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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Myopia

Myopia is a common condition of the eye where the person can see things near him clearly while those at a distance seem blurry. Myopia is also known as nearsightedness or shortsightedness. It is most commonly seen in children and during adolescence. It may develop slowly or gradually and it mostly tends to run in families. Myopia mainly occurs when the light entering the eye does not directly focus on the retina, but rather in front of it. A person suffering from myopia tends to partially close his eyes to see clearly. People who are myopic often complain of headaches due to eye strain and blink excessively. Day-to-day activities are hindered and the person has difficulty driving at night (night myopia).   Homeopathic medicines for myopia help prevent further progression of the condition. homeopathic medicines for myopia

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is a wonderful science of treatment with medicines made from natural substances. These medicines are safe from toxic side-effects and make a dynamic impact at the root level to heal the condition and restore good health. A major advantage of homeopathy in myopia is that it stops further progression of the condition. Natural medicines can thus provide supportive treatment in myopia. They are equally effective in persons of all age groups.

Homeopathic Medicines for Myopia

Top grade medicines for myopia are Pysostigma, Ruta, Viola Odorata, Oleum Animale and Phosphorus.

1. Pysostigma – One of the most Effective Medicines for Myopia

Pysostigma is one of the most remarkable and often prescribed medicines for myopia. Pysostigma is well indicated for nearsightedness which is progressing rapidly, accompanied by pain in the orbits. The person experiences photophobia along with blurred vision. Spasm of the ciliary muscle, irritability of the eyes and dim vision are treated best with Pysostigma.

2. Ruta – For Myopia with Severe Headache

Ruta is one the most suitable medicines for myopia with a severe headache. The person experiences pain while reading, sewing and performing other near-sighted activities. Weakness of the ciliary muscles and blurred vision are the signs to look out for prescription of Ruta, rated among the best medicines for myopia. Ruta acts very well for eyestrain occurring from overuse of eyes.

3. Viola Odorata – For Myopia with Pain in Eyes

Another of the useful medicine for myopia is Viola Odorata. Myopia, where it is accompanied by severe pain in the eyes, is treated most effectively with Viola Odorata. In such cases, the person complains of severe pain in the eyes which radiates to the top of the head (vertex).  Heaviness of the eyelids, flames before the eyes and nearsightedness are other symptoms that merit use of Viola Odorata as the ideal prescription among medicines for myopia.

4. Oleum Animale – Leading Medicine for Myopia

Oleum Animale is one of the most wonderful medicines for myopia where the symptoms include blurred vision with smarting in the eyes. The person often sees glistening bodies before his eyes and complains of dim vision. Nearsightedness accompanied by twitching of the eyelids is also treated well with Oleum Animale.

5. Phosphorus – Effective Medicine for Myopia

Phosphorus is one of the most highly recommended medicines for myopia. Fatigue of the eyes and head even when the eyes are not being overused is a key symptom for prescription of Phosphorus. It is one of the best-indicated medicines for myopia with weak eyesight and an aversion to light. A feeling of having sand in the eyes which gets better by rubbing may also be present. Frequent itching in the eyes with profuse lachrymation is also present. Nearsightedness with atrophy of optic nerve is treated well with medicine Phosphorus as well.

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  1. Husnian raza says:

    i am husnain from pakistan
    age 42
    eye side weak

  2. Arita Banerjee says:

    Dr in both eyes -12 power. Which homeopathy medicine should I take and dosage.

    • पुष्पा सिंह says:

      मेरी बेटी श्रवण दिव्यांग हाई मायोपिया बारह वर्ष की उम्र से है। अभी उम्र 35 वर्ष है।

  3. Hari Sharma says:

    Hi Doc,

    My son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with Astigmatism and myopia both. His prescription glasses are with below details:
    Spherical: -3, cylindrical:+1.5, axis:180
    Same power for both eyes.
    Can homeopathy help in fixing these issues and remove the glasses completely?
    I would like to know about the effectiveness and duration of the treatment.

  4. Asya Krengauz says:

    Hi, I would love to know which to use for me. I have had myopia since I was about 9 years old, so the majority of my life. The past few years, I’ve been using natural techniques to reverse myopia. I have been able to clear up one diopter of myopia, which is amazing. I have now moved on to try another natural technique but I would love to speed up my results with homeopathy and I wonder which treatment would be best for me. I do have headaches quite often but I’m unsure they are related to my vision because I have had them since I was a child and well before I tried improving my eyesight. Thank you!

  5. Rumi kumari says:

    Meri Umra 21 Sal Hai Aur Mujhe Dur ki chij clear Nahin dikhti Hain
    Kisi jalti hue light ko dekhne per vah light faila Hua Najar Aata Hai
    Please koi drop ya medicine Bataye

  6. chandrashekhar says:

    भाई,मेरी उम्र 67वर्ष है। मुझे पुस्तक पढ़ने में धुंधला दिखाई देता है।कोई चस्मा नहीं लगाता हूं ।कोई आई ड्रॉप बताएं धन्यवाद आपका।

    • chandrashekhar says:

      किताब पढ़ने में धुंधला दिखता है।कोई चस्मा नहीं लगाता हूं। उम्र मेरी 67साल है।

  7. Dr.Mandeep Kaur says:

    My Son is 6 and half years old ,his eye vision for distance is sph.-.75,cyl.-1.00,Axis 180,BCVA,6/18 for both eyes.
    Doctor advised eye glasses, please suggest if homeopathy can help in it.

  8. Abdullah says:

    I am 25 years old. My everything is OK,just Couldn’t see anything in long distance I first noticed it 2/3 years ago.but I went to check my eyes 6/7 years ago.then it was perfect.there was no face become bluer. I have no pain in eye or anything else. I hove no headache. Just can not read long distance letter,which latter my all friend can read clearly. Which medicine you suggest me.?

  9. My son is 8 year old
    His power in right eye is -0. 50,and left eye is -0. 75
    Is it possible to cure or stop the progression of power. In homeopathy treatment.

  10. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I suffer from Myopia with nearsightedness. I have been relying on glasses since 1999. Please advise me on how I can improve my vision.

  11. Ashwini Jodhavat says:

    My son has high myopia? How can I help him?

  12. Hello Dr.Sharma ,
    My 7year old girl has -2 for right and -1 in left eye , please show a way for her to get rid of this myopia .

  13. Naveed Ahmed says:

    Hello doctor I am a young man age 35 year
    Feeling headache when look any thing for a minute or less please guide me

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