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Cervicitis – 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Relief

Cervicitis refers to inflammation of the cervix (the lower end of the uterus that leads to the vagina). Cervicitis result from a bacterial or viral infection that is most often transmitted by sexual contact. The common sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), that can lead to cervicitis include chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, mycoplasma, and genital herpes. The top listed homeopathic medicines for cervicitis are Kreosote, Alumina, Natrum Mur, Hydrastis, and Sepia.

Cervicitis can also result from non-infectious reasons. These include allergic reactions like from using douches, from latex in condoms, etc. Irritation from the diaphragm, tampons, pessaries may cause inflammation of cervix if left in place for longer as advised. In some cases, cervicitis may result from an overgrowth of some bacteria that normally resides in the vagina. Having unprotected sex, having multiple sex partners, having a history of STI (sexually transmitted infection), beginning sexual intercourse at an early age puts a female at risk to develop cervicitis.

homeopathic medicines for cervicitis

Homeopathic Medicines for Cervicitis 

Homeopathy carries excellent scope to treat cervicitis. These medicines help to reduce the inflammation of cervix and managing the symptoms effectively. The symptoms of cervicitis including vaginal discharges, pain during intercourse, bleeding between periods, vaginal bleeding after intercourse, frequent urination and painful urination are treated successfully with natural medicines.

1. Kreosote – For Offensive and Itchy Vaginal Discharge

Kreosote is well-indicated for cases of cervicitis with offensive vaginal discharge. The vaginal discharge is yellow or white colored. It has extremely putrid, offensive odor. It is acrid and causes intense itching, smarting in the genitals. Soreness and burning arises after scratching. The discharge is worse on standing and walking. It is attended with weakness in most cases.

2. Alumina – For Vaginal Discharge with Extreme Burning in Genitals

Alumina is valuable medicine to treat vaginal discharge in cervicitis with extreme burning in genitals. The vaginal discharge is profuse and transparent. It is corrosive with burning in genitals. Washing with cold water relieves the leucorrhea. The discharge is worse during the daytime. It is also worse after periods in some cases.

3. Natrum Mur – For Thick White Vaginal Discharges

Natrum Mur is a prominent medicine for managing thick white vaginal discharge in cervicitis cases. The discharge is profuse. It causes itching especially at night time. Smarting pain may also attend itching. Excessive debility accompanies vaginal discharge. Along with the above complaint of painful intercourse may also be present.

4. Hydrastis – For Thick Yellow Vaginal Discharge

Hydrastis is prepared from the fresh root of plant Hydrastis Canadensis commonly known as goldenseal, orange – root or yellow puccoon. This plant belongs to natural order Ranunculaceae. Hydrastis is valuable to manage thick yellow vaginal discharge in cases of cervicitis. The discharge may also be tenacious, viscid and ropy attended with offensive smell sometimes. It may be itchy too. Offensive, pus-like discharges from the vagina is also indicative of its use.

5. Sepia – To Manage Pain during Intercourse in Cervicitis

Sepia is an excellent medicine to manage complaint of pain during intercourse in cervicitis cases. Females needing Sepia have terrible pain during coition. Coition is intolerable in them. Along with this severe itching of the vulva and vagina is present. Vaginal discharge of thick yellow or green color is present. The discharge is of acrid and excoriating nature. The discharge has a fetid odor. The discharges tend to get worse after urination. A prominent bearing down in the pelvis is marked. Along with above frequent urging to urinate is also felt. Sepia is top grade medicine for treating PID (pelvic inflammatory disease).

6. Argentum Nitricum – For Vaginal Bleeding following Intercourse

Argentum Nitricum is a helpful medicine for cervicitis to manage complaint of vaginal bleeding following intercourse. Intercourse is also painful where Argentum Nitricum is required. Vaginal discharge yellow, profuse, corroding may be there. It is also indicated for intermenstrual bleeding in cases of cervicitis.

7. Nitric Acid – For Offensive Vaginal Discharges

Nitric Acid is another medicine indicated for offensive vaginal discharges in cervicitis. The vaginal discharge may be brown, green or flesh colored to use Nitric Acid. It is attended with burning in genitals. The discharge is most times worse after menses with pain in the abdomen.

8. Sabina – To Manage Inter-menstrual Bleeding

Sabina is prepared from plant Sabina Officinalis, also known as Juniperus sabina. The natural order of this plant is coniferae. Sabina is beneficial to manage intermenstrual bleeding in cervicitis cases. The bleeding is bright red. Menstrual blood is partly fluid partly clotted. It is profuse in nature. Pain from sacrum to pubes is a chief attending feature.

9. Merc Sol – For Cervicitis with Frequent Urination

Merc Sol is very useful to manage frequent urination in cervicitis cases. The frequency is marked both day and night where Merc Sol is indicated. Along with frequency urgency to pass urine is also present where the female has the inability to retain urine and has to rush to urinate. Burning pains while urinating are also experienced. Apart from the above vaginal discharge of green color may be present. It causes smarting, itching and biting pain in the genitals. The vaginal discharge gets worse at night time in cases needing Merc Sol.

10. Cantharis – For Painful/burning Urination

Cantharis is a very suitable medicine to manage complaint of painful/burning urination in cervicitis cases. Females needing Cantharis complain of burning and pain in the urethra while urinating. They may also have burning before and after urination. The frequency of urination is also increased especially at night time. In some cases, urine is scanty or pass drop by drop.

Symptoms of Cervicitis

In many cases of cervicitis, no symptoms are present. When symptoms arise they include unusual vaginal discharge that may be offensive, pain during intercourse, bleeding between periods, vaginal bleeding after intercourse, frequent urination, painful urination, and lower back pain. Thick vaginal discharges like pus are indicative of severe cervicitis. The infection from cervix can travel into the uterus and fallopian tube resulting in pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID can cause infertility issues. 

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  1. Itching in vaginal opening, rashes on cervix of uterus, itching worst,

  2. Ananya Das says:

    Hello doctor.i need help with cervicitis. Pls reply

    • Chanda Devi says:

      Hi ,meri delivery operation ka 3 month ho chuka bleeding band nhi hi ruk ruk aa rha hi ultrasound karane pe pata chala meri bachhedani me Sujan hai aur meri liver v badh gyi hi aur pith ki thaili me stone ho gya kirpya nidan bataye

  3. JAON JACKSON says:

    I just turn 65 in June of 2022. I presently not involved in any sexual activity since May 2018. I just found out that i have a problem in my cervix called cirvictis inflamation.
    What homopatic medication can I use?

  4. Vineeta says:

    Hello doctor, my endometrial thickness is 9.6 cm and I am going through severe cervicitis. These symptoms were found in me before one year through the diagnose of pap smear and lower abdomen ultrasound. for last one year I took allopathic medicins but no positive response. Now my symptoms are- lower back pain. Sometimes pain in vaginal and seems fallopian too feel pain. A thick white smell less discharges frequently. It feels weakness and a lot sleepy too. Doctor suggested me operation. Tell me ur suggestion accordingly.

  5. Safia Ali says:

    Hello Dr,
    I am 36 years old ald suffering from candidal cervicitis which was found through pap smear in october 2019. It is for the first time i am diagnosed with this infection. I was give candistat for 15days, pessary for 10days and surfaz cream to apply for almost 1 month. Still there is no improvement in my condition.Can you please help me and suggest me homeopathic medicine for the same.
    Safia Ali

  6. Plz tell me how to cure Endo cervical polyp of size 2 cm

  7. A.Subhalaxmi says:

    Respected sir,
    I’m 23. It’s been more than a month that I’m suffering from heaviness/pressure accompanied by tingling sensation in lower abdomen(right above genital area) with frequent urge to urinate. Also constant lower back pain exists.
    Also having vaginal discharge sometimes which is either whitish or transparent mucus-like, with a smelly nature.
    Kindly help.

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