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Cervical Dystonia – Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Neck Stiffness

Cervical dystonia is a form of focal dystonia. Cervical dystonia refers to a painful condition of the neck arising from involuntary contraction of the neck muscles. The pain is attended with a tilting of the neck and head. In some cases, the head and neck can tilt in a forward or backward position. Cervical dystonia is also known as spasmodic torticollis. Homeopathy carries an excellent scope to treat cervical dystonia. With the use of homeopathic medicines, the episodes of neck muscle contraction, as well as the intensity, are seen to reduce with time. Lachanathes, Lycopodium, and Rhus Tox are the top homeopathic medicines for cervical dystonia.

homeopathy cervical dystonia

Homeopathic medicines for cervical dystonia.

Homeopathic Treatment of Cervical Dystonia

Homeopathic medicines help in relaxing the contracted neck muscles and reduce the pain associated with it in a very effective manner. There are numerous homeopathic medicines for cervical dystonia. These homeopathic medicines treat cervical dystonia in a very gentle and natural way. They are made from naturally occurring substances and hence are very safe to use in all age groups and are free from any side effects. The most suitable homeopathic medicine for cervical dystonia among them is selected after a detailed analysis in every individual case.

Homeopathic Medicines for Cervical Dystonia

Lachnanthes – For Cervical Dystonia with Stiff Neck and Head Drawn to the Right Side

Lachnanthes is a natural medicine for cervical dystonia prepared from plant Lachnanthes Tinctoria (also known as Red Root.) The natural order of this plant is Haemodoraceae. Lachnanthes is a top listed homeopathic medicine to treat cervical dystonia (torticollis). Lachnanthes is indicated when the neck muscles are contracted with the head drawn to the right side. There is a pain in the neck. The pain and stiffness extend from neck to the head. Pain in neck worsens from neck movement or bending the head backward.

Lycopodium – For Cervical Dystonia with Neck Stiffness Causing Drawing of Head to Left Side

Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium is prepared from the spores of a plant Lycopodium Clavatum, commonly known as Club Moss. It belongs to the natural order Lycopodiaceae. Lycopodium is well indicated for cases of cervical dystonia causing drawing of the head to the left side. The neck is very stiff and towards the left side. There is a darting pain in the neck. The pain and stiffness of neck radiate to the shoulders too.

Rhus Tox – For Cervical Dystonia with Stiff Neck

Rhus Tox is a natural homeopathic medicine for cervical dystonia with a markedly stiff neck. The neck muscles are contracted, tense and painful. Movement of neck worsens the complaint. A person needing Rhus Tox may feel relief from heat application on the neck. Stiff neck due to exposure to a draft of air is treated well with Rhus Tox. Cases of cervical dystonia with a history of injury to the neck or shoulder also respond well to homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox.

Cimicifuga – For Cervical Dystonia with Stiff Neck from Cold Air Exposure

Cimicifuga offers a natural treatment for cervical dystonia that is prepared from the root of a plant Cimicifuga Racemosa, commonly known by the name of Black Cohosh. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Cimicifuga is well indicated for cervical dystonia with a stiff neck arising from exposure to cold air. The neck muscles are highly painful and contracted, and also sensitive to touch. Pain worsens upon moving the hands.

Causticum – For Cervical Dystonia with Stiff Neck and Pain in Back of Head

Causticum is an effective medicine for cervical dystonia with a stiff neck attended with pain in the back of the head. Neck muscles are contracted, tightly bound and the person may find it very difficult to move the neck and head. Along with the above symptoms, there may be a tearing pain in the neck muscles.

Cicuta – For Cervical Dystonia with Head Drawn Backwards

Cicuta is a natural remedy for cervical problems prepared from the root of a plant Cicuta Virosa or Water Hemlock. The natural order of this plant is Umbelliferae. Use of Cicuta is considered in cases of cervical dystonia where there is a tendency to draw the head backward. The neck muscles contract intensely and become hard. The person is unable to move the head due to tensed muscles. There may be a dull pain in the back of the head.

Medorrhinum – For Cervical Dystonia with Head Drawn Forwards

Homeopathic medicine Medorrhinum is useful for treating cervical dystonia where the head is drawn forwards. There appears spasm of the neck muscles and chin is drawn down to the sternum. There is an intense drawing pain in the neck. Pain at the base of the brain may be present. A sensation of burning heat may be present in the neck along with the above symptoms.

Zincum Met – For Cervical Dystonia with Stiffness and Tearing Pain in Neck

Zincum Met is a natural homeopathic remedy for cervical dystonia with stiffness and tearing pain in the neck. Pain from the side of the neck may extend to the shoulder. The tearing pain is most felt on the right side of the neck. Pain may also be felt just below the jaw and behind the ear in some cases. The stiffness of the neck is most marked during the morning.

Causes of Cervical Dystonia

Cervical dystonia is an idiopathic condition i.e. the reason behind the cervical dystonia is not known. Sometimes cervical dystonia is seen to run in families, so a genetic link is seen in this condition. Sometimes a history of injury to the neck or shoulders may be present. Cervical dystonia can develop at any age but is mostly seen to appear after the age of 30 years. The condition of cervical dystonia is more commonly seen in females as compared to the males. Sternocleidomastoid, trapezius and other neck muscles are involved in this condition.

Symptoms of Cervical Dystonia

The main feature of cervical dystonia is a tilting of the head and neck to either side of the body. In some cases pulling of head and neck forward (anterocollis) or backward (retrocollis) may also be present. The intensity of the muscle contraction varies from mild to severe form. Along with the above features, there is neck pain and discomfort. Sometimes the neck pain may also radiate to the shoulders. In some cases, jerking or tremors of the head may also be noted. Cervical dystonia may also be seen to spread to other areas like the face and the jaw. Headaches may also arise in such conditions. The symptoms of cervical dystonia seem to worsen from stress and motion while rest seems to bring relief.

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  1. Amit Kumar says:

    Sir I m Amit from uran navi mumbai .I m suffering from cervical dystonia for last 10 years. Sir mai neurology se consult kia to usne iska koi treatment nahi bataya,or bola ki zapiz medicine lete raho .mera neck me tanab lagta or right side ki taraf kapta h

  2. August 31, 2020 at 4:52 am
    I am suffering from torticollis from last 1 year,neck automatically turn from left side Please tell some medicine?

  3. Hi,
    My father is suffering from cervical dystonia .. it’s very painful to see him in that condition .. can you advice something for him Please??

    • I am suffering from torticollis from last 1 year,neck automatically turn from right to left with strain. Generally it happens when I wan5 to concentrate on something.

    • ASHWIN KATARIA says:

      My father is suffering from cervical dystonia .. it’s very painful to see him in that condition .. can you advice something for him Please??

  4. Ajay singh bhadauria says:

    I am diagnosed of cervical dystonia…head moves right side .. .Kindly help me out.

  5. hello sir my age is 33 year and i have cervical dystonia with stiff neck head drawn to the right side please sir suggest some medicine for me also suggest me some natural food to reduce the problem..thnx

  6. Jatin a says:

    Hello doctor i have been diagonsoed with cervical dystonia where my head keeps nodding in a no no motion botox is also not helped would you help me for the same sir


    Doctor sm Mahesh from vijayawada, Andhrapradesh my neck id moving to right side csn you resolve this , i have pain also in nevk muscle s how eoulf you treat this, how much time you need please

  8. Amit Kumar Pandey says:

    Sir I m suffering from cervical dystonia
    I have taken Botox injections 3 time but no response please give me treatment please ……

  9. Domingo Dajbura says:

    good afternoon , i have been diagnosed with cervical distonia with head pulling to the right. do you have a suggested treatment for this? i am a 62 year old male

    • Bipin Parmar says:

      Hello, my wife suffers from cervical dystonia.. Her head pulls to the right side… Pls refer some medicine..

  10. Dr T k Mandal says:

    Sir, I have a pt of dystonia in hands & feet pls suggest some medicine. 15 yrs female pt taken cup,Sulph, Causticum,calc c,zinc,cicuta,platina,sep.

  11. Dr T k Mandal says:

    Sir, I have a pt of dystonia in hands & feet pls suggest some medicine.

  12. Harsh panday says:

    My son is suffering from destonia affected left leg
    and both hand and neck. Please guide us his age is 4 years.


    Very very useful information.

  14. I was treated with homeopathic meds a couple years ago, not a lot of success, i have cervical dystonia and bad tmj, i have a orthotic, accupunture, herbs, chiropractic, any advice would be appreciated, God Bless

  15. Saurabh jain says:

    My brother in law is suffering from cervical dystonia from last two years.He is treated with Botox injections time to time.but no positive response iss shown so plz advise me for the cure in homeopathy.

    • Ashok Bhatia says:

      Mere beta jiski age 25 saal ki hai vo last one and half year se cervical dystonia ki problem hai. Help kare

      • Ashok Bhatia says:

        Mere beta jiski age 25 saal ki hai vo last one and half year se cervical dystonia ki problem hai. Help kare

    • S.S.Bhatia says:

      I m suffering from dystonia cervical from April last year. My neck tiled towards left side. I m taking allopathic medicine such as pesetane, baclof and meljap. But still the problem aggravate. Doctor advise for BOTOX. KINDLY ADBISE ME.

  16. AMIT JOSHI says:

    Hello Doc,

    There is always pain in my left side of neck. I cannot make my neck straight. Always feel there are contractions and stiffness in my neck. My social life is hampered. I desire always have a support in my neck. When I stand and talk to people, the problem worsens and disastrous.. I always need my hand to support my neck.

  17. Dear Dr Sharma, I am anesthesiologist stopped practicing because head tremors , cervical dystopia. 2 yrs later I developed laryngeal dysphonia for which I started getting Botox injection since last year. Since a year I started having Rt hand tremors.segmental dystoniaI tried dopa maximum dosage with no improvement!I never tried homeopathic treatment. I have cervical stiffness on left. I am on metformin 500 mg once a day HbA1c 5.8 well controlled. Please advice me what medications to try. Do you have clinic in USA ?

  18. annmarie dunlap says:

    Hi dr. Sharma,i have cervical Dystonia with my head pulling to the right side.Is there anyway your could help me with these herbs.Thank you Annmarie

    • Hi I have cervical dytonia tilt to tight

      • RAJ BALA SAINI says:

        My wife is suffering from cirvical distonia from year 2004 neck tilt to right . Taking nexito 5mg . Pl prescribe homeopathic medicines

    • Dr
      I have had cervical dytonia with head drawing to left pulling towards sternum for past 25 years. I have been treated by Neurologist with Botox with some relief earlier in the course of this disability. Lately I believe I am becoming immune to efffects of this treatment. Recently I have tried a number of prescriptions with no success. The idea of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery has been introduced. Curious what your thoughts are on this treatment. Also can you explain where I can find some of the homeopathic meds you recommend and to to administer them.

  19. barbara hiranpradist says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharma,

    I have Cervical Dystonia with pulling to my left side of the neck. Will Lycopodium help me?

    Where can I purchase Lycopodium?

    Barbara Hiranpradist
    Michigan, USA

  20. Jasbir singhchadha says:

    My son 36 years is mild Mr, physically normal, can drive electric scooter, learn g disabled. He had OCD and still taking Flunil 20 and Trinicalm plus.
    From the last 2 months it is observed that he is not able to keep neck straight for long and there is involuntary neck movement particularly in standing position. As per my study it seems to be cervical distonia. He has pain at backside of neck which also radiates to shoulder. He says pain also radiate to rears and during pain he has to adjust his neck but the movement is observed to left side, back side and he is not ae to control the neck movement. In sitting position this neck movement is not see.
    Can homeopathy give relief. How I could consult you in detail to get treatment. I am residing in Delhi.

    • Riti Goyal says:

      Hello Dr ,my mother who is 61 years old is suffering with cervical dystonia since last one year.Botox injections are not giving the effect.Taking medicines.pls advise is there any treatment in homeopathy.She also has pain in right arm as dystonia is in right side.Tremor is also a big problem with her.All the time her head shakes as yes -yes movement.kindly help.

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