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Treat Gastroparesis Naturally with Homeopathy

Gastroparesis is a condition in which the passage of food through the stomach becomes slower than usual. The primary cause for this is slow muscle movement of the stomach. As a result, there is delayed emptying of the stomach. Gastroparesis is also known as partial paralysis of the stomach.

gastroparesis homeopathy

Homeopathic Medicines for Gastroparesis.

Homeopathic medicines help strengthen the stomach muscles to enhance their contractile activity. The top homeopathic medicines indicated for gastroparesis include Lycopodium Clavatum, Hydrastis, and Pulsatilla Nigricans.

Homeopathic Treatment of Gastroparesis

The homeopathic system of medicine works very well to manage the symptoms of gastroparesis, and also to treat the condition. Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, bloated abdomen, fullness in the stomach, heartburn, and stomach pain are well-managed with these homeopathic remedies. Some prominent homeopathic medicines indicated for gastroparesis include Lycopodium Clavatum, Hydrastis, Pulsatilla Nigricans, China Officinalis, Nux Vomica, Bismuth and Carbo Veg. The most suitable medicine is selected individually for every given case of gastroparesis based upon the symptom presentation.

Homeopathic Medicines for Gastroparesis

Lycopodium Clavatum – Natural Medicine for Gastroparesis with Abdominal Bloating

Lycopodium Clavatum is an effective homeopathic medicine for gastroparesis with marked abdominal bloating. The bloating is noted even after eating a little bit of food. There may be constrictive pains in the stomach that are relieved by rubbing the stomach. There may be a gnawing and gripping sensation in the stomach, and clothes around the stomach may cause uneasiness. Some other complaints that indicate the need for this remedy include loss of appetite, coldness in the stomach, and violent hiccoughs.

Hydrastis Canadensis – Effective Medicine for Gastroparesis with Vomiting of Food

Hydrastis Canadensis is a well-indicated homeopathic medicine for gastroparesis where there is vomiting of food. The main symptoms include a sensation of a lump in the stomach followed by regurgitation that causes vomiting of the food eaten. Some people also experience distressing and cutting pain in the stomach along with weakness and weight loss.

Pulsatilla Nigricans – Natural Treatment for Gastroparesis with Stomach Pain after Eating

Pulsatilla Nigricans is an effective homeopathic remedy for gastroparesis with stomach pain after eating. The pain usually begins an hour after eating. The patient may feel chilly, and a tightness in the stomach may also appear. The stomach is sensitive to the least pressure. Belching that tastes like food may be present, and all these symptoms tend to get work after eating fatty food and fruits. Other characteristic features include dry mouth, bitter taste in the mouth and a lack of thirst.

China Officinalis – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Gastroparesis with a Sensation of Weight in the Stomach

China Officinalis is a natural homeopathic medicine for gastroparesis when there is a sensation of weight in the stomach after eating. The digestion becomes very weak and slow. Belching of bitter taste is present, and the food may be regurgitated. There is a rumbling and pulsating sensation at the pit of the stomach.

Nux Vomica – Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Gastroparesis with a Sensation of Hard Knot in the Stomach

Nux Vomica offers a natural cure for gastroparesis when the person feels as if the food is sitting in the stomach in a hard knot. The stomach area is sensitive to touch, and there may be nausea or vomiting, and retching. The vomit contains undigested food or greenish matter. Vomiting relieves nausea. Another important feature is a sour taste in the mouth.

Bismuth – Homeopathic Remedy for Gastroparesis with Fetid Belchings

Bismuth is a natural medicine for stomach paralysis where the person experiences intense, fetid belchings. The food lies in the stomach for several days due to weak digestion. There is pressure and the sensation of a load in the stomach after eating. This is followed by vomiting of that food. There may be stomach pain which is relieved by bending backward in most cases.

Carbo Veg – Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Gastroparesis with Heartburn/Acid Reflux

Homeopathic Medicine Carbo Veg offers a natural cure for gastroparesis that is attended with heartburn or acid reflux. There are sour belchings and water brash after eating attended with fullness and a tensed sensation in the stomach. The epigastric region is also sensitive and tender to touch. Contractive pain in stomach extending to the chest is another characteristic feature. The above features are noted even from eating the simplest kind of food.

Causes and Risk Factors for Gastroparesis

The cause for gastroparesis is not yet known. It is thought that the main nerve that goes to the stomach (vagus nerve) and controls the emptying of the stomach gets affected under this condition. Usually, the muscle contractions of stomach propel the food into the small intestine. These muscle contractions are under the control of the vagus nerve. In any case of damage to the vagus nerve, the signal to stomach muscles gets disrupted, resulting in slow digestion. This causes the food to stay in the stomach for more than the usual time. Many risk factors predispose a person to gastroparesis, like taking certain medicines (like morphine, antidepressants), diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism. Gastroparesis is also noted in certain medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease and scleroderma.

Symptoms of Gastroparesis

The main symptoms that arise in gastroparesis include a sensation of fullness in the stomach from eating even the slightest amount of food, abdominal bloating, nausea, vomiting of undigested food, low appetite, abdominal discomfort/ pain, and acid reflux/heartburn. Weight loss may attend the above features.

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