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Hoarse Voice? Clear It Up with Homeopathy

Hoarseness is a symptom, not a disease that refers to abnormal voice changes. Due to hoarseness, the voice sounds strained, deep, breathy, harsh, raspy or weak. There may also be changes in the pitch of the voice. It may be attended with throat dryness and scratchiness in the throat. Homeopathic medicines for hoarse voice help treat the problem naturally.

The most common reason for hoarseness of voice is laryngitis that mainly arises from a viral infection. Other reasons include vocal cord nodules/polyps, allergies, irritants like smoking, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease, where stomach acid comes and irritates the vocal folds), injury to voice box (larynx) or vocal cords, thyroid issues, cancer of larynx and neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis. Overuse of voice, speaking loudly, screaming, yelling, prolonged singing also predisposes a person to hoarseness of voice.

homeopathic medicines for Hoarse Voice

Homeopathic Medicines for Hoarse Voice

Complaint of hoarseness of voice can be treated effectively with homeopathic medicines. Both acute, as well as chronic cases of hoarseness of voice, respond wonderfully to homeopathy. Natural medicines bring great recovery in cases of hoarseness of voice by aiming to treat the root cause behind it. The top listed medicines for treating hoarseness of voice includes Causticum, Phosphorus, Argentum Met, Belladonna and Calcarea Carb.

1.Causticum – For Hoarseness Worse in Morning

Causticum is a highly beneficial medicine for hoarseness of voice that gets worse in the morning. There is an inability to speak loudly. A scraping sensation in the throat is felt. Rawness in the throat is also present during the morning. The larynx is sore to touch and there may be a pressive pain along with dryness in the larynx. Cough and irritation in the larynx with a frequent need to clear something out of larynx is also marked. Causticum is a top listed medicine to treat laryngitis.

2. Phosphorus – For Hoarseness of Voice Worse in the Evening

Phosphorus is very useful for treating cases of hoarseness of voice that gets worse in the evening. In cases needing Phosphorus, the voice is hoarse, rough, husky attended with rawness and pain in the larynx. Stitching pain and soreness in larynx also appear. A sensation of weight is felt in the larynx. While speaking a tickling sensation in the throat is felt. Talking is difficult due to pain in the larynx. A dry, hacking cough attends the above symptoms. Talking and laughing worsens the cough.

3. Argentum Met – For Hoarseness Arising from Overuse of Voice

Argentum Met is very suitable medicine for treating hoarseness of voice that arises from overuse of voice. People who have to use voice for long hours (like singers, teachers, public speakers etc) who suffer from hoarse voice are highly benefited by this medicine. They have an extremely hoarse voice with an inability to speak loudly. While speaking they have to hem and hawk and clear throat frequently. There is also alternation in the timbre of the voice. Constant tickling in the throat is present that lead to cough. A gelatinous, viscid, jelly-like mucus, grey in color is expectorated. Larynx feels rough and sore when coughing.

4. Belladonna – For Hoarseness with Pain in Throat

Belladonna is prepared from the plant Deadly Nightshade. The natural order of this plant is Solanaceae. Belladonna is very helpful for hoarseness of voice attended with pain in the throat. For using Belladonna the voice is hoarse, husky and rough. Voice may be feeble sometimes. There is difficulty in speaking. The larynx is painful, especially while talking. Excessive soreness of the larynx is also present. Larynx may also feel constricted. Sometimes scraping sensation is felt in the throat. In many cases, dry cough with tickling in the larynx also appears prominently.

5. Calcarea Carb – For Painless Hoarseness

Calcarea Carb is a well-indicated medicine for painless hoarseness of voice. The voice is very rough, hoarse and the complaint is aggravated in the morning. Hawking somewhat helps relieve the complaint. Along with this larynx also feels dry and rough. An intense burning sensation in the throat, a prickling sensation, and a sensation of dust may also be felt in the larynx. Cough with little expectoration may arise that is most worse at the night. The expectoration is of thick mucus that may be yellow or grey colored.

6. Arum Triphyllum – For Hoarseness with Change in Pitch of Voice

Arum Triphyllum is prominent medicine for hoarseness of voice and change in pitch of voice constantly. The voice gets high, shrieking and then becomes low, scarcely audible alternately. It is also effective for hoarseness arising from overuse of voice as in singers, actors, orators.

7. Spongia – For Hoarseness with Dryness of Larynx

Spongia is valuable for treating hoarseness of voice attended with a dryness of larynx. Voice is hoarse, cracked, low, weak, husky and unclear. The larynx is sensitive to touch. A sensation of plug and pressure is felt in the larynx. The larynx is inflamed and is painful while talking and singing. Irritation, tickling, burning, scraping and roughness are felt in the larynx. Cough accompanies above symptoms. An expectoration of yellow mucus in lumps may appear.

8. Hepar Sulph – For Hoarseness with Irritation and roughness in the Larynx

Hepar Sulph is significant medicine for hoarseness of voice with irritation and roughness in the larynx. The larynx is painful and very sensitive to cold. Pain in the larynx is worse coughing, talking and from pressure. Cough also arises from irritation in the larynx. There is rattling of mucus with expectoration of mucus that is sour or sweet in taste.

9. Merc Sol – For Hoarseness with Rawness and Burning in Larynx

Merc Sol offers help for hoarseness of voice with rawness and burning sensation in the larynx. Tickling is also felt in the larynx. There is a profuse accumulation of saliva in the mouth. Cough also arise with expectoration of tough or watery nature which is yellowish in color having a foul smell.

10. Stannum Met – For Hoarseness that gets Better by Coughing

Stannum Met is indicated for hoarseness of voice that gets better by coughing. Voice is deep, hoarse, husky where Stannum Met is required. Coughing momentarily relieve the hoarseness and makes the voice clear. Along with cough greenish expectoration may appear that is sweet to taste.

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  1. Suparna mukherjee says:

    Voice crack ,horossness,cold caugh …how to relieve in these conditions..

  2. Hello Sir

    I am suffering throat issue from the last ten years. I am holy reciter but now i feel difficulty in reciting anything cant recite comfortably. I have to use extra force or muscle power during recitation. Also my voice quality has bee changed and lot of roughness, hoarseness specially in morning and evening. Also i have GERD problem, kindly advise me the best homeopathy medicine because there is no such a fruitful result come from other medicines.


  3. Stacy Jansen says:

    Sept 10 my hoarseness of 3 yrs started on a camping trip way north in a damp month
    Allergist dies nothing
    Not about nebuluzer
    Had voice therapy but devices there are to modulate byline never lurch
    That did not work
    Cones and goes but on a long spell again
    Voice hoarse easy and loud
    Ent no help
    Sees nothing but redness on curds
    I need a medication as I get fatigued and it is laboring to talk
    Have my own chiropractor and acupuncturist

  4. SUDHA SOOD says:

    Good afternoon.
    Due to GERD or acid reflux, my voice is almost constantly weak from the age of 25. Now I am 56 years old. I have also thyroid and taking thyroxine of 37.5 mg. Sometimes I also feel pain and stiffness in throat. I feels vibration while talking with someone. My larynx is inflamed and there is a sour taste in the mouth and after take water or milk or other meal little portion of meal comes out several times. what would be the best homeopathic remedy?

  5. Promod k khanna says:

    Doctor Sharma.
    Veer good morning
    Dr Sharma singing is my hobby from almost one or two month my voice is not coming out as it was previously. I think that overuse might be the cause of it I used it for long hours and without weting. How I am feeling lot of difference in quality of my voice. Please prescribe me some medicine and advise me how can I deal with this problem. Of course I am 71 years old old but the quality of voice I was getting when I started singing almost six months back was awesome. Everybody was praising it and saying that it I have a voice of early thirties, can I get it back
    Thanking you very much in advance.

  6. alan bouvard says:

    Dear doctor, I am vocal music teacher n have to appear for an exam the next month my problem is that I can’t sing for long…I feel a strain on the throat, feel a lot of flem in my throat….I was having GERD for which I was treated two year back but still have digestion issues on n off, my main issue is the singing, can you please suggest the best homeo medicine so that I can get back to my singing with out straining my vocal cords

  7. My voice is hoarse from the vocal chords being stretched during intubation while undergoing open heart surgery. I do not have any pain and little expectoration. I have occasional coughs. What remedies are available for this condition?

  8. Due to GERD or acid reflux, my voice is almost constantly weak. it gets worse when I talk too much. There is no pain in the throat but the larynx is inflamed and there is a sour taste in the mouth. the neck also feels tight and a bit stiff. what would be the best homeopathic remedy?

  9. J.vijayalakshmi says:

    Sir iam working as a teacher for the past 34 years. For the past two years iam suffering from harshness in my voice and dry throat.iam taking only homeo medicines for all my health problems. For my voice harshness also iam taking only homeo medicines. But till now I didn’t get my voice back.please give me remedy for my problem.

    • Chanchal Kumar says:

      Sir,I am working as school teacher for last 25 years At present my age is 55 years , last 16 to18months, l am taking online classes.
      Last eight months am suffering from hoarseness of voice,
      I can’t speak loudly and for longtime continuously
      No pain in throat ,sometime ,I feel ,need some extra pressure to speak both in morning hour, evening hour.
      Sir, how I can return my normal voice
      Still I am taking online classes 3 to 4 pds
      Sir ,suggest me a homeopathy medicine and doses as soon as possible

  10. uzzwal Chowdhury says:

    My voice becomes harsh at the age of puberty. Now I am 37 years old. Gradually it is getting worse. I am a singer, practising sometimes. After singing I feel pain
    and cough in my throat. Now I seek remedy for this.

  11. I am teacher and singer both . My voice becomes hoarse after singing and throat becomes dry . Some time with cough but no discharge but need water

    • Govind sharma says:

      Sir Ian safring for horsevoice,gala Beth’s rahata h,horse nahi vol Sakta,awaj spstnahi nikalti homeopathic ki medison bhejo

      • Neelum Aga says:

        Dear Dr
        I am a singer the problem with my throat is while singing some times my voice cracks & becomes croaky as a result the swars do not come out clear & there is a strained feeling,this usually happens in the evening. But some times the voice is quite clear
        I will be obliged if you coiuld suggest some medicine for my ailment.
        Thanking you……Neelum Aga

  12. M. Siddique says:

    Guide some effected remedies :- Stomach gas + Eructations loudly especially in empty stomach. Also hoarseness early morning and sunset aggravations (Allergic Cough)..

  13. HASSAN ABBAS says:

    Hi iam Hassan Abbas from Pakistan
    Iam a singer & My voice sits up so fast I can’t sing much
    Please give me a medicine that will make my voice more open

  14. गोविन्द शर्मा says:

    सर मेरा गला बैठा रहता है ,मेने कई जांच करवाई ,डाक्टर कहते हैं आपकी वोइस कोड वीक हो गई ,मेरी आयु 54वर्ष है पेशे से अध्यापक।हूं,कृपया मुझे होम्योपेथी दवा कैसे मिल सकती है

  15. Kalyan Roychoudhery says:

    Dear ma’am,
    My wife is suffering from hoarseness of her voice from the last three months.
    Their is no pain,fever, redness, inflammation in her throat as observed by me and as per her own statement, even her voice seems normal for me but she complain of some uneasiness while speaking, feel something blocking on her throat passage, feeling like to clear her throat in the process of clearing any mucous formation.
    She is very susceptible to cold and cough.
    Request advice.

  16. गोविन्द शर्मा says:

    Sir meri voice change Hoti ja Rahi h,गला सदैव बैठा बैठा रहता है,आवाज स्पष्ट नहीं निकलती जोर से नहीं बोला जाता ,बोलने में जोर लगाना पड़ता है

  17. Partha Sarathi Roy says:

    Respected sir, my daughter is 12yrs old and have chronic cold symptoms,sometimes foul smell. At the time of practice songs her voice can’t raise due to choked. Brionia 200 mother was given. But there’s no permanent solution. Please advice which medicine should you prescribe.

  18. Sanjeev Sundaram says:

    Hello Dr, my voice is choked for 5-6 months. No pain . Feels better when I cough and spit out. Upon investigation Dr said it is because of a warty nodule. Can this be taken care with Homeo ? How. Much time will it take to remove this nodule?

  19. Ruparel says:


    I have been struggling with hoarse voice following use of a potent hormonal medication over 2 years ago. I notice my voice is different in the morning and pitch keeps changing constantly. I find that I don’t have a feminine voice anymore. It’s frustrating but I don’t know what I can do to change it or modulate it. Is there anything you can recommend? I am thinking of buying Homeovox by Boiron for a trial. Do you think this product will help?

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