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24 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Urine Incontinence

Urine incontinence is a condition in which urine leaks out involuntarily. Loss of bladder control results in this common and embarrassing situation. The condition affects persons of both genders. Urine incontinence involves a frequent and sudden urge to urinate, the person leaks urine while coughing and sneezing. The urge is so sudden and strong one does not usually get the time to reach a toilet. Constant dribbling of urine due to a bladder that does not empty is present. The causes are prolapsed uterus, menopause, and prostate problems. Age is a risk factor as well. Children and the elderly are more likely to suffer this condition. Homeopathic medicines for urine incontinence act extensively on restoring tonicity of the weakened muscles.    homeopathic medicines for urine incontinence

Homeopathic Medicines for Urine Incontinence

Homeopathy medicines are of great help in treating urine incontinence. They strengthen the detrusor muscles of the urinary bladder. Involuntary urination occurs mostly when the bladder muscles become weak. Conventional treatments include painful surgical procedures, with chances of recurrence. Homeopathy, on the other hand, takes the non-invasive approach and uses natural medicines to heal the condition.

CantharisSquillaKreosotumBenzoicum Acidum and Digitalis rate among the top grade medicines for urinary incontinence. Cantharis is prescribed in cases where there is an urge to urinate even with the smallest quantity of urine in the bladder. Squilla is one of the best medicines for urinary incontinence with watery spurting of urine when coughing.  Kreosotum acts well when the urge to urinate is very urgent and must be attended in a hurry. Where the person feels as though a lump is being pressed down on the bladder, Kreosotum is one of the most effective medicines for urinary incontinence. On the other hand, in cases where urine incontinence is attended with kidney problems, especially in the elderly, Benzoicum Acidum has shown remarkable results. Homeopathic medicine Digitalis has proved most effective where the urge to urinate increase after passing a few drops. In severe cases, where the person feels like a straw is being thrust back and forth, a symptom that worsens during the night, Digitalis has shown good results.

1. Ipecac, Causticum and Natrum Mur – For Urine and Stress Incontinence

Ipecac, Causticum and Natrum Mur rate among the best medicines for stress incontinence. The most suitable medicine for urine incontinence while coughing is Ipecac. Causticum is one of the most effective medicines for urine incontinence with involuntary urination when sneezing, coughing or with the slightest excitement. Involuntary urine leak when walking, coughing is treated well with Natrum Mur.

2. Cantharis, Pareira Brava, Staphysagria and Sulphur – For Urge Incontinence

Natural medicines Cantharis, Pareira Brava, Staphysagria and Sulphur are recognized as the most effective medicines for urge incontinence. Cantharis is one of the most reliable medicines for urine incontinence where there is a constant desire to urinate. In cases where the urge to urinate is very strong but the person can emit urine only when he goes down on his knees and strains really hard, Pareira Brava is one of the most reliable prescriptions. For ineffectual urge to urinate in newly married women, Staphysagria is the best among medicines for urine incontinence. Sulphur is very effective in cases with pain in the bladder if the urge to urinate is not attended.

3. Clematis, Sarsaparilla, Zingiber and Kali Bichromium – For Overflow Incontinence

The most well-recognized medicines for overflow incontinence include Clematis, Sarsaparilla, Zingiber and Kali Bichromium. For prescription of Clematis, the person must feel the need to strain hard to pass even a few drops of urine. Urine that suddenly stops and starts is also treated well with medicine Clematis. Sarsaparilla is one of the most effective medicines for urine incontinence where a person can pass urine only when standing. Urine that keeps dribbling while sitting is also best treated with Sarsaparilla. One of the top-rated medicines for urine incontinence in cases where the urine continues to ooze in drops even after urinating is Zingiber.

4. Lilium Tigrinum, Sepia, Guaiacum and Senecio Aureus – For Incontinence due to Uterus Problems

Homeopathy medicines for urine incontinence due to uterus problems, a condition that affects women, include Lilium Tigrinum, Sepia, Guaiacum, and Senecio Aureus. The most effective among medicines for urine incontinence from the prolapsed uterus is Lilium Tigrinum. Sepia is the most effective medicine for prolapsed uterus where a marked dragging pain in the pelvis is present, while Guaiacum is very effective for urine incontinence in women who complain of a sharp, stitching pain after urinating. Senecio Aureus works very well in women who feel a constant urge to urinate, together with great heat, making it stand out among the best medicines for urine incontinence of this type.

5. Baryta Carbonicum, Iodum and Prunus Spinosa – For Urine Incontinence due to Prostate

The prime medicines for urine incontinence due to prostate complaints are Baryta Carbonicum, Iodum, and Prunus Spinosa. Baryta Carbonicum has shown wonderful results in urine incontinence in males having an enlarged prostate. When testicles are swollen, causing twisting pain in the spermatic cord, Iodum is rated as one of the best medicines for urine incontinence. Prunus Spinosa is a very effective option in urine incontinency cases where the urine seems to pass as far as glans and then returns, causing pain in the urethra.

6. Alumina, Alfa Alfa and Secale Cornutum – For Urine Incontinence in Elderly

The three prominent medicines for urine incontinence in the elderly include Alumina, Alfa Alfa and Secale Cornutum. Alumina, one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for urine incontinence, treat the condition most effectively in the elderly. Alfa Alfa is prescribed where the elderly feel a frequent urge to urinate as the kidneys are inactive. Secale Cornutum is rated among the best medicines for urine incontinence involving involuntarily urination in elderly who have suffered a paralysis of the bladder.

7. Equisetum Hymenale, Cina and Kreosotum – For Urine Incontinence in Children

Equisetum Hymenale, Cina and Kreosotum are known prescriptions for urine incontinence in children. One of the most effective medicines for urine incontinence or bed-wetting in children, who also have nightmares, is Equisetum Hymenale. Cina, another of the effective medicines for urine incontinence in children, has shown great results in cases where the child is very irritable and nervous. Kreosotum has proved itself as one of the most useful medicines for bed-wetting in children, especially when it is very difficult to wake the child even as he wets the bed.

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  1. srinivasreddy says:

    hello dr Sharma,
    aim facing urine incontinence problem kindly suggest medicine

  2. Laeeq khan says:

    Dear respected Doctor
    I have been facing problem of 2 to 3 urine drops after urination
    Kindly prescribe medicine for my problem

  3. Cindy Crawford says:

    I am not sure which one to order. I have problems sometimes not making it to the bathroom in time. I will have some leakage. I have been diagnosed with a rectocele and a cystocele.

  4. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’ve been diagnosed with stress urinary incontinence, it happens every time I cough, sneeze, laugh or make a physical effort.
    I’m a 56 years old woman looking for a treatment if you could please help me.
    Thank you for your time, best regards,

  5. Mohd khalid says:

    Dear respected Doctor
    I have been facing problem of 2 to 3 urine drops after urination
    Kindly prescribe medicine for my problem

  6. Hi Doc
    Before reaching bathroom few drops of urine leaks out which homeopathy can I take

    • Bishwa Basnet says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      I am 77 years old and am relatively healthy except for my urinary problem, which is frequent urination. At night I usually have to get up 3 to 4 times. And during the day almost every half hour to one hour. When I feel the urge to go, I have to go immediately and can’t hold on. Often urine leaks even before I can make it to the bathroom, which is quite frustrating and embaressing. I don’t believe there is a solution to this in alopathic medicine. I have also tried ayurvedic medicine, that didn’t help either.

      So my only hope is homeopathy. Could you please suggest something? I cannot come to your clinic as I live in Nepal.

      I don’t have diabetes. My blood pressure is under control without medication. I eat and live healthy.


  7. Dianne Judith Steel says:

    looking for a remedy for A five year old with sudden onset of urinary frequency, no burning, no pain . can have the urge 10 mins after voiding. may go 8 to 10 times in a few hours or several times in an hour. appears uncomfortable. worse during day. Blood sugars are normal. Does have an anxious and sensitive nature 🙂

  8. Shakir Hussain says:

    I have a problem of post void dribbling after urinating and have to get up about 3 to 5 times at night to urine which is quiet often. I am 43 years old.

  9. My mother 93 year old. She has urine incontinence problem. Her urine leak before going to ultrasound it seem her bladder full with urine all-time when bladder overflow then urine leak. She is taking bp and diabetes medicine. Now she using foly catheter please advise homeo madicoe

  10. Dipu Ghosh says:

    I am 75 year old male. Having urine urgency problem. I have to go to bathroom very quickly. Otherwise it can leak. Health good. No pain during urination. The amount of urine is normal. The doctor here is treating it as overactive bladder and prescribed medicine which has side effect after prolonged use. I take medication for high blood pressure, chlorestrol control and blood sugar control. Will homeopathy work for urine incontinency?

    • Abdul-Majid Bhurgri says:

      I am 74 and I suffer from urine incontinence like this that my urge suddenly rises and as I get closer to toilet. I may not have the urge for hours and then it can mount in matter of minutes especially when the toilet is available or just as thought of passing urine comes to mind. One moment I am fine, and I may as well pass an hour without the urge, and the next moment the urge rises and I have to rush to washroom. I do not take any medications. Thanks.

  11. Hi doctor, my child is nearly 8 years old and his sleep is quite deep, he does not wake up in the night to go to the toilet. He has no problem during the day, urinates normal, never had a urine infection. I was given Silicea from a Homeopathic Shop…
    Do you recommend it?
    Shall I try it?
    Many thanks

  12. i am 77 years old.i was oprate in 2015 for prosrare enlargement( turp) and the ted
    st of buyopsy shown gr 1 cance with 3.3 gregea scale.i went for radiatio durin 9/15 to jan 16.thereafterward side effects of radiation showed wti often urine stoppage requring catheters.finally now docor says the sphlinters in the systemm were
    damaged resultiing in uncontrolled urination requiring use of diapers.i shall be glad to recive your valued suggestion for tretment.thank you

    • Can you ,doctor ,suggest me homeo medicines/ treatment for my urine incontinence because of radiation treatment underwent by me as a result both the splinters got damaged

  13. Ramana chintalaphani says:

    Dear dr, happy new year greeting
    I am 82 male from USA suffering from urine incotinence specially in nights and day time also if made delay in passing urine.
    My prostate in also normal
    I have gone through above advises .Can you suggest me medicine with potency and dosage

  14. sonali naik says:

    sir Namaste, I am 45 year old female. I have allergic cold issue. wiht any thing sneezing starts with
    stciy discharge , watery eyes and headache . whenever i sneeze some urine is passed making me embarassing . Can u please help

  15. Sardar Khan says:

    Sir, I am 67 yrs old male diabetic with blood sugar around around 160- 180 mg pp n 100- 120 on empty stomach (on allopathic medicines. ) For the last 2 yrs I often get burning n urgencyin urine for which I take allopathic medicines. For the last few months I tried homeo medicines like cantharis 30 n apis mel 30 but the result is not very encouraging, I get urgency to run to toilet with leaking of few drops of urine in the clothes,every 2- 2 1/2 hrs I go for urination. Kindly suggest some remedy, thnx n oblige.

  16. I am 74 years old and very frequently go for urinating and constipation also. No other problem/symptoms No pain in urinating but at the end of urinating action of urinating is slow.Pl advise

  17. Mrs. Salma Rahman says:

    Dr Sharma
    I havebeen suffering from urinary incontinence 24/7 since March 2010 after radio theraphy and surgery for a malignant ractum tumour. Alopathic medine failed. I have to use 3/4 pad a day.
    Kindly help if there is way.
    With regards.

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