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Cluster Headaches Making Life miserable ? Homeopathy has a Effective Solution

Homeopathic  Remedies for Cluster Headaches

Homeopathic Remedies for Headache

Homeopathic Remedies for Headache

Severe headache not only slows down a person, but affects his or her general outlook towards life. Severe headache that is typically present around one eye (periorbital headache) and appears in clusters (in a group) lasting for weeks or months is referred to as Cluster Headache. A person experiences frequent headache, which is followed by a period of rest when there is no headache. The headache during the cluster period is mostly noticed at precisely the same hour each day for several weeks or even months. There are cases in which episodes of Cluster Headache show a seasonal occurrence in which the cluster appears in a specific season. Cluster Headache, thus, has two phases. The first phase refers to the period during which bouts of headache appear frequently, and then there is the second phase of pain-free period during which there is no headache. Homeopathic remedies are very beneficial and provide complete relief from Cluster Headaches. Made of completely safe natural substances with zero side effects, Homeopathic remedies for cluster headache provide relief from acute pain and work to remove the disorder from its root so there is no recurrence of Cluster Headache.

Symptoms of Cluster Headache

The typical and foremost symptom of headache around or in the eye is eye discharge, swelling or redness of eyes, drooping of eyelids, nasal discharge or congestion, and sweating of face. In a few persons, the pain also settles in temporal region of head. The accompanying symptoms are always present on the same side on which the headache appears. Restlessness is also experienced by patients.

Homeopathic Treatment for Cluster Headache

The Homeopathic treatment for cluster headache aims at two aspects in treating patients. The first is to provide relief from acute pain and the second is to remove the condition from its root with the most beneficial natural Homeopathic remedies. With the use of Homeopathic medicines, the intensity and frequency of Cluster Headache reduces and with the long-term use of appropriate Homeopathic remedies, Cluster Headache is extracted from its root.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Cluster Headache

Cedron: Best Homeopathic medicine for Cluster Headache at precisely same hour

Cedron is considered the top natural Homeopathic medicine that will provide immidiate relief from Cluster Headaches. Cedron is of great help when the main symptom is severe pain around the eye at a particular hour. Periodicity in occurrence of periorbital pain is essentially marked. This pain may radiate into the ear. In other persons, the pain around the eye may radiate to the temples or back of head. Watering from eyes with burning may also present itself with eye pain. Night aggravation of pain is also noted. Although the pain may appear on any side, the pain over the left side of eye is felt more often for prescribing Homeopathic remedy Cedron.

Belladona: Homeopathic medicine for Cluster Headache with redness or swelling of eyes

Belladona is the ideal natural Homeopathic medicine for Cluster Headache with redness or swelling of eyes and flushing of face. The characteristic feature for using this Homeopathic remedy is deep pain in the eyes, mostly throbbing or shooting in nature, with congestion and redness of eyes. The eyes also show protrusion. Photophobia i.e. intolerance to light or worsening of pain from light may also be noted. In most cases, lying down worsens the pain and tight bandage or pressure seems to provide relief. The sudden onset of a violent headache is also a marked feature. The attacks appear suddenly and with intensity and leave with the same suddenness.

Spigelia: Homeopathic medicine for left-side Cluster Headache

Spigelia is a natural Homeopathic medicine which is very beneficial in treating the left-side Cluster Headache. Its use is recommended when there is a severe violent pain around the eye and in the eye socket specifically on the left side. The eyeballs too appear large. The pain can be of varying nature like digging, boring, shooting, violent, throbbing or stitching pain, with a feeling of needles pricking in the eye on the left side. The main worsening factor given by a patient for using Homeopathic remedy Spigelia is pain in eye on moving or turning the eye. A few persons may also describe noise or touching the eye as the most aggravating factors. Rest in most cases seems to relieve the pain. Along with pain, redness of eyes with sensitivity to light and dropping of eyes also show their presence. Another marked feature for using Spigelia is occurrence of pain around the left eye in morning either on rising or while lying in bed. A characteristic relief from pain by washing with cold water is a peculiar symptom guiding the use of Homeopathic medicine Spigelia.

Sanguinaria Can: Homeopathic medicine for right-side Cluster Headache

For treating right-side Cluster Headache, natural Homeopathic medicine Sanguinaria Can is the ideal remedy. The use of Homeopathic medicine Sanguinaria Can is considered in all those cases of Cluster Headache where the pain settles over or around the right eye. A bursting sensation with a feeling as if the eyes will be pressed out is very marked. Periodicity of pain is noted mostly with beginning of pain in morning and continuing till evening. The most aggravating factors in pain to be kept in mind where Sanguinaria Can is applicable are motion and light. And sleep and lying down still are the soothing factors. Characteristic relief from pain may also be brought about by walking in open air for some patients needing Sanguinaria Can. Along with pain over right eye, there is a profuse watering of eyes. The eyes are also very congested, and red with burning sensations. The face, especially cheeks, shows flushing. In a few persons, nasal congestion is a prominent feature.

Homeopathic remedies for Cluster Headache on left-side 

Spigelia is a top natural Homeopathic medicine for left-side cluster headache. The other useful Homeopathic medicines like Cedron, Oreodaphne Californica, Bryonia and Epiphegus are amongst the best natural remedies for cluster headaches specially on left side.Cedron is the best Homeopathic remedy when pain around or above the left eye appears at precisely the same hour of day. Oreodaphne Californica is of great help when pain in left eye is accompanied by dropping of eyelids. In most cases, the person has a need to close the eye to get relief. Light and noise seem to worsen the pain. Perfect silence is what is needed to get relief. Homeopathic medicine Bryonia is the ideal remedy when the main feature to be considered is pain in left-side eye worsening by the slightest of motion. The pain is bursting in nature with a sensation as if the eyes will be pressed out. Epiphegus is the Homeopathic remedy of great help and can provide immediate relief from cluster headaches when the pain is located in the left temple region. The most peculiar and characteristic feature for using Epiphegus is appearance of pain when a person engages or exerts in any activity apart from the daily routine activities, be it physical or mental activity. After getting a good sleep, the pain is relieved.

Homeopathic treatment for Cluster Headache on right side

For dealing with right-side Cluster Headache, the best natural Homeopathic medicine is Sanguinaria Can. The other very effective Homeopathic medicines for right-side Cluster Headache are Magnesium Phos, Chelidonium, Silicea and Iris Versicolor. Magnesium Phos is among the top Homeopathic remedies for right-side supraorbital pain. The main indication for using this Homeopathic medicine is relief from pain by heat applications. Chelidoinum is another beneficial Homeopathic remedy when profuse watering from the eyes accompanies the pain in right eye. The pressure application seems to be relieving. The pupils too are contracted. Homeopathic remedy Silicea is the ideal mode of treatment when pain that has settled over the right eye worsens from a slight cold air exposure, and the person gets relief by wrapping up warmly. Iris is the best Homeopathic medicine when pain in right temple or supraorbital region gets worse from taking rest and motion provides relief. Vomiting or nausea may also show prominence with pain for using Iris Versicolor.

Homeopathic remedies for Cluster Headache as per periodicity 

When selecting the best natural  remedies for Cluster Headache, a precise note is made of the time of the recurrence of pain. Homeopathy has very efficient medicines for control of bouts of Cluster Headache returning at a particular time of day — it may be every day, every alternate day, every week, or every month. The time of periodicity is to be added with the other modalities of increase or decrease of pain to select the best Homeopathic remedy as per the case.

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  1. Theresa Beach says:

    Do I treat with 30x/c or ? When it’s on my right side, I treat right, but when it then jumps to the left side, treat with the remedy?

  2. Sue Dawson says:

    I have severe headaches on right temple, very stiff neck and then advances to jaw, eye area and scalp becomes sensitive. Constipation is a daily problem. The pain begins about 1:00 lasts about 6 hours. Ibuprofen helps.
    They come for months at a time and then ease off for a month or two.
    What remedies do you suggest?

  3. Saroj Kumar sahoo says:

    Cluster headache left eye small & pain tobe cure homeopathy medicine

  4. Tammy MacDonald says:

    Writing for a friend, 51 years old, was in an accident over 30 years ago, since has suffered from severe cluster headaches without relief from conventional treatment. Even went do far to have the electronic device implemented with a wire in his head to help, but it only made it worse and just recently had it removed. Very invasive surgery and still suffering from cluster headaches 3 x day. While he says he has sourced every possible option, I am hoping perhaps you can help. He is a single dad, 3 kids and does everything he can to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet just to survive. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  5. Miss. Nidhi B says:

    Age: 21, female, Height: 5ft 4″ , Weight 64. Medical Student, pure veg food. Pain over and under right eye. Feeling pain deep inside the eye, pain travels till neck. Pain occurs random timing either day or night. Pain lasts for 15 min to 30 min. Many times, suffers from 2-3 attacks in a day (24 hours) including sleeping time. Suffering prevails since 6 months. No vomit feeling, no leg or palm burning, no loose stools. Stays in College hostel, mess food includes Dosa, Poori, Chapathi, Pongal, Pulav, Rice, Veg curry and sambar.

  6. Capt mohit katal says:

    hello doctor..
    my younger brother has cluster headache.. recently diagnosed. he had pain last year for 3-4 days..and after that this year for 3 days. now treating neurologist has started verapamil for prophylaxis and prednisolone for one month …and rizatriptan…i just want a true answer is there any prophylaxis and treatment in homeaopathy with no side effects for cluater headache..
    Capt (Dr) Mohit katal

  7. I am suffering cluster headche from 8 year I went lot of doctors ENT nurologist …MRI and sinus is clear my life become hell not able to concentrate any thing I don’t want to go for allopathic bcz I take treatment for same for 10 month and noticed side effects of antidepressant medicine.. when I off from medicine pain is back..behind the right eye mostly , upper teeth upper portion of head… nasal cognition …what can I do now I am unable to do any official work …plz help me…is it treable? Or I have to tolerate full life with this 😥😢

  8. Dwarkesh Parihar says:

    I am having cluster headaches since last 3 years. The headaches are left sided and recur every day 4-5 times a day for a duration of 60 minutes. Currently I am taking Lithum Carbonate 450 mg and Calaptan SR 120mg x 2 times a day. So now the headaches occur 1 – 2 times a day. The effect of these medicines is also not completely effective. I have tried breathing pure oxygen it works well but carrying a oxygen cylinder is a problem.

    Please help me to control the headaches.

  9. Muhammad Azam says:


    I am facing very acute attack of cluster headache 2 times in 24 hrs. my routine life disturb complately and I become a mentally week person. So, please suggest me appropriate medication to enjoy normal life


  10. Nicole Patricia Reynolds says:

    Could you pleaee send me scenarios story examples where homeopathy has helped with acute pain of cluster headache and if you have it at all, an example story or 2 of a ckuster headache being uprooted and no longer experienced?
    my boyfriend get cluster + Im study homeopathy🙏

  11. BIMLA RASTOGI says:


  12. Please help me for cluster headache, either side of head, severe headache at times.

  13. Sunil Qamar says:

    I have experience on this type of questionnaire no one reply but hopefully you may reply,

    I am suffering with cluster headache about 19-20 years I tried all homeopathy medicines mentioned on this page but nothing is working. can you please guide me which potency will work for chronic cluster headache for left side.

    • BrittanyS says:

      My husband has suffered from cluster headaches for a few years now, and is currently in a cluster. It breaks my heart seeing him so sick. He’s tried traditional medicine and gotten some relief, but the side effects of the medicines scare me. He is 32, 6’0”, and 190 lbs. his headaches are left sided and shoot down into in teeth jaw. PLEASE guide us into a proper homeopathic dosing to give him relief. I want my husband back.

    • Shivram Dhiresh Parijatam says:

      Hi Doctor,

      I am getting continuous headache since last 2 years, after researching so much my symptoms matches with Cluster Headache. Its mostly on the site side and right eye, during severe pain attach my right eye also gets so much watery. It feels like a spot of pain in right side of head at times. The pain is continuous 24×7 with very less relief time. Most of the time, pain is so sever in the night that I can not sleep. My weight also reduces during severe attack months and I am not able to eat properly. I have also noticed in last 2 years that my pain intensity increases more during rainy reason.

      I have my MRI, X -Rays and other blood tests done and all looks fine as per doctors.

      I feel somewhat better by breathing exercises and inhaling steam.

      Please suggest me some homeo medicine for my condition else let me know if you need to know some more symptoms.

  14. Mazhar majju says:

    Hello Dr.
    My father is facing right side cluster headache..
    Right eye gets fully red in color nd water comes continuesly from the eye.. the pain is so severe dar he unable to bear the pain nd cries.. Pls suggest my father a better medicine in homeo.. he’s facing dis problem since 3 yrs the pain will be periodically 4 days continues nd severe.. Pls reply doctor…
    Th q

    • Nicole Reynolds says:

      hi dr vikas sharma
      can you please guide me with a homeopathic response to right eye cluster headache for my partner. i am studying homeopathy and would appriciate your thoughts.
      kind regards

  15. maria baquero says:

    Dr. my right side cluster pain also starts at the top part of my upper teeth . What do I take for that??? Please help

  16. Elaine Bales says:

    I have constant headaches that began on only the right side of my face and head all over along with a bad ear ache, runny nose and watering eyes. Although at the time the time I had the runny nose et al, I had recently gotten over the flu. After about a week the pain in my head and ear and eyes (mostly ear) was so severe I went to ER. I was given something by IV that calmed it down and was there until 3:20 AM doing a eKg and a cat scan and determined I had no stroke or bleeding vessels. Felt better but pain was still present but no so badly. The day after the pain in the same area became so severe I went to ER again and given IV and it calmed down. They took another CT scan. Dr. told me that I had cluster headaches and there was a tear of a nerve in my neck. He referred me back to my GP.

    The GP told me she thought I had an impinged nerve after reading all the reports from ER. Then I got an MRI and found out that I indeed had a pinged nerve somewhere in neck area, as well as, some bulging vertebra that is mild. Going to begin physical therapy and shot of some kind at a. neurologist office soon. My doctor gave me gabperpentin which did help but pain still there and so now I have this and tramadol. Much much better but still there is pressure and my ear was not infected at the time I was in ER even thought it hurt very much at the time. Can’t turn my neck to the right although now with the meds from GP I can turn it but not liberally.

    So, what I want to know is what natural meds do you recommend and what Homeopathic doctor you can refer me to in Alaska? I live in Anchorage. I can’t go to a chiropractor said the GP until the neurologist looks at the problem, because the neck has a tear and it could get worse with a chiropractor although she thought chiropractors were good guys and said she has gone to them before for backaches.

    WHAT HERBS DO YOU RECOMMEND. THEY THINK THEY ARE CLUSTER HEADACHES AND SUPER PAINFUL, AND SHE DOES NOT WANT TO SUGGEST SURGERY UNTIL ALL NON-INVASIVE APPROACHES. What makes me afraid is that a neurologist is also a neurosurgeon. I am afraid of shots and wonder if there is a homeopath that can give me shots that are not steroids?

    There are bulging in-between the bones and osteoporosis arthritis showing up in spine. My back actually doesn’t both me that much, just when I am in the garden and bending down too much. I am 200 lbs and she said I need to loose some weight and referred me to a nutritionist so my knee doesn’t ache from time to time when I squat. What is your opinion and I am sorry I rambled on and on but I am 63 and taking care of my sister’s grandchildren and cannot afford to die or be ill on them. They are 8 and 11. They have no one else but me and my husband and he has skin cancer. Pls advise.

    Elaine Bales
    907 338 4414. If you have a referral for me

  17. Anil Kharat says:

    Hello Dr,

    As mentioned above, are below medicines for prevention or pain relief medicines??

    1. Sanguinaria can.
    2. Magnesium phosphate
    3. Chelidonium
    4. Silicea
    5. Iris versicolor

    Please confirm.
    Anil Kharat

  18. Hello Dr. Sharma

    I have been experiencing cluster headaches since more than 10 years. I get them every other year, sometimes every year. Sharp pain behind the right eyebrow and right eye with eye turning red and watering. It’s always on the right side. I also have kerotoconus on my right eye, not sure if it’s related to my headache.
    Medrol dose pack steroid helped last few times in breaking the cycle, but this time it’s not effective. I had medrol dose (starts with 6 tablets and tapers down) 3 times already but headaches keep coming back.

    Could you suggest how homeopathy could help in both immediate relief as well as long term preventive medication.


  19. Hi sir, i’m getting headache from last 1 year very painful and continue headache and eyes pain and burning sensation on forhead and eyes. I’m not able to concentrate on my work, what i need to do please suggest some thing or what is the cause of my headache why It’s happening
    Thanku so much sir

    • Gurbasant Singh says:

      Hi Sir,
      I have been suffering from cluster headaches for the last 15 years. It happens on the right side of the temple on the side of the right eye. Happens once a year and then lasts for one month. Happens either on alternate days of that month or daily. Pain is excruciating and getting worse with time. Also last for 2~3 hours every time. Water comes from right eye and also right side of nose but not that much. I tried to press it really hard . Light does not bother me. It does not let me sit or lie at one point. Also for few days it will happen at the same time but then change the time for another few days. Also happens many times when I am sleep during night. Month also changes. Earlier it used to start around Sept/Oct not it happened in March. Did not happen last year. I have taken Sangunaria , Cedron and other medicines over the years. They work some times and at other times they don’t work at all. Sangunaria worked last time. This time it is not working. Please suggest some remedy.

  20. Dwarkesh Parihar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma:

    I am suffering from left sided cluster headaches since last 2 years. I am on Lithium Carbonate, Calaptan. There is relief, but lately the headaches have started reappearing despite regular medications. As the CH have become chronic allopathic medicines cannot be taken forever.

    I am looking for options in homeopathy to control the CH and lead a normal life.

  21. Hedy Reial says:

    I had cluster headaches already so many years I even cant count it. Last 2 or 3 years it become more aggressive, more periodic and more painful. It can last two-three days while I cant do anything at all. I am totally out of life. Only ambulance can bring me help during these periods.
    It begins during night, approx 3 AM. Swelling right eye.

    Second version of pain is more soft and lasting week or three weeks. It starts 2 or 3 PM. Right side headache. I can eat and work etc. But it kills softly and make me nervous. It worsens from a cold air exposure. No swelling on eyes.

    Appreciate your help.

  22. suraj sharma says:

    I suffer with cluster headche since December 2015. In 8 december 2015 I meet a neurologist & he gave me stroids(medrol) & topamac 50mg so I hve relif now & totaly normal after 20 days.. but 2 year later now 8 December 2017 I have again this pain & I wil go to same doctor this time he gave me steroids(wysolone) & topamac 50mg but after 25 days the pain is not gone permanent it will gap 3,4 days & then come again. Pain during is 30 to 40 minute is vry vry trouble please healp me.

  23. Dear Doctor,

    I am having this cluster headache issue from quite some time, to be precise last 8 years. Earlier duration and intensity were shorter and less. However it grew over period of time. I have taken all possible medicines including allopathy, Ayurvedic and homeopathy. It occurs once in a year. The only break I got when I took homeopathy medicine in India and was mostly out of India (Middle East) for 1 year. I saw Dr. KPS Dhama in Delhi at that time. The only bad change in my lifestyle was addition of smoking habit. However, in recent past I have controlled it and curbing it. I started running and increased exercise to improve respiratory immunity as well. This time it occurred after 1.5 years however the intensity is same as old extreme one. It happens mostly in weather change when mucus formation increases. Sudden stoppage in smoking also increase the choking of nose and increase the problem. I am struggling this extreme situation. All the symptoms are exact match as described in initial paragraphs of this article. Soliciting your advice on this matter. Appreciate your help.

  24. Dhara Rattan says:

    My son has been suffering from severe cluster headache right side, with pain so severe that his jaw starts hurting
    Pl advice medicine.

  25. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My father is suffering from cluster headache from 2010 and it’s occuring when climate change mainly March ,April,October and November.He has unbareable pain on the left side specially eye and around/behind. We somehow figured out that breathing exercise helped and try to reduce it with breathing and ginger tea naturally.
    We will be extremely thankful to you if you could please help us with a long term and possibly permanent relief from the pain. Eagerly waiting to hear from you.


  26. Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I am writing to you with a very low spirit seeing my husband in severe pain every day caused due to cluster headaches which launch themselves every 3rd-4th hour of the day for about 4-6 weeks cycle. I do not know how to help him out. He was initially prescribed verapamil but that wasn’t a permanent solution at all. I found your promising article here over the internet and therefore wanted to contact you for help.

    Kindly let me know of how we cud go about treating his condition through homeopathy which you practice and about what your insights are on the possible treatment outcomes.

    Thanking you

  27. Shreenithi says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My husband is suffering from cluster headache from 2005 and has been getting it once in 3 years for about 4-5 weeks straight with headaches occuring at night around 2 am. He has unbareable pain on the left side specially eye and around/behind. We somehow firgured out that breathing exercise helped and try to reduce it with breathing and ginger tea naturally.
    We will be extremely thankful to you if you could please help us with a long term and possibly permanent relief from the pain. Eagerly waiting to hear from you.


  28. Lawrence Jennes says:

    I have been experiencing what I believe are cluster headaches for a while now. Headaches are always overnight ad wake me up every 2-3 hours. Very rare do I experience them during the day. Always on right side of my head. Any suggestions for relief?

  29. My husband has been suffering from cluster headaches for the last six years and they occur anytime of day or night lately. He used to be symptom free during work hours but this is not the case anymore. The pain is so unbearable and sometimes lasts for up to 12 hours he used to take sumatriptin nasal spray but we no longer have insurance to cover it and the results were unreliable. I need some dosages and directions for the listed homeopathic remedies soon. My husband is tired of being in pain and has recently started talking about suicide to be rid of the pain. Any help you could provide as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Dear Dr.sharma
      First of all lots of thanks for your advices and remedial suggestions.I am seeing lots of questions and request to you but none are replied from your side. Whats the use of this. I request you to kindly reply to few rest will be automatically answered.
      With apology

  30. Sir my self Salman sir previous year I had pain around right side in July and also in this July the same pain begin sir please tell me appropriate remedy

  31. Rashi zalani says:

    Hello Dr,i m rashi zalani.sir i have whole day pain in my eyes and eyebrow region since 10 years.activities increases it.please tell me its solution

  32. Ravi dilipsinh bhati says:

    I have been suffering from cluster headache since 2008. It occurs every 13/14 months and remains for 15/20 days. Its intensity makes me helpless. The headache is mainly around right eyes. Headache remains for about 20 minutes. In the beginning I have attack once a day but after ten days 2 to 3 attacks and then suddenly disappears. Can you find remedy for this acute pain?

  33. Hi doctor my mother is 43 years old and is suffering from severe headache throughout the day and it lasts to many days. She used to feel pain on the backside of head .She used to have a drooping right eye and has pain and is a watery eyes.It’s for the second time my mom is having this kind of headache. But this time intensity of pain had lowered. It’s been noticed that eye droops not only the day having pain. Doctor so what will be the cause of such a pain? Please kindly give me a remedy. I am waiting for your reply.

  34. hello sir my name is Deven patel and i have cluster starts any time during day and night
    it last long for 1-2 hours and its very painful.i cant explain the pain.Is there any cure for cluster headache in homeopathy?if yes then how much weeks or months does it takes to cure?

  35. Divya Nowland says:

    My cluster headache experience started following a severe motor vehicle accident 12 and a half years ago – Since the Motor vehicle accident I have not been free of head pain – It is almost always worse when I wake up in the morning and after some green tea, some yoga and meditation and breathing in steamed hot air and the use of ice packs and hot tea bags on my eyes and a hot shower in 2 or 3 hours or so it usually gets some better but not always. I am 68 years old and I volunteer at an Animal Shelter and getting outside walking dogs and petting them usually helps me feel better and sometimes I almost forget about the pain I’m having – the pain is most pronounced on my right side around the temple area and right eye but occasionally it becomes a band of pain that is very severe – Your Homeopathic suggestions would be so deeply appreciated – Thank you so much and many Happy Wishes to You !!
    Divya Nowalnd – Taos, New Mexico

  36. Cluster headache really makes people run around.
    It is much different in this way than migraine.
    My late husband suffered with it.
    Through this i met more sufferers in special clinics.
    And just to let you all know as well:
    What helped them in the end was a treatment with OXYGEN.
    10 to 15 minutes. Not to high.
    Perhaps that will give you relieve intil the homeopathic temedy sets in.
    Thank you so much for caring Dr. Sharma!

  37. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Kuldeep.I have been experiencing right side pain in eye for last two years .It radiates to temportal area and upper gum also,my eye looks like very tired,red and watery..
    I usually suffer from this pain when I am stressed or when I am in contact with strong fumes or heat .
    I consulted a doctor and he said it’s nothing .I was disappointed because I am suffering and it’s not a normal thing .So I started reading online regarding this and finally I found you. Could you please suggest me something .
    I will be really very grateful to you.

  38. Hy father has cluster headach from last month.the period lasts for 30 to 60 mints thrice a day ( 2 time in day and 2 more time in night)
    Its starts again after a year gap.the pain is on right side of eye with acute condition .bloody mucus nosy flu.tears from eyes and
    Treatments s5arted with english medicine
    Clan (verapamal)
    Zumig (triptan) but not get reliefvfrom pain anyofbthese
    Pls recomend medicine for them
    Pain is out of bear.

  39. I have a block on the right side of my face. Above my eyebrows is somewhat swollen and on the right side of my nose I feel some pressure. I have no headaches or drainage in fact I wish my nose would run sometimes. I am about to go to the eye dr because my right eye behind and to the right side of my eye I feel pressure and my sight has gotten worse a year ago but no change in my sight since and I’m getting it checked out. I don’t want to take antibiotics but that has been suggested I have had this for many years and I feel tired and my doc thinks it is from my sinuses.

    • Hy father has cluster headach from last month.the period lasts for 30 to 60 mints thrice a day ( 2 time in day and 2 more time in night)
      Its starts again after a year gap.the pain is on right side of eye with acute condition .bloody mucus nosy flu.tears from eyes and
      Treatments s5arted with english medicine
      Clan (verapamal)
      Zumig (triptan) but not get reliefvfrom pain anyofbthese
      Pls recomend medicine for them
      Pain is out of bear.

  40. Devendra Padiyar says:

    My mother having acute headache a lots o time… it occurs in a period of 7 days or 15 days or sometimes in 30 days.. I just want to know a medicine by using which my mother never feel such severe headache.
    Please sir..

  41. My son is diagnosed with CH. He is 19 years a D student of Engg. In US. THE BOUTS HAVE CONTINUED since 08 March 16 till today in varying frequency worsening to 3 to 4 attacks per day. He is taking 480 MG calan but no relief. O2 and Sumatriptan provide relief in 15 min. But with University and classes he can not bear the pain occurring for 4 hours a day. Please help CH is occurring at fixed hours on the left eye with stabbing and excruciating pain. All other tests and MRI are normal. I M writing to u with a lot of hope.

  42. Somanath sahoo says:


    is there treatment for cluster headache

  43. lakshya sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    my name is lakshya sharma, my age is 24, i’m getting all these symptoms f cluster headache, it happened last year for good 1 week and upto half an hour of unbearable pain (5-6 times a day). i was on medication, got temporary relief but now from last 4 days i’m again suffering from the same pain. please suggest me a good treatment, your expert advice can be much more fruitful.
    thank you

  44. c v mudaliyar says:

    if i apply oil to my hair i get the headache from rightside for two days after that leftside starts i have tried all types of oil and cream but no use

  45. Narendra Inamdar says:

    Dr I am getting sever headache in the night times two to three times in interval of two hours lasts for 30 minutes, as I was going through the net, it looks like cluster headach symptoms.
    Dr please suggest what kind of headach and is there permanent cure,

  46. S.H.AKHTAR says:

    Dear Sir
    My daughter has symptoms of cluster headache on right side eye. The pain stays for 10, 15 days or even sometimes for a month. once headache starts it doesn’t go itself. she has to take pain killer for temporary relief. eye doesn’t get red and there is no watering of eye. The pain is periodic comes with a gap of every two three months.
    The pain is not always in right side. Sometimes it is on right eye and other time in left eye. At present it is in right eye. I one spell it is only in one side, either right or left. The pain spreads to forehead and to front side of head.
    The pain increases with exertion and stress. Warm wrapping give some relief. Please suggest medicine.
    Age of patient is 15 years.
    Father of the patient.

  47. S,SADASIVAN says:


    Please help me. I am sufferring from Left side Cluster head ache for the past 12 years.
    The pain starts most commonly during sleep. I will wake up with the pain. The pain
    concentrates over the left eye brow and radiates up and continues upto back head.
    It is so painful and very horrible experience.

    However, I used Spigilia 200 potency and had some relief. Please guide me what
    dosage to be taken for relief

    and also adivse me the full course of homeopathy treating for the above problem

    I shall be highly thankful to you sir

    • Hi ! Mera naam vijay h .or mujh ko 10 saal se cluster headache h right side may.mujh ko right eye k aas pass dard hota .nose ki bone may dard hota h jo dono eyes k bich may h.nase ful jati h .nose block ho jati h. Ghabraht hoti h ..dard eyes se hota hua phir head se hota hua head k piche tk jaata h ..face or eye red ho jati h .eye se pani bhi nikalta h karta h ki wall pr apna sir tej tej maru..buhat pain hota h.plz mijh ko bataye ki kya medicine lu kya es ka permanent teartment h homeopathy may ..thanku

  48. Leigh Jones says:

    Dr. Sharma, my daughter is suffering from cluster headaches and has a ringing in her right ear. Where can we get Cedron, Snaguinaria Can, and Spigelia ? Sometimes she has one behind both eyes with the ringing. Thank you for a response. She does not have health insurance and cannot afford to go to a physician.

  49. Samiran Ray says:

    Sir, I am a patient suffering from Cluster Headaches for long years.The pain begin from middle place of both eyes and spred to right side of forehead. The pain stays about 3 to 4 hours. with redish and shawlled eye ,burning sensation in right nostril. Reputed allopath doctors in India raised their hand as CH is incurable disease. Now I am to much depresed .Unbareble pain is going on. Only high flow oxygen can give some relief which is more costly to me. In this situation you are requested to give advice or suggest medicine for instant and permanent relief by Homeopatic way please.With regards, Samiran Ray. (9474117122)

  50. Akash Bansal says:

    Good Afternoon Doc Sharma,

    This year summer has bought a new trouble to my skin. The upper layer of my arms skins has some etching in starting resulting in white dotted patch with irritation at regular intervals. Also the etching starts when ever i am travelling and sunlight get in contact with arm.

    Request for your kind advice on the same.

  51. Shyamsundar says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have been taking every mrng Omnacortil 60 mg, 40 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg each 3days for a period of 12 days every 5/6 months. It has been almost 4 years I have been taking like this. I have also been taking Calptin 40 mg for 30 days while and after taking omnacortil every 5/6. Now, I am suffering from red skin rashes(appear in patches at different places, visible for hours) all over body with huge itching. I may be wrong but I understand this as a side effect of prednisone. To get relief from this red skin rashes I am taking half cetrizine 10 mg tablet(5mg) everynight.

    I do not drink coffe, tea, alcohhol the only things I drink are water, juice, milk once in a blue moon.
    I started eating curd to control this skin rash thing I don’t know if it really works

    Please suggest me on what I shall do to get rid without any side effects of cluster headache and its medicine prednisone side effect/ red skin rashes with itching.

    This can really save lot of my life time. Thanks.

  52. sever pain on left temple of eye treated by dr parimal banerjee, in india but did not get relief
    chronic cluster headche since 20 years, kindly suggest and oblige

  53. eswarchundi says:

    sir iam suffering with headche from around 3 years symptoms are some time right side and some time left side forehead above eyes chronic pain, and nosal conjection and runnynose suppose if i have the right side pain right nasal conjunction ,left side pain left nasal conjuction and water from the eyes pain is changing both sides please advice me the suitable madition

  54. Dear Sir. My son 18 years old has developed chluster headache for 10 days now. The episode is characterised by deep throbing intense pain around the left eye. The eyelid drops aNDU he can not tolerate light and noise. He tries to keep the eye pressed. The onset is sudden and happens everyday. The onset is sudden and it disapears in 20 to 40 min as suddenly as it comes. The periodicity is for 2 days the similar time and every their day there is a shift in time. The pain is aggravated when it occurs at night. Twice it occurred during the day and intensity and duration was less around 20 min. The pain does respond to oxygen therapy if administered at 12 l/min with reduction in pain in 10 min or so.
    Kindly advise further course of action. Regards

  55. Kamlesh Ruprel says:

    Dear Doctor

    Since last 3 months i am suffering acute pain in my right eye and as the pain increases there is water discharge from the eye. This happens daily I hv ttied allopathic treatment but they give temporary relief. But it occurs again as the effect of medicines is gone. Pl help me i m not able to work it pains a lot i am 47 year s male and work in a bank.

    Pl suggest me medicines asap.


  56. Kesta Bhattacharya says:

    Pain starts over the right ear and after some time it spreads down on the right eye and settled over the right eye to upper side on the right side. Pressure on the right eye and cold compress on that eye feel relief. Pain comes suddenly ,stay 15 minutes to over an hour. Then the pain goes on a slow motion. But not fully ,it can stay for a long time. Please mail me an advice to relief from this type of headache.

  57. muralidaran says:

    I’m suffering from cluster headaches for last 7 years.
    I able to control with taking 100% oxygen and with triptan nasal spray.
    I need a permenant solution from homeo immediately.
    My contact details

    I await for your kind reply


  58. MANOJ GUPTA says:


  59. reena rose says:

    my brother is suffering with cluster head ache. two years before he had the head ache and once again it started. the symptoms are of cluster head ache. we have gone to alopathy medicine. I will be grateful to you if you strech out your healing hand.

    thanking you


  60. reena rose says:

    my brother is suffering with cluster head ache. two years before he had the head ache and once again it started. the symptoms are of cluster head ache. we have gone to alopathy medicine.

    • Roger Bennett says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,

      I am writing to you behalf of my daughter who is 28 years old and suffered from cluster headaches now for some 6 years or more. They started after she had a severe bought of viral meningitis. She gets them about twice a year, usually for 3 to 6 weeks in duration, usually in the summer and around Christmas. When she has them they can come intermitantly or daily, and occasionally twice in one day. Usually she is woken up by them in the night and they can last up to 2 to 3 hours. they occur on the right side of her head and behind her right eye. Sometimes they make her sick. They are extremely painful and it is distressing to watch. I have read the remedies and treatments above. What would you prescribe?

      Yours sincerely

      Roger Bennett

  61. Respected Sir ,

    My age is 40 years Iam suffering from cluster headache for the last 16 years I am just pulling on painkelers, allopathic medicine.

    I request you to some homeo. Medi. To get ride of this unbearable pain which comes two three years in a year. Is there is any permanent cure please do suggest me . I shall be thankful to you.

    Yours sins early
    Dilbagh Rai Malik

  62. Tyler Schlaudraff says:

    Hello – i am 11 yr old boy with cluster headache, mainly in eye on left side. Like a rope tied round my eye & pulled or a screwdriver in my eye. I get pain every morning same time & sometimes 2pm-ish & also in the early evening, & woken up at night with it. It comes every autumn on around the 14th September exactly. & I get a lesser aggravation in Spring-time.

    Bryonia 200 helps a bit in an acute attack, & I have proved some help from Carcinosin, Calc Carb & Phosphorus. Can you suggest anything else? I am still experiencing lower level pains, frequently, & background pain, & would like to get of it so I can go back to school, if possible, or at least feel well enough to do schoolwork at home. Can you help?

  63. Hi Free People,The practice of meincdie by local doctors seems to only consist of one of three things these days: making a prescription, ordering diagnostics, or referring to a specialist. They do little more than this. Just think of how they could assist people in improving their health if they employed a range of physical therapies, advised on diet, and if having to use a meincdie, turned to safe homeopathy first.I’m sure many newly graduated doctors soon become disheartened and hate their work when they realise the limitations of what they do and the harm their prescriptions are cause.Fran Sheffield

  64. Dr. kavish jhawar says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am
    suffering from cluster headache since 4 years usully occures in month of september or december on right side of face. Can u help me to fight this headache?

  65. Jayant kulthe says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    Thanks for the above information on the portal! It’s very useful.
    I am suffering from a right side Cluster Headache!
    Symptoms- around eye pains, head & neck pains, right nasal congestion and eye lid dropping.
    Please let me know the treatment & medicine for me,
    I will be very thankful to you.
    Jayant Kulthe

  66. Gangadhar Dasari says:

    Dear Doctor ,

    I have a severe pain in my head Since 4 years and its getting worse day by day and i am not able to concentrete in my studies.
    Its mostly on left side on eye and neck head feel like something is inside my left head.

  67. Sunil Qamar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am suffering with left side cluster headache about 6-7 years back. Alopathy treatment is not working please help

  68. Suresh Kumar says:

    i m having a headache, it starts at mostly in night in right side of brain over right eye to ears area. it was initially at the change of whether , i.e. summer to winter or winter to summer. now it often from past 2-3 days it happens within the first hour of sleep at appx 11.00 pm to 12.00 pm along with little nausea. i used to take disprin at that time. pl. help.


  69. mayank rathi says:

    My son is 21 year old he is suffering from left side cluster headaches in morning after aweaking plz tell best medicine to cure it… is from 2 year mostly it comes in rainy season

  70. Headaches that affect my stomach, sinus as well, coming approximately every 2 1/2 weeks and last for 24-36 hrs

  71. Abhishek gupta says:

    Sir i have high pain above and back of right eye on face before 3yrs only in summer. Pain is two three times a day for at least 1hr. No rainy eye and nose problem during pain but i can’t open my eye during headache because of pain. I am taking german Sanguinaria Can. 30 from 1 week but no relief. Before Dr. said its cluster headache and gave some painkiller, which never works. Please help me sir.

  72. Jasbir singh says:

    Dr sharma m suffering from backside headachea

  73. sahil mahajan says:

    Hello sir,

    I am suffering from cluster headache from past 8 years and it been so painful these days.
    Many doctors i have consulted and three theories have come:
    1. Migraine
    2. sinus pain
    3. cluster headache.

    All symptoms of cluster headaches closely matches mine problem.
    Few of them are:
    1. right side pain on front part of head generally above temple and over right eye.
    2. my headache stays for a month and goes afterwards.
    3. when i take same medicine in the next cluster cycle say after 6 months , i don’t get any relief.
    4. when i wake up , the pain is already there many times or it sharpens around 10-11 in the morning at initial stages.
    5. By the time days increase , the pain happens at any time. last 2 nights were sleepless .12 hours pain.

    i am fed up, sometimes feel suicidal. please help.


  74. Vishal kapoor says:

    Hello doctor,
    I have been to number of doctors but problem of mine has not been cured.
    Iam facing this problem from last year earlier I used to experience headache on the right side above ear then it expanded towards neck area below right ear and centre portion just above forehead .
    Now the problem has increased Iam having watery eyes red eyes burning eyes and blocked nostrilis.
    Kindly reply if treatment is possible I want to meet you.

  75. pammi khullar says:

    M suffering frm migraine n sunheadache frm 13 years…restlessness in legs also started…pl tell

  76. Durga Rani says:

    can you give me the 100% assurance certificate.

  77. Rashon Basumatary says:

    what medicine is good for children in illness?

  78. Rashon Basumatary says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, My wife is suffering from backside, some time left side, some time right side, some time forehead ache plz help me.
    I am looking forward you reply.

  79. Baskar Gopaldoss says:

    Hi Sharma Ji,
    Read about your article online and thought let me introduce myself as Cluster Headache Candidate.
    Looking forward to talk more in detail with you.
    Please provide me your contact details

  80. sir….I have severe headache with nausea since last 2.5 year….occurs very frequently….Want to consult….what is schedule of clinic…thanks

  81. michael burgstahler says:

    this is dangerous. i have suffered clusters for over 20 years and you dont have a clue what your talking about. you need to issue an apology before someone tries you bull crap and triggers a head ache then kills them self do the pain. this is the worst pain known to medical science and people die from it. have you no common sense.


    Dear Dr,my mother is suffering from severe headache on right side somewhere between eye and ear,along with nasal congestion with watery eyes.pain is like piercing in head with regular interval.I visited neurologist had ct scan but he also found nothing. I am just providing some analgesics to her prescribed by a soon as there effect vanishes her head again starts paining.please help

  83. ROHTASH SINGH says:

    I am 49 yrs aged Ex-serviceman. Both eyes operated twice for glaucoma and still using eye drops to control the eyes pressure. Is there any treatment for permanent cure to keep eye vision stable and eye pressure control

  84. this is very helpful information..

  85. this is very helpful information..


    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am having the cluster headache attacks from last 3 n half years. The cycle was everyday morning from 11:30 AM to 01:30 PM. Redness of right, watering of eye, running nose, restlessness and sometimes nausea are the symptoms present in my case. Then I started the homeopathic treatment from last 8-9 months. It has broken the periodicity and intensity of attack but still I am getting it quite frequently.
    In my case, it happens when 1) Stomach is empty for a long time (more than 7 hrs) and 2) non proper sleep.
    Can you please help me with it ? And above all, is it fully curable ?

  87. Cluster headache h right and left and eyes kuch madicine batao

  88. Sir my sister has severe headach from 7 yrs, now it has become severe, and the pain starts half head ach then reaches to neck. she s taking migranil every time she gets head ache, kindly suggest remedy, for it.

  89. Tehmina Ghafur says:

    I have Migraine and Cervical Spondylosis. I have awfully suffering from both these problems. Please advice me.

  90. Dear Dr.Sharma, am suffering from backside headache plz help me.
    I am looking forward you reply.

  91. Inderjit Singh says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, I am diagnosed with tinnitus 6 month back. As my ENT says there is no specific treatment for this can you please help me in this. I am looking forward you reply if there is any solution of this condition.

  92. Everyday Headache!! Are used in every day

  93. helo sir mujhe kuch prblm hai

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