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Relieving Heat Headache With Homeopathy

Headaches can get triggered from a number of reasons, heat being one of them. Heat tends to be a common trigger for migraine in many cases. Hot weather, too much sun exposure, overheated body from physical exertion, doing exercise in heat can bring a headache episode. Heat headache usually occurs on both sides of the head. In case of migraine from heat, one-sided headache occurs along with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light or sound.

The exact reason why heat triggers headache is not clear yet but it is thought that heat exposure for extended time periods tends to activate neurons involved in regulation of temperature in hypothalamus of the brain. It tends to trigger a headache. The headache from heat may in real be arising due to dehydration (condition arising when more fluid is lost from body than what is taken in). Dehydration narrows blood vessels that could trigger headache. Heat headache may also be a part of heat exhaustion or heat stroke from being overheated. Symptoms other than headache in case of heat exhaustion are excessive sweating, dizziness, pale skin, nausea, vomiting, fast/weak pulse, muscle cramps, weakness. Heat exhaustion is an emergency and should be treated immediately. If not treated, it may lead to heat stroke which can turn fatal (its symptoms are throbbing headache, body temperature above 103 degrees, confusion, fast heartbeat, fits, loss of consciousness).

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy carries great scope in treating headache caused by different reasons including that of heat. Homeopathic medicines help in relieving acute episodes of heat headache quite effectively. They work magnificently in overcoming heat headache, migraine from heat and headache that occurs regularly in hot weather or summer in people sensitive to heat. Homeopathic medicines help in gradually reducing the intensity and frequency of such headaches. The most suitable homeopathic medicine for treating headache due to heat is selected after detailed analysis of individual case. The best part of opting homeopathy is that homeopathic medicines work in the most natural way and there are no side effects of these medicines.

Top Homeopathic Medicines For Headache Due To Heat

There is a long list of homeopathic medicines for treating headache due to heat. Among them, Natrum Mur, Glonoine, Natrum Carb, Belladonna and Lachesis are the top-recommended medicines.

1. Natrum Mur – Top Grade Medicine

Natrum Mur tops the list of homeopathic medicines for heat headache. It works best when headache gets triggered from exposure to the heat of sun. It is a leading medicine for headache from sunrise to sunset. It means the headache starts with the rising sun in morning, gradually keeps increasing as day goes by, reaches peak (worst) at noon and after that gradually starts decreasing and finally goes after sunset in evening. Those needing it have headache in forehead, over the eyes and on the top of head (vertex). They feel as if thousands of hammers are knocking on the head. Along with headache, disturbance in vision may be felt. Sensitivity to bright light may also occur.

2. Glonoine – From Heat Of Sun

Like Natrum Mur, Glonoine is also well indicated for managing headache that triggers from heat of sun. It works well for throbbing (to beat or pulsate with force and rapidity) of pain in the head. The head feels congested as if excessive blood has rushed to the head and it feels as if the head would burst. Head feels very large. Eyes appear as if protruding out from eye sockets. Nausea and vomiting may accompany headache. Flushes of heat are felt in the head and face. A weight sensation is also felt at top of the head. The pain gets worse from shaking head and walking. Relief in headache occurs after sleeping. In cases where headache remains throughout the summer, Glonoine is the best choice of medicine to overcome this tendency.

3. Natrum Carb – For Headache In Hot Weather And From Heat Of Sun

This medicine works well for headache that occurs in hot weather and from exposure to sun’s heat. In cases needing it, the pain is felt in the forehead, sides of head and top of head. At times, pain starts in the back of head and extends there from to the top of the head. The pain can be tearing or stitching type. Turning the head suddenly worsens pain. Headache is attended with dimness of sight. Nausea can also occur. Head feels too large and excessive weakness may be felt.

4. Belladonna – For Throbbing Pulsating Pain

Belladona is the most important medicine to help cases of throbbing, pulsating (to beat or pulsate with force and rapidity) type of pain in head. There is marked heat and redness of face. The pain is felt in forehead, sides of head, back of head but is most intense on the sides of the head. The pain worsens from light, noise, eye movement and stooping. There is relief by pressing the head with hands or binding tightly with a cloth. A feeling of fullness and pressure is felt in the head.

5. Lachesis – For Left-Sided Headache

Lachesis is prominently indicated for left-sided headache. Pain is felt in the entire left side of the head. There is dim vision or flickering (shining with fluctuating light) in front of the eyes. It is attended with nausea. In cases needing Lachesis, head feels heavy and feels as if it would burst. A burning sensation on top of head (vertex) is a characteristic feature. Lachesis can also be used for pain on the sides of head especially that worsens from applying pressure on the head and from movement.

6. Lycopodium – For Right-Sided Headache

This medicine is suitable for right-sided headache. The pain is usually tearing or stitching type. The pain extends down the neck from the right side of the head. It gets worse from movement and is relieved by lying down. This medicine is also indicated for headache from getting warm in bed or getting warm while walking. There may be relief in cold air.

7. Gelsemium – For Pain In Back Of Head To Forehead

This medicine is recommended when pain begins from the back of head and extends to forehead. A bursting sensation occurs in forehead and eyeballs. A sensation of a band around the head is also prominent. Along with headache, there may occur dimness of vision or double vision. There is relief in pain by pressing the head or lying down with the level of head kept high with pillows underneath the head. This medicine is also useful for pain in the forehead above the eyes. Headache can be accompanied with neck pain and dizziness.

8. Carbo Veg – From Being Overheated

Carbo Veg is a good choice of medicine when headache follows after head is overheated. Headache and pressure is felt usually in forehead above the eyes. Watering from eyes may occur. Along with pain, vertigo may also be present. The head feels empty along with burning sensation. At times, an electric shock type sensation is also felt in the head. Head feels constricted. Nausea sometimes appears along with pain. Carbo Veg is also well indicated when headache occurs from being in an overheated room.

9. Veratrum Album – With Nausea And Vomiting

This medicine is helpful for headache attended with nausea and vomiting. A feeling of ice block on top of head is felt. A unique attending symptom is cold sweat on forehead. Pressure is felt over the top of head. Excessive weakness may occur along with headache.

10. Bryonia – When Headache Worsens From Movement

This medicine is beneficial when headache gets worse from movement. Even movement of eyes worsens the pain. There is relief by closing the eyes and pressing the head with hands. Pain is mostly felt in the forehead and the back of the head. Pain from the back of the head may radiate to shoulders. The scalp is sensitive to touch.




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