more..please help me

  166. Hello doctor my name is rachna. I am 46 years old. I comb my hair my hair fall in large scale since 3 years

  167. Hello…I hv hypothyroidism since last 10yrs…I take regular medicine..even then facing severe hairball. late I feel even if I don’t wash my hair full week there is no natural oil produced by scalp…pls advise…tks.

  168. Ma’am
    I am having hair fall from past 2 years and also taking medicine from dr. Batra’s still it has not stopped what should I do?

  169. have severe hair fall from past 5 years and there is no regrowth on the place where I last hair. am not get marriage too I have 27 years old..please sir tell me the best solution please

  170. have severe hair fall from past 5 years and there is no regrowth on the place where I last hair. am not get marriage too I have 27 years old..please sir tell me the best solution please

  171. I have severe hairfall am not even get my hair where hairless.. Am facing baldness too. Am having 27 years old .am not even married.. Did I get hair again in my life please tell best solution sir in homieopathy

  172. I have severe hair fall from past 5 years and there is no regrowth on the place where I last hair. am not get marriage too I have 27 years old..please sir tell me the best solution please

  173. Hello sir, I am 23, female..I have severe hair fall, can you suggest me something to stop hair fall and for regrowth

  174. Dr Shaheena says:

    Dear Dr Sharma!
    Its me Dr Shaheena from pakistsn i want to know apart from homeopathic medicines is there any oil made in homeopathy for the treatment of Alopecia areata ?
    Thanking you and Looking forward for an early reply
    Dr Shaheena

  175. I am just 24 and losing my hair day by can I stop my hair fall..please help

  176. Gokul Selvam says:

    I need medicines for hairfall and regrow. Can you send it outside India?

  177. Hello sir,
    I m suffering from severe hair fall.few months back i had an ectopic pregnancy. My doc gave me methotrexate 2times in june. After that i am facing severe hair loss since june end.i am taking good diet but no hair is thinning.
    Plzz suggest me something.

  178. Shirley Jean Pilger says:

    I started losing hair over all my body when my nurse practitioner took me off my Synthroid for about a year “to see if I really needed it.” My new doctor was shocked at this and put me back on it. However, my hair continues to fall out. I have almost no body hair and my scalp hair is getting very thin. I do not have a family history of baldness. My grand parents and mother passed with very thick hair which describes my hair prior to my experience with said NP. I bave excema in my ear canals and may have some on my scalp if I do not get it washed 2 to 3 times a week. I have tried several things like fish oil, Vit B 12, hair restoring shampoos. I continue to loose haid. I 67 yfs but had a hystetectomy on my earily 30s. What can I do to halt my hair loss?

  179. Shobhit Rastogi says:

    Sir, I am 25 year boy having thin body structure weighing to 50 kg. I am an student and preparing for my job. Sir I have noticed that my hair are falling from the roots not in patches. I am not suffering from any other disease, no dandruff at all. Pl suggest me appropriate medicine for the same.

  180. Udit kapoor says:

    Sir i am 27 male weighs 72 kgs, suffering from hairloss since last year, my forehead lost most part of the hairs and i tried almost every lotion n oil to prevent hairfall but their is no such effect seen by now. Hairfall and baldness is not hereditary in my family i am the only one in my family whit such problem. Even my deit is high protein due to indulging in body building and i do workout for about 2 hours every single day. But still i am losing my hairs continuously. Please suggest.

  181. Hello sir!
    I’m just 19 year’s old. I started lossing my forehead hair. Don’t know how might be stress,masturbation are the factors. It’s really looks bad appearance to me. What should i do I even don’t know. How can I recover my hair?

  182. Chandranath Mukherjee says:

    Sir;l lost my hair in middle position for herridety.Plesase solve my problem.

  183. hello doctor,
    I m 34 years female. I m facing hair fall problem after my child’s birth, year 2013..I have very small hairs at front side of my head. they are not growing and look very rough, thin and dry. hair fall problem has increased even more as I straightened my hairs 6 months present they are just 1/4 of hairs left on my head and they are not at all growing after a certain length. i m also suffering from frequent headaches. most of the time it is unbearable and i m bound to take pain killers. plz advise.

    • hello doctor,
      I m 34 years female. I m facing hair fall problem after my child’s birth, year 2013..I have very small hairs at front side of my head. they are not growing and look very rough, thin and dry. hair fall problem has increased even more as I straightened my hairs 6 months present they are just 1/4 of hairs left on my head and they are not at all growing after a certain length. i m also suffering from frequent headaches. most of the time it is unbearable and i m bound to take pain killers. plz advise.

  184. sanjoy sarkar says:

    I want to oneline treatment.please sir

  185. sanjoy sarkar says:

    I want to onenile treatment.please sir

  186. sir I am 30 year old I am suffering hair loss due to hormonal in balance from3 month kindly suggest a medicine so that I can save my hair from failing

  187. Nivedita Thakur says:

    Sir, I am 20 years old. I am suffering from drastic hairfall since the last year. My hair were used to be quite heavy during school days. But now i have lost more than half of my hair. I fear of getting bald. After coming to college, from diet to lifestyle, many things changed but I dont know exactly what should I do to stop this hairfall and get my hait back.

  188. Rekha pandey says:

    Sir I am suffering from Hair loss. Kindly guide me in the matter to rectify the problem. This problem has begun two or three month before. I am worried from this problem. The hair fall almost of my head. When i comb then ten to twenty hair fall into earth. Please suggest and what medicine shold take to stop this problem. Thanks

  189. Santosh Kumar Pandey says:

    Sir I am suffering from Hair loss. Kindly guide me in the matter to rectify the problem. I have lost hair in the middle portion of my head. I have hair on both sides. However, the middle portion is having very less hair.

  190. lady 45 yrs…sir having menstruation bleeding since 1 month taken allopathic as wel as homoeopathic but not cured still..weakness developing fastly..yesterday went for a sonogrphy,had fibroid at my anterior wall of uterus..

  191. Subhasree nayak says:

    Sir I an unmarried 32 yrs old working lady.. I am suffering from hairloss eve my scalp is visible and it affects my confidence. My mother is having same type of baldness. I hv thyroid my report will come shortly. Please help me

  192. Hi. I am a 24 years old male. I am loosing my hair by the day. I have consulted many hair experts. But they say it is my genetic pattern of loosing hair. The only way to save it for some time is to use the drugs minoxidil and finasteride. My front receding line has increased. And general hair fall is also increasing very rapidly. Kindly suggest a medicine so that i can save my hair from falling.

  193. I m Alia from dhaka bangladesh. I m suffering from huge hair fall like 200+ per day from whole head.My hair going thinner & very rough & freezy day by day. I took selenium 200 more than 7-8 ounce in liquid form for hair regrowth & it worked very good. But now when I took selenium200 my hair is falling more & it is not working. My doctor suggest me natrum mur & thuja combinedly but still it’s not working & hair is falling xtensively. In this situation what should I do for hair regrowth??

  194. Hello,
    I have had alopecia totalis for 20 years. I am currently 57 yrs old and in menopause. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and anemia as well. I am sensitive to cold. Reading your website it seems that sulphur or lycopodium clavatum may good remedies for me. Please advise.
    Thank you

  195. Dear Dr. sharma.
    I have a hair loss problem might be due to any deficiency in food intake or all time studies pressure.
    I frequently used oil but still the hairs are continuously falling with high speed.

    I also did diploma of Homeopathy but didn’t practice it much, therefore need your suggestion to use any medicine to stop hair fall and to.increase the growth of hair.
    I am 33 years old and single.
    Please help me out in this regard.

  196. Hai sir
    Myself jay and i have been undergoing the stages to get bald… Firstly i haven’t noticed it but later on i just shaven my hair fully , when it stars growing i started noticing my hair line has gone so far from the two sides of forehead.
    Is there any way to regain the hair which i had loss.???

  197. Maria Herrera says:

    Desr Doctor sharma,

    I’ve been diagnos d with a Zinc deficiency, it was investigated due to hair loss, bone pain and tiredness. I’m taking a multivitamin and also 30mg zinc daily in conjunction I’ve been recommended Silicea. If there anything else you would recommend?


    Hi Dr,

    This is Saravanan and 38 years old. I’ve hair thinning issues for past 3 years and now its getting baldness and nowadays feels weak memory too!. I’ve family history of hair baldness my father get bald at the age of 38+. Could you please help me to suggest best solutions for both?

    On the other note I also have severe sinus like dull pain over the eyebrow and head and nasal congestion.

    Thanks and regards

  199. Mohd imran says:

    I have to headache problem &,hair fall &etching also
    Yellow dandruff …
    Some time ago i have to take the migraine medice but 15days after I have not to take because when I take medicine then I physically present but not mentally present that is problem after take medicine
    After this situation I have to hair loss problem
    May be it is genetic but at a time have 20 yr old
    Many medicine are used but do not to profit me
    At a time I take to homeopathic SBL medicine and
    Arnica hair oil
    Please sir say to some solution

  200. Sir,
    I have hair loss problem on vertex center of head and in patter, my hair are too much thin also. It is genetic & hormonal.
    Symptoms: excess cold and sensitive foot, poor memory, aggressive and heat feeling on head.

    Even I have Grey hair in beard.

    Please suggest the treatment and source of medicine

  201. Dr. Sharma

    I see myself in all remedies above, however most outstanding is silicea and lycopodium clavatum.
    Baryta carbonica relates to me as since my first pregnancy at age 18 I started to lose my hair and I am very sensitive to cold air and light.
    Sulphur relates to me only that I crave sweets when I am idle, i.e. Not busy.

    My sisters have always had a full head of hair.

    Can you help?

    Thank you

  202. Mohammad shoeb khan says:

    Hello sir, I am facing extreme hair fall causing thinning of hair and after I examined my falling hairs I found that their bulb of the root had become white and even a small gentle combing makes a huge number of hair fall.
    Actually am going through a very stressful condition since last 5 years due to my career and since from then only am facing a regular huge hair fall.
    Please help me

    • Dr. Sharma

      I see myself in all remedies above, however most outstanding is silicea and lycopodium clavatum.
      Baryta carbonica relates to me as since my first pregnancy at age 18 I started to lose my hair and I am very sensitive to cold air and light.
      Sulphur relates to me only that I crave sweets when I am idle, i.e. Not busy.

      My sisters have always had a full head of hair.

      Can you help?

      Thank you

  203. hello sir i am facing extreme hair fall causing thining of hair and bald pathes on crown region need some help.

  204. Suzan Ramadhan says:

    Hi, my name is suzan, and I have sseborrhoea dermatitis and dandruff, the dandruff is white.
    My hair is thinning and the scalp is itching.
    Tried a lot of shampoo and home remedies. Nothing helped.
    What is your treatment

  205. Rahila Arif says:

    Sir main apne hair fall se bht preshan ho hair par hath Ferne se mere dher sara hair mere kapdo par hotel Hain
    Sir plz mjhe koi solution de jiy

  206. Hello sir
    I am riya 25 yrs old, i am facing hair loss and damaging split hair another prob is hairs getting thin day by day please suggest soluntion

  207. I am anaemic and suffered from typhoid last year. Please provide a remedy for hair loss and greying. I am 40 years old and constantly suffer from stress and weak digestion.

  208. I am 30 years old, my baldness is hereditary from my dad. I’ ve lost hair from both sides and at the back, so detail me about the treatments along with any after medications / side effects if any.

  209. Lucky Singh says:

    Hi… this is Lucky Singh… i am 19 years old… i am suffering from hair thinning from last 6 months and also severe hair fall… due to severe hair fall my hair density has reduced…
    Please suggest me… what should i do ????

  210. Rashmi L says:

    Hi.. This is Rashmi L & I am 27 years old.
    I am on medication for thyroid, TSH 8.1. I am suffering from hair thinning and hair loss especially on the crown portion of head. Pls advice on how to reduce hair fall.

  211. shallu taneja says:

    Hi Mam
    i am suffering from bad hair loss from roots what can i do
    pls reply i am worried

  212. Bhakti P says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My husband is 38 years old. His hair is getting thin day by day and bald patches can be seen easily. I think he doesn’t have a genetic problem bit his elder brother and father have a receeded hairline but no hairfall. I would request you to pls suggest / assist him that how can he get his lost hairs back.

    your earliest reply will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you & Regards,

  213. Dr sharma i am suffering from severe hair loss and my hair has gone thin i am taking silicea 30 but that is not making my hair thick instead they are loosing i had natrum mur 1 for once a week for 1 month buth no result please help me doc

  214. Hi there I have been suffering from excessive hair falling for 14 years I have lost about 50 percent of my hair it is espeically thin at the temples and sides but it has thinned all over my pony tail is 1/2 of what it used to be it all started after taking accuratane a drug for acne it’s a high vitamin a dervitive that can cause hair fall most people recover after discontinuing the medicine but I didn’t sadly I also am an anxious person I am thin but have hypo thyroid and may also have pcos which is a hormonal problem I shed so much hair and it is very upsetting as I am a hairdresser and do hair for a living I hate how thin my hair has gotten and would love to see if you may be able to help
    E I have taken homepathic remedies before that have been somewhat helpful lately I don’t know what else to try I have had low ferritin levels before so somewhat low iron

  215. SACHIT KAPOOR says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’m 38 years old. My hair is getting thin day by day and bald patches can be seen easily. don’t have a genetic problem. I am a patient of tinea capitis(fungus infection)and huge dandruff in winter less in summers I would request you to pls suggest / assist me that how can I get my health hairs back.

    your earliest reply will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you & Regards,

  216. Harkirat says:

    Great article

  217. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’m 30 years old. My hair is getting thin day by day and bald patches can be seen easily. don’t have a genetic problem. I would request you to pls suggest / assist me that how can I get my health hairs back.

    your earliest reply will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you & Regards,

  218. Hello Dr,

    Myself Adithya, I am 31 years old.
    I have been facing hair loss issue for past 5 years and it has aggravated in last few months. I tried Minoxidil and other medications. I wanted a suggestion, if homeopathy can cure and stop my hairloss problem.
    My father & grad father have bald head.

    Awaiting your reply,
    thanks & regards
    Adithya (

  219. Can I use lycopodium clavatum for treatment of tinea capitis and hair loss? If I can use then in which potency I have to use and with which combination? because the problem is severe with me. Thank you

  220. Hi
    I am loosing here from my scalp area. Actually i lost pretty much from front. I have it my genetics from my father side. How can you help me and what would you suggest for me?

  221. Respected mam i am suffering from hair loss from last 3-4
    Years. My density of hair is getting very thinner. So please help me
    Regarding my problem. My age is 25 only. This time
    My career has started. Please help me.

  222. Pooja kumari says:

    Hello sir I’m 22 year old .I’m unmarried.
    How can I get thicker hair .my hair is so weak and it get fallen .how it can be controlled soon .please sir reply soon

  223. Hello sir
    I am 34 yrs old boy. I m unmarried. I am suffering from hail loss . I don’t have genetic history of baldness how can I treat this…..???

  224. Dear Dr. Sharm
    I am 54 and I used to very thick hair now such as 6years after the loss of my mother my hair became very thin I believe in natural treatment I would appreciate if you can

    Help me a devise me what to do and what you recommend me to take for hormone balance
    Kind Regards

  225. Ashish kumar Maurya says:

    Hello sir I am 29 yrs old smart boy. I m unmarried. I am suffering from hail loss . I have genetic history of baldness how can I treat this…..???

  226. hello sir ,

    my name is mini i am from palampur himachal pradesh .I am 35 year old .I am suffering from severe hair loss problem .single comb on hair can make 400 hairs to fall at a time . from last six years i was suffering from kidney stone problem in my left kidney but in 2015 I go for stone removal through laser .and after that I have one daughter. she is one and half year old …..But now from january 2017 i am suffering from severe hair loss problem .So sir please guide me how to cure this problm .now hairs are getting white also .

  227. Binita r marak says:

    Hello sir i am 23 yrs old young girl , for approximate one month i am having excessive hair fall .During hair wash , hair comb , hair pull ., just a slight touch makes more than 500 hair fall . I have a long hair , before it was long n thik nw all of my hair fall . I am massaging daily with amla oil mixed with clinic plus coconut oil but it is not working . What can i do pls help

  228. Binita r marak says:

    Hello sir i am 23 yrs old young girl , for approximate one month i am having excessive hair fall .During hair wash , hair comb , hair pull ., just a slight touch makes more than 500 hair fall . I have a long hair , before it was long n thik nw all of my hair fall . I am massaging daily with amla oil mixed with clinic plus coconut oil but it is working .What can i do pls help

  229. Sir, I am 27 year old and my hair falls upto 50%. I don’t know how but I had changed my place too many times, and for some time I am also in stress. Their is no more hair on my upper head, only side side is left. Please suggest me the best option. So that my hair would regrowth as soon as possible. If their is some possible conclusion for regrowth of hair, please contact me on 943157231. Thanks

  230. Sir, i started losing my hair from last year or 15 age is 25 /male.I was 82 kgs then after dieting i reduced my weight to 74 kgs, at that time it started, then my place of living changes ,so as water supply and problem increases. I shaved my head,still no head used to feel heavy all the time. I took some multivitamin supplement. still nothing.finally i go to a doctor he adviced me to use minoxidil 5% and hairbless tablets.from past 15 days ….but still no effect. I thnk my body dont absorb protein much since i am having tear marks on muscles after exercise of 1 months.plz do advice.

  231. Abhishek Das says:

    My hair goes thinning after somedays stress. Now hair falling out..while combing..or shampooing..
    Hair become thin.. breaks easily..please help me out to reduce hairfall…and hair becomes thick..healthy..

  232. Biren vasa says:

    My wife is having a hair problem can you suggest some medicine she is 45 years

  233. SUMEDHA GUPTA says:

    Hi! Dr. Sharma
    I am a young girl, aged 21 suffering from Traction alopecia for last 8-9 years.
    Hair type- Dry, thin hair prone to breakage and hairfall.
    I take a good balanced diet and also never use harsh chemical based products on hair. I simply apply curd to hair once a month and do regular oiling before shampoo. I wash my hair twice a week with arnica shampoo.
    Also I have got tested tsh, t3, t4 and iron levels which turned out to be normal. Still facing a problem of hairfall. The reason is quite so unpredictable for me. Really worried. Please help me out.
    Thanks for your time.
    Waiting for your response.

  234. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 47 year old female, experiencing hair loss for the last few months. It’s been very stressful to see so much hair in the tub or sink after washing. My hair have thinned out significantly. I have tried varieties of shampoos, and trying to use coconut and olive oil a couple of times a week but nothing helps. I do see hair growth, (the fine baby hair) around the hair line. I do color my hair every 6 weeks or so. I do not have problem with dandruff. My scalp is just dry and I know that my hair are dry, damaged and brittle due to frequent coloring and use of heat styling products. But this hair loss started just a few months ago. I take multivitamin and biotin as well to help with this.
    Does homeopathy helps with this, and also are there any side effects of homeopathic medicines?
    I would appreciate your help.
    Thank you

  235. Sangeeta says:


    I’m. Loosing hair and its been a week, they do get tangled and very hard to untangle them.
    I am taking vitamin d weekly .
    Is there any solution you can provide for quick stop

  236. MD sajid khan says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 35 years old but the thing is that I lost of my hair more than 50%and other side my hair become too thinny and the scalp continuing discharge sticky sweat and also having bad fall from the please suggest me the best medicine.
    Thanks and best regard.
    MD sajid khan .
    Contact no.91 8292813255.

  237. Ravi appaji says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    My daughter is 26 years old and from the last month she is having lot of hair fall.
    She is at present studying and has applied for suitable job. She is very stressed for not getting suitable job.
    Kindy advise what homeopathy medicine to be taken.
    Ravi Appaji

  238. mahnoor khan says:

    Im mahnoor khan21 yrs old… from lahore pakistan…Dr sharma i hv severe hair fall from last 2 years.when we change our house…but sr my problm getting strong day by hair are life less dull thin and i hv also dandruff too…my mom also hv hair fall.but hr reason to fall is different.she is in phase of menopause..she hv also dull life less hairs..her hair loss from fore head is worst..plz suggest me and my mom…u

  239. doctor all of a sudden ther is hairfall in the forehead region. no other symptoms . i have slight dandruff which is not so itchy. i can also see some very very tiny spots on the forehaed where hairfall has occurred but they are very miniscule – some five spots that can be differenciated from scalp but not prominent.the density of hair in this region has become less . my food habits are good and i regularly exercise. i took vitamin a regularly for the past one month could this be the reason plz advice

  240. Tabbasum says:

    I am tabbasum Khan 28years old suffering from arthritis taking steroids from last year I m facing thinning of my hair alot my volume has gone n continue hair loss non scarring hair loss result in decreasing confidence in lyf help me if u can

  241. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am 25yrs unmarried girl. My hair quantity was too much before three yrs I had thick long hair
    Since I am working in office I had very much hair fall nor my hair is very short has split ends all time and it’s become very thin
    Dandruff never goes even washed multiple times
    Plz suggest any strong remedy

  242. Rajeev yadav says:

    Sir I am 19 years old I haven’t got a full beard but I have lost my 1/2 hair which starts from the top can u prescribe medicine sir wheras my weight is 47 kg I am from Nepal

  243. Nidhi singh says:

    Sir, what will be the dosage of Natrum muriaticum and pulsatilla pratensis.

  244. Sir,
    I am 34. I have recently been diagnosed with thyroid and also asked from pcos. In the last one month I have lost more than half the hair on my head. It’s is becoming very stressful to see my half falling out. It is more when I shampoo or oil it.
    I also have lots of facial hair. But that is from 13 years now and I’m used to it. Losing the hair on my head is very upsetting.
    My menstrual cycle had always been irregular, except during my pregnancies. I have two kids and 11yrs and 4.5 yrs.
    I have a pale complexion and I’m not over weight.
    Could you please suggest some medicine to help me overcome this hair fall problem

    Thank you,

  245. like small pimple type found in my head and some pain after i lost my hair, so how can regrow my lost hair, please sagest the medicine.

    • I am a 67 old women had the menapause my hair has gone a lot thinner some hair does come out when I shampoo. I have had a lot of trouble with insomnia from just turning 4o when stared on menapause could nt sleep most if the time. I have a lot of worry and stress at the moment which isn’t helping, Because of this I feel low from time to time. But my hair has gone a lot thinner from menapause. What do you advise.

  246. Banashree Biswas says:

    Hlw Sir,everyday i loses 70-80 hair…when i do shampoo it increases..its above 100…i use sbl’s arnica montana hair is becoming very thin…what should i do….?

  247. Sahitya Raj says:

    Main ek 22 years ka ladka hun.Sir. Actually mere hair aage dono side se poore chikne ho gye ya bald keh skte h.Koi tareeka h ise sahi krne ka, please help !

  248. Hello doctor ,I got my hair straightened year back and due to over processing my new growth has thinned out to a great extent at the back and in certain places ,the thickness on top is the same it possible to get it thickness back? Please suggest medicines and the reason for thinning

  249. Anita Goyal says:

    Dr. I am suffering from hypothyroidism and taking thyronorm 62.5 mg daily. I have handful hair fall daily from roots. Feel pains in body. Weak eyesight.Dust and smoke allergy .

  250. Hi dr I m 24 yr old and I m having hair loss nd hair breakage plz help me to choose shampoo…

  251. Partha Paul says:

    Hi Doc

    I am 41 years old.I am having a lot of hair fall and have lost a lost of hair mainly on top of the head.

    Can you please suggest a remedy ?


  252. VinodKumar says:

    I am a 26 years male. I am suffering hair fall and hair dandruff since 10 years and continuously . Many types medicine used but no benefit this day i realise that my hair fall has up and day to day few hair lost and very low density. Can you please suggest me.

  253. Md Sajjad says:

    I am a 27 years male. I am suffering hair fall and hair thinning since 7 years and continuously due itchy scalp without dandruff. My fathers and mother has bald so is it my heridatery problem. Many types medicine used but no benefit this day i realise that my hair fall has up and day to day few hair become black to white and very low density. Nowdays I am depressed n frustrated Please Sir , give me valuable advice for regrow my hair.

  254. Lata Mahto says:

    myself lata n i’m 20 yrs old. my hair does not fall or break bt my hair is not dense..i want dense hair and also long hair..plzzz sir suggest me something..i will always be thankfull to u for this…

  255. Prachi Talukdar says:

    Iam 17 years old and I have a naturally wide forehead.
    On back I have a long and volumous hair but only problem is with the front side. How can I grow hair on the frontal side of the forehead? Please help

  256. Hye! I am a female aged 24. I have been suffering from hair loss in a bunch about 4 years ago. I do have scalp itchiness in patches not sure its dandruff or psoriasis. I had undergo operation twice for ovarian cyst. Prolong used to medication it might be a cause. I have tried changing shampoo used argan oil and home remedies but there is no expected result. Hope i can get to advice on my problem. Thank you.

  257. Hi. I’m a female aged 36. My hair is falling excessively where it has started getting a bald patch on the top left hand side. This is causing me to be cum depressed n frustrated. My scalp it itches sone times alot.

    Please help

  258. Lyndon Piahana says:

    Hello I have been suffering from male pattern baldness for the last 20 years.. Is there a homoeopathic remedy for this condition.

    Thanks Lyndon.

  259. Hetal Chaudhari says:

    I am Hetal Chaudhari ,31 years old house wife woman I have 3 year old baby,
    I suffered following problems.
    (1) hair fall from after delivery and baldness
    (2) Skin Dryness
    (3) Hands finger crakes due to skin dryness in summer also.
    (4) Weakness in body after homework 1 hour
    I diagnosed to our family doctor for this so he gave me a medicine for one months which I eat daily ((1)Cobamac ,Tab 0-1-0
    (2) LimeVita-D Tab 0-0-1
    (3) Elixir neogadine syrup 2-0-2)
    Now, I want to take Homeopathy medicine so I requested to you please give me medicine for me.
    Hetal Chaudhari

    • Sunil M says:

      I am a 52 year male. In my youth i had very thick hair. But in the past few years my hair is getting thinner and hair line is receding. My be this is due to Androgenetic alopecia.Please suggest some solution for my problem

  260. hemant raushan says:


    I am raushan. I am 29 years old. Recent days density of my hair has reduced drastically. If I shave my head people can find that I lost my hair. Suggest me a good way to make my hair more denser. Genetically no baldness in my family.


  261. Gabriela Pochopien says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I’m 68 years old women, having problem with hair loosing and indigestion, colon. What could I take for it.

  262. Hi I am patient of Hypothyroidism since 2004,from past 2 yers i am facing excessive hair loss ,,,and itching on scalp ,,,,which medicine would be the best to regain my hairs.

  263. Hello Dr. my name is Sandip,Age-37.Now a days i am suffering from baldness on both right and left sides. My hair became thin and thick. Please suggest me solution to overcome above mentioNed problems.I want my hair strong and i want to regrow hair on both sides of baldness as mentioNed earlier.

  264. SANJIT MAHATO says:

    I have less hair at the top and front side . From a long time I am try some of the remedies for hair loss. Kindly suggest me any homeopathy medicine for this problem…

  265. Sonali Dhar says:

    I lose more and more hair day by day. My hair has become very thin , and my scalp lose its original form & become shiny like bald.. to much sweat and I feel burn like feelings on my scalp..
    I have used many types of medicines like ratna (homeopathy), arnica hair fertilizer , arnica oil& shampoo, returaj oil, jojoba oil, rosemary I didn’t find any expecting results. .plz suggest how can I stop hairfall (almost baldness)?

  266. Vansh Bahadur Singh says:

    Good Morning Dr Sharma Saheb,

    I am suffering from hair Loss. Scalp of Head, Eye Brows and Mouteshche are very soft within 6 months. Where as my Hai were thick and strong and long. Hard hair as earlier, but even time are very clean from my all over body. I have taken Allopathic Skin specialist advises and taken Medicines since long, but no suitable result seen by me.

    Requesting to you, Docter saheb, please advice and treat to my Problem solution.


  267. Hi,

    I am dinesh. I am 26 years old. Recent days density of my hair has reduced drastically. If I shave my head people can find that I lost my hair. Suggest me a good way to make my hair more denser. Genetically no baldness in my family.

  268. hello dr. sharma,

    is there a homeopathic remedy for general hair loss/growth where the specific cause is
    not known? thanks…

  269. hello Dr. Sharma,
    here me Bhupendra from Lucknow, i having a problem, hair loss on my front head as well as on top area. i want to know that what kind of medicine in homeopathy to regrowth my hair. can you suggest the particular name of that medicine.

  270. Dr. Adarsh Tripathi says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, this is Dr. Adarsh from Sarayu Clinics. I agree that Homeopathy is the best solution for Hair loss or damage but I think stress is the main cause of hair loss / damage. So I think with the Homeopathy or Home Remedies people should try to be stressless and music can help to reduce the stress. What do you think about this supportive suggestion ?

    Dr. Adarsh – Dermatologist (Hair Transplant Specialist)
    Sarayu Clinics
    sarayuclinics dot com
    New Delhi, INDIA

  271. Dear sir, I am 28 year old and suffering hair loss. My fathers has bald so is it my genetic problem or not I don’t know .I am using clinic plus shampoo, and also found result is negative , in this day i realise that my hair fall has up and day to day few hair become black to white. Please Sir , give me valuable advice for improve my hair. Thanks

    • Sir my age is 40 years, I am suffering from hair loss. Thyroid also in control. With in 50./. Oh hair loss..

  272. Hlo Dr. Iam having sebboreic dermatitis on my scalp and hair becomes thin right my dr. Has given me diprovate plus lotion and anti dandruff shampoo plz suggest some remedy so that it may not reoccur


    Dear sir, I am 28 year old and suffering hair loss. My fathers has bald so is it my genetic problem or not I don’t know .I am using clinic plus shampoo, and also found result is negative , in this day i realise that my hair fall has up and day to day few hair become black to white. Please Sir , give me valuable advice for improve my hair. Thanks

  274. hi

  275. qazi waseem says:

    I have thin hair and one patch on forehead .

  276. Dear sir, I am 28 year old and suffering hair loss. This is not my new problem because my hair loss have started 10-year ago, and continuesly I am using herbal shampoo, and also found that hair loss may have reduced, in this day i realise that my hair fall has up and day to day few hair become black to white. Please Sir , give me valuable advice for improve my hair. Thanks

  277. Tejaswini says:

    I am 43 year.i have dandruf

  278. Raj Malhotra says:

    I am 24 year old and experiencing hail fall for last 4-5 years. My hairs have become very thin and I have problem of dandruff, it is white in colour. Now situation is that my skull is visible in the crown region. Not only that hairs are still falling from other sides also and its density is very very low, almost bald. I tried all kind of oils and shampoos to prevent hair fall and curb dandruff but everything went in vain. So what medicine should I try to regain my hairs and confidence back.

    Thank you

  279. Shane gomes says:

    I have an itchy scalp with dandruff and sometimes the dandruff comes into my nails while itching . Hair has become thin and lost hair in the front and at the top back portion of my head almost getting bald please suggest what medication that can save my hair.

  280. Elizabeth says:


    I am considering trying the homeopathic remedy Silicea for recent hair loss, as i’ve read it can help tremendously. I’m a 47 year old woman who has noticed significant hair loss (when combing , brushing or washing) over the past year. I used to have a full head of strong, beautiful hair, although it was always very fine.

    I’m wondering about the dosage I should take. Would it be wise to take a dose as low as 6c each day, or perhaps better to take a 30c dose once and see what happens?

    Thank you so much.

  281. Puspanjali sahoo says:

    Due to scalp psoriasis my friend loss his hair day to day. He id only 28 years old. Now he is worried for his future & married life. How to regrowth his hair? He looks older than his age. Plz give some solution.

    • I dye my hair and switched to an “organic hair color”….after 2 mo my hair developed a patch of hairloss on top and along my part…I tried cortisone liquid and would dlike a natural suggestion including possible vitamin supplementaion
      I am 65 yrs old…thank you

  282. ankit gupta says:

    Due to excess masterbation i m loosing my hair .my scalp can be clearly seen now how to overcome this problem

  283. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you for taking my question. In my younger years I had such thick hair that hair dressers would get frustrated with its thickness. Now, I am 72 and about last year noticed that I was thinning in the front (a lot), I thought it was a phase, but within the past year, I have lost a lot of hair and it is extremely depressing – from thick hair to thin hair. I occasionally will color my hair (my daughter is a beautician and does it well), but it is done may 2-3 times a year, I use a wash out dye between colorings to cover the white along the edges of my face. I have used Hair Ultra vitamins for about 4-5 months and it seems to not have improved at all. I take a lot of vitamins to hopefully not to have had this problem. Is there a certain vitamin that would be counter-productive? Any thing you could help me with would be greatly appreciated. I have recently ordered from Chamonix Pro-Via-2 Hair Thinning Therapy. Since I have just started I don’t know if it is helpful or harmful. I am not on any medication at all – the only things my husband and I take are vitamins.

  284. himadri sekhar rana says:

    I am 24 year boy. Sir, i used almost 4 month allopathy then i used ayurvedic having 2 month but i have no result.. so please help me about homeopathy

  285. Sir indeed help my problem is hair loss and dundraff thikness problem

  286. Hi, had a baby 4 and a half months ago what is best for hair loss

  287. sir i have lost my hair on either side of my hesd(frontal region) now i m using zauberol hair oil after consulting the doctor …can i fetch any remedy for this…i have tried all forms of medicines …can u help me sir…plzzz..

  288. MAHESH B. says:

    Hi Doctor,
    Iam 34 years, suffering from alopecia universalis, from past 4 years. Iam not taking any oral medicines since 3 years and apply only some herbal hair oil. Some hairs on my scalp and back of my head is grown and it is observed from past one year. Is there any homeopathy treatment for this condition. Eye lashes and eye brows are not there.
    There is no itching or pain on the scalp; i fee hot on my palm, head and soles. There is no thyroid problem but iam deficient of vitamin D.
    Please suggest

  289. Neha Chopra says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    I am 33 years old and have been suffering from hair loss.This happens always every after 2 months or so
    where they grow and again start falling.
    Sometimes they are quite dry and i also suffer from Less iron and folic acid for which its quite frequent.Pls suggest right medications

  290. I have lost my hair strength after the use of ram dev s shampoo. I m having the problem of acidity also. Now I have changed my shampoo that is loreal total repair now my hair falls lesser than his shampoo. Can homeopathy help me out to re grow and stop hair falling….

  291. Soumya Ranjan Das says:

    I have lost my hair stregth due to hair dye.and having hair breakage.Inflaned and itchy not growing and hair becomes thin.What medicine I should use……Can homeopathy help me out.

  292. I am a girl of 25 years . Lost hair ( male pattern balding) due to hormonal disorders. Please advice if I can grow hair on the bald areas or can get the remaining hair to be thicker

  293. Cynthia Woods says:

    I am 57 yes old and noticed my hair is thinning in the top and around the edges. What can I do to prevent any further hair loss?

  294. Hello Dr.
    I am 25 year old and mother also i have a hairfall problem… Plz suggest me which hair oil i can use for hair regrowthing n stop hairfalling plz

  295. Hello Dr SHARMA
    My 13 year old daughter has alopecia universalis since Oct 2017. She has been taking homeopathic medicine since November and it did not help her. Any suggestions? We live in Canada. Is there anything in homeopathy for this kind of hair loss?

    • My 11 year daughter is losing hair from eyebrows….She has been taking homeopathy treatment since 2 months…I can see very little hair regrowing but I think the remaining ( 1/4 the part left of eyebrows) eyebrows is thinning as well…what should I do?

  296. Good afternoon Doctor. I am Dr.Sindhya (bhms) I had a problem with hairlose .I had completely losen my hair in the forehead..complaint started years back…6months before I had straighten my hair…now hair falls as bunches…what should I do…please gave me a solution for my problem…..

  297. Hi sir/mem I am vikas 34y facing hairs faal , alopecia , blandness, itcheing, some types of pimpales on my scalp , some time I have constipation . please tell me very effective remadey . thank you

  298. Niloufer Mirza says:

    Dear Dr Sharma please help I am 64 yrs old I had really thick hair .I got my hair straightened two years ago and it started falling in bunches .I took a tablet called biotin my hair has stopped falling now but has become very sparse on the top and front. I use castor oil and coconut oil but not much help. Also I notice that my head itches a lot and I have a few scabs on the scalp . Pl can you advise me about what to do thanks .Niloufer

  299. Hello, I’ve been researching Nat Mur do to hair loss that started post partum pregnancy 1 and and continue to shed through pregnancy 2/post partum only this time I breastfed baby number 2 for 22 months. I have a visible thinning spot at the crown of my head however my hair is thinning all over. I’ve been to the Demotologist that prescribe a topical steroid to be applied daily but I am not comfortable with that treatment for 3 reasons 1. I workout 5-6 days a week and the steroid drips down my face into my eyes when I sweat. 2. I’m an African America female to application of the medicine is difficult due to my hair texture. 3. It’s a steroid. I’d really like to visit a homeopathic center however I can’t afford it at this time. I was wondering if there is a recommended dose for the Nat Mur as I would like to try it for my hair loss.

  300. SYED ABDUL WAHAB says:

    RESPECTED SIR. .. I AM 24 years old and me too much worried about dandruff and hair fall..I hope you tell me good idea and madicen name .. so kindly please help me about this disease ..

    • Bilas Halder says:

      Sir,I AM 24 years old(male) and me too im worried about dandruff and hair fall..I hope you tell me good idea and madicen name .. so kindly please help me about this disease.
      Oily skin ,hair fall is continue 5-6 years,much fall down area middle side.
      Please help me sir

    • Amandeep singh says:

      Sir,I AM 24 years old(male) and me too im worried about dandruff , itching and hair fall..I hope you tell me good idea and medicine name .. so kindly please help me about this disease.
      Oily skin ,hair fall is continue 5-6 years,much fall down area middle side, from the front.
      Please help me sir

  301. सर नमस्ते ?? मेरा नाम अजय है उम्र ह 27 साल मेरा क्राउन और साइड्ज़ से बालो का गिरना पतला होना कुछ साल से जारी ह सर कुछ ऐसी दवाई बता दीजिए जिससे बाल फिर से उग आए ओर क्वालिटी अछी हो जाए प्लीज़ हेल्प me ?? थैंक यू सर ??

  302. Dear Dr. Sharma:
    I am a 71-year-old African American female. I lost 75% of my scalp hair hair at age 31 due to a chemical relaxer left on too long and poor diet. The hair grew back thick and full. I discontinued chemical relaxers at age 41 and wore the hair loosely braided or naturally. At age 55 I received chemotherapy treatment for three years following a cancer diagnosis and lost every strand of hair on my body. Again the hair grew back lush and full. In about 2009 I started to notice more hair loss than usual in my comb. My doctor prescribed a statin for high cholesterol resulting from the cancer meds in 2011, which resulted in almost immediate acceleration of the hair loss, so we discontinued it after a few weeks. The hair loss still accelerated, and my scalp began to itch and burn, which it does even when the hair is not styled. I do very public work, and have worn weaves or wigs to cover the increasing and now very noticeable baldness to the crown with the remaining hair braided and under a protective net. I had a hysterectomy last month because of failure to go into menopause. I am beginning to notice hair from other parts of my body now. No one else in my family has any issue with hair loss. Can homeopathy help?

  303. Anwar Pasha says:

    Dear sir

    I am 26 years old male. My hair have been falling out daily since 2014. Now my hair line decrease in v shape.

    Your faithfully
    Anwar Pasha

    • Bilas Halder says:

      Sir,I AM 24 years old(male) and me too im worried about dandruff and hair fall..I hope you tell me good idea and madicen name .. so kindly please help me about this disease.
      Oily skin ,hair fall is continue 5-6 years,much fall down area middle side.
      Please help me sir

  304. Jiban Goswami says:

    my hight is short. I face many problems for it. Are there any solution for it in Homeopathy?
    Your Faithfully

  305. R. S Mishra says:

    Namaste sir,
    I am 27 years old male. My hair have been falling out daily since 2010. Now my hair line decrease in v shape. I have constipation and gastric problem some time.

  306. Mayank Parashari says:

    my hair are falling in pattern and as illustrated above i have genetic and i m suffering from fungal infection and also had suffered from fungal infection in the past.

  307. Ritu raj ranjan mishra says:

    My hairs are falling very badly and not growing again , which has caused baldness. My age is 17 now. I am firstly using a homeopathic medicine wich doesn’t showed much result.

  308. I was a vegetarian for 4 years and then I became anemic last October I was told I had a fibroid I was given a blood transfusion then went through surgery it’s been all through this my hair has been falling out by the hundreds every day it’s been about 7 weeks since surgery and it’s still falling out I don’t know what to do it’s been falling for months

  309. Susan Mcintosh says:

    Hi I’m a 44 yr old female .I had one ovary removed in 2014 and the second removed in 2016 .I started taking hormone replacement 5 months ago .The huge problem is my hair is thinning very bad and I have a bald spot right in front. I’ve had tons of blood work done and it all came back good .Please help

  310. i have severe hair fall i think all my life my hair is very fine and breaks easily. i am in my premenopausal period. i am 49 yrs. i suffer from severe gastric pain from time to time also bloating and belching. i am a vegetarian.

  311. Mohammad shadab says:

    hiii sir
    I am Mohammad Shadab from Maharashtra . sir 1 year before i have straightening my hair . But after one month my hair getting very thin and it was fall every day. My hair was very dens but right now it is very thin and I am getting bald and Sir I am only 21 . So I wanna ask you that homeopathy treatment can regrow my hair.

  312. Hello Doctor,
    I am 26 yr old and losing hair from temples. I am also having dandruff problem from some time. Is there any way to deal with it.

  313. Rathindra Nath Bakuly says:

    Sir, my hair turns semi-baldness-like the hair lost sporadically – very thin right now. I have dandruff and fungus problem too. The density also went away. Little reddish and matty (not oily) scalp is seen. My belly often suffers from gas problem.

    Please help.

    • Hi sir,
      l am suffering from hair fall for last 4 year. My hair is very thin and dry. I have dandruff and fungus problem too. My hair fall rate is very high approx 150 hair a day and itching in hair . Hair of my front head has gone. There is problem of indigestion in my stomach.

    • I have the same issue of baldness in front and back hair is thinning and falling
      Please advice

  314. i have baldness because of used english medicines. i need to regrow my hair will you help me.

  315. After taking homeopathy medicine my hair falls alot

  316. HARSHVARDHAN says:

    sir I’m struggling for modelling and also do bhojpuri film so please suggest m e appropriate medicine hair loss from both corner of fore head side so please suggest me

  317. Preeti Charan says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    My name is Preeti and I have a 4 yr old daughter who is loosing hair on the side she holds her hair when sucking her thumb.Doctors said her zinc level is low but it’s only by one digit from the normal.It looks like the hair has broken up from half way and looks thin n unhealthy.Opposite side of her head hair seems fine .I have been told to give her supplements but don’t know the right one.please advice what else can I do.

  318. Rangani jay says:

    Hair falling sever at the scalp region there is no itching but sometimes i comb my hair i feel pain at occipital region ..
    How can this problem solve as soon as possible..
    Pleasee advice me a homoeopathic medicine for this disease…

  319. vansh khera says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am vansh khera and suffering from extreme dandruff and hairfall since last 3 years, my hair density is halved. Although it is genetic within our family but if there is any kind of prescription to atleast delay it and my dandruff is worsening.

  320. Hello Doctor, my name is Sheela . I am 49 years old. I had dengue and suspected chikungunia 4 months ago. I have slight swelling on my hands and feet because which I have joint pain. But my main worry is severe hair loss which has started about 3 weeks ago. I need help Doctor. Please advise.

  321. Hello sir,I am anupriya I m losing my hair since last three to four years and I m suffering from androgenetic alopecia please recommend treatment to prevent hairloss
    Thank u.

  322. Doctor I am 25 years old my problem is hair fall from my 9 th std till now I am suffering I have dandruff also I have tried so many vitamin tablets everything but no use during periods I feel so much hair fall I don’t what’s the main reason please help me out .

  323. Sir I am homoeo student
    sir i havebeen suffering from bsldness and i am 22
    Almost half of hair on head are gone
    great depressed and i have lost my all confidence
    i have tried alot of medicines no results
    kindly help me sir

  324. Saroj kapoor says:

    Dear sir
    I have itching problem on my scalp for many years. Allopathic treatment gave me temporary relief. Now my hair have started falling very fast and it seems I will go bald in time to come. I am 70. I would also like to add that there erupt pus sores also. Plz help before I lose my hair. Thanx

  325. SUROJ KUMAR BAIRI says:

    My age 22 … My hair so poor and thick … And hai fall happened regularly … I use sampoo regularly …. But hair loss do not stop and whats the treatment please advaise me????

  326. Amit kumar says:

    Good mornjng sir
    Myself amit kumar from visakhapatnam suffering from hair fall continuiusly. Suggest me what should i do

  327. Sir I’m 18 years old now. I have a genetic history of hair loss. I too had begun to loose hairs. My frontal hair lining is becoming thin and I have consulted one of the allopathy doctors they adviced me to try using Monoxidil, Anaboom serums, etc they too had prescribed me to go under PEP treatement and use a Dermaroller. But I don’t know I am little bit afraid about the side effects of Minoxidil. Will I start using it or will I prefer Homeopathy. If homeopathy can u please suggest me some medicines? It to completely erradicate hair loss problems. Can u suggest me a good shamoop too.?

  328. Hello Doc,
    I need consultation regarding my hair loss. I’m 26 and used to have long black hair 2-3 years ago and suddenly i find depletion of my hair and my scalp showing prominent skin. I’m healthy, no genetic hair loss problem, no cravings for anything, remain busy @ work, didn’t treat hair well in past 4 years (no oiling, conditioning etc), i feel kind of oily hair never used to have that plus itching & yellow dandruff is now part of me.
    Doc i’ll be privileged if u do the honors by referring me any diet plus any medication necessary to regain healthy shiny hair. Hope to hear soonest of your response.

  329. Ranjan Mondal says:

    sir I’m Ranjan Mondal 30 years old from 24 pgs(n),west bangal facing exessive hair fall and baldness middle portion from last 2 years kindly prescribe some medicine so that I can gain back my hair again. thanks.

  330. Ranjan Monda says:

    sir I’m Ranjan Mondal 30 years old from 24 pgs(n),west bangal facing exessive hair fall and baldness middle portion from last 2 years kindly prescribe some medicine so that I can gain back my hair again. thanks.

  331. Deirdre Thornton says:

    Hi – my hair loss is on the top of my head i.e. Crown from the front of forehead. Has been slowly thinning for some time now. Think it’s stress related as I have had so much stress in the past two years. I have been massaging my scalp. I do take various vit tabs. I suffer with IBS and take antibiotics to help this. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

  332. Hi
    I am 30 years married woman and it s near a year that I am going to homeopathy dr. Because of headache and period pain, It was good for my pains BUT it makes my hair fall ….I almost loos half of my hair and I don t know what to do now…I said to dr. But he didn t care and want me to focus on the pains not to hair. I am afraid that when I gaine my hair

  333. Rahul singh says:

    Hi sir I m Rahul singh 29 years old from bareilly facing exessive hair fall from last 5 months kindly prescribe some medicine so that I can gain back my hair again

    • sujay halder says:

      I am sujay Halder my age is 29 .my hair is falling dagerously uper and front part of my head is almost less please help me

  334. Bharti Sharma says:


    My name is Bharti Sharma,I am from Ghaziabad. I am 39 years old and mother of 2 kids. I started suffering from hair fall almost 3 years ago when i fell severely and now it is reaching to baldness in front.I do regular oiling,but nothing seems to be effective.My scalp is easily visible which really depresses me.Please help me to get rid of receding hairline and have hair regrowth through homeopathy.

  335. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am 32 years old, From childhood I had very good growth of hair. I got married in 22 yrs since then my hair is falling and now it is reaching to baldness in front. I have been undergoing treatment for infertility for 5 yrs but no result. Pls suggest is there any treatment in homeopathic to stop falling my hair.

    • prachi sharma says:

      Hi.i am suffering from TE since last 2 months..i had chikungunya in Oct..My dermatologist suggested me folligain lotion and btn ultra tablet..but after use of folligain I am starting to lose more hairs..Please suggest something

    • Go for homeopathy hair oil and shampoo

  336. I have done straightening treatment on my hair twice in the month of july.
    Since august i am suffering from hairfall problem which is upsetting me.
    It has been 5 months my problem is not cured and my hair density has become 50%
    I am using tugain 2% since 4 months but it doesn’t seem to work.
    And consuming grapex capsules from the last 12days.
    Using loreal shampoo for wash.
    And i lose more hair after washing.
    Blood test reports are all normal.
    Please help me!

  337. Tripta Sharma says:

    Hello Dr.Myself Tripta Sharma frome chd .I had a very heavy hair .But for the last 3-4 YRS it’s fall in bunches.I am 45 YRS old having 2 kids.I was aneamic also but now taking iron calcium. Pl guide

  338. Lima Anna Stephen says:

    hi, dr.sharma,
    my daughter 25 yrs, unmarried,is loosing hair rapidly. she lost 12 kg weight after a bout of diarrhoea and malabsorption in august 2016. no use with english medicines; was admitted in a tertiary level hospital, did a variety of blood tests including thyroid function, ultra sound scan: all normal. Hb is 12.5 now and Fe is 146. she was cured from diarrhoea with Pulsattila 1M . She is extremely sensitive type, intelligent but always under tension , oily skin, sleep disorders, likes company but get irritated and endup alone. now studying MBA. pattern of hair loss is not in patches, but in random.
    i will give her name and mail id.

  339. shashi kapoor says:

    High hair loss everyday whithin 6 month 200 hair loss what type treatment for me

  340. jatinder singh says:

    Hii. I have a bald patches on my beard. I already start the homeopathi medicine which is sulphur 30ch and scalptone tab is that ok ? And what can u suggest me.?


  342. Abdul Qadeer Khan says:

    Am a Homeopathic practitioner and want to have a command on hair re-growth.
    Sir what potencies should a prescribe?
    Thanking you.

  343. Subhasish Pal says:

    Sir ,
    I am 32 years old & I am suffering from hair fall from last 5 years please suggest me to how controll my hair fall

  344. Purnima singh says:

    Sir ,I am suffering from hair fall in since 5 years please suggest me to how controll my hair fall

  345. Hi,

    I was suffering from thyroid and got the gland removed. Its been a while that I noticed the thinning of hair. what is it that I can do to reduce the same and stimulate the hair growth. I take thyroxine medicine daily.

  346. Abhay parida says:

    I am suffering from alopecia treat ,baldness ,patches on my head from last two months please give me your advice sir

  347. Abhishek Kumar says:

    I am suffering fromAlopecia aeritica since last 1 month ,I am taking some homeopathic medicines but till time no hair grow on that spot I am using medicines which is Alopecia A 53 30ml (Allen) kindly guide us sir how much time taken to grow hair. Regards , Abhishek

  348. Rajinder kaur says:

    I am facing problem of acute hair loss for past 4 yrs .
    I am losing my hairs from root itself
    In September 2016 ,I suffered from chikangunya
    After that the problem has become more intense
    Please suggest a medicine to prevent hair loss .
    I am female aged 39 yrs .

  349. Sir i am suffering from hair loss severelr.i suffered from typhoid repeated typhoid twice in one year.but hair fall was since 8 years.i tried many medicines but no result.i feel heat in eyes,palm.slight headache when i wake up.dandruff is also present little.

  350. I started my menses at age 10 and developed hair loss in the temples at age 12. I had a hair transplant 2012 some hair grew back. But there is still balding in the temples. I am 45 years old. Can homeotherapy work for me.

  351. Dear Sir
    I am 49 years old man it is my personal matter that I loosing my hairs since two months ago especially from occipital area of scalp.

    Some time I feeling a pressure on my head
    2nd I feels that I have some problem that I have not had flue since 5 years
    Best Regards.


  352. I am having hairfall problem. some white tiny round balls coming out from my roots. Its not dandruff. Plese help me out

  353. Tapu chakraborty. says:

    Resp.sir. -I had been suffering from hair fall for long time. Firstly it had fallen round coined shaped and gradually spread all over my head. I used clotrimazole cream ( fungas infection) for long time. It grew thin in most parts. But gradually the hair fallen and became bald. I used homeopathic medicine like syphillinium, acid flour , weisbaden and sometimes selenium and it grew and now again it i falling on the back side. The side of my head is devoid of hair. I have cold allergy durin cold season. What to do?

  354. Hi
    I started with candida albican in 2008 I lost half my hair, eventually with allicin goldenseal lots of greens my hair came back,then in 2012 I nearly died in hospital with c difficile infection they put me on steroids and other drugs and hair started falling out again,
    When I am warm my hair itches and my hair comes, it as always been like this my head is sore to the touch sometimes too out I am not on any medication but have crohns disease in my small intestine but I mainly stay well just a flare a year or so I wear wigs for the last 3 yearsCan you explain what is going on and is my problem due to systemic yeast, a man I met years ago had athelete feet did I get systemic candida albican from him I am no longer with him
    I have spent a fortune to try and stop this but still going on I am 60 years old now,
    Would really love to understand if you can help.

    • Sir, i am 19 year boy,i suffered from baldness and hair thinning ..I want to regrow hair on bald area and my hair becomes thick … Pls suggest me a medicines which help it out…

      • Tejas Bhoir says:

        Hi, I m suffering from hair thinning hair loss since a year , m going bald on top n front side of head, please suggest me something, I tried onion juice and many more to stop hair loss but not seen any effects, please help me to cure of this asap. Also tell me that how I can grow hairs on bald patch.

  355. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 72 year old female and I have been diagnosed with androgenetic hair loss. It started about 12 or 13 years ago. Tried everything like vitamins, coconut oil, etc but nothing has worked for me. I feel so bad about myself as it is mainly the frontal part of my head where you can see the scalp. After I came across your website and reading about homeopathy for hair loss, I became very interested. Your advice if there is a homeopathic remedy I can try, would really be so helpful. I thank you in advance and hoping to get your response soon. I do not take any medications only vitamin supplements.

    Forever grateful,

  356. Sir i am of hair is falling rapidly .my hair becomes very thin. Please give me some quation for prevent my thin hair. Plzzz sir.

  357. bhoopatsingh says:

    Sir last 10days my hair loss frequently . Last two month fungal infection in skin and last 15 day i use some other remedies than side effect my hair plz suggest treatment

  358. sir i am 30 yr of age. I am loosing hair from years and now hair is very less in head.

    I want homeopathy treatment but afraid to take because its medicines has alcohol in it and before starting my duty i have to go through breath analyser test. pls help

  359. I am 48years old man. I am loosing from the upper centre of head. I am not using any oil for the last many years. No hereditary problem. Some effecting from dandruff and itching. Kindly advise medicine

  360. Pankhudi verma says:

    I am 30 years old girl my hair 2 years white and hair bohot jyada Jhad rahy hai. me kya karu. bohot pareshan hu. plase ilaj batay

    • sweta mishra says:

      Respected Dr . Sharama sir, i am 28 years old girl and i have hair loss problem my hair is thinning from last 6 years. please guide me about homeopathy medicine for treating my hair loss problem.

    • bhargav patel says:

      my self bhargav patel , 26 yr.i m suffering from severe itching at genitals,thigh,lower abdomen.worse in night , sometimes it may not be able to relief from scratching.i m taking medicine thyroxin (75mg) on regular base.
      i m taking this medicine since last 15 years with different dose regarding the reports.i have excessive sweating with foul smell sometimes,spcl on forehead.i drink too much water.plz tell some medicine for my complain.

  361. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My husband has been complaining about his hair loss…its affecting his self-esteem. He is only 28, his father and uncles have the same or more hair than he. he does have offensive feet odor and does love nature. I feel that Silicea seems right for him according to your descriptions.

    Should he take 200? What dose and frequency?

  362. ashok kumar says:

    Hair loss

  363. Manisha chavada says:

    Constant hair loss from child birth,my baby is now 3 years old i m facing this problem from baby birth. i m not anemic , there is a no problem of dendruff. I am doing regular hair washing and oiling, i care them totaly, but no result hair fall continue. Plz guide me

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      sir, I am just 20. my hair falls and becoming white slowly (9-10 hairs). sir, I use head and shoulders shampoo. please guide me. I will be greatful for your kind helping. Thankyou!

  364. Kaushik Routh says:

    sir, my hairs are falling these days very frequently by thinning with itchy and dandruff full hair type is curly and i can say dry, i used the ketokenozol shampoo enough (cipla sebowash) but its just temporary relief cause every time you stop using shampoo the disease strikesagain. so please guide me to this.

  365. Prashant Pandey says:

    Dear sir my hair loss is from both corners what medicine should I use?

  366. sir, my hairs are falling these days very frequently by thinning with itchy and dandruff full scalp.
    my hair type is curly and i can say dry, i used the ketokenozol shampoo enough (cipla sebowash) but its just temporary relief cause every time you stop using shampoo the disease strikes again. so please guide me to this.
    i do have a history of tonsills and allergic rhinosinusitis.

  367. Kumar Pranay says:

    I am suffering from huge hairfall from 2-3 months……..i am worried about this because my age is 17 years this is not good for my age or personallity… plz suggest me

  368. My daughter aged 20 suffers from hairfall which is affecting her self esteem .plz help

  369. Sir i am 36 year old . l am suffering from hair blendness. My hair blendness is occure in front and middle parts of head which medicine shoud i prefer.please give me suggestion

  370. manish kumar says:

    sir my beard heir loss and I do medicen cource but no benifit sir give idea in patangali product

    • Sir i have a history of throat disease such long term of tonsils and now allergic rhinosynocitis till now, two years beck i started loses my hairs i didn’t know the reason but as i found as per general category my life style such frequently changes in shampoo and not proper oiling might be the cause.
      now my hairs are falling down from the left side and at the mid or upper side of the scalp ( more as compare to complete scalp)
      so please guide me about this.

  371. Anuradha garg says:

    Doctor, i am a girl and my age eighteen since the past two years I have been continuously suffering from hairfall.My hair used be very heavy and had good volume but today I m not left with even normal hair density, please do help me in getting rid off this excessive hair fall

  372. moumita chatterjee says:

    Dear Sir,
    Your article has been very informative.

    My age is 31+yrs.

    I have hairfall problem due to dandruff. I consume excessive tea (total 4 cups a day) & water intake is generally low. The top area of the scalp can be seen through. My body temperature is high & have tendency of high blood pressure.

    When I do fasting during puja, at evening /next day i feel weak & develop nose bleeding tendency.

    My weight is normal to height…. 56 kg with 5 ft 2 inch height.

    Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine for reducing hair loss & promote hair growth, along with diet suggestion.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Moumita Chatterjee

  373. Himanshu kumar says:

    Good morning sir
    Mera name Himanshu or meri age 17 years h mere head a hairs fall ho rhe h mera forehead bald hota ja rha h…..
    Toh sir mujhe Koi aisa homeopathic oil bta do sir jisse meri yehi problem solve ho jaye

    I’ll we very glad if my problem will be shot out as soon as possible

  374. Can we mix jaborandi q with water and drink it

  375. Hello sir.. I am 23 year old. Having very thining and hair fall problem form chidlhood
    What is your suggestion

    • md sajid khan says:

      Dear Sir, I am 35 years old having very thining hair and my scalp discharge sweet and offensive sticky flood causing speedy hair fall and baldness so please suggest me as my problem concerned.
      Thanks and regards.

  376. jyoti maheshwari says:

    hello sir good afternoon my name is jyoti maheshwari , sir mujhe one year se alopeceia h jo theek ni ho pa ra h meri age 22 yrs h plz help me

  377. Hi sir.iam sai 27 yeats old.i have hairfall problem.baldness -4 stage, and heavy dandruff.i want totake homeopathy treatment.what is your suggestion.

  378. My son is 21 and has done male pattern baldness just in the early stages. What would you recommend he try? Is doesnt have dandruff but maybe an normal or oily scalp.

  379. Shobha anand says:

    Hello sir , i am 37 years old lady and i am having a heavy hair fall since last six months.i have three girl child and from that last was delivered on 14october2015.plzz can u help me out


    Hi, sir
    My self CHANDAN KUMAR SINGH ,age 33 yrs having hair thinning and hair loss problem since last 8/9 year(also gas problem also teeth cavity problem ).now severe hair loss from side to top of the head. Also notice heat in body from child hood. from last 7 month after eating teeth pain clear & antibiotic medicine I suffer hyperacidity problem and hair growth is very poor. After taking 4 months of ayurvedic medicine (some churn) hyperacidity is 60/70% controlled.pls suggest.

  381. Rakesh Kumar Sahoo says:

    I’m Rakesh Kumar Sahoo, 31 yrs suffering from hair loss with receding hair lines on the vertex, decreasing hair density mostly on the frontal and middle zone.Hving constant white dandruff (scaly flakes types). I am basically a dry skin type, thin slender, normal appetite and thirst,little bit of constipation, aversion for cold things , light sleep, slightly irritating nature, having no major health problems, with heridetary sign of hair falls in family(mother). Please what types of medicines will be preferable? Guide me.

  382. Linda Earlywine says:

    Hello Sir, I am a woman 67 years of age and am losing my hair. It started at the sides getting bald spots and now it is sticking together and the only way to take care of it is to cut it out! Also on the sides where it is spots of balding big flakes of skin are falling out. I have been to different doctors and they can’t tell me what is wrong. I would appreciate it very much if you could give me some help.

  383. Deepa oswal says:

    Hello sir. .my daughter is 11yrs old and my she is having hairball in great amount .she has lost almost half of her hair.and at some place it seems as there is scanty hair as if that part is balding ……..plz help me …Pl
    Also her skin has turned dark last six yr back …..I mean she was fair …….Sir your precious advice is needed…thank you

  384. sonu kashyap says:

    Hello sir i am 27 and i am suffering from male pattern baldness since 4 years..i was taking finasteride but stopped due to its sideeffects after using for 2 years and again i am going bald…please help me..
    My hairs are going thin and then they fall out leaving bald scalp..i am nt anemic and not any other clinical problem

  385. akanksha tiwari says:

    I m suffering from eyebrow dandruff and hairfall

  386. ishwar gaherwar says:

    मेरी उम 27 है , मुझे 9 सालो से हेयर लॉस की प्रॉब्लम है , मैंने रिचफील में कंसल्ट किया था पर मेडिसिन बहोत कॉस्टली था इस लिए मैंने वो छोड़ दिया ,उन्होंने कहा की मुझे एंड्रोजेनिक अलोपेशिया है , बहोत सी मेडिसिन्स हमने यूज़ कर ली पर फायदा नहीं हुआ , कृपया मार्गदर्शन करे

  387. docter
    iam 42 yrs old man my hair is very thin and now lam becoming bald on the middle part of my head i
    want to.grow densr hair and stop hair fall please advice me .

  388. Hello Sir
    My name is Rahul Jain, 24 year old facing problem of hair fall from frontal portion, dry scalp , excessive dandruf and hair thin and rough and itching. pls dr help me which medicine should i take.

    • Bilas Halder says:

      Hello Sir
      My name is Bilas Balder from Bangladesh. 23 year old facing problem of hair fall from frontal portion, dry scalp , excessive dandruf and hair thin and rough and itching. pls dr help me which medicine should i take.
      Please help me Sir

  389. Hair losd

    • hi ,my age is 28 years I am loosing my hairs since 8 years ….I tried many things ….but fail….now I reached a position where I am half bald…….crown head ,over the head patches is visible … head is having burnning scalp ……when I take my meal …I started sweating from my head ….please suggest me the remedy …or medicine to get rid off.


  390. Sir I am 69yrs of age…..have been loosing hair for many years. Every time I comb my hair , bunches of hair come off. Now my hair has become so thin that on the top my scalp can be seen. Please do prescribe a medicine to prevent baldness like situation.

  391. My son is apparently healthy, except for Excema on his upper thighs. He also has hair loss manifesting as receding hairline. He has strong emotions, is 16 and is otherwise a well developed person. He is fair haired, tall and thin. He does not have any dandruff nor has he ever had dandruff.

  392. Sir I am losing hair since 8 years I had genetically very thick and lots of hair but due to study stress and competition stress and dandruff and head pain sometimes lead to loss of hair. How should I get them back please advice fast. Is burgandy good option

  393. Greeshma Hanna Rajan says:

    Hi sir, I’m 18yrs old. I’m having dandruff problem . When I checked with a homeo doctor, he advised me to put an oil mixed with neelayamari ,kayyoni, and kariveppila. My hair loss problem started from there and I have only tried for one time. It’s been 1yr and it’s not getting stopped. Daily 100-120 hairs are going. What is the remedy for it?

  394. jebasingh Rex says:

    Hai sir
    My age is 17, and i have heavy hair loss, and also my hairline is also going up.. …per day 30-40 hairs are falling

  395. sruthivardhan says:

    hello sir
    my age 30 m
    i have very dandruff and hevy loss of my hair
    please give suggestion and medicine

    • I would suggest a very moisturizing conditioner to keep your scalp from being dry and breaking. Apply hair growing product before you leave the house bot only for the growth properties but also to fix your hair in and keep a shiny look.

  396. umesh pandey says:

    i have hairloss since 1 year and i am loosing it drastically now is falling out from entire scalp…i really need help

  397. hello
    respected DR
    myself vikas, 24 year old facing problem of hair fall from frontal portion, dry scalp , excessive dandruf and hair thin and rough . pls dr help me which medicine should i take

  398. Hi DR Sharma,
    I’m 47, have been shedding for a few years mostly in the front but now seems to be everywhere. I’m concerned. I’m very active and eat very well. Hair loss does not run in my family but I do have alot of stress. I don’t use hair products with chemicals or SLS. Can you please tell me what homeopathic remedies would help. I’m a big believer in homeopathy.

    Thank you !

  399. vandana kaushal says:

    I’m 36 yr old woman havin hair loss badly in last 5-6 yrs.tried so many homeopathy. Medicine and shampoos.but doesn’t Work completely it starts Again n again .above mentioned. (2) n(3)no problem I have .so tell. Me please What can I soon your treatment. Will effect.
    And please I tell me charges also.
    Mrs kaushal.

  400. mohit awasthy says:

    Sir i had a brain injury 2 months earlier and also hv a head fracture pls suggest me the best medicine as sulphur hv a side effect to me..

  401. Hi Doctor,
    I have severe hairfall since 1year. I got thyroid test , blood test every thing is normal. I am using arnica hair oil and arnica shampoo.. Please suggest me the medicine.

  402. this is vikrant. I dont feel hairfall but there is very low density of hair. it seems that it will take few years for getting myself bald?

  403. Sarvjeet Singh Negi says:

    hlw sir! Iam 32 yrs old man, and i have lost 50% of my hair…..mainly from left and right and crown area. this is not genetic problem because my father has healthy hair, as well as my mom,so please tell me somthing what i can do for same.

  404. ROHIT GARG says:

    Hello sir,
    I am facing hair fall due to genetic, hereditary baldness. Please refer any medicine, currently I am taking ustilago maydis, silicea, Wiesbaden, selenium and natrum mur

    • Anand sankar says:

      Dear dr,
      This is Anand . 27 years old
      I have made pattern baldness . I m losing hair faster.
      Need your suggestion how homeo medicine can cure my baldness problem

  405. A R Chowdhury says:

    I am suffering from eczema in scalp.please advice me.

  406. hlw sir! Iam 21 yrs old, an engineering student…and i have lost 50% of my hair…..mainly from left and right and crown stress leads to hairfall but for me hairfall is a prime reason of stress..I dont have any long term disease, neither do i smoke or consume alcohol..even i dont masturbate frequently(once in two week).neither my father nor my mother side people are bald , so it shows that its not genetic in my case..also my hairfall has been increased in this monts of november…so sir plz suggest me a homeopathy medicine which could help to get me out of this, what dose should be taken and its sideeffect!!i would be thankful to u!!

  407. Hi Doctor,

    I am 48 years old and now I have lost almost 70% of my hair, mainly front and back side of my head. Actually I have been losing my hair gradually from my 35 age. I have hyperurecemia & sometimes goute on knee, ankle etc. Please suggest me the correct homeopathic medicine for me which have no side effect.

    Thanks & Regards

  408. Rhea mahajan says:

    I did smoothening two months back . Now I m experiencing hairfall .please suggest a medicine

  409. Hi!! What is dose of Lycopodium 200 for androgenic alopecia?

  410. hi doctor
    my problem genetic and dandruf poblem for hari loss

  411. Hello doctor i’m 33 year old guy & i think i had a Androgenetic Alopecia issue.My hairs are gone from sides & its increasing day by day.My father have same issue but he is having this issue at the age of 60.
    Pls suggest some good medicines or treatment.

  412. I have had hair loss since i was in my teens and now i am 32. All of the women in my family have thick hair even my 84 year old grandma. My hair will fall out for about 6 months at a time by the handfulls. It is not in patches but all over. It will be normal for up to two years and then do it again. It never regrows and now it is so thin i hardly have any hair left. It doesnt really fall under any of the catergories you covered so please help. Im a great believer in homeopathy it has already healed my acne. Thank you!

  413. hello doctor…i m 24 years old women
    my hairs are getting thin and from front scalp its geting bald…what should i do?plz help m

  414. Sir,
    Kindly help me to get back my lost hair. I am becoming totally bald day by day. Sir, I am a totally vegeterian and on the other hand I do not drink any types of alchohol and I have no disease also.
    Requesting you to suggest medicines for my baldness.

  415. SOURAV MANNA says:

    Dr.Sharma can you give medicines with power for total baldness in crown area in my head,it is happened for last 3 years,i had not any dieseses.there are no one bald in my family.i have a gastric and digestive problems also,please mention power of medicine,because without it retail store cannot sell it.

  416. Kamble Ganesh Maruti says:

    Sir,I’m Ganesh from Maharashtra I have loss my hair also .totally I make my hair zero by Razer blade ..but nowadays it has get thick…and much more hair is loss pls.suggest me homeopathy treatment for that I trust on only homeopathy treatment so me….

  417. monika prajapati says:

    Hello sir

    Mere baal kafi jhad gaye hain aur white discharge bhi bahut ho raha hai cream colur me.
    Kuchh suggest kariye please

  418. Ravi singh says:

    Hi sir
    I want to know about that can homeopathic medicine will helpful for hair loss or baldness. I am suffering from hair loss and baldness for 1 years. So I do some natural therapy for hair and I get benefit in my hair in few months. My hair is getting strong healthy and shiny but 1 problem comes in my hair is that one side of my head my hair is loosing slowly slowly. So if any medicine in homeopathic to stop my hair loss becz it’s initial stage.

  419. MD. KHIRUL ISLAM says:


  420. Lakshman Basak says:

    I have thin hair, also have baldness in the middle part of my head. Also very few hair in the front part of my head. We have hereditary problem of falling hair in early stage. Has there been any solution to regrowth hair? If not wholly, partially will do. Please suggest. I am about 46 years of age.

  421. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    After having the sleeve gastrectomy in Dec 2015, I have been losing tons of hair. The Dr said I need 60g to 80g of protein a day . I drink 60g of protein drinks a day besides the protein im getting from my meals.
    I am still losing alot of hair. It has gotten very thin all over especially around my hair line , temple area end top front of my head.The Dr said it should slow down or stop after 6 months. I used to have pretty thick hair.
    Please help as I am getting very self conscious over this and feeling anxious and discouraged.

    Thank you, I am looking forward to any suggestions you may have

  422. Renee Kehr says:

    I have Hashomoto Hypothyroid. I have hair loss, primarily in front, top and sides although my hair is thin all over. I’ve tried rubbing iodine over balding area in front and top to sides. It hasn’t helped.

  423. Hiii I am amit I am 25 year of old and my hair are thining I am confuse what should I do to stop hair loss

  424. Doctor I been with hair loss in the middle of my hear for 12 years now I try everything thing to re grow back my fell out due to relaxer burns. So far someof the follicles seem to grow hair but not pass root growth. Any suggestions I will appreciated. ..

  425. Sir I have chicken pox 3 months back. Earlier I lost 100 hair per day .after recovering from pox the intensity of my hair loss increased. Now I am losing 500 hair per day and it is increasing day by day
    I am female and my age is 27. I like salty things dislike sweet. Vegetarian

  426. Satyajit Saha says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am 46 years old and now I have lost almost 70% of my hair, mainly front and back side of my head. Actually I have been losing my hair gradually from my 35 age. I have a dandruff problem also. Please suggest me the correct homeopathic medicine for me which have no side effect.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Rachna Yadav says:

      Sir I m a 35 yrs old woman.I m having dandruff problem and cold allergy. Now I m facing excessive hair fall.Whenever I comb my hair I find bunch of hair in my hands. Kindly suggest me the treatment.

  427. Hi Doctor,

    I have lost my 70% hair, because of my genetic problem.

    Please suggest the medicin & dose for regrowth.

    Thanks & regards
    Sunny Rao

  428. achyuta nand msihra says:

    sir im suffering from hair loss it is being terrible day by day my head looks like a balled person and also there are some thin hair they are not growing and and also not thiking
    sir please tell me what to do

  429. Amrit pandey says:

    Hello sir its amrit pandey…… I am 26 yrs old and i am struggling with heir loss….. there is very ichiness in my scalp….. i used many things but all are falled ….plz suggest me the right direction and plz tell me, is heir regrowth is possible

  430. hai i dont have beard so will you please tell me which homeopatic medicine oil to use on my beard and grow nice beard.

  431. Sir, i am 20 years old. My hairs start falling surprisingly. I also have dandruff(yellow). I always touch my hairs whole day. I also have russy( thin layer) on my hair. I am getting bald from foehead sides. Kindly tell me the medicines which i should eat to cure it. Kindly help me, i am very worried about it. Thankyou sir(in advance).

    • Helo Dr.
      My Name Atif Rana
      My Age 20 years old
      My Hair Starting thin daily i am so worried about that plz suggest me plz thanxx u veru much

  432. Hi doctor I am 21 yr old and my head around specially front part itches a lot . One year ago I also suffered from dengue after which my hair started to fall .How could I avoid this hair loss and refer me a homeopathic medicine .

  433. I am female age is last few months I have got excessive hair fall. But now my hair fall is normal
    Please suggest homeopathi medicine so that I can regain my hair loss. As my regrowth is very slow. Now I have got very thin hair.

    • Mandar Mahamuni says:

      Sir, I am 25 year old experiencing sever hair loss. My hairline gets receded backwards and becoming thin hairs. As I have dandruff problem along with gastric and constipation problem. Please do suggest treatment of homeopathic medicines.

  434. Severe hair falling after typhoid fever

  435. Sir i am 28 years old.pls help me. I am suffering from hair loss problem since 8 year. My hair very very thick this time 1/4 hair on my head. I have lot of dandfuff. Itching on my scalp last 8 years .Sir I am very worried about this hair loss problem

  436. SWAPAN DAS says:

    Respected Sir,
    I changed my house from Entally C.I.T Road to New Garia in 2013. From then the whole family is experiencing hair loss through out the body. We are both husband wife and one daughter and son. From 2013 we were using boring water. But from 2015 we are using Garden Reach water. Out of four of us my daughter who is 16 yrs old is having the most hair fall.
    Please sir, let me know how can the treatment be done.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanking You!
    Swapan Das

  437. What product should be used for women with genetic baldness?

  438. chandan chakraboty says:

    Pls help me .suffering from hair loss for the last 20 years as i m wid sound health ,34 years .male.trird msnything but not result

  439. Sir,
    i m 26 years old female.
    I am facing great hair loss since last 4 years.I used to have very thick hair, now only 1/4 left. I have a little dandruff and itching in the scalp also. From last two days I have started taking Kali carb-30 3 times a day.m I taking right medicine .plzz suggest..

  440. anil sharma says:

    Hello sir I am 24 yr old from Jammu.i loosing my hair from 4 yrs .now I use minoxidil lotion but hair fall not stop what should I do .place reply sir.thanx.

  441. anil sharma says:

    Hello sir I am 24 yr old from Jammu.i loosing my hair from 4 yrs .now I use minoxidil lotion but hair fall not stop what should I do .place reply sir.thanx.

  442. Hello Sir,
    i am 27 year old from West Bengal. I have been loosing my hairs from last 6 – 7 years. I have applied many advises and medicine also. I did Alopathy treatment but no results. I have applied many natural remedies but no results. I think I have a genetic problem because my all Maternal Uncles are also suffering from this baldness as well as my brother also. I have baldness in right and left side and also in the middle portion. I am in very scared.Please help me.

  443. Sir,

    I am 27 year old , i am having baldness in right and left side of the scalp and also affected by fungus problem, am in homeopathic treatment for the past 5 month, its works i feel the change, now i dnt have any itching problem, its is possible to get a hair in bald patches sir ? also how long it can i use homeopathic medicine for baldness. please give your valuable feedback sir

  444. Subhasis Mondal says:

    I am 45 yrs old , having baldness in top, front and small back side of the scalp. Pl give some medicines with protency through ur valuable suggestions.

  445. Arvind Gupta says:

    Mood depression, negative mind, less confidence

    • I am suffering from hair I also use a homeopathic scalper and noticed and praise mama oil from last 1 month but l am not getting a good result should I stop or have passion

  446. Sir, I am losing my hair continuously from the front side. In last 5-7 days rate of hair fall has increased .I am just 20 yrs old and it’s a big dilemma for me in this age .I am a student so prescribe me the medicine that work a little bit faster no matter how much strong it is.

    I hope u will answer me soon and prescribe a best medicine for me.

  447. Hi sir,
    I am suffering with severe hair loss ? Is there any oil and shampoo for Cure this problem? I tried many oils for this, please suggest me the best.

  448. manjula chauhan says:

    hello sir…
    this is manjula chauhan,m 24 years old and diabetic person…from last 6 months m suffering hairloss n m very tensed about that….so plz reccomend me any medicine or effective hair oil to get rid of hairfall and also tell me how to get thick and long hair…

  449. Khumanthem Raju Singh. says:

    I’m Raju Singh from Manipur, falling hair from early days, and now baldness and I want to cure it, please help me out.

  450. Sohan Pratapwar says:

    Hello Dr.sharma
    I am 28 year old mail never had any problems but from last 1 year I am facing so much issues with my hair I am unable to work many times directly behind people straight calling me ( ganja) because they is patch on my had and because of it I am getting so much of trouble I am unable to find any solution till now please let me which homeopathic medicine will help full in this type of conditions..


  451. Hi doctor, iam 36 yrs old. I have no health issues .but I have heavyhair loss. Now iam able to see my scalp from my forehead . I use natural hair shampoo and oil my hair twice a week . Iam really worried this hair loss is stressing me out . Now I have low self esteem bcoz of the after factor as my scalp showing up .my. Hair is very thin and indeed only scalp is seen front my fore head . Pls help . I don’t want to hit baldness stage .

  452. Arun Sharma says:

    Hair Loss Problem, MALE, need advice for homeopathic medicines.

  453. Shivendra Sangar says:

    Sir my hair are receding every year, but for last couple of months through rate has increased. Although I am not bald and my hair from back side are still very thick, they are thinning from the front. I am 32.

  454. dear sir i have excessive hair loss and my scalp also itchying often
    Tell me the homeoptic medicine that can help me better sir

  455. Hi sir,
    I am suffering with severe hair loss ? Is there any oil and shampoo for Cure this problem? I tried many oils for this, please suggest me the best.

  456. Chandni Jha says:

    hellow sir ,as i had come to kolkata my hair start falling daily it was my first problem of hair loss kindly mail me the medicines

  457. Yellow Sir,
    My name is Nitika… And I am suffering from excess of hair fall… I was in depression from last 2 months because of my career. Now I am placed, but still facing hair fall…problem…please help me regarding this…

  458. vikram singh says:

    I am suffering from bladness and haireally.on my head middle portion hair is completely gone.please help me.I consult from dermetologist but not solve my problem.

  459. bittu chaudhary says:

    last 4 month I am suffering from hair fall

  460. Prateek shukla says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am Prateek shukla,of 22 year old
    Sir,I have hair fall in bunches and specially in the middle of my head.
    I am of very hot temperament, always sweating in my head.
    Please. Sir .help me

    • I’m 21 yrs old boy I’m facing hair loss problem from past 5 years . and some time my scalp itching and dendrouf also . now my hairs are so thin and baldness too.. I have lost my 70% hairs ..plz suggest me what to do to regrow hairs ..

  461. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’ve been diagnosed with lupus and i have had moderate hair loss most of my adult life. I’m 52 now and post menopausal. Hair loss and thinning of the hair really bothers me. Is there any homeopathic remedy that might help me?

    Many thanks,


  462. Dr Sharma, what solution can you recommend for my baldness/hair loss

  463. please tell me hair fall stop solution

  464. Manisha Punjabi says:

    Hello, I’m 23 yrs old. I’m facing hair loss problem from past 8 years and now my hairs are so thin and baldness too.. I have lost my 70% hairs ..plz suggest me what to do to regrow hairs ..

  465. Rahul tiwari says:

    Hi sir, I am 28 year old ,have mpb on vertex and frontal and also suffering from dandruff and currently having allopathic treatment such as minioxidill and dutastride with a specific shampoo and met a great result but it is been 16month since treatment got started but now I want to switch to homeopathy.pls suggest way forward.


  466. i am 26 yrs from past 2 yrs i am facing a hair loss problem now my hair is very thin so plz suggest me what to do. I have thyroid also .

  467. mukesh badola says:

    i am 34yrs old. from last 8 yrs, i am continually losing hair from the middle and side of my forehead. i am using hair colours. plz help me

  468. Shruti Sonali says:

    hello doctor,
    My name is shruti. I am 24 year old. I am suffering from pcod for the past 7 years and because of that I am facing severe hair fall and even lost the hair on forehead. Please suggest any medicine to stop hair fall and to regrow hair .

  469. am 21 year old, may hair is loosing day by day…. I think it is a problem of genetics ..please

    suggest me the treatment that how can I save my hair..

  470. Lalitha Akella says:

    Hi, I am Lalitha Akella, Age 45, since 5 years I am loosing hair like anything. I took IVF treatments for twice. Because of that I think, may be, hair loss is happening. Please help me.

  471. I am 21yrs old in my forehead hair fall i took side partion ofvmeans the hair loss becomes…….and also it is spoiling my face because of broad forehead please the hair must me regrowth in my forehead pls
    And so many hair fall i want to grow my hair longly….. And the broad forehead should regrowth
    I am eagerly waiting for your reply

  472. I am 21yrs old in my forehead hair fall i took side partion ofvmeans the hair loss becomes…….and also it is spoiling my face because of broad forehead please the hair must me regrowth in my forehead pls

  473. Neeraj Pathak says:

    Dear Sharma Ji,

    I am 41 year old man . From Last 6 Months i am continually losing hair from the middle of my head. I am not using any hair Colour mate, Shampoo available in the market . Neither Suffering from Skin disease,dandruff,fungus problem. But I think that i am suffering from hair loose problem due the genetic factor. Please help me to overcome this problem.

    • am 21 year old, may hair is loosing day by day…. I think it is a problem of genetics ..please

      suggest me the treatment that how can I save my hair..

  474. I have been loosing my hair from its root for last five years. I have taken anti depression medicine for two hair was thick I am loosing hair from front and sides of my forehead and from I don’t take any type of medicine.please help me.

  475. Interested in treatment that costs Rs 5000.00 max…am 61 bumbai wallah in canada

  476. Soumen Chattopadhyay says:

    I am 36 years old man. Suffering from hair loss and baldness.

  477. Nasim Khatib says:

    My daughter is 19 years old and she is suffering from premature hair loss in this early age. She is 80kg but no other comorbidities. not on any treatment for any other illness. Free from eczema or dandruff as well

  478. I am 72 and have been experiencing hair loss for about 15 yrs or more. I have very fine hair/baby fine.
    I had my gall-bladder removed 40 yrs ago and I also suffer with migraines. I study what I eat and try to eat organic when possible. I don’t eat any red meats only fish, chicken and cheese. I am also very active and have lots of energy. My hair is still dark brown with grey highlights and I am confused as to why I can keep my natural colour but am loosing so much hair, I had loads of hair when young and had lots until about my 40’s. Any help would be gratefully received and look forward to hearing from you.

  479. Hello sir I’m 40 yrs and suffering from hair fall as well as itching in hair skin sweating too much in hair wet hair all the time

  480. kajal chandel says:

    hello mere 3saal se hair fall ho ra h maine sub shampoo nd oil use kiye but koi fayda ni plz give solution

  481. Sir. My hairs are falling through skin disease and haying dandruff also from 1 month will my hair come again ,i m in too much tension

  482. Hello. 19 years ago the middle of my hair started a burning and itching sensation. It fell out by the clumps and has gradually thinned out across my head. The middle of my scalp us always very tender and my hair continues to thin. I no longer use chemicals in my hair. Can you give me any advice? A dermatologist prescribed medications that did not work.

  483. Smita Janardhan Patil says:

    hello doctor,
    My name is Smita, I am suffering from hypothyroidism for the past 5 years and because of that I am facing severe hair fall and even lost the hair on forehead. Please suggest any medicine to stop hair fall and to regrow hair in bald patches.

  484. Hello Doc
    My 10 years old daughter is suffering from hair loss problem and baldness in many areas . Please suggest me some remedies . I am very tensed

  485. sanat kumar mishra says:

    Sir namaste sir i loss my hair last 5years of front side of my scalp i use minoxedil,vitamins,finasteride but have no result.sir my father is bald but his baldness start after 40years but i suffer from 28.sir my bad habit is chewing pan regularly ,iregular food habit and stress,tension so pls advice me sir for cure my problem

  486. Hello Dr Sharma
    I had lovely silky and thick hair until the age of 9,and then my mother noticed bald patches around the side of my head and around the crown,she shaved my head and new hair started to grow,I do not have bald patches anymore,but as I have grown older my hair has started to thin,and my hair line around my crown areas is receding .I have tried a variety of natural remedies,shampoos etc,but nothing seems to stop the hair fall .Please help me.

  487. Bhavna dixit says:

    Hi dr I m30yr old.. After my delivery I’m getting lot’s of white hair…these r new hairs…. Please suggest

  488. Actually i suffering hairfall from 4 or 5 years n now i have baldness on my top head . I had take acidfloure n more homeopathy but no effacting me. With this i suffer consiption. Plz advice me….

  489. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My age is 39. Job is software development, delhi. I facing hair loss.since last 8 years. Hair loss is gradually increasing. Right now I lost my front and sides hairs. It slowly going backwards. I could very less hair left on top head.. I could see lot of gap between hair strants.

    I did not have any major illness or allergy till now. I have good health.

    I just want know will homeopathy medicine, give any concrete solution.? If so which medicine should prefer…..


  490. mohitkaushik says:

    I have a hair loss from 2 years ,day by day there was a loss of hair ,so what can I do for that.

  491. Deepaali Shikha says:

    Hello Doc,
    I am continually suffering from hair loss problems. it has led to baldness in many areas. I am just 20 years old. I am too tensed. Please suggest me some remedies. Waiting for your earnest reply.

  492. Bimalendu Chakraborty says:

    Sir, I have been lost many hair in front of my forehead and in the middle part of the head . So, Sir please give me a ample suggestions to grow my hair as quickly as possible.

  493. My name akbar khan my hair loss what i do baldness my age 30 lack of sleep head skin pain and dandruf Plz suggest homoeopathic remedy i think about daily

  494. Kruti chauhan says:

    Hello doctor,
    I m too dealing with the problem of excessive hairfall. Specially when i wash my hair or massage oil,the quantity of hair fallen causes tension for me. I can’t leave washing my hair so atleast thought that not to apply oil till this problem gets sorted .i am really very worried as now my hair has got so much thinner that around my hairline my scalp could be easily seen…please can u help…??

  495. Rajesh kohli says:

    I am loosing hair on every monsoon season. July-sept sinced last 3 years. Pls suggest a medicine for the same.

  496. Dr. Sharma,

    I’m a healthy 36 year old south indian woman with no medical conditions. Recently I had hair smoothening and since then I have been losing hair like crazy. Please can you suggest some medicine to stop this. I do not take any extra vitamins and I eat healthy diet..1 vegetable atleast and 1 fruit in a day. I do not smoke, drink and do not eat fried food. Thank you

  497. petients name kumkum age 29 says:

    dear sir,

    meri wife ko hair loss ki problem hai .ek baar kanghi karne per kam se kam 100 baal niklte hai ,jis din shampoo karti hai. us din aur bhi jyada nikalte hai.abhi jo medicine use kar rahe hai – SBL Drops NO-1 three time in one day ,thyroidinum 1m weekly ,Arsenic 1m three time .aur shampoo aaola shikakai reetha but abhi tak koi risponce nahi mila hai . periouds ki problem bhi rahti hai.
    Please help kare.

  498. Hi I have been having hair loss for many years, but last year it became really bad. Losing 300/400 hairs every day. Then I was on allopathic treatment of Tugain 2%, sebowash shsmpoo, anaphase shampoo and vb 7 hair tablets. Things became better. But again since last two months I’m losing 300/350 hairs everyday. And hair has become rough and dry. Both last year and this time, I have been under immense stress because of my mother staying with me. She has always been difficult to live with and we have had a difficult relationship. I feel very angry sometimes and tired and exhausted from taking care of her 24 hours while holding a very demanding job professionally. I feel easily irritated and hopeless and feel like I only have death to look forward to. I have had borderline pcos since age 17, but have had regular periods for the past 6 years by having ovacare vitamin tablets. I’ve never had other symptoms like weight gain, hirsuitism acne etc. I am 39 now and this hair loss is scaring me so much and causing evenore stress.

  499. hii doctor,

    i don’t know what is the problem of my hair loss or baldeness. now my age is only 20. I am so tired my baldeness problem plz suggest me what can i do for regrowth my hair instantly. plz reply me fastly. my friends create joke on my baldness . and that was occurred situation on my life.

  500. Im Ripon, age 27. It was 17 when my hairfall started, at a time now my baldness coming soon to my vertex area. My problem for genetic factors(its important). How can i prevent from it. Pls tell me. Thanks

  501. Need ur help m from pakistan plz rply soon

  502. Hello doctor, i am suffering from hair loss with receeding of hair line also with the thinning of hair and often sebum forms on my scalp with crusty thing i desperately need treatment for this since my age is just 23

  503. Victoria Garcia says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have been under severe stressed and somehow developed low thyroid which has caused hair thinning. I have been using Nioxin 3 on my hair and taking hair vitamins in which has caused my hair to improve. I have less hair in my comb. I was told my hair would never grow back but it is. However, I still have thin hair in the front. Do you have any suggestions?

  504. hi
    this is mansha, i am 32 yrs old and i hv lost my hair . is there any solution or treatment to re grow my hair back.

  505. Suresh Deshmukh says:

    I gone through 2 operations on my left leg one of which was major one so due to high dose of antibiotics i lost my hairs so for regrowth of hairs which medicine i should take? so will u pls!

  506. Hello sir..i am 25 years old. Recently i suffered from an acute disease for which heavy antibiotics was given to me for 3 months during which i lost 40 percent of my hair.. Suddenly i feel like 30+ and feel very uncomfortable with my hair loss.. In my family there is dense hairs.. So should i go in homeopathy for treatment for best results.a

  507. hallow sir, I am 39 year old and suffering hair fall in a bunch from last two year. I am also high bp patient and taking medicine. So suggest me medicine

  508. Rajesh kumar says:

    Hello sir, i am 28 years old and suffering from hair fall for last 2 year.
    I have been taking lycopodium clavatum 30 h for last year, but the results are not satisfactory, i think that does not work. Pls suggest me the right miledicine.

    Thanks for your time sir.

    • SUJOY KUNDU says:

      Sir i am 23 years old & i suffering from hair fall last 2 years.plz sir suggest me a medicine name.plz sir rply me fast.because i fell verry uncomfortable .so plzzz sir rply me fast.

  509. Jaspreet singh says:

    Hello sir .. i am facing hair loss problem from last 1 year .. m using jabrondi since then now my hair fall problem is controlled but failed to regrow the hairs . Kindly guide me

  510. Sameer Joshi says:

    Hello Dr. I am 26 old male suffering from heavy hair fall. I am almost balding now. Can you please suggest me a treatment that can restore my hair black!
    Please help me out Sir.

    Thank you for your time

  511. Nidhi Tripathi says:

    Hello Sir, I am 25 years old and I m suffering from heavy hair fall from last 6 years. Now I have very low quantity of hair on my head . specially on rainy season I lossed my hair and after hair loss no regrowth becomes. This time again my hair fall has start due to rainy season n this year I loss lots of hair as compare to last year…presently I don’t have enough hair on my head…m feeling so embarrassed n sad…is this possible to have regrowth of my hairs again.
    Please reply… I m in trouble.

  512. Nidhi Tripathi says:

    Hello Sir, I m suffering from heavy hair fall from last 6 years. Now I have very low quantity of hair on my head . specially on rainy season I missed my hair and after hair loss no regrowth becomes. This time again my hair fall has start due to rainy season n this year I loss lots of hair as compare to last year…presently I don’t have enough hair on my head…m feeling so embarrassed n sad…is this possible to have regrowth of my hairs again.
    Please reply… I m in trouble.

  513. hello, im a 24 yrs old girl and i had MDR tuberculosis. I have been taking medicines for it for around 3 yrs , now it is cured but during the treatment i have loss a lot of hair. My hair has now become very thin, limp and less. Can you suggest me some medicine or hair oil.

  514. devendra singh says:

    Sir i hv a great hair fall in past 2 months…my age is 23
    Suddenly my forehead hair falls reguarly…when i touch my hair 2-3 hairs are in my hand…sir plz help…becoz of hair fall i m in stress…

  515. Mere bal bahut jhad rahe hai aur mujhe new hair chahiya please homeopathic medicine bataye

  516. shital suhagiya says:

    hello sir…i have suffer from hair falling since 5-6 month…i m nt suffer from any itching on dandruff..only hair falling in bunches..nd my hair is very silkyy nd growth are reduce in so long time..plz give some suggetion

  517. actually I don’t have any skin disease bt i think my hair loss is genetic please suggest me some homeopathic treatment for that so that I can get dense hairs….
    thank u

  518. Rojalin patra says:

    i have exccesive hair fall my scalp jst look like chanda plzz sir suggest something

  519. Dear dr sharma
    Iam a female and iam losing my hair in a crazy way i checked all the hormones and thyroid and the iron level everything is ok at the beginning my hair become thining and now i have spaces especially in the front of my head and in the back of my head

    Hope you can help me

  520. Hello dear Dr. Sharma.
    I am Iram Arif. And I have noticed when I start taking tea (normal black tea with milk) in routine, I start having hair thinning and hair loss within few days. I have haelthy hair but these days feeling same condition. Also my body skin is extra ordinary dry for 12 years. I am currently 30 years of age nad unmarried. My monthly cycle is normal. I am taking sepia 30, 5 drops 4 times for one week. But in comparison of last year when I had same problem and took sepia, and it worked remarably in just 4 days to get thick hair back, but this time sepia is slow. Plz suggest. I am worried.

  521. Hello sir
    I am kruthika 23 years old. Am suffering from hair loss since 1 n half year with severe head ache on right side. This is severe during my mensus. I lost so much of hair and almost found baldness at my front portion of head. please suggest me medicines for hair growth n regeneraton.

  522. ABHIJIT GHOSH says:


  523. Reena Agrawal says:

    Hello Sir,
    My 16yr. old daughter is having profuse hair loss. theres receding hairline as well as a patch on scalp in the front part. We noticed this problem nearly 3yrs back. Earlier she had lot of dandruff and itchy scalp but thats not much now. Her hair are becoming thinner day by day.
    She has less than half of the hair she used to have two years back. Kindly help

  524. Hlo doctor, i am suffering from severe hairfall since ladt 7,8 months…i am left with very very less hair..m worried about…my hair are falling from d roots …scalp is itchy many times…please suggest something …now i am in kerala conditions r getting worse…plz help

  525. Pratyush Priyadarshi says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from baldness and thin reduced hairs from past 5 years. Can homeopathic medicine get rid me from this embarrassing condition? I am 30 years old. My hairs started falling from year 2007 and gradually led to baldness and extremely thin hairs on my scalp. Please help me, I feel very disappointed and depressed in front of other people. I also feel very bad looking face in mirror. The apex and front region of my head is completely bald and the middle region has very short and thin hairs lacking growth. I read your article about the medicines but I don’t know the dosage and Power of these medicine. Please help me .

  526. Hello doctor my hair are getting thinner day by day and i have been facing major hair falling problem since month.i hav dadruff problem also.i use jaborandi oil and satreetha shampoo.i am in great tension my age is just 25.what shoul i hairs are so thin and falling from root.and my hair stick with each other like magnet

    • Dr.Tajammal Hussain Touqeer says:


  527. hello Dr,last 4-5 year i m facing major hair loss problem,i m in my therties now. My hair is also getting thiner day by day.Before three years from now i went to dermatologist and they said to me that i have a fungal infecsn as my scalp often were so itchy and oily,they pescribed me shampoo with ketoconazol,my itching pblem is under control but hail fall is not reduced at all and they are getting dull and thiner what should i do?

  528. Yokanandan says:

    Dear Dr. This is Yokan aged 54, suddenly I am losing hair in a fast paced, now i have a bald patch and some places very little hair, I don’t have a dandruff problems but my hair is receding fast, I am working in Kuwait sometime the water will be little warm with that I use to have head bath, please give me some homeopathy solution Doctor.
    Thanking you,

  529. Harshit gupta says:

    I think Mujhe skin problem hain in hair fall soo wat I doo suggest me medicane how I can removed this hair fall

  530. Hello Sir.My name is Jigar.I want to grow beard.My age is 23.My ancestors had beard at age of 18 itself. Which medications shall surely help me and where I can buy it from

  531. pradeep kushal says:

    Sir my name is pradeep kushal my problem is my hair is loos fastly remove pls help me how to regroth my hair solution or medicinal name in homeopath

  532. Sir,
    fFrom last few months i have noticed that my hairs fall from a certain area (i.e from center of head). Though it not totally by a skin of head is clearly seen from the top. Kindly suggest some remedy for the same

  533. sir.. i am 21 years olf. my hair is getting thiner and thiner….i am taking medicine … hhomega.. kz sampoo… $ pantene pro sampoo… i materbate thrice a week … i think it increased level of DHT .. how it could be reduced.. please help me my no… 9504903548

  534. Iam Bharath, 16yrs old from chennai, having thin hair and my head is visible slightly when it expose to light, yet Iam using now bringaraj tail,for 3 three months but not satisfied with . Please suggest me some ayurvedic medicine . I hope you will suggest me good medicine to treat mine hairloss.

  535. Sir I had very thick hair before 8 months.but suddenly n it starts falling badly ,I took homeopathic doctor help,but after 2 times treatment hairs has not stopped.n now I am in great tension as doctor aalso not able to help I m thinking to go for ayurvedic treatment please suggest some medicines I will be highly grateful to you. My name is leela from chattisgrh

  536. I am doss.. My age is 21.. I am suffering from hairfall.. Day to day my hahair reduces.. Please suggest which medicine I can use for this..
    Thanks & regards

  537. Dear
    I Am from Noida. I am facing hair fall problem last 2 months. i am a thyroide patient from last 3 years. i am having thyroide med. Kindly sujjest me the homeopathy mad for my hair fall. I am suffering baldness.
    so which med i can use for this.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rekha Sen

  538. cont. itching over head and cont. hair fall from head need to consult to you

  539. Tariq Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir
    I m from India Maharashtra my family members facing hair Loss programs daily so pls suggest wich medicine or oil use for this .
    Thanks and Regards
    Tariq Ahmedi
    Amand Nagar
    India in 413501
    Mobile 9890704277

  540. my age s just 17 …. I have done smoothing getting hair fall more than 50 in a day … though taking treatments can’t stop the hairfall

    • Hello. I lost a son 5 years ago at age of 52 and from that day my periods stopped so I entered menopause. Lost lots of hair…sometkmes while washing my hair I could feel lots of hair in my hand. I used to put them over a towel until finish shower. This thing has stopped fortunatelly but in the right side of my gead am going bald if nothing is done. Two yeats ago my dermo gave me thesevprescriptions: cetoconazol shampoo for dandrufs, told me to wash hair every other day, also a lotion of betametazone, minoxidil. And a french pill for hair called hair grow. And to stop straitening. I did all that. then afyer a few months I noticed many new hairs coming. The dermo told me I was not losing hair anymore. And I stopped treatment. Only after casually seeing a picture of my head last week I noticed I am not cured and baldness slowly got worse. Hope it is true you will reply.

  541. Hello Sir

    I am Simran, 24 years old and I have been suffering from the problem of excessive hair loss. I have less than half of the hair I used to have a year ago. Also the thinning of my hair is increasing day by day. I even have a line at the top and back of my head now due to hair loss. Kindly help me in this matter. I have tried a lot of things but none seem to work. I have been told that the hair never grow back and transplant or PRP are the only options. Is there a treatment available to increase my hair growth and restore it back to the way it was a few years ago? If yes, how long is the treatment gonna take?

  542. Hello doc..
    M jus 25, and m lossing lots of hairs daily and also my 75% hairs turned white…I don’t know what to do..M feeling like my life going to confidence level going down..M feeling helpless and I don’t know what to do…please don’t post this as comments..but I need your help please do something for me..I have taken homeo and ayurved meds and also biolight treatment which I never affordable for me but still I.have taken this..but all these didn’t work…do help please

  543. Saturday & Sunday is my holiday if You can manage some time U can call me from 9 in the morning to 11.00 at night.For Working Day 1.00 Noon to 5.30 Evening.

    With Regards..
    S. Guha

  544. I am S. Guha ,coming from a lower middle class Family.I am 35 Years Old . I am suffering from hair fall and dandruff from past 5 years. Now I can see my scalp.U can say Front portion of my forehead has very few hairs. My dandruff is like light gray clay mud. Every alternative day I have to use shampoo for that. My Mother side nobody has hair problem and my Father side 2 of my Uncles have boldness.My Father have lot of hairs at the age of 68.I have acid & gastric problems.General MD Doctor has given me Liver Tonic and advise me to walk atleast 3 Kilometer per day for this problem.

    I will be grateful if You please Help me . Looking Forward for Your Valuable advise.
    With Regards

  545. I am S. Guha ,coming from a lower middle class Family.I am 35 Years Old . I am suffering from hair fall and dandruff from past 5 years. Now I can see my scalp.U can say Front portion of my forehead has very few hairs. My dandruff is like light gray clay mud. Every alternative day I have to use shampoo for that. My Mother side nobody has hair problem and my Father side 2 of my Uncles have boldness.My Father have lot of hairs at the age of 68.I have acid & gastric problems.General MD Doctor has given me Liver Tonic and advise me to walk atleast 3 Kilometer per day for this problem.

    I will be grateful if You please Help me . Looking Forward for Your Valuable advise.
    With Regards..

  546. I am S. Guha ,coming from a lower middle class Family.I am 35 Years Old . I am suffering from hair fall and dandruff from past 5 years. Now I can see my scalp.U can say Front portion of my forehead has very few hairs. My dandruff is like light gray clay mud. Every alternative day I have to use shampoo for that. My Mother side nobody has hair problem and my Father side 2 of my Uncles have boldness.My Father have lot of hairs at the age of 68.I have acid & gastric problems.General MD Doctor has given me Liver Tonic and advise me to walk atleast 3 Kilometer per day for this problem.

    I will be grateful if You please Help me . Looking Forward for Your Valuable advise.
    With Regards

  547. Dina Bierman says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am 49 years old and have had thin hair all my life, born with wispy hair but alot of it. I have always kept it long, shoulder lenth and longer. Over the past ten years I have been losing my hair and it’s been thinning my scalp to the point that I cannot wear my hair back or into a ponytail without seeing my scalp.

    I have read about the products you have listed for certain conditions, however, I am not certain that any particular one is for my symptoms.

    A little history about me: I am 5’6″, 142lbs, with chronic pain in my neck from an impingement under my right clavicle in 1998. I have been on various antidepressants for 3 years. I am currently stable on Wellbutrin SR 300mg once daily. I take Trazadone 50mg and Flexeril 10 mg at night to sleep. I take an arthritis med daily.

    Otherwise, I am healthy. I eat as clean as possible no fried food, very little processed food. I exercise daily with walks, cycling and light weights.

    I hope this information is helpful for you to suggest a homeopathic supplement for my thinning hair loss.

  548. premal sharma says:

    I am 48 yrs/F, have male type baldness . suffering from this past 16 yrs. I am also having hypothyroidism & high cholesterol, overweight too. pl guide me.

  549. Md salman haider says:

    my problem is really very serious..i am 19 years old and i lost my hair just nearer to baldness. i am looking very bad without hair..plz do something for me

  550. Hi Dr Sharma. I am sufferring from hair fall and dandruff from past many years. I have tried lot of medicine but nothing worked. I had done sclap test which said my hair fall is hereditary. Please suggest homeopathic medicine for my condition.

  551. saumya prakash says:

    hi sir, i am saumya prakash of 27 yr age. i am from odisha..i was having normal hairfall but after transfering to kerala i am having a lots of hairfall from scalps.can you suggest any medicine for that???

  552. sir i am 25 year old male facing serious hair fall for last 3 years. symptoms are
    1) receding hair line 2) thining of hairs from front.
    It started when I went to delhi and had somewhat stressfull life for around 8 months. I also had some stomach problem back then when doctor told me that its due to stress.
    generally my hairs are dry and extremely unmanagable even before hairfall symptoms. so can you kindly help me in knowing what are root cause and kind of medication i will be needing

  553. Sumiti verma says:

    Can u pls suggest any medicine for hair loss hairs are falling like anything ..

  554. sir m 27years old suffering hair fall. I m suffering from hair fall from last 3-4 years. I hv used many natural things to stop but their is no result, have u any treatment in homeopathy to stop my hair falling?

  555. Just pointing out the error on your infographic: it should be LOSING, not LOOSING your hair.

  556. Sir i am a girl of 17 yrs old,science Std. facing excessive Hair loss thus my hair is becoming too thin.please suggest what to do.

  557. Deepak Singh Thakur says:

    sir m 24 years old suffering hair fall. now i m taking allopathic medicines like minooxidil for scuh suffering from 8 months but i m not showing any results. have u any treatment in homeopathy to stop my hair falling?

  558. chandni singh says:

    Sir my name is chandni singh i m 24 years old now my hair very lost regular hail foll lots and now i use homopathy medicnr but not imptoument plz give some advise i really m very scare for my hair

  559. md sajid khan says:

    Sir, i am a 35 years old man and the thing is that i have been suffering of hair loss, thinning, sticky and major dandruff. So kindly advise me a proper treatment of this kind of problems.
    Md sajid khan.

  560. Mrs. G Boardman says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I am a 66 year old women had menapause. My hair has been going a lot thinner over the years. The front of my hair is a lot thinner and thinner on the crown. I do still sweat at night from time to time and get hot very easily. When I get warm my scalp get warm sometimes wet. The front of my head itches from time to time. I am having a stressful time at the moment a personal worry. I have always coloured my hair since I was 18 as my hair started to go grey. I still colour my hair my hair is white now. Is there any homepathic medicine I could take to thicken my hair or help it in any way.

  561. Soumalya says:

    I have been suffering from chronic hairfall from past 6 years. Probable reason is genetics. Need a cure for this.Please help and suggest homeopathy medicines for the same.

  562. dronacharjya mondal says:

    fro my front side i have hair loss and more or less more than 60% of my front site. my problem is that dandruff, gastric problem, sweating from foot and bad smell also. less density of semen. 13 -14 year ago had gland T.B, thyroid. now i am teaching in a school. suggest me what i do?

  563. md firoz says:

    i am so depress due to hair fall, please sir tell me what to do…………………… sir me khujli bhi bahat hota hai, garmi se aur bhi zyada khujli hota hai jiski wajah se hairfall bhi zyada hota hai.
    Sir please help me suggest me………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  564. Dr Sharma I was diagnosed with systemic and discoid lupus in 1999 I had Gillian Barre Syndrome in 1999-2000 I have recovered from the systemic lupus but the discoid took my hair out in patches and has damaged my scalp. I am 50 , black female 130lbs, 5’6″ I would like to send pictures of my scalp to help you understand my concerns.

  565. Sir I’m just 21yrs old and suffering from excessive hair loss because before 2 yrs ago I suffered from back pain . Gradually my maximum hairs are losst then doctor recommended for minoxidile solution but after using minoxidile my hairs are regain bt couldn’t stay and then my hairs become too thin and again my hairs falling on top of head with itching sorounding the head. So I’m very frustrated and hopeless.
    Sir plzzz suggest me best treatment in homeo pathic.

  566. Sir,
    I m 25 year old and suffering from hair loss for last three years. I got ironed straitening my hair, after that hair fall started. I tried many homeopathy medicine like Lycopodium, arnica, acidphos, Fluoricum acidum but hair fall stops till I use. As soon as I stop taking these medicine it starts again. hair thinning also start on the top of head. I m looking bald.
    Sir, plz suggest me what should I do and also suggest some medicine to regrow hair

    • dr Abdullah shaikh says:

      Respected sir I m having androgynous alopecia.I have taken homeopathic treatment for about four years but no suggest me proper treatment.

  567. kirti singh says:

    sir i am 26 year i am suffering from hair fall continuously due itchy scalp. a homeopathic doctor advice me to use acid phosph.6 i am using this medicine since 1 month bt no effect, i was live in varanasi but still from may i am in delhi for my study. is change of place is the reason of my hair fall?sir plz help in i m so tense due to hair fall.

  568. Sir my hair r thining and falling out if i just move hand in my head 15 to 20 hair in my hand r there and white bulb on root is there .and thiniing all over head and at time of measage my hair fall more 100 to 50 hairs plz sir i am 27 help me with his

    • sir im 18 years old.i have visited so many alopathy doctors for hair fall but nos im taking homeopathy medicine bt my hair fall has hair fall is genetic is there any treatment for that??

  569. Sir i m 53 years old unmarried lady.i had typhoid attacks many times till i was 18 years when on the advice of an allopathic doctor i had to be injected for prevention of typhoid . Then i started using homoeopathic medicines. Till then i had never attacked by the fever.
    Sir i m homoeo dr. I use homoeopathic medicines only. But i have very thin hair. Some front part looks a bit bald. All hair turned grey. Sensitive to cold air as i get my throat infected. Then i need warm or hot drinks. Otherwise i like cold weather in summer and sit near heater in winter.I feel suffocation if i have to sit in congested places like in wagons. I had and have problem of blepharitis. I have hair fall especially in rainy weather. Still menstruating. Thirst excessive for cold drinks..perspiration feel on back part of head and in armpits when feeling heat.

  570. Kiran Gupta says:

    Hello sir! I am Kiran aged 42 am suffering from severe hair fall from two years.i have taken Follihair medicine but no any effect…what to do I m so a days am too tensed n sleepless bcoz of my sons education,which mgt be a cause.van u pls suggest some medicine.i even have grey hair .

  571. sanyukta Tiwary says:

    My hair is falling continuously bcoz I m suffering from hypothyroidism since last 2 years and I never get energy to do some work for 1-2 hours. My menstrual cycle has also been disturbed suddenly heavy clotting starts .pls. Ignore my 35 Yrs old woman.pls.prescribe a good homeopathy medicine.

  572. Hi sir myself kalyan i m suffering from bladpatches on my forehead give me suggestion to get rid of bladness & help to regain my hair back suggest me some homeopathic pills
    Tq sir

  573. I have severe hair fall from last 4 years and now my hair density from back to fore head is very less and new hairs growing are also very thin and falling soon. I am not on any kind of medication and do not have high sugar or blood pressure. Can you please suggest any medication in homeopathy which can prevet hair fall and help hair re-growth. Even my wife too is facing same kind of severe hair fall after delivery.

    Can you pls suggest any remedy.

  574. Hello dr, i am 40yrs. old lady and have hair fall problem since quite some time. My frontal hair is thinning and scalp can be seen. I avoid combing my hair bcos of hair fall. I also need to colour my hair bcos of grey hair. I used biotin supplement, and other oils shown recently on tv but of no use. I am getting really worried as I have a small School going kid. Kindly suggest some solution. Thank you.

  575. Vikram Sethh says:

    Hello Sir. My name is Vikram Seth & I’m basically from Amritsar. Sir. I’ve been losing my hair for last 2-3 months. I can see the baldness clearly. Please suggest me any Homeopathic medicine to stop hair fall & recover baldness. I’m really worried about my hair loss. Please help me.
    Sir. You can give me some advice on my whats app.
    Vikram Seth
    Cont: 9914722896.

  576. Amit shaw says:

    Sir ,i m suffering hair problem and my hair goes to thin and week.

  577. Shivam kumar says:

    Hello sir, my name is shivam kumar.i live in bihar.i am 17 years old and my weight is 56 kg.i am suffering from hair loss like hair goes on thinning and diffuse. it started one year ago when i was suffering from T.B. and high feaver(approx 104-105 degree F. till one month).i am also suffering from wet dream. if hair is losses from a area,there is no hair regrowth. i am verry confused and stressed.
    please sir help me.
    thanks sir

  578. Shivam kumar says:

    Hello sir, my name is shivam kumar.i live in bihar. i am suffering from hair loss like baldness. it started one year ago when i was suffering from T.B. if hair is losses from a area,there is no hair regrowth. please sir help me.

  579. Shivam kumar says:

    Hello sir, my name is shivam kumar. i am suffering from hair loss like baldness. it started one year ago when i was suffering from T.B. if hair is losses from a area,there is no hair regrowth. please sir help me.

  580. Hi dr. I m 19 yr old i m suffering from hairloss from full head from 2 yrs actully i m little bit over weight so when ever i start exercise to loose weight hair fall multiplies many times from ordinary days . And it starts when i start workingout for weight loss before that i hav too much hair even on my forehead also so plzz plzz help me

  581. Bhavna Sahni says:

    Hi Hi Dr Sharma. I m suffering from hair loss for past 3 years. I m 38 years. Have dandruff problem too. The hair fall becomes excessive in the months of May till August ( rainy season) . Took low laser comb treatment 2 years back.. hair fall got controlled but now even the laser comb not controlling hair fall. Kindly advice a treatment. Regards.

  582. Sir
    I suffering hair thining fall from vertec only
    Since 3-4 years
    I need to daily wash it by shampoo bcoz it gets stcky and also huge itching on vertex only
    I m fond of hot n spicy foods, also i get excess sweat on my head while walking
    Kindly prescribe to grow and thick my hairs

  583. Huma Khan says:

    Hello, Sir
    Iam Huma Khan 25 yrs old suffering 4m severe hairfall 4m last 4 yrs tried almost everything. I had Also consult a gud dermotoligisit but not got any benefit. I have taken many supplements vitamins biotin tablets used many homemade remedies but i was not benefitted 4m dem also. I loose strands of hairs 4m roots 4m all over my head spclly 4m front my hair volume is getting thin day by day. I feel irritation and itching on my scalp, in summers and monsoons the condition becomes more worst and hairfall becomes more severe. Iam very confused what to do and what not please help me out of it give me some suggestions what measures should i take. Eagerly waiting 4 ur reply.
    Thanking you
    Huma Khan

  584. Hello sir, I m 21 year old boy ,I m suffering hair loss frm 3 year at least, m hair density reduced to great extent, currently I m using arnica montana 200 , by using this my hair stops falling but but after using 3to 4 month the hair strt falling again I m very tensed wht to do wht not , plzz suggest me best Medicine for hair loss…..

  585. Anish Vaknalli says:

    I totally agree with you. Many a times hair fall is due to genetic conditions. Homeopathic remedies are considered as best remedies for curing alopecia areata. It may take some time but the treatment could give a long term relief from hair loss.

  586. Mrs Pallavi neog Gogoi says:

    hi Sir.

    i am pallavi age 25 suffering from hair loss alot. m in pune for last 4 years.i didnt went to any doctor for my problem but using castor oil rosemary oil and vitamin E oil along but find no positive result.please help me out by providing some of good medicine so that my hair grows and stop a days i am facing sever hair loss.hoping for a good treatment from you.

  587. Anindya Hazra says:

    I am losing Hair all over my Scalp since 1year. I have not Dandruff problem. My Hair rooted from the Stem, Sometimes it Breaks & I found my Hair is thinning as well. Please sir Advice me to stop my Hairfall as soon as possible. I am a Man of 29 years. I have no such Disease. I Sweat excessively all over my body in Head also even in Winter.

  588. I am 44 years old. I am suffering from hairfall (MPB) with excessive sweating at the scalp. I used to have dandruff (white) at my scalp, particularly during winter. During monsoon some fungal infection also used to occur. Will you please prescribe suitable homeopathic medicine for hair regrowth?

  589. Hello sir,
    I am geetha,aged suffering from severe hair fall.i have consulted a skin doctor,who prescribed me with ‘revilus’ capsules for three months.just after six days of using the medicine my hair stopped falling .but when i stopped taking medicine after 45 days again the same situation too much of hair fall .I once again started using the medicine as the course of three mnths was not completed after the mnth stopped medicine .after two days again the same heavy hair fall.i have undergone a thyroid test which was normal.but now a days am too tensed n sleepless bcoz of my sons education,which mgt be a cause.van u pls suggest some medicine.i even have grey hair .

  590. Thamuja P says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from female pattern baldness from 4 years, also i have dandruff problem. I have used so many products but no solution.

    Please let me know what homeo medicines can I use for this problem

    Thanuja P

  591. I have had Trichotillomania for 2 years. I have had depression and anxiety for 1 1/2 years. I had my gallbladder out 6 months ago and have struggled with constipation since then. I have a headache almost daily in my forehead. I have nausea and stomach pain daily. I am 17 years old. I listed Trichotillomania first because to me, that is what I need a remedy for.

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,

      I am in touch with Dr. Mukesh Girdhar, MD (Skin & VD) for diagnosis of Androgenetic Alopecia. He has advised me to use Keraglo-AD shampoo daily followed by use of Tugain 5% lotion in morning & Mino Qilib 5% lotion in night. Though I have started using the medicines for the last 10-15 days. Still I am worried about my hair loss condition. I am not applying any oil to my scalp as lotions is required to stay atleast 4-5 hours once applied.

      Could you please suggest me whether to continue with this medication or is there a better option available for diagnosis of Androgenetic Alopecia.

      Looking forward for quick a positive response for my issue. Please help me out.

      Thank you.


  592. Kaseem Mohamed says:

    I m male 38 years
    I lost my whole hair when I was very young age of 22-26 years.
    At that time I had often headache and hair root pain.
    Now I m totally bald (Alopecia Totalis)
    Can you pls refer homeopathic medicine name to be used…and its complete course time.

  593. Hii.. sir I am 20 years boy my frontal hairs are thining and falling out. I am having male pattern baldness problem. I have lost my frontal hairs from both side in a ‘W ‘shape. I have done 6 months meso treatment 1 and half year before along with minoxidil and hair supplements result was good and my hair was dense in the centre and thick. But after few months I started losing my hairs and condition is worst now. Last one year I have taken homeopathic medicine but no further improvement. My serum feritin was 67, 1 year ago and after taking RB tonic for 2-3 months recent serum feritin is 102. I have a bad habbit of masterbation from the age of 13. Plz help me.. I am frustrated and and a medical student even not able to study properly due to my hair condition

    • Cornelia Lakra says:

      My husband is 28 years old and he has very scanty scalp and off late he gets small eruptions on the scalp. Please suggest what medicine can help.

  594. Deba Prasad Mojumdar says:

    My daughter 22 yrs is witnessing hair fall in bunches, while bathing, combing. Her hemoglobin is 11.5 ml, no other major complaints. She tried a lot of lotions, shampoo etc prescribed by Dermatologist, but to no positive improvement. She does not suffer from dandruff also. Please suggest medicine. She is very much obsessed with her hair because the thickness and style is the speciality in her looks

  595. Hello…

    I’m 30yr young and suffering from male baldness…
    It’s not the initial stage I’m facing this issue since last 5yrs..
    Are their true remedies for regrowth of hair..

  596. SIDHARTH says:

    Hello sir
    My name is Sidharth and I m 20 and I had hair fall from my 16th year but in my family there is no one facing this problem my father is up to 60 and he has dense black hair already mother also but I overcome this condition by using ayurvedic oil and gently massage but now problem is gonna serious now I can see my scalp hair is gonna be hard less one matter is that now I’m studying in other place and in hostel my hair is curly also sir please tell me a remedy

  597. Hello Sir..
    my name is nikhil age is only 20 i had hair falling problem in last 1 year soo many hair oils and shampoos used bt no results plzz suggest my problem

  598. Hello,
    I am 28 year old male working professional. We have family history of baldness . My elder brother who is 34 years has already lost hair from middle of head due to this.
    Now i noticed that same pattern has started showing on my head ( middle) , i want to know that is there any possibility /Treatment to prevent this and retain hair in homeopathy.
    What would be success ratio in case i start a treatment.

    I am asking this question because we have family history so i would want to start a treatment only if there is any possibility of treatment..


  599. Sujit Bijuli says:

    hello sir , I am 22years old, suffering from baldness for last 6 month’s. My head-skin is dry&have too much dandruff & hair is falling everyday 30-50 from the root. plz suggest me with homeopathy medicine.

  600. rashmi unone says:

    hii i have a problem of hair bladness so can u help me

  601. Chandresh says:

    hellow sir, I had hair loss started from last 3 years and started homeopathic treatment from last 1.5 years but no any effect of that treatments and my hair lossing as loss before treatment

    after treatment my hair falling greatly please suggest me what i will have to do my age is 21

  602. Suffering from heavy hair loss. How to control

  603. hello sir,am sakthi i having hair fall and itching in scalf what can i do

  604. anuj kashyap says:

    im anuj kashyap
    im having hair fall from last 3-years
    my hair r thinning n falling
    both thin hair n thick hair falls

  605. Anita Persaud says:

    Hi dear, I’ve been suffering from hair loss since 6 yrs ago. It’s diffused & lots of hair thining. Went through a difficult marriage, then had my gallbladder removed which made it worst. Seen a dermatologist who confirmed that it’s not a skin problem since my scalp was all healthy. GP did bloods which indicated deficiency in Vitamin D & Iron which has been resolved. I even still take these 2 vitamins together still together. I’m suffering from Fibromyalgia & not sure if this is related to it since not much research is done on Fibromyalgia. I use chemical free shampoo & conditioners. Sometimes when I brush my hair gently I notice small tiny weak hair follicles falling out. I will appreciate if you can recommend something for this.

    • Hi,

      I’ve been suffering from hair loss affecting my entire scalp for 25 years. I first noticed it the day I was preparing for my mother’s funeral. My scalp is red and has been sensitive with burning — never any oozing. There is scaliness around the hair follicles. The redness remains but the burning comes and goes. I have tiny, almost non-existent roots and the individual hair strands have become very thin like a newborn’s hair. I suffer from dry skin, dry eyes and dry mouth as well.

      It occurred to me just recently that I may be in a chronic state of dehydration, so I started taking Carbo Veg 200 C. There was an immediate improvement. Hair loss is normal now and I have new growth in areas where there hasn’t been any in decades. My scalp no longer burns but still remains red — almost a blessing since it actually helps mask the hair loss on my crown. My scalp feels normal [no scales] to the touch along the sides and base of my head, and it’s in these areas where I’m seeing new hair growth. I can still feel scaliness in other areas but there is a lot less shedding when my hair is brushed. I know that if I can eliminate the scales my hair will regrow. Can you help me? Thank you, Dr. Sharma, your website has been very helpful.

  606. Srikanth.a says:

    Hello Sir..
    my name is Srikanth age is only 18 i had hair falling problem in last 1 year soo many hair oils and shampoos used bt no results plzz suggest my problem

  607. Ashu Kr. Jha says:

    Sir I’m Ashu. I’m 23 and suffering from continuous hair fall. I don’t have any other problems in my body. This is happening from almost 2 years. What should I do?

  608. Dhiraj kumar says:

    Hello Sir myself Dhiraj Kumar age 36 years suffering from baldness in head front both sides. I have also go through many types of treatment like allopathy, homeopathy And also hamdard .At starting point these treatment gives me positive result after that this treatment stops there also very thin my father and my brother hair are very good and no sign of baldness .Dandruff also exits if i dont care my head after 2 or 3 days. my weight is 50 kg and body be average type. Sir give me some suggestion as i am totally frustated.

  609. Hello sir,
    My name is sonu my age is 28. I am suffering from hair loss last 2 years.. no body have this type in my family.. and i also face from 2 yrs stomach ache with stool every 7 or 8 days in a month last two years

  610. Asif khan says:

    Hello Sir myself Asif Khan age 26 years suffering from baldness in head front both sides. I have also go through many types of treatment like allopathy, homeopathy And also hamdard .At starting point these treatment gives me positive result after that this treatment stops there also very thin my father and my brother hair are very good and no sign of baldness .Dandruff also exits if i dont care my head after 2 or 3 days. my weight is 59 kg and body be average type. Sir give me some suggestion as i am totally frustated.

  611. priya ranjan says:

    Good morning sir..
    Sir I m suffering from continuous hairfall and it is turning in baldness..
    My head itches whole day.. and when I rub the hair to control it hair falls.. and a white type of something comes out along with hair fall.. I have tried a lot of things to control it but it doesn’t turn in my favour..
    So please sir help me to get rid of it.. my age is 24..
    Sir please guide me..

  612. Want to get treatment from Dr vikas where I can consult him

  613. hello dr i have a baldness in front side of my head and i .am suffering from hair fall n hair thinning my age is 28 i hv been suggested acid phos 30p but please suggest me other helpful homeopathic medicines


  614. mohammed omar says:

    I was using skin medicine ? from Gautam Reddy skin hospital.
    The hairs grows back but later again hairs are falling…
    He gave medicines : MorrF5%, finpecia and another one capsule….
    My hairs are still falling… Everyday around 50 to 60. My age is 20.
    Plz call me doctor…
    I feeling down…
    Plz call me on : 7075022517

  615. pradeep singh says:

    Gud evening sir….kuch Dino me mehsus Ho rha hai Ki mere Baal tut rhe hai …please tell me ?

  616. vinod kumar says:

    Sir i am vinod kumar i am very much worried about my hairfall problem which is due to dandruff i have digestive food problem also i have 30 years old so please give me advice how i get rid of this problem i want to stop this hairfall and grows new hair which medicine i can used please send me suggestion by my mail

    Thanking your anticipation
    Yours sincerely
    Vinod kumar

  617. GOURANGA DHAR says:

    I have a baldness in front side of my head, jaborandi and arnica conditioner shampoo i am using presently. no hair fall at present but no improvement of hair growth , the position is same as before. Which medicine I can used how it can used please send me by mail.

    Thanking your anticipation,

    Your sincierly
    (Gouranga Dhar)

  618. ajit singh says:

    sir I have hairloss problem which is due to heavy dandruff.,and itching too…..I wanna cure if this problem …and new hair regrowth…

  619. shivangi says:

    Hello doctor ..I’m shivangi I’m very much worried about my hair fall . I’m thinking of taking homeopathy medicines but worried that It will cause any side effects! So can you tell me is there any side oleffect of these medicines or not .?

  620. Abhishek says:

    hello dr suffering from hair fall n hair thinning my age is 22 i hv been suggested acid phos 30p but please suggest me other helpful homeopathic medicines

  621. Dear Dr. Sharma, My wife have a long hair,but such time before she suffering for hairfall,now a day she have very thinner hair, she have not dandruff problem other hair releted problem,please inform how to regain thick hair,recently she are use arnica mantona hair oil,there is OK or not,thanks

  622. Dr.Sharma
    Have been suffering from severe hairloss after having my hair bonded I.e. chemical treatment to straighten the hair.
    Please if you advice what homeopathy treatment will stop my hairfall.

  623. Dear Dr. Sharma My son is 24 . He is getting bald . The hair fall is rapid. When ever his room is cleaned we find very thin and small curled hair on the floor , bed and pillow. It is obseved that his hairfall is from all body . His hair texture is like mohair very soft n thin. Rest symptoms are profuse sweating all over body.He can’t tolerate heat even for 5 minutes. He will get water drops all over face head n body in no time. When he wakes up in the morning his hair seem drenched in oily water.His bedding has smell which can’t be washed away easily. He has problem of bad breath also. In winter he can live happily with one T shirt meaning he doesn’t need much warm cloths. He is lazy doesn’t do any exercise. Sweet natured very intelligent. His is healthy otherwise not thin or weak. I will be very great full if you suggest any medicine for him. He is taking phosphoricum acid in Q potency. Which is not working. It was prescribed by homeopathic doctor. Thanks in anticipation .

    • Ashish joshi b says:

      Dear Sir I am suffering from hair loss I have dandruff problem also which increased this hair fall and now in front part only few hair are left so if there is any medicine to regrow hai please help

  624. Jyoti Saxena says:

    I had normal hair..but after my delivery..they r getting thinner day by day…I had checked my Hb…it was less then normal…then I took live general after prescribed my dr…for 3 mnths….I went to dermatologist . ..but medicines did not suit me at all…I felt dizziness n headache…so I quit that….I tried many oils like castor oil,cocnut oil,and ayurvedic oil…but still my hair fall is there…I am loosing more hair from my crown ….I am in Banglore….kindly help me .

  625. Mam can male pattern baldness is curable ….or further baldness can be prevented with homeopathu


    Sir I am Srikanth krishna male 42 years old..I am pure vegetarian. . I am suffering from hair loss.. Sir I am using silicea 6X for one month but not working very well please Sir advise me good medicine for hair regrowth and stop hair fall ……………thanking you Sir

  627. Ranbir Singh kanwar says:

    I am 51 years old suffering from baldNess due to dandruff so Plz guide me.

  628. Binod Bihari Sahu says:

    Sir,I have suffered baldness since jan 2015.a fungal infection seen above my right year which proceeded to right chick with a thick black lining.which is observed during oct 2014.I consulted skin specialist in Cuttack who told it as Lichen planus and told it is not curable and only be suppressed by some steroids. I have not taken that steroids. On advise of a Homoeopathist I have taken Silicia 30 , the conditions aggravated and the whole scalp looked like pine apple surface.Consulted another Skin specialist and used some sampoo and medicine . the aggravation reduced and hairs are seen to be desrtoyed with patches by end of march 2015.the scalp was looking like a bituminus surface.. Then contacted one of friend he prescribed me-acid flur 200 fortnightly,berb vulg 200 OD,Antim crude 30 OD and hydrocotyl Q OD. the bituminus surface all most disappeared. then taken weisbeden 200 BD up to nov 2015. No effect to my scalp. All so applied Jaborandi Q with coconut oil on scalp for two months. Hairs on Upper scalp along with left above ear are mostly disappeared and right side above ear are in patched which provides a odd look to me.
    Now with advise of a friend I am in consultation with a homeopath on 15.5.16 carb 200/SD
    2.lyco-200 1 dose weekly
    3.AEJ Q apply externally
    4.sulp-30 SD
    5.Acid phos-200 OD
    On 11.6.16
    1. Cal carb 200 SD
    2.Lyco 200 OD
    3.Sulp -30OD
    4.Acid phod-200 BD

    help me whether I Will regain the hairs or not??????
    presently with advice of my friend i am

  629. afeen khan says:

    Hello dr. its very crucial point of my hair loss i m 19year old girl have no anemia no thyroid problem suffering from hairloss since 3years my weight is 47kg height is 5’3 .i have fine and very thin nd long hair.tried all vitamins zinc fallihair tablets and livon hair gain but nothing worked tried all home remedy too but still i have very high hairfall.u are the last hope plz blood count is 12.8.taling good diet and good care but still suffering.

  630. sir,
    this is bindu kushwaha and i am suffering from hair baldness.actually my hair is as it from my childhood.
    please tell me the way to thick this.
    i have heard about bisvadan 200 shakti in homeopathy.
    please guide me.

  631. Sir, I’m Arijit 22years old boy. I have been suffering from male patern hair fall(androgenic). My dht level is high.I have a lots of hair fall.And so that I’m going into frustration. Which homeopathic medicine can solve my problem? And how a dose have to take a day.. Plz tell me sir..

    • I am suffering man pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia which medicine is prefarable for me, from bangladesh

  632. Jitendra Gupta says:

    My daughter is 8years old . She is fit and healthy. Basically she is not having any physical problem. But suddenly from last 2 months her hair started falling too much and greying little (2-3 ) but there is no secretion or no dandruff . She is having nice sleep and diet. Plz suggest a good medicine

  633. Hello mam

    I am male (20) ,
    about one year ago i was having head full of hairs but now my hairs are getting thin and i am facing severe hair fall . Very less desity of hairs on midde of my head.

    i used too manny chemicals before and i think one year before i used streax hair straightner pack that is the reason behind my hairloss . Since i used that cream i ‘m facing severe hairloss.

    and once i took medicines of high blood pressure and daibaties by mistake . .About one year ago .

    please suggest me anything for regrowing my hairs and preventing hairloss

  634. Prabhakar Tripathi says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.

    I am Prabhakar 36 years old from PUNE. I suffering from androgenic alopecia and hair is thining and falling. Its actually genetic problem. My mother and father both have less hair and brother is bald and sister too is having less hairs.

    Would you please suggest some homeopathic medicine for my problem so that I can regrow hairs.

    Thanks and regards,


  635. Hello

    What treatment is good for baldness?

  636. Hi
    I am suffering from thyroid may be a reason for my hair fall. but i have dandruff problem too as my scalp is always greasy. tried several anti hairfall shampoo but because of that hairs became rough n dry n more hairfall occurred.
    front top saclp is visible now partition are more broad which is embarrasing

  637. Hello sir my brother is30 years old.still he doest got facial hair. Pls suggest me right way to overcome this problem.

  638. sir i have problem of hair fall perhaps due to dandruff or stress,tha root of hairs become very weak and hairs become very thin.plss suggest me about medicine

  639. GOURANGA DHAR says:



  640. Hari Mohan Agarwal says:

    I lost my hair 8-10 yrs back. Is there any possibility to re gain it.

  641. Margaret dSouza says:

    Dear sir

    Since a year i started losing hair.I lost 50%of my hair on the top.I dont know exactly what is the reason.I was to go out on the sun and never use oil on the head.What shall i do to regain my hair,pls suggest me

  642. Randhir pandey says:

    Ian suffering from alopecia complete hair loss on scalp. I am 35 years old.please give some advice for this.

    With regards
    Kanke ranchi

  643. I m loosing my hair in a excessive way. Its volume has decreased as it was before please suggest me what should i do….

  644. Hi I m 30 year old. My hairs were oka at 28. But sudden I had problems of urine infection and I lost alot protien. Now m getting bald from both cornor of forhead. Which medicine do you suggest for me. Currently I m taking acid and phos. But still lossing hear.

  645. Suman chouhan says:

    Meri umra 19 year h mere bal bahot jhar rhe h pichle 2 Salo se me bht presan hu ab to ganjapan aa gya h Maine pyar ka Ras anda sb kuc istemal Kiya kuc asr ni pra pleas koi upae btae Jisse mere khoye bal wapas aa jaye

  646. Neel Biswas says:

    Sir I’ve been suffering from hair loss for last 5-6 years hair becomes thin from in front like v shape…I went to a doctor 2 years ago bt in vain plz sir suggest me to stop hair fall and regrowth new hair plz sir.. I’m 27 years..

  647. Neel Biswas says:

    Sir I’ve been suffering from hair loss for last 5-6 years hair becomes thin from in front like v shape…I went to a doctor 2 years ago bt in vain plz sir suggest me to stop hair fall and regrowth new hair plz sir..

  648. Prashant kumar sharma says:

    Sir i am facing the problem of alopecia. my age 32 years male. Last 5-6 years l lost my hair from middle and front.

  649. k krishna rao says:

    I have lost my hair completely, I feel this is due to nutritional deficiency and stress (one of the main reason in my case). Is there any medicine available in homeopathy which can show results in 2 to 3 months time.

  650. Sir I’m 29 years old I m loose my hair in suffering lot of hair problem 1year all the hair all most gone in my scalp

  651. dipanwita roy says:

    Sir I’m suffering a lot of hair fall problame since 2years all the hair all most gone in my scalp.and it increase in summer time .I fill itchiness in scalp and a lot of hair come out.plz suggest.I’m 26years old .

  652. sk Hiroz says:

    heir loss problem

  653. MUKUL SOOD says:

    i am suffering from hair loss from 7 years . i have regular cold .
    please tell me medicine.

  654. Mousumi Saha says:

    Sir i am a 21 year old Student.During Previous 2 Years I have Excessive Hair Fall And now My Hair become Thin.I Uses Previously many product like Ayurvad hair oil shampoo,also sbl homeo product.but there is no improve to grow new hair on my scalps.Is There any solution that how i can get My Hair Thiker And grow??Thankss

  655. hallo ,sir .my name is ganesh ,i am losing hair from my head .duo to this it creates unsymmetry at one side on forehead .i wanted to regrow hair on these lost site .is it possible?

  656. shailesh says:

    Kya m apne khoye hue ball wapas la sakta hu??

  657. shailesh says:

    Hello sir,

    Mujhe kaafi dino se hairfall ho raha h..aur baldness bhi start ho gya h.. mera hair agay se V shape ho raha hai.. aur bich me gayab ho raha h..mujhe sir me itching hoti h aur funguce jaisa nikalta h.bath time pr mere baal bahot girte h.. give me some homeopathy medicine
    Sir please suggest me.. october me meri shadi h .. maine har medicine try kiya bt koi effect nhi hua…

    • ashwani says:

      shilesh sir
      aap anulom vilom 15 min
      kapal bati 15 min
      and nail rubbing 10-10 minutes daily kre
      or phir after 3 months you will see the magic
      aapka hairfall ruk jayega
      or ho sake to kapalbati 15-15 mint kre
      to result or Acha milega

  658. irem asif says: daughter is16 year’s old. she has very much hair lose. we change the city due to posting. she has nothing any problems of health.she has good health.please doctor advice some good homeopathic medicine for her. her circle is regular.

  659. Shah Nazar says:

    I m suffring hair fall problem last 8 yrs.on forehead l lost more hair than other part of head .l m 29 yrs of age.l have now dandruff last one years. I had sufferd by very deep depression for 5 mnths.After that I face this problem .plz help me doctor sahab.
    I have normal thirst,no symptoms ,no anger,normal eating habits,no any family background related problems.

  660. Dimple Batra says:

    Hello sir,

    Myself Dimple ji,
    Actually mere baal bhut jhadte h mere balo me bhut dandruff h jiske karan mujhe lagta h hair loss hota h bhut kuch try kiya but koi asar nhi hua
    Pl ap suggestions dijiye ki Mai kya kru

  661. Bhati Kan singh says:

    Hello sir.. Me Bhati Kan singh.
    BHMS ka student hu pune me stdy krra hu.. Mujhe hair fall ki problem h temporal Nd vertix me Nd sir daily 70-100 hair fall hore h… Ye problem Mujhe 1 yr se h… ye hereditary h sir… pls help me sir

    • ashwani says:

      aap anulom vilom 15 min
      kapal bati 15 min
      and nail rubbing 10-10 minutes daily kre
      or phir after 3 months you will see the magic
      aapka hairfall ruk jayega
      or ho sake to kapalbati 15-15 mint kre
      to result or Acha milega
      irem asif says:
      May 2, 2016 at 8:04 am

  662. Sanmit Kaur says:

    I have been loosing hair since last 8-9 years. My scalp is visible now. I am 43 years old woman with two kids. I have been to many Dermatologists but no success so far. My eyebrows have become thin as well. Dermatologists suggested that I am suffereing from Androgenetic Alopecia as I have a twin brother who is bald too. So possibly I will be like him.
    Can you please advise if there is any cure for Female pattern hair loss in Homeopathy. Generally I am a healthy women with mild Arthirities symptoms in joints. I look forward to your response. Kind regards

  663. jitender sawnare says:

    6 se 7 saali se mere hair fall bahut ho rhe pr ab condition kuch jyada karab ho gai h aap kuch esa bataiye ki me apne hair ko vapis naturally pa saku

    • ashwani says:

      aap anulom vilom 15 min
      kapal bati 15 min
      and nail rubbing 10-10 minutes daily kre
      or phir after 3 months you will see the magic
      aapka hairfall ruk jayega
      or ho sake to kapalbati 15-15 mint kre
      to result or Acha milega

      • Ashish kumar says:

        Sir my age is 24 . I am suffering from hai loss from last 2 year. My head almost blade side and front.pls suggest me some homeopathic medicine so will regain my hai naturally.

    • ashwani says:

      hello sir g
      my name is ashwani garg
      I m suffering from androgenatic alopecia ie male pattern baldness from 2 my all hair are so thin
      and so mich hair fall.i had lost my lot of hair from top and back of head.
      plz tell me best solution

  664. Dr . Mujhe 1994 se alopecia ki problem hai .abhi meri age 32 years hai ab jyada badti hi ja rahi hai. Bahut jyada hair fall ho raha hai kya karun.? Mai bahu pareshan hu .

    • shailesh says:

      Hello sir,

      Mujhe kaafi dino se hairfall ho raha h..aur baldness bhi start ho gya h.. mera hair agay se V shape ho raha hai.. aur bich me gayab ho raha h..mujhe sir me itching hoti h aur funguce jaisa nikalta h.bath time pr mere baal bahot girte h.. give me some homeopathy medicine
      Sir please suggest me.. october me meri shadi h .. maine har medicine try kiya bt koi effect nhi hua…

  665. Rajesh Rajpal says:

    I am having problem of dandruff, hair loss and becoming bald. Will u pls treat me thru homeopathy medicines for full treatment how much money u will take, will u pls give me ur quotation for full treatment course.

  666. pooja verma says:

    Sir my hair is very thick and falling also in last five years.please sir give me some sajetion urgent.
    Thank you
    Pooja verma

  667. Hello

    My hair started falling out 11 years ago after a long time on anti depressants (and quite a number of them) as well as taking melatonin. I had quite a lot of hair but now it’s very thin and in the last year really starting to bald around the forhead hair line. I’m starting to panic it’s all going to fall out. I’ve had two children and had a lot of hair loss post pregnancy.

    Please help, don’t know where to turn.


  668. hello sir,
    its being a month my stomach is upset…. and from last two years i have noticed my hair loss from forehead… my forehead is getting bigger… it has become bigger about a inch…. even a simple plain hairstyle lead to continuous pain on my forehead… and i have totally damaged my hairs with straightner teh are rough and almost every hair is splitted….. plz sir suggest ne something

  669. hello sir,
    its being a month my stomach is upset…. and from last two years i have noticed my hair loss from forehead… my forehead is getting bigger… it has become bigger about a inch…. even a simple plain hairstyle lead to continuous pain on my forehead…. what should i do sir plz suggest me

  670. Hello Dr,

    I am facing tremendous hair fall due to thyroid. But the ratio for hair fall is too high from last 3 months. Please suggest.

    • mukesh kumar says:

      Hlo sir
      Mere hair bhut jhar rhe hai. Bath k time or
      oil glate hue b hath me aa jate hai. Mere hair bhut kam ho rhe hai . Sar pe ganjapan aa rha plz mujhe koi achi medicine btao jis jaldi se problem solv ho jaye
      thank u sir

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