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9 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Laryngitis

What is Laryngitis?

Inflammation of the larynx, i.e. voice box, is referred to as laryngitis. Laryngitis is caused by infection – viral, bacterial or fungal. Overuse of the voice, allergies, acid reflux disease, smoking and alcohol intake are some other causes. Laryngitis can be acute or chronic. Short term laryngitis of less than 3 weeks’ duration is termed as acute laryngitis. Laryngitis which has lasted more than 3 weeks is termed long term or chronic laryngitis.

Symptoms of Laryngitis

A major symptom of laryngitis is hoarseness of the voice. Other symptoms are dry/sore/raw throat, cough, difficulty swallowing, need to repeatedly clear the throat.

Homeopathic Treatment of Laryngitis

Homeopathic medicines can treat laryngitis wonderfully well. Both acute and chronic laryngitis can be effectively treated under the Homeopathic system of medicine. The Homeopathic prescription for laryngitis varies from case to case as per the individual symptom presentation. Top grade Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis are Argentum Met, Causticum, Phosphorus, Drosera and Carbo Veg. These medicines are natural and safe from adverse side effects. Homeopathic medicines set off the body’s own restorative processes to enable it to fight off the disease and heal itself.

Homeopathic Medicines for Laryngitis

Argentum Met and Arum Triphyllum – Best Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis from voice overuse as seen in singers, public speakers

Laryngitis resulting from overuse of the voice can be treated well with Homeopathic medicines Argentum Met and Arum Triphyllum. The key symptoms for prescription of Argentum Met as the most suitable among Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis are hoarseness of voice and sore/raw feeling in the larynx. In fact, Argentum Met is also recommended for complete loss of voice in professional singers. Hawking may appear and viscid mucus may be expectorated along with loss of voice. Homeopathic medicine Arum Triphyllum is equally good for laryngitis from excessive use of voice as in public speaking or from singing. In cases where the voice is uncertain and uncontrollable, Arum Triphyllum is one of the most useful Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis. Pain in larynx while clearing the throat may also arise. Burning sensation in larynx is another attending symptom. The glands in the throat and neck may also get swollen.

Phosphorus – One of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with violent tickling in larynx

Phosphorus is highly suitable among Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis cases with violent tickling in the larynx. Cough arises from tickling in the larynx. Reading and talking worsen the cough. Hoarseness is observed and gets worse especially in the evening. Pain in larynx is also observed and may be attended with rawness of throat.

Drosera – One of the top rated Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with nagging cough

Drosera is the most reliable among Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis in cases where dry, irritative cough predominates. There is rough, scraping sensation in the throat. The voice becomes deep and hoarse. In some cases, the voice is cracked and toneless. Few persons may also have difficulty in swallowing food.

Causticum – One of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis from exposure to cold air

Causticum is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis from cold air exposure. Causticum is indicated when the larynx gets inflamed soon after exposure to cold air and hoarseness of voice results. Rawness and scarping sensation is also experienced in the throat. Loss of voice from cold air exposure is also treated well with Homeopathic medicine Causticum.

Belladonna and Iodum – Reliable Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with painful hoarseness

Belladonna and Iodum are wonderful Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis when hoarseness of voice is attended with pain in the larynx. Belladonna is indicated when the larynx is sore and highly painful while the voice is hoarse. The throat is red and inflamed, with difficulty in swallowing. A constricted feeling with lump-like sensation in the throat may also be experienced. Iodum is recommended as the most appropriate among Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis where a deep, hoarse voice is attended with rough, scarping, burning pain in the throat. Cough is also present. Cough leads to gasping because of intense pain. Enlargement of glands in the neck may also be well noted in such cases where Iodum will prove one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis.

Calcarea Carb and Carbo Veg – Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with painless hoarseness

Calcarea Carb and Carbo Veg are rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for laryngitis with painless hoarseness of voice. There will be hawking of mucus along with hoarseness in cases where Calcarea Carb is prescribed. The hoarseness is most marked in the morning. The symptoms pointing towards use of Homeopathic medicine Carbo Veg are hoarseness with itching in the larynx. Carbo Veg is prescribed where hoarseness is worse in the evening. The voice may be rough and deep, and exertion worsens the complaint.

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