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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Myopia

Myopia is a common condition of the eye where the person can see things near him clearly while those at a distance seem blurry. Myopia is also known as nearsightedness or shortsightedness. It is most commonly seen in children and during adolescence. It may develop slowly or gradually and it mostly tends to run in families. Myopia mainly occurs when the light entering the eye does not directly focus on the retina, but rather in front of it. A person suffering from myopia tends to partially close his eyes to see clearly. People who are myopic often complain of headaches due to eye strain and blink excessively. Day-to-day activities are hindered and the person has difficulty driving at night (night myopia).   Homeopathic medicines for myopia help prevent further progression of the condition. homeopathic medicines for myopia

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is a wonderful science of treatment with medicines made from natural substances. These medicines are safe from toxic side-effects and make a dynamic impact at the root level to heal the condition and restore good health. A major advantage of homeopathy in myopia is that it stops further progression of the condition. Natural medicines can thus provide supportive treatment in myopia. They are equally effective in persons of all age groups.

Homeopathic Medicines for Myopia

Top grade medicines for myopia are Pysostigma, Ruta, Viola Odorata, Oleum Animale and Phosphorus.

1. Pysostigma – One of the most Effective Medicines for Myopia

Pysostigma is one of the most remarkable and often prescribed medicines for myopia. Pysostigma is well indicated for nearsightedness which is progressing rapidly, accompanied by pain in the orbits. The person experiences photophobia along with blurred vision. Spasm of the ciliary muscle, irritability of the eyes and dim vision are treated best with Pysostigma.

2. Ruta – For Myopia with Severe Headache

Ruta is one the most suitable medicines for myopia with a severe headache. The person experiences pain while reading, sewing and performing other near-sighted activities. Weakness of the ciliary muscles and blurred vision are the signs to look out for prescription of Ruta, rated among the best medicines for myopia. Ruta acts very well for eyestrain occurring from overuse of eyes.

3. Viola Odorata – For Myopia with Pain in Eyes

Another of the useful medicine for myopia is Viola Odorata. Myopia, where it is accompanied by severe pain in the eyes, is treated most effectively with Viola Odorata. In such cases, the person complains of severe pain in the eyes which radiates to the top of the head (vertex).  Heaviness of the eyelids, flames before the eyes and nearsightedness are other symptoms that merit use of Viola Odorata as the ideal prescription among medicines for myopia.

4. Oleum Animale – Leading Medicine for Myopia

Oleum Animale is one of the most wonderful medicines for myopia where the symptoms include blurred vision with smarting in the eyes. The person often sees glistening bodies before his eyes and complains of dim vision. Nearsightedness accompanied by twitching of the eyelids is also treated well with Oleum Animale.

5. Phosphorus – Effective Medicine for Myopia

Phosphorus is one of the most highly recommended medicines for myopia. Fatigue of the eyes and head even when the eyes are not being overused is a key symptom for prescription of Phosphorus. It is one of the best-indicated medicines for myopia with weak eyesight and an aversion to light. A feeling of having sand in the eyes which gets better by rubbing may also be present. Frequent itching in the eyes with profuse lachrymation is also present. Nearsightedness with atrophy of optic nerve is treated well with medicine Phosphorus as well.

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  1. Sanjay mishrra says:

    Sir what about macular degeneration in left eye due to high myopia(-11D).can you suggest a history is 8 years old present age 55 years.right eye (-4.5Dsph..-75D 43degree cyl.)

  2. I have a high bp and diabetes should i stop all my allopathic drugs and depend on homeopathy

  3. Mari bati 6 sal ki ha us ka sph -14 ha kya homeopathic medicine helpful ho skti hn

  4. Muhammad Asghar says:

    Baby 4year old suffering from myopia.see things very near to eyes(mobile etc). Eyes close in sun light. Pl.suggest homeopathic remedy .thank,s

  5. Professor Haque says:

    Hello I am 60+ suffering from Cataract and Dr has proposed operation. Can you please suggest medicine in this connection?

  6. Mohammad Azhar says:

    Dear Dr.

    My 3 year old son has been suffering from bilateral high myopea and crossed eye. He has been prescribed glasses . I would like to put him on homeopathic medicine as well. Can you prescribe any good medicine for him please.

    Thanks and regards

  7. Hello
    I am 16 years old.I have myopia of 2.0
    Plz recommend me eye drops or some medicine to cure it
    Thank you

  8. Hello
    I am 16 years glass number for myopia is 2.0
    Plz recommend me eye drops or some medicine to cure it.

  9. hello
    am 30 yrs old. Im using glasses for far sight weakness. My glases number is 3.12. Please recomand medicine for better eye sight.
    God Bless you.

  10. Vikash Kumar says:

    I have been suffering from high myopia having right number is [sph -8.00 and cyl -0.75 with vision 6/12 plus] (near vision N6 @25cm) and left eye vision is [sph -4.50 and cyl -1.00 with vision 6/18 plus] (near vision N8 @30 cm).
    2. Apart from this, I had holes in retina which is corrected with vitrectomy in year 2007 and 2014.
    3. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine to improve the eyesight.

    Vikash Kumar

  11. Suffering from Lukaria
    Nearsightedness for 7 years
    Headache during study
    While working for one hour excessive tiredness occurs and lukaria starts
    Pictures at 2 meters seem blurr

  12. My son is almost 8 years old and has myopia, what you recommend in homeopathy, will be glad hear from you

  13. Raghavendra Joshi says:

    Hello sir i am suffering from high myopia since birth my glass number is -20 whether i can reverse my number by Homeopathic medicine

    • Hi Docter.
      I’m 28 yrs old. Im using glasses for far sight weakness. My glases number is 3.45. Please recomand medicine for better eye sight.
      God Bless you.

  14. Hi…….i got my daughter’s eye checkup done today…..her number for glasses dr prescribed are…..0.75 and 0.50…..i dont want her to wear glassses ……can homeopathic medicene help her to get rid of this number

  15. sushant chavan says:

    Dear Sir ,
    My age is 38 ,I have done lasik 5 years ago ,
    still \my no is increasing ‘earlier it was -10 now it is -4
    please suggest medicine to improve vision

  16. Hello,
    I have eyes problem of myopia,. I used glass with power -4.00 , now I whole heartedly want my eyes power back , can you suggest me some homeopathic medicine?

  17. Can mild myopia be treated with homeopathy?

  18. Jaswant mangat says:

    Hello Doctor. My son age 16 and half is very little far eyesight issue. Which homeopathic medicine can improve and stop further loosing far eyesight. Otherwise he has no other health issue. Perfectly healthy boy. Thanks.

  19. hi, Dr. Sharma,

    I am using glautarakt for weak vision. My homeopathy doctor prescribed it. I suffer from retinal condition called lattice degeneration and therefore my specialist recommended that this medicine would improve overall eye health. I also suffer from floaters in peripheral vision.

    Whenever I take this medication, the floaters in my peripheral vision become more prominent but when i stop taking the medication, they disappear altogether.

    My question is: is it normal for homeopathic medicine to elevate the symptoms? The medicine is certainly helping me because the floaters are much less prominent now. But I am worried why they become increasingly prominent when i start taking the medication.

    I hope you have an answer for me.

    Much regards,


  20. I am giving physostigma 30 to my 4year son since last six months. Is it helpful in treating myopia of -2.75 and -2.0.?

  21. is there any homeopathy medicine to control the progression of myopia power for one year old baby

  22. Manikant Kumar says:

    Hlw sir good morning
    I have myopia 6/9 vision in both eye how it can be treated bcs we have dream to defence
    Thank you

  23. Mainak Rana says:

    I have blurred vision when seeing at far distance.I am wearing -1.75 for both eye and this has been stable for 20 years. Please let me know what medicine to take.Thank you.

    Mainak Rana

  24. Dr Sharma my husband has just been diagnosed with 3rd nerve palsy of the eye ( affecting 4 of the 6 muscles of the eye). It is suppose to resolve itself over time. We were wondering if there is a homeopathic remedy to help strengthen eye muscles.

  25. Sanjukta Shaw says:

    Myopia medicine

  26. I have myopia can you please tell me in how much power I have to take pysostigma
    Plz help

  27. Rakesh kaladia says:

    What should I do as i have myopia in only right eye ? How can I cure it ?


    Sir i am facing pathalogical myopia wearin 20 no my cornea is effected and retina is too weak i hv consulted with leading doctors in india but my problems could not have been resolved now i am going through icl surgery but i wud not be much effected only my speca no will be reduced

    So tell me is there any treatment in homeopathy

  29. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I read your article and want to know more about the homeopathy treatment for astigmatism with nearsightedness. My daughter is 9 year old and she has nearsightedness with astigmatism which is increasing very fast. Her eyes have become a big concern for me as Her vision is blurry because of this… can you please improve her vision or stable her vision at this certain number with the treatment of any. Also is there any side effects of the medicine. Pls give me all the details including your fee.


  30. My eyes are very week I have short glases no. Is 7. Suggest me medicine

  31. Is cineraria maritime good for myopic patient(15 years old)

  32. Deepak Menaria says:

    Hlo, I am Deepak Menaria Age 22 from Rajasthan Udaipur . I am wearing spectacles from past 6 years my left eye vision is -1.75 Right eye -1.75 . Tell me medicine to improve my eyes vision. I dont like to wear a spectacles.

  33. Hello Dr.
    My daughter is 6 years old. She has weekeye side, Nearsightedness . Her eye no is more than -5.
    Is there any medicin for her so that she can regain her eyesight.

  34. Jabbar Ali says:

    sir, my daughter is 6years old her glasses no is +1.5right eye and +2.25left eye.plz help me and prescribe medicine so that her eyesight can improve. thank you.

  35. Gurdeep Singh says:

    sir, meri dono eyes ko dur ka 1 number ka goggle laga hai. or eyes mai khraas bhi hoti hai. meri age 21 year hai. or mai male hmm.. sir koi ashi medicine btao…..

  36. Sandeep Jain says:

    Dear Sir,

    My 6 year old daughter is suffering from myopia. I have consult with one homeopathic Dr. he is advised us EUPHRASIA 10% eye drop daily one drop 2 times. She has (-1.5 & -0.75) glasses.
    Could you please suggest , shall i go with that treatment or i have to consult with other.

    Thanks in Advanced

  37. Mohit sehgal says:

    Good afternoon sir,
    Pl suggest how can we get rid of glasses from my kids aged 13years boy and 9 years girl. Both can’t see far away objects clearly.
    Pl suggest

  38. KOUSIK BISWAS says:

    I am Kousik Biswas originally from West-Bengal, presently working in Manipur. My right eye power is -20 (most probably affected with cataract. Mty left eye power is -7.5. I have a very blurred vision in the right eye. Please suggest me any medicine.

  39. Manikanta kumar says:


    My son is of 3 years old and is suffering from Myopia of -9 in right eye and -4 in left eye. He had ROP surgery at the age of 6months for both the eyes. Is this Myopia curable. I am very much worried Please suggest.


    • Soma Roy says:

      My daughter has (-0.25) power in both of her eyes. Kindly let me know which medicine could help her to reduce power. She doesn’t has any headache problem.

  40. Joychandra Kshetrimayum says:

    My daughter right side -2 and left -1.7 how can treat it and is curable or not homeopathic medicine

  41. G.S.Prasad says:

    My daughter in law complained head ache last year and got examined by opthalmigist and informed about myopia she is having -2 power .This year yester day it jumped up to -3 in both eyes.Kindly help me in stopping /reversing the same to normal

  42. Satish Thakur says:

    My right eye suddenly turned myopic.but keeping closed for 10minutes,it was restored.This happened thrice with one month gap.But after that sustained myopic. It is associated with heavy eyelid feeling like an elastic band.
    I returned from Shankar Netralay chennai without any findings.
    I am 59 male.
    Have chronic allergy with sun,dust smoke.Dry eyes from childhood

    • Tarun kumar says:

      Hii madam/sir,
      I have myopia in my all eyes on
      Please tell me a homeopathy treatment
      Thanks & regards
      Tarun kumar

  43. SHYAMALA says:

    Iam 44 years women, i have -13 R , -13 L eye sight, now lam facing floaters problem also. Plz suggest me which homeopathic eye drop i can use .
    Iam waiting for your reply Sir
    Thank you

  44. Neera Saini says:

    Hello, My son is 17 years old and he is suffering from Myopia where his left eye is -2.5D and right eye is -2.25D. He will be appearing for Nda within 2 years and for the same he need to reduce is no atleast till -1.25D or -1D so for the same we need your guidance that how can he reduce his no as sson as possible.
    Thankyou Doctor

  45. Hello, When my daughter was 6 we found that she was short-sighted, she is now 9; please let me know what homeo remedy can help us with this, dosage and any other information we may need. thank you

  46. Neeraj jain says:

    Hai I m neeraj jain I hv some problem in my right side eye not clearly seem distence object and whenever direct focus light on my eyes suddndly close my eye that time like camera light so plz suggest best medicine in homoeopathy ….

  47. mere 17 years se dry eye ha ab blurr vision and burning eye strain headache rhat ha abhi meri age 31 hia

  48. Kashif Khan says:

    Dear sir/ My son 5 years old right +6.00 and left +3.5 weak plz help me,plz advice the medicine to recover normal eyesight.

  49. My 5 year old son has got angular cylindrical power ( _4.0). Now he is wearing spectacle. His father also has same peoblem. But till now I dont have any eye sight problem. I am tensed abot my child’s vision. Is thete any way for his eyesight rectification?

  50. Neeraj bhasin says:

    Hello doctor
    My son is 5 year old and having myopia like -15 in both eyes, is there any treatment for him. Will be grateful if you suggest something’s

    • Mangalakumari Dk says:

      My daughter is 12years and in her puberty. Her right eye is -3,75 and left is -3,5 , can her eyesight be improved with medicines.

  51. Respected sir
    I am 23 year old.i have glasses number is -4.50/-0.75×140°(right)and -4.50/-.075×60°(Left).i am tired my glass and i want to remove it so kindly help me.
    Plz advise homeo medicine for my case.

  52. Mohd noushad says:

    Respected Dr
    My right eye has normal but my left eye is +1.75 but I can not see properly with it I cannot read with glass also if I see with my left eye I feel heavy and low light I see some blinking points in front of my left eye if I concentrate to watch with the left eye what should I do? I consulted with doctors but failed my age is 28.

  53. Akash Swarup says:

    Hello Sir

    My myopia is 3.75 and 4.00 in my left and right eye respectively.
    Kindly help me with this.
    To what extent it can be cured and within how much time.

  54. Iqbal hossain says:

    My son is 13years old. Before two year ago he felt pain in the eyes. Both of them also were on oedipus complexity. At September 2016 doctor measure the eyes power (-) 2.75 &3.00.
    Upto November 2017 the power was not decreased. By July 2018 we found, both the eyes had been decreased by (-) 1.
    At this situation, I am highly obliged for your kind information.
    Sincerely your’s faithfully

    Iqbal hossain

  55. Dear Dr
    My no. is – 8 and -11. I’ve high myopia. I see floaters also. I work on computer 6 hours a day. My eyelashes breaks often. Please prescribe medicines.

  56. Mohd Suleman says:

    My daughter aged 14 years suffering of myopia. Whenever she has lice in her head and she combs when hairs are dry the her eyes becomes red and swollen. If she combs her hairs when they are wet then there is no problem. When eyes becomes red and swollen we put 1 rupee medicine small tube ointment then eyes become normal . Kindly suggest permanent remedy.


    Respected sir,

    My ambition is to be a pilot but my vision (-1.75 and -2.25) has become a hindrance. Please help me to get 6/6 in both eyes without spectacles. Please suggest me homeopathy medicines to improve my eyesight. My age is 17 years and weight is 49 kg.

    Thanking you.

  58. Arpana Khurana says:

    My daughter is 5 year old and i feel that her eyes is weak in this age.she is premature child.i do not want that she use spectacles .so i want to medicine for her weak eyes .

    • Soma Roy says:

      My daughter has (-0.25) power in both of her eyes. Kindly let me know which medicine could help her to reduce power. She doesn’t has any headache problem.

  59. Ujjal Patra says:

    Sir my eyesight is -3.5(right) and 2.5 (left) I want to know… which is the best homeopathy eye drop for my problem..
    Plz help me..

  60. Murli manohar rathiya says:

    My name is murli manohar rathiya. My age is 20. My glasses no. Is -1.5 with cylinderical axis . Please tell me about what quantity i consume of ( pysostigma )
    homeopathic medicine and how it takes time to work.

  61. Sanjoy Bhowmik says:

    My daughters two eyes power – 5.00(left) & 4.75 (right ). Sir, I want that you tel me any homeopathy medicine which cure my daughters eye or stable power. my daughter age is 9 years 9monhs now.

  62. Sanjoy Bhowmik says:

    My daughters two eyes power – 5.00(left) & 4.75 (right ). Sir, I want that you tel me any homeopathy medicine which cure my daughters eye or stable power.

  63. my name is sohail
    age 38
    myopia is my case
    my left is squint due to black motia, i can just see light from this eye
    right is .-2.25 due to excess use of tv mobile phone
    plz advise homeo medicine for both cases
    mean for squint and myopia

  64. Madhavi Minchekar says:

    Sir,I have high myopia my glasses number is -20 .Pl help me to continue with the eye sight I have .Also I am suffering from floaters.My age is 42.

  65. Faheem sarwar says:

    Hy sir .i am suffering from myopia .and i am wearing glasses of point 2 .i am tired of my glasses .and i want to remove kindly help me .

  66. Asif rehman says:

    Dr sir my right vision not clear I have 12 no in left + & 12 in right + but in my right I cannot some body face clearly so pls help

  67. Sir my daughter is about 5 year old.she is suffering from phallic all myopia .not with one eye suffered with detachment now almost no vision .just left is working .her specials are about you have any medicine for her to reduce risk of detachment.

  68. MOHAMMAD imran says:

    Sir I’m MOHAMMAD imran I’m from Pakistan,punjab,Mandi bahauddin sir my eyes too weak the galses number is
    Right eye
    Shp 1.o CYL 1.0 AXIS 145° VA 6/6
    Left Eye
    SHP 0.75 CYL 1.25 AXIS 45° VA 6/6
    Sir please give me suitable medicine thanks

    • Hi Dr.Sharma,

      My daughter got cylindrical sight with number -2.25 for both eyes and we were suggested to use -1.5 specs, does homeopathy medicine is there to clear the number? My daughter age is 3.6 years, I stay in Hyderabad, I can come for consultation.


  69. Lokesh kumar says:

    Sir I have myopia. Is it possible to remove spectacles using homeopathic medicine. If yes , please tell me the medicine and how long I have to take medicine.

  70. Sheetal londhe says:

    Sir my daughter is dealing with cylinder myopia with right and left eye – 5.50 can it ever be cure

  71. Iftikhar ulhaq says:

    Due to accident on 5th Jan 2018 my daughter right eye
    Ratina detach and globe raptured . Due to this eye slight shirnk and become soft. Because right eye
    Not produceing aqius humor and as per Dr her eye ciliary body shunt down.
    Sir if any medicin available in homio plz guide us
    We are in high level of tension
    Best regard

  72. Bakul kumar says:

    I am 55 years old . At present sufferering from cataract resulting to blurred eyes without pain in eyes. pl prescribe medicine for me.

  73. Chandrasekhar says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My son 8 years old has myopia with cylindrical power. Doctor diagnosed that his cornea’s shape is the cause, he has normal myopia power as well. Is there any solution in homoepathy for this please ?

  74. My eyesight power is minus 1.75 and my age is 17 can it can be treated ??

  75. My 5 years son eyes is-3.5 can it reverse or not for this homeo medicine I am very much tense

    • Noopur Middha says:

      Hello Dr.

      I am suffering from poor day light vision and color blindness. I face problem in seeing a person/object 2-3metre away from me in sunlight. In night my vision gets better. I came to know about a medicine Bothrops which I read, beneficial to improve day light vision. Can I take this medicine as I read that this medicine contains snake venom. Thanks for your valuable advice in advance.

  76. Sandeep Bhatia says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    i had undergone eye surgery ( RK) in 1990. Gradually my eyes got weakinging. Now i am 45 and suffering from loss of near and distance vision. The numbers are +6 and +10. Can you please suggest some medcine to reduce the numbers and dryness

  77. Navtej Singh says:

    I fell on pipes. Right side injury on right eye lid. Swollen readness. Myopia also.
    I was taking Ruta. But after injury taking Symphtum q Arnica 30 Belis Prelis 30 one hrly inter.

    • Joydeep Mukherjee says:

      Dear Sir

      My son is myopic with cylindrical vision.He is 12 years old, and his vision is Left eye (-4.25)/ Right eye (-3.00). He drinks milk and consumes other necessary nutrients.
      Which medicine should I administer?

  78. paresh chandra dutta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from diabetes for last 20 years and since last 15 days my left eyes vision is partially smoky. Regularly taking sugar medicine. My age is 60+. Please suggest best Homeo medicine to get rid of this problem. Can it be solved after taking medicine. Please let me have your valuable advice.

    • bharat gupta says:

      recentely i am having poor dim vision.suggesting 0.75 or 1 number spectels.kindy help in treating problem.Age 40 year

  79. Salimbabi says:

    My eye power is -3.75.i not wear will improve my vision in homeopathic method..plz reply doctr

  80. suggest best medicene for hyperopia

  81. Rajagopal says:

    Dear doctor

    Please could you let me know what would you suggest / advise for my mother. She has the following complaints: She is now 72.

    1. She is not able to stand for long periods of time. She also cannot walk straight, but has a hunched posture. I have been giving her calcium supplement tablets fir this. She has this corn as well on her right feet. I have been giving her wartex tablets and apply thuja ointment, which do give relief to a good extent. She thus always walks cautuously and slowly.

    2. She is not able to see clearly and hear clearly. Can this be improved.

    3. She also is lacking the energy to perform her daily activities.

    Thanks and regards

  82. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 6 year and doctor has done finding of myopia. Number of eye sight is
    Right eye :
    Cyl: -2.0, Axis: 20 degree. V/A : 6/9

    Left eye:
    Cyl: -2.0, Axis: 155 degree. V/A. 6/9.
    Is there a treatment in homeopathy?

    • I am down with mayopia last three years , I want to join defiance , my vision is in left eye — o.5 and right — . 75 sir tell me medicine I will always obligue to u I am 21years old

    • sir i m suffering from myopia -4.00 sphe. in both eyes…..plz recommend me some drops or medicine

  83. Ser
    My eye side is weak to myopia. Lence vision is 6/12 and left 6/9.Kya ye. Medicine se theek ho sakti hai
    Plz tell medicine for normal eye

  84. Sarthak Yadav says:

    Hi I am Sarthak Yadav and I am 13 years old.I am wearing spectacles since the age of 10.Now my eyesight number is -2.75 in both the eyes and my eyesight is increasing with the time.Is it possible to cure my eyes fully?

  85. Sri varsha.R says:

    Good afternoon Dr. ,i m a girl ,aged 24 .Since 11 yrs i m wearing spectacles ; and i am suffering from myopia .I get headache sometimes when using mobiles , watching tv eyes get strained when i do such above mentioned activities .So , my question is ‘ Is there any effective medicine in homeopathy to completely cure my issue ‘?( myopia) and ‘will it make my blurred vision clear without even need of wearing spectacles’? .My right eye vision point is D.V -4.50 sph , -050 Cyl , Axis 160 .And my left eye point is -5.50 sph .

  86. Hi dr meri age 36 he. Me 17 saal ki thi. Mera weight 76 kg he. Jb eye sight weak hue. Pehlay 0.5 and 1.0 left and right ye thi. Ab 5 left and 6 right weak ho gae he.mje glasses se nijat chahye. Plz koi medicine btain.

  87. My son is 4yrs old he turn his head to sides while watching t.v. complaint about dust or smoke like feeling in eyes me and my husband both wear specs I want to improve my son’s vision plz suggest me which homeopathic medecine will help for him.

    • Sukhjinder Kumar says:

      My son is 10 years old. His power of specs are -4.50. can homeopathy medicine improve hir eyesight. please suggest.

  88. My daughter is 3 years old. Her power of specs are 2.75. can homeopathy medicine improve her eyesight. please suggest.

  89. I am now 62 years old male and am myopic since childhood. My power of specs are minus 8 and minus 7.5 ( approx) . Please suggest some homeopathic med. or drop for better vision and reduction of power.


  90. Dr my age is 21 and have -4.5 no in both eyes

  91. Raman saini says:

    Hello sir my name is Raman my eye sight is weak my spectacle 2.25 I can not see distant objects but now I wanna remove my spectacle is it possible pls inform me as soon as possible thank you sir for your valuable time

  92. Urvashi chauhan says:

    Sir my daughter age 4 has -3 power..and has difficulty in see distance it curable or even can be stabled with homeopathy.

  93. Urvashi chauhan says:

    Sir my daughter age 4 has -3 it curable or even can be stabled with homeopathy.

  94. My daughter age 20 having -8 number. Is this cure able in homeopathic treatment

  95. swarnamoy acharyya says:

    sir I right eye myopia -.75 and astigmatism -.75 .. axixs 90 degree … sir plz cure my eyes

  96. My daughter is 5five years old and she is suffering from myopia. The soctor has recomended glasses with cylinder ical and cyclic +3 and -2.5. Please suggest homeo drop .

  97. Hello Dr,

    Is it possible to remove glasses with homeopathic treatment. Myopia 2.5. astigmatism 2.5. Age 22

  98. Israr ul Haq says:

    Myopia treament best remedy to be used

  99. Sir,My son having left eye lazy eye syndrome. Right eye is ok . Left eye number is -8. His age is 14 years. Please suggest us Homeopathic medicine to cure this problem.

  100. My son 11yrs old, diagnosed with myopia. Is there any treatment in homeopathy?

  101. Kamlesh Sharma says:

    My son is 9 years old and he having -3.5 in right & 2.5 in left.

    Please advice any medicine.

    My age is 43 & have also -4.5 in both eyes

  102. GOURHARI BISWAS says:

    I am suffering from unique eye problem. I can not see clearly in the sun light whereas at night I can see better. I feel irritation at bright light. Three years back I got severe hit in the eyebrow there after I used to see lesser in my left eye. The problem of lower vision at sun light started a few months back. At sun light I used to see hazy and often with multiple images. Spake is not solving my problem. Please suggest some homoepathic remedy. Doctors at calcutta could not solve my problem.

  103. Dear doctor my sons having eye problem 1st std boy RE sph+- cyl -3.25 axis 180 LH sph+- cyl-1.75 axis 180 and 4th std boy RE sph-1.25cyl nil axis nil LE sph-1.5 cyl nil axis nil what homepathy medicine to improve and cure eye problem

  104. My daughter is 18months old and in the recent check up Dr. has said that she s having Astigmatism. She is -1.00 in left eye @ 177 cyl. And 0.25 in right eye @ 174 cyl.. Since she is a baby, will it be cured or it ll be increased. Any food items will help her to avoid wearing specs ? Pls suggest.

  105. SNEHASHIS KUMAR says:

    Hello dr ,
    I’m Snehashis, having myopia.right eye -1,left eye age is 26 yrs.Is there is any solution in homeopathy.

  106. Swarna latha says:

    Hello dr ,
    My name is swarna I’m having myopia with slight headache.right eye -1.5,left eye age is 26 yrs.Is there is any solution in homeopathy.

  107. hi…i am sabreena…26 years old..having high myopia for 8 yrs…no improvement..i am getting depressed day by day for this..really need ur help..
    Right eye: -9
    left eye: -8 with -3 cylinder and 5 degree axis..
    hope for ur best consultation..
    thank u..

  108. Sowjanya Lakshmi says:

    Sir my daughter is two years old she is having +6.4 eye sight is there any medicine for her with out side effects we are worrying about her. Plzhelp us5

  109. M Gulfam
    Height : 5.8
    Weight: 100kg

    I have problem of week eyesight ,and much worried about this and facing problem during driving in night time specially, kindly recommend some best medication
    Left eye: -6 :00 with 1 cylinder
    Right eye: -10: 00

  110. Abdus Sabur says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am Sabur,a teacher, have honor to share problem of my blurred eye sight. I am about 55.weight about 80 kg,and height 5.6 feet.
    I’ll be highly grateful to you for prescribing medicine for me.

  111. K. Banerjee says:

    Since last 03 months, my 6 year old child was suffering from continuous blinking of eyes. On consultation with Eye Specialist, she got eye Power of +1.5 cylindrical, Axis 90 D in both eyes. Since last one month she is using specs.
    Please suggest some homeopathic medicine/eye drops for her so as to minimise the power or to protect from further increase of power
    Thanks and Regards

    • Dear sir,my sight started with -1.5 when I was 10 and now I am 18 and my sight is -5.5 and it seems that it still increased.Is there any medicine to cure it,I am worried

  112. Dear Doctor,I am 43years and my eyesight iz very weak,near and far.I use lenses and having dry eyes and get headache when stressed.plz suggest any medicine which can truly curs.Thanks

  113. i have mypia and i am using cineria maratima by dr rackweg will it be helpful me or not

  114. my daughter is 4 year old and she has been prescribed specs right eye -2.5 cyl and left +1.5sph and -2.25cyl
    is there a way i can avouid her specs by using homeopathy medicine can i correct her vision condition

  115. Sir, one small male baby age 5 years, having problem of eyesight ,his no is -1.5/- 3.0, we don’t want to go for specs , if any medicine can improve the sight. Kindly reply.Regards, RKMALHOTRA

  116. DR GOPAL KRISHAN says:


  117. Hlo dr. I m puja 21 yrd suffering from myopia from last eight eyesight is -4.5 of both eyes.plz suggest me medicine to cure this.

  118. Namaste sir
    Is it really possible to remove spectacles with homeo medicine.

  119. ASEEM JUNEJA says:

    respected sr/mam
    i m suffering from myopia with -3.75Dioptre on both eyes i want to make my eye vision no. small or completely want to get rid of spectacles pls guide me what should i do or which eye drops can be effective .

    • Pardeep Kumar says:

      My son is 16.5 years old. He is suffering from myopia with-3.0R and -2.5l. Kindly suggest me good medicine to get rid from spectacle.

  120. Poonam Sharma says:

    My daughter is 10yrs old, recently diagnosed with myopia -1.5 rt eye & -1.75 left eye. She has big eye balls& her father is also myopic. She is a very sensitive child, bright in studies & has problem of allergic rhinitis. Recently she gained height 4feet 2inches & is 35kgs in weight. She doesn’t have constipation infact she has to pass stool almost twice or thrice, once in morning and once after lunch or /and dinner. Kindly guide if there is any cure in homeopathy for her myopia

  121. Amrita Rawat says:

    I am suffering from myopia.i am
    15Years old .I wants to know how we remove my spectacle from it. sir can you suggest me any homeopathic medicine.

  122. Sir now a days my eye sight getting low… Can u plz suggest me most effective homeopathy medicine

  123. How can I find right medicine for me ftom above five medicine for myopia.My eye number is -4.5.

  124. Sir my eye sight is -2.75 .and I use opticals so I wanna 2 remove my optical .so plz suggest me which medicine is useful for me

  125. Sir,
    I am 37yr old with high myopia in both eyes along with slight astigmatism(-9.5 in both eyes). Can I be treated with homeopathy to reduce my spectacle power? I have no other serious trouble relating to eye other than this. I am also a type 1 diabetic and has hypothyroidism.

  126. Prashant bhardwaj says:

    I am 19 year old. and I am sufferingfrom myopia 1.5 and 1.5 both eyes.
    but I am take a medicine physostigma venenosum 30 something 5 days
    dose of this medicine 3 time in a day .
    so please tell me something this medicine this medicine write or wrong .
    If wright then tell me how many days redused my eyesiteness .
    please sir… tell me

  127. Tripti dhawan says:

    My son is 10 yes old and is suffering from myopia -4.0 in both the eyes. Is there any medicine in homeopathy to control it. Plz suggest

  128. Shubha Bhatnagar says:

    My son is 17 yrs old n suffering from severe myopia -4.25 and -5.5. Can something be done to reduce or cure it.

  129. Aman kumar says:

    I am 20year old and suffering from myopia with – 3 power in both eyes how can I get actual 6/6 vision. Please tell me some precautions.

  130. Dear Dr.
    My daughter is 5.5years old. She is slightly squint seen at the age of 2. Her vision is +2 sph, -4.5 cyl 180 degree.
    Doctor suggested for daily 4 hours close alternate eye by eye tapes. Please suggest homeopathic remedy if any.
    Vineet Kumar Agarwal

  131. R P Singh says:

    Good eve sir.
    My son of 13 years age is suffering from myopia with a negative three (-3) number glasses on both eyes. I want to remove the glasses. How can he get normal 6/6 vision without glasses????

  132. Tanya jain says:

    Hi I am 17 year old girl I have myopia and number of glasses is -3.5 I am suffering from pcos and highly obese girl and have be wearing glasses since 12 year of age and also suffer headache without spectacles and have to perform high eye work so please suggest a medicine accordingly and thanks for your kind effort

  133. N G Pandey says:

    Severe myopic both eyes, using glasses -8,5 D both eyes. also has cataract. underwent cataract surgery in Feb 2017 in both eyes. have sugar and hypo thyroid. After surgery I feel discomfort and difficulty in seeing normally even after 3 months. Vision has not improved as expected. difficulty in distant and near vision. I am not comfortable with the glass prescribed after cataract surgery.

    Please do suggest some medicine for improving my eye discomfort

  134. Ravi Kant Srivastava says:

    Good morning sir my son is suffering from myopia -2.0. Sir is it curable with homeopathic medicine. Sir prescribe. My son is 6 years old

  135. Amee Patel says:

    Reduce minus eye number ( -4.25)

  136. My 15 years old daughter has been suffering from nearsightedness since last four years. Every year her eyesight is falling. It started with 0.75 and now it is 3.00. how can her vision be improved? Please advice.

  137. Pradeep Sharma says:

    Dr Sharma
    My daughter has just developed problem of eye sight problem while seeing distance object or black board,
    she is 12 yr old. her number is 1.25 and 1.0 for left and right eye respectively.

    Kindly advise what homeopathy medicine can be given to rectify her sightness so that she could avoid glasses .

  138. Nikhil Kumar says:

    My sister suffering with myopia has a glass power of -5.75D in both eyes. She has been taking physostigma for two years. Though it has slowed the progression but it is still increasing.

  139. Nidhi Jaggi says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,

    My 3 year old daughter has been recently diagnosed with Myopia, -4.00 in left eye and -3.5 in other, cylindrical. Please advise how homeopathy can help us. Also, please advise whether the power can be minimized and should she wear spectacles?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Nidhi Jaggi

  140. D P Singh says:

    Respected Dr sahab. My age is 39 yrs. Suffering from myopia from last 30 eyesight no is. -5.5 D of both eyes. This is content since starting.but fedup with there any homeopathic medicine to reduce little numbers? Plz tell me

  141. Dr sb,y daughters eyes r week to see far objects.
    She has:
    Right Eye:
    SPH. 2.25
    CYL. 1.00
    AXIS. 180°
    V.A. 6/6

    Left Eye. Same as Right eye.

    Pl advise Which homeo med is best suitable for this disease. Her age is 15 years

  142. My child is 2.10 years old not yet starting speaking fluently. He speaks few words like mama, Baba, dudu, apple, purple and few others and yesterday he got his eye checked also and he got no. -3.50 in both eyes. Please advice if there is any solution for delayed speech and to recover eye vision. Iam eagerly waiting for your reply.

  143. Anil Yadav says:

    My son plays on computer and Mobile phone quite a lot. Now his eye has become weak and he has myopia and his number is around -2. I don’t want my son to wear spectacles. Kindly advise.

  144. Sir aage ke bal udd gaye hai
    Sare bal safeed ho gye
    Umer 22 sal hai

  145. I am a mother and my child is 4 year old he is having myopia in right eye having 1.5 power since birth kindly suggest how could it be cured permenantly and if not then how to stop further difficulties

  146. abhirup Ghosh says:

    Dear Dr,
    I am abhirup of 27yeara with high myopia in both
    eyes along with slight astigmatism(RE -11 and LE -12). Can I be treated with homeopathy to reduce my spectacle power? I have no other serious trouble relating to eye other than this.
    With thanks,

  147. Anil kumar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 38 year old. I do not see clear.

  148. Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My kid is seven years old. His eyesight is -1.5. The eye specialist has suggested glasses to him. I would like to know if there is any permanent cure for this problem without wearing glasses. Can his vision improve?I never expected this to my kid in such an early stage.


  149. pooja kakkar says:

    hlo dr. will u plz tell me how I can improve my eyesight.its -4.5 of both eyes myopic condition
    using physostigma 6c is good or not as I m 21 yrd n still studing.plz give me ur advice.

  150. Puneet Kathuria says:

    My son has -6.00 and -8.50 power of lenses spherical and -3.00 cylindrical no. in both eyes.Is it possible to improve my son’s eyesight with homeopathic medicines ,if yes which medicines to take?

  151. pooja kakkar says:

    hello dr.sharma, I m pooja 21yrd. I m suffring from myopia for last 9yrs. my both eyes r -4.5 please suggest me any homeopathic medicine or eye drop with their dosage of use.also advice any dietry info. for improving eyesight.

  152. I see eye floaters before my eyes so there is any treatment in homeopathy to solve this problem.


    A very good morning sir.Is notrom merr is a myopic medicine or not and is helpful for myopic condition or not.please ask me .I am 18 and a half and i am tring for navy and my power is -1.oo both eyes.

  154. Sir I am suffering with myopia power is 9 and 10 I am suffering when I was 7 year old now I am 18 years old is their any cure can I see the world with out glass

  155. Sir i was suffring from myopia with eye power -1.50 and -.25 can it will reduced by medicene i was wants to bear a goggles

  156. dear sir
    i am suffering from eye problem.i am 24 years old.can myopia be cured by homeopathy treatment

  157. dear sir
    i am suffering from eye problem.i am 37 years old unmarried girl.i used glasses at the age of 21 from the age of the age of 21 i get operation to remove glasses. agaim from 5 year i can’t see clearly from distance. what should i do.please guide me.

  158. Sunil kumar says:

    Sir my son is 9 years old and suffring from myopia -5 IN BOTH eyes can cure his myopia by homeopathic ple. tell me

  159. My son was 5 years old .he was suffering from squint in left eye. Can you cure him pls help and reply me sir pls……………… me sir

  160. Sir I am suffering from severe myopia -12.50 ..what should I do to cure my eyes …

  161. Seema Bhoir says:

    I have -4.50(can’t see far things)
    I have been recommended laser operation
    Its difficult to improve specks…

  162. Vinay Sarode says:

    I having minus no of 5.50 to 6. It is not possible to live without spectacle.
    So lasic eye surgery is better option??????
    I am totally confused. Please tell me the solution of improving my vision.

  163. Sir,
    I am 20 years old and have -1.5 in right eye and -1.00 in left eye. What should I do to improve my vision? Which medicine should I take and in what dose? Can it be cured completely without surgery? I hope you will respond to my problem
    Thank you

  164. Abdul Basit says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have myopia -1.05.. Please prescribe me some medicines with doses also..i am17 years old.

    Thank u very much sir.

    Abdul Basit

  165. Puneet Kathuria says:

    Sir, recently I came to know that my 5 year old son is myopic. ..he is not able to see objects from a distance and is not able to see words written on blackboard in school.he has got -6.5 in both eyes and cylindrical it curable at this age?? Kindly help.

  166. Bholanath Panja says:

    dear Sir,
    my wife is a myopia paitent . please give me the advise for treatment. medicine name and dose . waiting for your kind advise.

  167. Hi sir, iam 38 years old. I have right eye squint and i am suffering from high myopia(-10) with dim vision and at night it is poor vision. If i saw a light it appears splits in a circle. I request you to suggest medicine and dosage to get remedy from it.

  168. Dr sharma. My daughter is 5′ and obese. I am giving her ammonium mur for weight loss which is affective. Can I give her baryta carb and silicea to increase her height. She is running 17 years

  169. My daughter is 5′ and obese. I am giving her ammonium mur for weight loss which is affective. Can I give her baryta carb and silicea to increase her height. She is running 17 years

  170. Sir,
    My son is 5 years old and is a prematured baby born at 32 weeks. He has high myopia -12.00 in both the eyes. It was identified almost 2 years ago and since there is no change in power.
    Please suggest a good medicne, its power, dosage and how long to be used.
    Please help I am more worried for boy eye sight.


  171. My child have myopia as-1.50 for both eyes does it reduces by homeopathic he is 6 years old

  172. Abhijeet Abhishek says:

    Dear sir I am suffering from myopia which is very hard power sight -6 .so u tell best treatment in homeopathy.

  173. Subhranshu Nayak says:

    sir,I am suffering from myopia since last 2 years and my cylindrical power is -0.50 and Spherical power is -2.50 which medicine is correct for me,I’m 18 years old boy.

    • hello dear sir , i am ram karan from sultanpur(up)
      SIR MUJHE -0.5 cm. power ka chasma LAGA H. Sir please
      iska ilaaz batye…..

    • Hello sir,
      I’m a 18 years old boy. I have myopia. And my i have to wear glasses of -1.75 Diapter. Please prescribe me some medicines with doses also..

      Thank u very much sir.


  174. Rashmila Valui says:

    I am suffering from myopia where my cylindrical power is -2. 75 n my spherical power is -2. 05. What medicine should I take or is there any eye drop that can help me??please suggest me.. thank u

  175. suraj kumar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from myopia(2.5) and nerves of my eye get red .which medicine should , can I take to prevent ?

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