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20 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Nightmares

What are Nightmares?

Nightmares are horrifying and disturbing dreams which rattle you awake from deep sleep. They are often so scary that a person wakes up screaming, with a pounding heartbeat. Nightmares or bad dreams mostly occur during rapid eye movement sleep, also known as REM sleep. REM period of sleep is very long and progresses with the night. The nightmares also come on late in the night or early morning. These nightmares are often related to post traumatic stress which a person undergoes through his life or during early childhood. These past, traumatic experiences continue to haunt the person. The person is affected at a deep level, both mentally and physically. Adults, children and elderly persons are all equally likely to experience such dreams.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines stimulate the self-healing processes of the body in a safe and natural manner. The person finds the inner strength to recover from his post traumatic stresses. Homeopathic medicines help wash away the unpleasant impressions of the past, putting an end to the nightmares and bringing permanent relief for the person. The medicines are rightfully considered an effective and curative system of treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines for Nightmares

Some top grade Homeopathic medicines for nightmares are Hydrogen, Arsenic Album, Kali Phosphoricum, Sepia and Staphisgaria. Hydrogen acts well for nightmares full of dead bodies, thoughts of death and dreams of loved ones dying. Nightmares of being poisoned, fear of disease, germs and viruses is treated well with Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album while Kali Phosphoricum is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for nightmares with marked moaning and sighing. Sepia is recommended as one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of sexual abuse and nightmares where a person feels he’s being pursued by a knife. In case of nightmares of sexual abuse where a person screams, calls out for his mother and wants everyone to go out Staphisgaria is the best medicine.

Calcarea Carbonica, Aloe and Phosphorus – Best Homeopathic medicines for nightmares in children

Top grade Homeopathic medicines for nightmares in children are Calcarea Carbonica, Aloe and Phosphorus. One of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for nightmares, Calcarea Carbonica works best in children who dream of monsters and have strong fears of being observed. Homeopathic medicine Aloe is very helpful in bad dreams of danger where the child is so terrified he is unable to cry. The child has dreams of soiling himself. Phosphorus is the most remarkable among Homeopathic medicines for nightmares in children with restlessness over work they could not finish during the day. Sleepwalking is also effectively treated with Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus.

Cannabis Indicus, Gelsemium, Nitric Acid and Kali Phosphoricum – Known Homeopathic medicines for nightmares soon after falling asleep

The most prominent Homeopathic medicines for nightmares that come on soon after falling asleep are Cannabis Indicus, Gelsemium, Nitric Acid and Kali Phosphoricum. Cannabis Indicus is one of the top indicated Homeopathic medicines for nightmares immediately after falling asleep where they are accompanied by jerking of limbs, waking the person from sleep. Gelsemium works best where a person has night terrors from the nose being blocked and dry. Nitricum Acidum is an equally effective option among Homeopathic medicines for nightmares with similar symptoms while Kali Phosphoricum works well where the bad dreams are accompanied by sighing and moaning sounds.

Hydrogen, Equisetum Hyemale, Arsenic Album, and Calcarea Fluorata – Top Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of death of near ones

The popular Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of people include Hydrogen, Equisetum Hyemale, Arsenic Album, and Calcarea Fluorata. Hydrogen is a remarkable Homeopathic medicine for dreams of death of loved ones, especially children. Where a person has nightmares of crowds of people surrounding him, Equisetum Hyemale is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for nightmares. Arsenic Album is the most suitable prescription for dreams of death or dead people. Calcarea fluorata is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of death of relatives.

Calcarea Carbonicum, Graphites and Lycopodium – Top rated Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of misfortune

Calcarea Carbonicum, Graphites and Lycopodium are well indicated Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of misfortune. Calcarea Carbonica has shown remarkable results in case of dreams of misfortune, disasters and groundless fears of financial loss. In case of persistent thoughts where the person is haunted by unpleasant issues and dwells on disagreeable occurrences of the past at night, Graphites has shown the best results. In case of bad dreams about losing power, Lycopodium is one of the most reliable Homeopathic medicines for nightmares.

Arsenic Album, Kreosotum and Kali Nitricum – Best Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of being poisoned

The most effective Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of being poisoned are Arsenic Album, Kreosotum and Kali Nitricum. Where a person has persistent fear of disease, germs, viruses, of being harmed by poisoning, Arsenic Album will heal best. Kreosotum is one of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of being poisoned, feeling pain in the limbs and sleeplessness which gets worse before midnight.  Kali Nitricum works extremely well in case of nightmares where the constant dreaming is interrupted by episodes of waking up. The person is chased by uneasy dreams of being poisoned or being in dangerous situations.

Cenchris contortix, Sepia and Staphisgaria – Most effective Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of sexual abuse

The best indicated Homeopathic medicines for nightmares of sexual abuse are Cenchris Contortix, Sepia and Staphisgaria. Homeopathic medicine Cenchris Contortix is prescribed for nightmares of sexual abuse and rape. It shows great recovery in persons having constant nightmares of committing rape as well. Nightmares of rape, of being pursued, chased by a knife and waking with screams at night from frightful dreams are treated well with Sepia. Staphysagria is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for nightmares where the persons wakes up extremely frightened, pushes things away, wants everyone to leave his room and often calls for his mother.


– Avoid use of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, especially during bed time

– Practice yoga and meditation as these have the power to relax the body and mind

– Maintain a healthy and regular waking-sleep schedule


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  1. Dr. Anil Kumar says:

    Dr. Sahib , I am a retired govt. officer. I have been suffering from Insomnia for the last ten years. I am taking Allopathic medicines but I did not get any permanent relief. I want treatment by homeopathy . I cant sleep without taking Allopathic medicines. During the sleep , I see dreams continuously and forget when awake . The dreams comes in the form of incidents past or sometimes entirely new theory. Sleep is restless and unsatisfactory. Kindly guide me.

    • Dr Sharma ji,
      Namaskar,my wife aged 58 is suffering from fritning dreams,such as some body snaching her chain and speaks loudly also and other types she does not remember and after that she becomes restless
      Kindly guide me about homio medicins.

  2. Dear Sir my name is kln manohar , retired dgm, bsnl, Hyderabad , now a days I am not getting proper sleep, while sleeping some times heart beating is more , my age is 60 yrs , I am having bp taking bp medicine also , olmin 10 mg daily one once in night , just 3 yrs back I got ecilepsy and taking Levipil 10 mg , PL prescribe me good medicine to get proper sleep

  3. Dr. SABARINATHAN says:

    Calcarea carbonica will be the best choice

  4. Wendy Jorgensen says:

    My 40 year old son suffers nightmares and he sleep walks, what can u suggest please

  5. Hello, I’m wondering if you can help me with a remedy for my son who is very bothered by the nightmares he has so often. He is 5. Every morning he wakes up and runs to my bedroom while screaming. His nightmares are usually about monsters and scary noises. He doesn’t sleep enough every night, less than ten hours, but I can’t get him to sleep any longer, and his fear of nightmares bleeds into the day and he’s scared of the entire level of the house that his bedroom is on. Please advise me how to help. Thank you.

  6. Kim Greenrod says:

    Hi, Im new to Homeopathy, my husband has bad dreams shortly after falling asleep, strikes out sometimes hitting me. This breaks his heart. How can I help him. He wears cpap because of severe snoring

  7. Ansari Shahid says:

    Continuous dream while sleeping

  8. Sir, I am a senior citizen from lower middle class family.My daughter is 37,unmarried,is under the influence of psychosis for last 10 yrs.She was treated allopathy till dec 17.but she discontinued the allopathic medication due to its side effects and cost.Then after she was without any medication for last 2 yes.but since last month she is again showing the symptoms of psychosis I.e.depression,repeated thoughts,sleeplessness due to bad dreams,sadness,suicidal thoughts,always feeling somebody wants to harm her,she doesn’t go out of house,the whole night she can’t sleep due to fear of bad dreams.She is very suspicious, angry but fear some and also used to be solitary, also does not communicate with other people.Her face remains stiff as a statue.
    Sir,please suggest me a effective and result oriented homeopathic remedy to complete cure of this illness.
    I am waiting for your reply.Thanks.

  9. Dr. Anil Kumar says:

    Dr. Sahib , I m aged about 67 years. I m suffering from Insomnia and taking allopathic medicines . During sleep I see dreams throughout night. Dreams are of past incidents well planned in to a story. I also see my father almost daily in my dreams but he appears like living with us and working as usual. He had died before 35 years . Pl suggest me a medicine for Insomnia as well as stopping dreams . Thanks n regards. Dr. Anil.

  10. Sir I’m suffering from nightmares since 3years continues bad dreams daily night plz suggest best medicine

  11. graham bryson says:

    is Lexapro a good remedy

  12. mahwish iqbal says:

    i am suffering from insomnia due to excessive bad dreams of death of loved ones. i saw the death of my mother and that dreams was proved as prophetic dreams. after few days my mother died. now again after two weeks of her death the same problem has started. i don’t want to dream at all. i’m sick of dreams. kindly suggest a medicine to stop dreaming. i feel frightened even at day time now a days. please help me come out of this phase.

  13. Hi doctor I’m 18 I suffer with depression and anxiety and for the past 2week I’ve been having horrible dreams about victims getting stabbed some times I know them sometimes I don’t it’s always the same two people who are doing the stabbing and I know them two aswell I just want to have a decent night sleep as I go to college every day and at the moment I’m struggling to get motivated please help hope to hear from you soon

  14. Hi I’m 18 years old, I have dreams every night. Most of them are unpleasant and quite frightening. I remember them during the day, some things trigger the memory so I remember. It’s very annoying because I just want to have a good nights sleep and I also have trouble with not knowing what was real and what wasn’t. For example I had a dream of me talking to someone about something, the next day I starting talking with the person about the subject and they had no idea what I was talking about. Then I realised that it was just the dream.
    I have a soft nature and suffer with anxiety which resulted in me taking the medication lexapro.
    Love to hear from you hoping there’s a homeopathic remedy that can heal this!!

  15. Hello Doctor,
    Mine daughter aged 15teen has had nightmares since almost 3 years. The nightmares are very brutal in nature like eating limbs, rapes, thrashing g by supernatural beings. She has anxieties as well with panic attacks. By outer appearance she is happy go lucky girl but deep inside these problems are effecting him.
    Initially Aconite, Stramonium 200 helped her a lot but now they seem to lose their impact.
    So. please advice. I will be very thankful.

  16. Sir I am suffering nightmare from 16 years I can sleep but whole night dreams will come bad and good dreams both will come it makes me restless pls suggest me which medicine cure it permanent I stay in India Bangalore

  17. Mohamed siddiqu says:

    Sir, Iam suffering from continues sleep at night, and when l wake up feel tired, no repeated dream

  18. Shafiq Ur Rehman says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering in dreadful dreams having deep sleep, cannot broke the sleep.
    I am suffering in this problem many yeasrs. Sometime I saw same dream again and again.
    I feel trouble in my dream and I want awake up from that dream but cannot do so.
    Because of this problem, I am afraid of sleeping.
    Please suggest me best medicine for this.
    I am waiting for your kind reply.
    Bundle of Thanks!

  19. S.m.billal hossain says:

    Dear sir o face nightmare problem from my 16years old. Before this problem i have abar habit of mastered near about three years. now every month ten to twelve time it happened. I take medicine jelcimium staphysagriya annacardium etc. But do not find result. Could you inform me which medicine i will take. Me age is one 30years. Weight 43 kg.

  20. Om Prakash Gulati says:

    I am suffering from continuous drams all the night. making me restless all the day. although I take sleep but quality of the sleep is not good. I feel tired when I wake up.

  21. Percival Vasanth says:

    Sir, occationally i am disturbed in mind and negative thoughts dominate. The moment i go to bed instead of sleep i see lmages of the past and at times whole night i spend sleepless. I am a prediabetic and high bp patient but my levels are in control. My left side ie., the whole body is weak for the past 10 To 12 Years. When i ride my two wheeler for long distances, due to vibrations whole of my left becomes very weak. At present i am taking allopathy and ayurveda medications. I am 67 Years old and i am a bible teacher. Please advice me for my disorders.

  22. Hid
    my toddler wakes up soon after falling asleep and during the night screaming seemingly after a night mare.
    what remedies would yourecommend?

  23. Pramod Kumar says:

    I am 53 years old man suffering with nightmares. Please suggest right medicine with dosage and its schedule.

  24. Pramod Kumar says:

    I am 53 years old suffering with nightmares. Please suggest right medicine with dosage.

  25. My son , who is 34 years old gets nightmares about being locked up in his room or house..can you suggest an appropriate remedy for this sir.

  26. Douglas Smithson says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Good Day!!

    My son suffers from terrible nightmares. He older now 19 years of age and experienced serious trauma as a child and adult with ADHD.

    I have got to get him relief. He reports a scary monster, family issues, near death, trapped. He takes risperidone and serious meds but BP II, no positive effect on dreams. He plays video games like a maniac.

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