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Best Homeopathic Remedies for Pinworms

Pinworms, also known as threadworms, are tiny, thin, white parasitic worms less than half an inch in length. Pinworm infection is one of the most common worm infections. The medical term used for pinworm infection is Enterobiasis. Pinworm infection is most common in school going children. Pinworms infect the large intestine and a primary symptom of the pinworm infection is anal itching. It is contagious and spreads easily among family members and caregivers. Homeopathy works very well in cases of parasitic infections like the pinworm infection. The homeopathic treatment for pinworms is very efficient and yields great results. Homeopathic medicines for pinworms are very safe to use and boost a person’s immunity to fight the parasitic infection naturally. They also help in relieving symptoms of the pinworm infection.

How Does a Person Get Pinworm Infection?

Pinworm infection is contracted by swallowing or inhaling pinworms eggs. Consuming contaminated food or drink, or touching a surface contaminated with pinworm eggs – then putting the same fingers in the mouth – is one of the leading causes of the infection. On swallowing, these eggs go into the intestine, hatch there, and grow into adult worms. The female pinworms then move to the anus and lay eggs. Anal itching occurs at this stage. When the patient scratches the anal area, the eggs stick to the fingers and get under the fingernails. From here, they may get transferred to the mouth again or contaminate surfaces and objects like toys. It is from these surfaces or objects that they get passed on to others.

Symptoms of Pinworms

The primary symptom of pinworm infection is anal itching, also known as Pruritis Ani. The itching is usually worse at night. The intensity of itching varies from a slight tickling to a crawling sensation, and severe itching. If the worms move to the vaginal area, then it may lead to vaginal itching. Itching often leads to a restless or disturbed sleep. Along with the symptoms listed above, irritability may also be present. In some cases, abdominal pain and nausea appear. Other symptoms include a loss of appetite, a loss of weight, bed wetting and painful urination. However, about one-third of the cases of pinworm infection present themselves without a symptom.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pinworms

Some of the best homeopathic medicines for pinworms are Teucrium Marum Verum, Sulphur, Spigelia Anthelmintica, Cina Maritima, Caladium Seguinum, and Sabadilla Officinalis. The most suitable homeopathic medicine for a particular case is chosen according to the symptoms. Teucrium Marum Verum works well in controlling anal itching because of pinworms. Such patients suffer from severe anal itching in the evening. The patient is also restless. In cases of itching and redness around the anal area, homeopathic medicine Sulphur should be used. Spigelia Anthelmintica is an excellent homeopathic medicine for pinworms in cases of anal itching and pain around the navel. Cina Maritima is an effective homeopathic treatment for pinworms in cases where intense irritability accompanies anal itching. Caladium Seguinum works well for cases of vaginal itching from pinworms. Sabadilla Officinalis is a useful homeopathic treatment for pinworms when the individual symptoms are anal itching alternating with the itching of the ears or the nose.

Preventive Action for Pinworm Infection

Primary measures that need to be kept in mind to prevent pinworms infection include maintaining personal hygiene, keeping fingernails short and washing hands properly, both after passing stool and before eating. Bed linen, undergarments, towels and night clothes should be washed in hot water to kill the pinworms. Avoid sharing of towels and other garments with the patient.

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  1. Anal itching at night causing disturbed sleep

  2. Why are all these people asking and getting no reply from the doctor—not even an acknowledgement of the question?

  3. Im 60 yrs male suffering from pinworm infection since long time, used albendazole and mebendazol as per doctor’s advise, nothing working.. and eyes iching ,sneezing ,cleare disgearge for nose,I am using past 4 days Euphrasias eyes drops, Euphrasias 30.Sosuggest me a effective medicine..

  4. E. Venkayeswara Rao says:

    Sir, I have been suffering with pinworms for the past 7 years. Though I am using allopathic medicine several timed, the infection is not getting reduced. Pleade advise me. My age is 67 years.

  5. Ashim Goswami says:

    Hello sir.. My daughter is 2.6 year old.. She is having pin worm infection. We treated her with homeopathic medicine as well as albendazole. But no cure result.. Please suggest a way to get rid of this

  6. steve baker says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I believe i have had thread worms now for nearly 2 years. I get constant severe itchy anus, to the extent that i scratch it so bad, it becomes to sore even to touch. I get,( what i used to believe was sweat) a lot of sticky substance around the anus area (even during the day) and this makes the itching even worse.
    I have tried over the counter Ovex loads of times now and, followed all the hygiene recommendations but, none of it has worked permanently for me. I am a 60 year old man in very good health apart from this terrible problem. Could you please advise what i can take to get rid of this .
    Kind regards

  7. Merlyn Solomon says:

    Dr Sharma, what can I natural formula can I use for pin worms? Thanks

  8. ambica Kejriwal says:

    I am 37 years old and huge pinworm infection. Kindly suggest

  9. A.krishnan says:

    My son age is 14 years old, he has pinworms problem and he is under weight 32 kg , height is 148 cms.suggest medicine for his permanent cure. My age is 42 I’m also suffering from pinworm complaint

  10. Shalu Verma says:

    Hii dr. I’m 23/f suffering from almost 10 days having only crawling like sensation in amal region specially at night after deification. I feel very restless nd it is very much irritating.. Plz suggest me a medicine. Thnk u sir

  11. Autrayee mondal says:

    Hello doctor my son is 3 years old he is getting repeated pinworms which medicine is suitable for him

  12. Please advise dose and strength of cina and sulplur for iching and infomfortness due to pinworm infection.

  13. K.Srinivas says:

    My son aged 14 years and facing problems with pinworms. Symptoms are 1. Teeth grinding 2. Drooling 3. Fecal incontinence. Please suggest to me the best homeopathy medicine for a permanent cure.

  14. Sir, i have tried mebendazole and albendazole, nothing works for me, so many sleepless night becauss of the pinworms, pls tell me permanent solution

    • Sir, Im 40 yrs male suffering from pinworm infection since long time, used albendazole and mebendazol as per doctor’s advise, nothing working.. So suggest me a effective medicine..

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