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4 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Uveitis

Uveitis is the term used for inflammation of the uvea, the middle layer of the eye. It is the layer between the sclera (white coat of the eye) and the retina (the back of the eye). The uvea is a crucial part of the eye as it consists of blood vessels that nourish the eye. Inflammation in this part of the eye can affect vision and other parts of the eye – the cornea, the retina, and the sclera. Unlike conventional medicine, Homeopathic medicines for uveitis do not use steroids and surgical procedures which may lead to further complications like glaucoma, cataract and in some cases, blindness. homeopathic medicines for uveitis

Uveitis is mainly classified into anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis and intermediate uveitis based on the part of the eye involved. Anterior uveitis (iritis) is the inflammation of the anterior chamber and the iris. Intermediate uveitis (cyclitis) is the inflammation of the cells of the vitreous cavity and mainly affects the ciliary bodies of the eye. Posterior uveitis affects the back of the eye. It is the inflammation of the retina (retinitis) and the choroid (choroiditis). The main signs and symptoms of the uveitis are redness of the eye, blurred vision, photophobia, eye pain and floaters (dark spots). In most cases, the cause of uveitis is not clear. Uveitis can occur due to an eye injury, an inflammatory disorder (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), an infection (herpes zoster, tuberculosis) and is sometimes even associated with an auto-immune disorder (ankylosing spondylitis, sarcoidosis).

Advantage of Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy medicines are a natural and safe mode of treatment of eye disorders. The approach involves strengthening the body’s own healing system to repair organs and make them disease-free. Homeopathy takes the holistic approach, dealing first with the condition that has caused uveitis, be it an auto-immune disorder, an inflammatory disease or an infection. It starts by moderating the immune system, eradicating the disease at the root and preventing a recurrence.

Homeopathic Medicines for Uveitis

Top rated medicines for uveitis are Mercurius Corrosivus, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Phosphorus, and Mercurius Solublis.

1. Mercurius Corrosivus – Top Remedy for Uveitis with Tearing Pain in the Eyes

Natural medicine Mercurius Corrosivus is considered one of the top grade medicines for uveitis, especially in the treatment of anterior uveitis (iritis) and posterior uveitis (retinitis). Where a person complains of shooting, burning and tearing pain in the eye, Mercurius Corrosivus is the best treatment plan. In such cases, the iris is thick, muddy in color and neither contracts nor dilates. Excessive photophobia with severe pain behind the eyeballs as if they were being forced out is also treated well with Mercurius Corrosivus, making it one of the most recommended medicines for uveitis.

2. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum – Effective Remedy for Uveitis

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum is one of the ideal medicines for uveitis with severe pain and redness of the eyes. Anterior uveitis (iritis) with pus in the anterior chamber is well treated with this medicine. The person experiences severe pain in the eyes as if they are being pulled back to the head. The eyeballs feel sore, extremely sensitive to touch and air. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum is one of the best medicines for uveitis of this type.

3. Phosphorus – For Degenerative Uveitis

Phosphorus is one of the most prominent medicines for uveitis, especially for posterior uveitis (choroiditis and retinitis). The person experiences pain and frequent itching in the eyes in such cases. In fact, it is the most effective among medicines for uveitis cases with degenerative changes in the retina, along with an aversion to light (photophobia).

4. Mercurius Solublis – For Uveitis Related Inflammation

Another of the most valuable medicines for uveitis is Mercurius Solublis. It has shown the most remarkable results in eradicating inflammation of the iris (iritis) and retina (retinitis). The symptoms usually include cutting, stinging or aching pain, especially on exerting the eyes. The eyes are extremely sensitive to light, heat or cold. Mercurius Solublis is one of the most wonderful medicines for uveitis or other eye disorders in persons working in foundries.

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  1. Uveitis problem from past 12 years. Recur frequently.

  2. Scott Meyers says:

    Hi Doctor. My girlfriend whom lives in Arizona (age about 60) has Uveitis and a doctor has her on daily eye drops of Prednisolone which does seem to help but has the bad side effect of mood changes (and maybe other things long term?) so was wondering if you had any suggestions of a more natural Medicine to take instead of or with the Prednisolone?

    Thank you and if you need more info on her eye issues please let me know.

  3. Ahmed ejaz says:

    Hello sir, I am suffering from uveitis from last 4 year in both eyes, my left eye vision is completely lost, right eye vision is lossing day by day, in right eye black spots Is now coming, please suggest me what can I do now,
    I am takin azoran and wysolone.

  4. Bashir Ahmad says:

    Dear Doctor I have Uveitis from last 26 years. Suffer in 3 to 4 times in a year. please advise some medicines for complete course and treatment.

  5. Janet Julissa Gutierrez says:

    I suffer from posterior uveitis. I see a dark spot on both eyes but from a distant especially when bright light is present. I want to know if it can be treated with natural.medicine.

  6. SUKANYA Mukherjee says:

    I have uveitis for 15 years. iam suffering 7 to 8 times in last couple of months. It occurs in my left eye with blurry vision redness and pain. I have high ra factor. I use prednisolone and atropine drops.

  7. Md. Sydur Rahman says:

    Left eye Uveitis , Pain of eye & Head.

  8. Raghunandansrivastava. says:


  9. Rachel Peiffer says:

    Hello, Dr Sharma!

    I haven’t had testing in a western hospital but have had testing done by a homeopathic doctor. They flagged multiple autoimmune conditions- multiple sclerosis (or something affecting my brain), hypothyroid and chronic fatigue. I am healing with the protocol the doctor put me on but am still having a of inflammation in my eyes. I have several dark spots, my sclera is inflamed with eyes slightly bloodshot, I still get headache/eye pain behind eyes, blurry vision on my left eye, sensitivity to light, visual snow and flashers/floaters. I also had POTS but many of those symptoms have gone away. I’m more concerned with my eye/optic nerve issues now.

  10. Benudhar Das says:

    I have uveitis from last 20 yrs.l am 52 now.both eyes are affected by interior uveitis simentenously years once or twos.but l feels vision loss in last 4 years.l have low vision ,visibility problem.Eye pain and tearing but when it attacks not so severe form of unbearable redness or pain but it must decreases eye sight sure with violate blurry misty vision.last 3 years no uveitis.but now again it comes glass changes very fast even there is no glass now bifocal with -3 and both axis.

  11. Arun Sharma says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am dealing Uveitis in my left eye for last few weeks. I have had this problem with my right eye a few times over the last 15 years and was managed by steroid eye drops.

    It’s the first episode in the left eye with redness and sensitivity to light and pain.

    Appreciate if you could advise if Homeopathy can help in this situation.

    • Rajeev Kumar says:

      Sir my name is Rajeev Kumar suffering from ankolysing spondlytish since 4years.but suddenly my eyes left eye is blurred, can not see clearly,acute pain, photosensitivity.can u please help me out of this .

  12. neeraj gupta says:

    hey doctor,
    I am suffering from fuchs heterochromic cyclitis.
    as i have uveitis in my eye in sep 2019. i contacted to eye dictor they started treating me with steroids but inflamation or uveitis is okay but i feel headache over my eyes and when i went to doctor again he said no abnormality discovered in eye. this headache continues. and i got to another doctor as i got pain in my eye which is not easy for me to bear. As my eye doctor says headache below eye can be caused due to sinus problem also better to contact to ent doctor. i go to ent doctor and get my ct scan of my nose. nothing i found there ent doctor said everything is ok with you. if pain persist better to contact to neurologist or eye doctor. i again go to another eye doctor as i feel pain below eye area. eye doctor said u again hav a attack of uveitis or inflamation in eye. i keeps on changing eye doctor as i wont get any relief every doctor gives steroids. and an eye doctor in vaishali identified the problem said that you are a steroid respondant means if we gives you steroids ur eye presure increases. he suggest me a uveitis specialist doctor shishir helps me in controling pain and contoling my eye pressure and inflamation. but there is start of cataract in my eyes and inflamation also keeps pain in my eyes. doctor plz help me in suggesting a good homeopath medical advice. as i want to end this painful chapter of my life this headache is painful for me.

  13. Shaista Jabeen says:

    I am suffering from posterior uveitis at back of my eye, I am taking steroids, injections & medicines, How homeopathy can help in it.

    • Rajeev Kumar says:

      Sir my name is Rajeev Kumar suffering from ankolysing spondlytish since 4years.but suddenly my eyes left eye is blurred, can not see clearly,acute pain, photosensitivity.can u please help me out of this .

  14. Ali Ahmed Miah says:

    I have a cornea opacity for both eyes, and Uveitis I am feeling pain left eye continuously, while using steroid eye drop pain getting reduce once steroid stop again filling pain
    My specialist just suggesting to use steroid eye drop, but I am afraid which may lead to further complications like glaucoma, I would like it to heal permanently
    What remedy would you recommend, appreciate your kind advise

  15. SANTOSH SHARMA says:

    Sir Presently I m suffering from serpiginous like choroiditis from last Three Months and I m taking Steroid and tuberculosis medicne on supportive purpose.Presently my vision is very blurred.

    Sir please confirm through Homeopathic treatment can I recovered my Vision.

  16. Hello,
    I have a wrinkled retina and cataract in my left eye and a cataract in my right eye. My specialist just has me coming in every 6 months for a check. I would like it to heal instead of just watching it. What remedy would you recommend?

  17. Sir,Am suffering from intermediate uveitis nearly 4Yrs
    First i took steriod tablets and eyedrops that causes dvt problem as side effect.then i stopped aloepathy i took homeopathy medicines nearly 1year but i cannot got any improvement in my vision and floaters. please givre me a permanent solution to get rid of this disease.

  18. My left eye has become redness. I feel pain and photo phobia. I visited eye specialist.He said it is called Iritis. please suggest me some homeopathic medicine. Thanking you

  19. Farooq Muhammad says:

    Right Eye .
    Vision : no light perception .

    Anterior chamber : shallow, peripheral anterior synechies . Posterior 360 degree synechie . Oculosive pupillai .
    Iris new vessels .
    Complicated cataract .

    Fundus : no view .
    Is treatment of uveitis diagnosis mentioned above is available in Homeopathy.
    Thank you

  20. Abha kalha says:

    Good morning Doc. I am 72 yrs old. I had my first attack of ironies about yrs back. Took allopathy and was told that with age it will cure itself. Lost my husband a few months back and now getting this attack very often. Have taken Merc. Sol. It helps but is coming up often

  21. Roselin Moorthoti says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have left eye :serpiginous chorioretinitis.
    I have no pain or light sensitivity but slight blurry spot,,what can you recommend?
    I am on the folllowing treatment:
    steroids – prednisone, azathioprine, and tacrolimus. I was undergoing the treatment for two yes now. I am 34 yrs old , female.

  22. meena bhatnagar says:

    dr i have uvetis in my eyes its anterior one getting every six months pain redness is there using predforte eye drops.

  23. Pradip Ugale says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma..

    I m suffering from chronic pan uveitis for about more than 24 years.. I m 39 years old..I have ankylosing spondylitis.. I m HLA B27 positive..

    I have experienced the pain and side effects of steroids over the years..

    The attack comes and goes in each 1-2 years of gap.
    My right eye is the most affected bcoz of these frequent attacks.. Bcoz of this i have lost almost 30-35% of eye sight ..I have formed cataract in right eye as well..

    Please help me in reversing this.. I want my 100% of vision back.. Can we able to reverse the damage done??

  24. BOBBY SEURAJ says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma I am experiencing some inflammation in my left eye. I have no pain or light sensitivity but slight blurry spot,,what can you recommend? Thanks

  25. Abhiranjan Kumar says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma ,
    I m suffering from chronic uveitis for about more than 29 years old. We have been to a few doctors and after resurching the kinds of medications they want to put on me. we are seriously concerned. Currently I’m on steroids to control it. I ran across your homeopathic medication and would like to get more information. We live in India and would to find out if you have a office here. Please help us.


  26. Hi Dr.
    Do you have any treatment for panuveitis? Or is it the same treatment you use for uveitis.

  27. Martha Patricia Spurlock says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma ,
    My daughter has been suffering from uviatis for about more than 9 months she is 14 years old. We have been to a few doctors and after resurching the kinds of medications they want to put her on we are seriously concerned. Currently she is on steroids to control it. I ran across your homeopathic medication and would like to get more information. We live in Colorado and would to find out if you have a office here. Please help us.

  28. Vandana Marathe says:

    Good article 👍
    Last few years of practice I experienced that psychosomatic connection are stronger in these cases.
    A long term grief or worry etc in every case which was like key for classical homoeopathy and similimum.
    Thanks for sharing 😊

  29. Dr.R.K.Garg says:

    Dr.Sharma good morning
    Sir I am Dr.R.K.Garg (an alophathic dr.My wife is suffering from recurrent uveitis . with alophathic treatment She recovered but again developed the same problem.She is also having mild diabetes mellitus type 2 (controlled). Now I want homeopathy treatment for permanent relief.So please advise and oblige me I will be highly obliged to you.

  30. My wife is suffering uveitis last 3 Yr. I have more treatment in alopathy but no response. So I change alopathy .Is homeopathy best. Pls advise.

  31. Sonia Sharma says:

    Hello doctor I am a having multifocal serpidinious choroiditis in right eye from past 1 year and currently on att and steroids but still there is recurrence as steroids are tapered is there anything that can help

    • My diagnosis
      Recurrent posterior uveitis re…
      I am on steroids by my eye surgeon from last 3 months
      As I leave medicine for a day or 2 even things start to get spoil
      Pls suggest me the treatment in homeopathy….
      Mohammed Nadeem

  32. REHANA ISLAM says:


  33. Hello doctor,
    My name is shima from Bangalore . I have chronic bilateral intermediate uvietis since 12 and half year. My initial symptoms were decreases vision, multiple floaters light sensitivity . I shown in Narayan Nethralaya there they told me to do many blood tests . All the reports came negative they started with oral steroid and eye drops . In between they gave steroid injections 6 times I these all years . But my condition remained same thing later they started methotrexate . Presently now I have cataract in my both eyes so they told me to stop the steroid . I cannot live with this cursed disease . Please tell me doctor is there any solution for my condition in homeopathic.

    • Martha Patricia Spurlock says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma ,
      My daughter has been suffering from uviatis for about more than 9 months she is 14 years old. We have been to a few doctors and after resurching the kinds of medications they want to put her on we are seriously concerned. Currently she is on steroids to control it. I ran across your homeopathic medication and would like to get more information. We live in Colorado and would to find out if you have a office here. Please help us.

  34. Hello Sir

    My daughter is suffering from uvietis, She is now 7 years old and she is already suffering with this from last 3 years. I need appointment with you to start our daughter treatment. Thanks

  35. Hai sir im Amjad Ali age32+.i am saffaring from panuveilities. Alopathe se mera treatment se koi faida nehi horahihe. Please suggest me. Thank you

  36. Manoj Kumar says:

    My wife is suffering uveitis last 3 Yr. I have more treatment in alopathy but no response. So I change alopathy .Is homeopathy best. Pls advise.

    • Hai sir im Amjad Ali age32+.i am saffaring from panuveilities. Alopathe se mera treatment se koi faida nehi horahihe. Please suggest me. Thank you

  37. HI, In 2017 uvetis is dianosed in my right eye , regularly i hv complaint about blurance in my eye from last 2 years i have approched leading doctors but nothing going right. I have taken steriods and other medicine but didnot get any result. Please help me.

  38. Tleshette Matthews says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My husband has been diagnosed with Uveitis of the eyes recently and has been prescribed prednisolone….. it doesn’t seem to work and it continues to reoccur. I am willing to try the homeopathic approach (i.e, Hepar Sulphuris Calcereum. Please provide further recommendations


    Before operation also taken steroids.

  40. ASHWANI VERMA says:

    Sir, my son 21 year old . Diagnose choroiditis in left eye .healed choroiditis 35% vision loss.
    Pl suggest any treatment in homeopathy for recovery and further no spread.

  41. Dr.sharma.there is Uvieitis in my eyes .right eye most affected.i feel pain in my eyes,light sensitivity and also head pain.right area of the face affected .please help me

  42. Rehan Khaliq says:

    My mother has EYE Iritis, she is currently going to a eye specialist who has prescribed her topical drops following which she is now being given cortisone tablets. Can you let me know a suitable treatment that can be done to cure. It keeps coming back again and again.

  43. Hi Dr.sharma
    I got enlarged prostate and recently had urine retention and had catheter would you pls guide me if there is an effective treatment in homeopathy for that to avoid surgery
    Kind regards
    S Rana

  44. Kapil sharma says:

    Hi doctor sharma,

    Kapil sharma this side I have Chorodities problem from last 7 years kindly advice about treatment

  45. Abid Hussain Jalbani says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I will thankful to you, if you advice about my posterior Uveitis eye problem. I am suffering since last 10months and following to Eye specialists continued One consultant diagnose posterior Uveitis and recommended Eye Injections with Eye drops I followed 5months but my problem was increasing, now I am consulting another dr. Since last 3 Months he diagnosed I have Bachelet disease, two months continued I used given tablets and Eye drops but now my blood test results are come abnormal due to tablet’s side effect, dr. Stopped medicine only continue Eye drops. He said blood result will normal after 3 weeks. I am very disturbed, my vision is decreasing, size of object is reducing showing from one eye, vision is blurred and cloudy, some black lines are traveling inside eyes, vision is tilt and letters are cutting showing from one eye. Kindly give me your expert opinion. Is it curable disease?

  46. Debbie Joly says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I would appreciate any advice for my situation involving Uveitis anterior. It started just about 1 year ago. These are the facts to make my story shorter! Very sudden onset left eye, very bad case, mild in right eye. Treated with steroid drops,after being weaned off them, 1 substantial reoccurrence early on, and mire recently a mild reoccurrence. Was weaned off steroids again. During this time I was sent for bloodwork several times to see if an autoimmune condition could be the procuring cause, as I was told it often is. Extensive bloodwork was ALL NEGATIVE for indivisible autoimmune conditions that could be responsible, however, my ANA score was extremely high, indicating my body making antibodies that WOYLD BE indicative of any such autoimmune condition. I have NO symptoms of any autoimmune conditions,I went to a naturopath who told me I was gluten intolerant (I have no symptoms of that) and I followed her advices &went gluten-free. When I went for 6mos follow up with rheumatoid Dr, this extremely high ANA score had come down substantially! Though still above normal. It appears the gluten free diet was responsible for the decline. I am continuing on that mission and will retest ANA in about 3 mos. recent concerns& happenings that I would love your homeopathic advice on…I am concerned about the long term use of steroids and want an alternative! I have always dabbled in alternative medicine but was so afraid(having been told this inflammation can cause blindness if not treated, I followed steroid therapy! Ughh) secondly, and eye dr told me these 2 NEW occurrences aren’t related or side effect from steroids)which I find hard to believe… left eye has a very small bubble on the white of eye and mild blood shot& feeling that there’s”something g in my eye”(told me it’s a common thing that can happen& will go way on its own)& right eye has what seems to be a STYE on eyelid that calms completely down with hot compresses but has returned. It’s been about 5 weeks since I was told all uveitis is gone after last weaning. I’m feeling like it May be returning in that left eye? Or maybe just the symptoms from the tiny bubble that has developed. Either way I’d like to know which homeopathy remedies are BEST for me .. both at this point, as preventative & as actual treatment if/when it returns! Ps: of course I’ve been soo scared I have one of these HORRIBLE autoimmune conditions because of high ANA! However, I will lastly say.. I Did develop Raynauds syndrome 4 years ago while going through menopause & the Thurber said that, by itself, could maybe cause high ANA score? But from what I’m reading, developing raynauds when I did is usually connected to a more serious autoimmune condition. SOO SORRY MY STORY IS SOO LONG!! I just wanted you to have all the facts!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ATTENTION CONCERNING THIS MATTER!!!

    • POOJA bhargava says:

      I am suffering from Uveitis ( majorly anterior) since past 20 years. Lately am finding it difficult to suppress the symptoms with steroids and have been putting steroids very regularly since last 10 months. Allopathy doctor suggests immunotherapy. I would like to avoid it at all costs. I believe in homeopathy completely. Request you to kindly advice on an appointment with you where can share my case in detail and take your recommended medicine. Thanks and Regards.

  47. What would the recommended dose of Mercurius Solublis be to help in treating Iritis?

  48. Hello sir I am suffering from uvitis is there any treatment in homeopathy

  49. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have for 20 years suffered from chronic Uveitis in all three chambers and both eyes.
    I also am a steroid reactant- so use of Maxidex – I’ve cataracts and turbinectomy surgery in both eyes
    The flare is bad again and they are talking about giving me immune suppressant medication for a few years.

    I am scared as the quality of life will become even harder… is there anything else I can consider.
    Is it possible to have a chat on the phone- +44 7960 661639


  50. Baisakhi Barua says:

    Dr. My name is BAISAKHI BARUA recently I have been diagnosed with the eyes disease name anterior uveities or irities in my right eye. Recently drug are running in my eyes , now I can see with that eye but letter in mobile and book are not clear , 4weeks are running with this problem .my question is when and how my vision get cleared. Is there any permanent solution to get rid of this diease. Because my doctor said it can attack repetedly.

  51. Sarvesh + Uveitis since last 10 yrs + recurring episode + spondylitis + lower back ache + request treatment

    I was been treated( homeopathy ) for spondylitis , which aggravated my pain and triggred uveitis . Happened twice in 4 months.

  52. Sir es medicine ko
    Kitna din khana chahiye es medicine se mujhe bahut hi aram mila hai

  53. Anjul nigam says:

    Hi i m suffering from uvetis since 4 years. Taking steroids and took injection in both eyes too. However whenever wectry to reduce doses of steroids again swelling increases. Pls advice is there treatment in homeopathy.

  54. aisha mohammed says:

    my friend has posterior uveitis please can u assist in treatment
    how long will it
    what needs to be taken

  55. Rachel Sterling says:

    Hi, my daughter Ava is 8 yrs. old with chronic uveitis since 2014. She has Cystoid Macular edema as well. We’ve been gluten free for years. She’s been on every steroid eye drop. She’s had steroid injection as well. They tried methotrexate doesn’t work . We’ve tried eyebright and bilberry. It doesn’t work. They now want to start her on Humira this coming week. We need an alternative. What would be best for her, and where can we get it? Thank you.

  56. merrilee Coblenz says:

    Are your familiar with the different discharges from the eye related to each type of remedy eg Puls – yellow purulent odorless and with watery discharge, or Kali bich – yellow white can be orange stringy discharge.
    The four remedies you recommend Merc sol, Hep sulph, Phos and Merc cor, can you give me the differential on the discharges at all please.
    Kindly merrilee

  57. Santosh Sah says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My quick question: is there any treatment of total blindness caused by uveitis?


  58. Mallikharjuna rao says:

    Hi sir
    My son 14 years old ,he had anterior uveitis from April 2018 using English medicines , still no improvement
    Pl suggest any best medicine in homeopathy.
    Thank you.
    Mallikharjuna rao.

  59. dr.alok chaudhary md radio-diagnosis says:

    sir iam dr alok chaudhary operated for cataract in right eye in0n 15 th jan 2018 and then had retinal detachment diagnosed og 8th march 2018. got operated for retinal detachment and aggian operated for removal of silicon on 12 th june 2018 but then due to infection from operation theter was diagnosed as endopthalmitis . after this was given 60mg steroid tailored to 10mg gradually over two months and inr viterous injection of regianed to 6/9. drugs stopped then had off and on red eye painful waterin eye was diagnosed with uveitis last thursday 11 th october put on steroid eye drops iredness got cleared no pain no watering but now vision reuced to 6/18 from 6/ today asked me to seee him after two weeks on ist nov 2018 and steroid reduced to once daily.iam dibetic but sugar controlled on drugs. no hypertension and 55yrs age please guide me as iam a radiologist by profession

  60. Hello, dr. Sharma!
    I am a 40 years old woman, sufering for a cronical uveitis anterior on the right eye.

    I was 16 when it first hapened, since then i have had it 12 times. This year it hasnt stoped since april. As soon as i almost get to stop the treatment (the doctores give me dexamomo, atropin, naclof or nevanac, maxitrol, and in the beginig of the dessise i get injections (5 to 10 inj.) of dexamethason+cocain +atropin.) the ophtalmolog sees the floaters in the eye again, and the tretmant starts all over again.
    They havent found the cause of my disease (i dont have siphilys, tubercolosis, boreliosis, HLA B-27, revma ( all of what they know could be the causes for uveitis are negative).

    I hope you can help me with homeopathic treatment.

    I am sorry for all the mistakes in writing, my english is….. So so

    Baiii from Slovenia,


  61. Sir suffering from uveitis since last four months.
    Age 44 yrs male. Please advise

  62. Shwetu Jane says:

    Hello Doctor
    I have uvietis in my right eye
    I m overweight and i m trying to reduce my weight
    I want to overcome uvietis completely
    Please suggest me what to do

  63. hello Doctor
    my 5 years old daughter has uvietis on both the eye plz help us if u have treatment for that.

  64. Natasha Suthar says:

    Hello Doctor, I’m suffering from anterior uveitis from 2 week. I hv some back issue. Though doctor said ankloysis spondylitis. But reports are negative. What u recommend for my uveitis.

  65. I am desperate for a remedy for this condition, burning, etching, swelling if anyone has a thought plese contact me….I have psoriasis and when it flares up…itchy scalp itchy eyebrows, and skin… my eyes suffer

  66. where and how can I get your services?

  67. Dr.K.L.Paul. says:

    Dear sir
    Please advise me how to treat the choroiditis in eyes frequently effect and very severe condition on that time.

    • Jitendra says:

      Dear sir,
      I am Jitendra (30 years old)from UP
      Since my adolescence I have been suffering from joint pain I took many kinds of medicine but results negative.
      And now a days I am suffering from chronic iritis in right eye since 2005,I have taken a large number of asteroids ,prescribed by doctors,but it recurs every 8-10 months .
      Can it be treated permanently by homeopathic medicine ?
      Please suggest me if there is any remedy to prevent such problem

  68. Dinkar Singh Advocate says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am advocate in SC of India. I have been tested positive for HLA B27. I have been suffering from anterior uveitis since last three years. Kindly suggest if there is any remedy to prevent such auto immune disease. I am sick of taking steroids and need your assistance.

  69. Hello sir ,
    In my left eye, I m suffering a muddy marks and some itchiness inside my eye. Please suggest how can I rid this as soon as possible. Plzzz sir….

  70. Piyush Kashyap says:

    Uveitis problems & ankolysing spondylitis since 16months.oral steroid eat 1year.currently no medicine eat.catract surgery was done. treatment is done by Sankara Netralay it curable by homeopathic medicine

  71. Hello sir

    my wife is suffering from acute Uveitis for both eyes since last 8 months . she is on steroids since last 8 months . still no recovery , please suggest. plz reply me.

  72. Nicoletta Migacz says:


    I am being treated for my anterior uveitis with Predforte, a steroid drop. Every time I taper the drops the inflammation keeps coming back. They are telling me that the next step would be to have a steroid injection which I am not happy with. Can you recommend a doctor in the CT area that can help me with a homeopathic approach to treating my condition?

    Thank you,
    N. Migacz

  73. Dear Sir,

    hi sir, my sister is suffering she is suffering a lot, please suggest me

  74. Nand lal singh says:

    Respected sir
    I am suffering from iritis problem science 1 and 1/2 year. After consulting with eye soecialist he suggesting me for clinical surgery. I have left drops science 8 month .my problem is not worse but some difficulty seems. Plz suggest me.

    Nandlal singh (Patna)

  75. i would like to treat my eye uvietis, please reply me on same

  76. Nellie Gonzalez says:

    Dear Dr .Sharma, For five years now my loving son is suffering from pan uveitis, the cause is unknown he has been through hell each Friday he is given a injection . At first the doctors has had him on steroids treatments. Its was difficult to take him off . Each time I take him to the eye doctor inflammation presents.The conventional medicines is NOT WORKING. At age 13 , he’ll having cataract in his eyes My son has other issues but this pan uveitis following on the same courses of treatment in the end he his going to be blind. We lived in Syracuse new York, Its limited here .I think the root of problems is inflammation what homeopathy medication is best . Thank you for your time and patient.

  77. Mukesh Raghav says:

    Dear sir I have suffering with this disease last 6 years. Presently I feel floaters, spider web like structures in my eye. sometimes pain and redness. Kindly suggest treatment.

  78. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have been detected of Uveitis in left eye for a month now. I got my results tested and I am HLA B27 positive.
    I don’t have any AS as per Pelvis X-Ray. Can the Uveitis be treated by homeopathy as I don’t want to go for Steroids treatment.

  79. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’ve been diagnosed with Iritis over 10 years ago. Initially, predforte and similar eye drops used to work and i used to have 1 or 2 flare ups per year. Most recently, the condition worsened and it’s become anterior uveitis with cataract in the left eye. The doctor prescribed a heavy dose of cortisone which i’m phasing out now. Meanwhile, I’ve done all/most tests for finding out if i have an autoimmune disease and there seems to be none. I’m also following up with a homeopath but nothing seems to be yielding results.

    I’d be grateful for your advice

  80. rajkumar mandal says:

    sir i have been suffering from recurrent eye problem since May left eye becomes red with acute pain. doctors are treating it as uvetis.the problem goes away with treatment but reappears.please help me with suggestions

  81. My 14 year old daughter was treated with ramicade, metrotexate, and had two surgery (pressure was 30-38) but her pressure is 13-15 now (both eyes). She now had reaction to her skin, and back pain. They want to change medicine to Humura. We won’t trust them. What is my option with Homeopath? Please

  82. Dear Sir,
    My wife aged about 44 years complaining from last one week that stickyness in left eye and vision is blur. Hence i have taken her to eye hospital and they have done all the blood tests including HIV, TB, Sugar, Hematology, igg, igm etc., and chest scan also. Finally all reports are ok except for Toxoplasma (Igg) and ESR. They have done OCT scan also and told there is a inflammation in eye and swelling in nerve. They told it is UVEITIS and is a gentic problem, as such there is no reason can be explained with respect to why this has come. They prescribed steroids saying that there is no other medicine available for the same. They told to use Wysolene 40mg per day for a week and then 30mg for another one week. Asked us to come for review after 2 weeks. I expressed that steroids may lead to some other issues, for which they told that cannot be avoided since there is no other medicine for the same. I came across the above report in Google and sending this mail to help us.

    In fact, my wife is thyroid patient and have Anemia of iron defeciency. From the article in google, i came to know that eye will be red and pain will be there if it is UVEITIS. But my wife does not have redness as well as pain also. She only felt sticky and blurness.

    Please advise whehter it will come under UVEITIS or not, if yes, kindly suggest suitable homeopathy medicine.

    Or is it compulsory to use steroids?

  83. Rajluxmi V Murthy says:

    My sister, Shikha Aggarwal (age 50 years) has had uveitis for 3 years. Recently the pressure in the eye became very high and she had to be operated for glaucoma and also cataract.
    I came across the information posted here on homeopathic treatment for uveitis. We consulted homeopaths in Dehradun, where my sister lives, but they do not know about these treatments.
    Do you know of any homeopath in Dehradun who can help. If not, anywhere nearby? Or how can we consult you?


  84. B K SRIVATHSAN says:

    My son is 40 years old and has Uveitis in both eyes for nearly 10 months and is on prednisolone drops whenever there is a flare along with lubrex drops. After his first treatment by the Uveitis specialist it was fully normal. But recently after a travel to CHENNAI and back the problem has relapsed. He was also diagnosed to be RA positive about 4 years back and was treated by Rheumatologist. I would be very grateful if you kindly suggest if there is any holistic treatment to cure both problems and approximate treatment time.

  85. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from VKH(Vogt–Koyanagi–Harada syndrome). It was diagnosed in 2011.It has affected my both eyes.I am on steroid and Immunosuppressive medicine since 2011. Please advice how to get rid of this rare disease.

  86. Sir im having uveititis from last 7yrs plz suggest

  87. Anil Kumar says:

    Good morning Dr. Sahab. I have Anterior Uveitis and dry eye syndrome for 3 years due to Auto Immune Rheumatoid factor. Due to Steroids for a long time, There is Cataract also now in both eyes. Please tell me the best medicine for it.

  88. arun kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    I am suffering from uveitis since 2013 and I rarely get gaps of steroids in this tenure.
    I am very depressed and loosing my confidence.
    It would be great if you can do anything for me, Please cure this permanently.

    Arun kumar

  89. GOURAV KHATRI says:

    Respected sir,
    I got Uveites in 2004 i was taking steroids as Dr suggested. but my right eyes has major problem and vision is also not clear, i am a banker so i have daily dealing with computer. now my left eye has floaters,i am facing difficulty in my work. and also losing confidence , sir plz suggest some medicines
    to permanently eliminate this disease .
    richa garg

  90. Prof Rajbir Singh says:

    Sir I got acute uveitis in both eyes. Got surgery of cataract of right eye and going to be operated right eye soon with same cataract problem. Becks of steroids zi got cataract. I have very less vision left in both eyes. Retina of right got weakened..
    Sir if you can suggest me some medicines and yogis it will be a great favor to me. Hope you do the needful positively.
    Thanking you.
    Looking forward.
    Prof Rajbir
    Mob. 09555145949

  91. Sir,i have floaters day by day increasing and in left eye it is little bit blury.Now my right eye is also getting floaters.My Doc said that i have uveitis and said me to give drops navac.My age is 25.
    Please suggest me what should i do.

  92. sir,
    i am 38 year old and i am suffering from intermediate uveitis in right eye… due to which a dark spot in vision and blurred vision etc…. kindly suggest me the medicine to recover it….


  93. Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am 52 years old suffering from uveites for the past 1 year and I am using cromal forte or genteel eye drops when my right eye become red. But now a days my eye is getting red frequently after a week or 10 to 15 days time. I work on computer and because of this probem my work suffer can homeopathy has some solution for my problem.

  94. Dear Sir,

    My mother has got uvetis from 2015 and she is now 70 years , All this days there was no problem but nowadays her eye become very red and water keeps coming out and there was irritation Hence when tested it was identified as Gram negative bacilli and treatment is on with injections so pls advice how good is the treatment in homeopathy and long it may take for the infection to go and what would be the cost for the package

  95. Manasi Rajesh Bhatia says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am Manasi Bhatia from Mumbai.
    I have developed Uveitis on 7th July 2017
    I have it in both the eyes.
    My job has been affected due to this as our work is only on computer.
    I am on Steroids currently. But wish to take Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicines on this for permanent cure.
    Pls let me know how do I proceed to take your treatment.
    What are the charges and the duration of treatment. Basically all the details a patient would generally ask.
    Do you have any base in Mumbai.
    Thank you.
    Warm Regards

  96. My Mother-in-law was diagnozed with fuchs dystrophy. will Mercurius Corrosivus, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Phosphorus, or Mercurius Solublis help with this problem?
    I was considering telling her to get Mercurious Solublis? What would you recommend?

  97. My wife is suffering from uveitis in both the eyes since 10 yrs she has also formed. Cataract now
    Pl guide can u treat her by homeopathy and what r results as she is taking steroids

  98. Parag Karnik says:

    My wife is having uveities for almost 4 yrs initially it reoccures after a year but this time it occures within 6 months , everytime v had visited eye specialist n treatment start with steroid drops n then pills first 3 time v visited adityajyot hospital wadala this time we are taking the treatment from Bhaskar Netralaya Thane , it take almost 5-8 weeks to get complete recovery. We are looking for a complete solution to get permanant rid of uveitis , we are residing from Mumbai-Thane , appreciate your guidance on the same.

  99. sunil razdan says:

    I have blurred vision in my left eye. blurring appears to be in the centre of the pupil. I got it checked from a British ophthalmologist who ruled out BVRO & CVRO. My left eye is slightly watery and I am developing photo-phobia. On closing my right eye if I look at parallel lines they appear tapering inwards. I tried out Photochromatic lense with little relief. British doctor diagnosed it Glaucoma. I request for advise on homeopathy medicines as I do not want to use steroid drops.

  100. H/O pars planitis, synichiae, floaters, iritis leads to adhesion with lens, clinically sarcoidosis. Age 45, Male.
    May I request you to advise the correct homeo. medicines with dose

    • I am 45 years of age and had optical neuritis in left eye which got cured in 6 months by predesnosolone and after 5 months right eye got affected then same drug corrected vision in 4 months and got various tests done and was diagnosed as VKH for which 6 months of steroids r recommended Can U provide and assist me with an Alternative inHomeopathy with Dosage please

  101. NARENDRA says:

    gud evening sir i am narendra reddy from ap .i am saffar with Uveitis.i faceing problems like eye redness,pain,not comfatabul with sun light and normal lighting .my age 27.i useing LOTEPRED LS AND ETC .I GET TEMPARAREY SOLOUTIONs. BUT PROBLEM COMES EVERY MONTH .MY MONTEX report POSSITVE.RA FACTER also POSSITVE .TRY TO SAGESS BEST MEDICEN FOR ME THANKS .NARENDRA

  102. Hi Dr.Sharma,

    I am looking at homeopathy treatment for my Chronic Anterior Uvitis in left eye. I have had it for the last 6 years but with a gap of 2 years. Since last year I have not been able to wean off the predforte drop as it keeps coming back as soon as I stop. I have gone through a series of tests and it looks fine. So the doctors classify as idiopathic in nature. Looking at a cure if at all possible as it affects the work life. Appreciate your feedback and help on the same. I reside out of India.
    Thanks & Regards,

    • Meena Padmakumar says:

      Hi, Dr. Sharma,
      I reside in BangaloreI am looking at homeopathy treatment for my Chronic intermediate Uveitis in both the eyes. I have had it for the last 6 years but no pain or irritations in the eyes.will always have a cloudy or hazy vision more in right eye and less in the left eye.. since last five months I have not been able to wean off the predforte drop as it keeps coming back as soon as I stop. I have been advised to start off with either iral steroids or immuno supression medicines, which am not really willing to .Have undergone several tests which all looks fine. So the doctors classify as idiopathic in nature. Looking at a cure in homeopathy as it will give a permanent solution . Appreciate your feedback and help on the same. .
      Thanks & Regards,
      Meena Padmakumar

  103. abdelhamid says:

    hi doctor i m a passion with anterior uveitis , due to my ankylose rheumatic inflammation , many time in the past i had it , but with steroid eyes drops in one week , every think is OK , but this time , even thoutght i have started drops just at time , it have taken longer with general steroid administration , could tell why
    best regards

  104. uveitis pada anak 3 tahun, tolong katakan padaku bagaimana memperlakukan obat Anda


    I am patient of IRITIS since last 3 years and used to take steroids Wysolon tab. let me know whether homeo medicine can cure my iritis.

  106. Mrs vijay shanker says:

    Suffering from intermediate uveities in both eyes.Being treated by ophthalmist with steroids &other autoimmune medicines but no improvement rather vision reduced further.kindly advise homeopathic medicine for relief

  107. ravi ramraika says:


  108. Brij Mohan Kardam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a 35 years old patient of ankylosing spondylitis since when I was 18. Because of this, my eyes got affected with uveitis once in every few months. I used to get alopathic treatment whenever my eyes are infected with uveitis. Please suggest me some good treatment. I reside in Ghaziabad (UP).

    Thanks and regards,
    Brij Kardam

    • Hello. Can I get recommendations for the treatment of peripheral uveitis in a child 11 years old. Been sick since 4 years. In the Treatment derived hormones. Permanent retsedivy. Complications cataract glaucoma.

  109. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from eye redness and pain since last 1.5 years. Doctors have different views of it being either sclertis and episcleritis. The white portion of my right eye is effected and have been steroidal eye drops. I would be really thankful if you could please recommend a more permanent solution.

    Kind regards,

  110. Greetings Dr.Sharma,
    I have been suffering from iritis since last five years. My one eye becomes red with pain in that side of head and sensitive to light.Pls advice suitable remedy for it along with some drops.

  111. Md Selim Reza says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from serious disease as intermediate uveties.At first I would saw that a small spot are moving infront of my sight.This spot are increasing day by day.Then I went contact a doctor treatment my disease.I ate many storied pill which reduce my spot but my weight increased hugely.After used this treatment I was well 1 year.Now I am suffering this same problem my two eyes.I fells this problem very serious.
    May I therefire pray and hope that please you will give me a good suggestion.=

  112. Sabina Huttner says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Sabina and I live in Spain so sorry for my bad English.

    I read abaout your article as my mother just had a surgery in one of her eyes with the consequece that due the Fuchs uveítis the doctor can´t take control of her eye pressure. She had 42 a few days ago but with the traditional medicine (antibiotics, etc, NO coriticoids as she has allergy) they can´t manage to get the pressure lower (no her eye pressure is around 30). She had suddently lot of pain (mostly headache) but without any treatment she can be fine again between 30 minutes.

    Just a quick summary:
    She had a cataratas surgery a few months ago and she had another surgery last week because she had a hole in the macula so they injected gas to solve the problem.

    We believe in Homeapathic medicines so I would be very thankful if you can send me any therapie for the pressure in her eyes due the Fuchs uvetitis.

    Thank you very much for your reply,

  113. kim elcock says:

    My daughter as uveitus, two years now,,,she as been treated withsteroid eyedropsand steroid injections, they work for a short while then swelling comes back.looking for anything eles that would help. She is 16 thankyou

  114. Sandeep Sachdeva says:

    Respected Dr
    I am getting recurrent episodes of uveitis & have to rely on topical steroids & NSAIDS.Kindly guide me if there is a better solution in HOmeopathy.

  115. CHANDRA SEKHAR says:


  116. Dr pramod Upadhyay says:

    Sir my daughter nidhi upadhyay 20years old she is sufferd from choroditis in right TBGold test positive take ful dose ATT please help me

  117. Anil Anand age 45 says:

    Dear Doctor my self Architect Anil Anand i am from jammu I am suffering from uvites last 2 and half year because of uvites a catrack develop i can not see properly but cant find the cause of uvites my all test is ok please sugest me what i will do i am very worried about my right eyes please help me what i will do

  118. I am suffering from Uveitis in left eye since four years, treated with Predforte eye drops, Prednisolone and Methoxitrate tablets. I also got treated with TB medicine for about nine months. But there is no improvement. Due to prolonged usage of drops, left eye developed cataract and got operated. Recently ocular pressure gone up and doctor performed peripheral iridectomy operation. In left eye the vision is very less. Because of frequent usage of Prednisolone tablets, blood sugar levels have gone up became diabetic. I wanted to try with homeopathic medicine because it doesn’t any side effects. Please suggest me how to proceed.

  119. My mother is Suffering with uvities and most of time her vision at zero level or zero.we are consulting Pgi Chandigarh but again problem is same .pls suggest

  120. Vandana Karnwal says:

    i am 45 yrs of age suffering from chronic uveitis since past 20 yrs…..i hv been treated for secondary cataract caused due to attacks n continous use of steroid eyedrops….my problem today is recurring swelling in the left eye….I can feel slight pain during swelling inside….my eyes start looking smaller….although not red…..the usual treatment i get for this is tricot injection in my left eye and steroid eyedrop like predforte…..please help me get rid of all this oermenantly.

  121. Soomro Ghulam Rasool says:

    My son Atif 20 years got uveitis and catract in both eyes a month ago he got laser surgery but till today he did not feel improvement his vision is blured Alopath is giving steriods and local steroids injectio. Please suggest the homeopathic drug now after surgery he has some vetrouse or posterior uveitis

  122. Dr. Rima Mukherji says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 56 year old female Psychiatrist.
    I have recurrent uveitis caused by an auto immune disorder. I am HLA B27 positive but I do not have ankylosing spondylitis. All other investigations are normal. There is a family history of auto immune disorder – uveitis and rheumatoid arthritis. I have been on steroid drops for a year now but as soon as it is being tapered off, there is a relapse. I was prescribed methotrexate injections. Could not tolerate. Then salazopyrine tablets. Again had severe side effects.
    Is it possible to treat this kind of auto immune disorder which is causing the uveitis with homeopathy?
    Please advise.
    Thanking you,
    Dr. R. Mukherji

  123. Mandeep kaur says:

    I have uveitis problem in my eyes since 2010. I had undergone glaucoma as well as cataract surgery in my right eye due to uveitis. But now ,it also affect in my left eye. Now a days,EYE Dr recommend me to use betnosol eye drop in both eyes and RHUMETOLOGIST DR. also recommend to take tab 1gm saaz as my report shows positive HLAB27 .but I don’t have any joint pain.but report shows HLAB27 TEST positive .I want to cure my eyes permanently. So that no recurrence of uveitis occur in future and also sight to be retained. . PLEASE SUGGEST ME .

  124. Dr. Sharma, thank you so much for the information on some natural treatments for uveitis. What is your recommendations for the dosing of these four natural means you listed.
    How much, with or without food and how many times a day?

    Thank you so much for your time, I look forward to hearing from you. Trish

  125. lost eye sight left due to uveitis any chance to regain vision, if so, advise medicine and drops..

  126. Vandana Karnwal says:

    hello! I am suffering from uveitis since last 20years…. earlier the occurrance was once or twice in a year where i was put on steroid eye drops….. gradually i had to undergo secondary cataract operation on both eyes due to chronic attacks…… even now i am not out of prednosolone, homide, etc… left eye is often swollen….though not painful but sometimes red…. i am worried about the persistent use of predforte….doctors dnt have a say to my questions…..please i want to get rid of this chronic desease permenantly….I am 45 …my name is Vandana Karnwal…please help!( of late tricot injection is inserted almost every 3/4 mnths) to avoid oral steroid pills they inject this… treatment is getting very expensive due to frequent scans n injections)

    • siddhant pratap says:

      I think u must consult rheumatologist sometimes uveitis is an adverse effect of sarcoidosis.If u are suffering from this then u will have to get rid sarcoidosis then uveitis .I was suffering from same problem bt my doctor is excellent he suggest me to go through some test and now i m feeling gud.

      • Sang Siva says:

        Hi Dr. Sharma,
        My wife underwent cataract surgery in both eyes about year ago and started inflammation, pain and sensitive to bright light and diagnosed as anterior uveitis leading to treatment with steroids. Did not want to continue with the steroids and consulted another highly regarded ophthalmologist in LA.
        He concluded that the problem is due to the one piece lens implanted and it is pushing the capsule to the iris and creating pigmentation and inflammation. We decided to go for a change of lens on the right eye (3 piece) and all went well while on the medication (various eye drops). Once we started tapering off the medication the problems came back without any resolution.
        Today we went to see a Retina Uveitis specialist and after examination we find that retina is also developing some patches and needs treatment, may be injections.
        Please advise us whether homeopathy could treat these problems satisfactorily ie: anterior and posterior uveitis.
        Also refer us to any homeopathic doctors here in CA (Los Angeles / Orange Counties) so that we could consult.

        Thank you

        Sang Siva



    (M) 9830619775)

  128. R Udaya Lakshmi says:

    Dr.Sharma Hi. Iam Udaya Lakshmi. I suffered uveitis for about eight years. Due to mismanagement i lost my right eye. This was in 2014. Since then there was no recurrence of uveitis. But now iam diagnosed with mild anterior uveitis in my left eye. Iam devastated. I would like to try homeopathy as it is safe and without side effects. Please help

  129. Vinayakrishnan says:

    Dear doctor
    My daughter is suffering from uveitis on her both eyes and she undergone treatment in Shankar nethralaya in chennai. Doctors gave her predinisolone and methotrexate tablets. There is improvement. Now she is taking methotrexate 10 mg on Sunday and flur eye drops. By seeing the side effects I would like to change to homeopathic treatment. Pl suggest doctor.


  130. M.v.eshwar says:

    Dear sir ,
    My name is eshwar suffering from intermediate uveitis for last 15 days. opthomologist referred me some steroids which I am reluctant to use as they have side affects . Can homeo medicine help me in curing my disease.
    Thank you

  131. baldev singh says:

    very small inflammation in the left eye.14 year old boy.pressure go up to 51 .other eye normal.doctors checked everything .but found nothing . he is on perdinsolone and 3 other drops .but when they stop them the pressure of the eye go up again .14 months now since he started .no pain . any treatment ?

  132. Kenneth Myers says:

    Where can I obtain the medicines?

  133. my son is suffering with uveitis in both eyes exterior and interior too. From last 4 years he has been on medicine. He had a course of biological medicine – 3 doses too. bcoz of medicine – steroids he had a side effect of cataract in both eyes. he had gone though surgeries also. his inflammation still occurs when the dose reduced means the cells are still active. bcoz of medicines he could not catch up with height he is now 15 years old. He has a hairfall too.I could see hair facial growth worried with his height and when will this uveitis end. His vision is now 6/12 partial. kindly advice me is there a possibility to end uveitis. l

  134. Danny V Garcia says:

    My daugther have uveitis dye to jra.. She is got lot of pain, redness and cataract in one eye only.. I saw the 4 meds and i got them coming on monday.. Is there anything i can due to help her more?

  135. Vanessa Edwards says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma

    I have been diagnosed with Uveitis. I have received the steroid drops several times , however this condition manages to resufurace a couple of times a year. I have been seen by a rheumatoid arthritis specialist who confirmed through extensive testing I did not have immune difficiency disorder. I would like to find a natural or homeopathic remedy.

  136. What is remedy for intermediate uveitid

  137. Seeta Rama rao says:

    I have been diagnosed for uveitis 25 yrs back and inflammation is still persisting. Specifically I am unable to see with my RT eye as if dark spot or shield appears and to some extent left eye I am able to manage. Allopathic doctors have raised their hand for any treatment. Kindly suggest treatment

  138. Md Tanvir Alam says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am suffering from Uveitis since 5 years, after the suggestion of Dr I have taken Stroid due to that Now I got cataract. again I have consulted other Dr they have given me cyclosphorin – 250 mg for 4 months, then I have gone through the eye surgery of my left eye, after the surgery I got the vision but uveitis is not controlled.
    Also I don’t have vision in my right eyes since 20 years.
    I am extremely tensed and unable to look at my family I have tried all possible way now I am looking for treatment in Homeopathy.
    Sir please suggest me the permanent treatment.

  139. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Uveitis from last 3 months. Kindly suggest, should i get a permanent treatment in homeopathy for this disease. And oral medicine or eye drops which i have to take as a treatment.

  140. Syed Abdul Samad says:

    Hello doctor, I have been diagnosed with choroiditis in Rt eye since Jan 2016 and have been on steroids for 4 months starting with 80mg dose till 5mg per week. Two weeks after discontinuing steroids, disease became active again with new lesions & I am back to steroids again with TB treatment since I tested positive on Mantoux skin test.Kindly suggest homeopathic remedy to heal my situation, I can read with my Rt eye but lower and right section have foggy or shadow like blocks.i can come down to clinic as well to meet if you can suggest treatment in homeopathy

  141. ranjana gulla says:

    Dear Sir,

    for the last 4 years my eyes has been suffering with Uvititis problem. i had taken steoriod and then for the problem. No doubt my vision cleared after taking this madicien. but my weight put on too much.

    after 2 years the same problem occurred in my eyes. but now i want take homeopathy medicine.

    you are requested to kindly send me the name of the medicine and how to take the medicine.

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