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Double Vision – 9 Homeopathic Medicines for Diplopia

Diplopia or double vision refers to the complaint of seeing two images of an object instead of one. The two images can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. It can occur in one eye (monocular diplopia) or both the eyes (binocular diplopia). Homeopathic medicines for diplopia are selected individually for every case taking into consideration the reasons and the attending features.   homeopathic medicines for diplopia

Diplopia can develop due to a number of reasons like keratoconus (cone-shaped cornea), corneal damage from infection/dryness), cataract, strokes, head injury, brain tumors, aneurysms, black eye (a bruise around eyes that results from a blunt blow to the area of the face around the eye or eyes), severe dryness of eyes as in Sjogren’s syndrome, squint, myasthenia gravis, Grave’s disease, (multiple sclerosis, Guillain-barre syndrome, diabetes), migraine headaches, astigmatism and pterygium. Alcohol or other recreational drugs can lead to temporary diplopia.

Homeopathic Medicines for Diplopia

Diplopia can be managed effectively with natural medicines. Before beginning homeopathy treatment for diplopia, an examination and evaluation by ophthalmologist and neurologist are essential. One must take the medicine from a homeopath after a complete case analysis and avoid self-prescription. The top remedies for diplopia are Gelsemium, Arnica, Zincum Met, Causticum, Natrum Mur, Phytolacca, Belladonna, Syphilinum, and Pulsatilla.

1. Gelsemium – For diplopia with Headache

Gelsemium is prepared from the bark of the root of plant Gelsemium Sempervirens commonly known as yellow jasmine. The natural order of this plant is Loganiaceae. Gelsemium is beneficial for diplopia when attended with a headache. Pain above eyes and across the forehead is felt. A band like sensation is felt around the head. Fullness in the head is marked. In cases needing Gelsemium, there is a double vision mostly when looking sideways. The eyeballs feel sore when moved and there maybe vertigo present. In a few cases, ptosis ( droopy eyelids) may be present. There is heaviness of eyes along with weak eyesight. This remedy is also indicated in cases of diplopia with astigmatism.

2. Arnica – For Diplopia in case of Eye Injury (Bruise)

Arnica is prepared from the root of plant Arnica Montana of the natural order Compositae. Arnica is helpful for cases of diplopia from eye injury (bruise around the eye). Double vision is accompanied by vertigo and this gets worse upon looking downwards. The eye feels painful, sore, red and swollen. Pain in the eye may be shooting and tearing in nature. The eyes also feel heavy with a sensation of great weight. There may also be a headache along with the above symptoms.

3. Zincum Met – For Diplopia with Squint

Zincum Met is a helpful medicine for diplopia with a squint. In cases requiring Zincum Met left eye is more affected with double vision as compared to the right eye. In addition to double vision, the objects may also appear elongated. Eyes may be weak with dim vision. Pain in the eyes may also be felt. Dryness in the eyes is another attending symptom.

4. Causticum – For Diplopia with Ptosis (Droopy Eyelids)

Causticum is useful for diplopia cases where ptosis (droopy eyelids) is present. Eyelids feel heavy. Diplopia may worse on looking sideways where Causticum is indicated. A pressing pain may be felt in the eyes. Dryness in eyes is present. Eyes may also be sensitive to light

5. Natrum Mur – For Diplopia with Weak Eyes

Natrum Mur is indicated for diplopia with weak eyes. There is eye strain, and the eyes get tired upon reading or writing. The vision may be blurred and the eye muscles get weak. The eyelids feel heavy along with a pain in the eyes.

6.Phytolacca – For Diplopia with Vertigo

Phytolacca is prepared from plant Phytolacca Decandra of the natural order Phytolaccaceae. Phytolacca is significant medicine for diplopia attended with vertigo. In many cases, a headache is also present. There is dimness of vision, sensitivity to light and dull pain in the eyes.

7. Belladonna – For Diplopia with Pain in Eyes

Belladonna is prepared from a plant named Deadly Nightshade of the natural order Solanaceae. Belladonna offers help in cases of diplopia with pain in the eyes. The objects may also feel crooked with double vision. The pain is felt deep in the eyes and maybe shooting, aching or stinging in nature. The eye pain gets worse by movement. There is a marked sensitivity to light and the eyes feel dry along with a burning sensation. There may be a pain in the forehead and temple region along with inflammation or ulcer of the cornea.

8. Syphilinum – For Vertical Diplopia

Syphilinum is well-indicated for managing vertical diplopia. One image of an object is seen lower than the other where Syphilinum is required. Pain in eyes may be present that is most worse at the night time. Other attending complaints that may be present includes droopy eyelids, strabismus.

9. Pulsatilla – For Horizontal Diplopia

Pulsatilla is prepared from a plant Pulsatilla named Pulsatilla Nigricans of the natural order Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla is a useful medicine for cases of horizontal diplopia. Oversensitivity to light, stitches in eyes, pressure in eyes and dryness of eyes are few attending symptoms to double vision in cases where Pulsatilla is indicated. Complaint of keratoconus may be present in some cases.

Symptoms of Diplopia

In many cases, diplopia occurs without any accompanying symptoms. While in other cases few symptoms can attend diplopia. These symptoms that can accompany diplopia include pain in eyes on movement, headache, droopy eyelids, nausea, pain in the temples or around the eyebrows, weakness in eyes, vertigo, eye strain and sensitivity to light or sounds.

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  1. Moyra Irving says:

    I have had horizontal diplopia for many years with no other symptoms except resulting loss of balance. Occasionally, it goes away completely for some unknown reason. I read Pulsatilla is used for this kind of double vision.
    Can you advise which potency to try?

  2. Sir how to treat the double vision. It is on the left eye. Please reply.

  3. Khandaker Habibuzzaman says:

    I am in a problem with Double Vision. My double vision is on the downside. It is assumed that it occurs after being affected by Facial Paralysis. Facial Paralysis is almost recovered but the Double Vision. Has a bit of itching (sometimes) in the Right eye and water comes (sometimes). I use bifocal glasses for a long time and I am a continuous computer monitor user.
    Khandaker Habibuzzaman
    Company Secretary
    Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

  4. sir
    MY BP REMAINS 120-130/77/80
    ROSUVAT 20

  5. Harshajit mandal says:

    Sir how to treat the double vision quickly But it is on the left eye please🙏🙏🙏🙏 reply

  6. Surjit Singh says:

    I am suffering from
    Horizontal Diplopia for the last 2 month’s feeling pain in eyes on movement, headache, pain in the temples or around the eyebrows, weakness in eyes, vertigo, eye strain and sensitivity to light . Doctor told me later your left eye mussel became weak. Brain MRI is WNL.
    Pl advice.
    Thanks & Regards

  7. Gary Sweeting says:

    I have double vision and if I put my hand over either eye it goes away. I also feel dizzy almost all the time. the hospital could not find any reasoon uor these issues.

  8. Inamullah says:

    I have double vission
    Four years before i have done cxl
    Please guide me

  9. kristie baker says:

    my 19 y.o. son has non-neurological monocular diplopia in both eyes. he has seen this way for as long as he can remember but wasn’t diagnosed until he was 15. He suffers from migraines and his eyes are sensitive to lights even indoors. Are there any natural remedies that can help him?

  10. Sunil Kumar says:

    Hi Doctor, I am Sunil from Gujarat. I am suffering from double vission. Mose problem in Left than right eye. I am 52 years old.
    As per retina specialist, both retine is safe.
    Allopathy doctor has suggested for Napafenac Opthalmic suspension for 20 days & Vitreon for 30 days.
    As per doctor, it can not be cured but he may try to prevent for more vision loss
    Pl. suggets if any homeopathic treatment is there
    I am not a patient of diebetics/ any any other disease but in last 2 year heavy dose of Corona medicine has been taken. Pl. suggest for taking Homeopathic treatment

  11. Ramray Bidaye says:

    Do you offer Homeopathic treatments for Double Vision, and AMD (different persons)

  12. BABLU DAS says:

    Sir, My name is BABLU DAS from kolkata. Last 3 yrs Iam suffering from HIGH BP, AND DIABETES. and last 2 yrs Iam suffering from eyes problem, I think it’s Diplopia all cause of reasons are almost same. Which medicine I can take.

  13. Cheryl Parish says:

    I am 64 yrs old; I have Thyroid issues and take Synthyriod meds. (I have been told I have Graves and also later told I have Hyshimoto) About 4 yrs ago I started seeing double vision when driving and then it became that way watching tv. I now am on my third prescription of Prism glasses to help with the double vision.
    I work at computer daily and wear reading glasses then switch to my Prism for day to day around house, TV and driving.
    I have pain behind my eyes and in my forehead often I am not big on prescription meds. My eye doc just gave me over count drops for dry eye. Would one of the Homeopathic meds above me?

  14. naveen kumar says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My Naveen Kumar from Delhi.
    My wife is having a problem of double vision (binocular)..with eyes pain and heavyness..
    With single eye view no problem…
    She is taking iopar-sr 250mg from last month but not getting any much improvement..
    Please guide us what to do now ..

    • Kshitij Dhami says:

      I am Anil Kumar , my son Kshitij is diagoned of Ocular myasthenia in the right eye duble vision vertical. All MRIs — MR Angio, MRI brain, MRI EYE ORBIT — NEGATIVE ; Anti body tests all negative. No pain , no eye injury, . It started about 2 weeks back . He is over weight and having sleep apnea for the last two years ; he is using CPAP but about last three months he stopped using it. Now for a week he is again using . Even I had sleep Apnea in 2014/15, but with exercises reducing weight and using CPAP For six months I got rid of it . Kshitij is now 37 years . Please advise
      We are at Hyderabad. Neuro ophthalmologist has given him medicines for two weeks . Than review . 9711832555

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