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Homeopathic Remedies For Palpitations

Homeopathic Remedies For Palpitations

“Getting palpitations” ahead of an interview, or an examination or a result is a commonly used phrase to describe a feeling of tense anticipation which is accompanied by the heart beating faster than normal. That may be the general use of the term, but Palpitations is not a medical condition to be ignored. Palpitationis the feeling where a person feels a violent, throbbing or fluttering sensation in the heart. Some describe it as the pounding of the heart, or fast or forceful heartbeat. Palpitations can be benign and harmless in most cases without any underlying heart disease. However, in other cases,it may indicate heart pathology. If Palpitations are accompanied by chest pain, dizziness, fainting and blackouts, the condition should never be ignored because it is an indication of a heart condition. This needs serious consideration. Palpitations can be triggered by various factors and the Homeopathic remedies for palpitations work very effectively. Made of natural substances, the Homeopathic medicines have no side effects and are completely safe.

Factors triggering Palpitations 

  • Stress, anxiety, emotional excitement — anger, fright, grief and even joy.
  • Exercise and physical exertion.
  • Fever.
  • Caffeine, nicotine, alcoholic drinks, certain allopathic medicines.
  • In women, Palpitations can be experienced during pregnancy and menopause.
  • People with anaemia and hyperthyroidism can also complain of Palpitations.
  • Dyspepsia can also lead to Palpitations in a few persons. Having a high fatty diet may also excite Palpitations.
  • Arrhythmia, heart disease, including heart block, congestive cardiac failure, coronary heart disease.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Palpitations

1. For Palpitations Triggered by Emotional Excitement

Palpitations can be excited by a variety of emotional factors. To deal with Palpitations associated with emotions,Homeopathy offers a variety of effective natural medicines as per an individual’s emotional factor.

Palpitations due to anger: The best natural medicine for Palpitations from anger is Staphysagria. This remedy is very beneficial for acute outbursts of anger leading to Palpitations.

Palpitations due to fright: Palpitations due to fright can be best treated by natural medicines Aconite and Opium. Aconite is the ideal remedy for Palpitations due to sudden fright. Along with Palpitations, restlessness, anxiety and increased thirst for cold water may also be present. Opium is the best medicine when Palpitations are caused due to fright related to some past, long ago, unusual occurrence.

Palpitations from grief: Ignatia is the ideal remedy for dealing with Palpitations that are a result of grief. Ignatia brings about excellent results in such cases.

Palpitations as a result of joy: Coffea is the most appropriate natural medicine for Palpitations brought on by a sudden joyful moment. It also covers Palpitations as a result of sudden pleasant surprises.

Palpitations with anxiety:Aconite and Arsenic Album are the two top natural medicines for treating Palpitations with anxiety. The indicating features for using these medicines are Palpitations with extreme anxiety. There is a marked restlessness and fear of death. When there is an increased thirst for water and a desire for open air too along with the other symptoms, Aconite is considered best medication for palpitations.

2. For Palpitations from Intake of Stimulants

From intake of beer: Sumbul is a natural Homedicine of great help in treating Palpitations that result due to the intake of beer. Pain in left side of chest and left arm may also be present along with Palpitations.

From intake of coffee: For Palpitations due to intake of coffee, Nux Vomica is the top remedy.

From excessive intake of tea: Thea Cinensis is a wonderful natural medicine that can help to relievePalpitations because of excessive consumption of tea. Along with Palpitations, the person also feels chest oppression.

From abuse of tobacco: The best natural medicines for Palpitations due to tobacco abuse are Convallaria, Kalmia and Tabacum. Convallaria is the ideal remedy when a person complains as if the heart is beating in the whole chest. The Palpitations get worse by even slight exertion. The pulse is also very rapid. Kalmia is the ideal choice when Palpitations are present with a slow pulse. The Palpitations get worse from stooping in a forward position. Persons needing remedy Tabacum have a very weak pulse often, which is imperceptible. Pulse may also show intermittency.

3. For Palpitations following Physical Exertion and from Slight Motion

The best natural medicines for Palpitations from physical exertion and from slight motion are Iberis, Digitalis and Spigelia. Iberis can be taken in all those cases when the slightest exertion gives rise to Palpitations. Along with Palpitations, a person may also experience vertigo. Digitalis is the most effective remedy when the slightest movement causes Palpitations. The patient usually feels that the heart will stop its action if he or she moves and it is better at rest. If along with violent Palpitations excited by the least of movement, there is pain in heart region with arm pain, then the ideal remedy is Spigelia.

4. Natural Treatment for Palpitations with Anemia

For tackling cases of Palpitations with anemia, the natural medicines that are of great help are Ferrum Met and Natrum Mur. Ferrum Met is the ideal choice for  Palpitations due to anemia which get worse with movement. The face looks quite pale. Usually the pulse feels very soft and weak. Natrum Mur is the most effective remedy when along with Palpitations due to anemia, there is a constricted sensation in the chest. The pulse rate remains high and is often found to be intermittent. A craving for salt may be found in persons needing Natrum Mur.

5. For Palpitations due to Over-use of Allopathic Medicines

The natural remedies that are very beneficial when Palpitations result because of the over-use of allopathic medicines are Nux Vomica and Opium. Both these medicines are quite effective and are an antidote to the bad effects of excessive use or abuse of allopathic medicines. The most suitable medicine out of the two is given after taking the case history of the patient.

6. For Palpitations at Menopause

Natural medicines Amyelosum Nitrosum, Glonoine and Lachesis are of great help in the treatment of Palpitations during menopause. For using Amylenum Nitrosum, the symptoms are Palpitations getting worse from even a little excitement. Constricted feeling in the heart region is an accompanying symptom. Hot flushes and extreme anxiety are the other symptoms. Glonoine is a very beneficial remedy when Palpitations lead to difficulty in breathing and get worse from exertion. Palpitations can be felt throughout the body. Lachesis is the best natural medicine when episodes of fainting occur along with Palpitations during menopause. The women needing Lachesis have an aversion to wear any tight clothing.

7. For Palpitations due to Hyperthyroidism

Iodum and Spongia are the two top natural medicines for Palpitations in a hyperthyroid patient. Iodum works best for palpitations in hyperthyroid patients where the palpitations get worse with the slightest of exertion. The chest feels constricted and compressed. Spongia, on the other hand, is the best medicine when a hyperthyroid patient complains of Palpitations on lying down. Walking brings relief to the patient.

8. For Palpitations with Dyspeptic (acidity) Symptoms

Abies Can and Lycopodium are very effective natural remedies for palpitations due to gastric acidic symptoms. Abies Can is suited when overeating is followed by a bloated abdomen with a burning stomach and Palpitations. Lycopodium is the ideal remedy when excessive gas fills the abdomen, resulting in Palpitations. The gas is not passed easily and remains obstructed with Palpitations.

9. For Palpitations with Arrhythmias

Arrhythmia refers to an abnormal or irregular heart beat. Arrhythmia can be tachycardia (heart rate increases above 100/minute), bradycardia (heart rate decreasesto as low as 40/minute) or irregular heart action (skipping beats).

Palpitations with tachycardia: Lilium Tig is a very efficient natural Homeopathic medicine for Palpitations with an increased heart rate. The heart beat may even rise to 150/minute and above for using Lilium Tig. The patient feels violent pulsations throughout the body. Fluttering in heart region may be accompanied by chest pain on left side and weight in chest.

Palpitations with bradycardia: Kalmia and Digitalis are the best natural Homeopathic medicines for Palpitations with a decreased heart rate. The heart rate for using Kalmia may be as low as 35-40/minute with Palpitations. The patient feels a flutter in the chest and anxiety. Digitalis is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when cardiac rate is lowered and Palpitations are mostly excited from the slightest motion. The person needing Digitalis feels a need to keep still or otherwise the heart will stop if he or she moves.

Palpitations with irregular beats or skipped beats:Digitalis is the best natural Homeopathic medicine to deal with Palpitations with skipped beats. The pulse is irregular and it intermits mainly at every 3rd, 5th and 7th beat. Mitral Disease may be the underlying pathology with irregular heart action in the patient needing Digitalis. Aurum Met is the best Homeopathic medicine for  violent Palpitations with irregular heart action. The patients needing Aurum Met feelthat the heart has stopped suddenly for a few seconds varying from 2 to 3 seconds and then suddenly starts beating again. The pulse seems irregular, with high blood pressure.

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  1. If I used aurum for irregular heartbeat what potency should I use and for how long ?

  2. Peggy Dragseth says:

    I’m 77yrs and the last few years once in awhile I wake up from sleeping ad feels like my heart is raising. I never notice it any other time.

    • James Canales says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma, my son has Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), he is 22 years old and is there a homeopathic remedy for him?

  3. I m 45,suddenly my pulse rate goes fast and whole body got disturbed and pained..for sudden relief which medicine should be taken as so much nervous need and last moment of life feeling comes..please suggest

  4. Hello, I am 47 , had strange sudden feeling not well for few weeks , then to see general Docter and they found irregular heart beat , extra 10% heart beat with low blood pressure. Now I am having headaches, dry , Red , painful at the back eyes . I was so healthy , full of energy untill now , it feels so strange to feel the pain in my heart mist of the times , sense of tight muscle of the heart and feeling that do not have so much of energy. Not sure what can I take to correct myself?
    Please advice . Many thanks

  5. Shreedhar Upadhya says:

    Namaste Dr. My wife with 34 yrs is suffering from Cardiomyopathy, Hyperthyroidism, and VPCs from last 3 years. & Allopathic medicines are daily taken. So pl guide us your best homeopathic treatment to clear VPCs as it is more than 40% and bcz now Cardiologist digested cardiac ablation ….pl guide us sir

  6. Aravindakshan says:

    Iam aheart patient with acute chf and lvef of 20% i have been ianmplanted with crtd recently replacing icd iam taking the following medicine 1 corderone200,concor1.25 morning and night, dytor 15,aldactone25,and escoparin i have ecoptic beats numbering 10per minute kindly advice me on how to get rid of ecoptic beats and palpitations please advice me on the homeo medicine

  7. Dr sahib
    Iamfacing the problem of pulse missing after15 pulse sometime after 3 to 5 pulse
    What when it happened I feel disturbance upeerside of stomacand middle in chest
    Iam 63 year old man taking cresaram for the last 6 years for high bp

  8. Saumen Ghosal says:

    I am suffering from occasional irregular heart beats while lying and when at rest. This condition strangely disappears while l am jogging or doing any exercise l do not feel shortness of breath or fainting neither fatigue. I am 51 years old Male without any major medical history. My BPM is in rest 55 to 60. I am physically active and indulge in cardio motor sports walking and swimming. I am expecting the above mentioned problem since a week. I am a non smoker and do not consume tea or coffee.

  9. I have suffering from heart palpitations that is audible during the day also, but worsened at night.
    Which medicine is suitable for me.

  10. পবন কুমাৰ বৰা says:

    Today, I am listening my own heart bit while sleeping by sides. Pulse rate is generally 90+. I am diabetic since 2009. Gas formation and constipation is a regular health issues. Sometimes drawing type of pain feeling LHS head to foot. Today it’s come back.

    • Saumen Ghosal says:

      I am suffering from occasional irregular heart beats while lying and when at rest. This condition strangely disappears while l am jogging or doing any exercise l do not feel shortness of breath or fainting neither fatigue. I am 51 years old Male without any major medical history. My BPM is in rest 55 to 60. I am physically active and indulge in cardio motor sports walking and swimming. I am expecting the above mentioned problem since a week. I am a non smoker and do not consume tea or coffee.

  11. Gulam Ahmad says:

    I read information about heaet palpitations and the remedies. I am a student of Homeopathy for for about fifteen years. I have used homeopathy on me and gave prescription to others. Homeopathy is my hobby. The information you gave in here is amazing and very useful. I am really thankful to you for this information. Keep it up. I have great tespect for you after reading your this article. May God bless you. Tell me if I could ever help you, and that would be an honor. Regards

  12. BASUDEB GHOSH says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am writing to you to get advice on Homeopathy medicine for my suggested condition of bradycardia.
    Symptoms are:
    1) Low pulse rate ( 53-65 /min) in rest condition.
    2) Lightheartedness when stand up from sitting position.
    3) Feel exhausted with minimum work.
    4) Fainted 2 times last 2 months for dew seconds
    5) deep breathing gives relief immediately.
    6) Often feel faint like after getting up from sleep or rest condition.
    I am ex-smoker and drink 1 shot of alcohol a day. 2 cups of coffee in the morning.
    I am due to an appointment with a cardiovascular specialist for this.
    But before taking any decision, can you kindly suggest any homeopathy medicine for this ?

    Basudeb Gosh

  13. Trinidad Saldanha says:

    Sir i am from Pune heart palpitations due to mitral valve mild prolapse in 2005 hypertension from 2016 are my major issues other like acidity, tonsils, dry eyes, lipomas small in size like peanut, male age 39.

  14. Kazi Tareq Parvez says:

    I am 45 years old. I am suffering from Atrial fibrillation, hypertension, Fatty liver, Type 2 DM, Uric Acid, Insomnia, acidity and hypertrigliceridemia. Now I feel palpitations and shortness of breath. Please suggest me homeopathic remedy.

  15. Joseph Micheal Collins says:

    I am told I have a irregular heart beat, skips a beat, my blood pressure 120/72, pulse 76, weight 147, 5’9″, I am looking for natural ways to address this issue……..and/or hope to return to a regular heart beat. thank you.

  16. Somasundaram Perumal says:

    I suffer from insomnia and constipation due to loss of gut peristalsis for the past five years from age 60. I regularly take Alprazolam 1 mg and consticalo 2 mg night. I find severe heart palpiation and imbalance of walking gait. Any Homeo medicine to cure my above problems.

  17. balbir singh says:

    I have hyperacidity problem for last 25 gets aggravated with sweet fried pickels and stess.lot of burning in chest.

  18. John Griffiths says:

    Thank you for your brilliant article. I have suffered from occasional arrhythmia all my life. But recently (aged 55) I suddenly developed severe prolonged arrhythmia, worsening during a week, until I was missing up to 10 beats a minute for hours on end.

    I read your article and took a dose of Aurum met. 30C. Within half an hour the arrhythmia disappeared completely. I have been free of arrhythmia ever since – about two months now.

    This is by no means the first miracle I have experienced during decades of using homeopathy.

    I wish I could have the same success with homeopathy treating a painful left neck muscle.situation. I think it came on while sleeping. For a week now I can hardly turn my head left or right.

    I have tried BRY, RHUS, RUTA, ACON, SUL, CAUST and KALI-SUL, but nothing helps the agony.

    I have also tried my constitutional remedy – LYC.


    John G

    • Can i have your email id or whatsapp to me +919542344446
      Just want to know how it worked for you. I wanna try homeo for arrythimias

  19. zakir hossain says:

    Can you tell me the name and dose of homeo medicine due to drug(vasodilator like medicine-sildenafil, clopidogrel etc.) induced palpitations. It may be due to sympathetic activation. some time it causes premature awakening or it happens when I awake from sleep. My ECG,ETT, Echo report, thyroid function are normal and no associated disease.
    Thanking you.

  20. Can you tell me if there is something for Interstitial Cystitis?

  21. Ananda Khan says:

    Hello sir, I am 76. I suffer from Bradycardia- heart beats ranging from 48 to 56 resulting in palpitations. Suffering from acute gas , tension and sleeplessness. Could you please help?

  22. Sir, I feel weakness in my heart, palpitations, loss of breath, feeling of heart pounding sometimes, feel as if collapse, anxiety


      Dear sir,
      Your writing is very helpful for our junior practitioners. Please Keep it on .

  23. Murali Ganesh says:

    hello Dr. I am murali age 48 living in south india, coimbatore

    my heart rate is always in the range of 100 even during at rest (sitting). However in the night while sleeping it goes to 70s

    i have consulted cardiologist and underwent ECHO, TMT and ECG many times. They have not observed any problem with my heart. they just prescribed beta bloc 12.5 mg to be taken morning and evening. Though the RHR comes to 80s if BETA bloc is taken even small movement such as climbing 20 steps increases my heart rate to @ 120 to 140 depending upon where the RHR is before in begin the exertion and it takes atleast 20 minutes for the HR to come back close to 100.

    is there any homeopathy medication that i can take for the above


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  24. Suman Roy says:

    Suddenly my mother’s heart beat increasing and it will continue for 10 to 12 hours. When the problem start my mother’s pulse rate is 150 to 160 and after some time it would be 120 to 130. She could not work anything when the problem starts.
    My Mother age is 60.

  25. Jiad ur rehman says:

    Mam. I have h pylori. Positive and also my heart rate is fast.

  26. Jagmeet Sekhon says:

    Good Morning Dr Sharma
    I get palpitations and skipped heart beats,cousing light headedness,dizzy,out of breath.
    It comes n goes.
    On investigations I have slightly thick ventricular wall and doctors have termed it NON SUSTAINING VENTRICULAR TACHYCARDIA.
    Can you help me with good homeopathic medicine.
    I’m ready to pay

  27. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Need your help on symptoms of palpitations and escotic beats
    Gaurav – 9911596677

  28. Girdhari Famani says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am suffering from irregular heartbeat for last few years. I am a sportsman. My normal heartbeat is 60-65. But at times it goes down as 50 or goes up around 85. I have hypertension. I take pressure tab every day. My pressure keeps around 85/135. My heart skips beat on and often. I feel throbbing heart beats at those moment. I have all test done under the gudienc of a cardiologist but all reports and test parameters are normal. He says don’t bother about it. But when this episode happens I feel very uneasy. Is there any Homeopath medicine to cure me

  29. Subhash Chandra says:

    Hello Dr.,

    We are looking for treatment for heart palpitations. My wife has got palpitations with fast and hard heart beats 5 times in the last 4 years. Below is what happens in the order of occurrence:

    Feels like there is a blockage in the throat.
    Heart starts beating very fast and hard, palpitations start
    Giddiness, feels thirsty
    Uncomfortable in lying down, prefers sitting

    After palpitations come down, feels very tired for many days.
    Problem with burping after the episode – feels like gas is stuck and difficulty in releasing the burps.

    Please let us know if this can be cured by using Homeo medicines and let us know if you need more information.

  30. Rajiv Bhaskar says:

    Hi sir. I am Rajiv Bhaskar from Hyderabad. I have a problem with my heart. Suddena beats increase high. Sinus tachycardia palpitation is my problem. I need a permanent cure. In homeopathy there is a medicine is available or not. Please give me confirmation

  31. Waheed iqbal says:

    My name is waheed Iqbal. I have heart condition in last 2 year. I feel palpation. With heart rate 51 to 60. I am going for daily walk but symptoms not improved. Please help me.

    • tarun dodeja says:

      Namaste dr
      Thia is for my wife age 32 her rate is abt 100 but pressure are normals which medicine is bettwr in this case regards

  32. I am a male 75 years old, 6 months ago diagnosed for ventricular tachycardia, I was recommended ablation and ICD implantation. Now my symptoms improved with the homeopathy and Mexiletine. Should I continue the same or is there any other homeopathic medicines possible? If now should I go for ablation and ICD?

    Previous Condition:,
    I had 40- 50 % PVC load, almost every EKG had several PVCs, dizzy, shortness of breath, nausea and tired every time I stood up and even afterwards for a long time, could not walk more than 200 yards or climb 10 steps up a staircase without getting back pain, shortness of breath.

    Vitals: typical BP & heart rate 110-90/65-45/60-45. Also 3 heart attacks followed by 3 stents one each every time and 1/3 of left ventricular scarring, atherosclerosis, slightly leaky mitral valve.
    Meds: I am on mexiletine 150mg, metoprolol 20 mg, Plavix 75 mg, aspirin 81 mg, Crestor 25 mg.
    Homeopathy: Lactrodectus Mactans 1 mm for 4 months,

    Condition Now: Don’t get dizzy, shortness of breath, exercise tolerance improved. Now I can exercise more than an hour without exertion, walk 2 miles, BP and heart rate improved to 120-11/70-60/65-55. . Taking EKG on apple watch. It shows 20% of the traces with no PVC at all. But with slight movement or exercise PVCs come back, the PVC load down to 30%.

    Appreciate your recommendation.

  33. Pauline Carpenter says:

    My daughter is 16 weeks pregnant and has been put on beta blockers as she had severe palpitations and could not even walk to the toilet without getting dizzy, will this harm her or the baby ? Is there a homeopathic remedy for this ?

  34. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am experiencing very fast heart beat especially when I slow down and during the night.
    I am on Blood pressure medication and thyroxine.
    I am 69 yrs old. Can you please tell me which homeopathy pills could be suitable to take.
    Looking forward to your reply.

  35. I was diagnosed for ventricular tachycardia 4 months ago. I am advised ICD and ablation. Mean while taking Metoprolol 25 mg and Mexiletine 150 mg twice a day. I have several other heart problems which making decision harder. I have low BP (90/55) low pulse rate (40-55 per sec), 1/3 of left ventricle is scared, 3 times heart attack and each time I had one stent, ejection factor between 23 -35% using MRI and Echo. Further I have myocardial ischemia, atherosclerosis, chronotropic intolerance. Treatment is complicated by these confounding factors. I wonder if there is a good medicine is available in homeopathy.

  36. RathinDra nath Ganguly says:

    My wife is a High Pressure patient ranges from 120-130/80-90.I note down her pulse rate 55-66 BPM for last 15-20 days, frequently suffers from acidity,sour mouth, heart burning and indigestion etc
    And a fear from cat call, crow call and crying of dog, also has hypertension, Takes Allopath Medicine Aldo AT 50.
    Age 50. Not deep sleep at night.

  37. Gurvinder Singh says:

    palpitation in right side of forehead.

  38. Palpitation due to anxiety and half of the left hand
    Side gets cold as ice and sometimes get hot.
    Please recommend me some homeopathic medicines

  39. Dr s c mishra says:

    Having skip beat mostly every 3rd
    Many times 2nd 3rd 5th 7th
    Took digitalis
    Bp 134/84

  40. Prabir Paul says:

    My B.P. is 120/80. I am 61 years old. For past 3 days I am feeling skipped heart beat two or three times per day especially in the morning. I am feeling when I see my pulse on wrist 60 to 65 per minute sometimes with a gap i.e. 1,2,3,4, skipped for 1 second, 5,6,7,8 and so on ……… 30,31,32,33, skipped so on. Suggest any homeopathic medicine , uses, power etc. to get relief from this. I would be obliged and remain grateful to you for ever if you may please respond at the earliest. After completion of course I will e-mail you again for showing my gratitude. Thanks.

  41. Dipak Palit says:

    My heart beat rises to 100 while measuring blood pressure. My b.p is 140/100 with allopathic medicine. Any homeopathic medicine for relief from b.p and tachycardia

  42. MD SHAHABAZ says:

    You were suffering from anxiety unknown dipresion u don’t have any diseas ,you just to meditation, get rid of negative over thinking, take water much, take dryfruits, go to walk regular in the morning. Your thoughts hangs up your body that’s it, just try to control your mind, thoghts

  43. Dinesh Agarwal says:

    Respected Doctor, I have started allopathic medicine for BP since last 1 year. With increasing dose I am experiencing increased pulse rate which goes higher than 100 also. Am desirous of adopting homeopathic medicines for my BP/high pulse and stopping allopathic medicines.. pls advice
    I am 46 yrs old and also a diabetic for last 3 yrs
    Ideally would like to discuss this over phone and then start treatment

  44. Rohit Dhingra says:

    I need to discuss the case of my father.

    He had an episode of Ventricular Tachycardia(HR>200) 2 months back and his current EF is 22%. Though he has been a patient of Hypertension but that time the BP dropped very low causing AKI as well. His kidneys got recovered after the Dialysis.

    In past he had a Heart attack in 2014, and got 2 stents.

    Now Doctors have advised him an AICD but we want to avoid it and go for Homeopathic treatment for Heart/VT. Can you please guide us through it?

    If possible, can we discuss it over the call??

  45. Iftikhar Anwar says:

    I m 61 y. From last many years My heart beat skips after 1,2,3,4 beats and so on with irregular heart beat. I got tests EET, Thoyride and Eco. These are ok. You can say that I am patient of tension and anxiety, my stomach also often disturbs. Some times many days I don’t feel any missing or irregular heart beat and some times I face this problem all the day and night
    I eat and sleep well also I work 8-10 hours daily actively How ever I feel musclular weekness. I don’t feel pain but some anxiety and chest pressure when when this condition happens however I can walk and do my work but not heartedly. Would you please guide me for better life. Thanks

  46. Hello doctor, what is the best homeopathic remedy for Supra ventricle tachycardia thanks

  47. Hello doctor, what is the best homeopathic remedy for psvt thanks

  48. S M Yadav says:

    I am suffering from AVNRT (palpitations, Dizziness, weakness, heart beat up & down) in once or twice a month. Cardiologist suggested for ablation. But after ablation, the frequency of palpitations increased to every 4-5 days. I am continuing the allopathic medicine given by that Doctor. But there is no improvement.
    So, please tell me is there effective treatment in homeopathy. If yes, please suggest medicines.
    Some details as below;
    Age – 60
    Cholesterol – 250
    BP – some time slightly high, some time Normal
    Pulse rate – abnormal during Palpitations
    ECG – Normal
    Echo rest – Normal
    No Blockage

    I am waiting for your quick & positive response

    Thanking You,
    S M Yadav
    (Deputy Commandant)
    Border Security Force

    Mob. No. – 8905872166, 8900651375

  49. patient ,87 is under congestive heart failure

  50. Poly Bakir says:

    I’m a 37 year old female who gets heart palpitations the week before my period. I have worn a heart monitor and have had all necessary blood work and an ultrasound of the heart. Everything checks out great. After my third pregnancy, my period has not been back to normal. I have a full 7day period with spotting for an additional 3-4 days. Gyny cannot find anything wrong.
    Please help me regulate my menstrual cycle and help me get rid of the palpitations before my period. I believe this is extremely related!

  51. Wonderful explanation beneficial for therapeutic purposes.

  52. K.VISSWANATAM says:

    Thank u so much Dr. Sharma for a beautiful presentation of drugs.

  53. Mohan Lal Bhatt says:

    my heat beat skipped at 3rd, 5th 7th etc. I can walk, run easily. there is acidity and heartburn also. I also feel gastric problem. Have normal sleep. age is 54 years and have normal good height weight. I am very worry. Please prescribe. I had taken 2-3 garlic pieces and honey and drink hot water thorough out a for three months last year winter and then this disease developed in Ist week April 2018. kindly help me.

  54. If someone take digitalis in tachycardia .what effect happen. Will heart pulse increase. Because patient has already high heart beat.

  55. Hello Dr Sharma. I am 41 with congenital ventricular tachycardia diagnosed at age 35. I have PVCs about every 3rd beat or so. I have had 2 micro ablations without success. Can you help?

  56. A L Motwani says:


    Episodes of confusion on and off. 2-4 minutes duration. Do not remember anything do not respond during episode

    Dec 17. Manipal Hospital. Stated. TIA. Sinus Bradycardia. Prescribed. Ecoasprin 150. Lunch

    May 18. Standing in queue

    Nov 18. 5 AM. During sleep

    CV Doppler present 25% stenosis in cca. 50% in ICA

    Holter. Sinus Bradycardia occasionally VPC

    Provisional diagnosis. Episodic Transient neurological event – ?? TIA/ global reduced blood supply

    Present Medicines. Ecosprin 150 0-1-0. Pletoz 50. 1-0-1. Rosuvas 10. 0-0-1

    CT angio. Neck. Head. Normal. Physical exam. No focal deficits

    Age 75+. Male

    Please help and oblige. Bangalore. 9740425707

  57. please let me know Palpitations with irregular beats or skipped beats

  58. i suffer i n palpitation at bedtime

  59. My wife suffering palpitation varying arm shoulders back legs back of head due to hot flushed how to give glonoine

  60. Dr suresh prasad says:

    Blooding after fear of death with heart palpitations

  61. Mahesh Kumar says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    Myself Mahesh Age is 23 from Himachal Pradesh . I am Suffering from High Palpitations everytime in the Heart since last 2 years. I have done all the Blood tests and My Sugar is normal, fasting and Random both, Hb is 11.4 gm/dl, Triglycerides are normal , Cholesterol are normal, HDL , LDL, VLDL everything is normal, Chest XRay is normal, After that i have checked into Cardiologist , He suggest me to undergo ECG And ECHO test, And again These both tests are absolutely Ok. After 4 months when problem still persists I have checked again to Cardiologist And He suggest me TMT test, I have done my TMT test and ite reposts will again normal.

    Dr Told me that there is no problem in Your Heart No need to Worry.

    But The situation is same , Currunt Problems are

    1) Excessive Palpitations everytime
    2) Dizziness in head
    3) Excessive Sleepiness at daytime
    4)blurred Vision
    5)Weakness in all over Body

    Sir/Mam my Humble request from you please Suggest me Something which can help me to get rid out of this please

    • Has Mahesh had Thyroid antibodies checked and vit D levels and checked for Adrenal fatigue. Your symptoms seen similar to mine and I eventually went to test through an intergrative Dr. Found low iron, zinc, D and multiple other deficiencies.

    • Same problem with me..
      Please suggest me medicine

  62. Rajneesh Sharma says:

    I am taking alopathic medicine tamsan-20 for high blood pressure. I have heart palpitations with skipped beat and increase in heart reate (pulse rate) . I am 51 year old . I have surgery of gallbladder in July,2017. I have so many tensions also. Can my heart palpitations are cured permanently and high blood pressure cure permanently. Also I am taking pentosac-D for acidic.

  63. Rajneesh Sharma says:

    I am taking alopathic medicine tamsan-20 for high blood pressure. I have heart palpitations with skipped beat and increase in heart reate (pulse rate) . I am 51 year old . I have surgery of gallbladder in July,2017. I have so many tensions also. Can my heart palpitations are cured permanently and high blood pressure cure permanently.

  64. Hi,
    I have irregular heartbeat during my mensus only in the late evening to night. Also I have acid reflux. I did all cardio tests and everything normal. Can you suggest a homeo med for it.

  65. MANJULA GUPTA says:


  66. Dear Doc

    I had a hysterectomy 3/2014 6 months after my total hysterectomy I started to develop palpitations on the base of my throat where the clavicle meet in the middle. If I press down it gives me relief! These attacks seem to occur under stress or anger. Since I owe different businesses stress is a life factor for me. I used to have pulsating going on on the richter side of my neck but that has calmed down. I have also put on 35 lbs. Please help me with these palpitations they can make you crazy and they are exhausting!! Warmest Regards Loretta

  67. P.K.Tayal says:

    i have a high pulse rate which is normally above 100 .from last one year i have BP also . for blood pressure i am taking allopathic medicine and bp is control but pulse rate is not normal . from last fve ,six months i was also taking allopathic medicine for high pulse rate .Now doctor stopped the medicine for high pulse rate and resulting again high pulse rate 115,116,125 ,110 etc . I feel anxiety and fright but no thrust for cold water .please advise the medicine

  68. Asad Haque says:

    Dr. Sharma what a compilation in the best manner even for a layman to understand the homeopathy world of wonders.

    I thank you for above.
    Kind regards

  69. I am under glaucoma medication
    I am tking these medicine
    daily &
    4.Aurum Met 200 o wed & sun day.
    last two days i am feeling palpitations like irregular or skipping beats.
    what i shall do?

  70. Zawaba Kadri says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,I have irregular heart beat and heart palpitations at night , Matral valve prolapse too.please advice me to what’s he the medication and where can I buy it , I look forward to hear from you soon . Thank you.

  71. Hi doctor Sharma. My mother aged 54 is having, according to doctors, PSVT and her heart beat rises even 200 per minute and since last 2 years its frequency has increased. Earlier it was a six month phenomenon but now it many times happen even at the interval of 15 days only. Whenever this happens doctor give her required dose of Diljam injection. Sometimes it’s not needed but most of the times she need injection to get normal.
    Till December last year she used to take calaptin Sr 120 mg daily but when no benefit was there she left taking this.
    My query is whether there is permanent solution for this problem called PSVT in homeopathy or I should go to allopathic treatment as doctors has prescribed an EP study first and later ablation of extra vein that is causing this electrical problem.

    • Dear Dr Sharma,
      I’m a 75 y/o lady with a history of heart disease . This morning and also for the last few days I was awakened with a feeling of
      Tightness around my neck and under my chin as if being choked also weakness down my arms. My heart rate is irregular with skipped beats. I feel fatigued and break out in profused sweat upon exertion,
      I took arnica but wonder what else I should do?

  72. hi, my brother has sinus bradycardia and he is 41 years old. Doc proposing pacemaker. Anything you can help?

    • Jyotirindra Narayan Mondal says:

      Myself suffering from bradycardia with 42 pulse per minute. Myself taking allopathic medicine Telma AM and Rusovastatin-10. Please suggest homeopathy medicine

  73. mary plavidal says:

    ulcer, digestion, heartburn, bloating,,, along with anxiety,,, had a homepath,,but she has since stopped working,,, live in austin, t,x

  74. Anil Kumar Patil says:

    Hello Sir,
    I underwent heart surgery in year 2010 for structural heart defects and now I have atrial arrhythmia and taking amiodarone tab. with metoprolol. Is there any homoeopathy remedy for this condition.

    • Dear Dr.Sharma,I have irregular heart beat and heart palpitations at night , Matral valve prolapse too.please advice me to what’s he the medication and where can I buy it , I look forward to hear from you soon . Thank you.

  75. Hi Dr sharma My dad have irregular heart beats sometimes from as low as 50 to high as 100. With changing blood pressure from 40 on th elow side to 114 on high and suddenly changes from 50 on low side to 110 on high side. It feel electrical function imbalance. Condition called Atrial Fibrilation. Could you please let us know the best homeopathy.

    Kind Regards

  76. JASWINDER KAUR narang says:

    Sir;my uper lower blood pressure pulse all shoot up to 168/138/188 and was admired to hospital my nitrate valve was changed in 2010 this problem has raised a month back I have been put on medicine with this all three are go too low to 90/61/54 I am 66 years female please advise the treatment.

  77. Hello Dr Sharma, this is Dr Rahul, I am a RHD patient having mitral valve stenosis moral valve area 1.2 cm2 by PHT.mitral valve is calcific and LA size is 7 cm. Mild Mr. Also Atrial fibrillation and thus arrhythmia.Is treatment possible at Ur Centre Pl suggest.

  78. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Would you please advice some medicine for Uric Acid?

  79. Ten years ago a wind storm came in our college which frightened me a lot .
    After that I become too much frightened when I see clouds and wind.
    Please suggest me homeo medicine and remember that I have been suffering from migraine round about 15 years . Migraine attacks me on left side of head severely and incresres with sunlight.
    My past is very dirty I was used to hand practice frequently

  80. Indrajit Mukherji says:

    I have high blood pressure as well as high pulse rate, 120/minute with irregular pulse at every 3rd pulse is missing. Please suggest the best medicine. Thank you.

  81. Lori Stiffler says:

    I am a 64 year old female, complete hysterectomy 13 years ago, TSH reading of 0.08, and my naturopath suggests that the thyroid level although low does not require treatment, although I suffer from brain fog, fatigue, dry skin and thinning hair. I am in good health generally with some GERD, struggle with anxiety and depression, and have slight essential tremors in hands and head. Heart palpitations are quite troublesome, although MD hears no abnormalities in the rhythm. Wondering what you might recommend for palpitations given that information.

  82. Hello Dr. Sharma Would Digitalis be OK to use for Atrial Fibrillation, or would Lilliam Tig be a better choice. I am trying to cut down on Diltaizem, as it doesn’t seem to have that much an effect on pulse rate if I am exercising or doing housework etc. I am in constant atrial fibrillation and have such difficulty with most meds . I have had an angiogram and have no blockages, am in good health, and just need to slow my pulse rate down when being active. Anything you could suggest would be wonderful.
    Thanks so much,

  83. I am Vishal 28 years from panipat.sir Ian suffering from restlessness, anxiety. all time I feel fear .I had ECG. The report indicates arrythmia and short or interval. Sometimes I very badly suffer from heart pounding .what should I do.I have mood swings and skipping from team weight is 82 kg and height is 5,4″ inch.can u please suggest me .

  84. Hello doctor IAM sumathi from Bangalore I have vt problem from October 2017.i have under gone operation for pacemaker.after a month due to infection doctors adviced me to remove the it’s being 2 1/2 month I am living without machine (I have taken 3doses of infimab since I have sarcoidosis from past 3yrs) now doctors saying they will implanr pace maker again after 4th dose of it possible to take treatment under homeopathy for my problem.iam not happy to have pacemaker sir pls reply me.

  85. Gurcharan Ubhi says:

    Nice information

  86. Dear sir,
    I am 31 year old and feeling some problem with my heart beat.
    For the last 3-4 years , my whole body vibrates at a regular intervals with the heart beat when I lie on bed for sleeping or taking rest.

    My mother is a chronic palpitation patient.

    Pls prescribe medicine for my problem.
    Thanking you in advance

  87. Mihir Singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I was admitted in AIIMS FOR 3 weeks for pneumonia which arose not out of cold but an unknown cause. Was treated first with antibiotics and Tamiflu and later with Corticosteroids, which is still continuing in a tapering mode.
    I wanted to know treatment for such kind of condition in homeopathy. I am based in Delhi

  88. Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from some depression, anxiety and heart palpitations which started with over worrying about a relative.

  89. Sunil Jeerawla says:

    Dr I am an anxiety, depression and insomnia patient since 14 years and the allopathic medicines I take are anxiety0.5mg 6 tabs a day, mirtaz 7.5mg at night along with ativan 4mg at night. I have tried a few homeopathic treatments and Ayurveda also but none of these help. Palpitation increases during night and I am not able to sleep properly. Heart starts to pound fast and it feels I will die. Tried aconite. Albums Noricum, arsenic album, Kali phos almost all possible things but no results, please advice.

  90. Dear Dr. I have palpitation problem after eating food. Used lycopodim phosporus,nux vomica ,pulsatilla,carboveg but no relief.plz suggest some alternate remedy

  91. Avinash Marathe says:


    I get arrythmia after accidentally eating foods with green chilly preparation.(spicy hotel food very hot in taste) After few hours, the attack starts with sweating, followed by irratic pulse rate (also very high), breathing difficulties, back ache. After 2 -4 hours of suffering, without any medication(only limbu pani, sugar, ova or milk of magnesia is taken) , everything stops (stomach gas is formed and couple of motions happen) and I can do normal work. As it is difficult to know that the food is mixed with chillies in first go, even if I try to avoid such foods, once in 3 months the attack strikes. This has been happening over last 5 years. (I am 70 and have some mild stable angina also)
    I would like to know what homeopathic medicine I should take when the attack is on, mainly to reduce or steady the pulse rate.

  92. I am 62 and have recently had a 24hour heart monitor for palpitations but the results came back as normal.i have reduced my caffeine intake but was already having decaf husband and I have a half bottle of wine between us a day so alcohol isnt a problem.the only other thing could be stress e.i work, grand children etc.could u recommend a remedy please.

  93. Irene Thornton says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. i am now 64 years od but always been very fit, never took a tablet in my life, my son was in accident 6 years ago, my only child, and ofcourse it was a big shock. since them i get on with life, holidays etc, but 2 years ago, i woke with my heart racing at 150, feeling going up my back to neck, and over my head, every few minutes, any ways, i had a couple of these over a few month, and finally went into hospital, they sent me for an anagram, and nothing wrong perfect no blockage,i have had all types of test m r i, , scans, ultra sounds , echoes, ecg, monitors, To cut the story short, they said i had AF. and tachycardia, put me on 100 gems Flecanide a day, its has stopped the fast rate, but i was getting ectopics , the monitor said, i produced an extra beat, but i have been taking Magnesium and iron tablets from the chemist, and for two weeks had no slow beats, but i found that out on my own accord, as the heart dr hear in gibraltar, never gives me any information or words or technical background etc on my problem. I have suffered IBS all my life, and when all this started with the racing i suffer gasses in the stomach, i had the camera down, and they found nothing, hence the mri was on gallbladder and found nothing, there seems to be NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!!!, so why am i on all these tablets!!!!. Also since the beginning of all this my ears and sinus, are permanently blocked and sissing , like I’m under water, this started when the problems started with heart. Im totally confused with it all, I’m trying to get to the bottom of this, and want to be fixed, A friend of mine, who may i say is very rich, went to Harley Street London, he had a racing heart, and AF, but he told me he had operation, where they burned something out of the nerve in heart, and he has been well ever since no problems, Harley street is out of the question for me, do you think i should go for another opinion, to try and fix this, as i am all for helping myself. Thank you for reading my comment Dr.

  94. nand kumar rai says:

    I am suffering from cronic rheumatic arthritis plese advise medicines me ……shyam narayan rai age-70

  95. Rajendra Gupta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma: I have a history of palpiations for the last 20 years or so. I had conjestive heart failure last year. Recently, I have found that If I don’t nap in the afternoon, I am surely going to have palpitations at night. They are sometimes quite violent, but other times not that violent, depending on if I can nap for couple of hours in the afternoon. I have been taking allopathic Ameodorone 100. they help in stopping palpitations for some time and will again start. In between I have been taking Balladona 200c which helps in controlling them. What do you think if I take Lilium Tig and Aurum met, but in what potency. Or which other homeopathic remedy do you suggest. I am going to be 84 years old in Jan. Thank you very much. Rajendra Gupta

  96. DR. sharma
    I was attacked in myocardial infarction on 26 august 2015, did CAG in the last year, found no blockages into the heart but doctor advised it is “non critical cardiac diseases” has to maintained medical management. this year I was checked myself in Narayana Hospital, doctor advised nothing fact.
    now i follow these medicines advise by ( Narayana Hospital)
    1. Nebicard 2.5 – 1tablet in a day
    2. Ecosprin with atorvastatin – 1 tablet in a day
    now a days I feel Palpitation seldom, if i continue atova/atorvastatin 4-5 days i feel very weak.
    so that i would like to change treatment method , like homeopathy from childhood, please give me suggestion how can i treat myself in homeopathy for MI.

  97. my wife is anxiety patient from last 5 year .when she awake she start to say I can’t breath my heart is sinking and her feelings r that she is suffering in a swear pain this condition remain till evening or alopathy medicines r effective .pl guide me may there a Homeopathic medicine effect her.

  98. Hello doctor sharia
    My name is dr Rashid khan from pakistan. I have a problem regarding heart beat while it missed after 5 beats .I am an athlete right from the age of 15 till now as karate player. Due to the missing beat I fell some burdon on my body .please guid me what should I do.
    Dr RashidKhan

  99. Hi
    I get palpitations after eating, also when taking pain meds pulsating in kidneys and heart and head feels if not enough oxygen. When I lie down also palpitations and after eating kalsium and carbs.
    Also when only a small thing happens or big eg box falling from table, whole body feels if on fire, burning.
    I had an acciden a year ago with blunt trauma where my 2ton bakkie crushed me against electric gate.
    I did not go to doctor but they say spleen or liver ussually the organs to be effected.
    I started with palpitations after father died, but also when any coffee alcohol, sugar etc.

    Also tired all the time
    Do not sleep deep
    No problem going to sleep

    Kindly advise



  100. Leena Jugmohan says:

    Hi Doctor ,

    my name is Leena Jugmohan and I have been suffering from Mitral prolasped valve for the past 5 years
    I was put on a beta blocker (concor ) which I had no idea was causing a whole lot of side effects like breast pain low iron the list is long however a couple of weeks I was rushed into the ER thinking I was having a heart attack . I was MPV doctors then changed my meds to Cardiocor which is not agreeing to me.

    I really want to try something more natural but I have no idea how to go about it .

    your help and guidance will be highly appreciated.

  101. Binod Kumar choudhary says:

    After five months of Whipple. Surgery of Gaul bladder and pancreas’s the patient is highly debilitating.Her appetite has been diminished to zero .Weight has come down from 55to30 kg.Lot of tumours have been formed in gastro intestinal track.Lever has also been infected.Pulserate has increased up to 150/ minute.Please suggest medicine if any..

  102. Ashok Jawale says:

    Dear Doctor
    I have irregular heart beat & my normal heart rate is 40 to 60 pet min. I am 66 years old. I feel uneasy & without energy with these symptom . I also hear continues heart beat from my right ear which even disturb my sleep. Can you suggest medicine for this.
    Ashok Jawale
    Mob 9923057182/8668834550

  103. Muhammad Arif says:

    I am arif from pakistan my problem diagnose is
    Now i am using two medicine METOPROLOL AND FLECAINIDE. One for to lower the high heartbeat rate and second for irregular heartbeat.
    After using this medicine problem of high heartbeat is normalize never increase from 90 bpm.
    But in 24 hour my heartbeat become irregular one or two time or three time
    Sir please guide me about my problem according to your observation and experience and also tell about my treatment in homeopathic
    I am very thankful for your kind coorporation.your prompt reply is highly apriciated
    Regards M.ARIF

    • Muhammad Arif says:

      I am arif from pakistan my problem diagnose is
      Now i am using two medicine METOPROLOL AND FLECAINIDE. One for to lower the high heartbeat rate and second for irregular heartbeat.
      After using this medicine problem of high heartbeat is normalize never increase from 90 bpm.
      But in 24 hour my heartbeat become irregular one or two time or three time
      Sir please guide me about my problem according to your observation and experience and also tell about my treatment in homeopathic
      I am very thankful for your kind coorporation.your prompt reply is highly apriciated
      Regards M.ARIF

  104. Jaipal Singh says:

    Good evening Dr.Sharma. My wife age 63 yrs. having a problem of congestive hear tfailure recently and also have a problem of dibetese,bloodpressure and thyroid. She is taking allopathic medicine regularly and her bloodpressure and thyroid is under control but her diabetes level is not under control(not takin insulin). Pl. suggest homeo medicine.

  105. Libby Hancock says:

    Hi there. I have Hashimoto (12 years now) and have occasions of arrythmia with missed, irregular beats and if I have to exert myself my beats speed up, I will feel faint, then it will slow down again and be irregular. On the days when I have this happenning upon waking I can feel that my pulse feels “thready” light. My blood pressure tends to be slightly low normally. otherwise I feel just great, can exert myself, no problem. Thank you

  106. Abhimanyu Singh says:

    Dear sir,
    3 months back i feel that thing are spinning when i try to see far, slowly slowly i feel that palpitations then rounding the thing.During sleeping suddenly i feel palpitations and then rounding all the things. Doctor says it is vertigo, they suggested me some medicine and after having those medicine i feel that i am boozing so i left having those medicine.,they suggest me different test but all test were normal. i went for cold calorific test but it was also normal,then some one suggest me to go for homeopathic.from homeopathic i had spigellia 30.after this i feel good but not kindly suggest me for that a good medicine.

  107. Indrajit Mukherjee says:

    Sir I am suffering from high heart rate nearly 106 bits per minute with irregular bits. Bits missing at 3rd and 4th. I am having high BP and taking alopathic medicine i e TelmekindAm. After taking the medicine my diastolic reading is not coming below 100.kindly suggest the remedy. Thank you.

  108. Neetu Soni says:

    I have bicuspid artic valve and palpitations. I am taking embeta xr 75 mg in a day. I feel palpitations while lying down to sleep.somebody suggest me to take digitalisQ in pulse rate is below 100is it good for heart to take this medicine as I m taking metroprolol succinate release

  109. Hi Dr Sharma I have problems with the conduction in my heart. I have an AV Heart block 2. What is the best remedy for this. It seems to be connected to digestive issues as I also get liver pain in the middle of the night. I am limited now with how much I can exercise as too strenuous exercise can trigger the heart block. It is particularly bad in the early hours of the morning. Thanks Fiona

  110. susan worrall says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. I have been experiencing palpitations with two episodes of arrhythmia. Once last July. The other in early May. I have had increasing episodes of palpitations without the arrhythmia. It feels like my heart skips a beat occasionally. And then the palpitations start. I have managed them more recently with a supplement called Nervine which has california poppy and hawthorne. I have been referred to an arrythmia clinic. And will have an echocardiogram soon. As well I will have a 24 hr. holter monitor. I have been advised to go on blood thinners. I have read your notes and have received the remedies that I believe are right for me. The question I have is do Intake the remedy when inhave an episode or now to hopefully stop them. I am an otherwise healthy woman of 68. I had a hip replacement in dec. 7 and have recovered well. I am a meddium height and weight. I exercise at least 4 times per week.

  111. Elizabeth H says:

    I developed a strange problem in December 2016. I used a bit too much (but not that much, really) of topical magnesium oil and had a rash on my face and heart palpitations in my sleep. Since then, I have apparently become insanely sensitive to both Mg and Ca – the merest speck of a food that is higher in one or the other of these than my body “likes” makes my muscles react, which I can feel in my jaw, my eyes, my calves, and – most significantly – my heart. I continue to have palpitations in my sleep, usually around 4 am. A few times – recently – they come as I am falling asleep, which prevents me from sleeping. Sometimes they have come later than 4 am. And I very occasionally don’t have any. Over the past 6 months I have become extremely exhausted. The palpitations are weakening my heart, and if I sleep through them, I am really wiped out the next day. I am 65. I have eaten a very healthy diet since I was 18, including lots of greens, which I can only tolerate now if I have them with, say, cashews (high in Mg) as they have too much calcium for me now. I never had a problem with Mg and Ca before. I do have other sensitivities, e.g. to Na and K. Too much of one or the other causes fluid retention, but that is manageable and not as serious as this. A key fact, I believe, is that I had a paralyzed hamstring at age 9, diagnosed as polio by the pediatrician. There have been many signs that my nervous system is not normal, including hypersensitivity to wireless technology and others which would take too long to describe. In the past 10 years, certain sensitivities have definitely become worse. Is there any possibility that this condition can improve? I am finding it very difficult to live with and am not sure my body can survive it.

  112. Debi Richardson says:

    My mom is 89 and often wakes up at night with heart palpitations. When taking her pulse it’s usually between 80 and 88-(normal?) and she feels shakey. This also sometimes happens during the day but it’s usually at night.

  113. Parminder says:

    After taking alcohol next my hear goes very high and pulse start missing

  114. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Myself Desna is having BP 151/93 and Pulse 105 , I have GAs Problem, some time I feel my stomach is much projected and some time fell flat.
    Kindly advise me homeo medicine.
    I am having uric acid problem and burning sensation in in ELBOW and wrist area.
    Appreciate for your early response.


  115. Sudip Rajwar says:

    Hello I am sudip rajwar age 18 years male. Since childhood very much sweat emit from my hands & legs..In winter season sweat are also emit.All the doctor’s are fell to treat me in this area.For sweat very much problems creats when i write.So please help me.

  116. Sudip Rajwar says:

    Since childhood very much sweat emit from my hands & legs.Please help me.In winter season sweat are also emit.

  117. Kamal Sharma says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am Kamal Sharma age 46 Male, Healthy 5’5″ and weighing 85KG. I have no other medical issues but while being checked by a general physician in Dec’16 for viral fever he diagnosed this skipped pulse issue. Pulse was skipping after 3beats. I got by ECG and Echo done and found ok infcat doctor had put Holter for a day and found 14% extra/skipped beats. TMT test was also done and found ok and after 6minutes of running beat become normal and test continued til 12minutes and Dr. said it is very good. I have noticed that after having alcohol pulse starts skipping. Various Blood tests were done and found normal.

    Some time pulse skips @3, some time after 5 or 7 and some time after 11 and some time it works normal.

    Dr. had given me Starpress XL 50 tablet once/day.

    I also had dry excema which is almost ok now apart from this though i do not have any symptoms like palpitations etc but would like to get this cured. For your information i am based at Delhi.

  118. Required medison for palpitation

  119. Angela D'Antuono says:

    I was diagnosed with sinus bradycardia and am looking into alternative care. If you believe homeopathy can help, can you refer me to a homeopathic physician in New York City? Many thanks.

    • Dhanesh Nagarkar says:

      Since last one month I am suffering from uneasiness,palpitation and bradycardia.The pulse gets missed sometimes after 3-4 beats and sometimes after6,7,11 beats.this makes me very uneasy.kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine for the same.

  120. Janette Leifker says:

    My 6 month old son has Trisomy 18, and heart problems. He is currently struggling with heart rate drops sown to the teens, followed by oxygen saturation drops down to the teens at some points, mostly when he begins to relax to sleep. His #’s drop and he wakes with a cough as he starts breathing again. He has a growly sounding wheeze or rattly snore with his breath intake whether awake or asleep. It sounds as though he’s plugged at the base of his nasal passages. He is mouth breathing again, and his tongue gets really dry. We have been suctioning a pasty yellow and white mucous clumps from his mouth. Can homeopathy help him handle better the symptoms of his Trisomy?

  121. Dr.Anant

  122. Rakesh Ranjan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am happy to see that, there is a medical term for my problem, I am suffering from VT , Vertical thachycardia since last 1 year , and i am taking Alopethic medicine i.e Cardrone 100 , Cardec 2.5 and Seloken Xl 25 Mg, But due to this i am facing a new problem one after another . No i am fade-up of this. yesterday i try to skip the medicine and was normal , but in night my heart rate goes high to 150 . Then suddenly i have taken the same medicine. Now i need your help in this inorder to make a proper solution for my problem. Please help me to get cure.

    I can be available ay time on my contact. : 8123760062
    or just suggest if you need me inperson for detail investigation i will try to come .

    Rakesh Ranjan

  123. Abdul Qadeer Khan says:

    My son 2.5 years old has Tachycardia with irregularity. I think one beat misses after 10th or 15th. He is very weak and his beating sound can be heard by me.
    Waiting for your kind reply.

  124. soma Balo says:

    My heart beat is irregular. I have small whole on a heart beside. Homeopathic can cure my problm. Dr. I also have cyst in to my right and left ovary. And also have thyroid problm.

  125. Hi hoping you can help please, I am 50 still having regular periods so not sure if I have started going through menopause….Im not sure if I have a thyroid issue either but I am getting irregular heartbeats which feels like a pause or a space and then a beat PCVs I think they are called.
    I am quite anxious have a lot of stress on my mind and I find when I get angry or upset or cry they happen more like adrenaline related…..I do take magnesium regularly zinc, Q10, etc.
    Its doing my head in and starting to feel afraid and go out, I wear a crystal in my bra lol…..I also got told that biofilm can enter in your system and get stuck in mitre valve causing the irregular heartbeat.
    I dont have pain, no dizzyness no out of breath.
    Thanks for your time and reading this , have a great day.

  126. Meghashyam Muzumdar says:

    Dr. I have heart beat I sleep at 12o clock my heart beats are 70-80 at that time where I NB wake up at 7 o clock it is 104 I am IBS PES I have anxiety anxiety and depression due this lam taking anti depressants sleeping tablet let me suggest the homeopathy medicin. Thanks

  127. Muhammad NAWAZ says:

    wonderful medical information for treatment of palpitation. my son (19 years of age) has Palpitation up to 100 per minute. His ECG shown vivid P wave. According to his left valve leaf
    was slightly buckling. after the use of crataegus and strophonthus in mother tincture for one month his all reports were cleared. can these defects reoccurred again.

  128. Arun Kumar Sen says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    At present I am 71 years old ,physically & mentally fit to carry out self employed civil construction work consultancy service.During last one week or so , I am feeling discomfort with having irregular pulse beat/ skipped beats that inter it’s mainly at 5th or 6th beat & having high blood pr 160/90.
    I will be highly obliged, if you kindly make a prescription for the above.
    Thanking you ,
    With Regards,
    Arun Kumar Sem

    • Iam 2yrs female and suffer with palpitations on and off with pain in chest ,irregular menstrual cycle plz prescribe me

  129. Kalyan Ghosh says:

    I am a patient of tachycardia with WPW syndrome. Doctors have suggested surgery. Suddenly the heart rate goes into 200+ could u suggest some homeopathic remedies…

  130. Dear Dr Sharma
    I am really thanksfull to u that i hv a got some knowledge from ur site,i want to know about me ,as some times i feel palpitation and weak body ,blood pressure is normal ,my age is near 39,i dont hv bad habits ,i m also a student of homeopathy college, may i know ur prescription about my particular disease.
    Thanks kadir
    Dhaka ,Bangladesh

  131. Hello Dr,
    I often feel my heart beat in chest and sometimes can hear it too esp while lying down. There is no chest pain or breathlessness. Can Homeopathy help. I feel sometimes uncomfortable and anxious because of this.

    • sankar karmakar says:

      I am 52 yrs diabetic hi BP patient all in control by allopathy medicine but some time I feel palpitation when lying ECG report norm sugar fasting 142. Pp 150 BP 130/75 lipid profile norm creatinine 0.9 can Homeo solve my problem

  132. Catherine Lawson says:

    Hi, My name is Catherine and I have had fast heart rate for 3 days. It averages 90 to 100 and I feel dizzy, sick when I get up I have no energy and find doing the simplest tasks an ordeal. At times I feel I will feint or be sick. This all started on Sunday 22nd of January when I took a rennie for indigestion. I had an allergic reaction and have had a migraine headache and fast heart rate ever since. I have Fibromyalgia but I have never known such fatigue as this. I am very thirsty all the time and my pee is orange. Please can you help I am 44. I am medicine sensitive so really want to help this problem naturally. Thhank you

  133. ranju devi says:

    hello doc i m40 years pulse rate is above 100 but blood presure is tell me medicine

  134. Anwar khan says:

    Iam a 30 yr old man,My heart rate isbetween 60 to 80,but even at this rate I can feel palpitations, sometimes .recently i went to a cardiologist and took an ecg,no problem was detected in My heart,sir plz recommend some goodhomeopathic medicine that can eliminate this palpitation symptoms,also i dnt take stress much but everyone in My family dont take it seriously.

  135. Anwar khan says:

    Dear sir kisi kisi time mera heart beat 1 second ke liye erregular ho jati hai aur puri body me sensation sa ho jata hai uske baad fir normal ho jata hai.kya ye palpitation hai ? koi homeopathy remedy batayen pls

  136. Deepinder kaur says:

    My grandson 4 yrs old had psvt and RFAblation was done he was fine after that for 40 days but he again developed psvt and second time RFAblation was done now i am very worried dont wont to happen again please suggest a homeopathuc med as his heart beat was above 250 when it last happened can i give him lilium tig ? And please suggest the potency and dose for he is only 4 + any other med ?

    Please help me i am very worried

  137. abdul chaudhry says:

    Respected Dr Sharma I was diagnosed with heart tachyardia and bradycardia after taking hyertension medicine in India/pakistan.During my PH D in medical science in UK with my friend Dr Bajaj[ of Dehli Cardiology Institute] in 1966,I suffered sudden episode; called by cardiologist as phaeochromocytoma which was not dignosed by VMA test.I had suffered sudden high heart rate palpitations with fear of death.On my short visit to india/pakistan ,cardiologist diagnosed me with hyperadrenergic pots syndrome due to very sensitive,anxious and lover of intelectual arguments.Dr diagnosed me with low heart cardiac output and sudden proxymal superaventricular tachycardia syndrome.He prescribed minimum digoxin for life.other Doctor objected for digoxin advise.At this age above 75 ,I started having often PSVT with fear of death.

  138. Pramod Sonone says:

    Honorable dr sharma
    I hv ventricular tachycardia with pulse rate above 84 per minute plz suggest homeo medicine .

    • sangeet sarkar says:

      Iam a 23 yr old man,My heart rate is between 60 to 80,but even at this rate I can feel palpitations,recently i went to a cardiologist and took an ecg,no problem was detected in My heart,sir plz recommend some good homeopathic medicine that can eliminate this palpitation symptoms,also i dnt take stress much but everyone in My family dont take it seriously

  139. Ashok Thukral says:

    I feel shortness of breath after walking for ten minutes.Please advise some homeopathic medicine

  140. hi
    i would like to ask ,i had a hyperthyroid condition and after treatme nt with radio active iodine i hav bucum hypothyroid,but i hav severe palpatations very worrid ,im taking 25 mg atenelol but its not working anymore the palpatations r getting worse. please esuggest a homeo remedy.

  141. Sangeet kumar sarkar says:

    My heart rate when measured during rest is between 60 to 80,but still even at that rate i can feel palpitations,what is my problem?

  142. Anuj Kumar Garg says:

    Heart Beat remains 90-100 all the time.
    Heart beat can be heard.
    Blood pressure remains 90- 120.
    Palpitation after oily Food. Goes to 110 or more.
    Some times feel anxiety.

  143. C V PRAVEEN says:

    My mother is a patient of HOCM for past 10 years and she has high BLOOD PRESSURE, she often surfer’s from palpitation problem when ever she works or her health is down. She is 68years old, please tell me how to cure her palpitation.

  144. I would be grateful if you could tell me if I can safely take Mag. Phos. I have Heart Block (not blocked arteries!) My heart beats no faster than 40 bpm. I would very much like to take Magnesium as I know I am very depleted but every book I have consulted says don’t take it with Heart Block because it may slow down the heart rate. Will homeopathic Mag. phos. do this too?

    Many thanks.

  145. Dharampal Singh says:

    R/Dr. Sharma, About two months back I had sufferred a heart attack and since then I have been on alopathy medicine. But recently I noticed that I have developed irregular heart beat say it intermits mainly 4rd, 5th and 7th and 12th or 16th beat. Please suggest me the remedy to prevent such irregular heart beat.
    Dharampal Singh,
    H.No.2014/18, Mohalla Rampura, Hisar.

  146. I have taken Kavinace Ultra PM by Neuroscience for the past year because I was unable to sleep due to Atrial Fibrillation which began over one and a half yrs. ago. I later found out it has Phenybut as its main ingredient and I did not know it was harmful. I recently began having severe anxiety, difficulty breathing, and being awakened out of sleep with severe panic attacks. Also began fluid retention started happening. I suspected the Kavinace and did Google searches and found that withdrawal can be severe from this product with the Phenybut being the problem. It causes rapid heart beat, insomnia, edema, panic attacks, anxiety, etc. I was up to 162 last week. I already had tachycardia and arrythmia from the Afib.

    Now I have been off the Kavinace for 1 week and am having terrible effects as described above.
    Is there any homeopathic remedy to reverse and lessen the effects of this withdrawal? I would need something without alcohol, because it makes the withdrawal worse.

    PLEAS HELP! Any input or suggestions regarding this would be so much appreciated. Thank You, Lynn

  147. Margaret Ashcroft says:

    Can homoeopathy help paroxysmal atrial fibrillation with intense fear and anxiety? I think it is brought on by anxiety but I usually get a feeling of burning or acidity in my chest just before an episode starts. Please can you help?

  148. Divya malik says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am a 32 year old woman and in the morning up until about lunch my heart beat rate is around 70-85 BPM but as soon as it’s after 3 pm and till night my pulse rate rises to 100-105.

    I don’t take any other medicine but around 5-6 months back I had severe anemia (HB was 8.1) and had shortness of breath all. Now after taking supplements my HB is 12.7.

    I have got an X-ray, ecg and a 2d echo and all are normal, however, the 2d chi report says I have tachycardia with occasional palpitations.

    I don’t want to take allopathic medicines and would like to solve this issue the normal way. Please guide me.

  149. Dear Doctor, i am an old patient IBS and acid reflux at night.Taking OMEPRAZOL and RABEPRAZOL SODIUM for years .I also have hyper acidity.Now i am experiencing palpitation alongwith missing heartbeats..i am also a patient of hypertention and daibeties… B/P during last few days raised to 165/105 and had age is 62….kindly advise me the treatment for palpitation,blood pressure and acid reflux.Adil shah

  150. Hi Dr Sharma:

    I have been experiencing an irregular heart beat on and off all through the day. No pain. Not worse with exertion nor does exertion bring it on. However, I have noticed that sometimes it comes on after I have eaten breakfast. I can be ok for hours on end and then it comes on suddenly for no reason at all. Feel fatigued otherwise no other symptoms. It is certainly worse if I haven’t had sufficient sleep/rest.

  151. sir i m sufferring from tachcardia according to allopahic practitioner. my heart rae goes upto 110 or more. i feels ches pain and uncomforable. m bp is 130/90 mm of hg right now. some of the aurvedic and homeopahic praciioner says it is an anxiety. sir plz tell me the solution. my age is 32 ears.

    • syed hassan says:

      Hi, im 17 years old and recently i found out bradycardia / congential heart disease or complete heart block. My heart’s natural pacemaker is not generating enough electricity thats why i have low pulse. Doctors have said to get a pacemaker surgery. Please tell me a medicine.

  152. Tonia Royster says:

    Hello, I am a 65 yo female. I am experiencing irregular heart beat and strong palpitation almost always after 7:00 pm or at least in the evening and never during the day. I have questioned whether it could be caused by artificial sweetener? Lab result shows low sodium. Thanks for your article.


  153. I have irregular periods, but when the time for my period comes I start having heart palpation’s.
    I also fell dizzy most of the time. i sometimes have pain in my chest and left shoulder, back, headaches. i sometimes have chills or feel very hot.
    please advise what to do

  154. My wife is kidney patient.she has excessive heart rate.she has anemia as well.she has been on vitamins tratment and taking allopathy medicines since long.
    Kindly advice some madicine to control her heart rate.

  155. My mother in law is suffering from tachycardia and tremors with rise in BP. Blood test shows low potassium. She had such symptoms 3,times in last 15 days. First time when she felt tachycardia pulsation could be seen in neck region. BP was 135/88mm he. She’s on hypertension medicine since 22 years. She takes UDP AT. Doctors say it’s not kidney issue. Ecg is normal. They can’t find out the cause. Can homeopathy help. Please suggest.

  156. Hello Dr Sharma: I have Ischemic Cadiomyopathy and DDD ICD and CHF.
    I had MI in 1992 which damage portion of heart and in damage section I am having VT.
    I had ablation in 2011 which kept VT away till March 2016 and it again started so I had another ablation in August 2016 which according to doctors may last for another 5 years.
    Most of the time my VT starts after taking huge meal and I think it may be due to vagel nerve or Vagas nerve or Stomach acid.
    I take Sotalal, Plavex, Asprin, Bisoporal, Crestor, Pentoprozac(for Digestion), Ramipril.

    Is there any Homeopathy medicine that can help me so that I may not have to go through another ablation procedure in future.


  157. Dr. Sharma,
    I have had skipped heart beats and irregular heart beats for most of my young and now older adult life.
    I was diagnosed with mitral valve at 28 years old and in 1998, I was told I don’t have mitral valve prolapse.
    I have noticed that in the last few months, They are coming more often, especially after I wake up and sometimes when I go to bed before I fall asleep. If I get too hungry they come until I eat something.
    They somehow seem to be connecTed to my eating or not eating.

  158. VIJAY KUSHWAHA says:

    Dear sir,
    My father is 80 yr old and he has problem of syncope.
    First syncope was in 2013 then sep 2014. After that i went to the doctor he said about pacemaker implantaion but my father don’t want that. He has been taking medicine 1.Telma AM and 2.Ecosprin AV75. After that he faint two times 13feb2016 and 16aug2016.
    Sir i want to know is there treatment of this in homeopathy. Please help me.

  159. LINA JOSEPHINE says:


  160. vandana arora says:

    Dr. Sharma
    My heartbeat is fast when I lie down….After meals…even when I drink normal water. …and I have fluctuating thyroid.

  161. Dr. Rajan Gupte says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    1) I am having cervical spondylosis with herniated disc. It was treated by spine center &
    Electroacupuncture myrecovery is 80-90% but can not take more strain in my office work
    if I take excess work load on my computor work it gives in the pain in left arm with tingling sensation
    in left hand fingers & some times pain in the upper left chest. After taking Air traction with Electroacupuncture treatment it become normal.
    3) Having on & off Amebiosis with minor problem of colitis Homeopathy & Ayurvedic Medicines gives me effect for three months to six months.
    4)My job is a high stress type .
    5) Also suffering from Piles -excitingly not having serious problem but internal piles problem exists.
    8) I was given Ciplar 10 – Beta Blocker (Twice a day) & Alprazolam 0.5 mg. for five days with Anitacid Tablets. -It Gave me relif for Ten days.9) Again due to Excess stress, Anxity, & Wrong Food Timing has Given me problem of TACHYCARDIA & Missing pulse with Fluctuating BP 140/80 TO 160/90
    Dr. again gave me Ciplar -10 & Ciplat- 10 made every thing normal.

    I want homeopathic medicine for Total Cure. Please help me to com out of these health problems.

  162. jatinder pal says:

    Sir, my wife is undergoing treatment for tachycardia.she was suffering from high BP and irregular heartbeat ranging above 100/sec.she is taking allopathic medicine cordarone,ecosprine,montair but off and on heart rate goes high.please suggest some homeo medicine.she is plus 60

    • Dorothy Roeder says:

      I am 77 yrs, normal weight, work out 2x/wk, taking T3 because I had trouble converting T4. normal BP, cholesterol levels, low D3, taking 1000 units, but taking too much causes aching joints.
      I have been having PVC. It was getting bad a couple of months ago and I was getting faint at times when my heart stopped every few beats. I upped my magnesium, taking it 3x/day and use topical mag oil about 4-5 times a week. That helped get over the worst of it. I used topical progesterone for awhile a few years ago and it went away but had not been as bad as it is now. But I couldn ‘t afford to keep it up. The problem started up again a couple of years ago when I lost 40 lbs. I found dairy and peanuts were a problem and when I quit them the weight went. I am essentially vegan now. But I think I might have lost my progesterone stores with the extra weight. Went back to it now for a month, low dose. The problem is not as bad now, but comes and goes. A bit tired all the time though.

      I had surgery on both breasts about 10 yrs ago. The lumps came back but don’t seem to be doing anything now. Not going to do anymore allopathic stuff. Using alternative methods. T3 is my only prescription. Blood level feels best with a free T3 about 5.1.Below 4.5 definitely does not do it.

      My feeling is the problem might be minerals, but the usual metabolic panel is normal. I do take Potassium 4x day to keep that above 4. I take calcium 1x/day because I had to after eliminating dairy. That affected my heartbeat. I also take Se, Mb, Mn. 1/2 an iron tab once a week. More and Iron goes too high. None and levels go way down.

      I wonder if there is something else I can do.

  163. Bibhas Kar says:

    Nose block sleeplessness palpitations and ischaemia

  164. D banerjee says:

    Hello Dr

    My father is 65 years old suffering from irregular heart rate with average heart rate between 40 – 50 r pm. He have dropped beats and double beats at times. He have suffered dizziness and near fainting.
    Kindly suggest what to do. He is taking arjun mother 5 drops twice daily. And aconite 3x during emergency.

  165. Shakeel Ahmad says:

    Dear Dr.
    Good day to you.

    last 2 years i m suffering gastric problem and during gastric problem some time heart palpation increase before 1 year Dr advice me depression medicine i use it but still problem …….let m know about this matter

  166. Ling Tan says:

    Dr. Sharma, my heart palpitation is about 100, due to lack of sleep because of my night frequent urination every hourly. I am now taking western medication for my hypertension and treating my prostate enlargement.

  167. Hi Dr Sharma.I am 67 y. o.female with severe postmenopausal hot flushes,especially at nigth.I am taking Coffea cruda 6 x 3-4 times/day for insomnia and feel tachycardia up to 91/min.May it be due to Coffea?

  168. Sally Pugh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Most of my palpitations are coming from toxic overload and detox treatment, especially bad at night. Can you recommend a homeopathic remedy for that? thank you.

  169. Dear Dr. Sharma, I am 50 years old, in good health, bike daily. Menstrual cycles are changing, very light and every 50-60 days. At 300am i am awoken with racing heart, hard to get breath and resulting anxious feeling and very tight muscles. The constricted breathing can occur at other times of the day and overall feel anxious. Historically i have not felt this way or had these symptoms. Can you please suggest a remedy? THANK YOU!

  170. candy blaylock says:

    Hi. I was hospitalized a month ago for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. Heart rate went up to 130 rule np went down to 60/40 (my normal is a low 90/60). I was given a calcium channel blocker but also told by doctor that he will consider ablation if I have more episodes. Have had another bad episode since then, but my bp remained ok. I was prescribed nat-mur & avena sativa. May I know your recommendation? Also I am currently in the states for 4 wks. May I know where to order homeopathics while I am here? I look fwd to hearing from you soonest. Thank you

    • Shreemoyee Chakraborty. says:

      Respected Doctor,My mother is a heart patient.She has Bradycardia,Thyroid,Irregular & intermittent pulse rate.The pulse rate is 40/minute.She has palpitation after sleep in the morning.My mother feels very tired all time. Please help her.

  171. Diana Curcio says:

    At the onset of menopause when I was 50 years old I developed heart palpitations. Now for the past ten years I have been suffering with heart palpitations. All my life I always slept peacefully for 8 hours every night waking up rested and feeling great at about 8 AM. NOW, every morning at EXACTLY 5:30 AM like clockwork, I am woken up out of sound sleep with massive heart palpitations which pounds hard for 30 minutes to an one hour. Plus, every time I get a HOT FLASH my body goes into “fight or flight’ and my heart starts pounding. Also, at EXACTLY 9:30 every night like clock work, my heart starts pounding and many times I cannot fall asleep. Recently, I am now waking up at 1:30 AM with heart pounding during the night. I am self-employed in the Real Estate Industry trying to live on commissions for all my life, fearful, anxious wondering if my escrows will close, never knowing if I will have money to pay my bills each month. I’m NOT angry, just scared. My real personality is a happy person.
    But the stress of making money on commission basis is intense. After reading your website, I agree I need Homeopathy…. but which ones?

    • Mary Ellen Brines says:

      Did you get any answers for your problems? I have very similar ones and would appreciate any remedies that you’ve tried that helped with the sudden onset of palpitations at night.

      Thank. Mary Ellen

  172. chimae say says:

    as a p.s. two years ago, phosphorus worked for a while maybe a couple months, cactus grandiflora 6x for a couple months, viscum album 12x for 3 months also helped with my sleep. It seems everything is temporary. Impermanence.

  173. chimae say says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you for offering help. I’m 65. I’ve had palpitations for 12 years or so, they started 2/3 years after menopause. They’ve become worse in the last 4 months. I’m woken up a couple times a night every night. They’re not terribly fast maybe 10 to 15 beats faster than resting, they have a slight pound, and I feel a need to sleep at an angle as it seems that lying flat is more aggravating. I used to be able to get myself to resting within a few minutes with breath and aconitum, the aconite still helps somewhat, sometimes not at all, and now a heart pressure also occurs here and there throughout the day. I take L arganine and sometimes arnica which helps the pressure.
    Also, though I also had them in the morning, I could calm myself within a few minutes, after a while it lasted an hour, then hours, now I’m 10 beats faster most of the day with a feeling of pounding. I’m a vegetarian, no dairy, no caffeine, no sugar. My diet is pristine, I exercise regularly, I meditate, do yoga, qiqong.
    If you have suggestions, I would be grateful.

  174. Rose Hunt says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I really want to get rid of warts on my hand and lower arms. They are rough on top, the skin round them is slightly red and they itch occasionally. I have other flat warts on my legs which show as white areas when I have a tan. Also I have some irregular brown marks on te top of my arms – just small- and only 22-3 and I ha e little red dots like blood blisters on my abdomen – about ten of them. I have a very bad reaction to excess sugar and feel like I am drunk but also very bad tempered and stressed. I suffer from chapped lips sometimes and have cold feet. I have a professional job and communicate easily. If you could help me get rid of the warts I would be really grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best wishes. Rose

  175. vaibhav agarwal says:

    I am suffering from paroxysmal atrial tachycardia since childhood.Now I am 28 years old. since last three years I am taking digitalis 30, aconite 200, Lachesis 200 under the guidance of a homeopathic doctor.The problem has somewhat reduced but not totally cured.I am also taking calaptin 40 for last ten years.Along with homeopathic medicine the dr. has advised to reduce the dose of calaptin but not stopped. I need your advise.should I continue the same or not.

    • Good day Dr. SHARMA

      I have been getting “HEART THUMPING” after eating any food for the past two years. My heart seldom beats more than 80 beats per minute, but it really thumps hard in my chest. Sometimes I feel it in my stomach and sometimes in my chest. I also have hypochlorhydria and the food does not digest properly. I very very seldom get heartburn. This makes me very anxious and no dr has been able to help me. They want to give me anti depressants and I will not for the love if me take it. Will taking Arsenicum 200 help me in any way? I am really desperate.

      Awaiting your reply



  176. Ramesh Patel says:

    Pulpitation and fluttering of heart after intake of food/meal.

    Gas and hyper acidity during night.

    Please suggest homeopathic medicine.

  177. Md.Habibur Rahman says:

    Very good and useful information. Thanks for posting this leterature. I wish more infomation and detailed medication would be posted in future. Thanks.

  178. Kumar Prasad Telikepalli says:

    I had giddiness followed by bought of palpitation where the pulse reached 130 / min couple of days back . Though NSR WAS RESTORED at 100 / min after an hour there is uneasiness in CHEst , severe fatigue and joints in the hands and legs felt weak . The ECG DIDNT report any abnormality .
    I underwent RFA IN 2014 to address SVT and never had the problem later.

    Doctors have ruled out cardiac reasons however the discomfort still persists. Kindly look at this situation and suggest.

  179. sudhakaran K. P says:

    I experienced palpitation 180/minute last Oct. and in Dec. 31 2015. Bopth times admitted in hospital and they treated with inj. adnosil. the moment injection received pul;se rate came down to norma. the Doctor said ECG indicate that some extra path of electricity generating in the heart. this can be stopped by a procedure like engioplasty. today I visited a cardiologist expert in doing this procedure.He took myTMT and found good healthy heart and advised to do this procedure at my convenience.
    I am very sensitive, excited, with lot of grief and tension and lot acidity problem and experience acute stage-fear, foolishly dream of fighting against social injustice get wild myself. Every day I make lot of adrinalin with dreams.

    Please advise me whether I go for this procedure or any other homeo therapy.

    thanking you

    • I had giddiness followed by bought of palpitation where the pulse reached 130 / min couple of days back . Though NSR WAS RESTORED at 100 / min after an hour there is uneasiness in CHEst , severe fatigue and joints in the hands and legs felt weak . The ECG DIDNT report any abnormality .
      I underwent RFA IN 2014 to address SVT and never had the problem later.

      Doctors have ruled out cardiac reasons however the discomfort still persists. Kindly look at this situation and suggest.

  180. letitia sequeira says:

    Very well explained sir.I hv palpitations my heart rate is 120 with normal bp.this happened post gallbladder surgery.I get weird thoughts.wht to do sir.I m 34 yrs.sometime I feel no heartbeat some time fast heartbeat.plz help.

  181. Sir my age is 26 I frequently feel palpitations and stroke tell me the medicine I am from Pakistan

  182. i suffering from heart skipped beat(pvcs).and pain chest heart area.and filling cold. i consult cardiologist and used medicine for one year although continue pls advise medicne.

  183. My best friend has irregular heart beats with skipping, sometimes tachycardia and chest pains. It seems to worsen if she’s fatigued. She has been having problems falling and staying asleep. She’s 56 years old. She eats well..whole foods. She tries to minimize coffee and alcohol but it seems everything causes the heart to be taxed. She drinks decaffeinated tea everyday that she makes which has white sugar in it. I read the list of homeopathic remedies but not sure which one would be best. Thank you

  184. barbara capps says:

    I have skipping beats, have decreased with taking magnesium taurate, and taurine. I have mild mitral valve. Also anxiety can cause this irregular beats. What is the best thing to take?
    Thank u

  185. narinder singh says:

    Wonderful & to the point explanation.Thank you very much.Wish you happy 2016 New year

  186. Sir, I’m 50 years old. I have no any diseases. But everyday night or day after sleep; immediately heart palpitation comes. Please tell my medicine.

  187. Very nice web site.

  188. Dharmendra singh says:

    slow and fast heart beat .irregular heart beat plz homeopathic medicin ask me

  189. Theresa Perry says:

    Dr Dr Sharma,
    I am 58 years old and normally fit and active. Weighing 50 kilos. My normal blood pressure is 117/20 or slightly lower and my heart rate normally is around 80 or 83. However, this week my heart rate started going up and up – over 100 beats a minute and one day it was 116 after a short nap. My blood pressure went down to around 103/65 with 105 pulse. I tried Aconite but no difference. I also tried Lycopodium & carbo veg. I got a very slight difference with Arnica 6. The biggest difference I saw today by drinking Rock Rose, Impatiens and Bach Rescue remedies in water. Pulse tonight down to 93.5 but palpitations are rocking my body today. I have not drunk any caffeinated drinks for about 5 days. I have been through the menopause. Tomorrow I go for an ECG but do not want the doctors to put me on Beta Blockers which is what they are thinking they will do!
    I hope you can help me. I have just taken a Magnesium tablet in the hope it will help.

    Theresa Perry

  190. Neelay Sinha says:

    My main problem is constant fearful negative thoughts coming from my heart and get too much scared.I have chest pain in the middle of the chest and body pain also.Body pain will be high in the night.due to cold the pain will be high and also sweating and sometime high heart beat also. so suggest me some medicine to reocover fast

  191. Neelay Sinha says:

    My main problem is constant fearful negative thoughts coming from my heart and get too much scared driving car in fast highway and on bridge.I have chest pain in the middle of the chest and body pain also.Body pain will be high in the night.due to cold the pain will be high and also sweating and sometime high heart beat also. so suggest me some medicine to reocover fast

    • Masood ul Haq Malik says:

      Hello Sir
      My name is masood and i am 65 year old . I am experiencing irregular heart beats in some part of the day , normaly between between 10:00 am to 6: 00 pm. and it does not beat continuesly irregular but after some irregular beats my heart become normal . My heart beats around 50 beats per minute. I am sportsman and played cricket for almost 40- year. I am doing exercise daily for 30- minutes. I dont have any other health problem only this irregular heart beats which has worried me. Please sir suggest for me any homeo medicine. I am very very thankfulto you.

  192. Odile Brock says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharma,

    I found your article to be of great interest. How interesting that you give different treatments for the different environments that are the background to the symptom of palpitations. My mother (91) suffers from palpitations that occur several times a day. She describes it as rapid heartbeat that she hears in her head, especially at night. They occur also during the day.

    She falls within at least two of the categories listed in your article: anxiety (a vicious cycle with the palpitations) and overuse of allopathic remedies (decongestants) which may have been the original source of the complaint. At every ER visit (several in the past few months), that she has asked for when the palpitations scared her beyond her ability to cope, she has been told that her blood profile is that of a 20-year-old. She has also been examined in the last few weeks by a cardiologist who has found no arrhythmia or other heart condition.

    I also encourage her to stay well hydrated, and our household eats a gut-healing diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome; with exceptions). She has always eaten plenty of vegetables, fish and meats, fruit, and whole grains (not so much since she moved in with me).

    Allopathic remedy is Alprazolam (Xanax) which alleviates the symptom rapidly. However, the palpitations return within 3 or 4 hours of taking each dose (up to 3 x day at 0.25 mg), and the cardiologist is reluctant to increase this dosage.

    Today I bought her Sedalia (Boiron) to try it, not much result so far. She has good results from other Boiron preparations, Oscillococcinum and Sinusalia (she no longer takes the decongestants).

    Thank you for anything you can recommend.

    Odile Brock

  193. ashok kumar says:

    Sir i m suffered for tinnitus and skin allery from two years plz prescribe homeo medicine

  194. Waziullah Mir says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 65 years old with good health and diabetic type 2 ( on metformin 500mg tab a day) and also taking amoxcillin 500 mg capsul ( 1 a day ). So my I feel very very weak / erectile dysfunction.
    I need your advice / suggestion

    Thanking you in anticipation.


  195. Ebrahim Nader says:

    Sir Iam 56 years and am having hypertension . My main problem is constant fearful negative thoughts coming from my heart and get too much scared driving car in fast highway and on bridge.I get scare when I see small children swinging high in the park or running after eachother.I feel nervous even I take any medicines due to fear in my heart.I feel I have lost the courage and feel timid. please help me.

  196. suffer from isolated systolic hypertension with peptic ulcer central upper abdomen pain and knee prescribe homeopathic medicine.with best regards.

  197. Constant palpitations. Pain on left side of chest. Sometimes at the back close to the spine and in the left side of the neck. Feeling of heaviness on left side. Throat: choking feeling. Dry couch sometimes because of the choking feeling. Palpitations worsened by movement and getting up. Sometimes very bad in the night at 02:00. Wake up because of shivering/hollow feeling at pit of stomach. When I get up I have a smothering feeling. Laying on the back sometimes help to reduce the palpitations.

  198. Pradeep gangwar says:

    sir mere scortum se pus nikal rha hai mai bhaut presan hu sir mujhe koi homiopathic treatmet btayin

  199. ibrar khan says:

    meri ammi ko pore face or eyes k oper kharish hoty ha or face py bhi woh ankhon ko multi rehti han, yahan tk k ankhon myn sy ansoon ajatyn han or jism myn bhi bechany rehty ha, plzz esky medicin or dosage bata dyn..

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