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4 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Uveitis

Uveitis is the term used for inflammation of the uvea, the middle layer of the eye. It is the layer between the sclera (white coat of the eye) and the retina (the back of the eye). The uvea is a crucial part of the eye as it consists of blood vessels that nourish the eye. Inflammation in this part of the eye can affect vision and other parts of the eye – the cornea, the retina, and the sclera. Unlike conventional medicine, Homeopathic medicines for uveitis do not use steroids and surgical procedures which may lead to further complications like glaucoma, cataract and in some cases, blindness. homeopathic medicines for uveitis

Uveitis is mainly classified into anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis and intermediate uveitis based on the part of the eye involved. Anterior uveitis (iritis) is the inflammation of the anterior chamber and the iris. Intermediate uveitis (cyclitis) is the inflammation of the cells of the vitreous cavity and mainly affects the ciliary bodies of the eye. Posterior uveitis affects the back of the eye. It is the inflammation of the retina (retinitis) and the choroid (choroiditis). The main signs and symptoms of the uveitis are redness of the eye, blurred vision, photophobia, eye pain and floaters (dark spots). In most cases, the cause of uveitis is not clear. Uveitis can occur due to an eye injury, an inflammatory disorder (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), an infection (herpes zoster, tuberculosis) and is sometimes even associated with an auto-immune disorder (ankylosing spondylitis, sarcoidosis).

Advantage of Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy medicines are a natural and safe mode of treatment of eye disorders. The approach involves strengthening the body’s own healing system to repair organs and make them disease-free. Homeopathy takes the holistic approach, dealing first with the condition that has caused uveitis, be it an auto-immune disorder, an inflammatory disease or an infection. It starts by moderating the immune system, eradicating the disease at the root and preventing a recurrence.

Homeopathic Medicines for Uveitis

Top rated medicines for uveitis are Mercurius Corrosivus, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Phosphorus, and Mercurius Solublis.

1. Mercurius Corrosivus – Top Remedy for Uveitis with Tearing Pain in the Eyes

Natural medicine Mercurius Corrosivus is considered one of the top grade medicines for uveitis, especially in the treatment of anterior uveitis (iritis) and posterior uveitis (retinitis). Where a person complains of shooting, burning and tearing pain in the eye, Mercurius Corrosivus is the best treatment plan. In such cases, the iris is thick, muddy in color and neither contracts nor dilates. Excessive photophobia with severe pain behind the eyeballs as if they were being forced out is also treated well with Mercurius Corrosivus, making it one of the most recommended medicines for uveitis.

2. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum – Effective Remedy for Uveitis

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum is one of the ideal medicines for uveitis with severe pain and redness of the eyes. Anterior uveitis (iritis) with pus in the anterior chamber is well treated with this medicine. The person experiences severe pain in the eyes as if they are being pulled back to the head. The eyeballs feel sore, extremely sensitive to touch and air. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum is one of the best medicines for uveitis of this type.

3. Phosphorus – For Degenerative Uveitis

Phosphorus is one of the most prominent medicines for uveitis, especially for posterior uveitis (choroiditis and retinitis). The person experiences pain and frequent itching in the eyes in such cases. In fact, it is the most effective among medicines for uveitis cases with degenerative changes in the retina, along with an aversion to light (photophobia).

4. Mercurius Solublis – For Uveitis Related Inflammation

Another of the most valuable medicines for uveitis is Mercurius Solublis. It has shown the most remarkable results in eradicating inflammation of the iris (iritis) and retina (retinitis). The symptoms usually include cutting, stinging or aching pain, especially on exerting the eyes. The eyes are extremely sensitive to light, heat or cold. Mercurius Solublis is one of the most wonderful medicines for uveitis or other eye disorders in persons working in foundries.

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  1. Kush Kapoor says:

    I am patient of Uveitis(left eye) for last 10 years and have undergone Trabculectomy last month however that has not been successful. Vision in left eye is almost Nil. I got to know about you through Google. Would like to have your treatment. Pls let me know how can I get in touch with you… Rgds.. Kush Kapoor, Lucknow.

  2. Shivam thakur says:

    Hello sir I suffered from choroditis disease since 4 months in my left eye the floater are seen in my eye I live in agra uttar pradesh

  3. Sonjoy Kumar Paul says:

    Sir, I am from Silchar, Assam. I am a patient of Ankylosing Spondilitis (both hip replaced) & suffering from year 2000 as also I am suffering from severe Iritis since then. I am tired of using steroids. Kindly suggest me the medicine from the above. Is it Mercurius Corrosivus & what will be the dosage, at least suggest a prescription. Kindly help me out of this.

  4. Balaji Prusty says:

    I am having Uvities for the last 2yrs and looking for treatment. Currently, I am using eye drops whenever it comes. But looking for any permanent treatment for this. Please let me know the details if it can be treated.

  5. Dr. Pankaj Mital says:

    My Son Nimish is suffering from Uveitis or Choroiditis, can you help him to get the problem resolved & make sure that it does not happen Again

  6. Mohit Sharma says:

    I have eye problem with spots on retina with blurred vision on right eye & diagnosed MFC Chorodoitis & started the treatment with oral steroids for the last 12 days. Kindly suggest how homeopathy can help in treating this disease.

  7. Seetaramarao says:

    In 1992 I was diagnosed as chorio neuro retinitis with basic reason of tuberculosis. I was given treatment for tuberculosis and the inflammation reduced but retina could not recoup to its original condition. Now I see floaters in the vision field but no inflammation tii date. Later one more institute diagnosed as uveitis, but no one treated fully. Can I get relived of this problem.

  8. Seema Garge says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,

    I am suffering from Uveitis and had been tested HLAB27 in 2012. I have been taking Folytrax 15 mg (once a week) and Folvite (twice a week). My current age is 49 years. The pain has substantially reduced but I am too dependent on the medicine. I request you to please help me.
    Seema Garge

  9. Ashotosh says:

    Uveitis problem from past 12 years. Recur frequently.

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