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10 Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Burning Feet

Burning feet is the sensation of excessive heat in the feet. It is a very common sensation that usually is experienced at night. Sometimes burning feet may be painful enough to interfere with sleep. Mostly it arises from nerve damage. The intensity can vary from mild or severe. It can be constant or intermittent. Homeopathic medicines for burning feet offer natural, gentle, effective treatment for a variety of cases. Homeopathic medicines for burning feet

Burning feet may also be attended with tingling, prickling, pins- needles sensation or numbness, redness, swelling, increased sweating, pain in feet.


It most commonly occurs from nerve damage. The nerve damage can be from various reasons. 

The most common reason is diabetes (diabetes neuropathy). Uncontrolled high levels of sugar in blood for a long time damages blood vessels and nerves. The nerve damage hinders normal travel of nerve signals to many body parts and also feet. Nerve damage in legs and feet refers to peripheral neuropathy. Persons who have high blood pressure, take alcohol, are overweight and smoke are at high risk of nerve damage. In case of diabetic neuropathy along with burning sensations,  tingling, numbness, sharp pain, weakness in hands and feet can also accompany. 

Secondly, it can arise from excessive alcohol use that causes nerve damage called alcoholic neuropathy.

Thirdly, it can occur from certain nutritional deficiencies. Deficiency  of vitamin B12, B6, folate can lead to nerve damage and burning sensation in feet. Vitamin B deficiency also causes anaemia that contributes to it. 

Another reason is small fiber sensory neuropathy (SFSN) which is a type of peripheral neuropathy  affecting small nerve fibers in the skin. In this painful burning in the feet arise. 

Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) is yet another reason behind burning feet. In this condition swelling appears which puts pressure on nerves and causes a burning sensation. Other symptoms of this condition include weight gain, loss of energy, hair loss, dry skin.

Other than these, it can occur in Charcot – Marie – Tooth disease (CMT). A Common form of hereditary neuropathy that causes nerve damage in arms and legs. Burning, pins and needles in the feet / hands is among the initial symptoms.

Another reason is Athlete’s foot (Fungal infection of the foot). It is also known as tinea pedis. In this condition burning, tingling, itching sensation between the toes or in the soles of the feet arise. Other than these fluid filled eruptions (blisters) cracked skin, peeling of skin, dry or raw skin on the feet may occur. Sometimes toenails get thick, discoloured, crumble and get detached from the nail bed.

Long term or chronic kidney disease – When kidneys get damaged and are not able to carry their function properly means not able to remove toxins from the body then these toxins build up in blood and damages the nerves.

Erythromelalgia – it is a rare vascular disorder in which blood vessels in lower limbs or hands get blocked on and off followed by hyperemia (excess blood flow) and inflammation. Redness, congestion, heat and pain in feet occur though symptoms can also occur in hands, arms, ears, legs, face and other body parts.

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) – In this condition the arteries that carry blood to the legs and feet becomes narrow. It leads to burning in feet and legs.

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) – A condition causing severe pain usually in just one arm or leg and develops typically after an injury or a surgery. Its symptoms are swelling, burning pain, swelling, skin colour or texture change.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome – It is a condition arising from compression of nerves that runs from the ankle to the foot. It can arise from swelling or an injury. In this there occurs  pain, burning, tingling or numbness in the foot. 

Guillain – Barre syndrome (GBS) – It is an autoimmune disease in which the immune cells attack and cause damage to the peripheral nervous system. In the beginning it is mostly present with numbness, tingling, and weakness in feet.

Some other diseases can have burning feet as one of its symptoms. Some examples include Lyme disease ( a tick-borne, infectious disease caused by a bacteria of the type borrelia), HIV, shingles  (a viral disease caused by Varicella zoster virus in which painful skin rash with blisters appears).

Pregnancy and menopause – Burning feet may be complained about by some women during pregnancy and menopause. This is due to hormonal changes leading to increase of body  temperature.

Heavy metal poisoning can also cause it. Exposure to heavy metals like arsenic, mercury and lead can lead to burning sensation in the feet.

Side effects of certain medicines like chemotherapy drugs, some medicine used to treat HIV and seizures (fits), overdose of vitamin B6.

It can also occur from wearing poor footwear and standing / walking for an extended time period.

Homeopathic Medicines for Burning Feet

Homeopathic medicines offer natural, gentle, effective treatment for cases of burning feet. These medicines focus to address the root cause behind it to bring great improvement in these cases. These medicines in addition to relieving the burning of feet also helps to improve attending symptoms. Such symptoms include tingling, prickling, sensation, numbness, redness and swelling, increased sweating and pain in feet. As burning of feet can arise from numerous reasons, its important to take homeopathic medicines after complete case analysis by a homoeopathic physician and self medication be avoided.

  1. Sulphur – Top Grade Medicine 

Sulphur is a leading medicine for burning sensation in feet. Persons needing it have burning especially in soles of feet. They wish to place them on a cool place to get relief. The burning worsens at night and they put them out of bed to cool them. They may also feel burning in soles on stepping after sitting for a long time. Itching may also be present on soles in addition to the above complaint. Another symptom that can attend it is prickling in balls of feet when putting feet to ground. 

  1. Kali Phos – For Burning in Soles and Toes

It is a great nerve remedy. It is a very suitable medicine for cases having burning in soles and toes. In some cases needing it stinging sensation in soles may be present. It is also indicated when prickling sensation is present in the feet. 

  1. Arsenic Album  For Burning, Swelling of Feet

This medicine works well in case of burning, swelling on feet. There is internal burning but when touched the feet feels cold from outside. Red spots on the feet may be present with this. Other additional symptoms that can accompany numbness and weakness of feet.

  1. Medorrhinum – For Burning of Feet and Sharp Pain

This medicine is beneficial for cases of burning feet and sharp pain in soles. Persons needing it uncovers the feet and fan them to aid relief. The sharp pain in soles is felt while taking the first step on them in the morning. They may also have swelling of feet. Sore feeling under feet especially on the left side may be present.

  1. Apis Mellifica – For Burning in the Toes

This medicine is prominent for burning sensation in toes. With this there is redness in toes. Sometimes numbness is felt in feet. Swelling in feet may be present too.  

  1. Pulsatilla – For Burning in Back of Feet

This medicine is prepared from plant Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known as wind flower or pasque flower. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is well indicated for burning in the back of feet. Redness and swelling of feet can be present with this. Tearing pain from back of foot to heel is present sometimes. Soles of feet may also be painful and feel sore. Some people requiring it also have a tingling sensation in feet while standing.

  1. Phosphorus – For Burning Sensation in Feet and Numbness of Toes

This medicine is helpful for burning sensation in feet and numbness of toes. Burning sensation can be felt in legs also. Swelling of feet may also be there. Pain in soles as if from ulceration can be felt during  walking. Another symptom that can attend is a shock like sensation in feet.

  1. Silicea – For Burning and Tingling in Soles

This medicine is very useful for burning in soles and also tingling sensation in soles. The burning is most marked in evening and night time where it is required. Along with this there is swelling of feet with redness. A peculiar accompanying symptom is excessive sweating on feet. The sweat is offensive. Soreness of feet is also there in some cases. It is also one of the best medicines for cases of athlete’s foot. 

  1. Arnica – For Violent Burning in Feet

This medicine is prepared from a plant named Arnica Montana having the common name Leopard’s – bane or fallkraut. This plant belongs to family compositae. Its use is recommended in cases presenting with violent burning in feet. Along with this tingling sensation may be marked in feet. Sometimes there is attending numbness of feet.

  1. Natrum Carb – For Burning in Feet While Walking

This medicine helps cases of burning in feet while walking. Burning is mainly present in soles for using this medicine. Swelling with stinging in feet may also attend while walking. In the right foot stitches as from needles can be felt.

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  1. chandrakant narkhede says:

    Dear sir my mother feets are burning in day night. Nodiabates . kindly suggest medicine.its nerves system problem .it is found by test.kindly suggest the medicine

  2. Ahmed Zubair says:

    My wife is diabetic for many years and is on insulin. She has burning soles and numbness of the left toe. Burning gets worst during night and her soles almost always red. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine. How about R-130?

  3. Hello

    I am suffering from burning feet, they burn from the toes sometimes up to my ankles.

  4. Kamalakant Tamhane says:

    Burning in sole and scaling . I have to remove scales by nail cutter otherwise it hurts. Cracks are also developed on heel foot thumb and the flat part of sole . Please email some solution

  5. My 87 year old father has burning of the tops of his feet and of his lower legs along with tingling with a pins and needles sensation. He also describes his skin feeling like it is glass and shatters. He says that his legs are extremely weak and worn out all the time
    even he first awakes. I am looking for a homeopathic remedy. Reading your article I am wondering about Phosphorus…
    What would you recommend and What potency would you recommend and frequency?

  6. Titling pains on the sole.probably because I broke my both feet jumping from 8 feet height.

  7. Vinod Kumar varma says:

    Stiffness both ancle, feet, burnning, numbness, walking unbalance, diabetic amotrophy aged 6 9 please advice…

  8. Radha Krishnamurty Bulusu says:

    I am a chronic diabetic and take insulin 24u bf and 14u after dinner. Of late the soles of my feet are burning even though my sugar levels are under control. Hb1AC is 7.Any homeo medicine to stop this burning.

    • Mohan Rao Kadekodi says:

      Both feet burning sensation 24×7…stiff ankles…unbalanced walking….chronic, may be 10+ years…no bp, diabetic problems… for asthma taking two times 400 mcg puffs…hardly any teeth left, so taking liq foods. …occasionally getting constipated….should l try SULPHUR 200…? am 82..PL advise..thank you

  9. A M. Mostafi says:

    Dear Dr.
    For some 15days I fell much burning only left heal Basically when I get down from bed . Kindly suggest some medicine. Thank you.

  10. RAMESH gupta says:

    Hello Doctor Sharma,

    I suffered a lot from lichen Planus 2 years back and now it is almost cured but for more than a year I have Itching on testicle skin and there is no rash at all.

    I tried Sulphur and some creams but no relief. When it itches then I have to press and squeeze the skin to get relief. It keeps happening every few hours.

    Please advise what medicine I should try.

    Ramesh Gupta (age 79)

  11. Feet burning and pain sugar patient

  12. Arun Kumar srivastava says:

    Sri my mother is 87 years old and suffering from severe leg and sole burning throughout the day and night, her back is slightly curved.She is getting it difficult to even sleep. I am providing her vitamin B E calcium and vitamin c but not much relief, Please help I am posted in Mangalore

    • Arun Kumar srivastava says:

      Sri my mother is 87 years old and suffering from severe leg and sole burning throughout the day and night, her back is slightly curved.She is getting it difficult to even sleep. I am providing her vitamin B E calcium and vitamin c but not much relief, Please help I am posted in Mangalore

    • Nirmala mathur says:

      Mere feet me finger ke niche vale soft bhag me behut burnin he. Sub dr ko dikha diya he.suggar bhi nahi he. 2016 me enkal ke uper ki bone tut gai thi. Veha plat dali he. Us feet me to burning he hi ab to dusre feet me bhi ho rehi he. Me Hyderabad me rehti hu

  13. Burning sensation during in feet during night.I diabetic, gastritis,cabg patient n my 72 years.Also indigestion n constipation.

  14. Burning sensation in the feet during night n also lot of abdominal discomfort n chronic gastritis n constipation n diabetic for 20 years. N also operated for bypass for heart n I am 72 years.

  15. excellent

  16. Ram Jiwanand Brahmachari says:

    Sir, I am a diabetic patient for last 23years. I am suffering from burning sensation in my soles. It
    become very severe during summer, walking and evening. I am taking PregasonMxR 75mg with little benefit. Please suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine for treatment.

  17. I feel burning sensation in toe and feet during night particularly in summer
    I am a ckd patient with slight swelling on foot.Grateful if you guide me.

  18. Dr. Sharma We are much benefitted to get the right kind of advice for most types of ailments through your website. I shall contact you if needed for any completed issues. Thank you so much for maintaining the site so well. God bless.


    Dear Dr. Sharmaji: I read your treatment recommendations for burning feet and I used Kaliphos, Arnica & Phosporus already. I did see noticeable improvement from the medicines and I thank you for that. I have been using homeopathic medicines for myself for the last 30 years.
    I do suffer from frequent urination especially it bothers at night and interrupts my sleep. I have tried several homeopathic remedies but no noticeable improvement. I will like to hear your recommendations.
    Thank you

  20. Dear Dr. Sharma
    Sir since from past 11 years i am Diabetic. feeling burning sensation in my feet, front toe portion. pls guide me suitable Medicine.


    Cystoscopy +OIU+BNI-TURP done on 23-12-2019. After surgery, some allopathy medicines were taken to get the healing condition. Now I have to face the following problems :
    1) During urination, I feel burning sensation.
    2) When sitting on the chair or on the bed I feel also burning sensation.
    3) Before surgery, I had been suffering from UTI for a long time and flow of urine gradually decreasing.
    4) Now urine flow fair, at night urine pass one or two times
    5) Blood sugar on boarder line
    6) BP 140/80, Age 69, weight 80kg.

  22. Dipannita Gomes says:

    My mother, 65 yes old a cancer treated patient having oedema of feet suddenly fell down hurt her left thigh region and since then is unable to walk .Due to covid couldn’t take the risk to take her for an x ray. She has swelling feet severe burning pain in legs and for the left leg has a lump. Please suggest .

  23. Dear Dr. Sharma:
    I currently have burning sensation in my feet, light numbness in the soles of my feet, right quad muscle weakness/atrophy and painful right knee. It all started after surgery to repair torn quad muscle in 2017. The quad simply refused to regain strength no matter how I excecised it.
    A neurologist diagnosed nerve damage and put me on gabapentin 300mg. Referred me to pain management doctor.
    I have done physical therapy, epidural injection, all kinds of chiropractor care including spinal decompression. I just completed
    treatment that included laser therapy, PEMF, deep muscle therapy, neurolight, anti-inflammatory nutrition with no success.

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