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9 Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Delayed Periods

The menstrual cycle in a female can range from 21 to 35 days, varying from person to person. Periods are considered to be delayed or late when they don’t begin even after 5 or more days from the date they are expected (as per the usual duration of her menstrual cycle). In some cases, the periods may even get delayed by weeks or months altogether. It is normal for the periods to be irregular or delayed in the initial months or year when they first begin (menarche). Delayed periods are also normal in women in the menopausal age. In some cases, delayed periods may also indicate pregnancy. Homeopathic medicines for delayed periods aim at removing the cause that is causing hindrance/suppression of periods.                                                                  homeopathic medicines for delayed periods

Some other medical conditions that can cause periods to get delayed include hormonal imbalance, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), thyroid disorders, pituitary tumors, and several other diseases including diabetes, liver dysfunction, celiac disease. Other contributing factors include being overweight/underweight, extreme exercise, stress, use of oral contraceptive pills (they can bring changes in the normal menstrual cycle ) and some medications, such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, and anticonvulsants.

Homeopathic Medicines for Delayed Periods

Homeopathy medicines are highly effective in treating cases of delayed periods. These are constitutional remedies that work at treating the root cause behind the condition to bring excellent results. The top grade medicines to treat delayed periods are Pulsatilla, Sepia, Natrum Mur, Conium and Senecio Aureus.

1. Pulsatilla – Top Grade Medicine for Delayed Periods

Pulsatilla is prepared from a plant named Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known by the name of pasque flower or windflower. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla tops the list of medicines for treating delayed periods. Uterine pains may appear from suppressed periods. When periods appear they may be profuse or scanty. Blood may be thin/thick and be dark or black in color. Chilliness along with these features may be present. Pulsatilla is a very helpful medicine for treating delayed periods during puberty and in the case of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

2. Sepia – For Delayed Periods from Hormonal Imbalance

Sepia is highly beneficial to treat delayed periods from hormonal imbalance. It helps to correct the hormonal imbalance and treat menstrual irregularities wonderfully. Females needing Sepia have delayed periods. The flow may also be scanty and dark colored. The periods are preceded by violent pains in the abdomen and backache. Bearing down sensation in the pelvis is also a prominent attending feature. Pressure, heaviness or pain in ovaries may also be felt. Profuse yellow-green vaginal discharge may be present. Along with the above symptoms, sadness and irritability are marked before periods.

3. Natrum Mur – For Delayed Periods in Young Girls

Natrum Mur is a prominent medicine for delayed periods in young girls. Heaviness in the abdomen may be present from delayed periods. When the periods arise the flow may be scanty or profuse. They are pale, thin, watery. Anemia and general debility are marked. During menses sadness, headache and palpitations may appear.

4. Conium – For Delayed, Scanty and Short Periods

Conium is suitable for cases where menses are late, scanty and last for a short duration. Menstrual flow is clotted. Weeping, restlessness and anxiety and pains in breasts may appear before periods. In some cases skin rash precedes periods. During periods pain in the hypogastric region, legs and sharp pain in the back may be felt. Inflammation, enlargement, and pain in the ovaries may be present where Conium is indicated.

5. Senecio Aureus – For Cases with Sensation as if Periods would Appear but they Don’t

Senecio aureus is prepared from a plant named Golden Ragwort or Squaw-weed of the natural order Compositae. Senecio Aureus is valuable medicine for treating delayed periods. Females needing Senecio have a sensation as if periods are about to come but they don’t. Other general symptoms including sleeplessness and loss of appetite. Pain in back and shoulders may also appear. It is also highly useful for suppressed periods in young girls.

6. Lachesis – For Late and Scanty Periods

Lachesis is a helpful medicine for treating late and scanty periods. In cases requiring Lachesis, menses appear late and are dark, lumpy, acrid, dirty looking and offensive. There attends menstrual colic with scanty flow. Lesser the flow is the more the pain is. The pain is most marked in the left ovary. Vertigo and headache from suppressed periods may be there in some cases.

7. Graphites – For Late Periods attended with Violent Colic

Graphites is useful to treat late periods when attended with violent colic. There is stitching, shooting, griping pain in the abdomen, pain in hips and back. Stitching or burning pain in the vagina may be felt. Headache and nausea may also appear. Hands and feet are cold. When menses appear the blood flow is pale, dark or black colored. In some cases, leucorrhea arises instead of a regular period. In such cases, vaginal discharge occurs in gushes during the day or at night.

8. Kali Carb – Where Periods get Delayed by Several Months

Kali Carb is a valuable medicine to treat cases where periods are delayed by several months. Backache attends suppressed periods. When the periods arise they are pale, scanty and attended with soreness about the genitals. The menstrual flow may have a pungent odor. Chilliness and cramping pain in the abdomen, headache, weight in small of the back, nausea, and vomiting may appear with menses. Itching of vulva and violent colicky pains may precede periods.

9. Silicea – For Late and Profuse Menses

Silicea is indicated for cases of late and profuse menses. Suppressed periods are attended with pain in the abdomen. Acrid vaginal discharges, pain in the forehead may arise before periods. When menses arise they are profuse, strong-smelling and may be acrid. They also last for longer than usual duration. Icy coldness over the whole body may attend. Silicea is also indicated when a vaginal discharge of white color appears instead of menses.

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  1. I AM 17 YEAR GIRLS . I had my periods in 45 day before .I haven’t got my periods again.
    Pls advise the treatment. Thank you

  2. I am a 52 year old woman. I had my period in Feb. I haven’t got my periods again. Just I saw some spotting with light abdomen pain. Pls advise the treatment. Thank you

  3. I am 45 year old. I have missed my period last two months due to pcos. Plz help me.

    • I am a 52 year old woman. I had my period in Feb. I haven’t got my periods again. Just I saw some spotting with light abdomen pain. Pls advise the treatment. Thank you

  4. Hi Sir,
    My daughter, 16 years, suffering with Idiopathic thrombocytopenua, with platelet count 25000. Facing poroblem in menstruation, excessuve bleeding for many days. Please suggest homeopathy medications to supress menstruations.

    Thank you

    J. Yadagiri Reddy
    Ph No. 9290461276

  5. Hello, I am 35 years. I missed my period in the month of Fed. My date was 25th. Since last 2 months I was having on 25th only.So can you pls help me in This?

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    • Since, last few months my periods are becoming late.
      I’m 46 years old. Now, my period is 2 months late.
      Can it be regular?

    • Amarendra Kumar Mishra says:

      My wife aged about 49 years had regular period of 27 days. She has such experience rare. Now it periods is delayed 6 or days. Pl prescribe medicine in homeopathy

  7. Hii sir Meri periods dates hmesha change hoti rhti hai 5 days early according to my calculation 27 days ka gap ata hai it is ok or not plz tell me

  8. Kamalika Roy Chowdhury says:

    Last month i had my periods with a gap of 10 days. In this month my date has crossed and i am still not having my periods. Instead i m only having excessive headaches and abdominal pain. Please suggest some medications for immediate periods

  9. fine work dr sharma ji

  10. fine work dr sharma

  11. Mrs Vidya Kamble says:

    Sir my father is suffering from left sided hemiplegia since last ten years and he has having hypertension and diabetes:He is walking but not steadily having no grip in his hand many homeopathic medicines are given pls tell me the exact homeo medicine:

  12. muhammad anwar says:

    Assalam o alaikum sir i am from pakistan my daughter is an 19 years old and she has the problem of late periods. it is late up to even 60 or 70 days.
    sir plz prescribe

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