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Best Homeopathic medicines for Child’s Growth

A child’s physical growth is indicated by increase in the height and weight of the child that is necessary in any child of that age group and sex. The child’s growth is fast from birth to 1- 2 yrs of age. Beyond this, there is gradual growth. Around adolescence (age between 13- 19yrs), the pace of growth picks up again called growth spurt (short time period where quick physical growth occurs in height and weight). When a child has less growth than what is considered normal for his / her age group, it is referred to as stunted growth.

Children with stunted growth may show symptoms like tiredness, looks pale and thin, loss of fat over cheeks, loose flabby skin in the folds, low immunity, poor intellectual development/school performance.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy can be a boon to children who have stunted growth with regards to height and weight which is less than what is normal as per their peer group. Along with a well – balanced nutritional diet, homeopathic medicines can work magnificently in such cases. Homeopathic medicines function to remove any obstacles that are hindering a child’s normal growth and promote weight gain and increase in height. They are also helpful in treating any underlying gastric issue, thyroid problems, etc. if linked with stunted growth. To boost a child’s growth, homeopathic medicines are selected based on detailed case analysis of a child. Homeopathic prescription varies from case to case as per the presenting symptom picture of every individual child. Hence it is recommended to take any homeopathic medicine only after consulting a homeopathic physician. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from naturally occurring substances which are very safe to use with zero side effects. Homeopathic medicines have a limitation in managing cases where some genetic cause is linked with stunted growth.

Homeopathic Medicines For Stunted Growth In Children

1. Baryta Carb – Top Medicine

Baryta Carb is a top recommended medicine to promote proper growth of a child. This medicine is known to stimulate growth hormone when the child is still growing. This medicine is highly suitable for children having short height and low weight as compared to what is needed for their age. They also have issues with concentration and study. Their mind is dull and slow in learning and grasping new topics. They have low appetite; though hungry, they refuse to eat. They have a tendency to catch cold easily and also suffer recurrent tonsillitis and pus collection behind the tonsils (quinsy). There is a tendency to excessive sweating especially on the feet. Sweat has fetid smell. Children needing it can be very shy and avoid strangers.

2. Silicea

Silicea is another prominent homeopathic medicine to improve child’s growth. This medicine is also indicated when a child is relatively very thin and has short height compared to children of his age. Use of this medicine is recommended when a child is eating properly but has nutritional deficiency due to improper assimilation (absorption of nutrients from food and their transportation to body cells via bloodstream) of food. There is excessive weakness, lack of stamina and tendency to have abnormal sweating on the feet and head. The child has marked sensitivity to cold air and does not like drinking milk. Silicea is also indicated for children showing delayed walking.

3. Calcarea Phos

Calcarea Phos is the next well-indicated medicine to boost child’s growth with regards to height and weight. Children needing it are thin, emaciated with sunken eyes and dark circles around the eyes. They also have weak, thin bones prone to fracture. They are slow in learning to walk, speak and also late in dentition. They may be suffering from anemia. They may have cold limbs and poor digestion.

4. Natrum Mur

This medicine works well to help improve the weight of a child having less weight. Children requiring it are very thin and especially the neck area is markedly thin. They eat very well yet go on losing weight. They crave salty things and dislike fatty food. They may be anemic too. They have marked weakness, feel tired and sleepy.  Children needing it get irritable frequently and tend to cry frequently without any reason.

5. Iodum

Iodum is an effective medicine to promote weight gain in those children who are losing weight inspite of eating well. They have excessive hunger, must eat every few hours but are not gaining weight. They are thin, feel very tired, the body heats up fast and they desire cold fresh air. There is a tendency to sweat from the slightest exertion. Iodum is also a leading medicine for cases where a child is unable to gain weight due to an  overactive thyroid gland. Children requiring this medicine are quite restless and have impulsive behaviour.

6. Abrotanum

Abrotanum is useful for children who are very thin, especially legs. The skin hangs loose in the folds of body. The neck is weak with difficulty in holding the head. The face looks pale, wrinkled and old with blue rings around the eyes. There may be alternate diarrhea and constipation. Undigested food may pass in the stool.

7. Tuberculinum

Tuberculinum is a helpful medicine for weak, thin children having short height and low weight. Children needing it are always tired and exhausted and have excessive sweating at night. They have tendency to catch cold easily, and also suffer from sore throat and infection in upper respiratory tract quite frequently. They also have tendency to suffer diarrhea lasting for long duration.

8. Lycopodium

Lycopodium is suitable for those children who have thin upper body as compared to the lower part. Children needing it have weak digestion. Their appetite is low and eating only a little food makes their stomach full. A child may be suffering from food allergies, like wheat allergy. There is a tendency of excessive gas production and bloated abdomen soon after eating.

What Causes Stunted Growth In Children?

It can arise from genetic causes, deficiency of growth hormone (produced by pituitary gland that aids growth in children and adolescents), malnutrition, and recurrent infections like diarrhea (loose motion). If a child is not growing well it might also be a result of any one of these causes:

1. Gastric issues, like , celiac disease in which eating gluten present in wheat, rye barley damages small intestines that hinders absorption of nutrients;  Crohn’s disease in which there occurs inflammation in some part of gastrointestinal tract in which other symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, blood in stool may be present

2. Thyroid issues

3. Certain types of anemia, a condition where there is low red blood cells in body to carry oxygen to different body tissues and organs. Sickle cell anemia is a type of inherited disorder in which RBCs become crescent moon shaped that hinders carrying oxygen to different body parts

4. Bone disorders




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  1. Geetha Nair says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    Hi .. my son is 25 years old and he is 1.66m tall. He was diagnosed with iron deficiency at age 15 which his doctor ( growth Development Specialist ) at a children’s hospital in Singapore believed gravely contributed to his slow growth. In fact he did not have any growth spurt from 14 onwards. After about 1 month of high dosage of iron pills it did help with some height gain but it was not much.

    He was also diagnosed with disc desiccation at 19 after an MRI was done which seems to have impaired his height as well.
    He is small built. He does not have much body mass for some reason although he has been weight lifting and taking protein supplements n he goes to the gym regularly.
    I am wondering if he has really grown to his potential height given he has always experienced very slow height gain in his early years. His father is 1.8m and I am 1.59m.

    If I had known about Homeopathy when he was in his teens, I would have tried it then. I don’t want anything invasive like a surgery or HGH treatments. I have read homeopathy can help with disc desiccation as it provides thickness to the discs.
    Currently he is still on homepathy meds since last year June. He is on rite hite, ferrum phosphate, calcarea phosphate and silcea. They were prescribed by a homepathy doctor in Singapore who had studied homepathy in Chennai/ MGR university.

    Is there any possibility that he could improve body mass and height through Homeopathy treatment at this age? I see a very small improvement thus far of 2cm. This is after taking the meds for 6 months. Not sure if he should continue. He is 25 now.

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