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Fear of failure? Try Homeopathy

The fear of failure is medically known as atychiphobia. It is something that everyone might have experienced in their lives. It may be mild to severe. But persons who have extreme fear of failure in doing every task so much so that it strongly impacts their routine life, then it is referred to as atychiphobia. It refrains the sufferer from doing tasks and avoiding certain situations that become a hindrance in achieving goals and leads to intense anxiety.  The symptoms that can occur in these cases can be emotional or physical. The emotional symptoms include anxiety, panic attacks in certain situations where failure is sensed, irritability, anger, sadness, depressed feeling, intense worries that failure will happen. Avoiding trying new tasks/facing situations that cause anxiety and where failure is sensed, postponing tasks, negative thoughts in the mind, feeling incapable of handling or finishing a task, inability to set goals, feeling of helplessness, self-doubt, feeling of being unreal and fear of losing control are some other symptoms.

The physical symptoms include sleep issues from overthinking, sweating, hot or cold flashes, tiredness, stomach problems, palpitations, trouble in breathing, trembling, tingling sensation and dizziness. This phobia may develop from a past experience of failure where a person had faced great distress, had been punished due to failure, had faced humiliation, or some intense outcomes due to failure. Next, it may arise from coming to know about this fear via books, news, etc.

One may have adopted or learnt this behavior from others after observing someone having a fear of failure that has deeply impacted their mind. Other than this, certain factors might contribute in developing this fear like facing criticism by others every time while growing up, having poor self-esteem, low self-confidence levels and being a perfectionist.  Having a family history of anxiety, phobia or depression increases the risk of developing atychiphobia.

Homeopathic Management

One may get great help from homeopathic medicines in cases of fear of failure. Homeopathic medicines are of natural origin that help to overcome fears and anxiety in a very safe, gentle manner with zero side effects. They also help in managing symptoms related to fears and anxieties very effectively. The results vary from case to case depending on the intensity, duration and frequency of the complaint. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after a detailed case study based on the characteristic individual symptoms in each and every case. It is advised to consult a homeopathic physician. One should avoid self-medication with any of the homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic Medicines For Fear Of Failure

1. Argentum Nitricum – Top Recommended Medicine

Argentum Nitricum is a top ranking homeopathic medicine to manage cases of different types of fear including fear of failure. People needing this medicine have marked fears and anxieties. They prominently have anticipatory anxiety. Anticipation means to remain preoccupied or keep thinking about something about to happen soon. They feel whatever task they will undertake they are sure they will fail in that. They may have fear of losing control as well. They lack ambition in their life. During the anxiety phase, they may also suffer gastric issues, specifically diarrhea (frequent loose stool). Besides fear of failure, Argentum Nitricum is also prominently indicated medicine for some other sorts of fear. These include the fear of crowds, fear of heights, fear of dark and fear of having a panic attack.

2. Lycopodium – For Fear With Low Confidence And Poor Self Esteem

Another highly recommended medicine in homeopathy for managing cases of fear of failure is Lycopodium. Persons requiring this medicine have low self-confidence levels and also poor self-esteem. They have indecisiveness and are not able to make decisions. They do not feel like undertaking any new task. They also have anxiety issues. They might also suffer panic attacks at times. They have fear of breaking down from stress. They worry excessively about the future. They feel sad, irritable and anxious on waking up. Other than fear of failure, Lycopodium is also indicated for managing fear of public speaking, fear of the dark, of ghosts and also cases of stage fright.

3. Silicea – With Avoidance Of Undertaking Tasks Due To Fear Of Failure

Silicea is also a prominently indicated medicine for managing cases of fear of failure. Those needing this medicine avoid undertaking new tasks as they are fully convinced that they will fail. They anticipate failure. They keep postponing doing tasks. They have very low self-confidence levels and feel themselves incapable. They have fear of appearing in public and a fear of speaking in front of a group of people. They are very nervous and anxious people. They feel sad, and hopeless and get worse from mental exertion.

4. Arsenic Album For Fear Attended With Anxiety, Restlessness

This medicine can help with anxiety issues linked with fear of failure. This medicine is suitable when there is marked anxiety with restlessness. Due to this there is a desire for constantly changing the position. Chest may feel constricted during anxiety. The anxiety tends to get worse around midnight when this medicine is required. People needing this medicine tend to get anxious over little things in their life. There is also restlessness and trembling with intense fear. Cold sweating may attend to it. Additionally, there is marked fatigue and tiredness along with the above symptoms.

5. Aconite – To Manage Fear With Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Aconite is a prominently indicated medicine to manage anxiety and panic attacks attending the fears. Persons needing it feel restless along with marked trembling due to anxiety and fear. Cold sweating occurs. A chain of thoughts keeps going in the mind. The face is hot. Drinking cold water relieves the problem. Heart palpitations, numbness and tingling in the limbs or fingers, and fear of death are some other symptoms that may occur during panic attacks.

6. Lac Caninum – With Poor Self-Confidence And Hopelessness

Lac Caninum is the next beneficial medicine for cases of fear of failure. Those who need this medicine have very poor self-confidence. They start many tasks but are not able to continue with anything. They feel hopeless and think negatively. They think they are of no use at all. They fear that they won’t be able to perform their duties. Apart from fear of failure they might also have other fears as well. These might include fear of contracting diseases, fear of snakes or even fear of getting mad.

7. Gelsemium – With Marked Weakness And Drowsiness

Gelsemium is also a useful homeopathic medicine to handle cases of fear of failure. In cases needing this medicine, the fear is intense and is attended with marked weakness and fatigue. Drowsiness also occurs. There is nervousness, irritability and disposition to get angry quite easily. Other than failure, this medicine is well indicated for managing cases of fear of appearing in public, fear of losing control and fear of falling. It is also recommended for cases of anxiety. Anxiety about health, about the present and future are prominent among different anxieties.



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