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Top Homeopathic Medicines For Piles

homeopathic medicine for piles

Piles or hemorrhoids refer to swollen, dilated, engorged veins in and around the anus. In this condition, the veins around the anus or lower rectum become swollen and inflamed. Hemorrhoids are a problem in both men and women. Homeopathy medicine for piles is prescribed according to individual symptoms to treat the condition on a long-term basis.
The leading causes of piles include a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged sitting, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, low fiber content in the diet, excessive use of alcohol, obesity and increased straining during defecation. Pregnancy and genetics also play an essential role in the development of piles. The top homeopathic medicines for piles are Aloe Socotrina, Muriatic Acid, Ratanhia Peruviana, Hamamelis and Collinsonia Canadensis.

Why Choose Homeopathy for Treatment of Piles?

Conventional treatment for piles involves the use of medicines that make the condition more manageable but do not help treat it. These medicines offer temporary relief from the symptoms, and continuous use is often necessary. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications for piles include ointments, pads, creams and, painkillers. In case of grade 4 piles (or hemorrhoids) cases, surgery is the only option given to most people.
Homeopathy offers comprehensive treatment options that help treat the condition and ease the symptoms of piles. Some significant benefits of homeopathy regarding piles/hemorrhoids treatment include:

1. No Side-Effects

Homeopathy does not cause any side effects because of these are made of natural substances that are highly diluted. Over-the-counter remedies for piles only help relieve the symptoms, and certain side-effects come with their usage. For example, creams containing corticosteroids are recommended for reducing pain and inflammation for piles, but prolonged usage of these cause skin reactions, increased sweating and growth of body hair, inflammation of hair follicles and increased vulnerability to infections.

2. Natural Remedies to Treat Piles

As an ancient 200-year-old medical science, homeopathy uses cures found in nature that help restore the natural healing processes of the body. Homeopathy treatment for piles involves a comprehensive treatment plan that works in harmony with the system.
In conventional treatment, use of stimulant laxatives to relieve constipation as a result of piles may cause side effects like abdominal cramps, bloating, rectal irritation, weakness and, pain.

3. Holistic Approach to Treat Piles

Homeopathy aims to treat the problem internally, by understanding the cause of different symptoms instead of suppressing them. OTC drugs, ointments and other symptom-relieving options only provide temporary relief. Out of ten people, at least one person is recommended for a piles-related surgery. This invasive treatment has a host of complications, like difficulty passing stools and urinary tract infections post-surgery. Surgeries like hemorrhoid stapling may cause complications like rectal prolapse (part of the rectum pushes out of the anus) and hemorrhoid recurrence.


4. Individual Treatment

Homeopathy works by analyzing the individual symptoms of the disease in a person. There is no blanket treatment provided for a particular illness since every individual is treated according to their specific symptoms.
For example, for a person dealing with piles with painful defecation, the medicine Muriatic Acid is prescribed. In case a person suffering from piles complains of bleeding along with stools, the medicine Hamamelis Virginiana is prescribed.

5. Simple and Effective

A single dose of the correct medicine can help relieve the symptoms and also treat piles to a large degree. By restoring the internal processes of the body, these medications help address the condition naturally and effectively. Invasive procedures like surgery can be held-off with the help of homeopathy.

6. These are Safe

Medicines for piles treat the problem by reducing the engorgement of blood in the rectal veins as well as improving blood circulation. Unlike conventional drugs for piles that are usually not recommended to be taken for more than seven days in a row, these medicines are taken in small doses over a continuous period. This helps improve the efficacy of the natural substances in the medicines, which in turn thereby helping reduce the severity of the symptoms and treats the problem on a long-term basis.

Homeopathic Medicines for Piles

Depending on the grade, severity, and symptoms of piles, different medicines are recommended to decrease the severity of the symptoms and treat the condition on a long-term basis.

1. For External Piles

Aloe Socotrina is a medicine used to treat for external piles that are sore and tender. Sharp or burning pain in the rectum and a constant feeling of bearing down in the rectum may be felt. Application of a cold compress may help relieve the pain or burning sensation. This medicine is also used to treat anal fistulas.

2. For Painful/Protruding Piles

Muriatic Acid is a medicine used to treat conditions of piles that are intensely painful, sore and protrude outside the anus. The hemorrhoids are very swollen and look bluish. The pain may get worse while passing stools. Stitching pain that gets worse on touch is present, and it gets better from warm-washing. This medicine is also used to treat cases where the soreness in the hemorrhoids worsens during menses in females.

3. For Piles with Burning Sensation

Ratanhia Peruviana is a medicine used to treat piles where a burning sensation after defecation is present in the rectum. The person may have to strain to pass stool. Knife-like stitching pains in the anus or the feeling of a sharp splinter of glass in the rectum may be present.

4. For Piles with Bleeding

Hamamelis Virginiana is a medicine used to treat piles with profuse bleeding. Weakness due to bleeding, soreness at the anus, hard stool and anal-itching are other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

5. For Piles with Constipation

Collinsonia Canadensis is a medicine used to treat piles accompanied by constipation. The stool in such cases is lumpy, dry and is passed with a lot of strain. Other symptoms include aching and burning at the anus, a sensation of sharp sticks in the rectum, anal-itching and a constricted sensation in the anus.

6. For Piles with Shooting Pain

Aesculus Hippocastanum is a medicine used to treat piles with sharp, shooting pains where the stools are knotty, dry and hard. This medicine is used to treat external, blind and bleeding piles.

7. For Blind Piles

Nux Vomica is a medicine used to treat blind piles where there is pronounced burning and itching around the anus. A constant desire to pass stools may be there, but constipation and passing of scanty stool is the main symptom.

Pulsatilla Nigricans is a medicine used to treat blind piles with a cutting, sticking or burning pain. The pain gets worse during lying down. Itching in piles and constipation with a backache and pressure in the rectum is another symptom.

8. For Piles caused by Childbirth

Sepia Succus is the medicine used to treat piles that develop after the delivery of a child. It is also used in cases of constipation where the stools are very hard.

Kali Carb is a medicine used to treat piles in females that develop post childbirth. The piles are extremely tender to touch. There may be stitching, smarting, pricking and tingling sensation at the anus along with sharp pain. Constipation lasting for days along with hard stool, and white mucus after bleeding from piles may also be present.

9. For Piles and Anal Fistula

Silicea is a medicine used to treat piles and anal fistula. The piles tend to protrude during the passage of stool. The stool is hard and tends to recede into rectum several times during defecation. Burning in anus after passing hard stools, and a foul-smelling discharge of pus or serum from the anal fistula may also be present.

10. For piles with Chronic Diarrhea

Merc Sol is a medicine used to treat piles in people suffering from diarrhea. There is an urge to pass stool, more frequently during the night. The stools in most cases smell sour and are undigested bits of food. Burning at the anus while passing stools, protrusion of piles during defecation, exhaustion, and chilliness with shivering and a feeling of nausea is also present.

11. For Piles Protruding during Urination

Baryta Carb is a medicine used to treat piles which protrude during urination. Other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine include an urgent need to pass stools, and an itching, burning, soreness and shooting pain in piles.

12. For Piles Protruding during Cough/Sneeze

Lachesis Muta is a medicine used to treat piles that protrude during a cough or sneeze. In most cases, a stitching pain and a throbbing sensation in the piles is present. Piles in females during menopause are also treated with this medicine.

13. For Piles during Pregnancy

Sepia Succus is a medicine used to treat piles that develop during pregnancy in females. The piles may be bleeding or non-bleeding, and a protrusion of piles during stool occurs. Itching at the anus and rectum, constipation and the presence of hard and large stools also indicate the need for this medicine.

14. For Piles during Menses

Ammonium Carb is a medicine used to treat piles that get worse during the menses in a female. The piles tend to bleed during menses, and the affected person feels better upon lying down.

15. For Piles with Rectal Prolapse

Lycopodium Clavatum is a medicine used to treat piles in cases where there is a rectal prolapse. The piles may be swollen and painful, and the pain gets worse upon touching and sitting. Chronic constipation with a scanty stool, painful constriction at the anus and excessive flatulence and bloating in the abdomen may also be present.

16. For Internal Piles

Phosphorus is a medicine used to treat internal piles where there is bleeding during stool. Excessive exhaustion, an urgent need to empty bowels and rectal tenesmus (desire to evacuate the bowels) are some other symptoms.

17. For Large, Swollen Piles

Causticum is a medicine used to treat large, swollen piles that hinder the passage of stool from the anus. The person needs to pass stool by straining hard in a standing position. The piles are hard, painful and constant and get worse upon sitting, standing and walking. There may be a pressing and sticking pain in the anus along with a burning, stinging sensation.

18. For Piles and Anal Fissure

Nitricum Acidum is a medicine used to treat piles and anal fissure when there are tearing pains in the anus while passing stools. The stool can be hard or soft but is passed with difficulty and may also bleed. There may be splinter-like pains in the anus.

19. For Itching Piles

Sulphur is a medicine used to treat piles when there is a soreness and tenderness at the anus along with a hard, knotty stool. Weakness after passing stool, excessive rectal pain, and a biting sensation at the anus that gets better upon lying down are some other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

20. For Piles with Pain after Stool

Sedum Acre is a medicine used to treat painful piles that feel worse after a few hours of passing stool. In a majority of cases, the pain is constricting. Sedum Acre is also useful for treatment of anal fissure with pain that worsens a few hours after passing stool.

21. For Piles that get Worse during Sitting

Graphites Naturalis is a medicine used to treat painful piles that get worse during sitting. Cutting pains and swelling with cracks at the anus are present. The stool tends to be hard, knotty and scanty.

The Different Types of Piles

Piles are of different types, classified according to their location and whether they bleed or not. External piles, internal piles, protruding/prolapsed piles and blind piles are the most common types.

External piles are present on the skin around the anus and can be seen or felt from the outside. The main symptoms of external piles include painful swelling and hard lumps around the anus. If these hemorrhoids get irritated, they may cause itching or bleeding.

Internal piles lie deep inside the rectum and cannot be felt or seen from the outside. They are mostly painless since there are no pain receptors in the region where they tend to appear. The only symptom of internal piles is bleeding through the anus while straining during a motion of the stools.

Protruding or prolapsed piles are hemorrhoids that get pushed out towards the anus when a strain is applied to pass stools. They look like pink, moist pads of skin. Prolapsed or protruding hemorrhoids tend to hurt since the anus area is dense with pain-sensitive nerves. The typical symptoms of hemorrhoids are mucus discharge, itching, and pain.

Blind Piles are those hemorrhoids that do not bleed. They feel like protruding masses, usually detectable after passing stools, at the opening of the anus.

The Different Grades of Piles according to Severity

Piles can also be classified into grades, according to their severity.
Grade 1 piles are small inflammations that are usually found inside the lining of the anus and are not visible.

Grade 2 piles are larger than the grade 1 piles, but they too remain inside the anus. These protrude outside the anus while passing stools and go back into the rectum after defecation.

Grade 3 piles protrude during defecation and need to be manually pushed back inside the anus.

Grade 4 piles are a severe case. These cannot be pushed back inside and need immediate medical attention.

Causes and Risk Factors of Piles

Primarily, the swollen veins that are seen in piles develop due to increased pressure in the rectum. This pressure may cause disintegration of the tissues supporting the anal walls, leading to hemorrhoids.
Various factors contribute to causing this kind of pressure:

Irregular Bowel Movements

Factors like constipation, straining to pass stools, overuse of edemas or laxatives, chronic diarrhea, spending too much time on the toilet add to the strain on the rectum and anus, leading to the development of piles.


Lack of a fiber-rich diet, low water intake, excessive intake of alcohol, consumption of over-spicy food and junk food also contribute towards this condition.


There is increased pressure on the abdomen and pelvic area during pregnancy, which is a leading cause of piles during pregnancy. In some cases, hemorrhoids develop as a result of childbirth due to the excessive pressure on the rectum and anus.

Age and Heredity

Other factors like age and heredity can contribute towards the development of piles due to the weakening of the tissues supporting the rectum and anus.

Portal Hypertension

Portal hypertension refers to a condition where there is an increase in the blood pressure within the veins of the portal venous system. The veins coming from the spleen, stomach, pancreas, and intestines merge into the portal vein, which travels through the liver. In case of any complication due to which blood cannot flow properly through the liver, a high pressure develops in the portal system. This pressure can cause the development of large, swollen veins in the stomach, esophagus, and rectum. As a result, hemorrhoids may develop in the anal area.

Symptoms of Piles

Pain in the rectal region is one of the first signs of piles. Pain experienced while passing stools, painful lumps in or around the anal area, swelling and blood in the stools are the most common symptoms of piles.
A small mass of skin may protrude out of the anus upon defecation. The area around the anus may feel sore, red and itchy. In some cases, a feeling of fullness may remain, despite having passed stools. Larger piles can cause discomfort in the form of pain, itching, and mucus discharge.

All these symptoms need a clinical diagnosis to rule out the presence of any other rectal problems. A visual rectal examination, anoscopy, and colonoscopy may be required.

Piles or hemorrhoids can sometimes lead to further complication escalate into a more severe condition. These include excessive anal bleeding that may lead to anemia, incontinence, anal fistulas, and infections or clots within the hemorrhoids.

Piles – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am passing blood with stools, is it indicative of piles?
Bleeding with stool is one of the primary symptoms of piles. However, blood in the stool may appear from many other conditions like anal fissures and severe conditions like ulcerative colitis or any malignancy of the GIT. Further investigation by a physician may be required to determine the exact cause of bleeding.

Q. Is anal itching indicative of piles?
While anal itching is one of the symptoms of piles, it may also be present due to other conditions like worm infestation, anal fissures, anal fistula or a skin complaint around the anal area. Other symptoms like painful defecation, bleeding with stools, burning/soreness at the anus or swelling are also indicative of piles. A physical examination of the anal region may be required to pinpoint the exact problem.

Q. If I feel a mass protruding out of the rectum while passing stools, is it piles?
A mass protruding from rectum while passing stools can be indicative of two conditions – piles and rectal prolapse. A rectal examination is required to know the exact cause.

Q. I have piles with excessive swelling around the anus and painful defecation. Will applying ointments solve my problem?
Ointments may help in temporarily reducing the discomfort and soothe the symptoms of piles. To cure piles, a proper treatment that helps reduce the engorgement of the rectal veins and ensures adequate blood circulation in the veins is required.

Q. I am suffering from piles with constipation; can I take a laxative?
A laxative is a short-term solution for the management of constipation, but proper treatment is required for long-term treatment to improve the bowel motility and reduce engorgement of blood in the rectal veins.

Q. Can I avoid piles surgery with the help of medicines?
Yes, natural medicines work to stimulate the internal healing processes of the body, and with long-term use, they can help manage piles without surgery. It should be noted that the results vary from case to case, depending upon the severity of the problem.

Q. For how long do I need to take medicines to treat piles?
The length of treatment for piles depends upon the duration of the symptoms, their intensity, and how quickly a person responds to personalized medicines. The treatment period can range from a few weeks to a few months.

Q. Is surgery a permanent solution for piles or do piles recur after surgery?
Surgery for piles is not a permanent solution since in most cases, chances of recurrence are high. It does not treat the cause behind piles. For a permanent solution, the cause of increased rectal pressure and poor blood circulation in the rectal veins needs to be identified and treated.

Managing Piles in Everyday Life

Foods that Help Treat Piles

High-fiber foods like figs, flaxseeds, quinoa, beans, lentils and fresh fruits and vegetables help keep the system healthy and aid in maintaining proper bowel movements. Fresh plant-based food eaten with the skin intact provides a decent amount of fiber. Some also contain a lot of water; watermelons, celery, and cucumbers are made up of almost 90% water. The aim is to ensure that the stools do not become hard and constipation is avoided.
Clinical research shows that in case of non-prolapsing hemorrhoids, taking a fiber supplement helped reduce the risk of persisting symptoms and bleeding by almost 50%.

Foods to Avoid During Piles

Foods with little or no fiber can cause constipation, or worsen the condition, indirectly leading to hemorrhoids. Foods like milk, cheese, and other dairy products should be avoided, as should meat, processed and frozen food. Alcohol, caffeine, excessive salt and spicy food can also worsen the condition. Certain supplements like Iron can lead to digestive problems and should only be taken on the recommendation of a doctor.

Staying Hydrated to Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration leads to constipation because water is required for the fiber to be able to travel smoothly through the digestive tract. Dehydration and constipation can worsen the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Eating water-based fruits and ensuring an adequate amount of water intake are simple measures to prevent dehydration.

homeopathic piles exercisePracticing Healthy Toilet Habits

It is essential to understand that the toilet habits practiced on an everyday basis are directly linked to piles. Over-straining during defecation can increase the pressure on the hemorrhoids and worsen the condition. An urge to pass stool should not be ignored, since delaying it can cause the stool to harden.
Regular physical activity, consumption of adequate amounts of water and fiber and healthy toilet habits can help prevent constipation naturally, and stop the hemorrhoids from getting worse.
For those who like to sit and browse their phone on the toilet – prolonged sitting on the toilet causes unnecessary strain on the body and can make the condition worse.

It is important to clean up properly after defecation to prevent infections and worsening of the condition. Cleaning should be done gently, not roughly. A warm bath where the person sits in warm water for 10-15 minutes can help relieve itching, burning and aching, while also cleaning the area.

Apart from these, factors like obesity and chronic digestive issues also play an important role. Simple lifestyle modifications can help a lot, and regular exercise is key in weight management and maintaining a healthy bowel movement.

A holistic approach towards piles can help manage and treat the condition naturally. A physician can identify the underlying causes of the symptoms of piles and help a person transition into natural, safe treatment options with adequate lifestyle changes to treat the problem.

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    PLEASE I HAVE A grandson who has bleeding piles he been to drs and all want to operate
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    The Best Medicine combination I found for Piles ! I would tell you all how to make combination and how to use it. I hope its 100% cure ! Please use all medicine from DR WILLMAR SCHWABE except one medicine which DR WILLMAR SCHWABE does not make and that medicine name is Aloe Socotrina (Mother tincture ) if you still find Aloe Socotrina mother tincture in DR WILLMAR SCHWABE brand then please use DR WILLMAR SCHWABE brand.
    now please read prescription.
    Please buy some homeopathic sugar tablets from some homeopathic store and some 50ML small bottles to file up liquid and tablets medicine.

    1: Sulphur 30

    ( 1 Tablet in the Morning empty Stomach )
    ( put 30 tablets in small bottle and add 75 drops of Sulphur 30 and shack them well so medicine liquid mixed up very well, use for 30 days ) Please use DR WILLMAR SCHWABE brand.

    2: Nitricum Acidum CM

    ( 1 Tablet Daily )
    ( put 30 tablets in small bottle and add 75 drops of Nitricum Acidum CM and shack them well so medicine liquid mixed up very well, use for 30 days ) Please use DR WILLMAR SCHWABE brand.

    3: Take 50ML bottle and add 200 Drops of 5 medicines mentioned below, Mix them all in one bottle.

    Aloe Socotrina Mother tincture ( add 200 Drops in 50ML bottle )
    Aesculus Hippocastanum Mother tincture ( add 200 Drops in 50ML bottle )
    Hamamelis Virginiana Mother tincture ( add 200 Drops in 50ML bottle )
    Nux Vomica Mother tincture ( add 200 Drops in 50ML bottle )
    Paeonia Mother Tincture ( add 200 Drops in 50ML bottle )

    Then Add 80 drops of two more medicine in same bottle

    Ratanhia 30 ( add 80 Drops in 50ML bottle )
    Collinsonia 30 ( add 80 Drops in 50ML bottle )

    So total 7 medicines above mentioned mix up in one bottle as per the quantity mentioned above and take 10 drops in morning 20 drops in afternoon 10 drops in evening, add drops in some water then take it. Please use DR WILLMAR SCHWABE brand.

    4: Bio Plasgen 17
    (4 tablets in Morning, 4 tablets in Afternoon, 4 tablets in the Evening.)

    5: Thuja 200

    ( 1 Tablet daily )
    ( put 30 tablets in small bottle and add 75 drops of Thuja 200 and shack them well so medicine liquid mixed up very well, use for 30 days ) Please use DR WILLMAR SCHWABE brand.

    6: Podophyllum 30

    ( put 30 tablets in small bottle and add 75 drops of podophyllum 30 and shack them well so medicine liquid mixed up very well, use for 30 days ) Please use DR WILLMAR SCHWABE brand.

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    Kindly suggest the medicine for my both issues.

  30. mukesh varma says:

    hi sir I m suffering from fissure or fistula there is white puss like pimple jasa hai. now 4 day before I check stool exam musac found in report .loose motion mai pani jasi ho rahi hai . weight bhi kam hua .

  31. Jeetesh singh says:

    Suffering from non erosive antral gastritis since 6 years acidity grde2 and internal hommeroids 3 grade 2. Passing stools with blood.cramps,belching and bloating in abdomen 24 hours.

  32. Thank You for sharing this blog with us, It helped me to understand the precautions about the piles. Dr. Jiten is the best Pile surgeon in Mumbai to know more details visit

  33. Prashantt s sonavane says:

    Dr Sharma ,
    Thanks for your guidance but I am facing problem when morning stool passing first stool come hard and then normal but that hard stool Make anul swollen and issue start of pain tell me remedy for this

  34. Mujibur Rahman Cjowdhury says:

    Good afternoon.
    I’s like to talk to you in what’s up.Pls.this phone number+8801711898814 in your mobile phone.
    I was trying to contact u for conversessin but could not.So, me to talk to you.

    Best regards.

    Mujib R.Chowdhury
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  35. Sir,
    I am in audit job and forced to sit for long hours in a chair. I am presently having problem in stools and
    paid in rectum and anus. what medicine can i use.

  36. I m using pilgo homeopathy tablets can i use pantoprajol 40mg for the acidity proble which dr prescribef 30 tab for 30 days

  37. Ashiq Islam says:

    Sir/Madam,I am 29 years Old . I am suffering from painfull piles with bleeding . Sir I have a bad habit of smoking . I never take any any alcohol. I sometimes eat rech food. Please help me ……

  38. Farheen ali says:

    Sir i am suffering from piles 3degree and I have also lumps. I have very painful. Please tell me medicine and cream for reducing lumps and I get relief from piles please ser

    • Kalyan Ram Prajapati says:

      Hlo sir I’m Kalyan from kolkata. I’m suffering from Burning Sensation Piles . 2016 mai Halka blood aaya tha tab Maine homeopathy medicine liya tha uske Baad thik hua tha Phir burning sensation ho gya tab se aaj tak Halka Halka burning hota hai constipation ke wajah se Sir. Iska Koi permanent ILAJ bata dijiye mai bahut pareshan rehta hu burning sensation ke wajah se

  39. Hello respected doctor, i m 27 yrs old student.
    Constipation, hard stool passing with too much pain and blood….plz suggest medicine….

  40. Nitai Chandra Nath says:

    I m a teacher. Age: 54 years. Stool is normal. From a few months I feel something increase from anus and disappears while washing anus by water after passing stool.
    No bleeding, No pain.
    What is the medicine?

  41. my daughter is 12 years old skinny child like processed food like tender pops nuggetts not eating fiber diet . blood come out after passing hard stool . stool passed after 4 to 5 days. suggest homeo medicinne

  42. Dr Nasim Akhtar says:

    I have noticed that any one of the item in a mixed spices like the kind available Evverest of Eastern give me the Alergic response to piles and Hemorrhois with bleeding at defecation burning cutting knife pains and goes for month.
    An other reason might be due to long hrs of sitting this is not being cure even in months of treatments.
    Some how bleeding stopped with hemamaelis but again sometimes it comes.
    The burning cutting knife pain is all time sitting, walking , sleeping or ressting.
    I am on homeopathy medicine for more than a month but still having the burning and cutting knife pain which is now becoming unbearable.
    Please suggest me some effective medicine to overcome food/spice alergy leading to piles and hemorrhoids.
    Thanks for the help.
    Nasim Akhtar

  43. Rahulkushwah says:

    Respected sir,
    I am suffering from piles since 2017, I feel intense pain after passing stool. I have tried many treatments but not getting relief, so please suggest some homeopathic medicine by which piles can be cured. Someone suggest me to take aesculus 200, mercsol 200, nuxvom200, are these medicine helpful for me? If not suggest better one. Regards Rahul.

    • Respected Sir,
      I had piles from few years.previously sometimes bleeding with stool. But now one external bud(pile 5mm)size devloped at out side of my anous.also some small buds (piles)devloped around my anous outside it is very pinfull and burning after passing no bleeding happens. The outer pile is purpule in backpian also occure.and stool is constipated. So sir please suggest me homeopathy medicine for cure.and way of use of medicine.

  44. Respected sir, I m suffering from piles since 2009,i went to all types of doctors to cure but it doesn’t work at all.i am so scared to eat food because while passing stool I can’t bear that pain,blood is coming while passing the stool,while passing stool flesh is coming out and it is very painful,itchy after passing stool or before passing stool the pain will be there for hours. I was using homeopathic medicine but it doesn’t work doctor recommended me one oinment name(Aesculus) but it doesn’t work at all how I was bearing that pain in2009 the same pain I m bearing till now in 2018 plz doctor suggested the best medicine that should cure piles forever and without any side effects. Regards Bunu

  45. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering piles for last one year, My piles are now 3rd stage.

    Please advise


  46. Respected Sir,
    My wife is having problem of piles that is bleeding while disposing stool. The blood comes from the inside and some times the piles also shallows and comes out form the Anus. She is taking a medicine R-13 since last three months twice a day. Although relief is there comparing to initial stage but complete cure is not there and the bleeding starts time and again twice to thrice in a week.

    Please guide and suggest if the medicne is to be changed or some thing else.


    R P Jat,


    Please suggest medicines for type2 piles without bleeding

  48. I dont know what actually it is. it seems to be pile or anal fissure or anal fistula.please suggest any effective medicine that can cure all three disease.i am 26year girl.

  49. Good day Sir,
    I am 42 years old lady and suffering from piles with chronic ano fissure, i am suffering from unbearable pain and burning sensation in anus , i tried Ayurveda and also English medicine , Finally they suggest to undergo surgery which i dont want so please suggest me a remedy and do me the needfull.
    Thank you sir

  50. कैलाश says:

    मुझे पाइल्स की शिकायत है बवासीर के मस्से हैं दर्द बहुत ज्यादा होता है चैटिंग करने में बहुत परेशानी होती है रास्ता जाम लगता है इसके लिए मेडिसिन बताइए होम्योपैथिक दवाई बताइए जिससे छुटकारा मिल सके तुरंत फायदा हो सके

  51. Hi. I have protruding haemorrhoids, and have had two surgeries so far, now booked in for a third in one year. The first surgery was for banding, which did not work, the bands rolled off. The second surgery six months ago was banding the same two protruding haemorrhoids and surgically removing the prolapsed one. I have improved with that one removed, but the two banded ones remain, as the bands rolled off again immediately after surgery. I do not have a date yet for my third surgery, but its within four months and if I can treat this effectively with homeopathy, that is my preference. I have a good diet, I’m mid 40’s, slim, active etc and healthy, non smoker etc. But I have familial history, and food intolerances, and I’m on the fodmap diet currently which helps my bloating etc. The two haemorrhoids are always protruding but much worse after stool, or bloating, gas or stress. Rarely bleed now but with occasional mucous after stool. Swollen, painful and remain like this for many hours after stool. Manually pushing back in rarely possible due to swelling being main discomfort. Sitting during this time is uncomfortable but standing is worse. Stools are usually normal, constipation or diarrhea sometimes present and haemorrhoids always present after any defecation and usually throughout the day to a lesser degree. Lying down is most comfortable. Creams do not work or ease my symptoms. Which homeopathic treatment would you suggest best suits my symptoms? Kind regards, vicky

  52. I am suffering from piles last from seven years.once I had surgery in 2012,and it was good till middle of 2016 and again symptoms started of bleeding while passing stools and flesh coming out near anus.sometimes it automatically goes inside or sometime I have to push.then I myself started to use piles ointment and capsule.for time being it was good.
    After awhile I came in notice about sanyasa auurveda through TV channel.
    I called them and had 3 mth pack of med and kept in a strong dieting that also was good for time being. Then I decided to go for homeopathic treatment ,then I visited positive homeopathic clinic in Bangalore and had med for one mth, but he told to have the med for 6 mth continuously then only it ll be cured.but the Ra e was high so I left and through u tube suggestion by a homeopathic doctor I ordered pilen drops and haemamilis ointment .
    Now I need to know ll it be beneficial without any side effects or wat else to take for a better cure and from where to buy.

  53. sir
    i have first fissure but that overcome but then i got a hemorride mass on my outerside of bowl as doctors examine and gave me md. but after every passing few months wen i m.getting constipation the stool become hard and the again blood is ozing then my bowl become so painfull and swallow even itz unbearable pain even i cant walk so please suggest me med

  54. paramanand chanadawarkar says:

    Doctor , Thanks for valuable information , I will consult a Homeopathic Doctor and take !

  55. my stools are normal but after going to toilet I feel lumps around by anus,
    I also have a spot from which pus comes once in a while.
    and I also used to have anal sex during my college days with my elder student.

  56. GURDEEP SINGH says:

    I had stool test for blood occult came positive mean blood in stool. After they did full colonoscopy and found I have internal hemmoroid. Doctor told me take high fiber diet and take more fluid.I have also chronic constipation since long time. I am now 65 years of please can you suggest me which homeopathic should I take
    Thank you

  57. Hllo sir…
    As Iam suffering from piles from last 10 years… Sometimes If I take wrong Diet, piles Enlarged and swollen…. Giving so much pain….also during that M getting pain after stool passing… Feel hardness and itching at Anus…. Unable to bear pain Sir… I don’t have constipation.. Stool passes normally…. M 42 Years old… Also having Fisure..piles are External

    Sir kindly Reccomend Best Homeo for my Symptoms..
    Thx if you Suggest …Avtar here

  58. Hi

    I have three medicine that defines my condition of piles. Anacardium, Sulphur and Aloe Socotrina. Please tell me how to use the medicine medicines and what potencies.

    It’s inner, non bleeding, burning and can be touched with finger put inside. Prolonged diarreya have caused it. I need to stool each time I wake up from any sleep and then again after breakfast. Very upset. Headache when hungry. Small interval of repeat stool urges. Low confidence.



  59. salam i learnt alot from your site what a kind and generous way you described that and which help me to absorb well thankyou may Allah give you more strength to share more and give you more success

  60. Hello, I am so happy to come across your site, I found your information very useful but I am uncertain as to what is best for me. I have a hemerhoid that been with me for some time after my second pregnancy. It was painful after givin birth but the pain subsided. It hangs after defecation and the. Slowly gets smaller but it’s there and will not go away. I do have lower lack pain. There is no bleeding. It’s just embarrassing and I don’t want to have surgery. If I am really constipated, I will feel grape like effect around the anus, but that goes away too. I just have this piece that is always hanging and so what do you recommend?

  61. Nabanita mondal says:

    Sir, l am suffering from external piles with pain and irritation. please tell the remedy and homeopathy medicine for me.

  62. Hi Dr
    I have anal fissure and itching please what can I take to get the cure?
    Always in pain before and after stooling
    Kind regards

  63. Hi,
    I am not sure if What sort of piles I have. Even after passing stool I feel I have not emptied myself. My stomach looks full and I feel like something is lying inside. Even after having a bit of food I feel like going to the toilet but still the same old condition prevails.
    I feel like something internally is not allowing to bring my stool out. It cones in bits and pieces.
    Ned your advise..

  64. Muhammad Ayaz says:

    Hi Sir my name is ayaz. I am from Pakistan and staying in Dubai. Since 7 years I am suffering from external piles.I used a lot of medicines but none of works.some times I feel better and again the problem occurs.I Even used homeopathy medicines for sometime but problem is still there. I don’t want to go for surgery becoz after surgery it occurs again. Kindly prescribed me some good medicines for ever this piles should go away.I am in big tention.waiting for your reply.Thanks

  65. anil kumar jha says:

    respected sir. I have been suffering from piles with fissures for last eight years. In those years i have visited 5 or 6 homeopathy physician. I agree they worked on my case. But coldnt remove from ground. Now my acute problem is that avery pain inside the ractumand near about two inches vein disorder which cut of beside the ractum.

  66. Zulfiqur Ahmed says:

    I have been suffering from internal piles without pain along with IBS for more than 12 years. When I go to toilet , a vain comes from inside and go in after toilet . Three or four times in a year I see blood at the end of my stools. I have taken Colinsonia, Hemamelis, nux, ,acid nit ,Ratania,Gossipum. When I suffer loose motion , the vein gets thick and bleed. Would you please suggest me.

  67. Rajib Panda says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have been passing blood since a year now with my stool , it’s very red raw blood and it passes everytime I go to toilet. In general I go once a day early in the morning as I am an early riser – 4:15AM. I do a lot of running ( I did 7 half marathon last year and 1 50K run) and also I do exercise 6 days a week for 45 minutes. I drink at least 7-8 liters of water every day and get at least 7 hours of sleep. I am a vegetarian since 1 year and ensure to eat some fruits everyday. I read the above sometime back and ordered a mother tincture Hamamelis and have been taking it once every morning (3-4 drops) since last 4-5 weeks. At first use I saw a sudden improvement and I was so happy that it stopped immediately. Now I still see blood once/twice a week. I am depressed again. Do you have any recommendations ? is there anything else I need to do?

    Rajib Panda

    • SHYAM PAREKH says:

      Dear sir
      as per above case story in that I too have goen thru various treatment from last 1.5 years and severely in last one month but as the blood has been stop from last 20 days and stool is also passing normal due to at night I take PEG FIBRE (isabgole)a laxative with hot water so due to that stool is soft but after passing stool in the morning I have pain in anus region which last to 3-4 hours or may be more I have given various creams by different doctors but not relief completely. Beside above I have swelling near to anus.
      Now I want to know check completely and want to know what the problem why it is not currying insteaded of taking so much of medicine and treatment all type AYUREVED THEN ALLOPATHY THEN HOMEOPATHY.
      please help me to cure for pain at the earliest and hope you would suggest me right way of medicine which help me to cure my problem.

  68. Santosh kumar says:

    Sir I have piles and fistula with some pile mass to be pushed with fingers to go inside which was coming out on passing stool. Six months before i got bleeding with passing stool that was cured with THANK OD tablet. But after that again i have pain around the anus area and on passing stool some pile masses about the size of chickpeas was coming out which was pushed in with finger. Also I have constipation and two time bowels movement in the morning after some breakfast taken.

  69. Abdul Halim says:

    Is homopoty medicine good for successful removal of piles?

    • A. Krishna says:

      Doctor, I have internal & external hemoroids advised as grade 2 after colonoscopy test. Undergoing Homeo treatment since last one year. No bleeding at any time. Piles project little at the time of defacation. I gently push them inside. Little pain persists 1 to 3or4 hours. As per advise of doctor,l take lots of water, fruits, fibre rich food. Daily walking is done for 3to4 kms. Continueing Homeo medicine. Is it really possible to get cured completely from piles. Usually how much time it takes? My age is 66years.

      • Ram prasad says:

        Dr Sharmajee,

        I am 56 years old. Suffering with stage 2 piles with no bleeding. Both internal and external piles. No bleeding. ONLY PAIN FOR ABOUT 5 TO 6 HOURS AFTER STOOLS.

  70. Anuj Agrawal says:

    I have a small ball like thing (just like a RAJMA) at outer side of my anus. It has just arrived 6-8 days ago. It is neither painful nor bleeding till now. I am afraid as it is piles as i think. What medicine should i take?

  71. Rudra Prakash verma says:

    Sir. How many days to take medicine hamamelis and what is the dose?

  72. Dear Doctor, me 65 yrs of age, retired from bank service, suffers from piles without bleeding or perhaps fissures, day long pain after stools for the past 6 months,,,,taking homeo medicine which my doctor gives me regularly,,,,but no relief.Kindly prescribe me suitable medicine so that my pain go.Secondly 8_10 chlorestrine polyps of 2_4 mm in size are in gall bladder due to which pressure in liver area is felt for which my doctor is giving me chlorestrine 3x and R7. Pl attend to my symptoms and help to get me relieved in a short span.

    • Respected Dr
      I am 5 months pregnant and from past one week i am bleeding while passing stool…stool softner gave me a temperory relief. Can I take homeopathic medicine?

  73. Dharmendra kumar says:

    Sir,I am Dharmendra my wife is 7 month pregnant and she have piles problem.
    Please sir suggest me which homeopathic medicine use in pregnancy.

  74. Dr Sharma Saheb
    Please recommend suitable medicine and dose for my internal piles of seven months. My age is 73 years, Wt 60 kgs. with medium built. Still active at my work and follows morning walk 2-3 kms regularly. General health is OK accept that I hv BP for which I take a tablet daily. I hv had prolapsed piles some 35 years ago when I got operated and thereafter all was well. Only during the last summers the piles, this time internal have grown in rectal canal. I tried to solve them by proper food which I am taking and there is no apparent constipation, although as a habit I hv to go twice second time after walk. I dont take coffee and take tea only once after my walk. We are totally vegetarian Jains.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  75. ch, Mazhar Hussain says:

    Sir very good suggestions it shows your honesty and suggestion

    Sir what is supplementory and coplimentry homeo medicine will plese explian thanks

  76. Ashish Sharma says:

    Respected Sir, I am Ashish Sharma, age 37, height 6 feet, weighing 80 Kg. I am suffering from hypertension since 6 years and now taking 2-3 allopathic tablets daily to put it under control. I am also suffering from diabetes since 4 years and taking 2 tablets still my fasting is 200 and PP is near about 280-290. I am also a patient of depression and take medicines for that. I am suffering from piles for more than 3 months. I have a swelling at left side on anus. I am continuously taking homeopathic drud for piles from 1 month but no relief and an internal massa type thing has also occured inside my anus. I have to go tolilet 2-3 times in morning but still no satisfaction is there. Kindly help me, I will be grateful to you.

  77. I am 60 years of age. Since last 5 years I am suffering with bleeding piles. Although I am quite fit having no other physical problem. Fresh Blood comes out while defecating but there is no pain in the course. Will you please suggest homeo medicine

  78. Balaram mondal says:

    Balaram I am suffering from piles few days .is it curable by homeothatic medicine.

  79. I have external pile since last 2 yrs after finishing stool lots of burning and swelling and feel of some thing pop out may occur and also unable to walk so please suggest some homeopathic medicine for some relief. thanks

    • Muhammad Ayaz says:

      Hi Sir my name is ayaz. I am from Pakistan and staying in Dubai. Since 7 years I am suffering from external piles.I used a lot of medicines but none of works.some times I feel better and again the problem occurs.I Even used homeopathy medicines for sometime but problem is still there. I don’t want to go for surgery becoz after surgery it occurs again. Kindly prescribed me some good medicines for ever this piles should go away.I am in big tention.waiting for your reply.Thanks

  80. sir i have a 3rd degrrree internal piles………..surgeon tells me to remove by operation….what we do sir……plzzz sir any other ways to cure 3rd degree piles

  81. Good morning Sir
    I have problem of external piles and constipation. After passing stool there is excruciating pain for whole of the day. Sometimes there is blood when stool is very hard. How can I get relief from the pain?

  82. Good Evening Sir,
    i have been diagnosed with enlarged anal papillae at dentate line, i do not have hemmorhoids or fissure or anything else. Papilla comes out after defecation and i need to manually push it back almost everytime. is there anything to cure it without surgery?

  83. Sir I am suffering from fisser or internal homorodoes can you give some suggestions or medicine

  84. Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering from internal pile problem with constipation. Kindly tell me the homeopathic medicine with suitable potency please …

  85. Saadat Manzoor Mohsin says:

    Dr. Sharna.
    I have Piles that Protrude or are Prolapsed which come out while i sit, sit to do some work, sit to pass stool, while sitting feel lot of pressure on anus muscels, while when ever i am in sitting position a pressure on anus opening and then a bump come out from right side of my anus edge, which i push back after passing stool and some time it itself go back inside anus.
    I am very disturbed……..
    Tell me the MEDECINE and DOSAGES….

  86. Mir Asgar Ali says:

    Sir,I have problem past up to 30 days piles. It’s really painful inside & out side some blooding also. Please suggest me sir.

  87. Hello Doctor, What will be the medicine for blind piles which are painful while walking and relieved on sitting??

  88. Good piles info

  89. Test

  90. pcos

  91. Balendu Kumar Sharma says:


  92. Prof Dr Jabed Ali Mirza says:

    I am Jabed Ali Mirza, 66 years old living in Dhaka Bangladesh. I am tall and slim figured person, I suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Now piles or haemorrhoids developed in me. I feel terrible pain and burning sensation in my Anus. During
    passing stool, no blood or stain appear. Burning sendation lasts for few hours after leaving stool. Allopathic doctor diagnosed it to be pile (third degree ) and advised me to go for surgical operation. I LOVE HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE. Please suggest me appropriate medicine for pile. Thanks

  93. respected doctor sb
    i feel mucus around anus and very small granular protuberance left to opening .anus opening has become narrow .when i insert finger it is very painful please suggest me medicine

  94. I started taking penicillin tablets 250 mg twice a day for a strep throat and I’m in day 7 of a 10 day dosage. I feel a development of the bubble right near the anal opening. It has a little pain even when I cough or tighten my anal sphincter. Please suggest homeopathic medicine. Thanks have had this issue few years back when it was resolved by homeopathy but never since then.

  95. Dear dr i have small lump found outside the right anal canal no blood during bowel movent also no pain please suggest homeo drug thank u

  96. Usman Maqsood says:

    Hi sir … Since 8 years I am suffering from bleeding piles n constipation problem along with lower body pain . I feel much stretch in my back n legs while stooling .n now my pain is becoming sever as I can’t sit more than 10 minutes n my lower start soreing .
    Kindly guide me well for this as I have tried much treatment but all vain .

  97. Dr p K Chakrabartty says:

    I had the problem of piles. How ever. With some heomepatthic medicines like sulphur aloe asqilus nux I have gut immense relief. But now another problem has been noticed. That is there is some watery discharge on the rectum this is to a certain extent controlled by aloes. How ever I am not satisfied. Please suggest me a proper remedy

  98. Sir I got blood in spool and got burning from a week. I am a student please suggest me medicine

  99. Pankaj Chettri says:

    I am 37 years old male suffering from prolapsed Hemorrhoids of 3/4th grade. kindly suggest medicine.

  100. Subrata Sadhu says:

    Sir, My wife aged about 36 yrs, she has been suffering from last 2 years for piles extreme burning and pain. some times blood secretion with stool is seen.It also to be mentioned that she makes journey daily 5 hours in train for her service. In that situation what homeo medicine is suggested for her please advice me.

  101. praeep kumar says:

    मुझे 8 सालो से बवसिर हैं मसा भी है मल त्यग्ने के बाद बहुत दर्द और जलन रहता है कृपया दवा बताये

  102. Dear Doctor
    I am suffering from piles from last 10 yrs. From the last six months it is increased severely. It is at the mouth of the anus. During passing stool, it comes out like soft sponge. There is pain and burning both. some times few drops of blood come out when tools become hard. I took homeo medicine like Aesculus hip 200 4 months (2-3 times daily), Bio combination -17 for 2 monts ( 3-4 time 4 nos daily). For stool softening I take ISABGOOL towice daily. Some times it increases and somtimes decreases. Now it is constantly paining and a few drops blood comes out during stooling. Please suggest me the appropriate madicine for this

  103. Very useful guidance about d treatment of various types of Piles ADVISED. I am taking Aesculus 30 for the last one week for bleeding piles . I am having hard stool and mucous problem. Rqst to advise further for quick better tratment.

  104. Sir, Iam suffering with piles from nearly two months.firstmonth I used alopathy and from 22days onwards Homeopathy.for the first three days no effect at all and later doctor changed the medicine.then with in one week I got relief and started passing stool freely.all this 1 week I took only buttermilk rice and fruits.when I got relief I ate with dal curry normally.soon from the next day started pain and again it gone worst . Iam unable to bear the pain.i want to go for surgery.because all are telling that with homeo it happens like that only.

  105. Hello Sir
    iam gopal gupta from Agra.i am suffering from piles last two month very chronic condition. i have pain,itching,burning ,bleeding so pl. suggest best medicine & dosage also if possible.
    thank you

  106. sir, i am 53 year old and ibs -d from since 1988 after typhiod. presently i have inflammation and very hard descending colon. i have continuous pain in the left side colon upto rectum and there is sharp pain and burning inside the rectum and bleeding from last one year. i am regularly taking allopathic medicine but presently no relief. please suggest homeopathic medicine. is it curable

  107. Alisha priyadarshani says:

    Good Afternoon Sir,

    I am 18 years old and pregnant. My pregnancy is in 35 – 36 week.when I have done Ultrasound last week for the complete stomach. It finally revealed that I have stone in my Gallbladder. Yesterday I also came to know that I have piles too, which is in initial stage. I want to know, how safe is homeopathic during pregnancy and what medication taken? what precaution and diet should be taken during this case.

  108. My wife is suffering from anal fisher and grade 2 internal hameoroihds since 4 to 5 yrs. Recently started bloody stools and burning sensation of a used. After taking medicine for about 15 days, took advice of allopathic Dr I. E gastroenterologyst, who advised for a surgery and to consult a surgeon. Can you suggest Homoeo medicine to avoid surgery

  109. Ram sarup Wadhwa says:

    I am suffering from bleeding piles for the last 10 years. I am 67 years old. When I stand for some time piles protrude and have to be pushed back. Please advise homeopathic medicine
    R S Wadhwa

  110. Sandeep Dalai says:

    Good morning sir…My piles condition is very seriously. Nearly 3 years I suffered.So many treatment I did but my piles not reduce.Now finally I decided to surgery.Can you give any suggestions or name of some medicine which I can use.
    My piles size is very big and pain too much.Its now 4 th stage.Every 10 days bleeding complosure happened.After toilet its came out size and not going to inside.taking too much time..Plz sir help me..

  111. NEHA DHINGRA says:

    I am suffering from external piles for almost 10 years now.It sometimes bleeds and there is burning sensation after passing stool.Please suggest me the name of the medicine I should take.

  112. It’s non bleeding external piles swollen too. Sometime size increase some day decrease. After passing stool have burning sensation and intence itching . Please suggest me name of medicine.
    Pain last long for hours.don’t have problem of constipation and back pain.30 year old .

  113. Meenakshi says:

    I m 35 year old suffering from last 4 years. It’s non bleeding external piles swollen too. Sometime size increase some day decrease. After passing stool have burning sensation and intence itching . Please suggest me name of medicine. .I have tried so many ayurvedic and once homeopathic too…but no longer relief, two months and again same problem.

  114. Sangeet Kumar says:

    I am suffering fro fourth grade prolapsed piles and i am getting the treatment from our local homeopathy doctor but after taking 25 days of medicine i am not getting any relief and my doctor has said that it will take time, please suggest me with the best homeopathy medicine or the best homeopathy doctor in my city. I am staying in Thane Dist – State Maharastra.

  115. David Ernest John says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have non bleeding piles.Everyday after stool passing i have pain with burning sensation .Please recomend a medicine.

  116. Safdar ch says:

    I am suffering frm piles for last ten years.with treatment they get better,but after few months it appears again.tried injection but all in vain-no permanent solution.when worsen only then it bleeds.
    Please advise me some good company medicine.

  117. Which is best homeopathic medicine for piles with fistula for last two years.

  118. Anupam jaiswal says:

    Dear doctor I am suffering from bleeding piles and I have lots pain whole day please told me a some medicine for instant relief a

  119. Hi dr Sharna. I have large external hemorrhoids develop at 34weeks pregnant. I’ve been prescribed ratanhia 200, aesculus 200, collinsonia6 and a formula containing licoric root, figwort,hosechestnut,st Mary’s thistle and rosa canine. I need some reassurance this won’t impact my baby. Are there any scientific studies that would verify this? I need help as the pain is ceaseless and only relieved by resting (no standing or sitting). I have 2 other children I need to care for…

  120. pravakar Pradhan says:

    Dear sir I have piles like small grapes outside the mouth of the anus which swells after stool I have been having this for past one year and it becomes very uneasy after stool for a long time sir I am also taking home medicine pilgo but had not subside so please help me cure my problem because I don’t want to go for surgery

  121. I’m suffering from piles with blood and lots of pain whole day and burning plz tell me some medicine that help me

  122. Dear Doctor sir

    I am thankful to you to give awareness for the same,

    Actually I had operation 14 years before due to more paining situation, but it was ok no problem since a period .

    But in last couple of days I was suffering from dehydration & admitted in ICU & injected lot of glucose & antibiotics. then after reliving from hospital I was feeling itching & panic, in few last day or within 7-8 days piles regenerate gain but non bleed.

    But paining in stool passing.

    Pl suggest.

  123. I am sufferig from non bleeding piles. There is swelling and pain.
    I am already taking aesculus hip. 30. But it doesnot effective much. In the past it is effective . Please suggest other medicine.

  124. Sir, mai 33 saal ka hu air mujhe 15 saal se pile h. ghar me abhi take koi nahi janta h . bleeding bahut hota h aur baahari bhaag me massa bahut jyada nikal gaya h .air ab meri Saadi hone wali h plz aisi medicine de jisse mai jaldi theek ho jaun.

  125. Hello sir
    I m 24 year’s male from assam.from last 2 years I m suffring from internal piles. I loss to much blood when go for stool.I hv used hamamelis and nux vomika potential’s not working
    Plz Sir it’s my humble request to suggest me medicine name anc its power and way to take to cure from this

  126. Hello sir ,I am 23 years old
    Sir mai nux vomica and sulpher 200 use kr rha hu almost 2 month se sir kaphi hd tk piles thik ho gya h but abhi bhi    Blood agya h ..Sir blood 20 se 30 din ke bad repeat hota h Sir mujhe ye piles almost 6 se 7 year ho gya h aise hi 20 se 30 din me repeat ho rha h maine sir iske phle mai askulus pentarkan use krta tha jb ye problem hoti thi ….Sir puri trh se piles khatm krne ke liye kya kre ..Suggest me sir ….

  127. Ashok Jain says:

    Acute constipation , stool too hard needs extraction causing pain which lasts long , hyper acidity , lack of appitite , I am 80+ , (presently taking Hyddrastis Q + CinchonaQ tds since one week ) pl. advice.

  128. Dusarlapudi says:

    Sir, I am 29 years old working woman and delivered a baby 3 months the end of 1 st month of delivery, I was constipated and started noticing blood during stools and a external projection.i am under homeo treatment since 6 doctor has given me Collin and acid nit.after 4 weeks of homeo usage I observed a clot appearing near my anus.still my anus is very sore during passage of stools and soreness continues till 8-10 hours after passing.i also observe blood in my stools.i am unable to my job is desk job, it makes me extremely difficult to execute my duties and to take care of my new born

    • Shineth joy pelenio says:

      Hi dr,
      may i ask a favor…. Im just asking what the best medecine of hemorrhoids…. Because im suffer few days ago…. It is getting started and this is external…. Thank and god bless… Hopefully dr. You give me a solution about this pain….

    • Shineth joy pelenio says:

      Hi dr,
      may i ask a favor…. Im just asking what the best medecine of hemorrhoids…. Because im suffer few days ago…. It is getting started and this is external…. Thank and god bless… Hopefully dr. You give me a solution about this pain…. They have a medecine to drink for this?

  129. Jaspal Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have suffering bleeding pile since last twenty years. So please I request u suggest me best homeopathic medicine to cure.

  130. Jaspal Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have suffering bleeding pile since last twenty years. So please I request u suggest me best homeopathic medicine to cure.

  131. Sir,

    I have been suffering form piles & fissures from last four years for this i have taken so many treatment in Ayurveda,Homeopath & Alopath but my problem is not solved. I had bright red color blood during bowel movement and that time feel too much pain and sweling on this part am also suffering from constipation so i request to you please suggest me best medicine for cure of piles & fissures

  132. Subhendu kumar Das says:

    Respected Sir,
    I had piles from few years.previously sometimes bleeding with stool. But now one external bud(pile 5mm)size devloped at out side of my anous.also some small buds (piles)devloped around my anous outside it is very pinfull and burning after passing no bleeding happens. The outer pile is purpule in backpian also occure.and stool is constipated. So sir please suggest me homeopathy medicine for cure.and way of use of medicine.

  133. Hi Dr,I’m a young mother of 2,first had piles with constipation during my first preganancy,both internal and external,after delivery I had them banded and burnt off with surgery….2 years ago I had my second baby, I have external fleshy bits hanging around/on my anus,its embarassing,and affecting my intimacy with my husband,I can’t afford surgery again.what’s the best way to get rid of these grapes at home…I live in Durban South africa.

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