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9 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Urinary Problems

Urinary problems are among the most common health issues affecting men and women of all age groups. These include cystitis, urethral stricture, renal calculi, and urine incontinence. Homeopathic medicines for urinary problems are natural, safe and free from toxic side-effects.  Homeopathic Medicines for Urinary Problems

Cystitis is an infection of the lower urinary tract; the main symptoms include burning with urination, a frequent urge to urinate accompanied by significant pain. Urethral stricture is the narrowing of the urethra caused due to injury, infection or instrumentation. The most common symptoms of urethral stricture are weak and splaying urinary stream, need to strain to urinate and pain during urination. Renal calculus or kidney stone is formed from minerals in the urine. Marked symptoms of renal calculus are excruciating, intermittent pains radiating from the flanks to the groins (to the inner thigh) termed as ‘renal colic.’ Renal colic is generally accompanied by urinary urgency, nausea, restlessness, and hematuria. Urine incontinence is the term used for involuntary passage of urine, dribbling with a sudden urge to urinate. Urine incontinence results from loss of bladder control, enlarged prostate or prolapsed uterus.

Advantage of Homeopathy

Homeopathy medicines offer the best available mode of treatment of urinary problems. Homeopathy medicines stimulate the restorative processes of the body and strengthen the detrusor muscles. The tonicity of the weakened muscles of the bladder is revitalized. Conventional treatments include painful surgical procedures with increased chances of recurrences, injury, sexual dysfunction or incontinence. Homeopathy medicines restore normal health without the need for surgical interventions. They act at the root to stop recurrence of the disease process.

Homeopathic Medicines for Urinary Problems

Cantharis, Clematis, and Conium are some highly recommended medicines for urinary problems. Cantharis is most helpful in treating intolerable urging. In such cases, the urine passes drop by drop, with tenesmus. Another wonderful medicine for interrupted urine flow with an inability to pass all the urine is Clematis. Conium is the most effective among medicines for urinary problems where a person has many difficulties voiding urine. Urine flows and stops again. The condition involves dribbling in elderly men.

1. Staphysigaria, Sarsaparilla, and Cantharis – For Urinary Problems due to Cystitis

Staphysigaria, Sarsaparilla, and Cantharis are rated among the most effective medicines for urinary problems due to Cystitis. Cystitis, an ineffectual urge to urinate especially in newly married women, is treated well with Staphysagria. Sarsaparilla is prescribed for severe pain at the conclusion of urination. The urine dribbles while sitting in such cases. One of the most reliable medicines for urinary problems involving urinary tract infection with intolerable urging to urinate and tenesmus is Cantharis.

2. Clematis and Thiosinaminum – For Urinary Problem resulting from Urethral Stricture

Natural medicines Clematis and Thiosinaminum have shown remarkable results in urinary problems resulting from urethral stricture. Clematis is one of the best medicines for urinary problems such as an interrupted flow of urine, inability to pass all the urine and constricted urethra. The commencing stricture is treated well with Clematis. Thiosinaminum is another wonderful medicine for urethral stricture cases where cicatricial tissue is formed in the urethra due to some reason. Thiosinaminum is rated among medicines for urinary problems that have shown proven ability to treat the condition.

3. Berberis Vulgaris and Pareria Brava – For Urinary Problems due to Renal Calculus

Two top grade medicines for urinary problems from renal calculus are Berberis Vulgaris and Pareria Brava. Berberis Vulgaris is indicated for left side renal colic radiating to the ureter, bladder, and urethra. Pareria Brava is very effective for bruised pains in the kidneys, along with constant urging and need to strain hard to urinate. The person experiences pain radiating down the thighs during efforts to urinate.

4. Lilium Tigrinum and Prunus Spinosa – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for urinary problems due to urine incontinence

The most effective medicines for urinary problems due to urine incontinence are Lilium Tigrinum and Prunus Spinosa. Lilium Tigrinum effectively treats frequent urination along with constant pressure on the bladder. Urine incontinence from prolapsed uterus is well treated with Lilium Tigrinum, making it one of the most wonderful medicines for urinary problems associated with this condition. Prunus Spinosa has shown great results in cases of involuntary urination in men with an enlarged prostate.

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  1. I am 79+ Have undergone for prostate gland operation one year ago. Later I experienced slow urine flow after six of taking allopathy medicines I started taking Ayurvedic medicines. It is ok. Still not happy since improvement is not much.Six months now. Very expensive. Nearly Rs. 3000/_ per month.

    Doctor says that the problem is due to some nerve.

    I have no pain while passing urine. It stops and start again. The time to finish passing urine has improved from 12 minutes to 6 minutes. I don’t get up more than once during
    the night. 4 to 6 times during the day.

    One doctor suggested me to take conium 4 drops 4 times a day. He is no more. He was 82 years old.

    I had written to you earlier, but received no reply. Can you help me please?

    Regards Vasudevan

  2. Debabrata Sarkar says:

    As per report of uroflometry obstructed flow of urine. My age 58 years. USG study of K. U. B . Moderate prostatomegaly with 83 ml residual urine. P.S.S 3.5

  3. Dear doctor, I am 79+ and suffer from poor and interrupted urine flow after prostate surgery in November 2019. Dr. Said that the problem is relating to some nerve. Medication was not effective. He suggested to do catheter once in three days or go for one more operation.

    In July 2020 I started Ayurvedic treatment
    In November I felt that I am improving, but unfortunately situation became a little bad.

    I started taking conium 200 from August. Before changing to Clemetis, I need medical advice. I have some gy books. I know self medication is not good.

    Please help me.

  4. Dear Doctor
    I am above 65 and sugar patient. I have urine problem which come again and again in neight at least 4time.i can not sleep. Please help and suggest home medicine.
    Best Regards
    M Tayyab
    0307 6920044

  5. Yogesh Tyagi says:

    Dr Saab I a facing a slow flow of urine. which homeo medicine i should prefer

    • Kundan Sinha says:

      I have problem with urine flow..suddenly my urine flow decreases and sometime its increase…why this happen

    • My son age 11 years is not able to pass urine at one go. It usually dribbles and has frequent urge to urinate. It is more pronounced at night. Please help.

  6. hello sir
    i have urine urine output is very less compared to earlier.its not even 500 ml for 24 is dark yellow coloured .plz suggest good mediciene.age 34 .

  7. Dhruba Jyoti says:

    Hari Om doctor,
    I want a solution for my son of age 13 years having low IQ, whenever he goes for urine he stands for at least 2 minutes then he passes urine. Again he has to give pressures to complete his urination. It takes around 4-5 minutes in this process.

  8. A K Dash says:

    Urination slow to start, broken stream, hesitancy, dribbling at the end, no pain, as if some urine remained, more so between 1-4am, special focus to urinate, age 58, male, no past record but childhood bedwetting upto 15 years of age, can’t urinate after sex, no family history, has taken a lot of allopathic medicines for allergies/light breathelessness.

  9. A K Dash says:

    Urination slow to start, broken stream, hesitancy, dribbling at the end, no pain, as if some urine remained, more so between 1-4am, special focus to urinate.

  10. Dr Rakesh Dullu says:

    namaskar Dr Sharma
    I am an allopathic doctor for last 40 years but know about homeopathy and prefer this for many chronic diseases.
    I have benign prostatic enargement which at my age of 61 is common. For last one and a half years am taking Tamsulosin and occasionnally Urispas for my urinary flow issues. sometimes at night I have the urge 3 or 4 times and sometimes not. during the day it reasonably under control. My control on urging bladder is reasanable but sometimes I have to rush. I am oa vegetarian and eat eggs also. I want to know if I can get relief from Homeopathy and finallyget rid of allopathic medications.

    • Subir Das Biswas says:

      Sir, I have problems with the urinary bladder..I have frequent urge to urinate after lunch and diner especially when I go to bed..At night it becomes much more frequent…I feel pain in the lower abdomen and am forced to go to washroom..After 5 or 6 minutes I again feel the same pain which makes me run for the washroom..This happens for 5 or 6 times before i finally get to sleep..I have done USG of the lower abdomen..The report is the wall of the bladder has become thick and residual urine remains in the bladder..I am 50 years old….Thank you..

      Subir Biswas

  11. Bhupesh Singh says:

    Sir I have a stone of size13 mm approximately in my urine bladder Which has blocked the urine flow.can it be out without Sergery.please guide me in details if there is medicine to reduce the size of stone then also guide me. Thanks
    Stone in urine bladder is pushed downward which stopped the urine flow.

  12. Rintu dutta says:

    Sir me west bengal se hu .me 31 age ha unmarraid hu mujhe morning me urine bahat kom hota ha and dark colour din right side kidney halka pain hota ha or leg me Sujan ha halka pls suggest me

  13. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I’ve got burning sensation while urinating for last two days. Have no history of kidney stones. It’s bearable for now, but I was just wondering what can I take. Back home it happened a couple of times and I took Citralka/Alkacitron and it got better.

    I’m in Canada and I don’t know if this kind of alkalizer is available off the counter. But my wife does have a variety of homeopathic medicines, as she strongly believes in them and uses them. Which one can I take in this situation?



  14. Sain biswas says:

    I have two small calculi (about 3mm) in left renal. How to dissolve it. Plz reply sir

  15. Sahdeo Prasad says:

    Sir,l am 80yrs old and suffering from asthma. Recently my yellow colour urine issues from 15days.l afraid please suggest me Homeo Medicine.

  16. Dear Sir i am Hassan originally i am from India but right now stay and work in Indonesia i have problem urine leaking and i did not feel urine out automatic this problem almost 6 month going many doctor i was visit but did not get any benefit still same problem i show your video in you tube so i try to share my problem may Dr.Sharma know proper medicine about my problem my age right now 44 going on

  17. Clare Ballam says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, my urine smell strongly of antiseptic. I have had some health problems due to insulin resistance and not being able use sugar effectively due to being disabled. I gave been eating a blood sugar diet with very low carbs for the past 9 days or so. What do you advise for my urine problem please. With thanks Clare

  18. MANAB SARKAR says:

    Mere 8 sal ka son urine pass karta hai bahot baar.sugar nehi hai.konsa medicine chahiye Sir?

  19. Iqtedar Muhammad Khan says:

    Dr,Sahab my age is 70 year,years is facing problem of urine I have to put lot of pressure and force to emirate even my urine is very slow and after urinating I did not satisfied and feelsthato bladder not empty. Secondly urinating again again.kindlpy advice me homeopathic medicine to use.Iqtedar.M.khan

    • Tapas kumar sahu says:

      Dr,Sahab my age is 60 year,years is facing problem of urine I feel lot of pressure and force to emirate even my urine flow rate is slow than normal rate and after urinating I did not satisfied. bladder not empty retention of urine in blooder more than 100 ml. Secondly urinating again again.kindlpy advice me homeopathic medicine to use.Iqtedar.M.khan

  20. M. Rafique says:

    I caused urine problem since last 6 months.In this problem i can not stop my urine after drinking a glass of water. Now my penus caused, jalan,.. Also my feet casued,, jalan, I done my whole test Urine to blood. But no disease found.
    Please advise me homeopatic medicine for the urine problem treatment.Please reply
    M. Rafique
    0092 324 2363275 whats app

  21. I have residual urine problem &prostate hypertrophy problem my age 32 unmarried so please suggest me about homeopathy medicine

  22. Urmila jain femail says:

    Sir I urmila jain suffering from urethral sticker.and too much problem in urine discharge.we sitting long time for discharge te urine pl advice some effective medication.

  23. Sadashiv Patil says:

    recently we I have conducted ultrasound prostate is 35gm, facing problem while urination, I have to put lot of pressure and force to urinate even then his urine is very slow and after urinating, I feel as his bladder is not fully empty( 25-30 %retaintion as per songraphy test) Secondly feels a urge to urinate again and again. he also told that he feels a grate urge to urinate and when he proceed very small amount of urine pass out.
    Please advise some homeopathic medicine to use.

  24. Sohail Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hope you are fine and doing well!

    My father Age 83 years is facing problem of Urine, he was previously treated medically for prostate recently we have conducted ultrasound prostate is fine. my father facing problem while urination, he told that he have to put lot of pressure and force to urinate even then his urine is very slow and after urinating he did not get satisfied and feel as his bladder is not fully empty, secondly he feels a urge to urinate again and again. he also told that he feels a grate urge to urinate and when he proceed very small amount of urine pass out.
    Please advise some homeopathic medicine to use.

  25. my blood sugar level is 400 to 500 please advise

  26. Had robotic prostate surgery in 2013. After surgery a uretheral stricture developed which caused a weak stream, and ultimately total urinary retention. A cathater was inserted and after its’ removal I was taught how to self cath. I eventually stopped because my urine flow got better. Now in 2019 my urine stream has become very weak again and I get up repeated times at night. Reported to my DR that on ocassion, some blood was observed along with what appear to be tiny clots in the urine. Currently undergoing tests to determine the cause. So far kidney functions are fine and no infection noticed in the urine samples. Scheduled to undergo an exam of the urethera. Don’t know if I may still have scar tissue from the original stricture that has created this problem. Last night I had an episode of complete urine retention which caused ma to go to the ER. Wasn’t able to self cath and the medical personnel had difficulty as well. After much pain and trying I was able to void without the cathater. I want a strong, uninterrupted urine flow and to be able to rest fully at night. I have no desire to be placed on a cathater again. Also the original surgery was to include nerve sparing hwever it seems that all the nerves aren’t functioning properly. Blood doesn’t flow to gain an erection. Open to hear if you can help me regain a full quality of life.

    • I am 82yrs old and my problem is that urine flow rate is very low and I go for urinating four to five times at night. I do not feel pain while passing urine and my blood pressure is normal that is 120/68 at 8.30AM empty stomach .I am veg and all my parameters all normal. Kindly suggest medicine to improve urine flow rate.Thanks

      • I am 82yrs old and my problem is that urine flow rate is very low and I go for urinating four to five times at night. I do not feel pain while passing urine and my blood pressure is normal that is 120/68 at 8.30AM empty stomach .I am veg and all my parameters all normal. Kindly suggest medicine to improve urine flow rate.Thanks

  27. Sir
    Mujhe peshab karne ke baad boond-boond kar ke peshab kuch der tak aata hai aur mujhe fatty liver 1 ki bhi problem hai please help me.

  28. Nuruddin Ahmed says:

    Meri maa 65+
    Jab v koi Thora sa vari Kam Karti hai to ” pesab ” Thora sa Nikal jati hai . Alopath doctor ne bole the nurve problem k lea ye hota hai . Homeopath me koi medicine hai to pls tell me .

  29. Dear Doctor
    I have pain in my penis, there is no discharge of anything cos when I look at paints there are clean, kindly describe a prescription for my problem
    Nicholas, age 57 years

  30. Ajay singh says:

    Patient is suffering from slight urinary bladder out flow ,cortical stone in left kidney measuring 2.3cm and fatty liver grade1.please suggest medicine for remedy.
    Ajay Singh.

  31. Anurag Bhasin says:

    prostrate gland slightly thick or increased. not passing urine freely. not getting enough erection either.

    • Ashok Kumar Nayak says:

      Sir, Namaskar, mera prostrate gland thoda bada hai aur mera urine problem hai, urinal jane tak raste me hi urine nikal jata hai. I am facing this problem since last 3 years & I am aged 54 years. Please suggest the medicine.
      Thanking You,
      With warm regards,
      Ashok Kumar Nayak.

  32. Krishna pandit says:

    Sir mujhe 10sal se urine karne par jalan hota hai daily daily nahi hota kabhi ek week par kabhi 1 month par kabhi kabhi 2 se 3 din par jab jalan hota hai to 8 se 10 bar bar bar urine aata hai 8 se 10 ml ek bar me aur jalan hota hai fir thik ho jata hai plz prescribed medicines

  33. Shafique rehman says:

    Problem my father age 81 years old he is very weak but main issue is concerned frequent urine day and night 10 to 20 times pass urine in 24 hours so please help suggest any homeo medicine to control urine he use tamsoline cap last more years butt no any

  34. Md. Safiul Alam says:

    Problems : When urine comes, difficulty to check.
    Urine more at night time than day.
    burning is there but not so strong. diabetic patient.
    regularly taking aellopathic medicines.

    case 2. urine color yellowish. problem faces while urening.

  35. I am suffering frequent ruination, everyday I get urinating 30 to 40 times, I have no diabetes, I have no urinating burning, what can I do? Please kindly advise me sir

  36. Ashitkumar Pad says:

    Dr Sarma namaskar.with due regards I bring to your notice that,my mother she is 72years old. Since last two years she is suffering acqute urination problem,she is unable to keep gripe the urine every 30minute interval urine release to her clothes please suggest me what to do and what is the homeo medicine I remain with regard

  37. Melani singh says:

    Doc i am having problem after urinating once after few minutes i feel something stuck in urethra… like incompleteness after urinating completely …i was having severe burning also in my urine but it is cured after having berberis vulgaris suggest me how can i get rid of this incomplete feeling…. please i need your help it is very disturbing…

  38. Arabinda Mishra says:

    My father,, who is 80 years old has some problem in urination. Due to less force it does not comes out instead forms a balloon at the exist.

  39. Basant kumar says:

    Sir PL send your add and phone number

  40. मेघनाथ शर्मा says:

    पेशाब लगारहता है ।बूंद बूंद कर थोड़ा थोड़ा होता है ।धार नही है।खुलकर या पूरी तरह पूरा पेशाब नही होता।मुझे 3० साल से दिक्कत है।अक्सर अधिक गर्मी के मौसम मेंही होता है ।उम्र ५० साल है ।सर्र्सपरिला एंव कैंथरिस दवाएँ ली ठीकथा फिर दिक्कत हो गयाहै।सारे टेस्ट करवाये ठीक है ।पेशाब बिना रूकवाट के पूरा हो जाय ऐसा दवा बताये प्लीज डा० साहेब मुझे ठीक कर दीजिए।
    मेघनाथ शर्मा

  41. Shibendu Banerjee says:

    My wife developed symptoms of urine retention after first delivery. Afterwards the symptoms did not recur. After her second delivery she is facing the same problem where she has to force her urine out along with abdominal pain.
    Friends of mine suggested consultation with urologist but I want to try homoeopathy first. Kindly suggest a remedy

  42. Ashok Jain says:

    मै ८३ साल का हूं, कुछ समय से मुझे पेशाब बहुत कम मात्रा में होता है जबकि पानी पूरा पीता हूं भूख भी कम लगती है, एेसिडिटी तथा कब्जा भी रहता है।

  43. Sadia Saleem says:

    I got bladder if condition before 3 years I m taking Elmiron 100 mg but I m getting full rid of from bladder ic problem. still I have some symptom s for initial cystitis. plz can u give me any good suggestion for this bladder if condition. my name is sadia and I’m 31 years old femail.

  44. Usman younis says:

    Dear sir
    I have a urine drop problem after urine this problem start before 7 year i will use too much medicine for this problem but no affective any one plz tell me best medicine for this problem my age is 30 year

  45. Lalit kumar says:

    मेरी उम्र44वर्ष की है।मेरे पेशाब नली का धार कमजोर है।पेशाब करके आने के कुछ ही देरबादहल्का सा झुकने के बाद पेशाब चुने लगता है।इसके लिए अच्छी दवा का नाम दीजिये

  46. Rajesh Bengani says:

    I am 44 year old male having problem with passing of urine,it is not smooth at all & also sudden urge to pass urine immediately, facing this problem for long time, having swelling on the skin of penis also, please advise

  47. Hi Dr Sharma
    I am a male, 50 years, with a weak urine stream.I was told that I have an enlarged prostate (30 gms), for which i am taking allopathic medicine for the last one year without any improvement.
    I normally have a weaker stream in the morning which gets a little better as the day pass. In addition I don’t have the urge to pee in the morning even if I have a full blader
    I also have a seminal fluid discharge after the bowel movement. Even if the bowel movement is right after ejaculation.
    I was wondering if my enlarged prostate is due to the the seminal congestion or can there be any other reason
    Pls help

  48. Santosh varma says:

    Greetings of the day sir this is Santosh varma.My age is 28 I am suffering from frequent urination from last four months.Sir in my recent checkup I found I am free from diabetes and sir please help me though I am unable to control my frequent urination.Thank you

  49. While masturbating I held my penis tight when I reached the peak in order to prolong the pleasure. It resulted in retrograde ejaculation causing me severe (unbearabale) pain. It also lead to a situation that I had to urinate every five minutes and could not walk or sit due to the pain. I took loads of ciprofloxacin, pain and nerve relievers but to no avail. I also had geothermal declaration done which further complicated the problem. Now I have severe pain in urinary bladder especially when on full stomach. I wake up four-five times at night to urinate and can never empty the bladder and the urine comes in drops. I also don’t get appetite for intercourse. This problem started 18 years ago.

  50. I wait 10 minuts and difficut to start urine.urine start and stop with week stream ,lmplease suggest homeopathy medicine.i have also vericocele

  51. Manoj Prasad says:

    I am 32 year of age average build body. I am facing the poor flow of urine problem for last 4 Months earlier was constripation and gas problem also I have but after taking a medicine of Homeopath (chelidonium Majus, Nux Vomica Q) the Constripation and gas problem reduces but Urine flow is poor. By 3 to 4 days before dr. Give me a Medicine(UTI PLUS) for urine problem but it’s not work properly. So request you to please suggest accordingly.

  52. I am 38 year old tall and simple wait man sir I fill some stress type pain on my back side and upper side off my hip but pass the urine stress type pain is decreases this type pain creat before urination

  53. I am having problem after passing the urine within few seconds drops of urine starts flowing. I am very worried due to this each time I passed the urine after some time drops starts dripping this happens only after I passed the urine.

    • I am having a urine leakage problem like whenever I am finished with peeing, I feel like there are some more drops of urine which are about to come and that’s what happens that 3-4 drops come in 3-4 different turns which are about a minute or less long so that’s why I spend about 7-10 minutes in just peeing. I want you to tell me treatment for it please.


  54. Sanjay Kumar Singh says:

    My urine coming very week and dribbling. urge to urinate frequently. Take much time while urinating. Age 48 Male. Please suggest homeopathy medicine.

    Thanks & Regards

  55. Hello Sir,

    Long storty short, I was on an anti biotic called Levaquin while taking, I felt some stomach pain. Shortly after taking, I started ecperiencing lower andominal pain and after it became hard to empty my bladder. I thought it was a UTI so I started taking Dimanose, Cranberry chewables and probiotics. After 2 days now, I dont feel a difference and still run frequently to the bathroom and sublte pain on my left side. Please tell me your thoughts altho zi have npt seen my doctor or gyn. Thanks Kim

  56. navpreet says:

    Sir,I have a urethral stricture from more than 15 years.i am 36 years old female.During urination I always have a pain badly ,I have to urinate by pressing,lot of strain, pain even after urination,burning,bladder not completely empty,even stress in brain when bladder is full,plz help,done many times dilatation but not of any use,pain in left side panty line,left kidney stones got operated in 2015 and now I have right kidney stone of 1cm.Please help me.can i take clematis and thiosinaminum.


  57. Tapan Kumar Das says:

    My urine passed very slow.I am talking allopathic medicine jirodol d8 but not satisfied.any homeo medicine if possible please prescribed

    My age is 74.

  58. Ajai Vohra says:

    Dear Dr.
    Good morning,
    I am 65 and have started feeling of slow urination and
    Emptying the bladder. If it is full it is more slow. Pls suggest.

  59. Adv.Mahadev javalagi. says:

    Sir, since six months I facing problem of painful discontinuence urine passing passing. On consultation dynapres 0,4 suggested. Till six months I am taking the capsule. But if discontinued the capsule taking two-three days , urine problem starts . Is there any medicine curing permanently in homeopathy .

  60. Babbar Ansari says:

    Hi sir uretha stircture me clematis eracta aur Thiosinaminum ek sath le sakte hai?

  61. Jaria B Khan says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have been experiencing Urination problems for the past year now. All of my lab work shows that I am healthy and that everything is normal. However I have pelvic discomfort, urgency, foggy urine. there has to be something off. My diet is extremely healthy, I work out, and keep a very low stress lifestyle. I have no idea what the cause of this issue can be. Is that something you would be able to help me?

  62. Gurpreet Singh says:

    My age is 51 years.My problem is that I had a stress in mind for urination and get urination. After five to ten minutes it feel and pressure on mind for urination again. I had to go several times for urination and got pressure in left side of head. After urination i feel itching. Kindly give me solution for this please.

  63. dr. I have urine drops problem after urination, i am 42 year age and have no other problem.

  64. Ramesh Gangrediwar says:

    I am 78 and I have the same urinal problem due to old
    age, kindly advise me a medicine.

  65. Vicki Bunna says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma – for a few days now, I’ve woken up in the night to urinate, but then cannot empty the bladder. I lay back down and have a strong feeling to go, but nothing comes out. It’s happened now for two or three nights. During the day, it’s not noticable, as I’m running around taking care of kids and a dog. Would Lilium Tigrinum be appropriate? Should I have a doctor make a diagnosis first? Thanks!

    • Jai Narayan Gupta says:

      Hi dr. I am 51years old man, I am suffering from cystitis, poor flow of urine, hesitancy, intermitting urination since last many years .I have to go urine repeatedly every One & half hours in day but no disturbance in night. I have no pain ,no burning in urination but I suffering from erectile disfuntion presently for few months. Pls. Suggest me appreciate medicines. I be very grateful to you

    • Sir i have problem with urine bladder neck objective and neurologic bladder any medicine from this

  66. rehan khan says:

    I had bleeding in urine a few days ago.3 years ago i had kidney stone which was cured with medicine. But now why is that i had bleeding in urine a few days ago. And there was no pain while passing urine. Kindly give me some solution to this problem.

  67. Gopal Majumdar says:

    I am 59/M. Urine output sufficient. Urine color transparent and regular. But it takes 10 to 15 seconds to go out at first and then normal. No other feelings. What is the treatment?

  68. My mother, 78 yrs, wt 88kg, suffering from mild diabetes and mild hypertension, is unable to control urine flow especially at night. As soon as she gets up from bed, her urine flows like a tap opened. She is unable to reach the bathroom even though it is a few steps away. Please prescribe some remedy for her problem

    • Managing Bhattacharjee says:

      My mother, 78 yrs, wt 88kg, suffering from mild diabetes and mild hypertension, is unable to control urine flow especially at night. As soon as she gets up from bed, her urine flows like a tap opened. She is unable to reach the bathroom even though it is a few steps away. Please prescribe some remedy for her problem

  69. K Prabhakaran says:

    Dr Sharma,
    Some 3 months back I was diagnosed to have an enlarged prostate. There was pain while sitting and getting up. Subsequently there was difficulty in passing urine. Double and triple voiding also did not help. I am 69 years old.
    After consulting a nature cure expert near my village, I have got excellent results – no pain or burning sensation while urinating or while sitting/standing. However, the problem of dribbling of urine has not stopped especially at night. He has suggested pelvic floor exercises (yoga) similar to Begel exercises.
    I understand that there are excellent Homeo medicines for weak bladder. I shall be grateful for your kind advice.
    K Prabhakaran

    • Dear Dr. Sharma,

      while sneezing and coughing urine drops and makes my clothes wet which is making me shy. Please help me by suggesting a good medicine which will stop this.


      • Tapan Kumar Das says:

        My urine flow is very low. I got the pressure but urine is not coming properly. can you gice me any medicine for flow of Urine, I have done all dest but all r quite normal. but flow is low. Hoowever dr. Prescripeme silodol D8. But urine flow is not sufficient. pl prescribe me

  70. K Prabhakaran says:

    Dr Sharma,
    Some 3 months back I was diagnosed to have an enlarged prostate. There was pain while sitting and getting up. Subsequently there was difficulty in passing urine. Double and triple voiding also did not help.
    After consulting a nature cure expert near my village, I have got excellent results – no pain or burning sensation while urinating or while sitting/standing. However, the problem of dribbling of urine has not stopped especially at night. He has suggested pelvic floor exercises (yoga) similar to Begel exercises.
    I understand that there are excellent Homeo medicines for weak bladder. I shall be grateful for your kind advice.
    K Prabhakaran

  71. Anil Kumar Sinha says:

    I am around 64 yrs of age. I have been taking medicine “Veltam 0.4mg since last four years for low urine flow and incomplete emptying of bladder.

  72. Hi .. Dr Sharma can you plz suggest me homeopathy medicine for me.iam is having postrate problem and due which is also facing the problem in control urine .

    Thanks & Regards


    sir, my age is 29 years old and i am suffering from burning and frequent urination last 2 years which is in the form of light yellow colour and little constipation. i have checked out full abdomen, uti and blood test but report shows no problem anywhere. l am unable to urnderstand that what is the problem by whom i am suffering.
    thanking you sir

  74. Hi .. Dr Sharma can you plz suggest me homeopathy medicine for my father as he is having postrate problem and due which he is also facing the problem in control urine .

    Thanks & Regards

  75. Zubair Sabir says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, hope you are fine and enjoying the best of health. I am suffering a condition in urination. I always feel the necessity or urination, even if I have urinated 5-10 minutes ago. Sometimes it so happens that I go to mosque for offering prayers but even before Namaz I feel strong urge to urinate and sometimes it so happens that I try to control to urinate during prayer but it becomes very difficult for me to finish Namaz. It appears to me that in this condition my bladder will burst. Kindly prescribe some good homoeopathic medicine for this condition. I will always pray for your long life. Thanks

  76. very use ful tips

  77. Divakaran Aduvassery says:

    namaskar. I am having intolerable itching on myboth testis.There is no visible spots or anything else.can you please suggest any homoeo medicine. Thank you.

  78. riaz ahmed khan says:

    what is the best potency and recommended dose of Baryta carbonicum for a men age 86 years.

    This is for my father who is suffering from acute urine flow disorder and enlarge prostrate.

    Kindly advice

    Best Regards

  79. Anwar khan says:

    I am an old man of 68 years I have problem of urination.i have to get up about 4 or 5 times in night flow is not very good. I had a prostate surgery 5 years ago .kindly suggest homeopathic medicine and the dossege

  80. Kirti prasad says:

    I am 78yrs old have excessive urination problem. I am forced to reapedly urinate again and again after every 20-25 mts. I don’t have burning or pain during urination. I feel slight continuous pain on the left and lower side of abdomen. Checked enlargement of prostrate which is not there and reported test that no enlargement of prostrate. I have bad constipation . After getting up from sitting position or after visiting outside the urge to urinate is unbearable and at times urine leaks.

  81. M.Muthukumaran says:

    My brother namely M.Sivakumar, aged 41, who affected fro, Retinity Pigmentosa (R)(Total blind) and some sleeping problem for which he is taking tablet as prescribed by psychiatrist. Now he is affecting urinary hesitancey. Not urine flow normally and stored in the bladder. So what is the remedy in homeo.

  82. P. shivaprasad says:

    My shivaprasad.. Urin tho sperm chala sarlu pothundi…present body ki strength vundatam ledu.. .
    Inter study chesinapudu hasthprayogam 50 above time chesanu.. Aa effect ipudu chupisthundi.. .
    P. Shivaprasad-Age-26years.. ..

  83. Karunasagar Dheram says:

    Good day.
    I’m 58 yrs old male, fairly sedentary, but take regular excersize and am quite fit. For the past 1-2 years I have developed the problem of not being able to completely void the bladder, especially in the evenings and night. Even when I feel the act is complete, within a minute or two slight dribbling occurs. The urine stream as such is fairly free flowing and in not accompanied by any pain or burning.
    Please advise if Clematis plus Conium could be appropriate.

  84. Vijay kumar says:

    My mother has mass of 20*25 mm in u bladder and blood is coming while urinating.

    She is elderly lady of around 70 yrs and allopathy doctors are advising biopsy and stricture.

    She is diabetics and has hypertension too.
    Please advise

  85. Sir, my son one and half years old, suffer from urinary problems, he have urine five times in a hour in day time but specially at night his urine has stopped at midnight, and it becomes pains for him and he started crying then afterwards gradually it reliefs and possible for him to urine. So plz kindly suggest me some effective remedies in homeo … Now he use two times cantharis 30 and berberies Q in a day.

  86. Arhum Rashedi says:

    I am having a urine leakage problem like whenever I am finished with peeing, I feel like there are some more drops of urine which are about to come and that’s what happens that 3-4 drops come in 3-4 different turns which are about a minute or less long so that’s why I spend about 7-10 minutes in just peeing. I want you to tell me treatment for it please.

  87. Partha Pratim Pati says:

    Sir, I am of 56 year old man with sound health 6 feet height. Last one year I cannot keep my urine discharge rightly. Whenever I stand up from sitting position, urine discharge drop by drop. I have to rush to bathroom. It more happens during afternoon. I get no pain during discharge. Sometimes I have to rush to bathroom thrice within five hours.
    Please advise.
    Partha Pratim Pati

  88. Kamal kumar santra says:

    I am urine problem huge.burning,no freequently clear,when i do urine then cut cut problem on penice.all time my penice is no first morning my urine is yellow houre after after urine must.
    Please tell me a perfect and best medicine name.and how i use ?

  89. I am 43 yrs male ,I feel severe pain in my urethra after ejaculation ,which persists with burning sensation afterwards .I done all tests ,like prostrate,urine culture,etc,but nothing comes out.I went for antibiotics course too ,but problem after temporary relief.pls guide me what to do and treatment.Thanx

  90. Ashok Nigalye says:

    My son aged 34 years is having urinary problem.He had kidney stone in 2012 and therafter he is always suffering from urinary problem.sometimes urine is suppressed ,sometimes he feelto urinate every now and then ,sometimes urine drips drop by drop.urine & blood tests were done .uric acid was 9 .He always has pain in urethra ,or bladder or kidneys.

  91. Urin problems no control
    2010 main Transfer mylietyes naam ki bimari hui thi tab se. Urin main Jalan no control.
    Please type medicine

  92. Neeta Chauhan says:

    I am suffering from acute urinary retention for the last 9 weeks. It occurred while I was travelling by an aircraft and did not get opportunity to urinate for 9 hours i.e. the duration of flight. When I went to the toilet to urinate, three was intense pain in the anus and no urine came out. There was no evacuation of the bladder for 2 days. Pain in the anus and bladder increased. Hence, went the hospital and urine was evacuated by the employment of a ureatrer. My PSA is 1.79. My age 75 years. I am a male.
    Please advise.

    Thanks and Regards,

  93. Scott Manuel says:

    Thanks for sharing this info with us, sir, it helps a lot.

  94. Sir I am 63 yrs old having good health, diabetic but do exercise daily to myself fit. Since last two years facing frequent urination and less control . Please advise homeo medicine.

  95. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have been taking Otrivin nasal spray for many years and suddenly last night experienced incapability to pass urine. I feel the urge but cannot get out any drop. It was really painful.
    I wonder if there is any medicine for such emergency.
    Looking forward to your advice.
    Thank you,

  96. Mousumi Banerjee says:

    Dear Doctor

    My mother is 75 years and she has very less control on urination. Even if she has very little urine in the bladder but still she cannot reach the toilet. Kindly let me know what homeopathic medicine would you like to prescribe her.

    Best regards

    • Manish Malik says:

      Sir, my mother is about 74yrs of age. She is unable to control her urine.which keeps on leaking on its own when ever she is coughing and while she is sleeping. Kindly help.

  97. respected Sir, I have been diagnosed with urethra stricture and has recently been operated upon. but unfortunately, there is no perceptible change in my condition and doctor says that these condition do recur in certain cases. I m 51 years and am suffering from this problem for many years. my is 9417786373

  98. Sir last 2 days I m suffering from the urine problems like urine follow slow or drop by drop with slight pain or jalan or loss some urine unconsciously plz help me

  99. Urine flow is slow. Sometimes in the first urine passing in the morning feels that there is some hindrance and feel pain but whole of the day it doesn’t pain

  100. Dear Sir,
    My name Mamun Age-37 old my problem 2year long frequent urine, Burning before urination and after completed urination, always irritation in my penis inside/urine passing way, some time this urine passing way sparking & pain.When i complete my urination last time my urine dropping. I am taken medicine but not cure still now. Pls advise me & give me medicine name & how to take.

  101. Dear Sir,
    Main Imran aged 37 years old more than 6 months main jab bhi urine jata huin uski thodi der ke baad thick urine aata hai,
    So mujhe homopathy ke koi medicine suggest karein,


  102. Deepak Kohli says:

    Enlarged prostrate. Drop by drop and less urination. Age 77 yrs. Please suggest.
    Deepak Kohli

  103. Mr MM Singh says:

    Dear sir,
    I am MM Singh aged 70years. I have urinary problem for the past one years. And I go wash room every single time. I am taking treatment in Telco hospital but nothing relief .

  104. Anwar siddique says:

    Urine nali me satrictre hai (stone hai).homopaithic me koi medicin hai suggest kare .

    • Naresh Anand says:

      Sir I recently was diagonised as a patient of inconsistence urine and lot of urine left in the bladder after urination which is result ing in damaging my kidney due back flow. I had done lot of medical test and taken medicine for urine flow. No uti infection was found but my urine flow is too low inspire of 2-3 ltrs of water inake.

      Also daily early morning there is pain in my lower bladder and uthe to urine but very low output. I had started taking R18 of Reckitt. T

      This problem is for last 6-7 years. My prostate is ok and I am 48 years old.Kindly help

  105. Anantraman S says:

    I am ages 80. I feel difficulty in passing urine though the bladder appears full. I do have a history of enlarged prostate. However I do not have any pain. Kindly advise.

    • Ajeet Kumar says:

      I am taking sufficient water. But last few years my urine passing is very little. I am 54 years age male.
      I have no sugar problem and have no blood pressure. I am not feeling comfortable for less urine pass and 2 times to go toilet at night. Please advice me for best medicine and any food restriction.
      Ajeet Kumar

  106. Krishnendu Chattopadhyay says:

    I am taking sufficient water. But last few days my urene passing is very little. I am 60 years age male.
    I have no sugar problem. I take medicine for blood pressure. I am not feeling comfortable for less urene pass. Please advice me for best medicine and any food restriction.
    Krishnendu Chattopadhyay

  107. Khurram Sharif Vohra says:

    my bladder and bowel muscles are weak and i cant proper control my stool when it goes on pass, same as I am facing problem in urine. Actually I got surgery of piles in 2004, after that i am facing these problems. now iam 43 years old and wants to get it resolved. plz advise me the BEST ONE HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE. thanks n regards

    Khurram Sharif Vohra

  108. boy age 27 problem of drops after urination he sits in washroom more then hour

  109. Pollakiuria symptoms are noticed in my 8 year old child. Please advice.

  110. K.V.Sundaraman says:

    Dear Dr. sharks,
    I am SUNDARARAMAN K.V aged 89 years. I have urinary problem for the past several years. I took treatment in ApolloHospital under Muralist Venkataraman Urologist who has installed a catheter indeelling.I was and am under this process for some years My actual problem is I have a slow stream of urine and I get up for more than five times to empty my bladder . I however find that my bladder does not get emptied in full and some residuary urine is always there.
    I would be glad if you could suggest some remedial measures under Homeopahy system of treatment for my existing urethral disorder

  111. A. K. Saxena says:

    Respected Dr. Shrama,
    I am 61 years old man don’t have Diabetic problem but taking Allopethic medicine ‘ Telmisat-H’ for BP for long time (3 years or so). Recently (for one month), I am suffering due to frequent urination (10-12 times). On urinating there is no burning and pain, urine is off colour not pale. Sometimes pain towards left side of the back is felt There is no other problem.

    Kindly give your expert advice and suggest medication.


    A. K. Saxena

  112. Hafiz Mahmood says:

    I have problem of urine drops after urinating and currently using Ginko biloba q for anxiety disorder.I am facing depression and gastric problems since last 6 months

  113. Hello sir, I’m 22years old medical student.I am suffering from post voidal dribbling from last 4weeks and it’s more pronounced at evening.I don’t UTI or prostate enlargement. Everything is normal on abdominal ultrasound and complete urine lab report.but I can’t help to control dribbling after urination. I feel urine drops residing at my penile urethra even after urination.I can’t sit in library and can’t study and feel uncomfortable all the day long.kindly suggest me appropriate homeopathic medicine. I shall be thankful to you!

  114. Gauri Shankar says:

    Dear sir
    I am 33 years old and suffering from urine incontinence for last two years more. I have to go for urination more than 15 times in 24 hours. Flow of urine increases sometimes with mild pain in urethera or without pain and decreases sometimes with mild pain on glance of penis. Problem of frequent urination increases while lying down on bed or consuming food intake and liquid or after going for latrine. All check up s such urine routine test, urine culture, ultrasound, blood sugar and uroflometery test show normalcy whenever they are conducted. I previously consulted with urologist and had been consumimd drugs suggested by him for 8months ,no relief found till then.after that I have also used some homeopathic medicines such as cantharis q, sabalsarrulta 200, Thuja 1M, clamitis 30 and causticum 200 but complete releife never got. Kindly suggest me suitable homeopathic medicine
    Thanks sir

  115. Dr Rahim bux says:

    Dr sb I am Dr Rahim Bux Qazi Sir Mera ko 1 Sal sa urine problem ha ultrasound karvia ha peshab ke nale tang ho gaie ha flow slow burning pain Zaida ha peshab karta wkt Taz pain hota ha Dr sb koie medicine Tagveez Karin Thinks

  116. Sir,
    My son is 10 years old. He is facing the problem of urine drops after urination. He is very much disturb due to this problem. After the disease of chicken pox this problem started. May kindly suggest medicine for his treatment and as well as the use of medicine.

    M Saleem

  117. Indresh verma says:

    Sir, I have a problem of very low flow rate of urine, urologist says, urine flow is controlled by brain and your urine pipe is not opening sufficiently, prostrate size only 27gm, please advice medicine if any.

  118. M.rajyalakshmi says:

    Dr sarma namast my name is rajyalakshmi.age 40 years married woman.last 5 years iam facing urinary problems.low urine flow,urgent urination but incomplete urine passage .plz suggest best medicine to me .thank you sir

  119. Ashok dave says:

    I am 63 yrs facing urinal trouble frequent urine and burning at the mouth of urine supply this is last 15 days kindly suggested the medicine

  120. Rajesh akumar says:

    My daughter complains of inflammation during and after passing urine . She has almost hourly urge for urination . passing of Urine is only partial at a given time.

    Pl advise medicine

  121. Shahid Ansari says:

    Hi doctor, my age is 54 years. I am facing a urine problem. I feel urine drops after urination and urine flow is very weak. My clothes get dirty. And I can’t do my namaz because of it. I am worried about my health and I feel very nervous. I am having this problem since a few years. Pls help me with some suggestions and medicine. Thanks.

  122. Javed Mansoor says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    I have a male patient with age of 26 years having complain of urine drops after urination. He have this problem from 5-6 years.
    How you handle this problem. Give me suggestion and treatment also if you have any.


    Hafiz Javed Mansoor ( RPh)

  123. sanat dutta says:

    Hi doctor,
    Sir, I have urine problem for last 1 year.The urine is very solw and pain after the urine.Always I feel
    urine-some whole the day. I cann’t urine when somebody infront of me and wait for urine behind me.
    I am a professional worker of a company and sitting all the day. plz doctor give me some solution to recover
    the urine-some life .It make me the world heaven.Plz doctor help me–me.

  124. Hi doctor
    Sir i have urine problem and sexual problem 1 year back i used many medicines of allopathic but no betterment i have pain during intercourse always.
    I have premature ejaculation.
    Erectile dysfunction.
    And having frops after passing urine due to thats drops my clothes is unable fit for prayer so that i am very sad please sir help me please.

  125. Vimal Nawal says:


    Mere ko Paishab karte vakt bhaut dard hota hai kyoki maine 10 saal pahle structure ki pareshani thi to unhone salai dalkar mass kate the vo bilkul thik ho gaya tha magar abhi 10-15 din se bhut dard hota hai or paishab ki dharr bhi moti nahi hoti hai please koi badhiya si davayie jarur jarur bataye

  126. Asif Hameed says:

    The colour of urine has suddenly become turbid.There is no other symptom.Please advise medicine with strength and no of times .Thanks

  127. i have a serious problem of urine pus cell 5-6/hpf & epithelial cells 4-4 my urine culture specific test show that highly sensitve to gram +ve cocci.i feel lazy my weight is loosing & i also not active for my sexual feeling.i have this problem for 2 years,i have no nocturnal ejaculation during this disease for 2 year

  128. Arslaan Khan says:

    Hello Doctor Sharma.

    Hope u r well.
    I am suffering some urinary problem.

    Few days back due to high consumption of meat chicken and teas etc start feeling unusual heat that resulted stimulation leading ultimately to mustarbation and finally the ejaculation repeatedly for more than couple of times in couple of days.
    Now im feeling urge to urinate but not actually and also feeling itching and burning at tip and the urinary line or pipe inside penis.
    Plz recommend some appropriate and effective treatment as soon as possible.
    Waiting for your reponse


    • Nidhi Chhabra says:

      Hlw decor I’m beliving in homeoathic medicines my pblm m suffering continue urine only urge to feel urine again nd again please suggest me homopathic drops .r18 reckwarg for gud for this treatment?

  129. Vijay Shetty says:

    Dr My problem is I find bubbles in my urine from past 6 months …I consume very less water pls advice me on this

  130. Abdul qadeer says:

    sir mjhai paishab khul kr nhn ata ata hai fr katra katra aatahai hai aur paishab ki nali mn jalan mehsos hoti hai koi dawa btaien

  131. Akhilesh Kumar says:

    It takes some time to start urination with slow rate of 2.2 ml/s to 4.5 ml/s with 15 % volume remaining. Voiding time is 120 s or so.

    Please suggest about treatment

  132. Sir i have urine drops problem after urine i am in trouble plz send me the name of medicines for this……plz send me name through mail ….as soon as possible

  133. Ramachandram Keloo says:

    do you have contact in Malaysia where you can find your homeopathic medicine for frequent urine
    and in slow drops.

  134. Manoj Kumar says:

    Sir mujhe 7 sal se urine me problem hai mera peshab khulkar nahi hota hai bhut slow hota hai aur sath me jalan bhi hoti hai
    Maine iska ek bar 2011 me yuro plast bhi karwaya tha to Dr me nali dalne ke liye diya tha mujhe but wo Maine dala nahi
    Ab mujhe phir se problem hai
    Pls aap mujhe batao ki iska koi permanent treatment hai ya nahi agar hai to pls medicine bata dijiye sir mai Delhi me Hun
    Bhut disturb hun pls agar koi permanent treatment hai to mujhe batao we are waiting

    • Iam suffering from urine heat problem last 6 months.. Doctor told it is cpps disease.. Use medicines for 3 months.. Iam used medicine for 3 months but not decrease urine heat problem. My weight also loss for this problem.. Please advise how to solve this problem sir..

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