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Best Homeopathic Remedies for Folliculitis

What are Folliculitis and its Causes?

Infection or inflammation of the hair follicles is known as folliculitis. Folliculitis can occur on any part of the body that has hair on it. The most common areas include the beard, scalp, chest, head, legs, back, and arms. Folliculitis occurs due to the entry of a skin pathogen into a damaged hair follicle which leads to an infection. Damage to the hair follicles is usually caused by shaving, friction from clothing, skin condition like dermatitis, or making tight braids. The main cause of folliculitis is infection from the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus. However, folliculitis may arise from fungal infection or inflammation from ingrown hair as well. Homeopathic treatment for folliculitis is very safe and highly effective. Homeopathic medicines treat folliculitis by following a curative approach rather than by suppressing it. They help to boost the body’s self-healing mechanism and fight the infection naturally and gently. Homeopathic treatment for folliculitis contributes in healing the eruptions, clearing the discharge, and curing the associated symptoms of itching, burning, and pain. It also helps in treating the chronic tendency of folliculitis. The best homeopathic remedies for folliculitis include Sulphur, Hepar Sulph, Graphites Naturalis, Calcarea Sulphurica, and Mezereum.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Folliculitis?

In folliculitis, red colored pimples, blisters or pustular eruptions appear on the skin. These eruptions are found around the hair follicle. The blisters may rupture, ooze pus or blood, and form a crust over it. The surrounding skin may be red and inflamed. There may be itching, burning, and pain of varying intensity.

Homeopathic Medicines for Folliculitis

1. Sulphur – Top Grade Homeopathic Medicine for Folliculitis

Sulphur is an excellent homeopathic treatment for folliculitis. It is useful in cases of folliculitis where there is itching and burning in the eruptions. The itching gets worse in warm conditions. It gets aggravated in the evening or at night. The skin is sensitive to air and washing. Sulphur works well for skin complaints suppressed by the use of ointments.

2. Hepar Sulph – Homeopathic Medicine for Folliculitis with Painful Pustular Eruptions

Hepar Sulph is one of the best homeopathic remedies for folliculitis. The main symptom that points to the use of Hepar Sulph is painful pus filled eruptions. These eruptions are very sensitive to touch and may have a burning and stinging sensation as well. Increased sweating may be present along with above symptoms. The patient may also be sensitive to cold air.

3. Graphites Naturalis – Homeopathic Medicine for Folliculitis Affecting the Beard Area, Also Called Barber’s Itch

Graphites Naturalis is a good homeopathic treatment for folliculitis affecting the beard area. Scratching the eruptions may lead to the oozing of sticky fluid. Eruptions are accompanied by an itching, burning and stinging sensation. The skin on the face may also be dry and rough. Hair fall from the beard may also occur.

4. Calcarea Sulphurica – Homeopathic Medicine for Folliculitis with a Discharge of Pus or Blood from the Eruptions

Calcarea Sulphurica is one of the best homeopathic remedies for folliculitis breakouts that ooze pus or blood. Yellow crusts may cover the eruptions which are tender to touch. Calcarea Sulphurica is among the top grade homeopathic medicines for the treatment of suppurative conditions. It works to remove pus discharge and treats folliculitis wonderfully.

5. Mezereum – Homeopathic Medicine for Folliculitis on the Scalp

Mezereum is a very effective homeopathic treatment for folliculitis on the scalp. In such cases, there are eruptions on the scalp that ooze pus or sticky discharge. Intolerable itching, which gets worse in warm conditions, is also noticed. In some cases, thick scabs form over the eruptions. There is excessive hair fall in addition to the above symptoms.

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