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Hip Pain – Natural Homeopathic Medicines that Work

Hip pain is a prevalent complaint that is often seen in clinical practice, and it can happen to people of any age group. The hip joint bears our body weight and helps us walk, jump and run. Hip pain can arise from problems in the hip joint itself or the structures surrounding it. Homeopathic medicines help reduce pain in the hip as well as the related stiffness and tenderness. The top homeopathic medicines for hip pain include Bryonia Alba, Rhus Tox, and Ruta Graveolens.

hip pain homeopathy

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Hip Pain.

The hip is made up of the hip joint and the different structures surrounding it. These structures include the muscles, ligaments, tendons, a tough fibrous capsule lined by synovial fluid and the bursa. The hip joint is an important and one of the most flexible joints in the body. It is a ball and socket joint. The head of the femur (bone in the thigh) fits in the acetabulum (socket) of the hip bone (which is a part of the pelvis) to form the hip joint.

Homeopathic Treatment of Hip Pain

Homeopathy carries an excellent scope to treat hip pain arising from various causes. Homeopathic medicines work to treat the root cause of hip pain to bring about a complete recovery. These remedies are made of natural substances and are safe for use. There are many homeopathic medicines that are indicated for hip pain, the most prominent being Bryonia Alba, Rhus Tox, Ruta Graveolens, Causticum, Ledum Pal, Colocynthis and Aesculus Hippocastanum.

Homeopathic Medicines for Hip Pain

Bryonia Alba – Natural Medicine for Hip Pain Worse from Motion

Bryonia Alba is a natural, safe homeopathic medicine for hip pain that gets worse from the slightest motion. There is cracking in the hip joint upon walking, and pain from the hip may extend down to the knee. The hip pain may be aching, cramping or bruised type. In some cases, a knife-like stitching type of pain in the hip also recommends the use of this remedy. The person needing Bryonia Alba may get relief from warm applications. In cases of sciatica where the pain is worse from motion and better from lying on the affected side, Bryonia yields wonderful results.

Rhus Tox – Effective Medicine for Hip Pain with Stiffness

Rhus Tox is a majorly indicated homeopathic medicine for hip pain where the pain is attended with stiffness. The pain and stiffness from the hip may extend down the back of the thigh. Other symptoms include crackling pains in the hip joint, worsening of hip pain during rest, pain on the side of the hip on which the person lies down, intensified pain after rising after prolonged sitting, worsening of the hip pain from cold and relief from warmth. Hip pain worsening from every change of weather is also treated well with Rhus Tox. In addition to these, it is a top listed homeopathic medicine for hip pain arising from overstraining or overstretching of the hip muscles. It is also frequently recommended for hip pain arising from injuries, inflammation and that of rheumatic origin.

Ruta Graveolens – Homeopathic Medicine for Hip Pain from Inflamed Tendons

Ruta Graveolens is a natural homeopathic medicine for hip pain from inflamed tendons. The key feature to use Ruta Graveolens is hip pain that gets worse from stretching the leg. The hip feels very sore and bruised, and bending down becomes difficult. Ruta Graveolens also helps reduce the inflammation of tendons, soreness, and pain in the hip.

Causticum – Natural Remedy for Hip Pain on Left Side

Causticum offers a natural cure for hip pain present on the left side. The nature of pain for using Causticum may be aching, tearing or stitching type. Lying on the affected hip region worsens the pain. The pain also gets worse when the person begins to move or while walking. In some cases, a drawing or tearing pain in the thighs may also be present along with hip pain.

Ledum Pal – Natural Homeopathic Treatment for Hip Pain on the Right Side

Ledum Pal is an effective homeopathic medicine for hip pain present on the right side. The pain in right hip tends to get worse from motion. The heat of the bed also worsens the pain. Ledum Pal is also prominently indicated for hip pain that gets worse from prolonged standing, as well as pain in the hip joint due to gout.

Colocynthis – Effective Homeopathic Remedy for Hip Pain from Sciatica

Colocynthis is a natural medicine for hip pain that results from sciatica. The pain is felt in the hip, and it radiates down the lower limb. The nature of pain may be cramping, drawing, or tearing type. Sometimes the pain can be shooting or lightning like in nature. Walking worsens the pain and taking rest brings relief. Applying pressure also brings relief from hip pain in cases requiring Colocynthis.

Aesculus Hippocastanum – Natural Medicine for Hip Joint Pain from Arthritis or Degenerative Disease

Aesculus Hippocastanum is a natural homeopathic medicine for hip joint pain that arises from arthritis or some degenerative process. The guiding feature to use Aesculus Hippocastanum includes a pain in the hip joint that is worse from walking or stooping. Soreness and lameness are also present in the hip. Along with hip pain, lower back pain and stiffness may also be present.

Symptoms of Hip Pain

Apart from the main symptom of pain, the other symptoms that can accompany hip pain are a stiffness in the hip, reduction in the movement at the hip, tenderness over the hip and warmth over the hip. In some cases, there may be a pain in the groin region. The hip pain may make the person limp upon walking. The pain from hip may radiate down the lower limb. Sometimes, the hip pain may be transferred down to the knee (also known as referred pain.)

Causes of Hip Pain

The causes of hip pain are wide and variable. The most common reasons for hip pain include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, bursitis, hip fracture, muscle/tendon strain, sciatica, and tendinitis. In addition to these, conditions like pinched nerves, osteomyelitis, osteoporosis, septic arthritis, avascular necrosis, and bone cancer are other reasons for hip pain. Rarely, gout may also be a cause of hip pain.

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  1. shekhar kumar CHATTERJEE says:

    Gd morning Doctor,I am having hip joint pain since 20th august 2021.I am 68 yrs old. I used travel by rickshaw for short distance in my native place.Whenever I travel by rickshaw I raised my left leg.After coming from my native place in Bangalore.Pain started and still it is persist.I can not do puja in cross leg.I feel pain. In walking after few Minutes in whole left leg start paining. Can u advice any medicine.

  2. Nadeem Shahid says:

    I am 70 years old. 13 years ago I had severe pain on my right side hip joint pain which was so much that I could not walk or ascend or descend stairs without stick. Now after 13 years suffering from same pain from last 2.5 months. Took Bryonia and Arnica 30 for a week 3 times a day without any relief. I am talking “Gabapentin” 300mg 3 times a day with some sort of relief but after 5 hours pain starts again. What would be the best homeopathic remedies I may try.

    I cannot put my body weight on right leg. Very painful and almost impossible to put weight on right leg while climbing stairs. Right legs also gives a sharp pain if I stop while walking with the help of a stick if I stop suddenly and try to change direction on right leg. I tossed on bed constantly on bed untill I sleep.

  3. M A Yahya says:

    I am 80 years old since past few week ,early morning when I get up from sleep may left hip joint start paining slowlsy theb slowly increase it agrivation snd stinging pain strectching through my left leg. After an ahour or two is subside automaticlly when go through my daily routine of excreation of stool and unrine
    please let me have a remidy



  5. Satish doshi says:

    Buttock pains

  6. Sir my father aged 67 has hip joint pain while walking or trying to stand straight when he is on bed or in sitting gesture feels no pain .
    For last 40 years he has shortening in right leg by one n half inches with left leg … one hip is already weak due to some bone related disease although it was cured years back when it is started.
    We also had MRI that suggest reducing of disc space at lumber region l2 l3 l4 ..
    Dr suggested for hip replacement which is not possible due to his age and condition he suffers from anxity due to high bp too

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