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7 Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Ganglion Cysts

A ganglion cyst is a round or oval fluid-filled lump that tends to develop near the tendons or joints of wrist or hand. The fluid in this cyst is thick, jelly-like material. Though majorly they form on the back of the wrist and hands, they can also form on the ankles and feet. They are very common, harmless and non – cancerous cysts. Homeopathic Medicines for ganglion cysts are of natural origin that effectively dissolve ganglion cysts in a safe manner without any side effects. homeopathic medicines for ganglion cyst

It is not exactly known why ganglion cysts forms. However, it is considered that leaking of synovial fluid that surrounds the joint and its collection in a sac develops into a ganglion cyst. Females are more at risk to develop ganglion cyst as compared to males. The occurrence of a ganglion cyst is common between the age of 20 yrs – 40 yrs. Having a history of injury to a joint or tendon in the past is a predisposing factor to develop ganglion cysts. Wear and tear of the joint as in osteoarthritis is also a risk factor for the formation of a ganglion cyst.

Homeopathic Medicines for Ganglion Cysts

There is excellent treatment available for ganglion cyst in homeopathy. With the use of medicines surgery can be avoided in a majority of cases of ganglion cyst. They remain very beneficial to manage symptoms of ganglion cyst by gradually dissolving it. The symptoms including pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness of muscle appearing due to pinching of nerve from ganglion cyst get resolved with natural medicines effectively.

1. Ruta – Top Medicine for Ganglion Cyst

Ruta is prepared from a plant Ruta graveolens commonly named as garden rue or bitterwort. The natural order of this plant is rutaceae. In cases needing Ruta the cyst may be present on the wrist, hand or finger. The ganglion tend to interfere with joint movement of wrist. Pain in the hand and wrist may also arise where Ruta is indicated. In some cases numbness in the hands may be present with above symptoms. There may be an attending tingling in the hand also. The numbness and tingling in the hands when present tends to appear after exercise most of the times. A history of injury to tendon or joint may be found in cases that require Ruta.

2. Rhus Tox – To Manage Pain in the Wrist

Rhus Tox is very suitable for managing pain in the wrist in cases of ganglion cyst. The pain tend to get worse during rest. The pain also worsens by cold. In some cases bending the wrist also tend to worsen the pain. Motion relieves the pain in wrist in most cases where Rhus Tox is indicated. Wrist joint movement may also be hindered. Pain especially of drawing nature in the palm of hand may also arise. Sometimes burning sensation or numbness in the hands may also be felt along with pain. Like above medicine, Rhus Tox is also a leading medicine to treat ganglion cyst in cases where a history of injury to joint or tendons of wrist is present.

3. Rhododendron – For Wrist Pain

Rhododendron is prepared from fresh leaves of a plant Rhododendron of the natural order Ericaceae. Rhododendron is another medicine for managing wrist pain in ganglion cyst. For using Rhododendron the pain in the wrist may be drawing or tearing in nature. The pain may get worse in the evening time. Rest also worsens the pain. Along with this heated sensation in the hands may be present occasionally.

4. Silicea – For Ganglion Cyst on the Left Side of Wrist

Silicea is a well-indicated medicine for treating ganglion wrist on the left side of the wrist. The cyst is located on the extensor surface of wrist. Pain may be felt in the wrist. The pain may be tearing or stitching in nature. There may appear numbness in the hand too. Weak and lame sensation in hand may accompany with above symptoms.

5. Calcarea Carb – For Ganglion Cyst on the Right Side of Wrist

Calcarea Carb is a prominent medicine to treat ganglion cyst on the right side of wrist. The cyst may cause pain in the wrist. Nerve pinching may cause numbness in hand. An increased sweat may be noted on hands.

6. Arnica – For Ganglion Cyst with History of Wrist Injury

Arnica is prepared from root of plant Arnica Montana of the natural order Compositae. Use of Arnica is considered in cases of ganglion cyst where a history of injury to the wrist is present. The wrist is painful in such cases. Tearing or drawing pain in the side of the hand may be felt. The wrist may also feel powerless. There is also want of strength in the hands when trying to grasp anything.

7. Causticum – For Ganglion Cyst with Numbness, Tingling, Muscle Weakness

Causticum is a very beneficial medicine for ganglion cyst in cases where there is numbness, tingling or muscle weakness in hands arise from pressing of nerve. Pain in the wrist also attend. Sometimes pain in hand of drawing nature also accompanies above symptoms.

Symptoms of Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cysts appear as a round lump that can form along any of the joint of the body. When examined they feel soft. The most common location of ganglion cyst lumps is wrist and hand. Apart from these, they tend to form on the ankles or feet. They may vary in size from very small ones to around 2.5 cm. They are painless in the majority of cases. However, they can cause discomfort or pain in cases where they happen to press on a nearby nerve. Due to pressure on the nerve other symptoms that may arise include – numbness, tingling and weakness of muscle. Sometimes they hinder with a movement of the joint.

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