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15 Remedies for Homeopathic Treatment Of Otomycosis

The term ‘Otomycosis’ is formed by joining two words ‘oto’ that means ear and ‘mycosis’ which means fungus. So, otomycosis refers to a fungal infection of the outer ear canal (a  pathway that runs from outer ear to middle ear). It is also known as Mycotic Otitis Externa. It leads to inflammation of the ear canal along with dryness, itching and offensive discharge (otorrhea) from the ear. Homeopathic treatment of Otomycosis boosts the body’s self healing mechanism to fight with fungal infection and exclude it from the body to ensure a natural recovery.

It is more common in warm, tropical countries because warmth provides a favourable environment for the fungi to grow. People who do swimming frequently are predisposed to get this infection. 

Causes  Homeopathic Treatment Of Otomycosis

It is caused by fungal infection. Among the various types of fungi, the ones that most commonly cause it includes Aspergillus Niger, Aspergillus Fumigatus and Candida Albicans. In some cases bacteria can cause superadded infections in these cases. People who do swimming in contaminated water and those who do surfing  are at most risk of getting this infection. The weakened immune system also makes one prone to get it. Apart from above the other risk factors include skin problems (like eczema), injury / trauma in the ear like from using ear buds, diabetes mellitus and lessened amount of cerumen means the earwax (it is produced in ear that help to prevent fungal or bacterial agents to clog the ears and prevents drying out of the ear), malnourishment that cause deficiency of the mineral and vitamins in body causing weak immunity, use of antibiotics for long periods of time and prolonged cortisone therapy.


It usually affects one side of the ear but in some cases can also affect both the ears. The symptoms of this infection includes itching in the ear, pain in the ear, discharge from the ears (that may be yellow, white, green, gray or black in colour) and flakiness of the skin. The ear discharge has an offensive smell. The outer ear canal is inflamed, red and swollen. Other symptoms include fullness sensation in the ear, ringing in the ears and hearing problems.

Its chances are high in summers because hot and humid weather favours the growth of fungi.


It doesn’t lead to any major complication but in some of cases the complications can occur if not treated properly in time. The chance of complications is more in people with weak immune systems and the ones who have diabetes. The complication that can occur is perforation of the eardrum if the fungal infection goes further inside the ear from the external ear. Perforation of the ear can cause hearing loss.

Homeopathic Treatment Of Otomycosis

Homeopathy offers very effective treatment for cases of otomycosis. These medicines boost the body’s self healing mechanism to fight with fungal infection and exclude it from the body to ensure a natural recovery in these cases.   Homeopathic medicines help to reduce the inflammation, redness and swelling of the ear canal. They also effectively manage its signs and symptoms including itching in the ear, pain in the ear, discharge from the ears, dryness of ears, fullness sensation in the ear and ringing in the ears. The homeopathic medicines for treating this condition are selected for every individual case based on the symptom presentation. These medicines are prepared from natural substances so are very safe to use and do not cause any side effects.  

  1. Belladonna – To Manage Pain In Ear

Belladonna is prepared from plant deadly nightshade. This plant belongs to family solanaceae. It is a leading medicine to manage pain in the ear. Persons needing it may have sharp, tearing, stitching pain in the ear. The pain may get worse from least noise. There is inflammation of the external ear. Sometimes ringing noises in ears are present with this.

  1. Pulsatilla – For Ear Pain, Redness, Swelling  

This medicine is prepared from plant Pulsatilla Nigricans having the common name windflower or pasque flower. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is a very effective medicine to manage redness, swelling of the external ear and pain in ear. For using this medicine the pain can be tearing, shooting, pulsating or stitching in nature. It mostly gets worse at night time. Other attending symptoms are discharge from the ear, itching in ears and stopped sensation in ear.

  1. Kali Mur – To Manage Ear Fullness and Ear Discharge

Kali Mur is a prominent medicine to manage fullness sensation in ears and discharge from ears. The discharge from the ear is white coloured where this medicine is required. Additionally earache, hearing problems and noises in the ear can be present. 

  1. Silicea – For Pus Discharge From Ear

It is a well indicated medicine for managing discharge of pus from the ear. The pus has a very offensive smell. Stoppage of ears may be present with this. Earache can accompany this. The pain in the ear can be boring, shooting, drawing, throbbing or stitching type. Itching in ears and difficulty hearing can also be there. Sometimes noises in ears hissing roaring in nature can accompany these symptoms.

  1. Hepar Sulph – For Itchy Ear with Green Discharge

This medicine works well when the ears are itchy and there is green discharge from the ears. Along with this darting, shooting pain in the ear is there. In many cases apart from above in the ear canal white, cheesy, bloody pus is there. Hardness of hearing is also present. 

  1. Chamomilla – For Ear Pain With Heat, Soreness and Swelling

This medicine is prepared from plant Matricaria chamomilla. This plant belongs to family compositae. It is highly valuable to manage ear pain when attended with heat, soreness and swelling. The ear is also sensitive to touch. Pain for using it is usually drawing and tension in nature. Another complaint is the sensation of stoppage in the ears. Sometimes buzzing in the ears also accompanies. 

  1. Merc Sol – For Yellow Green Ear Discharges

This medicine is very beneficial to manage cases having yellow green ear discharges. These are thick and have an offensive smell. Tearing and shooting pain in ears can accompany this. The pain is worse at night. The external ear is also red and swollen. Difficult hearing and noises which are ringing, roaring  or buzzing in nature appear along with above symptoms.

  1. Tellurium – To Manage Itching and Offensive Ear Discharge

It is a great medicine to manage itching in the ears. Persons who need this medicine also have a thin watery, yellow, offensive discharge from the ears. They may also complain of constant throbbing pain in the ears. Another symptom that they may have is burning sensation in the ears.

  1. Psorinum – For Brownish Ear Discharge

This medicine is very useful when there is brownish coloured discharge from the ears.  It is thin, very offensive, purulent (means pus). Along with this severe itching in the ear is felt. The itching gets worse in the evening till midnight. It also prevents sleeping. The external ears are raw, red and scabby where this medicine is indicated.

  1. Verbascum – For Dryness And Scaliness of Meatus of Ear

This is natural medicine prepared from plant Verbascum thapsus having the common name Great Mullein. It belongs to family scrophulariaceae. The key indication to use this medicine is dryness and scaliness of ear meatus. Other main attending features are tearing pain in ears and hearing difficulty with sensation of stopped ears. 

  1. Sulphur – For Itching in Ears

This medicine is very suitable to manage itching in the ears. In cases requiring it Sharp, drawing pains or shooting pain in ears also arise. Another attending feature is thin fetid discharge from the ears. 

  1. Graphites – For Dryness in Ears

This medicine is very helpful in cases where the ears are very dry. Most times stitching pain in ears is present with this. In some cases thin, watery sticky discharge from ears is also there. Hardness of hearing appears with this. Lastly ringing, roaring, humming, hissing noises can be there with above symptoms.

  1. Kali Bichrome – For Swollen, Inflamed External Meatus with Thick Yellow Ear Discharge 

This medicine is recommended when the external meatus is swollen and inflamed. Along with this thick yellow discharge from the ear is there. It is tenacious and can be drawn into strings. Sharp stitching, lancinating or pulsation pain in the ear is felt with this. Additionally violent itching in ears can be complained about.

  1. Petroleum – For Ear Dryness

It is wonderful medicine to manage ear dryness. The external ear may be covered with small scales. In cases needing it the meatus is also painful, swollen, and inflamed. There may be discharge of blood and pus from the ear. Other main attending features are hardness of hearing and ringing or roaring noises in ear. Other than above it is a top listed medicine for eczema of ears

  1. Kali Sulph – For Yellow Sticky Ear Discharge

Kali Sulph is a significant homeopathic medicine when there is yellow sticky discharge from the ear. The discharge has a stinking smell. Apart from this it is also indicated when there is brown discharge from the ear. 

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