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Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Blepharitis

Blepharitis refers to inflammation of the eyelid edges/margins where eyelashes grow. The factors that are linked with the cause of blepharitis include clogging of the oil glands at the base of eyelashes, allergic reactions, bacterial infection, seborrhoeic dermatitis, rosacea, and eyelash mites. These natural medicines help reduce the inflammation, redness, and swelling of the eyelids. Homeopathic medicines for blepharitis help reduce the inflammation, redness, and swelling of the eyelids.    homeopathic medicines for blepharitis

Homeopathic Medicines for Blepharitis

Homeopathy offers very effective treatment for cases of blepharitis. The symptoms including watering from eyes, itching of the eyelids, burning in the eyes, grittiness in the eyes, stinging sensation in the eyes, sticking of the eyelids, sensitivity to light are also managed effectively with homeopathy. The top remedies for blepharitis are Euphrasia, Apis Mellifica, Graphites, Argentum Nitricum, Petroleum, Natrum Mur, Belladonna, Sulphur, and Merc Sol.

1. Euphrasia – For Redness and Watering from Eyes

Euphrasia is prepared from a plant Euphrasia Officinalis of the natural order Scrophulariaceae. Euphrasia is very beneficial for manage the redness and watering from eyes in cases of blepharitis. The eyelids are very red and swollen, and there may be burning and biting sensation in the eyes along with grittiness.

2. Apis Mellifica – For Stinging Sensation in the Eyes

Apis Mellifica is useful for blepharitis with a stinging sensation in the eyes. Sometimes burning, scalding, smarting sensation is felt in the eyes. Eyelids tend to feel heavy, are red, swollen and may be itchy too. Irritation and soreness appear in the eyes. Sensitivity to light may also be present in a few cases.

3. Graphites – For Flakiness/crusting at the Base of Eyelashes

Graphites is an excellent medicine for blepharitis with flakiness/crusting at the base of eyelashes. There is marked dryness in the edges of lids with itching and a constant desire to rub the eyes. Eyelids margins are highly inflamed and may stick together especially at the night time. Along with this profuse watering from the eyes may arise. Smarting, burning and biting sensation in the eyes attend the above symptoms.

4. Argentum Nitricum – For Redness, Swelling of Eyelid Margin

Argentum Nitricum is next helpful medicine for blepharitis. In cases needing Argentum Nitricum, there is marked redness of the eyelids and swelling of the eyelid margin. Thick crusts may appear on the lids with swelling. This may be accompanied by sticking of eyelids in the morning. Photophobia may attend too. There may be dryness and heat in the eyes. Complaints may get better in cold air and with cold applications when Argentum Nitricum is required.

5. Petroleum – For Dry and Itchy Eyelids

Petroleum is beneficial for cases of blepharitis where dryness and itching of lids are prominent. There is a need to rub the eyelids frequently. The skin around the eyes is also dry and scurfy. Burning and sticking in the eyes may also appear. In some cases smarting sensation in the eyes is felt.

6. Natrum Mur – For Prominent, Gritty Sensation

Natrum Mur is well-indicated medicine for blepharitis with gritty (sandlike) sensation in the eyes. This is mostly felt during the morning. Along with this, there is marked sensitivity to light. Smarting and burning sensation in the eyes is present. A burning sensation appears that gets worse during the evening time. Eyes remain red with watering and feel sticky in the morning.

7. Belladonna – For Swollen and Painful Lids

Belladonna is prepared from a plant named Deadly Nightshade of the natural order Solanaceae. Belladonna is considered for blepharitis cases with swollen and painful eyelids. Pain, pressive in nature may appear in the eyes. This is most worse on closing the eyes. In some cases, eye movement and light also worsens the pain. Eyes are sensitive to light. Redness and itching in the eyes may be marked too. A sensation of heat and burning in the eyes are prominent. Sand in the eye sensation also appears.

8. Sulphur – For Dry Crusts in Lashes and Falling of Eyelashes

Sulphur is a well-indicated medicine for blepharitis with dry crusts in lashes and falling of eyelashes. The inner surface of the lids is dry and inflamed. Burning and smarting sensation on the edges of lids with itching is marked with an inclination to rub it. Itching is worse in the evening. Biting sensation in eyes with lachrymation is felt especially in the evening.

9. Merc Sol – For Burning Sensation in the Eyes

Merc Sol is an effective medicine for blepharitis with a burning sensation in the eyes. Along with this, there is profuse watering from the eyes. The eyelids are red, swollen and thick. The eyelid margins are covered with scabs in some cases. Itching and dry heat are felt in the eyes.

10. Silicea – For Sticking of Eyelids

Silicea works well in cases of blepharitis with sticking of eyelids. This is most marked in the morning. Cold air exposure tends to worsen it. Smarting sensation in the eyelids is also felt. It worsens from closing the eyes. In some cases photophobia also accompanies. Pain and sand like sensation in eyes may be there. Pain may be throbbing, tearing, shooting, stinging in nature. Lachrymation may be present that is worse in the open air.

11. Natrum Carb – For Blepharitis with Photophobia

Natrum Carb is a significant medicine for blepharitis with photophobia (sensitivity to light). Eyes may feel dry along with this. Eyelids are swollen and may also feel heavy. Eyelids may stick together with above features where Natrum Carb is indicated.

Symptoms of Blepharitis

The symptoms of blepharitis include red eyes, watering from eyes, itching of the eyelids, swelling of the eyelid margin, burning in the eyes, grittiness in the eyes, stinging sensation in the eyes, sticking of the eyelids, sensitivity to light (photophobia) and loss of eyelashes. The symptoms of blepharitis tend to get worse most of the times in the morning. Both eyes are involved in the majority of the cases.

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  1. Where can I buy homeopathy treatments to treat blepharitis

  2. Lorraine Valentine says:

    I have Bletharitis with gritty burning and smarting sensation, particularly during and after close work, ie painting.
    It is not itchy and I don’t have sticky eyelids n mornings though it is very hot and stinging sensation. I have noticed on both eyes in the eyelash margin small white pimples have developed on both top eyelids.
    I don’t have the symptom of particularly swollen or red eyelids. But I do have a heavy feeling and stinging, sometimes watering
    Symptoms throughout the day. I am using hot compresses, cleaning eyelash area and eye drowps for dry eyes.

  3. Kaushal soni says:

    Mem meri eye dendarff aata hai

  4. Shweta Singh says:

    I have suffered from blepharitis. And it’s very painful for eyes I have to check out many doctors but I have no relief .

  5. Stan Musick says:

    I’ve had Blepharitis for a few years and have it under control. However, I”m looking for a permanent cure.
    Is this something that you can offer?

  6. Brenda Liddiard says:

    Hi Dr Sharma – could you tell me whether euphrasia is safe to use for blepharitis for someone with a transplanted cornea?

    Thanks you

  7. Nancy Holzhauser says:

    My eyelids burn, my eyes are dry with very little tear and oil production. The burning is worse when riding in a car. The most pain is the eyelids, however, and it is a burning sensation that lasts all day. When I wake up during the night my eyes are dry. I get a grittiness sensation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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