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10 Effective Remedies for Bleeding Gums

At certain times bleeding from gums can arise from brushing the teeth in a harsh and rough manner. Wearing ill-fitting dentures and improper flossing can also lead to bleeding from gums. But bleeding from gums that appears frequently can be a sign of gum disease or something more serious. It is therefore important to identify the reason behind frequent bleeding from gums. Homeopathic medicines for bleeding gums help manage the swelling, pain, sensitivity, tenderness and pus discharge from the gums wherever present.    homeopathic medicines for bleeding gums

The common gum diseases where bleeding from the gums can arise include gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (serious gum infection). Leukemia (blood cancer), thrombocytopenia (deficiency of cells that aid the clotting of blood) and hemophilia (a disorder in which blood doesn’t clot normally due to lack of blood-clotting proteins) are some of the serious causes of bleeding from the gums. Deficiency of vitamins including vitamin C or vitamin K may also lead to bleeding from gums. Bleeding from gums can also appear during pregnancy due to the sensitivity of the gums that arise from changes of hormones. Taking medicines that thin the blood may also lead to bleeding from the gums.

Homeopathic Medicines for Bleeding Gums

Homeopathy is very effective to manage cases of bleeding gums. Natural medicines for treating bleeding gums are of natural origin and are very safe to use. They aim to treat the root cause behind bleeding gums to ensure a good recovery. The top grade medicines that are highly beneficial to treat bleeding gums are Merc Sol, Kreosote, Hamamelis, Phosphorus, and Bovista.

1. Merc Sol – For Bleeding Gums in cases of Gum Infection/Inflammation (Gingivitis)

Merc Sol is a top grade medicine to treat bleeding from gums in cases of gum infection/inflammation (gingivitis). The gums are red, are swollen and very painful to touch in cases where Merc Sol is required. Swelling of the gums is most marked at night. A burning sensation is also felt in the gums with swelling and pain. The gums are spongy, receding and may be partly destroyed with the loosening of the teeth. A fetid, putrid odor from the mouth is prominent. Copious saliva is present in the mouth. Characteristic metallic taste in the mouth is also felt along with the above symptoms.

2. Kreosote – For Bleeding Gums from Inflammation

Kreosote is another well-indicated medicine for bleeding gums from gum inflammation (gingivitis). The gums are bluish red, soft, puffy, inflamed and may be ulcerated. Bleeding from gums is dark red and slightly coagulated. Toothache and decaying of the tooth may also be marked.

3. Hamamelis – To treat bleeding gums when blood is dark fluid

Hamamelis is prepared from fresh bark of twigs and root of a plant named Hamamelis Virginica or Hamamelis Dioica of the natural order Hamamelidaceae. Hamamelis is beneficial for bleeding from the gums when blood is dark fluid in nature. The gums are sore, swollen and spongy. They are also painful. Weakness and exhaustion might attend bleeding from gums in many cases needing Hamamelis.

4. Phosphorus – For Gums that Bleed upon Touch

Phosphorus offers help for bleeding from gums that appears from touching the gums even slightly. The bleeding from gums is profuse in nature. The teeth may get loose from the gums. Gums may be inflamed and ulcerated too. Phosphorus is also indicated for persistent bleeding that follows tooth extraction.

5. Bovista – For Cases of Easily Bleeding Gums

Bovista is a well-indicated medicine to manage the complaint of easily bleeding gums. A person needing Bovista tends to have frequent episodes of bleeding from the gums. Bleeding from gums occur often in them from sucking. The bleeding from gums may be marked at the night time in cases where Bovista is indicated. Bovista is also helpful for controlling bleeding that follows tooth extraction.

6. Silicea – For Gums that Ooze Blood and Pus due to Gum Infection

Silicea is a significant medicine for gums that ooze blood and pus due to gum infection. The gums are sore, inflamed and very sensitive in nature. Gums are painful to the slightest pressure. The looseness of the teeth may be present with the above symptoms. The tooth may be decayed with pain especially at the night time. Pain may be throbbing or tearing in nature.

7. Hepar Sulph – For Bleeding and Tender Gums

Hepar Sulph is helpful to treat cases of bleeding and tender gums. The pain and bleeding from the gums appear from slight touch. Throbbing type of pain is prominent in the gums. Ulcers also appear on the gums. Bitter taste in the mouth may be present.

8. Carbo Veg – For Bleeding Gums upon Cleaning Teeth

Carbo Veg is useful for cases of bleeding of gums arising on cleaning teeth. The gums are sensitive and painful. The pain in the gums is most felt while chewing. Gums may also be ulcerated. There may be an attending complaint of receding of gums and looseness of teeth in most cases needing Carbo Veg.

9. Natrum Mur – For Swollen Gums with Bleeding

Natrum Mur offers help for swollen gums with bleeding. Swelling of cheeks is also present. The gums are sensitive to both cold and warm things. Burning and smarting sensation in the gums especially while eating is felt. Painful ulcer on the gums may also be present that hurts day and night.

10. Calcarea Carb – For Bleeding Gums with Pulsating/Stitching Pain

Calcarea Carb is prominently indicated medicine for bleeding gums attended with pulsating / stitching pain in gums. The gums are swollen along with swelling of the cheeks. Foul odor from the mouth appears along with the above symptoms.

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  1. homeopathic medicine foe bleeding gums?
    What should I do if my gums are week?

  2. Sabqat ali khan says:

    My daughter is suffering from Aplastic anemia disease. In this condition blood count and platlates gone down After 7or 10 days and Also gum blooding suddenly. Please advise the treatment of Aplastic anemia. I will be very thankful you. Please advise.

  3. Bhagwat narayan singh says:

    My wife is suffering from Non Hodgkins lymphoma and being treated with Chemotherapy at Raipur govt hospital.Her swelled glands including massive spleenomegally are subsided.
    Her last therapy was done on 04/05/2022.she was fine but since last 5 days,her gums are bleeding.Blood is dark with very offensive smell.
    Carbo.V, Merc.Sol, Ars. alb,Kreosotum and Alumina gave not any relief.
    So Sir , please help me with your kind direction in this tragic condition.

  4. Zahur, Age-53, with Diabetes-Weak Heart, Eczema, ED, weak vision; Bleeding gums easily profusely many years while brush or not, bad odour, dryness, need homeo medicines. Alopathy metronidazole works but I need homeo now. Used hecla lava but no result. Used calc flour no result. Plz suggest.

  5. Santosh swai says:

    My problem is bleeding gum with not whiteing teeth after brush please kindly suggest me which homeopathy medicine I use

  6. Zulfiqar Ahmad says:

    Hi This is Zulfiqar
    I have bleeding and losing teeth for many years and now pain and swelling please help me.(male age 48years)
    Kind regards
    Zulfiqar Ahmad

    • Santosh swain says:

      My problem is
      bleeding and red gum for long times I feels it
      with not fully clear whiting teeth after brush please kindly suggest me which homeopathy medicine I use
      Age 29

  7. Lorraine Borgese says:

    My gums are not infected, puffy or red. They are pink and healthy looking. However the right top side (small area) of my gums accumulates blood, especially during the night. I have to suck it out and it bleeds profusely only in that one small area. Then it’s ok for hours but accumulates again. So it’s an ongoing process. This is confusing to me because it doesn’t appear to be an abscess. There is no pain involved. Really worried it may be coming from my head and not my gums. Please help!

  8. Dipak De says:

    The flesh entered the teeth and after coming out,blood came out from time to time.occuring last three days,want homio solutions.

    • Santosh swain says:

      September 28, 2021 at 1:47 am
      My problem is
      bleeding and red gum for long times I feels it
      with not fully clear whiting teeth after brush please kindly suggest me which homeopathy medicine I use
      Age 29 male

  9. Dr. Sharma,
    How do I use phosphorous to help with bleeding gums? Thank you, Jill

  10. Gum bleeds in night. Excessive sliva and bloody

  11. While brushes itis bleeding in the gums some times there is a bad odour in the mouth, what is the remedy and treatment care to me

  12. Tahir Shaikh says:

    Hi sir
    I am living in canada i have bleeding comes from mouth when i wake up in the morning split.
    Since one year.there is no swallen some time i feel pain.i have lot of homeopathic medicine if u pls recomit me thanks alot
    Tahir shaikh
    647 838 2447

  13. Uma Mondal says:

    Thanks for the medicine suggestions for bleeding gums.

  14. Prana Krishnan Rabha says:

    just trying to some homo .medicines to find out of dental bleeding problem ….

  15. Doreen Cherkasky says:

    I have inflamed and bleeding gums infection in one tooth and bone loss so bad that the tooth are wiggling what should I use for this

  16. Rana Iftikhar Hussain says:

    My gums of front teeth left the his place and front teeth upper and lower sides are nonadjustable, I am also diabetic patient, and many time attacked by typhoid fever. Please advice

  17. Hi
    My gum start bleeding when I feel constipation plz suggest me good homeopathic medicine

    Thank u

  18. tahir shaikh says:

    Mr Dr Sharma sahib,
    This is tahir shaikh from canada i have gums bleeding since 8 month ,i have lot of homeopathic medicine,
    i believe on homeo medicine .blood comes in the First morning when i wake up throw first split,
    please recommend me which homeo med is best gor me,i will be ver grate full to you.thanks
    tahir shai

  19. Snehanjali Sahoo says:

    My son is a hemophilia A inhibitor patient.he has gum bleeding due to milk teeth to treat it.

  20. navya akkinepally says:

    My teeth guns are swollen and bleeding .which is the best homeo medicine for that?

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