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Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Cradle Cap

Cradle cap refers to scaly, crusty, greasy patches that appear on the scalp of babies. It is seen mainly in the initial two months of a child’s life and tends to clear up within a few months. Cradle cap is a harmless, non-contagious, painless and non-itchy condition. It is neither of allergic origin nor a bacterial infection and isn’t caused by poor hygiene. Cradle cap usually arises as a result of excessive production of oil/sebum production in the oil glands and hair follicles. Another factor is a reaction to the fungus Malassezia that grows on the skin. Homeopathic medicines for cradle cap are very mild and do not have any side effects. They can be safely used for infants. Kali Sulph, Graphites, and Natrum Mur are the top homeopathic medicines for cradle cap.

homeopathy cradle cap

Homeopathic medicines for cradle cap.

Homeopathy for Cradle Cap

The homeopathic mode of medicine can help in clearing cradle cap in a very gentle and effective way. Homeopathic medicines help in clearing off the scales present in cradle cap very effectively.

Homeopathic Medicines for Cradle Cap

Kali Sulph – For Cradle Cap with Yellow Scales on Scalp

Kali Sulph is an effective homeopathic medicine for cradle cap where there are yellowish scales on the scalp. The scales are copious, and moist in sticky in most cases.

Graphites – For Cradle Cap with Scales on Scalp, Eyelids and Behind Ear

Graphites is a natural homeopathic remedy for cradle cap when the scales are present on the eyelids and behind the ear in addition to the scalp. The scales are abundant. A sticky fluid may come out that causes hair to stick together. The scales may clear on washing but form again. The scalp may be cold to touch. Graphites also helps clear off of dirty crusty, scabby spots on the scalp in cases of cradle cap.

Natrum Mur – For Greasy, Scaly Cradle Cap

Homeopathic remedy Natrum Mur works well in cases of cradle cap when the scalp is highly greasy, oily and scaly. The scales are mostly white. Redness over the scalp may be noted. Natrum Mur is also helpful in cases where scabs form on the scalp, neck, and armpits.

Thuja – For Cradle Cap with White Scales on Scalp

Thuja Occidentalis is prepared from fresh green twigs of a plant Thuja Occidentalis having common name Arbor Vitae. The natural order of this plant is Coniferae. Thuja works as a natural medicine for cradle cap where there are white scales on the scalp. The white scales may extend over the neck and ears. Sweat on the scalp with peculiar honey-like smell may be well noted.

Mezereum – For Cradle Cap with Leather-like Crust

Mezereum is prepared from fresh bark of plant Daphne mezereum commonly known by the name of spurge Olive. This plant belongs to natural order Thymelaceae. Mezereum is well indicated for cases of cradle cap with thick leather-like crusts or scabs on the scalp. The hair may get glued together from discharges from the scabs. The scabs on the scalp look white, chalk-like that may spread to the nape of neck and eyebrows. Hair from scalp and eyebrows may fall out.

Arsenic Album – For Cradle Cap with Scales on Scalp that Extends to Ears and Neck

Arsenic Album is an effective homeopathic medicine for cradle cap with scales or scabs on the scalp that extend to the ears and neck. The scales are dry. The scalp is rough and looks dirty. Hair comes out of scalp along with scabs and scales.

Dulcamara – For Cradle Cap with Thick Brown Crusts on the Scalp

Dulcamara is prepared from fresh green stems and leaves of plant named Woody Nightshade or Bitter-sweet. The natural order of this plant is Solanaceae. Dulcamara works effectively in cases of cradle cap where there is the formation of thick brown crusts on the scalp. The borders of the crusts may be reddish. The crusts are mostly spread over the forehead, temples, and chin.

Petroleum – For Cradle Cap with Yellow-green Crust on Scalp

Petroleum is a natural homeopathic remedy for cradle cap with yellowish – green colored crusts on the scalp. The scalp may be entirely covered with crusts. These crusts get entangled with hair and stick to it. They are difficult to detach and tend to bleed. The scalp is also raw and red.

Phosphorus – For Cradle Cap with Prominent Hairfall and Flakes on Scalp

Phosphorus offers a natural cure for cradle cap where there is prominent hair fall along with flakes on the scalp. The scalp feels hot and sweaty.

Calcarea Carb – For Cradle Cap with Thick Scabs that Bleed

Calcarea Carb is a natural remedy for cases of cradle cap where there are thick scabs that bleed when picked. Thick scabs on the head may spread to face. Scales of yellow-white color also appear on the scalp. This is attended with profuse sweating on the scalp and neck. The perspiration may have a foul odor.

Signs and Symptoms of Cradle Cap

The cradle cap presents itself as large greasy scales or crusts of white, yellow or brownish color on a baby’s scalp. The cradle cap mainly consists of scales, dead skin cells, and sebum (skin oil). Redness may attend the scales on affected part. In a few cases, the hair may come out with scales that tend to grow back. The scales may also appear on the face, eyelid, nose, ear, neck, armpits and the groins. The scaling may vary from mild to severe in nature. In severe cases of cradle cap with cracks and bleeding, there are chances of getting a bacterial infection.

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  1. Jitendra Prasad says:

    Dr. Sharma Hello
    Sir My son is 1 1/2 months old and having rashes in head with white dandruff like dryness on scalp ( cradle cap on his head). Also having reddishness around eyebrow area.
    Can you please suggest medicine for the same.
    Waiting for your reply


  2. Christine says:

    6 month old diagnosed with cradle cap. Also on cheeks and forehead. Scalp itches. What remedy would you suggest? Thank you

  3. I think I have cradle cap. It is dry white yellow Grady and has cracked and bleeds. It’s at the bottom of the skull and has spot open because my scalp wrinkles there. I am thinking Calc Carbonica

  4. N choudhury says:

    Dear sir,
    My two months baby got affected with cradle cap on his head. Can he take kali sulph?
    Which one kali sulph 30 or 200?
    How to use this medicine?
    Is it for external use?
    Please reply

  5. Annette Labate says:

    Can you take three of the remedies together.?

  6. Sandeep Anand says:

    Dr. Sir meri Umar 24 sal hai mujhe sir me papadi ho gya hai ki mere balo ke jhadne ke ki vajah bhi ho gya hai aur sir me khujli bhi Hoti hai ye papadi garmi me Kam aur sardi me bahut jyada ho jata hai kripya iska nidan btaye

  7. Corry Meyers says:

    I am trying to figure out the remedy for my sons cradle cap. He seems to fit multiple remedy pictures.
    2 months old cradle cap began around 4 weeks.
    yellow scales only on the top of the scalp nothing behind ears
    its also on his face, it turns very red and angry when awake and interacting especially if crying, very itchy, but when calm and sleeping it goes back to skin color.
    Face has very rough skin.
    there is some random places of wet hair
    hair is thinning,
    no bleeding

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