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Frequent Headaches . It Could Be Migraine  by Dr. Vikas Sharma

It is very common for each one of us to suffer from headaches couple of times in our lifetime; but for some, headaches are far too common and their recurrences become a major hindrance in leading a normal life. One such type of recurrent headaches is called as ‘Migraine headaches’. They show a typical pattern of recurrence and are characterized by severe to moderate head pain, both sides and one sided and which may or may not be present with nausea and vomiting.

For those who suffer from migraine, Homeopathy can be a boon in curing this disorder. Long term treatment with homeopathy can eradicate migraine headaches. It is also very important to understand that migraine is not an easy disease to do away with. Even with homeopathy, moderate to severe form of migraines take a while to get treated and gradually get better in a phased out manner; they usually don’t disappear in one go.

The symptoms of migraine can range from mild to very severe pain. The severity of the pain varies from case to case and can last from few hours to up to four days. It may be preceded by signs which are often called as ‘aura’ a signal that the migraine attack is about to come. The signs can be disturbances in vision like flashing of light, zigzag lines, blind spots, doubling of vision, black floating spots, tingling in limbs. The pain may affect one side and may gradually proceed to the other side too or affect both the sides. The pains are usually of throbbing or pulsating in character. Many patients complain of high degree of sensitivity to sound or light during the attack and prefer to lie down in a dark and a silent room. Vomiting or the sensation of vomiting also called as nausea are often present but migraine headaches can occur without them too. Some patients feel a great relief in pain after vomiting which may force the patients to induce one at times. Migraine headaches can last from 3 hours to 72 hours.

Although the actual cause of migraine is not very clear. The researchers believe that migraine is caused by drop in the level of a chemical serotonin in the brain which leads to the inflammation and dilatation in the blood vessels of the brain leading to a headache. The migraine can be triggered by many factors. The most common are hormonal (headache related to menses), stress, foods (alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, foods containing MSG), certain medications, changes in sleep pattern and excessive physical exertion.

Homeopathic treatment of migraine depends totally upon the symptoms presented and also the psycho-physical makeup of the patient. The character and the modalities associated with pain also the symptoms associated with it such as aura, vomiting, nausea and the trigger factors decide the choice of the homeopathic medicine that would help that particular case. Although there are plenty of homeopathic medicines used in treating migraine the most important ones are Glonine, Belladonna, Sanguinaria, Iris, Gelsemium, Nux Vomica, Epiphegus and Natrum Carb.

It is very important for those suffering from migraine to realize that lifestyle modifications like regular exercise and reducing stress in their life are very essential in controlling migraine. Identifying trigger factors (for example identifying foods that trigger your headache or exertion or situations that lead to stress) and avoiding these factors can be very helpful in controlling the recurrence of headaches.

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  1. Mukesh Jadhav says:

    Prior to the problem a tickling sensation observed.
    Headache is of severe type followed by nausea and vomitting.the condition last s for three days gradually receding.

  2. Akash gupta says:

    Hello sir eye me char saal se dard hai mene bahut Dr ko dikhaya lekin mera porbalm thik nahi huaa aap kuch bataiye

  3. k s harsha says:

    Dear sir
    i am surrering with migraine since thirty years. pls help me sir.


  4. Hello Doctor,

    I am Sudhakar, working as a software engineer in Bangalore. From couple of days I am having mild headache and neck pain. Could not see the sunlight properly especially in the morning time and feeling like low caliber. If I close my eyes and sleep on bed I am feeling comfortable.When I bend my neck see down for some time, I feel my head too heavy and can not bear it. Some times I feel like vomit when I travel in bus or staying at busy places. Please suggest the treatment for my problem.


  5. im suffering from it for sometime now, mine is very serious, my dr ordered days of rest for me.

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