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9 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Laryngitis

What is Laryngitis?

Inflammation of the larynx, i.e. voice box, is referred to as laryngitis. Laryngitis is caused by infection – viral, bacterial or fungal. Overuse of the voice, allergies, acid reflux disease, smoking and alcohol intake are some other causes. Laryngitis can be acute or chronic. Short term laryngitis of less than 3 weeks’ duration is termed as acute laryngitis. Laryngitis which has lasted more than 3 weeks is termed long term or chronic laryngitis.

Symptoms of Laryngitis

A major symptom of laryngitis is hoarseness of the voice. Other symptoms are dry/sore/raw throat, cough, difficulty swallowing, need to repeatedly clear the throat.

Homeopathic Treatment of Laryngitis

Homeopathic medicines can treat laryngitis wonderfully well. Both acute and chronic laryngitis can be effectively treated under the Homeopathic system of medicine. The Homeopathic prescription for laryngitis varies from case to case as per the individual symptom presentation. Top grade Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis are Argentum Met, Causticum, Phosphorus, Drosera and Carbo Veg. These medicines are natural and safe from adverse side effects. Homeopathic medicines set off the body’s own restorative processes to enable it to fight off the disease and heal itself.

Homeopathic Medicines for Laryngitis

Argentum Met and Arum Triphyllum – Best Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis from voice overuse as seen in singers, public speakers

Laryngitis resulting from overuse of the voice can be treated well with Homeopathic medicines Argentum Met and Arum Triphyllum. The key symptoms for prescription of Argentum Met as the most suitable among Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis are hoarseness of voice and sore/raw feeling in the larynx. In fact, Argentum Met is also recommended for complete loss of voice in professional singers. Hawking may appear and viscid mucus may be expectorated along with loss of voice. Homeopathic medicine Arum Triphyllum is equally good for laryngitis from excessive use of voice as in public speaking or from singing. In cases where the voice is uncertain and uncontrollable, Arum Triphyllum is one of the most useful Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis. Pain in larynx while clearing the throat may also arise. Burning sensation in larynx is another attending symptom. The glands in the throat and neck may also get swollen.

Phosphorus – One of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with violent tickling in larynx

Phosphorus is highly suitable among Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis cases with violent tickling in the larynx. Cough arises from tickling in the larynx. Reading and talking worsen the cough. Hoarseness is observed and gets worse especially in the evening. Pain in larynx is also observed and may be attended with rawness of throat.

Drosera – One of the top rated Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with nagging cough

Drosera is the most reliable among Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis in cases where dry, irritative cough predominates. There is rough, scraping sensation in the throat. The voice becomes deep and hoarse. In some cases, the voice is cracked and toneless. Few persons may also have difficulty in swallowing food.

Causticum – One of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis from exposure to cold air

Causticum is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis from cold air exposure. Causticum is indicated when the larynx gets inflamed soon after exposure to cold air and hoarseness of voice results. Rawness and scarping sensation is also experienced in the throat. Loss of voice from cold air exposure is also treated well with Homeopathic medicine Causticum.

Belladonna and Iodum – Reliable Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with painful hoarseness

Belladonna and Iodum are wonderful Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis when hoarseness of voice is attended with pain in the larynx. Belladonna is indicated when the larynx is sore and highly painful while the voice is hoarse. The throat is red and inflamed, with difficulty in swallowing. A constricted feeling with lump-like sensation in the throat may also be experienced. Iodum is recommended as the most appropriate among Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis where a deep, hoarse voice is attended with rough, scarping, burning pain in the throat. Cough is also present. Cough leads to gasping because of intense pain. Enlargement of glands in the neck may also be well noted in such cases where Iodum will prove one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis.

Calcarea Carb and Carbo Veg – Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with painless hoarseness

Calcarea Carb and Carbo Veg are rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with painless hoarseness of voice. There will be hawking of mucus along with hoarseness in cases where Calcarea Carb is prescribed. The hoarseness is most marked in the morning. The symptoms pointing towards use of Homeopathic medicine Carbo Veg are hoarseness with itching in the larynx. Carbo Veg is prescribed where hoarseness is worse in the evening. The voice may be rough and deep, and exertion worsens the complaint.

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  1. Golap sahoo says:

    I am 71 year female, i am suffering from throat infection since a long time and continues dry cough. Please suggest medicine.

  2. Rabi narayan says:

    My voice is very thin. I can not express myself well because of fluid in throat.
    People say Words get swallowed when I speak.
    I do have frequently nasal congestion. Frequently cold with little change in environment. Has got dust allergy.
    Runny nose. Thin voice.

    Help me in clearing throat problem and getting attractive clear voice.

  3. Paban kumar Tibriwala says:

    I have vocal cord swelling,and problem in talking for about twenty which homeo medicine will be heipfull for me.Please suggest.

  4. Rajeeva Roy says:

    If in Stroboscopic examination the t is indicated that the patient is suffering from “Fungal Laryngitis” and there is Edina, scar and inflammation diminishing his voice, what is oils be the Homeopathic remedy in such case.
    The patient has COPD for long and has been on inhaler containing steroid for long besides oral dose of steroid. He had in the past Rheumatoid Arthritis but for last three years there is no symptom of arthritis.
    The patient is tall (5’11”), fair and obese. His upper part of body is fattier than lower limbs. An emotional and aggressive person with strong liking and disliking for persons around him.
    I am myself the Patient. Would you kindly suggest Homeopathy Medicine for me. I don’t want to go to allopath and surgeon.

  5. I have pain in left side of my throat for more than 30 yrs , gets worse with smoke , perfumes, or new paint smell . I have pain with speaking , my voice gets tired and hoarse as the day progresses. This is worse on the left side . I use allergy pills and allergy sprays daily without any improvement. My mouth and throat get very dry , I also have constipation and GERD also. I’m in a profession where I have to talk continuously. Please give me some advice. Thank you

  6. Sheela Deb Deysarkar says:

    I am a lecturer and singer by profession .. I use to get the problem of voice hoarseness , cough, soar throat because of dust & smoke allergy .. now also having soar throat, cough & hoarse voice .. what to do .. please suggest what to do . Three weeks passed but I have not got any relief .. please suggest what to do .

  7. I am 48 years male having hoarseness in my voice. I am a singer in my profession. This problem came to me after I abused my voice severely 20 years ago. Because of my voice abuse, I have frequent voice loss and voice hoarseness. I lost my commanding bossy golden singing voice as well. .how can I get back my original voice without any hoarseness? I have this problem (chronic laryngitis) since 20 years. I am not able to perform well due to this chronic laryngitis.
    So, my profession is at stake .
    Any medicines in homeopathy to restore my original bossy golden voice? Thanks.

  8. cough when talking or laughing and throat irritation. what medicine is perfect for this?

  9. Partha Sarathi Dawn says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma, I am a computer tutor, having age 53. I have to teach my students whole day. Now I am feeling light pain in my throat. After taking a class I feel uneasy in my throat. Dry cough is also there. Sometimes after eating I feel itching in my throat. Can you suggest what medicine should I take & how ?

  10. Pramod upadhyay says:

    My voice get break can not sing song always feeling of cough but no pain in through.
    What to take medicines.

  11. Hi Dr, I am having chronic laryngitis , I have severe pain and keep clearing throat. ENT dr said I have chronic laryngitis because of acid reflux. Please help me to get healed


    Dr. I am diagnosed with the vocal cords not closing properly.
    Will you suggest me the line of treatment and any medicine from Homropathy to restore the same.
    Age-63 No other known history.

  13. Jayanta Dey says:

    Hearing problem. Due to ottoclurises

  14. Medhavi Agarwal says:

    Dr, My 4 year old daughter is coughing since may 2019, everytime I visit the doctor he says chest is clear and gives antibiotics, she remains ok for 4-5 days and again she suffers throat pain or coughing ,this is continued since last 5 months. She is coughing like dog and having hoarse voice. Kindly help. Whether this is laryngitis? Pls suggest a good medicine . I am very much worried as this is happening since 5 months and sometimes she is not able to swallow.

    • Somnath Chakraborty says:

      After 3days cough and voice not cleared. Cold weather may affect me some time. When I hooping there lots of white cough. How can I remove the problem.

  15. Sir, recently I have been diagnosed with laryngitis. This is first time has happened to me. Recently I have joined as Teacher. So, voice overuse + with coigh it started. Was on voice rest for 1 week. But it improved but not cured….. Still it is there and increases as I start taking classes. So please suggest any homeopathic treatment and for how long have to take voice rest. It is not possible for me to take 15 days leave.


  17. jayalakshmi ramesh says:

    I am jayalakshmi ramesh, a professional carnatic music singer in Tamilnadu. I do concerts and take music classes. Whenever I do concerts, I have some times, dual sound at the higher octave. and my voice is also hoarse sometimes. I have to clear the voice now and then. But no pain and no swallowing difficulty. When consulted an ENT, they opined to have voice rest and prescribed gorgling with salt.
    My original pitch was 51/2 . At present I have only 41/2 pitch. Under the circumstances, I request you to prescribe a suitable medicine for me to overcome the difficulties
    hoarseness of voice and occasional dual sound.

  18. Swapna chakraborty says:

    I am 68yrs old .once at a time I was profesional I sing for myself, every day I practice.when I go to Gandhar of my Tara saptak in my scale “A”,my swar crack.Always I maintain vocal rest, minimum talk,& healthy -normal food,exercise .But this problem I noticed since 3/4 tell the remedy in homeopathy treatment with medicine+power.I already took helper sulph 200 ,Bryonia 30,& Causticum 6.
    .I am a patient of vertigo for 10 years.Afterall I am fine in health.

  19. pradeep Sharma says:

    I am suffering vocal cord cyst reason over use of voice. please give me treatment/advice.

  20. My sister is a public singer… Whenever she sings overnight she suffers from vocal cord nodule.. Some days ago she had too much pain in his throat.. She met a Allopathic dr and on test she has been diagnosed as BILATERAL RECURRENT CHRONIC LARYNGITIS… previously she was diagnosed VOCAL CORD NODULE.. MAY I REQUEST YOU TO KINDLY TELL ME THE HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES PLEASE.. LAST YEAR She SHE HAD taken causticum ..but no fruitful progress in her throat.. Her throat is painful after singing and becomes dry…. Kindly advise the medicine…

  21. pradeep Sharma says:

    sir Nameste I am suffering from vocal cord syst reason over use of voice.Please give me treatment

  22. Thanks Dr.
    My problem relates to Beledona and iodum as well as carbo veg. let me try… would you pls tell me the power of the medicine and does for each
    1. Beledona….. power….. does
    2. Iodum………..power…….does
    Curbo Veg………power…….dose
    I am 45 male and suffering from laryngities for last 5 years.

  23. Abu Taher Faruqui says:

    Dear Sir
    Good day.
    I wanna get you to share a problem that can be treated by Home medicine.
    Problem is as follows–

  24. Sounik das says:

    I am suffering with throat infection with disturb voice. Most probably for have cold. I am suffering this from last 10 days. Initially there was a problem to swollen any product. But now this is not present but cough is very thick fog yellow in colour. My age is 42. Male. Can you suggest any medicine

  25. Bhabani Mishra says:

    Dr says cords are not vibrating properly what to do?

  26. Suresh mahato says:

    Hi doctor, I have been getting a peculiar sensation in my throat as if something is stuck there.I am a teacher by profession .The condition becomes worse when I speak loudly .What could be the problem ? Please suggest me the remedy.

  27. Chandramani Nautiyal says:

    Sir, I have a hoarseness in my viice since 2003. I had been a teacher till 2015. I used to speak and sing at avery high pitch. I was treat by a homeopathic Dr. At Delhi after which it remained ok till 2009 again it got hoarse and later I was treated at Dehradun with (Alumina 200, phytolacca 30 and wythia 30) in the year 2013. Now I am experiencing the same again. Please suggest me what to do.

    • Tatiana Scott says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      I suffer from chronic laryngitis for many years. This year it got very bad after having coronavirus.
      My voice is gone, I have a constant dry cough.
      I am a teacher and I need to use my voice all day long, but it is gone.
      Please help!

  28. Jasdeep kaur says:

    Suffering from polyp throat pls suggest medicine

  29. Hii..i am from Delhi and i am a singer,I practised on high scale about one month and after that my voice got hoarse and untuned,i am facing this problem about 3 month ago..i feel a splinter in my throat and dry cough and need to clear my throat again and when i sing on high scale my voice got break and feels like my throat is block at a point..plz help i want to get my voice clear like before.. i am getting frustated and depressed..plz help me

  30. Pratap Ghatalia says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have been suffering from PSP having difficulties in chewing and swallowing food. At present I am advised to take syndopa plus. Oflate I am now averse to food and am taking only semi liquid or soft foods and juices. I can’t take Rotis or Semi hard foods. Could you please suggest homeopathy medicines for the same. Kind regards,

  31. Hi Sir, I have been dealing with laryngitis for sometime now. About 3 months ago, It first started with some loud singing around the house. A couple days later I started to experience some horseness. I didn’t pay to much attention to my voice, just thought it was a lose of voice and it would go away. I work in sales and this doesn’t help. Sometime passed by and the horseness got better. Now It’s got worse because Been experiencing a dry throat, pain, burning in the throat, cough, trouble swallowing. It gets worse in environments with too much air it seems like. This is been going on for a very long time and I haven’t found a cure yet. I think it’s gotten to that chronic stage and now it’s hard to control and interferes my daily activities. I would appreciate thoughts and advice. Thank you

  32. Hi Sir, I have been dealing with laryngitis for sometime now. About 3 months ago, It first started with some loud singing around the house. A couple days later I started to experience some horseness. I didn’t pay to much attention to my voice, just thought it was a lose of voice and it would go away. I work in sales and this doesn’t help. Sometime passed by and the horseness got better. Now It’s got worse because Been experiencing a dry throat, pain, burning in the throat, cough, trouble swallowing. It gets worse in environments with too much air it seems like. This is been going on for a very long time and I haven’t found a cure yet. I think it’s gotten to that chronic stage and now it’s hard to control and interferes my daily activities. I would appreciate thoughts and advice. Thank you

  33. Sujoy Ghosh says:

    Sir I have been suffering from broken voce 2 months….I m teacher n practicing sintering taken with anti bioti it I’d good bt as the course ended… it is acute coughing no pain..waiting for ur suggestion….

  34. Logan Naidoo says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I have developed Hoarseness post op after shoulder surgery.
    The ENT specialists says there was a lot of bruising of the Larynx during the general anaestesia and intubation.
    The hoarseness is aggravated in the evening and with cold air .Also mild discomfort on iinhaling.
    What can you recommend please.
    Many Thanks


  35. Ishwar Dutt says:

    Vocal card problem..
    I wants meet to dr. Sharma..
    Please send me address in India
    Ishwar dutt

  36. Priyanka Datta says:

    Hello Mam,i am from Kolkata by profession a singer.its been one year I am facing some serious problem with my voice.last year December I tried to clear the cough inside throat and I forcefully cleared the cough that I totally lost my after 2-3months when I got back my voice it was totally hoarsed that I am facing difficulties while singing still now.Mam please help me or suggest any medicine or any advice so that I can get my voice clean and clear like before.i will be so grateful to you,please help me Mam.

  37. Pradosh datts says:

    Sir my sons vocal sound turned very loud just after his maturity. As all of us change automatically our vocal sound after a certain period of age. But his sound became very loud if he says anything slowly but all can hear. Just irritating sound. So need your help sir my mail id;

    • Rambha paidam naidu says:

      Sir,since 3 months I have face hoarse voice .I was checked my vocal cord condition by vls test but there is no problem with my vocal cord but problem is not clear please suggest best homeo medicine for chronic laryngitis

  38. hanif bhaty says:

    I have lyrangitis for last one month. I am already taking Arum Triph 28 compound but still no improvement. My voice is hoarse. What to do I am fed up


    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    I have hoarse voice problem since long yrs, and I am also singer. I went to ENT doctor…she said need voice rest and after testing of FOL she Reported as follows :
    – BIL UC Movement WNV.
    – No mass lesion seen
    -BIL vestibular fold widely congested.

    What homeo medicine is suitable for me, kindly suggest.

  40. Chandra pal singh says:

    I am suffering from loss voice&hoarse voice, what could do in this decase.

  41. Hello doctor
    I am suffring from horse voice from 2 months.i have sineous problem from childhood.i m also a what should i do to get relief from horse voice.

  42. Hello doc

    I m suffering from hoarse voice for over 2 months now. The antibiotics I was prescribed have not helped much. The condition of my voice is the worst when I wake up in the morning which improves slightly as the day progresses. I m hypothyroid on 100 mcg thyronorm. Kindly help

    • I have voice problem durring 3 yrs, when i try speaks to high sound then sound is not normal, voice sound is not clear , and it is in low sound , what homeo medicine is suitable for me or what

  43. Mrs Kusum Gajree says:

    Hello DR sharma I have lost myvoice it has been over a week I dont have any
    Sore throat it is just I cant talk I m findig hard I am gargling with hot salt water
    Few times a day I m.drinking hot water with honey is thereanything u suggest
    I can do I will really appreciate
    Wait for your reply

  44. Prateek Chaturvedi says:

    My dad is having Throat disorder.
    He is having swelling in vocal chords as per ENT specialist.
    1. Difficulty in speaking
    2. Always cough in throat
    He has been gargling twice a day, having black pepper, ginger with salt in hot water for 10-15 days but it isn’t helping. Even the allopathic medicine din’t help.
    Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine for the same.

  45. Dr Ishwar Rahi says:

    Sir I m a lecturer so I misused my vocal cords .now I m suffering from vocal cords gap problem.There is a gap between my vocal cords .kindly suggest me the treatment in homeopathy.

    • Manickavasagam says:

      Doctor ,
      One day 9 months back I screamed continuously for 3 days and after that my voice got week and I have dry throat and can’t speak a lot or I get dry throat and want to clear throat and feel it is closing . The symptoms have gone off slightly when I took some ayurveda medicine but keep returning when I talk lots . I have no pain and voice power reduces as day progresses and I speak more . I also have weakness as day progresses and low energy levels .

  46. Beste Dr. Sharma,

    Ik heb cronische laryngitis door met vermoeide stem te hoog te zingen. Ik heb geen pijn. Alleen het gevoel dat mijn stembanden gezwollen zijn en ook een spannend gevoel alsof ik heel veel verdriet heb .Ik kreeg de raad om aconitum 6K 5 korrels dagelijks. Nu heb ik toch wat twijfels om dit middel te bestellen begrijp je. Zou u mij verdere raad kunnen geven aub, ik dank u zeer.

    Vriendelijke groeten,


  47. Rashmi Sharan says:

    Dr Sharma I have been suffering from Acid refulx on and off. I am a female of 50 years nd a bit overweight. I cannot say that it is chronic but of lately it has been occuring regularly especially at nights. Please suggest some remedy and homepathic medicine.

    • Rashmi Sharan says:

      Dr Sharma I have been suffering from Acid refulx on and off. I am a female of 50 years nd a bit overweight. I cannot say that it is chronic but of lately it has been occuring regularly especially at nights. Please suggest some remedy and homepathic medicine.

  48. Dr Anutosh Chakraborty says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Please say homoeopathic medicine of choaking of voice due to smoke or any type of gas. I should be obliged.
    Thank you.
    Dr Anutosh Chakraborty

  49. Chandramani Nautiyal says:

    Dear sir,
    I had been treated previously for the symptoms of laryngitis in 2003 hy Dr. JP Nautiyal st Dehradun successfully.Nit the same thing have come back this year. He treated me with Alumina 200, Phytolacca 30,& wythia 30. I got the treatment for two weeks and became normal and remained so till date. Can I co tinue the same or will you please suggest me something different. Kindly reply.

  50. shobha s choudhary says:

    I am singer .And suffering from voice hoarseness because of wrong eating,fried item I ate in Diwali.Whuch medicine will be suit me and what power?

  51. I have been suffering from laryngitis and dry cough with pain in chest and cough since 3 weeks now. I had taken allopathic treatment but to no avail.
    Then i started with homeopathic treatment. First I had taken combination of arsenic album200, Dalcamara 200 and spongia 200.But hardly effect.
    Then belladonna 200 but hardly any improvement.
    then switched over to Stannum metallicum and spongia 200. My voice got improved with the same and pain reduced in chest and throat. But around diwali problem arose again due to pollution and smoke I think. Then doctor changed my medicine to hepar sulphur200 and echinacea angustifolio, Its been 3 days since I have been taking this medicine. Improvement is there but very slow. Shall I continue with the same?

  52. Sumeet kaur chaggar says:

    Hello sir,
    My daughter is 4.5 years old …she is having hoarsness….from 3 weeks and more .. She speaks very loudly n fast and even shout from far places to call other friends from one balcony to another….i have tried many allopathy medicines when she was havibg cough n cold .but now she is quietly relieved from cough n cold but her voice is in very heavy day by day there is no result of any gargling or luke warm things….
    Pls suggest me

  53. hi Dr. Sharma
    im 42 years a teacher in profession…for last 2 months im having voice hoarseness, and irritating throat after talking,. sometimes speaking is difficult. i have lots of weird sensation in tounge sometimes, my voice is also raspy and deep…sometimes i feel light shortness of breath and a dry cough..and i have lots of gagging…went to ENT doctor…he said chronic laryngitis…need voice rest and want me to take steriods and pain meds..but i dont want to take meds…can u pls help me give me some suggestions to treat this…
    thank u sir

    • Dear sir,
      I am a teacher by profession and have a lot of pain and hoarseness while I talk. And mucus stops me from talking and I quit my job before a year still have same problem. Meanwhile I developed hypo thyroid too with swollen throat. I have kp6x and cf 6x for voice and thyroidinum for thyroid. Plz suggest.

  54. Sir My voice is not clear.I have rough and cracky voice.Please tell me some medicine.

  55. Hallo Dr, I am a singer, having singing voice, but recently I feel my voice is getting hoarse and is loosing Sweetness as it was few years back. Please advice me for the medicine I need to get back the lost glory. I am now 60 years male.

  56. Hello sir, I am a woman. I have to pray religious hymns daily,as this is my profession. Due to this, my throat gets congested. My voice becomes hoarse. Pls suggest some homeopathy medicine for this. Thank you.

  57. Shabana shaikh says:

    I am 54 yrs old and i experience constant breaking and hoarsness of voice while talking
    Specially when i try to speak on a high pitch.
    Sonography reports for thyroid are clear.
    Vocal chords are normal too.I struggle to make sure that i sound clear when talking to someone. I would be glad to receive a homeopathy aid for my problem.

  58. Shabana shaikh says:

    Breaking and hoarseness of voice while talking
    Voice cracks more when i try to speak on a high pitch.

  59. DAIZY CHADHA says:

    Hello ,
    I’m a teacher and generally develop the problem of vocal voice is always not clear and it is not audible sometimes.hoarse voice is there.plz suggest some good homeopathic medicine.

  60. B R Jagashetty says:

    Hi doctor,
    I am feeling little pain while speaking, always feel something is struck in throat and have to get cleared every now & then due to which also I may be getting throat pain after speaking continuously for 10-15 minutes, this throat clearing feelings will be more in the evening bet 6pm to 8pm, morning feel dryness of throat – by all these symptoms I feel pain in throat & it may be lyrigitis. Also feel may be vocal chords are affected and get unwanted ideas like any cancer etc. Please suggest some good homeopathic medicines. Hope there may not be any side effects and also let me know you much time it may take to control and cure please.

  61. Prantika says:

    Hoarseness of voice, excessive use of voice. Mild pain during using voice

  62. At times i get dry cough. I have done all the scans and all my reports are normal. However, my voice is still hoarse at times. A camera was also inserted inside the throart and ent doctor said it’z normal. Still my voice is hoarse.
    Would want to try homeopathic medicines. please suggest

  63. I have developed acute laryngitis from yesterday after continuing mild cold n sneezing due to exposure to AC air. Hoaseness was turned to voiceloss within 4 hours
    Suggest appropriate homoeopathic medicine
    LB Rai M 57

  64. Nisha sachdeva says:

    Hello doctor, My husband has been suffering from throat problem from last two months . Earlier it seems allergic problem so Ent prescribed him many steroids, antibiotics ,inhalers,mouth spray n loggens.But there’s no change in his condition . Now he is diagnosed ‘GERD’ disease. So now ENT gave him antacids and diet plan . He is some better feels.But there is hoarseness in his voice. Will u please suggest the bestest homeopathic medicne for this problem? Also include Gerd medicine too.

    • Deb Senapati Bhattacharyya. says:

      Respected Dr.Sharma,
      Here I like to inform you that my father is 80 years old. Since last 4 weeks he has been suffering from cold & cough. Now he has no fever. But Cough is till present now. He had already taken allopathy medicine Azithromycin 500 for 3 days and after 10 days he has also taken Amoycillin pottacium clav.625 mg for 7 days. Now he has suffering from hoarse voice & cough. He can take food smoothly even tea and milk but not taking water so easily. Please prescribe me a suitble medicine for him as early as you through my e-mail ID “” .
      Thanking you

  65. Jahida anusala says:

    Dear dr husband has hoarseness.he doesnt talk a lot .he smikes and has sinusitis
    Please advise.his voice is sometimes a little bit netter then goes down.

  66. Shilpa Tandan says:

    Dear Sir,
    My 17 month old son caught a croupy cough 3 weeks ago.He does not cough that much but there is a barky echoing noise only while crying and nasal congestion that is persistent.
    I have been giving him belladona and hepar sulph since 2 weeks.Kindly suggest if any changes need to be done in the required medicines.

  67. dr.s.m.mansoori says:

    throat sweet,slight hacking,slight irritiation,,cough after intake,easey warm drink–circumferential groth involving the left pyriform fossa narrowing the lumen of the hypothyrex and is intending the left postero-lateral wall of larengeal ventricle proturing its lumen.Biopsy 28/12/2016-moderatry diff.squmous cell carcinomadt 14/1/17.Treatment as-thuza 1m w.,sul 1m w.,conium mac200.coundergo200,cal.carb 200,bromium200 b.d.adel 48,R 17,bd,on dt.20/3/17Ars.alb.200Acid Nit 200

  68. Jyotiprakash says:

    Dr for about last one month I feel difficulty to start talking , even if I try the tone become settled deep . Also I feel difficulty in drinking water . During cough I feel suffocated for 5 to 8 seconds .Kindly advice as I am very frightened .


    Dr I am suffering from sevete larygitis with sharp pain in throat cough sticking feeling in the throat hoarseness and complete voice loss.
    I have GERD.
    My gall bladder is operated sincr 1995.
    Kindly advice.
    Regards Sumita Mukherjee
    Age 50

    • Nisha sachdeva says:

      Hello doctor, My husband has been suffering from throat problem from last two months . Earlier it seems allergic problem so Ent prescribed him many steroids, antibiotics ,inhalers,mouth spray n loggens.But there’s no change in his condition . Now he is diagnosed ‘GERD’ disease. So now ENT gave him antacids and diet plan . He is some better feels.But there is hoarseness in his voice. Will u please suggest the bestest homeopathic medicne for this problem? Also include Gerd medicine too.

  70. I have havvy voice .last 2 month and unit head ent dr. Is say me if i have normal thorat. I have sudden mormal voice and sadden horseness


    I am 67 years of age. Used to Smoke earlier but left for last six years. If I turn left or right during sleeping then & tickling starts but if become up right or straight then it stops.
    Besides during day during Coughing water comes in eyes.
    Just for your information if I visit Dry places then this kind of coughing Stops.

    Besides I have problem for larynx also which hinder me from singing.

    • Dear Doctor Sharma, Good day,
      I am Aged 67 years and off late having following Problems. Please suggest.
      Though not my profession but I sing &recently I am having Terrible Coughing specially during night when turned left or right side, The tickling starts after few minutes and forces me to lie straight.

  72. Dear Dr Sharma
    I have developed during last one year laryngitis leading to hoarseness and inability to sing perhaps due more to my 71 years age.
    I will appreciate your advise for a line of treatment. As there is little information from my side, you may kindly recommend a few medicines from which I will try and eliminate the unnecessary
    Best regards

  73. Nimisha Mishra says:

    Respected Sir,
    My son who is 11 years has the problem of hoarseness. He use to scream a lot but from 3 months when winter started in Mumbai, he has mucus problem but from some days he is ok now. After giving allopathic medicine for allergy he becomes fine but again he started sounding hoarse even if he doesn’t scream. He doesn’t have any other problem.
    Need ur guidance.

  74. B.V.Santosh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are from Hyderabad city , India. Our mother , a 69 year old lady , was diagnosed with PSP some five years back. Her right leg and right hand have become totally stiff and rigid that she can not even move them a bit.Her speech became slurred that one could hardly hear what she says. She is experiencing choking sensation in her throat very often while eating food and drinking liquids.Her position is getting deteriorated year after year, and she has confined herself to wheel chair for the last one year. She has been taking Amantrel 100 mg ( Allophathic medicine ) capsules for the last 5 years, but there seems to be hardly any improvement in her health, rather it is getting worsened over time.We have given our best efforts to treat the disease by trying our hand at Ayurveda too but all in vain.Right now , we are very desperately looking for some medication for the betterment of her condition.

    Can you suggest us with effective medication/ food supplements that she can take so that the process of degeneration can be improved/delayed , and hence the symptoms of the disease can be controlled to great extent .

    We are eagerly waiting for your reply .

    Thanking You Sir,

    With Kind Regards
    B.V.Santosh Kumar .

  75. maneesha bado says:

    hello doctor… I am suffering from hoarseness of voice for the last one and a half month…it is painless but i need to frequently clear my throat…i also find difficulty in talking…i am a teacher so its a matter of serious concern for me. please do help me.

    • Gopalakrishna Duri says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma, Namaskar.

      I had throat infection, lot of pain, could not swallow food.
      I took Bellodonna 30 3 times, the next day thepain came down, I was normal, butt suddenly I lost my voice, no pain but suffering from hoarseness of voice. I am 63 Years,tall, no thirst

      Please suggest medicine.


      • Calcarea carb or Carbo veg. Try one. If it does not work, try the other. A dose of 30x you take 3 x per day. If you only have 200, take it every other day.

  76. IFTKHAR ALI says:

    after operation some water like liquid is coming from one stich. kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine.

  77. Hello sir
    I am a working as a teacher in primary school. I am handling small kids around age 5. It started with throat pain, body ache,headache, ear pain, tired, muscus slowly started coming in yellow and green. I tried gaggling. But cant see any effects. I tried allopathy its getting worse. Now i cant able to talk. Lost my voice 90%. Help me out sir.

  78. Shweta batra says:

    I am a teacher n due to continous speaking loudly in classes…i hv developed hoareness of voice…sometimes it gets worse…n sometimes its like it ws never there…i consulted a doc ..she recommended c .veg..n arg nit..i took it for around 2 months n got quite relief…bt i hv not got permanent relief…can u plz suggest a permanent solution to my problem…i wil b really thankful to u..

    • bidyut konar says:

      hello sir, i am suffering in chronic laryngitics since 1 yr it is some time pain full and seems that something like a pill is attached inside my throat
      so pls give suggestion for cure forever

      • K.P.Sharma says:

        Hi Dr Sharma. I am suffering from voice hoarseness since last one month. I have taken medicine for 20 days as per doctor advice. I got some relief but not cured fully. Presently regularly requires throat cleared. Now I want homeopathy treatment for my throat problem. Please can you let me know the medicine for voice hoarseness .K.P.Sharma

  79. nikica tripkovic says:

    I need help.My problem is chronic or recurring pharyngitis but more aggressive (e.g. periTonsillar abscess). What higher potencies and doses are of PHOSPHORUS I can use , this medicin is my constitucional medicin- phosphorus but my doctor is not able to help me because he is in India.I have 200 c 30 c and 3 c what dose to use, I have agressive and progessive pain white spots and yelow spots, pain inflamation process,this problem is reapiting this year for 6 th times.


    Each episode last for 10 days I used antibotics and somethimes phosporus what problem is nos resolve, my complaint increase with cold drinks, cold air,mental and phisical activity .Every time I am weak, lAST Simptoms are located on right side with lots of deep and agressive pains ,white and yelow spots ,fears, diarea,nusea.After diarea I am better inside but with stronger pain in throat. I am very Nervous ,confuse, without hope,weak.


    • Belladonna is the medicine for right sided illness. Take it in 200 because it is so severe. Also take Aconote for fear. At the first onset of the illness, take Aconite 200 and the illness will stop dead in its tracks! Everyone should have this in their Emergency homeopathic kit!

      • Tatiana Scott says:

        Dear Dr. Sharma,
        I suffer from chronic laryngitis for many years. This year it got very bad after having coronavirus.
        My voice is gone, I have a constant dry cough.
        I am a teacher and I need to use my voice all day long, but it is gone.
        Please help!

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