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13 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are severe episodes of sudden anxiety, apprehension or fear. They occur without any real or apparent danger and mostly bring on some form of physical reaction such as dizziness, heart palpitations, dyspnea, nausea and faintness. Panic attacks can be truly frightening and leave the person shaken and deeply upset. Once the mind goes into panic mode, the person losses control over his reactions. Certain situations such as trauma, past experience or phobia can act as triggers. Homeopathic medicines for panic attacks are a natural, healing alternative.

Homeopathic Medicines for Panic Attacks

Homeopathy is a proven alternative treatment option for anxiety related disorders such as panic attacks. Natural and safe, Homeopathic medicines are deep acting and have no side effects on the body. Unlike the conventional mode of medicine, Homeopathic medicines do not supress the disease and its symptoms. In fact, they attack the disorder at the root and set off the body’s own restorative processes, making it strong enough to completely eradicate the disease. Supressing the disease process makes it stubborn. More importantly, they are not habit-forming in nature and can be taken for long durations without the patient becoming dependent on them.

The topmost medicines for panic attacks are Kali Arsenicosum, Aconite and Gelsemium. Kali Arsenicosum is well indicated for acute panic attacks with great anxiety and difficult breathing. Aconite is an excellent medicine for panic attacks, phobias and nightmares with acute restlessness. Gelsemium is effective for panic attacks resulting from bad news and fear of losing self-control.

1. Aconite and Kali Arsenicosum – For Acute Panic Attacks

Aconite and Kali Arsenicosum are two most prescribed medicines for panic attacks which are acute. Aconite works best for panic attacks which come on suddenly and with great intensity. Where the symptoms include great restlessness, fear and inconsolable anxiety, Aconite is the best prescription. In cases where the attack is accompanied by startled looks, anxious face and protruding eyes, Kali Arsenicosum is the most effective among medicines for panic attacks. The person has difficulty breathing and a strong fear of something going wrong. Mental and physical restlessness accompanying an acute panic attack are treated best with Homeopathic medicine Kali Arsenicosum.

2. Arsenic Album, Phosphorus and Aconite – For Panic Attacks with Fear of Death

The most effective medicines for panic attacks with fear of death are Arsenic Album, Phosphorus and Aconite. Arsenic Album is well indicated for panic attacks with fear of death which worsens during the night. Such a person feels anxious about his health, fears getting some incurable disease. Phosphorus is most helpful in case of panic attacks with fear of death, especially when left alone. The person wants sympathy and fears something bad will happen to him. Aconite is another of the most suitable medicines for panic attacks with fear of death and dying. The person believes he will die soon, he even predicts the day of his death. Where the person feels great restlessness and anxiety and tosses and turns in agony, Aconite will help.

3. Lycopodium and Argentum NitricumFor Panic Attacks in Public Places

The widely prescribed medicines for panic attacks in public places are Lycopodium and Argentum Nitricum. In case of panic attacks during public speaking, fear of strangers, fear of men and fear of being alone, medicine Lycopodium is prescribed. Lycopodium is also one of the best medicines for panic attacks from constant fear of breaking down under stress and stage fright. Argentum Nitricum is most helpful in dealing with panic attacks from fear of high buildings, especially the fear of projecting corners of buildings.

4. Gelsemium and Rhus Tox – For Panic Attacks in Closed Spaces

The most wonderful medicines for panic attacks in closed spaces are Gelsemium and Rhus Tox. Gelsemium is well indicated for nervous dread of appearing in public. Anticipation of an unusual ordeal with lack of courage and fear of losing self-control is effectively treated with Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium. Rhus Tox is one of the most effective medicines for panic attacks in a closed room, especially at night. Weeping without any reason and great restlessness at night are also treated well with Rhus Tox.

5. Medorrhinum and Lycopodium – For Panic Attacks over upcoming Events

Top grade medicines for panic attacks over upcoming performances include Medorrhinum and Lycopodium. Medorrhinum is best selected for panic attacks in anticipation of upcoming events where a person gets into a state of severe panic, especially ahead of the time set for the event. Another of the wonderful medicines for panic attacks due to public speaking and stage fright is Lycopodium. In such cases, the person experiences constant fear of breaking down under stress.

6. Spongia and Kali Arsenicosum – For Panic Attacks from Fear of Heart Disease

In case of panic attacks from fear of heart disease, Spongia and Kali Arsenicosum have shown remarkable results. Spongia is one of the most effective medicines for panic attacks with great anxiety about the heart and fear of heart disease. The anxiety, in such cases, may be accompanied by pain in the heart region and difficulty in breathing. Kali Arsenicosum is another of the marked medicines for panic attacks which result from fear of acquiring a life-threatening disease. The person fears getting heart disease or suffering a stroke. The symptoms to look out for while prescribing Homeopathic medicine Kali Arsenicosum are a frightened face with anxious, protruding eyes.

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  1. Would appreciate advice on what to take for fe feeling anxiety / panicky / heaviness on waking up in the morning and feeling of foreboding feeling low and teary …. and leads to indecision which adds to more anxiety
    I was looking at aconite & Kali phosphorus , , please advice ..,
    I am 53
    This is a recent occurrence & comes and goes
    Thank you very much

  2. Mukund Bhandare says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am Mukund Bhandare from Nashik-Maharashtra. My son mayank is suffering from depression which has led to panic disorder .Symptoms are he is homesick & always under fear of something unexpected may happen like earthquaqe or fall of building or collapse of earth due to load of people & cars etc. He is under antidepression medication but has no effect. side effects of these medicines have made him comfortable in sleeping over 18 to 20 hours a day.He has lost interest in everything& needs his mother sideby always to protect from this imaginary fear.We are really helpless & seek your immediate help.The boy is extremely talented 7 passed his BE degree this year inspite of all these problems. Kindly help.

  3. Krishna Chaudhary says:

    I an 27 years old. I have anixity and ocd since 7 years. My problem is breath too short. Stomach and chest too tight. I feel restless and can’t see outside. I fear death. Now i have diabetes and fatty liver. I can’t take any desicion and judgment. Earlier i taking allopathic medicine. I but regularly not follow. Now i am taking kali phos 6x 3 months. But no improvement. My blood pressure high and heart pain. Sleep problems. When talk any men and women any age. My eye look their private part and boobs. My memory also weak. I regular search medicine like ignatia,aconite, anacordiam. Nux, argentum, arsenic. Gel, canabis. Auram etc. But Still confused how and used. This medicine match my symptoms. Help me sir

  4. Uttar Kumar Sahu says:

    l suffer from panic disorder last 2003.
    l take clonil 25 mg and zapiz 0.25 mg 1-1tab reguler .symtoms controled but not cure permanant.plz Dr advice me.

  5. Hello sir,

    i m getting anxious more day by day .. feeling of loosing control of thoughts,lots of fearfull/negative thoughts, short of breath, giddyness and fear fear of death. Already tried some homeopathic med but could not get relaxed.
    Pls guide me .

  6. Samantha edwards says:

    Hi I suffer from awful anxiety and panic attacks mine start in two ways one will just be a wave that starts in my stomach and takes over my body the next one is due to some one close to me have an illness to do with there stomach sickness or diarrhoea. It then starts with me fee
    Img sick and then full panic attacks start they can last 2 days at most and come in massive waves. I get palpatations burning arms chest hands and back I get pins and needles in my hands and my lower legs and feet feel numb. I get extremely tired and confused. I take myself to A&E every time it happens as I feel safe there. I am on 10mg diazepam 4 times daily 40mg propranolol 4 times. Is there anything you may be able to help with.
    I’m on a waiting list for cbt and hypnosis.
    Thanks Samantha edwards

  7. Dear Dr sharma
    I am 63 years old .
    I get bad or fighting dreams in night and when awake ( happens in night only) have high pulse rate,breath shortage & stiffness in limbs.It takes 7/10 mts to be normal.
    I take tranquill at bed time with parocen cr 37.5 mg.
    Can you advise homeo medicine for this.

  8. Dear Doctor,

    I, Rajesh (52) have this panic attack problem for the past 8 years. When I was 18 years old,I had hit my head on the door frame when I jumped up in excitement due to some reason. My family members were present and I was taken to the doctor. I had a wound of some severity and it was stitched (4 stitches) by the doctor. From the boyhood itself I had a fear of hitting my head on something thinking that it will affect my brain. After the above mentioned incident this fear increased and the incident got fixed in my mind.
    Now if I encounter any difficult situation mentally, like facing the students (I work as guest lecturer in a polytechnic college near my house)when they ask difficult questions, or other, I am suddenly struck by this ‘panic’ condition and I lose my control over my actions. I lose touch with the present and imagine some thing hitting my head. psyco-somatically this creates problems in my body which aggravates the condition. Once triggered it takes 2-3 hours to regain the normal condition.
    Please suggest the necessary treatment. I am presently under allopathic treatment.

  9. Manish Bhattacharya I says:

    Dr Sharma My name Manish Bhattacharya I am sevear panic attack patient please suggest a best treatment or medicines.

    • hariom gaur says:

      dr Sharma
      Meri wife (age 27) ke sar me achanak se dard hota hai aur 1 minute bad behos ho jati hai 10-15 minute bad hos me aa pati hai. jisse vah kafi pareshan ho jati . kabhi kabhi dhadkan bhi bhadh jati hain.
      eska kya elaz hai
      please help me

  10. I was Diagnosed with hiatus hernia with Helicobacter pylori infection and later with UTI, took OCA for 14 days, took nitrofurantoin and amicacin for 7 days for UTI. Presently I’m taking ECITALOPRAM for anxiety and panic attacks which in my opinion are due to my vagal nerve disturbance. Kindly advice.

  11. fazli rabbi says:

    i have panic dissorder for 1.5 month.
    please wrote me medicine and theropy counseling.
    i am 46 year male paramedical

  12. Panic attack. Personality. Coordition. Movement. Constretion. Body temperature change

  13. 9 years suffer,panic attacks/and curable in homeo.? says:

    Is panic attacks and agarophobia curable? allopathy not helping much.

    • Monis Ahmed says:

      Rescue ramedy(2-4 drop with some water three times a day 6 month),essential Aura gold drop(20 drop with some water three times a day 6 month), aconite30(2 to 4 drop 6 month),passiflora incarnate(10 drop with some water three times a day for one month only) & do yoga regularly kapalbhati & anulom vilom.

  14. Jai cordova says:

    Please tell me where I can buy these products

  15. sabiha khan says:

    Dear dr sharma i hav suffering depr last five year a am taking allopthy tretmet but a am nt coming outfrom it i want root out it of my life.i had panic attac fear withoutt any reason physical reaction suchas hope less ness and upset .when panicattac i losses my contl on my body .sadness andnegative felling i also face plz help me to root out it from my life

  16. Hi I get heart burn n dizzy n faint
    When I get panic attac plz which.
    Madicne sould I take. Thanks

  17. Harmeetarora says:

    Hello doctor, i recently got married and i daily hav sudden panic attacks which increase my palpitations. I feel scared for the loss of my loved ones. Everybody here is so good and helpful but i miss my mom and dad and i am worried what will happen to them in future without me. I know these thoughts are baseless when i am fine. But as soon as i wake up from sleep these thoughts haunt me..

  18. Dear Dr Sharma

    I had panic attacks in apr 2015. Saw a homeopath. Treatment is on. Though better even now at slightest emotional disturbance I have attacks. Last year I could sleep or eat for days together when attacks started. Frequent urination total distaste for food, sweating, dry mouth too.The moment I lie down attacks would start. More in the dark or closed spaces. Se sayion and restlessness eud b tgere thru out the day.With treatment I got better but in the last several mnths it back but not that severe. First thing is burning and frequent urge for urination. Sensation running thru my limbs, very low feeling, lack of motivation for even day to day activities. I am working during why I am not cmg out of even after 1.5 yrs of treatment.

    Thanks and regards

  19. M.tahir says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma.
    I am above 52. which potency will be better for panic medicines. I want to try kali ars and ars.album. i am suffering from panics alongwith imbalance and dizziness sibe 7 years. panic attack has no time to occur.i feel as some horribal disease is producing in me .unknown fear is CIRCULATING IN MY BODY INSTEAD OF BLOOD. I AM LIVING SEXLESS LIFE AND SELFESTEEM IS LOW .
    plz help out.may u live long and happy

    m.Tahir Multan

    • Zeinab Khalil says:

      Greetings dr.sharma , I am a lady of 65years old suffering from vertigo and tinnitus resulting after having meniere disease ,can you please help me in treating my condition ,I also get panic attacks due to fear of the vertigo .the tinnitus is also upsetting me tremendously .thank you for your help.

  20. dr. vivek soni says:

    Panic attack and sinusitis problem

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