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Top 3 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Treating Head Injuries

Head injury broadly includes any injury that occurs on the scalp, skull or the brain. A head injury can vary from a mild bump on the scalp to a severe brain injury. A minor head injury may lead to confusion or a headache. On the other hand, a significant head injury may lead to memory loss, coma or death. Head injuries are broadly categorized into two types – closed head injury and open/penetrating head injury. In case of closed head injury, the skull does not break. Breaking of the skull by an object, and its entry into or on the brain is referred to as an open or penetrating head injury. Homeopathic medicine for head injury helps relieve pain and treats the associated problems following a head injury. Arnica, for example, is an excellent homeopathic first-aid remedy for head injuries.

Causes of Head Injuries

There are several causes of a head injury, which include: – accidents (on a roadside, at home, or at the workplace) – falling and hurting the head – physical assault (getting into a fight, domestic violence, childhood abuse, etc.) – sports injuries (as in skateboarding, soccer, football, hockey, etc. ) – Gunshot wounds

Types of Head Injuries

The different types of head injuries are: Intracranial Bleeding – It refers to bleeding in the skull. Lacerations to the scalp – Tearing of skin that results in an irregular wound. Subdural hematoma, epidural hematoma – Collection of blood outside the blood vessels is referred to as a hematoma. Bleeding below the dura mater (one of the three layers that cover the brain and spinal cord) is known as subdural hematoma while bleeding between dura mater and skull is known as an epidural hematoma. Concussions -Concussions arise from a blow to the head in which the brain gets shaken and hits against the wall of the skull. Cerebral contusions – Bruising of the brain tissue is known as a cerebral contusion. Skull fracture – A break in the skull bone is known as a skull fracture. It is further divided into four types – linear, depressed, diastatic and basilar skull fracture.

Symptoms of a Head Injury

The symptoms of a head injury can be felt immediately or develop slowly over a couple of hours or days. The intensity of symptoms depends upon the severity of the head injury. The signs of a minor head injury and a major head injury are different.

Symptoms: Minor Head Injury

The symptoms of a minor head injury include dizziness, feeling foggy in the brain, confusion, headache, nausea, ringing in the ears, sensitivity to light/noise, a bump or swollen area on the scalp ( a bruise) or a small superficial cut in the scalp.

Symptoms: Major Head Injury

The symptoms of major or serious head injury include:

  • loss of consciousness
  • vomiting
  • change in the size of pupils of eyes
  • leaking of clear fluid or blood from the nose, ears or mouth
  • problems in balance/ coordination
  • inability to move any of the limbs
  • slurred speech
  • stiff neck
  • blurred vision
  • impaired hearing/smell/taste
  • abnormal eye movements
  • loss of memory (amnesia)
  • difficulty walking
  • a severe headache
  • serious disorientation
  • low breathing rate
  • weakness in one side of the body
  • a deep cut in the scalp
  • behavioral changes (including irritability)

Homeopathy for Head Injury

Any head injury needs urgent medical attention. Homeopathic medicines can effectively treat acute head injuries as well as the long-term effects that develop due to an injury. However, it should be noted that in case of head injuries, conventional treatment should be taken along with homeopathic treatment. This is because the head injury can be severe and conventional medicines may be required for emergency care. Among the various homeopathic medicines for a head injury, the top ones include Arnica Montana, Natrum Sulph, and Cicuta Virosa. These are homeopathic medicines prepared from naturally occurring substances and treat head injuries in a very safe, gentle manner without any side effects.

Top three Homeopathic Medicines for Head Injury

Arnica Montana – Homeopathic Medicine for Head Injury

Arnica Montana is a top homeopathic medicine for a head injury. It has a high healing capacity and works in a very effective manner in case of a head injury from falls, blows, or those arising from blunt instruments. Hematomas, concussions, contusions are all treated well with Arnica Montana. It is also indicated for skull fractures. Arnica Montana should be used as a first aid homeopathic medicine in case of head injury. Soon after a head injury, a state of shock, confusion, drowsiness, stupor that appears can be dealt well with this homeopathic medicine. The extreme pain, soreness, tenderness of head following an injury, a burning / heated sensation in the head, meningitis following head injury can be treated with Arnica. In case of meningitis, a great stupor and an excessive inclination to vomit are indications to use this medicine.

Natrum Sulph – Homeopathic Medicine for Head Injury – Chronic Effects

Homeopathic medicine Natrum Sulph an effective treatment for the chronic effects of a head injury. It helps treat mental troubles arising from a head injury. Depression following head injury is a prominent feature to use this medicine. Here, the important indicating features to use this medicine are sadness, tearfulness, aversion to living and suicidal thoughts. In addition to that, a dislike to speak or be spoken to is present. Other symptoms include a low spirit, ill humor, irritability, and anxiety. It also helps treat epilepsy that may develop after a head injury. Natrum Sulph also works well to treat headaches that follow a head injury, along with pain at the back of the neck.

Cicuta Virosa – Homeopathic Medicine for Head Injury followed by Epilepsy

Cicuta Virosa is a homeopathic medicine for a head injury that is followed by epilepsy (seizures). Violent convulsions with distortions of limb, bending of the head, neck, and spine backward are the most prominent feature to use this medicine. Other significant symptoms include froth from the mouth, rolling of eyes up, and dilated pupils. Most of the times, a spasm begins in the head and travels down. Prolonged unconsciousness follows an episode of convulsions. Extreme weakness following the convulsions, convulsions triggered by noise, and visual disturbances as a result of head injuries are indicative of this medicine.

Other Important Homeopathic Medicines for Head Injury 

Apart from these medicines, some other significant homeopathic medicines are used for treating a head injury and its effects. These include Helleborus Niger, Conium Maculatum, Hypericum Perforatum, Belladonna and Calendula Officinalis. The key indications for using these homeopathic medicines are as follows:

Helleborus Niger – Homeopathic medicine for Head Injury – Altered Mental Functioning

Helleborus Niger is a homeopathic medicine for a head injury that leads to altered mental functioning, with symptoms like confusion, slowness of perception, inattention, drowsiness, dullness and weakness/loss of memory. Unintelligible muttering, constant thoughtless staring at one spot, slowness in responding, indifferent behavior, anxiety, boring head in a pillow, rolling head from side to side, beating head with hands, picking of lips/clothes, and fixed dilated pupils are other symptoms that indicate the need for Helleborus Niger.

Conium Maculatum – Homeopathic Medicine for Head Injury – Vertigo

Conium Maculatum is a homeopathic medicine for head injury followed by vertigo. In such cases, vertigo gets worse when turning the head sideways. Lying down and turning in bed may worsen vertigo. In some cases, worsening of vertigo due to a noise or an eye movement is also noted. Vertigo with an inclination to fall sideways is also treated well with Conium.

Hypericum Perforatum – Homeopathic Medicine for Head Injury – Headaches

Hypericum Perforatum is a homeopathic medicine for a head injury that is followed by headaches. Soreness of eyes with a headache, a sensation of being lifted up high in the air are the main symptoms. Hypericum is also indicated for treating a fracture of the skull, and for open wounds with weakness due to blood loss.

Belladonna – Homeopathic Medicine for Head Injury followed by Brain Inflammation

Belladonna is a prominent homeopathic medicine for brain inflammation following a head injury. The symptoms to use this medicine include fever, severe headache, heat in the head, flushed face, frequent full pulse, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, boring head in a pillow, and convulsions.

Calendula Officinalis – Homeopathic Medicine for Lacerated Wounds of Scalp

Calendula Officinalis is a natural homeopathic medicine used to treat lacerated wounds of the scalp. It helps heal an injury that is attended by features like wounds on the scalp that are raw, inflamed and are highly painful, along with an occurrence of fever. This medicine helps in reducing pain, inflammation, promoting healthy granulation and preventing suppuration. Calendula Officinalis is also indicated for compound fractures of the skull.

Head Injury: Complications

The major complications of head injury are: Meningitis Inflammation of the protective membranes (meninges) of the brain and spinal cord is known as meningitis. If not treated immediately it can cause permanent damage to the brain and may also prove to be fatal life-threatening. The symptoms of meningitis include a very high fever, headache, stiff neck, nausea/vomiting, skin rash, and seizures. Hydrocephalus An abnormal fluid buildup in the ventricles of the brain is referred to as hydrocephalus. Excess fluid puts pressure on the brain and damages it. To prevent permanent brain damage, quick treatment is required. The symptoms include a headache, neck pain, sleepiness, vomiting, blurred vision/double vision, confusion, eyes fixing downward, poor coordination, and seizures. Coma Coma is a state of an extended period of unconsciousness. The person in a coma doesn’t respond to the environment and cannot be awakened by any stimulation. Coma in head injury may arise from swelling in the brain or a brain hemorrhage. Seizures Seizures arise from abnormal electrical activity in the brain. The symptoms of seizures include uncontrollable shaking of the body, temporary confusion, unconsciousness and a staring spell. The symptoms tend to last for 30 seconds to 2 – 3 minutes. When a tendency of seizures develops, the condition is known as epilepsy.

Important Preventive Measures

Head injuries, whether minor or major, can lead to long-term problems. It is important to get timely treatment in case a head injury has occurred. Preventing head injuries is important, and the following measures can be taken to avoid traumatic brain injuries :

  • Always Wear helmets while driving bikes, bicycle, or while participating in sports activities like skating.
  • Do not drive after consuming alcohol.
  • Make it a habit of wearing a seat belt when sitting in a car.n

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  1. Tapan Kumar Chakraborty says:

    My wife got injury on the backside of yestrrday at about 9 a.m. yesterday. I have given Arnica 30 twice. What should be the ptoper dose? Any ither medicine is required? Head was pushed against the wall.

  2. Akash bharti says:

    Hello dr Sharma respected 2002 year ago head injury long time problem mental weakness like phobia deases ex Gyonophobia etc

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  5. Mrinal Biswas says:

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    • Raja Sharma says:

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      I am waiting for kind response

  6. My son had a very serious head injury in 2006 – brain trauma was extensive . resulting in hemaparesis, apraxia, aphasia and epilepsy. After many brain operations in 2006 -2007. he’s on medication for epilepsy. In Feb the neurologist changed his medication as it was causing him to have very low sodium levels and fainting fits but this change of medication was to be monitored to establish the right amount of the new medication to be used , unfortunately the COVID lock down happened . He basically had a seizure he collapsed and on top of all the brain damage he already had he also and concussion – but they would not allow him to go to the hospital. When he finally went , the CAT scan showed he had a heamatoma of about 1cm – medication was given for a month hoping it would be absorbed but it hasn’t and it has increased to 1.8cm. We can’t get an appointment with the hospital or with the neuro surgeon and I live in fear that it will expand even further –

    I’m sick and tired of giving him medication that makes him sleeping and less receptive and extreme mood swings and on top of that his GGT GOT is extremely high because due to the medication.

    Lori 17:28

    In the meantime i gave him Arnica 200ch , as a first aid remedy but until we can get to him seen and dealt with by a neurosurgeon i was trying to find a homeopathic remedy to slow down the expansion of blood seeping- the hosiptal’s medication was cortisone – this was a month ago.

    I would really appreciate a solution as we hae been fighting this situation for the past 14 years .

    kindest regards

    Lori 17:31

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  7. Ajibola Abiodun says:

    My wife did not fall and had no physical trauma to her head, she only had an headache that refused to yield to treatments and CT scan diagnosed acute epidural hematoma, the neurosurgeon said it’s a surgical case, but a concerned person told me of homeopathic treatment without craniotomy surgery will treat it perfectly, Pls sir, how do I go about it, thank you sir.

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    Chronic Brain injury

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    Your suggestions are worthful.

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    My six month old is moving head from side to side after a fall. Please recommend a remedy

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  13. My daughter received a concussion in 2016 from falling off a horse. She still gets headaches, occasional nausea or dizziness and has a hard time falling asleep. She is not as outgoing as she was. She has a difficult time with strong sunlight and humidity. I am sure Nat sulph is her remedy for the after effects of her concussion but I’m not sure of the protocol of how much to give. I was thinking NatSulph 200 2x per day but perhaps that would be too strong. I could also give NatSulph 30C 2x per day for 3 months unless her symptoms clear up before that. What would you suggest?

  14. Manish Goyal says:

    Hlo dr.saab
    Good Morning my wife met with head injury chronic subdural hematoma on left side on 12 July 2019 same time with un two hours she was getting medical helf crianotomy done. After the two days she was open her eyes recognised command. But not able to speak anything after eight days she get drizzy closs her eyes tricosmo had been done. She was laying down on oxygen over seventeen day after then she open her slowly but she is vegitativ condition (unconscious) till today. Now she have good eye opening pain to pinch her slowly move her neck fold her leg and arms . I am in very big trouble but to do ?

  15. Can we take aliphatic and homeopathic same time for head injury.

  16. Dr. Saab Namaskar sir meri Mother ko kal electric shock lag gaya tha, head me chot lagi tab se pet me dard and Headache se paresan hai please koi Med. Bataiye

  17. Indranil Acharya says:

    My father had a fall in 29 th April and fractured his leg and was given blood thinners. Now he has developed subdural hematoma with mass effect on the left side for over 20 days.. He is having weakness of limbs with difficulty in walking and loss of memory. He is taking arnica Montana mother and nat.ßulph. 1000 dilution. He is also taking diuretics. Do your suggest any changes in medicine.
    Please reply.

  18. Munna Lal Vishwajarma says:

    My wife had severe head injury on 7.11.18 and went to coma. I have given helpen 200 which maintained interceanial pressure .The symptoms one sided paralysis and one active was clearly visible.
    But she has not fully awaken and sensibility
    Should I use helpen big higher.

  19. Daughter on car accident hit head on with punctured lung, plates in her firearm with 9 screws, serious emotional behavior changes…. looks like Helleborous will help her… severe anemia long term, flu virus almost took her lifeline two years ago….. has a newborn and glandular problems, heavy menstrual cycles…. chronic tiredness and not eating well… worried about spending money of food…. please help her Doctor….. thank you very much…..,

  20. susan ronis says:

    Hi, My dog Bubbles was accidentally dropped off the vet’s table on Aug 4th and landed on his snout.mandible and afterwards has been totally disoriented to getting around the house and yard and unable to localize to sound although he hears and understands words. HE had already lost all sight on Dec 3 of 2016 and all sense of smell on Dec 6th, 2016, when he woke up seemingly after having a seizure confused and crying, ‘All neurologists and opthomologists had diagnosed him with SARDS, giving no explanation for loss of smell . I always insisted it was a brain tumor but refused to get him the MRI because I did not want him to get anesthesia, So he had been getting acupuncture religiously since Jan 2017 and also homeopathic meds from Dr Banerji : Ruta 6 and Calc phos, But since the fall incident, they did not instruct me on what else to do now, I wonder if arnica and belladonna are good, I do not see any seizures, but I worry about hydrocephalus, He does not vonmit but only wants to eat as usual and is quite fat, There is definitely memory loss, loss of spatial orientation and inability to motor plan going up the outside stairs since the incident. He walks around in circles trying to figure out which way to go but I do not suspect that he has vertigo, Please help us and tell me the dosage for him, as he is 16 1/2lbs more or less, Thank yuou

    • Dropped off of vets table!!! My little 16 yr old Bedlington has the same symptoms as your dog I think he had a stroke. I gave him arnica and it helped Also opium but your dog’s diagnosis will be different

    • Parameshwar D says:

      Due to the acccident My Left side Brain subdural hematoma surgery has been done, my body symptoms are 1) Right side body muscles weakness stiff Harder 2) slurred speech talking problems 3) Epilepsy tablet taking, *** Impression,Resolving intracerebral haemorrhagic contusions, subdural collection in left frontal and temporal Region’s, Intracerebral haemorrhagic is a caused by bleeding within the BRAIN tissue itself-A Life threatening type of occurs when the Brain is deprived of Oxygen and blood supply ICH is most commonly coused by hypertension ,,malformations or Head Trauma Diffuse axonal injury happened motor neurone Axon Damage, My Left side Brain cerebral cortex motor neurone Axon Damage I kindly requesting you to help me sir/madam 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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