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Best Homeopathic Remedies for an Overactive Bladder

What is an Overactive Bladder?

An overactive bladder refers to a condition where there is a frequent, sudden and unstoppable urge to urinate. This urge to urinate may occur only during the day or during the night; or both. The urinary bladder is a sac-like muscular organ. It stores urine produced by the kidneys until it passes out of the body through the urethra. When the urinary bladder fills up completely, there is an exchange of a series of nerve signals between the urinary bladder, the brain, and the pelvic floor. The coordination between these nerve signals makes the detrusor muscle of the bladder contract, the pelvic floor and the external sphincter of the bladder relax, and helps the urine to drain out. In the case of an overactive bladder, the bladder muscles contract involuntarily and make the person feel the need to pass urine even when the bladder is only slightly filled. The problem with an overactive bladder can be treated very effectively with homeopathy. The homeopathic treatment for an overactive bladder helps by curing the cause of the problem. The selection of medicines for an overactive bladder should be made based on a complete symptom picture of the individual case. This treatment is completely safe and works wonderfully to give symptomatic relief to the patient.

What are the Causes of an Overactive Bladder?

The exact cause for an overactive bladder is not known. However, the chances of getting an overactive bladder increase with age. Other risk factors include obesity, menopause, an enlarged prostate gland, and poorly controlled diabetes. Intake of alcohol and caffeine may worsen the symptoms of an overactive bladder. Some of the other conditions and factors contributing to the symptoms of an overactive bladder are an increase in fluid intake, urinary tract infections, bladder stones, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and medicines that increase urinary output.

Symptoms of an Overactive Bladder

The primary symptom of an overactive bladder is a sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate. Other symptoms include a frequent desire to urinate and an involuntary passage of urine, also known as urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence in cases of an overactive bladder is mainly urge incontinence; which means the involuntary passage of urine that occurs when a person does not promptly attend to the sudden, strong urge to urinate.

Homeopathic Treatment for an Overactive Bladder

Some of the top medicines for the homeopathic treatment for an overactive bladder are Kreosotum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Merc Sol, Causticum, Phosphoric Acid, Equisetum Hyemale, and Sepia Succus. A patient should avoid self-medication and consult a physician for the homeopathic treatment for an overactive bladder.

1. Kreosotum – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with a Sudden Urge to Urinate

Kreosotum is an effective homeopathic medicine for an overactive bladder with a sudden urge to urinate. In such cases, the patient needs to hurry to urinate whenever the urge arises. The frequency of urination is also high. Usually, urine is also highly offensive. Kreosotum is also used in cases where there is involuntary urination on lying down or on coughing.

2. Lycopodium Clavatum – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with Frequent Urination at Night

Lycopodium Clavatum is an effective homeopathic medicine for an overactive bladder in cases of frequent urination at night. The quantity of urine in such cases is also very high. There is a feeling of bearing down on the bladder region along with the need to wake up at night because of the urge to urinate. Stitching pain in the bladder is also present in some cases. Lycopodium Clavatum is also helpful in cases of an overactive bladder in males suffering from prostate enlargement.

3. Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with Frequent Urination During the Day and Night

Merc Sol is an excellent homeopathic medicine for an overactive bladder in cases where there is frequent urination during the day and at night. Every time the urge to urinate arises, the person has to hurry. Any delay causes the urine to leak involuntarily. The urine flow may be scanty or profuse. In some cases, there is a feeling of soreness in the bladder.

4. Causticum – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with Involuntary Passage of Urine or Urinary Incontinence

Causticum is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for an overactive bladder in cases where there is an involuntary flow of urine. This symptom can cause a lot of problems when it occurs at night or if the patient is walking. Causticum also helps in strengthening the bladder sphincter and in controlling urinary incontinence.

5. Phosphoric Acid and Equisetum Hyemale – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with Frequent and Profuse Urination

Phosphoric Acid and Equisetum Hyemale are good homeopathic medicines for an overactive bladder in cases of frequent and large quantities of urination. Phosphoric Acid is helpful when a person passes large amounts of clear, watery urine, mostly at night. Weakness may also occur. Equisetum Hyemale is useful when there is a constant feeling of fullness in the urinary bladder. The person passes a large quantity of urine very often, but the fullness is not relieved. Sometimes urine is passed involuntarily both in the day and at night.

6. Sepia Succus – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder in Females

Sepia Succus is a good homeopathic treatment for an overactive bladder in women. It is useful when a female has a sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate. There is a constant bearing down sensation above the pubis. In most cases, the urine is foul smelling and may contain sediments.

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  1. Mark Mori says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with irritable bladder , prescribed Myrbetriq, and told to avoid acid foods. Which homeopathic is right for me?

  2. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My OAB has been present off and on since I was six. It is likely connected to PTSD, which I have had since I was a small child. It was only diagnosed when I was near 40. It all gets worse in times of stress, of course. I know in my heart it is spirit level more than body.

    It is worse at night especially between 3am-6am, but not great during day either. Erratic. I do not take pharmaceuticals. I also have weight that will not leave and which increases with stress, so yes on obesity.

    I do many things to take care of myself with love and have a loving husband, my animals, and plants. I live a grateful life. I have used homeopathy since the mid-1980’s, and herbs and acupuncture since the 1990’s so know their power to heal. Can you help this situation? Many blessings for your time.

  3. I have an overactive bladder at night gettin* up 4 times to urinate.

  4. sudhansu chakrabarti says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I read your article and found interesting. I am 66 yrs, male from India. I have to urinate 4/5 times at night for last 2 years. The urine quantity is also not less. There is no pain or irritation during urination. During day time after taking food or water I feel urge to urinate on standing position with inconsistence sometimes. I am under hypertensive medication and non-diabetic. Pl help.

  5. Dr, Sharma, I live in Calgary Canada. I am suffering from overactive bladder. What is the right help you can provide. I take medicine for high blood pressure and pre diabetic tablets.

  6. Hello
    Pl get the condition of your prostate glands, also check for OAB and any infection persists in urinary tract.Dr Ray

  7. Hi there!
    Was looking for help in regards to treating my bladder urgency when I’m asleep at night. It wakes me up 2-3 times and now I’m not getting a full night sleep. Was wondering what might help with my problem. Thank you for your time! Be safe!

  8. pradeep avasthi says:

    I am 65 year old male suffering from frequent urination during the day time. The frequency is around 1o_14 time per day. Even after urination the urge remain.

  9. Hello

    I am 48 year old female….I have developed this frequent urge to urinate which is more in night since July 2020..I have continued feeling to go to urinate and irritation kind in area above my pubic bone..This doesn’t let me sleep in night. My urine test and culture were negative

  10. J.GOURI SHANKAR says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My father in law who is aged 84 years is facing the problem of involuntary urination and at times the he passes motion without any controls as his bowels are weak I hope so. He is suffering from Diebetes for over 3 decades and taking medicines for it as advised by allopaths. Since last 3 years, he is suffering from dementia for which he is being administered with medicines apart from the regular diabetes medicines. Now the involuntary urination coupled with the motion poses a big problem for him. A year back , on medical check up he was told that he is facing enlargement of prostate glands and given medicines. Please advise me the right medicine with correct potency to control his health problems. Is their any way out to control the Dementia problem.

  11. For Overactive Bladder, what is the potency I should try for Kreosotum? Lycopodium

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,

      I was wondering what remedy might help these symptoms: I have to urinate frequently between about 4 am to 6:30 am. Sometimes it is a small amount and sometimes it is a lot of urine. I find that after I have urinated I often feel like more is coming so I wait and a minute or two later I do urinate again. I will go back to bed and then I will have to get up again maybe 30 minutes or an hour later to go again. I have been doing this pattern for many years. No distinct odor. On occasion I feel a slight burning afterwards but not while urinating. It feels more like it is on the outside of the area not internally. I am female, 55 and going through menopause. I do drink a lot of water to keep my body hydrated. I am not sure if this is helpful to know but as a child I wet the bed because I didn’t wake up in time to use the bathroom. I was about 5 and eventually out grew the problem. I hope this helps give you something to work with. Thank you for your help!

  12. Samuel Wong says:

    Hello, I am a 70 year old male and in reasonably good health with high blood pressure. Other than the blood pressure I have no other health issues except the bladder. I have an overactive bladder where I need to urinate about two hours during sleep. Also when I get up the second or third time I have an anxiety feeling where I cannot go back to sleep. My blood and urine tests are always within the normal range (PSA, sugar, cholesterol, etc.) I was very active going to the gym almost daily until the pandemic. I eat most chicken and fish and use lots of supplements which include the following: Spirulina, chlorella, lions mane and reishi mushroom, red beet juice powder, wheatgrass powder, organic whole food vitamin C, raw milk, probiotics, cinnamon powder, black seed oil, virgin cod liver oil, raw honey, 3 mg melatonin, turmeric capsules, chia seeds, flax seed. and an organic whole food calcium supplement. I would like to try an homeopathic formula for my overactive bladder and sleep problem.

    Thank you.

  13. Same problem here pls help me if u know any medication

  14. Dr.Sharma,
    I am an 68 year old male having frequent urination problem since about 3yrs now. About two years ago ultrasound test had revealed that i am not emptying the bladder fully and that there is some 30% retention.I don’t have any pain while passing urine. Sometimes when i am out, the urge for frequent urination does not persist at all but when i come to know that i am reaching home a strong and tearing uncontrollable urge to rush to the toilet develops. Every time there is urge i do pass adequate quantity of urine and its appearance is normal without any unusual color or smell.This has not affected my sleep so far in that i do not get-up frequently to pass urine.Generally the frequency and uncontrollable urge have now become concerning.
    Seek your advise on what Homeopathic medicine is suitable for treating this condition.
    GS Prakash

  15. Mohsin raza says:

    Hy sir I am Mohsin I have frequent urination in day more than ten and after than suddenly pain start in joints and I am suffering this problem for 16 year nothing find in yes not diabetic no Uric acid but hole body joints get pain for maximum half an hour my age is 30 know I am in lot off stress please I did lot of medication both homeo and medical but nothing happen better for me

    • Manvendra singh says:

      sir I am Manvendra I have frequent urination in day more than ten and after than suddenly pain start in thighs and I am suffering this problem from 2 year nothing find in yes not diabetic no Uric acid. my age is 32 know I am in lot off stress please suggest a homeopathic treatment.

  16. Mohsin raza says:

    Hy sir I am Mohsin I have frequent urination in day more than ten and after than suddenly pain start in joints and I am suffering this problem for 16 year nothing find in yes not diabetic no Uric acid but hole body joints get pain for maximum half an hour my age is 30 know I am in lot off stress please I did lot of medication both homeo and medical but nothing happen better for me and

  17. Ravindra KumarJain says:

    Hello Doctor
    My brother aged63 after third TUBRT for bladder cancer from three weeks is required to go for urination every 20-30 minutes both during day time as well in night also,As per oncologist he is taking allopathic medicine but no relief .He is taking homeo medicine Arnica 30 and Gokhru (Herbal) soakd water Please advise medicine

  18. Almina Gowani says:

    Frequent urination every hourly . Even at night .
    It’s going on from 4 April . Please help . Cave go to work due to this

  19. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I’m a female aged 68. For a while I have a problem with frequent urination during the day & night. At night I wake up every ~2 hours to urinate. Which remedy do you recommend and what potency? The night problem is the one I’m most concern about as I don’t get a normal restful sleep.


  20. Joyce Beatrice says:

    I am looking for a homeopathic treatment for over active bladder especially at night.
    Can you help me?

  21. Hi Dr.Sharma,
    Hope you are doing good during this tough time. I am Veera aged 27. In the recent 1 month i have certain condition where i have to keep urinating as soon as i drink water and the frequency is very often until the entire water i have drunk has been urinated. Also i have pain around my scrotum area continuously for the past week or so. The urine is perfectly white and very rarely if i have not hydrated myself for a while it is pale yellow. Need your advice on what kind of condition this may be and suggest me a remedy. Looking for quick response.
    Thanks & Regards

  22. Alexander Vavrinek says:

    Please help me for I was told that I have OAB since the year 2012 when I was told that my eldest son had a vehicle accident and later died. I am a male of 75 years. I have been using pampers constantly. At night, I go to toilet 5/6 and in the day 6/7 times. The urine flow freely without any pain .When I bend to pick something from the floor, urine will flow when I stand up
    Can you help me Dr. Sharma?I do not eat salt and sugar. I am not diabetic and my blood sugar ok. Every one and half hour to two hours when I am sleeping that I have the urge to urinate. Thank you for helping me to get well.

  23. Kapilesh Agrawala says:

    HALLO DR Sharma
    I am male 56 diadetic fair control through diet and execcise HbA!lies beween 6.5 till 6.7
    In may I had i am frequent urination 5/6 times at bed time which then further raided in day time also.
    Then I went to urologist and pathology was done and repored OVER ACTIVE BLADDER prostrate 29.5 g and ceratinine level 0.74 and all other test normal
    The I was given medicine for month which relieved .
    Now I wish to go for homeopathy pls suggest medicine .My present symptoms are
    Morning 6/7 frequncy witin 3hrs no offensive smell. feels sometime leak BUT ONLY FEELING .some days are very normal but some are uncomfortable. Night two times before bed otherwise sleep ok but goes at 5.00 AM SUGAR LAST TWO MONTH FAIR CONTROL HbAIC 6.6
    some times feels little urine pressure near abdomen though not high urgency but feels like going.

  24. Ranji singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma Ji

    Myself 71 year old with good health ,have to get at night 3 to 4 time for urination..
    it disturb my sleep. Kindly advise.


  25. Beatriz Sosa says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I am a female aged 78, in general good health. Do not take any prescriptions, healthy lifestyle. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a lumbar 4/5 disc, underwent physical therapy and Chiropractic care ( I still go for adjustments), aince then I started having overactive bladder mainly during day, I would like to take a homeopathic medicine

  26. Hello dr
    My name is Sarita. I am suffering from the urgency of frequent urination. I need to go to washroom in every 40 to 45 minutes. All reports are clear . Plz tell me is there any possibility in homeopathy. I am having pain also in my genital.

  27. I am 41. I had a baby in 2008. Every since then I have the urge to urine about ever 45 minutes. Sometimes there is little urine sometimes a lot. But usually I can count to 7. Pressure is average. I have seen 4 urologist. Had my bladder stretched. Put a scope in and looked to make sure it was healthy. All is good. I can hold more at night when I take my xanex to sleep. I have went 3 hours without meds or sleeping but it is miserable. I have been on most of the meds for overactive bladder and tried the external pacemaker but it did not work well enough to implant one. Help!

  28. masood akbary yahya says:

    my wife is aged 65 is suffering frequent urination which exceeding during night. She is having blood pressur for which takes bp control elopathic Tab “Telesmart H” Also some urin droplets leak out therfore for purpuse of cleanliness she alway keep sanitary pad.
    I am lookin an homeo medicine, will be thankful if suggest the remidy

  29. Joe singh says:

    I am going to the toilet for every hour at night.
    As a result do not get a good night sleep.
    Can you help.

  30. Snehangshu Bhattacharyya says:

    Dr.sharma , whether you ever reply any letter of seeking any suggestion of treatment . I wrote 2 letter on 06.01.19 .But yet to get any reply .

  31. Soumen sardar says:

    Sir over active bloder can cure by homeopathy treatment.

  32. I have conscious feeling to urinate usually when alone during day time however if busy this feeling subside. During night go for urination 3-4times.

  33. Shafqat Jilani says:

    Hi, Dr. Sharma,

    My wife has a frequent urination problem day and night. It increase after drinking water more. Her age is 38.she feel sudden pain like nipping(pinch) and that pain goes to left side till thigh. It repeat several time. She is afraid to go outside. she can not walk fast. urine do not hold in the bladder as per doctor told her. Doctor is not diagnosing the reason of pain properly. Please advise the medicine to get the relief from pain and urinal problem. This pain is feeling last 5 month.

    • Hi I am also suffering from the same problem .how is your wife now. Can you tell from where you are taking treatment for your wife.sarita

  34. Syed Mahmood Ali says:

    Good evening Dr.
    Pl.suggest a homeo dilution for hyperactive bladder of my wife aged 50 years.
    She has frequrnt urination ,about 4-5 times at night without fluid intake and around 8-10 times during daytime while working in kitchen,other house keepings.
    Thnx.Syed Mahmood Ali

  35. S. Narasimhan says:

    What homeopathic medication available in market should I take for an overactive bladder/nocturnal ? Please advise. Thanks

    S. Narasimhan

  36. Nadeem Ahmed says:

    Hi Dr. My father is 84 with multiple health issues. Currently he is having OAB issue. He is diabetic with effected lungs due to smoking. He had multiple surgeries like CABG, nose glands,piles, kidney stones, Hernia, prostate through TURP. A week before, he was hospitalized for a lungs obstruction issue, where he was on a urine bag for 24 hrs. After release from hospital,he lost control over his urine. His control is better now after a week but he feels leak at night and frequent urge to urinate. We give him bed pan in night but he is very disappointed emotionally. Can u help?

  37. John Jackson says:

    Hello, I am like many others, 75 male good steady stream literally every two hours, day and night. This started at least 10 years ago and became more frequent to where it is now at every two hours. Prostate always checks out normal. psa normal, blood sugar normal I think. Used to have low blood sugar from 1970’s – 90’s controlled by diet, but it went away. I have found no homeopathic doctors in my area, Which of the remedies in this article should I try? And where to get them? Thank you

  38. ANIRBAN PAUL says:

    I have frequent urination problem during day and night, flow of urine is mixed, sometimes scanty, sometimes profuse. Feeling sores with every urge. Urine routine and culture all negative. PSA 1.5, blood sugar 110 (fasting). Taking Flowdart plus post TURP in 2013 & as per doctor after slight enlargement of Prostate found during USG in Nov, 2018
    Please suggest food and medicine as I am spending sleepless nights.
    -ANIRBAN PAUL, Male, 58, weight 64 kgs.
    WhatsApp 7001920568

  39. Vinod Kumar Chourasia says:

    I have an overactive bladder for the last two years. However my symptoms got worse in the last few months and l got up sometime 10 times at night and also go to the toilet a lot during the daytime.
    Which homeopathic medicine can help?
    Thank you,
    Please reply.

    • Sarbajit Nanda. says:

      I am aged 64 years. Last 2/3 years I have developed overactive bladder, getting up at night at every 2 hours, sometimes 5/6 times. My sleep is totally disturbed and get restless and sometimes headache dueto lack of sleep. My Sugar/BP is normal. My prostate is normal. Would provide any homeopathic medicines.


  40. Rosalia Christine Schwanberg says:

    I have an overactive bladder for about 16 years! However my symptons got worse in the last year and I get up sometime 11 times at night and also go to the toilet a lot during the day.

    Which remedy can help?
    Thank you.

    • I am an 85 year old woman who has a nocturnal bladder problem. Wake up to urinate about 3 or 4 hours after falling asleep and then can’t back to sleep. Also in Stage 3 kidney disease. I try not to drink any fluids for 3 or 4 hours before bedtime. I would very much appreciate it if you would suggest a remedy for me.

      Thank You.

  41. Hi ,

    I am M 29 years old having overactive baldder problem from last 4 year, All test ok, no problem but only frequent urination day and night. Can someone please help with good homeopathy.

  42. I am 75 year old having the problem of overactive bladder with frequent urination time being 45 minutes to an hour mostly during the day.Quantity is some time scanty and sometime profuse.There is burning urination also. Kindly suggest some effective medicine.

  43. P C Sharma says:

    Dear sir
    I am a 32 years old men and suffering from frequent urination problum from last 15 to 20 years. In this i pass little bit around 10 to 50 ml with a weak flow. I can hold urine and not have any burning sensetion or UTI problem. I feel to pass urine after urination and pass 2-3 drops of urine by pressuring my bladder.
    Its higly shocking for me that same problum enterd in my sons life he was good till the age of 7 years but now as he become 8 years old suddenly he feel to pass urine after passing urine and goes many times for give any solution both

    • ask dr gaurav arora in sood bhawan sector 10 panchkula..i had same problem but he has done good treatment..go and ask him…

  44. N. Q. Qureshi says:

    I am 26 years old female, married
    I had UTI few months back for which I took antibiotics, it’s cured now proscribe to me by a doctor
    Now the problem is that my bladder is weak, I have an urge to constantly pee
    Also the unitary track aches and I can’t hold back pee for long periods of time because of the constant urge and also because of the pain but I didn’t have that problem before the UTI treatment

  45. rakesh dullu says:

    Hello Dr Sharma.
    M mother in law is 82 year old active lady with long standing treatment for Atrial Fibrillation with Diltiazem , Warfarin and Digoxin going.
    She has for many years been having Overactive bladder. currently she uses adult diapers. Now she has the problem increasing in frequency and severity.
    Please suggest an effective remedy for her.

    I am an allopathic doctor but have faith in Homeopathy also.

  46. Abhishek Raj says:

    Sir I am suffering from a long term myelitis C5C6C7D1D2D3 from 2014 March and I still unable to hold urine and problems of frequent urination and there is no force in urine and I use diaper in night and urgency problem also occurs many times please suggest medicine to overcome from this problem

  47. Sir mere father ko overactive blader ki problem h unko cic karni padti khud se 16fr ka catheter dal k urine karna padta h 6hrs par kyu ki jab unhe urine hota h tab pvr bach jata h 600ml tak koi upay bataiye plz sir

  48. Narasimhaiah D says:

    I am having a problem of sudden urge of urination uncontroleble and wetting under wears. Used alopethic medicines like Solifencin succinate (Bispec 5 ) and no improvement noticed Please advice me the remedy by homeopathy medicine. Postrate enlargement is mild . no diabatics and kidneys are normal.

  49. Paramjit Kalkat says:

    Hello Dr. sharma please help me for my bladder problem urine is always negative but urine frequency never go way My Dr, said it is instertits cystitis please help me to solve my problem thanks

  50. Tina Miles says:

    i have an over active bladder due to fibromyalgia , some times it is very troublesome at night and some times not , during the day iv always got a thirst fibro thirst i drink decaff tea that has helped iv also stopped taking sugar in it , my trouble is mostly after iv passed urine i sit and stand several times after also lean forward trying to get every last drop ,but there is always a little drop more , iv tried doing pelvic floor lifts but it always leaves me with back pain , i have put weight on since fibro iv tried several diets none work , i do fast daily between 16 /and 20 hrs , i have been using cbd oil which has helped several of my fibro symptoms , but i used a new one for a couple of weeks which made everything over work bladder included , so now i am trying to calm everything down again

    • Dachiell rowdon says:

      Hello Dr Sharma
      I have a problem with frequent and profuse urination day and night and I rarely feel that the bladder has emptied totally. At night, every time I turn in my sleep I’m am awaken with the desire to urinate. The urine is copious and clear and has no foul smell. However, the feeling of fullness doesn’t entirely abate, After I have urinated I wait and usually a rather weak flow will recommence but i rarely feel i have evacuated all the urine. I’m female, 75 years old. My urine t sets are normal. When I was about 27 I had an endometriectomy in which endometriosis was found on the bladder. It was removed and after that i began to have bladder weakness problems. I can contract cystitis easily. No doubt there is scar tissue in the region. I just had two parathyroid tumors removed. I have had digestive problems b ut require no medication. I would appreciate your counsel. With kind regards,

  51. Md. Zahir Hossain says:

    Dear sir.
    My mother 65 Years old about 10 Years she is suffering from frequent urination at day at night. She has no diabetic but she has no uterus and gallbladder since 15 Years. Many Urologist give her medicìne and exercise but not cured at all finally they advised us for TOT operation but my mother is not agree. Please sir advise me what medicìne we Will use. Please sir try to help me.
    Wìth best and regards.


    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 48 years old and my periods stopped. After taking USG pelvis scan, everything appears normal. Blood test also normal.
    Dr said it is due to menopause
    I have the urge incontinence/overactive bladder problem every night, and wake up every 2 hours or so, and of course it is too late to make it to the bathroom. I’m presently taking KREOSOTUM 30 and CANTHARIS 30 three times each daily for the past Two months. Ifeel a 50%relief only. I feel now the situation is going to be as before. Kindly advise me the medicine I am taking is correct or not. If not kindly advise the new prescription

  53. Shashank sharma says:

    My urnie is very low flow and sometimes blood and blood clots and white mucous also comes with it and having a pain during urinate it continuosly passes in undergarments but I cannot urinate properly and 20 t0 30 times i need to urinate my urinary bladder is distented. Please prescribe any remedy best if possibile

  54. Very frequently go for urination during day and night. No pain during urination. I have to go for urination after one hiur interval

    • Rupam Sengupta says:

      I am amazed to see that he did not write something on gelsemium. You can take gelsemium 1m kali phos 12X .. first of all find out the reason..if you don’t have blood sugar and urine is like watery and profuse then gelsemium works great..if alcohol or some kind of medicines are the reason behind it then gelsemium works good..

  55. I am 82 yr old male suffering from frequence urgency of urine for 10 yrs slowly increasing for past 1 yr now idebeloped leaking prostate is normal
    suggest treatment of homeopathic . drugs ihope it is avaible
    thanks sugar snd bp is well controlled

  56. I have a problem at night go every hour, I drink most of my liquid in the morning. I am 68 like to know what can i take, cranberry help a little

  57. kamal basu says:

    I am 79 yrs old and generally in good health.I take BP medicines, calcium,urimax regularly.I am facing the urge to urinate mostly at night and at times during day time.The bladder control is greatly reduced.There is no irritation or inflammation.

  58. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have the urge incontinence/overactive bladder problem every night, and wake up every 2 hours or so, and of course it is too late to make it to the bathroom. I did have a very minor stroke a few years ago, and the bladder problem started about two months after that. I did try the Causticum, and a few other combination remedies but none worked. I do not get much sleep at night, and cannot take a nap during the day because of family demands, and also if I lay down during the day, or sit down more than an hour and a half the same urge incontinence problem happens. I did see a Urologist, and he claims I have urge incontinence, and prolapse. I believe in Homeopathic remedies, and have used them for various other issues with success. I really feel desperate, and I am very hopeful that you will be able to help me. I am quite active, and in fairly good shape.

    Thank you so very much.

  59. hello,today I face this problem of more frequent urination. I am a diabetic and hypertension patient. I am taking hypertension medicine and sugar medicine in homeopathic .my sugar is under control not more than 7.and blood pressure also no swelling in any part of body or pain
    last week I got food poison now its ok can you tell me any treatment for this over active bladder. my age is 60

  60. I am 42 male I two problems please advice.
    1. I can’t control the urge of urine once it starts it’s tough to hold even for few minutes in case I have told it start sweeting or water in eyes and I feel as if it’s leaking beyond in control.

    2. I discharge with a minute or half while having sex some time even during the forplay now i feel that erection is also not that hard. My wife has already lost her interest in having sex and remains usatisfied which leads to constant tension.

    Life style
    Hardly takes fruit
    Love non-veg food
    No physical work
    Stress levels r high as I am job less most of the time n she is working
    I have craving for sweet food
    We don’t eat spicy food

    • Dear Sonu Khan, you can take lycopodium 200 single dose weekly until symptoms improves.

    • Louise Michaud says:

      Hi I am 51 with an overactive bladder that seems to be increasing in strong urges with small window for the bathroom some days. it is worse at night aggravated by heat, stress, which my level is a bit high,, my adbdomen feel bloated and it sometime tugs my my right belly button. Sometimes there is a odor that changes and it feels like eveything sags lately or for a while.

  61. Karn kaushal says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 22 year old currently undergraduate student. I have problem of overactive bladder. I need to go to toilet with interval of 30-45 minutes from past 3.5 years. I have taking allopathic medicines from a urologist from past 6 months but no improvement seen. Kindly advise some medicine. I am getting depressed from this problem.kindly help.
    With regards
    Karn Kaushal

  62. Gursharan Singh says:

    I have bladder weakness since very young age. Now I am 62 years old and experience frequent urination, sometimes even after half an hour. At night I have no problem and may not even feel the urge to urinate more than once, or may not even once. I also take allopathic medicines for high blood pressure and find these too have diuretic effect. I tried sabal pentarkan but then also there is high urination frequency and quantity wise. Please help me with the treatment. Many years back I had stone in my kidney which was removed through lithotripsy and then I took some homeopathic medicine and since then no problem. Otherwise I am quite active and in good shape and health. Please suggest me the medicine.

    • Bishawjit kumar shome says:

      Dr sharma I am 46 years old.i have been suffering over active bladder for 2 years. I have 3mm kidney stone in the lower pole of left kidney prostate is light enlarged.please advise me a good homeopathic medicine for me with a good suggestion.

  63. I feel uncontrolled urin urge at an interval of 1 hour approx. Some time at half an hour at any time that may be day and night both. Uncontrolled urin bladder problem . What medicine is advisable .I am not a
    diabetic patient .

  64. My mother is 80 diabetic. She has frequent urination which is uncontrollable. Causing lot of problem to advise course of treatment

  65. palash chatterjee says:

    I am Palash Chatterjee from west bengal, my daughter is 4 and half years old. Last three day we noticed that she is going bathroom frquently. sometimes she pass urine sometimes not. what to do and how to cure? We test urine no infection found.

    Thanks and regards
    Palash chatterjee

  66. Snehangshu bhattacharyya says:

    I have checked several times my sugar level is normal it varies from 90 to 100

  67. Snehangshu bhattacharyya says:

    Dear Dr i am 53 year old and suffering from urge incontinence , from 4 to 5 years i had to go to toilet 8 to 10 times in day and 1 to 2 times at night , 3 times USG done my prostate size is 30 gms . And uroflowmetry done , residual volume of urine 53 ml . Urine culture done , no infection detected . Now from 2 to 3 months when urge of urination starts i can not hold , incontinence happens . After incontinence when I pee , the max vol is 200 ml . But when I pee at morning after full night the vol of urine is 350 ml .My doctor given me causticum 1M 4 drops every after 2 days , kali phos 6x 4 tabs 4 times daily and sabal serrulata 15 drops 3 times daily . But no effect . Please suggest the proper medicine for me . I will be ever grateful if I can get rid of this problem .

  68. Vijaya Saran says:

    I am a 21 year old female suffering from constant urge to urinate since last six months. The urge is there even when i have just used the bathroom. There is no leakage of urine. I can hold the urine for however long i want . All tests have come clear except for very low vitamin D level.

  69. Dr Sharma
    I am 82 yr old male symptoms of hyperactive bladder for almost 10 yrs bt nw sympt0ms are getting severe
    if i try to hold leakage sphhicters are weak so leakage
    can you suggest homeopathis medicine so far i have not taken any any medicineii
    i can pay

  70. KPVarshney says:

    I am 72 mail. I am suffering from frequent urination from the time when I was only 14 years old. At that time due to shame I did not do any treatment . When I was 40 I went to doctors I am taking treatment from age of 40 but no relief. In 2010 Dr operated my prostate which was only 40 grams . But still now I am having frequent urination about 25 times day and night.
    I may add that I whole life suffered from pre matured ejaculation. My quality of life is hell. I am having stool problem also. I am never saified that my rectum is clear . I go to stool about 8 times a day. Stool is sticky adhering to pot and anus. I am 70 kg and height is 5’5″.
    Please send me the medicine by corier with condition of payment or give the bank details where I can pay.

  71. Brightness Mbele says:

    Dear Doctor, I have an over active bladder due to spine TB.Dr prescribed medication viscare and my problem i dont taje chemical medication and this one has a lot of sude effects. PLEASE advise me where to get best herbs or homeopath medicine for overactive bladder. I am on a wheelchair chair.

  72. Sir,
    I am suresh, 37 years old.I have frequent urination problem for 6 years.I have no diabetes. Through out the day I need to go for urination at least for every 45 minutes. In night before sleeping I need to go as many times. In night after sleep I may need to go 1 or 2 times. If I continue to not sleep I need to go for urination till I sleep.
    please help me in this issue.


  73. I wake up many times during the night with an urgency to pee. I have a slightly enlarged prostate. the flow is good, I empty the bladder pretty well. What can I use to stop the frequent wake ups at night? I would be glad to call for a consultation if you think that would be helpful.

  74. 5 to 10 minutes I have to rush to wash room.
    Passed urin by forced.
    Urin bladder nack high.
    Pls advices.


  75. Sir
    Namaste since aug to oct of this year I got recurrent UTI for 3 Times and I had a small 4 mm stone in RK. Now I am suffering urgency frequency and small leakage.yet I am using homeo med for last month are THUJA CONIUM Sir TIG and observed lil relief in urge and other .
    but is this due to OAB and pls suggest me a med sir

  76. Desu Narasimhaiah says:

    Dear Sir
    I am having problem of urine urgency and frequency. suddenly feeling of urine passage arises and control becomes difficult and sometimes control is lost. problem will be serious in winter and rainy seasons compare to summer. In the afternoon times after one hour of lunch it will be difficult and evan with in 5 to 10 minutes I have to rush to wash room.
    Recently abdomen scanning carried out and and results are Bladder :well distended no calculi Prostate : 30x25x43mm(24Gms).upperlimit of normalsize Right kidney:80x42mm no calculi no hydronephrosis.Left kidney:89x46mm no calculi no hydronephrosis.
    I am at the age of 70 now .Please advice me for homeo medicinefor improvement. Up to now I am using Alopothic treatment and finds no improvent

    • Narasimhaiah D says:

      Dear Sir Ididnot get any remidy for my problem. As requested I have already sent my scanning reports to you by e mail

  77. Rummy arora says:

    My wife age 40 yrs cough and snezzing time urine niklda hai unj v urine control nahi hunda urine tine bauht tez soeed te pajna painda hai please koi best medicine daso

    • Sir iam 38yrs female from July 2020after uti treatment iam suffering from urinary urge,always bladder fullness after urination &waiting for fewdrops.scan& uroflomatery normal .last 5months my life was horrible. Iam so depressed. if I sleep better nighttime no urge.pls help me

  78. Nurul islam says:

    I have suffered from problems of frequent urination for 2 months (14 times in 24 hours). No fire burned. The color of piss is normal. We tested many. No problem was found. The doctor says over overactive bladder. I want to take homeopathic medicines. Do not you tell me how to eat and name of Medicines? plz sir…………

  79. Hi, my daughter who is 13, has a problem with urinary frequency. She has got an urgent need to go (daytime) even after drinkig only small amounts of water. This makes her life very difficult, especialy during school day. Could you advise which remedy she could take please? Thank you, kind regards Irena Mason




  81. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I have frequent urination been one year i am very disturbed with it, its been one urine i have back pain as well, i took some medicine that was fine but it is started again and my whole time is destroyed now i am so frustrate of it, whenever i came out to the washroom after urinate, within 2 minutes i feel it again and it effects me at night alot please please please advise me something

  82. Masood h khan says:

    I have frequent urination during night and some time in day also ,my sugar is controlled with medicine.
    I am also suffering from enlarged prostate Thai about 35 mm
    Kindly advise.

  83. Abdur Rehman says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am facing stress incontinence from many years after urinate when i cough sneeze sit lay down some drops of urine come out and sometimes urine drops are little thicker kindly suggests me the medicine i go to many doctors they recommend me ultra sounds but there is nothing in the results no stones nothing else i am really very fadeup due this problem kindly help me

    • Dear Abdur Rahman, you can take causticum 1m single dose weekly until symptoms improve. You can do kregal exercise.


    Dear Dr Sharma, can you please advise me on way out to assist my 7year old daughter recovery gradually from autism. she had mile condition: disturbing concern currently is her inability to control herself for toileting. she still uses pamper. She is yet to eat very well on her own and speak.
    she is hyperactive too which equally affect her concentration to learn consistently.
    thanks for your response

    • Mohan Sharma Khandrika says:

      Dear Dr Sharma:

      I am 62 years. When I was 55 years, I have been operated for an enlarged prostate, and after an year for BNI as the urine flow was not satisfactory. But since then I have been suffering burning pain in urethra before passing urine. When I get gas filled or stools in my recturm, rectum is pressing the prostate gland and I get pain in urethra and urge to urinate either it is day or night which happens in an interval of 1 to 1 1/2 hour frequency. Allopathic doctors are treating it with Alpha blockers and pain killers but I find no permanent relief except temporary. At times I am also getting UTI and treating with antibiotics. Kindly suggest a remedy in homeopathy with dosage to have a satisfactory permanent cure. I will be grateful to your kind respose. Regards, Mohan Sharma

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