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6 Homeopathic Remedies for Cracked Skin

Cracks appear on the skin when the skin gets dry and rough. Cracked skin can be treated with homeopathic medicines very effectively. Homeopathic treatment for cracked skin helps in healing the cracks as well as controlling the associated itching, bleeding, pain, and burning. These medicines are selected individually for every case. The best homeopathic remedies for cracked skin are Petroleum, Graphites Naturalis, Sulphur, Sarsaparilla Officinalis, and Lycopodium Clavatum. These medicines treat cracks in a very safe, effective, gentle and natural way.    homeopathic remedies for cracked skin

The intensity of skin cracks may vary from mild to severe. In mild cases, there are superficial cracks on the skin. In cases of severe intensity, the cracks on the skin are deep and may bleed; and the chances of infection are also higher. Along with cracks on the skin, itching and burning of varying intensity may be present. Various medical conditions that cause cracked skin include Psoriasis, Eczema, Icthyosis, and Hypothyroidism. Apart from this, the predisposing factors towards cracks in the skin include cold weather, winters, reduced sweating, trauma, infection, use of harsh chemicals, and detergents.

Homeopathic Remedies for Cracked Skin

1. Petroleum – Cracked Skin where the Cracks are Deep and Bleed

Petroleum is an excellent treatment for cracked skin. It is mainly used when the cracks in the skin are deep and are accompanied by bleeding. The skin is dry, hard, thick and cracked deeply. The cracks can be present anywhere on the body but are mostly found on the hands and fingertips. The skin on the hands is rough, cracked, full of fissures and is sensitive and painful to touch. There are also chances of pus formation. Cracked skin worsening in winters is another symptom that points to the need for Petroleum. Petroleum is also a major homeopathic medicine for dry skin and itching. Eczema and psoriasis with deep cracks also require the use of Petroleum.

2. Graphites Naturalis – For Cracks Present in the Folds of the Skin

Graphites Naturalis is one of the best remedies for cracked skin which occurs in the folds of the skin. The areas most affected include the groin, the neck, the area behind the ears, the bends of joints and the spaces between the fingers and toes. The skin appears dry, rough, unhealthy and shows poor healing. There are also chances of infection with yellow, sticky, glutinous discharge. Graphites Naturalis is an often used homeopathic medicine for eczema and itchy skin and works well for both dry as well as moist eczema.

3. Sulphur – For Cracked Skin Accompanied by Itching and Burning

Sulphur is an excellent treatment for cracked skin accompanied by itching and burning. The skin in such cases is dry, cracked and peels off easily. There is itching in the cracks of the skin, mostly in the evening and at night. In most cases, washing worsens the itching. Scratching leads to burning on the skin. Sulphur is also a very effective homeopathic medicine for dry lips.

4. Sarsaparilla Officinalis – For Cracked Skin on the Sides of the Fingers and Toes

Sarsaparilla Officinalis is a useful treatment for cracked skin that appears on the sides of the fingers and toes. In such cases, the cracks are very deep. Pain, itching, and burning accompany such cracks. Sarsaparilla is also an excellent choice of homeopathic medicine for treating dry, hard and indurated skin . Skin complaints arising in the summer are also treated very effectively with Sarsaparilla Officinalis.

5. Lycopodium Clavatum – For Cracked Heels

Lycopodium Clavatum is one of the best remedies for cracked skin on the heels. In such cases, the cracks on the heels are very deep and painful. There may be itching and sweating on the heels and feet. Lycopodium Clavatum is best suited for painful callosities on the soles and toes.

6. Cundurango, Bryonia Alba, and Malandrinum

Other significant treatments for cracked skin include Cundurango, Bryonia Alba, and Malandrinum. Cundurango works well for deep, painful cracks on the corners of the mouth. Bryonia Alba works well for dry, cracked and parched lips. Malandrinum is one of the best remedies for cracked skin on the feet and hands. In such cases, cold weather and washing are the aggravating factors.

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  1. Dr.L.J.pardhan says:

    Thanks Dr Sharma for the post. here’s Dr Jiwat Pardhan from Karachi Pakistan

  2. Ombalika Das says:

    my finger developed broken skin and the nail is coming out. please advice

  3. Addie L. Mason says:

    I keep getting cracks on the ball of my feet. Starts off as a callous. I’ll exfoliate and use a pumice stone of some sort and moisturize with ureua and lock it in with petroleum and it still cracks deep. It hurts to walk and affects me every day of the week. It’s been like this most of my life. I am able to “control” the heals and sides of my feet by getting the dead skin off but sometimes they’re still itchy. Only interested in treating homeopathically!

  4. my hands burn and itch and i scratch them and my skin peels off and when it peels the skin is kind of moisty

  5. Lana Rawling says:

    My dog has a very dry cracked nose. He’s a Japanese Chin and has a very short snout. He’s fed a raw and or homed cooked diet. I was thinking Petroleum but I would like your thoughts.

  6. sandeep Singh says:

    Use Mezerium 30 or Graphitis 30

  7. Rebecca Fox says:

    My husband has had severe dry cracked skin on his palms for years. No diagnosis after seeing many doctors, though we believe it runs in his family (his mom has the same condition). The only thing that heals it is a round of steroids and then it returns again. Obviously, he doesn’t want to be on steroids forever. I’ve been giving him Graphite 30c once daily for 4 weeks so far…no improvement as of yet, but I understand it’s a chronic condition and will take more. Is this the correct remedy, and the correct dosing?

  8. Sarah Bonner says:

    I have hard dry skin on my thumb it is itchy , cracks easily and then painful, similar area on palm of other hand

  9. Divyanshi Mishra says:

    Mere hath ki hatheliyo aur fingars ki and feet ki fingar and hills me skin peel ho rhi h mai petrolium use kar rhi hu plese best remedy bataye

  10. Iftekhar Ahmad says:

    I am looking for a remedy of skin problem.Sometime my wife feel skin itching and itching act red circular disc like figure develop on skin

  11. K.s.prakasa rao says:

    I am having suger with 160 before .eals. my left pam fingers arre cracked and painfull.i am unable to move easily. Very presure iam voing out side. I request u pl gi e suitable homeopathy medicine with mouth and without mouth.thanqu sir

    • Bipin kumar says:

      Hello Doctor. I am effected with dry skin on finger, skin cracked painful, etching increase after hand wash. I have taking medicine Ars. Alb, sulpher, petroleum, Antim card, Bio-20, but no relief. In one week it slow down and next week it again erupt with same medicine. Pl advise me

  12. Sonia Foscoli says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I’m actually looking for a remedy for my 3 year old dog who is having skin irritation following an ultrasound procedure on his belly. He is in obvious discomfort and his licking is exacerbating the irritation.
    Thank you for your help.

    • hello my fingers are red and few black and too much Itaching and burning give me a best suggestions

  13. Cynthia Zinser says:

    I’m looking for a remedy for my friend who’s chemo is very hard in hands and feet. She has blistering of her feet and painful cracks on her hands. Thank you

  14. Jennifer Tier says:

    I suffer with dishydrosis of my feet. What is the best remedy that I can use for the cracks? Very painful at times and they bleed. Thank you

  15. Saema Rahman says:

    Skin fissue in arms and belly. Age 16 years, female, there is no pain and itching. Hight 5’4″ weight 67 kg.

  16. Dr Kuldip V Kadam says:

    Very nice information for increasing homoeopathic knowledge..

  17. Raihana Gallagher says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I have hard painful calluses on my feet for the past five months. My G.P. has prescribed fungal creams and hydrocortizone creams which have not worked. I have had some of the calluses removed by a podiatrist two weeks ago but they appear to have grown back. The skin on the balls of my feet is hard and cracks. The cracks are painful when I walk and seem more painful at night. The skin on my foot is itchy sometimes. Also I have developed dry itchy patches of skin on the palms of both hands for the past three weeks. I am not sure whether this is related to my feet. Please can you recommend a homeopathic remedy.
    Kind regards
    Raihana Gallagher


      I have scalp psoriasis. Starts from a pimple, then become a round sore then the ring enlerges. Now whole crown effected. Eching and scaling persist. After scratch ing watery ijection and pain. Iching more in the bed at night. I stopped taking alopathic.
      In winter skin mainly of hand and leg very dry and crackeed. Margin of the fingers and tow very much cracked.
      Now takiing Bellis Pirannis 200 once daily. Got some improvement in psoriasis. . But in this winter new symptom of dry and cracked skin.
      I’m male 65.
      Please suggest.

  18. I have skin peeeling off problem in sole skin .


    Good i read your disruption .i like this.

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