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Homeopathic Treatment for Dry Eczema

Eczema refers to a skin condition where the skin becomes inflamed, red, itchy with or without any discharge. In cases of dry eczema skin rash appears without any discharge. It is attended with itching. In some cases, scaliness on the skin appears. While in many cases skin gets thick sometimes with cracks. There are also chances of infection on affected skin after intense scratching. If infected there appear discharge from the infected areas which may be fluid or pus-like discharge. It is not a contagious condition and doesn’t spread from one person to another. The exact reason behind dry eczema is not known. However, it is thought to run in families. It is also linked to abnormal functions of the immune system. Environmental factors that are excessive exposure to the too hot or too cold environment is also considered a triggering factor for this condition.

Homeopathic Treatment for Dry Eczema

Homeopathic mode offers a very natural treatment for cases of dry eczema. Homeopathic medicines help to reduce the inflammation, redness, and thickness of the skin. They also aid in the healing of skin rash. They work effectively to heal cracks in the skin where present. Along with this, they help to manage skin itching. Persons who get an infection on the skin from excessive scratching are also benefited with these medicines. Homeopathic medicines to treat this condition are made from naturally occurring substances. Hence they treat it in a very safe manner without any side effects. The top-grade homeopathic medicines for treating it are Graphites, Apis Mellifica, Sulphur, Petroleum, Psorinum, Alumina, Arsenic Album, Natrum Mur and Fagopyrum.

Homeopathic Medicines for Dry Eczema

1. Graphites – Top listed medicine

Graphites are very effective in homeopathic medicine to treat cases of dry eczema. Persons needing it have red, inflamed spots on the skin which are very dry and sometimes it is attended with cracks. Excessive itching has also complained along with this. Few persons may develop open sores on the skin after scratching. After this, they may get infected. Graphites also help in such cases where a superadded infection has appeared after scratching the dry eczema patches. In such cases the key feature to use it is sticky, gluey discharges from the sores.

2. Apis Mellifica – For managing burning and stinging pain

Apis Mellifica is indicated to manage intense burning and stinging pain in the skin rashes. Cases requiring it has dry, red rashes on the skin. These rashes also itch violently. Itching feels like pricking on the skin. It is relieved by scratching. The skin area with rash also appears swollen. The rash is also sore, painful and sensitive to touch.

3. Sulphur – To relieve itching and burning

Sulphur offers great help to soothe the itching and burning sensation in the skin rash. The itching gets worse at night where Sulphur is indicated. After scratching there appears burning in the affected skin areas. Sometimes bleeding also arises from the dry skin areas after scratching. Few people also feel pain in the skin after scratching it. Other attending feature is formication (insect crawling) sensation on the skin. Rest of the features that may be present include prickling or stitching sensation on the skin.

4. Petroleum – To heal deep cracks on the skin

Petroleum is well indicated to heal deep cracks on the skin. The skin is also thickened and looks dirty along with cracks in cases needing it. Sometimes blood appears from the thick and cracked skin. The affected skin also feels sore and painful. It is also given where infection on skin has occurred with pus discharge. Next, it is considered in cases where thick scabs form on the affected skin after scratching and infection. Lastly, Petroleum is useful to treat dry, rough and cracked skin that gets worse in the winters.

5. Psorinum – For skin rash that worsens in cold weather

Psorinum is also a wonderful medicine when skin rash gets worse in cold weather. Persons needing it have dry, crusted eruptions mostly all over the body. Skin also appears cracked along with roughness in bends of the joints. There is severe itching in these eruptions. The person tends to scratch until the skin gets raw and bleed. Itching is worse at night that disturbs sleep.

6. Alumina – For managing intense itching

Alumina is another very beneficial medicine, like Sulphur to manage intense itching on skin. It is used when there are patches of dry, rough, cracked areas of skin with excessive itching. The itching gets worse when getting warm in bed. The itching is intolerable and the person scratches skin until it bleeds. Alumina helps to ease the itching and heal the eczema patches.

7. Arsenic Album – To relieve excessive burning

Arsenic Album offers great relief in excessive burning in a skin rash. In cases needing this medicine, there is dry, rough skin. The patches of skin affected with eczema feel like sand. Most times scales are present on dry skin areas. The peeling of the skin may also be there. The affected skin is also sensitive to touch. A person may feel intense anxiety and restlessness along with these skin symptoms.

8. Natrum Mur – For inflammation and dryness in bends of limbs

Natrum Mur is considered when there are inflammation and dryness in the bends of limbs. Itching and pricking are felt in these dry patches on the skin. The stinging sensation is also felt in some cases. Apart from above Natrum Mur is also well indicated to treat eczema that appears behind the ears and along the margins of the scalp.

9. Fagopyrum – For cases where itching relieves by cold bathing

Fagopyrum is prepared from a plant named Fagopyrum Esculentum commonly named as buckwheat. It belongs to family Polygonaceae. It proves beneficial when there are red, inflamed, dry areas on the skin along with itching and heat. Relief in itching is obtained by bathing in cold water. The itching gets worse from scratching. It also gets worse form touch in some of the cases.

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