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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Hernia

Homeopathic Remedies for Hernia

The immediate reaction on seeing any abnormal swelling or lump in the body, particularly one that does not subside and is located in a sensitive part, is to go in for surgery and have it removed. In case of Hernia too, surgery is often considered the only option by the patients. Homeopathic remedies for Hernia, can effectively treat the condition and that too without any side effects.

What is Hernia?

In medical terms, the protrusion of an organ or a part of an organ through an abnormal opening in the wall of the cavity that normally contains it is referred to as Hernia. The main cause of Hernia is the weakness of the abdominal muscles. This can either be congenital or acquired. The congenital weakness of abdominal muscles is present since birth and the acquired muscle weakness results from various factors like surgical incisions, repeated pregnancy, excess fat in abdomen, chronic cough, constipation and even excessive weight lifting. Homeopathic medicines, which are sourced from natural substances and are completely safe with zero side effects, are of great help in curing various types of Hernia.

Types of Hernia

Inguinal Hernia: This is the commonest type of Hernia. It can occur in infants or adults and since the swelling is in the groin, the panic button is pressed quite early. In InguinalHernia, a part of abdominal contents, mainly intestines, protrudes through the inguinal region of the abdominal wall. The inguinal region is present in the groin.

Umbilical Hernia: This Hernia is more common in females than males and also in infants. In Umbilical Hernia, the abdominal contents bulge out from the umbilicus or navel of abdomen.

Femoral Hernia: This Hernia is also more common in females and very uncommon in children. In Femoral Hernia, the abdominal contents protrude through the femoral canal present in the upper inner thigh region.

Obstructed/Incarcerated Hernia: In this type of Hernia, the lumen of intestine (colon) gets obstructed, leading to intestinal obstruction.

Strangulated Hernia: In this type of Hernia, the arterial supply of the contents of Hernia stops along with intestinal obstruction. Femoral Hernia is most liable to get strangulated.

Symptoms of Hernia

The main symptom of Hernia is swelling or formation of a lump. In Inguinal Hernia,the swelling appears in the groin.In Femoral Hernia, the swelling appears in the upper inner thigh region and in Umbilical Hernia, the swelling is apparent around the navel. Swelling is often accompanied by discomfort or a dragging type of pain around the swelling. In case of obstructed or strangulated Hernia, abdominal colic, vomiting, distended abdomen and constipation are the main symptoms.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Hernia

Nux Vomica: Best Homeopathic cure for all types of Hernia

Nux Vomica is a natural Homeopathic medicine which is of great help in treating all types of Hernias — be it femoral, inguinal or umbilical. It can be given to patients of Hernia in whom the abdominal muscles have been weakened due to long-standing constipation. The patient complains of a constant urge to pass stool or poop but scanty unsatisfactory stool is passed. Such a patient also usually feels very cold. There’s also an excessive craving for stimulants like alcohol or coffee.  Weakness and soreness in the abdominal muscles are always experienced. For treatment of Umbilical Hernia in infants,Homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica is very beneficial.

Calcarea Carbonica: Homeopathic treatment for Hernia in obese people

Calcarea Carbonica is a top Homeopathic medicine for treating Hernia. It is mainly prescribed for obese people with weak abdominal muscles due to excessive fat in the abdomen. Such patients cannot bear tight clothes around the waist. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonicaalso gives excellent results in treatment of Hernia in children who sweat excessively on the head. The patients requiring this medicine are sensitive to cold air. There is alsoan unusual craving for boiled eggs or chalk or lime.

Lycopodium Clavatum: Homeopathic medicine for Hernia with weak digestion, excessive flatulence

Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium Clavatum is of great help to patients of Hernia who suffer from weak digestion and excessive flatulence in the abdomen. The patients requiring this medicine loveto eat sweets and have a craving for hot food and drinks.

Rhus Toxicodendron: Homeopathic medicine for Hernia due to excessive weight lifing

This Homeopathic medicine is very beneficial fortreatment of all such cases of Hernia where the abdominal muscles become weak due to excessive strainby lifting heavy weights. Homeopathic remedy Rhus Toxicodendron helps the patients by strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Silicea: Homeopathic treatment for Hernia with excessive perspiration on feet

Silicea is aHomeopathic medicine of great help for patients of Hernia who experience excessive and offensive perspiration on the feet. The patient always feels very chilly and desires warm clothing. Silicea is also a very helpful Homeopathic remedy for treatment ofHerniain children who are weak, very obstinate and headstrong.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Hernia

Best Homeopathic medicines for Inguinal Hernia

Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium Clavatum is an excellent Inguinal hernia remedy, specially benefcial for treating Inguinal Hernia of right side. The main symptoms for using this medicine are excessive flatulence in abdomen. Excessive craving for sweets and hot drinks is usually experienced by patients requiring this medicine. For treating left-sided Inguinal Hernia, Homeopathic medicine Cocculus Indicus is of great help. For prescribing Cocculus Indicus, the symptoms are distended abdomen due to flatus with relief when lying on the side and a craving for cold drinks. Nausea is almost always felt by patients requiring Cocculus Indicus. For left-sided Inguinal Hernia in children, Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica gives best results. The child is usually very angy and suffers from chronic constipation.

Homeopathic medicines for treating Umbilical Hernia

Homeopathic remedy Calcarea Carbonica is considered the best Umbilical hernia remedy. It is of particular help for treatment of Hernia in patientswho also havean abundance of fat in the abdomen. The abdomen is sensitive to the slightest pressure. An unusual craving for eggs may be felt and milk always makes the condition of such patients worse. Nux Vomica is a natural Homeopathic remedy which can help in treating Umbilical Hernia which is accompanied by constipation of long duration. Strangulated hernia of umbilicus can also be treated with this medicine. For treating Umbilical Hernia in children, Homeopathic medicine Chamomilla gives good results. The children requiring this medicine usually complain of intense pain in the umbilical region. Irritability of the utmost degree is always noticed in such children.

Homeopathic medicines Nux Vomica and Lycopodium Clavatum for treating Femoral Hernia

Both Nux vomica and Lycopodium Clavatum are equally good Homeopathic medicines for treating Femoral Hernia. The patients requiring Nux Vomica feel very cold and sufferfrom chronic constipation. They have a craving for fatty food, alcoholic drinks or coffee. The patients requiring Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium Clavatum are weak, emaciated and suffer from excessive flatulence in abdomen. They crave for warm drinks and warm food. The complaints are always worse between 4pm and 8pm in patients requiring Homeopathic remedy Lycopodium Clavatum for Femoral Hernia.

Homeopathic medicines Opium and Tabacum for treatment of obstructed or incarcerated Hernia

Opium is the top Homeopathic medicine for treating patients of Obstructed Hernia. The patients requiring Opium have an extremely bloated abdomen, which is hard to touch, with retention of faeces in intestines. There is also no desire to pass stool and vomiting containing faecal matter is always experienced. Homeopathic remedy Tabacum is of help to patients of Incarcerated Hernia in whom the abdomen is distended and is painful to touch. Such a patient wants to uncover the abdomen. The patient also experiences excessive nausea along with constipation. Vomiting of faecal matter occurs as well.

Homeopathic medicines Plumbum Metallicum and Colocynthis for Strangulated Hernia

Plumbum Metallicum is an excellent Homeopathic medicine for the treatment of Strangulated Hernia. This is prescribed when the patient complains of extreme colic in abdomen with obstruction of stool and flatus. The patient  feels as if a string is pulling the abdominal wall towards the spine. Homeopathic medicine Colocynthis can help in relieving the colicky pain in abdomen in Strangulated Hernia where the patient is relieved by bending double or by applying pressure on the abdomen,


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  1. Sanjay Sharma says:

    My father is suffering from asthma, regular cough, problem in respiration & breathing problems. Loss of appetite . Plz suggest to me best medicine for asthma treatment

  2. Hi Doctor
    Writing this with huge hope as I m too distressed with my condition
    Ten years back I used to tie my stomach area too tight ab sit for studying. This continued pressure for some days caused me separation of abdominal muscles which I got to know much later, my whole abdomen was paining like hell, I could not stand or walk
    No tests revealed anything and no doctor cud understand anything
    I suffered for months and it healed and I was back to my life but could never stand for more than five minutes, wear clothes like denims , means all my abdominal area was ruined but I could continue my life like this by managing though I didn’t know by then what the issue was
    Few years back while researching in net , I understood what it was.
    But now it has again got worse and I m in severe pain, can’t stand for a minute and whole abdominal area in distended and swollen condition
    What do I do as doctors can’t find what it is and so no use of going there
    Can you help me anyway

  3. Sandra Caldwell says:

    Dr Sharma, I have a ventral hernia which is small and has slightly protrude in my belly button. I have read your article and will try the Calcarea Carbonica. I have declined the mesh surgery and hoping to find a way to heal naturally. I on natural probiotics, Vit C, Boswella, Tumeric CBD oil 2000mg and other supplements as well. Any advice from you is most welcome. I am so unhappy with this situation.

  4. Subhash Pushilal says:

    How to cure left side inguinal hernia it is about 1.4 years ago give suggestions

  5. pradeep nalwade says:

    Myself Pradeep age 58 years . I am physically strong and height is 175 cm and weighs 84 kg. I use to regularly go to Gym and spend around 1.5 hr in doing various exercises including weight training .I suffer due to constipation only when food in nonveg and oily.

    I got operated for Bilateral Inguinal hernia 5 month back with a Mesh. It wasnt that serious but doctors advised me to go for surgery to avoid any further complications . I thought that it would help me to recover fast and once again i can take my gum activity seriously
    However I have not fully recovered But still I have pains at the site of right side . I feel comfortable when my bowels are clear . after a gap of 5 moths I have started going to Gym but now not lifting any weights bur doing cardio and crunches that gives me relief.
    I want a permanent solution over this problem . Kindly suggest me some good remedies.

  6. Dr Sharma,
    I know of 3 types of Hernias not listed above: a friend of mine has a hernia under her breast bone, the doctors think it is encroaching on her esophagus and could strangle her. Which remedy here?
    The next is mine, it pops out from under my ribs if I bend over too far. It doesn’t hurt but is uncomfortable and I can generally ease it back in. Suggested remedy. The last is my son, he attempted lifting a weight that was too heavy and seems to have herniated the periosteum in his fore arm. Would that still be Rhus Tox?

    Very interesting article!
    Thank You for your advice!

  7. Mavis urwin says:

    Good article on hernia but no mention of hiatus hernia. Is there a specific remedy for this. Thank you.

  8. Khageswar Sahoo says:

    Respected sir,
    My son suffering in Inguinal hernia right side. His Age 8 years. Weight 29kg.
    So please suggest me homeopathy medicine. I don’t want to surgery. Please help.

  9. yogesh kumar says:

    I am 70, male. Single.
    Ultrasound and doctorates say, I got inguinal hernia on left side. There is some bulging. In lying down and sometimes after getting up, I discover nothing for some time. But after a while bulging and movement in groin area I begin to see.
    Doc is going to perform surgery on the LHS this coming Sunday morning. I hope my sperm vein along with others are not damaged.,
    He told me today, muscles are weakening as if on RHS also.
    What to do to avoid future surgery on the right.
    Shall, I take Cal Carb 30 with Nux Vomica 30 from today

    • yogesh kumar says:

      I am 70, male. Single.
      Ultrasound and doctorates say, I got inguinal hernia on left side. There is some bulging. In lying down and sometimes after getting up, I discover nothing for some time. But after a while bulging and movement in groin area I begin to see.
      Doc is going to perform surgery on the LHS this coming Sunday morning. I hope my sperm vein along with others are not damaged.,
      He told me today, muscles are weakening as if on RHS also.
      What to do to avoid future surgery on the right.
      Shall, I take Cal Carb 30 with Nux Vomica 30 from today

  10. Debdatta Ghosh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am male 88 yr old having bilateral inguinal hernia (right more than the left) since 3-4yrs.
    I use hernia belt to avoid dragging sensation in the right lower abdomen and use regular herbal pills to releive my constipation. Out of the drugs suggested I would be grateful if you would kindly suggest which of these, in what strength and dosage or in combination with be effective for me.
    Kind regards,
    D. Ghosh.

  11. Karandeep Singh Nanda says:

    Hi. I would require your help on Hernia treatment. Please help me. My number is +91 9833865111

  12. Namaste Dr. I m suffering from Hernia since 226 at left side but now also feeling both side. Severe constipation. Age 75 yr.weight 50kg. Pl help me for immediate releif for constipation. Thanks.

  13. Edward Garrett says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have developed a hernia on my right groin area no pain is being experienced at this time. I desire no mesh repair, a medium surgery like lap. Can you help me!

  14. Kashif siddiqui says:

    Please harnia syrp or teblit required required me..

  15. KISHOR CHABRIA says:

    Doctor for the past 6/7 years I have Inguinal Hernia on Left side more bulge & right side little bulge on the Abdomen.There is no Pain but I have constipation ,some times the bulge reduces at
    night time when I get up for Toilet. Kindly sugest me the best Homeopathy medicines for Healing/Cure.
    With Regards

    • Doctor for the past 6/7 years I have Inguinal Hernia on Left side more bulge & right side little bulge on the Abdomen.There is no Pain but I have constipation ,some times the bulge reduces at
      night time when I get up for Toilet. Kindly suggest me the best Homeopathy medicines for Healing/Cure.
      With Regards


    Respected sir,
    My grandson’s age 12yrs hernia is found in rilght side hydosil is like increased, after ultrasound and other test confirm it.We gave the homeo medicine Iris,Rhus tox and HP 51 and other medicine consulting after Dr,but not cure . Kindly, advice your valuable guidance and medicine.

  17. my wife had umbilical hernia And often feels severe pain in abdomen. does it cure homeopathy kindly contact me

  18. How often do I take the remedy or remedies I feel nux vom is good and Lycopodium? for my ingunial hernia I have 30c of each?

  19. Hi this is mahitha and I am +30 years. I am very scared of halopathic tratments.. and English medicines. But now I feel, a lump beside my right belly button and a followed swelling in a nerve type till the right hand side end of the tummy. and I I also feel a on and off pain in my lower abdomen slightly due to the swelling and discomfort while I sit down or fold or bring up my right leg and the skin there have been coloured with right red ( brownish ) when compared to other side. and also feeling a pain in my longed till my right Knee.
    P.S. I had an Ovarian Cyst surgery 10yeard back, where my right ovary was removed. Pls help me if I can be treated with homeopathy without a surgery completely.. As I am really afraid and going panic.

  20. Hello my baby 2months old
    She’s having umbical herina when she’s awake it looks big
    When she’s calm & while sleeping it look small
    Is there any treatment in homeopathy?

  21. Sk.Md.Rahamot Ali says:

    Dear Sharma. greetings!
    I want to know from you. Have any better treatment inguinal hernia by homoeopathy .It will be very appreciated if i get advice from you.

  22. Niranjan Nayak says:

    Good Morning Sir. My child is 11 month and he is suffering of Hernia .I had consulted the Pediatric doctor and they had suggested for sygerian . I am hopeless and consulted homeopathic doctor they assured me to cure but no such improvement. Suggest me what medicine be taken under Homeopathic.

  23. Trilok Singh says:

    I am 70 years old and suffering from accumulation of gas, difficult eructations, hardness of stomach in early morning in bed. This gives rise to heart palpitations, which becomes alright after stool and then no complaint whole day. My BP, sugar etc are normal. I am quite sincere in my work and sleep in late night.
    Kindly suggest me the homeopathiic medicine

  24. Gita Kundu Roy says:

    I am suffering from umbilical hernia since November 2017 . Swelling is the apparent the naval. No pain is feeling but suffering from constipation.
    Please suggest me any homeopathic medicine which is recovery my umbilical hernia .
    Gita kundu Roy


    Good Day Dr Sharma … my father was complaining that he is having pain in and around his left side testicle which is even swollen, he is 76 years old and even my grand father had this hernia issue… please suggest a medicine which could avoid any surgery as lot of people are saying he need to undergo surgery

    • C.v.sastry says:

      I have been operated twice. Right side hernia I have developed after surgery below the abdomen please suggest geometry medicine. Sastry

  26. CHINMOY SARKAR says:

    My mother 80 yrs old under went removal of one kidney in Sept. ‘2014. Afterwards she developed incisional hernea which is growing bigger in size. She is finding it difficult at the moment. Pls suggest suitable remidy in homeopathy.

  27. Good post Dr Sharma

  28. my father has hernia

  29. Chandan Dey says:

    Dear Sir, I have a hernia. And the doctor said it is due to my open heart surgery in 2010,It is 2inches above my navel where the stitch after operation ended.kindly advise me what to do. I am 62.

  30. Shailendra Verma says:

    Dear sir
    I’m 35 year male recently came to know that a bulged skin on my left side just near pubic line. Allopathic doctor said this is inguinal hernia and surgery will be the only thing. But I don’t want to be operated want your suggestion and treatment sir apart from this I feel symptoms like acidity relief on side lying in case of gas or after dinner. Sir plz suggest which medicine I have to start and what will be the dosage and precautions plz sir it’s humble request to you.

  31. Mr. Santosh kumar says:

    I am 65yrs old. I had little lump and discomfort on right side appx. One year ago. I am heart pesiant and diabetic. Now lump has increased a bit and pain also increased. Can this be cured by homeopathic medicines and how lond this will take? Plz let me know i shall be thankful. Again thank you.

  32. Manimuthu says:

    Dear Dr,
    I am 65 years old. I have inguinal hernia in right side. I have this since I was 25 years old. Initially it was slightly visible with no pain. Now it has increased to the size of almost a tennis ball bulging in the right side bladder. Please tell me whether it can be cured by homeopathic treatment. Thank you.


    Good evening doctor. Iam 70 yers old. Male.Having inguinal hernia on both sides. Right side prominent , clearly visible, occasional dumb pain. Left side not visible. Undergone CABG 10years.
    Weak digestion. Please suggest medicine/treatment.
    Pl send reply on e mail.


    Good evening doctor. Iam 70 yers old. Male.Having inguinal hernia on both sides. Right side prominent , clearly visible, occasional dumb pain. Left side not visible. Undergone CABG 10years.
    Weak digestion. Please suggest medicine/treatment.

  35. Dr I have umbilical hernia and bilateral inguinal hernia much should take please say

  36. Satish Kutty says:

    Dear Dr.,
    My name is Satish Kutty. I am 62 years of age. A few years back approximately two years back there occurred a small lump in my groin area and gradually it became larger and now the lump has become hard and it has almost touched the left side testicle. Previously I was unaware of Hernia and there is a treatment for the same in Homeopathy. I am patient of thyroid and coronary artery blockage and so the surgery was not suggested by doctors unless and until my thyroid comes under control.
    Considering my present condition mentioned above please suggest a remedy to my Hernia problem.
    Thanking you
    Your sincerely
    Satish Kutty

    • rama krishna a says:

      Good morning sir

      I am rama krishna suffering from umbilical hernia since last one year. please suggest medicine for this . and My weight is 84kg , Age – 40 years,

      thanking you sir

  37. Hi, my 3 years 10 months old baby boy has inguinal hernia on right side. he has thin physique, but active and doing good in his daily routine. about a year earlier his hernia diagnoses doctors recommend operation. just two times in this year he complaint a pain in his stomach and we observe swelling in upper right testicle area and gently messaged with canola oil to upside and swelling diffuse in no time and he get better………………as per your above article i got the we can teat him with Lycopodium clavatum. Please advise how it can be administer…………………..Thanks in advance……look forward to your kind advice…..

  38. Doctor, I have Umbilical hernia from 5 years after post pregnancy. It does harm me so much, but lump is visible and sudden pain appears here and then. How does homeopathic help without operation? And will dancing cause harm to Umbilical hernia? Please suggest..

  39. Hi Doctor my sister have hernia can it be cure through homeo treatment


    Respected Dr,
    I am suffering from inguinal hernia at right side at groin region with bulge with no pain for past 3 months. To do Surgery ? Please advice me.

  41. Hi , good morning doctor,
    I am suffering from ingunial hernia for past 6 months. Minor pain on groin region and bulge on the groin. Doctor asking to do surgery. Is it necessory. Please advice

  42. Hi , good morning doctor,
    I am suffering from ingunial hernia since last 6 months. Sometimes it buldge on right side of groin region. Please suggest me

  43. Maxwell D'Cruz says:

    Hi , good morning doctor,
    I am suffering from ingunial hernia since the last 2 and a half years. Kindly let me know which is the best homeopathic remedy and in which strength it has to be taken. The pain and discomfort is in the groin region mainly on the right side, also sometimes on the left side. I am 63 years , male and have undergone an angioplasty with stent 5 years ago. Otherwise I am in general good condition.
    I shall be thankful for your advice.
    With regards.
    Maxwell D’Cruz.

    • swelling on right side there is no pain doctors suggesting it is hernia to be operated is there medicine in homeopathy.

  44. Courtney Brown says:

    Hello. I am a 47 yr old female with left inguinal hernia. What does level do I take for it? 1M 200 c or other?
    I had open surgery for a right inguinal hernia last October. Should I take a remedy for that or too late?I have no mesh just stitches remaining. Thank you so much.

    • dr ezekwere Emmanuel Ifeanyi says:

      good morning doctor I have a case of inguinal hernia in my clinic the patient has under go surgery in another clinic but no cure ,so sir what do I do?

  45. Hassan jalil AHmad says:

    My age is 58 years old , hernia has been detected on the right side for the last six month and also feeling some liquid sound after press the effected side. No pain but feeling burn please diagnose homeo medicine

  46. Santanu purohit says:

    My son of 3.5 yrs of age has been detected inguinal hernia on left side . What should be the homeo medicine towards the same .
    Is surgery must for this
    Will the child be able to play sports in future post treatment / surgery

  47. Somnath Ghosh says:

    As read in this content, I have taken Nux.Vomica-1M one dose today i.e. 15/06/2018. When may I expect any relief. Should I repeat the medicine once more or should I take a dose of Sulph.1M for follow-up support.

    Thanks and regards,

  48. Ibrahim Fazeel says:

    Dr. Sharma, I have undergone bilateral inguinal hernia surgery 10 years ago in 2007. I had a small hiatal hernia at that time. However, lately( in 2017), it has become sliding.

    On 12th Dec 2017, I started using a herbal medicine for my hiatal hernia. It actually developed a negative symptom of irritation/pushing sensation in my left groin, right above the herinia mesh. I have done three USGs that do show a hernia yet. But, my physician has said that the hernia could be at an initial stage. It might take sometime for the hernia to be clearly visible on the Untrasound scan.

    I am wondering, if am a right candidate to take homeopathic medicine for my left inguinal area( potential) hernia. Depending on its effect on the left inguinal area irritation push, I will plan to take homeo for my hiatal too( if you have a mediocre for it too)

  49. sasidhar says:

    hi sir, suffering with Inguinal Hernia left side, 11 mm size. which medicine prefer me.

  50. B. Vijay Kumar says:

    Sir….. I had a problem of hernia initial stage of both sides

  51. Shambhu Sharan Sinha says:

    Sir i feel pain when sneez & cough and laid down at left side of stomach please him me

  52. Santhosh.p.r says:

    I am santhosh from kerala, Sir, Diagnosed with inquinal hernia of left side ,starting stage , presenly gstro problem, Pls suggest medicine or advice what to do.

    • Ranjan Kumar Panda says:

      Sir, i am 54 years old. Recent ultrasound report discovers inguinal hernia on left side and mild prostatomegally (Grade-1 BPH) with insignificant post void residual urine volume and Fatty Liver (Grade-1). Kindly suggest me the medicine and diet.

  53. Hello sir

    I have umbilical hernia what I should do

  54. Hi Sir,
    my 5 years sun have problem of testicular hernia. What should i do.

  55. Israr ahmad says:

    Mai do sal se hernia se pidit hu.aisa malum hota hai ki dahine taraf fota me hernia utar raha hai. ek mahine se lycopodium 200 use kar raha hu. Jo thodi bahut dard hoti thi wo ab nahi ho raha hai. Iske atirikt aur koi fayeda nahi dikh raha hai.
    Kirpaya salah de mai kya karu?

  56. Monoranjan bora says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from inguinal hernias in

    right side for last 3 months .my wt 72 kg and age 46yrs
    Kindly advise me .


      Respected Dr,
      I am suffering from inguinal hernia at right side at groin region with bulge with no pain for past 3 months. To do Surgery ? Please advice me.

  57. Hi my father has a hernia due to abdominal surgery it is extremely swollen on the left side of his belly. Is nux vomica best remedy? And if so what potency 30?
    The doctors do not want to perform another surgery as he took so long to heal from the previous one.

  58. jina lama says:

    sir i have a two month old baby who is suffering from inguinal hernia a bulge in the groin area ….can it be treated with homepathy medicine do we have to have an operation.
    thank u please suggest .

  59. M suffering from belly pain from 2days,after ultrasound test, my hernia is confirmed, plz suggest me in homeopathy can we cure this,??

  60. Anirban Das says:

    Lycopodium Clavatum 200,30 or 3x which is best for Inguinal Hernia of right side and dosage.
    waiting for your valuable feedback.
    Age- 36
    Weight -88 kg

  61. Md. Robiul Islam says:

    Hi Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from an inguinal hernia in the both groin since last 8 months . Left is medium in size & right is small. Please give me suggestions about this matter


    Md. Robiul Islam
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  62. Chandan Dey says:

    dear sir i have hernia post cabg which i had in developed 2inches above the naval. it gives no pain but slowly enlarging.please prescribe medicine for me.

    • Chandan Dey says:

      dear sir i have hernia post cabg which i had in developed 2inches above the naval. it gives no pain but slowly enlarging.please prescribe medicine for me.

  63. Bossa ka lingo ke nise harnia hai please ye solurion dijiye 2.5 years bossa ka

  64. Rakesh kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    My son 9 years child & he is suffering from inguinal hernia in left side. Dr. had suggested for surgery.
    Kindly, suggest me what kind of homeopathic medicine I should take.

    I do not want surgery.

    Looking forward an acknowledgement at the earliest.

    • MOLLY DHAR says:

      My son 10 yrs old has inguinal scrotal hernia on his left side .Can homeopathy treat the hernia .Please advice

  65. Radhakrishnan baskar.T says:

    Dear sir

    I have hernia problem in my upper stomach . some time pain came and gone. pls advice what to do.

  66. Basuki nath says:

    Dear sir namaskar. Mera beta 3month ka hai.jise hernia ki bimari hai.jaisa ki usg report me aya hai.B/l inguinal hernia

  67. Pankaj Bhatt says:

    Hello Doctor, My baby is a premature of 8 months and is now 2 months old, we just saw the swelling in left groin, Doctor diagnosed as hernia and suggested operation.
    Please suggest if this can be treated by homeopathic treatment.


  68. MD.SUMAN MIAH says:

    Hello doctor,I am Suman from Bangladesh.I am suffering from an inguianl hernia in the left is small and it does not come out external ingunal is called bobonocele.plz prescribe medicine for me………………..

  69. pardeep sharma says:

    I am suffering from formal hernia right side for 6 months. I take nux vomica 1m two drop a week and silicea 200 two droops after one day . Is it right medicine

  70. Dr.Bishwajit DHAR says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, I am suffering from Hernia in my Belly Button (nabhi) for the last 18 years,. Pl . advice me for a homeopathic medicine so that it would be cure me. I am 52 year s old. Thanking you

  71. Harinder Kaur says:

    Good morning doctor
    Myself Harinder Kaur, age 49 years had an inguinal hernia surgery in the month of October, 2017. Now for the last about 10 days I’m having little pain in my right groin once again. My surgeon examined n told me that it may be swelling on the stitches or a call of femoral hernia. I’m on medication for 14 days to reduce the swelling. Now I’m very much scared of another hernia occurrence which is not confirmed yet. I really want to get rid of this doc. Is there any cure to prevent hernia. Plz suggest or guide

  72. N R Dinesh Kumar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma ji
    I am diagnosed with inguinol hernia of the left side I have been taking homeopathic medicine since February 2017
    No relief rather it was 1.5 cm and now CT scan reveals that it is 2cm.
    Generally how long a person with inguinol hernia on the left groin needs to take medicine. I am not having any pain or discomfort.
    The present medicine our homeopathy doctor is giving is as follows
    1 Lycopodium 200C
    2Lycopodium 1m
    3 Nihilinum 30
    Please let me know why I am not getting relief?
    Does the medicine need to be changed?
    Kindly advise
    Dinesh Kumar
    Age 77 years

  73. Hi, I have a question about this remedies, are they safe to take when nursing? If so how much and for how long? I know I have a weak abdominal wall, I had a baby 10 months ago and soon after that I went back to heavy lifting which is what caused me diastasis revti, than you in advance for any help!

  74. Rajesh gupta says:

    I am suffering with inguinal hurnia in right side pls guide me some treatment .Because i dont want to go for surgery

    • Rajesh gupta says:

      I am suffering with inguinal hurnia in right side pls guide me some treatment .Because i dont want to go for surgery

  75. Krishna Singh says:

    Is it necessary to wear truss in addition to medicine for left inlinguial hernia~

  76. Dear Doctor

    I am 58 years old and I am diagnosed with small inguinal hernia on the left hand side near the scortum because of which I am feeling discomfort and pain. The pain is not there when I lie down or when I sit. But the pain is intermittent when I stand or walk or talk. Doctors have recommended to go in for operation (with mesh) at the earliest. Somehow, I am averse to surgery. Can you please suggest some effective homeopathic medicine to get rid of surgery. Please suggest doctor.

    Thanks a lot

  77. JANGID M.L. says:

    How cure my hernia create problem in right side. Occutional pain. I have operated the hernia on left side three year ago. After this other side problem raised.

    Any medicine of homeopathic can cure ? Due to heard problem I would like to avoid operation at age of 60.

    • i am attacked with hernia in right side of my lower aadomen.recently suddenly it has been swelled up & causing acute pain. which medicine can cure me pl.tell me.

  78. Sumita Chakravarti says:

    Can Calcarea carbonica help to cure my 2 year old DOG’s umbilical hernia ? Pl advise

  79. Abrar Ahmad Hashmi says:

    Dear doctor I have hernia problem same as lycopodium

  80. Suresh kumar says:

    It is right side inguinal hernia

  81. Vipin Singh says:

    I have hernia on left side, pain is very less, I have experienced pain only 3-4 times in 6 to 7 years.
    Only issue is it swallows left side of testis n sometimes hernia parts goes up n testis becomes Normal also.
    Pls advise medicine if surgery can be avoided as it looks bad while wearing jeans ,swallow parts can be noticed.

    • AZIZUR rahman says:

      Respectectd Dr. Sharma
      I am AZIZUR Rahman. My baby (girl) is two months twenty days. She is suffering Right inguinal hernia which don’t appear all time. when she CRY or irratate only this period hermiotry shown. Without surgery this hernia can be cure or not.I would like to want .

  82. Swarup sengupta says:

    At first homeopathy treatment increase the disease then decrease.. is it true?

  83. shahriar nayan says:

    I have inguinal hernia,right side.I have taken calcaria flour 30x,+lycopodium1m,10m,50m&cm.after that nux1m,10m,50m.+calcaria flour200x.then lycopodium cm I takes iodium 10 m.I think my problem has been solved 70%.but some time i feel a few swealing when toilet presser comes,another times, I do not see what can I do.?please advice me.I am 29 years old,male.I am a student.

  84. ARUN KUMAR GHOSH says:

    My wife, aged 55yrs has developed umbilical hernia in last 6months. Right now she is under treatment of a homeopath who said the bulge has softened in last 1month & has told to continue with medicine for a further long time. However wife feels the size of the hernia has increased in lastc2/3 months. Please confirm how much time it can take for complete cure. Is it confirmed homeopathy can cure fully or ultimately surgery is the only answer. Now size is of the umbilical hernia is like a small lemon.

  85. Dear, father is 68yrs old and he is suffering from inguinal hernia. Sonografy report is U.bladder – out line is normal Bladder wall is thickened .A herniating mass containine bowel loops of size 56*26mm is seen in lt. Inguinal region inguinal hernia. Pl.sir help me and reply my question.

  86. Sucha S Bhatti says:

    Dear Dr Sharma Ji , I am about 72 yrs old & through CT scan , it is confirmed that I have a small umbilical hernia just above the bellybutton(navel). I have a medium- build body with 162 lbs & 5 feet 8 inches tall . I sometimes feels a little discomfort in stomach especially after eating food etc , kind of feeling fullness in my stomach . Before I had groin hernias too on my both sides one after the other with a gap 5-6 yrs each & each one was fixed by surgery time to time. The current umbilical hernia developed a few months ago , almost after 5 yrs the last hernia surgery. I have moderate hypertension too & I take daily medicine for it . Except that I have a good health otherwise. Being an Indian I like tea or coffee twice a day , a little bit some kind of sweets & wine or alcohol ( one shot ) twice a week. sometimes I have a little cold feeling too .
    Hoping to hear you soon for treating this problem & the medication u will use to treat this problem, thanks in anticipation


    मुझे जांघ में दोनों तरफ बाएं तरफ और दाएं तरफ हर्निया की शिकायत है लेफ्ट साइड में लगभग 1 साल से हर्निया है राइट साइड में दो-तीन महीने से हल्का सा उभार शुरू हुआ है लेफ्ट साइड में दर्द भी रहता है हल्का सा मेरा वजन 55 – 56 किलो के आस-पास ही है शरीर पतला है हाइट 5 फुट 5 इंच है कृपया सही सुझाव दें धन्यवाद

    • Pushpender Kumar says:

      Says: mere ko 4-5 year se right side m inguinal harniya h or isme pain bhi h wet 63kg h 20 year Ka hu m mere ko sahi upchar bataye

  88. Randhir Sharma says:

    I am feeling hernia in right side. Left side hernia already operated three years back. No pain. Which homeopathy medicines cure right sight hernia & it’s dose.

  89. Hello Dr. Sharma jee,

    I am 72 years old with very slim body having a weight of a little less than 50 Kg. My height is 5ft and 3 inches. From childhood I am having the problem of weak digestion and chronic constipation and great flatulence in abdomen. I love sweets and hot foods. I have a long history of more than 40 years of Duodenal Ulcer.
    For the last 5-6 years I am feeling a lump at right side of groin which cause pain only occasionally (not always). I also feel uncomfortable while sitting.
    Kindly advise me; if it curable with Homeo Medicines. If, yes please advise me the suitable medicines for the same.

  90. Deepak Awatramani says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    Myself is 68 years old man I am suffering from Hernia it is in left side of my urnil since from last ten years. Very beginning I had approach the Doctor and he advise for operation but i denied and didn’t take any medicine or any test therafter. Nows a days when I had cough its become very hard but no pain.During the year 1987 My father was also having same problem and he was operated after fews days he got jaundice and expired. For the above reason I am.avoiding operation. There is any homeopathic Doctor nearly my residence as I am staying Link Road, Malad (West) mumbai near Evershine nagar. So i can approach and cure my above problem if it is possible on this age. Please advise and Thanks

  91. Am suffering from epi gasteric hernia for 2nd time. 1st time operated. Am now 31 yrs old female and having a 2 yr baby. Is dere medicine to cure this without operation

  92. SUNIL KUMAR SADH says:


  93. Riyaz Ahmed says:

    I am suffering inguinal right side hernia.Please suggest homeopathic medicine to cure this.

  94. D S banerjee says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    My g son aged only 1 month has been suffering from inguinal hernia&undescended testis.Apoarently we do not see any problem except swelling but allopathic dr opines for operation.We are confused.Is it completely
    curable by hom. treatment?Both testis& hernia will be healed? At what age it can be started& how long it will take to cure?
    Waiting for yr quock reply

  95. Hello Dr Sharma,
    My g son aged only 1 month has been suffering from inguinal hernia&undescended testis.Apoarently we do not see any problem except swelling but allopathic dr opines for operation.We are confused.Is it completely
    curable by hom. treatment?Both testis& hernia will be healed? At what age it can be started& how long it will take to cure?
    Waiting for yr quock reply

  96. T Banerjee says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    My g son aged only 1 month has been suffering from inguinal hernia&undescended testis.Apoarently we do not see any problem except swelling but allopathic dr opines for operation.We are confused.Is it completely
    curable by hom. treatment?Both testis& hernia will be healed? At what age it can be started& how long it will take to cure?
    Waiting for yr quock reply


  97. Shahnawaz Alam says:

    Hello Sarah
    Mera 6 saal ka beta h usko navel me blad ata h paidais se please koi dawa bataye

  98. D. K. ROY CHOWDHURY says:

    Dear Sharma, I am residing at Dum Dum. Very recently I am feeling tearing sensation in the right side of my urinal. I have done USG . As per report they mentioned inguinal hernia with” ??” mark. I had met homeopathy doctor also. After examination he told me that the stage is not operable condition. Please advise me. Waiting for your advice. Thanking you,

  99. Nagaraj Petkar says:

    Good evening Doctor. My name is Nagaraj & I am from Bangalore. I am suffering from Hernia, its on the left side of my urinal, I’ve been noticing it from last 4-5 years, i started taking aloevera juice in the morning & night & buttermilk in the afternoon, i took some ayurvedic medicines as well but it didn’t prove useful, hence thought of contacting you, if you can help me with the medicine / suggest some one in Bangalore for this treatment then it would be really very helpful.

    I can attach the scan copy of the report if needed.

    Waiting to hear from you . . .

    Thanks in Advance,
    Nagaraj (9945 6945 60)

  100. Hello I am suman from Bangladesh.I have been suffering from an inguinal hernia in the right groin
    it does not reach the scotrum
    it ia called bobonocele by doctor.I feel some pain and discomfort.plz suggest me what should I do???

  101. About 25 days back, I have come to know that I have inguinal hernia. I am about 74,/5′ 6″/65 kg,Normal. I want to know whether hernia’s are curable with Homeopathy. What precautions I have to take. Hernia belt is safe for use. What is the remedy & approximate time it may take, to avoid operation. I have no pain.

  102. Ramesh kumar says:

    Hello Dr sahib
    I have harnia disease in the right side of my abdomen with little swelling and a little pain sometime from 6 to 1 year before.dr sahib please suggest me should I have operate or take some homeopathy medicine with some exercise to do please age is 52.i am heart patient also with 2 stunt I am slim.


  103. T suresh kumar says:

    I am aged 62years slim body with previous asthama for nearly 7year but for past 3years no asthama,i regularly take ismo-20 two tablets per day due to some heart doctors suggessions,preasently from 2months inguinal small hernia has devloped has the homeopathy can cure without operation or can repair the balance instensime?

  104. vivek gupta says:


    I am 44 years old and have been detected with inguinal hernia of right side, 10 days back.The doctor has advised surgery as the only option, however he has told that there is no urgency and I can wait upto one year or more. There is a small swelling on the right groin which gives pain once in a while.I don’t want to go for surgery. Kindly advise how to come out of this situation. Your valuable advice is awaited

  105. KRISHNADATHAN says:


  106. Hello sir/madam
    I want to ask u a question that if someone is having kidney prblm…their kidneys were 25% working…but he is also having hernia prblm…doc said we can’t operate…bec it’s risky….as we r not asked to give them any med like any painkiller….can we give them hernica herbal medicine?…and any other which donot cause any effect on kidneys?…plz answer

  107. Radhey shiam garg says:

    I am aged 89 . I have inaugural hernia on right side for last several years. I am enjoying normal health. I al suffer from ostro arthritis in my left knee. Please suggest some effective homeopathic medicine, its potency and doses. Thanks.u

  108. Radhey shiam garg says:

    I am aged 89 . I have inaugural hernia on right side for last several years. I am enjoying normal health. I al suffer from ostro arthritis in my left knee. Please suggest some effective homeopathic medicine, its potency and doses. Thanks.

  109. Sir I am omm 39 years old. Sir have right side igunial hernia since 3 years. When i sleep for a long time lower part wakeup to stomach. And when I wake up from bed it down to. And in day time it store in down part. Some time it is not move down. That time I feel stomach feel with gas and suffered backpane. I feel some time slow pain. But pain is not serious. Sir please refer any remedy. I don’t want operation. Sir kindly tell me remedy.

  110. hello

  111. LEWIN GAVINO says:

    I had a left Inguinal-hernia repair operation over 2 years ago. Now the pain and discomfort came back but appears to be just underneath of the previous one. The doctor told me he feels a little hernia around the previous and to see if I have another surgical repair. I do not want to undergo another surgical operation again. I am over 74 years old. I also have abdominal hernia (for almost four 4 years that I never repair because it does nor bother me. Please advice me about the homeopathic alternatives and where I can buy the medicines

  112. ARUN KUMAR GHOSH says:

    Excellent educative exposure! I have been suffering from Inguinal-hernia on right side for last 6 months, suddenly increasing since a week due to apparent reasons of cough, snizzing & constipation. Other description: Male of 61 years old. Used to brisk-walk & Joga(kapol-vati & such other feats involving lower abdomen) in the morning, used to travel frequently & carry belongings in hand as the apparent reasons as per version of family & friends. Wanted to aviod operational. No treatment taken as of now. Kindly guide & advise mode & availability of your treatment. sincerely- Arun kr Ghosh, Tel: 7002544029, Mail:

  113. Manzoor ahmad says:

    Dear Sr, i m 29 years old i was suffered from inguinal hernia on right side then i operated it before three years. Now i have also suffered from inguinal hernia on left side and i do not want to operate it. Plz tell me best homepathic medicine and use for it.

    • Nivruti kapote says:

      Sir , I am 86 years old and suffering from left inguinal hernia , don’t want to do surgery kindly suggest best Homoeopathic Medicine …… Waiting

      • Nivruti kapote says:

        Suffering from left inguinal hernia and prostate Enlarge with post void residual URINE please Waiting for best Homoeopathic Medicine

  114. C R Charyulu says:

    I had two operations for removing the right and left Inguinal Hernias. I am now sensing a small protrusion on the right above the previously removed hernia. Kindly suggest homeopath medicine. Regards

  115. My 6 yr old daughter appears to have a femoral hernia and I am also concerned with possible lyme and PANDAS. Could she have suggested. Could she have success with Homeopathy for treating an inguinal or femoral hernia at her age and I was also looking to treat her lie more pandas with homeopathy. But the hernia is more acute. Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Doctor i have an umbilical harnia.. my age is 45. It is not painful….can you please suggest me is any Homeopathic Remedies available….

  116. Hello Doctor.
    Sir I am 37 years old male. I have been diagnosed with left inguinal hernia just 4 days ago doctor advised me need not to be panic and I can go for a surgery leisurely .sir can
    you suggest me any treatment in homeopathy other than surgery. Can homeo cure hernia without surgery.
    Thank you.
    Waiting for your answer.

  117. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have had a hernia on my left side lower abdomen for a few months now. We just moved about 6 months ago, and I lifted many heavy boxes. It is tender but does not hurt. Also, I have noticed that I am very constipated, more so than usual. I can usually keep things moving with fiber, but now I don’t have complete bowel movements. I would like to try a homeopathic remedy, but am unsure of the dosage. Can you recommend one for me and please indicate the dosage I should take. I do not want to undergo surgery at this point and have not had any other symptoms. Thank you for your time.
    Amy Gong

  118. sir Namaste. I have diaphramic hernia.i taking medicine beyond 3x,c.f. 6x and np it ok or….tks for urgent advice I am waiting

    • sir Namaste. I have diaphramic hernia.i taking medicine beyond 3x,c.f. 6x and np it ok or….tks for urgent advice I am waiting

  119. Minakshi Das says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    I have hernia in the right upper side of my vagina. Sometime I feel like vomiting and I have constipation too.
    Kindly, suggest me what kind of homeopathic medicine I should take.

    I do not want surgery.

    Looking forward an acknowledgement at the earliest.


  120. Gautam Nasker says:

    I have done ingunial hernia repair operation last year July,2016, Unfortunately the said operation not successful. Recurrence Ingunial hernia again seen next left portion. For avoiding operation I am using Hernia belt. Is the any homeopatioc medicine for reduction Inguinal hernia. Your suggestion very much appreciated. Expecting reply I my mail I’d theguest_ merlin@ at earliest.
    With regards,
    Gautam Nasker

  121. Left side hernia sir homeo u suggest sir

  122. My mother is 70 years old.she has a umbilical hernia of 11 x 9 mms & sonography results show small midline defect .she complains of pain sometimes and at-times of there any medicine for her condition.we do not wish any surgery for her.please advise,thank you.

  123. sougata talukdar says:

    I have an umbilical harnia.. my age is 48. Please suggest me what medicine should I take.

  124. Svr ramanuja rao says:

    Sir, namasthe. I have inguinal hernia on right side for last 15 years without pain. How long I should take treatment to come over this problem.

  125. UMESH SHARMA says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am 68, height 5.3”, weight 79 Kg, chronic case of constipation for almost 40 years requiring me to take 2 tablespoon of Isabgol husk, Himalaya Drd Drugs Herbolax 2 Cap every night.
    I had a stent implant in September 2014 and on medication.
    About a week back , to help an aged man struggling to put goods on his cart, I had to left goods weighing about 15/20 kg in single effort. After that I felt extreme weakness/drain out.Very next day , I felt a bulge of about a Black Gram size.I consulted my family physician who told me it’s an early Case of Umbilical Hernia. He said Allopathy has no cure except surgery and in his opinion it can be controlled/ cured by exercising & Homeopathic medicine.
    I am pure vegetarian, non alcoholic. I am doing exercises- Walk for 15 mts, Body Joint movement for 10-15 mnts, 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar, Pranayama ( 5 types ) & Sudarshan Kirya. It’s not n for past 28 months without a single miss. I Java lost 6 Kg in past 2 years. Except on belly other parts are in shape . I have no other issues except Hypertension for which I take;
    Nicardia R 2 ….0-0
    Nebicard T40…0-0
    Unistar 10+75…x-0
    Although, have no Prostate issue, taking SBLd Prostanum twice a day .
    Seek your opinion

  126. Gobinda prasad sahoo says:

    Dear sir .my baby age 1moth.i saw a left side hernia.pls.say how it cure.

    • Hai my 2 years boy had a hernia problem.and I want to cure his problem with out surgery.after scanning reports are left inguinal hernia.E/o small defect is seen in muscle measuring 0.9cm with gas and fluid filled bowel loops.
      8 months back right inguinoscrotal hernia surgery is done by doctor vital mohan.we want to u directly ur phone number plz.

  127. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I hope you can help me decide which of the above remedies would best suit me. I have used nux v. many times before, I have a congenital liver detoxification issue which troubles me a lot. Calc carb and lycopodium are also reasonable possibilities.

    I am 70 years old but feel young and vigorous in spirit. However, I feel I’m physically “deconstructing”. Everything that gets injured, does not repair. Tissues are thinning out and muscles are wasting.

    I now have an abdominal hernia. It does not protrude but I can feel a hard lump inside, over my umbilicus. Soft when I lie down, hard when I stand up and exert myself. Sitting is the worst. It feels better from pressure and yesterday I used ace bandages to contain my belly, and that felt good.

    My belly looks like a basketball. Completely round starting on high below the breast bone. This is new. I am about 25 lbs overweight. I put on 7 lbs since this condition began (could be waste) and I am now in a place where I suffer a lot, yet I have to keep working to make ends meet. I do not want nor can afford surgery. The pain is radiating to my back or it just hurts because it has to support all that. I don’t know.

    This is part of an overall weakness and laxness in muscles, tendons, ligaments, tissues, I believe because my liver is not repairing or because I can’t sleep and ever get deep rest so I don’t repair. My nerves are frayed from decades of stress and the least little thing wakes me in spite of taking all sorts of supplements to help me sleep.

    I tried nux 1M and repeated it a couple of days later because the condition did not improve. And it’s not helping. I have been taking quite a bit of Arnica 30C and that helps some.

    I do not want to steal your knowledge. If you can indeed help me and you’re not over-the-top expensive, I’ll pay for your wisdom.

    Thank you very much in advance.


  128. TvK Subramanian says:

    My grandson who is 3 months old has his belly button protruding out. The doctor diagnosed as umbelical hernia which is also confirmed by ultrasound scanning.
    The doctor suggests surgery. Please let us know whether we can resort to homeopath and avoid surgery.
    The belly button projection does not appear to be painful but he cries very often and takes out milk or other feeds very often. Till he takes out or he has motion he is restless. He also drinks milk in large quantity resulting in discomfort.
    Please advise.

  129. Arundhati dutta says:

    I have an umbilical harnia.. my age is 40. Please suggest me what medicine should I take.

  130. Harjeet Singh says:

    What medicinefor left side Inguinal Hernia for adult and how much

  131. Dr.Sharma.
    Two to three days before i noticed some sowlling in my right side gorin area.iconsult today schwabe clinic doctor he said hernia he prescribed three medicines nux vomica, lycopodium, and calcium fluratum 6x, i need your suggestion and about medicines.
    Thank you.

  132. Hello doctor,
    My son is suffering from inguinal hernia for past months he is 1and half years old,for past one month he is taking homeopathy medicine but I dint see any improvement,how many days it will take to cure completely? is it ok to wait that long? I read in many articles that it will cut off blood circulation is that true pls let me know the answers

  133. H / Dr Muhammad Sabir says:

    Iam Homoeo Dr my patient of inguinal left sided hernia of 50 years old.Today I gave him Nux . c.for next medicine please advice..Thanks

  134. Osinowo Odunayo says:

    Dear Dr Dharma,
    I have right side inguinal hernia.It is reduce able.HOW can I get the lycopodium clavatum.l experience a lot of flatulence. I like sweet things but l dislike hot things.A lot of pressure when urinating and excreting .l am 73 years old.Thank you Dr.

    • Osinowo Odunayo says:

      I am expecting your repply Dr.
      I have right side inguina hernia. How can l get the lycopodium clavatum lhave already discribed my situation in my first posting.Thank you Dr.

    • Greetings Dr. Sharma:
      First and foremost, I want to thank you for your time and consideration regarding my request for help. Second, I have a right side Inguinal Hernia and presently using a hernia belt to apply pressure to the hernia and it does help significantly. However, I’m seeking a cure long term for this condition. Third, I looked up your recommendation for using Lycopodium Clavatum and this is what was described – Lycopodium Clavatum is also used for a variety of issues including constipation in babies, earaches, gas, heartburn, and indigestion, nausea, hemorrhoids, enlarged prostate, reddish urine, increase libido, sore throat, dry coughs, fatigue, hair loss, psoriasis, nervousness, headaches, right side symptoms. Often used for people who are melancholy, sensitive, and crave sweats. Symptoms are better with hot food or drinks and at night. Accordingly, based on the aforementioned, I’m concerned that hernia was not included. Lastly, in talking with medical doctors and chiropractors in my area collectively they conclude the only option is surgery.

  135. Sachin A.Watharkar says:

    Hello sir, Iam suffering from right side inguinal hernia for last 4 to 5 months it is reducible swelling . my Dr. advice is to operate it. Is it curable completely by homeopathy & within how many days..

  136. ram sarma s says:

    DR. SHARMA ji




  137. Akhilesh Kumar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    One month back I got to know that I had developed a mild inguinal hernia. Can you please help regarding the same, We do not have good homeopath in our city.

  138. Hello sir,
    My 3 months baby is suffering from inguinal hernia do u ppl have any treatment pls let us know the solution thank u. We will wait for ur mail

  139. please am suffering from stomach ulcer, i dearly finds it difficult to take in food please help.

  140. Vikaar Mohammad says:

    Hello doctor sharma
    I am suffring from umbilical hernia and I am 32 years old. It does not hurt me. It bulged our 3 or months before. Dr advised me for surgery. Please tell me if it is possible to cure it without surgery. Please reply me

  141. Hello Dr. Sharma. I have Umbilical Hernia, which the doctors have advised to remove it surgically. But delayed surgery, on the advice of a surgeon, who suggested to take it easy, until it hurts me. I want to know, if there is any effective cure for Umbilical Hernia in Homeopathy. If so, how should I go about it?

  142. Anup Bhattacharya says:

    How many drops of nux vomica 200ch given in hernia

  143. please suggest best medicine for right side inguinal hernias

    • Asit Barui says:

      Hello dr.sharm,I am 6,yrs,11month back,had surgery on left side inguinal hernia (by birth).now I am suffering from right side inguinal hernias , I saw to surgeon doctor who is suggesting to have surgery again.It is possible to get rid or through homeopath if treatment. Please suggest.

  144. Hello Doctor
    iam female 57 yrs old had lap sretilization in 1987 and have paraumbilical hernia due to the incision .iam obese take forxiga 10 mg and galvus met 500/50 for uncontrolled diabetes iam asthmatic take montair tabs and use seretide accuhaler and use the respirometre
    please prescribe effective homeopathy medicine for my paraumbilical herniasize 3.0×3.3 -symptoms experienced -bloating heavy feeling
    thank you for your time Doctor
    warm regards

  145. Amjad M AJEED says:

    plz prescrib remedy for my right inguinal hernia with pain from 2 months.

  146. Nazima aisha says:

    Hello sir i am 50 years old woman suffering from paraumbrical and umbrical hernia since last 15 years doctors suggests to get hernia surgery with mesh can my hernia will be treated without surgery plz advice

  147. Sandeep Sharma Ds says:

    Sir kya harniya hua ho to may runnig,gym,kar sakta hon

  148. Swapan Debnath says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from Inguinal Hernia for last 2 years. There is bulge under right abdomen, but no pain.
    I suffer from cough and cold. Drowsiness when I am working in office. There is pain in my knees and backach. Stool not clearing well at morning. can not walk quickly due to headach. How to get rid of it.
    I will be grateful if u pl send me the name of the medicines.

  149. Henia above my belly button on right side

  150. Hi dr I have suffering for hernia last 2 years. I have no pain. Little bulge has seen upper tummy pls suggest treatment

  151. Eric Zionston says:

    Hi Dr my 3months old boy is suffering from inguinal hernia and the Dr says he has to be operated so let me know if I can get your homeopathy drugs and if they can be of help without any surgery and where I can get the drug as soon as possible waiting for your response tanks Dr.

  152. Babloo kumar pandit says:

    Hello Dr.sharma
    I’m 22yrs ,10 months back i had surgery on left side as it considered hernia ,now it’s abnormal.
    But it’s been around 3 months having same problem, it’s Right inguinal hernia.
    I saw to a Surgeon doctor who is suggesting to have surgery again,.
    Is it possible To get rid of through homeopathic treatment.
    Please suggest me it would be highly appreciated

    • Dear Dr. Sharma
      I am 62 years old. I am suffering from right ingunal hernia for the last 3 years. It is not at all seen from outside. Only in ultrasound, that too, when we ask the radiologist to examine whether hernia exists there, then only he will be able to identify it as a hernia. I also suffer from constipation. When constipation is more, then only I feel the discomfort of hernia. I always feel incomplete evacuation. Consequently, there is rock feeling in the stomach, belching and discomfort in the stomach; A lot of gas in the intestines. Pl suggest a remedy

  153. Sham Hinduja says:

    I have a small right reducible inguinal hernia, as per latest ultra sound scan
    Any good suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

  154. DEBASIS PATHAK says:

    I have a small symptoms of umbilical hernia. Can I take homeopathic medicine for treatment.? What is the chance of recovery and how long time it will take?

    • Manoj Kumar Gola says:

      Respected DR. Sharma,

      I have hernia in left side abdomen. It is not quite large. It enlarges after walking at a stretch. If I lie in the bed it vanished within the abdomen. Can it be cured by Homeopathy treatment? Please suggest your opinion and name the homeopathy medicine to be used to cure the disease or you give your Kolkata address to contact you in person.
      With Regards,
      Manoj Kumar Gola

  155. dipankar bhaduri says:

    Respected DR. Sharma,

    I have hernia in left side abdomen. It is not quite large. It enlarges after walking at a stretch. If I lie in the bed it vanished within the abdomen. Can it be cured by Homeopathy treatment? Please suggest your opinion and name the homeopathy medicine to be used to cure the disease or you give your Kolkata address to contact you in person.
    With Regards,
    Dipankar Bhaduri.

  156. Rakesh kumar says:

    Doctor saheb, is hernia is fully curable by homeopathic medicine?

    • Sachin Pathak says:

      I AM suffering from bilateral inguinal hernias which at present is very initial stage, do we have a permanent cure for hernia in homeopath, how dose it work on a condition that is surgical intervention pl respond

  157. Repected, Doctor
    my son near 4 year old he having inguinal hernia right side it’s to painful cry and vomiting it could be repaired by homeopathic without surgery,
    Doctor say only surgery is the option, I am worried in this situation.kindly give me your valuable advice.

  158. is hernia can be cured without surgery in homeopathy?

    • N.Balasubramanian says:

      I am having umbilical hernia for the past 20 years Now it’s more than 2 inclhes . No problem now. The surgeon advised don’t go for surgeory at present since I am a heart patient.
      Can homeopathy cure this without surgery.

  159. is hernia can be cured without surgery in homeopathy

  160. Ashok Kumar says:

    I am suffering from left inguinal hernia I also feel heaviness in my testies. Myage is 64 years I also have prostrsit problem with slightly increase (29 gm) and 120 PVR I am taking Urimex. .4 BD Alopathy Dr advice surgical treatment for hernia kindly advice can homiopathy mediation cure this problem without surgery.

  161. jaya goswami says:

    respected dr,
    myself Mrs.goswami, wish your suggestion about the hernia in abdomen after a colon tumor removal of my husband. day by day his belly is coming out, walking becoming difficult and he feels constant constipation. pl. prescribe homeopathic medicine for him.
    mrs. goswami

  162. Amit Jayant says:

    Sir my baby is 2 month old. He is preterm boy born at 7th month. Since last week his naval become big and near the right testis has the same symptoms. The doctors are saying for surgery within 10 day. Therefore sir I want to know that is it curable by homeopathy? If yes how much time will be taken to cure. Please tell me sir.

  163. Sir I m from Pakistan and I have hirnia in both tistes. Which Medicine is perfect for me that s simply available in Pakistan

  164. really hernia is completely cured by homeopathy?

  165. really hernia is completely cured by homeopathy medicine

  166. Lalmani Prasad says:

    Sir, I am suffering from right Hernia and Depression since 2009 and I am not in position to get operation of Hernia and I am taking Homeopathic medicine since 2009. Sir, Kindly prescribe best Homeopathic medicine for Hernia & Depression Treatment. Sir, my age is 60 years.

  167. Y V N Murthy says:

    I am. Heart Paitent,heart bypass done in 2006 I am paitent of Sugar n BP.I was also operated left side Hernia in 2012.Now l suffering with right side injunial hernia.For doing surgery of hernia doctors objecting that there is high riskPl. sugegest me what to do or any medicine on homeopathy.

  168. sir,any type of hernia can be cured in homeopathy.

    • Y V N Murthy says:

      I am. Heart Paitent,heart bypass done in 2006 I am paitent of Sugar n BP.I was also operated left side Hernia in 2012.Now l suffering with right side injunial hernia.For doing surgery of hernia doctors objecting that there is high riskPl. sugegest me what to do or any medicine on homeopathy.please advise what type of medicine I have to take and dosage.Thanks.

  169. My boy is 67 days old. Suffering from Bailateral (oth tight and let) Inguinal Harnia for last 24 days. When he cries, both swelling. After cry, it gradually Normal. Need your valuable suggestions for his curing.

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  170. I am suffering from umblica hernia. PL suggest dose of calcium carb and lycopodium. Age 52 weight 75

  171. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Namaste. I hail from Tamil Nadu and I would like to ask clarification for my son who is 7 years old and weighs 24.5kgs.
    Last week he was diagnosed with “Left Inguinal Hernia with bowel loops and Omentum as it’s content”.
    He doesn’t complain of any pain or discomfort as of now and his stool movement is normal, once a day in the morning and occasionally in the evening also.
    Kindly advise if this could be repaired by Homeopathic treatment or surgical is the only option.
    I am worried about this situation I badly need your advise.
    Thank you in anticipation.
    Kind regards,

    • Tabassum Fatma says:

      hi sir
      . I m kolkata and I would like to ask clarification for my son who is 3 years 1 month old and weighs 13.5kgs.
      Last week he was diagnosed with “rightInguinal Hernia .he always complain pain in stomach and his bowel movement is not normal.some times he goes twice,some time not for 2 days .
      .consulted a pedeatrician surgenhe told its reducible harnea and asked for surgery .may I know is there any other treatment execpt surgery for such harnea …
      I am worried about this situation I badly need your advise.
      tabassum fatma

      • velayudhan k m says:

        i `m from kerala. i am diagnosed with right inguinal hernia.please prescribe treatment for this

  172. Avinash jaiswal says:

    how to use above medicine

  173. O.P Gupta says:

    I have got inguinal hernia on right side. It is for the last about four years I have seen you prescribe lycopodium 200 for this. Kindly advise me about doses of lycopodium 200 leqiuid and period for which I should take it.

  174. Hi DR.
    I have taken 30c Homoeopathy Rhus tox, Nux vom
    & Cocculus for a left side inguinal hernia do you think
    These are ok 1 at a time or three together cheers

  175. Venkat Raman says:

    I’m venkatraman, aged 54,having Early left inguinal hernia with omentum as its contents.
    Is it possible to cure without surgery?

  176. Sr Esther says:

    Hi doc Iam a religious nun have undergone a hiatal hernia repair through surgery and I would like it to heal completely. I have read about your products can it help me manage my hernia

  177. Dharmendra says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My son born at 27 weeks of he is 3 weeks (corrected age)..he has swelling in groin area.consulted a pedeatrician…he told its reducible harnea and asked us to wait for 3 months and than he will perform surgery .may I know is there any other treatment execpt surgery for such harnea …

  178. Lerato Mamabolo says:

    Hi Doctor.i ve been suffering from constipation for a long time.Even after giving giving birth 8yrs ago i suffered constipation for 3 months then i became better.So the problem persitted again unti navel has even developed a lump which is very painful
    i went to the dr who gave me some medication to ease the pain.the pain became better but during my menstrual cycle the pain is unbearable.The dr suggested i go for surgery in hospital which im too scared to undergo.My question is wht can u prescribe for me to maintain this condition?your help will be important.concerned lady

  179. Pawan Kumar Barnwal says:

    Dear Sir
    I am suffering from right inguinal hernia. Please advise whether the same can be cured from medicines or I need to go for surgery. I don’t want to delay if ultimately I need to go for surgery. Some homeopathic doctors say that it can be cured by medicines. However some have advised to go for surgery. Please guide me.

  180. Indrasen Dhurandhar says:

    I have Inguinal Hernia on the left side but the symptoms do not tally. I do not have any problems The size when it started was around the size of ping pong ball Now it is such that my hand does not cover it. Some months back I was experiencing pain and also felt giddy. However I started using langhot(underwear) instead of the usual underwear the pain and giddiness disappeared. I have this hernia about 20 years back. Can I take Nux Vomica and if so what is the potency and how many times to take it. Also whether in pill form is okay. You see I have Ankyloysing Spondilitis i.e. bamboo spine, both my hip joints are fused and shoulder joints are partially fused for the last 50 years. I do not take anything Alopathic . I treat myself with acupressure and ayurvedic tonics.

  181. Sheikh Abdul Rehman says:

    Hello Dr Sharma I have operated for hernia 25years a
    Looks like it is growing again I have discomfort on right testical and have to urinate after every 2 hours
    Plz suggest some medication
    My age is 58years

  182. Malik Rafi says:

    Hi Dr
    I’m safering from hernia
    Inguinal hernia left side

  183. Debleena Das says:

    Hello Dr.
    I wanted to ask that if there is recurrence of hernia after surgery in the female patient so how can it be treated through homeopathy nedication. The patient already had 3 operations 2 for pregnancy and 1for hernia.
    Waiting for your quick reply.

  184. Kaveri Raj says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My father is suffering from umbilical hernia. He has been operated twice. Gall bladder has been removed. His age is 78. Kindly suggest necessary remedies n medicine. His number. ..9815094293

  185. Syed Kashif Mehdi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I have inguinal hernia in right side. I bear a severe pain when it touched and when I pressed tightly so hernia was went go inside the abdomen. I My weight is age is 33 years old.
    Please suggest me a homeopathic medicine

  186. Syed Kashif Mehdi says:

    I have inguinal hernia in right side. I bear a severe pain when it touched and when I pressed tightly so hernia was went go inside the abdomen. I My weight is age is 33 years old.
    Please suggest me a homeopathic medicine

  187. M P VARGHESE says:

    Dear Dr.

    I have hernia at the left side very close to my tentacles. I am having it for the last 15 years . I have been pushing it inside and there was not much pain. Now I feel pain when I push it inside and also giving light pain continuously. Can I get homeopathic treatment or shall I go for an operation. Pl. advice.

  188. vijayakumar says:

    Good morning you have any homeopathic medicinefor elevated hemidiaphamic hernia?all drs toldme the only opperation is the last solution.pls give your valuable suggestion.tks dr.

  189. Shahzaib says:

    Dear dr. Sharma, I got hiatus hernia which cause me difficulty in swallowing food plz guide which homeopathic medicine will be good for me. Thankx

  190. MANIRUZZAMAN says:

    Dear sir, my left scrotal bag has been very bulky size like pumped football and for this I am in very bad situation. So pls help me.

  191. Hello Dr. Sharma

    My dad is 75 years old. He has a heart condition. He has inguinal hernia and we do not want to go for surgery due to risks involved. He has some trouble with urine due to the same. Is there any medications available that could cure his hernia?

  192. muhammad maroof says:

    this topic is very useful .thanks

  193. Sushi Kumar Saxena says:

    Sir I am 47 years old male having umbilical hernia since last 6 years. Some times I have severe pain and there is swelling and bulge too.

    Kindly suggest me the name of the homeopathic medicine and the quantity of homeopathic medicine which is helpful for me . I will be very thankful to you if you help me.
    Plzzzz reply me as soon as.

    For any other information you want plzzzz contact 8400428642.

  194. Untreated inguinal hernia has caused excessive inflammation of the scrotum resulting in constant uneasiness and tenderness. I am 80 year old male having hernia since last 6 year.
    There is no other complication or strangulation.
    Kindly prescribe the right homeopathic remedy you think fit.
    With warm regard for you and your charming wife

    • M not a doctor but I had the same problem. At this stage – surgery is the only option to cure right inguinal hernia so please consult a surgeon immediately.

  195. Surjeet Singh says:

    Sir mere ling ke right side hernia hai sir iska ilaj btayie
    5 saal se problam hai
    Apka bahut dhanyawad hoga

  196. send treatment for hernia in homeopathy. i did second c sec there is is pain in right side of groin. but there is no sweelling and bulge but only pain and ultrasound not show any symptoms .but 6year ba kck onmy firstdelivery there was hernia. i am afraid that i am again suffsr from hernia.lz tell me.

  197. Kamal Kumar mobile 9953335385 says:

    Respected Dr. Sir,

    I am 65 years old man suffering from left side hernia since 3 years. I have already taken lycopedium but now stopped after using 1 year. Know I wish to take medicine again as I am feeling again swelling in right side very slight and left side of private part. I have no pain. I am taking High blood pressure medicine since a long (alopathey).

    Kindly suggest me the name and quantity of hemopathy medicine for which I will be very very thankful.

    An very early reply is very much requested.

    Thanks a lot

    • M.M.Jose says:

      Respected Dr. Sir,

      I am 63years old man suffering from left side hernia since 3 years. I have pain. I am taking sugar, colostrol & blood pressure medicines since a long (alopathey).

      Kindly suggest me the name and quantity of hemopathy medicine for which I will be very very thankful.

      An very early reply is very much requested.

      Thanks a lot

      • ramita chakraborty says:

        I am ramita Chakraborty with intense pain in left side of abdomen. There’s a swelling too. Can’t touch on the swelling part. Severe pain all day.have polyp too. Age 36 .

  198. Hello dr.. I am suffering from hernia. My name is navjot. Male 32years. It is heridetry problem in our family. Please tell me best medicine for me.. I am already using belt for hernia..

  199. dimpal joshi says:

    Sir my father in law have prob. Of harniya in his ling both side ..painless..he does not want to operate plz suggest medicine which we get in India.

    • Sir, I am having a bulge in my navel. At present no pain. Got it checked by doctor…. He said it’s hernia.
      Can thou help me in teaming it

      • Julius Fernandes says:

        Sir, I have a bulge at my naval I take tablet for diabetics and Bp . please suggest homeopathy medicine and it’s dose. Please help. My age is 64.

  200. Biswajit Singha says:

    I am 35 hears old. I have inguinal hania of 15 mm at the right dide of my lower abdomane. I feel pain at that region after long walking. Shall it be treared through homiopathic medicine or I should go for surgery?

    • S C Gupta says:

      Iam 72male slim tall retd army offr. A month back inguinal hernia on right groin . Painless little swelling. Reduces on lying down. I am doing asana as prescribed. Request please suggest proper medication. Any info regd Pl ask.

  201. kamal verma says:

    What medicine should I take in abdominal pain

  202. Mihir Chakravarti says:

    Dear Doctor

    I am an active 76 year old male. I walk and swim and do yoga regularly and have kept reasonably fit most of my life. But I have suddenly developed an inguinal hernia over my left groin for the last six months. Painless but the surgeon says that only remedy is surgical. I want to avoid if I can through homeopathy.
    Will Nux Vomica 200 really cure? What is the dosage please?

    Mihir Chakravarti.

  203. Sir,
    I am 55 years old and now suffering from inguinal hernia at left side with no any pain for last 5 year. Can it be treated with homeopathic treatment? Please suggest me best medical treatment as soon as.
    I would be thankful to you for your help.

    Regards ,


  204. Shahid chadha says:

    Hi sir i m suffering from concisional hernia what medicine shuolt i take??? Plz advice

  205. M.PRABHAKAR GUPTA. says:

    umbilical Hernia curable with homeopathy, and also galbladder stones will be curable with homeo medicine please kindly inform.

  206. professor Kapil Mohan KHANNA University of Eldoret Kenya says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I am 83 yes old and have been suffering from Enguinal hernia on the left near the pennies. Sometimes it swells with very little pain or no pain. It is there for the last about six months. What exercise and homeopathic medicine you suggest. With Best Wishes and Regards Prof Kapil Mohan KHANNA University of Eldoret Kenya

  207. Intkhab Ahmed says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    Kindly guide me. I hv got back right side pain and stomach right side pain. I suffering acidic problem and indigestion problem. My gall bladder was remove 4 month back because of stones. Now I got done CT scan because of lower right side stomach and back pain. Report says that I have got hernia. Dr suggested laparoscopic surgery. Suggest me if there is any effective treatment in Homeopathy so that I can avoid surgery.

  208. Dharmvir Raj says:

    Hello Sir,

    My age 30Yrs. Right Thigh some pain, swelling and right hydrocil some big last 6 months.
    Pls. suggest me for homeopahy medicine.
    My Mob. – 9304504459

  209. Karina santani says:

    Hello dr sharma…my husband is 40 yrs in hving umbricial hernia in initial stage. Can it b cure frm homeopathy??? Plz suggest other drs r suggesting for surgury….my husband has hard work in grocery walesale n retail shop…lifting heavy boris is in his normal life….plz suggest!!!!

  210. Sri Dr. Sharma,

    I am having umbilical hernia (naval bulged outside), but no pain or other symptoms. My digestive track works fine and no GI symptoms at all. I am overweight, age 44, weight 87 kg, height 5 ft 8 inches(175cm).
    No sugar or bp. Please suggest homeo remedy.

  211. Mangesh kedari says:

    Hernia problem pls tritment suggest

  212. .Tariq Ahmad says:

    Sir I have a hernia problem since my birth please suggest treatment for it

  213. Mark Abriel says:

    hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have had an ultrasound report which states that i have a 14mm right inguinal direct hernia.
    The hernia sac is filled with omentum fat. The hernia according to the ultrasound is
    completely reducible upon pressure.

    Before this incident I was fit and healthy, with good digestion, active, vegetarian, ayurvedic lifestyle.

    The swelling in the right groin appeared after a swelling in the left knee which left me on crutches for
    a few days, followed by carrying some heavy bags on trains and planes to arrive back in my hometown
    after a trip. At the time the right groin was painful, but now two weeks later, there is no pain,
    and no symptoms I am aware of from this hernia.

    Can I continue to live my normal life, exercising, tennis, jogging, as if this had never happened?
    Is surgery something to be considered? Are there natural methods of actually resolving this
    hernia to where it disappears and the abdominal wall regains its strength, or is this a condition
    which is now permanent?

    thank you for your time.


  214. Sir ,

    Its been around 15 years since i got inguial hernia on the right side now the protrudtion is quite heavy sometimes it pains also. I have been taking a therapy ( Accupressure) but i doubt its effectiveness. Please suggest me something otherwise i will seek an operation soon.

    I will be highly thankful to you please guide me

    Regards ,


  215. Dear Dr. Sharma, Good morning.
    I am 55 years old. A long time ago I was caught by NAZLA/ZUKAM/KHANSI. I had been blowing with full pressure and as latet ZUKAM started to come in throat and this disorder is still with me. When I try to exhaust thick RESHA from throat the pressure directly to belly and ultimately to HERNIA that is in left side and a part of CHARBI (we can say) try to be added in the left testical side. Already there is a big part of CHARBI like that is handful we can say. In the primary stage it was painful and now no such pain is there some time rise and go down automatically. The problem is that, despite of the 5 children I have desire to sex and hernia is a great hindrance to make organ sizeful (approx 7″) and hernia reduce it upto 4.5″ and I feel shame in intercourse. Some time it create pain in testical portion when I use power for penetration.
    Please guide me. If you need to know more for other symptoms, write me back.

  216. sir i had inguinal hernia and u suggest
    lycopodium clavatum so whats the dosage i have to take

  217. Barbara Krzyzanowski says:

    My mom is 83. 3 years ago she has operations for
    Hi ajro hernia. Now she can’t eat and she lost
    a lot of weight.
    Please help. Thank you so much Barbara

  218. Dipanjana Majumder says:

    My mom have an ventral hernia which caused due to lifting heavy objects on the side of her sizor area.can it be cured fully without surgery

  219. kiranmayi says:

    sharma ji my son 3 yeras old he is suffering fom hearnia or hidrosil i dont know iwill starts homeo pathi madicine but some dougt purly clear hearnia without surgery its possible or not iam send photos also

  220. dhanjeet kr says:

    Pls give the information about hiatus hernia and its treatment

  221. Sir i am suffering from ingunal hernia left side i am taking homeo treatment for last week prescribed by homeo dr but medicine are different from you how many days it will take time to cure or show the sign of curing in body to prevent me to opt surgery

    • md.mizanur says:

      sir i am suffering from inguinal hernia left side. i want without operation homeo treatment.pls. suggest me.

      • md.mizanur says:

        left side inguinal harnia about 27 years. no pain but when moving time harnia come under srotum when lying in bed then go up . about 2 years feeding homeo medicine lycopodium, noxvomica , at present acid sulph feed but no beneficial.plz. suggest me best homeo medicine.

  222. Rikta sinha chanda says:

    My son 8yrs old has hydrocele hernia ,.Dortors advice me to operate.Can it be overcome by homeopathy

  223. Sir

    I have a hernia in stomach. Abdominal wall defect is seen in the umbilical region. Defect is approx 2.2 cm & hernial sac shows omen tum.
    Pls helps us what I do take a homeopathic or surgery treatment


  224. What would be the best concentration level of nux vomica and cocculus indicus for treating left side inguinal hernia with flatulence? 30, 15, 9, 5? Many thanks!

  225. irfan khan says:

    Sir my grandmother is 70 yes old recently diagnosed foetous sliding hernia 7cm . Does it can be cured with out surgery or going for surgery is the last option .. plzzz need ur rply as soon .. thanks and regards

  226. KAMAL KRISHNA DE says:

    I am 74 yrs Old. I have a hernia below right side of navel for 3 years. Last two years it got it bigger like a small tennis ball. Sometime it pains. I put a belt while walking. I am a heart patient and having medication. I do not want surgery.

    Is hernia curable? Please guide me about medicine and dose for longer period of time.

    Behala, Kolkata, WB

  227. Phillip Thielepape says:

    I have a hernia next to my belly button had it for 10 years the last 2 years its got as big as tennis ball at times I don’t want surgery please help me with remedies. I also have 3 herniated disc in neck for 10 years as well as arthritis if I was a horse you would just shoot me nut im not lol im 50 year old electrician un anle to work necaise of condition please help me

  228. Parveen Mahajan says:

    Hallo sir, I am 54 years male. I am suffering from left side harnia. Plz. Refer me best homeopathy medicine. I am diabetic and high blood pressure patient.

    • Kamal Kumar says:

      Respected Dr. Sir,
      I am 65 years old man suffering from left side hernia since 3 years. I have already taken lycopedium but now stopped. I have no pain. I am taking High blood pressure medicine since a long (alopathey).

      Kindly suggest me the name and quantity of hemopathy medicine for which I will be very very thankful.

      • GURDIAL SINGH says:

        Iam having inguinal hernia in left side higher and. in right side some lower lump type.
        Please advise suitable medicine.Or advise If surgery is necessary.

    • Hello,
      Main German se ho.aur 4 months se hernia ki dard main mubtala ho .muje 3 injections bhi lagh chuke hain lekan dard ka aram nahi aya.ab doctors operation batate hain lekan operation main bhi risk hai.main ab homeopathic Ilaj karwana chata ho.ya Kisi aise doctor se karwana chata ho jis se muje hernia ki dard ka aram aa jaye.

  229. Mohammad akbar says:

    Hello sir, how are you this is akbar I am having umbilical hernia ,plz advice me ,is there any medicine to cure this hernia, plz soon thanks

  230. M R. Shiplu says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am of 23 year. I am suffering from inguinal hernia for 1 year at my left side. I feel no pain. A homeopath doctor suggested me medicine “CALCAREA KLOR 200X” and “ARNICA MONT 1M” and I am taking these medicines since last 15 days.Are these two medicines “CALCAREA KLOR 200X” and “ARNICA MONT 1M” enough to cure my disease? Waiting for your replay. Please suggest me.

    • Dear doctor ,
      I have a problem on hernia sometime one of my Scourtum saullen normally when I long standing work but if I lay down it almost gone but I feel little pain onmy Scortom . What medicine can cure me quick . Thank you

    • R . P . SEMWAL says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma.

      I am 60 year. I am suffering from inguinal hernia from 12 year at my Right side.I feel no pain.

      What medicine can cure me.

      Thank You

      R. P. SEMWAL

  231. Savera khan says:

    Hello , my mom has hernia in her stomach . Her stomach hurts a lot . And her stomach looks bloated . She has constipation. She doesn’t eat much but feels she feels filled up . When she breaths her stomach makes it hard to breath .

    • Lorraine Rowlands says:

      Hello, I had umbilical hurnia had it done with no mesh its now 4years later & for past 18mths I am suffering servia pain bloted tummy very painful I get hot & cold sweats & am cold all the time but dont eat much as I do feel full all the time I am 62 now & I am having problems with consterpation I would say I am big size obese to what Iv been in the past didnt sleep last night the pain is unberable & my tummy is swollen & tight like a drum please can you help Im finding this condition quit debilertating & go out very little now so painful & depressing thank you.

  232. Gopal Gautam says:

    Sir,my umbilical hernia…whose size is 1.19 cm.whether it is possible that this size of umbilical hernia gets 100% cure by homeopathic medicine….sir kindly help and give suggestions.

  233. Sachin Malik says:

    Hello Dr Vikas.
    Hope you are good today.
    I am suffering with Inguinal hernia, more in right side according to reports. I have a surgery next month but i really don’t want it rather I want any non-surgery treatment if its take longer to cure. I found you on google and was wondering is that really any good treatment in Homeopathic which helps me in curing my Hernia? Or Do i really need a surgery as suggested by doctor a Laparoscopic repair of Inguinal hernia?
    Please advise best for me and also if Homeopathic treatment helps me out then how do i start it sooner the later as i have regular pains in my both legs and i am unable to standing longer.

    Thanks for your reply.


  234. My grandfather is suffering with hernia at the age of 83.please suggest proper treatment

  235. priya datta says:

    hello doc,
    my husband is suffering from umbilical hernia from last nine months can hernia be treated only through surgery or can homeopathic medicine be effective in completely curing

  236. Hi dr sharma

    I have umbilical hernia after C-section, is it possible to treat it in homeopathy without surgery.

  237. Ana van Zeller says:

    Good afternoon Dr. Sharma.

    My nephew (22 years old) loves sport and at the present he has a shoulder tendinitis therefore is not able to play anything.
    Is there any type of treatment which you would recommend.
    Whila wainting for your kind answer i send my best regards
    Ana van Zeller


    • K Uma maheswari says:

      My child of 45days old is having umbilical hernia which medicines has to be used to get rid of that and pleased mention the dosage also

  238. swati samvatsar says:


    My husband age 51 yrs, weight 80 kg detected as patient of umbilical harnea and doctor says it is fat and not the part of intestine which swollen up the remnant of umbo.
    Doctor suggested for surgery. Can homeopathy cure it I have a trust on homeopathy and I think cal carb can work on it please suggest

    • Tarasankar Basak says:

      Hello Dr. Saheb.

      I am 51 years old staying at Kolkata,W.B. Having inguinal Hernia( bilateral- L &R) since 2 years. It is almost stable. Now using recommended Belt. Can it be cured by Hom. medicine… Kindly advise immediately. Moreover do you have any branch at Kolkata.


  239. I want to know is treatment of hernia can possible by homeopathic.

  240. Aniket Palshikar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My father having problem of abdominal hernia.Age – 71 , continuous problem of pain in abdominal portion . so , Can we use NUX VOMICA medicine for this issue . ????????????

  241. Hello doctor my mom is 34 years old.Her upper stomach swells and she has digestion problem which leads to passing of stool only after 3-4days. After the endoscopy done before one month ago it was found that she had suffered from hernia. Its already been more than 3 years she is been sufferig from such problem. I would feel glad to receive some suggestions from you.

    • Sir, i am suffering from constipation and digestive disorder. In this connection, i have been taken medication from homeopath for the past one year, but no improvement. Medicine name, Nuxvom30, 200, carboveg 30,200 and kalicarb. Kindly suggest me.

  242. hello sir,
    i have been suffering from hernia since childhood. about 22 yrs. it makes pain & floating up and down. one nerve cell sometime binds together and becomes more pain which cannot be tolerate……..
    sir is there any way for treatment ……

  243. n.t. donkor says:

    Dear DR. Sharma, a friend has an advanced stage of inguinal hernia. It has dropped into his scrotum. Is it possible to heal it without surgery?

  244. Mohsin Ali says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    There is a swelling on my body near sensitive part on left side. Its from 7 years ago. One Day i met to a homeopathic Doctor about it and he replied that it’s hernia. Can you help me that what kind of hernia is it? If you require more information about it so you can ask me by mail. And please suggest a appropriate medicine.
    Thanks alot

  245. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I did my inguinal hernia surgery around four years ago and now Its almost been two years I have a pain in groin and I saw the surgeon and he told me it is hernia recurrence. Could you suggesst me please, which homeopathy medication would be best to cure my hernia recurrence wihtou of going for any suregery again. I would be greatly thankful to you.
    Thanks very very much

  246. Haider Ali says:

    i have hernia in my scortum due kidney surgery.advice me medicine

  247. My 10 year old daughter is having a lump on left side on her lower abdomen. Doctor said it is hernia but didn’t specify the type. I want to cure her through homeo. We live in chennai. Please suggest.

  248. plz sugest treatment for both side inquinal hernia

    • Dear sir,
      My husband has inguinal hernia at right side with no any pain for last one year. Can it be treated with homeopathic treatment? Please suggest me best medical treatment as soon as.
      I would be thankful to you for your help.

  249. send treatment for hernia in homeo potency

  250. jarnail singh says:

    i am suffering for inguinal harnia. Doctor sahab prescribe me homopathic medicine for overcome the same problem.

  251. Hi
    I hv an inguinal hernia of left side four year back and i got surgery of it but now it again reoccured on the same side.
    I am suffering from constipation also.Is there is any treatment of inguinal hernia in homopathy.

  252. Surendra Mohan Varma says:

    Dear Dr Harms I good day.I was suffering from pain inside since 1 year. Since 3 moths I noted swelling on left side.Then I was advised to take mix vomica200 & plumbam +graphite forconstipation. Hernia rreetrives At sleep. To avoid surgery Please adviße

  253. Sir. I have right inguinal hernia for a month. Mainly due to constipation, strainuous work, stress etc. I am not obese.

  254. Kulamani behera says:

    I am suffering from inguin scrotal hernia 5 years. Now at the time I treated as homeopathy. Now I relief my pain but it’s size are no decrease. So I need your suggestion and remedies for cure my I’ll and which homeopathy medicine is used to total cure my hernia.

  255. l live country qld how can l fix my hernia and buy what l need of you


  257. ramballabh says:

    I am having inguinal hernia of right side . i am facing difficulty in passing motion. Lower abdomen pain .
    want homeopathic medicine .

  258. I am suffering in Guildford hernia on left and right.Right side once operated but did not work.Also facing gas problem.Pl advise any home treatment if possible.Thanks

  259. Hi Dr.sharma..

    I got a hypoplastic uterus aged 28 yrs..can yu please suggest me what can be so worried coz of this.

  260. SANDIP GARAI says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Myself Sandip Garai, aged about 33yrs. Recently a small bulge is noticed by me in my lower abdominal (right side) and I feel very uneasy all the time.
    Is it a Hernia?
    How to confirm it? Please suggest me the pathologycal process to confirm it.
    If it is a Hernia then, is it possible to cure in homeopathy treatment without any surgery.
    It would be kind enough to guide me sir, as I am very afraid about it.
    Thanks and regard.

  261. hai sir I am shwetha I have 2 year male baby he has inguinal hernia I started homeopathic treatment after 1month, which time it will take to qure

  262. Sir
    My baby boy only 35 day nd he has inguinal harniya can this problem only solve oprastion


    please advice treatment of my lt side inguinal hernia?

  264. sir,

    in Jan 2014, i went for surgery – Right side Inguinal hernia, now again pain coming in right side testicle
    which medicine can we use pls advise

  265. suraj kumar says:

    umbilicus small hernia

  266. komila arora says:

    Sir, i komila arora 42 years old suffering from umbellical hernia suggest me medicine for this . thank you

  267. Madhukar Pandey says:

    I Namaste Doctor,
    I’m 54 yrs , medium built,73 kgs 5.9 ft tall
    I exerted myself by lifting weight while lying down.The jerk was felt then,but I ignored,later a pinching pain started on my right side of groin which combined with a burning sensation.On consulting my physician,he advised to see a surgeon who in turn checked physically and declared that it is an ‘impending inguinal hernia’ advised some stomach exercise with some Aceclofenac tablets and Pan D for gas,things haven’t improved.
    There is no problem while I am in a sitting posture
    On standing for more than 5 to 10 minutes,the pinch like feeling starts and grows gradually
    The point when pressed relives the discomfort and pain
    On coughing,or passing gas the pinch is felt
    Mild to moderate flautulence has been a regular phenomenon,here at Ranchi for me
    I regularly relieve stool in the morning and experience constipation when indulge in junk food
    Kindly advice

  268. Hi sir, my mother is suffering from harnia. She alredy had a major opertion of harnia. In this condition if possible the homeopathy tratment can cure this harnia. Please suggest me what to do.

  269. Dr Ankit Shukla says:

    Hello sir
    Myself Dr Ankit Shukla a new homoeopathic practicener. My brother recently diagnosed Inguinal hernia. There is no bulgig mass only pain in Inguinal region. I need ur guidance.

  270. I am 71 years man i had dicdate herniya pl let me write which are best way to remove

  271. Jose Juaarez says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I have inguinal hernia and I want to treat it with the appropriate homeopath. It is on the right side. I do have excessive flatulence in the stomach.

    • I have developed inguinal hernia of right side mainly due to constipation and excess work load. I am 60. I am not obese.

      • Sir. I have recently developed inguinal hernia on right side. I have some pain. It happened because of constipation and excess work load. I am 60.i am not obese too. Pl. Suggest.

  272. PAYAL khurana says:

    Hello doctor,
    A very good day to you.
    My baby boy is 2.3 yrs old. Yesterday, he had swelling in the groin on right side. First time I saw that swelling. He had pain also. It was like a lump and with in half an hour the swelling disappeared Is it hernia? At such a small age, can my baby have had hernia???pls give some advise what to be done??
    Awaiting ur reply.
    Many thanks

  273. Raju Ranjan Sinha says:

    Dear Sir, I am around 46 years old slim personality. I am a teacher by profession. I am suffering from RHS Inguinal Hernia from 9 years. I am always in treatment using medicines of Ayurveda and homeopathy. But not cured. There is no any pain. After working in standing position, it gets stained and swollen. After making pressure on that it gets inside to its original position. I have taken Lycopodium 1M for around 3 years. Currently I am taking Hernica(Ayurvedic)+ Acidim(Ayurvedic) from, Pune. What can I do ?


  275. owoyele aishat kikelomo says:

    Good day sir, i was diagnosed of properiteroneal hernia. What treatment will you recommend for me

  276. Sir
    I am suffering from inguinal hernia on lower abdomen. Sir just give any medicine with out surgery

  277. About 16yrs ago after doing some sit-ups one morning, I got up and stretched pretty fast. Immediately I felt a burning sensation in my abdomen. About a month later I noticed that there was a lump protruding from my belly button. It has stayed in the same condition all this time, it doesn’t appear to be getting any better or worse. I would love to remedy this naturally! What do you suggest? Sincerely Joshua

  278. I am suffering from umbilical hernia which can be pressed by fingers. I have etching sensation over naval area. please suggest medicines.

  279. ritesh kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have two months baby which is boy in gender,he is suffering from inguinal hernia in right side pls tell me a best curable homeo medicine.

  280. jitendra kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have earned two months baby which is boy in that case he is suffering frominguina hernia in right side pls tell me a best curable homeo medicine.

  281. Eyes constriction since childhood.Now Age 57 Years

  282. I have a direct inguinal hernia left side over a previous inguinal from 05/2014. I am a 45 yr old woman. Was moderately active. 1 child delivery via C section.
    The surgeon has said another surgery (he feels) won’t take away the pain. And has suggested cortisone shots as a remedy.

    I am not a fan of drugs. Do you have any thoughts?

  283. I am 65 years old by next month, have had inguinal hernia for decades, now has become a big bulge – recently found out also have a small hernia hiatis, not yet noticeable. inguinal is on the left side. Hsave on and off taken various remedies – but haphazardly. Now am being told to operate on, which I dont like.
    Please suggest anything that will cure the condition. There is no pain or sensation – but only recently occasional mild sensation or pain.

  284. Abdul Quadir says:

    I have hernia in left side. When I am in rest there is no problem but when I work my hydrocil increase .
    Are u cure such type of hernia.

  285. Nirmal Mishra says:

    I am 76 years old. I developed inguinal hernia two months after urethrotomy by cystoscopy.
    The lower intestine descends into the left scrotal sac. i do not want any further surgery.
    Please suggest the right medicine. My prostate is a bit enlarged.In January I suffered from obstructive jaundice and for which a stone in the bile duct was removed through reroendoscopy

    • Pramod Kumar says:

      Sir, I have developed Inguinal Hernia on right lower abdomen.It is at initial stage. Which medicine should I take ? Kindly prescribe at the earliest. Thanks.

  286. Peter anil says:

    Dear doctor I was under gone hernia surgery 12years ago after surgery more time coming pain leftside hernia surgery place and testicular swelling and paining please suggest me good homeo medicine
    Thanks in advance

  287. i have been diagnosed inguinal hernia and advised surgery next week . Is there any medicine to show some quick result to avoid surgery

  288. Subhash Singh says:


    My wife is 50 years old. she has supra umbilical hernia of approx size 6 cm dia. Doctor recommended for operation.

    Can treatment available in homeopathy to treat without operation.

    please suggest suitable homeopathic treatment/medicine.

    Subhash C Singh

  289. Rajiv Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My wife is 40 years old she has umbilical hernia which is 40x32x17mm in size. can it be cured with homeopathic medicine.
    please suggest suitable homeopathic medicine.


  290. Gajendra sharma says:

    Respected Sir,
    Good Evening,
    I am suffering from Inguinal Hernia since oct-15, there is swelling at the time of standing and running,but at lying on the bed or earth it is plane ,there is swelling and one type of GOLI
    KIndly, tell me best treatment of this
    Gajendra sharma
    Gangapur city. 09968588767

  291. Kuldeep Kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    Before 6 month 12 march , both side Inguinal harnia was opreated. But now i am feeling burning in my stomach.please tell me what should i do.can it be treated by homeopathy.

    Kuldeep Kumar

  292. M.Javid A Butt says:

    Dear Dr Sahib. I am having swallowing on both side of upper portion of penis. When cough it appears to be bursted and become hard when cough. Urine passes in drops and have to wait a long for last drop of urine
    Your advice will be highly appreciated. My age is 67 years and right side hernia was operated around 8 years back. This porttion is swalling much

  293. sir , i have c/o left side inguinal hernia ,better lying down,no pain, p/h cough,while fasting,so plz give some needful Rx. alsop/h constipation but hernia happend by cough

  294. Ved Prakash says:

    I have hernia on my right side on groin.I am 66years old and don’t want to get operated.Please suggest me some medicine.

  295. Ved Prakash says:

    I have hernia on my right side on groin.I am 66years old and don’t want to get operated.Please suggest me some medicine.

    • A.K.BANERJEE says:

      I am 80 years old. I have inguinal hernia both side for last one year. I feel extreme pain when the hernia come out like round ball. I have also constipation Will please let me know the remedy for homeopathy medicine ?
      With regards,

  296. U K MISHRA says:

    Right side small ingenual sometimes burning sensation.constipation sometimes and coughing problem due to gas.
    can it be cured by Homeopathy.Do u also suggest to use any belt.Should i go for operation.
    If it can be cured by Homeopathy how many months it is likely to take and what medicines i can take

  297. Kurtison Lynch says:

    Left sided hernia above groin.didnt want to have surgery looking for homeopathic solution.

  298. My father aged 82 years was operated for spinal TB (Corpectomy). Currently he is in a bed-ridden state and is undergoing physiotherapy at home. He has bee advised too take four medicines for TB namely: R-cinex, Pyrazanamide, Ethambutol and Benadon for 18 months. He had poor PFT as a result of which chest congestion is forming regularly and because of poor lung capacity he is unable to flush out the phlegm. For this condition, the physician has prescribed Ceftum 500 (BD x 7 days) and Medral 8 mg (OD x 7 days). Besides he has also been advised to take nebulisers- DUOLIN 8 HRLY & BUDECORT 12 HRLY. Further, he as been diagnosed for right side inguinal hernia for which he has been advised surgery after he recuperates from the above treatment. Since all the above medicines are quite heavy for my father, please advise if homoeopathy can neutralise the ill-effects of these drugs and also enhance the immunity and lung power of my father. Also suggest some medicine for curing hernia and avoiding the surgery.

  299. Abhishek Sharma says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I have harnia since last 20 years, not grown and nor subsided. Please suggest me what to do

  300. Dear Dr. Sharma

    My wife aged 46 years got laproscopy some 15 years back. Due to which she have experienced hernia type on navel. The size is going large day by day. Her weight has also increased which is 82. She has lumps in both sides of the breast about 6 x 7 mm size.

    Would be grateful if you could suggest some homeo medicine for her.


  301. navin s.vora says:

    swelling on left side of groin and pain since four days.when get up in the morning,no pain. if walk for ten fifteen minutes, get little pain. ple3ase suggest treatment

  302. Sir kindly advise further the potency of all thse medicine which wll be highly appreciated.

    This will become more valuable forhhaving basic knowledge of the medcines

  303. 7 month back. I had an inguinal hernia in the right side groin area. I operated my hernia surgery with mesh. now I am feeling some swelling under the operation spot. it is no a big swelling just some swelling. yesterday I went to the hospital for the problem. Doctor said that no hernia ligament was found.but the risk factor is high. what should I do for this situation. please suggest me

  304. JITENDRA Singh bairwa says:

    Hi sir mere 19month Kay Lola hai. Use left side ke testis me inguinal hernia Ho gya h. Time 9days.
    Please give some advice what I do

  305. I have a inguinal hernia. but i don’t know what is the status. I see some times swelling some times normal. when it swells i feel in-comfort and like pushing something. This is started after i got appendicitis surgery on 31 May 2016. I would like follow your treatment. so please help me.

  306. What should I give for left sided hernia with constipation. For my son his age is 48 years old.

  307. Surinder pal singh says:

    My nabhi has been swollen . Pain in stomach at nabhi. Doctor said it is hernia given me Hernimax real no 51

  308. ASHOK SENAPATI says:

    Pain in right side Inguinal Hernia some tims

  309. I have left side inguinal hernia there is 5mm defect
    I am athletic I want to continue my practice but doctors concerned me for surgery
    can I completely cure with the homeopathic medicine and continue my practice

  310. K.S..Mathur says:

    mujhe right side mein hernia hai.gas,acidity rehti hai.Lycopodium200 n silica200 le chuka hoon.hernia groin k uper hai.

  311. Joginder singh says:

    Good day Dr Sharma.
    I have just been diagnosed with hernia on the left side above the groin. After sonography and x rays, it shows a very small opening and a fat tissue , creating the swelling.
    The doctor told me that this is very minor , and I can elect any date for surgery, although there is no immediate concern.
    Pl advise , if I can take Nux Vomica, and in what dose. can surgery be avoided?




    I am suffering from hernia. Actually i feel pain in left side of my ball for almost during the entire period.

    This is being felt only from last couple of days.

    kindly advise.



  313. aniket rai says:

    can i play cricket after hernia???and what about gym?

  314. durgaprasad says:

    Namaste sir Muze right side Jangh ke pass herniya bataya h yeh 3yers se h Muze surjari karwane ka bola h meri sonography me 12mm se 17mm ho rahi h . so Muze app bataye ki homeopathy Dawai lene se thhik ho sakta h ya eski surjari karana padegi

  315. bruce kubik says:

    i am 65 recently noticed a belly button protrusion and a protrusion on the right side low groin area . have yelled repeatedly at my bipolar daughter which I have gotten under controll, only mildly strain when passing .I do exercise at gymn the hernia seems to respond well to exercise. can i get the hernia problem cured without surgery ? I work in property management (ladders, plumbing, carpentry, landscape everything) and do not experience pain

  316. Hello doctor, I am 25years old female. 6months ago found out about the inguinal hernia in the right groin area. Although I had a similar bulging in the left groin from childhood. Both of them causes problem when the stomach feels heavy. I have constipation too. I do heavy works that includes heavy weight lifting. Please suggest something. The other doctors suggested surgery which I don’t prefer. Thank you.

    • Hello doctor, I am 25years old female. 6months ago found out about the inguinal hernia in the right groin area. Although I had a similar bulging in the left groin from childhood. Both of them causes problem when the stomach feels heavy. I have constipation too. I do heavy works that includes heavy weight lifting. Please suggest something. The other doctors suggested surgery which I don’t prefer. Thank you.

  317. Hello Dr Sharma
    My son is 18 months old and he is diagnosed with paraumbilical hernia. Which medicine should he be given to cure it.

  318. Sir im suffering from inguinal hernia from the day i born and now m 24 year old can it b cure plz hlp.

  319. Ms. L.H.Dutta. sec 120. Noida says:

    Sir, my father age about 86 yrs. old is suffering from hernia for the last month. He got developed a lump in the lower abdomen. Can it be cured with homeopathic medicine . Plz. waiting for your reply

  320. rakesh kumar das says:

    sir,my son is just 1 month and 5 days. he is suffering from inguinal hernia that is reducible, sir is it required to go for surgery or else it can be treated with homeopathy medicine. and whether it comes back at later stages of life once it goes back, sir please advice.

    • Sir my baby having sum stomuch issue before 2 months back we are consult a md dr. Now cure but dr says inguinal hernia found also he ssays surgery must but swelling shows sum times only baby very healthy so plz give best openion

  321. My sge 32 after delivery my umbilical hernis w without operation treatments please

    • My wife age 40 years after 2nd delivery in 2009 my wife was suffering from umbilical hernia last one year, is that any treatment in homeopathy without operation please.

  322. charudatta patil says:

    My 4 year baby boy suffering inguinal Harnia problem from 6 months ago…

    Is that any conform treatment in homeopathy??
    Please tell me truth..

  323. Andkosho ki nashe moti ho gyi jisse andkosh bada malum hota hai lagbhag 3 years ho gye hai pain nhi hota hai kya ye dawa se thik ho sakta hai my age 28 years meri shadi ho chuki hai

  324. Banshi Badan Sau says: son 3years old.he is suffering a femoral harnia from 4months.I am treating him a hemopatick please help me right sajession to cure harnia .

  325. Syed Sajid Ali, Aligarh UP (India) says:

    Dr. Sahab, Namashkar, I am male of 52 years, body slim, Married from 31 years, having four children, elder is of 29 years and younger is of 18. from 3 years don’t have sexual relations with wife. Likes sweet and meat. from 4-5 years feeling ritht side testicle is not present on its place, but no pain, no any other type problem, presently the position is same. from one month a bulge on the joint of right let occur it is about 1×2 inch 1/2 inch high. some time having light pain particularly Khanstay samay. I consult the Allopahty Dr. he dignose it as hernia and gave me treatment afrter 13 days treatment (Today) he stop the treatment. I feel relaxed but the bulge is still at place. To avoid the operation I want to use the homeopathic treatment. after reading abotu the Hernia, symptoms, treatment etc. I think Nux Vomica is most suitable for me. What will be the potence (Power) of this medicine and what will be the dose?

  326. Tapas kr chakraborty says:

    I am a copd patient and also MI patient just diagnosed with very early stage of hernia so please suggest is it suggest for me to do operation or not.
    Even I had lot more other complication like thyroid also.
    My age is also 69 years.
    Pl suggest

  327. Krishna byru says:

    Respected sir,
    Is there any necessary of surgery of my 2years old son for the reason of the age of 9months he firstly suffered a lot due to this.during these 2 years he only got 4 to please give us the solution for this problem and reply us.

  328. deepak senapati says:

    Respected sir.
    I am deepak senapati . I am a harnia patient. I want best medicine for harnia.sir plz plz plz help me . Sir plz tell me what to do.

  329. Respected sir

    My daughter is 3 yr old girl . she stepped up lonely 1000 steps in an mountain while we are going for a local goddes. next day a swelling found on right side of lower abdomen. it is not paining. not growing. a homeopathic doc recommended a medicine water like tasteless for two month. but not fruitful action. sir plz plz tell me what to do

  330. Tina jinadu says:

    How do I get natural treatment for groin hernia in my 3 year old son

  331. MEHER JAIN says:

    I am 69 years vegetarian male. my height is 5′ 8.5″ and weight is 154 Lbs. I am still employed. I have inguinal hernia on left side above my penis. it occurred about 6 months back and I think it is because I started going to gym and pushing and pulling weights. some times it is swelled and some times flat. some times I have light pain in the area also. I had a prostate laser surgery about 18 months before because the flow of urine was very slow. but the surgery did not help. for 12 months the urine flow was ok but now it is as before the surgery. I have sleep disorder. I have arthritis also. I usually have mucus in the throat and at night my nose also get choke. I love eating sweets.
    right now my main concern is about HERNIA. can you suggest me some medicine for that.( I have Nux Vomica, Rhus Tox and many other medicines with me)

  332. i am 24 years old..and i am a professional player of badminton..since last 1 year m facing pain in the left side waist and as pain increases my left testicle swell…as ieave playing for 5 days everything gets is not severe but i face trouble in playing..pain starts if m standing more than an hour..plz suggest which type of hernia is dis and wat can b the remedy in homoepathy

  333. pradeep d says:

    Dear sir,
    My daughter is 5 years old. Recently we found that when she coughs , we see some bulging in her inguinal region. When we visited doctor, he did a scan and said it is 3 mm defect at left inguinal region and suggested a surgery. Can this be cured with homeopathy medicines?? Please give it suggestion.

  334. Sir should we go for surgery or for homeopathic treatment for hernia. Homeopathic takes how much time to cure hernia ?

  335. inderpal says:

    Hello sir I have hernia on right side and from two years these are without pain what hompehic medicine I use.i feel chill need warm cloths

  336. Mariyappa says:

    Dear Sir,

    We need suggestion for hernia treatment. Please send us your mail ID we will send our reports seeing the reports suggest us for further process.

    Kindly do the needful.

    Hospet Karnataka.

  337. PESH NAWAZ KHAN. (ADVOCATE)MEERUT.MOB 9058392451 says:

    I am suffering from inguinal hernia for last 3/4 YRS but since 2/3 months bulging and potruding button at the side left groin just about the pelvic upper part.. I am taking nux vom thrice 3/drops(German)since 7/8 days what other effective homeowners medicines Sir do u suggest..I plus 75 YRS entry have lost 4 Kg weight. Pesh Nawaz Khan.Advocate Meerut

  338. dinkar divekar says:

    medicine for croni c renal failure not on dialysis

  339. Kailash Choubey says:

    Dear sir
    I have been diagnosed as suffering from umbilical hernia and the doctor with whom I have consult have suggested me to go for operation. As per his instruction surgery is the only way to get rid from the problem.
    Any how, my friend suggested to opt for homeopathy medicine and now i find it better to consult the issue with you.
    Please suggest me the best possible way to overcome this situation.

    Thanking you
    Kailash choubey

  340. Rahul Mhashete says:

    Dear Dr.,
    l am suffering from inguinal hernia .On last saturday(16/7/16) i have done a sonography, it shows during cougfing heria symptons are seen..Doctors say it is in first stage.they said to wear supporter & dont lift heavy weights. So, in future to avoid surgery, please advise me homeopathy medicine which is available at local market for quick recovery .
    Thank you.

    • U found any medication ??
      If yes pls reply ..even I’m suffering from the same thing ..

    • Surendra Pal Tyagi says:

      Dear Sir,
      1. I am Of 66 yrs, Dignosed Inguinal Hernia on Left side. (Content of herniated sac is omentel fat) reported in Ultra-Sound report in the month of this June.
      2. I have some Prostate problem also.Ultra-Sound Report as under;
      PROSTATE measures 3.2*3.9*3.7cms (weight 25 gms) It echotexture is altered.Median lobe of prostate is mildly hypertrophied,measuring 16*20*18 mm (vol. 3ml) and is projecting into the posterior wall of urinary-bladder. Seminal vesicles appear normal Vesico seminal angles apper maintained.
      Diagnostic Report of Prostate is; PROSTATIC SPECFIC ANTIGEN—-0.65 ng/ml (0.00–4.0 normal values)
      Problem is ;-In Hernia only bulge is felt since three months no pain.
      Prostate;-Urination process is slow and takes too much time.
      No smoke, No alcohol No other problem of Heart,B.P. etc..
      Kindly advice Homeopathic Treatment for these.
      Surendra Pal Tyagi

  341. sir,
    I am 65 years old man. Hernia appeared on lower abdomen since one year. I have sneeze in the morning. some time other time also. Non smoker, non alcoholic. Please advice medicine.

  342. davendra says:

    dr shrma 8year old boy inguinal harniya please advwise medicine

  343. PRC Murty says:

    Doctor sir,
    I am aged about 58 yrs. For the last one year hernia developed just above in right thies joint. My height is 5’10” and weight 70 kgs. Doctor suggested for surgery but I understood it can cured in homeopathy.

    If stand more than 10 mnts, dragging pain and swelling in that particular place, but no pain or swelling if I do morning walk with walking shoes.

    No digestion problem or constipation. I hv no BP n sugar.

    Pls suggest suitable medicine and it’s dosage

    P Rama Chandra Murty
    Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

  344. Tobib ishaq says:

    I have problem of seeing clearly particularly character that is not bold and poor performance in sex. Solution alternatively.

  345. PESH NAWAZ KHAN. (ADVOCATE)MEERUT.MOB 9058392451 says:

    Doctor. Sir. I am suffering from intestinal Inguinal Hernia for last 5/6 years… was not bulging out or protruding in groin region . NOW since yesterday I have noticed considerable bulge over groin part.I have undergone bye-pass heart surgery in July/2005.To avoid further surgery and effective quick recovery please suggest best suitable homeopathy medicines for me. I am 75yrs plus weight is 65 Kg Hight 5/6 Complexion (Gehuan) stout built body..still energetic and can work upto 10/12 hours a day.

  346. srinder mohan modgill says:

    i am suffering from testise hernia since 2 years . doctors suggest me for open year 2104 i was installed 1 stunt in heart and 2nd was not installed due to blockage of vein. kindly suggest me treatment to avoid surgury

    • Dr. Khalil Ahmed says:

      Dear Dr.,
      l am suffering from inguinal hernia . So, to avoid surgery, please advise me homeopathy medicine which is available at local market for quick recovery .
      Thank you.

      Dr. Khalil Ahmed

  347. Mubashira Ahmed says:

    Hi doctor.. my mother had uterus operation n after that she developed incisional hernia.. what can be done to avoid operation as she is very scared of it ?? Please suggest…
    Mubashira ahmed

  348. MITA PAUL. says:

    Dear Dr., l am suffering from incissional hernia. ump . One surgeon after clinical checking confirmed me that I am suffering from incissional hernia. So, to avoid surgery, please advise me homeopathy medicine which is available at local market for quick recovery .
    Thank you.

  349. Dear Doctor,
    I have ventral hernia and my doctor said to do surgery.
    I the mean time i heared there is a treatment in homeopathy.

    Pls advise if its true. I already taking homeopathy to cure my hernia.

    Best Regards,

  350. Pandian.G says:

    I have already undergone surgery for my left side Inguinal Hernia. Now I am having pain in my right side naval. What is the solution for this. Shall I consume Lycopodium Clavatum. If so, how long and how much quantity. Where the medicine will be available.

    Please give your prescription.


    • Hello doctor, my cousin is struggling with inguinal hernia. How homeopathy medicine will helps to treat this hernia? How descended one will come to normal position? Allopathic doctors are saying surgery is the only way. Please advise me

  351. Naushad Bin Islam says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,


    I have a bulged belly button since few years but I don’t feel any pain or complications. Important to note here that I never had constipation problem but I am obese and got much fat in the belly. Usually the bulged area feels soft but it becomes harder when I eat. However, no complications so far. But I want to get rid of it without any surgery of course. I don’t like inserting a mesh under my belly button as it is done in clinical surgery for hernia. Please help me with your valuable suggestion of homeopathic medicine.

    Thanks and regards,


  352. N K Verma says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    I have got appendicitis operation in Aug 14. After six months operated area got swelling with intermittent pain. Till then it on and off gets cured. What is its permanent cure.

    • Dr. Khalil Ahmed says:

      Dear Dr.,
      l am suffering from inguinal hernia . So, to avoid surgery, please advise me homeopathy medicine which is available at local market for quick recovery .
      Thank you.

      Dr. Khalil Ahmed

      • Dr. Khalil Ahmed says:

        Dear Dr., l am suffering from inguinal hernia. So, to avoid surgery, please advise me homeopathy medicine which is available at local market for quick recovery .
        Thank you.

      • Dear Dr., l am suffering from inguinal hernia. So, to avoid surgery, please advise me homeopathy medicine which is available at local market for quick recovery .
        Thank you.


  353. I have taken second opinion from max hod. He told me i have hidden hernia ii stage. Can you prescribe medicine and diet schedule.

  354. Vrajlal Vekaria says:

    Dear Dr.sharma i am suffering by hernia.I have a problem at left side uper side testies.not in testies ares.I thing it call inguinal give good advise.

  355. I am suffering from Inguinal Hernia on the right part of groain(direct) and at the starting stage at the left side also. I use only homeopothic medicine for the past thirty years. I am afraid of any surgery. Please help me to cure it

  356. abdullah says:

    sir my sun is three year’s old his right sied sweeling and he say alleayas pen alopathic Dr say have oparetion but I don’t know whate I have to do I am very oried. please let me know. I think you can speek hindi

  357. Farooque Azam says:

    I have Direct inguinal hernia. My age is around 45

    • pradeep d says:

      Dear sir,
      My daughter is 5 years old. Recently we found that when she coughs , we see some bulging in her inguinal region. When we visited doctor, he did a scan and said it is 3 mm defect at left inguinal region and suggested a surgery. Can this be cured with homeopathy medicines?? Please give it suggestion.

  358. Manindra Verma says:

    I am 76 yr old and was suffering from Multiple Myaloma – a type of blood cancer. Due to heavy allopathic medicines I developed upwatd pressure in stomach and there after right sided harnea. On standing there is a bulge above and right of penis. I had taken Lyco- 1M and then Nux 1M after four days. It had improved but I had to take a journey and due to strain it again relapsed.
    Pl suggest what to do now. My constitution is lin and thin.

  359. Dear sir.
    my name m. Asif from Pakistan I am 23 old sir my Right side harnia and my down side very pain full my right side testes my relation asked me to consult a homeopathic docter but I am very confused sir please help me I
    am very thanks full

  360. Perkins Sakaya says:

    Dr. I have a swelling in my lowest part of the abdomen I had it examined doctor told me it is hernia one of mine homeopath told me there is no medicine only surgery is the last option please help me whether still homeopathy has a medicine to reduce the pain and the swelling if yes please give an homeopath doctor address around Bhandup area where I can continue my treatment since I have monetary problem for going for mine surgery. please advise. help me out.

  361. Honourable Dr sharma please recommend homeopathic Dr for treatment of hernia in Lahore Pakistan for me please.

  362. KAMAL KUMAR says:


  363. Dear Dr Sharma,
    Greetings from Odisha!
    I have a inguinal hernia on right side of groin. Painless but hard to push it back. vanishes when sleeping on my back. I am taking 2 drops Lycopodium after food in morning and evenings. Please advise me a proper medication to get rid of this ailment.

  364. Hi sir, I am suman from bangladesh. I am 26 years old. 3 month ago I operated my right side inguinal hernia with hernioplasty.but recently I noticed that my left groin and left testicle vein are swelling. is it . please help me.I do no want to go operation again.please suggest me

  365. Dear sir,
    I am Ram. My 1yr baby has inguinal hernia(both sides). We consulted a doctor and he suggested surgery. One of my relative asked me to consult a homeopathy doctor but we are confused. Please help me in this regards.

  366. ANAND KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother is aged 66 years and recently we had diagnosed hernia on the left side of the stomach. Earlier 4 years back, she was first diagnosed with hernia and the same was operated through surgery.

    The recent diagnosed hernia made here very much depressed and she does not want to go for surgery Dr., say that this is due to weakening of the wall after surgery (20 years back removal of uterus).

    The hernia diagnosed is 15 CM as per the scanning report. Sir, pl suggest is it possible to cure this through homeopathy.


    • Vikas Gupta says:

      Dr. Sharma,
      I am 45 patient of diabetes , and also having umbilical harnea since 2008 . Basically it resulted of excessive weight lifting. It is quite big and protruding . can it be cured with homeopathy only?

  367. D Bhowmick says:

    I am a seventy year old male about six months ago I noticed a lump on my left groin. When pressed it goes inside I went to the doctor he prescribed open mesh hernioplasty. Is there a homeopathic cure for this as I am not very keen to be operated upon.

    • Ashis Kumar Gupta says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,

      I am 67 years old man. For last few week I am seeing a lump on hernia on right side of groin. Painless and it can be pushed back.It vanishes when sleeping on my back. When I sit for a longtime some pain feeling is there but reduces on movement. I am against any allelopathy medicine. I trust in homeopathy and getting benefit. I am taking Beledona and Lycopodium after food . Please advise me a proper medication to get rid of this ailment as I want to avoid surgery.

  368. sangeeta n kulkarni says:

    dear Sir,
    my father is diagnosed with right inguinal hernia with intestinal obstruction.He is a parkinson patient currently comatose. dr advised me not to do operation and take him home.i am now feeding him with ryle’s tube 100 ml liquid/liquid food every two hours.There is lot of constipation.kindly advise

  369. K Rama Murthy says:

    Dear dr


    • R.V. KHADAKKAR says:

      Dear Sir,
      In Yr. 1999 left side inguinal hernia operated by conventional surgery now since last six months some strain & pain started around operated area also feeling some uneven. So please suggest homeo medicine for the same or is it require to re-surgery?

  370. malkiat singh says:

    i have got operated the hernia on both sides by providing net in year i feel some problem.however these do not come out but feel restless .please advise.

  371. Abdul Quddus Piracha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I have inguinal hernia over a year but incomplete I used several Homopathy remedies during one year I contain same size of my harnia but not completely salve the problem the remedies are nux vomica lycopodium 200 to 1 m Lachesis 200 sulphur 200 calcium carbonice 200 to 1 m barium carbnica 200 pulsatilla 1 m cocculus 30 c according to Dr advice please advise me anything which can salve this issue for good I will really appreciate

  372. Parminder says:

    My baby is 4year and 5 months old he have sewaling in dawnside of stomach dr. Said he have harniya. What can i do eyther surgary or not i am very confused

  373. rakesh kr.gupta says:

    18 year old harnia ,scrotal harnia
    I am now 34 year old.

  374. Amit kumar goel says:

    I had pain & light swelling in naval area so I consulted dr. On dr recommendations i had ultra sound . I have gastic problem & pain in stomach…My ultrasound report–small echogenic focus measuring 17✖️7 mm fatty zone of anterior abdominal wall just deeper to umbilicus s/o? Small non reducible fat hernia. Pls guide if any medication possible for treatment.

  375. Narasinga Prasad Patro says:

    Dear sir,

    I feel I have developed an inguinal hernia in my right groin. The bulge is felt when standing or coughing. Not felt while sleeping on back. Painless so far. My doctor friends ask me to get it operated. But I hope homeopathy has treatments without surgery. Please help me doctor. I and my family are in Panic.


    N P Patro

  376. Rajnish says:

    Dr.sharma im suffering with inguinal hernia both sides.Is there any treatment with medicine

  377. Dr.Nitin Dubey says:

    Dr.Sharma Im suffering from bilateral inguinal hernia although reducible but not getting healed please can you suggest some medication for this so that it can be healed I will be very thankful to you

  378. N P Patro says:

    I feel lately a bulge in my lower abdomen just above genitals in right side.
    No pain.
    Bulge is felt when standing.
    Not felt when slept on back.
    Felt its movement during caugh and puting pressure on stomach.
    One consultation stated it to be a Henia.

    Kindly guide me on Homopathy treatments

  379. Randy Fink says:

    I have what is said to be an inguinal hernia right side. I am starting on all the homeopathic substance you have set forth. Can I consume them all at the prescribed amounts at the same time. Additionally I can push my hernia in and hold it in place which when protruding out is approx. the size of a golf ball and longated which appears not to hang below the scrotum. Furthermore I have ordered a flat pad hernia brace from the support company in the UK which I will receive soon. I am an extremely healthy individual who lives an organic lifestyle. I use colon cleanses and I have a Coleman board. I am 65 years young other than this hernia. I run and sprint prior to this hernia which is now in it’s 3rd month with occasional pain. Please advise accordingly. I will provide you with further info upon you request as you specify. Thank you.

  380. sabina yesmin says:

    Helo sir ,
    My mother have diaognose the umbalical hernia since near 3 years . Now her age is 48 & she is a healthy person . Past 4 & 5 week she fell little pain in near navel & belly . Doctor suggest for surgery . But i am scared cause in she had done a surgery / sizerian due the time of my birth in 1990 .

  381. pralita samantaray says:






  382. Dear Dr Sharma,

    My 2 year 10 months old son is suffering from hydrocele/hernia since a year now.
    Doctors have suggested that since he is more than 2.5 yrs old now the only option is suregery.
    But, since my son is already very weak,I don’t want thus surgery.
    So, pls suggest if this can be treated without surgery?


  383. Mahesh kumar says:

    Namaste sir,mera beta 3year7month ka hai use left side me harnia bola gaya hai aur maine dr.s.n jha bhagalpur jo ki surgeon hai use dikhane ke bad woh bole ki iska opration karna hoga.aur mainsoch rahahoon itna chota baccha ka surgery karate hai toh mera baccha sab din ke liye kamjar rah jayega main surgery nahi karana chahta hoon.please sir mujhe yeh bataye ki bina surgery ke mere beta ka ye jo harnia ka problem aaya hai ya bataya jaa raha hai ye homeopathic se thic hoga agar hoga toh kitne din me yeh thik ho jayega.please sir mujhe guide line kare.

  384. Devesh shrivastava says:

    Namaste sir
    Mera beta jo ki 16month Ka hai use right side harnia hai. Hamne doctor se consult kiya to bah use surgery ke liye bol rahe lekin hamari ichchha itne chhote bachche ki surgery ki nahi hai.

    Kripya hame guide Kare.

    Devesh Shrivastava

  385. TONY S. MONTANA says:


  386. Rumi Sengupta says:


  387. Dear Dr.
    My husband has diagnosed with inguinal hernia in left side . As per ultrasound report it is in early stage . Please suggest me whether it can be cured by homeopathy .

    • Shobana shriram says:

      I am 32 yrs old and having umblical hernia and Dr.told to do surgery 2 cessarion one girl 6 yrsand boy 1.6 yrs old is there medicine sir.kindly guide me

  388. A Vijayan says:

    Since a few months I have inguinal hernia in the right side. Now it started appearing in the left side too. I don’t have any major problems as such. Kindly advise me whether there is ant homeo remedies for these problems.
    A Vijayan.

  389. Syed ghouse says:

    Hi sir
    My mother saffaring frm umbical harina she hav normal dabatic i want to now in how many days it wil be take for total cure pls update me sir.

    Thanking you

  390. Bharat Kumar Agarwal says:

    Dear Dr.
    I have incisional hernia from last one year. Please suggest for homeopathy treatment and success .
    I have low immunity and taken 2 year TB medicines and currently due to this I have peripheral neuropathy and optical nerve affected. Pl doctor suggest


  391. Greetings Dr. Sharma,
    thank you for caring and sharing. I went to homeopath with hernia in left groin, and he prescribed for me clematis, which I googled, but found no direct bearing on the hernia, which at times is unbearably painful, at times, the swelling seems to disappear, at times, a slight squelching noise is audible when i bend. the problem is I also suffer from piles, and in the testicles, hyd roceles, and i am interested whether all these symptoms /ailments are related?
    at the moment, i am also taking slippery elm; and a homeopathic concoction from the local pharmacy just general, for “injury”.
    looking forward to some suggestions; and thanking you in anticipation.

  392. AR Siddiqui says:

    Respected sir,
    As i’m suffering from right side ingunial hernia so i humbally request you to sir please advice me which is the best medicin for inguinal right side hernia and how to use that medicin.Because i’m not intresting in i thankful to you sir.

  393. Respected Doctor,
    My 3 month old son is having umbilical Hernia can you kindly prescribe the best homeopathic medicine.
    Can I have your contact details as well.

  394. rajkumar shahi says:

    sir namaskar,
    my 6yr old daughter is suffering from ingunial hernia,she often suffers from cough &cold.
    is there any treatment in homeopathy,please suggest i will be thankful to you.

  395. Neelam charan says:

    Sir Iam 47 year old lady. I an suffering. Emblical. Hernia. 80kg. Weight. Homeopathic. Mee. Iska. Complete. Treatment. Hae. Kya. Kitna. Time. Meay. Thike. Ho. Sakta. Hay. Thik. Hone. Kee. Ketne. Sambahawna. Hae. Jetna karch. Hoga.

  396. hii
    I am vicky and my age is 18 yrs
    before 2days i noticed a iniguinal hernia is present on my left side of pinial region, it slightly pains me . can homeopathy medicine treat it and i don’t want to surgery it.. please help me

  397. Dr. Monojit Mondol says:

    A patient about 60yrs old male who suffering from left sided painless hernia during 2month.
    I suggest him nux 1m..but now a days no such recovery seen.. no constipation,no colic pain seen.. i really confused about these..
    Sir..please suggest me..

  398. hamidah buang says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    Recently I have been coughing a lot due to allergies and cold/cough. I have also started yoga after having lapse for more than two years. I think I overstrained my muscles during some of the yoga stretches. As a result i have noticed a lump on the left side of my groin 3 days ago. After a brief online research i think i have got inguinal hernia. What is the best homeopathic remedy for my case? I am scheduled to see my family doctor regarding this in one week’s time. Hope to clear this up before I have to consult her.


  399. Md Alauddin Ansari says:

    Md Alauddin Ansari age.19year old
    Mujhe 2years se inguinal harnia right side me hai kiya kru medicine khaya hai par thik nahi hua

  400. Md Alauddin Ansari says:

    Mujhe 2years se inguinal harnia hai kiya kru medicine khaya hai par thik nahi hua

  401. Hi,
    I Swapnil Dewhare , age 29 ,having ingunial hernia….one of the doctors suggest me the lasor operations
    Can u pls tell ,is the homeopath medicines would work in the same regards …

  402. toya raj poudel says:

    dear doctor
    i am suffering from left sided initial inguinal hernia.there is no any bulge.but doctor examined that side and said this is initial inguinal hernia. i have severe pain of inguinal ligament, especially when i stand for a long time. please i do not want surgery because i have already mesh repair in the right side. please suggest me …is there any medicine that can heal my problem.please …please suggest me.

  403. PAUL NOUME says:

    Hi i have an inguinal hernia in the groin . It is one that has fatty matter in it . And not intestines or bowel . Im enquiring if there is something that can heal it .instead of surgery .Your help in this matter would be deeply appreciated. From Paul

  404. Salik.... says:

    Respected Sir.
    I have been operated for left side hernia before 4 years.. now I am feeling right side presenc of hernia. Sir. Is there any treatment in homeopathy without surgery than plz suggest me.. I will be very thankfull to you…
    With regards…

  405. Dear Sir,
    My baby (1 month ) has umbilical hernia which aggravates when she cries. Can you prescribe a medicine for her as she is too small for any intervention.

    I shall be highly grateful as she is barely 2 months old.



  406. me bangladeshe…and hearnia 2year
    my age 19 yers hight 5-9″ weght 70 kg
    my help me..plazz doctor …plazz.

  407. Parul Bhatia says:

    My symptoms are that of umbilical hernia and a few other types too. I have a big stomach. I’ve had a few episodes of vomiting. All this started after i had my second child. He will turn 4 this May. I crave tea and other hot drinks. I feel very cold and don’t like wind. I also like alcohol. Please advise what medicine I should take. I’m 47 year female.

  408. Hi I have a swelling in my pelvic areas the doc did say it’s a hernia tho no pain I need to reduce swelling can u help plz

  409. Doctor Sir,

    Please help me, iam working as security, have inguinal hernia, cant afford operation, please help me doctor

  410. Ali imran says:

    Hello dr. Plz helpme,my newphew was permature with under weight baby. now he is fifty day n his wiegh2.75kg. He has left side sctrol hernia with alot colic cramp.plz advise me his treatment we want homepathic treatment.plz. his most commen cause is colic cramp

  411. dear pls advise to me femoral and igunial hernia medicine


    I hope i have a hernia in left side . I have no pains . When i sleep and stay on my bed for few times then it will disapear but when i walk then realise the hernia but no pains .

    Sir , please help me . i hope your early reply

  413. Dyan wagstaff says:

    Hello Dr sharma,

    I have had an inguinal hernia and it’s like it’s squeezing and pulling out from my left groin area. It feels like I want to go to the toilet and bowels aren’t cleaning out as well as they should be.

    I’m 61, quite slim (56kgs 5ft7.5) and actively go and work out at curves women’s gym 3-4 times a week for 30 mins on hydrolic machines.

    Love to know if it’s nux vomica or something else…?

    Many thanks

  414. Thomas Hackbarth says:

    Can homeopathy help an inguinal hernia?

  415. saroj kumar yadav says:

    Humare ko harniya hai mai homeopathy medicine kharha hu koye jada phar nhi horha hai 10 Math hogye kirpya bataine. kya kare medicine chalu rkhana hai ya band kardena chahiye

  416. Kiran Sankar Sarker says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Very good greeting. Last month, A consultant of Apolo Hospital, Salk Lake, Kolkata, diagnosed inguinal hernia in the right side of my lower abdomen. It looks like small size tumor (soft). It is clearly visible in standing position. When I lie down, it disappears. I feel no pain. Apollo suggests surgical operation for inguinal hernia. I would be grateful, if you can do something for me. Any prescription!!! and advice on life style. I have a strong faith on Homeopathy and Bio-chemic treatment. My father-in-law was a great practitioner. But, he is no more with us. With best regards and warm blessings.

    Kiran Sankar Sarker

  417. Prema Ganapathy says:

    I have a bulge over my caesarian cut and femoral hernia. I have a lot of gas forming too and arthritic fingers. I only take homeopathy. Can Nux vomica alone treat this?

  418. mukesh bhalla says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from hernia from the last 12 years .now it passes towards testicals on the left side. iam a male of 61 years, please suggest homeo treatment so that i may pervent fom surgery
    with regards

    • DEAR SIR, I AM SUFFERING FROM RIGHT SIDE HERNIA FROM THE LAST it passes towards testicals on the left side> i am a male of 67 years , please suggest homeo treatment so that i may prevent from surgery with regards Reply

  419. Bharat pandya says:

    I have a 13 mm umbilical hernia .what is homeopathy medicine help for my reply no pains and my age is 44 years weight is 72 kg and height 5.5 ft.I do not want to surgery.

  420. Dhruva Mitra Lucknow says:

    Dear Dr.,

    I am having left side (Femoral) hernia at upper inner thigh region. No pains, feels heaviness in evening. My height is 5’7″ weight 68-70 kg and age 54. Due to the touring job I do not want to undergo for surgery. Please, can you advise me the potency and doses of Homeo medicines. I am eagerly waiting for your advices.

  421. Ranveer Singh Parmar says:

    I am suffering from hernia, varicose veins and so on. Kindly suggest common or otherwise homeopathy drug(s) please.

  422. My father is suffering from pre mature hernia or incomplete left side (( ingunial hernia) . Can u help some good homeopathy medicine to cure it and also with ur mob no for further consultation.

  423. I have hernia above belly button am obese wid bmi 33.prespire at feet bad smell having diabetes since 14 years on tablets . I don’t want to do operations but hernia is not so big only bulge I have reflux sometimes

  424. Jitu. Patel says:

    I have hernia on left side below stomac and above penis it is like apotato

  425. sangeetha says:

    My inlaw got hernia. Doctor said a year before its mild. She suffers with stomach pain. Any homeopathic medicine for this.

  426. Himayath says:

    Sir mere ko three years se hernia hai mein unani medicines liya kuch nahi hoaa aur weakness hogaye aap bataye kya homeopathy se thik hota kya with out operation

  427. shashi kumar says:

    Humare beta ka age 2 month hai usko harnia hai. Kya itne chote bacche ko koi homeopathy mai medicine hai. Agar hai to kirpya bataine.

  428. sk arora says:

    I am 56 slim weight 52 kg height 5 ft 6″ completely teetotaller having right side inguinal hernia, no pain, no constipation, I have gone through the above symtoms and medicines and come to conclusion that Nux-Cal Carb and Lyco are relative medicines. I donot want to undergo operation. kindly advise me the potency and doses of medicines.

    Ministry of Science & Tech (CSIR) PS to Legal Adviser

  429. Sir, i am ailing from enlarged prostrate and inginal hernia rightside: taking medicine sabar sel,
    Please suggest medicine for hernia.

  430. Age 56 slim weight 50 kg since 2005 inguinal hernia right side no pain, feels heaviness. does not want to get operation.prescribe best mediines and its potency , in pills or liquid or mother tinchers and its doses. Like sweets.

    shall be greatful to receive reply soon

    with regards

    • Sir,
      I have been ailing from right side inguinal hernia since long time, and prostrate enlargement grade III. I am taking homeo medicine for enlarged prostrate. I find some improvement. For hernia ,I understand that surgery has to be resorted to. Kindly suggest any medicine for hernia in homeiopathy.

  431. Niraj Kaushik says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Ingunal Hernia (Lt) since more than 5-6 yrs, inbetween I have taken homeopathic treatment for around 2 yrs but not cured. Please suggest me something My height is around 180 cms, Age- 48 Yrs & Wt around 90 Kgs……………

  432. Dear sir
    My upper thigh have swellen and noded like in thread giving pain while moving and armpit has swollen so please pricribed medicin in homopath.

  433. Trinater Singh Thakur says:

    Dr. Sahab gud evng.. Mera beta abhi 2 and a half month ka hai.. Or uske niche hernia Hua hai.. Dr se bat kri to unhone pgi child surgeon ko dikhne ko kha. But me iska treatment homeopathic krwana chahta hu.. Or me ye Janna chahta hu ki kitne din tk iski medicine chalege.. Or ye thek kitne din tk ho jyga..

  434. Aun Kumar Jain says:

    My friend has been diagnosed with incisional hernia in stomach post his intestinal surgery. Is there a remedy for this in homeopathy and what would you suggest. Thanks.

  435. Dr.Subrata Giri,M.Sc,B.Ed,B.H.M.S. says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,Please share with me about the treatment of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis.

  436. Sir,

    My friend is suffering from an right side groin swelling and pain. His scrotum is also red and swollen sometimes.
    he told he feels a soft substance when he use pressure touch on the right side groin. Could you plz suggest is it inguinal hernia and if so could it be resolved without surgery.

  437. geetanjali sati says:

    My father have various problem like that hypertension, 3 times stroke (paralize),copd,poor nurv system, New problem is hernia last 5 months
    Dr said that , I have no solution because patient age is 67 and patient medical history is critical so operation is risky
    Plz give me solution
    can i take homeopathy medicine?

    • Trinater Singh Thakur says:

      Dr. Sahab gud evng.. Mera beta abhi 2 and a half month ka hai.. Or uske niche hernia Hua hai.. Dr se bat kri to unhone pgi child surgeon ko dikhne ko kha. But me iska treatment homeopathic krwana chahta hu.. Or me ye Janna chahta hu ki kitne din tk iski medicine chalege.. Or ye thek kitne din tk ho jyga..

  438. p.r.n.s.sai says:

    I have inguanal hernia on left side since two years. sometimes the bulge appears and gives pain
    while sitting and bending forward for computer work. I used nux vomica, lycopodium also for 2 months.
    some relief is felt but again it recurred. I have constipation problem since two years. using some hemeo
    medicine for gastric problems. I am having hypertension and type-II dm and using allopathic medicine.
    please suggest some homeo remedies for permanenet cure of hernia. I am 56 years old and male and vegitarian.

  439. i have linguine hernia on left side
    can u tell me what kind of Madison i need because in NY dont have many homeopathic store

  440. Respected Sir,
    I got operated my Right side harnea in the year 2005. by Laproscopic method. Till now I was OK but from last 2 – 3 months again harnea came out , when it is pressed it vanishes for few times. I am sufferer of acute constipation for which I have to take medicines very frequently
    I am non alcoholic of 64 years old,
    Shall be grateful if you suggest homeopathic medicine for me.
    With kind regards

  441. Tanweer Mohammad says:

    Hi , My age is around sixty years now. I am suffering from lingual hernia for last more than 6 years. The intestine has moved down into the scrutom that has become larger in size. But I never got pain in it. The hernia also has caused shortened the penis size . I am under homeopath treatment for last more than two years. But I don’t see any sign of healing so far. Please advise me what can I do more.

  442. suvro karmakar says:

    My age 33 and suffering from right ing. hernia for 1y. Exercise fruits great for last few months but my nature match with indications of 1) lyco.clavatum , 2) cal.carbonica and 3) for some instense nux vom in terms of chronic constipation. Please provide me the dosage.

  443. sandeep madan says:

    appear to have umbilical hernia. please prescribe treatment.

  444. Neeraj Bisht says:

    Respected sir
    I am 40 year old and told initial stage of left side inguinal harnia. I feel heavyness on left lower abdomen just above testis. No swelling or lump is observed.
    Kindly suggest treatment.

  445. Siddhartha Das says:

    I am suffering through ventral harnia from my childhood and I am 40 years old.
    How it will cure .

  446. sameer khanna says:

    Dear Sir,
    I m suffering from inguinal hernia(right side).I experience continued tolerable pain near the right testicle.Pl advice dosages

  447. Hello Doctor, I am 39 and is obese, thyroid and taking thyrox 75mg x 2 daily. But my weight keeps increasing every day. It has gone upto 134Kgs from 85 in Jan 2015. From your article, I understand I have umbilical hernia (my belly button frequently comes out and automatically goes in after sometime). Shall I take the Calcarea Carbonica and what potency should I take? What medicine shall i take to control my weight as well as my thyroid conditions. Thanks.

  448. Respected Sir,
    I have initial stage of left inguinal reports.US reports were normal with no hernia or abnormality.I am taking medicines allopathy.Is it hernia or muscle pull.I am 22 years age.
    Please advice and reply sir.
    your faithfully,
    jasmeet Singh

  449. Manoj Choudhary says:

    I had inguinal hernia in right side.

  450. mohammed anwar says:

    Sir my son was born premature in 6 month 8 days and now he is 9 months alhamdulillah .but when we bring from hospital after 2 months . He is suffering from hernia and doctor advices me to do operation . so please advice me .


  451. Am 26 years old male with 60kg weight and 5.5 height

    Am suffering by inguinal hernia on right side from past three years.

    I can push it back while leing down and also while sitting down.

    It does not pain but feels very uncomfortable

    I dont want to go for surgery.

    Kindly suggest me some homeopathic remedies medicine for me and any what foods to avoid for reducing hernia and any exercise to strengthen the muscles


  452. Anshul Srivastava says:

    Sir, I’ve inguinal hernia due to which I feel uneasy. Moreover the length of my penis has decreased. I can not get full enjoyment of sex. What to do?

  453. Hi Sir,

    I am diagonised with left testis hernia(send you correct details after response) and in the last few years it is getting increased. I don’t want to go for a surgery. Hence I would like to check with you whether medicine is available for this in homeopathy or not and how long it till take to cure completely. Earlier I used homeo medicine from the local doctor which is useless. Please let me know on this. I resides in the south india.

    Thank you.

  454. gp mahanty says:

    I am 74 yrs old. Reasonably good health. Prostate 29 cc for some years. No particular problem for this. Hernia right side above the testis. Bulging. Reduces on pressure and lying . Some time completely normal. When normal in standing and walking there is mild to acute abdominal pain. Can I avoid surgery? Can it be treated with homoeo medicine effectively.
    Kindly advise.

  455. B.Mukherjee says:

    Hello Doctor

    I have been diagonised with Reducible Bilateral Indirect Inguinal Hernia with defect measuring 17mm x 17mm on Right side and 21mm x 21mm on left side. This was based on test done on 5.01.2016. I was earlier diagonised with Reducible Inguinal hernia only on Right side in 2014Nov. I want to avoid surgery and therefore I was taking Ayurvedic medicine “Hernica ” manufactured by GROCARE. This medicine has so far not helped me reduce the Hernia. it has reduced the pain . Wanted to check with you if Homeopathic medicine can reduce the Hernia or eliminate it. I donot want to undergo surgery. I am 59 yers old.


    I have groin/lower abdomen discomfort since two months but there is no externally visible bulge seen or felt externally on right side. USG reported a small bulge in inguinal region – could be an early inguinal hernia or tumor or infection or something else; but told that further test/evaluation is necessary. There is pain only in the time of some bending/stretching or heavy coughing but no bulge is coming out. But Most discomfort comes from the feeling of continuous mild to moderate pulsation/vibration in inguinal region. There is a feeling of heaviness in lower abdomen. What medicine should I take (dosage and duration)? Can I continue exercises? Should I wear loose or tight clothes?

  457. Sir,
    Having pain in left lower abdominal tht start from top to lower abdominal. Plz suggest medicine I m waiting for yr reply.
    With regards

  458. RAJU KUMAR says:

    which exercise should be do in teticular hernia case. like : running, dips, and pull up ??

  459. sir, i m staying in Bangalore. Last three years i having umbellical hernia (its Navel top). Any strong treatment for this. already i am taking Nux Vomica. And lycopodium mother tincture applying outside hernia. sometime swelling is very small sometime swelling is looking big. If i continue this or you refer any other medicine for this. pls help me out.

    Thanking you,

  460. Mr Malcolm Payne says:

    I suffer with an umbilical hernia for the past two years. I went to hospital for treatment but was told it is not so serious. At the moment I have unbearable pain in the belly button area for more than two months. I had x-rays and scopes done to see why I have so much pain. The scans cannot pick up any hernia, but my belly button is enlarge and very painful. Please advise what the best homeopathic medicine for my umbilical hernia is.

  461. sathyanarayanan says:

    I have pain and swelling in my egg. Is there any homeopathy medicine available in the market to cure hernia.

    your suggesion please

    With regards

  462. Romeo Villavicencio says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I have an inguinal hernia on the right side of my abdomen near my sex organ. Although it does not bother me much, I am experiencing quite few pains especially when I’m driving a car and the long horrendous traffic here in Manila, Philippines is giving me pressure on my lower right abdomen. What would you recommend as a natural cure and holistic approach to my problem regarding my inguinal hernia? I don’t want to undergo any type of surgery. I need help and advice regarding my situation right now. Thank you and here’s hoping for an advice on this matter.

  463. Ashutosh kumar says:

    sir, i am patient of hernia and weak digestive system.please help me.

  464. Ravi Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir, I have felt mild pain and itching in my right groin area in December 2015 and also felt swelling in right inguinal area. I consulted 3-4 doctor and they told that u have developed an inguinal hernia in your right side. All doctor adviced that you have reducible inguinal hernia and no need to worry, its common in men and u have to go for a minor surgery. I also gone through ultrasound and USG report confirmed that I have right side reducible inguinal hernia of 1.5cm. All doctor told that only surgery is remedy for hernia. I don’t want any surgery, I m a physically fit person. Is there any homeopathy medicine available for inguinal hernia. If yes, what are the names of medicine and what are the chances for cure. Please advice me doctor. Regards Ravi.

  465. om prakash kalal says:

    Sirji,my boy’s DOB is 11-3-2013. He is suffering from Right Inguinal Hernia.Please guide me.Now he feels normal. What type of sonography should be done? How I get the medicine?

  466. Eduardo estrella says:

    Can you help me with my inguinal hernia and how to order the medicine to you

  467. I have a recurring hernia on left side of groin. It has become quite large and though it still goes in at times, it is now protruding most of the time. What can I do?

  468. rahul kumar says:

    I am Rahul Kumar fron Bihar India. My right side testies was bigger than left side .I dont know ….is this hydrocele problem or an inguial hernia problem..And testies have nothing any pain…So give your suggestion what can i do …is this hernia or a hydrocele problem.

  469. Muhammad shahid says:

    Sir there is right side hernia to me.plz suggest some Homeo remedy.regards

  470. Sir, it seems I m having umbilical hernia. There is a lump on my stomach. Which bulges and I push it inside it goes in and when it comes out there is some discomfort. Please suggest a medicine for this. I don’t want to go for operation.
    Thanking you
    Bhanu shankar

  471. My 2 year old baby have ingunial hernia in left side please suggest me any homeopathic medice or natural remedy

  472. dear Dr, regards! My father is 81 years old,had a cabbage(Heart by pass) operation some 10 years ago,is not diabetic,neither has blood pressure, nor is over weight. He is experiencing the hernia there a solution?

  473. I need your telephone nomber .please.

  474. Dear Dr.,

    I am male,66 years. Keeping good health. Good food and sleep.
    I am at present on a visit to US and will be at Chennai by end of Dec.
    I have pain on my left lower portion of stomach .It is visible with a small bulge hard portion , but upon massaging it goes away. The pain lasts for 2 minutes and mostly while in empty stomach. I have no other discomfort.

    Pl.suggest as to what is to be done

  475. Arun Mittal says:

    I am 39 yrs old person, I got report umbilical hernia,what is the best remedy for this? doctor saying go for laparoscopy surgery abdominal contents bulge (womb) but I do not have any pain please suggest me what to do.

  476. Bonbehari Pandey says:

    i have inguinal hernia . on the rt side of groain . This happened perhapsa in making angiogram for my heart . . I have stent in the LCX .In all thrice ihad gone for angiogram

  477. I have umbilical hernia 1.59 cm, the abdominal contents bulge out abdomen (womb), can it cure in homeopathy treatment? doctor said for minor operation Laparoscopy pls let me know if cure by homeopathy.

  478. Abdul jabbar says:

    Iam 55 years old. Iam suffering from left side hernia due to excessive sneezing. Symptoms include swelling and moderate pain in the vicinity. Since i’m a heart patient immediate surgery is not an option. Is there any homeopathic remedy for my problem?

  479. after scanning I got report umbilical hernia, defect measuring 1.5 cm what is the best remedy for this? doctor saying go for laparoscopy surgery abdominal contents bulge (womb) but I do not have any pain please suggest me what to do.

  480. gp mahanty says:

    I am 74 years old. Young age infection g. Tall well built. Present complaint USG revealed 2 years ago Prostatomegaly 29 cc. Right side swelling in head of testis. At night when in bed swelling subsides and on waking up in the morning no swelling. On rising from bed in the morning gradually swelling takes place and remains whole day till going to bed. No pain. But stiffness in the region. On pressure swelling subsides. There nis no abnormality in micturition and vowels normal. Please advise homoeo medicine

    • Prof. Surendra Singh Rana says:

      Sir, I have an inguinal reducible hernia in the left hand side of my abdomen near my sex organ. At night when in bed swelling subsides and on rising from bed in morning gradually swelling takes place and remains whole day till going to bed.No pain. Doctor advised me for a surgery. I do not want surgery. Please guide me is there any possibility in homeopath treatment to cure it if so please suggest medicine. Thanks.

      • Sir, I have an inguinal reducible hernia in the left hand side of my abdomen near my sex organ. At night when in bed swelling subsides and on rising from bed in morning gradually swelling takes place and remains whole day till going to bed.No pain. Doctor advised me for a surgery. I do not want surgery. Please guide me is there any possibility in homeopath treatment to cure it if so please suggest medicine. Thanks.

  481. Sir,I am suffering from left side hernia and it is fell down to festivals and I am suffering from last 5 years it no pain. I am using nux and silica from last 30days before that I was used some homeo medicines at MD homeo doctor. Advise perfect homeo medicines to me thank you sir …sankar

  482. m subba rao says:

    i am aged 74 and diobetic.nearly from 6 months iobserved a small bulge below and near to the right leg liont. presently no problem but needs some advise hence this request

    • m subba rao says:

      i am aged 74 and diobetic.nearly from 6 months iobserved a small bulge below and near to the right leg liont. presently no problem but needs some advise hence this request

  483. Mohammad Aurangzeb says:

    Respected Sir, my mother has a problem. Her problem is that she feels pain at the site of left kidney, pain downwards to left thigh (left ovary) and feels hardness but this hardness sometimes appears and sometimes disappear. UITRASOUND SHOWS OVARIAN CYST, BILE STONE. One year old complain. She is taking some homeopathic medicines. LACHESIS 10M, THUJA 10M, AURUM MUR NATRONATUM 3x. Her age is 55years.Disease aggravated by eating fish, meat. She can’t bear Bathing even in summer,

  484. Rahul Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Sir

    My self Rahul from India.I’m 27 years old but last few month aroun 6-8.I have a problem my right upper abdominal portion is sudenly soel

    So 27th on Nov 2015 I’m going to doctpr and he told me this is Ingunia hurnia on right side and he all so sugest me as soon as possibel comlit the surgery,But I’m not ready for surgery .So plz tell me Doctor if any kind of Homiopathi medicin an yoga solve my problem ?

    Your Fathfully
    Rahul Bhattachary
    Ph : 8768550740

  485. Sitaram Mahji says:

    I’m suffering from hernia more than 3 years and which is lying in the left side of scrotum. I have taken homeopathy treatment one after another from two doctors for more than nine months.

    pls my child has umbilical hernia what medicine is good for her

  487. Kishore Kumar says:

    Sir, I feel I have inguial hernia or obstruted one since 1992. I am taking NV and Lyco both regularly. But swelling is not subsiding. It is left side in the groin. I feel a mild pain and discomfort when I discontinue medicine for few days. Please suggest, I want to avoid surgery. I also suffer from constipation and do not feel stool sensation in the muscle. For this, to overcome constipation I have to take ayurvedic luxative everyday.

  488. MUJy right side per hernia ha plz koi medicine batae m operate ni karwan chahta koi achi medicine tajweez kar dy plz Allah ap ko jazae Khair de ga

  489. PREM THAKUR says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have suffering from right side Hernia ,there is no pain or any uneven thing but little bit swelling
    what Homoeopathy medicine you suggest and any exercise required.

    Prem Thakur

  490. My has inginal hernia on his right side. The doctor is asking for surgury inserting jhonson n jhonson mesh. I have gone through doing some research on this product and found it to be morr dangerous. Is there anything you can guide me with through homeopathy treatment.

  491. Sridhar murthy T S says:

    I am suffering from right inguinial hernia. I am taking Homeopathic treatment from past 9 months. But still I am having pain on thr right side now and then. Sometimes the pain is severe. Should I continue to consume homeopathic medicines and for how many months.

  492. Sir I am suffering from inguinal hernia with extensive pain and it occurs after over work

  493. I am from mysore do you have any contacts in mysore who can treat Umbilical Hernia through homeopathy.

  494. junaid ali says:

    salaam sir i feel pain in both bladders when push up/ please give me medicine thaks

  495. I have a hernia on the left side of my abdomen.. In March, I had a perforated colon, probably brought on by lifelong chronic constipation. I had a temporary colostomy, and that was reversed in May. I know that over 50% of those with my experience develop a hernia, but I would like to avoid surgery if at all possible. I am confused as to which remedy is best for my type of hernia. I am not physically uncomfortable at all, and my doctor said it will not go away without surgery. It’s certainly no emergency, so I am planning to have the surgery in June. It does seem to have gotten smaller in the last several weeks, and my doctor said I can put off the surgery as long as I like, as long as I am not experiencing any discomfort. I am a ballet teacher, and I don’t want a lump sticking out of my abdomen, so this thing has to go, one way or another.
    I would appreciate your input.

    Thank you.

  496. Sar Oesophageal hernia s, medicines pellez replied me

  497. Anil Kumar Bhatia says:

    I am having inguinal hernia on the right since last September and i’am taking homeopathy medicine
    since sept. I was comfortable till my doctor fell ill and I was without medicine for about 3 weeks. I have since developed a slight bigger swelling and having burning feeling in the right groin area. Also there is a feeling as if stiches are being stretched while sitting down and getting up. to avoid much discomfort I push the hernia in and get comfort. I do not know what medicine I am being given. Please advice if this situation can be cured or I should go in for an operation. Iam 68 years old.

  498. Shafeeq lodhi says:

    My two month old male baby has a swollen bellybutton & fluid like sound please prescribe medicine in detail

  499. awadh kishor singh says:

    For hernia treatment advice

  500. Harrold Chinabu says:

    My belly bottom has been out since I was a baby
    And I’m almost 17 and its still out but it has reduced in size a little bit
    So.. How can make it go back inside in just a short time

  501. radhakrishnan.k.g says:

    please inform me Ihave hernia problem on the right side only just two months i already start teatment from a homeo droctor from mynearest hospital give me your valuable advice through my e mail thanking you Dr sharma

  502. P. K. Baranwal says:

    My symptoms are :
    1. Uric Acid high, periodically take Ultica Urens for two months in a row when it tests 6.5+
    2. Glaucoma operated by Laser two years back.
    3. Chronic Winter sensitive skin allergy treated to cure a year back : Medicines used Petroleum and Graphites. Now appears alright.
    4. Blood Pressure on +ve side for last 3-years 130 to 150 and 85 to 95. No medicine being used.
    5. LDL little higher and HDL on lower side
    6. Recently developed (six months) Inguinal Hernia for which I request your consultancy and recommendation of medicine.

    Taste: No to sweets

  503. Sir I am suffering from inguinal hernia with extensive pain and it occurs after over work

  504. Mohammed niyaz says:

    Hello Dr.,I am having ingunial hernia on the left side.already I have done operation for right side too.still I’m in an confusion that hernia can be treated by homeopathy.

  505. Junaid gulzar says:

    Dr this is junaid gulzar
    m suffering from hernia can it b cured by your medecine my lower abdomen is swollen leftside it pumpup when i cough i have to press when i cough.plz suggest me better

  506. I am diagnosed with umbilical hernia[7.9 mm. is there any homeopathic medicines for hernia. Iam 51 yrs and have removal of uterus ten years small kidney stone also detected in scan [2mm]

  507. m a munawar says:

    My 3months child is suffering from groin hernia in right side and also umbalical hernia he always cry an feels uncomfort doctor advised surgery . Can hemopathy medicine give recovert

  508. B.NOOR MOHAMMAD says:


  509. Ajit singh says:

    Have hernia problem in left side of gential otgsan snce long I get controlled by pressing nerve pressure is go gets filled again after few hrs
    Pse advice me

  510. I have pain at left side of lower back which extends up to front side of stomach. The problem is stiffness in lower back and knees. It also pains while coughing. I am suffering from chronic cough due to ILD. I do not know the reason. Is it hernia? or else. Please advise some effective homeopathic medicine. I will be thankful to you.

  511. Rudermani sharma says:

    Suffuring from flowing of liquid In nose continuesly within every 5 to 10 minutes plz tell me the best homeopathic remedy for this .

  512. sanjay kundra says:

    suffering from right side inguinal hernia,is homeopathic treatment really a curefor this problem?if yes please advice me medicine with dosage.

  513. anand iyer says:

    what treatment can be done in harnia for 75 years old man.
    reffered dodtor name & address. in south kolkata near garihat.

  514. Vivek Sharma says:

    Good Evening, My son was born pre mature of 8 months on July 15, 2015. He is 2 months 15 days and has inguinal hernia at right side. Doctors have advised for surgery though I believe homeopathy can cure it without surgery.
    Please advise

  515. anubhasharma says:

    am 36 year old. had 2 ceaserian deliveries and thereafter developed both umblical and insicnal hernia. had been operated with open surgery and mesh applied in 2013. however i have again started feeling pain and bulge on the naval area. pls suggest any medicine as a cure. i dont want to go for any more surgery.


  516. Am of 69 years and have developed right side inguinal hernia for the past 10 days.
    Pl. suggest effective homo. treatment .

  517. Sir,
    My son who is 3yrs old, suffering from inguinal hernia. Any possibility of cure without surgery?

  518. rkm srivastava says:

    . last 4months symtoms .pack and ain in right leg. pain start from bacight part and spread thoughout leg.also symtoms of inlinguinal hernia.prlyl vise at ead

  519. SIR,



  520. inayat memon says:

    Sir iam using homeo pathic medicines and doing yoga poster since 30 years now iam about 57 . Last 20 days complaint raised about right near urinary track pain and soiling doctor decleared hernia primery stage . Kindly suggest me medicine

  521. s.johnsamuel says:

    very useful description about hernia,homopathic remedies are given in the article are exactly beneficial. thank you.

  522. Praful Bhuva says:

    Please advice medicine for me for Inguinal hernia

  523. Hi i m suffering from left side
    inguinal hernia since last 2
    year..i affraid from surgery
    .there is
    any treatment for me.

    • Ravinder Marya says:

      I am suffering from left side Inguinal Hernia.Having bulge at the junction of high thigh .It gives sensation of slight pain feeling.Kindly advise Homeopathy treatment

  524. I am suffering with inguinal hernia on right side, the bulge is towards the scrotum and can be reversible and i use a truss to fit into the pevic area. I am suffering for the last 3 years is an medicine available I am not interested for surgery.

  525. deepak dubey says:

    Hi sir ‘
    I have operated Harnia 3 years ago on right iguanal Harnia but now days I feeling left igunal Harnia . I want to avoid aperTion so I wanna to know homeopathic cure for left inguanal Harnia.

    Please do the need full.


  526. mohit mahajan says:

    Hi i m suffering from right side inguinal hernia since last 2 year..i affraid from surgery and also i m there is any treatment for same.

  527. peter krauss says:


    I had an inguinal hernia on right side, very painful that is was operated on…now I have one on my right side…I’m taking lycopodium…no effect…nux vomica?? I seem to fit the vomica type…incomplete bowel mvts…

    I’ve written earlier but you must be very very busy…

  528. LVB CHARYULU says:

    Respected sir
    I am suffering from pain in the right above of penny.due to that pain my right testicle also giving pain. Sir please give remedy.
    Thank you sir

  529. My wife aged 43 she is is suffering with abdominal pains in endoscopy report. Erosive gastritis,,Hiatal hernia gr_3 ,,ulcer at GEJ kindly give me possible treatment diet and orecautions

  530. Harsha.Gvr.Yadav says:

    My 2year child(boy), has been diagnosed and concluded Inguial Hernia. And doctor advised to go for surgery. We as parents feeling tense about surgery,as my child age is very little.that how he bear pain and after precautions to be followed by him becomes difficult for him. So we discussed why not we go for homeopathy treatment. So I request you please provide detailed information,whether my kid gets normal without surgery using homeopathy treatment.

  531. My mother is 82 suffering from right side harnia just below right kidney. She was opperated 18 months back for pilferage in intestine roughly 2 meters was removed, even75% of colon was removed as obstructive tumer was found. Herback and knees have accute pain and muscles are weak.she has constipation and high bp she is also suffering from jaw glands and kidney doner in1992.

  532. I suffering from right side inguinal hernia since last 1 year.kindly suggest me homeo medicene please.

  533. K.n.srinivasan says:

    i have left side inguinal hernia incacenated and sometimes constipated. when moving bowels certain times I get pain. I went to a general surgeon sice I have from long time mitral valve prolapse he advised me not to have surgery. For pain he suggested dolo650 but I donot want to take it as it may lead toliver problems I shallbe gretful to you if you can sggest best treatment in homeopathy to treat this kind of hernia

  534. I have umbilical hernia since 4 years, and since may 2014 i am using homeo madicine under the supervision of a homeo doctor. Till last month it was paining now and then but since last month the pain is unbearable and doctor says it is not a problem. The pain is unbearable please suggest me the better
    Thanking you
    Hyderabad telangana

  535. Dear Doctor,
    Hope you are doing well!

    I have just heard abt you one of my Indian colleague that homeopathic have a very effective treatment for umbilical hernia.

    Recently I have discovered my umbilical hernia which is 13 mm. Doctor advised for surgery which I don’t want to actually. I am eagerly seeking your advise if there is any treatment expect surgery.

    I am 39 years old. I m unmarried and there is no surgery in my life.

    Best Regards,

  536. chittaranjan Das says:

    I have a harnia on my left side. Please tell me the details remedies.

  537. Dear sir,
    I am suffering from right side inguinal hernia since last 8-9 years. And iam under treatment last 8 months but zeo redult.kindly suggest me what homeopathic medice will be good for it.
    My details are as under =
    Age- 29 years
    Height – 6 fts
    Weight – 68kg

    Thank you.

  538. Belly button Hernia, do not want surgey, no pain. But feel like makes me sick to my stomach when doing certain yoga. 71years old , no medication do I take. No other problems . Can homeothermic CURE T his?

  539. Sir I am 42 yrs old I am suffering from diabetes I am suffering from umbilical harnia I don’t want to get operation my weight is 103 kgs but healthy I have not much paining pl give me advise

  540. I am having abdominal hernia since birth Pl suggest appropriate medicine

  541. Gopal Jaiswal says:

    left side abdomen is 8 mm and right side is 9 mm. pain is more in evening time.
    I am patient of constipetation

    Kindly, suggest the medicine.

    Thanking you sir,

    Gopalkrishna Jaiswal
    Mobile : 092272-40200.

  542. Greetings of the day Dr. Sharma,
    I am 59 yrs of age and very recently diagnosed with left inguinal hernia. I see a bulge in the groin area and feel little uncomfortable. It settles down when I lay on bed.
    Please suggest any medicine for that.
    Arun Jain

  543. AJIT SINGH says:

    Dr. Shabh ,

    My Son 16 years old and effected from inguinal hernia from last one and half year. When he got sleep at night , he feel some pain in right side of lower abdomin at 4 to 5 a.m. only. some swelling occurs in right side of gland and above. his right side gland look big compare to left side gland.

    pl. suggest homeopathic remedies and precautions.

    with warm regards.

  544. I am diagnosed umbilical hernia since2 years it occurred during 3 month of pregnancy. After child birth it was very painful but gradually after wearing belt the pain vanished only swelling is there sometime when gas is there it becomes hard but otherwise it’s soft is it possible. To get normal with homeopathy

  545. G Sujatha says:

    Dear Dr,
    My name is G Sujatha, aged 50 years
    I am residing in Bangalore city
    Since last 3 months, i have been observing a small swelling in the umbilical region and since one month I am experiencing slight pain in me lower abdomen. While I am undergoing naturopathy general treatment, one of the nurses told me that slight protrusion of mu umbilical area may be because of hernia. Today i got scanning done at a local hospital and they have diagnosed small umbilical hernia measuring 7*8 mm(herniation of mesentry).
    Can I go for homeo treatment and where in Bangalor. I seek your valuable advise

    Thanks and regards

    G Sujatha

  546. I am male age 36 safring left side harnia.pls treat me detail

  547. Tanmay Sinha says:

    I take NUX VOMICA 200( SBL) with 2 bund quantity in night 2 times a week but I couldn’t control my sperm falling while sleeping.
    I knew about this medicine through RAJEEV DIXIT book..
    Plz guide me since no benefit in sleep fall.
    Yesterday nyt I took this medicine but I released my sperm.

  548. Sambasivamoorthi says:

    Is umbilical hernia is curable in early stage . if so please help me for the treatment in homeopathy.
    I want to cure this without surgery. Please. Reply immediately .Tamilnadu.India.

  549. Claude DeBord says:

    I have an inguinal hernia. It has been about a month since I noticed it! The doctor won’t do surgery because of my heart condition! Can you help me? I would rather do something homepathic than surgery anyway.

  550. harishbhardwaj says:

    Dr. Sahib,
    I am about 70 years , pure vegetarian , tea total er ,is suffering from hernia for more than three years , swelling is increasing , the thickness is more than one inch on the right side , I am using hernia belt , I shall be thankful if your honour advise me a Homeopathic treatment for the same . I shall remain thankful for this act of
    Yours Faithfully,
    Harish Bhardwaj

  551. Harpreet singh says:

    Plz suggest the medicine

  552. safina khan says:

    Dear Dr,
    im having two yrs son he is having hernia when he was 2months his stomach hole is not closed coz of water clots on his personal part right side..Dr told for surgery is only way..i haved done homopetheic medicine from mafkar clicnic dr anwar baig for 1yr and above but not cleared ..the time medicine i gave my son there ws no clots but now stop medicine his hernia clots are seen and also have lose motion inevery five days gap since 8month ..child spl told lose motion coz of milk product..i stopped milk product totally still he having lose motion..and now since few days he is having Pain in stomach…pls help i dont want operation for this..i want my son to be like other children healthy

  553. C.L.TEGTA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am to inform U that my friend son who is 4 years is having the hernia. He is also having slow in every sector, some doctor say this is a case of autism & some say mental retardation. He is very weak.
    In hernia doctor has advised for operation. My friend does not want operation. Can it be treated by giving the Homeopathic medicines. If yes how much time it will take. How much costly is homeopathic medicines. Early response will be appreciated please.

  554. peter krauss says:

    I have a long standing left side inguinal hernia…my nutritionist is treating me for liver/gallbladder problems and says that the hernia will repair itself when my liver gets well…I don’t know about that…I would deeply appreciate any info about this…the hernia is not so big…I can push it in but it doesn’t stay…sometimes its gone most of the day but infrequently.
    Thank you so much for reading this.

  555. Prabal Mandal says:

    Dear sir

    I have inguinal hernia on the left side of the groin. It is not very painful. I don’t want to go for surgery. Please advice me treatment in homeopathy.
    age 50
    weight 71 kg

  556. ravi Ranjan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m from last year suffering from under abdomen Hornea , and from last dec-14 taking homeopathy medicine for this disease but not feeling more better . When ever we wake up early morning feel pain under lower part of abdomen on right side.

    So , kindly suggest me good medicine of homeopathy with potential.

    With thankx
    Ravi Ranjan

  557. Muhammad Jamil says:

    Sir ,
    I am 60 years old , fhysically fit having abdomin muscles and strong muscular body. I am suffering from right side ingunial hernia for tha last one year. I undersatand that it appeared due to some heavy exercise for side muscles of my waist , side bendings by holding some weight on my head . I am constantly using Lyco 200 , also perform my exercises and jogging by using a special belt but it is not curing yet , dont want to be operated , please suggest whether I have to use Rehs Tox now … thanking you in anticipation …

  558. Debrajit Nayak says:

    sir my doctor tell me i fell etrigastic fatty harnia how i avoid it plz tell me.

  559. DR RAHUL SHAH says:


  560. Ashish Sharma says:

    HI sir,

    M having Abdominal Harnia, the upper part of nevel. it seems like a swealing in abdominal.

    Kindly suggest for treatment for the same through medicine.

  561. deepak awatramani says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma , myself is Deepak awatramani and 66 years old and retired from govt,department and stay at Malad(west), Mumbai and suffering Hernia since last so many years, I do not want any operation. please advise me any good doctor near by my place. so I can attend him/her for my treatment. Thanks

  562. dear sir i suffering in inguinal hernia, and constant Medical doctor , who advise me surgery, than i constant with a homeopathic doctor, who give me some medicine, these all medicine i continue used but still same condition, not affect , so please give me advise what i can, homeopathic medicine use or surgery

  563. Padma charan Mahala says:

    My daughter of 5 years old was sufferred from fits while at the time of high fever in the year 2012, after EEG, gross abnormality revealed in the report. Since the nurologist recommended Encorate syrup to be continued for 3 years without stop. Since May 2013 she is being administered the syrup continuously. Now the problem every month, she is being affected with either viral fever which lasts for a week or sever cough which starts with a slight discharge of mucus from nose and immediately within a day turns sever cough within one minute 15 to 20 times which makes us awaken through out entire nights. And after alopathic drug the same subsides. This is a regular feature every month. The child is to go to school and we are worried how she can attend school, if this trend continues. Her immunity power is very less for which a slight exposure makes her suffer. My eldest son is in his 12th class. Sir, please suggest some homoeopathic treatment for her so that that child returns to normal and healthy by yours blessing.

  564. AKTAUNNISA says:

    my mother age is 70 yeas old . she is suffering from umbilicus hernia (big size about 3 cm circumstances). please if possible in homeopathy with out surgery.

  565. Sumit kaur says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    Im soon-to-be 35yr old mother of two kids. Both were C-secs. As per my Doctor, I have the symptoms of Umbilical Hernia. But I dont wish to go for another surgery.
    My queries are as follows:
    How long can the homeopathy treatment take to cure this type of Hernia?
    How much will it cost me?
    How will I come to know that the treatment is working for me and is healing my Hernia from within?
    Does it reoccur?
    How much rest and precautions would I need?
    Can I lift my kids or, weight of 10kgs & above during and after I complete the treatment?

    Kindly revert back.
    Thanking you!!

  566. Kristine says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 42-year-old female with two main symptoms: heart palpitations and globus hysterics. I have had the heart palpitations on and off for the past five years. They almost completely go away during pregnancy, but always come back after the first couple months of breastfeeding. I had my 11th child in December, 2014. In January, 2015, I experienced the beginning of heart palpitations like never before in previous years. Lying on my left side, sitting and squatting tend to make them worse. In March, 2015, I then developed a lump in my throat sensation which does not go away. It slightly lessens in intensity occasionally, but commonly feels like I am being strangled. It is associated with neck pain/stiffness, especially on the right side. I have seen 3 conventional medical doctors and have had complete blood count and thyroid levels checked….all came back normal. An ENT doctor scoped my throat and saw minor irritation. I was offered prescriptions for proton pump inhibitors, steroids, and anti-anxiety meds. I was also offered an esophageal dilation. I never took the drugs and I did not have the esophageal dilation performed. I then went to two chiropractors for multiple treatments but have made little progress in healing. I am trying to continue to improve my diet but not noticing any clear signs that my symptoms are improving. I am not looking to homeopathy to assist my body in healing. My symptoms are drastically affecting my abilities to concentrate on my priorities, and the various doctor and chiropractor appointments have been a major financial setback, especially since no improvements have been seen at all. I would appreciate any wisdom you can offer for my situation.

    Kristine Thome

  567. hernia right side normal pain

  568. niva kumari says:

    Sir my 8 years male child is suffering from original hernia from last 2 nd half years .I treat them with aurvedic medicin in starting year’s after that they subside in last 2 years approx.but again I saw in last 4 days ago specialy at the time of passing stool .they have left side original kindly advise me what I should do for his treatment without surgery.

  569. jagdish shankar rasal says:

    Sir muze left side ka inguinal hernia hai.
    Aapne Jo remedy ki cocculus indicus dava batai hai kya usase mera hernia thik ho jayega
    Age : 39
    Peechhle 7 saal se hai
    Plz perfect homoeopathic dava bataye

  570. Gulshan Kumar says:

    I feel that my stomach is swollen & painful in the center point Dr. advised me
    proper medicine for treatment that can be cure


  571. Ritu Deswal says:

    Dr Sharma

    My mother, of 62 yrs and 75 kgs weight, is diagnosed with UMBILICAL HERNIA, 6 months back …. She feels pain and tightness on some days… She is practicing Yoga under supervision too…. Please suggest some treatment to avoid surgery.

  572. Ragothman says:

    I have pain in right side near testies is it cause of hernia

  573. himanshu says:

    I am suffering from left side inguinal hernia since last one month, kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment. My details are as under :-
    Age- 30 years
    Height – 5.4feet
    Weight – 55kgs

  574. Manisha kulkarni says:

    I had gone through 4major abdominal surgeries and spleenectomy,due to Haemetemesis and Profuse Malina and the diagnosis is “NON CIRRHOTIC PORTAL FIBROSIS”and gone thr many sclerotheropies and gastroscopy……….and due to these surgeries I have an hernial swelling on the upper part of abdomen exactly on the shunt which the surgens have operated on upper portion of umbillicus{3fingers above}……My abd look huge due to it……

    Hence can you help me an prescibe med for this HERNIA WHICH IS NEITHER UMBILLICAL NOR INGUINAL AND NEITHER FEMORAL……..Waiting 4ur help

  575. K.n.srinivasan says:

    Left side Scotrum hernia aged 86 years

  576. PRABHAKARAN says:


  577. Hi Doc
    I have got hernia near navel after pregnancy from last 2.5 years. No operation has been done as of now. Im little fat and so my stomach protruding near my naval as if im pregnant. Doctor has advised me not to carry heavy weight. My age =35 yrs
    There is little pain near the naval. I have been told that if the pain increases then would require to undergo surgery.
    Is there a cure in homoepathy without surgery. Please let me know.


  578. manohar mishra says:

    dear sir,
    this is to inform you that i have been operated in the month of February because of gross hyderophenis in left side of the kidney.. now i feel that sometting like a small size boll in lower abdomen.. i have consulted with doctor and get infoermed that i have harniya..
    kindly suggest me that what i should do.. whether i should take surgical treatment or homeopathic medicine
    manhoar mishra

  579. Sir,

    i son who 5.5 years old. have suffer one side hernia diesase and i want aviod operation. so please reply as soon as possible.

  580. shalini vinod says:

    I have a pain in my belly button and i had consulted a surgen and confirmed it as Umbilical Hernia and recommended for a surgery. My scanning report shows that ‘a tiny umbilical hernia noted in the anterior abdominal wall’. kindly let me know whether it can be cured by homoeopathic medicine.

    I have 2 childs(6 yrs old and 1 yr old) and done 2 cyserian. the umbilical hernia appearedd in my first pregnancy. but it was not painful.

  581. Sir, I am suffering from inguinal hernia on the right side diagnose by doctor last weak & suggest for surgery.. Right now i am not having pain but only feel presure or swelling when standing long time or lifting heavy weights.. I do not want surgery thats why can u please confirmed me that is there any medicine available or treatment in homeopathy..

    Age: 34
    Weight: 60kg

  582. Sapna Alva says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have an indirect hernia in my right inguinal region. I am not keen to opt for surgery and would prefer to consider homeopathy. I understand from this article that it can be treated.

    Could you please share your contact details and confirm if I can be treated by homeopathy.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  583. Vishwa Pratap says:

    My son is above six month. He feel too much pain in lower stomach region.

  584. jaswant singh says:

    I have umblical hernis around navel at upper right side of navel i am sensitive cold air of AC have no constipstion but a little gas trouble igot operated 2 times for inguinal and 1 time for umblical hernia ten yrs back i am 62 no alcohal no meat but vegetarian .wt 78 ht5.5

  585. R.Ramani says:

    I am suffering from umblical hernia. I was suggested surgery. I don’t wantgofor surgery. What can i to take. I’m a medical rep. Have to carry samples
    Please suggest drugs. I will purchase at erode.
    Thank you
    Yours sincerely

  586. Hello,I am an ingunial hernia patient on left side and I already done open surgery on the right side for the same there any possibility in homeopathy treatment for the hernia without surgery.

  587. satya narayan pal says:

    sir I m 29 year old, I done sugery for my right side inguinal hernia 3 months before 2-3 days before my surgery I feel severe pain on my left side testicle also I told to doc he say this is infection they provide me antibiotics I taken this for 2 months but no any relief. now I visit to another doc they suggest me for ultrasound .in my ultrasound report says u have small inguinal hernia in mky left side also.i feel evening time pain for my testicle to lower abdomen. I not see any swelling over that area .
    Please suggest me is any medicine available in homeopathy than can cure me early.

  588. banshidhar pandey says:

    Respected sir,
    I am suffering from right side inguinal hernia since three months.please suggest me homeopatic details are as under
    Age. 52 years
    Hight. 5′ 5″
    Weight. 64 kg

  589. sushila devi says:

    I m suffering from a type of hernia. I had an operation of hystectomy before 14 years. After 5 years of the operation i recognized that my left part of the navel region got protruded and it is painless. Doctors adviced me to be operated. This is only the solution. Is it so? Should I get operated or there is any homoeopathic remedy for my treatment? Please recommend any best homoeopathic medicine or advise what should I do?
    Thank you..

  590. i am 28 unmarried i have a hernia in my testis. my testis are big and i am in a worry.

    is there any medicine which can cure it.

  591. Sir I have sowuolled navel and light pain in surrounding with tight abdomen is I required operation

  592. Jessica Mercado says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with umbilical hernia about 5 months back and my Dr suggested surgery which i was not willing to go ahead with as i was very reluctant for surgery, I have been using a surgical belt prescribed by Dr himself to keep the hernia in place, however i am still having a little uneasiness and pain near the navel area and there is a bulge around that area, i do not want surgery as i am still unmarried and do not want to take a risk. Kindly suggest me a natural way to get rid of this hernia without surgery, I am also a bit bulky so will b going to the gym and wanted to know if light workout will be helpful to lose weight or not.I have severe constipation and at times feel pukish when i wake up in the morning from sleep.Kindly suggest me a medicine so that i can get back to being my normal self again without having to go for any kind of surgery, awaiting an early response from your end.

    Age 28yrs
    Height 5’3inches
    weight 65kgs

    Thanking you

    Jessica Mercado

  593. prakash kamble says:

    I am very much worring for my 2 and half yrs old son’s Hernia problem. Doctor has suggested operation but i am searching medicine which can be substitde for operation. Help me.

  594. suresh Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from right inguinal hernia and taking sometimes lycopodium 200. Please suggest me any other to cure it without surgery.

  595. Dear Dr. Sharma, I had surgery for right-sided inguinal hernia one year ago. Now I have another hernia near the old one. I do not want to undergo surgery again. According to the above article, Lycopodium would be the best remedy for me. What potency should I take, how many, and how often? Would you also recommend Nux Vomica? Thank you, Sir.

  596. R.S.Mani says:

    i am having right side hernia and i am 62 years old and it is three years passed and the swelling

    is giving irritation . kindly give your treatment thank you sir

    rs mani

  597. Namaskar Singh says:

    Dr Sharam
    I need ur suggestion for My SEVEN YEAR AND SIX MONTH old son, he is suffering right side hernia (swelling) near his private part (andashay) from 1 month. When he sleeping swelling is reduce and in the day(standing position) it increase. Please suggest me how to do. If it is possible without operation he will fine through Homoeopathic medicines. Please reply me.

  598. Valentina Cozma says:

    Dear DR. Sharma-

    My husband is a medical student and he diagnosed himself with an umbilical hernia- it is small and it it reductible when he is laying on his back…..I have to say that my husband is a big man, tall, dark complexion and he is under a lot of pressure at the moment because of his medical studies….We would gratefuly apreciate a homeopathic help with this health issue…I have talked to him and he knows a lot about homeopathy and is willing to follow your competent advice ! Thank you !

  599. ajit singh rajput says:

    Due to excessive urine and always feeling thristy for water, I got checked and scanning reports and suger checkup
    I found that there is blood sugar upto 203mg after meal,fatty liver and umibilcal Hernia say about two month back
    During this period I got sugar controlled to 145mg after meal with help of alopathy medicine. Now there is swelling
    in right side of naval which I have been seeing from one month.Still there is no pain only swelling is there.I request to advise the homeopathic remedy so that this diesease can be cured. My body structure is thin and I am not feeling any
    constipation problem.
    Thanks and regards
    ajit singh rajput

  600. Rajesh newar says:

    my daughter age 2 &1/2 years her problem is left inguinal hernia how will treat this hernia



  602. Vidya Kulkarni says:

    Namaste Doctor,

    iam 39 yrs and i have Umbilical hernia since a year.

    Doctor advised me for operations. Since iam very scared i would like to take your support in healing .


  603. I have a umbilical hernia on my naval. Recently doctor said that there is a small hole on my naval and intestine may come out through that arra. I donot have any pain on that. I do not have any toxication . I do not take alchohol or smoking. My belly is bit batty and having constipation. My details is as under:-
    Age – 45 male
    weight – 74 kg
    height- 5’6″

  604. Onkar Nath Sharma says:

    My son is 8 month old. 10 day before he has feaver and vomiting. I approach to doctor. Doctor dignost right side inigual hernia. Advised only for sergery. Now feaver and vomiting is controlled but swlling is sometime seen. I do not want sergery. Please help me. Presently i am living in Mumbai.

  605. GS Verma says:

    I am suffering from left side Inguinal hernia since a year;but came to know recently when doctor game me medicine for gas and constipation which aggravated my swelling then I visited IGMC Hospital. the doctor prescribed me to undergo surgery. I wanted advice whether I should or try homeopathic medicine? The bulge comes out when ever I walk or work specially after luch hours.
    height 166 cm
    weight 65Kg



  607. V S GUPTA says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 61 years. Weight 98 kgs. Height 5’7″. Non Smoker. Pure Vegetarian and non-alcoholic.

    For the lastn days there is swelling near by belly button (nabhi) About one cms dia circle has come out almost one cm high. There is no pain in it. My fried told me that it is Hernia and advised to get it operated at the earliest.

    Could you pleae advise whether it can be cured in Homeopathy and the likely time to get it treated.

    Your earliest guidance will be of immense help.

    Best regards,


  608. V S GUPTA says:

    There is swelling near my belly button (Nabhi). Some friend of mine told me that it is Hernia and I should get it operated at the earliest.

    Could you please advise whether it is curable in Homeopathy. How much time it will take.

    I am obsess.

    Your valuable guidance at the earliest will be of immense help.

    Best regards,


  609. Venkat Singh says:

    My father is 76 years old and he is suffering from severe huge hernia, prostate also. Doctors of allopathy told to get operated of huge hernia and prostate but the problem is my father’s heart pumping is only 30% So, Doctors told to get the fitness certificate of cardiologist for operation or else sign a risk taking form then we will conduct a operation of hernia and prostate but the chances are only 50 / 50. Sir, please advice me your sincere advice regarding this case situation. I am very much thankful to you for your kindness. Thanking you – Bala Singh, Hyderabad – Cell No.9963430355.(Its very urgent and severe case condition matter).

  610. shikha mathur says:

    My 1 year 18 month child suffering from hernia problem when he 3 month he suffering for this problem 6 month after that it again when he is 9 month plz tell me which medicine is solve his problem without operation I request to u plz give me a best treatment for my child.(right ingunial) when he crying and irritat. Weight is 9 kg

  611. shikha mathur says:

    My 1 year 18 month child suffering from hernia problem when he 3 month he suffering for this problem 6 month after that it again when he is 9 month plz tell me which medicine is solve his problem without operation I request to u plz give me a best treatment for my child.(left ingunial) when he crying and irritat. Weight is 9 kg

  612. M Anwar says:

    My daughter age 4 yrs . she has hernia at right side between vagina and leg . she is chronic pt of constipation but now a days it is not , she goes proper stool passing , when she sleep hernia disappear but she run are remains long time standing hernia appear and right side of vagina show swollen . this hernia is pain less .Many times she says she is cold. we can say it right side inguinal hernia. she is very weak .
    Tell me the proper medicine for treatment that can be cure

  613. Bernadette Krol says:

    How would I know if the hernia (probably an umbilical hernia) is obstructed, incarcerated or strangulated?
    I do experience coldness. It is harder to urinate, less easy to defecate. I have mild pain and discomfort
    around the navel. I do drink milk and eat an ice cream bar each day. I do not get nauseated.
    I general feel sick, especially when walking.

  614. Anuj Kumar Sinha says:

    Dr Ji
    Observed a small bulge in the left Groin area approx one month ago . This bulge is not there when i Lie down But appears as soon as i get up/ Sit Or walk.
    My age is 43 years having fit & fine body structure. Only High BP is the chronic disease i am suffering from. My first priority to get rid of this Harnia & Preferably through Homeopathy only.
    Many advises have come to me like saying that Only Surgery is the solution, There is no homeopathy treatment for the Harnia. But i am a strong believer that Homeopathy can do the Miracles. Kindly Help

  615. Right side inguinal hernia. How long shall I take medicines ?

  616. Abhishek Harsh says:

    Sir, have back pain , when i uplift my abdomen then feel relaxed and very light otherwise, it also give me heayness in whole body, kindly tell me any remedy or excercise , so atleast i can be treated ?

  617. debabrata maity says:

    my 2 yrs old daughter is suffering from umbilical hernia which is in size of a advice me to get surgery if it enlarge.i want to know about homeopath treatment.

  618. Sir. Does Does Sex Cause Groin hernia?

  619. Biju Unnithan says:

    I had done surgery for inguinal hernia in one year back. But still pain is coming in my abdomen for the last 2 3 weeks. I am 40 years. Male. Weight 65 kg. Pls advice.which medicine I have to take and usage instructions thru mail. I am suffering from constipation problem also. In recent days body weight has also come down. 5 kg loses.

    Pls advice

  620. I am suffering from right side inguinal hernia and on left side, which was operated for hernia in 2007 has now shown hydrocele (swelling in testis). Ultrasound detected it as hydrocele.
    Kindly advice me homeopathic treatments for these, if available, to avoid surgery, which is to me does not appeal to be a treatment (it does not strengthen the muscles) rather removing the symptoms.

  621. raman rathore says:

    Recpected sir I am 22 year old; sir I am suffering from harnia on left side .sir please guide me and what is the solution it through homeopethi

  622. k.ravindranath says:

    I am suffering hernia symptions on left side of the pelvic portion for the last two months. I am 70 years old. please suggest Homeopathy ramidies. I Nux Vomica is the best one what potenci. My weight is 56 Kgs My Height is 5’4″ no smoking no alcahol diet vegitarien

  623. k.ravindranath says:

    I am suffering hernia symptions on left side of the pelvic portion for the last two months. I am 70 years old. please suggest Homeopathy remidies. I Nux Vomica is the best one what potenci.

  624. Dhiraj Dahale says:

    My mother suffering from umbalical harniya from 2 months. Is it possible to reduce harniya wt.ot. operation. Will u plz sugg. me

  625. Shakeel Javed says:

    Dear Doctor, I am having pain (it is like some thing is pinning inside stomach) in left side of my lower stomach, what is cause of this ?? I am 45 year old.


  626. Sarfraz ali says:

    Hello Sir,

    My son having age of 2.5 month is diagnosed with left inguinal hernia. please suggest the best homeopathetic treatment for him.

  627. RAJESH KALIA says:

    I am feeling some strain in lower abdomen right side (a little above right testicle). But no pain or deformity in the testicle. It has probably started while I was coughing which caused some sort of dislocation of some organ in abdomen in the location as stated above. Dr. in Safdarjung Hospital has diagnosed the problem as Hernia and has suggested surgery. Can it be cured with homeopathy medicine.

  628. Nafisa Sultana says:

    Dear Doc
    I have an umbilical hernia joint with my naval upward . sometimes causes pain specially when I have constipation. Now I want to have my 3rd baby. Will it harm to my coming baby?( not yet pregnant). What medicine dose I need to cure it ? Its size is as a ping pong ball. It put me in shame when I wear trousers.
    I will be ever grateful if you consider my letter and answer me with medication treatment.

    Thanking you.

  629. gp mahanty says:

    Age 74 years. 5’9″ tall. Muscular built. Physically strong. Sometim4es gas downward flatus. Young age infections of G. Right side just above the Testis there is fluid accumulation swelling. fairly big. When in bed swelling subsides. Again on waking up fluid accumulation starts and swelling takes place. At times when on getting up if fluid does not flow down and swelling takes place, there is acute pain in the abdomen. After sitting for sometimes, fluid starts flowing downward and swelling takes place and abdominal pain subsides.
    Earlier USG indicated Prostatomegaly 29 CC about 3 years back.
    Kindly advise Homoeo medicine.

  630. saba akram says:

    Sir my daughter is 2 months old and diagnosed with inguinal hernia.. does homeopathic medicine gives surety that it will be cured… how much time will it take?? And what precautions should I take during treatment. .

  631. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Dr Sharam
    I need ur suggestion for My ONE YEAR AND TEN MONTH old son, he is suffering right side hernia near his private part. Already homoeopathic treatement running arount 8 plus months from Dr. Amar Homo Clinic at Paschim Vihar, Delhi. But I’m not satisified because my son swelling sometime reduce and sometime increase. Please suggest me how to do. If it is possible without operation he will fine through Homoeopathic medicines. Please reply me.

  632. Ajit karmakar says:

    Respected Sir,
    My father suffering from liner hernia in left side, My father’s age 75 years. In 2011 he has CABG(Bypass Surgery), last year he has stoke, Right side partially paralysed . I Shall be very gladful if you give me a suggestion what I can do,
    thanking you

    yours faithfully
    Ajit Karmakar

  633. r Badri narayanan says:

    Suffering inguinal hernia right side. When walks bulges. Difficult walking. Having burning sensation. Sometimes spot pain on the back. Kindly prescribe homoeo medicines.
    Age: 60 years
    weight: 65 kg
    note: had urinary stone of 13 mm. Cured by homoeo medicines. Thanks

  634. Dear sir
    My daughter (5 year)is suffering from right side lower hernia last four month but she is feeling colic in stomach some time -she is taking Nux Vomica and Lycopodium .
    Is it possible to resolve the problem without operation -if is it possible then guide me and suggest medicine

    your as
    MOBILE 09999949770

  635. I have a femeral hernia left and right (right is smaller) Nux vomica seems to be recommended but how many times a day for how long? Can I take other ones with it or do they need to be separate?

  636. G SANYASI RAO says:

    sir my right testicle is swelled and idont have any pain now what is to be done

  637. RABIN CHANDA says:

    I had a inguinal hernia in left side from 2005 .I used to take lycopodium 200 whenever swelling is pro minent. it subsided after sometime. but after2007 it started bulging further. i consulted my nephew who is
    urologist and operated the same in july 2007. i had no problem till 2013 january. i find some swelling in the same place. i startxed using nux vom and lycopodium.i noticed that my left tewenstis is swelling fast and
    right one is normal i tried to restrict the swell gof rt testis by using tight under wear thereaby by using
    suspensionary bandage till november 2013, I went to my nephew, He checked it tholy and suggested
    surgery of same herna and may removed the left testis as more you delay the operation more leakage of
    fluid to left and right will be shorten day by day . At that time I was 72 years old and didnot agree to operate

  638. Minha Malik says:

    I have; inguinal hernia meri age 67 hy mjhy operate krwana chaiye ky nhy main heart patient bi hun ab mjhy derd rehta hy leg cramps hu jta hy plz suggest me wut to do

  639. I am 31 old last year I remove gall bladder now I
    had umbilical hernia

    82wt & 159cm

    • subhashini says:

      Sir, my daughter having supra umbilical congenitally. Now she is 3 and half year old. She taking symposium. Is it is curable by homeopathy itself

  640. shalini saxena says:

    I have inguinal hernia in right side. I feel light pain very often. Kindly suggest a good homeo medicine for me for curing inguinal hernia. whether i need surgery. please advise me.


  641. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Thank you for this highly informative article. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and suffering from a very painful inguinal hernia on my right side. I’m now on bedrest and have trouble getting around.

    Is Lycopodium a safe remedy for a pregnant woman? If not, can you recommend one that is?

    Thank you!

  642. RAJENDRA MAHTO says:

    I am suffering from right side inguinal hernia since last three years, kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment

  643. nasreen naeem says:

    obtominal hernia tretment stepwise plz guide

  644. nasreen naeem says:

    which potency use for hernia nux vomica and other medicines

  645. Yoginder Verma says:

    I have hernia on both sides of lower abdominal.
    More swallowing on right side as compared to left.
    Stone of 3.9 size is also found in left kidney

  646. Charles collier says:

    Originally had dry or light bike retching in morning for long time and right side hernia Inguinal hernia formed after long duration. I had fruit and veggie shakes in morning and retching has not came back. Still have direct inguinal hernia on right and over 2 years old goes in no problem. Acupuncture regularly and lost over 40 lbs down to 220 and 6’3. Palates off and on and yoga off and on. Have reki once in awhile. Now last winter othe side indirect inguinal because help neighbor out of driveway stuck. Take cal carb , lycopodium flag 30c with nux 30c at night . Suggest correct dose? Not sure what dose. Take hawthorn, vitamins, milk thistle, teas, etc. suggestion. Never really inflames. Protect and support, just not gone. Help. Ty peace

  647. Shubhadeep Ghosh says:

    My wife undergoing an appendix operation on 14 th february,2015.Recently she is feeling pain i the left side near her waist and 4-5 inch from abdoment.Now my question is is she suffering from hernia?If yes then tell me the remedies that can be very helpful in this .

  648. Sagar Singh says:

    I am suffering from right side inguinal hernia, kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment.

  649. Thank you doctor for help the gideline

  650. Dear sir,
    My kid who is 8 years ols is suffering with hernia ( left inguinal). Kindly suggest good medicine and also pls let me know will it be completely cured with out surgery.

    thanks & regards

  651. Brajesh agarwal says:


    i am 53 years and having left inguinal hernia since last 7 years. Body medium built, not fatty. I have not got it operated due to chances of recurrence. sometimes i take nux 30/200, have less food, do not lift weight to avoid problems.
    Now, i am having constipation situation since last 7 days. After nux 30/200, stool passes in very small parts. pain in intestines is not there but it is very uncomfortable not to pass stool in one go. I wear langoot for protection. On left side intestine get swelled when stool not clear, after passing it get relieved.
    what should i take??
    Is hernia curable or merely manageable with homoeopathy??

  652. hello sir .any other medicine for hernia

    • Dhiraj Dahale says:

      Dear sir,
      My mother is suffuring from umbalical harniya from last month. She is 45 years old. Will u plz. Sugg. Medicine without operation

  653. im having right side inguial hernia.. for the past 6 months n when i consult the dr. he asked me to wait
    let it grow n then will see if ur require n opertion,
    but i want it to heal with out operation.
    please suggest me .. i run a retail pharmacy n i do stand for a longer period of time and i do have uneazy tummy.. im 40 yr now n my weight is 85 kg.

    thank u

  654. My father is suffering from inguinal hernia on one side since last 1 year; though he doesnot feel any pain. His surgery is at high risk bcz he is having some patches in his lungs due to which giving him anaesthesia can be riskly. Please suggest me some treatment/medicines for Hernia in homeophathy. His age is 68 years.

  655. Yatendra Kumar says:

    Hello Dr. Sahab,

    I am suffering from RIH/ Right side Inguinal Hernia, age 54 years weight.
    as you mentioned in your post regarding Best Homeopathic medicines for Inguinal Hernia

    treatment , how to use Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium Clavatum.

  656. Deepak kumar says:

    Respect ed sir
    I m 34 yrs old and i take homeopathy medicine for gout . Now since three month i feel that my right testis is being pulled upward alltime. On seeing the conditions when freely suspended the right one is little upward. i consuly the doctor he advice d me to an ultrasound but report is normal. I really feel tension in my right testis. It seems much upward compared to left one. Size of both testis is normal and have no pain. Please suggest me what to do.

  657. veera bala says:

    I have inguinal hernia in right side. I feel light pain very often. Kindly suggest a good homeo medicine for me for curing inguinal hernia. whether i need surgery. please advise me.

  658. Regina Hehir says:

    Hi would rhus tox and Arnica help disc buldge n tear

  659. My name is jones and and am from Germany i am here to give a testimony and good news about how i was suffering from illness and i came in contact with a Dr called Alex from United State. I told him all what was wrong with me and by God grace all the remedy he brought for me to be used for my treatment i used them accordingly and as we are speaking am totally healed. is his mail in which you can contact him with.

    Today am a happy man with the remedies he gave me.
    Friends i share this words wht happiness in my heart and also want all those that were in my condition before to be rest assured that their problem will also be solved when you meet with Dr Alex

  660. H/Dr Mir Hussain says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    Thank you for publication of such notes.

  661. I am male, 40. 3 Months back, I had surgery for inguinal hernia, 3 months back (for both sides (Vent size was Left 2.6 Cms & Right 1.8 Cms)through laparoscopy). From the past 1 month again I am feeling pain & when I consulted the surgeon, they said, that the hernia has come back (left side) & again open surgery has to be done. Is there any cure for this in Homeopathy.?
    Thanks in advance
    Vadiraj C

    • Badly swollen left scrotum and diagnosed with bi-lateral inguinal hernias. Please recommend a homeopathic medicine. Seventy years old and slightly overweight. Suffer some from constipation. Very active. Never been hospitalized or operated on. Take no prescription medicine. Thank You so much. Samuel

  662. vineet kumar says:

    Respected dr.
    sir my father has been 70 years old and the patient of right side inguinal hernia…i don’t want any operation because of he is heart patient also…so sir please prescribe me some medicine for the treatment of right side inguinal hernia….

    vineet kumar

    • Respected dr.
      sir i am 38 years old and is suffering inguinal hernia on left side since 3 years, i have also both undescendent testicles. plz give me some solution.

      • venkatesh says:

        Sir,I have left sided hernia for the last 3years.I haven’t taken any it is paining slightly. Please tell me the remedy

    • Phil Machaba says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,

      I have the right side Inguinal Hernia for seven months now.

      How can Homeopathy help me out.

      Kind Regards,

      Moraba Rahlagane

  663. I am suffering from right side inguinal hernia, kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment
    Weight 57kg
    Height 5’11”
    Smoking :yes
    Cough :yes
    2year back gone through gall bladder stone surgery

    • tamara abu el khair says:

      My daughter is almost 5 years old and newly been diagnosed as having right sight inguinal hernia. And the doctor said the only treatment is surgery. I would like to know if homeopathy can help or treat her instead of surgery? And which remedy i should give her. She usually has constipation, a lot of times complaining of stomach pain. But recently she had diahrrea more than 5 times this month. Many times she says she is cold. I would be so much thankful i you could help me.

    • RAJENDRA MAHTO says:

      Respected Sir,

      I am suffering from right side inguinal hernia since last 3 years. I do not want surgery so please advice homeopathy treatment. I have no pain.

    • Meher Rajani says:

      Hello Dr.
      I had a premature delivery of 26 weeks n had a baby boy his current weight is 1850gms n he is detected with inguinal Hernia in right side. Doc has suggested to wait for some time so his weight increases n after that surgery is to be done . Kindly suggest treatment through homoeopathic medicine’s

  664. Om Parkash says:

    I feel that my stomach is painful in the center point Dr. advised me not to carry weight if I carry weight problem can be increased so sr
    .tall me the proper medicine for treatment that can be cure

    • Indra Singh says:

      I am suffering from right side inguinal hernia since last one month, kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment. My details are as under :-
      Age- 49 years
      Height – 182 Cms
      Weight – 85 Kgs

      • K RAMA MURTHY says:

        Dear Doctor,

        I suffered an accident on 2nd June, 2015 and I have been operated for right leg fracture on 3rd June, 2015. The wound is healing. However, there is swelling around the operated area. In addition to this, there is a lot of twitching in the mustles right from buttock to extreme lower part of the right leg. Still the brace is there. After 3 weeks, the Doctor advised me that it takes two months for the wound to be healed and advised me to remove the brace whenever I feel inconvenient. But weight should not be put on the leg operated. Also there is a lot of pain in the ribs(right upper side of back) ever since I met with the accident. Doctor did not specifically given any specific drugs for this complaint, however, he intimated that it takes a lot of time to get the pain in the ribs to get reduced.

        I request you to suggest me a remedy for the twitching in the muscles of the right leg operated and the pain in ribs in the back side (right side). Becuase of this twitching in the leg, I am unable to sleep. To get sleep presently I am using RESTIL 0.25 mg.

        I am aged 60.

        Kindly advise me.


      • R.Sreedhar says:

        I am suffering from right side inguinal hernia since last 10 years and also I took surgery but the problem same., kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment. My details are as under :-
        Age- 42 years
        Height – 182 Cms
        Weight – 83 Kgs

      • L MOHAN RAO says:

        Sir 6 years back hernia was developed on the left side inguinal area. I used Lyco 200 but not worked. I got operated in 2010. Now, since one month I am feeling hernia development on the right side inguinal area. My stomach is bloated, if I drink water, I get pain in the stomach. I am afraid of surgery. kindly suggest suitable medicines and precautions. I shall ever be thankful to you sir

      • Harsha.Gvr.Yadav says:

        My 2year child(boy), has been diagnosed and concluded Inguial Hernia. And doctor advised to go for surgery. We as parents feeling tense about surgery,as my child age is very little.that how he bear pain and after precautions to be followed by him becomes difficult for him. So we discussed why not we go for homeopathy treatment. So I request you please provide detailed information,whether my kid gets normal without surgery using homeopathy treatment.

    • PARVESH KUMAR says:

      Dear Dr.Sharmaji,
      in Feb I felt a small bulge on right side above bladder point.for 4-5 days I took anti-inflammatory and stopped.My ultrasound scans are enclosed for your study .From Google search I selected lycopodium200 and veratrum album 200 as I am having more tendency for catarrhal conditions .This I have started only last week and found it suitable. There is muscle weakness in the area and I am using a hernia belt which two inch below naval point and pad is 2 1/2 ‘ on the right side as I when cough it prevents protrusion effectively Can silicia help in such condition . One accupressurist diagnosed solar plexis as cause of constipation which is now controlled
      Presently using selected lycopodium200 and veratrum album 200 and Nux vomica 200 in the night.
      I shall appreciate your advise.Thanking you.

      • Nirmit Raina says:

        Dear Dr. Sharma
        My son having 6 years of age is detected with RT Inguinal Scrotal Hernia and RT Sided Mild Hydrocele volume of 5 to 7 CC and doctors are advising for surgery.Plz recommend me whether it can be cured without surgery

        Avenesh Raina

      • parvresh kumatr says:

        dear sir,
        awaiting reply page not opening on reply.should i contact on phone.

    • kamal sharma says:


      hernia in left side and feeling some light pain. also feeling light pain in centre point of stomuch and constimition plz advise./

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