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24 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Urine Incontinence

Urine incontinence is a condition in which urine leaks out involuntarily. Loss of bladder control results in this common and embarrassing situation. The condition affects persons of both genders. Urine incontinence involves a frequent and sudden urge to urinate, the person leaks urine while coughing and sneezing. The urge is so sudden and strong one does not usually get the time to reach a toilet. Constant dribbling of urine due to a bladder that does not empty is present. The causes are prolapsed uterus, menopause, and prostate problems. Age is a risk factor as well. Children and the elderly are more likely to suffer this condition. Homeopathic medicines for urine incontinence act extensively on restoring tonicity of the weakened muscles.    homeopathic medicines for urine incontinence

Homeopathic Medicines for Urine Incontinence

Homeopathy medicines are of great help in treating urine incontinence. They strengthen the detrusor muscles of the urinary bladder. Involuntary urination occurs mostly when the bladder muscles become weak. Conventional treatments include painful surgical procedures, with chances of recurrence. Homeopathy, on the other hand, takes the non-invasive approach and uses natural medicines to heal the condition.

CantharisSquillaKreosotumBenzoicum Acidum and Digitalis rate among the top grade medicines for urinary incontinence. Cantharis is prescribed in cases where there is an urge to urinate even with the smallest quantity of urine in the bladder. Squilla is one of the best medicines for urinary incontinence with watery spurting of urine when coughing.  Kreosotum acts well when the urge to urinate is very urgent and must be attended in a hurry. Where the person feels as though a lump is being pressed down on the bladder, Kreosotum is one of the most effective medicines for urinary incontinence. On the other hand, in cases where urine incontinence is attended with kidney problems, especially in the elderly, Benzoicum Acidum has shown remarkable results. Homeopathic medicine Digitalis has proved most effective where the urge to urinate increase after passing a few drops. In severe cases, where the person feels like a straw is being thrust back and forth, a symptom that worsens during the night, Digitalis has shown good results.

1. Ipecac, Causticum and Natrum Mur – For Urine and Stress Incontinence

Ipecac, Causticum and Natrum Mur rate among the best medicines for stress incontinence. The most suitable medicine for urine incontinence while coughing is Ipecac. Causticum is one of the most effective medicines for urine incontinence with involuntary urination when sneezing, coughing or with the slightest excitement. Involuntary urine leak when walking, coughing is treated well with Natrum Mur.

2. Cantharis, Pareira Brava, Staphysagria and Sulphur – For Urge Incontinence

Natural medicines Cantharis, Pareira Brava, Staphysagria and Sulphur are recognized as the most effective medicines for urge incontinence. Cantharis is one of the most reliable medicines for urine incontinence where there is a constant desire to urinate. In cases where the urge to urinate is very strong but the person can emit urine only when he goes down on his knees and strains really hard, Pareira Brava is one of the most reliable prescriptions. For ineffectual urge to urinate in newly married women, Staphysagria is the best among medicines for urine incontinence. Sulphur is very effective in cases with pain in the bladder if the urge to urinate is not attended.

3. Clematis, Sarsaparilla, Zingiber and Kali Bichromium – For Overflow Incontinence

The most well-recognized medicines for overflow incontinence include Clematis, Sarsaparilla, Zingiber and Kali Bichromium. For prescription of Clematis, the person must feel the need to strain hard to pass even a few drops of urine. Urine that suddenly stops and starts is also treated well with medicine Clematis. Sarsaparilla is one of the most effective medicines for urine incontinence where a person can pass urine only when standing. Urine that keeps dribbling while sitting is also best treated with Sarsaparilla. One of the top-rated medicines for urine incontinence in cases where the urine continues to ooze in drops even after urinating is Zingiber.

4. Lilium Tigrinum, Sepia, Guaiacum and Senecio Aureus – For Incontinence due to Uterus Problems

Homeopathy medicines for urine incontinence due to uterus problems, a condition that affects women, include Lilium Tigrinum, Sepia, Guaiacum, and Senecio Aureus. The most effective among medicines for urine incontinence from the prolapsed uterus is Lilium Tigrinum. Sepia is the most effective medicine for prolapsed uterus where a marked dragging pain in the pelvis is present, while Guaiacum is very effective for urine incontinence in women who complain of a sharp, stitching pain after urinating. Senecio Aureus works very well in women who feel a constant urge to urinate, together with great heat, making it stand out among the best medicines for urine incontinence of this type.

5. Baryta Carbonicum, Iodum and Prunus Spinosa – For Urine Incontinence due to Prostate

The prime medicines for urine incontinence due to prostate complaints are Baryta Carbonicum, Iodum, and Prunus Spinosa. Baryta Carbonicum has shown wonderful results in urine incontinence in males having an enlarged prostate. When testicles are swollen, causing twisting pain in the spermatic cord, Iodum is rated as one of the best medicines for urine incontinence. Prunus Spinosa is a very effective option in urine incontinency cases where the urine seems to pass as far as glans and then returns, causing pain in the urethra.

6. Alumina, Alfa Alfa and Secale Cornutum – For Urine Incontinence in Elderly

The three prominent medicines for urine incontinence in the elderly include Alumina, Alfa Alfa and Secale Cornutum. Alumina, one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for urine incontinence, treat the condition most effectively in the elderly. Alfa Alfa is prescribed where the elderly feel a frequent urge to urinate as the kidneys are inactive. Secale Cornutum is rated among the best medicines for urine incontinence involving involuntarily urination in elderly who have suffered a paralysis of the bladder.

7. Equisetum Hymenale, Cina and Kreosotum – For Urine Incontinence in Children

Equisetum Hymenale, Cina and Kreosotum are known prescriptions for urine incontinence in children. One of the most effective medicines for urine incontinence or bed-wetting in children, who also have nightmares, is Equisetum Hymenale. Cina, another of the effective medicines for urine incontinence in children, has shown great results in cases where the child is very irritable and nervous. Kreosotum has proved itself as one of the most useful medicines for bed-wetting in children, especially when it is very difficult to wake the child even as he wets the bed.

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  1. I m taking combination of conium,baryata and digitalis in 30 for prostate enlargement.My problem is that urine bladder is not empty after passing urine and I feel again to go to urine immediately and some urine pass age is 57 yrs.

  2. I m taking combination of conium,baryata and digitalis in 30 for prostate enlargement.My problem is that urine bladder is not empty after passing urine and I feel again to go to urine immediately and some urine pass again.

  3. Ashamed Kakar says:

    I am 80 yrs old lady , got paralysed about 2p months back. After medication and 450 sessions of physio therapy still my last hand and left toe are not normal . However from last few months I am suffering from frequent urinary problem. Have to rush to washroom for already 25 to 30 times a day or have to wet bed. No infection is there. Taking medicines for BP, cholesterol , blood thinning tablets, magnesium with zinc and B complex tablets.
    Frustrated due to frequent involuntarily urination. Neither can sleep nor able to go out without diapers.
    Please save me and suggest home medicine. Save my life, do not want go for suicide

  4. PSHARANADH says:

    Dear Dr Sharma Garu,
    My wife is 59 years old. Non diabetic. She had undergone vaginal hysterectomy at the age of 26 yrs due to excess bleeding. She gave birth to 3 children.
    Currently she is suffering from frequent urination, during night time, almost for every 30 mts. We are pure vegetarian. Whenever she takes sour or chilly (hot) the conditions worsen.
    Already we are using Canthoris mother tincture. Pl suggest suitable medicine.

  5. Balakrishna Shetty says:

    Hi Dr.,
    I have urine incontinence issue ever since I was operated upon for enlarged prostate gland i.e., since 28-8-2018. Sometimes it is moderate and sometimes severe. No problem during night hours. Just once in between I am forced to get up for urination. During day time it is always a problem. I am forced to wear diaper regularly. I am about 72 year
    old. Other than the above problem I am healthy and active. Non diabetic. Moderate high blood pressure (age related).
    Please advise and guide me with proper homeopathic medicine.
    Not obese. Height 5′ 7″. Weight about 58 kgs.
    I walk and do some ground exercises for 60/75 minutes regularly.
    Kind regards.

  6. My father is 65 ,he is suffering from urine incontinence,what is best homeo medicine

  7. Uma Shankar Khatri says:

    my grand daughter aged 10 years has urge incontinence. she can not control urge to urinate. urination is not frequent But either she does not notice the urge at right time and all of sudden she come running telling that she has very urgent urge to urinate.If some other person is in toilet her urine will leak out.

    we do not prefer Allopathy . we take Homeopathy only . Please guide & oblige.


  8. My mother has urinary incontinence since 5 years, she is 71 years old. she is getting frequent UTI ,last year she was even hospitalized for upper level UTI for 14 days treatment and she is still getting UTI frequently and also high diabetes and BP, arthritis from last 20 years and she is totally bedridden and tired of most urinary incontinence so please suggest some medicine to cure it

  9. Jai Bothra says:

    Dr Sharma – I suffered with Myletis two years back. Strenght of legs has been achieved but now main problem is bowel movement and worse is neurogenic bladder which makes me go for urinaton evrery half an hour or earlier and bladder is never emptied in full leaving post void residue always. occasionally it causes infection and my sleep is never complete. In allopathy I am dependant on Silodal and URotone .Is there any homeopathic remedy to improove the bladder and normalise the spine which suffered due to Myletis .

  10. R.P. ANEJA says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma. My name is R.P. Aneja. I am 88 plus. My prostrate was found to be cancerous in 2002 and I underwent Bilateral orchiectomy in 2002. For 10 years I did not need any treatment. In 2012 my PSA rose to 5.86 n I was prescribed tablet CALURAN/TABI. I started taking Tabi n my SPA remained under 4 till May 2017. I got it checked again in March 2018 when it had risen to 9.86. I was told to stop taking Tabi as it had become ineffective and was told to wait watchfully. Recently it has reached 13.69.
    I have all the symptoms of enlarged prostrate – increased frequency, loss of control, irritation in urinary track while urinating, slow speed, dripping etc.
    I shall be grateful if you could prescribe suitable medicine to treat my symptoms n to control further spread of cancer.

    • Mrs. Lakshmi Viswanathan says:

      Recently I underwent vault prolapse surgery. From then on I am having dribbling problem .This doesn’t happen when I am sleeping or sitting. When I am walking I have to keep running to washroom. Is there any solution in homeopathy?

  11. Ahmad Nasir says:

    Hello Dr, Sharma I am in my mid 50s I started noticing this abnormal in my body early this week. If I lay down with on my (Right side ) urine leak out of my penis but if I Change side to left or flat facing up nothing come out. Again I do feel slight pen on my right side of abdominal.
    Dr please what could be the cause of this embarrassment and the cure for it ? Thank May God bless.

  12. Faraz Ahmed says:

    Hello Sir
    My Name is Faraz Ahmed. I have been suffering from Urinary incontinence problem since a long time. I am taking Homeopathic medicine. For Urinary incontinence and melancholy because of dirt sickness. I mean i keep on washing hand and body whenever i wash or take bath.
    Urine drops come after toilet and while taking bath. Pressure stars on bladder or abdomen even after urinating.
    But those medicine are not working . Winter season have increased this problem. I sit in toilet for half hour to be sure that bladder is empty completely. Specially at morning.
    Kindly give some suggestion.

    • Ahmad Nasir says:

      Hello Dr, Sharma I am in my mid 50s I started noticing this abnormal in my body early this week. If I lay down on my (Right side ) urine leak out of my penis but if I Change side to left or flat facing up nothing come out. Again I do feel slight pen on my right side of abdominal.
      Dr please what could be the cause of this embarrassment and the cure for it ? Thank May God bless.

  13. Kameshwar Tiwary says:

    67years old my wife has been suffering from involuntary urination. She can not retain urine. Urine licks while she stands for urination.she she urinated in the bed. Please advice me.

    • Kameshwar Tiwary says:

      67years old my wife has been suffering from involuntary urination. She can not retain urine. Urine licks while she stands for urination.she she urinated in the bed. Please advice me.

  14. My friend, who is in his 70’s, has night enuresis probably due to his benign prostate enlargement. His bedwetting occurred one or two times per night since a year ago, usually between 11 and 2 am, and 5 to 6 am. He did not have many bathroom visits during the day. Enuresis only happens during night sleep, overflowing before he woke from sleep.

    In addition to prostate enlargement, he is mostly healthy except that he is taking medicine allopurinol at low dose daily to lower his uric acid level to prevent gout. He tried causticum and kreosotum for a few days each, but it only showed improvement for the first day or two. Please advise which homeopathic products would cure his night enuresis. Thanks.

  15. syed fakhir arshad says:

    kindly suggest me a medicine for uncontrollable urine age about 60 yrs recently operated prostate . i gave him causticum, clemetis , sabal, equisetum and bell but result not achieved


    My mom an age of 82 yrs old faceing dribbling problem on the way to toilet. Please prescribe medicines immediately.

  17. My father has dementia ,and his age is about 76 years old.He can not control urine when it urges. All tests regarding this problem is normal. Urine flow test, bladder ultrasound , prostate size ,all test are normal.
    He can not control his urine ,when he urge,it starts dripping till he reach to bathroom

  18. Ramana Chintalaphani says:

    My mother aged 97 is having urine involuntary continence since four to five years. Local allopathic dr has arranged tube . Ultimately infection lcame up and tube was removed.
    Now we are on through disposable underwear at ten units per day and it is not a practical solution.
    She live 200km north of Hyderabad .
    We need your advise.
    With regards,
    Ramana chintalaphani

  19. Treatment for involuntary urination during sneezing , coughing, n traveling in flight?(age 45, female, having two children with normal delivery)

  20. Madam…
    I feel uneasy.. when ever the sneezing or cough comes I couldn’t control the Urination.. please guide me..and I have a swelling in my ankle

    • my mother is diabetic and hypertensive . she is about 80 yrs. there is incontinence of urine when she stands or walk .she cant control urine there is dribbling and also she wets her clothes

  21. Dear Doctor,

    Since last 4 to 5 years I was facing some problem with less urine pressure. I have neglected this. Since last one year I am getting 3 to 4 drops of urine leakage after the urination. I consulted the normal doctor and conducted some tests and they are all normal. They said to ignore it. But my friend suggested ayurvedic medicine from Ramdev Baba. But there is no result. In the meantime I have been attacked by paralysis. Now I am ok. But there is no solutions for urine leakage of 3 to 4 drops after urination. Kindly suggest.

  22. Dawn Swanson says:

    My mom has dementia, she is taking Tolterodine Tartrate 2mg for her incontinence and I would like to replace it with something homeopathic. She has stage 3 kidney disease and previous to taking this medication she was urinating frequently without control. I understand she was wetting the bed and pants often. Which of the above would you recommend?

    Thank You

  23. Please sir suggest that a urine automatic pass and urinary cancer

  24. Lakshmi Sahadevan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Beena, my mother Laksmi aged 89 years when she goes to bathroom which is very near to her bed urine leaks. Sometimes when she sits on chair also urine was seen leaked on the chair and on the way to bathroom. She has no other diseases. Sir, which medicines will be suitable for her. Please inform.

  25. Imran khan says:

    Dear sir
    Good morning myself imran from allahabad
    I have suffering from urine problem last 8to 9 year
    Problem is puss cell release before urine
    Automatic urine relese some drop when stand or at the siting time
    Please suggest me

  26. Minnie Clark says:

    Hi. My husband has a problem at night. He has nights when he has to get up every hour or two to urinate. Says he wakes up from dreaming and then has to go. Doesn’t know if he has to but just wakes up and goes. Not much comes usually. There’s no pain, just an urgency.

    • Louis Green says:

      Dr Sharma,I am 92 years old .I wake up every 2 hours to urinate and then I have problems trying to get back to sleep .Can you recommend anything?


    I have urinary incontinence, I bedwet for 28 years now,pls help. me +2347068914942

  28. Audrey Grant says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from urge incontinence which occurs every night for the past two and a half years. I have tried a few homeopathic remedies but no help.

    Is it possible to get some help from you on this most horrible problem? I have used homeopathy for various problems with much success.

    Thank you very much for any help you can give me.

    Audrey Grant

  29. Dawn Swanson says:

    My mom has dementia and a chronic Kidney disease, she has been urinating while standing. She is currently taking a prescribed medicine for it which increases hallucinations. I would like to get her transferred over to a homeopathic solution. If I am understanding this it seems the Secale Cornutum is the correct one. In switching over should I have her start the homeopathic for 30 days and then take her off the prescription?

  30. P. S. Parti says:

    I have to go for urination 5-6 times at night during winter. During summer, only once. This is happening since 5-6 years and now I am 72. Weight 70kg. Height 170cm.

  31. HumaAbrar says:

    Dear sir.
    My niece is 11 years old. she is had infection in urine. After the treatment now she has a problem of dribbling on slightest coughing. Laughing or any pressure. After urination she feels that a drop of urine is still in urethra..
    She is on homeopathic treatment now.already taken cantharis 30 and taking sulphur 200 I dose+pulstilla 30 TDS
    Kindly suggest any good medicine
    Ms.Huma Abrar

    • SHANTHI SEKAR says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am 54 yrs old, I had my menopaue at the age of 37, i underwent cystocopy proceedure at June 2016 for shrinken ,weakened and infected bladder. Again i had severe urinary infection and took antibiotics in May 2018. Now I have complaints of urge urination and always feels my bladder is empty (even after urination). Now I am consuming ALPHA-WD homeopathy drops. Kindly help me out to eradicate this issue.

  32. Dear Sir,
    I am a 52 Year old man weitght 60 Kgs and for last few months I am facing the problem of frequent urge for Urinating after taking any liquid content and its un-stopable as I stand on feet. Along with it when i urinate I am unable to control my stool coming out at the same time. I have to either go for passing stool too or wait while standing to stop the stool and then urinate. The amount of urine is also very less and have to keep standing for long and rub the penis top to get the urine out. I feel too much of sensation while urinating.

    Please recommend any medicine of homeopathy as this condition of mine deteriorate when ever I take any antibiotic during any fever or tooth problem.
    Thanks and regards

  33. p.saravanan says:

    my mother age of 80 cant control her urine or motion, just disposes as soon as she feels and cant even control for a minute , her foot had been swelled and her hemoglobin is 7

    • My child is 7 years old . He has problem of overflow incontinence. He has neurologic blandar problem. I know after urodynamic report. Is there any homeopethy treatment for this UI

  34. sir my problem is that when ever i go to toilet for urine after urine complete when i stand up i fell 1 drop of urine drop sir plz tell me any medisne for me plz

  35. Mary Jeanne Kuchenmeister says:

    I was in a serious car accident a year ago in May. I had a catheter in for 4 months. There is no damage to my bladder or kidneys, but the long use of the Catheter has left me with severe incontinence. Before the accident I had some incontinence problems which I had treated with physical therapy and Kegal exercises. It was managable although not as good as I would have liked.

    Just to tell you, in addition I have a birth defect in which my left pelvic bone is smaller than my right. I have had 13 leg and hip surgeries to correct a seven inch genetic shortening of the left leg. My body is filled with metal. I have had excellent medical treatment through my 85 years of life. At present I am doing regular NUCCA chiropractic, Cranial Sacral, and Myofascial PT.and up until I took up residency in a retirement facility, I ate mostly organic. I say this only to let you know that I am in basic good health, walk with forearm crutches, which I have done for 40 years and get around amazingly well for my circumstance. I live independently in this home.

    After I got off the Catheter I took Causticum 30 for a few months. Then I switched to Causticum 200. I have been juggling these around for some time trying to determine what is best for me. I have had moderate to even good results with these for a few days at a time, but then it gets much worse again. What can I be taking for a more lasting result.

    • Sujoy Banerjee says:

      In Oct’ 17, I had prostate cancer operation. After that I have started with urine incontinency. It is more than 8 months I am yet to recover fully. In the night I go for urination for 5 to 6 times. I am better than before but recovery process is very slow which make me impatient. Now I am using one diaper per day approx. I am 66 years old. I have already gone through the radiation treatment. Doing the kegal exercise also. Your suggestion in this respect is welcomed.

  36. Videh yadav says:

    My autistic child is 28 years old , today he is uncomfortable in urinating and dribbling in the diaper, what shoul I do, or which medicine to be given

  37. S Banerjee says:

    My child is 6 years old and often wets his pants during daytime but never at night ..usually on his way back from school.. which homeopathic medicine will help him and what should be the dose

  38. Col SS Sikarwar says:

    Moment I get up may be from lying position or from sitting or even from car, I have to rush to urinate, even if there is slight delay in reaching wash room urine starts leaking thus wetting clothes. During I have to get up about 3 to 4 times. Urine quantity is not very large. During day also change of posture means rushing to toilet. Intake of water is alo fairly high. Immediately in the morning I take about 2-3 glasses of water and go for a walk, but for during time tii I come back, there is not much pressure, however as the day grows up problem starts building up.
    There are occasions when times elapses then thought of urination starts building up and I have to rush. I am 69 years of age and have mild prostate size 25 mm.
    During Apr I have taken Uranium Nitricum 200 three weekly doses, urine frequency in night came to once, on 22 May, I have taken Acid Phos 1000 single dose, night frequency has gone up almost 70 to 90 minuets.
    If I can be suggested right remedy, will be grateful.
    Thanks and Regards

  39. Mother 85 plus having lot of urination since long which homeopathy medicin to taken

  40. Catherine says:

    Dr Sharma,
    My husband has invasive bladder cancer, after a procedure to take away some of the tumour from the bladder wall a hole was accidentally made in the bladder requiring a cafata to to be inserted. Since then he has suffered from night incontenance, he is at present undergoing chemotherapy and is doing very well but the incontenance is very upsetting, cam you help


    Dear Dr Sharma Namaste,
    I am suffering from urine leakage in sleep for last two months.It is not daily but often it happens and my sleep breaks then i change my underwear and i don’t get sleep again. It is very annoying and sleep loss effects bother me throughout the day.I am 71 ( seventy one )year old and have enlarged prostate problems. I take Sabal Pentarkan and R 25 for prostate problem. Arsenicum and sulpher for scaly and itching skin. Baryta carb, Chenopodium and kali phos for hearing loss due to hearing nerve weakness. Please advise me suitable homeopathic medicine for urine leakage in sleep during night. Also advise any change in the medicines i am taking for enlarged prostate, hearing loss and skin problems.
    Many thanks and Regards,

  42. Marta Powell says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I have a now 13-year-old boy who has been having giggle incontinence since he was 5yrs old. never has wet the bed has no health issues. I know that it is more common in girls than in boys but it was confirmed by a urologist in 2016 that he definitely has the giggle incontinence. his bowel movements are normal there is no constipation. He empties his bladder before gathering with friends and somehow he still manages to have episodes. Is there anything you can recommend other than putting him on medication. the urologist didn’t give me any other option no biofeedback no muscle training and I am just concern because his such a healthy boy only seeing a doctor for his once a year check up no medications. He eats well and takes vitamins and he is so active taking 18 hours of ballet a week among his music classes and other classes that I feel there must be something else we can try before implementing the medication

  43. vimal mandal says:

    I am suffering from bed wetting since childhood with dream urinating.

  44. Hello,
    Im suffering frequent urine and leackage since 10 years
    I cant hold urine …as i feel urine and it pass out in my cloths
    Whenever i go outside i used Diaper, im in bog trouble….
    Pls pls its my humble requst , advice willmar shuwbe homeo medicine for me

  45. PARVEEN CHOPRA says:

    I am having problem of not having bladder empty after urine pass. desire to pass occure just after minutes. moreover in the last pass as dribling. In ultra sound found 30ml residue. prostrate normal. Main observation is:-
    1 fatty infiltration liver
    2 small periumbilical hernia.
    I have taken Allopathic Med. But it did not suit me ,as it resulted in bed wetting,as well effected sex power.
    Please Suggest Homeo Medicine

  46. Karunasagar Dheram says:

    I am 58 years old and my problem is that when i urinate, the flow is normal but after finishing, i still have the feeling that some urine is left in urethra but i cannot release it. and then after a little while a few drops leak. this happens within 1 a minute or two or so after i urinate and then everything is normal. This often happens during late evening and night. Otherwise, it’s normal during the day. I don’t have any blood pressure related or diabetes related issues. Please advise.

  47. mahesh raghuwanshi says:

    Pl suggest the potency of cantharis,squilla and kreosotum used for Urine problems.
    Thank you .

  48. Omar Farooq says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering from stress incontinence since one year and I have tried allopathic and homeopathic medicines, but my problem remains same as it is peculiar. My problem is that after passing the urine, when I sit or bend, one drop of urine leaks and some times it is immediately or sometimes slowly in about 30 minutes time. While taking homeopathy medicines it used to come down and suddenly it get aggravated to 2 drops after urination. Again after changing the medicine the same thing gets repeated. I am aged 53 years and I had similar problem 4 years before but then it was cured just with one allopathic tablet, but now that does not happen.

    I request you to suggest me the best medicine for stress incontinence (the urine leaks only when I bend or sit, it does not leak when I cough or sneeze).

    Thanks & Regards
    Omar Farooq

    • A. Rama Bhat says:

      I had prostate enlargeement problem and treated silodal D-4 for one month and prostate became normal in size as diagnoseed by ultra soun scanning ,but ultrasound scanning showed post void retention of 118 (one hundred and eighteen ml urine. Now I have burning sensation in urinary track and lower abdomen after paSSING URINE AND A SENSE OF INCOMPLETE EVACUATION IS ALSO FEELING.


    I am 75 yrs male.Having frequent urine in night ever two hour.Urine test have shown no infection in kidney,lever and prostate.but slightly prostate is enlarge in ultra sound Blood sugar is normal B.P IS 70/130 l

  50. Sir
    I am feeling discomfort while urinating itching and burning

    Thanks and advise

  51. Hemendra A. Mehta says:

    I am 84+ mail of normal health. I go for more than one kilometer walk every evening. I take what my doctor says are supplements as medicines every day.These are 1. Sobysis Tabs. 2. Tab CCM. 3. Tab Absolute 3G. 4. Tab Folydol-5. 5. Cap. Nephrocaps.
    My urinary bladder was removed due to cancerous cells in 1998 and a pouch was created in the intestine to enable urine to pass through rectum.
    Lately, involuntary urination takes place while I am asleep. A few months back, even while on my walk, I used to lose control of the bowels. This, fortunately, has stopped for quitesome time now.
    I will be grateful if you can prescribe homeopathy medicine with its power and dosage to cure this condition of mine, so also if we can totally replace the so-called supplements as well by Homeopathy medicines and where I can get these medicines.
    Warm regards.
    Thank you.
    Hemendra A. Mehta.

  52. Hello respected Dr.
    I have this problem after urine some drops of urine are leaked. Drops of cum are also came out whenever I think about sex activity and talk with my fiancee.
    I have also right ureter stone near prostrate and I am already using Berberis Vulgris Q and Sarkanda Q.
    Lithotripsy is also continue on stone since it was 27mm in upper ureter. Now it is 7mm after passing too many pieces.

  53. Thank you doctor. Your post are really helpful. My mother is paralytic. Generally allopath medicine just control her B.P. But problems like pain in muscles and urinary problems are unresolved. and other websites just confuse us or ask for money without proper guidance. Your post are lifeline to many who have failed to get help else where. May God help you to achieve more and more prosperity and a good health always.

  54. good day
    i suffer from urine incontinence,
    i am 48yrs old
    please advise on remedies


  55. Hamid Hussain Syed says:

    I have urine problem urge, weak stream ,dribling ,with result i get pain in lower back,I got prostrate operation but no improvement .kindly suggest some homeopath medicine to over come this problem on
    humanitarian basis .Kind Regards

  56. C K Malhan says:

    I had a prostate surgery 6 weeks back, but still, there is no control on urine. It keeps on dribbling. I am performing the exercise prescribed, but without any result. I am a homeopath and take cantharis and staphisagrya, but no improvement is noticed. I am 83. Dr. Sharma, please guide with your enormous experience. Thanks and regards
    C K Malhan

  57. M Akhtar cheema says:

    Dr sb l have problem of urine which comes about 8 times in a day which is abnormal please recommend a suitable medicine for me

    • Hamid Hussain Syed says:

      I have urine problem urge, weak stream ,dribling ,with result i get pain in lower back,I got prostrate operation but no improvement .kindly suggest some homeopath medicine to over come this problem on
      humanitarian basis .Kind Regards

  58. Sir,
    I am suffering from post-void dribbling. 5-10 drops comes out after I come out of wash room post urination. My age is 38 years.
    Please suggest me a medicine that would help me. Thank You.

  59. hello doc … hope u r fine.. my son is 8 years old .. from 5 months he has problem of urine drops coming out after passing urine when cloth touches to his penis. in urine dr report mucus is positive and ultrasound is also done his bladder wall is thick .5 cm due to infection.. .. In ultrasound kidneys are ok.. plz guide me already antibiotics are taken. nothing changed. plz guide me in my son help

  60. Snehangshu bhattacharyya says:

    I am suffering from urge incontinence , i checked that I can not hold urine when it reaches maximum 220 ml , USG done 2 times , it reveals that my prostate slightly enlarged and prostate size is 30gm . Uroflowmetry done , my holding capacity is 224 ml after that incontinence happens , and residual volume of urine is 53 ml . Feels no pain . Sometime frequency of urination becomes quicker . In night max to max i had to urinate 2 times . At the time of sleeping in night , no incontinence happens .

  61. Snehangshu bhattacharyya says:

    I am suffering from urge incontinence , i checked that I can not hold urine when it reaches maximum 220 ml , USG done 2 times , it reveals that my prostate slightly enlarged and prostate size is 30gm . Uroflowmetry done , my holding capacity is 224 ml after that incontinence happens , and residual volume of urine is 53 ml .

    • I am 69 year old female suffering from urinary incontinence.I feel urge to urinate frequently during evening.I am suffering from osteoporosis . I cannot control urination and my underwear gets wet please suggest some homeopathy medicine

  62. I have urine incontinence problem.Urine leaks out involuntary without coughing or sneezing.My galbladder ultrasound is normal.I have consulted urologist,general physician and even psychiatrist but no use.I also have stress.My age is 40 and I am married.

    Please advise a suitable medicine which could be available in Pakistan


  63. I am 50 years old married women my problem is to leak one or two drops pee when I sneezing and coughing . I request you pl tell me the homeopathy medicine for its treatment

  64. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Thank you for your article on urinary incontinence. I am a 65 year old female who has been experiencing incontinence and it seems to be increasing this week during the day. Especially intense during sleep with no urge to urinate. No pain, burning, etc. Tried Sepia, did not work. My symptoms did not seem to match the things you mentioned in the article. I have used Homeopathy for some time and am concerned my condition seems to be getting worse. I will see my MD tomorrow here in CA to see what she suggests that is safe and if she recommends an ultrasound, etc. I do not want to use any prescription drugs, etc. or procedures.

    I appreciate your great efforts to help people heal with Homeopathy and will recommend your site to others.

    Warm Regards,

  65. Sir,
    I am suffering from post-void dribbling. 15-20 drops comes out after I come out of wash room post urination. My age is 21 years.
    Please suggest me a medicine that would help me. Thank You.

  66. B. N. Mishra says:

    My wife she is cronic sugar patient .Now she is suffering from urine incontinence and also getting Paine while discharging urine.
    Very frequently she is going to discharge urine.
    Kindly advise.
    . B N Mishra
    Uttar Pradesh

  67. K V K CHAKRAVARTHY says:

    Every day morning my child claims lower dull abdominal pain. This is for a long time. Especially and mostly morning after waking up she feels this pain. She is very sharp but does not focus on studies unless reminded. But when studies grasps quickly. Mostly she watch artistic videos like paintings. She spends time on painting. There was some hair seen on legs and hands. On lower back the hair on the skin is copper color. Her lips and mucus inside the eye turns red at once when enters Ac room. Her age is 10 years. Always talks this or that. There are white spots on 2 or 3 nails. Her teeth will break and fall off. She is lean very lean but eats well. White complexion may be I can say pale. Thin hair but once thick when child. She was very chubby as infant. When she was 2 or 3 years she was hiding herself when passing stool. Could not bear anybody coming near while passing stool. She used to stand behind curtain or door when passing stool when she was a kid. And never go to any stranger before 7 years of age except mother. Fear of strangers. Even now she hesitates to go to a new comer. But relatives known people she goes. And when a kid of 2 year she behaved strangely like banging her head to the hand of sofa set carefully not to hurt seriously herself. With new people even now she can speak or wish. Suggest good medicine for my baby. Mostly abdominal pain is predominant

  68. Dear Sir
    I am a 57 yr old female suffering from involuntary urination upon standing. Always upon rising from sleep and sometimes upon rising from sitting for long hours, mostly during evenings. Once it starts I cannot stop it. No leakage with normal walking or coughing. No bladder infections. Onset corresponds to pain from Sciatica, caused by 3 bulging lower back discs – mostly right side – hamstring & calf cramps. Stage III renal failure due to birth defect. What would be the best remedy here ?
    Thank you

  69. Kajol Mallick says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife is 52 years old..she has been suffering from involuntary urination
    only during sleep at night for last 10 years.On most occassions the onset is
    associated with a dream of urination.Somtimes without dreams.Recurrence is now almost once in weak or fortnight.Amount is moderate to profuse.Earlier while coughing seldom very little urine leaked out while now it is rare. Suggest me treatment or medicine as we are very much anxious about.

    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully
    Kajol Mallick

  70. a. banerjee says:

    Female, Age 86, can not hold urine after waking up in the morning.
    Feels urine volume is more than the fluid intake.
    Prolupses of uterus & Osteoerthritis patient.
    Secale Cor – 30 given twice a day for 3 days.
    suggesS further if Secale Cor fails.

  71. Obesity with hypothyroidism+long manstural periods+osteoarthritis+upset stomach+sinus+urinary incontenance.weight is 107 k.g age 40 years.married having three kids with 3 c-sections.plz recomend medicine for me.

  72. Urine frequently no sugar weakness of bladder leakage if jump or laugh

  73. Trilok Chand says:

    Plz tell me the medicine which acts on detruses muscle only

  74. Amar Mishra says:

    These two symptoms :
    1. There is leak (at night while asleep) I can feel from the touch of inside of the pajama (from its contact to my skin) when I get up to go to the toilet to urinate.
    2. Before I could hold the urge to urinate but not any more. Now if I have to go I have to go. If I delay I might do it before reaching the toilet.

  75. I am 52 yrs old male having urine retention problem.i have burning in urethra and lower abdomen after passing urine.urine urgency after 50-60 min.ultrasound shows nearly 300 ml post void urine. Doctor has diagnosed enlarged prostate and week bladder
    But says surgery is possible only if bladder has some strength. Please advise some homeopathic medicine to strengthen the bladder and shrink the prostate.

  76. I have discomfort during urination and the flow is not as much as it should be. It is not a burning feeling, more of an irritation (difficult to describe) It feels like a UTI but I know it is not. Years ago I did have a kidney shut down, and was treated Homeopathically. but I have felt fine in my kidneys ( no pain). I also want to urinate more frequently and I know I do not really need to go, because when I do there is not much to pass. I hope I have explained sufficiently

  77. Vinish Gulati says:

    Dear sir,
    My mother aged 75years is using catheter for the last six years,she had problem of either blockage in catheter due to urine infection or urine bypassing the catheter,then one of Doctors suggested for operation to solve this problem and was sure that catheter will be removed permanently.but still problem remains the same leakage of urine inspite of using catheter.please suggest medicine.personally she can not visit you due to pelvic fracture.
    Vinish Gulati

  78. I am 26 years old nd my urine come in intervals during passing faeces nd I feel my urinary bladde is weak because sometimes I feel there are some drops that gonna leak on my undergarments. Please do suggest a good german medicine.

  79. Hello doctor,
    My son is 1.5 year old and preterm baby born at 28.6 weeks of gestation … has a high pressure urinary bladder with a compliance of 5.6 as per video uro dynamic study at filling phase. The compliance is poor as per the urologist and he keeps peeing quite often … he also has VUR grade 4 on righ side secondary to the bladder issue .
    I am really worried if there is certain and faster cure for his problem.
    Please help.

    Thanks & Regards,

  80. Bharat shah says:

    I had radical prostatectomy foe prostate ca. On August 3 2017.Since catheter was removed on August 11 I have continuous dripping as well as stress incontinence. I have been doing pelvic floor exercise. Any homeopathic suggestion to help.I would appreciate your help. I am 66 years old.
    Bharat shah

  81. My dad age 77, suffering with urine incontinence (trickling of urine) since then. I am under treatment with duodart. Generally urine trickles during sitting, standing and moving, some times even while lying in bed.
    Could you kindly suggest me some homeopathic drug.
    Thanking you
    With kind regards,

  82. My mom is 85 and has Urinary incontinence.
    She wakes up several time at night to go to wash room. And when she stands up the urine starts flowing and she ccannot control it. She also leaks when coughing or any kind of stress in the abdomen. She dose not have prolapse . The problem got worse since one year when she fractured her thigh on falling down. She got surgery and after that as she was in bed used diapers and developed sever UTI. Since then she has no control on her urine. She wears diapers and is very upset. Plz do you have any medicin to control her urine.

  83. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    my wife is 40 years old she is otherwise healthy, that is no BP / Diabetes etc. but has frequent urination of good volume and clear colour with no pain. She has a little problem of IBS, slight eczema on her left fore and middle fingers. Otherwise she does not have any other problem. She is physically active quite energetic and has normal appetite . She drinks about 3 liters of water per day. For her eczema she was treated with Ars Alb 30, and frequent urination with Equisetum Himele 30, initially both gave good result but later not curing fully. please help. Regards

  84. Sanjali Pote says:

    Hello Dr.

    I have been suffering urine problem. My bladder is week after my spine operation. So every time i use catheter for pass out the urine. My age is 34. Please suggest me the right medicine.

  85. Hi Dr. Sharma

    My daughter is 5 years old and has had this problem since she was potty trained at age 3. She was fine but then she now has pee accidents during the day. Varying from 1-8 times a day. Summer time is a bit better, but winter is not. The doctors have said it’s because of constipation. For months, we gave her constipation medicines, sometimes they have worked, but not all the time. And we cannot keep giving her constipation medicine.
    We don’t know which medicine to give and whether it’s safe and what dosage. Can you please advise.
    At night, she wears diapers. During the day, she is in underwear.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  86. P.K.K. Nair says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 64 years old. My problem is that I have an urge to pass urine quite frequently and when there is an urge to urinate I have to literally run to the wash room.

    Another problem I have is sleep disorder. Even when in bed, I don’t get sleep easily. Maybe, I am the type of person who tends to get tense on small matters.

    Kindly help.

    • Kamrul Alam says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      My daughter(Age-8 years, Weight-31 kg) is suffering from Urinary incontinence with epilepsy for 3 years.

      I except your treatment guideline.

      Thank you and have a nice day.


  87. Hello sir

    I have been suffering from urine incontinence after my normal delivery. I am 44. Could you pls suggest a treatment. Thank you

  88. sujata tanwar says:

    Respected sir, my father age 83 is having problem of urine incontinence, after he had been operated for enlarged prostate gland 2 months before, is there any effective treatment in homeopathy,

  89. Asoori Sri Laxmi says:

    My wife aged 33 pases urine while coughing for last 2 weeks she could not able to stop urine cough is also not high
    and the cough is little high in the evening

  90. JoAnne Wilson says:

    My granddaughter is 5 years old. She had night terrors as a baby and continues to have nightmares. She is excessively fearful, afraid to be alone. She has developed incontinence. She also has trouble calming herself down when she is upset. We have to encourage her to eat at mealtimes. She is extremely intelligent and a delight to be around.





  92. Dear Dr Sharma
    You mentioned several homeopathy remedies for incontinence case ,but what the best among them if the case due to weakening in the muscle of bladder for a lady has sex children with age of 53 .
    What would be the recommended Pharmecy to buy those remedy

  93. Sanjay Garg says:

    My father age is 85 years, daibetic and BP patient since last 12 yrs. Onset of parkinson since last 3 years.Have undergone prostactomy 10 years before. recent sonography reveals no prostate problem. Now suffering from Urine incontinence since last 2 years . Feeling of urination everytime and releves urine in small quantitiy each time. Medically all investigaions in controlled limits . Urinary problem seems outcome of Parkinson disease. Please suggest best Homeo pathic medicine for this kind incontinence. Thanking you.

    • N.R.K.VARSHNEY says:

      Dr. I underwent radical prostactomy in Oct, 2013 but still suffering from urinary incontinence. Please suggest me some homeopathic medicine

  94. My father age is 78 year old, have undergone radial prostactomy in 2016. after surgery now suffering from incontinence & pain also. Please suggest

  95. P.Rajendra Prasad says:

    Urine incontinence due to mazor road accident in the year 1997, sphinter muscle weakness since from use ing penile clamp. please suggest best Homeo pathy Medicine for this kind incontinence.could you please suggest best Homeo pathic medicine for this kind incontinence.Thanking you.

  96. Sadanand says:

    dear doc,
    I am male 78 known BP sine 40 years, have undergone radial prostactomy in 2014. after surgery am now suffering from incontinence. I am on BP medication Nicardia 20 mg 1-0-1
    Pazzo press 1-0-0 nebistar 5 mg 0-1-0.
    could u please suggest homeo pathic med for incontinmence.
    Thank you

  97. Hi Doctor, I have had stress incontinance about six to eight years now. It came on quite a few years after the menapause, I started the menapause at fifty years old. I am sixty seven now I find this incontinance a problem for me in the night I have to get up at least once or twice. This cause problems with my sleeping can’t get back to sleep. If I sneeze or cough or any fast exercise or laughing, I did go to hospital about eight years ago they wanted to operate and put a tape in but could nt promise it would have to be done again. I decided against it. Which would be the best homeopathic remedy for me.

  98. Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Very useful information in a short space.
    Thank you.

  99. Hi I’m 45 Perimenopause had three children in my 20s
    And I have thyroid and fibromyalgia issues I need to pee constantly throughout the day if I drink just a small amount of water I’m peeing every 10 to 15 minutes and every time I cough or laugh or sneeze I wet my pants please help what remedy can I take ?

  100. Deer sir,
    My age is 33 years i have bladder problem i need to urinate even 10minutes after drinking a glass of water
    I am physically weak my elopathic doctor told me ur bladder volume becomes very low after a urine test
    Plz suggest some homeopathic madicine

  101. Good morning doctor
    My daughter 12 year old has problem controlling urine specially when she laughs….most of the time she empties her bladder on the spot itself.please help.

  102. My father(73yrs old) has the problem of frequent urination both day and night time.plz suggest me homeopathy medicine
    Thank u.

  103. My mother(73yrs old) has the problem of frequent urination both day and night time.her creatinine level is bit high i.e. 1.7, currently she is not taking any medicine for this .but due to this oab problem she is not able to sleep well at night and even during day time when she coughs or sneezes urine can dribble out.please suggest any homeopathic remedy for this.

  104. Fortunato Gonzalez says:

    Dr Sharma
    I’m 73 yr old male ,with BHP, I have severe bedwetting incontinance problem only .What homeopathic remedy do you recomend


  105. Fortunato Gonzalez says:

    Dr Sharma
    I’m 73 yr old male , I have severe bedwetting incontinance problem only .What homeopathic remedy do you recomend


  106. I am of 53 year. I am suffering from urinary incontinence. My problem is that some drops of urine appears not soon after making water but after 5 to 15 minutes. Please advise me medicine.

  107. hi im diagnosed with prostatitis my symtoms are pain in urethra bladder neck and testicle area im currently on tamosolosin and dribbling and weak stream mostly pain while laying on my back.. i am married 39 yrs. docktors have no cure…please help can i take chimpilla umbrellta..

  108. Dipak Kumar Gayen says:

    My wife is suffering from blood sugar and high blood pressure, constipation and acidity. She is under treatment of a doctor. Now she can’t urinate normally, urge to urinate but a little bit of a urine oozed out. What medicine would help her to urinate normally?

  109. I am just 17 and i am suffering from urine incontinence for past 2 years.what is the reason and please tell the long it will take for complete cure.

  110. Zahid mehmood says:

    Dear sir I m Zahid age 59 having urine in contenence
    Due to prostate enlargement I used max flow my prostate is 80 percent cured but when I pass the urine my bladder does not get empty and keep standing in the washroom for more then 20 min rather I get tired to get my bladder empty one more thing that if I finish the urine early then while coming out of wash room my urine drops comes out and then I go again to wash room to empty my bladder .finally my problem is that my bladder does not empty after urination please help me I need your advise badly
    Zahid mehmood

  111. Josemares says:

    Incontinence due to progressive dementia & Alzheimers I do not find any of the above relevant to this condition in a man 61 yrs of age

  112. Sivaramudu k says:

    I am aged 66 yrs. I get frequent urination about two hours after after noon food(food by about 12/12.30 and urinary urge from 2.30/3pm.). Thereafter about every one hour till night going to sleep, the urge for urine passing. About eight to ten times urine passing will be there during this period. Would you suggest alumina for treatment of this case? Kindly suggest some remedy for the frequent urination problem please.

  113. ANIL K Mohta says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am suffering from Bladder Tonocity loss which results in accumulation of urine in Bladder and not able to empty out for almost 90 % remains . This has lead to the condition to put Catheter along with collection bag .This has disturbed my daily life and moving with catheter has really painful and does not allow you to live normal life .
    I am 62 years and my left kidney is functioning almost 10 % but right kidney is very efficient . I have also done my prostrate surgery done but no improvement in urination process as most of the urine is not passing out due to the week muscle of bladder .

  114. Ineke zonnenberg says:

    Dear dr Sharma,
    I am 78. Had unsuccessful surgery for prolapsed uterus. At night I wake every 2hours to urinate, cannot get back to sleep again then …
    Could you help me with my problem(s)?
    Thank you
    Ineke Zonnenberg

    • Bijoy Bhushon Das says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      Namaskar. I am 61 . At night I wet bed involuntarily. I have not undergone any treatment any of kind. I drink a lot of water in the morning to clear my bowels. Please help me.
      Thank you.
      Bijoy Bhushon Das

  115. ravi kumar says:

    dear Dr,
    my name is Ravi Kumar from hoshiarpur disst. Punjab.
    I am 22yr old.
    I have frequent urine problem especially at night. I went to urologist recently. he told I have hypotonic bladder detruser. now I have left the medicine bcs there was no improvement. pls suggest me best medicine for bladder weakness.

  116. inez watts says:

    I have an incontinence problem. Can’t make it the bathroom in time even when I feel I don’t’ really have to go. What’s good for me t take? I’ m 95.

  117. Saurabh sharma says:

    My father age is of 64 years. His urine bladder lost the capacity of proper contraction, although there is no blockage in the urine track including prostate.
    That’s why he do urination at every half an hour, still is uncapable to all urine out.
    This cause him Urinary Tract Infection and Kidney failure about 60-70%.
    Plz suggest some medication to restore the urine bladder muscles.

  118. sir, adaab. I am of 68 bph case weight aprox. 80 gms. for the last 2 years. using catheter being changed after every 6 weeks. After biopsy occured severe pain in prostate and swelling in tastics which reduced after about 3 months. But unfortunately my bladder shrunken. Now capacity lies only 110 ml. If the prostate reduces and urinal line become clear the bladder has no capacity to restore reasonabale fluid and it will urge frequent urination. I think this will badly affect my kidney. I am very puzzled due to this. Using desi plus homeo combination(single bottle), presently. Kindly advice about increasing capacity of shrunken bladder. Thanks.

    • sir, adaab. I am of 68 bph case weight aprox. 80 gms. for the last 2 years. using catheter being changed after every 6 weeks. After biopsy occured severe pain in prostate and swelling in tastics which reduced after about 3 months. But unfortunately my bladder shrunken. Now capacity lies only 110 ml. If the prostate reduces and urinal line become clear the bladder has no capacity to restore reasonabale fluid and it will urge frequent urination. I think this will badly affect my kidney. I am very puzzled due to this. Using desi plus homeo combination(single bottle), presently. Kindly advice about increasing capacity of shrunken bladder. Thanks.

  119. A K VASUDEVAN says:

    My 20 year old daughter is having urinary Incontinence since Childhood .
    Recently all investigation were done such as ultrasound, IVU , urodynamic study , CT SCAN , Cystoscopy . All were showing normal results and requires no surgical intervention .
    Request suggest for continuous droplets dribbling .

  120. i had enlarged prostrate and now its normal. But the urine does not flow out fully and is retained in the bladder ( 72% ) when I had a test done, which was a ultra sound scan. I was told that the bladder functions less , hence it does not allow the urine to discharge .

  121. Malay Kumar says:

    My father underwear BNI procedure back in 2015 after that urinary incontinence issue has been there. After cystoscopy doctor said that during surgery sphincter has been damaged and only solution now is an artificial urinary sphincter… Do we have any solution in homeopathy.
    Please suggest

  122. Hello, My Age is 26years Male and I am suffering with urine urgency, frequent urination from over a year. I have tried Cantharis for 3 weeks recently, but haven’t found much useful. Can you please recommend me some homepathic medication that will treat my symptoms, thanks so much!

    • Hi, sir how r u. i am from pakistan .i hav problem of severe back ache from last 8 years.i have also done spinal surgery of L4,5 but found no appriciable results .I have continously pain and spasm specially in morning stiff ness.Now i have started pain on my right pelvic bone and severe pain on lower abdominal area.I have always spasm and gasses on my abdomin .also i have siatica on my left leg.I tryed so many medicines and also got treatment by homeopathic doctors.kindly advise me some prespription for my problemIi shall b thank full to u.Yours response will b appriciable.regards

    • M. A. Mannan says:

      I am running 65. I have type 2 diabetes and taking insulin 2 times regularly. I have also high blood pressure and taking allopathic medicines. I have prostate enlargement.

      For the last couple of months, I cannot control my urine. I have tested it that I cannot fully urinate and at least 70 mililitre is left in the urinary bladder. I continued to take Euromax D capsules once a day for 2 months and did not find any improvement. I thought homeopathy medicine may be useful.

      Would you please suggest any medicine for the treatment.
      Kind regards,

      M. A. Mannan

    • pooja kanjani says:

      Hi dr. Sharma my son is 17 years old since last 4-5 weeks he started to urinate any time while standing sitting or even in bed and stays in wet pants doesn’t bother him if he does not change it. I don’t know if its behavior issue or incontnence desese. Please advise if any homeopathy medicine can help him
      He is also high functioning Autistic boy. any help would be greatly appreciated.

      sincerely Pk

  123. Judith Spaulding says:

    Followig mild aortic cardiomyopithy 2006, there is constant urine leakage requiring daily use of absorbent pads. No other significant health issues. Increased amount (spurts) when laughing , coughing, sneezing. Urine stream often weak, & slow, but without strain or pain. Frequency depending on quantity liquid intake.
    Female age 74 yrs, 7 pregnancies, 4 live births.
    Offspring all in 50’s , good health

  124. I am 79 years old and otherwise in perfect health. I do not have diabetes.

    Three years ago my urine flow slowed down. The surgeon went for removal of my prostate. On the way they formed a stricture in the bulbar region of my urethra. He did a urethrotomy. The stricture has recurred and my bladder has become weak. It is not evacuate fully. I need to pass urine frequently and there is burning.

    I need your treatment for strengthening the bladder and for relieving the stricture.

    H. Pais.

  125. Yogeshwar Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 77. I am not diabetic I had enlarged prostate and got its T.U.R.P. operation done on 11 January, 2017. I am suffering with urine incontinence (trickling of urine) since then. I am under treatment with allopathic medicines by the surgeon but not yet normal. Generally urine trickles during sitting, standing and moving, some times even while lying in bed.
    Could you kindly suggest me some homeopathic drug. A friend of mine suggested Cantharis 30.
    Thanking you
    With kind regards,
    Y Singh

  126. Dr Arun Kumar Dubey says:

    I am Dr Arun Kr Dubey 72 yrs old from Allahabad. I developed light shivering burning feet and burning urethra while urinating suddenly in the morning of 21 Feb at about 4 am . later in the day I developed urge incontinence frequency urgency. I am also suffering from Hypertension and mild DM (Diabetes M type two) for last 7 yrs but it is all under control with regular medicines , exercise and diet control. I took Cantharis 30 potency for 3 days along with other medicines of Allopathic. I got some relief and discontinued Cantharis . Now I want to continue with Homeopathic medicine.
    Kindly help me with your valuable advise.

  127. Sir,
    I am anas..m suffering from urine incontinence.after passing urine i observerd dribbling of drops for about 15 min. Suggest me medicine for that sir

  128. G.RAJESWARI says:

    I am a woman patient aged about 68 years old. I am suffering from incontinence in urination. After several tests I was told that my urinary bladder has become weak. During night time urine comes out without my knowledge. It comes out 3 to 4 times during night. My sleep is disturbed. During day time also if any body comes to my house Urine comes out. But at the same time it is not every time. Added to that I am having hearing problem. I am also forgetting now and then. I am suffering from this problem since 5 years. Dr.Sarmaji, Kindly suggest some good medicine to get out of this problem. kindly also suggest some precautions regarding diet, life style etc. You may please reply to myE-mail address given below:

  129. D Narasimhaiah says:

    Dear sir I am suffering from urine urgency and frequency. I have used lot of alopathic medicine’s find no improvement. On abdomen scanning found kidneys are OK. and mild enlargement in postdate.urine storage is 255cc and PVR 55c. When ever feeling of urine happens I have to rush washroom and meanwhile some drops will leak.frequency also more after lunch and after taking liquids I have to go with in a gap of 15 to 20 minutes .Problem will be siviour in cold conditions, I.e in winter and rainy seasons. I am reluctant to move out due to the reasons.I am now 69 years completed. Please Advice me for remedy

  130. Hi,

    65y female taking Aromasin. Sleeping issues due to constant bathroom visits. During the day I go around every hours. Yesterday while exercising I lost urine repeatedly, first time ever. Please help me to figure out what should I try. I don’t want other medicine from urologist. Would Contain, Sulphur, Alumina, and Scale cornering the right choice along with pelvis muscle strengthening exercises?
    Thank you so much, K.

  131. shahrukh hasan says:

    Hi doctor, I am shahrukh 23 years old.i have only one problem when I urinate i feel that few drops of pee are still inside and after few minutes it come out and I had 5 stones in my both kidneys and I had taken medication for that now I don’t have stones please doctor prescribe me medicine for this

  132. i’m 30 yr old female,mother to 1 child.divorced and now living with parents.having trouble in urination since 1yr. sudden drops of urine pass even after i voided my bladder fully.feel as thou any drop formed in the bladder will escape soon. so i have to squat again even after i finished urine.and many times urine dribbles when i kneel down, bend,sitting,coughing.i’m stressed bcos of this. what medicine should i take and what dosage? pls help me out.

  133. which potency of krosetum wo be given

  134. Linda Keeling says:

    I guess my problem is consider urge urge incontinence. I usually am not able to make it to the bathroom. I have be in a wheelchair for 6 years and find that the incontinence is getting worst. There is immediate burning when I need to go, when voiding there is no pain. I am using a antidiauretic due to edema. Am not physical able to do the excerizes to keep muscle tone

  135. Azazul haque says:

    One and half months before I got my benign prostate operated (turp). But after the surgery , I am unable to control my urine, Either i am walking, standing,or rising from chair urine began to flow
    Kindly advice me what should I do.
    Azazul haque(65 years)
    06-01- 2o17

  136. p k mohapatra says:

    Sir, my mother is 75 yrs old. As per Doctor her urinary bladder muscles is relaxed due to age factor and she is unable to urinate since there is no urge. she is now on cathetor and taking allpathy med ‘Urotone’. If there any homeo remedy

  137. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My boy is 7 yrs old. We have noticed several times a leackage of his urine in day time n in fact when frequently he goes for loo. Still he doesnt even realise it leaked out n visible through his pants. This sometimes happen within a matter of 5 to 10 mins he returns back frm loo. Please suggest me what to do.

  138. susanta Roy. says:

    I am susanta Roy
    my problem is urgency urine discharge. slitte pain in burning .

  139. Dear Sir,

    My frequency of urination is high. This mostly happens when i am in standing condition. Say, i drink a glass of water, in next 15-20 mins i will go to urinate. I am 39 years old.

    I have started to drink lot of water and so is the frequency of urination. Also, when i feel urinating, i have to rush to urinate. In sitting or sleeping position, i will not feel urge to urinate.

    Please suggest some medicine



    • dear sir, i am suffering from overactive bladder condition with frequent urination i would like to know from you whether there is effective treatment for this condition in homeopathy please suggest me best medicine thanking you with. regards.

    • daljeet Singh says:

      hello sir
      i m 40 yrs old and suffering from urine problem.3 months before i was facing left testis pain for a week.after tht started back heel pain for 1 week.alongwith dark yellow urine..
      now its past 3 month and urine going dark yellow.also
      the urine flow is very loose sometimes.i have to go for urinate in installments …..for example if i drink 1or two glass water in the morning ,i have to go urinate 3 to 4 times in one hour . if i dont drink much water i remain ok .but urine remain darker. plz help me

  140. Parimal chandra Deb says:

    Dear sir, my father Mr. Parimal Chandra Deb of age 74 is recently diagnosed by prostate cancer.A doctor has removed his prostate by using laser and send it for biopsy. Now without any chemo and radiation he is taking homeo medicine. Now his main problem is incontinence of urine. What should we have to do in recent?

  141. Parimal chandra Deb says:

    Dear sir, my father Mr. Parimal Chandra Deb of age 74 is recently diagnosed by prostate cancer.A doctor has removed his prostate by using laser and send it for biopsy. Now without any chemo and radiation he is taking homeo medicine. Now his main problem is incontinence of urine

  142. Muhammad Afzal says:

    I have urine problum that i can not control it even a small . When standing

  143. Hariharan S says:

    I am suffering from overactive bladder condition with frequent urination.Tests reveal that there are no problem with my system.At present I am undergoing allopathic treatment which is not very effective.The doctors are trying various medicines.I would like to know from you whether there is effective treatment for this condition in Hoemeopathy

  144. J.M. Chopra says:

    I am 80 year old but healthy for my age. Sir, at time I feel un- expected and sudden urge
    to urinate.At time it become difficult to control the urine to reach bath room. I have prostate
    trouble . I take uripro 0,4 mg tablet daily.Will you be kind enough to suggest homeopathic
    medicine to cure me unexpected sudden urge to urinate. I may mention for your kind infor-
    nation that I do not get up to urinate during the night Thanking you. With regards.

  145. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am diabetic with Hb1AC of 7.0. Prostrate size 29. Fluid retention 42 ml or 25%.

    When I sit in a long drive or a long meeting ,the pressure builds up &
    I literally literally have to run to the urinal! Last few steps ,I am unable to hold back !!

    Please help.

    Thank you,


  146. Hello sir
    My name is mahesh and i am suffering with urine problem. After urine descharge i am not satisfied and some urine leaking .and also sensation in penis and little sperm come out . Please suggest best medicine for that. Also having sexual disorder like premature ejaculation and erection problem.

  147. Sir Dr Sharma,
    Three months ago my prostate was removed due to cancer through robotic surgery at Nottingham Hospital UK. I had severe urine incontinence after surgery after removal of catheter. Now after three months there is slight improvements in involuntary urination whenwalking sneezing, coughing or with the slightest movement. Total loss of control occurs when getting up from sitting or lying position. My incontinence problem is due to damaged sphincter muscle during surgery.
    Please recommend me homeopathic medicine for complete early cure. My e-mail is given below.

    Kind regards,

  148. Dr. Shreya Aggarwal says:

    My daughter is 6 years old and she continues to dribble urine in her clothes. She is always forced to go to the toilet every time when I see discomfort on her face. She does not feel like going on her own and also after passing urine, some drops keep dribbling in her panty. She comes back from school all wet as she tries to go to the loo when it is on peak and then she is unable to control and it leaks completely in her panty. There is a very strong pungent smell in her lower clothes when she comes back wet from school . Please help

  149. My father aged 84 is suffering from incontinence, he had stroke in oct.2014; since then he is having symptoms of parkinsons. He finds difficult to walk, pain in body parts, incontinence, weak memory. His allopathic treatment for overactive bladder reduces his sensation for urination, due to this he waits too much to go for urination and when he goes for urination he is unable to control. Please help and suggest some homeopathy medicine for the urine control.

    • Hakim Uddin says:

      My father aged 78 is suffering from incontinence, He finds difficult to walk, pain in body parts, incontinence, weak memory. His allopathic treatment for overactive bladder reduces his sensation for urination, due to this he dosent waits urination and in one hour about 6/8 time’, when he goes for urination he is unable to control. Please help and suggest some homeopathy medicine for the urine control.

      • Sir,
        I am suffering from post-void dribbling. 5-10 drops comes out after I come out of wash room post urination. My age is 38 years.
        Please suggest me a medicine that would help me. Thank You.

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