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8 Remedial Homeopathic Medicines for Myoclonus

Myoclonus refers to a sudden involuntary jerking of the muscles. These jerks cannot be controlled by the people suffering from it. Either one muscle or a group of muscles can be involved. Homeopathic medicines for myoclonus are only recommended in cases where the symptoms fall in the mild to moderate category. Myoclonus

It may develop itself or from some of the underlying medical conditions. Few examples include epilepsy, stroke  (a medical condition resulting in cell death from poor blood flow to the brain) and tumour of the brain or the spinal cord. Next causes linked with it are hypoxia (conditions that arise when tissue of the body or a region of the body  does not get adequate oxygen), trauma to the head or the spine, some type of infections, kidney failure or liver failure. It can also occur as a part of some sort of autoimmune diseases. Its some examples  are multiple sclerosis  (disorder that arise from damage to the cover of nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord) , celiac disease (an autoimmune disorder in which eating gluten which is a protein found in the wheat, barley and rye damages the lining of the small intestine). Other than these it can arise from side effects of some drugs and chemicals. Next metabolic disorders and lipid storage disease (a group of inherited metabolic disorders in which fats or lipids accumulate in some cells or tissues of the body) is associated with it. Lastly it can be a symptom part of some  of the neurological disorders like parkinson’s disease (nervous system disorder affecting movement that usually begin as tremor in just one hand), encephalitis (inflammation that occurs in the brain), alzheimer’s disease  (a disorder in which the brain cells degenerate and causes decline in the memory, thinking, behavioural and social skills of the sufferer ), coma, Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease  ( a rare degenerative e brain disorder that leads to memory loss and, ultimately, death), Huntington’s disease (an inherited disease that causes degeneration of nerve cells in the brain) and certain dementia (eg frontotemporal dementia and lewy body dementia). Genetics also seems to play a role in it as it is also seen to run in families.


It is of various types as given below:

  1. Primary Myoclonus 

It occurs on its own without any other symptoms. It may affect many body parts like legs, soft palate. Some reasons behind it includes poisoning, injury.

  1. Secondary/Symptomatic Myoclonus

It is a  symptom of some of the underlying medical issue like Restless leg syndrome (RLS), Parkinson’s disease, lipid storage disease, prolonged oxygen deprivation. It may appear with other symptoms. It is a common form. 

  1. Action Myoclonus

This type may affect the arms, legs and the face. In this the jerks worsen from trying to do voluntary movements. It is the most severe form among all the types

  1. Essential Myoclonus

The cause behind this type is unknown. No underlying condition is present behind it. No other symptoms are there apart from muscle jerks in it. It can run in the families and it does not have a tendency to get worse over a period of  time.

  1. Sleep Myoclonus 

This type occurs when a person falls asleep. It doesn’t require any treatment. Sometimes it may be  a symptom of restless leg syndrome.

  1. Stimulus Sensitive Myoclonus 

It occurs as a reaction of external stimuli like light,  noise and movement

  1. Cortical Reflex Myoclonus 

It begins in the outer layer of the brain tissue. It may affect a few muscles or various muscles of the body all over. It may get worse when trying to make a specific movement.

  1. Reticular Reflex Myoclonus 

It is a type of epilepsy originating in the brain stem. The muscles jerks/ spasms affect the whole body. These may get triggered from external stimulus like changes in light, noise and also from voluntary movement 

  1. Palatal Myoclonus 

This type affects the muscles of the roof of the mouth. In this these muscles contract in a  regular and a  rhythmic way. Sometimes muscles of the face, throat and the tongue may be affected too. The jerks may lead to discomfort or pain.

  1. Physiological Myoclonus 

This type occurs in people who are otherwise healthy. Some of the examples of this type are hiccups, spasm from anxiety , exertion and sleep starts. It usually needs no treatment.

  1. Progressive Myoclonus Epilepsy

This type can have worsening of symptoms as time goes and can be fatal. This type causes myoclonus, epileptic seizures, difficulty speaking, and difficult movement.


People with it feel jerking, shaking of muscle or a shock like sensation in muscle.  These are unpredictable that occur suddenly and without control of them. They remain for a brief duration. The jerks can be localized to one body part or widespread to the whole body. These symptoms can be of mild to severe intensity. Its frequency also varies from case to case. They may occur frequently or less often.  Trembling or twitching sensation may attend the jerks. In case of severe intensity they may interfere with speech, eating or walking 

Homeopathic Medicines for Myoclonus

Homeopathic medicines help to manage these cases quite effectively. These help to reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms of myoclonus. These medicines work by targeting the root cause behind it and offer good help in these cases. The homeopathic medicine which is needed for a given case depends on the symptom of the person in every case. One should take any homeopathic medicine under supervision of a homeopathic physician. But in case the symptoms are intense or serious one must take help from conventional mode of treatment. 

  1. Zincum Met – Top Grade Medicine

It is good medicine for treating a number of nervous complaints, including muscle jerking and twitching. Person needing it can have jerks in various muscles of the body. They may have jerking through the whole body that occurs specifically during sleep. They may sometimes cry out and get awake with fear from sleep along with jerking of the body.

  1. Agaricus – For Trembling and Twitching of Muscles 

This medicine is highly recommended for managing cases of trembling and twitchings of the muscles. In persons needing it the twitching can be present in the limbs or the face. There is restlessness, trembling and shaking in the limbs. In most cases needing it the muscle twitches worsen when an attempt of voluntary motion is made. The twitchings are better at night where this medicine is required.Its use is also indicated when there is trembling in the whole body. The trembling may be attended with weakness. 

  1. Stramonium – For Twitching of Hands and Feet 

It is a natural medicine prepared from a plant known as thorn-apple. This plant belongs to family solanaceae. It is well indicated when there is twitching of hands and feet. It is also indicated for twitching of limbs during sleep. Next it is used for trembling of lips, limbs or of the whole body.

  1. Cuprum Met – For Twitching and Difficulty in Speech 

This is a very prominent medicine for twitching and speech difficulty. 

For using it the twitching is marked in fingers. Twitching may extend to  extending into hands, arms and upper body. These are triggered by talking or any exciting emotion. There is also jerking in arms, legs and hands. It is also indicated for twitching in toes. Trembling of tongue and speech difficulty is present with above symptoms.

  1. Cicuta – For Trembling of the Upper and Lower Limbs

This medicine is prepared from the fresh root of a plant Cicuta Virosa commonly known as water Hemlock. It belongs to the family umbelliferae. It is a valuable medicine for helping cases in which there is trembling of upper and lower limbs. Next twitching and jerking of arms also calls for its use. Sudden shocking and jerking in head, arms and legs is yet another indicative feature for using it. In addition to above there may be weakness in arms and legs after slight exertion.

  1. Tarentula Hispanica – With Marked Trembling of Body 

It is a valuable medicine for cases in which there is marked trembling of the body. With this great restlessness is present. The person needing it, is unable to be quiet in any position. He feels like moving all the time. Sometimes speech difficulty is there along with above symptoms.

  1. Merc Sol – For Jerking in the Limbs

This medicine is considered when there is jerking in the limbs. The arms, fingers and legs twitch where it is required. The limbs may also feel weak. Trembling of hands may also occur.

8. Opium  – For Twitching of Head, Arms and Hands

This medicine works well when there is twitching in head, arms and hands. Next indication to use it is convulsive movements of the arm to and fro. Spasms occurring from fright, anger are also characteristic symptoms for using it.

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