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9 Homeopathic Medicines for Pilar Cysts 

Pilar Cysts are keratin-filled bumps developing on the skin surface that grow around hair follicles and commonly occur on the scalp. Keratin is a type of that is present in the skin cells, hair and the nail cells). The content of these cysts look somewhat like an oily toothpaste. The hair follicles refers to tiny holes in the skin from where the hair grows. It has four parts – the bulb, papilla, germinal matrix and bulge. Homeopathic medicines for pilar cysts gradually shrink the size of the cyst  by treating its root cause.Homeopathic Medicines for Pilar Cysts 

These cysts are harmless and non-cancerous (benign) growths. Though harmless but if infection arises discomfort or pain  can occur in them. These are also not contagious means it does not spread from one person to another via direct skin to skin contact.

These cysts are also known by various other names that include wens, an isthmus-catagen cyst and trichilemmal cysts.


These growths form in the epithelial lining of the hair follicles that contains protein keratin. Normally the keratinocytes after dying move towards the surface of the skin, and the skin gets cleared off from there.  

But if these dead cells go in the deep layers of the skin, they can build up over time and form a pilar cyst. 

Injury to the skin increases the risk of these cysts. Damage to the hair follicles also raises the chance of its formation. These can also develop if the sebaceous glands are blocked.

These cysts are common in women as compared to men. Middle-aged persons are usually affected. It is also noted that these cysts can run in families so having a family history of it puts a person at risk. 


These cysts appear round or dome shaped and are covered with thick skin. These are smooth and firm to touch. They move a little on pressing. The size of these cyst varies from small to large. They can be pea sized to several cm approx 5 cm in size. The size tends to increase gradually. They can be flesh coloured, white or yellow in colour. A person can have single or more than one such cyst at the same time. In around 70% of the cases multiple cysts occur in the same person.

These cysts can form on any of the body parts but mostly (in 90% of the cases) they develop on the scalp. Hair growth is absent on the lump where it forms. Next body areas where they occur are the neck and face.  Usually no symptoms are present in these cases but sometimes pain and soreness may be felt on applying excessive pressure on the cyst. Mostly these can not burst due to their thick wall but in rare cases the cyst may rupture on its own or from an injury so irritation, pain and swelling appears in the cyst. Along with this there is discharge of pus from it. In case of an infection, pus discharge may also occur along with redness and tenderness. The pus can have a foul smell. The pilar cysts have a tendency to regrow even after surgery in some of the cases.

Very rarely, these cysts may turn  cancerous (in this case the cysts grow speedily and increase in number, in such cases homeopathy has a limitation in treating and can’t help). 

Homeopathic Medicines for Pilar Cysts 

Homeopathy is very effective in dissolving these cysts. The time duration needed for its recovery varies from case to case depending on the size of cyst and since how long these have been present. In most of the cases these can help to prevent the surgical intervention.  The homeopathic medicines are also helpful in healing the cyst that ooze out pus. The advantage of using homeopathic medicines for treating them is that these are very safe and natural medicines that don’t have any sort of side effects and also have no risk of any scar formation. It is advised to take homeopathic medicines after consulting a homeopathic doctor who can after detail case study prescribe the best medicine that can suit a given case of pilar cyst. 

  1. Graphites – Top Grade Medicine

It is a top grade medicine for treating these kinds of cysts. It is indicated when the cyst occurs on the scalp. These are smooth to touch. They have a shiny appearance. The size is large in cases that need it. Along with this heat in the scalp may be present. Sometimes the scalp is itchy also. 

  1. Baryta Carb 

It is the next well indicated medicine for wens occurring on the scalp. The head may be sensitive to cold where it is required. Next scalp may be sensitive to touch. Lastly a sensation as if the skin of the head is too tight may accompany the above symptoms. 

  1. Silicea

Silicea is also a very important medicine for treating various sorts of cysts. This medicine is also indicated when pilar cysts develop on the scalp. Persons who need it also have a tendency to excessive sweating on the scalp. Other than this it is also one of the best medicines in cases where pus discharges are present. This medicine helps to speed up the process of pus discharge and give good results in such cases.

  1. Calcarea Silicata

Calcarea Silicata is yet another significant medicine to help in shrinking these cysts. Along with this dryness of the skin may be there when it is required. Apart from this sometimes burning sensation on the skin is felt.  The burning may appear after scratching particularly in most of the cases. 

  1. Hepar Sulph

It is a very beneficial medicine for cases in which there occurs pus discharge. It is very suitable to help clear off the pus discharge and aid excellent healing.

  1. Kali Bromatum

It is a highly valuable medicine to treat different types of cysts. It is very suitable to dissolve wens too. Other than this it works well in treating cases of ovarian cysts and sebaceous cysts. 

  1. Kali Carb

This medicine is the next useful medicine for such cysts on the scalp. Persons who require it may feel a burning sensation on the top of the head. Other than this sweating on the forehead can be present.

  1. Benzoic Acid

This medicine is indicated for these cysts on the scalp. It may be attended  with cold sweat on the head most of the time. 

  1. Plumbum Met

The last medicine in the homeopathic therapeutic list to treat them is Plumbum Met. It works well when the wens are present specifically on the hands.

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