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15 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Wheezing

Wheezing is a characteristic high-pitched sound produced in the respiratory airways while breathing. It can be heard in the chest using a stethoscope. The whistling sound is produced due to the narrowing or obstruction of some part of the respiratory tree, mostly while breathing out air, what we call the expiration process. It may, however, be present while breathing in as well. Wheezing is mostly accompanied by dry cough and rattling of mucus in the chest. Wheezing is not a disease, but a marked symptom of respiratory diseases such as asthma, acute bronchitis, COPD or others. It may result from swelling or mucus in the airways. Wheezing with great dyspnoea is commonly observed asthmatics. Homeopathic medicines for wheezing stimulate the disease-fighting mechanism of the body. As the healing system of the body is strengthened, the disease is completely eradicated.  homeopathic medicines for wheezing

Advantage of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the alternative science of healing disease in the most gentle, safe and rapid manner. These medicines are natural and safe from toxic side-effects. They are curative in nature and do not suppress the disease process, which is why they are considered a better alternative option to conventional medicine. Suppressing symptoms makes the disease process even more stubborn and increases the chances of recurrence of the disease.

Homeopathic Medicines for Wheezing

Kali Carbonicum, Antimonium Tartaricum, and Spongia are the three most recommended medicines for wheezing. Kali Carbonicum is well indicated for wheezing with cough and stitching pains in the chest. Antimonium Tartaricum is one of the best medicines for wheezing with much rattling of mucus and little expectoration in lung disease. Asthma with dry cough and wheezing is most effectively treated with Spongia.

1. Lobelia Inflata and Spongia – For Wheezing with Asthma

The three most effective medicines for wheezing in asthma patients are Lobelia Inflata, Spongia, and Argentum Nitricum. Lobelia Inflata is very helpful in treating wheezing in asthma patients with great constriction of the chest. The person feels pressure or weight in the chest. Brisk walking usually helps. Spongia is another on the list of medicines for wheezing, especially in asthma cases with dryness of all air passages. Short and difficult respiration with a feeling of a plug in the larynx is most well attended with Spongia.

2. Natrum Sulphuricum and Sambucus – For Wheezing in Kids

Two top-rated medicines for wheezing, especially in kids, are Natrum Sulphuricum and Sambucus. Natrum Sulphuricum is recommended where a child has humid asthma with rattling in the chest, generally, at 4-5 am. Sambucus is the best among medicines for wheezing, especially in children with asthma where the suddenly wakes and sits up due to suffocation. Where the child is unable to breathe out and turns blue even as a whistling sound is heard in the chest, Sambucus must be prescribed.

3. Antimonium Tartaricum, Bromium, and Senega – For Wheezing with Rattling of Mucus

Antimonium Tartaricum, Bromium, and Senega are rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for wheezing with a rattling of mucus. In cases where wheezing is accompanied by great rattling of mucus in the chest but with little expectoration, Antimonium Tartaricum works best. The bronchial tubes are overloaded with mucus in such cases, producing a whistling sound while breathing out. Bromium is one of the best prescriptions for wheezing cough with hoarseness and rattling of mucus in the larynx. It is also the most effective of medicines for wheezing where a person feels a cold sensation and a burning pain behind the sternum while breathing in. Senega is another of the wonderful medicines for wheezing with rattling mucus in the chest. In such cases, the thorax feels too narrow and coughing usually ends up in a sneeze.

4. Arsenic Album and Sambucus – For Wheezing after Midnight

Arsenic Album and Sambucus are considered the most effective medicines for wheezing after midnight. Arsenic Album is of great help for wheezing during respiration and dry cough, especially after midnight. Even in cases where the condition is accompanied by great restlessness and the person is unable to lie down for fear of suffocation, Arsenic Album is the most effective prescription among medicines for wheezing. Suffocative cough coming on about midnight, together with dyspnoea and wheezing, is best attended with Sambucus.

5. Spongia and Bromium – Effective Homeopathic medicines for wheezing with dry cough

The most prescribed medicines for wheezing along with dry cough are Spongia and Bromium. Spongia is the best choice among medicines for wheezing where hoarseness and dry cough accompany the whistling sound in the chest. It is also the most suitable among medicines for wheezing in cases that show great dryness of all air passages along with a constricted larynx. Dry cough with hoarseness and burning pain behind the sternum together with wheezing breath is also best treated with Bromium.

6. Kali Carbonicum and Ipecac – For Wheezing with Dyspnoea

Kali Carbonicum and Ipecac are among the most effective medicines for wheezing where it is accompanied by dyspnoea. Where wheezing with dyspnoea is relieved by leaning forward, Kali Carbonicum is the ideal treatment option. The person complains of stitching pain in the chest along with dry cough and a feeling of constriction. Ipecac is rated among the best medicines for wheezing cough with a yearly attack of shortness of breath. Dyspnoea with constant constriction in the chest and violent cough is also treated well with Ipecac, making it the best among medicines for wheezing.

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  1. Jatinder Singh Kohli M67 says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    Im 67 facing problem of Wheezing snuffle Nasal drip that the mucus falls from Nasal passage and repeatedly i have to cough it out There is lit of wheezing which diaturb sleep during night
    Its all there for the past 4 months Tried ENT specialist who says Therr may be a swelling in wind pipe took medicine but no relief
    They gave prednisone it relieves but relapse occur after a fortnight

    • Rozy Vall says:

      Hello Dr. I have been prescribed with 20 mg Steroids for minor wheezing and cough which occurs every 2 weeks. I have used homeopathy in the past and has always helped me. But I cannot decide which medicine is best for me. I am 58 with both DM/ BP. With BP being high. Thanks

  2. Jatinder kohli says:

    Wheezing sound whiile breathing in or our
    With dry cough
    And nazla from nose

    • Hi Dr,

      Whenever I lie down and breathe there s wheezing or rattling sound which makes me cough it been now 4 months it’s not going whenever I drink any cold things like softdrinks, fruits or yougurt it occurs more… Could you please suggest medicine

  3. P.S.Ganesh says:

    Suffering from acute cough cold runny nose and mainly with wheezing pl advice.

  4. Shirley Stahler says:

    I’m getting over a sinus infection and post nasal drip which has caused wheezing. I have asthma and use an inhaler which helps some but still wheezing. What can I use besides high priced medications. I’m 72 living on a fixed income.

  5. R.C.Majumdar says:

    Must breath out through mouth with whistling sound. Inspiring not much problem. Kindly email name of remedy and materia medica. Regards.R.C.Majumdar .A lay practitioner for free.

  6. Seema Arora says:

    Dr Sharma My father is 90 years and has lung issues. During winters in Delhi he has wheezing and cough. Kindly suggest if homeopathy can help. regards

  7. Maiju.minhas says:

    My daughter just 10 days old is having wheezing whenever she breathes. And sometimes she couldn’t have milk due to suffocation.there is whistling sound or more like snoring sound whenever she breathes. Mostly at there any Homoeopathic remedy for the same.kindly advice.

  8. K VENKATESAN says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son 8 years of age completed weighing 27 kgs studying 4th standard is normally active boy. But very often he has been suffering from wheezing attacks. During attacks he is unable to breathe easily and we hear whistling sound while he is asleep. He is unable to concentrate on his studies due to wheezing. He has been given augmentin allopathic medicine during attacks. Is there any homeopathic remedy which will eradicate his wheezing? Kindly advise.

  9. Bharadwaj R says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,
    Suffering with wheezing more than 40 years now I am 70 yrs .Only seasonal problem and feel like GERD.
    I require oral medication & also homeopathy medicines for using in nebulizer to get quick
    relief from wheezing.Living in Bangalore.(Karnataka)

  10. Varalakshmi says:

    Hello doctor,
    My kid is 2.6 yr old. She is having runny nose, wheezing and cough during monsoons. We are under homeopathy treatment for this problem. For emergency we are under allopathy medications also… Is it okie to do that? And any idea why she is getting wheezing??

  11. Hello Dr. My 4 month old baby is suffering from wheezing which gets worse when he cries what remedy should I use for him? He is having cold as he is pooping green from almost 4 days and three times a day.

  12. Claire Kilvert-Jones says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, please help. I am in the UK and want to avoid hospital admittance. My 5 year old son get wheezing following a cold and rattly cough – always. He was once admitted and was put on ventolin to clear his airways. Although I have ventolin I would really like to avoid this because of side affects. He has had a fever for 2 days and vomitted last night, I think due to being too hot. I treated with belladonna and ant art for cough. Now I want to ease the wheeze. He is sleeping but I can hear a crackling in his chest when he breathes out. His breathing is quicker than normal. He is very hot to touch.

  13. gouri dhar age 74,weight 72,color fair says:

    hello sharmaji,namaskaar,idont have asma but iam aheart patient three heart attacks and diabeticwith artheric knee problem,resently idevoloped water retention problem and due to that ihave wheezingwhich sometimes go away by taking natrum sulf 6x please sujest some thingwhich can effect the water retentiom thank you

  14. I had allergic bronchitis accompanied by wheezing took homeopathic meds fr 8 months shortness of breath now there is relief but wheezing is still there in morning and at night I HV to use aathavan inhaler please let me know if it can be permanently cured…Rutu ahuja

  15. Nilkanta Dan says:

    My Son is now 10 yrs old. in his first 2 yrs we were at chandigarh and he was completely fine. Once we came to Delhi at his age of 2, the problem started. First cold with eyes and nose watering, then sneezing and then coughing a lot. Slowly turns to a dry cough with wheezing. And then whatever he eats he vomits followed by coughing.
    We were very happy with a business oriented homeopathy doctor, he was taking lots of money (approx 1000 bucks per visit) and finally cures my son’s painful illness after 2-4 days. He never shares his medicine name nor he sells extra medicines even we requested a lot.

    The problem arises now, as we just moved to Mumbai a month back. Same cold with eyes and nose watering happened and I started giving medicines by reading books. I have given Dulcamara 200 & Bryonia Alba 200-liquit 5 drops and 4 to 5 times a day. Finally the cold gone but dry cough appeared and he started coughing heavily and vomitted everything he eats and he is having wheezing with chest pain and little breathing problem. Now feeling helpless, can you please guide me or share your contact to discuss ?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Nilkanta Dan

    • My son had similar symptoms I gave him chyawanprash, increase ginger and garlic in his diet and completely stopped chips Maggi and outside food as it generally has msg (aginomoto).I am myself a dentist by profession

      • N K Dan says:

        Hi Ritu,
        I already have stopped all fast foods , chips, maggi, juice, cold drinks etc and increased consumption of ginger, garlic in his diet but no improvements.

        Finally after 1 year R&D on this I am able to find out the medicine. initially starting with dulcamara, bryonia…then sabbadila..

        once wheezing issue comes I start using Cocus cacti & Natrum Sulphuricum. Now i understood the pattern and completely successful now 🙂

        Even I have never visited a doctor from last one year. It needs little patience and homeopathy has normally no side effects.

        If I’ll be any help of anyone , please feel free to give me a call.

        • I have wheezing both inhale exhale and after taking montair lc it goes completely off for 1 day then occurs again.
          I was allergic rhinitis from many years only in summers but never got wheezing but when i got covid and recovered 4 months back,this wheezing started and sinve then Iam taking montair lc.

          I don’t have any breathing issues as i can run or exercise easily also my pulmonary function test was normal

          Please help

  16. Preethi Pratheek says:

    Hi sir,am preethi from son is of 2 years old and has been suffering from wheezing from past 5months..we have consulted many doctors and they recommended for inhalers but we refused to use it and went to Dr.Joy Krishna Benerjee but we haven’t seen any results so far.i used medicine continuously from march and again my baby is triggering the same problem.please help me to overcome this problem of my child.always he is sick and unable to grow because of this wheezing problem.kindly suggest me a permanent solution
    Thank you

  17. mohamed faisal says:

    dear sir ,.

    this is to inform you that , I am 28 years old and I have suffered with asthma and wheezing problem , what are the homeopathic medicine I can take , and I am working as pharmacist in Dubai so so its available here , please suggese the medication .

  18. H L Arora says:

    I feel headache while walking. Brain MRI IS NORMAL. Advice if hoemspathic treatment possible

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