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Homeopathic Treatment For Cancer

Homeopathic Treatment for Cancer

The very word “cancer” conjures up images of impending death and chemotherapy sessions. The early stage of this dreadful disease, however, is curable with proper Homeopathic medicines that can provide holistic treatment for cancer. Cancer is characterised by the unwanted increase in body cells. In a normal healthy condition, the cells are born and destroyed at a proper time. In cancerous conditions, the division and multiplication of cells becomes uncontrollable and occurs at a very high pace. Homeopathy has a huge number of medicines, which are made of natural substances, to deal with early stage cancer cases. In advanced stages of cancer,however, Homeopathic remedies cannot provide a cure. In such cases, only palliation — care that makes you feel better though it can’t cure — is possible with natural Homeopathic medicines.It must be kept in mind though that the natural Homeopathic remedies for cancer are completely safe with no side effects.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer 

Homeopathic remedies for cancer of uterus (Endometrial Cancer)

The natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help for treating cancer of uterus are Bufo Rana, Lilium Tigrinum, Lachesis and Murex. Homeopathic medicine Bufo Rana is mainly used when bleeding from vagina occurs in between periods. The blood is mainly clotted and offensive. Burning pains are often present in the uterine region. Lilium Tigrinum is the natural Homeopathic medicine that is very beneficial in treating uterus cancer cases. This Homeopathic medicine is mainly used when there is heaviness and a distended feeling in uterine region, with an extreme bearing down sensation. Women requiring Lilium Tigrinum may have an enhanced sexual desire. Lachesis is the best Homoeopathic remedyforwomen with uterine cancer who complain of extreme heat flushes and palpitations. Homeopathic medicine Murex is the ideal remedy when severe pulsating, sore or sharp pains are present in the womb. The uterus may be enlarged also. A prominent symptom for the use of this medicine is extension of the pain from womb upwards towards the breast. The other natural Homeopathic medicines used for treating cancer of uterus are Kreosote, Sepia, Phosphorus and Ustilago.

Natural Homeopathic medicines Kreosote, Hydrastis, Iodum, Sepia and Argentum Nitricum can be considered as natural cancer treatments that work effectively in treating the cancer of cervix. Kreosote is the topHomeopathic medicine for the treatment of cervical cancer. This is mainly used if the vaginal discharges are very offensive and acrid, causing a violent corrosive itching of the genitals. Another indication for using this medicine is bleeding from vagina after coition. Homeopathic medicine Hydrastis is prescribed when the vaginal discharge is thick yellow and excoriating with erosion of the cervix. Iodum is the best remedyin the Homeopathic mode of treatment for women with cervical cancer who loseflesh even with a good appetite. Extreme weakness and emaciation are leading symptoms for using Iodum in cervical cancer cases. NaturalHomeopathic medicine Sepia is the ideal choice when there is pain in vagina during coition. It may be accompanied by a discharge from vagina of greenish or yellowish colour. A feeling of relaxation in pelvic organs with bearing down pains in pelvis confirm the use of Homeopathic remedy Sepia. Homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricum, on the other hand, is the top remedy when vaginal bleeding occurs very frequently in between periods.

Best Homeopathic medicines for breast cancer

The top natural Homeopathic medicines for the treatment of breast cancer are Conium, Phytolacca, Hydrastis and Asterias Rubens. Homeopathic remedies Conium and Phytolacca are prescribed for hard lumps with pain in the breast. Hydrastis is a Homeopathicremedy that is very beneficial when sharp cutting pains in breast predominate with retraction of nipple. Excessive emaciation and weakness along with breast cancer point towards the use of Hydrastis. Asterias Rubens is a very beneficial Homeopathic medicine for not only early stages of breast cancer but also late stages when ulcerations have set in. At this stage, this Homeopathic medicine is used when foul smelling discharges are evident with acute pains that may be of a piercing or stabbing nature.

 Homeopathic Treatment for cancer of stomach

The effective natural Homeopathic medicines to treat stomach cancer are Arsenic Album, Phosphorus and Lycopodium. The Homeopathic medicine selection depends entirely upon the symptoms of each patient. Arsenic Album is a very beneficial Homeopathic remedy for burning type of pains in stomach of patients diagnosed with stomach cancer. Dark blood is present in vomitus and stool. The stool is also very offensive. The stool and vomiting get worse after eating or drinking anything. Extreme weakness and fear of death are present to the utmost degree. The patient requiring Arsenic Album usually craves for warm drinks. Natural Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is the best remedy when bright red blood appears in vomitus or stool. The stool is followed by extreme weakness. The painin the stomach getting relieved by taking cold drinks is a symptom of high value to use this Homeopathic medicine. The patient requiring Phosphorus usually shows a craving for ice creams, juices and cold drinks. Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium is the ideal choice when the symptoms of acidity with sour and burning belching predominate in patients of stomach cancer. The stomach is always distended with gas. The patient also shows a loss of appetite with emaciation. A craving for hot food, hot liquids and sweets may be present.

Natural Homeopathic medicines for cancer of colon and rectum (Colorectal Cancer)

The top Homeopathic medicines for Colorectal Cancer are Alumina, Aloe and Nitric Acid. Alumina is the best Homeopathicremedy whenconstipation of the severest form is present in patients of Colorectal Cancer. The stool remains in the rectum for long without any urge to pass it. The passage of stool requires great straining even if the stool is soft. Homeopathic medicine Aloe is the ideal remedy when persistent diarrhoea (loose stool) is the prominent symptom in patients with Colorectal Cancer. The stool is preceded and attended with cutting pains in rectum. The pains get better after passing stool. The stool may contain blood with burning in rectum. It may also pass involuntarily. Weakness, sweating and even faintness follow the passage of stool. Homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid suits patients of Colorectal Cancer who have bright red bleeding from rectum during stool. This is associated with violent pain in rectum that continues for many hours after passing stool.

Best Homeopathic medicines for Cancer of Lungs

Acalypha Indica, Bryonia Alba and Phosphorus are the top natural Homeopathic medicines for treatment of lung cancer. Acalypha Indica is the top Homeopathic remedyfor lung cancer patients when the blood from lungs is bright red and usually worse in morning. This is accompanied by hard and dry cough. The patients who can benefit byHomeopathic medicine Acalypha Indica are emaciated, which increases gradually. Bryonia Alba is the top Homeopathic medicine when rust-coloured sputa is spit out with dry cough. Pain in chest on coughing is usually present, mainly of stitching character. Phosphorus is the Homeopathic medicine that is recommended for chest heaviness and oppression. This can be accompanied by burning in the chest. The sputa is bright red in colour. The patient may show an excessive desire for cold drinks along with chest symptoms.

Top Homeopathic medicines for cancer of kidney (renal cancer)

The best natural Homeopathic medicines to treat renal cancer are Chimaphila, Formica Rufa and Solidago. Chimaphila is given to patients of renal cancer when the urine contains blood and mucus. A burning sensation accompanies urination. The person has to strain to pass urine. Homeopathic medicine Formica Rufa works well when bleeding occurs while urinating with an increased urge for urination. Solidago is the Homeopathic remedy that is recommended when there is pain in back in kidney region. Passage of urine is difficult and painful. The quantity of urine is scanty with blood.

Homeopathic medicines for cancer of bladder(urinary bladder)

The best natural Homeopathic medicines to treat cancer of bladder are Equisetum, Clematis and Terebinthiniae. Homeopathic medicine Equisetum works well in those cases of bladder cancer where the main complaint is constant fullness and pain in the bladder. Even after urination, there is no relief from pain. This is always accompanied by a frequent desire to pass urine at short intervals. The urine passes out in large quantities. Immediately after passing urine, however, the urge is renewed. Clematis is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for bladder cancer patients who have a frequent urge to pass urine but the quantity of urine is very scanty. Homeopathic medicine Terebenthiniae is recommended when the urine contains dark or blackish blood. Burning pains in bladder are always associated.

Top Homeopathic remedies for cancer of prostate

The natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help in the treatment of prostate cancer are Sabal Serrulata and Conium. Sabal Serrulata is an excellent Homeopathic medicine for treating prostate cancer. It gives good results when the main symptom is the constant desire to pass urine. The frequency of urine mainly disturbs the patient at night. The urine is discharged or passes out with much difficulty. The prostate is enlarged in almost all the patients in whom Sabal Serrulata is indicated. NaturalHomeopathic medicine Conium is very beneficialfor treating prostate cancer when the bladder is not emptied in one go. The urine flow is intermittent. The urine comes and stops and much time is utilised in emptying the bladder.

Homeopathic medicines for cancer of liver and gall bladder

The top natural Homeopathic medicines for treating the cancer of liver and gall bladder arethe same and the selection depends upon the individual symptoms ofeach patient. The Homeopathic medicines that are very beneficial for the treatment of cancer of liver and gall bladder are Chelidonium, Chionanthusand Phosphorus. Chelidonium is the best Homeopathic medicine for treating liver and gall bladder diseases. This Homeopathic remedy is used when jaundice and other symptoms like pain in right side of upper abdomen are well marked. This is also accompanied by pain under the right shoulder in scapula.  The patient may also show a desire for hot drinks and hot food along with the other symptoms. Homeopathic medicine Chionanthus is the ideal remedy when jaundice is accompanied by a thick coating on the tongue. The appetite is also totally absent. The stool is clay coloured. Phosphorus is a Homeopathic remedy of great help for loose stool with extreme weakness. Vomiting and nausea are also experienced. There is a desire for cold drinks, ice creams and juices.

Natural Homeopathic medicines for cancer of pancreas

The natural Homeopathic medicines that are very beneficial for treating cancer of pancreas are Cadmium Sulph, Ceanothus and Hydrastis. Fora complete cure, any of these Homeopathic medicines can be given after taking complete case history of the patient suffering from cancer of pancreas.

Homeopathic medicines for cancer of mouth (oral cancer)

Arsenic Album, Merc Sol and Cundurango are the best natural Homeopathic medicines for oral cancer. Arsenic Album is the top Homeopathic remedy when the symptoms are dryness and burning in mouth. Saliva contains blood and there may be a metallic taste in mouth. Merc Sol is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when there is an increased saliva in the mouth with a horribly offensive odour. Homeopathic medicine Cundurango is useful when the corners of mouth show deep painful fissures in oral cancer.

Best Homeopathic medicines for treating cancer of oesophagus

The most important natural Homeopathic medicines for treatment of oesophageal cancer are Carbo Veg, Hydrastis and Lycopodium. Any one of these Homeopathic medicines can prove useful depending upon the individual symptomsnarrated by the patient.

Top Homeopathic treatment for cancer of larynx

Arsenic Album, Phosphorus and Phytolacca are the natural Homeopathic medicines that are very beneficial in treating cases of laryngeal cancer. Which Homeopathic medicine out of these suits the patient best is determined after taking into view the individual symptoms.

Best Homeopathic medicines for bone cancer

The natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help for patients of bone cancer are Syphilinum, Hecla Lava and Symphytum. Syphilinum is basically used for cancer of long bones where severe pains are present. Night aggravation of pains is an important indicator. Hecla Lava is the Homeopathic remedy for cancer of jaw bones. Symphytum is prescribed when the bones are broken due to cancerous affections. This Homeopathic medicine can help in reuniting the bones.



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  1. nikhil biswas says:

    I read homoeopathy book of kents, m. bhattacherjee Dr. A. K. Chakladar please suggest me regarding heart block multi and single place. in the right side and left side..

  2. love your site

  3. Utkarsh sharma says:

    Sir i am your youtube father was suffering from oral cancer..unke cheeks pe blister the and lymph nodes main guilty the but ab unka treatment khatam ho chuka hai and vo remission phase main hai from last 6 month..kya aap mujhe koi aese medicine bta sakte hai jisse vo cancer return na kare.. PS: he was a tobacco eater.

  4. Sarah Gregory says:

    my cousin is suffering from blood cancer i need an advice please

  5. Vivek Deolekar says:

    My brother, aged 60 is suffering from Lung Cancer Stag-4 and has taken 40 chemotherapy. Kindly suggest homeopatic medicines with doses to be taken.

  6. Azam Quamri khalid says:

    Dear Sir,.
    I am from West Bengal,and i request u for an immediate reply plz.
    My mother-in-law,aging 55 is found to be suffering from periampullary tumour-likely to be malignant.ERCP done and endoscopic biliary sphyncterotomy and stenting done.Biopsy taken -report awaited.Duodenal ampulla shows a polypoid growth.And also has jaundice due to obstruction.
    Sir plz suggest if homoeopathy has any solution.I am a scholar of Homoeopathy and I like
    ur articles in Google and follow u as my idol.
    My mother-in-law is fighting for her life.
    Sir plz.

  7. Ram Sharma says:

    Dear Sir

    Can you suggest Ovarian cancer Stage-3 can it be cured by homeopathy

  8. Taher sadriwala says:

    Hi. My close friend’s mother has previously had one of her breasts removed due to cancer, 18 years back. She recently felt a lump in the other breast which was diagnosed as malignant in the biopsy report. What can she use in Homoeopathy to fight this.

  9. my father is suffering from tumor at the base of the tongue (pharynx) i request you to give advice.

  10. Syed Hussain says:

    Dear sir,
    my mother aged of 85years have been suffering from esophagal cancer of stage 4.
    Kindly prescribe medicines for her.
    Thanx a lot

  11. Sir I am from Assam. I suffering from a mouth infection diseases. small small sores inside mouth inside the check , senseless . Some time it is painful, but not continuous. I am suffering from last two years. Please send me right information at

  12. Pratush Garg says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My mother was suffering from endometrial cancer and 10 days ago got operated in which her uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, lymph nodes and pelvic nodes has been removed. According to biopsy stage is 1b grade 2.
    Now Doctors suggesting for radiotherapy for 5 weeks to avoid reccurence.
    Is it possible to avoid radiotherapy and with homeopathic treatment can reccurence be stopped.
    Plz suggest

  13. ChristyLee says:

    Thank You Ever So Kindly for thesw link of Homeopathic Supplements Regarding Cancers.
    I am currently enrolled in a Naturopathic Dr Program Studies and I am always seeking additional health information how to address and assist clients obtain their balanced Homeostasis.
    I find this information very helpful and would love to learn more.
    Is there a book reference which contains this type Homeopathic Information? Do you have book titles you are willing to share as to enhance my Natural Health Professional Studies you would be willing to send to me?
    This would be so very much GreatFully Appreciated ❣️
    Thank You,
    ChristyLee, MH, CNHP, Iridodologist, Kinesiologist
    (Soon to be ND/CHHP)

  14. Athar Khan says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I m male ,about 77, am health concious , keeping good health, No hi blood pressure , cholestrol , diabetic etc. Enjoying healthy life , go for regular walk , active.
    MY CONCERN IS : My prostate PSA ( Prostate Specific Antigen) is elevated, it is about ‘ 7′ as of now.
    About 6-7 years ago it was about’ 5′ , and Prostate Biopsy was performed that time. . It was found that 1 out of 12 samples taken , was 5% cancerous. Prostate size is normal as of today. No problems like stopping -starting , low flow , pain , etc etc while urinating.
    I am looking for an active Homeo medicine that will keep my prostate healthy, keep PSA low , kill cancerous cells , if any, etc.
    I ll be grateful if you could advise and prescribe a suitable medicine for me.
    Kind Regards,
    Athar Khan

  15. what a wonderful job dr sharma pls keep it up thanks and much regardsur approach of studies is tremendous will u pls advise us this direction please

  16. My road dog ovarion cencar maykindly helpme

  17. Raghunath Saini says:

    Sir, My brother is suffering from oral cancer with affected mandible bone. He was treated with chemo as well as radiotherapy. Please suggest homeopathic medicine. Also provide your address to show the patient

    • Sir I am from Assam. I suffering from a mouth infection diseases. small small sores inside mouth inside the check , senseless . Some time it is painful, but not continuous. I am suffering from last two years. Please send me right information at

  18. Lev Gershovich says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma My name is Lev Gershovich, I am husband of Polina Gershovich. Polina-woman; 80 years of age. In 1983 Polina had surgery in Moscow, erasing part of the thyroid gland. After operating a biopsy showed the presence of cancerous cells. There was no treatment. Now, after many tests and biopsies diagnosed-follicular thyroid cancer 4th category with metastasis to the lumbar spine, lung and neck. Polina was the radiation of the lumbar spine (oktober′2013), surgery to completely remove thyroid gland (December 2013) and treatment of iodine I-134 (February 2014). Every 6 months, She had MRI spine, CT-scan chest and neck, and blood tests. All tests are stable, except for the THIROGLOBULIN test, which is growing. I Please tell me about this opportunity, if it possible,. Polina is active. Our language is Russian . You can email at English. With respect. Lev. Our email address is

  19. Waamiq Malik says:

    My father age is 65+ and he is never smoking or tobacco etc. He is lump on tongue left side and doing the under homeopathic treatment. My father is also diabetic and blood pressure is low or normal. Please advise which medicines is best to cure for carcinoma of tongue.

  20. Hasan Rahaman says:

    Thyroid nidules or cancer details post please

  21. Anup kr Mandal says:

    Recently I have been noticing white spots in cluster on the lip which can be felt with the tongue. I waited for a month if this spots go away but they didn’t. The spots are inside part of the lower lip. How to know if it’s carcinoma or Fordyce spots ??

  22. Sir my brother had recently gone through brain surgery followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy as he have fourth stage medublastoma brain tumor.Doctors are saying he still have one tumor in middle of brain needs to be surgery again.Is this possible to cure that by homeopathy..?

  23. V.R.SHARMA says:

    Hello Dr. SHARMA.I have red & white patches on lower jawsgum last one year. Alopathy medicine can not cure . I afride it may be cancer.tell me about homeopathic medicine.Thanks.

  24. Arushi sharma says:

    sir i also want ti be a part of your clinic as learner for practice homeopathy for cancer treatment

  25. Tanzeel miyan says:

    Respected Sir,
    My aunty is 56 years old and she has been diagnosed with Gall bladder and uterus cancer at forth stage. She is suffering from pain in whole abdomen, Vomiting, and weakness. Please suggest some treatment…

  26. Respected sir,
    My mother-in-law’s age is 57 years. she got bleeding problem recently and has underwent DNC and hysterectomy and the report says “endometrial adenocarcinoma grade2”. Allopathy doctor advised her to undergo surgery but she was worried about the sideeffects and pain in surgery and radiation therapies later. We went to homeopathy clinic and she assured she will cure it within 6 months with homeopathy medicines and says no need to undergo any surgery.
    It would be very helpful and thankful if you can give a second opinion regarding this.
    Our main concerns are:
    Will it be really curable without surgery?
    how to know the stage of the cancer, they didn’t mention in the report?
    will this cancer spreads fast?

    Waiting for your reply

    Thankyou sir

  27. Respected Dr.Sharma,

    I am 50 years old male, I have had reflux issue for the last 12 years, so i had an endoscopy 5 years back where I was told that I had Gastritis and small Hiatal Hernia. So, I kept managing the issue with diet modification and I was doing good, no symptoms.

    Last month, I went in again for an follow-up endoscopy to check the the Haital Hernia. This time I was told that I have the Hiatal Hernia and inflammation along with H. pylori bacteria, plus I also had a condition called Intestinal Metaplasia (a precancerous condition, which might be reversible), a condition in which the cells that create the lining of your stomach are changed or replaced. The replacement cells are similar to the cells that create the lining of your intestines. It’s considered a precancerous condition. One theory is that this change may be caused by a type of bacteria called H. pylori bacteria. This type of bacteria may change parts of some foods into chemicals that cause the stomach cells to change.

    The doctor has put me on antibiotic regime to eradicate the H. Pylori bacteria. Kindly advice me on the homeopathic prospective of Intestinal Metaplasia, and the remedies involved in reversing it completely.

    A prompt detailed reply would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  28. Dear Dir, I am aged 64yrs, for the past 5 months a tumour developed in my right mandible, now it become 18cm/12cm, affected bone.features are suggestive of pleomorphic sarcoma- possibly malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour.kindly give your treatment for my helpless conditions.thank you Sir

    • Rajeev ranjan says:

      I am aged 34 years i have in knowlege have white patches in side of left side chick ,sore and swelling also . Is it symptoms of oral cancer

  29. christinachristy says:

    Dear sir
    My aunt’s name is Surya ravichandran and she is suffering from metastasis eccirine spiradenoma cancer and the cancer is in the last stage can it be curable in homeopathy treatments and she can’t able to eat and can sit only with the help of others.

  30. amarnath pal says:

    dear sir,
    my mother has been diagnoised with uterine cancer stage 3C.Now going to tata research center for treatment.i want to get your advice on homeopathic treatment

  31. Give me opinion for pancreatic tumors by homeopathic remedies

  32. Nayan debnath says:

    I want to get treatment…..

  33. My father is taking homeopathic treatment for liver cancer. We have to do Pet scan for monitoring tumour size. Can Pet scan or MRI radiations reduce the effect of Homeopathic medicines?? Please guide we are confused whether to do Pet scan or not..??

  34. Nargis Chowdhury says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am writing to ask for your advice in regards to my niece who lives in Kolkata has a tumour inside her cervical. she went to see a doctor after examine her the dr. said that the lump is quite big and need to be taken out. But my niece wants homeopathy treatment so she went into a free homeopathy hospital in kolkata where they told her not to have an operation but to take homeopathy medicine instead which will dry out the lump. My niece also suffers from Diabetic. Could you please if this is true as to they are saying about drying out. but they cannot tell as to how long it will take. I am very worried because if she leaves this unattended for too long then it might spread. Initial doctor doctor told that biopsy can only be taken to see if it is cancerous
    her suger level is not good she goes into coma. please can you her her and let me know as to which medicine she should take for tumour also for her diabetic. Wait for your reply in this matter. THANK YOU

  35. Sudha Singh says:

    My mother is detected with gall bladder cancer stage 3/4, gall bladder and liver is affected,
    Plz guide for treatment.

  36. Hello I hoeomo Dr. Rehana suffering from muktiple myeloma since 6 years. I am on dialysis twice a week.
    Can you help me?

  37. Catherine Halley says:

    My son’s problem started over a year ago he had warts on his throat they said they were not sinister he has been getting them burnt off for a year now they then said they have turned to pre cancer.he has now been told there is something in the Carlidge of his throat it they can’t tell if cancer or not he has been adviced to get voice box removed even though they are saying they could remove voice box and chop it up to find out it’s not cancer there choice of words not mine.I was wondering if there is any homeopathic remedy he could use , his next appointment is in 2 weeks he has to decide if going ahead with operation to remove voice box, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Catherine Halley.

  38. Vishamber lal says:

    Hello doctor
    Last two year my father conditions critical cprostate with bone metasist cancer and running treatment allopethic but conditions are not good.please advise homeopathy

  39. Amit Mukhija says:

    hello doctor,

    from last 5 months i have been suffering from increased heamoglobin(more than 16.5), rbc(more than 6.8) and hct(55%) and in my recent report my wbc have also climbed to 12000. MCV and MCH are also low.
    Have been taking aspirin but its futile as there is no improvement.
    please advice me on this.


  40. Sumit Kumar says:

    The patient is diagnosed with following.

    1. Large loculated right hyderophneumotherax with mass like collapse consolidation in right lung with mediastinal lymphadenopathy .- ? Infective (tubercular)/ ? Malignant .
    Small area of consolidation in left lower lobe.
    2. Large loculated pleural effussion with pleural thickening with air fluid level.
    3. Multiple enlarge mediastinal Lymph Nodes at pretarcheal right paratarcheal, AP window and Subcarinal regions, Largest measuring 1.5 cm noted on right side.

    Please suggest correct medicine for above Patient age is 53 Years.

  41. My father in law diagnosed as metastatic cancer at elbow. Can it be treated with homeopathy

  42. Bladder cancer with metastasis to the bones spine.
    Please advice

  43. Ashwini Kumar Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Ashwini, I am 38 years old. I was diagnosed with SCC of tongue on left lateral border. I had my wide excision of tongue on 20/03/2015 at TMH, Mumbai. At present i don’t have any complain but i am very much worried of nay recurrence. At present i am taking Carcinocin and Thhuja (2 drops on tongue twice in a week.).
    Will you please suggest any homeopathic medicine to prevent any recurrence.

    Thanking you.

  44. Karunakar Das says:

    My wife is 63, There was bleedibg from uterus.By operation uterus and ovary have been removed.Sidelines of uterus has been affected by carcinoma cell spreading in the lower abdomen.There is no pain at all.Even before operation there was painless bleeding.I shall be happy if you advice proper medicine for arresting
    cancer spread in side the womb.Thank you.KKDas

  45. Shiv kapoor says:

    After cystoscopy test the result is ..HIGH GRADE UROTHELIAL CARCINOMA (GRADE III)
    PLEASR ADVICE. Homeopathy treatment

    I am seventyfive years male

  46. Sir
    My mother age 80 years. Suffering from cancer in ovary spread to liver lungs. Treatment cancer hospital assam. Sir present conditions very critical no food taken.given saline. I want to treatment homeopathy. We general people so not very financial sounds if affordable I want to treatment my mother
    Homeopathy so give advice n suggestion
    Thanking you sir

  47. Sir my wife detect sq carcinoma at Tata memorial hospital Mumbai. Earlier she is suffering from breast cancer. Pse guide me

  48. My friend’s father have throat cancer. Please tell me which medicines he can take and of what potency

  49. Sonu Verma says:

    Sir, My wife suffering from Lung Cancer stage 4, and spread in stomach, please help me for treatment.
    Is the treatment of it. 7830018570

  50. Pancreas cancer

  51. sayed sahajahan says:

    sir my elder brother has metastatic gastric cancer doctor give hin one month plz help me sir

  52. Abu Sayeed says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering tongue cancer (Ulcer and leokuplakia) long time. At first I took ” Costicum 200C” – 10M with Tuberculinum 200C- 1M. Ulcer little improvement, but leokuplakia increase. Stop this medicine and took ” Carcinosin 30C. After 3 month Ulcer increase and leokuplakia improve. Now I took another medicine, but the ulcer day by day increase. I am a poor, so I want to help your end for my better treatment. I belive Homeopathy treatment and I want to cure by this. Please help me for your kindness. If you want I send you all of my report by mail.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Abu Sayeed.
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  53. Dear Dr Sharma and frends that ask treating cases of cancer.. its not as simple as indicating disease name and a set of remedies proposed…cases must be assessed through proper consultation by a fully qualified Homeopathic Practitioner (eg..Dr Sharma)… then he/she can help plan a proper and precise treatment plan for each individual advise is to those who have medical problems to visit any qualified Homeopath for clarification…by asking question here is for academic only…if any remedy suggested here fail to will be concluded as homeopathic failure and will be held as a proof that homeopathy doesnt work..

  54. Uddhab Ganguly says:

    Respected sir, My mother age 60yrs.She is suffering from compatible with leiomyosarcoma,body of uterus with involvement of cervical canal immunohisto chemistry may be carried out for confirmation of the diagnosis. Now a days she is having abdominal pain. Please reply and do suggest what to do?

  55. Siddhartha shankar says:

    Sir, there are two red patches on my tongue for few days. What should I do.

  56. Sunil Khilare says:

    Can we take as a Precautionary Measures not to Suffer from Cancer;Kidney failure.
    Is there Solutions Or Medicines available.

    Sunil Khilare

  57. Navneet saraf says:

    Respected Sir,
    My father age 60 yrs, is suffering from mouth cancer.
    He has been treating homeopathic micro dose therapy. For last eight years he has been given homeopathic treatment. Now a days he is having severe pain in his mouth. He is not able to chew. for last one month he is only taking liquid food like juices etc. Please reply and do suggest wat to do

  58. Parvesh Dhawan says:

    sir, I am 65 years old male. A tumor size of 30mm was seen in the ultrasound then PET CT scan in the month of January 2016.Report of PET CT is showing possibility of carcinoma and further to coorelate with cystoscope and biopsy. I have not undergone for cystoscope and biopsy under the impression that if it is cancerous it will spread very fast afterwards. since then I am taking Ayurvedic medicine made with cow urine and the tumor size is the same as it was seen first. I am quite fit and fine having not even a single symptom of urine disorder and bladder cancer but to whomsoever I consult advise for surgery and biopsy for which I am not able to make my mind as I quite fit till now and why to take risk of surgery and its consequences afterwards. Kindly advise me some homeopathic medicine which can remove the tumor in urinal bladder and cancer if there is.

  59. Abida nasreen says:

    Sir ma mom have breast cancer u can you suggest me what treatment we have to do in homeopathy to get cure cancer soon

  60. Ruchi Maheshwari says:

    My mother is having cancer in stomach called high grade sarcoma. She is having severe pain gas and constipation too. Please recommend some medicine

  61. ram moorti nature care says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    wonderful website having useful information about homeopathic treatment, I am an naturopath and food supplement like alsi etc . since i am feeling discomfort near my noval, Endoscopy done and there was esophagitis and hital hernia. There was some signs of GERD i.e. at night liquid come to my throat and nose etc. , but after taking some herbal medicine GERD acidity is normal now. but occasionally bright red bloods starts when i go for the stool, propitiously i was patients of piles too. so please tell me can i start haemolisis tincture or nitric ac please suggest

  62. pronob Sonowal says:

    My wife is suffering from metastatic gallbladder cancer so plz help me what to do?

  63. Susanta saha says:

    I am a thyroid cancer patient. I had been operated at cmc vellore in l am metastasis with lung liver and bones. Loss of appetite loss of weight memory loss weakness

  64. Hello sir,I am 32 years lady,diagnosed with breast IDC grade 3,had lumpectomy on 24th October 2017and lymph nodes removal,all were positive for metastasis,Dr suggested me chemotherapy,radiation and Harmon therapy but because of lack of belief in all these treatment I refused. Now I have lots of pain on my back and according to my MRI report iia bone metastasis,for rhinos a days I am taking B-17and Bioresonance therapy.but I have unexplainable pain on my upper back please prescribe me homeopathic medicine which can help me.I am also taking Arnica,agaricus 20,and eupatorium for pain relief.please do reply.I am waiting for your reply.

  65. Sanjay Singh says:

    Respected Sir,
    My younger brother, 41 yrs, is suffering from mouth cancer. He has been given three chemos. Now doctors are not giving me any positive reply. they are not sure about his survival. I have consulted all major hospitals of Mumbai. For last one month he has been given ayurvedic treatment. Now a days he is having severe pain in his mouth. He is not able to chew. for last one month he is only taking liquid food like juices etc. Please save him

  66. Praveen Kumar VL says:

    I had undergone surgery on August 2016 for mucoepidermoid carcinoma at right parotid gland. After the surgery I had undergone radiotherapy for 33 cycles. Then after 3 months post radiation CT scan, PET CT and MRI scan was done. During that time it was found the tumor has grown much more and in different places as well. So the doctor suggested to undergo another radical surgery this time to remove the tumor. I underwent surgery for the second time on 28th of February 2017. Now the pathology reports says still the tumor is not removed completely and the tumor grade is high grade. I need help in getting treatment through Ayurveda for this problem. Please suggest if any treatment is available for this disease.

  67. Muzaffar Ali says:

    Myself suffering from ulcer in tongue from last 8 months now in biopsy test it shown a moderately differentiates squamous cell carcinoma… Which is in size less then 4 cm and no another organ is affected …due to this ulcer… I am unable eat anything totally on liquid diet I can’t express about pain
    Please guide the medicine

  68. Dr. kpsharma says:

    My wife standing , without no reasion thy bone was broken and its operation was done but after lapse of five months no recovery for reuniting of bone was observed.whole body was scanned through pet scanning.Afters canning A tomer was observed in kidney. Affected region a sample
    was taken for the purpose of analysis. they found renal cell carcinoma.The physical condition of patient is good every thing is ok.but she is not getting recovery in bone and also sevier pain in operated bone after lapse five months.kindly suggest suitable medicine.

  69. Narayan Iyer says:

    My mother was suffering from abdominal pain for years now but she had never got herself checked. Recently again she had got fever, direhha stomach pain so we treated for that after which she has got jaundice symptoms. Her eyes are yellow since last 15 days and she has on and off pain under her ribs to abdomen. In her CT scan the report says that her gallbladder is well distended shows hyperdense minimally enhancing constrictive soft tissue mass lesion in midbody with associated multiple tiny calculi within its lumen. There is local invasion of adjacent liver parenchyma in segment IV b and V reaching upto capsular surface with adjacent peritoneal involvement. The liver lesion measures approximately 5.3×5.1×4 cm. Multiple necrotic lymph nodes are seen in periportal and peripancreatic region. These nodes appear infiltrative. The peripancreatic node size (2.8×1.6 cm) is close to the lower end of CBD and the II part of duodenum ( periampullary region) causing obstruction of the lower end of CBD with proximal biliary obstruction. There is dilatation of proximal CBD and intrahepatic biliary radicles. CBD measures 1.6 cm in diameter. MPD is not dialated. There is loss of planes between II of duodenum. Another node is very close to caudate lobe, in between the caudate and portal vein.

    Visualised lung bases show multiple nodular opacities. Liver is enlarged in size. Spleen, pancreas, kidneys and adrenals are normal.

    The summary given by the radiologist is – Malignant infiltrative gallbladder mass lesion with local invasion of segment IVb and V of liver, multiple necrotic periportal / peripancreatic lymph nodes and pulmonary metasis. The peripancreatic nodes are causing compression of the distal CBD with biliary obstruction.

    Our oncologist have given her 6 months life expectancy. He has also told that he can’t put her in Chemo / Radiation therapy before her jaundice is cured and has advised us to get her ERCP done with billary stenting and get her FNAC done for staging.

    Could someone / doctor / medical practioner recommend if we could atleast start some herbal / naturopathic treatment for her. In this case what herbs to give her and what precautions to be taken? Someone please help as I am having nightmares since the day this disease has been detected and we all are just unable to see her in pain. All help would be appreciated.



  70. My mother is suffering from tumor cancer .dr said it’s a last stage as chemotherapy cannot be done as it has reached the bone weight is only she is taking homeopatic advanced protocol medicine bt her only legs pain a lot…can she be cure with this medicine or not.will she be able to survive or not




  72. Pawan Kumar Sharma says:

    My brother is suffering from ulcer in tongue from last 10 months now in biopsy test it shown a moderately differentiates squamous cell carcinoma… Which is in size less then 2 cm and no another organ is affected …due to this ulcer…
    Please guide the medicine

  73. Madhuresh Shukla says:

    Can u treat retinoblastoma..It’s eye cancer.

  74. Navin Khanna na says:


  75. Navin Khanna says:

    I am 71 .In 2011 surgery for my buccal mucosa was done . CA was due to to chewing tobacco . Again I was operated in Oct. 2016 .That time the cancer was due to over dose of radiation in the previous surgery . Now after MRI Dr. has again advised biopsy . Your above description fits me .only partially. My lips have cut on corner ,and fissures on the inside .Saliva drps in the form of a droplet . Lips dried up in the night. There is no blood or stinuking .
    Kindly advise.

  76. I am diagnosed with CIN 1. HPV DNA is negative. My age is 58 years and fat. No history of cancer in family. I have inflammatory smere for last 17 years. I do regular check up of papsmear.Having knee osteoarthritis for last 5 years. I have sun allergy for last 6 years. When I go out in sun I get allergy on exposed part of body exposed to sun. Skin gets red and have sever irritation within 3/4 minutes when exposed to sun. I want treatment for CIN 1 and Sun allergy. Please guide.

  77. I would like to know about you my father disease of adenocarcinoma…tongue tumour .treatment is homeopathic. But no improvement seen plz suggest me for recovery

    • my mother is 62 yrs old, she shewing pan masala last many years. her right lower lips come swelling doc said we take biopsy of this part. in biopsy report carcinoma detect. then doc. done surgery on 2nd october 16 of right lower lip and done plastic surgery of said part. but after few days 10 to 15 right lower chic come swelling. doc done FNAC/FNAB TEST.

      Microscopic Description:- cellular smears. composed of many cohesive clusters and singly dispersed sheets of malignant well differentiated epithelial cells with hyperchromatic, fairly uniform muclie and abundant ovangophlic cytoplasm. background shows necrosis and mixed inflammatory cells.




  78. abhinav kumar sinha says:

    I would like to meet you related to my father disease of adenocarcinoma….

  79. My father is 60 years old, recently by doing biopsy at tata memorial hospiatal at mumbai it showing that he is suffering in stomac cancer.recently 2-3 times vomited but no blood in that within 7 days.
    But stomac is burnning maximum time.

    So kindly goide me for homeopathy treatment for my fàther foŕ 100% cure from this cancer plsssssssssssssssss

  80. Sukhvir kaur says:

    Hlo dr my friend mandip singh is suffering from laryngeal cancer which crosses 1 stage will u treat him plz

  81. Arvind Dwivedi says:

    my mother aged 72 yrs came to know last 2 month before that she is suffering from bile duct cancer after she faced jaundice. i soon contacted to g.i.surgeon but after opening the stomach he refused for operation and he had done triple bypass surgery on 9th sept and because of some complications again he operated on 21 she is at hospital and diet is throgh rice tube and some oral food like daliya ,tea, pulses are given orally. so pls suggest me for better treatment .thanks

  82. Dear Doctor,
    My father is suffering from Rectum Cancer since February 2016.Doctor suggested not to go for Surgery as he can not bear the chemotherapy as his age is 81.
    Can you please suggest any homeopathic solution.some time Blood appears in his stool

  83. Dear sir

    MY father seriously suffered from esophagus cancer .we had taken homeopathic medicine last two months,approx one months 90 % improvement but last 10 day same previous condition ,he is not eating a liquid and solid.

    Please suggest me early as possible.

  84. sir my father injuris ca lung secondary brain and liver. i want homiopathic. help me

  85. Hi
    My husband has prostate cancer,problem with bladder,bone pains,the right arm and back,stomach start bother him with nausea sometimes vomiting

    • Khushi sandhu says:

      Hlo sir
      Mere relative ko prostate ki problem thi opreat krvaya aur jo prostate ki report ayi usme cancer ki shikayat aayi h kya aap kuj bta skte h

  86. good evening sir..myself undergoing treatment for skeletal metastasis..earlier breast cancer ..need ur help if any homeopathic treatment available

  87. Syed Zahirul Hassan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My name is Giuseppina Morselli-Hassan. I write to you from Cambridge, England, because I am extremely worried about the diagnosis the consultant at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, did about my husband illness and, reading about homeopathy and your philosophy/methods of treatment, I dare to ask you, or your collaborators, if they can kindly advice us on possible remedies that I can administer to my husband. I know that a full case about my husband must be taken before prescribing. Is there a way we can do this using the internet? Is it possible, however, to prescribe for specific symptoms to avoid immediate danger?
    My husband, Syed, is 78 years old. He was born in Hyderabad, India. He worked as research chemist at the chemical lab. Cambridge University. He retired 13 years ago. In February, this year, he was diagnosed having chronic vascular ischemia and Alzheimer. The neurologist prescribed Donapezil 10 mg, however we were skeptical about this medication and we decided first to have homeopathic treatment and/or acupuncture and, as a last resort, give him Donapezil. My husband was given Baryta Carb. 6C, Ars. Alb. 30c, Phosphorous 6C, Aconite 30C, Ignatia 30C. to be used individually when and if his symptoms matched any of the remedies. They worked very well. We also gave him melatonin (Prof. Walter Pierpaoli’s melatonin) which stabilised his sleeping habits and worked wonders as he improved in moods and became more settled and happy within himself.
    The 26/5 we went to his GP for a blood test because Syed’s urine was dark orange colour and the stool pale. Unfortunately the following day he developed jaundice and he was admitted to Addenbrookes’ hospital.
    After various blood tests, an X-ray and a scan, they diagnosed my husband having pancreas cancer and an obstructed bile duct.
    I attach a copy of the consultant’s diagnosis and report.
    The consultant ruled out an operation or chemo. treatment. He spoke to us (myself and our son) about the possibility of doing an endoscopy and positioning a stent in the bile duct to allow the bile to flow more freely. However, this operation too presents considerable risks as Syed is a frail elderly person and the consultant said that, in case the operation was not successful, they would not resuscitate him. No treatment was prescribed except keep the patient dehydrated etc. We opted to take him home, making him as comfortable as possible and seek for alternative treatments. I am devastated as everything happened so quickly and without much hope from the medical establishment.
    It is not easy to get a GP referral to an homeopathic doctor, though it’s the patient’s right to seek alternative treatment when none is offered by the conventional medicine. Unfortunately there is massive ignorance about homeopathy and therefore much prejudice. There are in Cambridge many practitioners but it’s difficult to establish how competent they are and given the seriousness of my husband ailment, I would very much like to receive advice by a doctor and homeopath with great insight and experience. That’s why I am writing to you, begging for your advice if there is hope that homeopathy can help.
    Out of desperation, I rang Ainsworth Homeopathic Pharmacy in London and ask for advice. They suggested to buy Chelidonium mother tincture and give 10 drops twice a day for 2 weeks and see if the jaundice and urine colour improved. They also suggested Hydrastis 30 c, one tablet a day also for 2 weeks. I gave 4/5 drops of Chelidonium for 2 weeks but not Hydrastis. An Homeopathic practitioner suggested to give China 30 and Kali Carb 30 alternatively every 2 hours for 3 days. I am sincere, I did not administer o my husband these remedies because I would like first the opinion of a doctor + homeopath.
    Syed has no vomit, he doesn’t complain of pain, he has lost a considerable amount of weight, he has itching and whitish/yellow spots on his abdomen and some on his legs. His face and body are yellow. Since 2 weeks he is very feeble, especially after passing stool. He eats less. he doesn’t like to swallow food. He accumulates some mucus in his mouth and he doesn’t spit it out easily. The urine is dark orange and the stool has varies from pale to dark. is pale and pasty. He is eating lighter food than before the crisis e.g. chicken + veg. without fat, lean meat + potatoes and veg., fruits. He needs to drink plenty of water but he sleeps considerably and unfortunately he is drinking less than, say, a couple of weeks ago.
    He has always been a very kind person with friends and colleague, generous and selfless. He used to hide his emotions or grief in order not to worry us. He used to worry about some business he had with an Indian partner. He worried about him and not about himself who was not paid for any advice or work, he was determined that his young friend would succeed. Because of the mixed dementia he is now sometimes confused, wants to go home (India), worries about us and his health though he doesn’t know he has cancer. He is a tenacious person, determined when he believe that something is right and must be done and we are amazed, at times, to see how he is coping.

    I would be infinitely grateful if you could help Syed with your advice and remedies. Please let me know the eventual costs.
    With much esteem and appreciation.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Giuseppina Morselli-Hassan
    51 Great eastern Street
    Cambridge CB1 3AB
    Tel 0044 01223 512351

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  88. Nazmul Hasan says:

    My Father, Mr. Zainal Abadin (75 yrs) has stomach cancer (Ca stomach, adenocarcinoma | mild thickening of gastric antral wall (1.5 cm over 5 cm)). Diagnosis report as on 18th Aug 2016. He has anemia, hemoglobin 7.3 (normal is 12 -14 ). Prostate enlarge, can’t hold urine pressure for long. He has weakness, palpitation. Like winter, sweet, hot tea. He has burning sensation in head and foot.

    How homeopathy can help – stop loosing blood (red cell) and complete cure from cancer?
    Please let me know, in details.
    I’m from Bangladesh and I want to treat my father illness by homeopathy.







    Dear Sir,

    My mother presently aged about 55 years was suffering from Ca-Gb (PT3N 0M0) in 2011.

    Case History:-

    1. Ca-Gb (PT3N 0M0) was detected in may 2011.

    2. Extended Cholesectonomy was performed on 4th June-2011 in AFMC, Pune.

    3. Further 6 rounds of chemotherapy were given in between Sep-11 to Jan-12.

    4. Further 3 monthly routine check -up was done at Command Hospital, Kolkata. The regular tests of CA 19.9 (Average <11), HB, USG abdomen results were found normal till Jan-16.

    5. Again when visited for routine check up in June -16 the reports were seen some abnormality, whose details are attached herewith.

    6. The doctors at Command Hospital, Kolkata had described that the case of Metastatic Adeno Carcenoma at segment –V of lever.

    Kindly recommend best further treatment hospital, procedure and chances for cure.

  91. Sunil Kumar Dubey says:

    Dear DR.Sharma Ji,
    My Father (Age-66 years) seriously suffered from sequemous cell carcinoma Grade-II esophegous cancer last two months.he is difficulty to swolleing the solid food.
    Please give advise

  92. Hello,

    My name is Avino from nagaland. I live in delhi.
    My mom (53) has cervical cancer stage III B. she got extreme swelling in her abdoment and whole lower limb. She has acute pain and lose of appetite. Please suggest homeopathy medicine and where to get them.

    Thanks & Regards
    Avino himb

  93. Trent Towell says:

    Hi Rick, Thanks for your Cannabis Oil as a good news with a result of your recipe,

    My Mother has been battling with Breast cancer for the past 13 years, having gone through radiation, surgery and chemo without a promising result, we have been successful in beating the cancer with 4 months constant treatment with your cannabis oil which we sourced through via: ricksimpsoncannabisoil (at)

    I really haven’t seen a miracle like the cannabis Oil and I must applaud you Sir, Rick for all you have been doing to the race of humans and Our founding Father would be extremely proud of you for putting an end to the tears of life lost to cancer since the existence of humans.

    If we truly seek victory over cancer, then we should join hands with Sir Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil recipe in fighting against cancer so more precious soul could still be saved. So much thanks to Dr. Buckham via ricksimpsoncannabisoil (at) for providing the cannabis oil with a potency of 90% THC and 51% CBD which have been the successful song in our family.

    Thanks All,

  94. Vinod Kumar Srivastava says:

    My wife aged about 65 years is suffering from cervical cancer spread into bone and brain. Since 6 monthe she was suffering from leg pain. The docters were treating for osteoporosis. One month before cancer detected. Pl adevice homeopathic medicine.

  95. What can I give my husband to increase his appetite. He is wasting away from metastatic lung cancer and the chemo is not working. He has no appetite.

  96. hello sir.. my father is suffering from lymphnodal metastasis bladder cancer grade 3.. let me know if there is a chance for getting treatment in homeopathy

  97. Saba adnan says:

    Hello! My mother was diagnosed 5 years back with fallopian tube cancer which was in stage 3 .she had a major surgery and chemo after surgery for one year..After two years in ct scan doctors saw two more nodes on intestine and they said for immediate surger..Now after one year they again saw two nodes at the same place and one small node on the upper side of pelvic..Her CA 125 also increased from 30 to doctor said that they put her on chemo..kindly plz suggest some medicine so that she can get rid of these nodes and the medicines stop the growth of nodes..ill be very grateful..if you want her x ray report and all ct scans i will e mail to you all.kindly help me.. Regards

  98. brijmohan says:

    my mother age 65 yrs,,bispoy repor show adenocarcinoma of stomach,
    aiims doctor want surgery .
    Sir any treatment in homeopathy or doctor nearby delhi ncr pls suggest me

  99. sameer kumar says:

    I have been diagnosed with High grade carcinoma (noninvasive, superficial) of urinary bladder and treated with TURBT and six cycle of BCG immuno-therapy thereafter. after this doctors have suggested for cystoscopy after three week and accordingly further treatment or followup.
    Please suggest how to stop future recurrence this high grade carcinoma of bladder. My age is 40 years.


  100. Namita marwaha says:

    My father in law is suffering from colon and kidney cancer..both are malignant.. it is diagnosed very early as no symptoms are being seen.he is leading a very normal issues or symptoms
    .i am taking homeopathic medicine which is as follows
    Sarsa 30
    Thuja 30
    Canth 200
    It’s being 5months he is taking the medicines.
    Now we want to do his test again to whether the medicines are working or not.. Want to know whether medicine are okay or not..when should we go for next test for seeing his position..

    Need ur urgent help
    Waiting for ur reply as early as possible


  101. Mohd irfan says:

    Hi sir

    i had toncil cancer from sept 2014 After three month i contact dr mirza anwar baig a homeopath dr( Can google him) Claiming.cure of cancer.he said dont go biopsy and then give homeopathy medicine .but taking his 1 1/2 Month effect but my cancer got spread very fast.

    so how anyone believ in homeopaty??

    some medicine i remeber.hydrastis plus calendula gargle..and some,phos etc

    any many.more but no effect.and i had to rush allopathy chemo rediation and then surgry

    pls help me with.your advise


  102. Mohd irfan says:

    Hi sir

    i had tincil canncr from sept 2014 After three month i contact dr mirza anwar baig a homeopath dr( Can google him) Claiming.cure of cancer.he said dont gor biopsy and then give homeopathy medicine .but taking his 1 1/2 Month effect but my cancer got spread very fast.

    so how anyone believ in homeopaty??

    some medicine i remeber.hydrastis plus calunla gargle..and some,phos etc

    any many.more but no effect.and i had to rush allopaty chemo rediatiim and then surgry

    pls help me with.your advise


  103. Naaz Fatima says:

    Diagnosed well difffrentiate squamous cell carcinoma in the tongue size 2cm lump. Now m taking homeopathy treatment so would u told me how much time it takes to cured completely. Thank u

  104. My husband suffering stomach cancer (Locally Advanced carcinoma with stage III). Please guide me for Homeo trementment

  105. vivian sophat says:

    my wife is suffering from bone metastasis disease after one and half year of treatment of left breast cancer fully operated in June 2014
    kindly suggest some medicines which will releive her from pains and long term positive effects


  107. Premnath Angurala says:

    I am 66yrs old, suffering from sqamous cell carcinoma in oesophagus for the last 4/5 months. I am also suffering from diabetes for the last 25 yrs. Of late I have also developed UTI infection and sensing burning in the region of left kidney to the urethra when not urinating. I have to take water to pass solid food through the oesophagus. I mostly like warm drinks. Kindly suggest medicines and oblige.

  108. chandra shekhar sharma says:

    transitional cell carcinoma of urinary bladder w9as dected in 2009. was operated and given BCG CHEMOTHERAPY. Bladder cancer was cured, but in 2014, it was metastatised in the outer walls of urinary bladder. Now radiation and chemoatherapy has cured it. But there is a large tumor of 50x 60mm size in outer walls of urinary bldder and non cancerous. can not be operated as it is beloe main artery

  109. Purushottam Mishra says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My elder brother, age-53 has got stage 4 stomach gastro intestinal cancer. There is water in his abdomen. He is on chemo, however he is not responding well to it. We are as an alternative treatment giving him Oncotame from sino vedic.

    I would be very grateful for any help in this regard.


  110. K. Kanthanathan says:

    My wife age 37 having two lumps inside vagina. Has excess CA

  111. uh small correction. aorncdicg to the article, this is apparently used in traditional Chinese herbal medicines, not homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies may not work, but they’re harmless as they are essentially made up of water. (My understanding is that any actual herbal component is extremely diluted.)

  112. Jogeswari Bishoyi says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    This is Jogeswari and My father is a cancer patient.
    In the year 2012 he had an operation for mandibullar cyst . And now again that part is
    somewhat fleshy and the cells are increasing so we are taking some homeopathy medicine.
    I am not sure whether it is curable or I need to take him for operation.
    His weigh is also degarading day by day. Please suggest since the homeopathy doctor after chacking said its first satge.

  113. my uncle is suffering from ppw and esophagus cancer and doctor said that it spread to liver.he is now in 5th chemotherapy total 6dose. we have a poor financial problem. sir if there is cureable medicine please kindly advice us with price.

    1. FNAC report- spicemen of paratid
    smears from adjacent lymph node
    mess show features of matastatic
    squomous carcinoma (D/D high
    grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma.
    2. Biopsy report- tissue from PPW
    and esophagus
    result: a. section show picture
    suggestive of well differentiated
    squamous cell of carcinoma.
    b. section show picture suggestive of
    moderately differentiated
    squomous cell carcinoma.
    3. CT scan of Thorax- mild irregular
    wall thickening measuring upto
    14mm is noted in the distal
    esophagus corresponding to D11
    vertbra and
    extending upto to GE junction. total
    length of tge invloved segment is
    3cm. A 9x6mm lymph node us noted
    in right paratracheal area. MUltiple
    heterogeneously enhancing
    hypoattenuated lesion in both lobes
    liver–s/o secondary deposits.
    Enlarged perigastric nodes
    measuring 16
    to 22 mm are noted. Few
    subcentrimeter size paraaortic and
    celiac axis
    nodes are seen as well. Multiple tiny
    calculi are seen within the gall
    IMPRESSION: a. irregular wall
    thickening in distal esophagus and
    gastroesophsgeal junction– to be
    correlated with endoscopy biopsy.
    b. perigastric lymphadenopathy.
    c. Multiple hepatic metastasis.
    d. Cholelithiasis

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