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12 Homeopathic Medicines For Albuminuria

Albuminuria refers to a condition in which albumin (a type of protein) abnormally passes in the urine. Albumin is a major type of protein made in the liver that normally circulates in the blood. Homeopathic medicines for albuminuria mainly play a supportive role in managing such cases.

Albumin is the most abundant and significant protein in the blood circulation. It helps in maintaining the right amount of fluid flowing throughout the body and acts as a carrier for fatty acid, thyroid hormones and steroids. The protein should remain in blood and never enter urine under normal circumstances. But when the protein albumin abnormally seeps in the urine it is referred to as albuminuria. 

The kidneys function to filter the blood in the body. When blood passes through the kidneys it keeps the things required by the body like protein but eliminates the things not needed out of the body as urine. The kidneys have got glomeruli which act as filters. When functioning normally, the protein cannot pass through the filter and enter urine  or a very little trace of protein can pass in urine. But in case of damaged kidney excessive albumin can leak out of the kidneys into urine. 

CausesHomeopathic medicines for Albuminuria

Some of the conditions that cause a temporary increase of albumin in urine includes dehydration, stress, intense physical activity, cold weather, fever and side effects of some medications. 

Furthermore, the medical conditions that can lead to rise of albumin levels in the urine. First among them is diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure – B.P.), kidney inflammation – nephritis, glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the glomeruli which are the structures made of tiny blood vessels in kidneys that filter blood), nephrotic syndrome (a kidney disorder in which body to pass too much protein in urine).  physical trauma to the kidneys, cardiovascular disease like endocarditis (inflammation of the endocardium which is the inner layer of the heart). These medical conditions need urgent medical help as these can result in severe complications like kidney failure. 

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, elderly people above age of 65 yrs, individuals having family history of kidney disease are at high risk of albuminuria. Such people need to get tested for urine albumin quite frequently so that any kidney damage is detected and managed in time and further complications be prevented.

Types Of Albuminuria


It denotes the start of kidney damage with moderate increase in the albumin levels in the urine. When kidney damage is slight the albumin passes in urine in small  quantities ( around 30mg to 300mg within the twenty four hour time frame ).


When kidney function is greatly affected there is excessive passing of albumin in the urine denoting macroalbuminuria.  The kidney allows passage of large amounts of albumin into the urine (more than 300 mg within the twenty four hour time frame). It indicates a serious kidney condition.


It is mostly asymptomatic in the beginning stages. But when there is passage of a large amount of albumin in urine, there maybe some signs that give an indication towards it. First among them is urine having whitish foam or urine looking frothy. Next sign is swelling of the ankles, hands, eyes, face, legs, belly. The swelling occurs when abundant albumin passes in urine and results in low levels of protein in the blood. The low protein levels in blood leads to movement of fluid through the blood vessels walls into tissue. 

Homeopathic Medicines for Albuminuria

Cases of albuminuria need immediate medical attention to prevent serious complications. Homeopathic medicines mainly play a supportive role in managing cases of albuminuria. These medicines can be used along with conventional treatment for halting its further progression. Additionally they help in reducing oedema (swelling ) linked with it. Other than these homeopathic medicines also work towards managing  associated symptoms like burning / painful urine, frequent urine, scanty urine, kidney pain. Albuminuria can have serious effects on the body and can lead to kidney damage. So one should use homeopathic medicines along with conventional treatment, that too under supervision of a homeopathic physician and never self prescribe any of these medicines.

  1. Apis Mellifica – Top Grade Medicine for Albuminuria

Apis Mellifica is a leading medicine for albuminuria. In cases needing it urine is frothy. Urine is also scanty. It can also contain blood. Urine is hot and can have an offensive smell. Along with this there is marked oedema. Here swelling is present on the face, hands, legs, and there is puffing of eyelids. Burning while urinating may also be present. Other than this sudden pain along the ureter can occur frequently. It is also considered for albuminuria with nephritis.

  1. Terebinthina – For Early Stages of Albuminuria

This medicine is well indicated for early stages of albuminuria. Along with albumin, blood can also appear in urine where it is required. Pain, especially dull, aching type over kidney region may also be felt. There is swelling of lids, face and feet along with above symptoms. The urine is scanty and appears cloudy. Urine may also be fetid. It is also a prominent medicine for cases of nephritis.

  1. Calcarea Arsenicosa – For Frequent Urine with Excessive Albumin in Urine

It is a significant medicine for cases with frequent urine and excessive amounts of albumin in urine. People requiring it pass urine almost every hour. There is burning while urination and urine is scanty. Along with this great sensitivity of the kidney region to pressure is present. Swelling over the face and back of hands is also there. It is also a well indicated medicine for albuminuria during pregnancy.

  1. Merc Cor – When Urine is Scanty and Have Albumin and Blood

Merc Cor is a valuable medicine for cases where urine is scanty and contains albumin and blood. Urine is also hot, burning. There is frequent urge to urinate. Urine passes with pain and sometimes in drops. Swelling of the face is also there.

  1. Nitric Acid – For Albuminuria with Pressure in Kidney Region

This medicine is indicated for albuminuria with pressure in the kidney region. Urine is highly offensive in cases needing it. Urine appears turbid. Along with albumin urine may also contain mucus, pus and blood. There is frequent urging to urinate with scanty discharge. Oedema of feet, excessive weakness and nausea are other complaints that can attend. 

  1. Cantharis – For Albuminuria and Burning, Painful Urine

Cantharis is a very beneficial medicine when there is albuminuria and burning, painful urination. The pain and burning can be felt before, during or after urination. It is a top listed medicine for nephritis with blood in urine. Persons who need it may have pain in the kidney area. Kidney region may also be sensitive to the slightest touch. They have frequent urges to urinate but pass only scanty urine. The urine is turbid and scanty. It may appear cloudy during the night with white sediment. Urine may also contain blood and cylindrical casts.

  1. Plumbum Met – When Urine is Scanty and Contains Albumin, Oxalate, Epithelial Cells, Hyaline Casts

Plumbum Met is used when urine is scanty and contains albumin, oxalate, epithelial cells, hyaline casts. It may also contain RBC’s (red blood cells). Along with this there is excessive oedema (swelling) of eyelids. Intense weakness can accompany these symptoms.

  1. Dulcamara -For Albumin in Urine, Swelling and Kidney Pain

This medicine is prepared from fresh green stems and leaves of plant Solanum dulcamara having the common name Woody Nightshade and Bitter – sweet. This plant belongs to family solanaceae. It is indicated when the urine contains albumin and there is swelling in body tissue and pain in the kidney region. Along with this there is a constant desire to urinate. Urine is turbid, scanty, offensive and may contain  tough, jelly – like, white or red mucus. 

  1. Ferrum Iodatum – For Albuminuria, Diabetes

 This is a well indicated medicine for albuminuria and diabetes. There is swelling of lower limbs where it is required. There may also be pain in the kidney , especially the left side. The urine is frequent and profuse. It may be  thick and have milky / white sediment.

  1. Helonias – For Kidney Pain with Albuminuria 

This medicine is prepared from the root of plant Helonias dioica also known as Blazing Star. This plant belongs to family melanthiaceae. Its use is suggested when there is kidney pain with albumin in urine. Other than this weight and burning sensation is felt in the kidneys. The right kidney may be sensitive. There is frequent urge to urinate and burning scalding pain can be felt when urinating. 

  1. Uranium Nitricum – For Albuminuria and Constant Pain and Soreness in Nack

The indicating feature to use this medicine is albuminuria and constant pain and soreness in back. With this the urine is profuse and can be painful. It can be milky and have specific ammoniacal odour. There is frequent urination mainly at night. Excessive weakness and heaviness / pain, weariness in legs are few other accompanying symptoms.

  1. Chimaphila – For Advanced Stage of Albuminuria

This medicine is prepared from plant Chimaphila Umbellata commonly known as Pipsissewa and Ground Holly. It belongs to the family pyroleae. This medicine is indicated for the last stages of albuminuria. In cases needing it constant pain is felt in the kidney region. Urine is  scanty, fetid, very thick and contains albumin.  Sometimes urine contains thick, ropy, bloody mucus. There is frequent desire to urinate with scanty urine. Scalding and smarting pain is felt during and after urination.

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